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APRIL 2017

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RALLY FUTURE MSA updates Stage Rally Safety Requirements

MSA ACADEMY MSA Academy AASE applications open


MSA ACHIEVES CLOSED-ROAD MOTORSPORT FOR MAINLAND BRITAIN In one of the biggest developments in the history of UK motorsport, the Motor Sports Association’s long campaign to bring closedroad events to mainland Britain has been successful, with the enabling legislation commencing on Monday (10 April). Since 2010 the MSA has called for a change in the law to allow local authorities to suspend the Road Traffic Act for authorised motorsport events, without requiring individual Acts of Parliament. Independent research commissioned by the MSA and conducted by the Sport Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University showed that local communities across Britain could generate up to £40m of additional revenue by closing roads to host a limited number of motorsport events. Primary legislation providing the framework for closed-road motorsport was passed in the 2015 Deregulation Act. The MSA has since worked closely with the Department for Transport (DfT) on the secondary legislation required to make this framework available to event organisers. This comprises an impact assessment with the commencement order. The commencement order names the MSA and its sister governing body for two-wheel UK motorsport, the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU), as the two authorising bodies for closed-road


motorsport events from 10 April onward. Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, said: “This is a seismic shift for UK motorsport, and one that the MSA and the wider motorsport community have pursued determinedly for many years. We can now take motorsport to the people, and in turn those local hosting communities have the opportunity to benefit from the economic boost that these events may provide. “Many people have contributed to this long campaign and we must first give special mention to my predecessor as MSA Chief Executive, Colin Hilton, for starting down this road seven years ago. Thanks also to our former Director of Communications, Ben Taylor, for his relentless lobbying, and to our Rallies Executive, Ian Davis, for his invaluable contribution to the required legislation. We owe a further debt of gratitude to Ken Clarke MP and Ben Wallace MP and for their tireless support in Westminster.”

Val des Terres Hill Climb, Guernsey Credit Eddie Walder Andrew Jones MP, Transport Minister, said: “Britain is a world leader in the motorsport industry and this will further cement our position. There are already races of this kind in some areas of the British Isles which are incredibly popular, attracting thousands of spectators. New road races will boost local economies through increased tourism and hospitality, and offer community opportunities such as volunteering.” Among those welcoming the news was the all-electric FIA Formula E Championship, which stages events in capital cities across the globe. It said: “The FIA Formula E MSA Extra / April 2017


Championship warmly welcomes the news that the UK’s Road Traffic Act has been amended, permitting the closure of roads and allowing for the possibility of regulated motor racing on closed highways. “We recognise the key role that the MSA, and its Chief Executive Rob Jones, have played in making this happen. This move considerably helps the prospect of the London ePrix returning to the streets of the British capital.” Nigel Mansell CBE, 1992 F1 world champion, was equally enthusiastic. He said: “I have seen first-hand the very significant impact of motor

sport on the economy of the Isle of Man and Jersey, so this is a great move forward for the sport and will bring visitors and pride to parts of the country that wish to stage such events. I am delighted that this government is embracing motorsport, which will assist the UK’s world-leading position and improve the sport’s ability to help provide opportunities and focus for young people.” Meanwhile Tendring District Council (TDC) has been in discussions about the possibility of bringing an event to the District. Tanya Ferguson, TDC’s Cabinet Member for Tourism and Culture, said: “There is no doubt

at all that hosting such an exciting event would be a massive draw and bring people into our area to boost the economy. Our talks are at a very early stage but we are very interested in the prospect and hope that the idea can be developed with Tendring.”

“This is a seismic shift for UK motorsport, and one that the MSA and the wider motorsport community have pursued determinedly for many years” 3

Insight Closed-road motorsport

What has changed? Existing statutory provisions to close roads have simply removed the rights of the public to access the road. All other statutory requirements, including vehicles’ compliance with the Road Traffic Act, have remained in place during closures. Therefore previously, any event seeking to use a closed public road for a regulated motorsport event has had to obtain an event-specific Act of Parliament to suspend the Road Traffic Act, which can be both costly and time consuming. Highway Authorities will now have the legal provision to close roads for such an event without requiring an Act of Parliament, providing that the event has been approved by the MSA or ACU, as appropriate.


Why is this so significant for UK motorsport? UK motorsport comprises around 5,000 MSA-permitted four-wheel motorsport events per year. However most take place away from conurbations and require the public to travel in order to spectate. This new legislation allows event organisers to take the sport to the people and host events much closer to population centres. It also brings the UK into line with many countries in mainland Europe, where successful closed-road motorsport events are relatively commonplace.

MSA Extra / April 2017


Bouley Bay Hill Climb, Jersey Credit Eddie Walder

Which types of motorsport are most likely to make use of this new legislation and why?

When are we likely to see the first events and how many events can we expect to see per year?

The cost of satisfying all organisational requirements, including those of the Closure Orders, will mean that medium- to large-scale events will be best placed to realise the opportunities that this new legislation provides.

Currently the MSA is aware of – and working with – a small number of event organisers who are well advanced with plans to use this new legislation. The MSA is not yet in a position to say which event will be the first to benefit but it is likely to be a stage rally.

The legislation offers particular scope for hill climbs, which are currently restricted to private estate roads and therefore limited in length compared to similar events on the continent, where courses are typically measured in kilometres rather than yards.

