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Salman to marry Lulia Vantur by year end?

By Sandemo Ngullie

It’s a new political party. What? Did I say something funny?

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GPRN/NSCN suspends Tatar DIMAPUR, MARCH 10 (MexN): The GPRN/ NSCN has suspended Motsuthung, Tatar, from the party membership indefinitely from March 10 through a ‘Suspension Ahza’ from general secretary of the GPRN/NSCN, N. Kitovi Zhimomi. This was done following “anti-party activities and possessing dishonest and unprincipled character, thereby breaching the party discipline,” informed the Ahza.

NAYO addresses butcher malpractices Our Correspondent Kohima | March 10

The Northern Angami Youth Organization (NAYO) today expressed deep concern over the malpractices of butchers in Kohima, and the resentment about the same from the public/consumers which was brought to its notice. It has urged the Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) and Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industries (KCCI) to immediately take correctively measures on butchers who come under their purview. Stating this in a release, NAYO president Peter Rutsa and press secretary Rukravolie Rülho said if this is not done, the NAYO will be compelled to take action on defaulters in the interest of the aggrieved consumers. NAYO also urged the KMC and the meat suppliers (pork) to settle their differences over the price of pork meat at the earliest and in the interest of both the seller and the consumers in Kohima.

Rupee hits 60.85 vs dollar


MUMBAI, MARCH 10 (PtI): Rising for the fifth day in a row, the rupee on Monday appreciated 22 paise against the US dollar to end at an over sevenmonth high level of 60.85 on heavy capital inflows into equities that surged to a fresh record. Sustained dollar selling by exporters and some banks also aided the rupee sentiment, limiting the impact of the US dollar’s gain in overseas markets.

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Investigators chase ‘every angle’ in missing jet

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014 12 pages Rs. 4

Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand Nitish’s arrogance higher than Mt Everest: Modi


–Thomas Aquinas

Ronaldo becomes wealthiest footballer [ PAGE 12]

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MH370 remains missing in Unconstitutional acts of “unprecedented mystery” Goi challenged in court

KUALA LUMPUR/ PHU QUOC ISLAND, MARCH 10 (ReUteRS): The disappearance of a Malaysian jetliner is an “unprecedented mystery”, the country’s civil aviation chief said on Monday, as a massive air and sea search now in its third day failed to find any trace of the plane or 239 people on board. Dozens of ships and aircraft from 10 countries scoured the seas around Malaysia and south of Vietnam, and questions mounted over possible security lapses and whether a bomb or hijacking attempt could have brought down the Boeing 777-200ER airliner flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. A senior police official told Reuters that people armed with explosives and carrying false identity papers had tried to fly out of Kuala Lumpur in the past, and that current investigations were focused on two passengers who were on the missing plane with stolen passports. “We have stopped men with false or stolen passports and carrying explosives, who have tried to get past KLIA (airport) security and get on to a plane,” he said. “There have been two or three incidents, but I will not divulge the details.” Interpol confirmed on Sunday at least two passengers used stolen passports and said it was checking whether others aboard had used false identity documents. The head of Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, said a hijacking attempt could not be ruled out as investigators explore all theories for the loss of

People prepare to release a sky lantern during a candlelight vigil for passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines plane in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Monday, March 10. The search operation for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which has involved 34 aircraft and 40 ships from several countries covering a 50-nautical mile radius from the point the plane vanished from radar screens between Malaysia and Vietnam continues after its disappearance since Saturday. (AP Photo)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. “Unfortunately we have not found anything that appears to be objects from the aircraft, let alone the aircraft,” he told a news conference. “As far as we are concerned, we have to find the aircraft. We have to find a piece of the aircraft if possible.” A senior source involved in preliminary investigations in Malaysia said the failure to find any debris indicated the plane may have broken up midflight, which could disperse wreckage over a very wide area. “The fact that we are unable to find any debris so far appears to indicate that the aircraft is likely to have disintegrated at around 35,000 feet,” said

the source. Asked about the possibility of an explosion, such as a bomb, the source said there was no evidence yet of foul play and that the aircraft could have broken up due to mechanical causes. The United States extensively reviewed imagery taken by American spy satellites for evidence of a midair explosion, but saw none, a U.S. government source said. The source described U.S. satellite coverage of the region as thorough. Flight MH370 disappeared from radar screens in the early hours of Saturday, about an hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur, after climbing to a cruising altitude of 35,000 ft (10,670 metres).

Underlining the lack of hard information about the plane’s fate, a U.S. Navy P-3 aircraft capable of covering 1,500 sq miles every hour was sweeping the northern part of the Strait of Malacca, on the other side of the Malaysian peninsula from where the last contact with MH370 was made. No distress signal was sent from the lost plane, which experts said suggested a sudden catastrophic failure or explosion, but Malaysia’s air force chief said radar tracking showed it may have turned back from its scheduled route before it disappeared. The Boeing 777 has one of the best safety records of any commercial aircraft in service. Related story on page 9

KOHIMA, MARCH 10 (MexN): The Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) has welcomed the issue of notice on March 10 by the Delhi High Court to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, and the Indian High Commission at Ottawa Canada, in a writ petition filed by Luingam Luithui, his wife Peingamla Luithui, and members of the immediate family and clan, demanding the full restoration of the citizenship rights of Luithui and his wife. Luingam Luithui, a founding member of the NPMHR and a senior civil rights activist, and his wife, has been living in virtual exile in Canada ever since 1995. The petition is about reclaiming the rightful citizenship of Luithui and his wife. “It seeks declaratory and substantive reliefs and prays for the enforcement of various constitutional, statutory citizenship rights and other allied fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India,” informed the NPMHR in a press release from its Secretary General, Dr. Gina Shangkham. The petition also challenges the constitutional validity of provisions of the Citizenship Act, 1955 and Passport Act, 1967 and accompanying rules, insofar as these empower the State to effectively exile and banish a citizen of India by birth through refusal or impounding of their passport or travel document and thereby preventing such citizen from returning to India and exercising their constitutional citizenship rights. The NPMHR noted that “This tragic violation of their fundamental rights is a direct result of unconstitutional acts and omissions of abuse of process, and of fraud and deception perpetrated by the Government of India, making it impossible for them to return to India, and forcing them to take Canadian citizenship after almost a decade of statelessness abroad.” “Luingam Luithui and his wife have been forcibly exiled from India,” stated the NPMHR, adding that it believes in “the sanctity of the Court and rule of law and has complete faith that justice will be done in the writ petition, and the unconstitutional acts and omissions and frauds committed upon the Petitioners will be reversed.”

The petition has also arrayed as parties the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the Government of Canada, which came to the rescue of Luithui and his wife upon their abandonment abroad by the Indian State. It was further informed that aside from Luingam and Peingamla Luithui, twelve others forming their nuclear and extended families and members of the Luithui clan and other family elders, the Chairman of Langdang Phungcham, and the Pastor of Langdang Phungcham Baptist Church are also petitioners in the present writ. They are also praying for the enforcement of their fundamental rights which are being violated by denying the Luithui and his wife to return to the family and community. The matter came up for hearing before the Acting Chief Justice of the High Court of Delhi, Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed, and Justice Siddharth Mridul. The Petitioners were represented by Senior Advocate, M.S. Ganesh, assisted by Shomona Khanna, K. Seshachary, and Sahana Basavapatna, Advocates. Luingam Luithui has been involved from his youth in the formation of many massbased platforms and has served in various human rights organisations. A signatory to the letter petition that eventually resulted in the Supreme Court of India’s judgment on Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in NPMHR v. Union of India (1998 2 SCC 109), his human rights work transcends borders and peoples. During the Emergency period, as a student in Delhi he actively, along with others, worked for the rights of ordinary citizens. In the latter part of the 1980s, recognising the need for an indigenous peoples’ platform for Asia, he took the lead in setting up the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) eventually becoming its first Secretary General for two consecutive terms from 1992 till 2000. He was also involved in United Nations’ processes on human rights actively contributing to the UN’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations and the drafting of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In 1993, as a special invitee, he addressed the UN Conference on Human Rights, Vienna on issues of indigenous and tribal peoples in Asia.

NPMHR welcomes Delhi HC notice in Luingam Luithui petition

ANSTA questions govt’s Assam Police detain 40 at disputed border land denial of fund diversion Morung Express news

KOHIMA, MARCH 10 (MexN): The All Nagaland School Teachers’ Association (ANSTA) today responded to the denial of the Commissioner & Secretary, Department of School Education, over the diversion of funds received under the SSA programme. “In this regard, the Association would like to ask the concerned authority that – if there is no fund diversion why two months salaries (Oct and Nov) of SSA teachers could not be paid on time when SSA authority had already released (32,49,74,085 Crores) on 17-9-13 and credited to the State Govt. Account in favour of DSE in the Head account of 0202 Education vide Challan No. 5 for payment of 5 months salaries w.e.f. June to Nov. 2013. If the fund being earmarked for the salary of teachers is not diverted, then where had two months salaries disappeared and could released (Oct. salary) only in the month of Feb. 2014 and Nov. pay is not released till date,” observed the ANSTA in a press release from its general secretary, P. Vashum, and president, Ponchulo Wanth. It further noted that it has been clearly mentioned in the “Appointment Order & ascertained through RTI” that SSA teachers had been appointed against the posts created through P&AR “by observing all formalities and appointed on a regular basis whose service shall not co-terminus with SSA

projects. In other words, they are now State Govt. employees.” In view of this, the Association has appealed the State Government to “carry the burden of paying their salaries from the state resource/fund during non-release of fund from the funding agencies so that they get salaries on regular basis like other state government employees.” It may be noted that the Nagaland SSA Teachers’ Association (NSSATA) is boycotting work from March 10 for non-payment of salaries for the past four months (November 2013-February 2014). The ANSTA has also questioned that “if state govt. is accorded due priority to salary requirement as claimed, then the salary component of the teachers should not be touched under any circumstances so as to avoid current type of problem in the near future.” With regard to the “outgoing agitation” of the NSSATA, the ANSTA has appealed the Government several times to “do the needful in time and also requested SSA teachers not go ahead with their programme as it will affect the students, but both the parties failed to comply.” The ANSTA reiterated that students should not suffer for the “unresponsive attitude of govt./teachers” and therefore, urged both parties to address the issue “with all seriousness and bring out an amicable solution without further delay.”

Dimapur | March 10

The Assam Police on March 10 detained 40 persons from the disputed border land sandwiched between Karbi-Anglong, Assam and Dimapur, Nagaland. With no proper, or rather official, landmark demarcating the inter-state border on the western fringes of Dimapur, people continue to lay claim of the disputed land. While the Nagaland government has chosen to keep silent on the issue, officials on the Assam side maintain the border land in question falls

within the jurisdiction of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council. People from Nagaland, who are laying claim to the disputed land, maintain that it is within Nagaland with the Lengri River (also known as Baloo Noti to locals here) taken as the natural boundary west of Dimapur. According to locals here, the Lengri River is the verbally accepted boundary between Dimapur and Karbi-Anglong starting from New Field Checkpost till the Dillai check-post. Beyond Dillai check-post, the upper reaches of the Lengri River as a border line is debated.

The forty (40) people, who were arrested Monday, were reported to be in the process of clearing forest. The Additional Superintendent of Police, Karbi-Anglong, when contacted, said that the people were arrested near Rangapahar Border outpost falling within Dhansiri Reserve Forest. They were arrested without much resistance, the ASP said, while adding that one tried to escape but was prevented. Crude forest-clearing implements were confiscated from them. One of the arrested was from Lumding, and the rest were from Nagaland, the ASP said. The one

from Lumding originally hails from Nagaland but resides in Lumding, it was added. All were taken to Diphu Police Station. Further, people continue to flock to the disputed forested land despite the deployment of armed police personnel and promulgation of prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the CrPC on the Nagaland side of the border. On March 8, a clash between Indisen villagers and a group of around a hundred people was averted. The group of people were reported to be headed to the disputed site to clear forest for farming.

Gang rape victim allegedly harassed, beaten by cops DIMAPUR, MARCH 10 (MexN): The Tikhir civil society has presented a memorandum to Nagaland’s Director General of Police today alleging that the victim of gang rape on January 12, 2014, was “harassed and beaten” by police officers of the women’s cell of Dimapur police station. “When the victim and her family went to the women cell police station Dimapur on the evening of (13-01-2014), the police officers on duty had harassed and beaten the victim. Moreover the plea of the victim’s family for medical examination was refused and instead coerced the victim’s family to withdraw the FIR,” noted the

tikhir organizations submit memo to nagaland DGP

memorandum from the Tikhir joint council comprising Tikhir Women Association (TWA), Tikhir Tribal Union Dimapur (TTUD) and Tikhir Students’ Union Dimapur (TSUD). The victim, a teenager and student, was allegedly abducted and gang raped by Benathung Kikon (20) of Yukham village, Yanthungo Odyou (24) of Yukham village and Wobenthung Ngullie (27) of Nirro village on January 12 this year. The memorandum alleged that the Inspector in-charge, Dimapur

Women Police Station, its CIBSI and a C/N (Constable) were the officers involved in harassing the victim on January 13, whose FIR was “re-lodged” and medical examination done only on January 14. The Tikhir civil society stated that several memorandums were written to the DC and SP, Dimapur, but the progress of the case is “very unsatisfactory.” Hence, the joint council has reiterated that “Serious action as per the law should be taken promptly against all the ac-

cused. Moreover no bail should be granted.” The memorandum called for “Serious action as per the Service Rules” to be initiated against the police women promptly with wide information in the print media. The joint council stated that it will initiate further serious necessary action in case of unsatisfactory action to the above demands. “In case of failure of the above demands, the state Government will be held solely responsible for any untoward incidents to the accused and the errant police women,” noted the memorandum signed by Y. Tushila Caroline, President TWA, N. Yutsu, President TTUD and Peter Limti Tikhir, President TSUD.






Tuesday 11 March 2014

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Church impacting lives through Sports Ministry

MEx File SSA Teachers Union meeting


Kohima, march 10 (mExN): All teachers under SSA Kohima district has been informed to attend a general meeting to be held on 12 March at 11 am at Conference Hall, Khonoma Rüpfhünuo Building, D Block. Failure to attend the meeting will be imposed a fine of Rs. 500. The release ordered by Mezalhounuo Angami, General Secretary and Vikuo Pfukha, President further extended its full cooperation to the NSSTA stir called from March 10-22, and cautioned that strict action will be taken against the defaulting teachers under its union.

SSA Teachers Union Phek meeting

Members of DABA YM and TTBA YD participate in ‘foot cricket’, friendship walk and fellowship during the Sports Ministry event. (Photo by Imnawapang Jamir)



DimaPur, march 10 (mExN): Instilling Christian character and values through competitive and creative sports activities, Dimapur Ao Baptist Church (DABA) Youth Ministry has been actively using the medium of Sports Ministry to empower and encourage people to make

a difference for Christ. With the mission to make an impact for Christ through the influence of Sports Ministry, a team of 19 youths led by DABA YM youth director Toshi Longkumer went on a tour to Tuli Town Baptist Church on March 7 and 8. “One important impact

Authorities not to insist for info of RTI applicants

‘Education more important than inheriting ancestral properties’

Kohima, march 10 (DiPr): The High Court of Kolkata vide their Order dated 20/11/2013 in Writ Petition No. 33290 have observed that the authority should not insist upon the detailed address of the RTI applicant as and when any application is made under Right to Information Act. The High Court have considered the relevant provisions of Section 6(2) of the RTI Act 2005 where it provides that an applicant making request for information shall not be required to give any reason for requesting the information or any other personal details except those that may be necessary for contacting him. In view of the above, the authority should not insist upon his/her detailed whereabouts particularly when post box number is provided for that would establish contact with him/ her and the authority. In case, the authority would find any difficulty with the post box number, they may insist upon personal details. However, in such case, it would be the solemn duty of the authority to hide such information and particularly from their website so that at large would not know of the details.

Kohima, march 10 (mExN): The Catholic Women Association of St. Ignatius Parish Razeba joined the rest of the world in commemorating International Women’s Day at St. Xavier’s Church, Zhavame Village on March 8. The event marked a very good attendance of women representatives from different churches and women societies from the four surrounding villages as well as women representatives from Thenyizumi and Pfutsero town. Addressing the gathering as the main speaker on the topic, “Women and Education”, Rekha Rose Dukru noted that in spite of the contributions made by women, it is still an unequal world, and deliberating further on the importance of education, she said that our Naga Customary Law does not allow women

of the sports ministry was inviting people, especially youths from outside the church to participate and attend the church service. Through the sports ministry we could identify such youth and strategically bring them into the church which was an accomplishment,” said Toshi Longkumer youth di-

rector of DABA YM. The event, organized by Tuli Town Baptist Church Youth Department (TTBA YD) saw a large number of participation eagerly taking part in the different experiential games that was played to impart the lesson on teamwork and building the bond of friendship.

A friendly football match was played between the DABA YM and TTBA YD. A new game called ‘foot cricket’ was also introduced, which attracted a lot of audience. The sports ministry was not only confined to the playground but the youths actively participated in the church service

The women participants during the International Women’s Day at St. Xavier’s Church, Zhavame Village on March 8.

to inherit ancestral properties. “At the end of the day the house is kept for the youngest son of the family, or best paddy field to eldest son and so on,” she pointed out. However, stating that, it is okay even if a girl is not given any of these, she said it is more important for a mother as a parent to give her education, which can enable a girl child to assets

such as house, land etc. She asserted that, ‘what is stored in your head will become your treasure, which no one can take away’ while referring to education. Further impressing upon that women can become agents of change and development, and also promote love and peace in the society, she emphasized that “women educa-

tion is the best investment which will never fail to bear fruit” while also quoting ‘When you educate a man: you educate a man. You educate women: you educate a generation.” She also said that Education is not only knowing how to read and write, and with reference to the gathering, said, “many of you here cannot go back to

through singing, drama and sharing the word of God. “The two-day trip was a time of great blessing for the youth and the parents as well. Through sports ministry, the two churches once again strengthened and renewed their strong bond of friendship,” stated a press release issued by DABA YM.

school but we can all learn to live better lives, we can share, love and respect.” “We can be ordinary women with extraordinary lives”, she added, citing the example of Chen Shu-Jiu, the vegetable seller from Taiwan sand Malala Yousafzia who is an education activist from Pakistan. She challenged the women present by saying that, that the best gift they can gift their daughters is education. The occasion was marked by a Holy Mass with Rev. Fr. Pappu Samy as the main celebrant. Martha Durku chaired the programme while Anne Kath, President NCWA and Rev. Sis. Mary Dukru also exhorted the gathering. Among those who attended the programme included president and general secretary of Nagaland Catholic Women Association.

Government schools in Phek dist inaugurated

PhEK, march 10 (mExN): Ngurthanluangi, Sub-Divisional Education Officer, Pfutsero, formally inaugurated Government Primary School, Lekhro Colony and Government Middle School, Enhulumi Village on March 7. Speaking on the occasion as chief guest, she advised the community to use and maintain the new buildings as a temple. While urging the teachers to be sincere and honest in their profession, she

challenged the parents to be competitive among them too in helping the children in their academic work in this competitive world. Earlier, the chief guest unveiled the monoliths of the two buildings and the inaugural function was conducted at Government Middle School. Invocation prayer was pronounced by Kedutsozü, Deacon; Kowe Lohe, Chairman, VEC delivered a welcome note and the students presented a welcome song.

