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Crystalotherapy Salt Caves, Saunas & Franchises. All-natural, made from Polish mineral salts, wood & natural resin. 45 minutes inside Crystalotherapy salt cave = 4 days at the sea

Enjoy the experience of complete relaxation.

Salt Cave Owner Testimonial

“Once I decided to start up this kind of business I started looking for manufacturers. I found several. I visited their salt caves in their respective countries. From the different types of caves I visited, I liked most and by far the Crystalotherapy Salt Caves of Changeland: I assure you that without any doubt it is both the most spectacular and the most effective in terms of relaxation and rejuvenation effects.

The installation work was performed flawlessly with a great result. My partners and I were fully satisfied. I can assure you that the cave generates extremely positive feelings to everyone who visits it.


Kids At Play


Business Meeting

So far all our clients without exception have been very pleased with the sessions inside the cave. I sincerely believe that the business is performing well and we are happy.”

Manuel Arias Martinez Barcelona, Spain

He recovered the investment after only six months of operation!

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Drug-free natural remedy, relaxation, rejuvenation at home, office, hotel, sport/health facility, franchise shop. Changeland has delivered more than 60 salt caves worldwide - the 1st in the USA is in Asheville, NC ( • JULY 25 - JULY 31, 2012 3

Mountain Xpress, July 25 2012  

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