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By Sandemo Ngullie

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): Against the backdrop of the proposed September 4 tripartite talks in New Delhi with regard to the autonomous State demand for Karbis in Assam, a representation has been sent to UPA Chairperson You know, back in my days, they accepted only rice, veg- Sonia Gandhi; Union Home Minister, Sushil Kumar etables and kartosh kulis. Shinde and Assam Chief The Morung Express Minister, Tarun Gogoi by the Rengma Hills Autonomous POLL QUESTION District Demand CommitVote on tee (RHADDC), Assam. The RHADDC has deSMS your answer to 9862574165 manded immediate creIs the print media in Nagaland ation of Rengma Hills Auexercising responsibility to ensure ‘spirit of inquiry?’ No

Friday, August 30, 2013 12 pages Rs. 4 –Thor Heyerdahl

CNI conducts seminar on nutrition supplement [ PAGE 02]

Nagaland BJP backs Rio govt on State finances

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Barcelona wins Super Cup [ PAGE 12]

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‘Protect rengma culture, tradition and identity’

Demand for Rengma Hills Autonomous District Council


For every minute, the future is becoming the past


tonomous District Council for Rengmas and non Karbis with at least 10 years interim period. It called for amending and rectifying provision under the Sixth Schedule in order “to prevent exploitation of the sons of the soil.” The representation was signed by RHADDC President Ashweng J. Rengma and Advisor K. Thong Rengma. The five page representation along with maps mentioned that Rengma Nagas had been living in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam since time immemorial and that historical facts were proof of their identity and rights. It was pointed out that the present KAAC, (erstwhile Mikir Hills Autono-

Rengma Nagas representation to GoI, Assam • • • • • • • • •

Protect land rights, ancestral land, reserved and unreserved forests of Rengmas Stop rampant allotment of land and land pattas and invalidate pattas allotted by KAAC Protect the culture, tradition and identity of Rengmas Arrest persons who issued ultimatum to the Rengmas on 9th June 2013 Enable Rengmas and non Karbis to occupy and utilize their ancestral land Stop portfolio allotment of Hills Areas Department for exploitation Action in case of violation of the constitution of India and the law of the land Immediately create Rengma Hills Autonomous District Council Amend and rectify provision under sixth schedule to prevent exploitation

mous District Council) was created by “carving out 9 mauzas of Ahomias, 6 mauzas from Nagaon district and 3 mauzas from Golaghat district, Meghalaya Block 1 & 2 and the Rengma Hills comprising about 90% of the total land areas and the Mikir Hills alone; less than 10% of the total land area.” While the autonomous

district council is created for welfare of indigenous tribal people, the representation regretted that in Karbi Anglong, the KAAC has been “exploiting the sons of the soil.” It stated that the Rengma Hills was merged with the Mikir Hills to create Mikir Hills Autonomous District Council in 1951 and MHADC was placed at


Lok Sabha passes land acquisition bill NEw DElhI, AUGUST 29 (IANS): The Lok Sabha Thursday passed the landmark land acquisition and rehabilitation bill that aims to provide fair compensation to those whose land is taken, brings transparency to the process and details measures for rehabilitation of those displaced. The bill, which will now be called, The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2012, replaced a nearly 120-yearold law enacted during British rule in 1894. Out of the 235 members who voted on the bill, 216 backed it while 19 voted against it. A Naga youth jumps in the air in the outskirts of Dimapur as the sun sets on August 29. With summer slowly fading away, Details on page 8 Dimapurians are able to venture out and enjoy the relatively comfortable weather conditions. Photo by Caisii Mao

Rengma, Ahom and Jaintia/ Khasia ancestral land with its headquarters at Diphu. According to the representation, there was no Mikir presence in the Rengma Hills prior to 1951. “But, they occupied all MLA and ADC seats and betrayed the Rengmas, the sons of the soil”, it stated. It alleged that KAAC has been rampantly allot-

ting land and land pattas of Rengma ancestral land to Karbi individuals. “The fact is that the KAAC does not have any land and the Rengmas have not allotted any land to the KAAC”, it stated while pointing out that Rengmas have been prevented from utilizing their own land. The representation said that, “the identity, culture, tradition and custom of the Rengmas are at risk”. It added that KAAC has altered the names of places and villages from Rengma dialect to Karbi dialect. It further said that KAAC and Karbi politicians are “funding undergrounds to create terror among the Rengmas and non-karbis to achieve their goal of statehood for the Karbis which

they are demanding to be placed at non Karbis and Rengmas ancestral land once again.” It added that the Rengmas have no objection against the Karbi state demand but said it must be placed at some other place and not in their ancestral land. It pointed out that the demand for a Karbi autonomous state “lacks essential elements of state and does not fulfill the criteria and is not supported by historical rights”. “To become a state in addition to having considerable population must own definable territory which they lack. There is no provision in the Constitution of India under the Sixth Schedule for immigrants except indigenous tribal communities”, it stated.

one of the accused, who is on bail, could not turn up while one is yet to engage a lawyer resulting in the postponement. It has thus been deferred to the first week of October, the sources said. The three accused now awaiting trial include the aunt of the victim, and a man who claimed to be the father of the victim. The third accused is said to be a neighbour of the victim’s aunt. No conclusive evidence has turned up through the investigation so far. The aunt and the third accused were detained and arrested based on circumstantial evidence, the sources said. The man who claimed to be

the father later confessed that he had claimed so falsely, on instigation. Two months since investigation began, laboratory tests of the swab samples taken from the victim confirmed rape. Semen traces found indicated that the girl was raped before being murdered. Many questions remain unanswered as the SIT is yet to go public with the findings of the investigation. Blood sample of one the accused has been sent for laboratory analysis, the report of which is awaited. During the initial phase of the investigation two persons were detained on suspicion but later let off pending credible evidence.

february 18 rape and murder: trial proceedings set in motion Morung Express News Dimapur | August 29

Court proceedings have been set in motion in the unsolved February 18 rape and murder of a 13 year-old girl in Lengrijan, Dimapur. After six months of investigation, the Special Investigation Team set up to probe the crime filed charges against three accused earlier this month. Formal framing of charges against the three was slated today in the court of the District & Sessions Judge, Dimapur but it was deferred to a later date after the defence counsels sought time to complete unfinished paperwork. Sources disclosed that that

Woman held with suspected nagaland Development Vision 2025 currency-making material Chizokho Vero

Morung Express News Dimapur | August 29

A woman from Senapati district was caught by the Dimapur police with a wad of black notes suspected to be used in counterfeiting currency. The carbon paper-like black notes, which have been baffling the police since August 25, bore some kind of chemical coating. Fifty in number, the rectangular notes resembled the dimensions of five hundred or one thousand rupee notes. According to the Dimapur police, the woman, identified only as Lumala, was caught at the New Field check-post on August 25. She was reportedly headed


The baffling wad of black paper bills which was confiscated from the woman. (Morung Photo)

for Senapati from Tezpur on a night bus. Police interrogators had a tough time taking her statement as the woman can speak neither Nagamese nor Assamese and can barely understand

Hindi. As per her statement, recorded through an interpreter, she had gone to Tezpur on August 23 to procure ginseng. But in Tezpur she was told that stock had run out and was instead asked to take the black paper bills and hand it over to an unidentified contact in Senapati. The woman said that she hailed from Oinam village. In February, earlier this year, one man was caught at the Dimapur railway station for carrying a similar consignment of paper bills. In that incident, police confiscated 240 such bills from the man who was travelling from Guwahati to Sarupathar, Karbi-Anglong. He was suspected to be involved in currency counterfeiting.

Kohima | August 29

Church, NGO leaders and bureaucrat today deliberated on Nagaland Development Vision 2025 by taking the government, youth and church perspectives. At the ‘Nagaland 2025 Development Consultation’ organised by Nagaland Baptist Church Council in partnership with Development of Human Potential, Imphal here at Hotel Japfü, Chief secretary Alemtemshi Jamir, spoke on “Nagaland Development Vision 2025: Government perspective” while Youthnet director Hekani Jakhalu and Rev. Dr. W. Pongsing Konyak, director MMI shared on youth and church perspectives respectively. Moderators for the consultation included Dr. Botoholi, secretary education and communication NBCC; Nuklu Phom, executive secretary PBCA; Dr Atsi Dolie, executive director ABCC and Rev. Dr. Thamthing Ruiva, director DHP. Welcome address was delivered by NBCC general secretary Rev. Dr. L.Anjo Keikung.

Government viewpoint: Alemtemshi Jamir • Resource position needs to be put in mind • Need to access and analyze which area/sector to grow • Focus on land use, commercial production • Trade with Myanmar initiated with focus on globalization • Capacity to achieve 100% literacy by 2025 • Focus on “Back to land” initiative and attractive packages for farmers. • Government envisage on super highway • Focus on industrialization and modernization • Nagaland requires Rs. 75,000 crore to bridge the gap • Focus on oil exploration • Peace a requisite for any strategy

through reconciliation • Political education to all citizens for positive results • Liquor prohibition law awareness in schools, colleges and to every citizen • Churches shall provide disaster education and training. • Plan for a Christian University- an enabling university • NGOs to make sure that the resources for rural development be properly used • Educate masses about various government programs and projects like Food Security Bill • Equip rural poor to take up business activities, especially rural areas bordering Myanmar • Directing peoples’ vision and energy to make use of the land. • New Methods of cultivation Church viewpoint: should be explored. • Environment and ecology eduRev. Dr. Pongsing Konyak • Eradicate factional conflict cation to villages

Youth viewpoint: Hekani Jakhalu • Nagaland as peaceful, strong and a self-sustaining state • A path of economic, social and cultural progress towards prosperity and well-being • Political empowerment to evolve responsive governance • Drive out poverty and enable every family with opportunity to live a healthy and secure life with dignity and self-respect • 100% functional literacy to produce an active employable workforce and skilled people. • Gender equality in Naga society • Environmental preservation and natural resources be suitably developed • Move away from dependent syndrome with the freedom to exercise choice in vocations, income-earning and spending decisions, political, economic and social freedoms






Friday 30 August 2013

CNI conducts seminar on nutrition supplement DimaPuR, august 29 (mExN): A seminar on ‘CNI Life Enzyme’ was held at IMC Hall, Dimapur today. CNI Life Enzyme is a nutrition supplement which acts as a catalyst for metabolism of various biochemical reactions, to ensure balance of the body system. Produced by CNI (Creative Network International, a Direct Sales organization) is one of the top manufacturers of health supplements and has operations in 40 different countries of the world including India. In 26 years it has become one of the largest and fastest growing multilevel marketing companies in South East Asia. Speaking to The Morung Express, Rajesh Singh, Branch Manager, CNI, Guwahati stated that in Nagaland, the company has been received with positive response through the years. He also said that CNI products have a big fan fol-

CEO and President Sam Cheong, Malaysia CNI addressing CNI business partners and consumers at the seminar on ‘CNI Life Enzyme’ held at IMC Hall, Dimapur today. (Morung Photo)

lowing in Nagaland. CEO President Sam Cheong, Malaysia CNI informed the gathering that the company offers products across five distinct product lines such as Food Supplements, Beverages, Personal Care, Home Care and other exclusive consumer items. He stated that

CNI is not new in India, but had set its mark in India in the year 2002, starting at Bangalore. He said that within a short span, CNI has also made its mark in the North Eastern regions of India. He also informed on the newly launched program Pro-JV (Prosumer Joint Venture). He also announced regret that International scientist Prof Chau Chi Fai (Department of Food & Science Biotechnology, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan) who was supposed to be the guest speaker on “No Enzyme No Life”, was unable to attend the Dimapur seminar. He further expressed gratitude to the CNI family in Nagaland and felicitated top CNI performers and achievers with medal and certificates. The semina will also be held at Kohima on August 30 at Hotel Japfu, PR Hill Kohima.

The Morung Express C

MEx File


that to compare with others land, our land is very small and economically poor, he therefore added that good policy is require and proper planning policy programme is needed to survive. He also stressed on the value of work culture and hard work to compete with others and further emphasized on the importance of horticulture suitable in different regions. M.K. Mero in his speech said that education is the key social transformation and encouraged the members to go forward and compete with others in different fields. He further briefed on

Kohima, august 29 (DiPR): The 36th State Council meeting of NSBS&G will be held on August 30 at 11:00 a.m. at Life Members Building Conference Hall, Bharat Scouts & Guides Kohima. The programme will include presentations of Annual Report 2012-13 and Annual Budget of 2012-13. Chairman DAN, Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu will deliver his outgoing Presidential address.

Mangkolemba SDPDB meeting on Sept 6

maNgKolEmba, august 29 (DiPR): The ADC Mangkolemba has convened the monthly SDPDB meeting for the month of September 2013 on September 6 at 11:00 a.m. in the DB’s Hall. All the SDPDB members are asked to attend the said meeting.

ATMA Jakhama Block conducts interaction session

Corn, which is cultivated since the ancient days, is native to the Central and South America and was the staple food of the region for many centuries before Europeans reached the New World. Corn is now cultivated all over the world for food and livestock fodder. Seen in the photo are corns eaten by rats at a field in Tuensang Village. Much of the corn has been eaten by rats this year in this area; especially the new farms where cultivation is done for the first time. More than 80% of the corn cultivation is reported to be devoured by rats in some farms. (Imojen I Jamir Photo)

DLSC Kohima on rationalization of polling stations



Kohima, august 29 (DiPR): In connection with rationalization of polling stations, the District Level Standing Committee (DLSC) meeting was convened on August 27 at the Conference Hall of the Deputy Commissioner, Kohima to discuss on proposal of creating new polling stations, shifting of polling station locations and change of nomenclature. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer, Kohima, W. Honje Konyak. The meeting discussed on shifting of polling Stations at 8- Western Angami A/C, 10-Northern Angami-1 A/C and change of nomenclature at 10-Northern Angami-1 A/C. Creations of new Polling Stations were also taken up pursuant to guidelines enabling DEO to provide Polling Stations for electors in order that they do not travel more than two kms to cast vote. The Election Commission of India has fixed maximum electorate as 1200 in case of rural polling stations and 1400 in case of urban polling stations. Every government recognized village, though small in number of electorate, should also be provided with separate polling station.

Consultative meeting on Kuzhalhu Zawe Vision 2020 held the government’s policy in decentralization of power for development on National Mission Mode programme. He also encouraged the members to take up farming on empty plots which can enhance the family economy. Visielie Kezo highlighted on the government distribution of funds to different districts in the State and

also the great value of good relationship between parents and children. He asked the members to preserve our forefathers’ culture, flora and fauna for our next generation. He said that society will not progress or prosper unless the village economy is stable or secured and encouraged them to have the practice of cultivation of cash products and

have a sense of business. The speakers emphasized on the human development resources and asked the parents to teach and guide their children to work hard and go in the right direction to become a responsible citizen. The consultative meeting on Kuzhalhu Zawe Vision 2020 discussed the following agenda and took resolution: Khuzhalhu Zawe 2020 (Documentation); to identified a plot between Kohima and Dimapur for multi-purpose building; Khuzhami women included in decision making bodies and Village

Court; to organized a seminar to be conducted in the villages; to organized Khuzhalhu Zawe general session cum get together by next year (2014). The meeting started with invocation prayer by Rev. Khrotso Mero, Sr. Pastor CBCK, Secretary Kuzhalhu Zawe Kedutsolhi Wetsah highlighted the different agenda and presided the discussion hours. Treasurer Khuzhalhu Zawe Neitshelo Kapfo delivered the vote thanks and Pastor KCBCK, Rev. Neiko Mero, offered benediction. President Kuzhalhu Zawe, Kezutshu Puro, chaired the meeting.

DPDB Kohima to assist development of ward/village

Kohima, august 29 (DiPR): As part of its yearlong activities, the DPDB Kohima has resolved to make a visit to one village/ward in each Assembly Constituency in the district during the year (August 2013 to July 2014). The objective of the visit is to assess the various developmental activities and assist in whatever way the team can extend to the village/ward. The Wards/Villages are as follows: 8th Western Angami Assembly Constituency-Daklane; 9th Kohima Assembly ConstituencyPoterlane; 10th Northern Angami


NSBS&G 36th State Council meeting today

‘Good policy and proper planning is needed to survive’

Kohima, august 29 (DiPR): The Kuzhalhu Zawe Chakhesang held a consultative meeting with focus on Kuzhalhu Zawe Vision 2020 at Khuzhami Chakhesang Baptist Church, Kohima on August 28. In the meeting, the main speakers were Parliamentary Secretary for Horticulture, Neiba Kronu; Commissioner & Secretary for IPR, M.K. Mero and OSD Secretary Finance, Visielie Kezo. Neiba Kronu said that Naga society is in a transition period in this modern civilization which is in a confusion stage to choice good and bad. He said


Assembly Constituency-I-North Block; 11th Northern Angami Assembly Constituency-II-Phekerükrie; 14th Southern Angami Assembly Constituency-I-Kitsubozou; 15th Southern Angami Assembly Constituency-II-Kidima Village. The team consists of around ten members from various departments (District Departmental Heads) under the leadership of a Team Leader with the Elected Members of each Constituency as the advisor. The team members who are from various profession would be bringing what they have

Village adoption scheme launched at Toluvi

DimaPuR, august 29 (mExN): The village adoption scheme sponsored by the Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry for the year 2012-13 was launched at Toluvi village on August 28 at 11:00 am. The programme was held at village panchayat hall, Toluvi village, where the village council chairman, Vikugha Assumi welcomed the officials of the department and extended his appreciation to the Department for selecting and assisting the village under the scheme. Dr V H Shohe, District veterinary & A.H Officer, Dimapur chaired the programme. Dr Viral, Deputy Director gave brief highlights of the scheme. Dr Timothy Lotha, Deputy Director by distributing feeds to the beneficiaries, officially launched the scheme. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr H Hevito Shohe. Under the scheme 66 pig farmers having a total number of 150 pigs were provided with a total 15900 kgs of compounded balanced pig feed, dewormers and swine fever Vaccine. This was stated in a press release issued by Toluvi Village Council Chairman Vikugha Assumi.

within their levels, be it their personal concern for social up-liftment, health, education and sanitation. The wards/village have also been informed that in view of limited resources available within district level, any substantial scheme or fund that is required for the village cannot be assured. However, the village/ward may apprise the team with the dire needs, potentials and neglected or concern areas of the ward/village which need immediate attention of the concerned departments for necessary action. On collection of the informa-

tion and needs, the team will list them and submit in the priority basis to DPDB which will be screened out and recommend the fittest case to the MLA concerned and departments for inclusion in the relevant programs during the year for implementation. The village/ward authority has been requested to make themselves available to the visiting team by co-coordinating with the frontal organization in the village/ward for interaction with the visiting team for successful implementation of the program.

