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Knightly News

Fall 2019

“A Community Focused on Learning, Respect, Opportunity and Achievement.�


Amy Janecek Principal 651-621-6803

Abdirizak Abdi Associate Principal (Laz-Z) 651-621-6820

Chris Fink Activities Director 651-621-6821

Maria Roberts Associate Principal (A-Lar) 651-621-6817

Breanna Peloquin Administrative Intern 651-621-6810


Calendar November


November 1 No School

December 4 Knight Time

November 6 Knight Time

December 9-13 DECA Week of Giving

November 11 Band Concert 7pm November 12 NHS Induction Ceremony 7pm

December 10 Student Council Harvest Pack

November 13 Knight Time November 20 Knight Time November 21 Orchestra Concert 7pm November 22 NHS Blood Drive November 25-29 No School

January January 1 No School January 8 Knight Time January 10 Children’s Theater Performance Frozen Jr - 7pm

December 11 Knight Time

January 11 Children’s Theater Performane Frozen Jr - 12pm

December 12 Communication Night 4:30-7:45pm

January 13 Westside Choir Festival 7pm

December 13 Seniors to Seniors Concert CANCELLED -Due to construction limiting parking and access at Irondale we regret that we need to cancel the annual Seniors to Seniors concert. This positive community concert will resume in December of 2020. December 16 Choir Concert 6:30 & 8:30pm December 18 Knight Time December 23-31 No School

January 15 Knight Time January 16 CLEP Test (registered students) January 17 No School January 18 MV/ID Dance (MVHS) 8pm January 20 No School January 21 Competition One-Act Play 7pm January 22-23 Semester 1 Finals January 24 No School January 27 Westside Band Festival 7pm January 29 Knight Time January 30 Information & Activities Fair 5:30-7:30pm


Get to Know ‘Em Molly Peterson

Physical Education/Health Teacher What is your favorite memory from your own high school experience? I went to Tartan Senior High School. My favorite memory from high school has to be participating in Relay for Life. Our team would raise the required money we needed to as well as additional money by the time we had the Relay for Life event. The event was the best part, being able to stay up all night, walking laps around the track, and camping out around it with your team. If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be and why? If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Banff, Alberta. I have always heard such great things about it from a number of people. The pictures look amazing and breathtaking. What’s your favorite go to snack? My favorite go to snack is a banana. It’s an easy on-the-go snack that doesn’t need to be heated up or kept cold.

What is your favorite thing about Irondale? My favorite thing about Irondale, is the feeling of community. It is felt by the students and staff members alike. Starting as a first year teacher here (but also, my first teaching job overall), I have been receiving a ton of support by both the students, in having patients with me throughout the year as well as staff supporting me with questions and concerns I may be having at various times.

Business Education Teacher What is your favorite memory from your own high school experience? My favorite memory from high school involved my economics teacher explaining how economics and politics go together. The result of this explanation was giving us all the middle finger (you really have to see it to understand). What this demonstration did, though, was make me excited to learn economics - which resulted in me pursuing economics and finance in university. If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be and why? London. I love the history of the UK, and I want to experience that history. What’s your favorite go to snack? Currently, it is Dot’s Pretzels. Mostly due to my two-year-old coming up to me and saying, as quietly as she can, “pretzel.” What is your favorite thing about Irondale? I really enjoy how friendly the students are here; to me as well as to each other.

Meet Jon Tschida


Get to Know ‘Em Edward Fredine

Science Teacher What is your favorite memory from your own high school experience? Class of 1991 - Anoka. Senior year was a lot of fun! Probably the highlight was watching Anoka win the Prep Bowl at the Metrodome. If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be and why? I want to go everywhere. I’d love to go to Europe. I’d love to go to D.C. I’d love to go anywhere where there’s a beach and a lot of ocean. What’s your favorite go to snack? Popcorn - lots of butter, lots of salt. What is your favorite thing about Irondale? I am very impressed with the students here. Homecoming was a blast - a very positive experience!