A brief reports on the construction of the school buildings were presented by E. Tsido and Wepetso, Secretaries of VEC and SMC. Chairman of the Village Council, Mesezülo Elah briefed the gathering as to how the Classes of A to 2 were confined together in one room in the earlier days. He acknowledged the government for getting the school to the present status while anticipating support in future too.

Chisapa, Head Assistant, DEO, Phek highlighted the initial status of SSA in Phek District and appreciated the Village in constructing the building. He remarked, “This GMS is one of the best schools in Phek District.” Women Society enlivened the gathering with indigenous tune. Vote of thanks was proposed by Kekhrowe Tsido, Chairman, SMC; and Neingulo K. Lohe, Deacon pronounced the benediction.

Creation of rural economy through livestock farming

Kohima, march 10 (mExN): Awareness on creation of rural economy through livestock farming was jointly organized by Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) for North East Region, Research complex Jharnapani and All India Coordinated Research Project on Pig (AICRP-Pig), Nagaland University School of Agricultural Science and Rural Development (NUSASRD), Medziphema Campus on Thursday at ICAR for NEH Region. The scheme is funded by Tribal Sub-plan. Seventeen farmers participated from Kohima District

The highlight of the programme was on rabbit care & Management by Dr. Ebibeni Ngullie (SMS) Animal Science, rabbit feeds and feeding, common rabbit diseases & treatment by Dr. Razouneinuo Zuyie and Dr. M. Catherine Rutsa, Astt. Prof. NU, SASRD respectively. Rabbitry a small investment initially gives more income with minimum expenditure, easy to rare with less diseases problem. Rabbit meat is nutritious suitable for both young and old and even sick people, since the meat has low cholesterol content as compared to other livestock meat, was stated by the above resource

persons. Mrs. Mesakhonuo Pienyü V.F.A. from State Rabbit Breeding Centre Jharnapani, shared her practical experiences on rabbit farming and stress on the importance of proper housing and handling of rabbit. The participants were taken to the ICAR Instructional Rabbit Unit, on the spot to identify the different breeds, sexing, breeding and feeding of rabbits. Dr. B.C. Deka Jt. Director ICAR Jharnapani in his exhortation said that the rabbit unit at ICAR Jharnapani functioning since 1988 has been catering to the needs of the farmers’

and entrepreneur through training and other services, plus giving out young rabbit to interested farmers. Today’s program focusing on rabbit farming, aim to boost up rural economy through rabbit rearing and wish all participants to have a fruitful interaction and improve the backyard rabbitry which integrated well with other livestock and crop farming system. During valedictory function Imtisenla Walling (Technical Officer) apprised the participants where farmers can avail meteorological data (weather forecast) through SMS free of cost. This is to enable farmers to

cope with sudden change in weather that affects crop and livestock production. Farmers can share their feedback on crop pest and livestock problems through SMS for expert advice. Razoungulie Mere, a farmer participant from Chiephobozou expressed his happiness for the rabbit farming awareness program. Earlier their home rabbit never thrift properly and today’s briefing have open their eyes on the rabbit feeding, watering and housing system. Mrs. Kenny Rhetso SMS (T-9) Home Sc. further enlightened the participants on the various programs and other relat-

ed training for farmers and entrepreneurs on campus and off campus round the year. ICAR for NEH Region, Jharnapani has provided scientific rabbit cage model to each of the participating villages, namely Mezoma, Khonoma, Kohima and Chiephobozou villages for replication. The intention is to encourage beneficiary to construct and improve upon the model using locally available materials. Each participant is hand gifted with a pair of rabbit as seed animal, he urged them to multiple and motivates other fellow farmers to enhance rural economy and that is our ultimate goal he stated.

Phek SSA Teaches has informed all appointees of 20102013 to attend a meeting on March 14 at T. U Building near NST Kohima at 11 am without fail. A release issued by the Secretary SSA Phek informed all the absentees will be imposed a fine of Rs. 500. It appreciated the initiative taken by the Central SSA and extended its support to boycott the classes from March 10 till further notice. The union also appealed its apex NGOs- CPO, CYF, CSU, CMA to intervene into the matter which is affecting the aggrieved teachers and students.

Business advisory committee meet held Kohima, march 10 (DiPr): The Business Advisory Committee under the Chairmanship of Chotisuh Sazo Speaker, Nagaland Legislative Assembly held its meeting on March 10 in the Assembly Committee Room and finalized the Provisional Programme for the Fourth Session of the Twelfth Nagaland Legislative Assembly and decided to have the Session from March 20 to 24. The Provisional Programme for the Session included Address by Governor, Obituary References, Questions, Moving of Motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address, Debate and Adoption on Motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address, Introduction of Government Bills. Introduction of Government Resolutions, Laying of Reports/Papers/Rules, Presentation of Assembly Committee Reports, Presentation of Finance (Budget) documents 2014-15, Consideration and Passing of Government Bills, Adoption of Government Resolutions, Unfinished Business, if any and Adjournment of the Session Sine-die.

CEO Nagaland informs on lodging of election expenditure Kohima, march 10 (DiPr): The Chief Electoral Officer Nagaland, Sentiyanger Imchen IAS has in a notification stated that for the purpose of Lodging of Election Expenditure Accounts by the contesting Candidate of the Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency, during the General Election to the Parliament 2014, the District Election Officer, Kohima is designated as the officer before whom the accounts of Election Expense are to be filled by all the Candidates under section 78 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951.


Demonstration prog held for farmers in Longkhum moKoKchuNg, march 10 (DiPr): Krishi Vigyan Kendra under Mokokchung district organized one day farmer’s training-cum-method demonstration programme on pruning in Orange trees at Longkhum village on March 6. The method demonstration programme was inaugurated by Dr. Pijush Kanti Biswas Programme Coordinator of KVK Mokokchung. Speaking on that occasion, Dr. Pijush gave detailed information regarding Scientific pruning and training principles and methods in Citrus with special references on Khasi Mandarin Oranges. Similarly, different methods of pruning were practically demonstrated. Farmers expressed gratitude for the initiatives taken by KVK Mokokchung thus opening the door for bigger opportunity in the field of Orange cultivation in Longkhum village. SMS(Horti) Renbomo also demonstrated different pruning operations practised in Khasi mandarin. Samuel SMS (Agronomy) also spoke on that occasion. Altogether, 15 numbers of Orange growers benefited through the programme.


District Level Standing Committee Peren meet held PErEN, march 10 (DiPr): The District Level Standing Committee Peren along with political parties Peren had a meeting on March 10 at DCs office chamber and deliberated on issues relating to the forth coming Lok Sabha election. Peter Lichamo, Deputy Commissioner and ARO Peren apprised the members about the model code of conduct (MCC) for the ensuing Lok Sabha election and called upon the political parties and all concern for cooperation for smooth conduct of election. The meeting also deliberated on issues of procession, rallies, and youth camps etc. which are restricted as per the Model Code of Conduct. The political parties present agreed to abide by the (MCC) in toto and the expenditure ceiling work was also agreed to be taken care by the political party concern. Later, the shifting of Livenphai polling station under 6 Tening A/C was agreed for shifting due to technical reasons.

RBAN conducts medical camp at Nsenlo village


PErEN, march 10 (mExN): A free medical camp was held on March 4, at task force office, Nsenlo village under Peren district, organized by the Development wing of Rongmei Baptist Association Nagaland (RBAN) for poor people living without medical reach due to lack of infrastructure and remoteness. Dr. Alung, Medical officer and nurses Asui Pamei, Haisuangle and Lukinliu Gangmei extended their services on the day. Around 123 patients were treated, out of which 40 males, 62 females and 21 children from Nsenlo and many other villages turned up for the checkups. According to the doctor people who came for the treatment were mostly suffering from diseases like Aneamia, Worm infestation, rapid Skin infection disease, Backache, Broncho pneumonia, Gastritis, Chronic sinusitis and colitis. A press release stated that RBAN was the first church based NGO reaching to this area.


Dr. Alung, Medical officer attending to a patient at Nsenlo village on March 4.


The Morung Express

GJM forms alliance with BJP KolKaTa, March 10 (ianS): Snubbing Trinamool Congress fielded exfootball star Bhaichung Bhutia from Darjeeling in West Bengal, Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) Monday announced extending support to the BJP. "After meeting BJP President Rajnath Singh, the GJM has decided to extend full support to candidates fielded by BJP all over India and Darjeeling. I would appeal to all Gorkhas to support BJP all over India," GJM chief Bimal Gurung said on Facebook. Rajnath Singh said in New Delhi Monday that "Gurung has decided to support the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls". The GJM's support had enabled BJP's Jaswant Singh to bag the Darjeeling seat in 2009. The BJP is yet to announce its candidate for Darjeeling. While the GJM had ruled out extending support to Bhutia contending "he was from Sikkim and not a politician", the former India captain has been seeking the Gorkha outfit's support.


11 March 2014


BGB to intensify patrolling along Indo-Bangla border Shillong, March 10 (pTi): The Border Guards of Bangladesh has agreed to intensify patrolling along the 1,880 km-long IndoBangladesh border in India's north east to check infiltration and cross-border crimes ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in the region scheduled early next month, officials said on Monday. "The BGB has agreed to intensify coordinated patrolling along the IndoBangladesh border ahead of the Lok Sabha elections

in Meghalaya, Assam and in the entire stretches of the border," Meghalaya Frontier BSF Inspector General Anil Kumar said. "We had intensified patrolling and also pushed more forces at the border during the general elections in Bangladesh recently. We expect that they do the same during elections in our country," Kumar said. The matter was taken up during the three-day Inspector Generals - Regional Commanders conference of the two border guarding

forces held at the Frontier Headquarter here which concluded yesterday. BSF chiefs of Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura Frontiers attended the conference. Meanwhile, Meghalaya Chief Election Officer P Naik said the BSF have been asked to keep tight vigil along the borders in Meghalaya to prevent attempts by anti-national elements from sneaking into the country and disrupt the poll processes. India and Bangladesh

shares a 1,880 km-long International border that stretches from Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram up to Tripura. The Election Commission of India is conducting elections in 25 Lok Sabha seats in the eight states in the north east early next month. Assam has the maximum number of seats (14), followed by Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, and Arunachal Pradesh with two seats each while Mizoram, Nagaland and Daily wage laborer Jina Boro, 35, hangs rubber sheets to dry at a rubber farm in Hatikhuli Sikkim has one seat each. village, about 35 kilometers (22 miles) east of Guwahati, Assam. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

Sitting Congress MPs retain tickets in Manipur seats iMphal, March 10 (Tnn): Putting an end to all speculation in party circles and among political analysts, the Congress retained its two sitting Lok Sabha MPs of Manipur — Th Meinya Singh and Thangso Baite — as its candidates for the two seats in the state in the coming Lok Sabha polls. A former college lecturer, Meinya won twice from the Inner Manipur par-

Northeast Briefs Meghalaya to consult centre on Garo peace talks Shillong, March 10 (ianS): Meghalaya will consult the central government to initiate peace talks with the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) rebel outfit, state Home Minister Roshan Warjri said Monday. "Since the GNLA was declared a terrorist organisation by the central government under the provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, it would be necessary for the state to consult the centre in the matter," Warjri told the state assembly. The GNLA, headed by Champion R. Sangma, its jailed chairman, is fighting for a separate Garoland state to be carved out of Meghalaya in the five districts of Garo Hills. Over 150 people, including security personnel, have been killed in the last five years by GNLA rebels and more than 50 businessmen and government officials were abducted. Use of force may not be the only solution to deal with the rebels, Warjri said, adding that the state government is thinking of asking all outfits to come out for talks. "An open offer was also made by Governor K.K.Paul to all the rebel outfits to shun the path of violence and engage in a dialogue with the government," the minister said. The GNLA later issued a statement suggesting it was prepared for talks.

All Tribal Chiefs’ forum not to go ahead with indefinite eco blockade iMphal, March 10 (nnn): The All Tribal Chiefs’ Forum, Manipur (ATCFM) has decided not to go ahead with its proposed indefinite economic blockade from midnight of March 10 following the assurance given by the State Government of Manipur today. Leaders of ATCFM and the representatives of the State Government held a meeting today to resolve the stalemate arising out of the MGNREGA in the hill districts of Manipur. "The talk was successful and hence we have decided not to impose the indefinite economic blockade," said the chiefs forum today. On March 3, the chiefs' body had a meeting participated by various hill based organisations at Kuki Inn, Imphal and took the decision to impose the indefinite economic blockade. The chiefs forum had demanded for the payment of the wages and cost of material components under MGNREGA scheme. According to the organizations, since the funds are being routed through the Manipur State Rural Development Agency, there have been anomalies in the implementation of MGNREGA resulting in the delay of payment of wages or cost of material components. Hardly, 20% or less has been paid and the remaining 80% withheld even at this fag of the financial year 2013-2014, said the forum.

PA Sangma to contest Lok Sabha polls from Tura new Delhi, March 10 (pTi): Former Lok Sabha Speaker P A Sangma will contest the Lok Sabha elections from Tura constituency in Meghalaya. 67-year-old Sangma, who unsuccessfully contested the presidential election as an opposition candidate against Pranab Mukherjee, will contest the general election as a candidate of National People's Party (NPP). His daughter and former Union Minister of State Agatha Sangma, who is sitting MP from Tura, said she will not contest the upcoming election to pave way for her father. NPP is expected to formally join National Democratic Alliance soon. Sangma, a former chief minister of Meghalaya, was elected to Lok Sabha eight times since his first entry to the Lower House in 1977. He was Lok Sabha Speaker between 1996 and 1998. He was expelled from the Congress in 1999 along with Sharad Pawar and Tariq Anwar for raising a banner of revolt against Sonia Gandhi over her foreign origin issue. Subsequently, the trio formed the Nationalist Congress Party. However, in 2004 he left NCP and formed a regional party which later merged with Trinamool Congress. He later rejoined NCP, but only to part ways with it later and unsuccessfully contested the presidential election against Pranab Mukherjee. He was supported by BJP, BJD, AIADMK and others.

Cong blames Left for infiltration in Tripura agarTala, March 10 (ianS): The Congress Monday alleged that lakhs of infiltrators have illegally settled in Tripura during the 31-year rule of the Left Front government. During the heated debate over the issue of infiltration from across the border, Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar told the state assembly that during the past three years (2011-13) out of the 6,356 infiltrators, 4,695 illegal entrants have been pushed back into Bangladesh. "Lakhs of Bangladeshi infiltrators have settled in Tripura during the 31-year rule of the Left Front government. These illegal migrants have managed government documents to reside in India under the patronage of the ruling Left parties," senior Congress leader Ratan Lal Nath told the assembly.

liamentary seat, while former MLA Baite is fighting from the Outer Manipur constituency. On the other hand, Lien Gange will contest on a JD-U ticket as a common candidate of various opposition parties, excluding BJP, from the Outer seat. Outer seat covers the hill districts of Tamenglong, Churachandpur, Ukhrul, Chandel and Senapati and

seven assembly segments of Thoubal and one of Imphal East, while the Inner turf encompasses the valley Imphal West, Bishnupur and the remaining portions of Thoubal and Imphal East. Hailing the Congress leadership for giving the party's ticket to him, Baite said he would continue to serve the people of Manipur. A resident of Churachandpur, Baite scoffed at

allegations that he had kept mum on the recent racial attacks on northeast people in New Delhi. "Besides pressuring the Centre to take serious steps to combat racial attacks in New Delhi, we even joined the people's agitation there. Upon our collective insistence, a committee comprising representatives from all northeast states has been formed to check the

MHA concerned over increase in extortion, violence in Manipur iMphal, March 10 (The hinDu): The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is concerned over the increasing extortion and violence unleashed mostly by the fake insurgents in Manipur. For the first time it has intervened and asked the persons who get such extortion threats and victims of violence used as pressure tactics to lodge complaints within one hour with effect from Monday. Those who fail to inform the MHA or police about these extortion will be held accountable for all consequences. The MHA has issued

a public notice on Sunday asking all sections of people in general and affluent groups in particular to lodge complaints with the nearest police station or inform the ministry through the helplines. The names of the underground organisations, amount demanded, their telephone numbers and other particulars should be notified to the police stations and the MHA. However the victims should use their own telephone numbers. Complaints lodged using some other phones will not be entertained or acknowledged.

'Special campaign to enrol voters failed in Arunachal' iTanagar, March 10 (pTi): The BJP on Monday alleged that the special campaign to provide one more opportunity to newly eligible voters to include their names in electoral rolls in Arunachal Pradesh has "failed" due to "irresponsibility" of District Electoral Registration Officers. "DEROs of various districts did not inform Booth Level Officers of polling stations on the special campaign announced by Chief

Election Commission of India yesterday, for which the exercise totally failed in the state," party spokesperson Techi Necha alleged.



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Dated Kohima, the 10th March, 2014

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The Organizers of the International Women Day Celebration, held at Local Ground Kohima would like to extend profound gratitude to the following Individuals/ organizations/ Departments/Institutes for their participation, contribution and cooperation in making the event a grand success. 1. HDFC 2. Reliance Mutual Fund 3. Reliance Insurance 4. NBCC 5. Women Car Rally participants 6. Nagaland Adventure Club 7. Doordarshan Kendra, Kohima 8. All India Radio, Kohima 9. Press Media 10. IGAR, North Kohima 11. DC, Kohima 12. SP, Kohima 13. Commandant, 4th NAP 14. Department of Power 15. Chief Engineer, PHE Department 16. Department of Fire & Emergency Services 17. Department of Information & Public Relations 18. Chief Medical Office, Kohima 19. Nagaland University 20. Dr Ratan Kaurinta, SEBI 21. Judges for the Prepared Speech Competition 22. Music Academy 23. Abenla Sangtam 24. Diezenuo Chüzho 25. AMK, Kohima 26. DNWH, Dimapur 27. KNSK, Mon & Kohima Unit 28. All Participants, including SHGs 29. Caretaker, Kohima Local Ground Sd/(NEILAVOU KEDITSU) Director Dept. of Women Development


Identity of the callers shall be kept confidential. The MHA notification said that there have been increasing instances of violence. It is believed that fake insurgents and some groups which are signatories to the suspension of operations are behind these extortion threats. As per ground rules of the suspension of operations the former insurgents cannot indulge in extortion and other insurgency related crimes. There was no comment from the Manipur Home Minister Gaikhangam Gangmei.

ail Ret


Date : 03rd -15th March 2014 Time : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Venue : Om Book Dimapur, City Tower Junction

menace," Baite said on Sunday at a media interaction. Stating that safeguarding the integrity of the state and the nation is one of the key agendas of the party, Baite said he has been working for it and will continue to do so. The BJP, while blaming both the Congress MPs for their "nonperformance" during their long tenure, has said that the people are fed up with them.