First Responder Training on disaster management underway

Kohima, august 29 (DiPR): The three-day training on community First Responder Training (CFR) on disaster management for Kohima and Dimapur districts is being conducted from 29th to August 31 at DUDA guest house, Kohima. The training programme is being jointly organized by Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (Home Department) in collaboration with DDMA (Kohima) and Home Guards and Civil Defence. Khrolo-u Koza Lohe (NSDMA), while giving the introductory speech informed that the NSDMA came into being in 2005 with the Prime Minister of India as the Chairman. The Chief Minister is the Chairman at the State level while the Deputy Commissioner is the Chairman

at the District level, she added. She said that CFR is to equip the community in time of emergencies. She also added that these trainings are also useful at home. Training on CFR started in the year 2012 and NSDMA have so far conducted trainings in seven districts, she informed. Khrolo-u also said that the State Police and DEF are also being trained under SDRF. SDO (C) Kohima, Razuvole Dozo who chaired the inaugural programme informed that the three day training programme will include demonstrations, mock drills, practical and theory sessions. A total number of 63 youths from Pherima, Medziphema, Piphema, Sechu (Zubza) and Midland Colony Kohima are taking part at the CFR training.

JaKhama, august 29 (mExN): ATMA Jakhama Block conducted a ‘farmers to farmers’ interaction session, capacity building cum demonstration on fishery pond management at Kigwema Village on August 28. The resource person for were Neichukedo, a progressive farmer and Wabang Lkr (FD) Department of Fishery & BTT Convenor ATMA Jakhama Block. Kezholeno Zao, BTM, ATMA Jakhama Block in a press release said that speaking as resource person Neichukedo shared his experience how he started and how by maintaining a fishery pond have improve his economic status. This year just by selling the fingerlings he earn around Rs. 10,000. Wabang gave more insight about the management of fishery pond, selection of fish species for pond and paddy cum fish culture. The farmers interacted with the resource person and shared their experience and idea for better fishery pond management. Altogether 10 farmers were present.

IGNOU combined induction prog

Kohima, august 29 (mExN): IGNOU combined induction progamme for July 2013 admitted learners will be conducted for Study Centres 2002, 2005D (AIDA) and 2030 (Unity College) at Study Centre-2002, Dimapur Government College, Dimapur on September 1 at 1:00 pm. Induction programme for study centre 2029 will be conducted on September 3 at 10:00 am at Zunheboto Government College, Zunheboto; Study Centre 2003D on September 3 at 1:30 pm at Bethesda Institute, Mokokchung; Study Centre 2026 on September 4 at 10.00 am at Yingli Government College, Longleng. IGNOU Regional Centre-20 Kohima Regional Director Dr. T. Iralu in a press release has requested all learners registered at the mentioned Study Centres to personally attend the programme and collect their study materials and identity cards the same day. For more details, contact IGNOU Regional Centre or Study Centres.


Qualification for D.El.Ed relaxed

Kohima, august 29 (DiPR): The State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT) Nagaland has informed that in continuation to the information given vide No. SCERT/SBTE/PSTE/NOTICE/6/2010-11 dated Kohima the 26th June 2013, the minimum requirement qualification for undergoing Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) for the session 2013-2015 is hereby relaxed as follows: Hr. Secondary/Class XII passed with 40% for backward tribes and Candidates who have passed B.A./B.Sc./ M.A./M.Sc. are also eligible to apply for undergoing the D.El.Ed. programme meant for primary teachers. Last date for submission of the application form duly filled will be on September 10, 2013. This was informed by Director SCERT, Vipralhou Kesiezie.


Zeliangrong Catholics meeting on Aug 31

DimaPuR, august 29 (mExN): As discussed and resolved at the Peren Regional Animator Team meeting held at St. Xavier Parish Centre, Jalukie on August 16 to form an apex tribal body of the Zeliangrong Catholic in Nagaland to promote faith, better understanding, cooperation, peace & unity among the Zeliangrong catholic, a meeting is scheduled to be held on August 31 at St. Paul’s Parish Centre, Peren at 10.00 am with 10 Parish representative each from Peren, Jalukie and Tening along with the parish priest. A press note from Letgong Patrick, Coordinator has informed intellectuals and leaders of the Zeliangrong Catholic Community from in and around Dimapur and Kohima to attend the meeting with at least two representatives from each church positively.

Pukeyienuomi Krotho Kohima informs

Kohima, august 29 (mExN): The Pukeyienuomi Krotho Kohima has informed that a meeting of the Pukeyienuomi will be held on September 14 at SABT, NH-29 near South Police Station, Kohima at 11:00 AM. In this connection, Pukeyienuomi elders have been requested to select five senior members to attend the meeting positively. For further information, contact- 9436204785/8974173518.

IGAR (N) Sector Commandant visits Kiphire

KiPhiRE, august 29 (mExN): IGAR (N) Sector Commandant along with the Commandant 7 AR and 40 other AR officials visited Kiphire and held a meeting with civil societies, NGOs tribal leader and public leader at AR post Kiphire on August 27. Calling upon the gathering Sector Commandant IGAR (N) said, “We should forget what has happened in the town few months back and let us try to work together and move forward for a better society.” The IGAR (N) Sector commander also said that recruitment would be there in Kiphire in few month times and assured to extend maximum support. He

also assured to extend help to the public in MCA Project in year ahead. The IGAR(N) while answering the question in sitting up a battalion at Phelungre, asked the gathering to have patience as the work is not only with AR but many department involved but assures to pursue the matter personally as to many works are not progressing. ENPO representative, USLP, President GBs & DBs Joint forum, President GB Association Public leader and spoke at the meeting.

IGAR (N) Sector Commandant along with the public elders at 7 AR camp Kiphire on August 27. (Morung Photo)



The Morung express

Haipou Jadonnang remembered Newmai News Network

Haipou Jadonang was remembered on his 82nd death anniversary on Thursday in various parts of Manipur, especially in Imphal and Zeliangrong dominated areas. In one of the observations in Imphal, Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam; Commerce and Industries minister Govindas Konthoujam; former Union minister M Kamson; Hill Areas Committee Chairman and MLA Z Kikhonbou Newmai; MLAs TN Haokip, N Biren, P Janghemlung and former MLA Dr Kh Loken shared the dais at the function marking Jadonang’s death anniversary. Gaikhangam led the other leaders, including officials from the Government departments and many more people from all walks of life in paying floral tributes to Jadonang at the Haipou Jadonang Memorial Park, Keishampat here. They honored Jadonnang by giving a general salute and observing a two-minute silence on the occasion. Jadonang was

hung to death at the present Jadonang Memorial Park by the British on August 29, 1931 on the charges of high treason and waging war against the imperial Crown. Jadonang was born at Kambiron village in Tamenglong district in 1905 and he was a Zeliangrong by birth. Speaking on the occasion, Gaikhangam announced that plans are afoot to erect a bronze statue of Jadonang at his memorial park, Keishampat. He said an office memorandum has been issued in this regard after the Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi took a decision to erect the memorial bronze statue. Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief Minister who also holds the Home portfolio reacted against the United Naga Council’s move to disrupt further progress of centrally sponsored projects in the Naga areas in the hill region of the state. Gaikhangam appealed to the Zeliangrong elders to calm the UNC leaders and cancel their decision to disallow development of projects in the hill. UNC has has decided that no land in ‘Naga areas’ would be allowed to

DimaPur, auGust 29 (mExN): The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), that represents more than 600,000 journalists in 131 countries, has warned that police investigators inquiring into the source of a picture published in a daily in Manipur in 2010 are “intruding into press freedom.” India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA), a recently constituted agency under India’s Union Government, tasked specifically with investigating terrorism cases, has asked the editor of Naharolgee Thoudang, published from Imphal, to name the photographer involved in capturing an image of the “raising day” of a banned militant outfit, the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) which has been engaged in

an insurgency against government forces since 1978. The NIA also demanded that he hand over the original print or digital image of the picture published in the daily in 2010. This was reported by the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU), a unit of the IFJ-affiliated Indian Journalists’ Union (IJU). “We call on the investigating agency in India to reconsider and rescind its order to the Imphal newspaper, seeking it to identify the source of a news photograph,” stated the IFJ-Asia Pacific Director and General Secretary in a media release. “In a climate of uncertainty and fear, this adds to the sense of siege that journalists in Manipur work under.”

Imphal | August 29

EON SPORTS Model July 2012 Contact Ph. No 9436664557 9856071182 Kohima



Assam strikes balance on land acquisition Kolkata sition was done directly with land losers in Congress-ruled Assam, there was a major difference with Trinamool Congress ruled West Bengal. “Market price of the land is decided by the district administration,” Bordoloi said. In West Bengal the price has to be negotiated with land owners directly. Bordoloi said there was a Cabinet sub-committee which looked into issues of conversion of land agriculture to industry and tried to strike a balance. Assam allowed conversion of agricultural land to industrial for mega

projects if acquired directly by the company, he said. He said that land would remain a concern for every one though the character of the problem could be different. Meanwhile, Assam was planning to add nonhydel power capacity to meet the hike in power demand by 12% per annum and reduce dependence on hydel generation which was at 60% currently. Bordoloi said an integrated tea park was also under consideration by the state to allow greater value addition of Assam tea, a major contributor to SGDP which has crossed 6.8%.

Running Succesfully Since 2002

A-TO- Z COACHING CENTRE Ministers, MLAs and other dignitaries paying their tributes to Haipou Jadonnang at Jadonnang Park, Imphal on August 29.

be used for development projects or exploitation of natural resources by Government agencies or companies without the free, prior and informed consent of the

land owners, the respective tribe council and the UNC. He also called upon all not to cause any type of nuisance to development projects in the state. The main

function of Jadongang’s death anniversary was held at GM Hall, Imphal. The function was organised by the Haipou Jadonang Death Anniversary Committee.

media seen to be lend- manner of a hearing. ing “direct or indirect” “Every ban enforced support to any of the on an armed underground banned militant groups organisation is subject to would be liable for sum- judicial review at periodic mary action, including intervals,” it asserted. “By seizure and forfeiture. the same criterion, ManiAt the same time, the pur’s media must not be IFJ added, the militant prevented from reporting groups exert pressures on these organisations in through numerous a manner that is objective The IFJ has in past years channels to seek pub- and dispassionate and does had occasion to raise a licity for particular points not amount to an advocacy number of concerns about of view and deny others any of their ends or means.” the safety and security of journalists in Manipur. With a population of less Nagaland Multispecialty than three million and an Health & Research Centre Midland Dimapur estimated thirty underground militant organisaPh: 03862-248302/9856006026 tions which operate with impunity, Manipur has alURGENTLY WANTED ways been challenging ter2 Post of Medical Officers (Min.Qlf: MBBS) rain for the practice of journalism, observed the IFJ. Further, security ofIN THE COURT OF DEPUTY COMMISSIONER DIMAPUR ficials are often known to DISTRICT : NAGALAND issue explicit threats that NOTICE

“Investigators must rescind order seeking news sources in Manipur”

Arunachal sets up board to probe rape charges


30 August 2013

KolKata, auGust 29 (Pti): Assam today said despite scarcity of land in the state it could not wash off its hands like West Bengal on the ground that it could not help in land acquisition for private projects. “West Bengal may wash off its hand and say that it can’t help private companies in land acquisition. When we give mega status to a project we lend support for the sake of industrialisation,” Assam Industry minister Pradyut Bordoloi told an interactive session with MCC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Though land acqui-

NIA intruding press freedom: IFJ

Guwahati, auGust 29 (iaNs): The Arunachal Pradesh government has set up a medical board to probe the allegations of rape of 13 minor girls by a teacher of a private school, an official said Thursday. The incident took place in Likabali in West Siang district. The teacher and warden of the girls hostel, identified as Vipin Wisvan, was arrested Tuesday after complaints of sexual assault and molestation were filed by family members of the 13 girl students of the school. “We are yet to ascertain the crime. All the 13 girls were sent to the health centre in Likabali for medical examinations and the medical reports have negated the possibility of rape,” West Siang Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar Sahoo told IANS. “However, we are not taking any chances since the issue is very sensitive and the health centre at Likabali is not properly equipped. The state government has constituted a medical board to examine the allegations,” he said. Sahoo said the medical board members were scheduled to arrive in Likabali from the state capital Itanagar Thursday evening. He said the incident alleg-


Dt. Dimapur the 29th August, 2013

NO.REV-1/90-D/7534-35/ Notice is hereby given that Shri. Tzudir Jamir resident of Dimapur who has apply for issue of mortgage clearance concerning to Patta No. 991, Dag No. 1198, measuring an area of 0001-10 located at Block no-4 which has been mortgage in the MSC Bank/ Society. Claims & objections if any on the aforesaid land may be submitted in written in the Court of the undersigned on or before 7th Sept’13.

edly took place at the pri- the accused. A police inSd/Deputy Commissioner vate Green Valley English spector was injured. Dimapur: Nagaland Medium School. The accused teacher was also the warden of the girls hostel. The school has around 400 GOVERNMENT OF NAGALAND students studying from Nursery to Class 7. The hosNAGALAND::KOHIMA tel has around 100 inmates. Locals have alleged the acNO. VET/PLAN/ASCAD- 1 / 2012-13 Dated Kohirna the 29th August 2013 cused committed the crime To, over a period of three years. The District Veterinary Officer They said the students Kohima / Dimapur /Mokokchung /Wokha/ Zunheboto / Tuensang / never reported the acts to Mon / Phek /Longleng /Kiphire /Perm, their parents or the school authorities fearing “acSub: - Information for collection of vaccines tion” from the accused. Sir, The matter came to light With reference to the above cited subject, I am to inform all the Tuesday when one stuDistrict Veterinary Officers that vaccine of Swine Fever, Foot & Mouth dent spoke to her parents. Disease, HSBQ, Enterotoxaemia, Ranikhet & Fowl Pox are available On Wednesday, a clash in the Directorate Office for the year 2012-13. broke out between locals Hence, you are requested to place your requirement as per the and police over the issue Livestock & Poultry population and collect the vaccines from the Diin which the school buildrectorate Office for timely vaccination. ing was partially damaged. (DR. TIMOTHY LOTHA) The clash took place when Deputy Director (Planning) people blocked roads deVeterinary & A.H Nagaland:Kohima manding action against



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Nagaland Teacher Eligibility Test(NTET)-2013

