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Ice time

Bree Chardonnens is one of many youngsters lacing up their skates and taking to the ice for activities throughout the area. The fiveyear-old was practising cross cuts and is in her second year with the Sparwood Figure Skating Club.

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Page 2 Shootin’ the Breeze Oct. 19/11

My Little Corner I love the moment when you realize that you’ve found a hidden treasure! What the treasure is doesn’t matter so much, it’s all about the thrill of coming across something you had forgotten about, or of finding something new and incredible. I am a chocoholic. My day is always smoother when there’s chocolate involved. What kind of chocolate I’m eating isn’t of great importance. Of course, I would much rather enjoy savouring one of Mary’s finely crafted pieces at the Beanpod in Fernie over an everyday chocolate bar, but sometimes beggars can’t be choosers. My chocolate cravings were unbelievable when I was pregnant, and I knew I had hit rock bottom when I resorted to a spoonful of powdered Nestle Quik in the middle of the night when nothing else was to be found. Last weekend I was working at home and found myself dealing with the nagging itch for chocolate. I searched the cupboards and came up empty handed and disappointed. Later the same day I was getting the dog her dinner and found a chocolate bar hidden behind the puppy

food in the cupboard. Yes, I was just a little bit excited to find this treasure! Finding a $20 bill in your jacket pocket or a long-lost treasure in the recesses of the living room furniture elicits the same feeling. The thrill of discovery is an aspect of my work that I thoroughly enjoy. Right now the weekly drive to Fernie is one of my favourite activities. This is my first time to watch the colours of fall begin to creep up the mountains to meet with the white snowcaps. In between is every shade of brown and green, and the views are absolutely stunning. I am genuinely thrilled each time I have the pleasure of meeting someone new, and I love to hear inspiring stories that are willingly shared. This is what the heart of Shootin’ the Breeze is all about – passing on the joys that are in our back yards and just down the road, and celebrating ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Sharing these treasures makes me smile and sometimes brings a tear to my eye. If you know of a person with a story to tell, or of an event to share, please call 403-904-22247 or email .

Shootin’ the Breeze

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Lorna MacKinnon

Clara Yagos

Applause please! Lorna MacKinnon and Clara Yagos were recognized for their faithful volunteer efforts at the 29th Ducks Unlimited banquet held in Pincher Creek Oct. 8. Lorna has been involved with DU for 10 years, and Clara for 20. Each received a framed certificate and commemorative pin.

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Earl gets Spinney Earl Taylor of Hillcrest is the lucky winner of a pair of tickets to see the Spinney Brothers in concert at the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod. Shootin’ the Breeze readers were invited to enter their names into the draw for a shot at the tickets through our website. Earl and his wife moved to the Crowsnest Pass five years ago, and this date will be the couple’s first visit to the historic Empress Theatre. The local Tim Hortons is where Earl takes time to read The Breeze, and he finds “this little paper has very interesting articles and will definitely be welcomed in the area.” Thanks to the Empress Theatre for sponsoring the contest and to all who visited to enter the draw.

Inspired by Sparky

Photo by Deborah Colley

Students of Pincher Creek’s Canyon Kids Preschool and the Canyon School kindergarten class were visited by local firefighters last Wednesday during Fire Prevention Week. “Good fires” such as camp fires and birthday candles were compared to “bad fires” and the children learned how to stop, drop and roll. Sparky the Fire Dog passed on safety tips and the group was taught when to call 911. The highlight of the visit was the trip outside to see the shiny, red fire truck. Test your fire safety knowledge at .

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Page 4 Shootin’ the Breeze Oct. 19/11

More than a good read Homemade cupcakes, children’s activities, a local poet and shopping bargains greeted customers who came through the doors of Polar Peek Books and Treasures at Fernie last Saturday. Owner Patty Redyk was emotional when sharing what a great day it had been, and how overwhelming the local support for her business is. The special activities marked Independents Day, part of the Independents Matter campaign created by the Canadian Booksellers Association to promote shopping locally at independently owned stores. Polar Peek is known for its selection of award-winning children’s books and toys, so it was only natural for the day to have events geared specifically toward children. A literacy scavenger hunt had children and their parents scouring the store for items and collecting prizes for their efforts. Keya White kept busy transforming children into Spiderman, leop-

