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ThE YOuNg CONSumEr: ThE EvOlviNg OmaN rETail laNdSCapE

T maimunah Shebani, Strategy and Business Development Manager, INMA 6 | Retail People

he Retail sector in Oman has evolved over the past few years and is changing at an increasing speed. The anticipation of new malls and the growing interest of international brands and retailers are indicative of a positive longterm outlook of the retail sector. Oman is getting younger; an analysis of the characteristics of the population reveals that over 50 percent of the population is under the age of 24 years. The social implications of this are dramatic and the retail industry must continue to evolve to meet the obligations of a younger generation. The age structure, household composition and demographics of the Oman population are all undergoing significant change and its implications are important for retailers to understand and anticipate. It’s this younger segment that’s going to drive retail in the future as shopping, dining out and entertainment becomes a big part of their lives. The changing demographic profile of Oman is a major influence on the consumer purchasing power, shopping behavior and shopping preferences. The retail market in Oman is less dependent on tourists, and is supported by the spending power of Omani nationals and residents.


Retail has become such a hot topic in Muscat, supported by the new malls and string of new mall developments in the pipeline expected to double the supply of organised retail in the next couple of years. Just his year The Avenues Mall and Panorama Mall made an entry to the retail scene and in the next few years Mall of Oman, the Palm and Muscat Festival City will become retail destinations on their own. The completion of these projects will undoubtedly alleviate the pressure in the market. However, there will remain gaps for lifestyle and community centers required to plug retail gaps in the market. According to research conducted by real estate consultancy JLL, the next five years will see more than 760,000 sq meters of gross leasable retail space added to existing shopping areas in Muscat on the back of major investment. The emergence of new, larger-scale developments in the market will put added pressure on both smaller shopping centers and stand alone outlets, which could struggle to compete with the appeal of larger outfits. Some of the challenges that retailers will face with a younger demographic be the ability to get to grips with the demands of the young consumer. Store designs, shopping experience, marketing and advertising campaigns all need to be geared to attract the younger population who know what they want and are very demanding. Not only does the young population desire different products, but they have different ways of shopping, different attitudes to brands and different ways of socialising. The importance of the social aspect of shopping to this age group should not be underestimated.

Technology will play a vital role in the future of Oman Retail Industry, that itself presents an opportunity

the retail market in Oman is less dependent on tourists, and is supported by the spending power of Omani nationals and residents.

for retailers as communication and personalisation become increasingly important. I believe that technology especially social media networks will have big influence on the pattern of retail spending in the future. In order to drive future competitive advantage for the Retail industry in Oman, a deep understanding of the key retail trends and changing retail dynamics is required to prepare for the future. Additionally, a well defined tenant mix and a clear understanding of how to attract the interest and spending power of the young consumer are crucial to the success of the mall developments in Oman. Retail People | 7


ThE ChallENgES OF SECuriNg rETail lOCaTiONS iN ThE gCC

T 8 | Retail People

he retail landscape in the GCC has experienced tremendous evolution over the last decade with the emergence of many notable international brands. Having overcome the testing period of the global recession, the market has picked up, and it is evident that a healthy competitive environment has resumed. However; in an

economy that takes great risks to advance and be exemplary, the margin of error for emerging businesses in the UAE and GCC is extremely tight and pragmatism is critical to success. For emerging retailers, the greatest challenge in entering the market and expanding is finding the right space, in the right location,


at the right price. Adding to the fact that shopping malls are monopolised by a handful of retail groups that occupy key high traffic locations, on preferred commercial terms, while new entrants end up settling for secondary locations at a premium. This prime space is generally locked in by the retail group and not the brand, with ‘brand flipping’ becoming common practise. Essentially these locations, more often than not, do not get released into the open-market, which often steers the retail variety away from the best commercial offering, to one of group dominance instead. In newer retail developments, landlords have adopted the safe approach by attracting one or two of the dominant retail groups with great long term anchor deals, providing them the platform to drive their leasing strategy forward. While this is logical for the short-term, it has resulted in repetitive brand variety across the majority of GCC malls, and poses a barrier for new brands to enter the market. This short-sighted strategy may be the most commercially viable for the short term but it also means that retail domination and limited consumer choice prevails which is indicative of an immature retail market. In addition to the above the biggest challenge associated with

Adrian lee, Retail Director, Retailistic

finding the right retail mix is the abundant shortage of retail space. Popular locations in Dubai are bursting at the seams and any new space is quickly and competitively populated. Considering the number of proposed new developments entering the market over the next few years, it would be beneficial for the overall retail offering for these developers to adopt an approach of sustainable originality, by affording a new variety of retail brands the opportunity to thrive in the GCC. Dubai in particular is known for being a travel hub, attracting millions of tourists every year, ranked as the second most desirable fashion destination in the world, boasting a booming food and beverage industry, and meeting the growing demand of consumers. With this in mind, it is

rEtaIlIStIC Retailistic Commercial Investments LLC is an affiliate of MBI (Mubarak and Brothers Investments) owned by His Excellency Saeed Abdul Jaleel Al Fahim, who is also a shareholder and Former Chairman of AL FAHIM GROUP. Retailistic has recently launched three brand in the UAE and will be expanding operations in the GCC. Saraydan is the group’s first offering in gourmet F&B and adL and OXXO under Fashion retail.

recommended that we, as retailers and landlords, step out of our comfort zone and shift our thinking to the consumer’s point of view, providing them with what they really want from a mall, choice! Retailistic was established in 2014 to create fresh offerings in F&B, Fashion and Education. Since its inception, Retailistic has launched three new brands in Abu Dhabi with plans to expand operations in the GCC over the next few years. Saraydan is the group’s first offering in gourmet F&B, with adL and OXXO making an entry into the Fashion and retail sector in the UAE this year. The creation of these offerings was a meticulous process based on extensive retail knowledge of the team, but part of their motto is to continuously bring new high quality brands that have not been seen before to the market. We caught up with Adrian Lee, Retail Director, Retailistic who commented on the subject saying, “As we proceed with Retailistic’s expansion plans it is becoming obvious that it is an exciting time to be a retailer in the GCC. However if we don’t provide the variety in this market that is available in other more mature retail markets like the UK and the US, we run the risk of providing a stale retail product that will inherently lose its lacklustre and we will only have ourselves to blame”.

MBI as the Holding Company of Retailistic Commercial investments also owns other subsidiaries like Deerfields Mall, One Stop Center, Chemi Paint and Funtastic (Project Management & Facilities Management Services that specialise in retail delivery and tenant coordination). MBI established Retailistic Commercial investments with the objective of investing and operating several Retail and F&B brands across the region through a sustainable business model.

Retail People | 9


ShOppiNg CENTrES: a prEFErrEd mEETiNg vENuE

A alessandro gaffuri, General Manager CELS 10 | Retail People

shopping centre’s strategy must be aimed at creating a multi-functional setting, an actual destination that can be used as a laboratory for social, cultural, and entertainment initiatives. The evolution of trade, and customers’ increased awareness and expectations around the shopping experience, force developers to consider a new and more appropriate customer approach. The competition created by e-commerce, m-commerce, and couponing, and the push towards shopping and sharing originating within social networks, together with the promotion of online shopping from the retailer’s own websites, is making life increasingly difficult for traditional trade. The only possible solution to counter the potential haemorrhage of consumers is to make shopping centres into actual meeting and sociality venues: not just shopping malls, but rather Preferred Meeting Venues. Promotion for the mere sake of promotion, or, worse, self-referential approaches, must be abandoned, to embrace the idea of conveying the concept of “venue”: from traditional retail to entertainment in retail, towards a possible future entertaining retail - that is to say, from shopping experience to social experience, converting shopping centres into meeting places, where the concept of Preferred Meeting Venue becomes

tOp: Branded costume characters and FECs help to strengthen the relationship with younger target audience. bElOW: Innovate: digital

signage & interactive games to merge virtual and real world




and entertainment provide emotions capable of engaging clients. Shopping centres become infused with value, and become the preferred venues for clients’ social activities. People spend time in the places that make them feel like they belong to something: a consumeroriented attitude is required to recognise and satisfy their needs, desires, and expectations. The objective of a forward-thinking management must focus on converting the current use of Live shows and entertainment: use the mall as a true these venues and how they town square, for fun and social get-togethers are perceived, transforming them into destinations where the the imperative that must be followed to really stand out from among appeal of social and relational competitors, and build a relationship interests prove to be just as strong as shopping-related interests alone. with clients based on emotional For this reason, a real Preferred experiences. Surprising consumers Meeting Venue cannot be divided and going beyond their expectations from the relationship which brands becomes indispensable, in the develop with consumers. It is prospective of creating a place fundamental to find a positioning where culture, art, good food, music,

and branding strategy that focuses on improving Brand Equity, in both tangible and non-tangible terms. Mall management must aim at improving the quality of their relationship with visitors: give them a chance to find self-expression in a secure and controlled space. This can be done in the actual venue, but it can also be augmented through a focused use of social media and new technologies. Marketing 3.0, in fact, puts users on centre stage, promoting them from consumer to prosumer, or in other words, into an active player, no longer merely consuming, but also PROducing ideas and contents, whose input should be heard and interpreted, with the objective of developing a highly qualitative relational rapport with consumers. In order to pursue this management philosophy, we cannot but seek out the commitment, consent, and support of all the stakeholders: landlords, management, tenants, and suppliers.

Why CElS

tOp (l): Sharing: create unique and exciting events. Only in this way, customers will share them and will boost a positive word of mouth. tOp (r): Loyalty programmes & game mechanics: encourage visitors to play with the mall. below: Meaningful occasions: edutainment, CSR activities, moments of social interaction ‌ be the heart of your community!

Alessandro Gaffuri is a retail strategy specialist with international experience across Europe and GCC. Working with shopping malls and leisure venues since 1997, his role is helping brands understand the needs of customers and interact more closely with them. Following global market trends, retail strategy today involves the management of each touch point with visitors, thanks to multidisciplinary methods and a full range of tools – from loyalty systems to live events, from in-mall media to festive lighting. After a career as Operations Director of Cinemas and Theme Parks and a long experience as Mall Manager, Alessandro Gaffuri is now General Manager of CELS, an agency specialised in customer engagement, with offices in Dubai and Doha ( Retail People | 13


NExTgEN KuwaiT Hosted by the MECSC and ICSC, and graciously sponsored by Mudon Ahlia Real Estate, the Next Gen Networking Reception was held at The Gate Mall, in Egaila Kuwait on September 16th, 2015. Kuwait’s robust retail industry has enjoyed steady growth and The Gate Mall is an ideal venue to host this networking event. The Gate Mall is known for its breath-taking architectural design and for showcasing renowned international brands and retailers.

Roudaina Al-Khash, Marketing Director and Mohamed Lotfy, Business Consultant, Mudon Ahlia Real Estate

David Macadam, CEO, MECSC and Omar Nigm, Managing Director, Mudon Ahlia Real Estate, Kuwait

Mudon Ahlia Real Estate Team

Mudoh Ahlia Real Estate Team and Guests

14 | Retail People


ENTrEprENEurS iN ThE FaShiON rETail iNduSTrY: ammaN, JOrdaN


ordan is a land of cultural fusions, bringing in a wave of international trends, while maintaining the traditional Middle Eastern fashion glaze. With the increasing demands and the changing needs of the Kingdom’s young generation, flourishing Jordanian fashion startups have responded to the local

market’s demands, offering a wide selection of distinctive apparel and edgy accessories, combining traditional and contemporary elements that meet consumers’ expectations. Lately, there has been an inclination towards women centric brands, highlighting the Jordanian women’s fashion entrepreneurs on a regional level.

Amman’s 1st bespoke design house that gradually paved its way to become a famous go-to interior design boutique is Chamber gyld design house. The owner, Zeena alahmad, transformed simple wooden structures into a unique art genre for Jordan, while creating exquisite decorative pieces for homes. She has also designed her own line of funky, artistic and unique handbags, which she calls “Chic Gylds”. The patterns & beading in the handbag makes each piece a statement accessory.

Salma Shasha’a, Head of Leasing and Marketing Abdali Boulevard Company 16 | Retail People

A fashion endeavor in Amman, heba’s Closet supports local talents by showcasing women’s apparel, shoes, bags and jewelry made solely by local and Middle Eastern designers. The fashion boutique brings together the unique creations of fashion attack which is “all about the chic shirt”, rose ‘n’ rose, heba designs, The B Bags and many more, all under one roof, promoting local talent and bringing the best designs to the public.

local fashion boutiques have emerged to establish a formidable presence in Jordan and the region


Known for transforming her edgy ideas into reality; farah hourani is bringing her sharp style and new elements to the fashion world. Showcasing her collection in LA Fashion Week, Farah is the founder of Wear the trend, a visual platform, translating the worlds of design, fashion, music, art and film into contemporary trends and encouraging people to embrace fashion.