Meet Christine Morrison Student Services - SPED Clerk, Student Records, Naviance What is your favorite memory from your own high school experience? I graduated from Hickory High School in Hermitage Pennsylvania. My favorite memory of High School was all of the music and theatre I was involved in! Playing in the Marching Band and eventually becoming the Drum Major, Pit Orchestra, School Musicals (Pirates of Penzance, Guys and Dolls, Dracula Baby), Choir, etc.! If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be and why? One of my bucket list destinations is definitely GREECE! My family comes from Greece and I have never visited it’s pristine blue waters. The history and culture fascinate me. I would love to visit both the Island of Crete and my grandmothers Island town of Fokia. PLUS getting to eat Mediterranean cuisine that I didn’t have to make! What’s your favorite go to snack? Pistachios if I’m trying to be healthy, but I have a weakness for Reese’s PB cups! What is your favorite thing about Irondale? The people here all work very hard and are super helpful. Being new, there is so much to know not only about your job, but things like, “Where’s the lunch room?”, “What is Knight Time?”, “What’s an IMC?” and “WE HAVE A COFFEE SHOP??!”


Get to Know ‘Em Jens Moseng

A-Shift Custodian What is your favorite memory from your own high school experience? Johnson east St. Paul , the hockey was out of this world. If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be and why? Norway, motherland. Looks beautiful What’s your favorite go to snack? Chocolate and peanut butter . What is your favorite thing about Irondale? So far the staff, great group.

Meet Pete Erickson Science Teacher What is your favorite memory from your own high school experience? I am a graduate of Irondale! My favorite memory from my time here was all the hours spent doing marching band. I loved playing music and being able to spend a lot of my time playing music with my friends. If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be and why? I’ve always wanted to see the Galapagos Islands. I’d love to see the wildlife and get to walk in the same places where Charles Darwin did his research that lead him to his famous discovery. What’s your favorite go to snack? Old Dutch Jalapeno Cheddar Kettle Chips. What is your favorite thing about Irondale? The positive atmosphere! Everyone here is so nice and supportive. My students are always looking to lend a hand in class!


From the Deans Desk Sarah Hatalla Last Name A-Ce 651-621-6829

Renee Markas Last Name Ch-Ga 651-621-6814

Jason Hollett Last Name Ge-J 651-621-6828

Jennifer Moren (Mr Ben Fuller) Last Name K-Me 651-621-6830

Kevin Hillman Last Name Mi-Pen 651-621-6835

Cristin Craig Last Name Per-St 651-621-6833

Mary Ellen Sparrow Last Name Su-Z 651-621-6831

Chelsey Branham Support Services 651-621-6832

Pictured back row: Mary Ellen Sparrow, Renee Markas, Kevin Hillman, Jason Hollet front row: Cristin Craig, Chelsey Branham,

The Irondale Deans had a great time connecting with 9th grade families this summer to welcome them to Irondale HIgh School and introduce themselves to the new students. We greatly appreciated the flexibility families showed by meeting us in our temporary summer location at Highview Middle School. The Pre ACT took place on October 23rd at Irondale. The PreACT is a shorter version of the ACT which is designed to help Sophomores prepare for the full ACT their Junior year. This is a timed test which assesses students in four subject areas: English, Math, Reading and Science. The test helps to provide information on a student’s level of college readiness. The Irondale Deans are currently meeting with all seniors to discuss post-secondary plans and providing resources available to help in this process. We will be meeting individually with Sophomores and Juniors later throughout the fall semester. Irondale Student Services has developed two new committees Restorative Practices and the Mental Health Committee to help improve student relationships and connectedness in areas the district has deemed valuable to provide a more supportive environment.


From the Deans Desk

Student Services Suppor ts How To See Your Dean: 1. Stop by and see us. No appointment is needed. 2. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can do that too. To schedule an appointment, see Mr. Swanson at the Student Services front desk to get on your dean’s calendar. 3. Email your dean directly.

