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Medical Review Services Benefit Physicians Specialty-specific medical review services benefit physicians primarily by reducing the associated workload. Other advantages include improved patient satisfaction, practice productivity and revenue.

Physicians are often required to conduct medical record review to determine if the care provided to the patient was medically necessary and appropriate. Whether paper records or their electronic counterparts, medical records can prove really tyrannical, draining your energy and eating into your valuable time. The chronological ordering of medical records and indexing them is challenging to a physician who has to find quality time for patient care and other core practice activities. Checking for completeness of medical documentation often proves very difficult. For a physician caught in such a situation, reliable medical review services will be a solid support.

Medical Review Services for Various Medical Specialties One of the major advantages of utilizing outsourced services from a medical review company is that trained and                             1­800­670­2809                  1­800­670­2809

experienced professionals provide specialty-specific medical review. The medical review team usually comprises physicians, nurses, documentation specialists, proofreaders and editors that can ensure error-free, quality medical review. Medical record organization: physicians’ notes and claimant interviews are transcribed and all medical records are organized systematically. • Medical case chronology: involves reviewing, assessing, and listing the records in a chronological manner. An in-depth chronology is prepared of all medical encounters. • Medical case history and summary: concise summaries prepared highlight all important aspects contained in the medical records that are relevant to a particular case. •

Trained medical record review professionals will classify all pertinent information referencing the type, date, place and provider of particular services. All medical data available is reviewed in detail to ensure accuracy, completeness and compliance. Physicians will find the data tabulated and presented in a simple, easily accessible format. Since the review team is a highly professional one, they can also easily identify whether any pertinent record is missing. The information provided includes the following: • Personal information of the patient • Hospital entry and discharge; hospital stay • Immediate and ensuing care provided                             1­800­670­2809                  1­800­670­2809

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Medications given Diagnostic tests and results Illness/injury information Views of medical professionals regarding causation, appointment and disability • Patient’s deposition testimony Finding the Right Provider Choose your medical review company wisely. For this you need to bear in mind a number of things. Primarily, you need a service provider that can function just as your office, providing timely and efficient services. There are other features to look for as well. • • • • •

Experience of the company in the industry Whether customized services are offered Flawless quality assurance processes Whether you will be ensured customized TAT Excellent customer testimonials

The right medical review company will make medical record review process simple and Physicians benefit from reduced workload, practice productivity and enhanced revenue with medical review services.

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Medical review services benefit physicians  

Specialty-specific medical review services benefit physicians primarily by reducing the associated workload. Other advantages include improv...