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Bad Urach, march 2011

The 2012 MAGURA Suspension Forks Range MAGURA has dialed its NEW fork range with some key improvements and is ready to go head to head with the competition in 2012. STIFFER_LIGHTER_EASIER …and smoother than ever!


Best Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Improved Performance

Easy Setup


Stiff and light with MAGURA’S exclusive DAD (double arch design) and thru-axle DAD Generates category-leading stiffness resulting in best strength-to-weight ratio Thor now available with 15mm axle


New lighter air piston rod and new negative spring Weight reduction by using aluminum instead of steel for better performance

EASIER     

Easy to use, one position of the lever for each travel, only one air valve New bushings and new “Fork Meister” suspension cream for even less friction Refined valving and shim stack for more reactive ride and minimal dive under braking New more progressive spring rate for better control and more suppleness Easy setup: dial in your optimal ride settings with ease and simplicity

Weight By refining how it manufactures the internals of all its suspension forks, MAGURA has achieved a weight saving of up to 70g (for the Durin R).

Structure In the 2012 range, the lower leg of the Thor has been reworked and now uses a lighter 15mm thruaxle. As a new development, MAGURA now offers suspension forks with 15mm thru-axles instead of the previous size of 20mm. These are used in all Thor models as well as in the Durin Race 120 thruaxle version.

Response and Spring Curve Significantly reduced stiction is the result of new friction bearings and interaction with the new suspension cream. All the forks have a new compression damping unit with improved adjustment for the respective purpose. More progressive spring curves ensure that even on steep terrain the fork does not plunge too deeply into the travel.

Adjustable Travel The new Lift Select adjustable travel system is now easier to operate and as a result of its redevelopment can be used as more than just an aid to climbing. In the reduced travel position, the fork’s spring curve is retained and sagging is crucially eliminated. The fork now reacts the same even when in the lower travel position for the purpose of frame geometry adjustment. The newly designed lever has incremental control for operation by hand directly on the fork or remotely without having to rebuild the entire Lift Select unit.

Remote Switch The trigger shifter of the new MAGURA remote is quick and easy to fit using the two optional “Shiftmix” and “Remotemix” clamps. The new and more robust remote switch is now actuated in the direction of the handlebar for more intuitive operation. A Remotemix clamp is available as an accessory which can be fitted in combination with our MT brakes. The lever weight is about 30g (incl. wire and cover) and now available in black and silver. For optimum weight, there is no use of metal in the lever.

New Features Thor -

Travel systems: 150 LS (Lift Select), 150 fixed, 140 fixed 15mm thru-axle Lift Select adjustable travel New spring curve New compression damping Protection caps 7� PM disk brake fitting

Durin -

Durin R, 120 fixed (1x with thru-axle, 1x with SDO) Durin R, 120 Lift Select with lower leg SDO Durin SL 120 (previously only 80mm and 100mm available) All Durins are now lighter Durin X available in the following travel options: 120, 100, 80 Features: The heavier Durin R is available as a low-priced entry model

Remote lever -

Plastic injection moulding, approx. 30g (incl. cable and sleeve), black, silver, No metal used on lever Clamp is forged, with remotemix as an option Made from Carbotecture, more robust materials Ergonomic design Intuitive to operate Remotemix to combine the MT

“Remotemix” (CAD)

Suspension Features



Race tuning




Damping DAD-lower leg RCL: New Remote Lever Lift Select with remote option New Bushings and new Fork Meister grease for less friction Travel fix (mm) 15mm thru-axle

150 mm

Weight 2011 Weight 2012 line MSRP


DLO² X X less 20%

Albert SL X

DLO² X X less 30%








150, 140

120, 100, 80

120, 100, 80

120, 100, 80

100, 85

1775g from 1750g

1370g from 1299g

120 mm optional 1450g from 1380g

1760g from 1690g

1635g from 1635g






Suspension Features 2012

Damping options: DLO²

32mm Aluminium stanchions

DAD lower leg magnesium PM7“ disc mount QR15 thru-axle Protection Caps

Press Contact: Jeff Enlow Magura Direct General Manager ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Phone : (618) 395-2200 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MAGURA 724 West Clem Olney IL 62450 or Kenny Roberts Marketing 303-818-1328

Magura 2012 Fork Overvier  

Magura 2012 Fork Technical Information PDF

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