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It was in 1891 at the Jetzendorf house with the address of 13 where the history of a world-renown footwear brand began. Johann Wagner put down 5,000 German Marks to buy the house where he planned from then on to work as a cobbler doing mostly shoe repairs. The demand for quality footwear made him realize that he could earn more money by manufacturing than by doing the field repairs that until that time had fed his family.

Lorenz Wagner became the first mayor of Jetzendorf.

1923 LOrenz WAgner founded LOWA in the Bavarian village of Jetzendorf near Munich, Germany. The story began with the production of brogue oxfords.

1928/29 During the global depression, additional equipment could be purchased inexpensively. But even that was financed in part by extra income earned by the „Wagner Orchestra“ and its weekend performances. Those employees who performed glueing, sticking, outsole application, and stitching focused on completing only those duties as manufacturing slowly moved fully toward a production line with the support of the first machinery. In addition to the original „Goiserer“ style that was particularly popular in the mountains, the company added the „Bayer“ and „Allgäuer“ styles. The LOWA facility now employed 20 people to make footwear.

1937 -1943 During World War II, LOWA was forced to manufacture military footwear, especially for the mountain infantry. Lorenz Wagner was also mayor there for quite a few years during this difficult time. As an official, he used diplomatic means as best he could to keep the disturbing events away from Jetzendorf, its inhabitants and also of course his colleagues and employees. In the end, due to a lack of loyalty to the party line, a Hitler devotee replaced him as mayor.

1924-27 Seed money came from performances by the „Wagner Orchestra“ that was made up of Johann’s sons Lorenz, Adolf and Hans. On the weekend, they performed successfully all around Jetzendorf as a brass and string band.

1931 Sepp Lederer began in the company as an apprentice.





1945 In the last years of the war, 20 French prisoners of war worked in the Jetzendorf manufacturing facility. Both sides got along well with each other – partly because the inhabitants of Jetzendorf were by this time stricken enough by the effects of the war themselves. Among the French POWs was a man by the name of André Lefebre who was staying in the post office like his comrades. As the Americans moved in toward Jetzendorf, they assumed there would be large contingents of SS troops and marched in with guns blazing. It was a precarious situation since the small band of SS soldiers, which had in fact barricaded themselves at the cemetery, provoked heavy American fire. But André Lefebre had an idea: He had the mayor’s daughter sew a “Tricolore“, or French flag, hurried to the liberators in a hail of fire and reassured them that there was only a handful of SS troops, and that the villagers were in fact the good guys. This effort saved Jetzendorf from huge destruction and unnecessary death. To this day, the friendship between Jetzendorf and the city’s former guests remains strong.

1957 1952 During the Korean Conflict, the first large economic slump after WWII shook business trading worldwide. Leather was in such short supply that Lorenz Wagner finally had to pay astronomical prices in order to keep production moving.

Josef Wagner, son of the company’s founder, stepped in as manager. LOWA quickly got going again. In addition to many new and innovative products, the company gradually began to get involved in other areas: LOWA started to outfit spectacular alpine expeditions. This type of marketing was considered ground-breaking then and remains relevant today: Products taken to the highest peaks in the world by the best in the world speak for themselves. LOWA was a part of the world famous Karakoram Expedition that gained worldwide attention for Hermann Buhl.



As prices plummeted, it was impossible to hold on: LOWA became insolvent and was forced to declare bankruptcy. As a successful businessman, Lorenz Wagner didn‘t cope with that well, and he passed away much too early in 1953.

Even then a version of “Stiftung Warentest“ for consumer product testing existed. Then, it was a magazine called DM (“Deutsche Mark“). In comparison testing of 22 ski boots the “Spannfix Master“ was ranked as outstanding: “The front part of the boot and the upper of this stiff buckle boot offer good support for the foot. Its performance characteristics are good. The sole has torsional rigidity. The boot can accommodate all body types on skis. Thus, it doesn’t take much effort to ski with a forward lean. A narrow ski position that enables a secure and elegant descent is therefore guaranteed“. Wear-tester’s opinion: “This is a good ski boot“. We have nothing to add to that today!

1955 1946 Lorenz Wagner got started again with capital from outside sources and boundless optimism. LOWA quickly shook off its 10 years of stagnation due to the war. New money, new machinery and expert employees ready to step in created a fine operation in only a few years. Heeled sandals, Alpine footwear and even ski boots became renowned even outside of the country and ensured economic success for the reborn Jetzendorf company.

