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MOS Announces Affordable Medical Record Review Solutions This established medical record review company is offering customized medical chart review packages at competitive rates A well-known Oklahoma-based outsourcing company, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) has announced that it will provide comprehensive medical chart review packages at competitive rates. This experienced company is dedicated to supporting medical review companies, law firms, insurance companies, physicians and other organizations. Faced with a rising number of medical malpractice claims and Workers compensation cases, medico-legal professionals and insurers require timely and accurate medical chart reviews to prepare accurate documentation. That MOS is offering this comprehensive package of chart review services at clientfriendly prices comes as a great boon for the medico-legal community. The professional team at MOS provides support to ensure a comprehensive review of medical charts to determine the validity of claims. The a full suite of services offered includes. • • • • •

Indexing of medical records Categorization of medical records Chronological medical record listing Chronological medical record summary Medical history and case summarization

MOS carries out these procedures so that all important aspects relevant to the case are clearly revealed: adherence to clinical protocols, patient adherence with prescribed medication and treatment, and the healthcare provider compliance with coding and documentation. As chart audit involve reviewing data that is confidential. MOS is HIPAA compliant, so confidentiality is taken care of. “We are extremely sensitive about the regulations that affect the medical and legal industry. We are fully HIPAA compliant and make sure that we follow all protocols that are necessary to achieve this goal,” says a senior manager at MOS. Besides competitive pricing, the key benefits of partnering with this company include. • • • • •

Customizable turnaround times Dedicated workforce on each project Solutions on any type of software Multi-level QA and audit trail Improved productivity and quality

The company Free Trial offer makes things much easier, allowing clients to test-drive the service before signing up. This allows them opt for a competitively priced medical chart review package that suits their requirements. Posted by: MOS Medical Record Review Company

Mos announces affordable medical record review solutions  

This established medical record review company is offering customized medical chart review packages at competitive rates