Run By a group of Qualified Lecturers , Mock Test, Study Materials

NSCN (IM) ON FUEL ADULTERATION Against the backdrop of huge public outcry against rampant fuel adulteration in and around Dimapur and in pursuance to the directive of Lieut. Col. Rtd. Ape Venuh Kilonser cum care taker CAO UT-1, the staff of UT-1 conducted a surprise checking on all petrol pumps where in petrol and Diesel samples were taken to curb the menace of fuel adulteration. The samples of Petrol and Diesel taken were checked with professional assistance, where in the result of the test was compared with the Density of the Company Challan and in the process the following Petrol pumps were found guilty of serious fuel adulteration, as a direct result of which the below mentioned Mixed pumps shall be penalized as per the AHZA of the NSCN/GPRN. In this regard, it is imperative that the state Govt. as well as the public view this issue with outmost seriousness and assist the NSCN/GPRN in tackling the issue. For any information contact CAO (CareTaker) # 9774057292 1. KENGURUSE OIL MS (Petrol) : 744.8 (Pump Density) -748.1(Company Density) = 3.3 (Mixed) HSD (Diesel) :841.5 (Pump Density) - 840.5(Company Density) = 1.0(Clean) 2. FRIENDSHIP SERVICE STATION MS (Petrol): 749.5(Pump Density) - 748.6(Company Density) = 0.9(Clean) HSD (Diesel): 842.0(Pump Density)- 842.5(Company Density) = 0.5(Clean) 3. RELIANCE NOTUN BASTI MS (Petrol): 750.9(Pump Density)- 749.1(Company Density) = 1.8(Clean) HSD (Diesel): 844.2(Pump Density)- 844.1(Company Density) = 0.1(Clean) 4. INDIAN OIL (Kt. Service) MS (Petrol):743.1(Pump Density) - 762.4(Company Density) = 19.3(Mixed) HSD (Diesel):837.5(Pump Density) - 833.5(Company Density) = 4.0(Mixed) 5. HIGHWAY FILLING STATION MS (Petrol):744.7(Pump Density)- 750.7(Company Density) = 6.0(Mixed) HSD (Diesel):837.8(Pump Density)- 844.1(Company Density) = 6.3(Mixed) 6. NAGARJAN SERVICE STATION MS (Petrol):761.9(Pump Density)- 760.4(Company Density) = 1.5(Clean) HSD (Diesel): 842.2(Pump Density)- 844.8(Company Density) = 2.6(Clean) 7. ESSAR OIL LTD.NAGARJAN MS (Petrol): 749.3(Pump Density) - 749.6(Company Density) = 0.3(Clean) HSD (Diesel) 841.8 (Pump Density) – 840.8(Company Density) = 1.0(Clean) 8. R.B.C.RAILWAY MS (Petrol): 743.2(Pump Density) - 742.7(Company Density) = 0.5(Clean) HSD (Diesel): 842.5(Pump Density) - 843.4(Company Density) = 0.9(Clean) 9. BHARAT PETROLEUM DEALERS MS (Petrol):752.7(Pump Density) - 750.1(Company Density) = 2.6(Clean) HSD (Diesel): 843.2(Pump Density) - 844.4(Company Density) = 1.2(Clean) 10. P.C.T.C. INDIAN OIL MS (Petrol): 741.4(Pump Density) - 745.6(Company Density) = 4.2(Mixed) HSD (Diesel) : 840.5(Pump Density) - 841.5(Company Density) = 1.0(Clean) 11. NAGALAND SERVICE CENTRE MS (Petrol):745.6(Pump Density) -748.6(Company Density) = 3.0(Mixed) HSD (Diesel): 840.2(Pump Density) - 844.4(Company Density) = 4.2(Mixed) 12. AJOY AUTO AGENCIES MS (Petrol):741.4(Pump Density) -742.1(Company Density) = 0.7(Clean) HSD (Diesel): 843.1(Pump Density)842.1 - (Company Density) = 1.0(Clean) 13. WALFORD SERVICE STATION MS (Petrol) :748.6(Pump Density) -753.0(Company Density) = 4.4(Mixed) HSD (Diesel)-No company challan (Direct result of adulteration) 14. ESSAR DUNCAN BAST! MS (Petrol): 749.3(Pump Density) - 749.6(Company Density) = 0.3(Clean) HSD (Diesel)-No Company challan (Direct result of adulteration) 15. ESSAR (DC COURT JUNCTION) MS (Petrol) : 741.2(Pump Density) - 752.5(Company Density) = 11.3(Mixed) HSD (Diesel)-No company challan (Direct result of adulteration) 16. NATIONAL SERVICE CENTRE MS (PETROL) : 744.0(Pump Density) - 746.0(Company Density) = 2.0(Clean) HSD (Diesel) :837.9(Pump Density) - 843.5(Company Density) = 5.6(Mixed) 17. VIVOLIE SERVICE STATION MS (Petrol):743.1(Pump Density) -753.3(Company Density) 10.2(Mixed) HSD (Diesel) : 843.8(Pump Density) - 841.5(Company Density) = 2.3(Clean) 18. MEDZIPHEMA AUTO CENTRE MS (Petrol) : 743.8(Pump Density) - 748.8(Company Density) = 5(Mixed) HSD (Diesel) : 837.5(Pump Density) -835.3(Company Density) = 2.2(Clean) 19. OLIVE SERVICE STATION MS (Petrol) : 750.9(Pump Density) - 749.5(Company Density) = 1.4(Clean) HSD (Diesel) : 837.5(Pump Density) - 836.2(Company Density) = 1.3(Clean) 20. FAITH SERVICE MS (Petrol) : 743.5(Pump Density) - 742.6(Company Density) =0.9(Clean) HSD (Diesel) :842.5(Pump Density) - 844.1(Company Density) = 1.6(Clean) 21. CHINGJEN SERVICE MS (Petrol) : 743.2(Pump Density) - 746.4(Company Density). 3.2(Mixed) HSD (Diesel) : 840.5(Pump Density) - 843.5(Company Density) = 3(Mixed) 22. CHOICE FILLING STATION MS (Petrol) : 749.5(Pump Density) - 751.0(Company Density) = 1.5(Clean) HSD (Diesel) : 842.0(Pump Density) - 844.1(Company Density) = 2.1(Clean) 23. T.K SERVICE STATION MS (Petrol) : 744.0(Pump Density) - 743.4(Company Density) = 0.6(Clean) HSD (Diesel) : 843.1(Pump Density) - 843.8(Company Density) = 0.7(Clean) 24. DIMAPUR SERVICE STATION MS (Petrol) : 746.6(Pump Density) - 749.5(Company Density) = 2.9(Clean) HSD (Diesel) : 842.2(Pump Density) - 843.1(Company Density) = 0.9(Clean) 25. M/S NANS 39 MS (Petrol) : 750.9(Pump Density) - 750.3(Company Density) = 0.6(Clean) HSD (Diesel) : 842.0(Pump Density) - 842.8(Company Density) = 0.8(Clean) 26. LIFELINE ENTERPRISE MS (Petrol) : 743.6(Pump Density) - 752.3(Company Density) = 8.7(Mixed) HSD (Diesel) : 838.2(Pump Density) -836.5(Company Density) = 1.7(Clean) 27. DHB OIL CITY MS (Petrol) : 744.0(Pump Density) - 754.9(Company Density) = 10.9(Mixed) HSD (Diesel) : 841.8(Pump Density) - 832.9(Company Density) = 8.9(Mixed) 28. HIGHWAY SERVICE STATION MS (Petrol) : 744.7(Pump Density) - 749.5(Company Density) = 0.2(Clean) HSD (Diesel) : 843.4(Pump Density) - 846.8(Company Density) = 3.4(Mixed) 29. M/S AMPM GAS STATION MS (Petrol) : 749.3(Pump Density) - 753.8(Company Density) -= 4.5(Mixed) HSD (Diesel) : 837.9(Pump Density) - 837.9(Company Density) = 0(Clean) 30. RASHMI FILLING STATION MS (Petrol) : 744.3(Pump Density) - 743.4(Company Density) = 0.9(Clean) HSD (Diesel) : 843.1(Pump Density) - 844.5(Company Density) = 1.4(Clean) 31. NAGAME SERVICE STATION MS (Petrol) : 757.9(Pump Density) - 737.5(Company Density) = 20.4(Mixed) HSD (Diesel) : 847.8(Pump Density) - 836.5(Company Density) =11.3(Mixed) Lieut.Col (Retd) Ape Venuh Kilonser, Care Taker CAO, UT-I



public discoursE



30 August 2013

Mercedes-Benz India to hike car prices by up to 4.5% from Sept 1

NEW DELHI, August 29 (PtI): German luxury car maker Mercedes- Benz on Thursday said it will hike prices of its entire model range in India by up to 4.5 per cent from September 1 to partly offset impact of rupee depreciation and higher import duties. The quantum of price revision will be in the range of 2.5 per cent to 4.5 per cent across the models that the company sell in India. With the latest price revision, the company’s new A-Class 180 CDI luxury compact car will now be priced at Rs 22.05 lakh, an increase of 4 per cent, Mercedes- Benz India said in a statement. The B-Class 180 CDI model will now be pricier by 4 per cent at Rs 23.50 lakh while the C-Class 200 CGI sedan will now cost Rs

32.25 lakh, an increase of 2.5 per cent, it added. The newly launched E-Class 200 CGI saloon, will now be available at Rs 42.16 lakh, up by 3.5 per cent while the sports utility vehicle ML-Class 250 CDI would be expensive by 4 per cent at Rs 50.98 lakh (all prices are ex-showroom Mumbai). “The rising input costs along with higher import duties have been creating significant pressure on our bottomlines for quite some time now. The constant weakening of the currency and the increase in other relevant taxes further impacted the business, adversely,” Mercedes-Benz India Managing Director and CEO Eberhard Kern said. He said the company has been been absorbing a significant portion of these

impacts till now, but to run a sustained and profitable business in the long run, revising the prices upwards was inevitable. When asked if the rupee continued to slide against the dollar further, would the company hike the price, Kern said: “The price hike that we are undertaking does not cover the impact of the current exchange rate hit and if this continues we will have to have a re-look at the pricing. We are hoping that the exchange rate returns to a reasonable level.” Yesterday, General Motors India had hiked the price of its three models by up to Rs 10,000 from the first week of September due to a sharp depreciation in the rupee against the US dollar. Earlier this month,

BMW group had also hiked price of its products across models, including the Mini, by up to 5 per cent. Last month, Audi had also hiked prices across its models in India by up to 4 per cent, a maximum of Rs 4.42 lakh on its R8 model to offset the impact of the rupee depreciation and rise in input costs. The rupee has been weakening against the dollar for a prolonged period. It had yesterday registered its biggest single-day fall of 256 paise to close at an alltime low of 68.80 against the dollar as global oil prices jumped, deepening concerns about the current account deficit and capital outflows. It is affecting companies which are importing their products and parts to India.

NSCN (IM) USR on August 24 incident

HDFC Bank to open over 300 new branches

an indian man weighs gold jewelry in gauhati, on august 29. gold prices were a tad softer Thursday after racing up to three-month highs on the back of worries over Syria. gold often garners support through its status as a safe investment at a time of geopolitical uncertainty. india’s rupee, already under pressure from the country’s deteriorating economic and financial situation, closed at 66.55 against the dollar Thursday after a record low of 68.85 per dollar on wednesday. (AP Photo)

CHANDIgARH, August 29 (PtI): HDFC Bank on Thursday said it is planning to open over 300 new branches across the country and hire 1,000 to 2,000 people as part of its expansion programme in the current fiscal. “We have submitted our plans (for opening of new branches) to RBI for approval ... it (branch opening plans) is 300 upwards and also includes semi-urban branches,” bank’s Country Head (Branch Banking) Navin Puri told reporters here. “Once we have licences (from RBI) for opening new branches ... 1,000-2,000 people will be hired,” he added. Asked whether the country’s present weak economic environment will have any impact on its expansion plans, Puri said, “I do not think the numbers (branch opening) will be revised. It will remain upwards 300 (for current fiscal). We do not think the changes in economic environment will be going to affect us.” HDFC bank has national distribution network of 3,119 branches across the country as on June 30, 2013. He asserted that there would not be any serious impact of current tough economic environment on bank’s loan book. “We will grow better than the industry,” he said. He said credit growth had come down because of various reasons. On record rupee depreciation against US dollar, Puri said, “Rupee (depreciation) is good for NRI deposits. We have seen increase in NRI deposits and the growth number is better than the industry.” Asked about impact of new players coming in bankings sector on existing players, HDFC Bank Country Head said that there was enough room for growth for existing as well as new players in banking business.

Naga Independence in contemporary world Legally speaking – n 14th August 2013, the Naga peo- anti-group has been hell-bent in its demand Freedom of speech and ple have read Independence Day that the pro-group should disown the acfrom the leaders of six cord. There was never any meeting point. expression is in peril differentmessages Naga national groups; two NNC, There was an opportunity when the


he NSCN/GPRN region authority vehemently oppose the allegations made by the various Civil organizations that the actions initiated by the NSCN/GPRN authority in relating to August 24 incident, which appeared in the local dailies with the caption “Character assassination and an attempt to the parliamentary Secretary” It should be known that the NSCN/GPRN authority is not prejudiced against any person/ leader or Community. It had come to the knowledge of the NSCN/GPRN authority that Torechu, Parliamentary Secretary often supplying liquor to the District, based on information from the public so the NSCN/ GPRN authority decided that such illegal activity should be stopped in the Naga society and had taken steps. The NSCN/GPRN authority appeal to the various civil organizations that without knowing the proof of evidences to the incident happened on 24th August 2013 should not be publish as your own whim/wish which is disturbing the peaceful atmosphere in the Naga society.

The Morung Express


am Appalled to read a News item ‘An Open Letter to Khekiye K. Sema’ published by the local dailies The Morung Express and Nagaland Post on 28-08- 2013 purportedly in response to the author ventilating his views on certain subject. I am not at all concerned about the correctness or otherwise of the contents of the Article. India is the largest Democratic Country in the worldconstitutionallyweddedtotheRuleofLaw. The most precious and inalienable right of every citizen is the Freedom of Speech and Expression guaranteed under Article 19 (a) of the Constitution. This Freedom of Speech and Expression would include Freedom to raise dissenting views, albeit contrary to the other views. Notwithstanding, if the Publication or Speech is scurrilous or defamatory in nature, it is not remediless. One has an option through Democratic Process either to rebut the same through a rejoinder or issuance of Press-statement. Similarly, if the Publication or Speech is defamatory in nature, one is not debarred from seeking legal remedy through a legally constituted court having jurisdiction to adjudicate such dispute when raised. Issuing an open letter inviting the author of the article to the camp for a ‘free and frank discussion’ is abhorrent to the Democratic Value enshrined in the Constitution which must be thwarted. Justice H K Sema (Former Judge, Supreme Court of India)

The NSCN/GPRN author- captured photos in the inciity questions the public “if the dent are enclosed. Parliamentary Secretary has been elected to be the supplier Simon Sangtam of liquor in the Naga society” Secretary Details of IMFL camera United Sangtam Region


three NSCN and one FGN. It was an embarrassment to all sensible Nagas knowing that our so-called enemy must be having the last laugh. ID was a day for displaying to the world; our unity and national integrity leaving aside all our internal differences. Our nation being still not recognized by the world community, it was also a day to reassert our inalienable right. The Naga people had expected new vision and new strategy from the messages. Instead, it turned out to be stereotypical and full of bitterness against each other. Six Independence Day messages meant six Naga nations. Has the Naga nation disintegrated even before it attained sovereignty? To which Naga nation will the Naga people pledge their allegiance? The presence of many groups proves that no group however strong enjoys absolute mandate of the Naga people? In other words, no single group will be able to bring sovereignty solution. It goes without saying that the present political reality is unsustainable. Shillong Accord of 1975 has all alone been blamed for the big divide. There are no two opinions that Shillong Accord changed the course of Naga national politics in that; after 1975, the Naga national movement changed to Naga against Naga; the antiaccords against the pro-accords and vice versa. While the pro-group believed in the infallibility of its leadership on the issue, the

anti-accord groups might have reverted to the parent political institution, should the leaders of pro-accord group disowned the accord at that point of time. That time has passed. The demand to disown the accord now has lost its relevance unless otherwise all groups are still willing to reunite under the parent organization. In such a scenario, the Naga publics need to question seriously as to who has the greatest fear to let Shillong Accord be buried forever. Enough of debate among ourselves on Shillong Accord! The focus of debate should shift to a debate with our adversaries who may still like to make an issue of it. More than Shillong Accord, we have a lot of convincing to do to the world in why and how Nagaland State came into being that it gave India the right to claim its affairs as India’s internal matter. This reality has put us into a situation that no nation will be willing to help us unless we can convince India first. It is time to envision contemporary strategy to meet that challenge instead of wasting our time and energy on a subject that even India doesn’t give credence anymore. To still say Nagas don’t need the consent of India to attain sovereignty would be utopian. We need India now more than ever. If this reality is unacceptable to Nagas, we have no option than to revert to hostile policy as in the past. Dr. K. Hoshi

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”

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DiMaPuR Civil Hospital:

STD CODE: 03862

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Police Control Room: North Police Station: South Police Station: Fire Brigade: Naga Hospital: Oking Hospital: Bethel Nursing Home:

232224; Emergency229529, 229474 227930, 231081 233044, 228846 228254 231864, 230889 228400 232106 227607, 228400 232181 242555/ 242533 224041, 285117, 248011 230695/9402435652 131/228404 229366 22232 282777 232032, 231031 248302, 09856006026

STD CODE: 0370

Northeast Shuttles

100/2244279 2222222 2222111 2222952 2222916 2243339 2224202


The PhANTom TollbooTh


















a S R a R i n u B M y n O n y S

n T i O E E B g n i L L E P S R


P w O R D S n a t C h E R O L S


u L P R u L E S x u P R E M C i t S a E T w i T O O n O S i K n

i T O R h E C n A n O S S i D O


M a T h E M a g i C i a n C E R

x S R i g a M a R O L E O R a D


E w h E T h E R M a n C E D J E

R h y M E O n O n S E n S E a h

a R y O a S T a R V a T i O n a


S i L O P O n O i T C i D C n C

u D i g i T O P O L i S a L a E


L E C L a D O L D R u M S R T D

u x a i P R O P O R T i O n E O

V O R M i L O n M u i V i R T D

ACROSS 1. Plateaux 6. Cocoyam 10. Emollient 14. Sporting venue 15. wreckage 16. Competent 17. unable to express yourself 19. weight to be borne 20. Expound 21. Prefix meaning “Modern” 22. Russian parliament 23. Make less sharp 25. Floral leaf 26. Pleads 30. Somewhat 32. Version 35. Tympanum 39. Deviate 40. Be a go-between 41. a type of hormone 43. gun holder 44. French for “again” 46. not there 47. a mixture of metals 50. agile Old world viverrine 53. weight loss plan 54. Eastern Standard Time

55. Frittered away 60. Covetousness 61. nutritious 63. Chick’s sound 64. arid 65. Street urchin 66. Tall woody plant 67. Biblical garden 68. Overweight

DOWN 1. a female domestic 2. Sea eagle 3. Religious offshoot 4. Dwarf buffalo 5. Sir, in india 6. Mistake 7. a woman chaperon 8. Kitchen set 9. Savvy about 10. nonsense 11. More or less 12. andean animal 13. award 18. L 24. a large vase 25. Risk 26. what we sleep on 27. Modify 28. Donate 29. Mental representation 31. angel’s headwear

33. Sarcasm 34. Ear-related 36. Liturgy 37. End ___ 38. no more than 42. Dog sleigh 43. Female chicken 45. hit the sack 47. highly skilled 48. a protective covering 49. Embankment 51. Female sheep 52. a type of dance 54. Leisure 56. Knife 57. Docile 58. Twin sister of ares 59. unit of force 62. adult males Ans to CrossWord 2643

CHUMUKEDIMA: 03862-282777/101 (O) 9436012949 (OC) WOKHA: 03860-242215 (O) 9402643782 MOKOKCHUNG: 0369-2226225/101 (O) 9856872011 (OC) PHEK: 03865-223838/101 (O) 9402003086 (OC)

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The Morung Express

Friday 30 August 2013



State BJP backs Rio govt on finances CFMG Chairman expresses ‘surprise’ Hopes there will be better mutual understanding

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): Drawing attention to the repeated allegations of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) on financial mismanagement of DAN Government, the Nagaland State BJP Unit despite its earlier criticism has now decided to back the Neiphiu Rio government. While stating that Nagaland state is not a revenue earning state and is solely dependent on the Centre for is financial needs, the BJP noted that in the past, successive governments at the Centre had been generous to Nagaland state by giving financial aid. However, the BJP Naga-

land stated that it was “really disheartening” to see that the Congress-led UPA III government is giving step-motherly treatment to Nagaland and pulling back all the policies introduced by the then NDA government for development and economic prosperity of North East Region, particularly Nagaland state. This according to the BJP is “amply reflected in the diminished plan size of our State for the year 2013-14 fixed at Rs. 2000 as against Rs. 2300 crores in 2012-13”. Also for the first time under the UPA III regime, the Planning Commission has brought funding under NEC and NLCPR

into the scheme of financing of state plans in respect of NE states, the BJP Nagaland noted. Besides, according to the BJP, the UPA III had also mulled to scrap DoNER ministry, which was introduced by the then NDA government. “Except D0NER, there is hardly any policy worth mentioning for the socio-economic development of the region”, it stated while adding that the “importance of the Ministry has been undermined” and that this displayed the UPA’s “true colour of stepmotherly attitude towards the people of this region”. Despite all hurdles faced by the State, the pres-

ent DAN government comprising of NPF, BJP and JD (U) is trying its best to run the state smoothly and with financial prudence, states the BJP Nagaland while making a mention of the letter send to Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio by former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram who had praised the DAN government on financial management. According to the BJP, Chidambaram in his letter to Rio hoped that the allocated resources and fiscal road map in line with FCXIII targets “shall help the State to ease its revenue account and address its developmental needs.”

Further, the deputy chairman of the Planning Commission had in a meeting with chief minister Neiphiu Rio on May 27, 2013, assured the latter that a review of the State Plan allocation would take place sometime around September-October. As such, the State BJP in its press note issued by K. James Vizo, General Secretary appealed that irrespective of whichever party runs the government in Nagaland, “for development and in the interest of Naga people in general, it is the bounden duty of all political parties in the state to take keen interest in the financial health of our state”.

