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CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT Being Club Captain, it is amazing to see so many of our sporting teams doing so well each year. Congratulations to all the winners of the different sports and also the runners up - you didn’t win this time but there is always next year, so keep trying.

ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT WIN OR LOSE, YOU ARE LEARNING TO PARTICIPATE AND BE A GOOD SPORTSPERSON IN THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME. Our social Sub Club members have also had a wonderful year making friends and taking part in activities that they enjoy. Unfortunately, there was no Terry Jackson Shield this year, owing to unforeseen circumstances, but it will be back next year on April 8 and 15, so make sure you get your teams ready as we would like to see it bigger and better than ever! Once again, on a sad note, we have lost some members of our large family. We always say our Sub Clubs are all one big family, so please keep them and their families in your thoughts. As Sub Club Captain, I would like to thank the Mounties Group Board of Directors and Sports Committee for all their help throughout the year; it is most appreciated. To Julie Trbic our Sub Club Officer, a big thank you as well for all your help. Last but not least, to all Sub Club members, thank you for your support and friendship, and making me feel so welcome. Bring on 2018! Follow us on Facebook: Yours in sport,


Dawn Kelly

Club Captain

SPORTS DIRECTOR’S REPORT To all Sub Club members: well, another year has passed with

Earlier this year we asked the Sub Clubs could provide leftover

mixed success.

sporting uniforms to the Stewart House charity for children aged 5

Congratulations to all who have won their respective competitions in 2017.


to 16 years who don’t have basic clothing and you all came to assist. It was a great effort by all; keep up the good work! As Sports Director, I am proud of all the Sub Clubs and look forward to 2018 as we will only get better. We all have put in the hard work and it has paid off. Well done to all. Your efforts are outstanding. Lorraine Dean Sports Director

I thank all of you for your efforts and support to all the Sub Clubs, and to me. Without you, it would not be a success. To Club Captain Dawn Kelly and Assistant Sub Club Captain Lyn King who help me do my job: thank you. On behalf of the Sub Clubs, I would also like to thank the members of the Sports Committee. Mounties Group Directors Jenny McNevin, Leon Hansen, and Tom Murphy, who have been supporting all the Sub Clubs, I thank you for your support. For the Harbord Sub Clubs, it has been a little uncertain as to what will happen during the closure of the club due to refurbishing for six months. Thank you for your patience, we all look forward to the new club facilities when reopened in April. 2018 is looking to be a very exciting year for Mounties Group with the Harbord Diggers project and new facilities in most of the venues.




Congratulations on another spectacular year in sport. The fact that our members represent us in so many different sporting pursuits is testament to the importance of the club and its role in bringing people together. In FY 2017 Mounties provided financial support to Sport to the tune of $3.65m, a significant amount by any comparison. Our sporting history goes back to the club’s origins in 1968, when all we had was a tin shed and a will to achieve the best possible outcomes for members. That has been amplified over the last

EVERY YEAR, MORE THAN 5,000 MOUNTIES MEMBERS PARTICIPATE IN MORE THAN 40 SUB CLUBS. It is the efforts of those members that truly makes the club what it is. We’re here to give you the best opportunity to play sport at the highest level you can. Congratulations to all who have, in some way, advanced the standing of Mounties through their sporting endeavors.

few years to a level where we now provide definite pathways

Thank you to Club Captain Dawn Kelly and Assistant Club Captain

to the highest levels of sport in the country, and in some cases,

Lyn King, who have provided great support to Sports Director


Lorraine Dean and the members of the Sports Committee. These

Mounties understands it has a responsibility to provide access to sport for our members. Sport is an important way that we engage our members to be greater participants in the activities of their club. While that interest continues, so too will the support. Along with the financial commitment goes the expectation of operational support, something we provide with a level of passion and expertise. Thanks to all concerned for playing your part here. Sport continues to grow within our membership, and so too does the club’s commitment and involvement. We certainly could not provide sport at the levels we do if it were not for our volunteers. The commitment of players, coaches, managers, support staff, and of course those passionate mums and dads who turn up week after week, are all a vital part of successful sport at Mounties. We see our role is to help you all become even better at what you do.


people have unselfishly given their time to ensure that Mounties has such a relevant sports program. Lorraine has consistently managed sports administration at Sub Club and Board level for many years now. On behalf of the members, thank you Lorraine and your team for the combined efforts through 2016/2017. To all who have just been a part of it – thank you and good luck for 2018! Greg Pickering Chief Executive Officer



Back row, left to right: Tom Murphy, Jenny McNevin, and Leon Hansen.


Front row, left to right: Dawn Kelly (Club Captain), Lorraine Dean (Sports Director), Lyn King (Assistant Sub Club Captain).


This year was a milestone year for President John Araco, who has worked tirelessly for the club for the last 40 years. This is an outstanding achievement. Well done, John. On the field, the club celebrated its maiden First Grade Premiership, led by Captain Rick Lucey and Vice Captain Daniel Scheinflug. Mounties 6/114 defeated North West Sydney 10/112 in the grand final. The stars for the final were Peter Toohey, medallist, and Adam Coyte, who took 7/44. Other premiers were our Under 10s who won the Division 2 competition. Mounties 9/140 defeated Prestons Maroon 8/73 led by coach Peter Strong and captain Rocco Ferrero, who was a star in batting, scoring 40 not out. Our bowling standout was Vasanth Balasubramanian, who bowled 3/7. The club had three grand finalists: our Shires Under 23 Frank Grey Shield side, led by Brad McGuire; the Shire 20/20 side led by Daniel Schienflug; and the Tim Creer Cup 5th Grade side, Mounties Black, led by Humayoun Khan. This team unfortunately lost its second grand final in as many years. This is still a great achievement however, as there were 24 teams in this grade and they only lost three games all season. Hopefully, they can go one better next season. Yours in cricket, Colin Lampier




Mounties Athletics is proud to nominate Robyn Suttor for

At the State Relays we won Gold in the 160+ Men’s 4x400m, 120+

Sportsperson of the Year. Robyn has been a consistent

Men’s 4x200m, 160+ Men’s 4x100, 120+ 4x100m, 160+ 4x200m,

performer for our club and has also been one of our coaches.

and Silver in the 120+ 4x100m.

Some of Robyn’s achievements this year include:

We had a strong contingent at the NSW Club Championships and

NSW Masters Championships 1st 80m hurdles, 300m hurdles and 60m 3rd 100m and 200m World Masters Indoor Championships held in South Korea 2nd 4x200m relay 3rd 60m hurdles World Masters Championships held in Perth 4th 300m hurdles and 80m hurdles, 55-59 years 5th 400m 6th 2000m steeplechase 8 th 100m and 200m Also in first place at the NSW Masters Championship were Darren Hughes in the 50-59 years 100m and the 50-54 years 60m, 200m, and 400m; and Billy Spiladis in the 30-34 years 60m, 100m, and 200m. Congratulations to Christine Wearne who competed at the inaugural Nitro Athletics tournament in February 2017. At the Pan Pacific Masters Games, Christopher Brack came 1st in the 50+ 100m, 200m, 400m. This was a new record in 400m and equal record in 100m. We had competitors in five rounds of the Treloar Shield in late 2016 but we didn’t finish as high on the ladder as previous years.


finished 7th out of 16 in Masters Womens, 11th out of 30 clubs in Masters Mens, 15th out of 28 clubs in the Open Women’s and 19 th out of 33 in Open Men’s. We had some great results including: 1st Rod Rushton 30+ 100m and 200m 1st Darren Hughes 50+ 100m 1st Fiona Byrne 30+ 400m and 2000m steeplechase Holly Bender competed at the Hunter Track Classic and finished 1st in the 200m B race. At the Little Athletics Regional Championships (Region 7) one of our newest members, Emily Malakovski, came 1st in the u/12 high jump. The Australian Masters Championships were held in Darwin in June. Congratulations to Darren Hughes who won Gold in the 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m and 4x100m relay, Silver in 4x400m relay and Bronze in the Champion of Champions race.

