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rule changes

Decisions taken at the Motor Sports Council meeting of 6 March 2012 that affect regulations in the Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook Consultation and ratification The Motor Sports Council must consider all new regulations proposed by the Specialist Committees. The regulations are first published on the MSA website so that comments may be received before they are presented to the Motor Sports Council for approval, incorporating any modifications that result from the consultation process (which may have included review by another Specialist Committee or Advisory Panel). Approved rule changes will be published here and (B) Nomenclature and Definitions Date of implementation: 1 January 2013 Endurance Race: A Race scheduled to have a minimum of 90 minutes duration, with mandatory refuelling and/or Driver stops and/or Driver changes, as an integral part of the race.  Reason: No current definition.  (C) Judicial Date of implementation: immediate 2.1.2. The National Court may also, in addition to any penalty: (a) Declare the results of an event null and void. (b) Order the return of any awards, or annul championship points. (c) Order the return of all, or part of Entry Fees. (c) (d) Order the downgrading of any MSA licence. Once downgraded such licence may be upgraded by fresh signatures alone. (d) (e) Impose such other conditions on future events as it thinks fit.  Reason: Clarification. 

will also be incorporated into the next available edition of the relevant MSA Yearbook(s).

Explanation of format Regulation changes are shown as red additions or struck through deletions. A dotted line (…) indicates that the regulation contains further wording that is unchanged and has been omitted for space reasons. The dates of implementation are stated immediately above the Regulations, while reasons for the changes are given below.  Reason: Clarification in order to correct errors which have occurred resulting from the Yearbook Technical rewrite. This wording reverts the regulation back to that contained in the 2007 Yearbook.  (E) Circuits and Venues Date of implementation:1 January 2013 Requirements for Endurance, Night and Bad Weather Racing

10.3. Other general points relating to racing include: 10.3.1. A rolling start may be used at certain tracks subject to prior MSA approval.  Reason: Title change for consistency and clarity in addition Q12.1. already makes provision for rolling starts.  10.3.3. There must be provision for crossing the track by bridge or tunnel to access pits and paddock as follows: i) For vehicles and pedestrians if any race is to run continually for more than six hours ii) For pedestrians if any race is to be run continually for more than half an hour.

10.3.7. No snatch operations may take place during the hours of darkness unless the 3.5.3. Any Competitor taking part in a Championship (other than Racing and Karting) race is under the control of a Safety Car. for Drivers, co-Drivers, Entrants or manufacturers, whose vehicle is declared ineligible  Reason: Safety. in accordance with the Championship Regulations will be penalised as follows:  (a) They will score zero points for that round and (b) The round will count as one of the events contributing to their total Championship score.

3.5.4. The These penalties detailed in 3.5.1 and 3.5.3 cannot may not be decreased, but may be increased, by the Championship regulations which can only be applied by the Championship Stewards after a hearing. Penalties imposed can be appealed to the MSC, but the Championship Stewards must be informed of the Intention to Appeal in accordance with 7.1.4. Penalties will only be reduced in exceptional circumstances.

Marshals 11.1. Marshals must be relieved after six hours of continuous racing, following which they should operate in shifts of maximum four six hours, with one shift on and two one off.  Reason: To reflect current practice. 

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02/05/2012 17:08

Lighting at Night

12.1.2. All lighting installations and other equipment must: (a) not distract the competitor in any way, in particular by reason of shadow or dazzle. (b) be set out in accordance with proposals agreed in writing by the MSA and which were submitted to the MSA at least 30 days prior to the date of the Event. (c) be available in full working order for inspection by the MSA prior to the Event, allowing adequate time for adjustments to be made if necessary. avoid dazzle and be available in working order for inspection by the MSA prior to the meeting at least one month before the date of the event. If not approved at this time, any further requirements must be completed and approved not less than two weeks before the event  Reason: It is impractical for the lighting installation to be in situ any length of time prior to the meeting. 

(L) Permitted Tyres Date of implementation: immediate TYRE LIST 5(b) MUD TERRAIN TECHNOSPEED Cross Power All Track  Reason: To add to the Tyre List for Competitive Safaris and Hill Rallies the above tyres with immediate effect to ensure adequate availability before the season starts.  (P) Cross Country Events

Date of implementation: immediate 41.1.3. Exceptionally, the SRs may reduce this minimum age to14, providing the vehicle is fitted with seat belts and either a manufacturer’s hard top, a truck cab, 12.2.3. The track itself shall be identified by reflectors placed at both track edges or a rollbar, or where the vehicle is a road legal, mass produced, production vehicle at intervals of 3m 5m from the 60m point before all corners until 60m past the end retaining the original hardtop or truck cab and where the seat belts comply with of the corner. K2.1.1., the SRs may further reduce the minimum age of the passenger to 12.  12.2.10. Competing cars shall have front and rear lighting, brake lights, and direction Reason: To reduce the minimum age for passengers in Cross Country Trials where indicator lights in working order. the vehicle is a road legal production vehicle retaining its original hardtop or truck cab.   Reason: Safety  (Q) Circuit Racing

