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How CAD Conversion Helps in Engineering Projects CAD conversion services are available to support engineering professionals to manage their designing, drafting and modeling projects. CAD or Computer Aided Design software is used to enhance productivity of a design engineer by assisting in creating designs, improving design quality, modifying designs and optimizing them. CAD products are generated in digitized formats to enable various operations including printing, machining and manufacturing. In a short span of time CAD technology has evolved a great deal and is benefiting the engineering industry. CAD conversion services are available to help engineering professionals manage their designing, drafting and modeling projects. Role of CAD in the Engineering Industry CAD has brought a technical revolution in various industries and its contribution to the engineering industry is very important. Engineers are using CAD for 3D model preparation, 2D drafting, construction documentation, and analysis of projects. CAD conversion services provide support for the following industries: •

Construction Industry

Infrastructure Development Industry

Machine Designing Industry

Pressure Vessel Designing Industry

Aeronautical Industry

Transformer Designing Industry and many other Engineering Industries

Here are a few of the advantages of using CAD conversion services: •

CAD drawings are easy to maintain and there is no fear of wear and tear

It is easily accessible and can be sent via email

It saves the time spent on printing, retrieving files

It enables pre-visualization, which is beneficial for analyzing the project

It is a quick process

It increases efficiency

It is a user-friendly software

It ensures security of information and data

It allows easy modification

There is no fear of losing, damaging or misfiling CAD files

.Outsourced CAD services Like all other document conversion requirements, CAD conversion can also be outsourced. A number of companies provide document conversion services including DWG conversion. A reputable document conversion company will deliver output with perfection and accuracy. It is advisable to hand over the CAD conversion job to a company that is capable of handling large projects and will deliver output in the required format. These companies have good infrastructural facilities and use the latest updated technologies. The equipment is well maintained and hence produces quality drawings. They employ staff who are trained and expert at performing these document conversion jobs. Hence, instead of performing these tasks in-house, it is better to outsource the work. This will not only relieve the management of the intricacies of getting the work done by in-house staff but will also increase the overall productivity of the business. Many organizations are experiencing the tangible benefits of outsourcing and gaining advantage over their competitors.

How CAD Conversion Helps in Engineering Projects