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MOTOKI HIROMATSU S e l e c t e d W o r k s


As my first strong passion for skateboarding enabled myself to seek interest in multiple art forms from photography, illustration, fashion, music, etc. More significantly, architecture was something I learned to be fascinated and became interested in. As skaters, we will go around cities to explore areas to skate, especially in urban plazas. We observe architecture differently, but the idea of architecture as the meeting ground between all types of people to interact and experience was something I was fascinated about. As I pursue my future in architecture, I will hope learn and create spaces that can bring all kinds of people together to enjoy.


MOTOKI HIROMATSU 405.269.8078 I mot ok i.hir omat




CRTKL, DALLAS I Intern Architect I Summer 2019

· Bachelor of Architecture I Minor in Entrepreneurship · Awarded Dean’s Honor Roll · Expected December 2019

· Built 3D model using T-spline + Grasshopper for a 220 room hotel and spa located in Weinan, China · Designed and modeled vehicular roadways for a 866,00 m² commercial + hotel project located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia · Developed 2D and 3D diagrams using Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign for final presentation · Rendered views depicting the design intentions using Lumion, Photoshop and Sketchup

RESTAURANT I Food Industry · Panda Express I Cook I June 2017 - Current · Freddy Paul’s Steakhouse I Cook I June 2016 - June 2017 · Freddy’s Frozen Custard I Supervisor I June 2014 - June 2016












In the ancient city of Rome, Stone Pine or Pinus Pinea, can be seen everywhere throughout the city. Stone pine is a pine tree that is grown along the Mediterranean coast, with a feature of having a tall and slender body with a large umbrella-like canopy. These tree has become the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s symbol and the concept behind the new stadium, Stadio della Roma. The stadium will be the new home for A.S. Roma and a central hub to hold community events for the people. The vast array of stone pine surrounding the stadium will create an open atmosphere that blurs the space between indoor and outdoor. The large canopy imitating the stone pine covers the majority of the site to provide shading and an inviting environment for every person that is experiencing the space. The Stone Pine and the large structural canopy imitates the expression of being in a forest while celebrating for their home team.


Massing Sketch

Study Model

Roman Forum

Stone Pine Tree

Stone Pine Tree

Concept Sketch



Site & Wind Analysis

Original Mass

Multi-level Concourses

Entrance and Differentiate Seating

Vertical Circulation

Retail Spaces

Glass Canopy

Underground Level

Ground Level

Second Level

Glass canopy encompasses the entire stadium as well as the retail area located on the outskirt. The ambitious structure will mimic a forest-like atmosphere that provide a intermediate space between indoor and outdoor for the users.

Traditionally, Italian gardens are known to be based on symmetry and be more linear geometry when comes to placing plants. The Stone Pines are carefully transplanted along the tree columns in orderly way to give the expression of the Italian garden that shades the whole stadium.

V.I.P. Room Detail

The organic form allows to use a quadrilateral geometry panels. The shape will accomplish the free form design intentions that can be more fluid. The structure will use a simple mullion connections attached to tree column with the glass panels placed on top.

Structure//Exploded Axon

VETERANâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S RETREAT Many of the men and women who fought for us are still fighting, only now, their struggle is at home. Veterans who suffer mental and physical health issues are faced with the difficult task of coming to terms with their new reality. To cope with the difficulties of their conditions, many seek help through therapy. At this therapy retreat, they must rediscover themselves through communication with other veterans, friends, and family; and with the aid of the natural environment. Walking through the built-up landscape will allow them to escape from the harsh realities they are challenged with daily. An essential aspect of this design are the long intersecting paths that users walk to get to the conversation areas, which symbolize the journey these veterans will go through during their healing processes. By engaging with the landscape, they will discover a sense of security and strength, from the calm and gentle aesthetic of the landscape. As they pass through the minimal landscape, users will arrive at their final moment, a grand view that inspires reflection and evokes conversation to heal their pain. Two key areas create different moments for users to gather.



We wanted to create a mysterious approach for the user experience since the site was very large. We provide berms on the side of the path to hide the gorgeous view of the great plains. As the user approaches, they will hint at a structure at the end of the path, at the end they will be welcomed with a view of the great plains as well as the structure.

The structure and the fire pit is designed simply to avoid distractions from the veterans healing from their illness. The large canopy is constructed with steel beams and girders with wooden beams to support the perforated aluminum panels that is shading the fire pit. Along the concrete walls, wooden panels are added to accentuate the structure.

