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Medical Review Process Handled by Professionals The best option open to a lawyer/attorney is to deploy their paralegals on more important activities and entrust the medical record review to a professional medical review company. The medical review process handled by professionals is unique and stands apart from review provided by untrained personnel. You may be wondering how untrained personnel can ever be entrusted with medical record review, but it happens. Very often, office staffs in medical-legal settings are called upon to organize and review the medical records pertaining to medical litigation. For instance, paralegals in a law firm have the responsibility of obtaining and analyzing medical records. Since they are not medically trained, they will have to start from scratch trying to figure out where the medical records                                 1­800­670­2809                             1­800­670­2809

are, how to get them and what to do with them once they are obtained.

Professional Medical Review Services to the Rescue Needless to say, unprofessional medical review is going to be time consuming and very tedious. The best option open to a lawyer/attorney is to deploy their paralegals on more important activities and entrust the medical record review to professionals. Let us look at what professionalism actually means in the context of reviewing medical records. • The medical records collected from all applicable sources are organized and indexed to the document level before the actual review process commences. At the outset, the medical records are disorganized and not indexed and as such will only serve to intimidate the attorney or paralegal. Moreover, the records can be voluminous when they come from a number of different healthcare facilities and providers.                                 1­800­670­2809                             1­800­670­2809

• For a professional service provider, organizing and indexing the records is a breeze with the smart technology they possess, whatever be the volume of records. The records are neatly organized according to document type, provider, facilities or location. • Superior indexing capabilities allow them to easily segregate duplicates and miscellaneous records. It also facilitates speedy analysis of the medical records. • Chronology reports and medical summaries are created quickly, securely and efficiently utilizing a secure, advanced cloud-based technology platform. This makes medical data abstraction and transcription efficient and accurate. The technology allows to hyperlink all chronologies to electronic medical records, which facilitates easy integration during the review process.

The availability of trained medical review professionals, the latest cloud-based                                 1­800­670­2809                             1­800­670­2809

technology and experience in the industry allows a professional medical review company to carry out the tedious review process with relative ease and efficiency. Medical-legal professionals utilizing these medical review services can benefit from valuable time and cost savings as well as improved performance. They can also have anytime, anywhere access to the information they need. Outsourcing companies are flexible according to client requirements and can also provide the end products in the form of PDF files in customizable layout and format.

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Medical review process handled by professionals