Our Annual Presentation was held in May. Congratulations to our major award winners: Representative Athlete of the Year – Holly Bender Representative PB Award Winner – Darren Hughes Representative PB Award Runner-Up – Holly Bender Social PB Award Winner – Fiona Byrne Social PB Award Runner-Up – Chris Bartimote Club Record Medallions were presented to: Holly Bender, Fiona Byrne, Mimi Malakovski, Robyn Suttor, Christopher Brack, Chris Bartimote, Ralph Burkhardt and David Low. Congratulations to Paul Howcroft who was awarded Life Membership with the Senior Athletics club this year. Our AGM was held in May and the committee has some small changes for the 2017/18 season. Congratulations to our new committee and thank you to Brad Linton, our outgoing Vice President, for your service. President: Joe Sacca Vice President & Publicity: Fiona Byrne Secretary: Ralph Burkhardt Treasurer: Paul Howcroft Club Captain: Rob Cassilles Registrar & Records: Darlene Burkhardt Liaison Officer: Sameer Kunwar General Committee: Chris Bartimote We held our 2017/18 registrations in August and are looking forward to the year to come. We would like to thank Mounties Group, its Directors and the Sports Committee for their support throughout the year. Anyone interested in joining Athletics can contact Ralph Burkhardt on 0403 063 616, or email For more detailed results from the 2016-17 season, find us on Facebook: Fiona Byrne Vice President & Publicity



What a wonderfull year for the Fifties Plus club! October 16: My Fair Lady was our first outing for this month – an excellent show with great actors, scenery and costumes. The main outing was a cruise and luncheon on the Brisbane Water (Gosford). While cruising, one of the islands we saw was Lion Island which guards the entrance to Pittwater and the Hawkesbury River from the Tasman Sea. November 16: Dream Lover with David Campbell’s voice gave justice to Bobby Darren’s songs, and the show to the memory of his life. Our six-day trip was to Young, the cherry capital of Australia. We visited Cootamundra, the birthplace of Sir Donald Bradman. This trip also included Junee’s Organic Licorice and Chocolate Factory, Temora Air Show and Museum, a stroll through the rose gardens, local art galleries and a unique presentation in the POW theatre. Our last event for 2016 was our Christmas party, which doubled as our 22nd birthday party January 17: First event for the year was a Bass & Flinders luncheon cruise on the Georges River. While cruising we passed many interesting historical places. A great way to spend a sunny Sunday. February 17: We saw Aladdin the stage show, which even had its own flying carpet! This show had something for everyone. We visited Tobruk Sheep Station located in the Hawkesbury Valley. Here we were given some insight of what a stockman’s life would be like – for example, preparing their meals, etc. We also saw demonstrations of whip cracking, boomerang throwing, and sheep


shearing and mustering.

March 17: In March our trip was Balgownie Mining Museum

August 17: We went to Australian Nuclear Science and

located in the Balgownie Heritage School. The museum shows how

Technology Organisation (ANSTO) in Lucas Heights. Here

mining was achieved before mechanisation by using horses to bring

we were told of what they do - for example, producing the

the coal to the surface and the extreme conditions the miners

chemotherapy medicine for the hospitals, and making high grade

worked under.

silicon for silicon chips.

April 17: Our seven-day trip was to Moree and Lightning Ridge.

Our club tries to make everyone feel welcome. Our holidays can

We travelled through the Blue Mountains to Orange and Moree,

be paid off in installments, which makes it easier for many people

staying at the Artesian Spa Motel. We toured the Pecan Nut

to come along.

Plantation and Moree Cotton Farm. Lightning Ridge, famous for the Black Opal, is where in 1902 Charles Nettleton uncovered the mining potential for the opal. We came back home via Parkes.

Anyone wanting to join can ring Pat Soulie on 02 9604 2372. Our meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month,

Another great trip!

except September due to Father’s Day starting at 11.30am.

May 17: We headed to the Northern Beaches this month, to the

We’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy

Baha’i Temple, a unique place to visit. Apart from being beautiful, it is a peaceful place and is open to all religions. Many people just go there to be alone with their thoughts. Lunch was at Harbord Diggers and we stopped off at Bondi for an ice cream before

New Year. Valerie Organ Publicity Officer

heading home. June 17: A mystery trip! We headed down the South Coast, stopping at Wattamolla for morning tea and then on to the Master Builders Club for lunch. We had a leisurely drive through Kiama, Berry, Kangaroo Valley, Fitzroy Falls and Bowral. July 17: We celebrated Christmas in July at Buttai Barn. We always have a great day here. On arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff and served fresh baked scones with cream and jam. Pre-lunch entertainment was a sing-along and jokes. Carols were sung and Santa gave us all a Freddo Frog.




Mounties Social Euchre is played on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm. We have between 16 to 20 players per euchre night. Our committee for 2017 is: President: Carl Hegney Vice President: Barbara Williams Secretary: Anne Ryan Treasurer: Barbara Moxey Committee persons: Ray Grace and Marge Roberts Our champions this year were Greg Henry and Barbara Williams, and our runners up were Carl Hegney and Barbara Moxey. Month



July 2016

Chandra Datta and Carl Hegney

Barbara Moxey


Ray Grace

Joyce Penney


Ray Grace

Demetra Brewster


Greg Henry

Barbara Williams


Chandra Datta

Barbara Williams


Greg Henry

Anne Ryan

January 2017

Ray Grace

Demetra Brewster


Robert Westwood

Barbara Moxey


Greg Henry

Bronwyn Logan


Carl Hegney

Bronwyn Logan


Ray Grace

Joyce Penney


Ray Marshall

Anne Ryan

In 2018 we will be celebrating our 50 th anniversary. We are looking forward to many more years! Anne Ryan Secretary



Mounties Dolphins represent Mounties in the Western

We have won 14 games, drawn two games, had two byes and

District Interclub Euchre (WDICE) competition, which is

lost four games. We finished in first place and will now be playing

held on Thursday night with home and away games.

the finals over four weeks in October. We also had one team

The team for 2017 is: Carl Hegney (captain), Allison Bullivant, Ray Grace, Greg Henry, Bridgette Logan, Bronwyn Logan, Malcolm Logan, Les Morris, and Barbara Williams. Firstly, I would like to congratulate the Dolphins on winning the grand final of the WDICE competition in 2016.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS GOES TO BRONWYN LOGAN FOR BEING THE CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS IN THE WDICE IN 2016. This is a huge win as it is the player with the highest aggregate out of all the players in the competition. Well done, Bronwyn, and also

member achieve eight out of eight games in the competition – congratulations to Les Morris! This was very hard to do, and he will be presented with a trophy for this at the WDICE presentation night on December 2. Congratulations to the Mounties Dolphins for being the minor premiers for the 2017 competition. We will also receive a trophy for this at the WDICE presentation night. We hope you go well in the finals. I would like to thank all of the Mounties Dolphins for their great effort, and their terrific team spirit all year. Go the Dolphins!

Mounties Dolphins. What a great year 2016 was for us!

Carl Hegney

In the current competition for 2017, we have just complete our

Mounties Dolphins


rounds prior to the finals. We play the following clubs twice in the competition: Blacktown Workers, Cabramatta Bowling Club, Easts Kingswood Sports Club, Merrylands Bowling Club, Penrith Panthers, St Mary’s Band Club, Seven Hills RSL, Toongabbie Sports Club, Wentworthville Leagues Club and West Diamonds at Blackett.



The 2017 season has been another successful and memorable

To all Mounties representatives: a truly remarkable performance

one for Mounties Fishing Club.

and we thank you for being such fantastic ambassadors for the club.

Our many highlights include the successful defense of the InterClub championship title against Bankstown FC, with a dominant display by reigning 2016 champion Rifit Hadzic to comfortably

We look forward to seeing many of you showcasing your angling skills and fishing prowess again next year, when we compete to retain the Inter-Club trophy in 2018!

reclaim the internal club championship title, fishing clear of runner-

Club Championship Results – 2016-17 season

up Billy Razmovski by over 100 points.

