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Vol. III, Spring 2017

Literary Arts Magazine of Mount Aloysius College

Resonance is created based on submissions from Mount Aloysius students and vetted by a review board comprised of students, staff, and faculty. Housed by The Belltower student newspaper, Resonance can be found online at:

Sami Aurandt ............................................................................ 9 Rachel E. K. Cain ........................................................ 3, 4, 8, 11 Nathan Smith .................................................................... 4, 5, 9 David Snoberger ................................................................ 1, 4, 8 Ronnie Townsend ................................................................ 3, 10

Faculty Advisors Jessica Jost-Costanzo Christopher Burlingame Student Review Board Rachel E.K. Cain Samantha Aurandt Design Courtney Edmundson

Submissions The Resonance review board seeks: short fiction; short, creative nonfiction;poetry; photography; and photos of fine art each semester at mid-term. Submissions from any undergraduate or graduate student are welcome. Please send all submissions to:

“Resonance happens when your mind and heart come into sync.� - Ravindra Shukla, A Maverick Heart: Between Love and Life Front Cover: David Snoberger, Illumination, Photograph

Resonance | 3

If Life Was an Art Gallery Rachel E. K. Cain

If life was an art gallery… I would have thousands of snapshots of every cherished moment Black and white, polaroid, and color. If life was an art gallery… The walls would be covered with thousands of paintings All in vivid splashes of color. If life was an art gallery… There would be a piano Playing an upbeat, harmonious lilt Of an old, familiar, favorite song. If life was an art gallery… Statues would come to life Glorifying their maker with Hands raised to the sky. Life is an art gallery… We are the keepers of memories, We are the statues, paintings and drawings, We are the beautiful music that God creates.

Ronnie Townsend, Take Me to the Beach, Acrylic on canvas

4 | Resonance


Field of Dreams

Nathan Smith

Rachel E. K. Cain

You may try to crush me with words of hate you may try and scare me with talk of fate but I won't quit and I will succeed the fires of passion burn strong in me I'll fight for life and I won't give in Your name sends shivers up my skin the skies may open and fire may fall but I'll stand steadfast through it all Your waves of anger bring heartache and fear the bruises you've left are screams in my ear But I am stronger than you believed I won’t quit, I will succeed

You and I have a garden A special one you see, Not of the usual pretty varieties That grace the Queen’s lawns Every little dream we have shared Every wish that is in our hearts Every moment we laughed Every time we smiled Our once small garden Is now a field of dreams Come with me, come dance Come run through our field of dreams

David Snoberger, Baltimore, Photograph

Resonance | 5

The Day It Hit Me Nathan Smith

Nate Smith, Mysteries, Photograph

Hoofbeats Rachel E. K. Cain

If you have any problems—just had a rough day, Or simply want to end on a good note; Push your cares aside, Get on a horse and RIDE. Feel the horse move beneath you—be one with it! The wind whipping your hair The melodious, almost magical, rhythm of hoofbeats, Ah, what a gift God has given! Dreaming you’re on a racer Churning down the homestretch Hoofs pounding beneath you, beside you; Wind whipping your hair Oh, what a gift God has given!

I remember the day I was first formed; my Momma was flying over this big area of nothing, but water. Apparently the humans call it the Atlantic Ocean, which seems like a silly name, but what do I know? I'm an iceberg! Anyways, back to my story. I descended from the sky as a beautiful snowflake. My Momma said that I was unique and that there was no one else like me, which I think is pretty great. I fell into the "Atlantic Ocean," melted almost instantly, and became another member of this massive body of water. At first I enjoyed being part of a team, but soon it began to get colder. It got colder and colder and colder to the point where I started to become more solid. I grew and grew until I was a fully grown iceberg; I bet Momma would have been proud. She got blown away by the Northern Wind when I was no older than an ice cube. I was really upset, and I suppose that’s why I started gaining weight. Most of my weight went to my butt, and by the time I grew into an iceberg, it was huge! For the longest time I felt so alone. As each day passed, I hoped and prayed that another iceberg would come along for me to talk to. Even after years had passed, I only saw a few icebergs on the horizon, and they disappeared before they could reach me. I came to the realization that I'd probably be alone forever. However, as I sat alone, sulking, I heard a noise. It was a large, white, fish-like creature. "Hello!" I said. I must have startled the creature because it screamed and swam away before slowly approaching me a second time. "I'm sorry I ran away," he said, "I just didn't know icebergs could talk." "That's okay," I said. "I didn't know white fishy creatures could talk either." He laughed, told me his name was Dave, and said that he was called a beluga whale. He explained to me how he had lost his entire family to a humongous creature that floated on top of the ocean. Dave said the creature shot sharp objects tied to ropes out of it. He also said that he was all alone with nowhere to go, and since I was in the same situation, we became great friends. "What’s your name?" Dave asked. I told him that I didn't have a name and had never needed one before. Dave decided to name me Paul; I thought it was a fantastic name and I felt as though my Momma would have loved it. Dave and I did everything together; he never left my side. One day,

