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‘Hotter Than Haiti 10K’ announced for Aug. 11 Benefit will raise money for nations hotter than Haiti Though visibly disappointed, Haiti takes news in stride

Local man drums up media interest in unsolved arson of Thomas Wolfe Memorial, thus becoming primary suspect

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Does flip-flopping Keever ‘endorse’ or ‘support’ President Obama? She can’t get her story straight, and she’s fit NOT FIT for Congress

Why does Democratic congressional candidate Patsy Keever have so much trouble describing her level of support for President Obama? Her quotes By Rep. seem all muddled up Patrick whenever the subject McHenry comes up, and 10th (NC-10) Congressional District voters need to know: Does Keever “support” or “endorse” this president? Clearly, she doesn’t know her own congressional district (NC-10) very well. The 10th Congressional District expects transparency, not whatever it is Keever is serving up. First, she tells one local paper she will vote for Obama but NOT endorse him. Then she tells another local paper that the first local paper misconstrued HER statement. That’s NOT the kind of leadership we expect from the 10th Congressional District. “Mountains/Foothills Values” means something around these redrawn parts, and Keever’s fast and loose flip-flopping on important issues just doesn’t sit right with a lot of hardworking, honest, plain-spoken, simple but fascinating families from one arbitrary border of the 10th Congressional District to another. You know how it is with Patsy Keever: One day, you’re reading, “Asheville’s Patsy Keever won’t endorse Obama,” and suddenly next thing you know, elsewhere, “Keever changed her position Wednesday on President Barack Obama and said she would endorse him.” Before you know it, you’re reading, “Keever: AC-T misconstrued my statement, I endorse Obama.” Finally, all you hear about the matter is, “Does flip-flopping Keever ‘endorse’or ‘support’President Obama? She can’t get her story straight, and

40 JULY 18 - JULY 24, 2012 •

she’s fit NOT FIT for Congress.” It’s enough to make you vote for a candidate who doesn’t mince words and who has a name that smacks of the Founding Fathers Keever, above, when and everything asked to tell the truth. they loved. Mountain values — not to mention family values — mean something to 10th Congressional District voters (please check an updated Congressional district map or your conscience to see if this statement applies to you). So, which is it, Keever, if that even is your name (or have you corrected that as well, hmmm?): Do you “endorse” and worship President Obama, or do you loathe him and wish to distance yourself from him by only “supporting” him? 10th Congressional District voters need to know. You want this issue to go away, but instead of wanting things you should try earning them and telling the full, simple truth the first goaround every time. I’m humbly asking for the voters’ endorsements AND support, and their votes, and their generous mountainsvalues financial support directly to my reelection campaign up to $2,000 per household member whether you live in the cities, mountain, foothills or frankly the wasted barren plains of our glorious 10th District and after that you may flex the muscle of liberty to the PAC of your choosing (see my Web site for suggestions) after praying on the matter. I promise I’ll continue serving as your more familiar and trusted incumbent name (Patrick McHenry) in the 10th Congressional District.

Downtown Asheville F.A.Q. Q. Hi! Me and a bunch of other dudes are going to visit downtown Asheville this weekend. We live in a rural area, so we weren’t sure if we should wear shirts or not while we’re downtown. Do men generally walk around wearing shirts in downtown Asheville, or is it okay to scream “Whoo-hoo!” while walking in the street shirtless with your shirtless friends? Thanks! A. Hi, and we look forward to your visit to downtown Asheville! You’ll find plenty to do here, especially when you and your companions are all wearing shirts. Many visitors from rural areas are confused about this matter, and for good reason. Many of our male friends and neighbors from outlying counties maintain a sense of personal style and public decorum similar to that of a rescue dog a week before the rescue. To be clear, wear a shirt to downtown Asheville, and try to keep it on. While it may need to come off during a heated argument or just to look cool, you’re actually better off keeping your shirt on. (Ditto pants and shoes, BTW.) Otherwise you look ridiculous and other men and women will mock you mercilessly on the streets of downtown Asheville and nobody will want to mate with you. I know what you’re thinking: “They WILL want to mate with me, my shirt if OFF!” But no, no they will not. What if it’s daytime? What if it’s nighttime? Many wonder this same thing. Here’s a good rule of thumb: wear a shirt while downtown at all times. Always, always wear a shirt downtown, just like the people around you! Welcome!

The Asheville Disclaimer is parody/satire. Contact Twitter: @AvlDisclaimer

Contributing this week: Michele Scheve, Tom Scheve.

Mountain Xpress, July 18 2012  

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