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MSA IMPROVES TRANSPARENCY OF GOVERNANCE FOLLOWING STRATEGIC REVIEW The MSA will make significant changes to its governance structures and processes from 2018 following detailed analysis of the recommendations of a major strategic review. The review was carried out during 2016 to audit the functions and remit of the governing body. It centred on ten core areas of the MSA’s operations, the first being Board, Structure and Governance, with an MSA Board working group established to work through the recommendations.


A key outcome from the review is the reconfirmation of the MSA Board’s primacy in the governance of UK motor sport. It also recognised that the Board is ultimately accountable for all decisions that are taken on its behalf by Motor Sports Council, the sport’s rule-making body. Therefore, from 2018 the Chairman of Motor Sports Council will recommend all rule changes to the MSA Board, which will then be responsible for their ratification.

MSA Extra / December 2017

Cover There will be further changes implemented from 2018, with the major ones as follows: ƒƒ The Executive Committee of Motor Sports Council will cease to appoint members to the Specialist Committees representing the various disciplines of motor sport. Instead, the Committees themselves will select new members from the nominations submitted following advertised vacancies. Retiring members will not have a vote, however the MSA will retain a right of veto.

twitter feed Jack Benyon @jackbenyon  Dec 1 No slacking off today. I’m @iZoneCoaching @SilverstoneUK to form part of the judging panel for the @MSAUK Young Driver of the Year 2017!

ƒƒ Specialist Committee Chairmen will be elected directly by their Committee members. ƒƒ All Specialist Committee and Board appointments will be subject to a maximum tenure of three terms of three years. ƒƒ All six Advisory Panels (Safety; Technical; Judicial; Timekeeping; Medical; Volunteer Officials) will become full Specialist Committees of Motor Sports Council. ƒƒ There will be an Annual General Assembly, inviting stakeholders including clubs, promoters, venue operators and sponsors for their input. ƒƒ Six new National Committees will be established to represent each country – three for England (north, central and south) and one each for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each will include representatives from circuit racing; stage rallying; speed; karting; offroad & grassroots; venue operators and promoters. ƒƒ The Chairman of each National Committee will be nominated as a Member of the MSA. This will thus broaden the voting Membership of the company, which currently comprises the members of Motor Sports Council and nominees of the Royal Automobile Club. ƒƒ The Regional Committee will meet two times per year, rather than the current three. ƒƒ The Executive Committee will be renamed the Management Committee of Motor Sports Council. Its scope will be refocused to dealing only with urgent matters that cannot wait for a Council or relevant committee meeting. It will meet only as required by its Chairman.

Larne Motor Club @larnemotorclub Dec 7 GREAT NEWS! Our wee club picks up another @MSAUK award this year. #Larne MC Vice Chairman Jonathan Millar wins the UK Clerk of the Course of the year award. @SportLarne @Larne_Times @ANICCMotorsport @Larne_TimesSK Jamie Edwards @jemsport Dec 1 It really is so easy to renew your competition licence online. Nice work @MSAUK. Gary Skipp @garyskippracing Dec 9 Nice one @MSAUK enjoyed the article on CIK Finals in Winter 2017 magazine. Marshal @ThanksMarshal Dec 1 It might be December, but there are still many @MSAUK events taking place this month. What are you marshalling on? #Motorsport #ThanksMarshal SuperfastScots @SuperfastScots Dec 1 Woo hoo! New race licence arrived. I hope I get the opportunity to use it! Loving every minute on track @krcircuit @SMRC4 @MSAUK #Scotland #Motorsport


Alan Gow, MSA Chairman, said: “The Strategic Review incorporated many aspects of the MSA’s operations - bringing into focus some important and fundamental changes both necessary and desirable for a more streamlined and transparent governance structure. These will be implemented during the course of 2018, with some various details to be worked through before then. “I would like to thank the Board of the MSA and the Executive for handling the additional workload that this wide-ranging operational review entailed, with great enthusiasm and dedication. I’m very pleased and proud to be able to sign-off my Chairmanship with this, having now taken the company through this vigorous process and committed it to these changes for the great future of the MSA and the sport.”

Issued by the Motor Sports Association Motor Sports House, Riverside Park Colnbrook, SL3 0HG Tel: +44 (0)1753 765000 Email:



The latest briefing from your governing body

GOW PREPARES TO SIGN OFF AFTER 12 YEARS AS MSA CHAIRMAN Alan Gow’s 12-year tenure as MSA Chairman will come to an end on 31 December, before David Richards CBE takes over at the helm of the British governing body from 2018. Writing in the new issue of MSA Magazine, Gow reflected on his time in the role and focused particularly on the creation of new initiatives to develop UK motor sport. “During my tenure, the MSA’s strategic direction has purposefully shifted towards the long-term growth and development of UK motorsport,” he said. “This resulted in a new ‘Whole Sport Plan’ and the


launch of various initiatives, including Go Motorsport, which was designed to promote the sport and encourage more people to get involved at grassroots level. This evolved over the years to become the club support programme that it is today – it has assisted 132 clubs this year alone.” Gow also recognised the difficulties that he has helped the MSA to overcome. “The MSA, almost constantly, faces new and hugely challenging issues relating to the sport,” he said. “I am extremely proud to say that we navigated through every difficult period in a wholly

committed and determined way, while continuing to offer an ever-expanding range of services to a large and highly complex set of sports with efficiency and professionalism.” In closing, he said: “Now it is time for the next chapter to begin at the MSA. I’m delighted that David Richards has been selected as my successor from 2018 and would like to take this opportunity to convey, to every person and stakeholder involved in our sport, my best wishes for a very safe and successful future.”