The second generation stepped forward: Wagner‘s daughter Berti and her husband Josef “Sepp“ Lederer took over the company and expanded the offerings step-by-step in the same direction as the founder.






1982 The Trekker model was introduced and, with it, the “dawn“ of the trekking boot.

LOWA became the official gear sponsor of the German team at the International Ski Instructors Congress in Aspen in the state of Colorado in the USA.


1970 The rapid introduction of man-made materials sent clear messages of innovation. One of the first polyurethane injection moulding systems was brought into the operation. On the product side came the first vulcanised rubber soles - a groundbreaking innovation. They offered 100–percent protection from moisture, insulation from the cold, and they maintained their shape despite bending and flexing.

LOWA shocked its competition in the ski boot industry with the LOWA Air, which changed ski boot history. The ingenious concept consisted of having air cushioning to exactly fit the inner boot to the foot. In the first models, all it took was a simple pump on the outside to fit the boot. The result was a fit that until then had never been experienced to any degree. LOWA jumped to the No. 1 ski boot brand and was able to use this technology for quite awhile.

1983 LOWA celebrated its 60th anniversary as a brand.

1988 Sepp Lederer handed over company management to his son, Stefan Lederer, who developed the LOWA Street Trekker, among other products.

1973 4



S 2013_2014 9 0 | Winter Fall



LOWA celebrates its 80th anniversary. The shoemaker steeped in tradition is by far the largest employer in its rural headquarters of Jetzendorf just outside of Munich. The company holds solidly true to its commitment to German production as well as to its original headquarters where the company was founded 80 years earlier.

Werner Riethmann steps in to head up management.

2000 1993 The Italian Tecnica group, which also owns the companies Dolomite, Nordica, Rollerblade and Blizzard acquires LOWA. The manufacturing of LOWA ski boots is transferred to the parent company in Italy. Jetzendorf remains the home of manufacturing in Germany, the management headquarters, as well as the location of research and development. The manufacturing of alpine boots and trekking boots continues in Jetzendorf.

A huge goal is accomplished. Thanks to innovative products, the highest quality and made-in-Germany sales and production, LOWA for the first time sells 1 million pairs of boots and shoes in a year. LOWA is an established name at European footwear and sport specialty retail.

2010 Yet another long sought-after goal is reached: LOWA sells more than 2 million pairs of boots and shoes in a year. With that, the company has written a new chapter in its impressive history of success and secures its position as an important partner globally to specialty retail.


1995 Introduction of “light“ hiking boots, the forerunner of today‘s multi-functional line ATC.

LOWA celebrates 90th company anniversary.

29th JunE 2013

1998 LOWA introduces the first RENEGADE boot. It remains one of the best-selling outdoor boots worldwide.




2013 5


Mountain Festival Celebration Extraordinaire: 90 Years of LOWA

LOWA rocks Wendelstein 29 THJUN

E 20

BAYRISCH 13 ZELL at Siglhof LOWA is turning 90 – Certainly, it is an affair of honour that the market leader among outdoor shoe brands in Europe will celebrate with its fans, friends and business partners. On 29th June 2013, Wendelstein and the Bavarian countryside at Siglhof will be devoted to the good old shoemaking tradition, sports activities and pure outdoor adventures. As a part of the LOWA Mountain Festival, thousands of LOWA friends will have the opportunity to spend a day in heavenly scenery filled with events, information, and musical and culinary delights. Nothing creates closer bonds and more trust than spending an unforgettable day in the mountains together. Experience a day with your customers filled with an enjoyment of life, and an assortment of activities and information all about mountain sports and hiking. Take on a complimentary tour, test some gear, try your hand at bouldering, or see how your muscle tone rates on a rock climb. That afternoon, enjoy the diverse programme all around the Siglhof area. Various acts will take the stage, plus there will be information stands all about mountain sports, as well as regional delicacies – all an ideal framework to talk

Siglhof at Mt. Wendelstein: Where Bavarian mountain vistas await you

shop and swap ideas on tours, travel plans or suitable gear. Get in touch with your outside sales representative today so you don’t miss the opportunity to hang out at the mountain festival with your customers!