Congratulations to the following champions in their respective

WE SUCCESSFULLY CHARTERED OVER 30 DEEP SEA FISHING TRIPS OVER THE COURSE OF 12 MONTHS Mounties members enjoyed numerous sightings of whales, dolphins, sea birds and the not so welcoming hungry fish-pinching seals.

categories, who over the course of the last 12 months demonstrated their superior fishing skills and techniques across different, and at times very challenging, weather conditions. With ranking points calculated on anglers’ best eight monthly catches, consistency and commitment was the key with nearly all champions attending fishing trips every month - truly an amazing effort by all. The success of the competition would not be possible without

Highlights for the 2017 season:

the tireless and selfless voluntary contributions of all trip captains

Inter-Club Competition (Nov 2016 –May 2017)

and assistants throughout the season. These guys are pivotal to

Mounties Fishing Club toasted with champagne and caviar in this year’s Inter-Club competition, retaining the championship trophy in a nail-biting contest against a rejuvenated Bankstown Sports Fishing Club. After falling 90 points short of victory in last year’s

ensuring the smooth operations of all club trips, and administering the official weigh-ins and point recordings after each trip. Big thanks on behalf of all us fellow Mounties anglers!

final, Bankstown bounced back stronger this season with renewed

The 2017-18 season competition is now well underway. It looks like

vigor and hunger. Each of the rounds was won by the narrowest of

another sensational season of fishing, with the warmer winter and

margins, with Mounties eventually out-rigging and out-reeling their

ocean temperatures this year sparking good catches of snapper and

rivals, taking victory in all four competition weekend rounds. A

flathead in early spring. Good luck to all anglers!

truly phenomenal effort from all Mounties representatives with the rod and reel, well done!

Mounties FC continues to hold three deep sea fishing trips each

This year’s competition format saw representatives from both clubs

opportunities for members to get their lines wet and tackle the

compete in a four-legged deep-sea fish-off series, in Bankstown’s

monsters of the deep, or simply kick-back and relax to enjoy a nice

home waters off Cronulla. Points awarded for fish caught were

day on the water. Trips for members cost just $60 for adults and

based on weight and species. Big thanks to Bankstown FC for

$25 for juniors. Memberships are now being taken for the new

participating in the inter-club challenge.

financial year. The club welcomes and urges all fishing hobbyists, in

month out of Wollongong and Kiama Harbour, giving ample

particular women and juniors, to join and participate in the action.


New members can join for just $5.50. Our club meetings are held at Mounties in Mt Pritchard on the last Wednesday of every month at 8.00pm. For more information contact Warren Rankin on 02 9600 8061 or visit our Facebook: for the latest info and fishing updates. Happy fishing, Paul Young Publicity Officer



Congratulations to our 2017 Club Champion, Alfred Vella! Alfred led our golf club, which currently has 43 members, with an average weekly playing group of 25 players. We play at six different golf courses, teeing off between 6.00am and 7.00am. The average age for our club is 69 years, and our oldest player Lloyd Bond is 92 years old – but he still walks most golf courses. In February of each year, we hold our Country Cup game away – we go to the golf course in Calderwood on the South Coast, stay the night and play two games of golf. In the first week of May, we celebrate Chris Murphy Memorial Day. Chris was a director at Mounties who assisted our club immensely. We remember Chris with this tournament at Fairfield Golf Course every year. Our AGM is held in July of each year, and we hold our presentation night in October of each year. We are always looking for new players, so if you’d like to join, contact me on 0404 829 014 or email Lou Trofa Secretary




What an amazing and successful season for all our Mounties

Rep News

hockey members for 2017.

Congratulations to Riley, Jade, Aden, Alley, Isaac and Sebastian for

Congratulations to all our teams for the enthusiasm you carried

their selections into NSW squads and teams this year.

with you the entire season, for the sportsmanship and for their

Mounties Hockey have reported, within the club, a plethora of

encouragement of each other.

players who have been selected into elite teams for school and club

Thank you to all or teams including our Minkeys who learnt the fundamentals of hockey and our mens team who didn’t make finals but put in a gallant effort each week. Mounties Hockey are proud to congratulate our Grand Finalist teams: u/13 Juniors - Premiers u/18 boys - Premiers A grade Ladies – Premiers u/11 Juniors – Runners up u/15 Juniors – Runners up Congratulations also to the following teams who made finals: 18 Girls – Minor Premiers. B Grade Ladies – 6th Mounties also came away winning the Junior Championship for the MSW association!


hockey this year and are proud of all these players efforts for the commitment it takes to further your playing careers. Lastly thank you to all our coaches, managers, committee members, parents and families who assisted in making 2017 such a successful year. Can’t wait to see you all back in 2018! View us at Mounties Hockey Facebook page or our website Anyone requiring more information can email us on Tammy Bashford Secretary


This year Mounties Joggers lost one of its foundation

The Handicap races are held on the second Sunday of each month.

members, John May. John was a great advocate for loyalty

Below are the past year’s results:

and friendship created by the club and by any fellow runners. Month



Our members have participated in a variety of competitions and

October 2016


Chooi Tang

fun runs throughout the year.



Chooi Tang



Mark Privitera

January 2017


Wendy Bozzetto



Chooi Tang



David Armen



David Armen



Wendy Bozzetto



Bruno Pezzuto



Wendy Bozzetto



Wendy Bozzetto



Nathalie Armen

In December Mark Privitera ran the 3000m at the Albie Thomas Mile, finishing 11th in his age group. In May at the Sydney West Marathon series, Chooi Peng Tang and Nathalie Armen completed their first Half Marathon. Doug Read also ran at this event. Mark Privitera and Eshaya Nona ran in the City2Surf in August. Mark came 109 th in his age group with 1:02.24 and Eshaya with 1:56.53 was 157 in his age group. th

In September’s Blackmores Running Festival we had four runners. Doug Read ran the marathon. Wendy Bozzetto, Grahame Roper and Edward Rogers ran the Bridge Run. Fiona Byrne represented the club at the 7 Bridges Walk in October and Bob “Tug” Wilson’s Walk For Kids with Cancer in March. Several runners also ran in various Parkrun events throughout the year. We held our Christmas party at Stuart Park in Wollongong, had a run at Cronulla in October, and a run at Bondi to Coogee in March. The Four Season novelty race is held on the first Sunday of the new season, which is a guess your time individual or relay race. Season



Summer 2016

7km relay

Bruno Pezzuto and Margaret Re

Autumn 2017


Grahame Roper

Winter 2017

6km relay

Mark Privitera and Nathalie Armen

Spring 2017

6.6km relay

Grahame Roper and Nathalie Armen

It was a tightly contested battle for the Club Championship this year. The men’s title was won by Mark Privitera and the women’s winner was Chooi Tang. Place






Mark Privitera


Chooi Tang



Bruno Pezzuto


Wendy Bozzetto



David Armen


Nathalie Armen



Grahame Roper


Cathy Cox



Doug Read


Fiona Byrne


We presented Distance badges this year to: Chooi Tang 7000km, David Armen 4000km, Nathalie Armen 1000km. We would like to thank the Mounties Group, the Directors and the Sports Committee for their support throughout the year. For more detailed results from the 2016-17 season, find us on Facebook: Join us for a run or walk on Sunday mornings,


7.00am at Haigh Park off Bridges Road, Moorebank. Fiona Byrne Publicity Officer


2017 has been a very successful year for the club. Our Club Championship winners this year are: Fours: Ron Anderson, Terry Bleakley, Shane Farrell, Steve Smith Triples: Shane Farrell, Terry Bleakley, Steve Smith Major Pairs: Deva Nand, Bert Eddy Minor Pairs: Nick Bihancov, Robert Weatherby Senior Pairs: Peter White, Barry Woods Major Singles: Steve Smith Minor Singles: John McBride Senior Singles: Peter York Sub-Club Singles: Warren Hopley

Mounties was represented by President Kevin Ingram and several other Directors, the Sub Club Captain and Assistant Sub-Club Captain, as well as the President and a committee member of our Women’s Bowls Club, with special guest Glenn Cox. A total of $505 was raised and presented to Bowls NSW President Barry Watkins towards the Bowls NSW 2017 Charity fund. Steve Smith, our Club Major Singles Champion, entered the Zone 12 Champion of Club Champions Singles and progressed through to be Runner-up. 2017 has been a great year for Steve. We have had great success also in other club tournaments. At

We had three teams entered in the Zone 12 Reserve Fours

the Bankstown Sports Bowling Club we played in three triples

Championship with the team of Barry Woods, Ken Storey, John

tournaments in July, August and September.