DIMAPUR HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTER P.W.D, Colony, Near West Police Station Dimapur

Dr.Rajeev T.P, MBBS,MS, (Urology) AIIMS will be available on 15th and 16th March for consultation and operation for kidney, urinary bladder and prostate (BPH) or any other kidney related problems. Patients with kidney stones requiring lithotripsy (ESWL) facility is also available. Advantages of Lithotripsy: 1. No operation 2. No pain 3. No anaesthesia 4. No hospital stay 5. Affordable cost For details please contact Dr. K. Nikishe Sumi (Gen Surgeon)  9856851178 (03862-224041) 9774684865

SAINIK SCHOOL, PUNGLWA (NAGALAND) ALL INDIA SAINIK SCHOOLS ENTRANCE EXAMINATION — 2014 FINAL MERIT LIST FOR ADMISSION TO CLASS VI & CLASS IX: 2014-15 SESSION CLASS VI ALL INDIA (ST): 5027 4087 4019 4052 5026 4064 5028 4104 4107 4067 5021 4058 4106 4095 4112 4113 WAIT LIST-ALL INDIA (ST): 4114 5001 4077 3010 4063 5022 4008 4039 4001 4103 5035 4099 5030 4014 4070 5008 4062 5013 4078 4010 4105 4075 4031 4085 5019 5014 4023 ALL INDIA (SC):

2116 2035 2100 2146 2103 2170 2149

NAGALAND: 2068 3031 2067 2006 3005 2050 2018 2056 2124 3027 2127 3030

3040 2057 2119 3041 1003

2003 2019 2053 3014 2044

3004 3036 2022 2017 1008

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2055 2016 2010 3045

2009 2028 2042 3048

WAIT LIST NAGALAND: 3001 1004 2123 2139 2063 2024 2025 3008 2125 2058 2034 3021 3037 3028 3016 2012

3034 2069 3002 1011

2126 2043 2032 2083

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2047 3015 3029 3042 3039 3035 2011 3018 2008 3019 3006 2004 1007

OTHER STATES: 2093 2165 2101 2157 2168 2164 4028 2155 2167 4109 4101 2087 2156 2105 4083 4088 4108 4082 2113 2153 2151 2117 4111 WAIT LIST - OTHER STATES: 2144 2130 2112 2096 2110 2163 2106 2111 2152 2090 2114 2134 OS-DEF:

2158 2066 CLASS IX




5507 5501 4549 5518




1503 1513 1506

WAIT LIST-NAGALAND: 1509 1511 1504 1514 OTHER STATES: 4518 WAIT LIST - OTHER STATES: 5507 1516 Note:

1. Waitlisted candidates are in the order of Merit and in case any vacancy arise from the Main List, the same will be filled up strictly in the order of merit only. 2. Admission is subjected to medical fitness and verification of all original documents from issuing authorities pertaining to date of birth, caste certificate and Indigenous/Domicile of the candidates on the day of admission (2nd week of April 2014). Call letters are being issued accordingly. 3. Due care has been taken to publish the final results accurately through the press media however the results available with the school is final and binding for all purposes. Principal Sainik School, Punglwa Dist — Peren (Nagaland)



businEss/public discoursE



11 March 2014

UN warns food security a risk to Asia-Pacific

ULAN BATOR, MARch 10 (ReUTeRs): The world must increase its food production by 60 percent by mid-century or risk serious food shortages that could bring social unrest and civil wars, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Monday. Demand for food will rise rapidly over the next few decades as the world population surpasses 9 billion and increasingly wealthy people improve their diets, consuming more calories, said Hiroyuki Konuma, the assistant director-general of FAO AsiaPacific, as the body launched a one-week regional food security conference in Ulan Bator. Butastheneedformorefood increases, the world is spending less and less money on agricultural research, causing many scientists to doubt whether food production can keep up with demand growth. “If we fail to meet our goal and a food shortage occurs, there will be a high risk of social and political unrest, civil wars and terrorism, and world security as a whole might be affected,” said Konuma. The challenge is especially demanding in developing nations, which need to boost crops by a staggering 77 per-

cent, he said. The Asia-Pacific would be left with more than half a billion chronically hungry people even if the region meets its millennium development goal of cutting that number to 12 percent of the population, he said. Despite progress made in fighting global hunger, the world still has 842 million undernourished people, according to FAO, of which nearly two thirds live in the Asia-Pacific. One in four children under five years old are stunted due to malnutrition. The U.N. body outlined two main options: increase arable land areas and boost productivity rates. But available arable land is almost fully exploited, and production growth rates have been lacklustre for the past two decades. The growth rate needs to be stable at around 1 percent if the world is to have a theoretical chance to avoid serious shortages, said Konuma. Water scarcity in big foodproducing nations like China is worsening, and many farmers are increasingly tempted to shift production from food to bioenergy, a popular option to cut emissions of climatechanging greenhouse gases.

Car sales in February rise New DeLhi, MARch 10 (PTi): Car sales in India rose 1.39 per cent in February, the first time since September, following the recently announced excise duty cut on vehicles and positive sentiment created by the Auto Expo. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), which released the data today, however, remains cautious on the outlook for the industry. “It will take some more time to see if the negative trends have reversed. We are getting feedback from companies that footfalls have increased,” SIAM Director General VishnuMathur told reporters here. The excise duty cut and the Auto Expo have created a positive sentiment but it is too early to say if all this would translate into sales, he added. SIAM said domestic car sales increased 1.39 per cent to 1,60,718 units in February from 1,58,512 units in the year-ago month.

Social outlook on Bharatiya Janata Politics & Christian Society


oday human society has gone wild and maddened with the power of money and pleasure, pride and comfort. Truth, morality, principle, faith and a culture of unity, tolerance and peace are eroding and greatly devalued in the society. The fact is seriously endangering humanity. Many political Leaders and publics are being swayed and swept away by the popular trend of pseudo political propaganda and opposing waves of misinformation about and against each other person, parties, community of faith, religion or tribe in the society. This is absurd and posing chaos and confusions. Christianity and secular politics are two different aspects of human welfare as much as Hindusim and secular politics. Misusing or politicizing peoples’

faith is immoral and criminal. In reality, not a single Political party is against any religion or faith as their objectives or motives. What went wrong with the people is misreading, intentional attempt to deviate the good will of the other party to create general waves of doubts, rejections, denial and thus creating wrong propagation just to suit to their own party advantages. This is swallowing politic, a politic without morality and principle. We must shun it in order to shine out and up the light of goodwill to the people from level of every individual citizen to the highest politicians. The first step we need to take is to believe that, well concerned and educated leaders will not create un-commonsense objectives or cruel constitution over the people. All political parties

Tourism - the reality


The waiting sheds constructed by Urban development department (MAC) recently in Kohima town hardly lasted for 2 months. Department may have constructed it to beautify the town, but it has become an accident hazard. The department should not waste the public money randomly by constructing such temporary sheds. (Photo Courtesy/Hetuo Angami)

are good intended for the people and country. Misusing its power or deviating its principles by some unprincipled leaders causes problems to the party and to the people and country The present norm and trend of Indian system of political campaign is very uncivilized and very much unchristian or un-Hindu even to say. For it has outreached its evils effects corrupting hearts. What we all can do and undo the wrong is to set a new trend of social understanding, extra social tolerance and building commoninterestofthepeopleby being a respectable, responsible and loyal citizen of the common society. Observed that, the current political wave is spreading individual opinions, notions and perceptions about the intending candidates carrying along

with a fire of misleading criticism, faultfinding propaganda and gossiping about and against the opposition leaders. This is absurd and dangerous. We must learn and practice to carry right and good message about each other’s person, faith, community, or tribe. Let us shun profane languages and disdainful words and avoid corrupt communication from proceeding out of corrupt hearts to mouths in all our personal and organizational dimensions be it religious or political parties. My humble appeal to all the political leaders, intending candidates and general public not to go cheap at speaking against each other personals or parties, for this is unbecoming and un-thought of in a decent society and outdated culture for this

The Morung Express

have been an occasional visitor to Nagaland since the year 2000, first as a tourist, and then, after 2005, as a relative of an Angami family! I live in a rural part of Wales, in the west of the UK, an area where tourism flourishes - my wife and I run a part-time ‘holiday cottage’ business providing accommodation to visitors who come to the area for its scenic beauty, wildlife and tranquility. The area where we live is known as ‘one of Britain’s breathing spaces’....... I most recently came to Nagaland in midFebruary, and during this visit have been to Kohima, Mokochung, Wokha, and Tuophema and I have trekked to Japfu peak twice and tomorrow I will visit the Dzukou Valley. I feel compelled to write to your papers in the fervent hope that I can generate some interest and understanding regarding tourism development here.....First let me say that I believe that Nagaland has enormous potential as a tourist destination - it’s steeply jungled ridges and hills and excellent weather offer an abundance of trekking opportunities. Although wildlife is seriously depleted, with good governance and management this situation could be improved and utilised. And the history and culture of the area is of real and continued interest. However, on this my latest visit, I witnessed much that concerns and depresses me; rampant uncontrolled development is rapidly destroying the beauty of your land, there appears to be no sense of civic pride (rubbish and litter are found everywhere), and individual tourism development projects are carried out with no regard to any overall development plan or policy. Two examples of particular note are the newly constructed road from Jotsoma which terminates not far below Japfu Peak and the now seemingly abandoned Tourist Village in Phezou, Tuophema. The Japfu road has wrought a huge swathe of destruction, destroying trees and cutting an ugly scar through what was previously a largely unspoilt area. Trekkers who visit Japfu do so to experience the jungle, the peace and quiet. Now the small trails that have been used since your forefathers days, offering interest and challenge,

age. If candidates wants to gain his supporters and voters, let him or her speak and act of vision and practical plan program activities all for the welfare of the common people. This is enough to carry majority votes for winning any seat. Criticism and faultfinding leaders are not real leaders they are real selfish and corrupted leaders. This he Eastern Nagais time to change the way land Women Orwe think, and act right and ganisation Dimapur true to all and in the interUnit (ENWOD) had sumest of the people. moned Mrs. Amongla Ao Gwangphun, of Chuchuyimlang village, Social Research resident of Signal Angami Activist and writer Village, Dimapur for an explanation against the de(Readers may reach rogatory statements she out to the author through had made against the eastthe given mob. No. ern Nagas. It is to be stat8974381932 for any com- ed that a minor domestic ment, correction or for problem took place at Mrs. consultation. fitawelfar- Amongla’s Signal Angami village residence


have been lost forever. The new road has changed the route from the North irrevocably and will, if anything, dissuade trekkers from visiting the peak as the journey is now a trudge up a steep muddy road, offering little of change or interest for the entire journey. What needs to be understood, is that it is the journey, not the destination that matters - tourists are just not attracted by this kind of development! At this, the height of your tourist season, I saw not one person on either of my treks. It is three years since I visited the new Tourist village in Phezou, Tuophema. Yesterday, under a clear sky and in glorious sunshine the place had a desolate abandoned feel about it. On enquiry I was reliably informed that if attracts maybe a couple of dozen tourists a year! How much did it cost to build? How is it promoted? In 2000 I had the privilege to stay in the old Tourist village in the centre of Tuophema, and it was a vibrant busy place with opportunities to interact with the villagers and learn of the cultural history of the place. If tourism in Nagaland is to really to become anything meaningful and lucrative there needs to be a joined-up approach to both development and thinking. My strongly held belief is that in-depth consultation needs to happen before more money is spent on projects that, in truth, are of little interest to visitors and, in my personal view, actually reduce the appeal of the area. How much more useful would a fraction of the money spent on these ‘white elephants’ be if used for effective tourism development programmes such as management of the natural environment, waymarking of trails, awareness raising about litter, hunting or starting fires, wildlife restoration programmes, ‘ambassador’ programmes for local ‘home stay’ and hotel owners, training of tour guides, restauranteurs etc. etc. Tourism at its best will help preserve your culture, your environment and your wildlife, bring notoriety and interest to your land, and is potentially a source of income for thousands of people. Use it or lose it! Edmund Wood

ENWOD summoned Mrs. Amongla for an explanation ing a Konyak girl and her younger brother (domestic helpers of Mrs. Amongla) on the night of 26th February, 2014. Learning about the incident and as being concerned community, some eastern mothers after introducing themselves tried to enquire as to what has happened, but instead of explaining to them what really happened Mrs. Amongla started making derogatory statements by saying

(I don’t know who are and what is eastern sister). Taking serious note of the statements she had made against the easterners the ENWOD summoned Mrs. Amongla for an explanation on 8th of March, 2014 at the residence of its treasurer where she admitted to her mistakes she had committed and apologised for the same. Mrs. Rose Mary Konyak President, ENWOD.

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



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ACROSS 1. Tears 5. Pueblo brick 10. Credit or playing 14. Friend 15. A type of necklace 16. Arab chieftain 17. Bobbin 18. Spoilable 20. Extolled 22. A childhood disease 23. “Eureka!” 24. Sows 25. The heavy fire of artillery 32. More or less 33. Cozy 34. Male cat 37. Wagers 38. Pleasant 39. A measuring instrument 40. Center of a storm 41. French for “Our” 42. What we pay to the govt. 43. Travel plans 45. Welcome 49. A high alpine meadow 50. Remedy 53. Permit 57. Distortion 59. Close

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34. Cab 35. Curved molding 36. Untidyness 38. Point 39. Clothes 41. Fertilizer ingredient 42. After-bath powder 44. Showered 45. Lawn cover 46. Refute 47. Swelling under the skin 48. Mistake 51. Back talk 52. Stair 53. Balcony section 54. Roman emperor 55. Told 56. God of love 58. Fury Ans to CrossWord 2826

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The Morung Express

textile properties capable of blending with jute, cotton and other synthetic fibres. He also deliberated that significant amount of succulent green biomass debris left after scrapping can be utilized successfully for vermicomposting to make total integrated system economically viable as pineapple leaves are not even suitable for cattle feed. Practical demonstration for selection of raw materials and leaf fibre extraction by fibre extractor machine was also conducted. Arvind Singh also mentioned that the same machine can be used for extraction of banana fibre. Altogether about 100 pineapple growers from the village participated in the training programme.

11 March 2014

Music concert for Rengma Nagas of Karbi anglong

Extracting fibre out of pineapple waste Dimapur, march 10 (mExN): Central Institute of Horticulture (CIH), Medziphema organized a one day training on ‘pineapple fibre extraction’ at Molvom village, Dimapur on March 8. The training was held to promote utilization of agro-waste leaves of pineapple for fibre extraction as a means of self employment and for additional income for farmers since pineapple is cultivated in large scale at the village, according to a press release. Arvind Singh, technical consultant who was the resource person highlighted that pineapple leaf contains 2.5-3.5 % fibre which is high textile grade commercial fibre and is graded between jute and cotton. It has all the


Dimapur, march 10 (mExN): To express solidarity with the Rengma Nagas of Karbi Anglong, who were dislodged from their homes following the recent violence, internationally acclaimed Naga musicians have decided to raise fund by staging a musical concert, whereby the total proceeds would be donated to the affected victims. Renowned Naga musicians including Alobo Naga and the Band, Zowe Madrigal led by Nise Meruno and world acclaimed guitarist Joey Woch will stage a musical concert on March 15 at Rengma Baptist Church, Khermahal, Dimapur, from 5 pm onwards. The musical show has been initiated

in association with Spark - Venture Production – a nonprofit social organization – on the theme ‘Light your world.’ In an interaction with the media persons this af-

100% of the proceeds of the concert would be donated towards the welfare and improvement on the condition of the displaced children particularly in their health, food, education, and cloth-

Total proceeds to be donated to the displaced people ternoon at Hiyo Café, it was made known that thousands Rengma Nagas are languishing in relief camps without basic necessities. The organizers informed that about 500 Rengma Nagas are languishing in two relief camps in Shantipur and about 2,500 persons in Silonijan relief camp. It was informed that

ing aspects. The musicians present during the press conference strongly felt that through their concerted efforts, they could give a ‘little hope, restore a little faith and help the crisis-struck children dream again along with the help of other likeminded people.’ They said the theme implied “open-

ing our eyes to the plight of the Rengmas in Assam as much as doing one’s part to help the cause better, to make their world better and brighter one.” Members of Spark-Venture Production consisted of Obed Kath, Thanpenlo Woch, Rushulo Khing and Shishi Keppen. The concert will also witness involvement of Betoka of Hiyo Café, Global Chapter, Audio Garage, SP Printers. Tickets for the musical concert would be available at Future Info System (Yehovi Complex, Dhobi Nullah), Kids Barn (Fellowship), Café Destination (Super Market), Furtados (Super Market), Crescendo (Notun Bosti), Planet PC (Nagarjan).

Isaac Kario visits St. Joseph’s College PGC bids adieu to vice principal

Jakhama, march 10 (mExN): St. Joseph’s College swarmed with enthusiasm as its former pupil, Isaac Kario, international MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter visited the college and interacted with the staff and students. Isaac studied commerce in the college and graduated in 2004. He was the champion of the first ever SFL (Super Fight League) held in 2013, Mumbai. He went on to be belted in the Washington State, US, February 2014 as champion. He has won quite many other titles as many as nine in a row. Now, his official professional record is 3 (three) wins for no loss (3:0), according to a press release received here. While interacting with the students, he revealed he wasn’t smart, but worked hard. His personal mantra as the release said is, “If you are not smart,

Isaac Kario (fifth from left) with St. Joseph’s College faculty and staff.

work hard till you are smart.” Talking on difficulty in one’s life, he stated, “We sometimes get lost in life, but it would be so unfair to give up.” He focused on the need to go the extra mile in order to outsmart the others. For instance, if asked to do ten push- ups by the coach, he made sure to do at least 11(elev-

Agri grads to benefit from AC & ABC Scheme

Dimapur, march 10 (mExN): Twenty-seven candidates will begin a two-month training course in Dimapur under the Agriclinics & Agribusiness Centres (AC & ABC) Scheme of the Ministry of Agriculture. Dimapurbased Northeast Naga Traders Pvt. Ltd is the nodal training institute from conducting the 2-month professional residential training course on AC & ABC. The scheme targets people with agri-science backgrounds, while enabling candidates selected under the scheme to avail bank credit facilities, which would in turn be invested in projects supplementing agricultural productivity or any project providing services to farmers. Candidates, who successfully complete the training will get the opportunity to have bank loans with Special NABARD Subsidy (3644%) of project cost (up to Rs. 20 lakh

en) times initially. In the long run, if asked to do 100 times, he would do 200. That made the difference between him and his opponents, he asserted. To the mammoth gusto of the students, he even showcased his favourite round kick “which is deadly and dangerous - the self-learned art.”

individually and Rs. 1 crore in group). Candidates’ orientation programme was held on March 10 at Hotel Saramati with General Manager of NABARD, Nagaland, V. Chelladurai, as the chief guest.

Assam Rifles donates computers to govt school

Wokha, march 10 (mExN): 17 Assam Rifles donated four computers with accessories to Government School, Yikhum village in Wokha district under its Army Military Civil Action Programme (Op Samaritan) on March 8. In a ceremony organized at the school, GB and villagers appreciated the good work being done by Assam Rifles in Yikhum and adjoining villages, stated a press release issued by Assam Rifles. The note stated that Assam Rifles has completed a number of civic action projects for the benefit of the local populace.

phEk, march 10 (mExN): Phek Government College (PGC) accorded a touching farewell to its oldest serving vice principal B.R. Chhetri and peon Krishna Bahadur on March 7. A press release informed that the former established the college along with his wife and had been in the college since its inception in1981. Before government took over the college, B.R. Chhetri was the principal till 1990. The government took over on February 1, 1990. The college was established through the initiative of some concerned public leaders of the locality for the cause of education, the note stated. The farewell function was attended by Advisory Board members, officials from district administration, teaching faculty members, office staff and students of the college. The principal, Dr. V. Thingo while delivering his message stated that, the retiring vice principal struggled very hard, especially at the initial stage, for the establishment of the college. He called him the founder, and pioneer of the college, who sacri-

ficed his prime time for the college. Meanwhile, ex minister Vejoi Vero, one of the founding members of the college and Advisory member recalled the difficult days at the initial stage of the college. However, he asserted that the seed has been sown already, and it has started bearing fruit. He exhorted that the fruit should be abundant. He also acknowledged that B.R. Chhetri had done his job sincerely during his “long untiring tenure of service.” B.R. Chhetri, at the same time, shared his experience of pleasure and difficulty while performing his official duty. Over all, he expressed happiness and gratitude for the cooperation he received from leaders, public, college authority, colleagues and staff. He insisted that the cooperation continues. He recognized the kind heartedness of the local people that gave him inspiration. Tsotalü Nakro, assistant professor, invoked blessings for the function. Besengulie Venuh, who assumed the post of new vice principal, gave welcome speech.