By transforming the Hatta - Koufiyeh from its original traditional concept of being a male clothing piece, to a woman centric modern chic clothing item (while maintaining the authentic twist), ghada Zada, the designer behind the change, gave the world a modern trendy look towards traditional fashion wear.

Showcasing designs at the Amman Fashion Week in 2012, and dressing various news and local TV artists, Shatha al dabbass is a Jordanian designer creating sophisticated styling for women using modern, rich and lightweight fabrics. She has mastered the elegant evening dress highlighting the beauty of a women’s physique and complementing each classy woman’s lifestyle.

Presenting her collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amman in 2012, raya bisharat fashion label features ready to wear dresses, tops, coats and evening wear gowns. Raya’s astute leadership places her at the forefront of the fashion scene in Jordan. Ranging from aesthetic evening wear gowns and day time dresses, to adorning hats, gloves and ready to wear tops, Raya’s creativity has been an inspiration for many. These local design houses have treated fashion more like a perpetual evolving lifestyle rather than just a dernier cri. While the appeal of mass-produced, high-end fashion items from internationally recognised brands remains firm and unwavering in the Jordanian market, local fashion boutiques have emerged to establish a formidable presence in Jordan and the region. Retail People | 17


rETail rEal ESTaTE TrENdS iN lEbaNON

“M Samar akkou, CSM, Senior Leasing Manager, Cascada Village 18 | Retail People

eet me at the Mall and we’ll decide what to do”. A sentence you hear a lot amongst the Lebanese. Lately, Malls have become a social and cultural destination beyond just shopping. It’s the new lifestyle! The shopping centre industry in Lebanon is in constant evolution to embrace the latest and greatest in consumer experience. With 13 existing malls ranging between 15,000sqm to 175,000sqm and at least 14 upcoming projects within the next 4 years, the stock of retail space will reach over 1 million square meters ranging between super-regional, regional, community, and outlet centres- and with a GLA/Capita lower than global industry averages, there is still room for growth!

tOp: Cinemacity entrance at Beirut Souks. bElOW: NASMA interior at Beirut City Centre

With malls regarded as prime lifestyle destinations and with greater consumer expectations, the architecture, layout, landscaping, and offerings continue to enhance. Malls are offering a wide range of entertainment facilities targeting all age groups: State-of-the-art movie theatres with the latest being Cinema City at Beirut Souks, offering VIP theatres and wide-ranging F&B options; children edutainment facilities such as I-Play at ABC; playing parks such as Fizz Zone at City Mall, and family entertainment centres like Magic Planet at MAF’s City Centre Beirut.


F&B is another pillar in the concept formulation of Malls in Lebanon, constituting 15-20 percent of GLA. The F&B mix is constantly updated to meet the new food trends in coffee shops, sit-down restaurants, and food courts, with a focus on offering food options covering the full trading day. Emerging and hot food trends for the sit-down restaurants are the “healthy” restaurants, sandwicherie, bistros, pizzerias and Italian cuisine, burger joints, and the all-time traditional Lebanese cuisine but with a twist and hookah scent. NASMA is one such example, offering an exquisite experience with its authentic Lebanese ambience, recipes, and fresh ingredients. Most of these offerings are the brainchildren of Lebanese entrepreneurs who are also exporting their concepts to the Gulf, US, and Europe. On the food court level, malls are elevating guest experiences with innovative and comfortable designs offering more choices through diversified and newly introduced tenants into the Lebanese market. Consumers are expecting food courts to offer less hard setting and fast-food focused concepts, and rather more variety and quality ingredients. Good examples are the food courts of City Centre Beirut and Cascada Mall Bekaa. With regards to fashion, Lebanon has always been the region’s trendsetter, known for its exposure to

Cascada Village Bekaa

Cinemacity's food court at Beirut Souks

and adoption of world fashion and reputation for superior sense of style. As elsewhere, Lebanon is witnessing the success of value fast fashion and luxury brands, while mid-tier retailers are suffering. Casual, hip, trendy, and modern looks it is! With quality Lebanese designers and concepts flourishing such as Depeche Mode and Sarah’s Bag to name a few, many new brands and international concepts have been debuting into the Lebanese market such as M&S, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, and IRO through local or Gulf franchisees. Malls have been attracting fashion retailers based on each mall’s positioning and target market. Both fashion and F&B retailers are eager to expand their operations in malls instead of high streets, due to the benefits of footfall, exposure, visibility, and convenience that malls provide, along with higher revenues. Tenants believe

NASMA food variety

that malls are a safer bet as they are already attracting customers through in-mall events, promotions, loyalty cards, and CSR initiatives. Furthermore, mall visitors are asking for branded names, and thus a win-win situation ensues. Finally, malls also offer retailers, especially F&B ones, higher and less-skewed traffic during the week with higher turnover of tables and meals. The industry continues to mature and serve as a major contributor to the economy and tourism. Important existing global trends have picked up in Lebanon, namely the development of malls outside the city (such as Cascada Village Bekaa and North) and the development of mixed-use projects including Malls such as the Cascada’s and MAF’s Waterfront. Malls in Lebanon have proven to be a long-lasting cultural trend, and not just a fad.

SANDRO at ABC Ashrafieh

Retail People | 19


rETailErS gaiNiNg uppEr haNd aS dubai rETail marKET SOFTENS

W Craig plumb, Head of Research, JLL MENA 20 | Retail People

ith a higher dependence on visitor and tourist spending than any other market in the region, Dubai is a unique retail market within the Middle East. This additional spending allows Dubai to support one of the highest levels of retail floor space provision in the world, with almost 3,000,000 sqm of mall based retail space or 1.4 sqm per resident. However, as the market peaks, rental rates in the retail market are slowing, shifting the balance of power from malls operators to retailers. Dubai continues to attract record levels of visitors with more than 52 million passengers passing through the airport in the year to August 2015 (up by 12 percent over the same period of 2014) and well on the way to its target of more than 75 million passenger movements for the full year. This increase in visitors has supported strong growth in both retail floor space and hotel room supply over the past few years, with many new projects incorporating both retail and hotel components. The increased overlap of the retail and


hospitality sectors of the market can be seen most clearly in the announcement of the proposed ‘Mall of the World’, which includes not only the world’s largest retail mall but also 100 hotel and serviced apartments delivering around 20,000 rooms. While there are plans for a large number of proposed malls, the immediate prospects for the Dubai market are relatively subdued, as the market reaches a cyclical peak in rents following a period of strong growth. Rents for line shops in the basket of primary malls monitored by JLL increased by 27 percent over the year to Q3 2014, but this rate of growth has slowed to just 2 percent over the year to Q3 2015. With base rentals averaging almost AED5,000 sqm, many retailers are struggling to maintain their margins and further growth over the next 12 months is likely to be limited to turnover rent, with the average base rent possibly declining. While the overall level of retail sales in Dubai continues to increase, the rate of growth is slowing. Data from Oxford Economics shows sales growth has slowed from 15 percent in 2013, to 11 percent in 2015 (in AED constant price levels). This is

‘mall of the World’, which includes not only the world’s largest retail mall but also 100 hotel and serviced apartments delivering around 20,000 rooms. partially a reflection of the strength of the US$, which has made Dubai a relatively more expensive retail destination for visitors from Euro, Rupiah or Ruble denominated currencies. With the growth of sales slowing and the range of retail malls increasing, retailers have increased bargaining power and this is resulting in owners becoming more flexible in their negotiations. Mall owners are responding to softening market conditions by seeking more realistic rentals and more flexible contract terms to retain key tenants and fill vacant units. While vacancies remain minimal in the most popular malls, JLL estimate they remain at around 8 percent across the market,

providing a reasonable level of choice to retail brands. With over 550,000 sqm of new retail space due to be completed by the end of 2016, the choice is likely to increase, further reinforcing the current softening of market conditions. Not all of the future supply will be in the format of enclosed malls, with a growing trend towards the creation of open or partially open retail strips. Following the completion of its City Walk project in Satwa, Meraas has announced ‘Marsa Al Seef’, a 1.8 km stretch of retail along the Dubai Creek. Similarly, Dubai Holding announced the redesign of the masterplan for its Mall of the World Project, to include wider street like boulevards, allowing for retailers to create stand-alone stores. Nakheel has also revealed plans to transform Palm Jumeirah’s trunk into a pedestrian retail strip. The Palm Promenade, which stretches 1.5 km, will connect the Island’s residential buildings with other entertainment facilities. As these additional retail projects are delivered and supply increases, it remains to be seen whether the balance of negotiating powers will continue to shift from mall owners and operators to retailers.

Retail People | 21


mall FirST, STOrE SECONd

vic bageria, CEO/CVO Savant Data System 24 | Retail People


e all love shopping malls! Despite serious warnings of store closings and the onslaught of eCommerce, shopping malls are reinventing themselves as Destination Centers. Each mall is trying to create a unique shopping experience and have taken the scope of mall management one step ahead - they track performance of brands, collecting data on per sq ft sales, the sales of a brand and other parameters. This helps them run a diagnostics check on the brands under the roof and figure out whether the brand is using space optimally or there is need for rationalisation. In the bargain, malls have improved yields as new brands have come in at higher revenue share deals and existing ones have delivered better performance within smaller spaces.


Retailers open stores in shopping malls with the assumption that the demand starts at the mall; the more popular the mall, the higher the sales opportunity. Therefore, malls are, over a period of time, evolving their tenant mix and offerings so that sales continue to grow. Of course amenities pay a very crucial dimension to the equation – such as adequate parking space,

understand/monitor the flow of people to the mall, and inside the mall as “Heat Map”. The data can point to the value of anchor stores. We can also assess the impact of brand names on local traffic, such as how much draw is held by the Cinema or food court on the third floor. For retailers, the passing by flow is an important component in negotiating the lease. For the mall store, the sales opportunity starts when a person walks close enough to the store. The ratio between people who pass by and the people who enter the store is considered the Opportunity Rate.

dEfInIng thE SalES OppOrtUnIty

kids play area, cinema, food court and professionally managed mall. How to measure relationship between the mall, the store, and the consumer.

rEal-EStatE analytICS which include geography, demographics, household income, and competitors in the area, aids in the decision of where to open a store.

dEmand analytICS by deploys traffic counters at various zones within the mall to collect data and

Opportunity is defined by the number of visitors to the mall and further broken down into the area within the mall. We can assume that by visiting a mall the person has intended to make a purchase at any of the stores inside the mall. Study has proven that, if a shopping mall atmosphere is pleasant, it can influence consumers to exhibit more approach behavior in that environment. An effective shopping environment can lead consumers to have good feelings and to stay longer. Defining the opportunity depends on how far the person must be from the store to be considered a valid prospect. Tracking solutions can be deployed at various aisle in the mall to compare the data with actual number of visitors entering the store. With nuances, we can consider someone who walks within three feet of the store as a valid sales opportunity. Further analysis can give better understanding the Drawing rate by tracking number of people looking at the window display to number of people entering the store. Not to be undone by technology, beacons blast promotions to the people passing by, a tactic called Proximity Alerts. Of course, once a person enters the store, it is considered an opportunity. Since there is a difference between the number of people entering the store, and people buying, the store should track all visitors to address various KPI’s such as conversion ration, average basket size, staff to customer ratio and heat map. For Anchor stores with entrances to both the mall and the parking —can the people passing through be considered as true sales opportunities? The answer is Yes! A foot in your store is an opportunity to sell. By entering the store, these visitors are exposed to what the store has to offer, and therefore should be considered as a sales opportunity. Retail People | 25


TElliNg YOur braNd STOrY

Colin beaton, Founder and Managing Director of Limelight Creative Services, a retail strategy and design consultancy based in Dubai, UAE. 26 | Retail People


have often said that the first retailer or mall developer in the UAE that does something truly valueadd and/or innovative with store communications will have a strategic advantage in their sector. I said “communications�, not signage. Signs are those flat plastic, wooden and metal devices that you find hanging on the walls and shelves. I’m talking about strategic consumer communications: the manner in which you inform, direct, inspire and educate your customer; communications are strategic and experiential, signs are tactical and physical. The content of those signs is the conversation you have with

your customer during their store experience; it is the voice, personality and value proposition of your brand. Far too many stores and malls fail to deploy them as an integrated and coordinated communications strategy that builds true brand equity and lasting customer loyalty. So how do you construct a system of customer focused communications? The best example of that would be to step 2 feet inside the entry of Ikea. Their communications all have a consistent message that supports their brand and the value proposition they offer to customers. There is promotional signage but the majority is not price messaging, it is about

ICSC Retail Connections

23 March 2016 Business Design Centre London, United Kingdom

Your platform for success

with international retailers The global deal-making event bringing leasing professionals from around the world together with global retail brands in one place on one efficient day.