What will the basic process be for organisers?

Stage Rallies are also likely to benefit; this could mean incorporating an urban stage into an existing forest-based event, or joining existing stages currently interrupted by lengths of highway, or even introducing full closed-road rallies. Finally there will be opportunities for regulated circuit racing on closed public roads, not seen since the Birmingham SuperPrix in the 1980s.

Rigorous. Before an event organising club can apply to the local highway authority for a road closure, giving the minimum of six months’ notice, they must first have attained permission from the MSA (or ACU in the case of a motorcycle event). The MSA will not be in a position to give that permission until it has vetted the route and the draft safety plan, and has liaised with the other authorities stated in the legislation. Realistically, a club will typically need to allow 12 months to go through this approval process, assuming that everything runs smoothly throughout. The MSA will publish more detailed information on this process in due course.



The latest briefing from your governing body

MSA RELAUNCHES 2017 BRITISH KART CHAMPIONSHIPS The MSA has relaunched this year’s MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships with a revised calendar and a stunning new prize package. Promoted by Super One Series, the six-round championship will take place over three events, beginning on 3-4 June at Clay Pigeon and ending on 8-10 September at PFI. In between is a meeting on 26-27 August at Shenington. Competitors are able to hire Vortex engines from Strawberry Racing, or alternatively purchase them at a special discount price.


The two title winners will each receive an OTK-sponsored, full factory supported prize drive in the CIK-FIA World Championships at PFI on 22-24 September (if the MSA British Junior Champion is eligible for the OK class, he or she will be permitted to enter that class). If either champion is unable to accept this great prize, it will be offered to

the vice-champion. Vega will also supply a tyre voucher for the Junior class, to be redeemed at any CIK-FIA event. A further six free entries (three per class) to the world title event at PFI will be drawn randomly at regular intervals up to the end of round two at Shenington. These will include

MSA Extra / April 2017


“We believe will be the most exciting, challenging and indeed for several competitors, the most rewarding, launch pad for their racing careers"

twitter feed Simon Blunt @MSAGenSec Mar 16 Have you told your MP yet? Let’s #savemotorsport

Dan Kirby @mrdankirby Apr 1 Can’t thank @MSAUK enough pulling out all the stops to get me on track this afternoon. So grateful ThankYouThankYouThankYou @GinettaCars Nicky Taylor @nickster_117 Mar 30 Yes! Just registered for @MSAUK Junior British Championship with @BirelART UK and #andycoxracing #letsdothis @superoneseries Wales Rally GB @WalesRallyGB Apr 3 Congratulations @ChrisIngramGB and @EAERallying on claiming the opening round of the Junior ERC. Great start to the year #WRGB #WRC

either a Tonykart or a Birel ART chassis, supplied by Strawberry Racing and Andy Cox Racing respectively, along with awning space. Vortex will supply engines, while Vega will again supply tyre vouchers to the Junior class. Vega/ ACR is offering a further 24 sets of prize tyres over the six rounds. Additional prizes include factory tours at the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team, M-Sport and Bentley GT. There is also a TAG Heuer watch for the winner in each class, along with a Koden helmet. The MSA is providing prize tickets to rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship and MSA British Hill Climb Championship, plus World Rally Passes for Wales Rally GB. Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, said: “This year we have undertaken, together with a significant cross-section of karting, a significant review of the MSA British

Championships following the false start at Rowrah. We are extremely grateful to all those key players in the sport who have contributed to what we believe will be the most exciting, challenging and indeed for several competitors, the most rewarding, launch pad for their racing careers.” Eligibility for prizes is contingent on participation at all three events. There is also a fundamental requirement for at least 15 competitors to be registered and entered for the first round in each championship by the closing date of 30 April 2017. Those already paid to register with Super One in other classes will not be subject to an additional registration fee. For full details of the championship regulations and prizes, please visit

Kirsty Elizabeth @Kirsty_Rally Mar 30 @MSAUK I have just received my pack, it is nice to be appreciated as a marshal for what you do. Thanks very much all at MSA

Oliver Clarke Racing @racing_oliver62 Mar 17 Can announce today that I have been chosen for @MSAAcademy 1 of 24 young elite drivers chosen for the @MSAUK development programme


Issued by the Motor Sports Association Motor Sports House, Riverside Park Colnbrook, SL3 0HG Tel: +44 (0)1753 765000 Email:


News Appointments


We are currently seeking motivated individuals for the positions of Go Motorsport Regional Development Officers. This is an opportunity to be part of a dynamic team helping to grow motor sport from the grassroots on behalf of the Motor Sports Association (MSA), the national governing body of four wheeled motor sport in the UK. The ideal candidate will be confident and articulate as the role will involve working with local motor clubs, regional associations and other organisations. The work will include supporting motor clubs, regional associations, other organisations, education establishments and encouraging new people into motor sport. It is essential that the candidate is a motivated self-starter, can demonstrate an ability to work independently and is prepared to work evenings/weekends as required, presenting the best image of club motor sport. A strong understanding of domestic motor sport is essential and the ideal candidate will have significant knowledge and experience of club motor sport, and especially of motor sport in their region and the people involved. It is expected that the candidate is resident in the area for which they are applying. Positions are available in: ƒƒ South East ƒƒ East ƒƒ East Midlands For a full description of the roles and how to apply, please visit our website at Interested applicants should send a brief CV and letter of introduction detailing motorsport experience, current employment status, why you consider you are an appropriate candidate and the region you are applying for to Applications must be received by 5pm on Friday 28 April.

