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How to Find an Efficient Medical Review Service Provider This article highlights some important features to look for in a reliable medical review company. You may be an attorney handling medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, mass tort and personal injury cases. Or you may be a physician offering medical review services for attorneys. In either case, dispassionate medical record review is something indispensable for you. Reliable medical review services provided by an external provider will help highlight all important aspects of a case, speeding up the process of decision making. Many attorneys and physicians attempt to do the review process inhouse, but this can become very impractical taking into consideration the many core                                    1­800­670­2809                             1­800­670­2809

processes that need personal attention. A more feasible solution is to outsource the medical record review requirements to a dependable service provider. With availability of advanced technology and cloud computing, providers can ensure a unique, paperless review process. It needn’t any longer be bound by space or time. Medical record review and analysis can be shifted to a secure, convenient platform hosted in the cloud with the required data available anywhere anytime.

So, How Do I Find a Medical Review Company to Work With? It’s true that tracking down a dependable service provider can be really challenging in the present scenario. Reviewing medical records is a serious task that calls for professional expertise, know-how regarding medical terminology/jargon/abbreviations, treatments, procedures as well as an awareness of the different types of medical records. To make sure that you receive high quality, error-free medical review services,                                    1­800­670­2809                             1­800­670­2809

there are a few important factors to consider when selecting a service provider. Primarily, check out whether the medical review firm has a specialized review team that also includes medical professionals such as physicians and nurses. The team should also be adept at documentation and associated tasks. Crystal clear documentation is of vital importance if you are to understand all aspects of a case. The firm you choose to partner with must be able to provide you with a fully comprehensible medical case chronology, and medical case history and summary. The entire patient data should be checked for accuracy, thoroughness and compliance. What distinguishes professional medical reviewers is their ability to identify erratic coding, entry of wrong data and even the minutest of errors as well as ambiguities and missing information. There are some other features to look for. •

Proven track record: You must be careful to associate only with a medical review firm that is reputable and has many loyal clients.

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Assured confidentiality and security for data entrusted: Sign up for the services of an HIPAA compliant outsourcing firm so that you can rest assured that your data is safe and confidential. The company should have state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard your sensitive healthcare information. Affordable services: When you outsource, you naturally look for cost savings. Go for a company that offers affordable services with cost savings of 30 – 40%. Ideally, you should be able to choose just the services you want. Excellent QA standards: Medical record review firms with many years’ experience in the field and a good reputation will have a multilevel quality assurance policy that ensures superior quality medical review. Service 24/7: This is also an important feature because this ensures you support whenever you need it. Companies based in the United States with offshore facilities in a different time zone can offer this.

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Find a medical review company that sports the above features, and you are sure to benefit from superior service quality, reduced workload and improved performance.

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How to find an efficient medical review service provider  

This article highlights some important features to look for in a reliable medical review company.

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