MSA Extra / December 2017


RICHARDS TO DELIVER WATKINS LECTURE AT AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL David Richards CBE, MSA Chairman-elect, will deliver the Motorsport Safety Fund Watkins Lecture at Autosport International on Friday 12 January. Named after the late F1 doctor, Professor Sid Watkins, the annual lecture aims to address safety in motor sport. Richards joins Professor Watkins and Adrian Newey as one of only three people to be invited to speak at the lecture twice in its 21year history. Richards last spoke at the event in 2002, after the late Richard Burns had secured the FIA World Rally Championship driver’s title for the Subaru World Rally Team, which he was running at the time. Dr Ian Roberts, Chairman of the Motorsport Safety Fund, said: “The Trustees of the Fund are delighted that David has accepted our invitation to be the guest speaker for a second time. It is particularly fitting this year with David just starting his term as Chairman of the MSA”. The lecture begins at 11.15am. Admission is free but attendees must register in advance by CLICKING HERE.

TICKET DISCOUNT FOR MSA MEMBERS The MSA has teamed up with Autosport International once again to offer members an exclusive £5 discount on tickets to the two trade days at Birmingham’s NEC on 11-12 January. To claim the discount, CLICK HERE and then follow the link to complete the registration form, inserting your MSA licence number when promoted. The offer is limited to one ticket per MSA licence

holder; if purchasing multiple tickets, all licence numbers must be inserted. The MSA will return to Autosport International with a stand in the usual location, just inside the main entrance. As always, staff from the governing body will be on hand throughout the event to handle queries on licensing, sporting, technical and other matters.


News MSA CANDIDATES SELECTED FOR FIA COMMISSIONS The MSA has successfully nominated 23 candidates to FIA Commissions in 2018, further demonstrating the UK’s place as a world-leader in motor sport. The quantity of successful UK nominations showcases the knowledge and excellence of the thousands of people working and volunteering in British motorsport. The successful candidates for 2018 were: ƒƒ Ben Taylor (IMS Managing Director) – World Rally Championship Commission ƒƒ Mike Broad – Rally Commission ƒƒ Fred Gallagher – Cross-Country Rally Commission ƒƒ Dennis Carter – Grand Touring Car Commission ƒƒ Alan Gow – Touring Car Commission ƒƒ Terry Cox – Truck Racing Commission ƒƒ Kate Adamson (MSA Safety Director) – Circuits Commission ƒƒ Joe Hickerton (MSA Technical Manager) – Electric and New Energy Championships Commission ƒƒ Cheryl Lynch (MSA Race, Speed & Kart Executive) – OffRoad Commission ƒƒ David Grace – Hill Climb Commission ƒƒ Rod Parkin – Historic Motor Sport Commission ƒƒ David Tremayne – Land Speed Records Commission ƒƒ Philip Evans – Drag Racing Commission

ƒƒ John Ryan (MSA Technical Director) – Homologation Regulations Commission; Single-Seater Commission ƒƒ Russell Anderson – International Karting Commission ƒƒ Alan Page (MSA Training Executive) – Volunteers and Officials Commission ƒƒ Sara Williams – Women in Motor Sport Commission ƒƒ Dr Ian Roberts – Medical Commission ƒƒ Derek Warwick – Drivers’ Commission ƒƒ Ian Davis (MSA Regional, Rallies & Cross Country Executive) – Closed Road Commission ƒƒ David Butler – Disability and Accessibility Commission ƒƒ David Lapworth – Environment and Sustainability Commission In addition to the MSA nominations, the FIA has appointed Robert Reid as President of the Closed Road Commission and MSA Extra columnist Nathalie McGloin as President of the new Disability and Accessibility Commission. UK appointments to the International Court are Edwin Glasgow QC, Tony Scott Andrews and Mark Gay. Additionally, MSA Chief Executive Rob Jones is a member of the Anti-Doping Judicial Committee.

MSA DISTRIBUTES £472,000 REBATE TO MSA EVENT-ORGANISING CLUBS The Motor Sports Association (MSA) will distribute its largest-ever insurance rebate of £472,000 to MSA event-organising clubs, to help boost their finances ahead of the 2018 season. All event-organising clubs collect ‘per capita’ insurance fees from competitors and provide this to the MSA to cover the costs of insurance programmes. The MSA works hard to obtain the best possible insurance arrangements, and at the same time through careful risk management aims to produce a surplus over costs to make a rebate to the clubs. The £472,000 represents 100% of the surplus from all insurance fees collected throughout the year. Alan Gow, MSA Chairman, said: “I’m very proud that the MSA, through very prudent financial and insurance management, are able to provide this largest-ever rebate to our clubs. These funds will be in their bank accounts by the end of the year, thus providing them with some


important and often-needed cash-flow particularly during the ‘off-season’. It is yet further demonstration of the MSA’s real commitment in looking after our clubs, who are the very foundation of our sport.” Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, added: “Careful management of risk means that the MSA Board has been able to agree a very substantial six-figure rebate to our event-organising clubs, who are the bedrock of UK motor sport. Through a strong partnership of organising clubs, competitors, volunteers and the MSA we have achieved the best possible insurance position in 2017 and I am delighted that we can reward our partners commitment to safety and risk management in such a significant way.” MSA Extra / December 2017


MSA CONGRATULATES TODT AND STOKER ON FIA RE-ELECTION The MSA has congratulated Jean Todt on his re-election as FIA President and Graham Stoker on his re-appointment as FIA Deputy President for Sport. Todt was handed a third term in office with a unanimous show of hands at the FIA’s General Assembly in Paris last week (8 December). “It is gratifying to have such universal support,” said Todt. “I would like to thank all of the Member Clubs of the FIA for their support. I see this as a validation of the direction the FIA has taken under my leadership, and as encouragement to continue the programme we have pursued over the past eight years.”

Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, welcomed the move. “The MSA has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the FIA under Jean’s leadership,” said Jones. “He has expressed his support and enthusiasm for UK motor sport on many occasions, for example when visiting us at Autosport International or attending our annual Night of Champion ceremony.

“We are equally pleased that Graham Stoker will continue for another term as FIA Deputy President for Sport. As a former Chairman of the UK’s Motor Sports Council, Graham is very well known to the MSA and we are confident that this close relationship will continue to prove beneficial to the interests of British motor sport over the coming years.”

“The MSA has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the FIA under Jean’s leadership” 7


BARRY ARUNDELL AND SOUTHSEA MC WIN VOLUNTEER AND CLUB AWARDS Barry Arundell and Southsea Motor Club have been named the JLT MSA Volunteer and Club of the Year respectively, following an outstanding array of entries showcasing the best of UK motor sport. Barry was nominated by the Motorsport Marshalling Partnership (MMP) in recognition of his efforts over many years in Northern Ireland as well as the Republic of Ireland. Barry is a chief marshal with his local motor club and also acts as a deputy stage commander on various events, from club to international level. He was praised for his enthusiastic approach to marshalling and for taking every available opportunity to enhance his knowledge and skills. “I am very humbled and privileged to receive the JLT


MSA Volunteer of the Year 2017 award,” said Barry. “I would like to thank the clubs that have nominated me and especially my own club, Omagh Motor Club, which has just celebrated its 75th anniversary. It is not only me – there’s a great bunch of people who are the backbone of the club and this is for them as well as me.” Southsea Motor Club’s nomination was endorsed by the Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs (ACSMC). The club has increased its membership by 54 per cent in the last five years following various initiatives to introduce motor sport to new people. It currently runs events ranging from 12 Cars and autotests to stage rallies, and in 2017 it co-promoted a new autocross event on the Isle of Wight.

Shane Dennis, secretary of Southsea Motor Club, said: “We are surprised and delighted to learn of our success. This is without doubt the most prestigious award we have won in the 86-year history of Southsea Motor Club. It will raise our profile locally and help us to increase our membership and the number and type of events we organise.” Barry and representatives of Southsea Motor Club will receive trophies and prize cheques at the MSA Night of Champions at the Royal Automobile Club in London on 27 January. Overall, 56 volunteers and 20 clubs were nominated. For further details of all award winners, please CLICK HERE.

MSA Extra / December 2017


LICKORISH AND SAYLE WIN MSA YOUNG MEDIA AWARDS Sayle, aged 26 from Cheshire, was Highly Commended by the judges last year and goes a step further in 2017. The panel praised his ability to apply his talent to different disciplines, from grassroots events right up to the highest echelons of professional motor sport.

Stephen Lickorish and Matt Sayle have been named the MSA Young Journalist and Photographer of the Year respectively and will each receive a trophy and £1000 at the MSA Night of Champions on 27 January. Established 15 years ago, the awards are designed to recognise the most promising British motor sport journalists and photographers aged 30 and under. Lickorish, aged 24 from Milton Keynes, impressed the judges with a high quality selection of original news and features. The panel also noted his impressive handling of sensitive stories during his first full year on the national desk of Motorsport News and Autosport.

Lickorish said: “It’s a massive honour to have won this award. I’m fortunate to have worked alongside a number of the previous winners and it’s incredible to follow in their footsteps. I can’t thank my colleagues enough for their support over the past year, especially Jack Benyon, the 2016 winner, and Matt Beer, who does such great work with the Autosport Academy. I’m now looking forward to continuing to develop as a journalist over the next 12 months.”

Sayle said: “I can’t quite believe I have won! It hasn’t quite sunk in yet and it caps off what has been an amazing year. There’s an impressive list of previous winners and I hope to go on and follow in their footsteps. Winning this award has given me a massive confidence boost heading into next season and I can’t wait to get started.” The following young journalists and photographers also submitted outstanding entries and were designated as Highly Commended: ƒƒ Alex Kalinauckas, Autosport (journalist) ƒƒ Jack Phillips, Motor Sport (journalist) ƒƒ Daniel Wright, KM Media Group (journalist) ƒƒ Jayson Fong, Freelance (photographer) ƒƒ Michael Holden, Freelance (photographer).