ASTON SUPPORTS GOODWOOD MARSHALS CLUB Aston Martin has teamed up with Goodwood Marshals Club to support youngsters getting into motorsport as cadet marshals. The British sports car maker has agreed to provide a financial contribution to the club, plus a support package that will provide the cadets with Proban overalls from AWS Racewear and feature an annual competition for a VIP factory tour of Aston Martin HQ in Gaydon, Warwickshire. The first competition invited entrants to write a report on a motorsport event of their choice. The winner, Ellie Pain, provided her account of last year’s Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix; together with a pair of runners-up she was treated to a factory tour earlier this year, receiving a cash prize and treated to lunch by Simon Sproule, Vice President of Aston Martin. For more information on Goodwood Marshals Club, visit the website at


MSA LAUNCHES REBRANDED DEVELOPMENT FUND The MSA Club Development Fund has been rebranded as the MSA Motor Sport Development Fund, with clearer guidance and support for those looking to make applications. The Fund supports MSA-affiliated clubs and organisations with grantaid to help grow motorsport and improve the quality of delivery and experiences for new and existing participants. An application form and accompanying guidance document are available online. Go Motorsport Regional Development Officers (RDOs) will be able to help clubs complete their applications and answer any associated queries. Suze Endean, MSA Development Manager, said: “The MSA Motor Sport Development Fund has been designed to make it easier and clearer for clubs to be able to apply for funding, and gives clearer guidance on where support can be obtained if required. The requirement for match funding remains.” All the necessary documents can be found in the Resource Centre of the MSA website under ‘Clubs and Organisers’. To head straight there, please CLICK HERE. MSA Extra / April 2017

News Specialist Committees:

SPECIALIST COMMITTEES: MSA REQUESTS NOMINATIONS FOR 2018 MEMBERSHIP The MSA is seeking nominations for individuals to join the Specialist Committees that represent the interests of the various ‘disciplines’ of motorsport. The Specialist Committees meet two or three times a year, normally at Motor Sports House, to discuss and debate new regulations and other issues. The following Specialist Committees may have vacancies available for next year: ƒƒ Autotest Committee ƒƒ Cross Country Committee ƒƒ Historic Committee ƒƒ Kart Committee ƒƒ Kart Technical Sub Committee ƒƒ Race Committee ƒƒ Rallies Committee ƒƒ Autocross & Rallycross Sub Committee ƒƒ Dragster Sub Committee ƒƒ Sprint & Hill Climb Sub Committee ƒƒ Trials Committee.

All applicants must be members of an MSA recognised motor club or Regional Association, which must ‘sponsor’ the application. However there are no formal qualifications required other than a commitment to and experience in motorsport. The role is entirely voluntary, although expenses will be paid to cover travel to meetings at Motor Sports House, and the appointment is normally for a three-year term.


Applicants should submit a brief CV of their motor sport involvement and achievements, including any relevant qualifications, together with a letter supporting your nomination from an MSA-recognised club or Regional Association. The Club or Regional Association will forward the application to Andrea Richards at Motor Sports House, Riverside Park, Colnbrook, SL3 0HG. This must be done as soon as possible as applications must be received before 2 June 2017. Please note any applications received after Friday 2 June 2017 will not be considered.

MOTOR SPORTS COUNCIL SEEKS HOME COUNTRIES REPRESENTATIVES The Motor Sports Council acts as a Sporting Commission, approving and amending rules proposed by its Committees or Advisory Panels. The Council also discusses other issues surrounding motorsport throughout the UK. Currently there are three Council representatives from the Home Countries: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Committee Review Panel has decided to open this representation to applicants and the Panel therefore seeks nominations to represent Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and also England on Council in 2018. Successful nominations would be required to attend Council meetings during the year (currently three) and also to produce Home Country reports on motorsport activities for each Council agenda. There are no formal qualifications required other than a commitment to and experience in motorsport. To apply, applicants should submit a CV of their motorsport involvement and achievements, together with a letter of recommendation from their Regional Association Secretary and forward the application to Andrea Richards at Motor Sports House, Riverside Park, Colnbrook, SL3 0HG. This must be done as soon as possible, as applications must be received before 2 June 2017. Please note any applications received after Friday 2 June 2017 will not be considered.


Technical Updates, clarifications and advice



Please be aware that the FIA have issued an urgent informative note concerning a recall on FEV FX G-TEC3300R fire extinguishers (FIA Standard 8865-2015) with homologation number EX.008.16. This note is available on the MSA website here. As explained in the document, FEV have discovered a manufacturing error in the size of the cylinder on some systems, resulting in them no longer complying with their homologation. The homologation for those cylinders affected (as shown in the list in Appendix I of the document) is immediately withdrawn.

SINGLE SEATER ROPS Competitors are advised that the Single Seater ROPS guidelines are due to be updated. Look out for the updated version on the MSA website in the coming days.

