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Data Entry Outsourcing – The Security Aspect That Needs To Be Carefully Considered Data entry outsourcing is a great way for businesses to cut costs and streamline their functioning. However, the security aspect should be given due consideration when making the outsourcing decision. If there is something that is the most defining factor in data entry outsourcing or in outsourcing any kind of data processes, it is security. Security breaches could make life very difficult for the companies that outsource data entry, and even lead to serious legal issues if the information involved is sensitive. Data security is absolutely vital for any outsourced service, especially data entry outsourcing. In addition to accuracy and timeliness in the assigned task, the data entry company should ensure security for the information that is entrusted to it. Right from the time the information is sent to the company to the time that it is formatted and delivered back to the client, security needs to be ensured. A professional data entry company will leave no stone unturned to maintain the security and confidentiality of the sensitive documents that it receives. Exhaustive Security Measures Employed An efficient data entry outsourcing company would employ precautionary measures in every step of the data entry process. Whether the online data entry or offline data entry service is performed offshore or onshore, stringent security measures are put in place. Here are some of the steps that are employed: 

The data stays on the central servers. All

processing is carried out on these servers alone and care is taken that no image or text leaves these servers. The data entry professionals of the company cannot print or download the data. 

The original documents, which could be the hard copies or source files, do not reach the hands of the staff members. Document scanners are used to scan the source material quickly. Data is keyed from the scanned images or is extracted using text recognition methods.

The source documents are disposed of safely. A professional data entry company ensures safe disposal of the files (via shredding or other methods) so that the sensitive data does not fall into the hands of third parties and unauthorized personnel.

BPO staff have to sign confidentiality agreements and would be fully educated on information security policies. For added safety, each project may be broken up and allotted to different teams.

Established BPO companies see that surprise security checks are conducted to ensure that the staff is strictly adhering to the prescribed data security measures.

All the computers used for the project are password-protected. Powerful antivirus protection and firewalls are implemented and constantly updated.

Regular backups are taken of all sensitive information.

Other workplace security measures adopted would include maintenance of personnel and material movement registers, intrusion detection measures, 256-bit encryption for file transfer, and round-the-clock security in the physical premises of the BPO company.

Implementing such measures to prevent security breaches and loss of data can build client confidence and contribute to enhancing the reputation of the data entry outsourcing company.

Data Entry Outsourcing – The Security Aspect That Needs To Be Carefully Considered