McBride and Peter White winning through the rounds to be runners-up.

The Merv Cook Triples in July saw John McBride, Greg Ryan, and

We held our annual Clive Edwards Memorial Triples tournament

Steve Lennon, and Ken Storey winning Mystery Draw winner; and

over the weekend of June 10-11. It was a good turnout once more,

Terry Bleakley, Steve Smith, and Shane Farrell taking out 1st place.

with 1 place going to the team of Terry Bleakley, Shane Farrell and

Mathew Crossland winning Best Margin in Game 1; Deva Nand,


Steve Smith (Mounties) – winning for the second consecutive year.

In August at the Bernie Green Triples John McBride, Greg Ryan,

Mounties Director Steve Edwards attended to make all the

(CVD) Terry Bleakley, and Steve Smith again took out 1st place and


then Robert Weatherby, Peter Beech, Warren Hopley won Best

Mounties also sponsored and hosted the Zone 12 State President

and Mathew Crossland won Best Margin in Game 2; Bill Power

Margin in Game 3.

Reserve Pairs in July. No luck for our Mounties entries, however

September saw the John Murray Triples team of Robert

Peter York and Steve Smith won the Zone 12 Senior Pairs played at

Weatherby, Rick Staats, and Warren Hopley take out 1st place.

Birrong and will play in the State Titles at Ettalong Bowling Club in October. Our President’s Day was held on Sunday July 9. Official guests were Barry Watkins, President, Bowls NSW; Geoff Went, President, Zone 12; and Mick Morthorpe and George Humphries, Vice Presidents of Zone 12.


The Geoff Muldoon Pairs tournament held over the weekend of September 10 and 11 was won by Ken Storey and Warren Hopley. Mounties Men’s Lawn Bowls held its AGM on Sunday August 27. The new committee is: Warren Hopley, President; Ron Anderson and Steve Lennon, Vice Presidents; Bert Eddy, Secretary; Peter Beech, Treasurer; Rick Staats, Head Selector; Warren Hopley and Greg Ryan, Selectors; Peter White, Social Secretary. Bob Wilson Publicity Officer



The Mounties Rugby League season for 2017 is now complete in what was deemed to be a successful year for the club. Our main aim in 2017 was “to be the rugby league club that every rugby league person wants to be at”. This aim was to attract both players and officials to the club and make this great a place to play now, and in the future. After a successful year, Mounties is well on its way in achieving this goal. This year, the club fielded teams from Under 6’s through to under C Grade and the Womens’ Division 2. All teams competed outstanding on the field. Rugby League could not be stronger at Mounties. Sixteen teams were registered in the Parramatta District and one Womens’ Division 2 team. Eight of the 16 teams played in the final series with four teams competing in Grand Finals. Three teams went onto win premierships: the Under 13.2s, 15.2s and the Womens’ Division 2. There are a lot of people that need to be thanked for the successful year. Firstly, the Mounties Group President Kevin Ingram, Board of Directors and CEO Greg Pickering for their continued support of Rugby League. Many thanks also has to go out to the coaches, managers, trainers, players, parents, families and supporters of Mounties Rugby League. To all of the above mentioned, you people make Rugby League survive and thrive at Mounties. Your hard work and dedication over the year ensures all players take to the field each game. 2018 will be a defining year for Mounties Rugby League. Thank you, and I hope to see all players and officials to return next year.


Terri Speechley Secretary



Welcome everyone to another great Snooker year. Our Snooker AGM was held on Monday July 24, 2017 and the results were: President: Steve Fitzpatrick Vice President: Larry Roser Secretary: Steve Fitzpatrick Treasurer: Trevor Wilks Club Captain: Brett Rayner Vice Captain: Peter Curry Publicity Officer: Sharon Roser Congratulations to everyone, and we hope we have a great Snooker year. Thank you to Sports Director Lorraine Dean for

Our Snooker Presentation Night was held Friday July 14. We had a combined Black & White Night/Bastille Day theme. We all had a great night. Danny and Maureen won the best dressed. Our Snooker mid year barbeque was held at Fairfield Bowling Club on July 22. It was a lovely, sunny day. A big thank you to Peter Curry and Larry for cooking up a storm, and again thank you to Marilyn Price for all her slices and cakes for us sweet tooths. Remember, the snooker end of year barbeque at Fairfield Bowling Club will be on December 2 2017. Sharon Roser Publicity Officer

attending the AGM. The Joe Calabrese Snooker competition has changed its night to Thursday 7.00pm. A big thank you to Joe for putting on this competition and building up membership for the Snooker Club. Snooker Club Championships 2017 Singles Winner Sing Vongsuthi defeated Quang Vuong (4 to 2). Billiards Winner Joe Caccamo Defeated Ernie Hille. Unfortunately, there was no Club Doubles Championships as there weren’t enough runners. Single Tournament Results A Grade Singles: Winner – Sing Vongsuthi Runner up – Qiang Vuong B Grade Singles: Winner – Brett Rayner Runner up – Steve Fitzpatrick C Grade Singles: Winner – Rainer Scharnitzki Runner up – Peter Curry



The Mounties Netball Committee welcomed some new faces

Mounties Netball – 2017 Final Results Table

and noted a few changes of positions in 2017: President: Debbie Brown (and Coaching Coordinator) Senior Vice President: Susan Tepsa Junior Vice President: Wendy Soulie Secretary: Lyn King Assistant Secretary: Merna Shaddad (also Umpires Coordinator) Treasurer: Melissa King Recorder: Kelly Murphy This season, we saw Mounties Netball Club field 27 teams in the 2017 Liverpool City Netball Association (LCNA) Competition, which commenced on April 29. The 27 teams comprised of five Netta-ball, 15 junior, two senior cadet and five senior teams.

MOUNTIES NETBALL CLUB WAS AWARDED CLUB OF THE YEAR FOR 2017 BY LCNA. Our club achieved great results this year from our Netta-ball teams to the competition teams. The 7-and-8-years Netta teams played non-competition games, having lots of fun while learning and improving their basic netball skills. The two 9-year-old teams played full competition rules, although did not officially score (but I am sure all the parents and coaches knew how many goals each team scored!), in preparation for competition games in the following year. In the competition teams, from 10-year-olds to seniors, we had 15 out of 22 reaching the semi-final round at the end of the season competition. By Grand Final day, which was held on Saturday September 16, we had 12 teams competing with six teams placing as Grand Finalist and six teams winning a Premiership. A fantastic result from all the teams over the season and congratulations to the four Minor Premier teams, three who finished Premiers, with the fourth missing out by one goal at full time.







Senior Division 2




Senior Division 3

Minor Premiers



Senior Division 5




Senior Division 6


Semi Finalists


Senior Cadets C

Minor Premiers



Junior - 15A


Grand Finalists


Junior - 15C




Junior - 15B


Grand Finalists


Junior - 14A


Grand finalists


Junior - 13A

Minor Premiers



Junior - 13B




Junior - 12A


Grand Finalists


Junior - 11A


Semi Finalists


Junior - 11C

Minor Premiers

Grand Finalists


Junior - 10B


Grand Finalists

To top off a great season, Mounties Netball Club was awarded Club of the Year for 2017 by LCNA.

We would like to congratulate the following Mounties Netball Club

10 Years’ Service:

players who represented LCNA at the 2017 NSW State and State

Kayla Brown, Hannah Cross, Andrea Lustri, Sarah McLenaghan,

Age Netball Championships:

Selena Romeo, Emelia Small, Georgia Vibert.