ICSC Global Partners

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their brand and why customers should shop there. Although price is a dominant theme they link their core value proposition to customer service, convenience, selection, environmentalism, national character, family values and much more. Now assume that you removed everything about brand personality and communication from an Ikea store. How would you know that they flat pack everything to reduce cost and packaging, about

their strong commitment to the environment, the “Ikea Social Initiative”, or their customer service principles? They have a conversation with you as you experience the store that explains who they are and why you should shop there. Without the communication programme an Ikea store would simply be a large building full of inexpensive furniture you need to assemble. We met with a furniture retailer recently who was losing market

share and couldn’t understand why when he was offering so much more. “More what?” I asked. He then recited a long list of benefits that included delivery, financing, personal shopping, custom orders, exclusive brands and several others. I asked him to tell me where a customer would learn about those features. After a long pause he had to admit that there wasn’t a single piece of communications in the store that contained a message other than price. Not one.

We are often asked to provide guidance on how to begin implementing an integrated communication programme:

1 Compare your value proposition with what is actually communicated in your store (look for the information gaps)

3 be consistent in your graphic formatting (one brand - one Carefully define voice) what the top 3 or 4 big include messages messages are that all that are unique or customers should know set you apart from and focus on getting the competition those into the stores (differentiation is (you can’t do it all the goal) at once)



5 forget expensive technology and keep it focused on delivery (the medium is not the message)

6 focus on key customer experience areas where you will have the most impact (shop front, cash desk, new product displays, entry merchandising, etc.)

A carefully crafted communications programme is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to build a relationship with your customers and yet it is often overlooked by retailers. Communications are a critical link in the customer experience and they function 24/7 to broadcast your message and affect the choices that customers make every day. Retail People | 29


whEN a COmpaNY’S CulTurE EQualS SuSTaiNabiliTY

T Edurne gil de San vicente, Partner at Open Doors Consulting in/edurnegil

30 | Retail People

hE bEgInnIng Of a qUESt I recently read a quote that urged me to start a quest. The quote is “What’s the distance between your company culture and your brand? Answer: There shouldn’t be any.” A company culture that is authentic and deep will resonate through its employees, conveying the same tone, the same mission, the same values the brand represents to its customers and the rest of stakeholders. Obviously, I thought, a good employee engagement programme delivers wonders. However, reality often hits us hard. According to Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends survey, employee engagement and culture issues exploded onto the scene, rising to become the no. 1 challenge companies face around the world. Culture is driven from the top down. Yet most executives cannot even define their organisation’s culture, much less figure out how to disseminate it through the company. Consequences can be significant. A recent research suggests that high levels of employee engagement are associated with higher rates of profitability growth. My quest started then. A quest intended to find out if embedding Sustainability in a company’s culture creates multiple benefits, where a company’s honest statement about strategy, including social and environmental aspects, is the best employee engagement programme.





18-19 April 2016 Milan, Italy

In association with:

ICSC Global Partners

ICSC European Partners

Gold Sponsor


EMAIL #EuroConf


SUStaInabIlIty aS a StratEgIC COrnErStOnE The first clue was just next door! The sparkle came with the Chalhoub Group’s latest Sustainability report. Based in Dubai, the renowned group has 60 years of experience in the sector of luxury fashion and beauty, and their report entitled ‘Sustainability through Group Culture’ was a call to reach them out. The Department for Sustainable Engagement helped me with my quest; walking me through the organisation. I could underpin two fundamentals:

1. organisational structure matters We all agree that top management support is key to introduce Sustainability values, distill a company’s culture. Yet, how this is executed is as much important. Success depends on the way sustainability is structured within an organisation. At the Chalhoub Group, CEO’s are directly overseeing and giving direction for the growth of sustainability in the business. The group adhere to the UN Global Compact standards, taking an active part at the local UNGC steering committee and leading a taskforce in education. In addition, the company publishes an annual report following the Global Reporting Initiative g4 guidelines. These efforts are oriented to ensure a move toward best practices in the Region, and equally, to bring value to partners and employees. Regarding the Sustainable Engagement Department, its function is to catalyze synergy between business units, community and business partners, aiming at integrating environmental and social principles into daily operations. Moreover, the Sustainable Engagement department falls under the Strategy & Innovation business unit indicating its central role to the long term strategy of the Chalhoub Group.

high levels of employee engagement are associated with higher rates of profitability growth 2. Employees as individuals do matter The workplace is transforming rapidly. There is a shift from employer centric goals, to gradually having employee needs considered equally. Employees (we) are human beings, with personal aspirations, values and motivations. For the Chalhoub Group, employee engagement is another strategic pillar. Sustainability efforts are spread across all departments through an ambassador programme. It empowers and reminds employees that they are a part of a larger family and purpose. Ambassadors are the eyes and ears of the community programmes. They are also responsible for communicating, educating and encouraging colleagues to respect the Group’s environment policy and practices.

StEppIng StOnES The first stepping stone in my quest to bridge the gap between the organisation, brand and the human being has been the example of the Chalhoub Group. For them, considering sustainable business principles in systems and processes enhances efficiency and motivation. They have witness this through their workforce, who develop an increased sense of motivation when they realize their role in the business is more meaningful than simply contributing to the bottom line. Truly a source of inspiration. Retail People | 33

ICSC JOHN T. RIORDAN SCHOOL for Retail Real Estate Professionals April 17-21, 2016 Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, UAE

SAVE THE DATE To register, contact the MECSC office at T: +971 4 359 7909 E:

ST. JAMES’S HOTEL AND CLUB A luxury boutique hotel in London, The Royal Academy of Arts, and only a short stroll from the theatres discreetly, but yet centrally located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the exclusive and night life of the West End. neighbourhood of St. James’s ROOMS AND SUITES The hotel has 60 bedrooms and LOCATION In a quiet cul-de-sac that is only guests can choose from moments from Mayfair, a variety of options Buckingham Palace, the exclusive ranging from Superior shops of Jermyn Street, the Rooms to our signature Burlington Arcade, Bond Street, suites.


Seven Park Place is the Michelin-star restaurant of St. James’s Hotel and Club. In it William Drabble has created his own inimitable style menu, influenced by classic French cuisine but made using the best British ingredients and taking inspiration from the seasons.

rItZ CarLton HotEL- difC, dubai, UAe, november 1-3, 2015

Great to LeGendarY

ConferenCe, exhibition & iCSC MenA AwArdS


Plus Expert Speakers Including:

ron Kaufman Founder, UP! Your Service ‘The world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures’

Mike Moriarty Partner at Kearney

dr. nasser Saidi President nasser Saidi & associates

Katie fielder News Anchor Dubai one

Ahmed Galal ismail Chief Executive Officer Majid al Futtaim Ventures

fuad Mansoor Sharaf Senior Director – Property Management Majid al Futtaim Properties

h.e. Laila Mohammad Suhail Chief Executive Officer Dubai Festivals & retail Establishment (DFrE)

Stephen holbrook Group Director – Clothing Division Kamal osman Jamjoom

nick Peel CEO Marka PJSC

Stephen Lebovitz Chairman ICSC

narain Jashanmal Client Partner Retail & Ecommerce Facebook

rania Mushtaha Director Retail Meraas Holding

nisreen Shocair President Virgin Megastore Middle East


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conference Programme & speakers




event Floor Plan


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exhibitor Profiles


2015 MenA shopping centres & Retailers Awards


Welcome note


MenA shopping centres & Retailers Awards Jury


Gala Awards evening


Judging and scoring Procedure


MenA Awards Finalist

traditional Marketing

new Media

noI enhancement

Design and Development

Retail excellence

Retail Professional of the Year

36 | Retail People


WelcoMe note

Welcome to the Recon Guide The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres (MECSC) and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) are pleased to welcome you to the 21st Anniversary RECon Conference, Exhibition and the Awards Gala Dinner for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. This event is the leading regional retailer and shopping centre convention and is the MENA region’s dedicated forum for Retailers, Shopping Centre Owners, Developers, Service Providers, Managers and Retail Industry Professionals. Great to legendary is our theme this year at the 2015 Recon conference. Ron Kaufman is our keynote speaker and is Legendary in the Service Industry. His presentation is worth the price of admission alone for the entire RECon Conference. In his New York Times Best Selling book Uplifting Service, Ron outlines the Proven Path to great service. We will learn from the best what we need to do to delight your customers, colleagues and everyone else you meet. Retailers are the key component and life blood to all shopping centres. We celebrate the retailers in the region at our RECon Conference. We have amazing retailer displays in our Exhibition area this year. Many retailers are taking part in our newly added Deal Making Sessions at this year’s RECon Conference. Our speaker line up is full of Legendary characters who all have a great track record in the retail industry. Industry leaders will share their insights into what is creating the fabric of the retail scene. The future opportunities and the change we see coming in the retail industry will be discussed during our sessions. Our members tell us that they are able to complete a full year of business in two days at our RECon Conference. Our team at the MECSC urges each and everyone to take advantage of this unique annual opportunity to meet and chat with the retail industry professionals in the room with you throughout the Conference. We want to thank the MECSC Board Members, the RECon Conference Committee in particular Dalia Finj as conference chair for her efforts to bring this event to life. Thank you also to our tireless workers in the MECSC office who have worked so hard over the past months to make this 2015 RECon Conference a reality. Best Wishes for a Great Conference,

Majid Al Ghurair Chairman

David Macadam CEO

Shane Eldstrom Board President

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 37

2015 Recon MenA sPonsoRs

C - 85 M - 30 Y - 40 K - 4

C - 33 M - 93 Y - 70 K - 37

C - 37 M - 97 Y - 72 K - 57

C - 67 M - 61 Y - 58 K - 46

Gray Scale

Exclusive Gala Dinner Sponsors

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C - 54 M - 45 Y - 45 K - 10

C - 67 M - 60 Y - 59 K - 46 C - 75 M - 68 Y - 67 K - 90 HORIZONTAL

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Building retail excellence

Building retail excellence

Building retail excellence

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Building retail excellence

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Building retail excellence


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Building retail excellence

Building retail excellence

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Building retail excellence

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The ‘Boxed Logo’ To answer the challenge of accommodating the Emirates logo in a horizontal space, we propose a new format in addition to the Brand Badge: the Boxed Logo.


The Boxed Logo has been created using a carefully proportioned red container to house the Emirates logo. It is not a shortened version of the Brand Badge.


.2 x


. 2x

Deal Making Sponsor & Media Partner

38 | Retail People


Media Partner

Official Technology

conFeRence PRoGRAMMe & sPeAKeRs sunDAY, noveMbeR 1, 2015

• Measuring customer service through

Welcome - Sponsor & Volunteer Appreciation Reception

analysis of customer experience,

18:00 to 20:00

competitive positioning

Café Belge Terrace in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel DIFC (Invite Only)

• Aligning talent development with business results

conFeRence DAY one: MonDAY noveMbeR 2, 2015

Moderator: Ron Kaufman

09:00 – 10:00

Registration and Coffee

Founder, UP! Your Service

(Samaya Conference ballroom)


Conference Official Opening & Welcome

Senior Director – Property Management

Katie Fielder (Mc)

Majid Al Futtaim Group

News Anchor, Dubai One

stephen Holbrook

Fuad Mansoor sharaf 10:00 -10:10

Group Director – Clothing Division David Macadam

Kamal Osman Jamjoom


Ross Milton Managing Director Bounce

Majid Al Ghurair President, BurJuman Centre & Chairman, Dubai Chamber of Commerce

12:00 – 12:15

Networking & Refreshment Break – South Exhibition Hall

10:10 – 10:30

Welcome Addresses shane eldstrom

12:15 – 12:25

ICSC Certification Overview

MECSC Board President & COO

Michael Morrissey

Al Farwaniya Property Developments LLC

Executive Vice President &

talal Al Dhiyebi

Chief Global Officer - ICSC

Chief Development Officer

shane eldstrom


MECSC Board President & COO Al Farwaniya Property Developments LLC

10:30 – 11:30

Keynote Address: Uplifting Service: Adopting a Collaborative Approach to

12:25 – 13:00

Great to Legendary – How to Keep Relevant in the Rapidly Evolving Retail

Uplift Service at Every Level Ron Kaufman, Founder, UP! Your Service

Entertainment & Leisure Industry

• The world’s leading educator and

Ahmed Galal Ismail

motivator for uplifting customer service

Chief Executive Officer

and building service cultures. Rated one

Majid Al Futtaim Ventures

of the “Top 25 Who’s Hot” speakers by Speaker Magazine.

