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Convert Architectural Drawings to CAD Format – Options Available The conventional paper drawings created by architects are subject to wear and tear in the course of time. It is also very difficult to store them for future reference and edit them to include crucial changes. To tackle this situation, most of the architects are now adopting the practice of converting architectural drawings into CAD format so that the drawings can be saved for a long time without any damage and edited easily. It is not very easy to convert paper design to CAD files if you hire trained CAD drafters. In case of large number of conversions, drafters may take considerable time to complete the job and this will in turn involve extra investment. Here are two options for CAD conversion. Automatic Conversion In-house In this type of conversion, the paper drawings are scanned into image format. The saved images are then converted into CAD format automatically using software. The software will simplify the tedious process of converting paper designs into electronic designs. You can convert the images using two types of software. Ordinary Raster to Vector Software: Accuracy of raster to vector conversion may vary according to the software. The scale and line accuracy of CAD drawings generated may get distorted at a higher rate. AutoCAD Software: AutoCAD is a computer aided design program which allows you to create precisely-scaled drawing (using ‘Scale’ option) with your computer. It can accurately trace the paper drawings, which results in complete conversion. With model space, you can choose whether you want to perform 2D drafting or 3D drafting with the software. Following are the main advantages of AutoCAD conversion.      

Simplify architectural drawings Generate full scale drawings Support different drawing orientation and representation Easy-to-set printer preferences Batch plot (plot several drawings in one sheet) Annotation scaling (annotation readable in different scales)

Here is an example of 2D architectural drawing (scanned image of paper drawing) and its CAD file generated from AutoCAD software.

This option is viable for small scale businesses in the field of architecture and engineering. If your firm needs a lot of conversions, then it is not the right choice. For example, if you have a large scale construction business, your company will require a large number of architectural drawing conversions a day. It is not an easy option to implement AutoCAD software into a large number of computers in your firm and hire that many professionals to operate them. CAD Conversion Services There are tight deadlines for a large scale business. They can start the production work far before the deadlines only if the design work gets completed in time. If such businesses perform the work of converting architectural drawings to CAD files inhouse with the software and their professionals, it will result in extra work force and operational costs. Hence, it is better for such businesses to outsource this work to a third party service, which has enough professionals and infrastructure to perform the conversion in a timely and efficient manner. CAD conversion services can provide you with customized conversion solutions according to your in-house CAD standards such as layering, blocks and more. As a result, you can get well drafted and editable CAD files with accurate dimensions. It is better to choose reliable services as these feature advanced conversion tools, AutoCAD software and batch conversion so that any number of drawings can be converted accurately into CAD files. In addition to that, such services offer 30 to 40% cost savings. Approach a professional document conversion company for getting reliable services. Clients of a reputable company benefit from a team of experienced and skilled professionals that can provide a wide variety of document conversion services.

Convert Architectural Drawings to CAD Format – Options Available  

It is better to convert paper drawings created by architects into CAD format for preserving them without any damage long time. This article...

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