Still Driven The next MSA Chairman on his vision for British motor sport’s future

The winter 2017 issue of MSA magazine is being mailed to MSA members across the UK, with a cover feature on incoming MSA Chairman, David Richards CBE. ‘It’s his professional career for which most will know him and which gives him such insight for the important job of taking the MSA into its next phase,’ writes interviewer Dan Trent. ‘And having enjoyed great success he’s now ready to give something back and steer the MSA through what he describes as “a pivotal moment” in the sport’s history. How does he intend to do that? We’ll let him explain...’ Also in the magazine, Samarth Kanal goes behind the scenes of the CIK-FIA Karting World Championships at Lincolnshire’s PF International. ‘With drivers such as Juan Pablo Montoya, Ralf Schumacher, Billy Monger and Lando Norris all joining Fernando Alonso at the event, the importance of this competition resonated across the motor sport community,’ he wrote. We also sent Jon Doran to find out what it took for Heather Calder to become the first female MSA British Sprint Champion since 1970. Meanwhile, Hal Ridge headed to Lydden Hill in Kent to see what happened when the new Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Champion faced off against his rallycross counterpart. MSA magazine is sent exclusively to all MSA Competition Licence holders, Licensed Officials, Registered Marshals and Clubs. An online version is available HERE.

MSA PUBLISHES 2017 ANNUAL REPORT The MSA has published the 2017 Company Report, which provides a comprehensive review of its activities in the administration, regulation, development and promotion of UK motor sports. The report also presents a summary of the annual financial accounts, plus detailed competition licence and event permit figures for the previous full year. To read the report online, please CLICK HERE. A limited number of hard copies is available on request; please email to enquire.


MSA Extra / December 2017


TVKC's Nigel Edwards holds the trophy aloft

TVKC WINS CIK-FIA BEST EVENT AWARD Trent Valley Kart Club (TVKC) won the Best Event accolade at the CIK-FIA awards for its organisation of the World Championships at PF International in September. TVKC’s Nigel Edwards said: “The Club would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the CIK-FIA who voted for

them and also to congratulate everyone involved at TVKC who helped to make the event such a success!” A full feature on the TVKC-run event can be found in the winter issue of MSA Magazine.


Longton and District Motor Club received the Les Edmunds Shield for running the best events of the SBD Motorsport MSA British Spring Championship at Anglesey on 14-15 October.

The accolade was presented by SBD’s Kim Broughton at the BMSA awards night in Warwickshire (18 November). The club also received an award from the Westfield Sports Car Club for running the best meeting of its series.

Longton DMC’s Graham Malcolm said: “These awards are in recognition of the efforts of everyone – marshals, officials, secretarial personnel and the circuits. It is also a testament to the help of all the competitors.”




MSA Extra / December 2017


Spinal column

Nathalie McGloin MSA Extra columnist on coping with ‘offseason blues’ track day in December with a group of mates just to go out and have fun in my race car and keep me sharp.


ost racers will know exactly what I mean by ‘off-season blues’ or ‘OSB’. You finish your last race of the season, the clocks go back and the nights get longer, the track days and testing calendar wind up for the year and spring seems awfully far away. That adrenaline you were used to experiencing on a race track subsides and your mind becomes idle as you stop thinking about spring rates and horsepower. Christmas feels like an inconvenience that gets in the way of racing and you become massively impatient for the new year’s calendar to be published. OSB is the new SAD! I missed racing so badly after my first and second seasons that I decided this year I was going to enjoy my off-season by forward planning events to do with racing. The BWRDC race in November was a wonderful way to prolong my season and getting my first podium was an extra boost! Then I booked a

I also have exciting plans for Autosport International with my charity, Spinal Track. All these things keep me in touch with racing and stop me from getting too grumpy without the motor sport buzz.

The views expressed by the individual contributors are not necessarily those of the MSA.

The best way to deal with my trademarked OSB is definitely forward planning things that keep your head in the game. That way it doesn’t feel like the seasons have a beginning and an end, but more like they are a continuous cycle of different phases of motor sport. Having a little more time away from the track also allows you to focus on sponsorship and securing funding going into your next season, which is actually something I really enjoy doing. The ultimate icing on the cake (please excuse the pun!) would be an ice driving trip to Sweden during the winter months. However, I have yet to find anywhere suitable that offers a car with hand controls. I might just have to take my Cayman over next year…

“The best way to deal with my trademarked OSB is definitely forward planning things that keep your head in the game”


Training Updates from the MSA Training Team

BMSTT GRANT AIDED TRAINING DAYS The MSA Training Department wishes to thank who applied for BMSTT Grant Aid to support training days in 2018. The BMSTT received a record number of applications totalling over £250,000 – a fantastic figure which it is hoped will help clubs to deliver excellent training. Clubs should note that a deadline for the submission of their claims has been applied this year, as detailed in the offer letter. The introduction of this grant aid payment scheme will allow the BMSTT to reallocate unused funds to organisations that may be looking to fund additional training not already applied for. It also allows the BMSTT to better forecast future expenditure, while allowing for prompt payment to those events already identified.  If for any reason a club is unable to run its training event, it should inform the MSA as soon as possible – we can then seek to reallocate the grant aid support to another event. A summary evaluation from the training is now required for payment to be authorised. This must be submitted along with the club’s claim paperwork as it assists with the reviewing and claimauthorising process.