12:55 – 13:00

ICSC Foundation Scholarship Awards

• Author of the New York Times and USA

valerie cammiso

Today bestseller, “Uplifting Service! The

Executive Director

Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers,

ICSC Foundation

Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet 13:00 – 14:15 10:30 - 14:00

Networking Lunch – No. 5 Lounge & Bar Terrace

Deal Making Sessions - Invite Only (Sahaab Meeting Room) 14:15 – 15:00

11:30 – 12:00

Social Media; No longer a Sideshow but

Panel Discussion: Leading a Service

the Main Event

Orientated Culture

narain Jashanmal

• Best practice for engaging everyone

Client Partner Retail &

from the top down to create a customer

Ecommerce, Facebook

serviced culture • Challenges and lessons learnt in the region


Close of conference day one RECON Middle East & North Africa | 39

conFeRence PRoGRAMMe & sPeAKeRs

15:00 – 17:00

Annual General Meeting –

Samaya conference ballroom

• Success stories and challenges overcome from leaders and entrepreneurs in the region

15:15 – 17:15

Break Out Session - ICSC Certification

• Engaging women to take leadership roles

Information and Exam Practice Sessions –

• Supporting local talent and career

mezzanine level meeting rooms

development Moderator: Katie Fielder (Mc)

15:00 – 16:00

Magrabi Session (Invite Only) –

News Anchor, Dubai One

Sahaab meeting room Panelists: DAY tWo: tuesDAY noveMbeR 3, 2015 09:30 – 10:00 10:00 – 10:10

H.e. laila Mohammad suhail CEO Dubai Festivals & Retail

Registration and Coffee

Establishment (DFRE)

Opening and Welcome by

Rania Mushtaha

Conference Chairman

Director Retail

Katie Fielder (Mc)

Meraas Holding

News Anchor, Dubai One 10:10 – 10:30

nisreen shocair,

Global Retail Outlook


stephen lebovitz

Virgin Megastore Middle East

Chairman ICSC 10:30 – 10:50

Regional Retail Economic Focus

• Learn about the retail performance

of the region. How does the MENA region

12:00 – 12:30

South Exhibition Hall 12:30 – 13:15

Mike Moriarty

nick Peel



AT Kearney

Marka PJSC Deal-making sessions start – Sahaab meeting room (invite only) 10:50 – 11:10

Retail Opportunities in UAE & KSA

• What are the retail opportunities for the

UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Project Focus: Upcoming Mall Developments – MENA region

stack up?

10:30 - 14:00

Morning Networking Break –


Closing remarks and end of conference

13:30 – 15:00

Networking Lunch – No. 5 Lounge & Bar Terrace

15:00 – 17:00

Executive Conversations led by Ron Kaufman – Invitation Only

• What would the economic impacts for

Sahaab Meeting room

Dubai and the region be if the sanctions in Iran are lifted? Dr. nasser saidi

17:00 – 18:00

ICSC Foundation Reception – Sahaab Meeting room

President Nasser Saidi & Associates 18:00 - 19:00 11:10 – 12:00

ICSC Awards Cocktail Reception – Exhibition Area

Empowering Woman Leaders in the Retail Sector 19:00 – 22:00

ICSC MENA Awards Gala Dinner –

• How do these successful leaders think?

• How to keep your top spot in the

Samaya Ballroom

retail sector

Dress Code: Evening attire

40 | Retail People







12 - 13



Saudi Arabia

39 - 44

Arabian Oud


8, 15

Aswaq Management and Services


37 - 38

AZDEF Production Group LLC



Brands International FZE





6, 7, 26, 27

Dalma Mall



EIC Exhibit Works LLC




23 - 24


1, 18, 19

Iran Mall Commercial Co.



Line Investments and Property LLC



LP FLEX International FZE



Magrabi Retail


South Hall








21 - 22



Premier Marketing Management



Upscale Retail LLC



Right Selection



Savant Data System LLC



Al Hokair Group (Sparky’s) Amer Malls Amusement Services International LLC Arabian Centres

Ezdan Mall First Christmas by ROSENAU GmbH

Mudon Ahlia Real Estate ParkEyes

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 41







event FlooR PlAn

STAND NO.: South Hall

MAGRAbI RetAIl GRouP Emaar Square, Building 4, Office 401 PO Box 31170, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 338 4221

FAX: +971 4 338 4551

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Ahmed Ibrahim Designation: Group Property Director

the Magrabi Group of companies provides an end-to-end eye care services and products all over MENA. This is built on a unique platform that provides customers with Hospital & Surgical Centers, Pharmaceuticals, top quality Medical Equipment, Lens labs and finally the strongest distribution of Eyewear and Retail. The first Magrabi Optical store opened in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia in 1981, since then, Magrabi Retail has expanded into Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, UAE & Turkey making it the largest eyewear retail chain in the Middle East and North Africa, with over 250 Retail Shops.

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 43

Seeing is



STAND NO. 8 & 15

ARAbIAn ouD InteRnAtIonAl An Al JAsseR GRouP coMPAnY 20th Floor, Burlington Tower, Al Abraj St Business Bay, PO Box 86884, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 388 1990

FAX: +971 4 388 1191

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Raffi Ayad Designation: Group Executive Director

Arabian oud is the largest fragrance manufacturer and retailer around the world specialising in incense, oriental perfumes and oil perfumes. In 30 years expertise in making authentic scents, a wide range of products has been awarded worldwide against the most prestigious local and international companies in perfume industry. Arabian Oud is managing 700 stores worldwide selling over 400 luxurious and unique fragrances. With 3,700 employees serving customers across over 50 cities and 33 countries worldwide, from London to Paris, New York and all across the Middle East with a dedication to quality and perfection in the art of perfumery.

48 | Retail People

STAND NO. 39 - 44

ARAbIAn centRes PO Box 341904, Riyadh 11333 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tel: +966 11 293 4141

FAX: +966 11 293 4455

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Luc Lescault Designation: Marketing Manager

Arabian centres is the leading developer, owner and operator of international standard shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. It currently operates 17 malls across 10 cities in Saudi Arabia, providing an unmatched shopping and leisure destination for visitors. Arabian Centres has over 3,400 retail outlets including 530 international and local brands, and unrivalled family leisure offerings. Part of the Fawaz Alhokair Group, Arabian Centres has a 14-year proven track record in delivering consistent success in the retail and real estate sectors in Saudi Arabia.

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 49

WelcoMe RecePtIon sPonsoR DeleGAte bADGe sPonsoR conFeRence DeleGAte GIFt sPonsoR

KInAn InteRnAtIonAl ReAl estAte DeveloPMent (cJsc) 13th Floor, Saudi Business Center, Madinah Road PO Box 32200, Jeddah 21428, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tel: +966 12 651 9393

FAX: +966 12 650 4854

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Ahmad M. Mujallid Designation: Manager, Marketing Income &

Western Region Marketing

Kinan International Real estate Development company was founded in 2005; a closed joint stock company (CJSC) with a capital of SR 1.7 billion. In 2009 Kinan entered the residential development industry and is currently working on developing residential projects with a total area of over 5 million square meters, which makes Kinan one of the biggest residential development companies targeting middle income families in Saudi Arabia. Over the years Kinan has developed Shopping Malls in seven Saudi cities with investments of more than SR 1.8 billion.

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 53


conFeRence DeleGAte bAG & GIFt sPonsoR conFeRence bReAK & luncHes sPonsoR

Building retail excellence

Building retail excellenc

lIne InvestMents & PRoPeRtY llc. Khalidiyah Mall Management PO Box 4048, Abu Dhabi, UAE tel: +971 2 635 4400

FAX: +971 2 6354 499

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Nabel Aryadan Designation: Marketing Incharge

line Investments & Property llc. is a shopping mall development and management division of the Abu Dhabi based Lulu Group International oversee the operations of an impressive line-up of malls in the Middle East Countries & India. With extensive experience in retail business ventures across the GCC, the in-house manpower expertise take projects form concepts stage, sourcing strategic locations, design and development as well as marketing of the projects in their portfolio. o

As leaders in shopping mall sector offering full 360 retail solutions, Line Investments & Property LLC overlooks over more than a dozen malls in different markets with numerous properties ready to open in the last quarter of 2015.

54 | Retail People


GAlA GIFt sPonsoR

ReD seA MARKet coMPAnY ReD seA MAll PO Box 54320, Jeddah 21514 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tel: +966 12 215 1551

FAX: +966 12 215 1546

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Eng. Ahmed Mahboub Designation: Quality Assurance & Development &

Acting Marketing Manager

The Red sea Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers at Jeddah City; it is located at the northern suburbs on Malik Road. The mall has 242,200sqm built area, containing a five stars hotel, seven story office building, and both external and undercover parking areas all of which are linked to the 18 entrances of the mall thus facilitating easy access to the mall no matter where visitors park. Red Sea Mall has chosen specialised designers to provide all the required services to our visitors, so they can enjoy pleasant shopping trips. Moreover, Red Sea Mall is a blend of international and local brands, has variety options of restaurants, cafes, and diners, and provides entertainment to the youth and children.

56 | Retail People

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 57

IntIMAA ReAl estAte seRvIces Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tel: +966 12 215 1500

FAX: +966 12 215 1587

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Mohammed Albar Designation: VP - Marketing & Communication

Intimaa Real estate services began its activities in 1997 as part of Saudi Economic and Development Company (SEDCO) activities that specialise in providing real estate services for SEDCO’s portfolio of land, property, assets and real estate investments. Later this activity was transferred to Eimar Arabia, where it achieved spectacular success with its projects, reaching the point where the company’s directors decided it was necessary to continue its successful progress through a new entity that combines past experience with today’s expertise to carry the enterprise into the future.

58 | Retail People

STAND NO. 37-38

AsWAq MAnAGeMent & seRvIces AMS Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Mall - West Office Tower MO Floor, PO Box 54154, Abu Dhabi, UAE tel: +971 2 645 7733

FAX: +971 2 645 77 37

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Irina Descarriere Designation: CEO’s Office & Business

Development Coordinator

Since its establishment in 1999 through a joint-venture between Société des Centres Commerciaux (SCC), H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Suroor Al Nahyan and H.E. Nasser Al Nowais, AMS has developed considerable in-depth experience within the retail sector, and real estate industry as a whole, and built a strong network across the entire Middle East region. With its team of Financial, Legal, Technical and Commercial experts, AMS provides Consultancy, Sales & Leasing and Management Services to Residential, Office and Retail Properties.

60 | Retail People

Aswaq Management and Services Foundation & Experience Mission & Expertise Since its establishment in 1999, through a joint-venture between SociĂŠtĂŠ des Centres Commerciaux (SCC), H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Suroor Al Nahyan and H.E. Nasser Al Nowais, AMS has developed an in-depth experience within the real estate and retail industry and built a strong network across the entire Middle East region.

With its team of Financial, Legal, Technical and Commercial experts, AMS provides Consultancy, Sales & Leasing and Management Services to Residential, Office and Retail Properties.

