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Efficient Medical Case Summary and Analysis Medical case history and summary analysis contain the most important pieces of information, relevant details from focused periods of care, as well as details specific to patient problems. You may be a physician in charge of an independent medical review; or you may be a lawyer handling personal injury or workers’ compensation cases for an insurance company. In either case, you got to deal with an ocean of medical records. Amidst your busy schedule, how can you find the time to organize and summarize the medical records and locate the crucial medical information? Undoubtedly, the answer to your problem is medical case history and summary services provided by a reliable medical review firm. You may have inhibitions regarding outsourcing medical record review, and you may be justified in having those misgivings. However, like anything that is good, a good and trustworthy service provider is what you need. Look for medical review services that can meet your turnaround time and other requirements, and help streamline your office functioning. With the right service provider, you will have the required information at your fingertips whenever you need it.                                  1­800­670­2809                            1­800­670­2809

Information Offered by Medical Case Summary and Analysis Medical case summaries contain important data that brings forth details from focused periods of care plus important facts specific to the claimant or patient. This information is obtained by sorting, indexing and summarizing the medical records. The summary is prepared after carefully analyzing each and every detail contained in the medical records. You will find that the history is listed according to category, with pre-existing conditions and hereditary factors as well as other data clearly presented. The information you want is compiled, organized and stored in an easy to access manner. Here are the major details gleaned from the records to prepare the summary: • • • • • • • • •

Personal data of the patient Patient’s deposition testimony Hospital stay Hospital entry and discharge Immediate and ensuing care, medications given Diagnostic test results Current medications Information regarding illness/injury Professional opinions regarding causation, appointment and disability

                                 1­800­670­2809                            1­800­670­2809

How Efficiency Is Ensured in Medical Review Services Medical case summary and analysis is of great significance because it ensures that you are fully aware of all the medical encounters in a particular case. Even the most intricate case becomes easy to understand with a concise summary. Such summaries help to evaluate the care provided to the patient, whether the services were medically necessary, whether there has been any fraudulent dealings and so on. Efficiency in medical record organization and summarizing is ensured by: • Trained and experienced team of medical reviewers comprising medical professionals including physicians and nurses, editors, proofreaders and documentation specialists. • Advanced technological resources that ensure speedy medical record review services.

Professional medical review companies have staff knowledgeable in all aspects of medical litigation and having outstanding technical expertise. The staff is dedicated and can be absolutely trusted with medical and legal data. They can easily handle heavy and challenging workloads working as an extension to your medical or legal office. The medical case history and summary services they provide will be a great support to your litigation strategies. Posted by: MOS Medical Record Review Company


Efficient medical case summary and analysis  

Medical case history and summary analysis contain the most important pieces of information, relevant details from focused periods of care, a...

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