ards and sparkling butterflies with her face painting skills. Keya is well known in Fernie for her web and graphic design, painting and photography. She was a perfect fit for the day as the children “just love her gentle, friendly manner,” Patty said. Also spending time at the store was poet and elementary school teacher Adam MacDonald, who recently published his first book of poetry. “questions of home” contains a group of verses selected from his blog project. Patty was pleased with her decision to have Adam visit with guests, rather than holding a formal reading session. The store was buzzing with people, and she felt mixing in a reading would break the flow of the day. “Thoughtful and amusing at the same time” is how Patty describes Adam’s poetry, and “an asset to the community who gives and participates” is how she describes the man. Originally from Nova Scotia, Adam now calls Fernie home. He

has fit easily into the community and spent the day chatting with people, signing autographs and promoting the independent bookstore that promotes his writing. Adam felt the day at Polar Peek was “awesome and super busy. The high volume of customers speaks to Fernie’s reputation as being the kind of small town that supports great local businesses.” Adam’s blog shows the variety of thoughts which pass through his mind and onto the page as poetry. His masthead reads “adam’s poetry … daily’ish poetry’ish.” Below it, in smaller type, are two sentences which contain the only punctuation marks noticeable on the page: “to create and post one poem per day. some are lame, some show promise, some i’m proud of.” The blog already boasts almost 900 poems written over the past three years. #879 abundance i saw something today that made me stop a miracle it was near the middle of a large field breathtaking it grew from the earth stunning it was a clover one-of-a-kind a 3-leaf clover in a field of 3-leaf clovers Adam’s book was published by Two Owls Collect and can be found at Polar Peek. For Patty, it was a “pleasure” to have Adam on hand for the day, and she says his book has been well received by her customers. If you’re interested in learning more, visit .

Photo courtesy of Polar Peek Books & Treasures

Patty Reedyk enjoying a quiet moment at Polar Peek.

Continued on page 5

Shootin’ the Breeze Oct. 19/11 Page 5

Call of the wild Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation invites nature enthusiasts to join in observation of the golden eagle migration through the Crowsnest Pass. On Thursday, Oct. 20, you can join in the Chapel Rock Excursion to observe migrating birds and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery. Bring your lunch, a hot drink, binoculars, a camera and yourself to the Crowsnest Conservation Society office at 9:30 a.m. The office is located at 12707 20th Ave. in Blairmore, and you can contact Merilyn at 403-563-7545 for

further information. Crowsnest Pass Agricultural Services will hold a willow staking workshop Oct. 21 in Bellevue. After meeting at Fireman’s Park at 1 p.m., the group will visit a bio-engineering site, watch a demonstration of willow staking methods, and assist with staking at Riverside Park in an effort to restore the health of the river bank. Tools will be provided, but participants are asked to bring their own gardening gloves. For more information call Kim at 403-563-8658 or Merilyn at 403-5637545.

Good read Continued from page 4

experience of reading a book is “tactile, visual and even involves one’s sense of smell.” There is no right or wrong – if people are reading, then it’s all good! Competition with big-box stores is a hurdle for independent businesses of all kinds, and Polar Peek is not exempt from this challenge. While buying online or from a large store in the city can have advantages, you can’t beat the experience of taking your time wandering through the aisles of a bookstore where the owner has pride in the products and a commitment to providing top notch customer service. When you visit Polar Peek you may be drawn in by the artwork on a book cover or by the easy conversation that awaits you. Patty never knows “who’s going to walk in the door, or what kind of experience I might have with them.” Interacting with her customers is obviously a highlight of the day. When questioned if she is a writer, she doesn’t hesitate to say “No, absolutely not!” She sees her role as one of finding the perfect book to match each customer’s interests, and

Patty is a self-described “book head” who has been working at Polar Peek almost from Day 1, 18 years ago. At that time she had an advisory role as the new store was setting up. Once they knew help was needed, she moved onto the payroll, and three years ago she purchased the business from her former employers. Over 18 years, technology has brought significant change to the book industry. While Patty’s personal preference is for print material, she is quick to add that she also believes in other forms of publishing. Electronic media allow for portability and access to a huge selection of reading material, regardless of where readers live, and people need to be conscious of trees used in the creation of paper. She feels that e-books, like hardcover and softcover books, “are just another medium and point of access.” Many people still like to have a book in their hands when reading. There is a “permanence about paper” that is connected to memories. The



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403-904-2227 to promote local writers like Adam, and Angie Abdou, along with area publications. Polar Peek hosts a book club the last Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. The current book of the month is The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb. A book club is a nice way to meet people with similar interests, especially for those new to the community. In this intimate group of seven to 10 readers everybody gets a chance to share their thoughts and ideas. The book of the month is updated at .