6 | Resonance

Dave was swimming underneath me, eating some small little fish. When, all of a sudden, a tiny ball of white fluff jumped out of the water and landed on top of me. Now, I pride myself on my manners so I said hello, which caused the little creature to perk up his ears and look at me. However, he didn't seem to be able to speak or understand me. I asked Dave if he knew what it was and he said it was called a polar bear. We named him Perry, and he was like a little pet. He was cute and fluffy, but he seemed hungry and cold. Dave tossed some fish on me for Perry to eat. He ate it faster than I had ever seen anyone eat anything before. It was amazing. We played with Perry all the time and threw him fish when he got hungry; he was very cute and loved the attention. Soon, Dave taught Perry how to catch his own fish and it became his favorite activity. I was so happy to finally have a family of my own and someone to keep me company that nothing else seemed to matter. However, like everything else good about my life, that would soon change, and, like usual, there was nothing I could do. It was a particularly cold day and I could feel myself getting bigger as more water froze, However, Dave and Perry didn't mind how big I was, they loved me unconditionally. The day before Dave had been telling me how Perry must be very far from home because polar bears don't normally come this far. I was wondering what might have caused Perry to travel all the way out here while we were drifting along in the ocean. At the same time, Perry and Dave took turns charging through a school of fish. It was a normal day, or so I thought. I noticed something far away on the horizon, it was an object like nothing I had ever seen before. It was big and long, and moving very quickly. The scariest thing about the foreign object was that it was headed straight for us. I was hoping it would go around me because if it didn't we would collide, and

I'm pretty sure that would hurt a lot. However, after an hour or so went by, I realized that in the darkness that was falling, the creature might not be able to see me. It was longer than twenty whales and maybe even taller than me. The big metal creature had smoke billowing out the top and it kept creeping closer and closer to my family and I. Dave noticed it too, and immediately got really scared. He told me that it was a boat similar to the one that killed his family, although it was much bigger. I hoped that it would stay away, but it just kept coming in our direction. When it was less than a mile away from me, Dave went into a panic and swam away, saying that he'd be back when the boat had passed. Perry, who thought Dave wanted to play, began swimming after him. Even though I yelled for him to stop, he didn't hear me. The boat then slowed down a little and swerved. It managed to keep from hitting me head on, but when it turned it went right over Dave and he disappeared. The side of the boat then scraped my side, which hurt a lot. However, at the time I was too busy trying to see if my friends were ok to think about my pain. It kept going for almost another mile as it slowed to a stop. However, not too much longer after that, the boat began to lean backwards and get lower in the water. This didn't seem natural, but then again, I don't know much about boats. Little ropes came over the sides as almost fifty little baby boats, full of small creatures, were lowered down into the water. The baby boats almost seemed frantic and slammed into each other a couple times. The boat kept leaning, then it split in half, and began sinking both ways. The faint lights that had been coming out of the larger boat had stopped shining and it appeared to be dead. Thousands of little creatures fell out into the water and onto baby boats. I thought it was a Momma boat giving

Resonance | 7

birth to baby boats, which was cute and kind-of gross at the same time. I wasn't sure whether I should be happy for the babies or mourning their mother. After about two hours, the big boat disappeared completely under the water, and some of the small creatures that had jumped off without a baby boat went down with it. The baby boats drifted nearby until a bigger boat came along to get them or they drifted out of my sight. However, it was quite some time until the big boats came to collect the baby boats and many of the creatures, which I believe were called humans, didn’t make it to a baby boat. Some of the creatures that landed in the water, had stopped moving, drifted away, or sank to the bottom of the ocean. A lot of the dead creatures floated around and bumped into me. It was terrible and would haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life. There was so much death and although I knew there was nothing I could do to avoid what happened, I still felt guilty. After a while, the bigger boats retrieved all of the baby boats, and soon the rest of the lifeless bodies sank or drifted out of sight. My life would be changed forever Eventually, the water cleared up as though nothing had happened. The only reminder of the tragedy was what laid at the bottom of the ocean and the pain I felt. Perry came back one day, but he was wet and seemed very depressed. He got on me and laid down; he laid there for days and only moved when he needed to catch a fish to eat. Perry barely ate anymore as it was and he didn't know what to do without Dave. As time went on, we realized that he wasn’t coming back and the boats had claimed yet another life. I missed Dave everyday and I could tell Perry did too because I couldn't play with him as Dave had. However, even though I had lost my best friend, I couldn't help but feel