BATTERIES After recent changes to J5.14.1, competitors are advised of the updated definition of a wet battery. A wet cell battery has a liquid electrolyte. A dry cell uses a paste electrolyte, with only enough moisture to allow current to flow. Unlike a wet cell, a dry cell can operate in any orientation without spilling, as it contains no free liquid. So, we can confirm that a gel battery would not be considered a wet battery.

The image above shows a wheel fixing failure at a recent race event. Please note that these are not considered extended wheel studs per J5.8.2 as they are single piece replacement longer studs, not multi piece extensions. Competitors are advised that if longer wheel studs are required, then the type that are fitted from the rear of the hub, as shown below, would be a more suitable part to use.

We would also like to reaffirm that the change to J5.14.1 regarding batteries being located rearwards of the seats where a co-driver or passenger is present applies to all batteries, not just wet batteries.

IAME X30 MINI X FICHE Please note that the relevant technical details for new IAME X30 Mini X class are now available on the MSA website as appendices to the main IAME X30 fiche. The full fiche, including the relevant appendix 11 (exhaust bend/restrictor) and appendix 12 (carburettor) can be downloaded from the MSA website at: As a reminder, the class regulations can also be downloaded from the same page.

Sign up for alerts! To sign up for email notifications when proposed regulation changes are posted online for consultation, click HERE.


MSA Extra / April 2017

MSA Extra


RallyFuture Helping to ensure a bright future for stage rallying in the UK

MSA UPDATES STAGE RALLY SAFETY REQUIREMENTS The MSA has published the latest edition of its Stage Rally Safety Requirements (SRSRs), the template for the organisation of all UK stage rallies. The SRSRs were first produced in 2015 as part of the RallyFuture programme to further enhance safety in UK stage rallying. This is the second time that they have been updated, following feedback from event organisers, Safety Delegates and others from within the UK rallying community. This latest revision comes into effect from 1 July 2017 and includes a complete renumbering of the requirements in a style similar to the MSA Blue Book. There are also new annexes including: Predicted Marshal Strength; Competitor Briefing; Splits and Merges; Risk Assessment Templates; and First-on-Scene. There are also revisions to existing annexes covering the media, service areas and refuelling. Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, said: “We are extremely grateful for the way in which volunteer organising teams have risen to the challenge of implementing the Stage Rally Safety Requirements, which remain crucial to ensuring the future of the sport in this country. The document will always be subject to revision and enhancement as we gather feedback from events and we will endeavour to keep it as up-to-date and user-friendly as possible.”

The update is available in two formats. First there is a straightforward updated version of the main document. Secondly and alternatively, the updates will be available as a supplementary sheet to the existing main document.

RallyFuture news in brief GRANT-AID AVAILABLE TO CLUBS

Event organising clubs are reminded that the British Motor Sports Training Trust (BMSTT) has offered grant-aid towards the purchase of red and white safety tape and additional Spectator Warning Notices required under the MSA Stage Rally Safety Requirements. Eligible clubs can claim up to 75 per cent of additional expenditure up to a total of £900 in 2017. To apply apply please visit the MSA website.


MSA Extra / April 2017



Latest results across the different types of motor sport goverened by the MSA

British Rally Championship

PRESTONE MSA BRITISH RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Fredrik Ahlin and co-driver Torstein Eriksen won the Brick & Steel Border Counties Rally, the curtain-raising round of the Prestone MSA British Rally Championship. Provisional championship standings 1 Fredrik Ahlin – 25 points 2 Tom Cave – 22 3 Osian Pryce – 15

Duncan Stephens

Duncan Stephens

LINK UP LTD MSA BRITISH CAR TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIP MSA BRITISH SPORTING TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP Richard Sharp won the JB Taylor at its new venue at Sywell, Northamptonshire in extremely dry conditions.

Results 1 Richard Sharp (Cartwright) 19 2 Stuart Beare (Sherpa) 23 3 Julian Fack (Crossle) 24

Neil Mackay returned to winning ways to take the Ivinghoe Car Trial in extremely dry conditions. Results 1 Neil Mackay (Citroen AX) 87.3% 2 Shawn Franklin (Citroen Saxo VTS) 95.8% 3 Rupert North (Rover Mini) 97.9%

Jakob Ebrey Photography

TOYO TIRES MSA BRITISH RALLYCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP Nathan Heathcote won the opening round at Croft Circuit in North Yorkshire, on his debut in the Supercar category. Provisional championship standings 1 Nathan Heathcote – 30 points 2 Kevin Procter – 27 3 Ollie O’Donovan – 25

F4 BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP CERTIFIED BY FIA – POWERED BY FORD Jamie Caroline and Ayrton Simmons shared the victories in the season opener at Brands Hatch. Provisional championship standings 1 Jamie Caroline – 60 points 2 Ayrton Simmons – 41 = Oscar Piastri – 41



Mark Breen


MSA ANICC MCGRADY INSURANCE NORTHERN IRELAND RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Seven-time Northern Ireland Rally Champion Derek McGarrity, with co-driver Nigel Magee, took a twenty-four second victory.

Tom Ingram, Gordon Shedden and Andrew Jordan took a win apiece as the 2017 championship got underway at Brands Hatch.