Student Wellness


ons To See Your s a De Re an

• Supports to manage stress: maintain school/life balance • Supports to manage anxiety and depression • Crisis management • Access school-based therapist (Deans are not therapists.) • Conflict resolution

: Academic


• Academic progress concerns • Schedule tutoring • Self management and organization supports • Course planning and schedule questions


3 Together We Are Irondale.

• College and scholarship application guidance • College and career planning • Transcripts and NCAA eligibility • Test prep • Anoka-Ramsey Community College (ARCC) AA Degree • Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)


Post-Secondary Michael Werner Coordinator of Post-Secondary Planning 651-621-6834

Understanding the Financial Aid process

As Irondale High School seniors think about applying to college, application fees should not be a barrier. There are many opportunities for students to apply to Minnesota institutions for free. Here is the comprehensive, 2019-2020 Free Application Opportunities at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities list. For all students: Many colleges never charge an application fee; sometimes this offer is limited to applications submitted online. Many colleges waive the application fee during College Knowledge Month (October), for either the whole month or for a week. Some institutions use promo codes for their applications during this time. For Students from low-income families: Application fees will be waived throughout the year for low-income students at any institutions or campuses that are part of the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State or the Minnesota Private College Council. High School counselors and college admission staff can help a student make these arrangements. Visit the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) website for eligibility information and the fee waiver form.


The 2020-2021 FAFSA is now open. Students and families can complete the FAFSA in preparation for post-secondary enrollment for 2020-2021. Student and families hoping to access federal grants, state grants, and loans must complete the FAFSA. FAFSA information is located here: Resources, information, and help completing the FAFSA is available at Federal Student Aid, an Office of the U.S. Department of Education.

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education is an additional, excellent resource for students and families seeking information about post-secondary plans. The Minnesota Office of Higher Education offers publications, information, and materials covering the college search process, the financial aid process, and additional paying for college resources.


Equity Services Equity Specialists

Ray Kid 651-621-6836

Nawal Muhumed 651-621-6984

Vivian Chavez 651-621-6849

Student Groups • GIRLS Girls Inspire Revolutionary Leaders Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm Room 308 • East African Club Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm Room 308

• Black Student Union Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm Room 317

• Latino Club Mondays 3:15-4:15pm

Room 111

• STRIPES S.T.R.I.P.E.S. is a mentoring program to inspire youth to recognize the importance and purpose of education in school. Students will get a chance to meet successful professionals and have the opportunity to ask important questions pertaining to “why” is education so important. They will experience life-long connections with positive adults to help them reach their full potential. Our students will also understand what resources are available for them to focus on post-secondary school. S.T.R.I.P.E.S. focuses on these important life skills: problem solving, self-control, leadership, responsible decision making, how to navigate through our education system and advocate for themselves. This is our mission of the STRIPES program. Tuesdays During third hour IMC per Mr. Kidd


Equity Services The Equity Promise

Mounds View Public Schools is committed to preparing all students for opportunities of their choice after high school, whether they choose college, a trade school, technical college, the military or employment. The Equity Promise states: • Programs and services will be in place at all schools to ensure that race, gender, class and disability will not predict students’ success in Mounds View Public Schools. • Student academic performance will not fall into patterns identifiable by factors such as race, ethnicity, English language proficiency, socio-economic status and disability. • The school that a student attends will not be the predictor of his/her school success. As part of this Pre-K - 14 plan, a brochure was created to show the 12 Habits of Mind students can begin to practice as early as in elementary school.

Integration & Equity Liasons

Integration and equity liaisons are available for translations and to meet the educational and cultural needs of students and their families.

Basima Mohamed Somali Liaison

Jill Spencer Native American Liaison

Angel Toro Spanish/Latino/ Hispanic Liaison

Mee Yang Hmong/Asian Liaison

Clubs • Earth Club Thursdays - Room 126 7:45-8:20am • Math Team Mondays and Thursdays - Room 219 3:20-4:20pm • I.C.F. Thursdays - Room 338 7:30am

• Gay Straight Aliance Thursdays - Room 219 3:15-4:15pm • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Wednesdays - Room 311 3:15pm • Dungeons & Dragons Club Wednesdays - Room 122 3:15pm


Indian Education


Upcoming events. To contact the Native American liaison, Jill Spencer, call 651-341-1793 or via email at jill.spencer@