Page 6 Shootin’ the Breeze Oct. 19/11

Your home shopping network By Dennis Robin

Jodie’s got a gun Jodie Dunbar, Miss Rodeo Pincher Creek, was completely at ease in her role of “Vanna” at the Ducks Unlimited auction in Pincher Creek, Saturday night. Little Miss Rodeo, Chelsea Stokke, assisted in showcasing the auction items at the popular fundraiser.

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The Pincher Creek Chamber of Commerce and the Pincher Creek Co-op have joined forces to support the idea of “shopping local.” Although the promotion is being done in Pincher Creek, the concept applies to all communities in the area. When several communities share a mission to shop locally among themselves, each community grows stronger. As we live in smaller rural areas, it’s not feasible for each town to have the resources to support every kind of retail and service need that residents have. Somewhere along the line the notion that shopping in the city solves the problem came about, and that idea creates significant challenges for local businesses. The overall health of a community and the environment can be improved by supporting local merchants. Shopping locally leaves less of an environmental footprint as it burns less carbon to run down to the local store than to drive off to the city for a day of shopping. When you need an item that you can’t find in your town, chances are that a neighbouring community has a business that can meet your needs just as well as a city store an hour away. A strong local economy gives rise to local jobs, providing employment for our parents, neighbours, friends, and children. A strong local economy results in a healthy community.

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Page 8 Shootin’ the Breeze Oct. 19/11

Breaking trail With the official opening of the Mountain Bike Trails and Skills Park on Oct. 15, tourists now have another reason to visit the Crowsnest Pass. About 40 people brought their bikes, helmets and enthusiasm to celebrate the occasion and try out the trails from a point behind Albert Stella Arena in Blairmore. Jay Hoots has earned a top-rate reputation for building bicycle skills parks across Western Canada. Armed with a master plan developed by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA), he began clearing the way and developing the trails in July 2010. Volunteers of all ages joined him in the effort, and the result is 7.5 kilometres of new trails, in addition to the existing two kilometres of older trails built by local riders. The new trails are suitable for riders of all levels, and can also be used for running and hiking in the summer and snowshoeing or crosscountry skiing in the winter. Dave Whitten of United Riders of Crowsnest (UROC) says the trail is “very well designed.” The average grade is less than 10 per cent, and

Photo courtesy of UROC

Snow still covered the trail in mid-June when IMBA developers visited the site.

there are only “short sections where you would have to push very hard.” Dave is enthusiastic about the future of the trail system because he sees the potential for the Crowsnest Pass to become a world class tourist destination. He says people are already travelling to see what the Pass has to offer for biking. With 9.5 kilometres of trail now developed, IMBA experts assessed the terrain and recommended trail sites stretching 150 kilometres, leaving the door wide open for future opportunities. Plans are in the works to develop more intermediate to advanced trails, as funding permits. Mountain biking is a passion for many, and Dave is no exception. For him it’s all about variety – “the trail is

always changing, and your mind always needs to be active and thinking about what’s around the next corner” – and of course there’s the bonus of the beautiful scenery. Funding for the initial project was provided by the Rural Development Initiative with contributions from the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, Teck, Shell, UROC, Full Moon Adventures, Ironstone, Devon, Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad, Community Development Trust (through Southwest Alberta Trails), Crowsnest Pass Ski Hill Society, and Alberta Excavating. A huge number of volunteer hours came from community and UROC members of all ages.