MSA OFFERS TRAINING EVALUATION As mentioned in the BMSTT’s grant aid support offer letter, members of the MSA’s Training Working Group (TWG) may, by prior agreement, visit a club’s training event as part of the MSA’s continual improvement process. For 2018, the TWG will be supported by additional MSA Trainers who will be able to evaluate training events. It must be stressed that the purpose of their visit would be to evaluate the training material, not the trainer’s abilities. If an event is to be visited, the MSA’s representative will contact the club in advance to introduce themselves and run through the process so that there are no surprises. All evaluations will be treated in the strictest confidence and any observations made will be shared with the lead trainer. The MSA will cover the cost of sending the evaluators. MSA Extra / December 2017

Updates from the MSA Training Team

2018 SEMINAR SERIES The MSA is pleased to announce dates for the 2018 Seminar Series for Club and Event Officials. These roles typically include Club Stewards, Secretaries of the Meeting, Unlicensed Clerks, Chief Marshals, Safety Officers and Safeguarding Officers, all of whom are welcome

to apply. There is no requirement for those that act solely as a licensed Official to attend the 2018 seminar series. The invitation is open to all MSA registered Clubs and Recognised Groups from all disciplines. Clubs may nominate up to five individuals to represent them at the seminar. Newcomers are especially welcome as these seminars provide an opportunity to gain and share relevant knowledge and information with other clubs from their region. Running in parallel with the seminars this year will be the Safeguarding Training Workshop. Safeguarding Officers are invited to attend the morning’s session as well as the Safeguarding Workshop in the afternoon. The seminars are likely to run between 10.00am and 4pm, however full details will be given closer to the event date.





20th January 2018

South West; Exeter area


21st January 2018

South Wales; Newport area


27th January 2018

North; Northallerton area


10th February 2018

South East; Gatwick area


11th February 2018

Channel Islands; Jersey*


18th February 2018

Northern Ireland


17th March 2018

North West; Haydock area


18th March 2018

Midlands / East; East Midlands Airport area


25th March 2018

Scotland; Pitlochry area

For more information email or click HERE to nominate club representatives to attend a seminar in 2018 please click here to complete the online form.

SAFEGUARDING TRAINING There will be a dedicated training session for Child Safeguarding Officers (CSOs) at each of the 2018 MSA seminars for club and event officials. These three-hour sessions will help clubs meet the mandatory training requirement for their CSOs. CSOs should to contact their clubs for further details on how to register for the training.

THANK YOU FROM THE MSA TRAINING TEAM It has proven to be a busy and challenging year for the MSA Training Team and it would have been even more so without the excellent work of its network of Training Instructors. We wish to thank them all for their assistance throughout 2017 and we look forward to working with them again next year.


Volunteers News and updates from the orange army

twitter feed Martin Freeman @rallyingmart Dec 9 Safety Car Course done and passed today. Many thanks @MSAUK and @DriveTechUKLtd instructors for the engaging content. @ThanksMarshal #thanksmarshal Marshal @ThanksMarshal Dec 7 Over 30 people expressed an interest in becoming marshals at the @WalesRallyGB Cholmondeley Stage on the @Theteamwilson @gomotorsport stand Castle Combe Circuit @CastleCombeUK Dec 7 Have you ever wondered how to become a marshal at racedays, then we have just the event for you to attend to find out more......

AYRES AND HAMPSHIRE WIN LATEST MARSHALS PRIZE DRAW Mike Ayres and Dave Hampshire have been confirmed as the latest winners of the MSA’s monthly marshals prize draw and will each receive a special prize in recognition of their contribution to motor sport. Mike is a registered rally marshal from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. He wins a Red Bull Racing cap signed by F1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. Dave, from Dudley, marshalled on the Donegal Rally and Dayinsure Wales Rally GB for the last three years in a row. He wins six bottles of Black Lanson champagne, kindly donated by Lotus on Track Racing Drivers Club.

MSV Racing (MSVR) @MSVRacing Dec 5 We couldn’t do what we do without the orange army... Happy #InternationalVolunteerDay! #ThanksMarshal @BMMC_UK Motorsport Developments @Motorsportdev Dec 5 As it’s #InternationalVolunteersDay we are going to give a thank you to all of the motorsport marshals across the world! Without them, there would be no racing! @BMMC_UK #thanksmarshal @MSAUK MSA @MSAUK Dec 5 This #InternationalVolunteersDay we want to say #ThanksMarshal to our 12,000 brilliant volunteer marshals and officials. The sport couldn’t exist without you! BARC @OfficialBARCHQ Nov 27Our #BARC marshal training days are confirmed for 2018 at a host of venues... @PembreyCircuit ›️ Jan 28 @ChateauImpney ›️ Feb 3@thruxtonracing › Feb 24/25 @Croft_Circuit ›️ Mar 3More info here:

Every month at least one person is picked at random from the MSA’s database of registered marshals. They each win a special prize and receive a signed certificate of recognition from Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, on behalf of the governing body.


more information


MSA Extra / December 2017

Technical Updates, clarifications and advice


The MSA Technical Department wishes to draw attention to the latest published MSA rule changes, which include a new regulation covering the use of non-leadacid batteries as the main vehicle battery, with effect from 1 January 2019. The requirement will be for any non-leadacid battery pack to be either a standard part for that car, or from a manufacturer registered with the MSA. This registration includes a declaration that the batteries produced by this manufacturer conform to all statutory standards such as UN38.3 and are suitable for motor sport use. Manufacturer registration forms are available by contacting the MSA Technical Department on and competitors must ensure that the manufacturer of their battery has registered before 2019.


Following a recent query from a competitor, the MSA Technical Department wishes to clarify that Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) tethers do not expire, providing that they are of the correct standard and remain in good condition. Both tether standards – FIA 8858-2010 and FIA 8858-2002 – are currently acceptable, with no intended withdrawal date. The FIA safety website contains a lot of useful information, guidelines and recommendations on the fitment and use of FHRs. Please visit

MSA APPROVAL STICKERS FOR FHRS Competitors are reminded of the introduction of an approval sticker for Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) devices. This label will provide the same function as the existing MSA helmet stickers and will be applied to the FHR following a detailed inspection confirming suitable condition and compliance with the regulations. Scrutineers will remove the sticker if the FHR is found to be damaged or not in compliance with the regulations, or if it is involved in a significant accident – in much the same way as with the helmet sticker. The sticker is made of the same material as the helmet sticker, so if removed it will void and cannot be reapplied. Stickers are available directly from scrutineers at a cost of £2.50 – the same as helmet stickers.