Results 1 Derek McGarrity/ Nigel Magee (Ford Fiesta WRC) 36m17s 2 Derek McGeehan/Laurie Smyth (Mini WRC) +0:24s 3 Stuart Biggerstaff/Stephen Jess (Subaru Impreza WRC) +0:27.8s

Provisional championship standings 1 Gordon Shedden (Halfords Yuasa Racing) – 48 points 2 Tom Ingram (Speedworks Motorsport) – 42 3 Andrew Jordan (BMW Pirtek Racing) – 41

Paul Lawrence






Osian Pryce took a dominant victory in his Ford Fiesta R5 as the championship season got underway.

Stephen Petch and Michael Wilkinson (Fiesta WRC) won the Somerset Stages.

Provisional championship standings 1 Osian Pryce – 30 points 2 Dylan Davies – 27 3 David Howells – 25

Provisional championship standings 1= Stephen Petch – 25 points 1= Patrick Naylor – 25 1= Ed Fossey – 25

Nick Elliott and Dave Price made it two wins from two rounds in the 2017 Mintex MSA British Historic Rally Championship with a resounding win on Rally North Wales.

Image: Stock image for illustrative purposes.



Provisional championship standings 1 Nick Elliott/Dave Price – 63 points 2 Jason Pritchard/Phil Clarke – 53 3 Rudi Lancaster/Guy Weaver – 47


Jock Armstrong and Paula Swinscoe won their second consecutive Border Counties rally and with it, round two of the championship.

Steve Miles won the Great Western Sprint, overcoming Matt Hillam and Graham Porrett whose engine was performing less than perfectly.

Results 1 Jock Armstrong/Paula Swinscoe (Subaru Impreza) 43m32.4s 2 Euan Thorburn/Paul Beaton (Ford Fiesta R5) 56m28.8s 3 Mike Faulkner/Peter Foy (Mitsubishi Evo IX) 44m2.9s

Results 1 Steve Miles (2.0 Van Dieman RF96) 120.00s 2 Matt Hillam (2.0 Dallara-SBD) 121.41s 3 Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola T90/50) 126.69s


MSA Extra / April 2017

Championship Updates


Taylor Barnard won both Finals, from Matthew Rees and Arvid Lindblad in Final 1, and Maxwell Dodds and Oliver Denny in Final 2.

Chris Chapman won the Foxley Autotest, round two of championship.


Louie Westover won Final 1 after overcoming Samuel White early on with Sean Butcher following. Provisional championship standings 1 Louie Westover – 193 points 2 Samuel White – 186 3 Jonny Wilkinson – 180

Abbi Pulling won both finals in the second round of the championship.

Danny Keirle won both Finals after overcoming poleman Josh Skelton in Final 1.

Results 1 Abbi Pulling (Tal-Ko) 13m02:16s 2 Kurt Roberts (Jade) +6.09s 3 Theo Hesketh (Tonykart) +0.71s

Provisional championship standings 1 Danny Keirle – 195 points 2 Josh Skelton – 190 3 James Johnston – 18




Provisional championship standings 1 Richard Pinkney – 58 points 2 Chris Chapman – 57 3 Malcolm Livingston – 55

Provisional championship standings 1 Taylor Barnard – 195 points 2 Freddie Slater –180 3 Arvid Lindblad – 177

Fern Motorsport


BRITPART MSA BRITISH CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIP Current champion Martin Gould started his title defence with a win at round one. Results 1 Martin Gould/Simon Kerfoot (Buxton 4x4 Rivet) 01h29m38s 2 Justin Birchall/Jonny Koonja (Lofthouse Freelander) 01h30m42s 3 Adrian Marfell/Paul Bartleman (Fouquet Nissan) 01h31m04s


MSA BRITISH SUPERKART CHAMPIONSHIP TUTO MSA TKM SENIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Matthew Allnutt won round two at Rissington, after a close battle with Adam Sparrow.

Results 1 Matthew Allnutt (Tonykart) 13m04.40s 2 Adam Sparrow (Tal-Ko) +0.41s 3 Sam Fowler (Jade) +0.49s

Reigning champion Jack Layton and four times champion Paul Platt shared the honours at Bishopscourt after some very close racing. Provisional championship standings 1= Jack Layton – 75 points 2= Paul Platt – 75 3 Gavin Bennett – 60


Academy Equipping the UK’s most promising young drivers

MSA ACADEMY AASE APPLICATIONS OPEN Applications are open for the next AASE programme – a three-year course for drivers aged 16-18, delivered by the MSA Academy in conjunction with Loughborough College. Now in its eighth year, AASE is vital to any young driver serious about achieving success in motor sport. It develops young athletes, providing the underpinning knowledge of what it takes to achieve success in the sport, while providing an accredited qualification from a college that understands the needs of potentially elite athletes.

planning, nutrition and many more strings to your bow is a real bonus. Being part of AASE and picking up this knowledge has helped me so much in my first season in the BTCC and everything we covered on the programme has become increasingly relevant to my career. It costs you nothing but your time and commitment, so why wouldn’t you sign up?”Tom Ingram, AASE Graduate

“The AASE programme is a real must-do for drivers looking to forge a career out of motor sport. The coaches the MSA have chosen are the best around. Adding preparation, time management, career

The full programme framework will run for three years, beginning in September 2017 and will be based around three-day sessions twice a month at Loughborough College. Much of the AASE programme content aligns with other elements of the MSA Academy talent development pathway, such as the Team UK national squad, using the same principles of qualified coaching. AASE alumni include the likes of Jake Dennis, Seb Morris, Tom Ingram, Chris Ingram, Josh Webster, Matt Parry, Charlie Robertson and Sennan Fielding to name a few. Applications close 17 May 2017. For more info visit  or email


MSA Extra / April 2017

MSA Academy

CIK-FIA NOMINEES TO MOTOR SPORTS HOUSE The two young drivers chosen to represent the UK in this year’s CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy visited Motor Sports House to meet MSA Academy staff, prepare for the upcoming Trophy and learn about topics such as anti-doping.

