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wellnesscontinued • WEDNESDAYS, noon-1:30pm & 5:30-7pm - Vet Center Out Station, a support group for veterans. Registration required before attending first meeting. Info: 271-2711. • MONDAYS, 2-3pm - "It Works," a 12-step program for individuals struggling to overcome food addiction. Registration not required. Info: 489-7259. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous • THURSDAYS, 6:30pm - Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, Biltmore United Methodist Church, 376 Hendersonville Road. Info: 989-3227. Marshall Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting • FRIDAYS, 7pm - AA meeting at Marshall Presbyterian Church, 165 South Main St. Info: Mission Weight Management Surgical Support Group • 1st & 3rd WEDNESDAYS, 6-7:30pm; 4th FRIDAYS, 10-11:30am - A weight management surgical support group will meet at Mission Weight Management Center, 2 Medical Park Drive, Suite 102. Info: www.missionmd. org/weightmanagement or 213-4100. NAMI Support Groups The National Alliance on Mental Illness supports recovery for people living with mental illness and their families. All groups meet at 356 Biltmore Ave., #207/315. Free. Info: or 505-7353. • 1st SATURDAYS, 10am & 3rd TUESDAYS, 6pm CONNECTION support group for those with a diagnosis and family/caregiver support group. Meetings held separately. • 2nd & 4th MONDAYS, 11am - CONNECTION support group for those with a diagnosis. Overcomers Classes • TUESDAYS - An Overcomers support group, for those dealing with addiction and other life-controlling problems, will meet in Mars Hill. Call for location and time: 689-9316. Overeaters Anonymous A fellowship of individuals who are recovering from compulsive overeating. A 12-step program. • SATURDAYS, 9:30am - Black Mountain: 424 W. State St. Open relapse and recovery meeting. Info: 669-0986. • TUESDAYS, 10:30am-noon - Asheville: Grace Episcopal Church, 871 Merrimon Ave. at Ottari. Info: 626-2572.

Recovery from Food Addiction • MONDAYS, noon - Are you a food addict? Are you struggling with food addiction? Looking for caring/supportive people fighting the same battle? Weekly support groups are held at Biltmore United Methodist Church, 376 Hendersonville Road. Info: scmunchkin59@yahoo. com. S-Anon • S-Anon, a 12-step program for those struggling with the sexual behavior of a family member or friend. Three meetings are held each week. Info: or 258-5117 (confidential). Sexaholics Anonymous • DAILY - A 12-step fellowship of men and women recovering from compulsive patterns of lust, romance, destructive relationships, sexual thoughts or sexual behavior. Daily Asheville meetings. Call confidential voicemail or email: 237-1332 or saasheville@gmail. com. Info: SMART Recovery • THURSDAYS, 6pm - This peer support group is dedicated to helping individuals gain independence from all types of addictive behavior (drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.). Meets at Grace Episcopal Church, 871 Merrimon Ave. Info: Women of Courage Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous • SATURDAYS, 10-11am - A 12-step recovery fellowship for women who want to stop living out a pattern of addictive sexual behavior and romantic obsessions. Meets at First Congregational United Church of Christ, 20 Oak St. Enter at front door of the annex. Info: www. or

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Mountain Xpress, July 25 2012  

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