Health Office News Fight the Flu

• Considering a flu shot? Wondering if it’s too late? If you haven’t already, this is a great time to get an annual flu vaccine. The Minnesota Department of Health recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get the flu vaccine each year to help protect both themselves and those around them from contracting influenza. • Where can you get the flu vaccine? Click here for a tool to find a vaccine clinic near you. • What is the flu? ◦◦ Symptoms of illness can range in severity and are usually mild to moderate, but sometimes lead to severe symptoms and hospitalization, especially in the very young, the older popu lation, or those with chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease ◦◦ Influenza is not the “stomach bug” that often gets confused in common conversation ◦◦ Symptoms of influenza include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headaches, and fatigue. • What can we do to help prevent the spread and keep yourself well? ◦◦ Get an annual flu vaccine ◦◦ Stay home when you’re sick ◦◦ Report flu-like symptoms in students to the Health Office (651-621-6404) so that we can track trends ◦◦ Wash hands frequently with soap and water ◦◦ Clean commonly touched surfaces (including phones, door handles, etc) ◦◦ Cover those coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your sleeve ◦◦ Get enough rest, drink plenty of fluids, make time for exercise, and eat a balanced diet

E-Cigarettes: What You Need to Know

• Using e-cigarettes, otherwise known as vaping, carries several health risks: • E-cigarettes contain nicotine, and exposing the teen brain to nicotine can impact learning, memory, atten tion, mood, and impulse control • Using nicotine as a teen also increases the risk for future addiction to other drugs • The aerosol in e-cigarettes is not water. It contains fine particles and toxic chemicals, including heavy metals and volatile organic compounds that can damage the lungs when inhaled There are many resources available to help with quitting e-cigarette use: • Smokefree Teen ◦◦ Program through the National Cancer Institute that provides resources to help quit e-cigarettes as well as information on nicotine and addiction • Smokefree TXT ◦◦ Free mobile text messaging program that provides 24/7 encouragement, tips, and advice on quitting e-cigarettes. Sign up by texting QUIT to 47848 (IQUIT) • Truth Initiative E-Cigarette Quit Program ◦◦ Free mobile text message program created with input from teens, college students, and young adults who are actively quitting or have quit e-cigarettes. Provides text messages tailored to teens with quit ting advice, including information about nicotine replacement therapy • LiveHelp ◦◦ Free online chat support through the National Cancer Institute. Available Monday-Friday 9 AM-9 PM EST • QuitSTART App ◦◦ Free app for iTunes and Android tailored to teens who want to quit e-cigarettes • 1-800-QUIT-NOW ◦◦ Free service that offers support over the phone from coaches who can provide information, advice, support, and resources on quitting e-cigarettes. Sign up by calling 1-800-784-8669 (1-800-QUIT-NOW)


Rock the School House This event supports Mounds View Schools Education Foundation and students throughout the district. Tickets are on sale now. Add November 9 from 5-11 PM to your calendar! For tickets, visit https:// What is the Education Foundation? The Foundation’s mission is to engage our community to invest in excellence in our schools. Their work on behalf of students and schools is made possible through generous support they receive from community members, businesses and foundations. Who is on the Foundation Board? Click here https://www.moundsviewschools. org/domain/1040

Ralph Reeder Foodshelf-Thanksgiving for All Turkeys on EVERY table, that is our goal! Our Thanksgiving for All Project provides a Thanksgiving Bag with all the fixings PLUS a turkey or grocery store gift card. How you can help: 1. DONATE: Thanksgiving Bags with all the fixings appreciated all of November (Thanksgiving Bag list) 2. SPONSOR: Sponsor our Thanksgiving for All Concert with a monetary gift or in-kind donation. Contact or 651-621-6282 for more information. 3. VOLUNTEER: Click here to fill out a volunteer interest form. 4. ATTEND THE CONCERT: Rubber Soul, a Beatles Tribute Band on November 22! Free admission and compli mentary food and refreshments.


T.H.I.N.K. T.H.I.N.K. before you post on social media. Students don’t want more rules, but social media comes with great responsibility. Irresponsible conduct could potentially ruin your education, negatively impact your career, or hurt others.


