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Changing Definition of Leadership and Governance in a Complex Business Environment - Its Impact on the Outsourcing Model The present day need for decentralization, empowerment and distributed power calls for a change in the conventional idea of strong leadership and governance, according to a recent article published in Outsource Magazine. The writer emphasizes the fact that governance should not be the prerogative of a few people, but spread throughout the organization. Governance in its true sense must be able to bridge the silos within an organization, irrespective of whether they are associated with functions, power hierarchies or departments. The business environment is highly dynamic now, and ensuring high performance in organizations is definitely a challenge. The complexities that may be organizational, process /product/supply chain related, environmental, or those associated with decision making can lead to increased risks. It can also create frustration among the workforce, affecting performance. Organizations need to exploit the inherent complexity, and take care not to add to the existing complexity. High performance organizations must have governance and leadership that is progressive rather than regressive.

The article goes on to discuss seven attributes that can help a business survive and thrive in the present day complex and challenging environment. These are  

Agility Accountability

    

Awareness Adaptability Alignment Action Achievement

Just as organizations, their outsourcing partners also need these seven attributes to ensure superior performance. Outsourcing governance should be based on the distributed leadership concept. It should ensure appropriate decentralization of power, coordination of decisions and actions, and compliance with organizational policies and regulations. This distribution of power should be ensured at the strategic, corporate and operational levels. Outsourcing – The Qualities That Determine Success 

Awareness is needed to clearly comprehend the changing environment both internally and externally and evaluate how it will impact the organization.

It is very important to ensure accountability – in this way, there is always someone that is responsible for ensuring excellent performance and conformance.

Outsourcing firms must ensure adaptability for the deals and even overall reshaping if it is called for from the viewpoint of business enhancement. The systems, structures, processes and teams set apart should be agile to ensure excellent performance.

Alignment is absolutely vital – there should be perfect communication and interaction among all parts of the outsourcing operation. Any change to the deal, process, activity, methodology or people must be comprehended and implemented in full collaboration.

When it comes to action, it has to be coordinated and implemented across the different organizations and teams. Each participant should be responsible for delivering on their actions.

Finally, measure what benefits have been achieved and its impact on the business. Consider what additional benefits have been gained. Instead of a narrow focus, look at the achievement in terms of the strategic objectives and broader organizational goals.

Relationship Management for Successful Outsourcing Engagements According to the Centre for Outsourcing Research & Education (CORE), outsourcing services buyers are now more focused on healthy outsourcing relationships. Organizations have shown special interest in investing more of their time, capital and resources with the objective of building long term relationships. Innovative governance models and effective outsourcing strategies are adopted to achieve maximum business value from an outsourcing engagement. Strong leadership and governance can deliver higher performance in business process outsourcing. Let it be medical transcription outsourcing, medical billing

outsourcing or any other outsourcing engagement, distributed leadership and governance has a significant role to play.

Changing Definition of Leadership and Governance in a Complex Business Environment - Its Impact on t  

The article discusses the importance of a strong leadership and governance to ensure high performance in a business organization, and the s...

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