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Indulge yourself this month in 2017, with spa treatments you can enjoy no matter how long you’re in DXB

Catch some zzz’s The route to great skin is good sleep, so grab a few hours at the Dubai International Hotel. DXB T3,

T E N M I N U T ES … Express massage at Be Relax

HALF AN HOUR… Stress-busting massage at XpresSpa

MORE THAN AN HOUR… Facial at Timeless Spa

Only in the airport for a short stay? Hop on a massage chair at Be Relax. The signature ‘Be Up’ treatment is a deep massage across your neck, shoulders, back, arms and head that, in just ten minutes leaves you relaxed, satisfied and ready to take on a long-haul flight. They also offer longer options for passengers with more time to burn.

The Stress And Tension Eliminator at this new US luxury airport spa is the perfect pre-flight pampering session. The head and facial massage relieves sinus pressure that can be heightened by flying while the energising neck, shoulder and arm massage helps you reach full relaxation – all in just 25 minutes.

The air on planes can leave your skin parched, so give your face a moisture boost before getting on your flight with the High Skin Refiner Lifting Facial. The luxury 75-minute facial at the Dubai International Hotel spa rejuvenates and moisturises tired-looking skin, leaving it moisturised and ready to take on the AC.

Dhs100, DXB T1 and T3,

Dhs225, DXB T3,

Dhs525, DXB T3,


Dubai Voyager | January 2017  
Dubai Voyager | January 2017