KohIMA, AUGUST 29 (MExN): Here is a good news for the denizens of Dimapur and foodies alike. The Morung Fest will be held on November 4 and 5, at the Agri Expo site at 4th mile, Dimapur. Launching the fest’s website today at The Heritage here, Commissioner & Secretary, Tourism, Himato Zhimomi congratulated the Ao students Union Diphupar for the "brilliant initiative" of promoting the vibrant Naga culture, terming it a "giant leap by the Union." Opining that the Fest is an opportunity to impress both the local and non-local citizens of Dimapur, Himato expressed optimism that the Fest would foster a spirit of oneness and unity amongst the different Naga tribes. He also thanked the

various private firms for coming up and supporting the fest. Himato also revealed plans of a mobile application for the Hornbill Fest in the pipeline. Explaining the website to media persons, partners for the event and host, Director Yanger said, “The website has been developed to provide adequate information to the participants while they are able to download the form for participation in various contests.” With the website being mobile friendly Yanger expressed confidence in the website providing and assisting the visitors of a great browsing experience. The two-day fest will witness among others, a food contest, literary contest, choral contest and volleyball tournament.

KohIMA, AUGUST 29 (MExN): The three-day grassroots comic making workshop organized by the Sustainable Development Forum Nagaland (SDFN) concluded today with the participants from several organizations expressing their concerns through the medium of comics. They also put up their works in public spaces, telling stories and highlighting issues

of importance. At the valedictory function, SDFN Secretary, Amba Jamir stated that the workshop is just the beginning, while expressing hope that they would further use it in their local community, churches, etc. “I really hope that you can take it forward”, he added, while pointing out that the actual purpose of grassroots comic is to get people to talk about

KohIMA, AUGUST 29 (MExN): The New Market Youth Organization’s (NMYO) office today stated in a press release that some outsiders have been reportedly coming to their colony mostly at night and “disturbing the peaceful atmosphere, creating unwanted situation and issues effecting the reputation” of the colony. Therefore, NMYO in consultation with the New Market Area Panchayat has resolved to undertake routine checking within the New Market area jurisdiction including the ladies miles road upto the nullah near AG School, some portion of NH-29 and from the drain dividing Hospital Colony and New Market upto CC Timber near Daklane colony, with effect from the issue of this notification. NMYO, president, Mezhüzolie Yiese cautioned that anybody caught indulging in any form of “anti social behavior and acts, stern actions will be taken as per the law of the Organisation, publish the name(s), other details of the offender(s) in the local newspaper and even to the extent of handing them

over to the appropriate authority." It also reaffirmed its stand to abide by the standing resolution of the Area Panchayat by assisting and ensuring that all local wine/

the issues being portrayed through comic strips. He termed the works of the participants as “fantastic”. Certificates were also awarded to the participants. It may be mentioned that the resource persons were Usha and Neil from India Water Portal (IWP). The workshop is one Our Correspondent of the pre-summit events of Kohima | August 29 the upcoming Kohima Summit (Sustainable Mountain The Department of land Development Summit-III). resources today conducted a day long training programme on basics of camera and landscape photography at Directorate IMFL sellers close by 7:00 of Land Resources Kohima pm sharp. Further, NMYO with Menuolhoulie Kire, IT has appealed to all the public engineer and renowned concerned from within and photographer as resource outside the colony to co-op- person. Land resources erate with the Organisation.” joint director T. Renben Lo-

Morung Fest website launched


DTE informs NEET candidates DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): The Directorate of Technical Education has informed all NEET-2013 candidates that allocation of twenty three MBBS and two BDS seats under GOI Central Pool have been received. A press note from the Director of the DTE has directed all remaining provisionally selected MBBS and BDS candidates under the state quota to report to the Directorate of Technical Education Nagaland on August 31 at 12:00 pm along with two recent passport size photographs for counseling and allocation of posting.

One held for illegal collection

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): A 48 year-old man reported to be a ‘raza peyu’ in the NSCN (IM) was apprehended for illegal collection. According to the police, the accused identified as Imti Jamir of Lengrijan, Dimapur was arrested while he was collecting ‘trade licence fees’ from shops located at Nyamo Lotha Road, Dimapur on Thursday at around 3:00 pm. Cash amounting to Rs. 800 was confiscated from his possession, police said.

Coins Mela in Kma on Aug 31

KohIMA, AUGUST 29 (MExN): State Bank of India, Lerie branch, Kohima will hold a “Coins Mela” for distribution of fresh coins to the general public, business establishments etc on August 31, 2013 between 11:00 am and 1.00 pm at its office premises (Near Onsite ATM), Opp. South Treasury, A.G. Road. The coin exchange facility will be available in the denominations of Rs. 1/- , 2/- , 5/- and 10/-. The coin exchange programme is being taken up by the Bank keeping in view of the shortage of coins in circulation in the local markets, and as desired by the Reserve Bank of India to spread awareness among the general public of the coin exchange facility available with certain branches /chest branches on a regular basis . This was stated in a release issued by the Bank Chief Manager L Hangshing.

PLSD condemns murder

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): The Poilwa Lui Society Dimapur (PLSD) has strongly condemned the “murder” of Lt. Peuhauzoing Zeliang by some “unidentified criminal” on August 27, 2013 at Chathe River 4th Mile, Dimapur. A press release issued by PLSD chairman Dikong Hoirang stated, “Such dastardly act can no longer be tolerated in this civilized society.” The Society has urged the law enforcing agency to speed up the enquiry and book the culprit at the earliest. It also appealed to the entire concerned citizens to condemn the crime.

Skill training on Aug 31

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): Anishe Kupu Women Welfare Society Thilixu would be organizing skill training on income generating scheme on August 31 at 9:00 am at Thilixu village council hall.

“The Chakhesangs” to be released Aug 31

KohIMA, AUGUST 29 (MExN): A book release ceremony of “The Chakhesangs”, a window to Phek District under the auspices of Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) will be held on August 31 at Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan, Kohima at 2:00 PM. Governor of Nagaland & Manipur Ashwani Kumar will release the book. Welcome address will be delivered by CSU president Thüpukütho Lohe, while brief concept of the book will be given by Theja Therieh, advisor, “The Chakhesangs” Publication. CSU former president and now Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) general secretary Esther Rhakho will chair the function.

Grassroots comic making workshop concludes

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): Chairman of the Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG), Lt. Gen. (Retd.) N.K. Singh has expressed “surprise” at the reaction of the NSCN (IM) to his letter intimating that carriage of weapons in Noksen A/C is not allowed from August 28 till the results are officially declared. The NSCN (IM), through a press briefing on August 27 termed the CFMG Chairman’s instructions a “blatant violation” of the Cease Fire Ground Rules (CFGRs) and the prohibitory order on carrying arms “arbitrary.” “The election period restriction on arms in that area [Noksen A/C] is for the public good, and one of the measures usually invoked for people to vote without fear, in a free and fair manner,” stated a press release from the office

of the CFMG’s Chairman. “Construing this intimation as a violation of Cease Fire Ground Rules is unfortunate. It is also unfortunate that the NSCN (IM) has termed the intimation as arbitrary and vowed to never accept it.” The Chairman of the CFMG clarified that in the context of this bye-election, “the laws of the land apply to the 51 Noksen A/C area. It is under these laws that that the election is being held.” Further, he stated that “constitutional rules and measures involved in elections have to be notified and followed in letter and spirit in the area where elections are held. The rules laid down by the Election Commission as per the Constitution are required to be promulgated.” Pointing out that “CFGRs with NSCN (IM) state that the Army, Paramilitary

forces and the Police will act in an impartial and unbiased manner against any group causing public disturbances or when there is imminent danger to public safety or peace,” the Chairman noted that CFGRs with the NSCN (K) have some difference of “wordings” and also similarities, hence “interpretations may differ.” The Chairman of the CFMG, while hoping that there would be better “mutual understanding” amongst “all concerned, especially in matters of state,” he added that it would be “unfair” to blame the CFGRs for “arrests outside Nagaland, those suspected to be involved in murder of a Member of Parliament, or those suspected to be supplying weapons and ammunition to militant group involved in anti-India activities.”

tha in his brief address said this training programme will greatly help the department to perform better, especially the water shed programme which mostly deals with photography. Stating that picture speaks more than thousand words, he expressed optimism that the participants will benefit a lot from this programme. Lotha said the land resources department of Na-

galand is one of the best performing departments in India and proper training in photography will upgrade and uplift the departmental projects. The resource person taught all the basic knowledge including how to handle camera, to get good picture in all weathers, how to focus the main object, etc. Over 50 participants from all the districts attended the training.

LRD organizes training on photography

NMYO to conduct routine checking

MoRD team visits Nagaland, interacts with Dimapur SHGs

Parliamentary secretary for Technical education, Tovihoto Ayemi on Thursday visited Khelhoshe Polytechnic Asukuto and inspected workshops, administrative buildings and ongoing works at the institute. He also interacted with the principal, staff, students and local leaders of the area.

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) team from the Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi visited Dhansiripar, Naga United, Pfutsero and Phek as part of the team’s tour to northeastern states to see and know the best practices and functioning of Self Help Groups in the region. On August 29, the team comprising of Smita Jacob, Consultant, NMMU-NRLH MoRD, Vijaya Bharati, senior advisor, SERP, Andhra Pradesh, resources persons Savitiri and Suvanya Devi (both SHG leaders in Andhra Predesh) and others led by Motsuthung Lotha, Mission Director, SRLM, Nagaland and Visasolie Lhoungu, Chief Executive Officer, SRLM, Nagaland, Roland Lotha, State Project Manager and Tushirenla, District Mission Manager held an interactive meeting with the member SHGs of Dimapur district federation of Self Help Groups

at Naga United village. During the meeting, resource persons Savitiri and Suvanya Devi testified on how SHGs have helped women in Andhra Pradesh to progress economically and socially where community is not homogenous. They said SHGs in AP have reached to the poorest of poor and helped them become economically sound. Apart from financial support, SHGs in AP also fight for social causes, they said. It was added that there are 10 lakhs SHGs in Andhra Pradesh with more than one hundred crores in savings. Vijaya Bharati told the SHG members present that in order to have a strong functioning SHG, five principles – regular meeting, regular saving, internal lending, good repayment and good book keeping has to be followed strictly. Officials of DRDA Dimapur led by its Project Director, Imtiangshi Ao also attended the meeting.

The Connect Studio to NPF youth wing responds to NSCN (IM) launch its first retail outlet USR's statement on Torechu’s case DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): NPF divisional youth wing Kiphire district has clarified that the NSCN (IM) United Sangtam Region’s (USR) allegations that five vehicles of Parliamentary Secretary T Torechu’s convoy were loaded with illegal liquor and the vehicles sped away from the scene in an effort to escape was a “total blatant lie.” In a rejoinder to the NSCN (IM) USR’s statement, which appeared August 28 in the local dailies, NPF divisional youth wing stated that when the convoy was stopped at Thutheze junction, “the NSCN (IM) cadres frisked the vehicles that were accompanying the VVIP and they could not find even a single bottle liquor and out of frustration they noted all the vehicle numbers that were in convoy.” On the allegation that the convoy was stopped by a truck parked near a stone crusher on Pungro road, the youth wing said, “The reality is that they came in one white Maruti car bearing Regd.No.NL 03/1079 and stopped the convoy.” It further informed that one of the bodyguards of Parliamentary Secretary fired some round in the air to ward them off from stopping the convoy for the third time.

The said vehicle that was used in stopping the convoy is under the custody of the police in Kiphire, it said. The rejoinder, on the NSCN/GPRN regional authority’s allegation about seizure of 105 cases of IMFL, stated that the regional authority of the NSCN (IM) USR frisked thoroughly at Thutheze junction and they did not find any liquor from the vehicles “NL07-3857, NL07-4097, NL07-5150, NL07-8254 and NL072647”. In this connection, the youth wing has asked the regional authority to provide the “names of the accused, vehicle number, and the place where it was seized.” Stating that it is very much in line with the Nagas yearning for "Dry State", NPF divisional youth wing asserted that not a single bottle of IMFL was found and the convoy co-operated during frisking. Hence, it questioned why the regional authorities stopped the convoy for the second and third time.

Organizations condemn

ENSF: The Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) has vehemently condemned the harassment meted out to Parliamentary Secretary for Excise, Eco-

nomic & Statistics, Legal Metrology and Consumer Protection T Torechu and his entourage reportedly by NSCN (IM) USR on August 24 on the way to his home constituency. The ENSF, in a press release stated that it welcomes and appreciates the initiative being taken by the Naga National workers for imposing total prohibition of liquor in the state. However, it expressed regret that “the action of suspected NSCN (IM) USR by halting the Police escorted VIP at three different locations with sophisticated arms is clearly a life attempt and none other than the acts of anti social elements.” At this period of cease fire, “Government of India and Naga underground factions, the cadres of any factions are supposed to remain at their respective designated camps and should not roam with arms and ammunitions in public inhabited areas disrupting the peaceful atmosphere,” ENSF stated. It further appealed the State government and law enforcing agencies to book the culprits without any delay. NPF Central Office: Central office bearers of NPF from Kiphire district have strongly condemned the harassment meted out to Parliamentary Secre-

tary Torechu on the allegation that some vehicles in his convoy were carrying liquor. A press release from the NPF Central office stated, “In case there is any information about the presence of liquor in the convoy, they should identify the alleged vehicle numbers only for inquiry, if necessary, without disturbing the VIP and his escorts who were on official duty.” The release stated that halting the entire entourage of the VIP time and again by “our national workers, causing harassment to the public mandate leader is an illegal activity and deserves public condemnation all over.” ENPUK: Eastern Nagaland People’s Union Kohima (ENPUK) has also condemned the “harassment” calling it “unwanted activities and unscrupulous act of the underground.” It stated that harassing a leader instead of giving respect is “totally unlawful” and there is no place for “such unscrupulous persons” in the society. Hence, ENPUK has appealed to both the Naga groups and law enforcing agency to trace the persons involved at the earliest and “reward befitting punishment” in order to avoid “unwanted activities from any corner in near future.”

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 29 (MExN): Nagaland’s very own fashion brand, The Connect Studio launches its debut fashion retail outlet in West City, near ADC Court Junction here on August 31. People in Nagaland, particularly in Dimapur, can now browse the store's high-street collections offering high fashion and quality basics at affordable prices in the brand’s very own flagship store. Customers can access a wide range of clothing including men's and women’s ready-to-wear line and collections. The new store will be equally as exciting on the outside as the inside with approximately 7000 sq ft spread across two levels, with decked up interiors of both workstations and retail space, informs Ringo Odyuo, the Managing Director in a press release. "We are thrilled to be launching our own brand," says Marketing Manager Yin Sareo. “With over 8 years of retailing experience, we realised it is time for Nagaland to have its very own fashion brand.” Yin adds, “Nagas are very discerning when it comes to fashion and demand nothing but the best in fit,

style and quality. Taking on this challenge, we have embarked on this journey to prove to the world that not only do we have good taste in fashion but we can also produce the best.” The Connect Studio already has its own Facebook and Twitter fan page. It will be launching its own website soon and will reach out to online customers and fans as well. The Connect Studio, a division of the Odyuo Group of Industries, founded by Ringo Odyuo, has varied interests with businesses in Telecom sector, Skill development, and Constructions. Sighting tremendous growth opportunities in the clothing retail sector, the Group launched a Fashion brand in the region under the name – The Connect Studio, to invest in a home grown brand and to bring premium as well as affordable fashion to consumers across various segments. Managed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, the primary objective of The Connect Studio is to focus on the fashion retail business and elevate the world of fashion and lifestyle across the region, the release added.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express frIDAy 30 AuGusT 2013 vol. vIII IssuE 236

Along Longkumer Consulting Editor

To be Compassionate Naga Churches can do more


ecently one of the local newspapers (Eastern Mirror) did an eye opening feature story (‘Winning ways of the Sikhs’) about the contribution made by the Gurudwara in Dimapur wherein it was mentioned about the service rendered by the Sikh community by way of providing amenities like free drinking water and even free food every Sunday to hundreds of hungry people of all faiths. What the Gurudwara is doing is therefore commendable and worthy of emulation. When it comes to Christian faithfuls, of course there are those from among the Churches in Nagaland who are contributing towards people’s welfare by way of say, running schools for the weaker section of society and other activities for the benefit of humankind. Some of the individual churches are doing quite a lot in this respect. The question is can our Naga churches do more than what they are doing at present. The Church as a whole is quite prosperous. They have their own annual budget and programmes running into crores of Rupees. Monthly income from tithe and offering is quite substantial. One of the feature of the predominantly Baptist Churches among the Nagas is the decentralized structure which makes it somewhat difficult to work collectively as an entity, notwithstanding the presence of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) representing the Baptist Churches in Nagaland as a whole. Each tribe has its own apex Church association. This is further decentralized into the numerous Church groupings in the villages and towns, which function quite independently of its parent body. As per reliable statistics, there are twenty associations and four associate members under the NBCC with a total of 1536 churches in all. Some of the bigger associations like WSBAK (Sumi Dimapur), ABAM (Ao) and KBBB (Konyak) have 158, 154 and 114 churches respectively under them. It is therefore quite difficult to implement a uniform policy or mobilize resource to carry out common projects. Also most of the activities undertaken under the NBCC or the local churches are related to mission, construction, capacity building exercises, seminars, holding conventions, celebrating centennials, foreign tours etc. Nevertheless, ours is truly a ‘land of churches’ and therefore the responsibility to contribute towards the good of others should be even more. More ways can be found to contribute towards a just and humane society. Whether our local churches are doing or not, today, many churches in foreign countries maintain a “benevolence fund,” that is, a monetary reserve kept in order to help those in need. If the 1500 or so Baptist churches in Nagaland can each take up a benevolent project for the benefit of the needy, perhaps there is going to be more joy and happiness in our land. One of the most important Commandments that the Bible teaches us is to love our neighbors as ourselves. It does not speak about only Christian neighbors. Therefore, irrespective of faith, the Naga Churches need to reach out to the poor, the homeless, the sick, the widow, the orphan and the marginalized. The way we (Nagas) are as believers can sometimes be one of remaining aloof and distant from non-believers. Showing compassion to others is Christ-like and we need to inculcate more of this noble character.