Movie by Naga producer released

Dimapur, march 10 (mExN): The Dark Secrets of Tonhi, Bollywood movie, produced by Rebecca Changkija from Dimapur and directed by Shiraz Henry has been released in CP Berar (Central India). According to a press release, the movie starring J Brandon Hill, and Natasha Sikka received good public response. The movie is set to be released in other parts of India - Delhi, UP, Bihar, M.P, West Bengal on March 14 and in Mumbai, Assam, Punjab, and South on March 21. The movie produced under the banner of Find Studioz, Mumbai got many appreciations from India and overseas, including 5 star rating from BNA Germany magazine, the release noted. “The movie is realistic and based on superstitious practice of black magic in Indian villag-




Increase in maximum limit of election expenses

kohima, march 10 (Dipr): The Election Department Government of Nagaland has as per the direction of the Election Commission’s letter No. 3/1/2014/SRDVOL dated 05/03/2014 on amendment of Rule 90 of Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 – Increase in maximum limit of election expenses, has informed that for Nagaland, maximum limit of election expenses for parliamentary constituency is Rs 70,00,000 and assembly constituency is Rs 20,00,000.

NPF life membership cell meet

kohima, march 10 (mExN): A meeting of NPF life membership cell will be held on March 12, 11:00 am at NPF Central Office, Kohima, which will be addressed by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and DAN Chairman Dr. Shurhozelie. All NPF legislators and NPF life membership cell members have been requested to attend the meeting positively.

Free sterilization camp held

mokokchuNg, march 10 (mExN): A free sterilization camp was conducted successfully at Tsurangkong PHC, Mokokchung on March 6. A team led by Dr. Ademla Tinu DGO IMDH and Dr. Ayangla ZLO Mokokchung conducted 20 Tubectomy operation and 5 CUT insertion on the day.

Mid-day meal distributed at Tobu

Tobu, march 10 (Dipr): Mid-day meal was distributed to the students of GMS, GPS sector A & C Tobu village on March 9 to 585 students in the presence of Village Education Committee Chairman Changle Konyak. Speaking on the occasion, the chairman encouraged the students to be more dedicated, disciplined and hard working to achieve their goals. He also called upon the staff to be sincere and work hard with determination and urged all to rise up with devotion. GMS Teacher-incharge, Y. Kangnyu Konyak also spoke on how to create interest in studies and urged the students never to give up in times of any failure in their struggle to success. He encouraged the students to do the right things in right time.

Naga Council Dimapur condoles

Dimapur, march 10 (mExN): Naga Council Dimapur has expressed deep shock over the demise of Wailila Ezung, wife of late Nyamo Lotha, former treasurer of Naga Council Dimapur, on March 9 in Dimapur. A condolence message appended by the Council general secretary Ntsemo Ngullie and joint secretary Joseph Shingnaisui informed that Wailila Ezung was born in 1919. “She was a strong lady having served as a nurse,” the note acknowledged. “A good mother, who helped establish Lotha Baptist Church and Ao Baptist Church in Dimapur.” The Council conveyed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members, while praying for Lord’s comfort upon them.

WSBAK pastor’s seminar ends

Dimapur, march 10 (mExN): The WSBAK concluded its three days pastors seminar which was held at WSBAK Mission Centre, Aküvüto, from March 6 to 8 with the theme, “Imitating Christ Humility” (Phil 2:611). Altogether 156 pastors attended the seminar. WSBAK Executive Secretary Rev. S. Vitoshe Swu in a press release stated that the resource persons were Rev. Yevito Zhimo, ES, SBAK Nito Mount, Er. Khetovi Assumi, Vikato Awomi Music Director SABC Kohima, Rev. Henije Jimo, Rev. Luhevi Jimo, Sr. Pastor SBA Sugar Mill, Tovishe Achumi, Associate Pastor Dimapur Sümi Baptist Church and Khejeto Achumi, Associate Pastor, Thilixu Baptist.

DCC Dimapur condoles

(L-R) Shiraz Henry, Rebecca Changkija, and J Brandon Hill.

es.” The release was delayed for 4 months due to censor issues. The Dark Secrets of Tonhi is the first release from Find Studioz. Another movie shot in Meghalaya and Assam, Te Amo – I love you, which is in

post production will be released in the second half of this year. Te Amo has few actors from Northeast and has 9 music tracks, including 2 songs from Alobo Naga and rap songs from Imli Lee.

Dimapur, march 10 (mExN): District Congress Committee (DCC), Dimapur has expressed deepest condolences over the demise of Shenili Aye, mother of its president Kughato S.Aye, on March 9. A condolence message issued by DCC Dimapur general secretary Kakishe Sumi prayed for the peace of the deceased’s soul. DCC Dimapur further extended condolences to the bereaved family.

Public SPace

Process Of Democratization In Myanmar And Its Relation To Naga Politics – Part Two


aypyidaw’s promise for signing of nationwide ceasefire agreement in the country by October 2013 fell void and the stalemate game got dragged on till date. Much talk and dialog had been organized and done throughout the year in both the governmental levels and among the ethnic armed groups resulting in a lot of paper agreements and resolutions. But it is weird that a tangible phase has not been secured which would guarantee lasting peace and honorable solution to the warring armed forces in the country. The prolonged clashes in the northern part of the country between the Tatmadaw and KIO/KIA forces and unending ArakhineRohingya crisis on the western coast till date, which led to Buddhist-Muslim riot in central Myanmar also lie as the major impediments under Myanmar’s trumpet call for permanent peace. The rogue nature of the military regime is still well portrayed through their activities. Though the idea of peace is well accepted by all, the working plan for peace is clearly weird and impractical on the part of

the government. It is quite natural to expect that all good claims should be accompanied by good deeds. There is no doubt that the Thein Sein Administration, which claims so called genuine peace, but in its kind of cosmetic peace, cannot help people go along with it as in reality it suffocates them. The kind of peace natural people long for is the peace that safeguards their rights and guarantees them a prosperous future, one without threats and without fear, in and around them. The efforts put up by the West forces at times seem to be going around the bush because it misses the core issue of the reform process in Myanmar. For instance, when Western diplomats come, their main concern is whether Aung San Suu Kyi would become the next president, then continue on other serious matters in low tone. The situation is also worsened because they have legitimized war criminals who have committed serious war crimes against humanity. So how could one expect genuine democratization in the country? Consequently, democratization is rather difficult in a totalitarian so-

ciety ruled by warlords who, unseen, pull the strings from the background. The premature congratulations of the West for the unusual Burmese way of democratization have further paralyzed the reform process in the country. The other fundamental problem is that no one could hang the bell around Min Aung Hlaing’s neck, C-in-C of Myanmar Army, who literally claims to wipe out the ethnic forces by military means and continues to suppress the Indigenous Peoples in the country militarily and in doing so dishonoring and turning down agreements signed by the president himself. In order to prove the reform process, it is true that ceasefire agreements are made with more than ten ethnic armed groups but still some like KIA/KIO remain in hot battlefields and suffer heavy casualty leaving tens of thousands of refugees in a miserable condition. This leads to questioning President Thein Sein’s sincerity when he calls out for genuine peace and national reconciliation. The real question is: under the table are they playing games against the ethnic peoples in the

country? The real scenario in the country looks discouraging and so genuine peace seems still far away! As we turn to the side of Nagas in Myanmar, NSCNK’s refusal to sign Union Level Ceasefire Agreement in Naypyidaw may be interpreted as for political gain of the Nagas because signing it would be rather demeaning the rights of the Nagas. The upcoming national population census, due in March and in April 2014, is another serious concern for the people in the country. It is serious but maybe worse for the Nagas of Myanmar. According to the official population census chart, issued by the president’s office, which will begin in March, historical Nagas are mentioned as a sub-tribe of Chin ethnic people with the code No. 431. It is a serious matter because it terminates the identity of the Naga Indigenous People, which in no way can be accepted. Recently through press conference Naga youths and Naga public protested strongly against the termination of the identity, but the government of Myanmar responds fishy or keeps on ignoring the voice of the Nagas in Myanmar. It is also confus-

ing to see present Naga politicians and bureaucrats, who are in Government service, remain passive and silent on the important issue but for some youths and elders who when vocal about it are usually tagged and singled out and proclaimed disobedient and rebellious by those who serve their paymasters, but do not realize what they stand for. To make matters worse is the factor of the so-called Naga National workers who happily come to collect taxes but with a mind-blowing statement that they are safeguarding the rights of the Nagas and are fighting for sovereignty. But, they are turning their ears and eyes away from the Nagas in the East who are going through such a serious matter as losing their Naga identity. It is not wise that the claim for sovereignty should become only a means to seduce tax from the public without proving what it is actually and how it is actually spent. If this continues Nagas will become more vulnerable in the eyes of our common adversaries who want to rob the glory of the Nagas. Naga National workers should ponder upon it and plan well on how to promote

wellbeing and development for the people in the region and make the public feel they are really standing for the claimed cause, not just repeating the traditional claim. The present scenario makes the public paranoid and suspicious on their activities. Though it is a fact that the role and contribution of Naga National workers in Naga politics are undeniable, a historical fact, which cannot be erased, factionalism among our National workers has reduced them to lower levels, not of nation and nationalism in true sense. The Bible clearly teaches us that the house, which is divided itself will not be able to stand for its own. The need for genuine reconciliation among the NPGs is demanding and it is imperative lest the whole house falls shattered. FNR’s effort for the reconciliation among the NPGs has come in its 6th year with certain achievements and it will go on till its set goal. The writer is fully convinced that the way for reconciliation is tough in our context. But can we find additional means to foster the move? Can we think of a sooner possibility? It is accepted that the conflicts among the

NPGs are political ones; so they are different in nature with the system of faith in religious understanding. In Christian circle, ‘Forgive and forget in His name’ has been a catchphrase; it is true because it deals with faith matter – which is based on ‘Just believe it’ concept. But politics may be looked as of ideology based on reason and philosophy. Hence, a sort of political means seems needed in order to speed up to reach the set goal in due time. Perhaps, like that of truth commission, designed to function under the present initiative, that will scrutinize the matter and impartially clarify the things before the public how the mess was originated in the history. It is a fair demand that Naga public has the right to know what actually and how actually it went wrong in the past and why the Naga public has to suffer till date without having the chance to know the exact account of our own history. In present context, it sounds everybody is right in his/her own justification. But how long can we continue living this way? The need to build a strong house is inevitable for the Nagas according to

the prevailing situations around us. The present situation highlights us that we are going to be more exposed to outside world than in the past. For example, the impact of Delhi’s Look East Policy can have both positive and negative things on the Nagas as it involves geopolitics and politico-economic outreach of Delhi to balance the influence of her counterpart in the East. It is hoped that the changing trend in Myanmar politics will also bring changes to our Naga world across the lines sooner or later. However, the impact we receive from these changing scenarios will depend on how well we are prepared to face them in reality in the near future. Kuknalim! A. Makury The writer hails from Layshi, Eastern Nagaland. He, after completing his studies in Nagaland and in South India, left for Thailand where he did a Tribal linguistic research. Now he remains as an observer to Myanmar-Naga politics based in Thailand.

The Morung Express is introducing “Public Space” as part of our intention to provide deliberate space for the opinions of the people to be expressed and heard through this newspaper. Nonetheless, The Morung Express points out that the opinions expressed in the contents published in the “Public Space” do not reflect the views and position of the newspaper or the editor.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express TuEsDAy 11 MArcH 2014 voluME IX IssuE 67

Beyond Sovereignty


n the course of human history, the myth surrounding ‘state sovereignty’ has been exposed. This conclusion is only natural since the dominant discourse on state sovereignty emerged around an exclusive and narrow understanding of humanity. Evidently, the existence of state has been projected as the only political institution of sovereignty at the expense of people’s aspirations. It is no wonder that and the show of force exercised by State to establish its legitimacy is a contradiction, which belies its moral relevance and political legitimacy. Through its hegemonizing and homogenizing characteristics, the State has ensured that the response to war and peace is its prerogative. Nonetheless, experience has shown that a State’s priority is its interest to protect what it considers to be its national interest and to compete with other existing States. In essence, the notion of statebuilding is in direct confrontation with a peoples’ aspiration to decide their own future and to live harmoniously. Real politik has ensured that just because a people have rights does not necessarily mean that they enjoy them. However, the absolutism of state sovereignty which dominated international politics has been critically interrogated by the forces of global events that unfolded since 1991. The idea of State and Territorial Sovereignty no longer remains in an unchallenged position. The idea that sovereignty lies with the people is becoming more real. This idea will be reiterated in September 2014, when the Scottish people exercise their political and democratic rights through an act of referendum to decide their political status as a peoples. It is essential that humanity goes beyond state sovereignty. This is indispensable for people to be rehumanized which will empower ordinary people to exercise their sovereign powers to become self-determining. For a new world order that respects the equal rights of all peoples to emerge, it is essential to think beyond the existing Westphalian State system, which has dominated the world for the last 366 years. The need for new ideas and thoughts is critical to this process. However, it is unlikely that such new thinking will emerge out of the present dominant knowledge systems. Struggling people around the world need to proactively initiative critical dialogue that will lead to the birth of new ideas. Clearly, struggling people don’t wish to recreate or carry on with a political order that is violent in nature. Rather, they seek to transcend beyond the existing political order for a more just and peaceful system. It is imperative for new ideas to imagine beyond state sovereignty and explore the possibilities of peoples’ sovereignty.

lEfT wiNg |

Jaideep Sarin IANS

Amid polluted politics, environmentalist pleads


e has jumped into polluted rivulets and streams and cleaned them up with the help of his volunteers. His work for environment has been recognised not only in Punjab but also at international fora. Though he has little to do with politics, diehard environmentalist Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal is lending his voice for the forthcoming general elections urging candidates and political parties to walk the talk on his pet topic. Seechewal, whose untiring work found ample mention in then President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's address to the European Union (EU) a few years ago, has now appealed to political parties to make environment their chief election issue during the coming Lok Sabha poll. He does not stop at that. He wants the parties to prominently include the environment in their election manifestoes and to field candidates "who have a full understanding of the seriousness of the environmental problem". While the top leadership of various political parties seems embroiled in posturing over secularism, corruption, price rise and other regional issues, Seechewal wants them to spare a thought for the environment. "Unplanned development in India has led to unhampered, illegal inflow of dirty domestic sewage of villages and cities and toxic wastes of factories into rivers and streams, which has utterly contaminated our natural water resources, killing humans as well as rare species of water creatures," Seechewal told IANS. "Due to the fatal effects of contamination, people in the surrounding areas are falling prey to deadly diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, paralysis, gastro-enteritis and respiratory and other kinds of diseases and dying painful deaths in hospitals. The people of India now are dying of thirst for pure water," he added. An eco-warrior and holy man, Seechewal is termed India's river-cleanser, having started his mission against pollution by cleaning up Kali Bein, a 160-km rivulet in Sultanpur Lodhi in Punjab's Kapurthala district, around 200 km from Chandigarh. The rivulet is linked to the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev. Seechewal was profiled by Time magazine in 2008 among 30 global "Heroes of the Environment". Seechewal, along with his volunteers from the "Ek Onkar Charitable Trust" would jump into the muddy waters to clear the riverbed of water hyacinth and silt and also develop the rivulet's banks and build roads. They recently built a temporary dam in Jalandhar district to stop the flow of industrial discharge into a natural stream. "Venerable rivers like the Ganga, Yamuna, Satluj, Kaveri, Narmada, Godavari, Damodar and others have become the most polluted rivers of India. No more life-givers, they have turned into harbingers of death. It is a matter of great shame that this dirty and toxic water is used to prepare prasad and for taking a bath at holy places situated on the banks of these rivers. This hurts the religious feelings of worshippers," Seechewal said. Moreover, the toxic and contaminated water of these rivers is seeping underground and polluting the subsoil water, thus endangering not only our lives but also of the generations to come, he added. "The pity of the matter is that this contamination of river water is an open and severe infringement of the Indian constitution in letter and spirit. It is a violation of section 21 and 48-A of the constitution (Part IV- Directive Principles), the Water (Pollution & Prevention) Act, section 5 of the Canal & Drainage Act and other such laws," Seechewal said.



Rahila Gupta

Sri Lanka: Women in Conflict

What happened to the aspirations of Tamil women in the national liberation struggle which lasted nearly 30 years? Rahila Gupta covered the conflict in the mid80s, and reflects on the situation today when the war appears to be decisively over, but the post-war reality remains as harrowing as ever, particularly for women


n 8th March 2014, Sri Lankan Tamil women formed a contingent to join the million women rise march in central London with a banner declaring, ‘Raped, Abused, Widowed and Forgotten: Tamil Women in Sri Lanka Still in Tears’. What happened to the aspirations of Tamil women in the national liberation struggle which lasted nearly 30 years? I covered the beginnings of this conflict for Outwrite, a feminist anti-racist newspaper in the mid-80s, and it is particularly poignant to return to this issue when the war appears to be decisively over but the post-war situation remains as harrowing as ever, particularly for women. As with all ex-colonies of Britain, Sri Lanka was left a divided society at independence in 1948. The minority Tamils had been given preference in educational opportunities and jobs under the British, sowing discontent among the majority Sinhala community who after independence sought to establish their hegemony through a number of discriminatory policies such as replacing English with Sinhala as the official language. This prevented Tamils from getting jobs in government or having to resign because they lacked fluency in Sinhala. Admission of Tamil students to universities was restricted in favour of Sinhalese students by raising the qualifying marks needed by Tamil students. Numerous pogroms against the Tamil community took place in the 50s and 70s. The elected representatives of the Tamil community were ineffective in preventing the onslaught against the community. Unemployed, educated and disaffected young men in the North and East of SL came together to form a militant organisation in the 70s which eventually came to be known as the LTTE (Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam) or Tamil Tigers for short. Their key demand was for an independent homeland for Tamils: Eelam. It all kicked off in 1983, when the Tigers carried out an attack on the Sri Lankan army, killing 13 soldiers. Mobs orchestrated by the government took their revenge by going on the rampage against the Tamil community. The fighting continued until 2009 when the government cornered the Tigers and approximately 300,000 refugees in a ‘no-fire zone’ which was nonetheless bombarded by planes, killing 40,000 people in the final five months of the conflict according to the UN. Against the background of this very complex and prolonged war, I want to explore the ways in which women were able to exercise agency in roles which are both prescribed and proscribed by patriarchy: women as political agents; as active participants in the war; and as survivors during the war and afterwards. Unlike other South Asian countries, literacy rates for women in SL are extremely high at around 90 per cent and they were not generally subject to some of the more extreme oppressions such as dowry deaths, infanticide, or seclusion of women although FGM is practised within its small Muslim community.