Project Preliminary Studies & Strategies

Property Management

Consultancy During Pre- & PostOpening Phases

Rental Management

Sales & Leasing Assistance

Design Review & Fit-Out Coordination

STAND NO. 21 & 22

MuDon AHlIA ReAl estAte coMPAnY Al-Eqaila Block 5 The Gate Mall, Upper-Second Floor PO Box 21739, Safat 13078, Kuwait tel: +965 2205 6211

FAX: +965 2205 6212

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Omar Nigm Designation: Managing Director

Mudon Ahlia has been active in the real estate development area since 2008, and is today one of the leading real estate developers in Kuwait. In only a short time, Mudon has grown from being a familyowned real estate company to a force to be reckoned with in the field. Today, the Mudon brand is associated with quality, creativity, and reliability. Mudon has more than 160,000 sqm of gross leasable area, with more than 18 projects in Kuwait, and three internationally. With more than 1,412 leasing units and counting, Mudon is growing sky high. our Projects: Mudon has successfully contributed to the launch of a number of projects in Kuwait; in terms of design programme, project management, leasing, and project operations. These include: The Gate, Devonne, Arkan, Liwan Mall, Al Dorra Mall, Salam Mall, Paradise (Oman), Sama Mall, Al-Mukhyal Mall, Crystal Mall, CrystalMall2, The Village, The Port, Miral Complex, Labor Camp (Jaber Al-Ali), The Lake Future Projects: Keep your eyes opened for our next projects / Watch this space for our new projects. our services: MUDON offers a range of services in consideration of to the diverse needs and requirements of local and regional markets, including: • Leasing and Marketing • Project Management • Construction Management • Real Estate Development

62 | Retail People

STAND NO. 6 -7 & 26-27

cels Nassima Tower, Office 514, Sheikh Zayed Road PO Box 340505, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 56 374 7890 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Alessandro Gaffuri Designation: General Manager

cels is an international network of retail marketing experts, renowned for managing customer engagement. Our role serves to create powerful social experiences through a wide set of combined services and products. In other words at CELS, we build an identity and a set of values for shopping malls and leisure destinations, helping brands interact more closely with their visitors and customers. CELS operates both as a consultancy firm and as project managers and producers offering customised solutions to build loyal relationships with a community. CELS operates in all GCC with 3 different Business Units: Customer Engagement Loyalty Solutions, CELS Digital and CELS Events and partners with N.1 light decoration manufacturer in the Gulf: AFKAR Creations. Offices in Dubai and Doha.

64 | Retail People


DAlMA MAll Mussafah – Tarif Highway, PO Box 91122 Abu Dhabi, UAE tel: +971 2 550 6111

FAX: +971 2 550 6161

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Zeinab Badar Designation: Acting Marketing Manager

Dalma Mall is a Super-Regional shopping mall located in Abu Dhabi. The mall is prominently situated on the Abu Dhabi–Tarif–Al Ain highway, opposite Mohammed Bin Zayed City and at the heart of Abu Dhabi’s growth corridor. A short distance from Maqta Bridge and Abu Dhabi International Airport, Dalma Mall is one of Abu Dhabi’s shopping and tourist destination and features over 400 stores and variety of Rmus. Dalma Mall is part of the strategic plan of Abu Dhabi 2030 vision, which sets out the framework of the Emirate’s long-term growth. Dalma Mall is owned by The Developers LLC and has a total built-up area of 250,000 square metres and a total gross leasable area of 150,000 square meters. It is placed at the intersection of several of the most rapidly developing areas in the UAE.

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 65

Go beyond your customers’ expectations... A GROUP OF

· market research · communication strategy & consultancy · loyalty programs

· digital strategy · user experience platforms · digital signage and interactive tools · tracking technologies · gamification

· event management & production · festive settings (in partnership with Afkar) · 3D video mapping · sound design

It’s not simply about technologies or shows. It’s about the experience: managing the whole customer relation with both specialist expertise and a strategic view — to engage people in new, surprising ways.

This is retail marketing for us: turning each moment into an opportunity to foster loyalty and sales. Helping malls go beyond standards.

Discover our Retail Marketing Agency on | OFFICES IN DUBAI AND DOHA

Light up your visitors’ experience! Meet the #1 light decorations manufacturer in the Gulf.

Festive settings, custom creations, 3D video mapping & light art.

Discover more on

Al otHAIM ReAl estAte InvestMent & Dev. co. Unit 2301-2304, Al Ameri Towers Tecom, PO Box 50710,Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 276 6388

FAX: +971 4 276 6389

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Chandan Baherwani Designation: Assistant Marketing Manager (Dubai)

Al othaim Real estate Investment & Dev. co OREIDCO (established in 1998), a closed joint stock company, owning 6 malls with more than 5,000,000 sq.ft of Retail GLA (Gross Leasable Area) and a vision to establish 4 malls in 2016. Our malls are characterised by unique designs, excellent locations, easy accesses and are strategically planned to suit local demo graphics in the region. Al-othaim leisure is an integral part of the OREIDCO. The group has been involved in creating benchmark Family Entertainment Destinations across many cities in KSA, UAE and Egypt that offer endless family fun for everyone from all age groups. Al-Othaim Leisure is built for children entertainment and fun. It’s equipped with latest state of art games with advanced gaming machines with arcade, along with enthralling rides that provide fun for everyone.

72 | Retail People

AlYAsRA FAsHIon United Arab Shipping Building, 5th Floor Airport Road (Rd. 55), Shuwaikh PO Box 3228, Safat 13033, Kuwait tel: +965 2224 9304

FAX: +965 2224 9301

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Adel Alansari Designation: Head of Marketing and Creative

Alyasra Fashion is a regional fashion retail leader, with a world-class portfolio of over 60 high-end fashion, footwear and accessories brands. Our network encompasses over 250 stores, operating in eight markets across the Middle East. We are driven by our values and ethics and our most valuable asset is our dedicated team of over 1,800 employees. Our highly motivated retail professionals have built strong, lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. The fashion retail world is ever-changing, but we thrive on the challenge of adapting to succeed in this exciting industry. Our commitment is to be retail destination, employer and partner of choice in the region.

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 73




- Our most valuable asset is our loyal and dedicated team of over 1800 employees

- Our passion for retail is evident in everything we do

- Proud partners with the world’s premier brands

- We are continually building a creative and inclusive community with a culture aspiring towards excellence and innovation

- We are a regional fashion retail leader, enriching customers’ lives with reliable services delivered honestly and without compromise

- World-class portfolio of over 60 high-end fashion, footwear and accessories brands

- Creative ideas, ambition and dynamic drive are at our core

- Our outstanding retail environment offers unique brands and a premium customer journey

- Our network encompasses over 250 stores, with operations in eight markets

STAND NO. 12 - 13

AMeR MAlls 8 Muharam Shawki, Heliopolis, Cairo 11341, Egypt tel: +202 4478 1371 / +201 2100 09122 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Ahmed Elkasaby Designation: Marketing Manager

Amer Malls, an affiliate of Amer Group Holding, is a leading company specialised in managing and operating retail facilities. The company has played an imperative role in attracting, both, local and international investments to Egypt. The multitude of projects carried out by Amer Malls has assisted and nurtured the local community by creating job opportunities and supporting the development of SME’s. Through its world-class standards and outstanding services, Amer Malls has earned a nation-wide reputation for attracting shoppers and entertaining guests. The company offers a myriad of comprehensive retail real estate services, customised to suit the business needs of every lessee. Amer Malls offers standalone signature malls and meeting points, in addition to megamalls within its residential compounds across Egypt.

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 75


lAnYARD sPonsoR conFeRence DeleGAte GIFt & GAlA GIFt sPonsoR ORIGINAL LOGO

bRAnDs InteRnAtIonAl FZe JAFZA-South Extension PO Box 261506, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 880 7900

FAX: 971 4 880 7979

eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Kamel Shaaban Designation: Business Development

bRAnDs International which currently operates across four countries with 14 stores in the United Arab Emirates, nine stores in Saudi Arabia, two in Qatar and three stores in Oman, are on a mission to expand their business portfolio with a range of new concepts. BRANDS International has acquired French bespoke tailoring brand SUITME; quirky Italian shoes and handbags brand POP; men’s grooming and accessories brand, Wardrobe; Italian menswear brand Francisco Tolli and DKS men’s luxury corporate wear in addition to new BRANDS and TOGA stores opening across the region. BRANDS International has set a three year expansion plan with a budget of AED 300 million, launching a further nine stores this year with four stores within UAE, three stores in Saudi Arabia, one store in Qatar and another in Oman while their plans for 2016 includes opening stores in Egypt and Kuwait.

76 | Retail People

New standard of shopping,leisure and entertainment Porto Cairo Mall

Porto New Cairo

Porto Sharm

Porto October






- Our most valuable asset is our loyal and dedicated team of over 1800 employees

- Our passion for retail is evident in everything we do

- Proud partners with the world’s premier brands

- We are continually building a creative and inclusive community with a culture aspiring towards excellence and innovation

- We are a regional fashion retail leader, enriching customers’ lives with reliable services delivered honestly and without compromise

- World-class portfolio of over 60 high-end fashion, footwear and accessories brands

- Creative ideas, ambition and dynamic drive are at our core

- Our outstanding retail environment offers unique brands and a premium customer journey

- Our network encompasses over 250 stores, with operations in eight markets

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 77

YARDI sYsteMs ltD. Dubai Internet City, DIC Bldg. 16, Unit 333 PO Box 500562, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 432 2679 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Said Haider Designation: Regional Director Middle East Sales

Yardi is dedicated to the design, development, and support of real estate asset and property management software. Yardi Voyager is the leading, full-business solution for retail property management that centralises data and automates workflows to help property manager’s work more efficiently. Voyager reduces costs and maintains successful retail center operation. The solution combines property management and accounting with ownership, financials, budgets, forecasts, construction, and maintenance for a holistic view of your portfolio. Voyager is an end-to-end commercial property and financial management platform for office, retail, and industrial real estate, automating processes with role-based dashboards, workflows, critical date notifications, and analytics. Enabling faster and more efficient execution of property operation strategies.

78 | Retail People

eXclusIve GAlA DInneR cocKtAIl sPonsoR

MAtAlAn Management Office, Landmark Shopping Mall PO Box 4505, Doha, Qatar tel: +974 4486 5056 FAX: 974 4486 5148 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Hasit Kakkad Designation: Retail Manager

Matalan is one of UK’s leading department store committed to providing value for money that makes fashion sense. Matalan’s product range offers up to date fashion with a comprehensive selection of quality homewares, ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing and footwear - all under one roof. Matalan opened its first store in the Middle East in June 2009. The brands target market is family and stores can be found in some of the premium Malls within the Middle East. With 21 stores across the Middle East, expect more of Matalan as they provide high street fashion at prices everyone can afford!

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 79

EXCLUSIVE GALA DINNER SPONSOR Mall of Qatar is destined to be a world leading shopping and entertainment destination spread over a building area which is the equivalent size of 50 FIFA football fields. Mall of Qatar is strategically positioned adjacent to the future 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium; natural light bathes the mall with glass covered temperature controlled domes and spines, with 9 meter wide corridors running along a circuit that leads to the heart of the mall, the Oasis. Within the Oasis a 360 degree stage encircled by a 5,000 m2 performance area is surrounded by restaurants and cafes with terrace seating on two levels overlooking the dramatic fountains and the Oasis stage below. Guests will delight, daily, to Mall of Qatar’s custom developed shows by a resident performance troupe, along with a premier selection of international acts and fascinating dancing water shows and mall wide entertainment.

GALA GIFT BAG & GIFT SPONSOR Marina Home Interiors is a Dubai based premium home furnishings company and operates its stores across the Arabian Gulf region, Egypt and the Indian subcontinent. Marina Home is synonymous with quality, creativity and a strong aspirational proposition and has proved its design ability in the selection of items that create an entrancing effect of unusual harmony. The unique and diverse range of products are in - house designed & sourced from around the world inspired by life in the cultures that Marina represents. The modern classics and chic contemporary designs are complemented by rustic details; true eclectic ambience seamlessly blends design with functionality. Marina’s forte is the sensible fusion of Modern & the Rustic, Avant Garde & the Exotic, Cosmopolitan & the Flamant creatively put together epitomising a new realm of design – co existence. Marina brings fusion to home decor.


e ‘Boxed Logo’

wer the challenge of accommodating rates logo in a horizontal space, we e a new format in addition to the Brand the Boxed Logo.

Emirates is a global connector of people and places and an enabler for trade and tourism. With


a fleet of 238 fuel efficient aircraft, the multi-award winning carrier flies to 147 destinations in

xed Logo has been created using a y proportioned red container to he Emirates logo. It is not a shortened of the Brand Badge.


79 countries across six continents. The airline is the world’s largest operator of the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777. A total of 270 aircraft, worth US$ 128 billion, are on the order books. The airline’s luxurious amenities, regionally inspired gourmet cuisine, award-winning in-flight entertainment



. 2x

system – ice – and unmatched hospitality provided by its iconic multi-lingual Cabin Crew from over 130 nationalities have made Emirates one of the world’s most recognised airline brands.