LINK BETWEEN GENERATIONS Transit station brings many different demographic from young and old, by creating a centralized space where they can access easily without interrupting the bus circulation was the challenge. The massing, which is separated into two, signify the split between two generations with a pedestrian access between them. Perpendicular to the pedestrian access is the bus circulation which bridges over representing the connection between the two. The overhanging canopy will have a triangular form, giving the sense of gathering where the two generation meet. The pedestrian access goes under the site to create a tunnel like passageway to give an intimate space before you enter into the main central space. By arriving at the central space both generations will celebrate together linking the split between them.



Bus Circulation//Sketch



Main Entry//Sketch


Guthrie Green

Metropolitan Tulsa Transit

UBC Aquatic Centre // Acton Ostry Architects + MJMA

Ewha Womans University // Dominique Perrault Architecture

Space Frame Structure

Form The form was dictated by the function of the transit hub while maintaining the easy access for both vehicular and foot traffic. The site is located between two main parks in Tulsa, creating a connection between the two was ideal. Structure

Diagonal Vehicular Circulation

Pedestrian Access-way To Parks


Existing Vehicular Circulation


A - Conference Room B - Lounge C - Open Office D - Ticketing Office E - Lobby F - Indoor Waiting Room G - Employee Lounge H - Employee Locker I - Multipurpose Room J - Retail K - Climbing Room L - Outdoor Plaza M - Retail


The limestone was chosen to replicate the cave atmosphere while entering through the tunnel. The steel panel gave the building a very monumental expression with perforated panels to expose the space frame construction.

Stainless Steel Panel Perforated Aluminum Panel Honed Finished Limestone

Underground Level

Ground Level

Second Level



Creating a custom constructible environment to foster children to enhance problem solving and sensory skills. Utilizing open ended play with multiple option to allow unique creations and encourage children to communicate and an d collaborate with each other.


- children construct their learning - understanding of oneself begins with interaction between others - learning to become strong communicators - environment is a teacher - an adult is a guide and mentor - documentation of childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s thoughts - hands on learning and discovery that allows a child to use all of the senses and their languages to learn

1. Wall with wooden slats that allow to hang objects for customizable activities

2. Walls are now transformed to create individual areas for specific activity

3. Table undulated within the walls to provide workable stations

4. The final form that allow a customizable play area for children









The hotel provides a simple geometric form that reaches only 100ft tall, to prevent being a monumental building since the city of Flagstaff does not have any large scale buildings. The form of the hotel is bent to represent movement to highlight the landscape that is in between the school and the hotel. While the school is laid out in scattered from, the hotel envelopes the entire spatial program in to one mass. Although, the kitchen is shared between the restaurant and the schools dining facility, the location of the restaurant is between the two buildings. While the mass may be simple, the â&#x20AC;&#x153;The movementâ&#x20AC;? represented by the roof will provide a shelter in the restaurant and will meander through the hotel creating voided spaces by carving out spaces such as the lobby and terraces. The roof also provide structure for the hotel while being a sculptural element in spaces such as the atrium, where the roof projects from the ground level to the fifth level to create a roof in the suite guest room. Overall the hotel is design to be simple, yet provide a place to be remembered, where guest can experience the expression of movement provided by the spaces.


Takaosanguchi Station//Kengo Kuma

¡ Wood is chosen to as the primary material to use for this project, since wood allows a very comforting atmosphere to the spaces and imposes construction challenges.

Yugawara Station//Kengo Kuma Yugawara Station//Kengo Kuma

Roof Massing//Concept Model The roof structure will become the vital moment connecting two programs, hotel and school. The structure will be an interior element creating a warm spatial atmosphere as well as becoming a sculpture for the hotel. While it become a shading structure for the school.

Roof Axon//Connection Detail





1. Glass Frame 2. Wood Louvers 3. Wood Structure 4. Foundation

Second Level

Ground Level

The wooden structure continues from the school creating a restaurant space as well as a shade for the pool area. When the structure goes into the hotel it becomes a interior element that becomes a sculptural moment throughout the hotel atmosphere.