Achievements & Awards National Merit Scholars Semi-Finalists

Isabelle G. Bierbach

Iva J. Hammit-Kess

Charles J. Schumer

Commended National Merit Scholars

Amanda Q. Hertzel

Juliet M Jaszewski

Lindsey C. Preston

Connor A. Rautio

Ricco C. Venterea


Construction Update The excitement is building IHS Construction Accomplishments: • • • • • •

The west addition will open to staff on Monday, Sept. 30th The link will open the week of Oct. 7th The footing are in and the walls are going up for the south addition Auditorium footings will start the week of Sept. 30th The majority of the utility work is complete Blacktop will take place the week of Oct. 14th

Exterior of the courtyard addition

Interior View of the Link

Interior of the courtyard addition


Construction Update

Irrigation is complete on the practice fields

Outside view of the west addition

South addition - Footings are in and the walls are going up

The pavers are on site, and the sand is down


Athletics & Activites Athletics/Activities Schedules Schedules are available online on the Athletics/Activities website and /or Schedule changes are posted as they become available.

Boys Cross Country It has been a very successful season for the boy cross country team. The year started with a great base from great summer miles by our key returning runners. Mid season - the boys won the St Michael Albertville Invitational on strong performances by Felix Ongera (10), Kalid Danko (10), Tyler Merrell (10), David Fluth (12) and Simon Alexander (11). The boys followed up this race with another strong showing at the Thundering Elks Invitational. The Knights were 3rd/19 teams! At the Suburban East conference race, the boys were 8th/10 teams on a wet and cold afternoon. Felix Ongera (10) was the top runner - earning Honorable Mention All Conference. The Section 5AA championship race was held at Anoka High School. The boys team ended up 8th/16 teams, with many of the boys having career PR’s! Felix Ongera (10) was 14th overall with a time personal best of 16:32! He qualified for the State Meet at St Olaf College.


Athletics & Activites Girls Tennis The Girls Tennis team finished 7th in the conference and 8th in the section. Individual highlights include Emily Rupp and Co-Captain Annie Lyngdal earning All Conference. Kate McGuire and Co-Captain Sydney Nguyen earned All Conference Honorable Mention. Also, Emily Rupp was voted as team MVP. The team qualified as an All State Academic Gold Winner (Average GPA above 3.75!) and five individual All State Academic Winners: Sydney Nguyen, Kate McGuire, Lily Mork, Katie Gunderman and Samantha Chock. Congratulations to the Irondale Girls Tennis Team on a great season!




Athletics & Activites Football Highlight of the season was the winning playoff game against St. Louis Park. Recognition oes to junior kicker Noah Kianai. Noah is the all time leader in Field Goals for the school, and third in the state all time with 17 career field goals, the record is 27. He is also 2nd in the state all time with a career extra point record of 98%. This season he was 8/9 on field goals and 21/21 on extra points. STANDINGS IN DISTRICT: 1 Robbinsdale Armstrong 6-0 2 Hopkins 4-2 3 Spring Lake Park 4-2 4 Coon Rapids 4-2 5 Forest Lake 2-4 6 Irondale 1-5 7 Park Center 0-6 ALL DISTRICT: Ahmad Berry Quincy Jones Griffin Bourassa Noah Kiani ALL DISTRICT HONORABLE MENTION: Jakobe Bass Trent Taylor Asael Gaytan Ignatius Ejiofor Logan Krejchik Henry Eilefson ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Diego Hernandez