The motor sport community is advised that Technical Officials (Scrutineers and Environmental Scrutineers) are not being listed in the MSA Yearbook from 2018. Instead, a full and up-to-date list of all Technical Officials (including Technical Commissioners and Environmental Inspectors) can be found on the MSA website at the following link:


The image on the left was submitted by an eagle-eyed scrutineer following a recent event. During scrutineering, it was noticed that the fire extinguisher Bowden cable outer simply fed straight through the lower part of the lever. This assembly would give no resistance for the Bowden inner cable to pull against and operate the lever. A correct installation is shown in the right-hand photo, where the outer cable housing positively connects to the lower lever arm using a suitable ferrule.

sign up for alerts! To sign up for email notifications when proposed regulation changes are posted online for consultation, click HERE.



Latest results across the different types of motor sport goverened by the MSA

Duncan Stephens

MSA BRITISH SPORTING TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP Round 15: Gloster Trial, 3 December Roland Uglow secured his third consecutive MSA British Sporting Trial Championship, with an emphatic win on the Gloster Trial Results 1 Roland Uglow / Beth Carroll, Crossle, 30 2 Ian Veale / Tristan Veale, Sherpa, 38 3 Paul Price / Kate Kirk, CAP, 43


Roland Uglow MSA British Sporting Trials Champion 2017 18

MSA Extra / December 2017

Academy Equipping the UK’s most promising young drivers

TREGURTHA NAMED IZONE MSA YOUNG DRIVER OF THE YEAR “It was an incredible day and I need to say a massive thank you to the MSA Academy and to iZone for the prize” ƒƒ Angus Fender, 17 from Bath ƒƒ Max Marzorati, 17 from Harrow ƒƒ Dan Seager, 17 from Loughborough ƒƒ Will Tregurtha, 17 from Milton Keynes.

View the full video

The shootout took place at the iZone Driver Performance Centre. It consisted of seven sessions including physical and mental assessments, a simulation evaluation and interviews with the judging panel. The judges were: Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive; Jack Benyon, Autosport; James Wozencroft, MSA Coach; Anna Kemp, Loughborough College; and iZone’s Neil Riddiford. Tregurtha scored highly in all the assessments to earn the judges’ unanimous endorsement and win a winter training package worth over £1000, courtesy of iZone. He will also attend the MSA’s annual prize-giving ceremony at the Royal Automobile Club on 27 January.

British GT4 Champion Will Tregurtha was named the iZone MSA Young Driver of the Year 2017 after a four-way shootout at Silverstone and will receive his trophy at the MSA Night of Champions in January.

Tregurtha said: “It was an incredible day and I need to say a massive thank you to the MSA Academy and to iZone for the prize. I have learned a lot; the competition was great and it will set me in good stead for the future.”

The accolade is awarded each year to a member of the MSA Academy’s AASE programme, a three-year course delivered in conjunction with Loughborough College. This year’s finalists were:

This year Tregurtha won the British GT4 Championship alongside teammate Stuart Middleton, becoming the youngest-ever driver pairing to win a British GT title. Tregurtha plans to race in the European GT4 Championship next year alongside Middleton.


GoMotorsport Developing club motorsport for people of all ages and backgrounds


GO MOTORSPORT REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT OFFICERS (RDOS) The MSA is seeking a pair of new Go Motorsport Regional Development Officers (RDOs) to cover the North and the East Midlands.

Go Motorsport is the MSA’s development programme, to encourage new people into motor sport and to develop and sustain motor sport. The work will include supporting motor clubs, regional associations and education establishments to encourage new people into motor sport, develop motor sport and sustain motor sport in the region via a variety of methods. The candidate must be prepared to work evenings/ weekends as required due to the nature of the sport. It is imperative that the candidate is a motivated self-starter and is confident and able to work independently including managing their own diary and workload. For the full role description and details of how to apply, please CLICK HERE.

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MSA Extra / December 2017

Go Motorsport bringing newcomers to the sport Howard Davies, Wales RDO, explains how Elfyn Evans’ recent Wales Rally GB success has inspired his development work. Elfyn’s record-breaking victory has flooded social media, TV and newspapers, with schools all over Wales taking an interest in the young Welshman’s achievement. I was asked by Fiona Balchin, a teacher from Penglais School in Aberystwyth, to go along and speak to the students about rallying. I teamed up with local navigator Andrew Edwards, a member of Aberystwyth and Dovey Valley Motor Clubs, who organised a rally car from Tsalta Motorsport in Aberystwyth. Armed with maps, roamers and pencils we turned up at the school and were met by an enthusiastic bunch who had responded to Fiona’s advert entitled: ‘Learn to be a Navigator’. We gave a brief description of what the navigator’s job entails and shared our competition experiences. We then divided the students into groups of two and three to

undertake a simple navigational exercise and explained how the OS grid system worked. Even the Maths teacher commented on the benefits of the numeracy exercise and was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm showed. I then explained how the local motor club organised events and hopefully inspired some of the youngsters to become involved. Andrew and I then led the students outside and showed them around the rally car. We asked them to identify the differences between the rally car and their parent’s cars, most noticing the major differences were safety related. I’ve already received feedback that some of the students are keen to get involved with local motor clubs. It is easy to put the onus of getting new people involved in our sport is on Go Motorsport and the MSA, but if clubs can get a contact within a school there is no reason this hour of fun couldn’t be replicated across the country. I’m quite confident we may have inspired the next Dan Barritt, Scott Martin, Paul Nagle or even Michael Gilby!