lEfT wiNg |

Shastri Ramachandaran Source: DNA

A common currency


very few years the Indian rupee takes a dive. Every time this happens, there is the usual hand-wringing and the finance minister talking the rupee up. Invariably, the rupee’s fall triggers the clichéd debate over growth versus inflation, talk of curbing foreign exchange outflows, sucking cash out of the market and a number of other ad-hoc measures. The rupee ‘stabilises’ at a new low. Until it goes for another spin, and the charade is repeated. It is no different this time with the rupee at Rs 65 to a dollar and forecasts of it being headed towards Rs70. As it stands (or, falls) today, the rupee does little credit to India as a rising power. In fact, the rupee does not look like ever becoming a currency of power. In the last decade, before the global financial crisis struck, India saw eight per cent growth and Indian capital’s overseas acquisitions suggested that, given the right conditions at home, it had the strength to take big strides abroad. The downturn did not, immediately, sour the climate in emerging economies such as China and India. In fact, the two Asian powers weathered the crisis well, and were considered important for driving the recovery. Now, the scenario has changed. China, although its economy has slowed down, continues to chug along, ignoring the doomsayers and warnings of a catastrophe. Unlike China, India is sliding into a crisis while the US and some of the western economies are recovering. The dollar is regaining its dominant role as both currency and commodity even as the Indian rupee is the worst hit among the currencies of emerging economies. The falling rupee is treated as a problem of the finance ministry and the Reserve Bank of India, and not as a national crisis; not as an issue that affects India’s self-worth and standing abroad. Foreign policy and diplomacy are increasingly driven by economic objectives. Curiously, the Indian rupee’s fate never figures in our ‘External Affairs’. The government is able to do nothing to raise the strength and stature of the rupee to match India’s international profile. At the least, the government should be able to make one other country feel affected by the rupee’s fortunes. Far from that, even Indians are sold on the dollar when they see no future for the rupee. Yet, this crisis could be an opportunity for India to re-float the idea of a common currency in South Asia. Conditions may not be conducive for the creation of such a single currency, but acceptance of this as an objective may compel South Asian countries, especially India and Pakistan, to end mistrust, jointly fight terrorism and enhance mutual security for greater cooperation and economic integration. In 2003, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had mooted the idea of open borders and a single currency. Vajpayee felt that South Asian countries developing greater economic stakes in each other would create sensitivity to shared concerns and promote common interests. Sadly, though the idea drew responses elsewhere in Asia, including Japan and China, in India itself it has not been debated seriously. At the 15th ASEAN Summit in Cha-am Hua Hin in Thailand in October 2009, Japan’s call for adoption of a single Asian currency was backed by China. The plans for a single-currency trading bloc aimed to take in all countries of the East Asia Summit, which brought ASEAN together with Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. It is ironic that while other countries are confident of India joining the efforts for creating a common currency area, in India itself the issue is ignored. The author is an independent political and foreign affairs commentator based in New Delhi



En Liang Khong

Wild ghosts: Bo Xilai on trial


he trial of the disgraced Chinese politician is hurtling towards its predictable conclusion. But a spectre still haunts the Party, and all those at play in China’s political life. It is the spectre of the Cultural Revolution The demons are dancing for Bo Xilai. The former party chief is now far from his humid, smogdrenched municipality of Chongqing. Instead, Bo has spent the last week on trial at Jinan’s Intermediate People’s Court, facing an inevitable suspended death sentence over corruption and power abuse allegations. Separating Bo from his power base by putting him on trial in the provincial capital of eastern Shandong province has been just one of the various strategies employed by the Party in an attempt to take control of proceedings. Bo’s trial, in other words, is an event charged with emotion. The narrative is well known. In February 2012 Bo’s right-hand man and Chongqing’s police chief Wang Lijun appeared at Chengdu’s US Consulate, setting in motion a train of surreal revelations which implicated Bo’s family in the mysterious death of the British businessman Neil Heywood, revealed the amassing of an extended family fortune of $136 million, and a son busy leading a hedonistic, champagne-fuelled lifestyle in elite western universities. The economic interests of China’s political clans are eyewatering. And Bo, of course, was just the tip of the iceberg, emanating from the web of corruption that holds the CCP together. In August of last year, Bo’s wife Gu Kailai was given a suspended death sentence for the murder of Heywood. Gu’s appeal for leniency was a textbook show trial performance, right down to her praise for the prosecutors, who, in her words, “opened the curtains a little bit, to reveal the hidden dirty secrets”. Most China watchers expected that, once the Party machine had swung into action, Bo’s trial would be similarly predictable. “We would witness no courtroom drama” asserted Minxin Pei, writing for Bloomberg, “Bo will almost certainly be presented as a broken and penitent man”. The Party’s control of the situation, through the usual surfeit of political machinations and disinformation, stretched from a spate of online posts declaring the CCP’s “determination to fight corruption”, the swift arrest of the journalist Song Yangbiao who had called on Bo’s supporters to gatecrash the trial, to the physical scrubbing of all references to Bo Xilai in Dalian’s Modern Museum, where he had served as mayor during the 1990s. The logic was that if Bo fought his charges, he knew that he would get a harsher sentence, instead of allowing President Xi Jinping to keep the washing of dirty linen to a minimum. The prosecution would be given clear instructions to strike a deal. And leaks to the press were consistent with this dampening strategy. Then the trial began. Bo has put up a surprising defence, claiming that he was framed in bribery charges and laying the blame on psychological pressure during interrogation. Meanwhile there has also been a startling shift on the Party’s part to publicize the trial with updates and transcripts from the official Weibo account of the Jinan Intermediary People’s Court. The essence of the matter is that nothing is secret any more with China’s netizens. And the uneasy information flows that feed the rumour-mill can be worse than reality. The CCP’s experience with trials of similar stature has been far from smooth. In the late 1970s Deng Xiaoping televised the trial of the Gang of Four, led by Mao’s wife Jiang Qing, blamed for the bloody reach of the Cultural Revolution. The trial reached Euripidean heights in Jiang’s theatrics: “if I am guilty, how about you all!” But critical responses to Bo’s trial have been, frankly, astonishing. Rebecca Liao, writing in The Atlantic, has praised the trial for opening up a new era of jurisprudence. Despite the predetermined nature of the trial, Liao gushed: “if the Chinese government now views the law as something to be navigated and


In this photo released by the Jinan Intermediate People's Court, former Politburo member and party leader of the megacity of Chongqing Bo Xilai, in the defendant seat listens to a testimony by former Chongqing city police chief Wang Lijun, unseen, at Jinan Intermediate People's Court in Jinan in eastern China's Shandong province on August 24, 2013. Disgraced Chinese politician Bo told a court Saturday his wife stole government funds without his involvement and revealed how the couple became estranged after he had been unfaithful, offering a glimpse in his politically charged trial of the unraveling of one of China's elite families. Wang triggered Bo's downfall when he fled to a US consulate with revelations that Bo's wife had killed a British businessman. (AP Photo)

not simply ignored, then it has already overcome a significant ideological obstacle.” Far from it. All the choreography we have seen so far is that of a Party fiercely retaining control of the conversation. But the truth is that there are issues at stake that stretch far beyond the courtroom. The uneasiness surrounding the trial of Bo Xilai has always been more than stripping back the veil of the power struggles that play out right at the top of the Party, but rests instead with the very spectre that continues to haunt China’s political life. What is at stake is the legacy of the Cultural Revolution. Over the last five years, Bo pursued a distinct set of socio-economic policies, the ‘Chongqing model’, in sharp divergence to a state policy of privileging investment and export over living standards. And in doing so, Bo pulled his city out of economic stagnation. Chongqing’s radical redirection of state resources suggested a third way that looked to direct public policy towards addressing investment in social programmes and easing rural-urban conflicts. Bo’s neo-Maoist rhetoric provoked a wave of leftwing nostalgia and openly challenged Party consensus. His ‘sing red’ campaigns of mass revolutionary sing-alongs threatened to create an independent power base. Of course the Chongqing model, as ever, still perpetuated inequalities. Urban private development and forced evictions sat in collusion with officialdom. Audrea Lim, writing for n+1, is damning: “the Chongqing I saw, a few months before Bo Xilai and his Experiment met their fall, already showed evidence of how the bureaucratic, top-down approach was blind to individual experience”. A spat that erupted in the London Review of Books last year in many ways encapsulates the critical ideological battle within China. “Chongqing may not have offered a perfect blueprint”, Wang Hui acknowledged in his essay The Rumour Machine, “and it’s hard to know whether Bo himself was corrupt, but its architects stressed the importance of equality and common prosperity”. Wang Hui, a figurehead for China’s New Left, presents the fall of Bo as cover for the Party to push forwards with a new neoliberal economic wave that promises to foregound development over any notion of social justice. Wang Hui’s argument draws on his now infamous Tiananmen thesis in which he sees the accelerating marketisation of 1992 as being dependent on the crackdown of 1989. In the letters page, the journalist Jonathan

Fenby dismissed “Wang Hui’s predictable take – it’s all a neoliberal plot”. “What Wang dismissed as neoliberal reforms are just the changes China needs if it is to progress”, Fenby concluded. How Fenby squares this conventional economic analysis with manifest social unsustainability is far from clear. For China’s New Left, authoritarianism and neoliberalism form part of the same machine. But the Chinese revolutionary tradition is far from finished. Last year, I wrote of the collective cultural amnesia that has been so central to Party strategy. This is what the New Left strikes at. The former leader Deng Xiaoping’s 1981 ‘Resolution on History’ labelled the Cultural Revolution a “disaster for the country and the people”. And in 2011 the liberal Southern Weekend newspaper commemorated this – the implication being that this framing of the narrative draws significant support from China’s liberal reform faction, against the New Left. Again, in a news conference foreshadowing Bo’s toppling, the former Premier Wen Jiabao invoked the ‘historical tragedy’ of the Cultural Revolution as a threat to the reform era ‘status quo’. But its spectre continues to haunt modern China. The Cultural Revolution’s pop cultural nostalgia that Bo so skillfully drew on, despite an offical historiography of trauma, reveals a chasm. How genuine are these repositories of Cultural Revolution nostalgia? Should we take the more negative view, of a highly commodified, depoliticized nostalgia, that is perfectly aligned with a neoliberal regime in which no proper platform for genuine alternative thought is offered? And yet there is no doubt that the revolutionary legacy remains key to China’s nascent labour movement. For the sociologist Ching Kwan Lee, the ‘spectre of Mao’ continues to haunt China’s class struggles. In his seminal work The Age of Wild Ghosts, the anthropologist Erik Mueggler travelled through China’s Yunnan province during the 1990s where, even then, complex memories of the Cultural Revolution still drifted. I had always struggled with Mueggler’s beautiful, often elusive prose. And then I realised that here, in the trial of Bo Xilai, was the very spectre of the Cultural Revolution. The official narratives seek to paste over the ideological cleavages that persisted from the end of the Cultural Revolution. And it is this lack of resolution that means we shall see eruptions such as Bo Xilai rage across China’s political landscape again and again.

show negative growth in the graph. The number of educated unemployed youth in Nagaland is increasing every year. On the contrary, State Government has limited job to offer. The other option to minimize unemployment is private companies but alas this option is nil in Nagaland. It will be unwise to expect educated unemployed youth to go back to paddy/jhum field (the only option in Nagaland) when his/her contemporaries are working in high tech environment, running their own business etc. Business endeavour in Nagaland is not as easy as one thinks. Even if one doesn’t pay tax it is too difficult to progress under the pathetic economic condition of the consumers. Imagine how can one

case is a failure of leadership”. Be grateful that people still knock at your door. The observer shouldn’t take this movement as disunity among the Nagas as it is a family talk to find out solution to smoothly run the house. In actuality, what is more threatening to Indo-Naga political issue is the division among the Naga nationalists. This state of affairs brings back the memories of the divide and rule policy of the British. History reminds us how the British ruled mighty India with the policy of “Divide and Rule” and which consequently led to partition in 1947. At the present environment even if solution comes, I’m afraid our situation will be worse than what happened to India and Pakistan. They achieved freedom but British policy still haunts the two sovereign Nations. Today, who is literally serious about Indo-Naga solution? The conduct of nationalist looks like they are more concerned about tax and territory control, trying policing each other, acting as a administrator and imposing do’s and don’ts to people. In contrast, citizens are making great effort to bring the entire Naga nationalist under one banner as the writing on the wall is clear that until we struggle under one flag our future is uncertain. There is an old saying ‘united we stand, divided we fall”. If you think you can’t reconcile with your old school friends than remember your great sacrifice will go in vain. Respected nationalist need to retrospect and see what when wrong in the journey and rectify the mistake before time forces you to say “I regret my action’. Leave behind the legacy that is worth narrating to younger generation. Nagas has been paying taxes for many decades to all the organisations and to continue the same trend may invite unfavourable situation in the future. In order to keep our goal on track and to take citizens into confidence, Nagas need “One Government One tax”. “Union gives strength”.

One Government One Tax

axes are levied by the government and its organ for the service rendered to its citizen. In the context of India, it is clearly found mentioned in Article 265 of its constitution that “No tax shall be levied or collected except by the authority of law”. Therefore, tax levied by the Central and State Government come under the preview of the law. The government utilises this fund to reduce poverty, provide education /increase literacy rate, to modernise medical facilities / reduce infant mortality rate, develop basic amenities such as water connection, electricity, rural infrastructure etc,. Nagas journey for self determination had witnessed division after division among the Naga nationalist which consequently led to taxation by all breakaway groups in the name of Naga sovereignty. Are the citizens of Nagaland in any way accountable to multiple organisations? As the manner in which the collector approaches, it looks like the public has taken credit from them. Should the citizens of Nagaland pay taxes to every “Tom, Dick and Harry” who comes with the tag “Nagaland for Christ”? In fact, there is no law which directs citizens to pay tax to multiple governments. Citizens of Nagaland can’t serve seven masters nor are the Nagas tenant of any organisations. From a layman's perspective on taxation environment, the state Government of Nagaland is the only authority to levy taxes. At no point of time in the history of Naga freedom movement, citizens of Nagaland had agreed nor endorsed to any organisation the right to impose tax. In fact, all taxes begin with freewill contribution/ donation, annual house tax, army ration and forceful tax in the name of Naga sovereignty. The old nationalist comrade will know how villagers resisted paying taxes. Today “we buy goods, it has been taxed” “we produce goods it got tax”. Imagine how the average people pay tax to the entire organisation and manage their family. Everything has a limit so also corruption and human patience. Corruption has reached its zenith and it is high time for the citizens of Nagaland to


run a business by paying taxes to six/seven organisations? It is so surprising to know that even a small pan shop is not exempt from paying tax. Can any person in sound mind stay silent when his hard earned money is forcefully snatched by someone without valid reasons? Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) has rightly voiced out the people’s mind by raising the issue of unabated taxes in Nagaland. This movement is not against any particular organisation or association since the committee has rightfully pointed out the illegal taxes collected by the state government departments, Naga undergrounds, Associations, unions etc., Hence, viewing this movement as anti-Indo-Naga political talk shows how immature and ignorant our leaders are towards peoples suffering. Colin Powell says “leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can’t help or concluded you do not care. Either

Dr. Soyhunlo Seb Telecom ward, Tseminyu Town

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30 August 2013


Is Coke the same as it was 127 years ago? Angry birds Secret recipe locked in a vault

skip polluted Delhi

Candice Choi


AP Food Industry Writer

oca-Cola keeps the recipe for its 127-yearold soda inside an imposing steel vault that’s bathed in red security lights. Several cameras monitor the area to make sure the fizzy formula stays a secret. But in one of the many signs that the surveillance is as much about theater as reality, the images that pop up on video screens are of smiling tourists waving at themselves. “It’s a little bit for show,” concedes a guard at the World of Coca-Cola museum in downtown Atlanta, where the vault is revealed at the end of an exhibit in a puff of smoke. The ability to push a quaint narrative about a product’s origins and fuel a sense of nostalgia can help drive billions of dollars in sales. That’s invaluable at a time when food makers face greater competition from smaller players and cheaper supermarket store brands that appeal to cash-strapped Americans. It’s why companies such as Coca-Cola and Twinkies’ owner Hostess play up the notion that their recipes are sacred, unchanging documents that need to be closely guarded. As it turns out, some recipes have changed over time, while others may not have. Either way, they all stick to the same script that their formulas have remained the same. John Ruff, who formerly headed research & development at Kraft Foods, said companies often recalibrate ingredients for various reasons, including new regulations, fluctuations in commodity costs and other issues that impact mass food production. “It’s almost this mythological thing, the secret formula,” said the president of the Institute of Food Technologists, which studies the science of food. “I would be amazed if formulas (for big brands) haven’t changed.” This summer, the Twinkies cream-filled cakes many Americans grew up snacking on made a comeback after being off shelves for about nine months following the bankruptcy of Hostess Brands. At the time, the new owners promised the spongy yellow cakes would taste just like people remember. A representative for Hostess, Hannah Arnold, said in an email that Twinkies today are “remarkably close to the original recipe,” noting that the first three ingredients are still enriched flour, water and sugar. Yet a box of Twinkies now lists more than 25 ingredients and has a shelf-life of 45 days, almost three weeks longer than the 26 days from just a year ago. That suggests the ingredients have been tinkered with, to say the least, since they were created in 1930. “When Twinkies first came out they were largely made from fresh ingredients,” notes Steve Ettlinger, author of “Twinkie, Deconstructed,” which traced the roots of the cake’s many modern-day industrial ingredients. For its part, KFC says it still strictly follows the recipe created in 1940 by its famously bearded founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. The chain understood the power of marketing early on, with Sanders originally dying his beard white to achieve a more grandfatherly look. Fast forward to 2009, when KFC decided the security for the handwritten copy of the recipe needed a flashy upgrade. It installed a 770-pound (349-kilogram) safe that is under constant video and motiondetection surveillance and surrounded by two feet (0.6 meters) of concrete on every side — just in case any would-be thieves try to dig a tunnel to get it. “Like something out of a Hollywood movie,” a press release from KFC trumpeted at the time. KFC may very well be following the basic instructions of the recipe encased in the vault. But the fanfare around its founder’s instructions is despite his disapproval of the new owners of the chain after he sold his stake in the company in 1964. In his book, for example,

Paul Kingsnorth


ranjit devraj

In this on August 9, 2013 photo, a tour group enters the vault exhibit containing the “secret recipe” for Coca-Cola at the World of Coca-Cola museum, in Atlanta. The 127-year-old recipe for Coke sits inside an imposing steel vault that’s bathed in red security lights, while security cameras monitor the area to make sure the fizzy formula stays a secret. (AP Photo)

Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, a friend of Sanders’, recounts how the colonel was annoyed because they came up with a simpler way to drain grease off the chicken by dumping it onto wire racks, rather than ladling the grease off by hand. Sanders apparently hated the new system because it bruised the chicken. According to the book, Sanders was afraid the new owners would ruin the chicken because he said they “didn’t know a drumstick from a pig’s ear.” A KFC spokesman, Rick Maynard, said the issue over the grease was indicative of Sanders’ handson approach even after selling the business. Maynard said the important parts of the recipe are the seasoning, using fresh chicken on the bone, hand breading according to standards and frying under pressure. As for the chain’s recently introduced boneless Original Recipe chicken, he said it uses the recipe’s seasoning. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, America’s No. 1 and 2 soda makers, respectively, also are known for touting the roots of their recipes. In the book “Secret Formula,” which was published in 1994 and drew from interviews with former executives and access to Coca-Cola’s corporate archives, reporter Frederick Allen noted that multiple changes were made to the formula over the years. For instance, Allen noted that that the soda once contained trace amounts of cocaine as a result of the coca leaves in the ingredients, as well as four times the amount of caffeine. In an emailed statement, Coca-Cola said its secret formula has remained the same since it was invented in 1886 and that cocaine has “never been an added ingredient” in its soda. It’s a line that’s familiar to Terry Parham, a retired special agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency. After the agency opened its museum in Arlington, Virginia in the late 1990s, Parham, who was working in the press office at the time, recalled in a recent interview with the Associated Press that a Coca-Cola representative called to complain about an exhibit that noted the soda once contained cocaine. The exhibit stayed and Parham said the DEA didn’t hear back from the company. PepsiCo also celebrates its origins and in the past two years held its annual shareholders meeting in New Bern, North Carolina, where Caleb Brad-

ham is said to have created the company’s flagship soda in the late 1890s. But the formula for Pepsi was changed to make it sweeter in 1931 by the company’s new owner, who didn’t like the taste. In the 1980s, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo both switched from sugar to high-fructose corn syrup, a cheaper sweetener. The companies last year also said they’d change the way they make the caramel coloring used in their sodas to avoid having to put a cancer warning label on their drinks in California, where a new law required such labels for foods containing a certain level of carcinogens. Both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo say the sweetener and caramel sources do not alter the basic formulas or taste for their sodas. And they continue to hype up the enduring quality of their recipes. This past spring, for example, Coca-Cola welcomed the widespread news coverage of a Georgia man who claimed to have found a copy of the soda’s formula and tried to sell it on eBay. The company saw the fanfare as evidence of the public’s fascination with its formula, and eagerly offered to make its corporate historian available for interviews to fuel the media attention. Likewise, the company is happy to reminisce about the backlash provoked by the introduction of New Coke in 1985. The sweeter formula was a marketed as an improved replacement for the flagship soda, and the company points to the outrage that ensued as proof of how much people love the original. According to the emailed statement from Coca-Cola, that’s the only time the company ever tried changing its formula. The loyalty to that narrative is on full display at the World of Coca-Cola, where visitors mill about in a darkened exhibit devoted to myths surrounding the soda’s formula. Tabloid-style headlines are splashed across the walls and whispers play on a recorded loop: “Even if you could see the formula, you wouldn’t understand it!” a voice says. “It’s the greatest mystery of all time!” says another. The museum gets about a million visitors a year, with a plaque at the end of one exhibit stating “Keeping the Secret Ensures That the Magic Lives On.” But on a recent summer afternoon, at least one of them wasn’t impressed. “This part’s boring,” a small boy declared.

the age of endings

ur myths of progress are killing us. Where can we find a new set of stories to inspire the work of the future? Only through the creative imagination of writers, artists, storytellers and musicians. Perhaps only poetry can save us now If I were a scientist, I might say we were living in an age of entropy. But I’m not a scientist, and I tend to think that using language of science to discuss issues outside of its domain is part of our current complex of cultural problems. So perhaps, instead, we could call this an age of endings. Wherever you choose to look, old certainties and old realities appear to be dissolving. The Earth as we know it: its great forests, reefs, teeming cod banks and ancient glaciers. The tigers, the whales, the butterflies and the mountain gorillas. Whole species, at a higher rate of extinction than for millions of years. This planet’s 10,000 year old climatic era. Endings. Human endings too: the great paintbox of human languages, with most scheduled to die out by century’s end, and ways of living and being that developed over centuries in response to local circumstances. Family life. Traditions. Local economic networks. Cultural certainties. Nations themselves. Known ways of living. Endings. In some ways, this is not new. At any period of time we could have looked around us and seen empires collapsing and ways of living passing into history. But this is not the same. Never before have we – humans – altered the planet’s climate or pushed so many species into extinction that we may have already triggered a sixth mass extinction event. We have never seen such social and ecological loss on such a wide scale, across the entire globe before, and so fast. All of these changes are caused by one phenomenon: a burgeoning human economy that serves a global consumer society in which desire poses as need and all needs are there to be met. Blame who you like for this situation: blame the sixties, blame the eighties, blame science, blame the Enlightenment, blame Thatcher or Marx or capitalism or feminism. Blame climate deniers or oil companies or people who take cheap flights or loggers or the owners of battery chicken farms. Blame population growth

or greed or politics or technology. Blame yourself, or everyone else – it doesn’t really matter. The age of endings, the age of acceleration, is at hand, and each of us is strung out in its web. What does it mean to live through times like these, and what should be done to make sense of them? If your children will be poorer than you were, their world scarred and deprived of much of its beauty and magic, what questions should we be asking about what human progress has come to mean? Questions, I think, are the key. We need to be interrogating our stories deeply: the myths that underpin who we are and how we see the world. In the loosest sense of the word, we live in a materialist society. We pay attention to the material, the measurable, above all else, and we have a tendency to dismiss or ignore aspects of life which are equally real but not as easily reduced to a column on a spreadsheet. This means that when we ask ourselves how this global suite of potential disasters has arisen, we tend to look at the outer rather than the inner manifestations. We tell ourselves that the problem is technological: that we are producing too many greenhouse gases because we are burning fossil fuels, and therefore we need to stop burning them. Or we tell ourselves that the problem is political: democracy cannot respond adequately to the needs of ecology, so we need a new political system. Or perhaps the problem is structural: governments cannot reach agreement on necessary measures to tackle global problems, and corporations are too powerful and should be purged from the political system. All of these things may well be true, but I would suggest that our culture has an inner problem as well as an outer one: our stories are malfunctioning. All cultures, all civilisations, are built on stories. The things they believe about themselves and their place in the world, and how that world works, are integral to how people behave, how institutions operate and how humans in that society relate to the nonhuman world. If you want to understand any culture, look at its myths. What are our myths, here in the “Enlightened West?” Probably the most potent is the story of progress: that we used to be savages and now are civilised; used to be superstitious and now are rational; used to be primitive and now are advanced; used to be stupid and now are clever, and will continue to move in this direction bar the odd blip as we colo-

nise the stars. This is the Genesis tale of modernity. Progress has become our civil religion: widespread, largely unquestioned, seeping into every intellectual crack. God is dead, and now the real paradise awaits. Except as before, it always remains just out of reach. The myth of progress is encircled by a set of what we might call sub-myths: the ability to access truth through objective science; a faith in advanced technology; the assumption of reason’s superiority over intuition; and a belief in the supremacy of the human species over the rest of life (or, as we tend to call it, ‘our environment’: note the possessive ‘our’). These are our stories. Now they are killing us – and not just us. The age of endings is a product of misplaced beliefs, of myths gone bad. Now our task is to think about different stories: to create new ones or disinter some old ones and begin telling them again. Four years ago, I founded a network of writers and artists called the Dark Mountain Project with the explicit purpose of beginning this work. Since then, we’ve produced a number of books and held a series of public events aimed at interrogating our cultural stories and beginning to approach the creation of new ones. One of the first questions we have asked is: what might be some of the foundational stories of a new narrative? My first response is that the myth of progress needs to be comprehensively debunked through some serious study of history and prehistory. I would say that science and economics need to be put in their place: an important place, but one which sees them as servants of our society rather than as its narrative masters. I would say that reason should be balanced with intuition; mythos with logos. Perhaps most importantly I would say that without what has been called an ecocentric perspective – a worldview which sees humans as one form of life among many, rather than as the pinnacle of evolution and the master of all – nothing very much will change. If this is true, I would suggest that the work of change is too important to be left to scientists, political activists, politicians and economists. Their roles are important, to be sure, but the narratives that underpin their work are unlikely to be questioned from within. Rewriting stories is the task of the creative imagination, which means it is the task of writers, artists, storytellers, musicians and all who would regard themselves as workers of and with the imagination. Perhaps only poetry can save us now.


Inter Press service

very winter the Okhla wetlands, a charmed haven in the heart of India's bustling capital city, play host to Greater Flamingoes, Greylag Geese, Tufted Pochards, Northern Shovelers and other exotic, feathered visitors winging in from colder climes as far away as Siberia. These avian migrants join hundreds of local water birds to breed in the Okhla Bird Sanctuary and Wildlife Park - a 4-square kilometer patch of wetland on the Jamuna river. The river is struggling to survive amidst costly real estate and development projects in the state of Delhi on the west bank of the river and Uttar Pradesh state on the east. Conservationists now warn that unless there is a halt to construction activity on the banks of the Jamuna and to the pumping of raw sewage and effluents into the river, the annual spectacle of colors and shapes winging into the Okhla sanctuary will soon be nothing more than a cherished memory. According to Tarun Kumar Roy, coordinator of the Asian waterbird census of Wetlands International (WI), some 10,000 birds could be counted at the Okhla sanctuary a decade ago. "That number has now been reduced by half, to around 5,000 birds," Roy told IPS. Wetlands International, a Netherlands-based not-forprofit organization, works to conserve wetlands and their resources for people and for the cause of biodiversity. Roy, who has been working to get the Okhla sanctuary recognition as a site protected under the 1971 Ramsar Convention, says the dwindling bird numbers have dashed his hopes. Other experts believe that it is still possible to gain recognition for the Okhla sanctuary as a Ramsar site so that it can benefit from international support through the treaty designed to stop encroachments on wetlands with ecological, economic, cultural, scientific and recreational significance. "The fact that a good number of transcontinental migratory birds visit the Okhla sanctuary makes it an outstanding candidate for designation as a Ramsar site," Faizi S Faizi, who is a member of the expert committee on biodiversity and development at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, told IPS. Faizi says it is helpful that the Okhla sanctuary has been certified as an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International for its ornithological importance. Gopal Krishna, coordinator of Toxics Watch, a major environment group based in the capital, said it is up to the ministry of environment and forests to get the Okhla sanctuary rated as a Ramsar site. "If the ministry has failed in this regard it is only due to pressure from the powerful construction and real estate lobbies," Krishna told IPS. "It is hard to believe that the officials of the ministry are unaware of encroachments into a national sanctuary located barely 5 kilometers away from its offices," said Krishna. "How could, for example, a heavily polluting waste-toenergy incinerator come up on the edge of the park without ministry clearance?" Krishna said the future of the Okhla sanctuary now rests greatly on a series of cases filed by environmentalists and local residents at the National Green Tribunal, a special fast-track court that handles contentious cases relating to environmental issues. "The most important of these cases relates to the wasteto-energy incinerator that has been functioning since January 2012 within the eco-sensitive zone of the Okhla sanctuary," said Krishna. "A judicial commission of the tribunal has established that the emissions from the plant are 25 times above the permitted limit." In July, the school of environmental sciences at New Delhi's Jawaharalal Nehru University released the results of a study that found the air around Okhla to be severely polluted with lead, nickel, cadmium and cobalt that could only have come from the incinerator. "The high chimneys of the Okhla incinerator are a serious threat to migratory birds since they emit a range of toxic gases into their flight path," said Roy. On August 14, the tribunal suspended further unauthorized construction in a 10-kilometer wide eco-sensitive zone around the Okhla sanctuary, and ordered a fresh survey of the area by central and provincial authorities with a view to protecting it. Faizi said the tribunal order has come not a moment too soon. "The Okhla waste-to-energy incinerator is absolutely unacceptable in this critical bird area and must be removed without further delay," he said. According to Roy, although the total number of visiting birds has declined, the range of bird species represented at the Okhla sanctuary appears to be increasing. "A total of 330 bird species has been recorded at the Okhla sanctuary, although some species are no longer being sighted." Feathered visitors to the Okhla sanctuary that figure on the "red-list" of endangered bird species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature include the Ferruginous Duck, Black-tailed Godwit, River Lapwing, Egyptian Vulture, Oriental Darter, Painted Stork, Black-bellied Tern and Black-headed Ibis. The tribunal is currently hearing multiple petitions asking for intervention against property developers, builders and a "sand mining mafia" that defy existing rules that can help protect the Okhla sanctuary. After it was discovered that illegal sand mining had caused the Jamuna to shift its course eastward, a crackdown involving seizures and arrests was carried out by Durga Shakthi Nagpal, administrator of Uttar Pradesh's Gautam Budh Nagar district in which much of the Okhla sanctuary falls. But on July 28, three months after the crackdown was launched, Nagpal was controversially suspended by her political bosses in what was widely seen as a backlash from the construction industry that uses large quantities of river sand for its cement and concrete mixes. Faizi said that only a people's movement could save the sanctuary, which acts as a 'green lung' for congested and polluted Delhi that is home to 20 million people. "Recognizing the Okhla sanctuary as a Ramsar site would be the best way to generate public interest in protecting one of the world's truly unique wetlands."

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Friday 30 August 2013

India arrests ‘most wanted’ near Nepal border

NEW DELHI, August 29 (AFP): India announced Thursday the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal, one of the nation’s most-wanted men and the alleged co-founder of militant group the Indian Mujahideen, blamed for killing hundreds in a string of attacks. Bhatkal, who is believed to be in his 30s, was arrested near the porous border with Nepal and is in police custody in the northern state of Bihar, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said. “He is being interrogated,” Shinde told reporters in the capital New Delhi. “I cannot disclose which intelligence agencies were involved.” The banned Indian Mujahideen came to public attention in November 2007 following serial blasts in Uttar Pradesh state. It is accused of a number of attacks since including in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune. The group is thought to head a network of home-grown Islamic militant groups which have links to the powerful Pakistan-based Lashkare-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-eMohammed organisations. Bhatkal was named as a co-conspirator over an attack on the German Bakery restaurant in the western city of Pune in 2010 when a

Yasin Bhatkal, center face covered, one of the leaders of the domestic terror group Indian Mujahideen is produced along with an aide, behind, at a court in Motihari, Bihar state, on Thursday, August 29. Indian intelligence agencies Wednesday night arrested Bhatkal on India’s eastern border with Nepal, a top government official said Thursday. The group is blamed for a series of bombings in the nation’s cities. (AP Photo)

bomb placed in a rucksack killed 17 people including five foreigners. Reports say Bhatkal was captured on CCTV footage in the restaurant planting the bomb shortly before the blast. His arrest on Wednesday evening is another success for the Indian security forces following the deten-

tion earlier this month of alleged top militant Abdul Karim Tunda, who is thought to be a senior member of the LeT. It is not known if the two arrests are linked, but Tunda, who was also arrested near the Nepal border, has been cooperating with police, according to newspaper reports.

Former home secretary R.K. Singh said security forces had been working for years to catch Bhatkal, whom he called “one of the most active terrorists in the region”. “I think we have made great strides in the past year and a half in arresting a number of their (Indian Mujahideen) op-

NEW DELHI, August 29 (IANs): The Lok Sabha Thursday passed the much-awaited land acquisition and rehabilitation bill that aims to provide fair compensation to those whose land is taken away, brings transparency to the process of acquisition of land to set up factories or buildings and assures rehabilitation of those affected. This legislation has been eagerly sought by both industry and those who live off the land. Out of the 235 members who voted on the bill, 216 backed it while 19 voted against it. The bill aims to replace a nearly 120-year-old law enacted during British rule in 1894. While the Congress termed it a historic step, most parties supported it but said fertile land should

not be acquired for industrial development. Instead, barren land should be used for the purpose, they said. “It is a historic step. For the first time it brings transparency in the process of land acquisition, compensation and rehabilitation as a matter of right,” Congress member Meenakshi Natrajan said while participating in the debate on the land takeover bill. “This (the bill) is a middle path we have found. Groups were demanding separate things. It is wrong to say I have not consulted them,” Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh said. Ramesh said industrial houses, political parties and civil society have also been consulted. Bharatiya Janata Party

chief Rajnath Singh said: “Under no circumstances should you acquire irrigated land and agricultural land. You should make do with wasteland,” Parties like Communist Party India-Marxist (CPIM), Communist Party of India, Trinamool Congress, Janata Dal-United (JD-U), Biju Janata Dal, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party also said that the consent of the farmer was key in any land acquisition and suggested that fair compensation should be paid to him while demanding special economic zones to be included in the law. “Don’t acquire fertile land. Instead use waste land to develop industry,” Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav said. Terming the bill, which

will be now called The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2012, as anti-farmer, Bahujan Samaj Party member S.S. Nagar said: “Change of land use is controversial point.” Noting “the SEZ was a big scam,” JD-U leader Rajeev Ranjan said: “It is a tooth less bill. The fertile land should not be acquired.” Trinamool Congress member Sudip Bandyopadhyay said the earlier “draconian” law was applied on farmers of Nandigram and Singur and “how they fought under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee is history”. “There was no forced acquisition in Singur and Nandigram. Not a single inch of land was acquired

NEW DELHI, August 29 (AFP): Seventeen-yearold Indian student Appu Sharma was going to apply to a US university to study economics but with the rupee on the ropes, he’s set his sights closer to home. “I’ll do my BA here and maybe my postgrad abroad if the rupee improves -- my family can’t afford to pay foreign fees now,” the New Delhi Class 12 student told AFP. With the currency hovering at record lows of nearly 69 rupees to the dollar and seen heading south, the estimated 300-millionstrong middle-class are being forced to rethink many of their plans. Holidays abroad are being jettisoned as India grapples with its “new normal” -- a weak currency, growth at a decade-low of five percent, stubbornly high consumer price inflation and elevated interest rates that are stifling investment. “Dollar on an escalator, rupee on a ventilator, nation in the ICU,” reads one Twitter joke that went viral in India, lamenting the nation’s economic trials. Subhash Goyal, head of the Indian Association of Tour Operators, forecasts up to a 20 percent drop in Indian tourists going abroad this year and calls the situation “grim”. “It’s the middle class which is worst impacted (by the rupee’s drop),” Goyal said, adding: “People are already postponing plans.” Sales of cars have also gone into reverse as Indians steer clear of showrooms due to high financing and fuel costs and the economic slow-

down. India’s car sales slid by over 7% in July, marking a record ninth straight month of decline. R.C. Bhargava, chairman of Maruti Suzuki, the country’s largest carmaker, called this “the worst period I’ve seen in a long time”. Amid a deepening slowdown, dozens of malls across the country have shut with real estate experts saying retailers can’t afford store rents with consumer purchases slowing. As the sombre mood mounted this month, the government curbed outflows of currency for individuals and companies in a bid to put a floor under the rupee’s slide. Commentators called the move a worrying throwback to the days before India unleashed its economic liberalisation drive in the early 1990s, when Indians’ access to foreign exchange was strictly limited. Under the new policy, individuals can send just $75,000 out of India, down from $200,000 - making it tougher to pay overseas university fees, for example - while firms can only ship out funds equivalent to 100% of their net worth, down from 400%. Just a couple of years ago, the “India Story” still seemed alive and well with the economy growing at over 8% and the country seen as an emerging economic powerhouse. But investor concerns about the slow pace of economic reforms, government corruption scandals and widespread graft have come to a head.