Athletics & Activites Football


Athletics & Activites Boys Soccer

Carlos Momsen All Conference

Sam Diebold All Conference

Jules Lescieux All Conference Honorable Mention


Girls Soccer

Greta Saylor All Conference

Peyton Howie All Conference

Emma Eclov-Reher All Conference Honorable Mention

Taryn Tacheny All Conference Honorable Mention

Fiona Ostlund All Conference Honorable Mention

Emma Nitzschke All Conference Honorable Mention


Athletics & Activites Girls Cross Country

SEC All-Conference Honorable Mention Elizabeth VanLoon, Emily Ellingson

MSHSL State Participant - Emily Ellingson


Athletics & Activites Marching Knights Irondale Marching Knights end a very successful 2019 competitive season! Congratulations to the Irondale Marching Knights for completing their 2019 season with their best performances of the year! The Marching Knights competed against 24 bands in Waukee, IA, just outside Des Moines, and took second place overall and were awarded high caption awards for Best Marching, Best Drumline, and Best Color Guard. The packed stadium of Iowans were surprised and enthusiastic with Irondale’s unique performance of this year’s show GLITCH. The light backdrop and creative presentation of individual moments in the show had the crowd on their feet. The engagement of the marching members with the audience made the performance one of the highlights of the evening. The Marching Knights were at US Bank Stadium for the Minnesota State Championships where their 5th place finish behind Rosemount, Eden Prairie, Eastview, and Marshall High Schools earned them a spot in the Finals Championship. Irondale, with its 85 marching members, managed to hold their own against these monster programs of 180300 students each and continues to excite crowds with their memorable shows and performances! If you are interested in being apart of the award winning Irondale Marching Knights and Color Guard program, please contact Mr. Sucha at 651-621-6848 or


Athletics & Activites Marching Knights


Athletics & Activites DECA Marketing and DECA Students practiced their career skills with mock interviews this fall. After completing a fiveweek professional portfolio project; students were equipped with professional cover letters, electronic job applications, and resumes. Several community experts served as volunteer interviewees and completed written and verbal evaluation of student’s interviewing skills. All students gained valuable interview feedback, techniques and tips to improve their performance!


Student Council Co-Presidents

Elizabeth Bourassa and Sydney Mulvehill

Meeting Manager

Promotions Manager

Missy Jarmoluk

Freshman Class Officer Tamia Mickle

Sabrina Deriche

Sophomore Class Officer Tenzin Shayen

Junior Class Officer Andrew Kim

On November 2nd Irondale’s Student Council held their annual Halloween can drive for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf. Trick or canning is a yearly tradition that helps collects 100+ cans for people in need every year! Student Council will also have the Harvest Pack in December, which is when the school helps pack food for homeless people all over Minnesota. Be on the lookout for dates and help do some good in our community. All the schools main events will be posted on the SuperFan App.


Student Council Homecoming







Homecoming was a success! Students actively participating in the spirit days and events and we had a huge turnout for the game and the dance!


Around the Realm DECA Irondale DECA (Marketing) Students visited 25 elementary classrooms each day the week of Halloween to inform kindergarten and first-graders about being safe while trick or treating. DECA Students created fun visual aids and distributed coloring sheets and fruit snacks to the elementary kids while giving an informative presentation about Halloween Safety Tips. The elementary students really enjoyed all of the high schoolers costumes and their energetic presentations and really learned a lot of important tips about safety in trick or treating.


Around the Realm Choir At their Fall Concert the Irondale Choirs welcomed the South African Music Ensemble 29:11. The group performed as special guests on the concert. 29:11 sang a number of pieces written or arranged for the group from the South African National Anthem to songs about protesting apartheid to music where the entire audience joined in the dancing and singing.


Around the Realm Orchestra Fourth graders from Bel Air, Pinewood, Sunnyside and Valentine Hills performed with the three Irondale Orchestras. West Side Orchestra Festival.


Around the Realm Germany & Austria Trip Jill Hallenberger (ID & MV German teacher) & Cheryl Wason (Shoreview Einhausen Sister City Association) travelled with students to Germany & Austria. Students stayed with families and participated in outings and tours. They visited schools, toured Heppenheim, and attended a barbeque celebrating 30 years of friendship between Minnesota and Einhause. Students visited many areas including Linderhof, the Eagle’s Nest and the Zugspitze in the Alps. While in Austria, they visited mines and the Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial.

Berchtesgaden Germany, Eagle’s Nest

Munich, Germany Marienplatz

Salzburg, Austria Mirabell Gardens


Around the Realm Life Skills Life Skills Science students learned about buckthorn, an invasive species, in the classroom. They then helped the community by removing it from a local park.


Around the Realm STRIPES & GIRL STRIPES and GIRL students got to participate in a Civil Rights experience in Tennessee, Nashville, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Memphis over MEA break.

Profile for Mounds View Public Schools

IHS Knightly News - Fall 2019  

IHS Knightly News - Fall 2019