Again and again in conflict situations and not just in Sri Lanka, we see women lead on peace initiatives – a political role which is accepted and even encouraged by wider society because essentialised narratives of gender associate women with mothering, nurturing, caring and peace. However, a tipping point is reached beyond which the dominant national narrative, which sustains the war, is undermined and the safe ‘prescribed’ role for women becomes subversive and intolerable. Take Women for Peace, a mainly Sinhalese initiative, which was active in the mid-80s: as mothers who had lost their sons, they reached out to Tamil women, for example, the Mothers’ Front of Jaffna, who had also lost their sons (in those days any male from the ages of 14 to 25 would be rounded up by the army as potential terrorists, more recently it was the Tigers who were forcibly abducting children and turning them into fighters). Both groups campaigned against a military solution. As mothers grieving for lost sons, they were given a certain amount of latitude. However, when their campaign strayed into critiques of militarization, rapes by the army, detention without trial and when they hosted joint workshops with Tamil women, they came under attack for being unpatriotic, pro-Tiger and therefore pro-terrorist. They also faced the more familiar gender based slurs of being whisky drinking lesbians who were embezzling foreign aid. The Mothers’ Front in Jaffna faced similar hostility. The battlefront was mainly in the North, the change in their material circumstances had shaken conservative social mores. For example, there was little public transport available, so women started riding motorbikes, sometimes 3 women on one, throwing pamphlets as they whizzed by. In response, an anonymous pamphlet was put out called the 10 Commandments for Women which included strictures like, don’t cut your hair, don’t wear short dresses, don’t ride bikes, don’t go out with men who are not your husbands and so on. Incidentally, the Tamil community in the north was much more conservative than the mixed, cosmopolitan society down South; a phenomenon that is seen all over the world and is common to minority communities in Britain – a community under siege, discriminated against, closes in on itself and preserves its traditions in aspic. But the liberation struggle had thrown all this up in the air. Tamil women started to question the four virtues by which they had to live – acham (fear especially of unknown men), madam (honesty), nanam (bashfulness especially in sexual matters) and payirpu (subordination to men). Tamil feminists also started asking, Why is it that the militant boy who gets injured is a hero and the girl who gets raped is expected to commit suicide? Whilst these peace initiatives took women into a public sphere which had been more or less closed to them and attracted the venom of conservative sections of society, there was also, in my opinion, a valid political critique to be made of the equivalence implied in the reaching out to each other when in actual fact there was no level playing field. When the mainly Sinhalese Women for Peace published a pamphlet in the mid-80s carrying accounts of a Tamil woman and a Sinhalese woman mourning the loss of their sons, it equated the suffering of both sides and diminished the political context that one community had to take to arms to protect itself against a brutal and racist state. The Sinhalese women supported a federal solution with greater autonomy for the Tamils, they saw it as an ethnic question and not a national one. For the Tamil women, nothing less than an independent homeland would protect them. The underlying politics seemed irreconcilable.* The Tamil Tigers erupted from this society, producing pamphlets on their vision of a utopian independent state run along secular Marxist lines. In November 1983, they released a pamphlet, ‘Women and revolution’ written by Adele, the Australian wife of their chief ideologue Anton Balasingham and leader of the Women’s Wing of the Tigers. It encouraged women to join the national liberation struggle by looking at the role of women in liberation struggles in Palestine, South Africa, Eritrea and Nicaragua. It advocated ’participating in the struggle for national freedom [because] women free themselves from the constraints of social oppression, replacing traditional norms and values with revolutionary conceptions of women’s place in society.’ At Outwrite, we critiqued these high sounding ideals because in

the early days, women were playing the traditional roles of nursing, cooking and acting as couriers for the struggle. To make matters worse, the Tigers put up posters asking women to have more children i.e. cannon fodder for the movement. The women put out a counter leaflet refusing to co-operate with the demand. This was in the 80s. However, in the 90s, women became active in combat in fairly large numbers. The first group of women were trained for combat in 1985 in India and their presence as fighters really grew in the 90s. The naval force, the Sea Tigers was predominantly made up of women and the Black Tigers, the suicide squad had a large female presence. In fact, the daring suicide bombing which killed Rajiv Gandhi, the Indian PM in 1991, was carried out by a woman. Loss of men was an important reason for the Tigers to recruit women. According to Miranda Alison who interviewed women Tigers in 2002, their motivation in joining included the killing of a loved one, displacement, the suffering of the community, nationalist sentiment, the desire for a homeland in which they would not be discriminated against on ethnic and gender lines, breaking of gender taboos, escaping traditional constraints, gaining equality by joining the militants, anger at rapes carried out by IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) and the Sri Lankan army, but also the search for protection from rape that they felt they would be accorded by the Tigers. “Driving tanks for the Tigers when they weren’t even allowed to ride bikes as kids” was part of the liberation that the women delighted in. Although forcible child recruitment, murder, ethnic cleansing and the brutality of the Tigers towards traitors and rival groups are well-documented, what is also well-documented is that women did not generally face sexual violence from their fellow Tigers. According to Elizabeth Woods, ethnic cleansing is “a classic setting for widespread rape.” Although the Tigers forcibly displaced 75,000 Muslims from northern Sri Lanka, there were no reports of sexualised violence. From a feminist point of view, when all of us are working to bring about a society where sexual violence will be eliminated, this is extremely interesting. For women to feel safer in a ‘proscribed’ role than the ‘prescribed’ says a lot about the presumed safety of remaining within socially prescribed roles.. Elizabeth Woods believes that it could be attributed to the Tigers’ ‘deep political training’ and that it is possible to train soldiers to abide by anti-rape policies just as they are trained to fire guns. Jo Becker, a child soldier expert at Human Rights Watch, was also surprised by the lack of sexualised violence in the Tiger ranks. She says, “Although girls recruited as child soldiers in other conflicts have routinely reported rape or being forced to become a wife/sexual slave to a military commander, the Tamil Tigers were remarkably disciplined in prohibiting even consensual sexual activity between their cadres.” Another researcher found that when a group of Tigers gangraped a 13 year old girl, their hands were tied and they were dragged behind a tractor, crying out for water as they died. In the short-term, the effectiveness of resolving violence with violence may achieve its goal, but what kind of values are being promoted in the long term. Feminist critiques have focussed on the militant and militarist nature of the LTTE as being inherently anti-feminist and have argued that so many years of armed conflict cannot be seen as a project of empowerment. And yet, we must acknowledge the high levels of participation by women in a variety of roles in the struggle. Alison was struck by the confidence and poise of the Tiger women she interviewed, as compared to women in the general populace. We cannot judge whether this empowerment would have been sustained in the new nation because “Sri Lanka is lauded as the first country to eradicate terrorism on its own soil”. We have seen with other liberation struggles like that in Zimbabwe or the Indian Independence movement that women’s entry into the public sphere proved to be temporary. The war may have ended but the violence continues. There has been no systematic disarmament and reports of violence in private and public spheres are endemic. There has been an explosion of domestic violence. Women reported that levels of domestic violence used to be lower in Tiger-controlled areas because the Tigers had a de facto justice system to deal with domestic violence. “At the first complaint of domestic violence the abuser is given a warning, at the second he is fined, and at the third he may be put in an LTTE prison.” Tamil women are once again vulnerable to rape by the Sri Lankan army which has moved into the north to carry out ‘reconstruction’. There are 90,000 widows under the age of 40 and although women have been flexible in stepping out of their ‘prescribed’ roles of housework and childcare into male jobs such as fishing, mechanics and cement making, unemployment levels are double that of men. The stigma of widowhood is strong in Hindu culture which has resulted in forced marriages at a scale which was previously non-existent. Survival in this devastated community has also led to an increase in sex work and trafficking to the Middle-East as maids. There are also reports that some Tiger women have joined the SL army, stationed as civil affairs co-ordinators in the Tamil majority areas and are welcomed by the Tamil communities who feel safer in their presence. There are many issues raised here which need further interrogation. When we talk of equality for women in a liberation struggle, it begs the question: is it liberating for a woman to pick up a gun? That begs a further question: if it is a war of liberation rather than aggression fought in the belief that it will deliver a nation where women can live as equals and if taking up arms is the only way left, then is it justified? Do peace initiatives across historical divides necessarily mean further compromise for the unequal partner? If sexualised violence is absent from some conflicts, or fighting forces, what lessons can be learnt so that rape is no longer a regular feature of war? This article is based on a talk by the author, ‘Women in Conflict’ given at King’s College, University of Cambridge for International Women’s Day.

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11 March 2014


'Cloud' may save education in India


swati Lodh Kundu asia Times Online

early four years after implementation in India of the Right to Education Act (RTE) in April 2010, the situation remains as grim as ever. Although India currently spends less than 4% of gross domestic product on education, there has been a steady increase of allocation of funds towards free and compulsory education to the 6-14 age group, especially since RTE came into existence. Yet, a rising proportion of students in rural areas choose private schools over government ones. The dependence on private tuition is also growing, with as much as 26% of students continuing with paid private tuition. What is of an even bigger concern is that the learning outcome in the public schools has not improved since the introduction of RTE. Rather, it has deteriorated, as shown by the latest Annual Status of Education Report (ASER). ASER assesses the reading and basic arithmetic skills of students by having them read or do simple mathematical problems that are two or more levels below their current standard. For example, a Standard 5 student is given Standard 2 material to read. Among Standard 5 children enrolled in government schools, the percentage of children able to read Standard 2 level text declined to 41.1% in 2013 from 50.3% in 2009. There is some improvement in the percentage when the performance of private school children is included - thereby providing further evidence of the lackluster learning outcome of government schools. The ASER 2013 data indicates that the level of basic arithmetic skills in government school "is lagging behind several years". Assessing the ability of the student to solve problems that pertain to two to three years lower; a paltry 20.8% of Standard 5 children in government schools could solve Standard 3 problems, compared with 38.9% students from the private school. This deplorable quality of outcome does not come as a surprise given the general quality of the public school teachers. Attending school where the teachers' knowledge level is negligible does not make much of a difference for students other than getting a free meal. With 99% of aspiring teachers failing to clear the Central Teachers' Eligibility Test (CTET) in 2012 (a test made mandatory by RTE for recruitment in government funded schools), we may end up with no new teachers in the near future. Even more worrying is what will happen if the test is conducted among existing teachers? In fact, given this shocking result, the Central Board of Secondary Education could not enforce the bye-laws to make it mandatory for teachers in their affiliated schools to be CTET certified. Hence poor-quality educators will continue to dominate, and an even poorer quality of students will come out of the system. In order to bring a balance, the states conduct an eligibility test that is easier than the CTET to ensure a supply of certified teachers even from the rural and tribal areas. Whether this compromise is acceptable is definitely debatable, but for a state that has to take the

multiple responsibilities of creating employment, recruiting people, and establishing a basis for developing a capable generation all to be handled simultaneously, they are left with very little room to maneuver. Unfortunately, public schools have become virtually irrelevant in India. According to information in the RTE forum, only 8% of schools are compliant with RTE norms for infrastructure and teacher availability. One also has to contend with high rates of absenteeism (25% per cent of teachers at India's government primary schools absent themselves from work on any given day, and only 50% of teachers present in schools are actually engaged in teaching, says a recent World Bank research project on teacher absenteeism) and poor quality of teachers. In fact, while these teachers fail to answer questions based on the primary section syllabus they send their own children to private schools, epitomizing the rot that has set in in the public school system in India. Clearly, there is a failure of the mechanisms to provide equitable, quality education to every child. In fact, among the nations with a good demographic profile, especially the South East Asian nations, India not only spends less on education, it has a very high inequality in education. In fact, as per the latest available Human Development Index (HDI) study, India's HDI loses 40% of the value once it is adjusted for inequality in education. According to figures from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, "Countries will need an extra 1.6 million teachers to achieve universal primary education by 2015 and 3.3 million by 2030." The consequences of the deficit are explained well by the 2013/14 UNESCO's Global Monitoring Report. What could be a way out? Last November, former education and current Communication and Law Minister Kapil Sibal stressed that reforms in education need to be child-centric. In fact, referring to India's first mission to Mars, he said that, "When we talk about launching a satellite to Mars, we have more than 220 million satellites in the country, our children and each satellite has its own trajectory. We should help them in finding their orbit and shine." Essentially, he believes that education needs to concentrate on the child and not the curriculum. Its efforts should be to bring out the brilliance in the child. If the government turns toward embracing technology, it may indeed find pertinent solution for all these problems. One such solution is the Self Organized Mediation Environment, or SOME. It is an environment wherein experienced teachers from all over the world take sessions through Skype with children in remote areas. Not only has this been practiced successfully in various parts of India for several years now, its usage is spreading fast even globally. When the revolutionary idea of a Self Organized Learning Environment (where the students teach themselves with the help of technology), showed success, there was a felt need for someone to encourage and keep the enthusiasm of the children alive. This resulted in SOME where the mediators help these chil-

News Review K. Filip sumi

Reviving Naga Reconciliation


he Naga Reconciliation process under the aegis of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) began in 2008. That was the year when gunfights between NSCN (IM) and GPRN/NSCN were at its heights. That was also the year when the Vihokhu camp of GPRN/NSCN was overrun by NSCN (IM) in June 26. Almost every day there was news about factional killings mostly in Dimapur. One of the reasons which could be attributed to the heightened factional clash in 2008 was the Naga Unification declared at Hovishe under Niuland on November 23, 2007. Likeminded people from NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) had merged with the objective of unifying the Nagas. With the merger, the nomenclature NSCK (K) was replaced with GPRN/NSCN. However, this development did not go down well with the NSCN (IM) which termed the move of its members who merged with NSCN (K) as “defectors.” After few months of Naga Unification declaration, gunfights between the two sides almost became a daily affair claiming scores of lives. Neither side backed off but continued in retaliatory mode. It was during such times of bloodshed that the FNR took on the onerous task of reconciling the Naga political groups. In its initial stage, the existence of FNR was almost invisible but steadily with tactful handling of the situations and communication skills, people began to notice the initiatives of the Forum. The FNR was gradually recognized as an umbrella where all the Naga groups came together to discuss the possibilities of Reconciliation. People’s hope rose higher in 2010 when the Reconciliation process reached a point where frequent meetings among the once stubborn leaders began to slowly relax their rigidities. The meetings became friendlier. Factional killings stopped almost completely and the state government also recognized the efforts of the FNR and other Naga NGOs towards the peaceful situation. However, due to reasons known only to the FNR and the participating Naga groups, the reconciliation atmosphere steadily became colder. The Naga political groups blamed each other for making it difficult for the FNR to carry on the reconciliation process. The FNR was made more or less helpless when the Naga political leaders began to shy away from meetings. Whenever the highest level leadership was supposed to attend the meeting, only the Joint Working Group members drawn for the three groups were present. In the absence of highest level leaders, the FNR also could not do much to make any considerable progress. FNR appeared annoyed and frustrated. Reconciliatory meetings began to further wither when the GPRN/NSCN and NNC/FGN unconditionally reconciled and unified on July 15, 2010 at Monyakhsu village which later came to be known as the Monyakshu Conclave. But it has to be understood that the two groups unified only in principle and modalities of that merger were yet to be worked out. There was supposed to be another merger of GPRN/NSCN and NNC headed by Dr. Senka and V. Nagi but it was never heard of again. Before this, reconciliation meetings were taking place among three groups; NSCN (IM), GPRN/NSCN and NNC/FGN. People had thought that the merger between GPRN/NSCN and NNC/FGN would make the reconciliation process easier as the FNR would then be theoretically dealing with only two groups – NSCN (IM) and GPRN/NSCN-NNC/FGN. However, the NSCN (IM) described this Conclave as ‘sabotaging’ the Naga reconciliation and unity process. Thus, the reconciliation process gradually came to a lull. Since then, FNR has been trying to revive the reconciliation process. Recent engagement scheduled for the collective leaderships of three participating Naga groups did not materialize as some failed to turn up. With further division among the Naga political groups during the lull period, this time around the FNR would be dealing with GPRN/NSCN, NSCN (K), NNC/FGN and NSCN (IM), if they all agree to sit across the table. If FNR has previously put its sincere efforts for Naga reconciliation, this time it calls for renewed efforts and better adept handling of the reconciliation process. Reviving the reconciliation process comes with public pressure and demand. Senior functionaries from different Naga groups opine that reconciliation should work if none of the groups try to dictate the terms of reconciliation. The progress of reconciliation also demands and depends on FNR remaining neutral. People still have hopes and looks up to FNR to fruitfully facilitate the reconciliation process which is warming up again. Naga national leaders should also once again come out of their cocoons and meet each other with an open mind as desired by the people. If the Naga groups say they are all working for the desire of the Naga people, then the same people’s desire is for them to come together as one.

dren with reading and navigating through the Internet. Seeing the robustness of this educational design and its effectiveness over the years, the Technology, Entertainment, Design conferences - better known as TED - in 2013 awarded the US$1 million annual TED prize for the idea of "The School in The Cloud", proposed by Calcutta-born Sugata Mitra, now an academic in the UK. This joins the two concepts of SOLE and SOME and surely could be a solution to The Education for All movement, a global commitment to provide quality basic education for all children, youth and adults. At this point in time, two facilities under "Schools In The Cloud" (referred to here as SITC) are operational in the UK, and India's first has opened recently in New Delhi. Three more are planned to be opened shortly, one in the UK and two in remote villages in India by March this year. SITC's success can cause a paradigm shift in education. On one hand it can reach every individual who wishes to learn despite the remoteness of a student's village and scarcity of resource. Secondly it is child-centric, creativity-boosting learning environment that guides the children to learn by sifting information from the Internet. This surely is a leap towards the 21st century learning despite the odds faced by our public schools. And why else is SITC appropriate in India? It is free. Apart from the cost of the infrastructure, there is no other cost involved. It can work as effectively in the single-room schools (still 5% of public schools have single rooms according to the RTE Forum survey) as in bigger ones. The mediators teach for free. Therefore the focus of resource allocation should shift to an uninterrupted and cheap power supply. Setting up solar panels and towers to catch required bandwidth should become the priority. It is also equitable and inclusive. India has long consisted of two worlds. One is affluent, tech savvy, gadget-using; the other (for whom there are the public schools) lives on a bare minimum. The increasing preference of private schools over public ones amplifies this dichotomy. SOLE and SOME are learning hubs that can be set up anywhere, in schools, at home, in clubs, in affluent schools and in schools with a paucity of resources or in nooks of "teacher shunned" villages. These labs can connect and interact with each other across borders. This way of sharing of knowledge, overcoming geographical borders, social and cultural barriers, is the best possible way to address inequity. UNESCO believes that education for sustainable development requires far-reaching changes in the way it is often practiced today. I believe that SITC can be a potential solution to India's perennial problem. However, for this, the government needs to shift the focus towards learning, critics stop prolixly discussions on road-map for RTE while cynical academic administrators permit a change from fossilized to a technology enabled system. This can help produce self-sufficient generations - the real demographic dividend that India aims to reap. Swati Lodh Kundu is an independent consultant in New Delhi.

Where does facilitation stop and bribery begin?