State Championships, held June 10-12 at Baulkham Hills

20 Years’ Service:


Tegan Hines

melia Dunlop, Stephanie Filippin and Selena Romeo - 17-years A division, finishing 3rd

We also would like to congratulate the following members who were the recipients of the following perpetual awards for 2017:

State Age Championships held July 1-3 at Penrith Association (Championship division) Jane Dunlop and Mereana Peyroux - 15-years finishing 8 th Anastasia Afoa - 14 years team finishing 2nd Jamine Tikeri - 13 years team finishing 3rd Karoline Fasavalu, Fausita Hehea, Lindsay Tui - 12-years finishing 2nd During the season the following players were members of a squad that participated in carnivals leading up to State Age: Danielle Dunlop, Tiana Romeo and Tamelanee Tauei 12-years Development Squad Alyson Jewell-Romeo - Manager Cecilia Leavasa - 11-years Development Squad We have also had seven of our regular umpires successfully obtaining their National C Umpires Accreditation this year. As a result, we would like to congratulate: Bianca Dempsey Jane Dunlop Christelle Pagonis Selena Romeo

Amelia Dunlop Bailey Faulkner Imogen Parker

At our annual presentations, held in October, we had 39 members recognised for their continuous service to Mounties Netball Club. The service award recipients were:


2017 Recipient

Rising Star

Amelia Dunlop

Joy Wilson Memorial

Melissa King

John Whiteley Memorial

Bianca Dempsey

Cath Penning Achievement

Lindsay Tui

Mt Pritchard Community

Chloe Dempsey


Charllom Cossu

Club Spirit

Alyson Jewell-Romeo

Coaches Achievement

Rebecca Mihas

Umpires Encouragement

Danielle Dunlop

Rising Star

Amelia Dunlop

Finally, Mounties Netball Club Committee would like to extend a special thank you to all our coaches, managers, players, umpires, parents, and supporters who have given their valuable time and effort over the year – you are all truly amazing and without you we would not be able to run the club and give our members the opportunity to play the great game of netball. For information on registration dates for 2018 and all other Mounties Netball news, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook: Lyn King Secretary

5 Years’ Service Eliana Araujo, Makayla Birtles, Breanna Clarke, Chloe Dempsey, Amelia Dunlop, Jane Dunlop, Calae Dunmore, April Franklin, Madison Georgey, Ashlee Harris, Chelsea Hastie, Kristie-Lee Higgins, Erin Humphries, Junenaree Inthavong, Megan Jaimes, Saneh Lakkis, Daniella Lustri, Jasmine Mason, Sophie Mason, Teagan Myles, Michelle Nash, Tisiola Noa, Anatea Noa, Kaylee O’Hara, Leyla Perez, Madelyn Ryan, Isabella Sharpe, Brooke Shepherd, Chloe Thacker, Aleea Thomas, Chelsey Tomson.




Welcome to all the new members who have joined the club,

Districts Association to make it to the final this year. It was a great

and welcome back to our trusted and loyal players.

achievement on top of their undefeated Minor Premiership and

Every year the season seems to fly by and the journey of football at Mounties includes many experiences which are shared with friends and family. These memories become great stories in years to come

Grand Final win. They, along with the Under 14 Division1team will represent the Association in the NSW Champion of Champions competition.

and the enjoyment of playing a team sport at Mounties will live with

The teams representing Mounties in the finals series were:

you forever through memories of great times and friendship.

u/12-1, u/12-2, u/12-3, u/12-5, L12-2, u/13-1, u/13-3, u/14-1, u/14-2,

Mounties has always been a proud community-orientated club with an objective of offering a safe and healthy environment for all ages to enjoy friendliness and mateship while playing the beautiful game. Our mix of mini, junior and senior players at Mounties is certainly

u/15-3, u/15-4, u/16-2, u/16-3B, u/16-3Y, L16-2, u/17-2, L18-1, u/211B, u/21-1Y, AAM-3, AAM-4, AAM-6 and AAL-2. The eight minor premiers and premier teams were: u/12-3, u/14-1, u/14-2, u/16-3B, u/17-2, u/21-1B, AAL-2 and AAM-6.

where we need to be as a progressive club moving forward, and

Ten individual players from Mounties also received awards from

the club is in a very strong position to continue for many more

Southern Districts Association for Most Valued Player and/or

years to come.

Golden Boot. Congratulations to those players. Some of them are

Mounties was well represented and competitive in most grades

receiving these awards for the second or third time.

and this achievement is greatly due to the assistance of coaches and

Soccer trials for the 2018 season start in January. For more details

managers along with the support from players, parents and friends.

and information, including registration dates and times, visit the

A lot of people give their time to this great club and all involved are

website at or visit us on Facebook:

to be congratulated.

Mounties Junior Soccer had 50 teams in total, with 27 competitive

Charlie Fusco

and 23 minis or small-sided teams in Season 2017. There were 23

Publicity Officer

Semi Finalists, 15 Grand Finalist, two Knockout Grand Finalists and seven Minor Premiers (including two in First Division). With over 650 registered players, and 130 coaches and managers, we are one of the biggest clubs in the Association. The Under 21 Division 1 Black team was a Grand Finalist in the NSW State Cup. They were the only team from Southern



Wow! What a year it has been for Mounties Swimming Club! I would like to thank all our swimmers, parents, coaches and committee members for their outstanding work over the last year. We are becoming one of the most recognised swimming clubs within the Metro South West area and this is something we are extremely proud of achieving over the last 12-24 months.

IN 2017, OUR CLUB HAD ITS HIGHEST NUMBER OF MEMBERS, EQUAL LARGEST NUMBER OF COMPETITORS AT AREA CHAMPIONSHIPS, BIG NUMBERS AT CLUB RACES AND OUR HIGHEST NUMBER OF REPRESENTATIVE SWIMMERS AT THE NSW STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS. We have a proud tradition of helping raise money for a selected charity each year. In 2017, it was decided we would support Jeans for Genes Day. Our club helped raise over $300 through donations at one of our monthly club races. Thank you to all that supported this great cause. Overall, the swim team is growing and striving to become the best team within the state. We may have a long way to go, but we are well and truly on track. We are a family, we are a team. We are Mounties! Blake Medhurst Head coach



Mounties finished the 2016/17 season strongly with one

Queensland this year, and vying for selection in the 2018 Under

premiership and five runners up.

19 Men’s Junior Steelers team to compete in the next World

Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not on our side and the competition was decided by the weather.

MOUNTIES ALSO HAD GREAT REPRESENTATION AGAIN ACROSS ALL AGE GROUPS DURING THE REPRESENTATIVE SEASON. 2017 has seen Hayden Mathews representing Australia in the Open Men’s Australia Steelers team, which participated in the Open Men’s World Championships in Canada in July. Hayden and the Aussie Steelers were runners up to New Zealand in a tightly contested final. This is a great result for Australian Softball and

Championships. The 2017/2018 season of softball commenced on Saturday October 7 and Mounties is entered in the Southern Districts competition with nine teams this season, ranging from the Batter Up Program through to senior teams. We have also held our AGM in September, with the following committee being elected: President: Kath Whiteley Secretary: Narelle Mostowyj Treasurer: Jenny McNevin Recorder: Maria Wakefield

Hayden was an integral member of this team.

Good luck to everyone for the season, and for those players who

Tom Zeylermaker, a new member to our open men’s team,

next report once our season is underway.

also enjoyed selection into the Under 19 Junior Steelers squad, competing for Australia in the 2018 Friendship series played in


are representing SDSA in the coming month. More to follow in the

Peta Wakefield Publicity Officer


It was a middling year for our State League Softball team, which ended up fourth in the Winter League, losing in the semi-finals. We have some promising young players who have signed up; we hope they will continue to play in the higher grades of State League Softball with us down the track. Many thanks to all the officials, who did a marvellous job. In the State League, we also ended up fourth, losing in the semi finals again. The team played really well, and the officials did a really good job. We have done really well in the NSW teams, getting quite a few of our players into the state team, and also some officials. Those who made the state teams are: NSW u/17 MEN’S TEAM Logan Campbell Jarred Garland Jeremy Garland Josh Wickens David Garland - Assistant Coach

NSW u/19 MEN’S TEAM Blake Jackson Aiden Kelly Wayne Wickens - Assistant Coach Maria Wakefield - Scorer NSW u/23 MEN’S TEAM Brad Dunn Isaac Rossi Craig Richardson – Manager NSW MEN’S TEAM Mitch Brownlow Lachlan Hay Jayden Lach Nathan Dickinson We are so proud to have such talented players and officials. A lot of these people were helped by the club, so we would like to acknowledge the help from the Sports Committee and the Board for their generosity, and also their tireless work and help. Yours in sport, Dennis Dyer Secretary



As we are heading towards the end of 2017, it is time to

In August MTTC conducted the 2017 Mounties Table Tennis

reflect on the events thus far.