Spotlight on... NICK THORNTON Chairman and founder of Two Peaks Motor Club What’s your day job?

I’m an Assistant Campus Manager at a school in Huddersfield.

What role(s) do you volunteer in?

I’ve been a rally timing marshal for approximately 40 years.

What or who inspired you to get into motor sport?

My Uncle took me to my first rally in 1976, the RAC Rally. Since then I’ve co-driven at a national level in the UK and Ireland and am an ex-British Champion.

What’s your brief volunteering CV?

I marshal on all level of rallies, from road rallies to WRC events. I’ve also volunteered on a few production car trials and hill climbs.

What’s the best thing about being a motor sport volunteer?

to join like-minded people together in a local club. We organise marshalling trips out to rallies including Wales Rally GB and the Roger Albert Clark Rally, this keeps the fun in motorsport.

What piece of advice would you give to a new volunteer?

Look, learn and listen, then enjoy!

Being an ex-competitor, I wanted to put something back into the sport, plus there’s great camaraderie between marshals. The prime objective in starting Two Peaks Motor Club was


GoMo event spotlight

JOHN CONBOY, EAST RDO, REPORTS ON A RECENT CHARITY EVENT AT SNETTERTON The Sporting Club of Norfolk helped Snetterton Circuit raise £7500 for the East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH) last month (5 November).

The club offered AutoSOLO passenger rides to the public and a set up Targa course on Snetterton’s 100 circuit using members’ cars. Local motor clubs joined forces and provided 22 cars for use throughout the day, with everything from Nissan Micras to a full rally prepared Ford Puma and BMW Mini.


Alongside the cars club members assisted with signing on, marshalling and timing duties. They also provided club stands and displays where people could come along and chat to members about club activities and getting involved. The circuit provided all round entertainment including a winter fair, playground rides and owners club displays. There was also the opportunity to ride your bike on the circuit.

During the afternoon approximately 175 passengers were thrilled by the club drivers as they were driven round the course, collecting £400 towards the overall total of £7500 raised on the day. After the sun set attendees were treated to a fabulous firework display, a fitting end to a most enjoyable day.

MSA Extra / December 2017

Go Motorsport






GoMo club development

PLANNING PUBLIC EVENTS FOR 2018 This is a great time of year to be thinking about your promotional activity and public events for next year, writes RDO for the South Andrew Bisping. When to have an event?

Where to go?

What to do?

If you have a static display at an event or show, scheduling it ahead of a key event is a great idea. So when you are planning:

MSA Extra last month talked about the success Rhyl and District Motor Club had in recruiting 28 new members at their stand at the Deeside Service area for WRGB.

Your display needs to be eye-catching and attractive to draw people in.

99 S tart with the future dates for club activity you can promote at the public event. 99 T hen plan when and where you want to promote the club at a public event. Sutton and Cheam Motor Club host an Interesting Car Night in Guildford each year. By moving its place in the calendar, they were able to position it about four weeks before the Abingdon CAR-nival; a two day event with an AutoSOLO, Sprint and Stage Rally.


You can also consider events beyond motor sport. County shows and agricultural shows are a couple of possibilities, where you can stand-out as ‘something different’. Look for an event with a large attendance. If x% of people might be interested in your club, it’s good to start with a large number!

MSA Extra / December 2017

Go Motorsport club development

Consider: 99 A wide range of cars from the exotic to the affordable so there’s something for everyone. 99 Making your display interactive; perhaps a wheel change competition, against the clock. 99 Have a prize competition for people to take part in; maybe even offering the winner free membership of your club. This gives people an incentive to talk to you, but also the opportunity for you to collect their contact details and follow-up after the event. When Bournemouth and District Car Club had a weekend display at the local Wheels Festival they made sure everyone knew about their club nights and a number of new people came-along the very next evening.

Signpost next steps and follow-up: 99 Make sure your visitors understand what they can do next and when. e.g. your next club nights and events. 99 Invite people along personally, phone them if possible, as it’s much harder to say no to a personal invitation. Introduce them to other people, with similar interests when they attend. 99 S end an email post-event to remind your visitors who you are, what you do and how they can become involved.

Talk to people This is the number one thing to remember. The cars you display are really just props to support these conversations. Be friendly, engaging and welcoming when you share the excitement of motor club activity as you talk to potential newcomers and you and your club will see the benefit.

Get planning Now is a great time to plan your 2018 promotional activity and to contact your local RDO for help and support. Find your RDO here:

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SMS Updates from Scottish Motor Sports

SMS CLUB DEVELOPMENT DAY Two- and four-wheel clubs in Scotland enjoyed a unique opportunity to network and share best practice during the inaugural SMS Club Development Day at Blair Drummond Community Hall (26 November).