Hobnob with the Stars! • • • • • • •

Autograph sessions with LOWA athletes Ines Papert, Stefan Glowacz & Co. Get up close with stars on the ANTENNE BAYERN stage ANTENNE BAYERN Band: Rock & Pop that will move you Chris Columbus: The German Surf-Songwriter from Bad Tölz, unplugged Headline Act: Not yet disclosed! Mountain Rescue: the life-saving team from Wendelstein DAV (German Alpine Club) Summit Club: Head out into the countryside with professional mountain guides!

Win great prizes!

experience Mountaineering! • • • • • • • • • • • •

Guided tours for every level of experience “Introduction to Via Ferrata“ class Bouldering world at Sudelfeld Slackline area Presentation by the mountain rescue team: Safely experience the mountains, thanks to the professionals behind the scenes Octocopter, rescue paragliders, search-and-rescue dogs Climbing wall Antenne Bayern children’s area Base camp: Experience Everest up close and personal Family skills parcourse Erdinger Trail Run Learn how to pack a rucksack

• Although many see an approach shoe as the right vehicle to get to the mountains, LOWA will raise the bar and raffle off a Suzuki Swift as the grand prize. • Exotic times guaranteed: The first runner-up prize will give two people the chance to travel to mystical Vietnam • Hike, unwind, enjoy: Win one of three hiking trips for two person to the most attractive area of the Alps • Win one of four professional mountain sports gear packages with Alpine boots, trekking poles and a rucksack Celebrate together with LOWA athletes, for example, Ines Papert (left) and Stefan Glowacz


Fall | Winter 2013_2014

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Anniversary Edition Boot Renegade 90 GTX速 I All Terrain Collection 7



upper: nubuck, suede lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

Size: UK 6.5 - 12, 13, 14

sole: Vibram® “Evo“

1110 g/pair

310945 9743 anthracite/blue


upper: nubuck, suede lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

Size: UK 3.5 - 10

sole: Vibram® “Evo“

880 g/pair

320945 9768 anthracite/turquoise


Fall | Winter 2013_2014


upper: suede, cordura lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

Size: UK 6.5 - 12, 13

sole: LOWA “Cross II“

970 g/pair

310550 0485 brown




upper: synthetic lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

Size: UK 6.5 - 13

sole: LOWA “NXT“

1090 g/pair

310603 9940 black/blue

310603 9930 black/grey

310603 3099 red/black


upper: synthetic lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

Size: UK 3.5 - 9

sole: LOWA “NXT“

890 g/pair

320607 9730 anthracite/grey

320607 6030 blue/grey


320607 9735 anthracite/prune

Fall | Winter 2013_2014


upper: synthetic lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

Size: UK 6.5 - 13

sole: LOWA “NXT“

790 g/pair

310600 0920 black/orange


upper: synthetic

Size: UK 3.5 - 9

sole: LOWA “NXT“

lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

700 g/pair

320605 9930 black/grey



Ferrox GTX® LO

upper: synthetic, cordura lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

Size: UK 6.5 - 13

sole: LOWA “NXT“

850 g/pair

310610 7299 lime/black

310610 9899 anthracite/black

Ferrox GTX® LO Ws

upper: synthetic, cordura lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

Size: UK 3.5 - 9

sole: LOWA “NXT“

750 g/pair

320610 9740 anthracite/red


Fall | Winter 2013_2014


upper: suede, fabric lining: GORE-TEX® footwear

Size: UK 6.5 - 12, 13

sole: LOWA “Cross II“

850 g/pair

310652 4593 brown/dark brown


TRAVEL I Index 6


upper: suede lining: leather

Size: UK 7 - 13

sole: LOWA “City“ 830 g/pair

310745 0993 asphalt

310745 0485 brown

310745 0999 black


upper: suede

Size: UK 4 - 9

sole: LOWA “City“

lining: leather

710 g/pair

320746 0748 olive

320746 0649 navy


320746 0923 light grey

Fall | Winter 2013_2014


upper: suede lining: leather

Size: UK 7 - 13

sole: LOWA “City“ 800 g/pair

310755 9999 black/black

310755 0442 espresso


upper: suede

Size: UK 4 - 9

sole: LOWA “City“

lining: leather

650 g/pair

320757 0937 anthracite

320757 9999 black/black

320757 0747 light olive


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