Championship, an event open for Singles and Doubles play.

Members of Mounties Table Tennis Club once again formed and entered teams at grades A, B and D to compete in the Table Tennis Western Sydney Summer and Winter Competition. Our successful 2016 A2 Grade team, led by captain Steven Duong, stepped up a

Competing in a 32-player draw, Xuyen Tran emerged as the Singles champion for 2017, with Joshika a gallant runner up. Kiet Tran with partner Tin Ngo took out the Doubles event, Xuyen Tran and partner Tri Lam the runners up.

notch this year to enter the now singular A Grade competition for

It is pleasing to see that the table tennis area is in constant use by

the summer. They narrowly missed out on a semi-final berth, but

Mounties members and guests as well as our MTTC members,

are doing well for the winter competition which is still running as

though it is regretful that just a small number of members find the

we go to print.

interest to join and form competition teams. Perhaps, 2018 will

Our 2017 B Grade team led by captain Vinh Tai Tang was successful in becoming 2017 Summer Champion and are leading the B Grade winter competition so far. Our newly formed D Grade team led by captain Raymond Quach is having a bit of a battle being new to competition play, but showing great improvement heading towards the end of the year.

IN JULY, MTTC AGAIN STAGED THE MOUNTIES INVITATION TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT OVER THREE DAYS, ATTRACTING A LARGE AUDIENCE WHICH WAS ENTERTAINED BY SKILLFUL LOCAL AND OVERSEAS COMPETITORS A large team from Shanghai University took part. This team also made themselves available to play a mini tournament against a selection of our own Mounties players on the Thursday preceding the MTTC Invitation, for the benefit of members and guests of Mounties Club. It was an entertaining night for spectators!


bring a change of interest! The MTTC Committee


TOASTMASTERS MOUNTIES At Mount Pritchard Toastmasters Club, members strive for constant advancement. As such, there was anticipation that 2017 would be an even bigger and more exciting year than the previous, an expectation that was well realised, resulting in a memorable year with so many highlights! Our change-over meeting was enjoyed by all: we were entertained by a great speech by a guest speaker. Awards were given out to all deserved Toastmasters. The old executive team was thanked and congratulated on a job well done in 2016 and the new committee sworn in for the new year of 2017.

THE MOTTO FOR THIS YEAR WAS EMPOWER YOURSELF TO SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE. International Speech, Evaluation, Table Topics and Tall Tales speeches were held, amongst others. Frank Duardo represented Mounties at the area contest, upon winning the International Speech Contest. We applaud many of our new members who faced their fears and competed in these competitions - they did Mounties and themselves proud. Toastmasters meetings are held on the first, third and fifth Wednesday of every month, with a 7.00pm start. Carmela Ferraro Vice President & Public Relations


TOASTMASTERS HARBORD DIGGERS Harbord Diggers Toastmasters Daytime Club has had an

Perhaps this is why most visitors remark that our club is friendly

exciting and accomplished year. Many new members have

and supportive and they cannot wait to join us.

added interest and touching stories to our meetings while our experienced members continue to provide mentorship and display stunning examples of how to speak with

We had some competitors this year in club and area competitions. Sally Molyneux, our current President, is notably mentioned for

eloquence, humor and impact.

getting placed in all competitions. Competition may seem scary

The most impressive accomplishment this year has been watching

fellow club members do well gives newbies confidence in their

our fellow Toastmaster Don Turton achieve a remarkable feat.

mentors and sets a shining example.

Don sees the world in a unique way because he is a sufferer

Regardless of awards, achievements and leadership roles, Harbord

of Cerebral Palsy. He set a goal five years ago to become a

Diggers Toastmasters Daytime Club is a platform for people to

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). His road to achieving this

tell their stories. This is the most important attribute of meetings

has been anything but smooth and Don’s grace and dignity is an

and it never ceases to amaze me what a positive impact this has on

example to all.

people’s lives, including my own.

Don was nominated for Club President two years in a row and was

Jody Seaton

rejected each time by Club member votes. Not letting this stop

Vice President & Public Relations

to new members but watching experienced speakers and seeing

him, he has persevered and continues to work toward his DTM goal. Don is no stranger to challenges and his inner determination is strong. Don filled the Area 22 Director role this year. He was thrilled to accept the role and did an amazing job. Don’s ability to type is slow and deliberate, one letter at a time. There is an enormous effort required to fill this role. A Director also needs to physically show up at other clubs and contests. Although Don’s challenges are much greater than those with an able body, he rises to meet them and fulfills responsibilities to the utmost and beyond. Don was the Jazzer-Smith Award recipient for 2016-2017. It would have been hard for anyone to be a worthier recipient. Our club members are extremely proud of Don and continue to celebrate his achievements. Our Toastmasters club has also seen members make a significant contribution to leadership roles as well as a focused improvement when it comes to public speaking. It is a well-oiled machine for getting the most out of a Toastmasters meeting.


EVENING TOASTMASTERS HARBORD DIGGERS Are you missing out on opportunities in life because

More and more people are discovering the benefits of

you’re too scared to speak up? Do you want to feel more

Toastmasters, which is demonstrated by a rapid increase in our

comfortable in social situations?

club membership. We have inducted 12 new members in our

TOASTMASTERS IS A FRIENDLY, NON-THREATENING WAY TO BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE AND LEARN VALUABLE COMMUNICATION, PUBLIC SPEAKING AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS. The Harbord Diggers Evening Toastmasters Club meets twice a month, with members supporting each other to develop important life skills. Our Committee ensures our meetings are interesting, fun and educational events and provide an opportunity for members to contribute with a variety of assignments. As well as speeches, there are toasts, evaluations, rants and reviews and each meeting a member gets to experience chairing the meeting. Toastmasters is an international community organisation dedicated to helping people learn to speak confidently and become leaders in the workplace or in their personal lives. It is a tried and true educational program and with over 150 clubs and more than 3,000 members in our regional district. There is plenty of interaction and camaraderie to ensure every member gets the help and assistance they need. We hold four contests each year – Humorous, Table Topics (impromptu speaking), International Speech and Evaluation. The winners of these contests represent our club at Area and District contests and provide challenging, competitive and enjoyable experiences.


last five meetings and are delighted to have a diverse group of people of all ages, genders and nationalities. We have a lot of fun and learn so much from listening to speeches covering the life experiences, careers and interests of our members. We will be temporarily moving our meetings to Manly Bowling Club while Diggers is closed for the final stage of its redevelopment. Our members are very grateful for the ongoing support of Harbord Diggers which has enabled us to meet since 1970, and provided a wonderful social and educational forum for the Northern Beaches community. Visitors are always welcome to our meetings held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7.00pm. If you’d like more information about the club please contact our Vice President of Membership, Colm Fagan on 0402 556 554 or email Anna Farr Publicity Officer




The Harbord Diggers Garden Club is affiliated with the Royal

We’ve noticed the sandstone façade is now in place among the

Horticultural Society, which invited members to attend the

cement trucks, along with the army of workers, who perch on the

inaugural Rivendell Flower Show at Thomas Walker Estate in

street wall for lunch, enjoying the whale watching and ocean view.

Rivendell, Concord, on September 23-24.