eratives,” he told the NDTV news channel. “Catching a trained terrorist is very difficult and therefore I feel it is a great success.” Bhatkal, from the southern state of Karnataka, was arrested in 2008 in the city of Kolkata but was able to flee after being granted bail by officers who were unaware of his identity, the Times of India reported. Ajit Kumar Singh, a research fellow at the Institute of Conflict Management in New Delhi, said the Bhatkal’s arrest would be a “big catch” but he also urged caution, saying the Indian police had a history of bungled operations. “The intelligence agencies deserve a huge pat on their backs if they have indeed arrested the right man,” he added. The fact that two alleged senior militants have been arrested near the international border with Nepal shows that the Himalayan country was serving as a “safe haven to them”, he said. Nepal police spokesman Nawa Raj Silwal told AFP that Nepalese police were not involved in the arrest of Bhatkal. The most recent deadly attack believed to have been mounted by the Indian Mujahideen came in February when twin bombs strapped to bicycles exploded in the city of Hyder-

abad, killing 16 people and wounding more than 100. It was also linked to bomb attacks on July 7 at Bodh Gaya, a UNESCO world heritage site revered by Buddhists. The blasts were suspected to have been staged in retaliation for violence against Muslims in Buddhist-majority Myanmar. Police in Karnataka confirmed that the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) had communicated Bhatkal’s arrest. “The Karnataka police provided information and photographs of Bhatkal to the NIA,” state inspector general of police Bhaskar Rao told AFP. Home-grown Islamic militant groups are still a relatively new menace for India, which has traditionally been targeted by groups based in or directly supported by neighbouring Pakistan. Recruits are drawn to the message of fighting for India’s economically disadvantaged Muslims and avenging religious riots such as those in Gujarat in 2002 in which more than 1,000 Muslims were killed, analysts say. As well as being banned by India, the Indian Mujahideen was labelled a “terrorist organisation” by the US State Department in 2011 which said it had carried out dozens of attacks and killed “hundreds of innocent civilians”.

in Nandigram. There is a difference between announcement and acquiring,” CPI-M member Basudeb Acharia said, countering the TMC charge. While the government moved 165 amendments, the opposition moved as many as 116 amendments to the bill. A key feature of the bill is that the consent of 80 percent of land owners concerned is needed for acquiring land for private projects and of 70 percent landowners for public-private projects. The bill also defines “public purpose” to include: mining, infrastructure, defence, manufacturing zones, roads, railways, highways, and ports built by government and public sector enterprises, land

for project-affected people, planned development and improvement of village or urban sites and residential purposes for the poor and landless and governmentadministered schemes or institutions, among others. The bill seeks to address problems of industry regarding acquisition of land for setting up projects, and provides for rehabilitation and resettlement of displaced people. It has provisions like compensation for the owners of the acquired land to be four times the market value in case of rural areas and twice in case of urban areas. Introduced in 2011, the bill was scrutinised by parliamentary panel that submitted its report in May 2012.

Land acquisition & rehabilitation bill aims to provide fair compensation

‘Rupee crisis’ crimps middle class lifestyle

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India faced with difficult economic situation: PM

NEW DELHI, August 29 (IANs): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Thursday said the “country is faced with difficult economic situation” and several domestic and international factors have contributed to it. “The country is faced with the difficult economic situation and there are several causes,” Manmohan Singh said during question hour in the Rajya Sabha in response to repeated demands from the opposition for a statement on the subject. He assured the house he would make a statement Friday. “I do not deny if there are some domestic factors but there are also international factors arising out of the changes in the US monetary stance,” he said. “There were also problems created by the tensions that are on the horizon in Syria and there have been several inevitable consequences of oil prices,” he said. The Indian rupee had touched a new low of 68.80 against the dollar Wednesday. Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley demanded a statement from the prime minister, saying there is a panic situation and the house wanted to know what the prime minister had in mind to deal with this. “In a democracy, the buck stops with the prime minister,” said Jaitley. Manmohan Singh said the country has to deal with all these uncertainties. “I will be very happy to make a statement tomorrow (Friday) and I need some time to reflect upon what I have to say,” the prime minister said.

UPA govt backs food security programme

NEW DELHI, August 29 (PtI): The government on Thursday said the new food security programme, which is to be implemented over the next 12 months, will not adversely impact the fiscal situation. The landmark Food Security Bill which seeks to provide cheap foodgrains to 82 crore people in the country was passed by the Lok Sabha on August 26. The current food subsidy is estimated at Rs 1.13 lakh crore based on 2011 census. “However, the subsidy can come down if 25-30% leakages are plugged by bringing reforms in PDS,” said Food Minister K V Thomas. The rupee fall has some impact on the economy but not food security programme which has to be implemented in next 12 months, he said. Finance Minister P Chidambaram had said the implementation of the Food Security Bill will not impact the fiscal deficit, which he is committed to contain at 4.8% of the GDP. Food Bill was passed in the Lower House with 10 amendments. An additional subsidy of Rs 10,000 crore would be required when states implement this programme in the next one year, he said. Already, subsidised foodgrains is being distributed via ration shops as a welfare measure, but now it will be a legal entitlement, the Minister said. “We brought food security ordinance, and the Bill (in this regard) has been passed in the Lok Sabha. Nothing has changed in the Bill to affect the economy,” Thomas asserted. The government has 73 million tonnes of foodgrains in its godowns as against requirement of 62 million tonnes for the new programme, he said adding that more foodgrains would come with new harvest this year.

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Friday 30 August 2013

Venus loses 3rd-set tiebreaker at US Open NEW YORK, August 29 (AP): After her latest early Grand Slam exit, Venus Williams was asked what the future holds for her at the U.S. Open. In one breath, Williams brushed aside the unspoken reference to retirement, saying, "I definitely want to come back for the atmosphere." And in the next, she added, "I mean, next year's Open is so far away right now." At 33, slowed the past couple of years by an autoimmune disease that saps energy, and hampered much of this season by a bad back, Williams knows by now that such queries are going to arrive, particularly after results such as her 6-3, 2-6, 7-6 (5) loss to 56th-ranked Zheng Jie of China on a wet Wednesday at Flushing Meadows. It is the third year in a row that the two-time champion is out of the U.S. Open after two rounds. "If I didn't think I had anything in the tank, I wouldn't be here," said Williams, who was ranked No. 1 in 2002 and is currently 60th. "I feel like I do, and that's why I'm here." The American acquitted herself well

for stretches, erasing deficits over and over again, until she simply ran out of solutions against Zheng, a former top-15 player and twice a major semifinalist. In what she took as an encouraging sign, Williams was out there for 3 hours, 2 minutes, tying for the fifth-longest women's match since 1970 at the U.S. Open. The third set alone lasted 1½ hours. Near the finish line, she faltered. On the final two points, Williams missed a volley, then a return. She wound up with 44 unforced errors in all, half on forehands, in part because Zheng kept scrambling along the baseline to get to balls and block them back, making Williams hit extra shots. Rain began falling in the early afternoon, jumbling the schedule, and eight women's singles matches were postponed entirely, including Williams' younger sister Serena against Galina Voskoboeva. Venus Williams will have to contend herself now with doubles, which she's playing her with her sister. The older Williams hasn't been ranked in the top 10 in 2½

years. The last time she made it beyond the third round of singles at a major tournament was a fourthround appearance at Wimbledon in 2011. At the 2011 U.S. Open, Williams withdrew before her secondround match, announcing she had Sjogren's syndrome, an illness that causes joint pain and fatigue. She lost a three-setter in the second round in New York last year. Two of her previous four trips to major tournaments ended in the first round, including at the French Open in May. Because of her back, Williams sat out Wimbledon for the only time in her career in June. But she is not ready to say goodbye. "I've had a tough set of circumstances to work through, too, especially this year, last year, and the year before. I've been dealt some cards that aren't as easy to deal with, but I have to play with them. The last few months haven't been easy, coming back from the back injury," Williams said. "I feel like it's definitely affected my game, but I'm working on it," she added. "I'm a fighter."

Venus Williams reacts during a second round match against Jie Zheng, of China, during the 2013 U.S. Open tennis tournament, Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013, in New York. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Chettri three goals away from Bhutia's record

KAthmANDu, August 29 (iANs): India football captain and lead striker Sunil Chettri is staring at a chance to become the country's highest international goalscorer as the SAFF Championship kicksoff here Sunday. Chettri is currently at par with I.M. Vijayan on 40 while Bhaichung Bhutia stays at the top with 42. "The fact of the matter stays that had I thought of it, I would have never reached here. If you do so your target becomes narrow. We have come into the SAFF Championship as a team and we want to do good as a team. Everyone has a specific role in the team. It's not

India's top-five goalscorers: Bhaichung Bhutia: I.M. Vijayan: Sunil Chhetri: Shabbir Ali: P.K. Banerjee:

that someone who scores is superior to the other," said Chettri. For Chettri, goals are just numbers. "Absolutely! Unless goals win you matches they don't matter at all. And as long as the Team wins it simply doesn't matter as to who has scored them," he said. Chettri said it is a different feeling since he has high regards for both Vijayan and Bhutia. "I wasn't

3rd Hornbill half marathon 2013

KOhimA, August 29 (mExN): The 3E Nagaland will announce the forthcoming event of 3rd Hornbill Half Marathon 2013 at a press conference on August 30 at 3:00 PM at 3E Nagaland office, Dzevi Building, 2nd Floor, near Kohima Local Ground. This was stated by Kethosituo Elvis Mepfhüo, managing director 3E Nagaland.

42 goals from 107 matches 40 goals from 79 matches 40 goals from 73 matches 23 goals from 72 matches 19 goals from 36 matches

that fortunate enough to play alongside I.M. Vijayan. But I have been fortunate enough to have watched many of his matches and he is undoubtedly one of the most gifted players India has ever had. "But at the same time I have been fortunate enough to have played alongside Bhaichung-bhai and I owe a lot to him. He has been a great mentor to me with

his teachings both on and everyday that that you get looked forward for me to off the field. He has helped to play with such a team. score and helped me at evme a lot to evolve both as It was all teamwork - they ery step," he said. a player," he said. Chettri, however, has a better strike rate than both Vijayan and Bhutia. Vijayan has 40 goals from 79 matches while Bhaichung's 42 goals came from 107 matches. Chettri is on 40 from 74 matches. "I was lucky enough to have played a part in a team where I was used to get a lot of balls. Not every striker gets a supply line boasting of Climax Lawrence, Renedy Singh, Steven Dias, Anthony Pereira to name a few. Their sole motive was just to feed me and they fed me with great balls. It's not

Landon Donovan extends LA Galaxy contract

5th Summer Cup Cricket Tourney on September 1

DimAPuR, August 29 (mExN): The final match for the 5th Summer Cup Cricket Tournament is scheduled for September 1 at the Balijan Local Ground. A press note informed the finalists to reach the ground by 9:30 am. The match will start at 10:00 am. Balijan Youth Club has also urged all participants of the tournament to come and be witness of the final match.

SGSA meeting on Sept 12 DimAPuR, August 29 (mExN): The Sumi Games and Sports Association have convened a general meeting on September 12 at 9:00 am at its Western Sumi Office, Chekiye Village, 3rd mile. All office bearers, members and advisors have been requested to attend the meeting positively.

KPC announces player list for exhibition match

KOhimA, August 29 (mExN): Kohima Press Club (KPC) announced its player list for the forthcoming exhibition match with Classic Club Kohima scheduled for September 4 at 3:00 PM at Kohima Local Ground. Manager- H. Chishi (The Telegraph), Coach- Kopelo Krome (President KPC), Technical director- Atul Sharma (United News of India). Players: Ketu Viluo (Captain), K. Peseyie, Narain B. Sagar, Xavier Rutsa, Chizokho Vero, Asa Seyie, Shoveyi Keyho, Kuzhovesa Soho, H.K. Chishi, Mhalezolie Kire, N. Odyuo, Eric Miachieo, Solomon Sha, Medo, Kapelo, Loreni Tsanglao, Rüülhoutuonuo, Vishu Rita Krocha, Emilo Engo Konyak, Khriezovonuo, Avi Yashu, Thiala Chang, Achum Mozhui, Vibi Yhokha, K.V. Nurumi, Wily Bruce, Ropfü, Abei, Neitho, Alem, Alice, Alo, Vincent Belho, Victor Dzuvichu, Oken Jeet and Kevingulie Rutsa. Meanwhile, the KPC informed that daily practice will start from August 29 at Kohima Local Ground at 6:00 AM.

5th Inter District Level GHSS/GHS Tournament

tuENsANg, August 29 (mExN): The 5th Inter District Level GHSS/GHS Tournament started today with Dr. Akum Aier, Asst. Surgeon, Civil Hospital, Tuensang as the Chief Guest who exhorted the student mass that, apart from helping in physical and mental growth, sports and games contribute to character formation and that they inculcate good values in the sports person. He expressed that work and study alone would become monotonous if there was no physical activity, while maintaining that students should not neglect their studies. The tournament is organized by the Department of School Education and hosted by the District Education Office. Altogether, 11 schools from the district are participating in the 3-day tournament.

Los Angeles Galaxy forward Landon Donovan speaks at news conference on Aug 28 in Carson, Calif. (AP Photo)

CARsON, August 29 (AP): Just a few months after Landon Donovan thought he might be finished as a professional footballer, he extended his contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy on Wednesday with his passion rekindled. Donovan agreed to a multiyear contract extension that could make him the highest-paid player in MLS if he reaches incentives within the deal. His decision to stick with the Galaxy is another turn in an eventful year for the fleet-footed midfielder widely considered the best U.S. player in history. "I'm very proud of

what I've accomplished," Donovan said. "I'm very happy in the present, but I have a lot more to achieve. This is not a reward for what I've done. This is something I'm going to earn." After winning his fifth MLS Cup title last December, the 31-yearold Donovan spent the winter on a self-imposed sabbatical, battling burnout and exhaustion from 14 years as a pro. He returned in late March to fulfill the last year of his current Galaxy contract, but missed the first month of the MLS season and fell out of favor with U.S. national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

DimAPuR, August 29 (mExN): Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on August 29 had a meeting with the Department of Youth Resources and Sports and members of Sipaktakraw Association at his residential office and discussed about the hosting of 24th Senior National Sepaktakraw Championship during October 15 to 18, 2013. The Minister for YRS, Merentoshi R. Jamir briefed the Chief Minister about the status of the ongoing arrangement for hosting the championship. In the meeting Roko Kire,

President of Sipaktakraw Association, Nagaland informed the house that so far 24 states have been confirmed to participate in the forthcoming Sipaktakraw championship. He also requested the Chief Minister to grace the inaugural function as Chief Guest in which he agreed to it. The Chief Minister also advised the YRS Department and Sipaktakraw Association to prepare well for the upcoming tournament. This was informed through a press note from the Director of Youth Resources and Sports.

CM stresses on Sepaktakraw Championship in Nagaland

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naga orpheus Hunt

coMing soon


he Naga Orpheus Hunt, formerly known as Naga Idol started by Mokokchung District art & Council(MDACC) in 2006 under the initiative of the then Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung is gearing up to hit the road by the second week o f S e p te m ber,2013. A state wide singing talent hunt, the event was started mainly to provide a platform for the youth of Nagaland to showcase their singing talents. Though limited largely within the boundaries of the state, it has grown more successful over the years. The Naga Orpheus Hunt has also offers an opportunity for many in the fields of sound & lights, videography, Studio and graphic designing, et al to improve and showcase their skills. A press note informed that many business houses, NGOs, Govt. departments and local entrepreneur have used this opportunity to

initiate and expand their respective business as well. As the Naga Orpheus Hunt enters its 8th season, “Roots,” a Mokokchung based group will be organizing the show under the aegis of MDACC. Roots, Mokokchung are a conglomerate of members from various professions dedicated to bring paradigm changes throughout the State and facilitate growth of Naga society in their own capacities. They are optimistic that Naga Orpheus Hunt will continue to improve and are confident that many gifted youngsters of the state will come forward to pursue their dreams and exploit their myriad latent talents through this event. This year the total amount cash prize will be Rs. 8 Lakhs (eight Lakhs) and the winner of this years’ Orpheus Hunt will also be given a bonus package of honing one’s talent by offering the winner an option to learn in a reputed School of art & music outside North-East, which the organizers will announce on the later part of the show.

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Simon makes it official with Lauren


auren Silverman has long been part of Simon Cowell's harem of friends. However, following her recent divorce settlement, Lauren and Simon have now made their romance official following their reunion in the French Riviera last week. Having returned from France on Tuesday, they have wasted no time in establishing themselves as an official couple as they dined out with Louis Walsh and pals on Wednesday night. The music mogul proudly showed off his pregnant lover as the pair joined The X Factor UK judge at the Scalini Italian restaurant in Chelsea. Motherto-be Lauren, 36, showed off her tiny baby bump in a pink dress and white high-heeled sandals. No doubt Simon and Louis would have been talking about the new series of The X Factor, which returns to ITV this weekend. Simon's evening at an Italian eaterie comes after his surprising lunch trip to affordable French chain restaurant Cafe Rouge. Despite having spent the past few weeks on the French Riviera, Simon was still in the mood for Gallic cuisine. The 53-year-old music mogul was

spotted surveying a menu as they sat outside a branch of Café Rouge - where the average lunch set menu costs £9.95 ($15.45) for two courses. Sitting on opposite sides

of a small outdoor table, the couple held hands and talked quietly amongst themselves, seemingly oblivious to the stir their presence had created amongst fellow diners.