The day began with an introduction from SMS Development Manager, Rory Bryant, who explained the SMS journey to date and highlighted progress regarding the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. Delegates took part in sessions designed to offer knowledge and ideas to take back to their own club environment. Bryant delivered a session on ‘Promoting a club in a digital age’ which – through discussion around an ongoing case study with the Scottish Motor Racing Club – showed how clubs can use social media advertising campaigns to recruit new members.

MSA Academy Manager Greg Symes followed up with a seminar on ‘The value of coaching’ in motorsport, which explained how coaching can be a useful tool for all active club members and not just those who are stereotypically considered to be coaches. SMS Development Officer, Gillian Sefton, also outlined the new 2018 SMS Focus Club Selection process and how clubs can benefit from it in 2018. Attendees also enjoyed presentations from clubs that SMS has worked with over the past year. Dave Paton, coordinator of Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club, explained how the club has attracted investment to employ a part-time coach to help deliver its ambitious new growth plan. The event concluded with an inspirational presentation from Colin Duthie, Chairman of Disability Motorsport Scotland, who shared a summary of the great work DMS has done delivering taster sessions throughout Scotland.


SMS understands that clubs are at the very heart of the sport and for this reason it is fully committed to supporting their growth and development to showcase and enhance their great work. To offer meaningful and targeted support to Scottish clubs, SMS is launching a Focus Club selection process. This will see SMS work with up to eight focus clubs – four MSA and four SACU – in 2018, who will each benefit from the support of Rory Bryant, SMS National Development Officer, in delivering a project or initiative. To ensure SMS’s resource is channelled into projects that will generate the most impact for the sport, it is now inviting clubs to apply for support. Applications are open until Friday 12 January 2018. For more details on the SMS Focus Club selection process and application form, CLICK HERE.


MSA Extra / December 2017

Scottish Motor Sports

KORMC FUNDING SUCCESS SMS Development Officer Gillian Sefton has been working with Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club for the past year to help develop their offering, which currently focuses on delivering referral programmes for hard-to-reach youths in the Fife region.

Sefton has helped the club to produce a development plan aiming to increase membership from under 40 people to over 350 by 2021. To deliver the ambitious plan, SMS has engaged the club with the local authority and created a business case to attract funding through the sportscotland

Direct Club Investment fund. This successful partnership will see ÂŁ18,000 invested in the club over the next three years to help fund a parttime coach and support the effective delivery of the development plan. This is the first time DCI funding has been awarded to a motor sport club and marks a real step forward in Scottish club development. It is a model that can be replicated with other two- and four-wheel clubs and therefore SMS has produced a case study outlining the process to help other clubs embark on similar projects. To read the KORMC case study, CLICK HERE.


SMS is delighted to announce that the Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club (KORMC) won the Club of the Year accolade at the Scottish Sports Awards in Glasgow (7 December). KORMC was the first motor sport club ever to make it through to the final three for this prestigious award. The trophy was presented by Scottish boxer Josh Taylor (l) and sportscotland CEO, Stewart Harris (r).

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As part of SMS’s ongoing commitment to developing a strong coaching workforce in Scotland, it is arranging for the MSA Level 2 Coaching qualification to be delivered at Knockhill on 3-4 February (Block 1) and 17-18 February (Block 2). A similar delivery in 2016 saw 15 learners gain the qualification, making it the largest delivery across the UK to date. SMS encourages any current coaches or those interested in coaching to get in touch about becoming qualified in 2018.


Robert Reid, 2001 World Rally Champion co-driver, kicked off the first ever SMS Academy delivery at Knockhill Racing Circuit on 18 October. Reid explained the aims and objectives of the SMS Academy to member athletes and their parents to help them understand the coaching process and what they can expect to gain from being part of the programme. SMS Academy coaches Blair Brown and Malcolm McNab led the rest of the session, focusing on performance profiling and sponsorship. The performance profiling session encouraged the athletes to reflect upon their own performance to date, to help them identify strengths and weaknesses. Emily Glanville, SMS Academy athlete and Scottish Mini Cooper Cup racer, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the first SMS Academy session held at Knockhill. The workshops helped me to clarify my strengths and weaknesses in time for the 2018 season. I am looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice over the winter break. It was also lovely to meet the other Academy members and widen my knowledge about other motorsport disciplines.” To read sportscotland’s full review of the day, CLICK HERE. The next session will take place on 27 January at Knockhill, with workshops on fitness, nutrition and hydration.


Clubs interested in developing coaching within their sphere are also urged to nominate individuals to gain the qualification. SMS support will be available post-qualification to help clubs with the development of a suitable coaching programme. Once again, SMS has been able to secure a sportscotland subsidy of £350 per coach to gain the qualification, reducing the cost from its normal price of £719 (inc VAT) to £369. For further information or to register, contact Rory Bryant on


The annual SMS Student Challenge was due to take place at Knockhill on 25 November but the Scottish weather intervened, with heavy snow showers forcing cancellation. The Student Challenge – run in collaboration with Glenrothes Motor Sports club and Knockhill – was set to be well attended, with 60 students registered to try autotesting and karting. The event has been provisionally re-scheduled for 10 March 2018.


SMS has begun its annual club membership audit to help track the sport’s growth in Scotland. Total club membership figures are reported back to sportscotland each year as part of SMS’s annual investment application, so gathering this information is vital to the sport’s continued recognition and support. Last year, the combined MSA and SACU club membership increased in Scotland to 8744 members, up from 8466 in 2015. SMS thanks clubs in advance for their support of this important iniaitive. MSA Extra / December 2017

MSA Extra December 2017  
MSA Extra December 2017