SUPPORT PARTNERS Flower Boutique is the hallmark of exceptional event design and flower solution in UAE. Our 5 floral studios across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offer uniquely inspired and timeless floral solutions not only to events, but also to multinational conglomerates, hospitality trade organisations and government offices with daily needs of floral décor and specified objectives. We have a long and fabulous history of creating bespoke royal weddings, gala dinners, fashion shows and other social occasions. At Flower Boutique, we draw on the essence of your special event, combining it with the natural beauty of our flowers to build works of art that you will remember forever. Established in 1976 and listed on the main board of Singapore Exchange, Kingsmen is a leading communication design and production group with offices in 19 major cities across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Through its strategic network of offices and worldwide associates, Kingsmen provides integrated communication solutions covering a full range of services from ideation, research & design, consultancy, project management, prototyping to fabrication, implementation & installation, logistics support and after sales services. These seamless end-to-end solutions are offered to global clients across multiple sectors like trade shows & exhibition, retail & corporate interiors, thematic and museums and alternative marketing. Kingsmen – your partner of choice in Asia Pacific and Middle East. RECON Middle East & North Africa | 81

DEAL MAKING SPONSOR & MEDIA PARTNER An essential read, RLI, the world’s only global retail and leisure magazine, has become the voice of the global retail and leisure sectors. Retail & Leisure International is an international publication that provides well-written analyses on an extensive variety of topics, together with informative in-depth articles and profiles on the industry’s leading operators. The magazine is dedicated to the retail and leisure market, incorporating global news, specialist features, profiles and regular sections, all combined to offer the reader a valuable insight into the impact of retail and leisure development on the industry as a whole. RLI is also the organiser behind Global RLI Awards and RLI Connect – two of the hottest tickets on the industry calendar.

MEDIA PARTNERS Khaleej Times (KT), the first English newspaper of the UAE, is now a vibrant 37 years young. The newspaper comprises the Main News Section, Sports, Business, the hugely popular Classified and Appointment sections, the tabloid-sized City Times and a glossy magazine on Fridays called WKND. There are also a bouquet of special product supplements, a high-end lifestyle magazine, INDULGE, an interiors magazine – Inspired Living, The KT Cookbook, EAT TREATS, Parent Talk, Travel Guides etc. all promising to keep the reader content. As times have changed, KT has embraced digitalisation with a strong web presence and access to mobile apps. Around 300,000 + readers enjoy the read when the world is slipped under their door! Every morning! Shopping Centers Today, published by the ICSC, is the only publication devoted to global retail real estate. Each month SCT focuses on every facet of the industry, including trends in development; capital markets; leasing; management, retail; and legislative affairs. SCT is circulated to each of ICSC’s approximately 70,000 members around the world, and is distributed at all major meetings. Decision-makers trust SCT for its deep, objective coverage of the shopping center industry.

OFFICIAL TECHNOLOGY SPONSOR HyperMedia is the leading digital Out-Of-Home company in the Middle East, with nearly 1,000 digital screens operating in the leading malls, hypermarkets and convenience stores in the UAE. The company dominates the digital Out-Of-Home market by delivering unrivaled advertising packages at regional points of purchase, in-mall, airport, outdoor and On-The-Go. Its network consists of: • Over 200 supermarkets and hypermarkets reaching 24 million shoppers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. • 22 of the most popular malls in the UAE, reaching more than 260 million shoppers annually. • Al Hajj Terminal, part of King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia. • Abraj Al Bait Mall located in the heart of Mecca. • On-The-Go Media petrol station/ convenience stores network at 170 outlets in Dubai.

STATIONERY SPONSOR Home to the world’s largest indoor snow park, Reem Mall will become Abu Dhabi’s major new retail, leisure, dining and entertainment destination. Delivering 2.8 million square feet of retail, Reem Mall will comprise around 450 stores, including 85 F&B outlets and a range of familyfocused entertainment offerings. Positioned on Reem Island – right in the heart of new Abu Dhabi – the mall will offer easy access along with ample parking with as many as 6,800 vehicle spaces. The US $1 billion project is being developed by The National Real Estate Company (NREC) and United Projects for Aviation Services Company (UPAC). Reem Mall is expected to launch in 2018, with construction commencing in 2015.

82 | Retail People


AL HOKAIR GROUP (SPARKY’S) Mushrif Mall, PO Box 108963, Abu Dhabi, UAE tel: +971 2 491 4445 FAX: +971 2 491 4454 eMAIl: WebsIte: - contact Person: Hani Al Hussein Designation: Regional Marketing & Sales Manager

Al Hokair Group is synonymous with Entertainment and tourism in the Arab World. Sheikh Abdel Mohsen Al Hokair founded the company since more than five decades. With investments in the entertainment and hotel accommodation sector since when the Group has expanded to include more than 62 family entertainment centers and 33 hotels throughout the Kingdom, UAE, and recently in Egypt. sparky’s is one of the entertainment brands of the Group. The best family & kid’s entertainment centers, and birthday party venue. Experience the friendly rides, state-of-the-art arcade games, exciting entertainment, with all these and more fun-filled attractions only at Sparky’s.


AMUSEMENT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LLC. Suite 1706-08, 17th Flr, Tameem House, Tecom C PO Box 113926, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 454 2929 FAX: +971 4 454 2945 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Prakash Vivekanand Designation: Managing Director

Amusement services International (ASI) offers Integrated Turnkey Solutions for the setup of Indoor Theme Parks and Large Format Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) within Retail Developments that will not only serve to amuse your footfall but also transform your property into a profitable entertainment destination. We understand the relationship that exists between the GLA of the Mall, Projected Footfall and the Size of the Leisure Component. We create customised, unique and innovative leisure solutions that will support and enhance dwell times to the Mall and also increase repeat visits. ASI has developed a large portfolio of recognised FECs across the region that have added tremendous value to their respective Shopping Mall hosts. Headquartered in Dubai, ASI boasts of a highly qualified team of Architects, Business Analysts, Imagineers, Interior Designers, Fit Out Specialists, Technical & Operations Experts – all seated under one roof driven by a passionate desire to create an operationally efficient, entertaining and profitable Leisure Service Anchor. RECON Middle East & North Africa | 83


AZDEF GROUP LLC PO Box 7562, Priceton, New Jersey, USA tel: +1 631 593 6224 FAX: +1 816 505 5508 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Lisseth Villalobos WWW.AZDEF.COM

Designation: Global Director

the Azdef Group is a group company specialising in Event Management, Business Development and International Business Ventures. The company is owned and operated by James R. DeFina and Rayan F. Azab who have extensive business backgrounds and experience in international business. Our experience in organising events including concerts, benefits and fashion shows which leverage artist appearances to create maximum impact and bring branding, sales, and marketing opportunities to a wide range of international clientele.

It’s not just shopping, when you have entertainment! Visit us at AZDEF.COM INFO@AZDEF.COM FIND US ON: 86 | Retail People

TEL: +971 4 253 5051


EIC EXHIBIT WORKS LLC PO Box 120209, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 453 4975 / 339 6290 FAX: 971 4 339 6291 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Pradeep Kumar Designation: Manager - Exhibitions

eIc eXHIbItIons was incorporated in year 2008 in the UAE. Ever since, we have not only established itself as one of the best exhibition custom made stand contractors and material suppliers, but also has excelled in developing Customised pavilions and stands for individual companies. Our specialties include: • Designing, fabrication and storage of state-of the art custom made stands. • Development of brand new Octanorm type systems, which can easily cater to around 4000 square meters. i.e. materials with all accessories as tables, chairs, spotlights, etc. • Rental of furniture for events/exhibitions. • Our in-house skills rival any agency and together with our no-nonsense approach and continuous support we will help make the whole process as simple as possible for you. We have been doing the complete range of exhibitions for various high profile organisers in the UAE and abroad. We also have our presence in India through our offices in Mumbai and Bangalore.

STAND NO. 23 - 24

EZDAN SHOPPING MALLS Ezdan Gharaffa-Management Office, PO Box 30503, Doha, Qatar tel: +974 44 334 258 FAX: +974 44 796 570 eMAIl: - WebsIte: contact Person: May Marzooq Designation: Marketing Executive

The underlying principle of ezdan shopping Malls is to offer not just an incredible shopping experience, but also to establish an environment of Community destination. With the successful incorporation of its first branch in Gharaffa, Ezdan Shopping Malls aims to augment its reach in essential & steadfastly developing areas in Qatar, such as Al Wakra and Wukair. Located conveniently in the area linking the heart line of the suburbs, Ezdan in Al Gharaffa has become a distinguished focus of attraction with easy access from all the major points of adjacent areas. Given the overwhelming and ground breaking achievement of its concept in Gharaffa, Ezdan Shopping Malls is encouraged to step up in its ambition plan to establish a mirror image of its principle branch in Al Wakra,and with the third branch form a unique ,urban landscape to community at large in Al Wukair.

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 87

STAND NO. 1, 8, 19

FIRST CHRISTMAS BY ROSENAU GMBH Blankeneser Bahnhofstr. 7, 22587 Hamburg, Germany tel: +49 40 866 4875-81 FAX: +49 40 866 4875-60 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Dr. Kersten Rosenau Designation: Season Decoration

First christmas a Germany based company, creates stunning decorations for Ramadan, the Festive Season, National Days, anniversaries etc. Until now we did 800+ projects. Always tailor made design and long lasting quality. At you see a lot of examples. Our portfolio includes Westfield London, the Mall of Berlin and GUM Moscow. Together with local partners we offer a full service. We will exceed your expectations! Let’s speak at RECON!

STAND NO. 4 & 5

IRAN MALL COMMERCIAL CO No.37, Alvand St, Argentina Sq., Tehran, Iran tel: +98 21 8866 4510-17 FAX: +98 21 8866 4518 eMAIl: contact Person: Sheida Yousefnavaz

This project of massive perfection spot for the first time in Iran, described as “a city on its own” by RLI international magazine of leisure and entertainment, is located between two mega cities of Iran, Tehran and Karaj on a total area of 1,700,000m2 and a 32 hectare site, with a leasable area of 250,000m2 which is the first, in planning, developing, owning and managing as a single property in Iran. With numerous attractions and services, Iran Mall’s building a non-agelimited, luxurious powerhouse to fuel desires of vast diversity. With the genius choice of location in an accessible area, possessing the youngest population in the capital city, Iran Mall’s a place where the body and soul meet their demands at once; the luxury car showroom, the ice skating arena, the fashion square, 3000m2 and 10,000m2 food courts, rooftop restaurants and cafes, sports halls, 14 cinema screens, 5-star and special-5-star hotels, 20,000 parking spaces accessible from all floors, 20,000m2 hypermarket, musical fountain, the Crystal Atrium, Persian Garden, traditional souk, helicopter landing space, 20,000m2 exhibition area, amphitheater and 3 commercial towers next to the mall in a land of 240,000m2, are just a brief introduction to this gigantic dreamland.

88 | Retail People


LPFLEX INTERNATIONAL FZE D-310 – Dubai Silicon Oasis, PO Box 341242, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 371 2550 FAX: +971 4 371 2551 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Sanjay Nambiar.A Designation: Administration Manager

lPFleX is a brand of MAAS&ROOS AG, Germany and is having more than 80 years history in sign making. Only with a strong image can one attract new customers and stay ahead of the curve. The first impression counts and an eye catching signage leaves bright images in good memory and LPFLEX Sign Systems help businesses making a good first impression. One that lasts. Our exceptional services include: • High-end signage in a striking design • Flexibility i.e. the perfect solution for each customer • All systems manufactured under strict controls in our company • Swift and uncomplicated execution of planning, manufacture and installation • The highest quality and life time. We set high value to Service and Trust. Thanks to our long experience in light advertising and project management the LPFLEX production is a smooth process with delivery on due date. We offer our clients everything out of one hand — from constructions, panels and pylons to individual letters. Why complicate things? We are there for you when you need us. A short decision making process and a clear task structure make for quick solutions. From quotation to installation. We have our operations in Dubai to take care of all our GCC customers.



M c A RT H U R +C O M PA N Y S H O P P I N G



Pinnacle Building, Suite 402, Sheikh Zayed Road PO Box 283850, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 392 8304 FAX: +971 4 399 0421 eMAIl: stephanie@mcarthurcompany WebsIte: contact Person: Stephanie-Alexandra Chartier Designation: Director, Marketing

The creation of shopping centres that generate strong returns for the investor and profitable sales for the retailers is at the heart of McARTHUR + COMPANY’s approach to shopping centres and mixed-use development, leasing and operations advisory. McARtHuR + coMPAnY boasts a talented team of over 30 industry professionals with decades of shopping centre development experience all over the world. The firm has provided valuable strategic advice as well as leasing and management services to projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, as well as USA and Canada.