Vishnu Makhijani IaNS

ome three decades ago, when I was in the government, I made the acquaintance of a senior bureaucrat in an economic ministry who had the audacity to circulate the equivalent of a note verbale among a select few suggesting that a "consideration" of 10-20 percent be built into all deals, particularly to those relating to the defence sector. This was at a time when transparency had not even come into the lexicon and India was slowly opening up to the West to overcome the stranglehold of the then Soviet Union. Not surprisingly, many wondered whether he had a bee in his bonnet or was just being tongue-in-cheek and took little notice of the suggestion. Then, the Bofors "scandal" broke in and he gleefully re-circulated his note, saying: "See, I told you so. Had the consideration clause been there, this might not have happened." While on Bofors, let it be remembered that even though it cost Rajiv Gandhi his job and the case spent innumerable years in court, it could not be proved that money was paid underhand to land the $1.3 billion contract for 410 155mm field howitzers for the Indian Army. Let it also be remembered that the Bofors guns were the mainstay during the 1999 Kargil conflict with Pakistan. But for their "shoot-andscoot" capability, the going could have been much tougher for the Indian Army. For close to 15 years now, the army has been desperately trying to shore up its Bofors inventory, now down to half because of cannibalisation due to lack of spares. And yet, the government won't move because of the Bofors shadow. Then, in 2009 there were reports that the Indian Army was evaluating a 155mm ultra light howitzer being manufactured by a Singapore firm. A year later, there were two contradictory reports - that the firm had been blacklisted for alleged graft and that trials were to begin of the towed version of its 155mm gun. The company vehemently denied there was any wrongdoing. "We are more than willing to open our books for inspection. We have not done any wrong. Our corporate governance is of a very high standard. In the last 40 years, there has not been a single instance of our having done wrong," a top company official had told this writer at the time. There was no progress on either front - either on the probe or on the trials. Then, there were reports that the successor to the original Bofors gun, this one assembled by the US subsidiary of a British firm, could be sold to India. Last year, citing the lack of a response from the Indian government, the company said it was shutting down its plant in Britain where the components of the gun were manufac-

tured before being assembled in the US. With efforts to produce an indigenous gun having failed, from where will the army now get its howitzers - particularly when it is raising two mountain divisions and a strike corps? Now, take the case of two submarines manufactured in India under the transfer of technology route. In the first, the product was excellent but the German parent came under the graft cloud as a result of which there was no follow-on order as provided for in the contract. Here again, nothing could be proved and the issue died a natural death. Then, another European firm was contacted in the late 1990s and even as Indian engineers attempted to re-invent the wheel - the expertise acquired during the first project having being lost as those who had worked on it had retired - graft charges surfaced once again. The response was on expected lines: "Ask us what you want to, we will give you the answers." Thankfully, the issue has died down. However, for want of appropriate clearances due to the controversy, the first of the six submarines slated for delivery in 2012 is now expected only in 2015. Now comes the case of a British aero-engine manufacturer being under the scanner for a deal in the energy sector but which could impact the Indian Air Force (IAF). This is because the former deal piggy-backed on the latter for engines for the IAF advanced jet trainer (AJT). Now hear this: The company in question is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for the AJT, so there's no question of it competing with anyone for the order! So, what's the common thread running through all this? That bribes have been paid? In spite of years of investigation, has any proof of this surfaced? Quite obviously, there has been facilitation because otherwise, how would the armed forces be exposed to the best that is on offer at any given time - and let's face it: there's absolutely nothing wrong with the quality of products delivered or on order. The presence of a large number of arms dealers in the capital - one of whom is a prominent hotelier - is ample evidence of some people making pots of money. Has any of this been passed on to those who cleared the deals? Even if it has, no paper trail has emerged in any case. I don't hold a brief for any of these arms dealers but where does a legitimate business dealing get converted into wrongdoing? Look at it this way: Journalists are bombarded with invites and a plethora of inducements from a variety of business houses, offering trips abroad and within the country and a rash of gifts ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. All this, to "create a good impression" in the mind of the journalist about the company. What would you call this: Inducement, facilitation or bribery? I guess it depends on the scale!

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Importance of Day and Night for Diurnal (Human Beings) dr. Ramita sougrakpam

Department of Science St. Joseph’s college, Jakhama


he universe is a beautiful creation of God governed by four seasons winter, summer, autumn and spring, the Sun to light the day and the moon to illumine the night all through these seasons. Rotation of earth around its axis makes a day comprising of a day and a night. While the revolution of earth around the sun makes one complete year comprising of four seasons- winter, spring, summer and autumn, with the Sun to light the day and the moon to illuminate the night all through these seasons. It is cold and dry during the winter and the hour of day is short and the night is long. If we look at the mountains and hills it is all dry and dusty and when we glance at these fields, we find dried leaves and grasses. We call it a dry season because almost all the grasses die out and the leaves fall down. Adding to it, it looks more deserted with the traditional method of cutting and collecting firewood during this time of the year for the storage for the whole year. It is a matter of concern today to preserve and protect the mother earth in which we live. It takes approximately twenty years for the red oak tree to attain 5 inch diameter. The age is being calculated using “diameter x growth Factor = approximate tree age”. Trees have different growth rates, depending on their species. That means if we are going to collect small mini truck full firewood for cooking for a small family then we are going to cut down almost ten trees which may be of twenty years old. It is a fact that we all experience in our day to living especially in rural areas as there are very less alternative energy sources for cooking. This tradition is going to desert the hills in the near future if new saplings are not replaced to the fallen ones. If we didn’t take precautions then it is sure the coming generation will complain about the heat, wind, rain, humidity and temperature. It is a tragedy we are bringing it upon ourselves and our future. This is clarion call for each of us to take the initiative and go green. It appears to me that our mother earth is mourning for her lost beauty and bounty. Time and seasons change, spring comes to welcome the beauty of the nature with its pleasant weather. The hour of the day and the night is same and the length of the day will increase everyday till summer. It is welcomed by the beautiful pink blossom of the wild cherry and the beautiful white blossom of the prunes. The trees show its most beautiful stage of the year, aching by the flowers without its leaves in the hills around if we are near to nature. Summer brings the warmest season with wet weather and rich vegetation. We can see our nature; dressed in her lovely and beautiful green, giving all the requirements to every being according to the needs. There is everything for everyone’s needs provided by the nature but not to everyone’s greed. The days are longer and the nights are short during summer. Autumn shows the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees as they pave way for further growth. It is also known as fall in the US and Canada. The hour of day and the night is almost same like spring in which the day length will decrease everyday till winter. It marks the transition from summer into winter, and the chill of winter is on the horizon. This season is a time of bounteous fruits where most food items and grains are harvested during the autumn which includes pumpkins and apples and other vegetables. Transition of day to night is the beautiful gift of nature to all the beings living in this universe. Day and night is given in order to perform the vital activities of life. Sun lights up the day and Moon reflect the sun in the night. According to activities of the organisms during the light and dark, organisms are divided into three types. Those that are active during the night are called “nocturnal”. Their activities peak during the dark. Many of these animals having a specially developed sense of vision which help them to see in the dark, and they often have excellent hearing as well. They come out at night and sleep or rest during the day. There are a number of reasons for an animal to be nocturnal; many desert animals are active at night because it is cooler, and their rate of water loss is decreased as a result. Owls, bats and wolves are well-known nocturnal creature. If we see the owl at noon it is a cause of concern since it is usually seen at night. There are also animals which are active during the twilight. It is called as “crepuscular’. Their behaviour is very different from the diurnal and the nocturnal animals which are active during the dawn or only in the dusk, respectively.The distinction is not however absolute, because crepuscular animals may also be active on a bright moonlit night or on a dull day. The animals use this time to feed, drink and engage in other behaviour as their predators are inactive during the twilight. Deer, many moths, rabbits, housecats, rats, are crepuscular. Humans also have a tendency to encourage diurnal behavior among the animals they interact with; dogs which are naturally crepuscular, learn to become diurnal through human interactions. Organisms that are active during the day are “diurnal” also term as “cathemeral”. They are active during the daylight. Like “crepuscular” and “nocturnal” animals, the daily patterns of diurnal animals are established through circadian rhythms, patterns built into their body chemistry. Being active during the day certainly has some advantages, especially for creature with poor visibility like us humans. We are the most beautiful creation of God. With the dawn we can hear the birds chirping in the air, searching for its food, feeding and enjoying the first ray of sunlight. But we, humans with modernization most of us fail to see the beautiful sunrise for so many reasons. Why? We claim ourselves to be the ruler of all the beings on this earth, but we are missing the beauty of the nature day by day. With the industrialization, people are becoming nocturnal and engaged to the night shift duty which is not accepted by our body system. We are running so much to changing time that sometimes we forgot that we are diurnal too. Most of the students study at night; most of our youth enjoy night life with their friends in various ways not knowing the consequences. The disruption of our established biological rhythms can be harmful. We are not adapted to being active at night, which means that we are vulnerable to alertness, stress, frustration, or pressured into unusual behavior and may led to certain diseases like obesity, which is very common or may become sick to physical and psychological complications. Day length plays an important role in almost all the organisms with the exception of those which exist in the deep oceans. It is important for us to know, to understand and to have this knowledge about what type of organism we are in this universe and to do the activities that are permitted by nature for us to maintain a healthy mind, body and relationship with our nature. We are created by God to keep this universe clean and green.




Tuesday 11 March 2014

Cong runs govt for poor: Rahul

Jaipur, March 10 (iaNS): Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi Monday said his party runs a government for the poor and would continue to work for their betterment if voted back to power in the Lok Sabha elections. Addressing a rally in Rajasthan’s Devali town in Tonk district, around 100 km from here, Gandhi alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party will run “a government for the rich” in the state. He said the Congress-led union government got about 150 million people out of the below poverty line (BPL) category in the last 10 years. Gandhi said his party would work for the welfare of 700 million people in India who were earlier classified as “poor” but now no longer live in absolute poverty. “They are below the middle class, but above the poor class. If voted to power, the Congress aims to work for the development of this class and provide enough opportunities to them so that they can progress,” he said. Over 75,000 people turned up at the rally, and even broke barricades to get a glimpse of the Congress leader. Gandhi hit out at the BJP and said it does not find corruption in the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh where it is in power. He also referred to the alleged corruption during the BJP’s five-year rule in Karnataka. Gandhi, however, said the Congress will not allow the BJP to indulge in corruption in Rajasthan. “Congress workers will ensure that the BJP keeps from indulging in corruption. The workers would hit the road and leave no stone unturned to ensure this,” he said. “The BJP will run a government for the rich, but the Congress will

an indian village man twirls his mustache at an election campaign rally addressed by Congress party vice president rahul gandhi at Deoli town in tonk district, rajasthan, on monday, march 10. india will hold national elections from april 7 to may 12, kicking off a vote that many observers see as the most important election in more than 30 years in the world’s largest democracy. (AP Photo)

fight for the poor.” Stating that the Congress will give opportunities to new and young faces for the polls, he said participation of youth in politics was essential to tackle corruption. He said young leaders have been given organisational responsibilities in Rajasthan after the party’s rout in the assembly polls last year. He also said the proposed industrial and freight rail corridor between Delhi and Mumbai will provide employment to the youth in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Congress president and union minister Sachin Pilot, former chief minister Ashok Gehlot and several other party leaders also addressed the gathering. The Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan will be held in two phases. Voting for the 25 parliamentary constituencies in the state will take place April 17 and 24. In the last elections in 2009, the Congress won in 20 constituencies while the BJP bagged four seats. One seat was won by an Independent candidate. Interacting with stone mine

workers in Kolayat in Bikaner, Gandhi said policies have to be framed to benefit the poor. Absence of social security, low wages, lack of medical facilities and permanent employment were among the issues raised by the workers. Gandhi said the Congress intends to include the right to health in its manifesto as a poor person who falls sick for three-four days and is out of work gets sucked into poverty. He also told the labourers that he will work for them and fight for their issues.

The Morung Express

Tobacco primary cause of preventable deaths

New Delhi, March 10 (iaNS): Pegging the worldwide figure close to five to six million, health experts blame tobacco to be the number one cause of preventable deaths across the entire population, especially youth. “Worldwide, tobacco consumption caused an estimated 100 million deaths in the last century and if current trends continue it will kill 1,000 million in the 21st century. Around half of all regular smokers will die from the habit, half of these in their middle age,” Shashi Kant Baliyan, managing director, Clearmedi Healthcare Private Limited that works across the spectrum of the medical space, told IANS. “Direct smoking causes around five million deaths globally every year with many of these occurring prematurely. An estimated 600,000 are estimated to die every year from effect of second-hand smoke,” Baliyan added. Rajneesh Jain, a cardiologist at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, affirmed this and added that if the current trend of tobacco use continues, close to eight million people worldwide will lose their lives annually by 2030. “Estimates from patients at our oral cancer ward indicate that 80-90 percent of preventable cancers of the neck, head and throat are tobacco-related. More than one million Indians die prematurely from tobacco-related disease each year and the social and economic costs to our community are immense,” concurred Pankaj Chaturvedi, cancer specialist at Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital. According to Neeraj Gupta, senior consultant, (Pulmonology) at Gurgaon’s Paras Hospital, tobacco causes many preventable diseases in various forms including strokes and myocardial infarction, as also lung, mouth and tongue cancer. “The most common problem caused by smoking is chronic ob-

structive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is the fifth leading cause of death in the world and is expected to be the third leading cause of death worldwide by 2020,” Gupta told IANS. About 10 percent of COPD patients are young. “With time, it is estimated that by 2020, five out of 10 people shall be affected by COPD due to active or passive smoking,” Gupta added. Has there been a sudden increase in girls and women using tobacco products? “Yes,” said Jain, adding that the usage of tobacco products by women in the last two decades has seen an increase. “Stress, urbanisation and the modernisation of the society have all led to the participation of women in smoking and tobacco intake. Today three out of 10 women smoke or are exposed to passive smoking. Earlier due to societal constraints women were restrained. However, now they are freer,” Gupta stated. “They need to understand the fact that their body and biological functions are extremely fragile; any type of abnormality can affect them adversely,” he said. Agreed Jain, who said that the risk of developing diseases by smoking are higher in women than men. “Smoking also has delirious effects on the foetus, and accounts for 30-40 percent of low birth rates. Smoking also increases pre-term deliveries by up to 15 percent,” Jain said. Experts warned that smoking is extremely harmful during pregnancy and advise women to refrain from the habit. Experts agree that kicking the butt may not be easy, but it isn’t impossible. “Will power is important, but only around three percent of smokers are able to do this. Set a quit date, tell friends, family and co-workers that you plan to quit. The other way is nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges,” Baliyan explained.

Amar Singh, Jayaprada join RLD Conclude trial of lawmakers in a year, directs Supreme Court New Delhi, March 10 (iaNS): Former Samajwadi Party (SP) leaders Amar Singh and Jayaprada Monday joined the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD). The announcement was made in a press conference attended by RLD chief Ajit Singh and the two former SP leaders. Amar Singh, who was once close to Mulayam Singh Yadav and was the deal maker for the SP, was expelled from the party in 2010. Actor-turned-politician Jayaprada followed him in quitting the party. Addressing the press conference, the RLD chief said his party would be fighting on eight seats in western Uttar Pradesh. Amar Singh went ahead to back RLD’s demand for a separate Harit Pradesh carved out of western Uttar Pradesh. “Development in Uttar Pradesh is not possible without dividing it,” said Amar Singh. The former SP leader, who is known for his blunt remarks, tried to make peace with both Congress and BJP saying he “respects” Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and calling BJP president Rajnath Singh a “friend”.

Nitish’s PM ambitions led to alliance break-up: Modi

New Delhi, March 10 (iaNS): The Supreme Court Monday directed that the trial in all the criminal offences involving sitting members of parliament and legislatures should be concluded within one year by holding it on a day to day basis. A bench of Justice R.M. Lodha and Justice Kurian Joseph said the offences for which trial has to conclude within one year are those mentioned under Sections 8 (1), 8 (2) and 8 (3) of the Representation of the People Act. The court said in cases where

the trial could not be concluded due to special, extraordinary circumstances, this will be communicated to the chief justice of the high court concerned with the reasons. The chief justice in turn will issue appropriate directions, extending time. The court direction came on a petition by Public Interest Foundation which sought to decriminalise the electoral politics. The apex court Dec 16, 2013, had asked the Law Commission to address two question whether disqualification should be triggered upon conviction as it exists

today or upon framing of charges by the court or upon the filing of the charge sheet by police before the court. The second question for the consideration of the panel was whether filing of false affidavits under Section 125A of the Representation of People Act, 1951 should be a ground of disqualification. If yes, then what mode and mechanism needs to be provided for adjudication on the veracity of the affidavit. In its recommendation, the law panel pitched for the stage of framing of charges as this “is

based on adequate levels of judicial scrutiny, and disqualification at the stage of charging, if accompanied by substantial attendant legal safeguards to prevent misuse, has significant potential in curbing the spread of criminalisation of politics”. As a safeguard from its misuse, the panel said that only offences which have a “maximum punishment of five years or above” ought to be included within the remit of this provision and the charges filed up to “one year before the date of scrutiny of nominations for an election will

not lead to disqualification”. In the course of the hearing, the court asked Additional Solicitor General Paras Kuhad whether this time frame could be reduced to six months, noting that everyone would like to come clean as early as possible. It noted that a speedy trial is a facet of the constitution’s article 21 guaranteeing protection of life and personal liberty. In the absence of a definitive answer from the government counsel, the court settled for fixing the time frame for the trial at one year.

Rain, hailstorms leaves 12 dead EU, UN pay tribute to Indian women

MuMBai, March 10 (iaNS): Heavy rain accompanied by hailstorms in 28 districts of Maharashtra claimed the lives of at least 12 people and caused widespread damage to crops, affecting nearly five million farmers, officials said Monday. Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan spoke to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Election Commission to apprise them of the situation, and said the government will ensure aid to the farmers while taking care not to violate the model code of conduct. Large areas of Baramati, Nagpur and Pune were hit by rain even Monday. “In the past 10 days or so, around 800,000 hectares spread across 28 districts in the state were hit by either heavy rain or severe hailstorms,” Agriculture Commissioner Umakant Dangat told IANS. The damage included around

purNea (Bihar), March 10 (iaNS): Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s ambition to become prime minister led to the break-up of the alliance between the Janata Dal-United and the Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said Monday. Addressing a rally here, Modi said that at that time, the BJP was not sure why the JD-U broke the partnership. “Now we know why he (Nitish Kumar) broke the alliance. The dream of becoming prime minister was not letting him sleep,” the Gujarat chief minister said. He also took a dig at the Third Front, saying it has a dozen prime ministerial aspirants. “Look at the Third Front... almost all parties have saved the Congress and supported it at some point of time. There are either former prime ministers, or prime minister aspirants,” he said. “There are more than a dozen people who have got clothes stitched to become the prime minister.” Modi said the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance, if elected to power, will develop the country’s eastern region, including Bihar, by providing all necessary help. “Our government’s priority will be to develop the eastern part of the country, including Bihar, Assam, Odisha and West Bengal at par with the western part,” he said. “We will see whether it is the special package or special category status which will help Bihar to develop. It will be our immediate concern,” Modi added. The BJP leader also DharMSala, March said the Congress-led government was on its death bed 10 (ap): Young Tibetans with oxygen support to keep it alive for a few days. are leading the fight to free their homeland from Chinese rule, the leader of the community’s governmentin-exile said on Monday’s 55th anniversary of an upNew Delhi, March 10 (pTi): Sahara group chief rising that led to a bloody Subrata Roy will have to remain in jail for some more crackdown and drove the time with the Supreme Court deferring hearing of the Rs Dalai Lama to flee into In20,000 crore refund case that was slated for tomorrow. dia. It is not easy for young On the last date of hearing on March 7, the apex court had asked the Sahara group to come out with “honourable Tibetans still living in Tibet proposal” for depositing Rs 20,000 crores of investors — isolated from cousins, friends and former neighmoney and posted the hearing on March 11. The cause list put on the apex court website today, bors who have gone into however, showed that the case, which was listed before a exile in countries around special bench of justices KS Radhakrishnan and J S Khe- the world, Prime Minishar “stands deleted and the same is adjourned.” Reason ter Lobsang Sangay said. for the adjournment has not been known and even the Those who remain and reSahara group’s lawyer expressed surprise over it. The Sa- member how Tibetan Nahara group may mention the issue tomorrow before an tional Uprising Day began appropriate bench to get the matter listed at the earliest. in 1959 are aging. Within Tibet since The special bench had on March four sent Roy and two directors Ravi Shankar Dubey and Ashok Roy Choud- 2009, 126 people have set hary to judicial custody till March 11 while expressing un- themselves on fire to prohappiness over the proposal of his group on the refund of test China’s heavy-handed rule. Many have been investors’ money. It had rejected Sahara’s proposal which had offered Buddhist monks and nuns to pay Rs 2,500 crore within three days and the rest of the calling for Tibetan freedom and the return of the amount in five instalments by the end of July, 2015.

