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Outsourcing Medical Record Review - What is the advantage? Remarkable productiveness and well-organized and efficient medical record review are your major gains. An HIPAA compliant firm will ensure privacy and security for the data you entrust to them. The primary gain of outsourcing is of course reduced workload and stress. When costeffectiveness is thrown in, outsourcing becomes a really worthwhile option. Medical records are known for their complexity. Analyzing them and extracting the required information can be quite challenging and arduous. Insurance companies, physicians, attorneys, private corporations, chart review firms and other entities handling medical records on a daily basis will find the support of a reliable medical record review company                                 1­800­670­2809                          1­800­670­2809

really comforting. Your organization is ensured remarkable productiveness when you outsource to a competent partner; apart from that you will find that your medical records are well-organized and managed efficiently. Most importantly, an HIPAA compliant medical review firm will also provide absolute confidentiality and security for the data you entrust to them.

Accurate Documentation with Reliable Medical Review Services Documentation has to be accurate when it comes to reports used in medical litigation. It is very easy to go wrong during the medical record review, especially if you are not thorough in medical terminology, physicians’ jargon and such factors unique to the medical community. Providers of medical review services can provide efficient support in providing accurate and concise reports of the medical cases given for review. Their review team usually comprises medical professionals and expert documentation staff – a great combination when it comes to meeting challenging medical review requirements.

                                1­800­670­2809                          1­800­670­2809

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You can ask for customized medical review when you outsource. Typically services cover: • Medical record organization • Medical case chronology • Medical case history and summary If you are partnering with a medical review firm with an established reputation, you will find that the company works as a virtual extension to your office providing timely and value-added services. All information required including focused periods of care, and those specific to the patient/claimant will be made available when you need it. The professionals can easily identify missing records and arrange to secure them quickly. Other benefits you can expect include: • Cost-effective services with cost savings of 30 – 40% • Round the clock service • HIPAA compliance • Multiple level QA assurance                                 1­800­670­2809                          1­800­670­2809

Exercise Caution When Outsourcing to Enjoy Maximum Benefits To enjoy maximum gains from outsourcing associate with the right provider. Take some time to search and locate an ideal partnering firm. The time spent on this is worthwhile because you only stand to gain from it. Compare various outsourcing companies providing medical review services to identify a provider with whom you feel comfortable. Check out client testimonials and talk to one of the company’s senior solutions managers to ensure that you are choosing correctly. Utilize any free trial offer available and have a firsthand experience of their service and responsiveness. Posted by: MOS Medical Record Review Company


Outsourcing medical record review what is the advantage  

Remarkable productiveness and well-organized and efficient medical record review are your major gains. An HIPAA compliant firm will ensure p...