12.2.11. Reflective Competitors’ identification numbers must be displayed in four three places: on the forward, rear and each side of the car. The side rear numbers must be adequately illuminated and displayed on a flat vertical surface.  Reason: Safety  Practice 13.1. All Competitors must be allowed at least one hour’s practice in the same conditions of light as will apply in the race. 13.1.1. Should the event include a period at night, Q4.5.1 shall apply to each driver both in respect of the daylight period and also the night time period of practice. That is there will be at least 2 practice sessions. In addition to daylight practice at least, one half hour of practice must be at night.  Reason: To regulate for common practice. Section Q stipulates practice requirements. 

Date of implementation: 1 January 2013 Endurance Racing * These are maximum figures that may be reduced in the SRs. 6.2. Endurance Race. A Race scheduled to have a minimum of 90 minutes duration, with mandatory refuelling and/or Driver stops and/or Driver changes, as an integral part of the race. 6.2.1. Endurance Races should be started by Rolling Start, unless otherwise stated in SRs. 6.2.2. There is no restriction on the maximum number of drivers for each vehicle. * A driver may not drive for more than 3 hours in any 5 hour period. For races over 6 hours any one driver must not exceed 60% of the scheduled race. 6.2.3. A driver may drive a maximum of 2 cars during the event provided that he is properly entered and qualified in each car. 6.2.4. Whilst in the pit lane: * there must be a maximum pit lane speed limit of 80kph. It is recommended that all personnel wear a high visibility jacket/vest approved by the organisers. * there must be no more than 3 people on the pit wall, per car. * there must be no more than 4 people working on the car at any one time. all equipment and personnel must be in the pit garage when the relevant car is not making a pit stop, with the exception of pit signallers.


02/05/2012 17:08 no work may take place on the car during refuelling. it is the responsibility of the Entrant to release his car after a pit stop only when it is safe to do so. Cars in the fast lane have priority over those leaving the working area. 6.2.5. Two Endurance Races, of the same status, may run concurrently but only from a single start up to the maximum number permitted by the Track Licence. The chequered flag will be shown at the end of the specified duration for each race. Upon issue of the chequered flag for the first race the Safety Car will be deployed, the remaining drivers will continue under the control of the Safety Car until its withdrawal. There must be a minimum of 30 minutes between the end of each race. Those drivers who have taken the chequered flag must continue at competitive speed before leaving the circuit by the pit road, ensuring that they do not impede those cars which are continuing to race for the longer period. No vehicle is eligible to compete in both races, however a driver may do so.  Reason: To assist organisers to make an Endurance Race commercially viable. 


19.2.1. (a) Have any windscreen if of glass, of laminated type only. (b) Rear screens to be clear, or may be tinted such as not to significantly affect through vision (in or out) or distort the colours of signal flags or lights.  Reason: J.5.2.10 has been amended to permit vehicles which have heavily tinted windows as Original Manufacturers equipment. The TAP suggest that in Car Racing the rear window must remain clear to ensure clear through vision for following vehicles in racing situations.  Electrical Equipment, Circuit Breakers and Ignition Components

19.11.3 With the exception of Clubmans Cars, 750 Formula, Legends Cars and Period A to E, all vehicles must be equipped with brake lights which are directly operated by the braking system without any time delay.

10.5. Drive only one car, with the exception of the provision detailed within 6.2.3. Not more than one driver may drive the same car in any one race, unless the SRs specify otherwise.  Reason: The proposal is for Endurance Racing to allow a driver to compete in no more than two vehicles. 

Clubmans Cars: Open Sports Racing Car constructed in accordance with the technical regulations published by The Clubmans Register.  Reason: Section (J) applies to all disciplines unless discipline specific regulations modify them. Many vehicles currently racing do not comply with (J)5.14.3. and this proposal takes account of that. 

17.3. Unless the SRs or the Championship Regulations state otherwise, to be classified as a finisher: (a) If a race is under 50 miles long, only cars which have covered at least 80% of the distance covered by the class winner and which cross the finishing line under their own power within four minutes of the overall winner will be classified. (b) If the race is not expected to last more than four hours but is 50 miles or more long, only cars which have covered at least 80% of the distance covered by the class winner will be classified. (c) If the race is expected to last more than four hours, only cars which have covered at least 80% of the distance covered by the class winner will be classified. Should these percentages not result in a full number of laps, the decimals will be disregarded.  Reason: Clarification. 

(R) Rallying Date of implementation: immediate

48.6.2. All vehicles must be equipped with a parking brake meeting vehicle construction and use requirements.  Reason: Technical Advisory Panel recently reviewed this regulation and referred it to the Rallies Committee which agreed that is unnecessary because the requirement is implicit in R46.1. 

02/05/2012 17:08

MSA Spring 2012 Carrier  

MSA Spring 2012 Carrier