50,000 hectares of fruit crops, including grapes, oranges, bananas and pomegranates. The crop of wheat, jowar and grams has been virtually razed while the cotton crop has also been affected, he said. The hail carpeted fields, farms and highways in Beed, Latur, Nashik, Dhule, Satara, Pune, Nagpur and other places. Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who toured some of the worst-hit regions Monday, announced that the affected farmers shall be given aid and compensation on priority. “A central team will arrive here Thursday to assess the damage and losses suffered by the farmers. It will submit its report and later announce necessary relief measures,” Pawar said. The chief minister will go on a two-day tour starting Tuesday to some of the worst affected regions of Marathwada and Vidarbha.

New Delhi, March 10 (iaNS): In many rural families in India, there is still a preference for investing in education for boys as compared to girls, especially beyond the primary level, said a report released here Monday. The report, “Hearts and Minds: Women of India Speak”, an initiative of the UN Women along with a team of authors, intends to share the “lived experiences” of women and girls across five Indian states - Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Rajasthan. Based on the interviews of elected women representatives, the report captures the voices of these grassroots women who remain completely marginalised despite India’s phenomenal economic growth.

“The report ensures that the voices of those who remain socially and economically marginalised are meaningfully reflected in India’s policies and the emerging global post-2015 development agenda,” said Rebecca Reichmann Tavares, representative, UN Women multi country office for India, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka. “The gender equality goal, developed by the UN Women, calls for increased participation of women in decisionmaking. “In the context of the upcoming elections, this is a pertinent issue as despite the advances made through the panchayats, women account for nearly 10 percent seats in the parliament,” she added. The event also saw the launch of a new European

Union (EU) film, “Women who Inspire”, which comprised a series of interviews with Indian women who are “inspiring change”. A few women who featured in the film include ace climber Bachendri Pal, police officer Shalini Agrihotri, women cricketer Anjum Chopra, Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising and actress Vidya Balan. “I understood that one needs money to survive. Sometimes you can earn, sometimes you cannot... The fertiliser business changed my life, the life of my whole village and the lives of my sisters,” Hirbai Ibrahim Lobby, who has been working with the Self Help Group in her village since 1994, said in the movie. “Everyone can do it and must if they want to have a better life,” she added.

Youths leaD tibet freeDom fight

Subrata Roy to stay in jail indefinitely till next hearing

austrian national maximilian, foreground left, joins exile tibetans during a gathering to mark the 55th anniversary of the failed uprising in the tibetan capital lhasa in 1959, in Dharmsala, india, monday, march 10, 2014. the uprising of the tibetan people against the Chinese rule was brutally quelled by Chinese army forcing the spiritual leader the Dalai lama and hundreds of tibetans to come into exile. (aP Photo/

Dalai Lama. who clearly and loudly de- told flag-waving exile Ti“It is the younger gen- mand their identity, free- betans and their supporteration of Tibetans in Tibet dom and unity,” Sangay ers in Dharmsala, where

the Dalai Lama and the exile government are based. “Tibetans inside Tibet will have no memories of traditional Tibet, while Tibetans outside of Tibet will know only a life lived in exile,” Sangay said. The crowd of more than a thousand people cheered during Sangay’s speech and waved colorful flags emblazoned with the words, “Tibet for Tibetans.” During a slow, 6-mile (10-kilometer) march through town, they shouted “Long live the Dalai Lama” and “Free Tibet.” China claims Tibet has been part of its territory for centuries. Tibetans say the Himalayan region was virtually independent until China occupied it in 1950. On March 10, 1959, hundreds rose up against the occupation, demonstrating outside the Dalai Lama’s residence in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, until their rally was bru-

tally quashed by the army. The Dalai Lama, then the political leader as well as the Tibetan spiritual leader, fled on foot over the snow-covered Himalayas to India. The 78-year-old spiritual leader, who handed his political powers over to the democratically elected Sangay in 2011, did not attend Monday’s gathering in Dharmsala. Beijing has blamed outsiders and extremists for trying to incite violence or undermine China, while Sangay and other Tibetan leaders say the self-immolations reflect an increasingly desperate population unable to express themselves any other way. Beijing accuses the selfproclaimed exile government of seeking to separate Tibet from China. But exiles and the Dalai Lama say they simply want a high degree of autonomy under Chinese rule.



the Morung express

11 March 2014



Investigators chase ‘every angle’ in missing jet KUaLa LUMPUr , March 10 (aP): Rescue helicopters and ships searching for a Malaysia Airlines jet rushed Monday to investigate a yellow object that looked like a life raft. It turned out to be moss-covered trash floating in the ocean, once again dashing hopes after more than two days of fruitless search for the plane that disappeared en route to Beijing with 239 people on board. With no confirmation that the Boeing 777 had crashed, hundreds of distraught relatives waited anxiously for any news. Thai police and Interpol questioned the proprietors of a travel agency in the resort town of Pattaya that sold one-way tickets to two men now known to have been traveling on flight MH370 using stolen passports. There has been no indication that the two men had anything to do with the tragedy, but the thefts of the passports fueled speculation of foul play, terrorism or a hijacking gone wrong. Malaysia has shared their details with Chinese and American intelligence agencies. Malaysia’s police chief was quoted by local media as saying that one of the men had been identified. Civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman didn’t confirm this, but said they were of “non-Asian” appearance. He said au-

Lack of information angers relatives

Indonesian Navy pilots Maj. Bambang Edi Saputro, left, and 2nd Lt. Tri Laksono check their map during a search operation for the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 over the waters bordering Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand near the Malacca straits on Monday, March 10. In an age when people assume that any bit of information is just a click away, the thought that a jetliner could simply disappear over the ocean for more than two days is staggering. (AP Photo)

thorities were looking at the possibility they were connected to a stolen passport syndicate, but declined to give any more details. The search operation has involved 34 aircraft and 40 ships from several countries covering a 50-nautical mile radius from the point the plane vanished from radar screens between Malaysia and Vietnam, he said. Experts say possible causes of the apparent crash include an explosion, catastrophic engine failure,

terrorist attack, extreme turbulence, pilot error or even suicide. Selamat Omar, a Malaysian whose 29-year-old son Mohamad Khairul Amri Selamat was a passenger on the flight, expected a call from him at the 6.30 a.m. arrival time. Instead he got a call from the airline saying the plane was missing. “We accept God’s will. Whether he is found alive or dead, we surrender to Allah,” Selamat said. There have been a few

glimmers of hope, but so far no trace of the plane has been found. On Sunday afternoon, a Vietnamese plane spotted a rectangular object that was thought to be one of the missing plane’s doors, but ships working through the night could not locate it. Then on Monday, a Singaporean search plane spotted a yellow object some 140 kilometers (87 miles) southwest of Tho Chu island, but it turned out to be some sea trash. Malaysian maritime of-

ficials found some oil slicks in the South China Sea and sent a sample to a lab to see if it came from the plane. Tests showed that the oil was not from an aircraft, Azharuddin said. As relatives of the 239 people on the flight grappled with fading hope, attention focused on how two passengers managed to board the aircraft using stolen passports. Interpol confirmed it knew about the stolen passports but said no authorities checked

BeiJiNG, March 10 (aP): The anguished hours had turned into a day and a half. Fed up with awaiting word on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, relatives of passengers in Beijing lashed out at the carrier with a handwritten ultimatum and an impromptu news conference. Faced with an emergency, the airline said it was doing all it could to answer questions about Flight MH370, which disappeared from radar Saturday with 239 people aboard while heading from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The uncertainty over the plane’s whereabouts was frustrating relatives, but also hindering the carrier’s ability to respond: It’s difficult to deliver a clear message with so much still unclear. From a room set aside at a hotel near the Beijing airport, a man with a black shirt emerged with a statement signed by about 100 of the relatives, saying that unless the carrier could give them some clarity, they would take their complaints to the Malaysian Embassy. By this time, the airline already had dispatched dozens of caregivers to Beijing and assigned one to each family, provided accommodation, food, transits vast databases on stolen documents before the jet departed. Warning that “only a handful of countries” routinely make such checks, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble chided authorities for “waiting for a tragedy to put prudent security measures in place at borders and boarding gates.” The two stolen passports, one belonging to Austrian Christian Kozel and the other to Luigi Maraldi of Italy, were entered into In-

MyanMar census: risk or reward for Rohingya?

Sittwe, March 10 (aFP): In the desolate camps of western Myanmar many homeless Muslims are determined to assert their identity as Rohingya after years of persecution, in a census some fear will spark further turmoil. Myanmar’s first census in 30 years -- which starts at the end of March with United Nations help -- will provide new data on the country, until now relying on figures from a flawed population tally in 1983. But observers warn that controversy over rigid official definitions of ethnicity and entrenched mistrust of authorities after decades of junta rule risk damaging the country’s fragile peace efforts and further inflaming religious tensions after waves of anti-Muslim violence. Questions of identity go to the very heart of divisions in Rakhine State, where long-held animosity between Buddhist and Muslim communities erupted into bloodshed two years ago, leaving scores dead and displacing 140,000 people -- mainly among the stateless Rohingya. Violence has already flared in the camps on the outskirts of the state capital Sittwe as anxieties over the possible impact of the census run high.

Eindarit, 36, lay beaten and bandaged in a wooden shack following an effort to prevent dozens of fellow Rohingya from fleeing Myanmar by boat. “He asked them not to leave because we have to take part in the census,” said Hla Mint, a 58-year-old retired policeman and de facto local leader, speaking his behalf. But it ended in violence. Eindarit was badly wounded, losing most of his teeth. The attack left him requiring strapping to his jaw. “He was cut with knives on his head and hands and beaten with a pipe,” Hla Mint said, blaming the clash on local human traffickers. Suspicion runs deep The incident adds weight to observers’ fears that the census is stirring up new divisions in the already combustible state. “I think this is going to create a huge mess. Everyone is extremely worried this is going to erupt into a new stage of violence,” said Chris Lewa, of the Arakan Project, which campaigns for Rohingya rights. Myanmar’s 800,000 Rohingya -- who are stateless, and considered by the UN to be one of the world’s most persecuted minorities -- face restrictions that hamper their ability to trav-

el, work, access health and education and even to marry. Many Rohingya are deeply distrustful of the government -- which maintains that most in the community are illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh -- and fear it could use its census findings to somehow extinguish their potential citizenship claims. The survey form does not have a dedicated box for Rohingya, who are not one of the country’s 135 official ethnic minorities -- despite the fact many can trace their ancestry back generations in Myanmar. But they can still identify themselves as Rohingya in the census -- there is a box for “other” with space to write any group or name they wish to be identified as, which some see as a breakthrough in their efforts to assert their identity. Many of Rakhine’s Muslim population were listed as Bengali in the last census. “We are labelled ‘Bengali, Bengali’ all the time. Evidence that we were born here, that we have been staying here, is crucial to us,” Hla Mint told AFP.

tensions at a critical moment” in Myanmar’s democratic transition, according to a recent study by the International Crisis Group (ICG), which added that controversial sections on religion and ethnicity should be dropped in favour of a focus on key demographic data. It said the results, many of which will be released before Myanmar holds its first national polls since the end of junta rule, had “direct political ramifications” because the country has some constituencies carved out along ethnic minority lines according to population size. But the government and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) have rejected those suggestions. They say information on ethnicity is needed as part of efforts to provide a crucial snapshot of the country for national planning. UNFPA’s Myanmar chief Janet Jackson said most ethnic armed groups -- apart from Kachin rebels near the Chinese border -had accepted the census. She told AFP that efforts are under way to ensure everyone is counted in Rakhine “sensitively and with Census fraught with risk calm”, adding the survey would The census “risks inflaming not be linked to citizenship. The

UN aims to find census-takers among Rakhine’s Muslim population to ease inter-communal mistrust. But divisions fester and in Sittwe, Buddhist politicians expressed deep animosity towards their Muslim former neighbours. “There is no such thing as the Rohingya ethnicity... it is just a term. Ethnic Rakhines know their intention. It is a political aim,” said Shwe Maung, a senior member of the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party. The ICG said the previous census was believed to have deliberately under-reported the size of Mynamar’s Muslim population, at four rather than 10 percent. Consequently, this census could show a misleading “threefold increase” in the Muslim population, “a potentially dangerous call to arms” for extremists in the Buddhist-majority nation, the study said. For Muslims trapped between risking defiantly identifying themselves as Rohingya and the ongoing precariousness of statelessness, the path ahead is fraught with uncertainty, said Rohingya politician Kyaw Min. “The future is very dark, gloomy -- very dangerous,” he told AFP.

port and financial assistance. It said it was providing regular updates despite a lack of information about the plane. But the initial disorder of Malaysia Airlines’ response, and its lack of official contact with relatives in the early going set the tone for the ensuing hours of waiting. “One of the most important things to remember here,” said Frank Taylor, director of an aviation safety center at Cranfield University in Britain, “is that it’s much easier to stand down staff after an initial over-reaction than to play catchup after an initial under-reaction.” The relatives had expected the plane’s arrival at 6:30 a.m. Saturday. About four hours later, a handwritten note was posted on a white board in the arrival hall advising relatives to use a shuttle service to go to the Lido Hotel to await information. But when the family members got there, they wandered around lost and distressed before hotel staff — apparently unprepared — escorted them into a private area. It was several more hours before an airline spokesman made a brief statement to reporters, providing little information.

terpol’s database after they were stolen in Thailand in 2012 and last year, the police body said. Electronic booking records show that one-way tickets with those names were issued Thursday from a travel agency in the beach resort of Pattaya in eastern Thailand. Interpol said it and national investigators were working to determine the identities of those who used the stolen passports to board the flight. Interpol has long sounded the alarm

that growing international travel has underpinned a new market for identity theft: Bogus passports are mostly used by illegal immigrants, but also pretty much anyone looking to travel unnoticed such as drug runners or terrorists. More than 1 billion times last year, travelers boarded planes without their passports being checked against Interpol’s database of 40 million stolen or lost travel documents, the police agency said.

NKorea: Not a single vote cast against Kim Jong Un

PYONGYaNG, March 10 (aP): With no one else on the ballot, state media reported Monday that supreme leader Kim Jong Un was not only elected to the highest legislative body in North Korea, he won with the unanimous approval of his district, which had 100 percent turnout. North Koreans went to the polls on Sunday to approve the new roster of deputies for the Supreme People’s Assembly, the country’s legislature. The vote, more a political ritual than an election by Western standards, is generally held once every five years. Though results for the other seats in the assembly had not yet been announced, North Korea’s media quickly reported Kim had won in his district — located on the symbolic Mount Paekdu — without a single dissenting ballot. In the previous elections, 687 deputies were chosen. This is first time the election had been held since Kim inherited power after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, in 2011. “This is an expression of all the service personnel and people’s absolute support and profound trust in supreme leader Kim Jong Un as they single-mindedly remain loyal to him,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency said. Voters in the election have no choice who to vote for — there is only one candidate’s name on the ballot for each district. Instead, they have the choice of voting yes or no, and according to official accounts virtually all choose yes. North Korea also typically puts turnout nationwide at over 99%. Analysts will be closely watching to see if the deputies this time around reflect a generational change as Kim looks to solidify his power and replace older cadres with younger, more loyal ones. The Supreme People’s Assembly usually meets only rarely, often only once a year. In practice it has little power and when it is not in session, its work is done by a smaller and more powerful body called the Presidium.

Family of Texas man on flight comforted by faith ukraine seeks us help after Putin talks tough

KeLLer, March 10 (aP): The brother of a Texas man who was aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing over the South China Sea said Sunday his family is leaning on their faith as they wait for news about the man they last saw about a week ago. Philip Wood, an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years, recently returned home from Asia before his next assignment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wood came back to Texas to prepare for his move to the Malaysian capital, his brother, James Wood said. “There is a shock, a very surreal moment in your life,” James Wood said in a phone interview from the family’s home in Keller, a Dallas suburb of about 40,000 people located north of Forth Worth. “Last Sunday, we were all having breakfast together. And now, you can’t,” he said, as the family got ready to attend church. Their faith, he said, is what’s helping the family through this trying time. “My brother, our family, we are Christians. Christ above else is what’s keeping us together,” he said. Philip Wood, 50, was one of three Americans who were aboard the Boeing 777 when it lost contact with air traffic control as it was cruising on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12

This handout photo provided by the Wood family shows Philip Wood, an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July 2013. (AP Photo)

crew members. It isn’t known with whom the other two Americans, Nicole Meng, 4, and Yan Zhang, 2, were traveling. A technical storage executive at IBM Malaysia, Wood was “a good, hard worker,” his brother said. James Wood said that his brother is divorced and that one of his sons attends Texas A&M University and that another is an alumnus of that university. He also pointed out that, along with his brother, members of hundreds of other families were aboard Flight MH370. “This is not a local thing; this is a world thing,” he said. “We are one fam-

ily. There are 240 other families. Our hearts go out to them.” The family has been contacted by the U.S. Department of State and other institutions, Wood added. So far, no explanation as to what happened to the plane is available. There was no distress signal before the plane vanished from the radar. The family is watching CNN, BBC and other news stations, waiting for small pieces of information as they trickle down, he said. But, “with a situation like this, when a plane just disappears ... it leaves you with a lot of questions,” he said.