bad for the baby boats. They had lost their momma boat and I know how it feels to grow up without a momma. As time went by, I began to shrink and shrink to the point where Perry could no longer live on me. I used to be so large that I could support Perry and he had plenty of space to roam, but now he was confined to a small area and he couldn't go too far to one side of me or I'd start tipping. He didn't want to leave me after losing Dave, but I told him that it was the best thing for everyone. I told him that he'd be fine without us and to go find another iceberg out there or some other land to live on. He was reluctant to go, but after a few days of persuasion I convinced him to go. As I watched him swim away, I realized that the end was near. However, I was not afraid, I had come to terms with my life and decided that I was ready to go. In fact, I was not only ready to face death, I welcomed it with open arms. I wondered if there was such a thing as life after melting, and if so, would I meet Dave and his family there? I bet Dave had a really nice family, and maybe someday I would be reunited with Perry again too. When I was nothing more than a block of ice, a small, mostly white, boat with letters on the side came by and put something yellow in the water where the big boat sank. It looked kind of like a metal fish of some sort. They sent the metal fish to the bottom of the ocean where the big ship was sitting and called it the Titanic. They said that they found it and that they were so happy. I guess they were looking for their lost friend, too. It's funny how that works.

The Veil of Veronica Rachel E. K. Cain

I watch the crowds in the streets, jeering and mocking As He helplessly stumbles past. I long to relieve Him of the sweat and blood streaming down and covering His face, I try to go closer, but alas! the cruel Roman soldiers block my way. Oh! He has stumbled and has fallen! I take the risk; I slip out of the crowd. Pulling my veil from my head, towards Him I tread, So helpless is He, Like a lamb led to the slaughter. Oh! His face was beautiful before, But my many sins have disfigured it. Looking into the Eyes of my Saviour, I am now. I furnish Him my simple veil, With which He wipes His Adorable Face. Alas, the soldiers are drawing near, I step backwards; my eyes never leaving Him. I know He is on the death-road to Golgotha, But if only He would never leave me! The crowd moves me farther back. They hide Him from my view. Back within the solitude of my home, I open my veil to dry my own many tears. O! I fall to my knees! My gaze is fixed upon an imprint of Jesu in my veil. I storm Heaven with prayers of gratitude for leaving Him with me; Strengthening the Hope of being with Him in another Place and Time. My once simple veil now so mystically changed Is now...really veil of veil of hope... David Snoberger, Pagoda in Fog, Photograph

...His Veil of Love

Resonance | 9

Bridges Nathan Smith

Our love is like a bridge, connecting one body to another, while the world clashes between us like a raging river, and the only thing holding us together is our love. When our love is strong the bridge is sturdy and unwavering, the winds may blow and the waves smash against us, but our love stands resolute. In times of strife our bridge seems fragile as if a small wave will send splinters everywhere, as if our hearts will be pierced by shrapnel of our love. Most days our love was an iron bridge, Reaching into the heavens and grazing the stars, But recently the bridge has grown weary, The wood is wearing thin and the bodies are drifting apart. Yesterday I stepped on our bridge, but could not see you, I walked out towards you and couldn’t find you, Then the bridge broke and I was swept up by the waves The coursing river of despair clasped me tightly and broke me, The splinters of the bridge became the pieces of my hearts, And I became lost, drifting through life in search of a bridge.

Above: Sami Aurandt, Death in Bloom, Fabrics Below: Sami Aurandt, Goodnight, Tiny Moon, Mixed media

Ronnie Townsend, The Mystic Meadow of Scotland, Acrylic on canvas

Resonance | 11

And That’s a Wrap! Rachel E. K. Cain

The past five years have flown right by Each moment a brief flicker Each second another moment in the past Every word I’ve spoken, or will speak Has power—power to transform—power to change Someone into an individual An ordinary person becomes a person filled with the extraordinary Grace to conquer the steep hills in life Grace to mend cracks in the pavement Mend the way for those who need it So others can follow So they can become leaders Lead the way for success Success is not defined by how much is in a wallet Success is how you treat others So they become like your family Family is cherishing each person Each person who has helped make you who you are Don’t let time stop you from being who you were meant to be

In placid hours well-pleased we dream Of many a brave unbodied scheme. But form to lend, pulsed life create, What unlike things must meet and mate: A flame to melt—a wind to freeze; Sad patience—joyous energies; Humility—yet pride and scorn; Instinct and study; love and hate; Audacity—reverence. These must mate, And fuse with Jacob’s mystic heart, To wrestle with the angel—Art. ~ Herman Melville

Resonance spring 2017  

The spring 2017 issue of Resonance, the student literary magazine of Mount Aloysius College.

Resonance spring 2017  

The spring 2017 issue of Resonance, the student literary magazine of Mount Aloysius College.