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Document Conversion from PDF to EPub Companies are moving towards digitization and have seamlessly automated their processes with the help of a document conversion services.

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A wide range of document conversion services are available to convert files in one format to another. Today, most people prefer e-reading on mobiles, tablets and e-book readers. This has made PDF to ePub one of most sought-after conversion services by publishers. Significance of converting PDF files to EPub Though PDF is widely used, it has some disadvantages. For example, when you view a PDF file in mobile devices, you have to zoom in for better reading, but this will make you go outside of your screen. With ePub, you can read the whole text by simply scrolling down. Epub format is designed to offerreflowable content which adjusts properly to fit whatever screen size your reader has, with whatever font size you choose. The following are some of the software that can be used for converting PDF files to ePub:  (web-based) It is considered as one of the most reliable web-based options to convert a wide variety of file types. Apart from PDF to ePub conversion, it also converts DOCX files to DOC. The steps in the conversion process are as follows: 

Navigate to the main Online Convert homepage

Click on Choose File and choose for the PDF file that you want to convert from Dropbox or choose from Google Drive. Alternatively, enter the URL leading to the PDF. You can also enter additional information about the book like author or title.

Convert the file and wait for the complete conversion of the file

 Calibre (Windows, MacOS, Linux) This software is ideal for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The instructions for conversion are: 

Drag and drop the PDF file that needs to be converted into Calibre and click on ConvertEbook button on top of the screen.

Choose the file’s current format and the format that you want to convert into using the input and output format drop menu located on the left and right side of the application window.

Ensure that the data to the right of the ebook’s cover is correct and then click and wait for conversion.

 ePubator ( Android) This software converts PDFs to ePub format on Android. 

First download and launch the app

Click convert PDF

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Locate the PDF file that needs to be converted and tap on it.The conversion process will start automatically

The location where the converted file is stored will be shown to you, which is usually the same as the original PDF file

Tap on the ePub to preview thecontent in simple text format.

Choosing a good PDF to ePub converter is not an easy task as there numerous software available. For quality PDF to ePub conversion, it is best to rely on an experienced outsourcing company providing document conversion services.

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Document conversion from pdf to epub