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How to Convert CAD Files to PDF CAD file formats (DWG, DXF, and DWF) are solely dedicated for 3-D designs. Once you convert your paper-based design documents to CAD files, you can read those documents only using 3-D programs. This will make it difficult to share your designs with other people. In such a scenario, the best solution available for you is to convert the CAD files into a more accessible format, PDF (Portable Document Format). There are several ways for doing this type of CAD conversion. Conversion Using PDF Printer It is possible to convert the CAD files with CAD software using PDF printers including novaPDF, PrimoPDF and more. You can install the printers, select the CAD files or entire plot with CAD software including AutoCAD, Autodesk TrueView, Autodesk Design Review, SolidWorks eDrawings, Volo View and more and adjust the printer settings to generate the corresponding PDF files. Volo View provides both standard print (printing a CAD file) and advanced print (printing entire plot). Even so, AutoCAD conversion is very much popular compared to other types of conversions. In this type of conversion, the entire plot is converted to PDF files. You can convert both DWG and DXF files with AutoCAD. You can convert one file or plot at a time using this option. If you choose this way, it will take extra time and effort to convert a large number of CAD files. Conversion Using CAD to PDF Converter Several kinds of CAD to PDF converters are available on the internet such as AutoCAD DWG to PDF Converter, DWF to PDF Converter, DXF to PDF converter and more. You have to download them and add your CAD files into their file lists from your CAD software for conversion. The converters will convert the files automatically into PDF files. Online converters are there by which you can convert the CAD files instantly without downloading the entire software into your system. The advantage of converters over PDF printer is that they support batch conversion, in which a number of files can be converted simultaneously. This will help to convert more CAD files at the same time very quickly. For example, AutoCAD DWG to PDF Converter 6.9.3 can convert three files at a time. The converters also generate good quality output documents. The disadvantage is that most of them do not provide the facility to preview the source and output documents. Also, it is not a viable option for a firm which needs a lot of conversions within a deadline.

Utilize the Services of a CAD Conversion Company A CAD Conversion company has excellent workforce, fine infrastructure and advanced data conversion tools solely for document conversion. Thus, it reduces the workload of design professionals in a firm when it comes to converting CAD files to PDF. It provides advanced conversion solutions such as editing images with various editing actions (e.g. rotating, cropping, stretching and more), facility to preview images while editing and so on. Moreover, it supports batch conversion and can convert numerous CAD files to PDF in a single step. The company can handle any volume of CAD files despite their size and complexity, which makes it a perfect solution for firms that need CAD to PDF conversions at a larger rate. However, it is very important to choose an established CAD conversion company which provides reliable document conversion services to gain all the benefits mentioned earlier. Such a company is distinguished by features such as the following.    

Uses high speed data converters for converting CAD files quickly Supports AutoCAD Provides a wide variety of conversion tools such as Intergraph, CCITT Group IV, TIFF Group IV and much more 30 to 40% cost savings on operational costs.

How to Convert CAD Files to PDF  
How to Convert CAD Files to PDF  

It is very important to convert CAD files to PDF for sharing them among the members of a team. This article focuses on the ways to convert...