INGRAM ACCOMPLISHES IN THE AZORES Team UK’s Chris Ingram, and co-driver Elliott Edmondson, took victory at the first round of the FIA European Rally Championship U27 Junior championship at the Azores Rally last weekend (1 April). The Young Brits won their class by over 14 minutes and finished 11th overall amongst 18 four-wheel drive R5 category finishers. The 22-year-old Opel works driver took maximum points in the ERC Under 27 championship, putting Opel in the lead of the overall ERC Team’s championship.

The aim was to give Joseph Taylor and Alex Simmonds the best possible chance of success in the three-round world championship, which kicks off in Belgium next month (14 May).


GoMotorsport Developing club motorsport for people of all ages and backgrounds

Club Spotlight


The days of a mile-long Sprint course along Southsea seafront, or ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ competing on the Eastern Road, are long gone, but Southsea Motor Club continues to be one of the key clubs in southern England. The club organises events plus a variety of social and fund raising activities.  The South Downs Stages rally at Goodwood (organised in association with Bognor Regis Motor Club) is an early season highlight with the stages running into darkness on the iconic racing circuit.  The entry list always fills very quickly as competitors seek to start their season at this well-run event. Drivers and navigators develop through the club as it offers navigational scatters, a popular series of 12 car rallies and a navigational 20/20 rally. Another highlight is the weekend of the Historic Trial and Sporting Trial at Langrish in March, which illustrates the diversity of club events available where members can compete and volunteer. Southsea Motor Club has a particularly strong representation with younger members and competitors.  A Production Car Autotest, run in conjunction with East Hampshire District Council in the car park

of their offices in Petersfield, started in 2014 as a Go Motorsport initiative to bring all the parties together. This is targeted at drivers in the age range 14-17.  From the first event, which gave eighteen drivers their first taste of competitive motorsport, these events continue to be a highlight of the club year. Southsea Motor Club’s links with Andover College and Sparsholt College, Winchester, have proved productive, encouraging new AutoSOLO competitors and addressing the common challenge of finding venues to run events.  The club has also formed an AutoSOLO sub-committee to try and find new venues and to use these events to develop future teams of organisers to run them.

An innovative approach to finding a replacement Autocross venue will see the Club run its 2017 event on the Isle of Wight, with support from the Isle of Wight Car Club. This ‘offshore’ trip will be a special weekend for competitors in the Southern Counties Autocross Championship as well as giving islanders the chance to take part. The Club’s recent awards evening, the first in a new standalone format, saw a strong attendance of competitors and volunteers recognised for their efforts and achievements in 2016.   The presentations culminated with the presentation of the Maybury Trophy for the best overall driver.  For the first time since its inception in 1938 this magnificent trophy went to a lady driver, Jo Williams. Go Motorsport Regional Development Officer, Andrew Bisping, who helped present the awards said “The evening was fantastic from my perspective as the winners covered such an age spectrum across the club with lady winners well represented too.” “Southsea Motor Club never seems to stand still.  It’s been developing and innovating every year and thoroughly deserves the success it’s seeing.  I’m confident it will continue to think about where it wants to go and plan for that success; sustaining itself as a vibrant energetic club.”


MSA Extra / April 2017

Go Motorsport Club Development

WEST SUFFOLK MOTOR CLUB West Suffolk Motor Club ran events from national to club level for over three decades, but by the turn of the new millennium they found that activity levels and membership numbers were becoming lower and finding officials and marshals for events was becoming tougher. The club ran car trials, which while successful were not attracting newcomers or the younger generation. The club recognised that a new approach was needed, and started talking to other clubs. WSMC found that they weren’t the only club facing challenges, and it was agreed that clubs within the region would work together to form the Anglia Motor Sport Club. Each club would remain autonomous, organising their own events and operating independently, while working together to promote events and support with volunteers. The group focused on club level grassroots events, such as car trials, autoSOLOs and autotests. In the four years since AMSC was formed West Suffolk Motor Club’s membership has tripled. WSMC run events, with the support of other AMSC member clubs. If you go to any AMSC event you are certain to find West Suffolk MC members competing and volunteering too. When someone new turns up to an event, they are asked “where do you live?” and directed to the most appropriate club in the region as well as being introduced to any members there. The clubs all recognise the need to work together for the good of sport and not just to boost an individual clubs’ membership numbers; the latter is simply a benefit that has been found through increased co-operation and promotion.

of and fitting FHRs. Quiz nights (including against other clubs) and talks also form part of their social calendar. West Suffolk MC have created a promotional video for car trials to demonstrate the discipline, as well as regularly attending “non motor sport” events in the local area. The club website has also been redeveloped, and now gives people the chance to enter all events electronically. On club events West Suffolk MC appoints assistants to key roles such as the Clerk of the Course and Secretary. This gives people the opportunity to learn more about what is involved and helps train new potential volunteers for the future. West Suffolk MC plans to continue working within the region supporting clubs. Seeing event and membership numbers increase, plus more motor sport activity within the region is all testament to the work of West Suffolk MC, AMSC and other clubs in the region.