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 89


MIDDLE EAST COUNCIL OF SHOPPING CENTRES (MECSC) 803 Burjuman Business Tower, PO Box 43972, UAE tel: +971 4 359 7909 FAX: +971 4 355 8818 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Lea Venezuela Designation: Events Executive

The voice of the shopping centre industry in the Middle East & North Africa. The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres is the regional trade body representing the Shopping Centre Industry in the Middle East & North Africa. Our mission is to provide an effective forum for exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge and be a catalyst in the development of the shopping centre industry in the Middle East & North Africa. Established in 1994, Mecsc has grown over the years and has a strong and closely connected member base of over 994 industry professionals from all over the Middle East & North Africa representing shopping mall owners, developers, marketing managers, leasing managers and specialists, retailers, consultants, property managers, financiers, accountants, government officials and industry suppliers. Affiliated to the New York based International Council of Shopping Centers (, MECSC provides its members with unparalleled local and international business contacts and support through its network of international affiliates.


PARKEYES Franz Liszt 1 Of. 325, 29590 Campanillas, Mรกlaga, Spain tel: +34 95 217 9735 FAX: +34 95 217 9423 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Marina Navarro Designation: Administrative - Marketing Department

Parkeyes is the most advanced Space by Space Guidance System for Parking. Thousands of cameras watch all spaces supplying information about any robbery, any free space, any bad parked vehicle, etc. Also, each car park customer can locate his car using Find Your Car Kiosk or using his smartphone. ParkEyes is bringing the Future now.

90 | Retail People


PREMIER MARKETING MANAGEMENT Prism Tower 3302, Business Bay, PO Box 334590, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 453 1110 FAX: +971 4 420 1029 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Angela Perez Designation: Business Development Manager

Premier Marketing Management (PMM) is a regional market research consultancy firm based in Dubai; we provide premium research and fieldwork services in order to help your business rise to the highest standards of performance and achieve overall customer satisfaction. Some of our core services are as followed: • Mystery Shopping/Mystery Calling • Benchmarking • Online Survey • Email Survey • Create a demand • Customer Satisfaction Survey • Staff Satisfaction Survey • Brand Positioning. We provides marketing research services for both b2b and b2c markets across all major industries; actively moving from measurement to action for an improved service quality and increased profit ensuring that our clients are always premium in their areas of expertise. • Retail • Government Sector • Financial Services • Hospitality • F&B • Automotive • IT & Telecommunications • Travel & Tourism • Healthcare


UPSCALE RETAIL LLC PO Box 232644, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 50 943 4250 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Rachel Walton Designation: Sales Director

At upscale Retail we aim to activate retail space with our fresh and diverse retailers. With over 10 years experience in the Middle East we have successfully participated in the commercialisation strategies and implementation of new developments, to the rejuvenation of existing properties. With the PocketShop solution we deploy modular shops into inactive units which are either vacant, under renovation or design fit-out period. Their modular construction gives us the ability to move and reuse them in multiple locations accommodating many different retail concepts. For the landlord this is a good chance to test brands and eliminate inactive spaces. For the tenant it is an opportunity to test different , Malls, Retail spaces and products with a low risk low cost strategy.

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 91


RIGHT SELECTION 1603, Citadel Tower, Business Bay, Near JW Marriott Marquis Hotel PO Box 29654 Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 420 5599 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Sunaina Mirchandani Designation: Administrative Manager

We are connected with an elite group of high class international motivational speakers & thought leaders, whom you can invite to inspire your team towards greater success and a more fulfilling career. Each of our celebrity speakers will add a touch of class and elevate your event, be it for a keynote presentation, a client appreciation function, an Annual Thank You gathering for your team or even an Energy Booster to start off the New Year. We are a Boutique Bureau, not the usual full-spectrum Speakers Bureau and are very selective about the speakers we add to our list. We include only those that come with a high recommendation from within the speakers’ community. Therefore, in our list you will have the opportunity to choose from a carefully selected number of personalities representing the world’s finest transformational gurus, deep thinking futuristic leaders, motivational speakers and leading business minds. Using the jewel of the Middle East, Dubai as our base, we are strategically positioned to serve corporate clients, SMEs, conference and seminar organisers in Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa providing international speakers for their public or private customised events & conferences.


SáVANT DATA SYSTEM LLC PO Box 116396, Dubai, UAE tel: +971 4 393 9315 FAX: +971 4 393 9325 eMAIl: WebsIte: contact Person: Ameet Gwalani Designation: Chief Business Enabler

sávant Data system llc (sDs) has empowered retailers for over a decade with progressive technology solutions that have strong perspective on ROI offering. SDS services diverse verticals like Retail (Stores and Malls), Airports (including Duty Free), Public Transportation, Banks, Amusement Parks etc. Our solutions include:- • People Counting Solutions - Monitor and manage store performance by tracking customer traffic with consistent accuracy of 95% and above. • Vyom Business Intelligence Suite - Incorporates a patent pending just-in-time In-Chip In-Memory Technology delivers interactive Big Data analytics & scalability to terabytes of data. • Customer Behavior & In-Store Analytics - Revolutionary passive tracking technology enables business to understand consumer behavior passively across physical locations and provides path breaking insights to enhance consumer experience. • Electronic Shelf Label (E-Paper & LCD) - Displays product pricing along with barcode. • Electronic Shelf Display - Displays product information with static images along with full-motion video and text.

92 | Retail People


Welcome to the 2015 Icsc / Mecsc Retailer and shopping centre Awards the 2015 Icsc - Recon Gala Awards celebration Great to legendary The Judges have worked overtime this year. With 84 submissions in 2015 the popularity of these Awards has become synonymous with the RECon Conference. An increase of 35 percent in the number of great submissions over last year, shows the popularity of this Awards Event. Last year at our Awards we had two winners for best new retail store design, Dhamani 1969 and McDonalds in Egypt-Sodic. Both these Retail Award winners of the regional MECSC / ICSC Awards last year went on to win the Gold Viva ‘Best of the Best’ Award globally at the Las Vegas Conference. Winning these prestigious awards globally shows just how sophisticated and also how far the MENA region retail quality has progressed on a global stage in a few short years. Congratulations again to Dhamani 1969 and McDonald’s Egypt-Sodic on your success last year! The Judges deserve a special thank you for their time invested in their independent review of all submissions. With 84 submissions this year, our Judges spent many hours of their volunteer time reviewing the merits of each entry. Thank you! The ICSC and MECSC teams also need to be recognised and thanked for their dedication and support in making the ICSC MENA Retailer and Shopping Centre Awards, the outstanding event which it has grown to be! Congratulations to all entrants for taking the time and effort to make these detailed and sophisticated submissions. Your continual striving for excellence and your desire to achieve exceptional results raises the standards in the retail industry in our region. Best of all, we are all being recognised for our excellence on a world stage! Enjoy the Evening!

Stephen Lebovitz Chairman – ICSC

David Macadam CEO –MECSC

RECON Middle East & North Africa | 95

MenA sHoPPInG centRes & RetAIleRs AWARDs JuRY

MoHAMMAD IqbAl AlAWI Chief Executive Officer Red Sea Markets Co. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

lIZelle FItoussI Marketing Consultant UAE


MAIMunAH solIMAn sHebAnI

Chief Operating Officer GLA Management Kuwait

Strategy & Planning Manager The Zubair Corporation Oman

MAGeJAnA MAsIlelA COO - Malls Kinan International Real Estate Development Co. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

sHAne elDstRoM VP-Development National Real Estate Co. UAE

96 | Retail People



18:00 hrs :


19:00 hrs :


19:15 hrs :


20:45 hrs :










22:00 hrs :







RECON Middle East & North Africa | 97

JuDGInG AnD scoRInG PRoceDuRe

The Middle East and North Africa Shopping Centre and Retailer Awards Jury, a group of leading industry experts, will review eligible submissions and score them confidentially. The jury will not review entries from their own companies or any entry that might constitute a conflict of interest. Judges review each entry according to a specific criteria and award points accordingly. Please refer to the specific awards categories. In each category and classification there is the potential for honouring Gold and Silver winners. All entries with a total of 85 for Design and Development and 40 for Marketing, NOI Enhancement and Retail will be honoured with a Gold Award and entries with the score of 75 points but less then 85 for Design and Development and 35 points but less then 40 for Marketing, NOI Enhancement and Retail will receive the Silver Award regardless of how many other winners are in each category or classifications. The entries that score within the top 50 percent are designated finalists. ICSC and MECSC seeks to honour entrants in every category and classifications, but remember, the programme is designed to recognise the highest level of excellence, so entries must achieve a minimum number of points required to be considered for an award.

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Discover the new aDDress for luxury in Qatar.

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2015 MIDDle eAst AnD noRtH AFRIcA sHoPPInG centRe & RetAIleR AWARDs FInAlIsts traditional Marketing ADveRtIsInG tHe cHInese cIRcus Al-Othaim Malls, Saudi Arabia Owner/Management Company: Al Othaim Leisure Four Al Othaim malls simultaneously staged the Chinese Circus–a 17-day summer event featuring nine circus performances in a dedicated environment reflecting Asian culture.

toM AnD JeRRY City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC Two Dubai City Centres teamed up to bring the iconic duo of Tom and Jerry out of the living room and into a life-size interactive activity during the 20th annual Dubai Shopping Festival.

cAuse RelAteD MARKetInG Abc AcHRAFIeH MAll PHotovoltAIc PlAnt ABC Achrafieh, Dbayeh, Lebanon Owner/Management Company: ABC ABC employs photovoltaic energy to generate electricity, with an aim to save energy, reduce pollution, provide a healthier environment for its community, whilst lowering operational costs.

“cHAnGInG lIves WItH A sMIle” Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE Owner/Management Company: Lulu Group International Al Wahda Mall in partnership with Operation Smile has helped to fund reconstructive surgery for children and young adults born with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities.

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booK DonAtIon cAMPAIGn City Walk, The Beach and Boxpark, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Meraas Hospitality and Retail LLC To reflect the spirit of Ramadan, three Dubai centres launched a community book collecting initiative–Read. Dream. Create–part of the UAE chapter of ‘Books for Young People’ project.

HYAtt PlAZA lAYAlI AlKHAIR FestIvAl Hyatt Plaza, Doha, Qatar Owner/Management Company: Qatar Centre Markets Hyatt Plaza in collaboration with the Edad Educational Center, hosted an educational and entertaining series of family events including Nasheeds, storytelling, and cultural competitions.

buIlD A House Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif & City Centre Deira Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC Majid Al Futtaim transformed their successful 2014 Monopoly at the Mall event into a giving experience, benefitting thousands of people affected by Nepal’s devastating earthquake.

Run FoR HoPe cAMPAIGn Nahdi Medical Company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia To raise awareness and to emphasize the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle amongst the Saudi community, Nahdi engaged in multi-tiered activities to promote the Jeddah Marathon.

csR - IFtAR bAnquet Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Owner/Management Company: Red Sea Market Limited Red Sea Mall’s annual ‘Orphan Iftar Banquet’ initiative encourages generousity, kindness and hope for a brighter future, enriching the lives of both orphans and the community sponsors.

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GRAnD oPenInG, eXPAnsIon & RenovAtIon seAson KIcK oFF @ tHe beAcH The Beach, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Meraas Hospitality & Retail LLC The Beach celebrated its official launch hosting a series of seaside leisure and entertainment activities, including an outdoor cinema utilising the largest outdoor screen in the Middle East.

FAbYlAnD GRAnD lAuncH oPenInG Deerfields Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE Owner/Management Company: Al Othaim Leisure The multi-platform campaign to launch Deerfield’s entertainment area–FabyLand –included a grand opening event featuring dance routines, magic acts, unicycle jugglers, and clowns.

PublIc RelAtIons Al GHuRAIR centRe At tHe centRe oF It All Al Ghurair Centre, Deira, UAE Owner/Management Company: Al Ghurair Properties To reinforce and strengthen its position as the ‘Soul of the City’, Al Ghurair Centre’s evolved public relations strategy includes bloggers and vloggers acting as their new media ambassadors.

#eXPloReboXPARK At boXPARK Boxpark, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Meraas Hospitality and Retail LLC Dubai’s lifestyle ‘bloggerazzi’ were invited to explore Boxpark’s quirky tenants and to tour the centre’s unique design located amidst a premium residential quarter in the heart of Dubai.

