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Medical Record Review - An Important Process for Attorneys Medical record review is an important process for attorneys involved in medical litigation. Medical review services offer more streamlined functioning, better client satisfaction and cost savings. If you are an attorney and wondering how medical review services can help you, just have a look at your paralegals and other staff tussling with the medical records pertinent to personal injury, workers’ compensation, toxic tort and other such cases. Have no doubt, they need support and that too, efficient support that will help streamline the voluminous medical records and provide them the time they need to attend to core legal processes.                        1­800­670­2809                          1­800­670­2809

Medical record review is an important process for attorneys involved in medical litigation. It provides attorneys with a clear view of all important medical aspects of a case and helps in trial preparation. All medical documentation is put in order and busy legal professionals benefit from more time and energy to devote to other important tasks.

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Medical review services include medical record organization and other value-added services. • The required medical data is collected and classified according to type. • The medical records are sorted and arranged into sub-sections. • The various components of the records are identified. • All objective tests carried out are enumerated. • Listing of all reviewed documents, imaging records and other records.                        1­800­670­2809                          1­800­670­2809

• Listing of all relevant information such as medical care received, diagnostic procedures, therapy notes and more. • Chronological ordering of all data. Attorneys getting ready for trial preparation can benefit from excellent documentation for physician peer review, utilization review, disability opinion, preauthorization, medical chart review and medical necessity review. The important thing is to locate a medical record review company that is known for providing reliable services.

Features to Look for in a Medical Record Review Company Dedicated medical record review team: this is important to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the services. • HIPAA compliance: when a firm is HIPAA compliant, it means the data you entrust is safe and remains confidential. • Customized services: you need a partnering firm that can provide flexible •

                       1­800­670­2809                          1­800­670­2809

service catering to your specific requirements. • Responsive customer support. • Foolproof quality control measures to ensure maximum accuracy and quality for the reviews. • Customized turnaround: you must have the reviews whenever you need them. So go for a firm that can offer customized turnaround time. Utilize any free trial offer the medical review company offers to evaluate their service quality. With this, you can also check out their responsiveness and turnaround time. With the right medical record review company and reliable medical review services, attorneys can enjoy more streamlined functioning of their legal office, better client satisfaction and valuable cost savings. Posted by: MOS Medical Record Review Company


Medical record review an important process for attorneys