Third Level

1 lobby/lounge 2 administration 3 conference room 4 pool 5 restaurant

6 kitchen 7 spa/exercise 8 terrace 9 double bed guest room 10 deluxe rooms



The city of Los Angeles is ranked as the smoggiest city in the United States. With smog levels peaking in 1955, residents reported burning eyes and many chose to walk around LA wearing gas masks. The city started taking initiatives to try and reduce the levels of smog within the city. Through strict emissions laws and eliminating coal-fired power plants the pollution levels started declining. However, with temperatures rising, there is a layer in the troposphere that is trapping the smog right over LA and other major cities across the United States. This layer is called the inversion layer. This occurs when warm air gets trapped by cold air both on top and bottom causing the air above LA to become stagnant which prevents ventilation. A second effect of rising temperatures are wildfires. Wildfires are becoming a major problem in the California area which is releasing more soot into the atmosphere. With the inversion layer worsening and wildfires raging, pollution levels are steadily trending upward again. Los Angeles needs a solution that will resolve the pollution levels in a more permanent fashion, allowing LA citizens to breathe clean air for many generations to come.


The LAO is redefining the definition of a skyscraper by providing insight into what the potential of a future skyscraper could look like. The LAO is a city that floats in the sky, which encompasses the true meaning of a skyscraper more than traditional buildings. However, the LAO functions also as a traveling city that helps people breathe better air by ventilating smog out of Earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s atmosphere Our solution to the smog in Los Angeles is to break that inversion layer using natural forces within Earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s atmosphere. We start with a counterweight structure that is sent into space until it reaches a geostationary orbit 22,000 miles from Earth. While orbiting Earth, the construction of the LAO will begin around the structure. Upon completion, the LAO is then lowered down to 15,000 feet above Los Angeles. The structure will remain in space to act as a counterweight to support the ring. The aerodynamic shape of the LAO causes the natural winds circulating between the warm and cold air to generate a cyclone in the center of the ring. This cyclone continues to grow until it finally breaks through the layer and brings the polluted air below with it. This process continues to repeat over time allowing for consistent cleaning of the smoggy air above LA. In the future, the LAO will serve as a space hub for the commercialization of space. The counterweight that is in the geostationary orbit can be used as a space station. The cable traveling from the cocoon to the LAO will allow mag-lev trains to take tourists into space and return them safely to earth. Eventually, the space station will be the seed that starts a fully functioning city in space. The LAO not only solves the smog in the city but also allows the city of Los Angeles to become a city of the future. Allowing people to live in a futuristic city, travel to space through the commercialization of space, and eventually be the building blocks to the habitation of space.

Cleaning the air is not the only function of the LAO. It will also serve the purpose of being a floating city. Within the LAO there will be multi-use blocks that can be used for housing, green space, and office use allowing the city of Los Angeles to expand upward. Transportation within the LAO will be handled by an in-house metro system that allows people to live and work within the LAO and get from one end to the other efficiently. Since the LAO will be its own functioning city above LA it has the potential to become its own society and allow people to take the next step toward to future of cities.





museum of the Bible


The expression of the projectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s duality will cultivate a healthy work setting while capturing the attention of those in the surrounding urban area. A mezzanine with high ceilings, ample natural light, and an open office layout will foster a collaborative atmosphere for the staff. By displaying the dual nature of the public and private zones, the multifaceted façade will introduce visitors to the facility. Concrete cladding with vertical punched windows indicates the location of the private areas while metal panels and glass encase the cantilevered walkways and gallery that project toward downtown Oklahoma City. Tailored circulation will guide guests around the perimeter of the building to the gallery. Seamless transitions in the per-ambulatory circulation will direct visitors around the assembly of spaces and offer glimpses of the surrounding skyline and park. Selective inlets for light and occasional views of the courtyard will contrast with the sheltered passages to the exhibit area. As visitors progress from the lobby to the gallery, they will experience transitions between light and dark, vegetal and mineral, following a curated path beginning with intrigue and ending with education.



House S//Suga Atelier





Pierres Vives//Zaha Hadid

Langen Foundation//Tadao Ando

Music Hall Site Bicentennial Park OK Museum Of Art City Hall Devon Tower N Walker Ave

Original Mass

Separate Programs

Public Collections

Opening Connection to the Context

Distinguish Public Entrance

Signify Public Circulations on Facade

Spatial Relationship//Mass The project were given 4 specific programs that operated the entire facility. The private collection space were decided to be located at the bottom to be efficient with accessibility for loading and unloading. While having the public collection be located on top for easy access.

Ground Level//Floor Plan


Atrium//Section Detail






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Oklahoma State University - School of Architecture Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio Motoki Hiromatsu Selected Works 2014 - 2019 Oksta...

Undergrad Architecture Portfolio 2019  

Oklahoma State University - School of Architecture Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio Motoki Hiromatsu Selected Works 2014 - 2019 Oksta...

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