West Suffolk MC have also used social media to their benefit. They use social media to publicise their events and encourage people along whether as a spectator, competitor or volunteer. WSMC run a number of social evenings during the year, covering topics such as how to use social media, rally navigation, rally timing and use


GoMo Volunteers


Leanne Ritchie

What or who inspired you to get into motor sport?

My Dad! My Dad started off as a marshal, moved into radio as a radio operator and is now a member of the SMMC rescue units. I used to attend rallies with him when I was young and took my inspiration from there. Although we are now in different areas of the sport – we’re keeping it in the family.

Brief volunteering history to present

I started off as a marshal, usually in the same locations as my dad was running radio car and quickly moved into operating the radio myself, and worked up to getting my own radio callsign. I then became a radio controller and started taking on the communications officer’s role on some events. Currently I am Communications Officer for the Grampian Stages, Granite Stages at Leuchars and the Mull Rally. I am also a member of the HQ radio comms team on Wales Rally GB. When I am not busy with all that – I assist at MSA marshals training days as a trainer.

What’s the best thing about being a motor sport volunteer? Getting to do what you love, along with likeminded friends. You become part of the motorsport family and that is a privilege.

What’s your day job?

I am in the process of returning to practice as a Midwife! I have experience in lots of areas though such as Competence and Training for oil and gas as well as car sales.

Which motor clubs do you belong to?

What piece of advice would you give to a new volunteer?

GO FOR IT! Don’t put it off! Join a club and get in touch with them to make sure you get all the support and training you need. You won’t regret it!

Scottish Motorsports Marshals Club (SMMC) and Aberdeen and District Motor Club (ADMC)

What role(s) do you volunteer in?

Rally Marshal, Radio Operator, Radio Controller, Chief Communications Officer, MSA Trainer, MSA Training Co-Ordinator

How long have you been volunteering for?

I have been volunteering for as long as I have been old enough – so 13 years! I have been doing radio for 13 years and obtained my radio controllers licence in 2013. I have been an MSA trainer and training coordinator for just over a year.


MSA Extra / April 2017

Go Motorsport Bringing newcomers to the sport

to organise auto solos on the university’s car parks, plus running two cars, one in the Junior BRC and all students are getting very involved with the sport but also have plans to start moving into training for scrutineers and timekeepers.


What can I compete in? What does it cost? These are the two main questions asked by prospective motorsport competitors. While that is usually the way people see the sport, we need to show them that being a competitor is only a small part of it and that the rewards can be very satisfying in organising or volunteering. To layout the opportunities that are available to newcomers to the sport we should be advising people to join their local motor club.

I recently worked with a local university and helped get approx. 27 students through the Rally Marshal registration, then gave some basic training and a briefing so that they were ready to assist on the Cholmondeley Stage on Rally GB in November, which they all enjoyed dealing with the regroup and the GRP B cars. The spark was ignited and they have started working with a local motor club

There are a number of ways to start competing reasonably cheaply and using cars with very limited modifications and these include Autotesting, Autosolos, Autocross and Road Rallying and with these entry level sports standard cars are encouraged. Autotests and Autosolos are usually run on sealed surfaces, usually carparks and create good car control and for the spectator a very good days’ entertainment, Autocross are usually run on Stubble fields therefore tend to be seasonal and cars run against the clock singly or in pairs and are also a great spectator sport. So, all of these make great family entertainment and a great way to start motorsport and for more information on all motorsport got to the Go Motorsport website Or contact your local Go Motorsport RDO.

The club should then advise the new member of the journey they can have through the sport and my advice is start by becoming a Marshal, register with the MSA in your chosen discipline Race or Rally, this will then open many doors for the newcomer and will start them on a journey making good friends as they go along. Once involved with a club and marshalling other doors will open from event organising, becoming scrutineers, timekeepers, or rescue and recovery. Many people stand back at events and spectate, especially younger people, but they may be in further education at colleges or university’s taking motor vehicle or motorsport courses and these are the people that clubs should be targeting.


GoMo MSA Motor Sport Development Fund in the South

The MSA Motor Sport Development Fund (previously the Club Development Fund) exists to support motor clubs in a practical way, by providing grants to partfund key development activity. This financial element supports a club’s development plan, often engaging the active support of the local Go Motorsport Regional Development Officer, so do seek their help. A club needs to understand: ƒƒ Where it is now? ƒƒ What it wants to achieve? ƒƒ How to get there? Once a club understands these things it’ll be in a strong position to plan its actions, commit its own funds and to demonstrate a strong case for grant funding too. This can be about activities such as making safety improvements to existing venues or activity to recruit more members. Bath Motor Club and Devizes and District Motor Club worked together to make repairs to the Kemble AutoSOLO venue, where a surface join was breaking-up, causing a step to develop in the surface.  Their application was strengthened by having a long term hire arrangement with the venue owner and shared use of the facility between clubs.  Their application was successful and resulted in an improved venue as pictured last month.