Thanks to the Manly Daily newspaper, we continue to attract

The Society’s AGM was held on August 23 at the Beecroft Bowling

visitors to join in on our meetings, creating friendships through



We are also affiliated with the Garden Clubs of Australia, which will

The Garden Club meets on the fourth Sunday of the month at

hold its convention on November 5-10 in Ulladulla on the South


Coast. GCA President George Hoad announced the inaugural National Gardening Week from October 8-14, creating an opportunity to celebrate gardening and promote their own clubs in the community, throw a garden party, visit a local park, spend a relaxing day on the lawn, or visit a local nursery. Events at Harbord Diggers have included the Anzac Service book laying ceremony as well as our regular monthly meetings with interesting speakers on all things horticultural. Our membership continues to grow, though some members left their homes to move into retirement villages at Dee Why and Narrabeen. Birthday and Christmas lunches are a highlight of the year. We are sorry to see the old Kahanamoku Room at Diggers demolished, where I even heard Roger Woodward give a recital once, but we look forward to the new premises.


For enquiries, please phone me on 02 9949 9777. Barbara Glover Secretary




Centenary Shield Match

NSW Chess Association’s Inter-Club Competition 2017

HD Chess Club v Norths Chess Club

The Inter-Club Chess Competition between Sydney chess clubs,

On November 14 2016 HD Chess Club hosted 14 members of

organised by the NSW Chess Association, commenced on May 22

Norths Chess Club for the second leg of the Centenary Shield

2017. HD Chess Club entered a team in two divisions, namely the

Match. Norths won 12-2 on the night, retaining the shield for 2016.

Under 1700 Grade Team under the captaincy of Chris Dimock,

This competition has been held annually since 2005, with Harbord

and the Under 1500 Grade Team under the captaincy of Norman

winning only once, in 2008.

Greenwood. Other chess clubs participating were Burwood,

Spring Tournament 2016 Our Spring tournament concluded in November 2016 and the

Norths, Ryde-Eastwood, Cabra-Vale, Combined Universities USYD/UNSW, UTS, and Rooty Hill.

winner with a ‘picket fence’ score of nine wins from nine games was

The U1500 team reached the finals. Ryde-Eastwood Chess Club

George Winter. Well done, George! In equal second place were

was the winner of both divisions.

Chris Dimock and Ivan Case. In fourth place was James Burt. Ivan Case also won the Handicap Prize and Tom Accola won the Upset Prize. In equal second places in the Handicap Table were Chris

Rapid Tournament 2017 This event was held concurrently with the Inter-Club Competition

Dimock and Tom Accola.

and the winner of the tournament was George Winter. Chris

Simultaneous Exhibition


The 2017 Simultaneous Exhibition was conducted by Lev Aptekar, the coach of our Junior Chess Group. Lev took on 14 players including two boys from the Junior Chess Group and won nine games, drew four and lost one game, which was against Rex Simmonds. Blitz Championship 2017 (Games of five minutes per player) Our 2017 Blitz Championship was held over two nights. George Winter was the winner of the event, scoring nine points from a possible 10. In second and third places were Thomas Ban and Jozsef

Dimock and Hans Schwandl were in second and third places

Spring Tournament 2016 This tournament commenced on September 4 and will be in progress until the end of November/early December. Junior Chess Group at HDCC HDCC commenced a Junior Chess Group in 2013 for weekly coaching sessions for primary school children with knowledge of the game. The coach is Lev Aptekar and he is assisted in the administration by Tom Accola, the Club Secretary. The current

Gonda on eight and seven points respectively.

membership of the Junior Chess Group is 16 children.

Club Championship 2017

HDCC nominated Benjamin Szabo-Virag (aged 8) as the Mounties

The 2017 Club Championships were held in two divisions. The winner of the A Grade Division, and Club Champion for 2017, was Chris Dimock. Congratulations, Chris! In second place was George Winter, and James Burt came third. The B Grade Division Champion was Jozsef Gonda with Hugh Allen and Tom Accola in


second and third places respectively.

Junior Sportsperson of the year 2016, and he was awarded the runner-up prize. The 2017 Australian Junior Chess Championships were held at the Anglican Church Grammar School in Brisbane (QLD) from January 14 to 22. Six children from the Junior Chess Group, namely Benjamin Szabo-Virag (2016 Junior Chess Champion),

Anna Burt, Charlotte Burt, Jack Burt, Niklas Kapplemann and Jonas Kapplemann participated in the tournament. Our coach went to Brisbane to assist the children and their parents. The 2017 Junior Chess Championships were held in two divisions during Term 3. The trophy winners were: A Division 1st and Club Junior Champion 2017 – Luke Dixon 2nd – Benjamin Szabo-Virag 3rd – Equal – Jack Burt and Sebastian Brown B Division 1st – Oscar McLelland 2nd – Rory MacLennan 3rd – Niklas Kapplemann Best Game – Jonas Kapplemann. Outside our club, Niklas and Jonas Kapplemann (aged 8) participated in the 2016 Chess Youth Single Tournament on October 1 and 2 in Lippe, Germany. Niklas was awarded the bronze medal for the u/10’s. Website Our webmaster, Hugh Allen has been updating our website, and it is well worth a visit. See it at You are welcome to call in to the Chess Club, which is held at 7.30pm on Monday nights. Enquiries are welcome – contact our Club President Chris Dimock on 02 9905 3036 or 0412 052 399 or email Tom Accola Club Secretary




The Cribbage Club has completed another enjoyable and

The Doubles Championship, renamed the Ray and Mick Doubles

eventful year meeting on a Thursday night at the Harbord

Championship in honour of two of our stalwart members, is still

Diggers Club, and members are most appreciative of the

being fiercely contested and is played with great rivalry and a

hospitality provided by the staff who go out of their way to

competitive spirit.

meet our needs throughout the year.

Because of the renovations at the Diggers and Harbord Bowling

Even though the club is going through a difficult period of

club being unable to accommodate us, we are relocating to

renovations, the staff is always extremely obliging to make our

the Nelson Heather Community Centre at Warriewood from

night as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

November 2 until the new Diggers building is open.

During the year, a number of events were held including Social

Play will still commence 6.45pm and finish around 10.00pm on all

Games, the Doubles Championship and the main cribbage game.

but the last Thursday of every month, in the Banksia Room.

Completed over four quarters of 10 weeks, competition builds up and the person with the total points score tallied is crowned the annual winner and is the recipient of the Roy Perri Trophy. The members all enjoy the challenge, and in 2016 the winner was Pat O’Sullivan. Second place went to Tony Richards, with President Jim Mitchell and Jo Gibbs tying to come in a very close third. The 2017 winner is still undecided as we are in the final quarter and it appears that a few new faces are vying for the title and the trophy this year.


Anyone interested in joining our cribbage group can call our President Jim Mitchell on 02 8095 0676, our Secretary Val Boulton on 02 9981 2421 or our Treasurer Pat O’Sullivan on 0402 840 410. Pat O’Sullivan Treasurer



We have been playing bowls at our sister club, Manly Bowling

We have nearly completed all our inter-club competitions for

Club – also known as Diggers on the Park – since February

2017 and are looking forward to our Presentation Day on Monday

2016, while our magnificent new club is being built. The time

October 23. This will be a special occasion as we are holding

seems to have flown and we appreciate the co-operation and

the event in Gio Restaurant at Harbord Diggers, and we will be

friendship of the Manly ladies.

enjoying an Italian banquet. It will be one of the last events to be

WE ARE ALL LOOKING FORWARD VERY MUCH TO RETURNING ‘HOME’ NEXT YEAR, AND WE ARE SURE THAT THE BEAUTIFUL FACILITIES WILL ATTRACT NEW MEMBERS TO OUR CLUB. WE ARE A VERY FRIENDLY CLUB AND, APART FROM ALL ENJOYING THE GAME OF BOWLS, WE SUPPORT AND CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER. We entered a Grade 4 Pennants team and while we didn’t win, we enjoyed competing and meeting up with members of other clubs within the Manly-Warringah District. On Tuesday June 13 President Marie and myself, together with President Aileen (Manly WBC) and Maggie Hess (Treasurer Manly WBC), were invited to attend Mounties’ WBC President’s Day for Kath Whitely. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and were made very welcome by the ladies. On Saturday August 5 we held our Annual General Meeting. The office-bearers for 2016/17 are: President: Marie Harradine Vice-Presidents: Rita Beach, Joan Tucker Secretary: Margaret Machon Treasurer: Maree Sprod

held at the ‘old’ club and, therefore, will be quite emotional. Our club organises theatre parties and it is nice that some of the Manly ladies have accepted the invitation to join us at the shows. This year we have seen The Bodyguard and My Fair Lady. In November we are seeing Beautiful and next year bookings have been made for The Wizard of Oz, Mamma Mia and The Book of Mormon. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the following people who have supported us throughout the year: Our patron, Betty Campbell; Lorraine Dean (Sports Director, Mounties); Leon Hansen (Director, Mounties); Dale Hunt and John Brown (Harbord Diggers Management); Lisa Farrell (Functions Manager); Pam Hansen (Harbord Advisory Council); Phil Brannigan (Harbord Advisory Committee); Joan Finlay (Harbord Advisory Committee); Aileen McLelland (President, Manly Women’s Bowling Club); and of course, Ken and Craig, our bus drivers who transport us to and from Diggers each Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you also to all the very courteous staff at Diggers. Bowls is a sport for all ages with so many advantages – it suits people with varying degrees of fitness and sporting capacity and of course, as it is an outdoor sport, it is a very healthy activity and also a good way to keep fit. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and form strong friendships.