David Francey Oct. 20 Tickets $15 Austin Lounge Lizards Oct. 27 Tickets $20 9th Great Halloween Bash Oct. 29 with Tim Hus

The Auditorium Hotel 2011 - 20th Avenue Nanton

Shootin’ the Breeze Oct. 19/11 Page 9

Find the best meals and deals. . . Blairmore

Tin Roof Bistro 12849 20th Avenue 403-562-7664


A & W Restaurant 4083 1A Street West 403-625-5309 Roy’s Place 5008 1st Street West 403-625-3397



The Rum Runner Highway #3 403-562-7552

Boston Pizza 1602 7th Avenue 250-423-2634

Subway Sandwiches 8525 20th Avenue 403-562-2735

Rip & Richards Eatery 301 Highway #3 250-423-3002


Fort Macleod

Cowley Restaurant & Pub Highway #3 403-751-2401

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Pincher Creek Denise’s Bistro 967 Main Street 403-627-1875


Auditorium Cafe 2011 20th Avenue 403-646-2255

Twin Butte

Twin Butte General Store Highway #6 403-627-4035

How about them apples? Grumpy’s Greenhouse and Grumpy’s Landscaping staff were busy Oct. 11 when Crowsnest Conservation did an apple tree swap for three local residents. The yards targeted had trees with a previous history of attracting bears. Residents were given their choice of a replacement tree or shrub that was non-fruit-bearing. Grumpy’s staff were contracted to remove the fruit trees, and to provide and plant the new trees. Local response was positive and many assisted with the tree removals. With bears busy fattening themselves up for winter, Crowsnest Conservation reminds everyone with apple trees to keep their windfall cleaned up.

Photo courtesy of Crowsnest Conservation

Landscapers plant a tree that won’t attract bears.

Let it snow! Environmentally friendly is a term that comes quickly to mind when thinking about Fernie. So it was a surprise to see two fellows pulling green leaves from a tree on the main drag with no one doing anything about it! Curiosity got the better of me and I stopped to ask what they were up to. It turns out that Martin Haynes and Jordan Guzzi had been hired to strip the trees in preparation for filming the movie Santa Pups, which started this week. The downtown core is under a state of renovation with “snow” on the ground, Christmas lights and decorations hanging, and trees stripped naked of their leaves.

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Shootin’ the Breeze Oct. 19/11 Page 11

Spooktackular fun

Sparwood Public Library is a place bustling with activity as they host a variety of programs for patrons of all ages and interests. Classes include Laptime and Hop for babies and toddlers, Computer Fun for seniors and tweens, Storytime for preschoolers, and Library Antics for elementary school aged children.

Wednesday, October 19 • Fort Macleod - F.P. Walshe awards, Chamber of Commerce Business Awards • Nanton - Chamber of Commerce meeting • Pincher Creek - Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Thursday, October 20 • Granum - Dropinettes • Nanton - David Francey at The Auditorium Hotel • Stavely - Stay and Play Friday, October 21 • Claresholm - It’s Friday, Let’s Play • Crowsnest Pass Curling Club registration (see online bulletin) • Fernie - Ghostriders hockey • Twin Butte - Greg Cockerill at Twin Butte General Store Saturday, October 22 • Beaver Mines - Harvest Potluck Supper • Fort Macleod - Diamond Dinner • Frank - Eagle watching • Nanton - Lost Followers at Tumbleweed Coffee House Sunday, October 23 • Frank - Eagle watching

Raffle tickets are being sold for $10 to raise money for new carpeting. Prizes include a $1,300 travel voucher, an oil painting by local artist Alexandra Davinski, and a Zoom tooth whitening treatment. The draw will be made at the Spooktackular fundraiser Oct. 28. The evening features a showcase of work by local artisans, tasting of B.C.

Monday, October 24 • Claresholm - town council meeting • Fernie - Robert Bruce Presents Faust • Granum - town council meeting • Pincher Creek - town council meeting

wines, local entertainment, a 50/50 draw, and a silent auction. Coffee and dessert will be served. Egytian-themed costumes are optional for the evening which begins at 7 p.m. and ends at 9. Everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy a fun-filled evening in support of the library. Tickets cost $10 and are available at the library.

Online Today! View today’s version of Shootin’ the Breeze online and find another 30 or so pages of fun, features and promotion!

Tuesday, October 25 • Claresholm - MOPS Wednesday, October 26 • Granum - fire department meeting

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Shootin' the Breeze – Oct. 19, 2011  
Shootin' the Breeze – Oct. 19, 2011  

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