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Services Provided by a Reliable Medical Record Review Company A reliable medical record review company ensures services that are consistently good. This is achieved with the help of a professional review team and by adopting other solid measures. Reliability is an important service quality dimension, and it refers to consistently good quality/performance. However, the term has come to be used very commonly by any business. From the customer point of view “reliability” is very significant. It is a major factor that decides whether the business’s services/products can be used. From the business’s point of view, to establish its reliability it will provide services focusing on the requirements and expectations of the customers, and will constantly strive to                                             1­800­670­ 2809                                             1­800­670­ 2809

improve its services/products. Not only that, reliable providers deliver the service promised within the set turnaround time. Medical review services are no different – a dependable medical record review company will take client requirements into consideration, and provide services that meet and even exceed client expectations.

Consistent and Timely Medical Review Services Medical review services are required by entities in the medical-legal professions, insurance companies, private corporations, chart review firms and others. Right from the collection and organizing of medical records to abstracting relevant data and summarizing it, all processes involved in medical review are efficiently taken care of by the medical record review company. • Medical record organization: the sheer volume of medical records involved in a particular case can be quite intimidating. Professional support is needed to streamline these quickly. Missing,                                             1­800­670­ 2809                                             1­800­670­ 2809

irrelevant, illegible and incomplete data in the records pose huge problems in understanding the relevant facts. Here a professional medical review team can assist efficiently by virtue of their longterm experience and expertise. They can quickly sift irrelevant data, understand illegible and incomplete entries and make arrangements to procure missing records. • Medical case chronology: all medical encounters will be listed sequentially so that you get a clear timeline of events. This will help in understanding the case clearly, and evaluating its strong and weak aspects. • Medical case history and summary: the relevant information is abstracted from the voluminous medical records and concise medical summaries are created that facilitate quick understanding of the case. The most important advantage of having a professional team do this for you is that they will be objective in their approach and offer an unbiased evaluation and summary.                                             1­800­670­ 2809                                             1­800­670­ 2809

Reliability Ensured by Taking Solid Measures How does a medical record review company ensure that the above services are reliable? To retain old clients and attract new clients, reputable medical review firms adopt solid measures to ensure reliability. • Trained, skilled and dedicated workforce: the medical review team comprising physicians, nurses, documentation specialists and others provides accurate medical review services. • Multilevel quality assurance: this feature will ensure that the output remains errorfree and is of excellent quality. • Customized services: a competent and dependable medical review firm is sensitive to particular requirements of its customers and work to provide customized service. This means that the firm works as a virtual extension of the client’s office attending to each requirement as and when it arises. Moreover, the team comprises                                             1­800­670­ 2809                                             1­800­670­ 2809

professionals knowledgeable in all major medical specialties, which enables them to easily comprehend specialty specific terminology and jargon. • Round-the-clock service: this is an important yardstick to measure a company’s reliability. When you are assured service on a 24/7 basis, the medical review firm is there supporting you and enabling you to meet the most challenging deadlines. A reliable medical record review company is a valuable asset to medical-legal professionals who wish to be free of the hassles associated with medical record review and want more time for themselves. Value-added services from an experienced provider will help to run your office more efficiently, and achieve improved in-house staff satisfaction and productivity.

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Services Provided by a Reliable Medical Record Review Company  

A reliable medical record review company ensures services that are consistently good. This is achieved with the help of a professional revie...