ARt oF c 2014 City Centre Bahrain. Manama Kingdom of Bahrain Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC City Centre Bahrain’s ‘Art of C’ arts initiative showcased the workmanship of all artists from within the community, whilst celebrating the diversity and richness of the Kingdom’s art culture. 102 | Retail People

FAsHIon WeeKenD conceRt City Centre Bahrain, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC City Centre Bahrain’s first ‘Bahrain Fashion Weekend’ featured a live performance by renowned singer Balqees Ahmed Fathi, adding star-studded glamour to the three-day fashion event.

ARt oF c City Centre Muscat and City Centre Qurum, Muscat, Oman Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC Centre Muscat and City Centre Qurum, partnered with the Omani Society for Fine Arts (OSFA) to host the ‘Art of C’, a dynamic workshop and exhibition celebrating Oman’s 44th anniversary.

MAKe A DIFFeRence PR cAMPAIGn City Centre Bahrain Manama, Bahrain Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC Majid Al Futtaim’s 17-centre initiative ‘Make a Difference this Ramadan’ collected shopper donations of everyday essential items for distribution to those in need across the region.

sAles PRoMotIon AnD events Al GHuRAIR centRe’s bAnDJAM Al Ghurair Centre, Deira, UAE Owner/Properties: Al Ghurair Properties Al Ghurair Centre’s ‘BandJam’ is a three-day musical competition that recognises and acknowledges the community’s talented musicians as they vie for the title of Dubai’s best band.

Al GHuRAIR centRe’s DubFest Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Al Ghurair Properties DubFest is the largest international street theatre festival in the Middle East with over 45 performers and 400 shows occuring during the 10-day festival hosted at the Al Ghurair Centre.

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Al GHuRAIR centRe’s stReetcon Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai, UAE StreetCon or Street Art Connection is one of Al Ghurair Centre’s signature annual events that celebrates art, music and culture, energising public spaces in order to make art accessible to all.

MeAnWHIle let’s HAve Fun Al Kout, Kuwait City, Kuwait Owner/Management Company: Tamdeen Shopping Center Development Co. K.S.C.C Al Kout’s ‘Meanwhile Let’s Have Fun!’ series of unique leisure events helped to reverse footfall losses amidst centre expansion construction and increasing competition from within the region.

AlIAt MAll suMMeR cAMP 2015 Aliat Mall, Madinah, Saudi Arabia Owner/Management Company: Kinan International Real Estate Development Company Supported by a multi-faceted campaign, the ‘Aliat Mall Summer Camp’ event offered families a series of unique activities, including a large in-centre school bus, and a giant monopoly game.

HAPPY DAYs FestIvAl Arabian Centres Company Limited, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ‘Happy Days’ is a 6 week long shopping festival offered at 12 Arabian centres, featuring unique and entertaining activities, whilst providing visitor incentives of daily discounts and prizes.

MIssIon MoM! bAWAbAt Al sHARq MAll celebRAtes MotHeR’s DAY 2015 Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, Baniyas, United Arab Emirates Owner/Management Company: Baniyas Investment & Development Company Bawabat Al Sharq mall’s unique ‘Mission Mom’ event generated increases to visitation, social media fan base, and overall centre awareness, resulting in higher than usual buyer conversion.

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FestIve @ tHe beAcH The Beach, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Meraas Hospitality & Retail LLC The festive season campaign at the Beach featured elves, carolers, holiday decor, and a giant calendar with daily promotions, whereby visitors could save whilst counting down the days.

uRbAn beAts @ tHe beAcH The Beach, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Meraas Hospitality & Retail LLC Leveraging their distinctive outdoor nature, The Beach launched ‘Urban Beats’ a unique signature event showcasing the very best of Dubai’s talent in sport, music and art.

tHe MARKet @ tHe beAcH he Beach, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Meraas Hospitality & Retail LLC The Market@The Beach initiative’s unique seaside location at the Dubai marina showcased UAE based home businesses within a comfortable setting and featured live entertainment.

tHe nutcRAcKeR - WInteR tAles 2014 City Centre Bahrain, Manama, Bahrain Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC City Centre Bahrain’s integrated campaign featured a sales promotion, themed activation, and a host of exciting performances and activities at their ‘Winter Forest’ entertainment area.

“sPRInG FAsHIon Is In ouR nAtuRe” City Centre Sharjah, Emirate of Sharjah, UAE Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC City Centre Sharjah’s multi layered Spring Fashion campaign included a rewarding sales promotion campaign, and a unique Fashion Show coupled with a sustainability media event.

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A stYlIsH AFFAIR At cItY WAlK City Walk, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Meraas Hospitality and Retail LLC City Walk’s signature 3-day event ‘Stylish Affair’ featured prominent Dubai fashion influencers hosting multiple fashion shows with a live DJ, to create lively and entertaining fashion events.

DAnA MAll sMuRFs event 2015 Dana Mall, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia Owner/Management Company: Kinan International Real Estate Development Company Dana Mall’s promotion featured everyone’s favourite blue characters at their in-centre Smurf Village, and a selfie competition with a grand prize of airline tickets to anywhere in the world.

MAKe A WIsH - FestIve seAson Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC Mall of the Emirates activated an innovative and interactive festive season campaign giving shoppers and visitors the opportunity to have their unique and diverse wishes be granted.

“A success stoRY to be AlWAYs tolD” Nahdi Medical Company, Jeddah, Saudia Arabia Nahdi’s multiplatform campaign ‘A Success Story to Be Always Told’ generated extensive awareness for their range of premium, designer, and exclusive hair and skin care product lines.

RAMADAnAK JeDDAWI Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Owner/Management Company: Red Sea Markets Limited The ‘Ramadanak Jeddawi’ campaign showcased all that is historical about Jeddah, its people and culture, and featured a traditional marketplace selling keys, perfumes and jewelery.

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sHARAI’s sAFARI Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Owner/Management Company: Red Sea Markets Limited The larger than life Sharri Family returned to the Red Sea Mall for a second year, to lead customers on an exciting and adventurous safari, brought to life at an incentre installation.

RosHAn MAll suMMeR cAMPAIGn 2015 Roshan Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Owner/Management Company: Kinan International Real Estate Development Company During the Jeddah Summer festival, Roshan Mall drew thousands to their in-centre Fun Zone to enjoy multiple activities and events, and the added incentive of unique giveaways and prizes.

neW MeDIA eMeRGInG tecHnoloGY DIGItAl WAY FInDInG sYsteM Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE Owner/Management Company: H.H Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan Abu Dhabi Mall introduced ‘Kompas’ a digital wayfinding system allowing customers to search by keyword--a function employed by online search engines--to help them navigate in-centre.

InteRActIve 3D KIosKs Al Nakheel Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Owner/Management Company: Arabian Centres Company Limited Al Nakheel Mall replaced traditional printed directories with in-centre kiosks, and integrated social media tools and a Mobile app to allow shoppers the opportunity to pre-plan their visits.

WebsIte lAuncH Khalidiyah Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE Owner/Management Company: Lulu Group International Khalidiyah Mall’s innovative responsive website enables the sharing and distribution of targeted content to customers in a personalised manner, as well as access to self-service capabilities.

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InteGRAteD DIGItAl cAMPAIGns snAP It FoR MoM Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE Owner/Management: H.H. Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan Customers snapped pictures of products available at Abu Dhabi Mall and uploaded them to Instagram with a creative message for an opportunity to win the actual item for their mom.

HAPPY DAYs FestIvAl Arabian Centres Company Limited, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia The Arabian Centres exclusively used an integrated digital campaign to promote their six week long megaevent ‘Happy Days’ - featuring daily unique promotions, activities, and contests.

electRonIcs cARnIvAl City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC Capitalising on the region’s largest electronics exhibition, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif showcased their electronic offerings during their month-long ‘Digital Electronics Carnival’.

scAn & WIn DIGItAl cAMPAIGn Roshan Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Owner/Management Company: Kinan International Real Estate Development Company Roshan Mall’s integrated digital campaign utilized a QR code contest to encourage customer visitation, whilst supporting the intitiative with an extensive social media contest campaign.

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socIAl MeDIA centRePoInt Re-bRAnDInG Centrepoint, Dubai, UAE Centrepoint successfully used their extensive social media tools to connect with audiences and to promote their three signature events – Movember, Mom’s March, and World Family Day.

I cHAllenGe DIAbetes socIAl MeDIA cAMPAIGn Nahdi Medical Company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Nahdi launched an extensive and interactive social media campaign targeted to people with diabetes, highlighting and incenting visitors to adapt a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle.

novo cIneMAs onlIne coMMunItY Novo Cinemas, Dubai, UAE Novo Cinemas’s extensive and fully branded online cinema community is the largest on social media platforms, and has recorded the highest engagement for its kind in the MENA region.

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noI enHAnceMent - leAsInG neW locAtIons! neW MoneY! 360 MALL, Kuwait City, Kuwait Owner/Management Company: Tamdeen Shopping Center Development Co. K.S.C.C 360 MALL creatively adapted unused locations in the mall and external car parks to host innovative exhibitions, generating more than $400,000 USD in leasing revenues.

sPecIAltY leAsInG PRoGRAMMe Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE Owner/Management Company: Dalma Mall Dalma Mall’s specialty leasing offers an extensive range of short term rental opportunities for vendors including 108 kiosks, and 38 promotional display areas located throughout the centre.

Revenue uPsIDe tHRouGH sPecIAltY leAsInG Dubai Festival City Mall, Dubai, UAE Owner/Management Company: Omar Al Futtaim Dubai Festival City Mall’s ppecialty leasing programme has helped to creatively enhance the shopping experience for shoppers since beginning its extensive redevelopment project in 2014.

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DesIGn AnD DeveloPMent - neW DeveloPMents Al nAKHeel MAll RIYADH Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Development Company: Arabian Centres Company Limited Design Architects: Echo Architecture Strategically placed along main road arteries leading into Riyadh, the Al Nakheel Mall draws more than 200,000 weekly visitors to the accessibility-friendly one level retail centre.

oMAn Avenues MAll Muscat, Sultanate of Oman Development Company: Al Taher Properties Design Architects: Cowi Positioned as the largest mall, The Oman Avenues Mall features 12 specially designed zones over five levels, each level featuring unique archiectural, design and cosmetic characteristics.

YAs MAll Abu Dhabi, UAE Development Company: Aldar Properties PJSC Design Architects: RTKL International Yas Mall offers an unparalleled retail experience for local residents, tourists, and guests, providing fashion, entertainment and dining, all under one roof in the heart of Yas Island.

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RetAIl stoRe DesIGn bAbY FItAIHI Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Introduced to Saudi Arabia in 2005, the design of the Baby Fitaihi showrooms reflect the brand in all aspects: cute, modern, unique, and a fun-making environment for newborns and children.

esHAA PHARMAcY, nAHDI Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Nahdi’s pharmacy design features a customer-centric colour code system, allowing consumers to easily identify the different departments of the store to facilitate their shopping experience.

FAbYlAnD Abu Dhabi, UAE The FABYLAND concept at Deerfields provides guests with an indoor entertainment centre featuring the latest rides and attractions, coupled with a trendy café and food kiosks offerings.

MAGRAbI Dubai, UAE Magrabi’s re-imagined stores combine the traditional physical space of an optical retailer with digital channels and touch-points, creating an inspired and tailored experience for all customers.

McDonAlD’s JoRDAn Amman, Jordan McDonald’s Al-Madinah provides seating for 380 customers across two floors, and boasts spacious outdoor areas that allow customers to enjoy Amman’s beautiful weather year

McDonAlD’s qAtAR Doha, Qatar The design concept of the McDonald’s –Qatar is the first of its kind in the MENA region, and is reflective of the current universal retail trend to create spaces with an industrial and urban feel.

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RetAIl eXcellence tRAMPo Kuwait City, Kuwait The ‘Trampo’ design combines trampolines, climbing walls, and an extensive party service to offer families a fun and active space to spend time together, or to celebrate a special occasion.

RetAIl PRoFessIonAl oF tHe YeAR

HosAM AlquRAsHI Vice President Marketing & External Affairs Nahdi Medical Company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Retail Professional of the Year Candidate Hosam Alqurashi has transformed the Nahdi Medical Company from a conventional pharmacy into an award winning modern retailer with services, design, and experiences that rival international chains. He has also spear-headed several community centric initiatives, including the development of the region’s first Diabetes health and wellness programme.

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