The pair made the surprising decision to sit at an outdoor table despite being fully aware of the potential intrusions it entailed. However, Cowell appeared to be in a cheerful mood as he thoughtfully stroked his chin, while Mrs Silverman quietly sipped from a glass of mineral water. Having returned from a sunshine break in St Tropez by private jet on Tuesday, they looked refreshed after a day out in Knightsbridge, where they paid a visit to Harrods before making their way to the Basil Street branch of Café Rouge arm in arm. While Ms. Silverman’s growing baby bump was highly visible during her trip to the French Riviera, it was harder to see during her latest outing, for which she wore a loose fitting white top, skinny jeans and strappy heels. At one point Cowell happily obliged a passers-by with a string of photographs with his pregnant lover looked on impassively. The pair were in a tactile mood and clearly happy to prove it to those in attendance by regularly stroking one another’s hands. Cowell is back in the UK as The X Factor gears up for a welcome return to ITV this

Saturday, when the series ten curtain-raiser kicks off. The couple were joined on their flight back from France by the music mogul’s ex-girlfriend and regular X Factor assistant Sinitta. The 80's star was with the couple as they left Nice Airport, but by the time Simon arrived home with Lauren, she had disappeared. After five days with Lauren on the French Riviera, Simon and 36-year-old Silverman headed back as the music mogul prepares for a new season of his hit show which has suffered a fall in ratings in recent years. Lauren and Simon hadn't seen each other for weeks since news of their romance and subsequent pregnancy first broke. However, after Lauren and estranged husband Andrew reached a divorce agreement, she has been free to join Simon. Over the weekend, Simon and Lauren were photographed putting on an unusual display of public affection as they enjoyed the sights of France. They were spotted kissing, cuddling and holding hands - something Simon had been reluctant to do in public with past girlfriends such as Terri Seymour and Mezhgan Hussainy.


Syria shows defiance; UN team tours near Damascus Katie Holmes stalked by Scientologists

launch a direct aggression against Syria will make it more adherent to its wellestablished principles and sovereign decisions stemming from the will of its people, and Syria will defend itself against any aggression,” Assad said. It’s not clear if Assad would retaliate for any Western strikes or try to ride them out in hopes of minimizing the risk to his own power. Already, the conflict has sparked growing anxiety among civilians in neighboring countries. Israelis stood in long lines Thursday for governmentissue gas masks. Turkey’s government crisis management center said officials had designated bunkers at seven areas along the border. And Lebanon’s foreign minister, Adnan Mansour, warned that international military action against Syr-

ia would pose a “serious threat” to the security and stability of the region, particularly in Lebanon. M e a nw h i l e , b o t h Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron were trying to shore up domestic political support Thursday for possible military action. The Obama administration was planning a teleconference briefing Thursday on Syria for leaders of the House and Senate and national security committees, U.S. officials and congressional aides said. Cameron convened Parliament for an emergency meeting to vote on possible international action against Syria. Ahead of the session, the British government released documents meant to bolster the case that chemical weapons were used by Syria, including an intelligence assessment that said regime involvement was “highly likely.” The government also said legal conditions have been met for taking action against Syria. Earlier, Cameron had promised lawmakers he would not go to war until the U.N. weapons team has had a chance to report its findings. The speaker of the Syrian parliament, Jihad Allaham, sent a letter to his British counterpart, urging British lawmakers not to endorse military action. In Vienna, Ban said he spoke to Obama a day earlier about ways to expedite the U.N. investigation. Ban said the U.N. team is set to leave Syria on Saturday,

"We would dishonor those heroes as well to suggest that the work of this nation is somehow complete," Obama said. "The arc of the moral universe may bend towards justice, but it doesn't bend on its own. "To secure the gains this country has made requires constant vigilance, not complacency," Obama said. The president then struck the sharply political themes that powered his two runs for the presidency, saying the test of progress was whether all Americans, be they white steelworkers or black custodians, could reach the middle class if they worked hard. "To win that battle, to answer that call -- this remains our great unfinished business,"

Obama said. "No one can match King's brilliance. But the same flame that lit the hearts of all who are willing to take a first step for justice, I know that flame remains." Obama delivered his speech next to a giant bell that was salvaged from an Alabama Church where four young girls were killed in an arson attack in 1963. He was joined at the ceremony by former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, revered civil rights leaders like King confidant John Lewis and members of the King family. Carter bemoaned the "racist bullet" that claimed King's life in 1968. Clinton said that it was time to open the "stubborn gates" barring wider opportunity. "The choice remains as it was on that distant summer day 50 years ago. Cooperate and thrive or fight with each other and fall behind." "(The) march and that speech changed America. They opened minds, they melted hearts," Clinton said, remembering the moment he heard speech. "They moved millions, including a 17-yearold boy watching alone in his home in Arkansas."

In this Wednesday, Aug. 28 file citizen journalism image provided by the United media office of Arbeen which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, a member of a UN investigation team takes samples of sands near a part of a missile is likely to be one of the chemical rockets according to activists, in the Damascus countryside of Ain Terma, Syria. (AP Photo/United Media Office of Arbeen)


DAMASCUS, AUgUSt 29 (AP): Syrian President Bashar Assad said Thursday that his country “will defend itself against any aggression,” signaling defiance to mounting Western warnings of a possible punitive strike over a suspected poison gas attack blamed on his regime. U.N. chemical weapons inspectors toured stricken rebelheld areas near the Syrian capital of Damascus for a third day Thursday, ahead of a weekend departure that could clear the path for military action against Syria. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Western powers to hold off on any decisions until his experts can present their findings to U.N. member states and the Security Council. The suspected chemical weapons attacks

took place Aug. 21 in suburbs east and west of Damascus. The humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders has said the strikes killed 355 people. President Barack Obama said he has not decided how the U.S. will respond. However, he signaled Wednesday that the U.S. is moving toward a punitive strike, saying he has “concluded” that Assad’s regime is behind the attacks and that there “need to be international consequences.” The Syrian regime has denied a role in the attacks, suggesting instead that anti-government rebels carried them out to frame Assad. The Syrian president struck a tough tone Thursday. His comments, from a meeting with a delegation from Yemen, were reported by the state news agency SANA. “Threats to

and suggested that Western powers hold off on any decisions until the inspectors have presented their findings. Ban said he told Obama on Wednesday that the U.N. investigators “should be allowed to continue their work as mandated by the member states and I told him that we will surely share our information and our analysis.” “Diplomacy should be given a chance, and peace given a chance,” Ban said. “It’s important that all the differences of opinions should be resolved through peaceful means and through dialogue.” The U.N. inspectors toured the eastern Damascus suburb of Zamalka on Thursday, according to anti-regime activists and amateur video. In one of the videos, the inspectors stood next to their U.N. vehicles, and the accompanying caption indicated Thursday’s date and the location. In another video, the U.N. convoy was seen driving through a street, accompanied by armed rebels in pickup trucks. The U.N. team did not issue a statement about its plans Thursday. On two previous tours this week, the inspectors visited a western suburb of the city as well as Zamalka where they took biological samples from suspected victims. Ban has said the samples would be analyzed and presented to the U.N. Security Council.


atie Holmes' sixstrong security team are concerned that she and her daughter Suri are being stalked by Scientologists. Katie Holmes' security team are worried Scientologists are spying on her. Photographers on the set of 34-year-old actresses' latest film 'Miss Meadows' in Ohio were approached by a guard on Monday, who probed then on whether they were part of the Church of Scientology. According to the MailOnline the guard allegedly said Katie's security team had been told to ''keep our eyes open for anything suspicious and to report it.'' Once the brunette beauty's six-strong security team was sure the photographers were not Scientologists they appeared relaxed and let the star to walk from the base camp to the movie set. Katie's spokeswoman has since denied her team have been on the lookout for Scientologists. Katie was enlisted to the ranks of Scientology after marrying Tom Cruise - who she has seven-year-old daughter Suri, with - but it is believed religious tensions led to their divorce in 2012. The Church of Scientology was founded by American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard who claimed that extra terrestrial beings were sent to planet Earth by intergalactic ruler Xenu, who blew up the aliens with hydrogen bombs. tached themselves to hu- that affect the happiness of These aliens' souls then at- mans and caused problems individuals.


Martin Luther King’s 'dream' requires vigilance Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Separate


WASHINgtON, AUgUSt 29 (AFP): President Barack Obama challenged Americans to enshrine Martin Luther King Jr's victory over racial oppression with a new "dream" of economic equality which he has placed at the center of his own political legacy. Fifty years after the "I have a dream speech," America's first black president stood poignantly on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, where King made an appearance in 1963 which changed history. "He offered a salvation path for oppressed and oppressors alike," Obama said in a ringing address, which he admitted beforehand would not match King's oratory. "His words belong to the ages, possessing a power and prophecy unmatched in our time," Obama told a crowd of thousands. Obama also remembered the thousands of African Americans who joined King's March on Washington to demand their rights and to wake their country's "long slumbering conscience." The

president, who has faced some criticism for not doing more to help the African American community, which remains plagued by poverty and barriers to advancement, dismissed arguments that little had changed for blacks since King spoke. "To dismiss the magnitude of this progress, to suggest, as some sometimes do, that little has changed -- that dishonors the courage and the sacrifice of those who paid the price to march in those years," he said. But as he stood below the monument honoring Abraham Lincoln, the president who ended slavery, Obama also argued that much work remained to be done for King's dream to be fulfilled.


atherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have decided to separate to "evaluate" their 13 year marriage, the publicist for the actress has confirmed. Douglas is said to be in Sardinia on his own, while Zeta Jones remains in New York with their two children. Zeta Jones's publicist told The Daily Telegraph: "Catherine and Michael are taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage. There will be no further comment." The couple, who married in 2000, were last pictured together on the red carpet in April. Neither of the pair is said to have filed for divorce or moved towards a legal separation. But they have been seen to spend time apart since Douglas, 68, returned from the Cannes Film Festival in France in May. His wife is believed to be staying in New York with their children Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10 while he is on holiday alone in Sardinia. A source told People magazine that difficulties over the last three years – including Douglas’s battle with cancer and his wife’s struggle with bipolar II disorder – had “taken a toll on their marriage.” Zeta Jones has previously spoken about bipolar II disorder, a milder version of the illness characterised by mood swings and episodes of depression. She had treatment for the condition in 2011 and earlier this year. Despite reports that Zeta Jones was preparing for a £300m divorce against her husband, according to Star magazine, representatives for Douglas have denied the couple have separated. The Hollywood actor recently spoke about his divorce from his first wife Diandra, which he admitted should have ended sooner. He said: “I know I’m going to get into trouble here. I have nothing against her and in fact I’m very fond of my first wife. But we should have ended that marriage eight or 10 years earlier.”










Devvarman wins at Barcelona wins Super Cup US Open after 8 hours

BARCELONA, August 29 (AP): Lionel Messi missed a late penalty attempt before Barcelona clinched the Spanish Super Cup despite being held to a 0-0 draw by 10-man Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. Messi had a chance to put the result beyond doubt in 89th but fired his penalty kick off the crossbar to finish a forgettable night for the Argentina star. Barcelona eventually claimed the trophy on away goals following the 1-1 draw in the opening leg last week. Atletico's disciplined defense stifled a Barcelona's attack featuring Neymar making his first starting appearance for his new club. And the visitors enjoyed the best scoring opportunities — other than Messi's penalty attempt — but weren't able to get the critical goal, mainly because of Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes. Atletico's chances were hurt in the 81st when Filipe Luis was given a red card for apparently hitting Dani Alves. The scoreless draw meant Neymar's first-leg goal was the difference. "I'm happy with the title. Whenever there is a title in play what counts is winning it," Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino said. "But as far as the team goes, I want to see more. Above all in these types of games, we need to find more precision and the ability to create more spaces." Messi was back for Barcelona after missing one

FC Barcelona's Neymar from Brazil, holds the trophy after winning the Spanish Supercup against Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain on Aug. 28. (AP Photo)

game due to a left thigh injury sustained in the opening Super Cup match last week. But the four-time world player of the year

was not his usual dynamic self, lacking his spark and finishing touch. He uncharacteristically scuffed a close-range shot off a pass

and they immediately deliver," said Domenicali in an interview with the website. "But, of course, we need good results from Felipe, so that's why we will not rush as we have to make the right decision for the team." Lotus's Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari's 2007 world champion, could be slotted in straight away and Domenicali spoke highly of him without giving anything away. "Kimi is a very fast driver and everybody knows how I rate him," he said. "But if I make a comment now it will be taken as a direct answer...there is no rush and we will make the right decision in the right moment." Raikkonen has also been linked to champions Red Bull and McLaren in media speculation, but Lotus are confident they can keep him. Other drivers who might be in the frame for a Ferrari seat include Sauber's Nico Hulkenberg and Force India's Paul di Resta. Domenicali, whose next race is Ferrari's home Italian Grand Prix at Mon-

za, said the rumours and gossip were all part of the 'psychological game' and not relevant to him. "I am laughing and thinking about the poor people who are reading these kinds of things," he said. "If they really know the truth they would never read such absurd things again." Ferrari have former Lotus technical director James Allison joining next week and the team will soon switch their focus to the 2014 car due to the huge rule changes being introduced next season. "September is the month where we will basically start to shift, as the 2014 project is very complex," said Domenicali. "At the end of September we will then basically switch everyone, depending of course on how the situation is with the championship." Alonso is 46 points adrift of Red Bull's triple champions Sebastian Vettel with eight races remaining while Ferrari are third in the constructors' standings with 218 points to Red Bull's 312.

from Sergio Busquets to start his off night. Martino gave Neymar his first start in his fourth official game for Barcelona

since his €57-million move from Santos in June. Messi and Neymar had only previously been on the pitch together for seven minutes because Martino said he wanted to ease the 21-yearold Brazil striker into his new team. But those eager to see the two together were disappointed. While Messi was below par, Neymar wasn't able to exploit his speed and dribbling against Atletico's physical defense. "I think that individually they both played well," Martino said of the pair. "It's true they didn't find one another or combine much. With Neymar playing on the left and Messi tending to move out to the right, they are far away. But I don't doubt they will find each other." Barcelona may have increased its record of Spanish Super Cups contested between the league and Copa del Rey champions to 11, but its performance over both legs only raised questions of its transition under Martino since July. Atletico, meanwhile, kept building on its good start to the Spanish league and its preparations for a return to the Champions League. "We played both games very well," said Atletico coach Diego Simeone, who guided his team to the Copa last May. "We had more chances than they did. I am very proud of my players because we were competitive across both legs with Barcelona, which is the best team in the world."

NEW YORK, August 29 (AFP): Indian qualifier Somdev Devvarman needed five sets over eight hours between rain delays and a determined foe, but he reached the second round of the US Open with a clutch late performance. The 28-year-old former US college star defeated Slovakia's Lukas Lacko 4-6, 6-1, 6-2, 4-6, 6-4, on Wednesday, in three hours and 11 minutes of match time, although rain halted the match for more than four hours after he won the third set. "Bummer for me, momentum switch," Devvarman said. "But you have to pull your pants up and deal with it. Just the nature of the beast." Devvarman made 36 unforced errors, fewer than half of Lacko's 73 such mistakes, and hung tough at the finish "When you are playing in the fifth set, a lot of it is you play with adrenaline at that point. I know both of us were dying at the end," Devvarman said. "I was pretty antsy and he was too. The nervous energy affected the both of us. We were just trying to do our best." Devvarman had just battled back to secure the third set when showers began to fall, sending him into the locker room. After a tease of returning quicker, more rain left him to sit and the marathon wait con-

Massa needs to show Ferrari results Billy Graham FC, Addax FC, Headhunters

LONDON, August 29 (REutERs): Ferrari would be happy to retain Felipe Massa next season but the Brazilian has to deliver the results, team principal Stefano Domenicali said on Wednesday. Massa's contract expires at the end of the season and his place at Formula One's most successful and glamorous team has again been called into question, as has been the case for the last few years. The Brazilian has not won a race since 2008 and appeared on the podium only twice last year. This season he finished third in Spain, but has been outqualified 8-3 by his double world champion team mate Fernando Alonso. While Alonso is second overall with 151 points, Massa has scored 67. "My favourite choice would be, of course, to keep Felipe because Felipe is a very good guy - very dedicated to the team and when you look around there are not so many drivers out there that you swap

Somdev Devvarman, of India, returns a shot to Lukas Lacko, of Slovakia, during the first round of the 2013 U.S. Open tennis tournament on Aug. 28 in New York. (AP Photo)

tinue. "I got two quarters of a meal at different times," Devvarman said. "You just take a shower, eat and try to relax. You are in there with a bunch of your friends, playing games and the time passes pretty quickly." So did his momentum. "Stopping and starting, it was a little unlucky to stop there," he said. "You can't control the weather. It changed the momentum. He came out and played well, changed his tactics. He played a great fourth and fifth sets." But at 4-4 in the final set, Devvarman came through with a break and held to book a secondround date with Italian 20th seed Andreas Seppi. "I'm very happy with the

way I played. It was an incredibly tough match," Devvarman said. "I played a few great scramble points there in the fifth set at 4-4. I'm happy with that last bit of effort out there." Devvarman said having to fight through three qualifying matches has been an advantage. "Less time on the court is better but you do what you can to take advantage of what you have," Devvarman said. "I'm familiar with the speed of the courts. I've played a lot of matches. "I'm match sharp. I hope I can take advantage of that in the next match. The only way I can improve is to fight through every match and I feel like I've done that."

XI move ahead Quarter finals from today

Players in action between Headhunters XI and 4th NAP FC at the 19th Classic Cup in Kohima on August 29. (Morung Photo)


in the 26th minute while Nikum added another goal for the team in the 64th minute. Our Correspondent With this, Billy Graham FC will clash Kohima | August 29 with Elite FC in the third quarter finals on Billy Graham FC, Addax FC and Head- August 31. Addax FC defeated Tsieyama hunters XI today registered win in their SA Jotsoma 1-0 in the second match of the day. The winning respective matches AUGUST 30 MATCHES goal for Addax came and moved into the through Keviphretuo quarter finals of the Ist Quarter Final (I:00 PM) Kire in the 45th minongoing 19th Classic Kohima Komets SC vs Orion FC ute. Headhunters XI Cup 2013 here at Ko2nd Quarter Final (3:00 PM) hima Local Ground. New Market XI Vs HQ IGAR (North) beat 4th NAP FC 8-7 via tie-break. HeadBilly Graham FC overpowered Tyrant’s FC Khuzama 2-0. Salu hunters XI will now face Addax FC in the opened the account for Billy Graham FC 4th quarter finals on August 31.









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