Bournemouth and District Car Club had a second-hand display trailer that was used extensively. Club members used this as a base at many public events in the south, often car related but not directly motor sport.  They have used it successfully as a base to talk to potential new members from a wide range of backgrounds and interests and introduce them to the Club. It proved so useful they wanted to replace it.  The club reinvested income from events and combined this with grant funding to buy a new trailer, which is now being sign written for the 2017 season. Full details can be found on the MSA website at where application forms (including an online form) and a guidance document covering the fund are available. If your Motor Club would like guidance with any applications please contact your Go Motorsport Regional Development Officer whose contact details can be found at contact

MSA Extra / April 2017

Go Motorsport MSA Motor Sport Development Fund in the South West

twitter feed Steve Milward‫‏‬ @stevemilward   Apr 9 Great teamwork from all the Marshals and the officials, proud to have been part of it @ThanksMarshal @MSAUK @BMMC_UK

With the ever evolving world of motor sport comes an inevitable cost burden to the organising Motor Clubs involved. Such costs can be unavoidably imposed as a result of necessary regulation changes requiring the upgrading of existing, or the purchase of new, equipment such as safety signs, stage furniture or simply the replacement of traffic cones (for instance) that may have seen better days. Following a successful application to the Club Development Fund (recently relaunched as the MSA Motor Sport Development Fund) Camel Vale Motor Club were able to purchase orange netting, road pins, barrier tape, and signage in order to allow for compliance with the new regulations for stage rallies. The new equipment was employed on the Co-Promoted Boconnoc Motor Sport Carnival Stage Rally and has been a welcome addition to the existing equipment provided by the other Motor Clubs supporting the event. It is great to see that, although the new purchases are obviously the property of Camel Vale Motor Club, they are supporting other clubs in the region by giving access to the new equipment in the support of such joint events as the Boconnoc Motor Sport Carnival. Such support is encouraged and reflects well in applications. One of the rules for funding under this scheme is that at least 50% of the project cost is being covered by the applicant with different funding opportunities available depending on the funding stream applied for. Full details can be found on the MSA website at Resource-Centre/Clubs-Organisers where application forms (including an online form) and a guidance document covering the fund are available. If your Motor Club would like guidance with any applications please contact your Go Motorsport Regional Development Officer whose contact details can be found at

Mike Cole‫‏‬ @mcole7617   Mar 25 Huge @ ThanksMarshal to all who supported @ BristolMC @CastleCombeUK today. Special thnx to those who dealt with the major incidents. Matt Endean‫‏‬ @MattEndeanRally   Mar 25 @ ThanksMarshal @BristolMC @CastleCombeUK thanks to all the marshals and organisers for their work today. Eddie Kelly‫‏‬ @eddiekelly69   Apr 11 Without marshals, there is no motorsport. #thanksmarshal #doingitinorange #orangearmy #mysmrc17 @SMRC4 @ krcircuit Daz Hindle‫‏‬ @DazHindle   Apr 9 In place at Junction 6 for today’s @MSNRallyChamp at @CadwellPark - it’s going to be a good day! #thanksmarshal Somerset Stages‫‏‬ @somersetstages   Apr 8 THANK YOU to all the volunteers who have given up their valuable time to help us run this years event! RallyNorthWales‫‏‬ @RallyNorthWales  Apr 1 A huge thank you to all marshals & officials for helping us run a safe & successful #RNW17. We couldn’t do it without you! #ThanksMarshal

@ThanksMarshal 23

GoMo Events

MARCH ‘EVENTS’ IN NORTHERN IRELAND Two Northern Ireland based motor clubs were busy promoting motorsport during the month of March. Larne Motor Club, which featured in last month’s newsletter after visiting Belfast Metropolitan College, was back in the public eye in its hometown of Larne while Ballynahinch and District Motor Club spent a day in Lisburn... It was on 4 March that a team of Larne Motor Club members set up a club stand in Larne town centre as part of a Road Safety Community Event. Club members joined the Larne Fire Station crew, who performed a Road Traffic Collision extraction demo for members of the public, while other members provided competition cars for display.

Department for Communities, this year’s event was based in Lisburn and provided an opportunity for local schoolchildren to learn about different types of sport.

new blood into the sport. It was great to be involved in the event and to have the opportunity to share our enthusiasm with the younger generation.”

Club members ran the stand which included two Mitsubishi Lancer rally cars as well as the club’s equipment trailer, which served as shelter from the morning rain!

Almost 2000 students attended and many of them enjoyed their first experience of sitting inside a rally car. The event provided a great opportunity for the club to promote themselves as well as motorsport in general. As a result, a number of schools expressed an interest in bringing the motor club into their schools. Watch this space...

“These children are the future of our sport,” Craig Hunt said afterwards. “We need to do everything we can to encourage

“I thought it would be a good idea for the club to support the road safety event,” Club Chairman Jonathan Millar said. “It gave us another opportunity to promote the club to the local community as well as strengthen our relationship with other organisations. We spoke to lots of members of the public, handed out flyers and promoted the FIA Action for Road Safety Campaign.” Meanwhile, Ballynahinch and District Motor Club attended Northern Ireland’s ‘Celebration of Sport’ at Lagan Valley Leisureplex on 31 March. Organised by the


MSA Extra / April 2017

Go Motorsport


MSA Extra, April 2017!  
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