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The Mount’s Dynamic Duo By Magdalyn Fiore, C’17

“WHAT’S AT THE BOTTOM OF THAT?" Caitlin Faas, Ph.D., asks from her desk as Jon Slezak, Ph.D., munches on carrots and a yellowish-colored dip at the bottom of a small container. They’re sitting in Faas’ office to discuss their experimental cognition class. “Queso? Hummus? …You’re not gonna tell me?”

development, Faas is passionate about life-coaching, through which she helps busy professionals stop procrastinating. Faas, a busy professional herself, takes work/life balance seriously, especially now that she and her husband recently adopted their teenage foster daughter.

“Never,” Slezak jokes, crunching on his carrots.

With a toddler at home, Slezak, too, puts family first. Asked to describe himself, he says, “First a father, husband, son, then professor.” Slezak earned his doctorate in behavior analysis and came to the Mount after working as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Neurology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, as well as the psychobiology section of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Recently, Slezak chaired the Core Committee of the Mount’s Committee on Curriculum and Assessment, which addresses students’ academic standards,

Faas and Slezak—or “Faazak,” the team name some students have given them—both recently tenured, started teaching in the Mount's Department of Psychology in 2013. Just before coming to the Mount, Faas received her doctorate in human development, making her the youngest faculty member on campus at the time. Now, she’s the new chair of the Department of Psychology. In addition to statistics and human

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