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Featured Photographer Jeremy Major - The Shooting Eye Hamilton, ON In terms of a bio. I’m actually a filmmaker first. My photography is really an extension of the filmmaking, given that the two use largely the same skills and gear these days. Lighting and camera, regardless of the format, are something I love. That all started 30+ years ago shooting 35mm on my dad’s Canon. I still use those FD lenses from time to time and always try to push even the digital images toward that beautiful old film look. In my day to day, I’m a very hands-on film director, is largely how I define myself. I run a production company called The Shooting Eye in Hamilton and we do everything from documentaries to feature films to commercials. I also co-own a theatre called The Zoetic, which is essentially a creative hub for a variety of professional creative arts. I went into filmmaking because it was a great way to marry all of my interests including performance and music as well as the visual arts. My passion lies in the ability to use the medium to affect people emotionally. The Dundurn Castle shoot was an interesting one because the goal was to juxtapose the classic historic structure with this ultramodern machine. Add to that a site that would never otherwise allow vehicles in those locations. As for the MINI shoot, it was a fun opportunity to capture the hype around the new MINI models. He started his career as a director’s assistant on the 1998 Kennedy/Marshal production, A Map of the World. More recently, Major was a producer of the PBS documentary Hockey: More Than A Game, produced and co-directed the PBS 138 - MotorWerks Magazine - The Ultimate Reading Experience!


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