On Tuesday September 19 we joined the Manly ladies for their

Margaret Machon

Charity Day. We raised $650 and the proceeds were forwarded


to The Shepherd Centre - a wonderful organisation which assists children with hearing difficulties. It was a very enjoyable day.




Manly Bowling Club’s oldest life member, Vic Nagle, turned 100 last month; he can be seen in the photo with Jeff Boyd, our newest life member, who turned 80 a few weeks ago. Our bowls season is still in full swing with the final of the Minor Singles being played recently. Ricky Ford came off the blocks firing playing some great bowls in trying conditions beating Steve, Hollywood, and Grant in a battle of the young guns. It’s great to see, as Ricky was last year’s runner up. The Mixed Pairs saw record numbers chance their hand; some 20 teams entered, and we are moving towards the semi finals. While the games have been long - some four hours - the quality has been high. Our Open 4’s are about to start and our favourite event, the Graded 4’s, begins in November. Please note our Presentation Night is down for November 25 this year, always a great night. David Williams President




Manly Women’s Bowling Club has continued to thrive


during 2017. Our membership now totals 64 ladies. This is

District Pairs

a club where the members support each other, both on the

Annie Bowen-Old and Denise Moore played in the Women’s

green and off, and that is what makes it such a wonderful

District Pairs in July and beat strong rivals from Harbord. They

community. None of this is possible without the support of

were defeated in the semi-final.

Mounties, which is very much appreciated. District Singles Sadly, during the last 12 months, two of our members - our newly

Annie Bowen-Old competed in the District Singles during the

elected treasurer, Gail Courtney, and Patsy Taingahue - passed

second week of August and managed to get through to the

away in rather untimely circumstances. They will be sadly missed.



Jean McKinnon Shield

2017 Major Singles

Five players from Manly, A Bowen-Old, L Boylan, D Moore,

Winner: D Moore Runner-up: M Hess 2017 Minor Singles Winner: P Cocker Runner-up: S. Wilson 2016 Consistency Winner: A Bowen-Old Runner-up: L Boylan 2017 Pairs Winner: B Woolley, D Rothwell Runner-up: S Perdriau, N Keating 2017 Triples Winner: J Ryan, D Rothwell, A Bowen-Old Runner-up: B Woolley, Z Lane, P Hurst 2017 Fours Winner: J Wegenaar, W Jeffs, D Moore, A Bowen-Old Runner-up: H Lott, J Ryan, S Perdriau, N Keating

D Rothwell and J Ryan were chosen to be part of the team representing Manly-Warringah to play against North Shore for the Jean McKinnon Shield. Eight teams of four competed against each other. Play was cut short owing to some intemperate weather; however, it was announced that Manly-Warringah had won the shield, and the members came home triumphant. Anita Linden Trophy The competition for this trophy is between Regions 15 and 16 in Sydney’s northern areas. Annie Bowen-Old was selected to bowl with the Manly-Warringah/North Shore team. The game was held at Asquith and the team returned with the trophy. Social Gatherings There were many social outings organised by the great social committee. These included a trip to ANSTO Discovery Centre at Lucas Heights, a trip to the races at Royal Randwick, a ferry/train trip to the Blue Mountains and many memorable lunches. These gatherings are a feature of Manly Women’s Bowling Club and prove to be very popular. Nora Keating Publicity Officer



In winter and early spring, the number of players in our

In the competition against world-class super-players such as

bowling courts is considerably reduced as many of our

Slovenia, Italy, France and Croatia, he won a bronze medal in

members go overseas to visit the old country ‘on the sunny

Bowling Throw for Australia. Congratulations, Daniel! We are

side of the Alps’, and a couple of neighbouring countries

proud of you!

as well. Martha Magajna In recent years, a large number of neighbours - Istrians and Italians - who like the pleasant atmosphere at Triglav have joined us. At the end of the European summer, the courts are filled again on every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, with a dinner on Saturday after the competition. Between the three one-hour games, there is enough time for refreshments - coffee or tea with pastries or a glass of wine, or beer and a conversation. The competition teams are drawn out, so that everybody has a chance to partner with one of the better competitors and thus winning a cash prize. Most competitors are already in quite mature years, but this does not stop them!

THEY ARE ATTRACTED BY PLEASANT COMPANY AND DOCTORS ALSO ADVISE THAT THIS SPORT IS VERY GOOD FOR THE HEALTH AND FLEXIBILITY OF OLD JOINTS. We do not have a lot of young people, so we are even more proud of young Daniel Samsa, a third generation Australian from the Slovenian Samsa-Fabjančič family. Our Daniel took a place in the Australian Bocce team, representing Australia in the Bocce World Cup in Casablanca in mid-September this year.


President & Publicity Officer





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Head Office: 101 Meadows Rd Mt Pritchard NSW 2170 02 9822 3555

SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR - 2017 Each year Mounties Group calls for nominations to

Junior Sportsperson of the Year, Mereana Peyroux has been a

its prestigious Sub Club awards to acknowledge the

member of Mounties Netball Club for 8 years. She has been a

outstanding achievements accomplished by various

representative player with Liverpool City Netball Association for


the 4th year running. This year her 15’s rep team finished 8 th in the

We would like to congratulate everyone on their outstanding achievements both on and off the “field of play”. Every Sub Club member has represented Mounties Group with distinction and we are proud to call them our own.

THE BIGGEST ROUND OF APPLAUSE GOES TO OUR SENIOR SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR; SIMAIMA TAUFA FROM MOUNTIES WOMEN’S RUGBY LEAGUE AND OUR JUNIOR SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR; MEREANA PEYROUX FROM MOUNTIES NETBALL CLUB. They have excelled significantly in their respective sports and should be proud of their successes throughout the year. Senior Sportsperson of the Year, Simaima Taufa has been a member of the Mounties side that stormed to a Minor Premiership in the Sydney Metropolitan Women’s Rugby League and went on to be Semi Finalist. Her achievements include: - NSWRL State of Origin Women’s Player of the Year - ANZAC Test Players’ Player - Harvey Norman NSW State Player of the Year - Rugby League Players’ Association Women’s Player of the Year - 2017 Dally M Female Player of the Year - Australian Jillaroos Women’s Player of the Year. Simaima is a credit to Mounties Rugby League and is a welldeserved recipient for Mounties Sportsperson of the Year 2017.

state and were crowned dual premiers in the LCNA competition. For Westfields Sports High School her team recently won the knockout competition in Opens Netball. Mereana is a member of the South West Sydney Academy of Sport Netball squad who recently returned from Maitland after successfully competing at the annual Australian Invitational Youth Games and was elected as the MVP in her team. She is the recipient of an Umpires Scholarship for 2017. Mereana competed in the NSW Combined High School Sports Association Sydney South West team and they finished 2nd in the tournament. Mereana has repaid the opportunities given to her by Mounties Netball by coaching and umpiring. Congratulations to Mereana on her hard work and determination. Mounties Group is very proud to boast the efforts of these high achievers and encourages everyone to continue to excel in their fields to celebrate greater successes in the year ahead.

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