Kiev, March 10 (aFP): Ukraine sought urgent Western backing on Monday after Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted that Crimea had the right to join his country even while hinting at a readiness for dialogue. The pro-European team in Kiev that rode the wave of three months of deadly protests to topple a Kremlin-backed regime is running against the clock to preserve the territorial integrity of the culturally splintered nation of 46 million. The self-declared leadership on the predominantly ethnic Russian peninsula of Crimea has proclaimed independence from Kiev and set a March 16 referendum on switching over to Kremlin rule. The decision has been condemned by Western powers who are also furious at Moscow’s seizure of Crimea in a lightning but bloodless operation that began days after the February 22 fall and subsequent escape to Russia of president Viktor Yanukovych. German Chancellor Angela Merkel - whose cautious approach to imposing sanctions on Russia has clashed with the more hawkish positions of Eastern European nations and the United States - bluntly told Putin on Sunday that the Crimean referendum was “illegal”. “The

United States is not prepared to recognise any result of the so-called referendum,” US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt told reporters in Kiev on Monday. The most explosive EastWest crisis since the Cold War was stoked further when the Kremlin said Putin told both Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron that he

fully recognised the actions of Crimea’s leaders - in power since an end of February seizure of the local parliament and government by pro-Kremlin gunmen. But Merkel’s office also said Putin had promised to discuss with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday the creation of an “international contact group” on Ukraine that

he had resisted before. The embryonic sign of diplomatic progress came as Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk prepared to fly to Washington for his first meeting with US President Barack Obama - himself pushing a peace plan that includes support for snap presidential elections on May 25.

Crimean Tatars shout slogans during the pro-Ukraine rally in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, on Monday, March 10. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday defended the separatist drive in the disputed Crimean Peninsula as in keeping with international law, but Ukraine’s prime minister vowed not to relinquish “a single centimeter” of his country’s territory. The local parliament in Crimea has scheduled a referendum for next Sunday. (AP Photo)

The Morung Express 10 SPORTS Rockets rally to beat Blazers in OT Juventus beats Fiorentina for 14-point lead Dimapur


11 March 2014

Portland Trail Blazers' Mo Williams, left, tries to drive around Houston Rockets' Jeremy Lin during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game Sunday, March 9, 2014, in Houston. The Rockets won in overtime 118-113. (AP Photo)

hoUStoN, MArch 10 (AP): James Harden scored 41 points, Jeremy Lin had 26 and the Houston Rockets rallied for a 118113 overtime win against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday night. The Trail Blazers led by 3 in overtime after two free throws by Wesley Matthews. Houston took over from there, using an 8-2 run with a 3 from Harden and four points from Lin to make it 116-113 with 35.4 seconds left. Lin added two free throws after that to help the Rockets secure their fifth straight win. Houston trailed by double digits in the fourth quarter before using a big run to close the gap. Portland regained the lead 106-103 before Harden hit a 3-pointer with seconds left in regulation to send it to overtime. LaMarcus Aldridge led the Trail Blazers

with 28 points and 12 rebounds, but managed just two points in OT. Dwight Howard added 17 points with 12 rebounds and Chandler Parsons had 16 points for Houston. Harden also had 10 rebounds, six assists and six steals. Damian Lillard opened overtime with a 3-pointer for Portland, but picked up his sixth foul on a charge a few seconds later. A basket by Chandler Parsons cut the lead to 1 before Patrick Beverley fouled out, too, leaving both teams without their starting point guards. Harden knocked down a 3-pointer from the corner off the inbounds pass with 8 seconds left in the fourth and Matthews in his face to tie it. A turnover by Nicolas Batum gave Houston a chance to win it in regulation, but Beverley’s jump shot clanged off the rim at the buzzer. Matthews had

26 points for Portland and Lillard 21. Houston trailed by 11 points with about eight minutes left in the fourth before going on a 12-3 run, powered by nine points from Harden, to get within 97-95 with about 3½ minutes remaining. The only thing that slowed Harden during that span was an offensive foul that erased one his buckets. Lin got Houston within 1 with a layup with two minutes left in the fourth before a free throw by Robin Lopez. Lin gave Houston its first lead of the game — 102-101 — with a 3-pointer with 1:25 remaining. Lillard’s basket put Portland on top after that and Harden’s turnover led to a pair of free throws by Matthews on the other end. Lin made one of two free throws to make it 105-103 before another free throw by Matthews.

MILAN, MArch 10 (AP): Juventus took a giant step towards a third straight Serie A title after beating Fiorentina 1-0 on Sunday to extend its lead at the top of the standings to 14 points with second-placed Roma losing 1-0 at Napoli. Roma has a game in hand but now second place is even at risk for the capital side as Napoli moved to within three points with the win. "The result is not always fair," Roma coach Rudi Garcia said. "If we play like this until the end we will win many matches. We've lost a bit of efficiency in front of goal and also a bit of luck. We need to be more clinical again. "The gap is already too much for the title. We have to go forwards and remain focused for second spot." In Turin, Kwadwo Asamoah scored a brilliant goal three minutes from halftime to give Juventus the lead. "The wins against Milan and today have put pressure on those behind us," Juventus coach Antonio Conte said. "I feel we're 50% champions, there are still 11 matches left. We shouldn't give up, like that those behind us will convince themselves they can't do it," added Conte. Unlike the first match this season where Juventus squandered a two-goal lead against Fiorentina to lose 4-2 — its only league defeat this campaign — the Bianconeri held on to record its 14th home league victory. It has a perfect record at the Juventus Stadium this season. Inter Milan is only a point behind fourth-placed Fiorentina after beating Torino 1-0. Parma, which has a game in hand, is a point further back following its 2-0 victory over Hellas Verona. Lazio lost 1-0 at home to Atalanta in a match which saw Antonio Candreva sent off for two bookings. At

Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal, left, jumps for the ball with Fiorentina midfielder De Abreu Oliveira Anderson during a Serie A soccer match between Juventus and Fiorentina at the Juventus stadium, in Turin, Italy, Sunday, March 9. (AP Photo)

the other end of the table, Livorno wasted a two-goal lead to lose a relegation battle 4-2 at Sampdoria. Elsewhere, Chievo Verona secured a 2-1 win over Genoa, while Bologna and Sassuolo played out a goalless draw. It was the first of three matches in less than two weeks between Juventus and Fiorentina as they meet in the Europa League. "I think we had a great second half. We have to pick up from there," Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Montella said. "On Thursday we have the chance to have our say and show what we can do." Juventus broke the deadlock when Asamoah cut in from the left and carved out space between four Fiorentina defenders before unleashing a stunning effort which took a slight deflection before go-

Lee wins third All England crown BIrMINghAM, MArch 10 (reUterS): Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei was at his sublime best as he claimed the All England Open title for a third time with a 21-13 2118 win over Chen Long on Sunday. After avenging his final loss to Chen last year, the 31-year-old world number one hinted that Sunday could be his last appearance at the tournament. "I think maybe this is my last All England," Lee told reporters. "I'm very happy and I tried my best because Chen Long is a very tough match for me. "I've lost to him (Chen) many times so I think for this reason I made sure I tried very hard. I've finished for this year and I don't know if I will be back next year." While United States relay team with Kind Butler, David Verburg, Calvin Smith and Kyle Clemons, Chen went home emptyfrom left, celebrate after winning the 4x400m relay with a new world record during the Athlet- handed, there was joy for his ics World Indoor Championships in Sopot, Poland, Sunday, March 9. (AP Photo) girlfriend Wang Shixian after

Manchester City's Sergio Aguero, left, is thwarted by Wigan's Emmerson Boyce, centre, as Ivan Ramis looks on during their English FA Cup quarterfinal soccer match at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester, England, Sunday, March 9. (AP Photo)

semifinals since 2001. Hull defeated Sunderland 3-0 and United scored twice in two minutes to beat Charlton 2-0. "To get to this stage as a League One club in the semifinal is an incredible achievement," said United manager Nigel Clough, the son of late

English coaching great Brian Clough. Arsenal, which advanced on Saturday with a 4-1 win over Everton, won't have a better opportunity to end its nine-year trophy drought. But the Gunners will underestimate Wigan at their peril. City did just that by field-

ing a raft of second-string players with Wednesday's Champions League match against Barcelona in mind, and they paid a huge price. "It's disappointing because we cannot be eliminated from the FA Cup at home by Wigan," City manager Manuel Pellegrini said.

Roma will also be waiting on news of Kevin Strootman as the midfielder was stretchered off in obvious agony after landing heavily on his left knee in the 12th minute. It is feared the Dutch international has suffered ligament damage. Inter is sneaking up on Fiorentina after stretching its unbeaten run to five. Inter took a deserved lead in bizarre circumstances as Rodrigo Palacio appeared to be trying to nod Esteban Cambiasso's cross back across the face of goal but it went in at the far post. Parma and Verona were level on points at the start of the match and knew the victor would boost its hopes of qualifying for the Europa League. Jonathan Biabiany got a decisive touch to deflect Massimo Gobbi's snap shot into the

net off the inside of the right post in the 20th. Parma sealed the result in stoppage time as Antonio Cassano stole the ball off Verona goalkeeper Rafael and, although his curling shot crashed off the post, Ezequiel Schelotto was on hand to follow up. Livorno appeared to be heading for all three points after a double from Ibrahima Mbaye had given it a two-goal lead. However, Sampdoria was level eight minutes after the break thanks to a strike from substitute Nenad Krsticic and an own goal from Federico Ceccherini. Stefano Okaka and Manolo Gabbiadini sealed the result. Livorno remained in the relegation zone, two points behind Bologna and three below Chievo.

Samuels leads West Indies to 27-run victory

she beat top seed and Olympic champion Li Xuerui 21-19 21-18 to capture the women's title. Wang showed patience and ruthless efficiency. "There are still a lot of big tournaments waiting for me to win so hopefully I can keep going," said Wang. Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli showed they had come a long way since being expelled from the 2012 London Olympics for throwing matches as they saved a match point before beating Ma Jin and Tang Yuanting 21-17 18-21 23-21 in the allChinese women's doubles final to retain their crown. There was success for Indonesian pair Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan who defeated Japan's Hiroyuki Endo and Kenichi Hayakawa 21-19 21-19 in the West Indies' Andre Russell runs out England's James Tredwell during their first T20 International men's doubles final. cricket match at the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados on March 9. (AP Photo)

Wigan stuns Man City in FA Cup

LoNdoN, MArch 10 (AP): Second-tier Wigan pulled off a stunning victory over Manchester City for the second straight year in the FA Cup on Sunday, leaving one of the most unlikely semifinal lineups in the famous competition's recent history. City, one of Europe's top teams, was looking to avenge its shock defeat to Wigan in last year's final but slumped to a 2-1 loss at home, ending its hopes of a domestic treble just seven days after winning the League Cup final. "People kept saying we were lucky last year," Wigan captain Emmerson Boyce said, "but we're going back to Wembley and we're making history again." Wigan can seal a return to the final against all the odds by beating Arsenal, which is now overwhelming favorite for the competition. The other semifinal will be between Hull - which is into the last four for the first time since 1930, and Sheffield United - which became the first third-tier team to reach the

ing in off the inside of the far post. Fiorentina was improving and went closest 11 minutes from time when substitute Ryder Matos headed off the crossbar shortly after coming off the bench. Napoli had beaten Roma 3-0 the last time the two sides met at the Sao Paolo, in the Italian Cup semifinal. Jose Maria Callejon scored in that match and he did so again eight minutes from time, heading Faouzi Ghoulam's cross in off the underside of the crossbar as Roma fell to only its second league defeat of the season. "This was a very important match for us," Callejon said. "We all gave 110% and at the end we won. We showed our character. "Now Napoli's aim is second spot."

Wigan's players threw their shirts into the crowd and took in the adulation of their fans after pulling off a tactical triumph for its manager Uwe Rosler, an East German who spent four years at City from 199498 and became a cult hero at the club. Jordi Gomez converted a 27th-minute penalty after Martin Demichelis fouled Marc-Antoine Fortune and James Perch tapped in Wigan's second in the 47th. City couldn't reproduce the comeback it delivered against Sunderland in last weekend's League Cup, with Samir Nasri's 68thminute goal its only reply. "We pressed them high, got in their faces and they didn't like it," Perch said. Anything is possible now. Hopefully we can prove a few people wrong again in the semifinal against Arsenal." Sunderland also missed the chance for a quick return to Wembley as Hull scored three second-half goals after having a penalty saved before halftime.

BrIdgetowN, MArch 10 (AFP): West Indies returned to winning ways in the shortest variety, defeating England by 27 runs in the first T20 International of a three-match series at Kensington Oval in Bridgetown on Sunday. Marlon Samuels, the star when the Caribbean side defeated Sri Lanka in the final of the last World T20 in Colombo 17 months ago, led the home team's effort with an unbeaten 69 as the West Indies totalled a competitive 170 for three. Samuels finished off a good afternoon's work in front of a celebratory full house with two wickets to seal the man of the match award. Wrist-spinner Samuel Badree put the tourists on the back foot early on with three wickets and although all-rounders Tim Bresnan (47 not out) and Ravi Bopara (42) made useful contributions, England were always struggling to keep up with the required rate and were restricted to 143 for nine. "We didn't get going today but that's something that can happen in Twenty20 cricket, especially

when you're chasing a decent score," said England captain Stuart Broad. "It's certainly not something to panic about." Broad did suggest however that he is likely to miss the remaining two matches of the series on Tuesday and Thursday because of tendonitis in his knee. For the West Indies, the celebrations over a victory that sends a message to all challengers for their World T20 title in Bangladesh later in the month would have been tempered by concerns over the fitness of ace spinners Sunil Narine and Badree. Narine only bowled two overs and left the field after jarring his right knee trying to make a save on the boundary while Badree, who claimed three for 17 off his allotted four overs, injured the fingers of his bowling hand attempting to take a return catch just before completing his spell. "He'll be going for a scan this evening so hopefully he'll be okay," said West Indies captain Darren Sammy in commenting on Narine's injury. "We're already without Kieron Pol-

lard so we can't afford to lose another key player so close to the World Cup." Injury has also limited Chris Gayle's appearances for the West Indies over the past two months, but he returned on Sunday, contributing a typically robust 43. However, it was his opening partner Dwayne Smith who stole the show at the very start, hoisting the first delivery of the match off Broad out of the ground and taking 19 runs off that opening over. Smith eventually was first to go for 27, one of two wickets for Bopara who, together with the spinner James Tredwell, were England's best bowlers. Samuels' 46-ball innings (10 fours, 1 six) was not without moments of good fortune. Missed on 37 by a leaping Eoin Morgan at backward-point off Broad, he had even greater luck when Tredwell dropped a straightforward chance at extra-cover off Jade Dernbach at the start of the 18th over. As if to rub salt in England wounds, the Jamaican right-hander smashed the next five deliveries for boundaries.


The Morung Express C M Y K

It’s funny when people say I will be a great villain: Jolie


ollywood star Angelina Jolie finds it funny when people say that her negative role in Disney`s upcoming film `Maleficent` would be great. The 38-year-old `Mr and Mrs Smith` actress,

who appears as the titular wicked witch in `Maleficent`, said she was tempted to play the character from a very long time, reportedly. “It is really funny when people say you`d be obvious for a great villain. She (Maleficent) was just my

favourite as a little girl. I was terrified of her, but I was really drawn to her. I loved her,” Jolie said. “There were some discussions about it before I got the part, and I got a phone call from my brother, who said, `You`ve got to get your name on the list for this!,” she added. Jolie, with her partner Brad Pitt, raises six children - Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox. The actress secretly revealed the film`s plot to her kids in order to gauge their reaction. “I told my kids I was playing Maleficent and they said, `She`s so scary!` and I said, `Let me tell you the real story, but you can`t tell anybody.` “And I put them in the room and I told them the story. So this was my test too, like any parent. And the next day I heard Shiloh getting into a fight with another kid, defending Maleficent, saying, `You don`t understand her!` They got into a bit of an argument and I thought, `That`s the reason to do the film,” Jolie said.

Tuesday 11 March 2014



Salman to marry Lulia Vantur by year end?


uperstar Salman Khan has hinted at a possibility of getting hitched by the end of this year as he is tired of being single for a long time. The 48-year-old Jai Ho star, who was at his funniest best at an event last evening, did not rule out the chances of marrying Romanian beauty lulia Vantur, whom he is allegedly dating for quite sometime. “Now I’m in transit period and I like it. From the age of 15, I did not get a transit period. For the first

time, I have such a chance to sigh. I am sighing more since it has been two-and-a-half years. It’s time to stop sighing because something soon will happen in my life... “I follow humanity. I follow Islam, Christianity, and follow right thing as much I can. I have been kind of blessed. Father is Pathan, mother is Hindu, second mother is catholic, and brother-in-law is Punjabi. Wife, I am thinking to bring from outside...,” Salman said. Salman has often been linked with his co-stars and also be-


ing termed as a ‘possessive’ boyfriend. He admitted that he was a miserable lover but a great friend. “When you are in a relationship you try everything to see that she doesn’t leave you. You try to be good. You give her a silent treatment. You yell, cry and when nothing works you say go. “I thought they were the most correct people for me... Great girls bad boyfriend. I have not been like the most incredible boy friend. I could be the friend and I have heard this from the ex girlfriends

also that (he is) a great friend but miserable boyfriend,” Salman said. The actor also thanked his parents -- father Salim Khan and mothers Sushila Charak Khan and Helen -- for being with him at his worst times. “No child would have given them as may problems. I was a naughty kid. They had to hear slanderous things about their son from others -- the jail episodes, the cases that have come. If these things would not have come, my father and mother would have looked as young as I look now,” he said.

Fatwa issued against new blockbuster ‘Noah’



ne of the world’s most respected Islamic institutions has issued a fatwa against a Hollywood epic about Noah’s Ark because it ‘contradicts the teachings of Islam’. Russell Crowe’s £75million film Noah has also been banned in three Arab countries after religious leaders complained that it depicted the Biblical figure - who is also a holy messenger in the Koran. Due to premiere later this month, the blockbuster will not show in Qatar, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates and several other countries are expected to follow suit. Islam forbids representing holy figures in art, instead using conceptual line patterns and lettering to adorn the walls of mosques. A whole chapter of the Koran is devoted to Noah, who legend tells built an ark which saved himself, his family and many pairs of animals from a great flood. He also features prominently in the Biblical book of Genesis and is revered by Christians and Jews. The fatwa - a ruling or injunction under the laws of Islam - was made by the influential Al-Azhar institution in Egypt’s capital Cairo, a centre of Sunni Islam thought which was founded in around AD970 and includes a university and a mosque. ‘Al-Azhar... renews its objec-

tion to any act depicting the messengers and prophets of God and the companions of the Prophet (Mohammad), peace be upon him,’ it announced in a statement. The fatwa added that the depictions ‘provoke the feelings of believers... and are forbidden in Islam and a clear violation of Islamic law’. The film also stars Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson and will premiere in the U.S. on March 28. Depictions of the Prophet Mohammad in European and North American media have repeatedly sparked deadly protests in Islamic countries over the last decade, fanning cultural tensions with the West. The worst riots were

Zayn Malik inspires new comic book character



ayn Malik’s ‘’boyish expression’’ has inspired a new look for crime-fighter Ghost Rider, and the new animations of the supernatural stunt-motorcyclist are a dead ringer for the ‘Kiss You’ singer. The One Direction star’s ‘’boyish expression’’ has inspired a new look for crime-fighter Ghost Rider, and the animations of the supernatural stunt-motorcyclist are a dead ringer for the ‘Kiss You’ singer. Ghost Rider - also known as Robbie Reyes - features chiselled cheekbones, a mean scowl and Zayn’s signature blonde-streaked hairstyle. According to the Sun Newspaper, Editor Mark Paniccia told Illustrator and creator, Felipe Smith ‘’The guy from One Direction’s name is Zayn Malik. I was picturing Robbie as a beefier version of him. Physically strong with a quiet, troubled, expression...kind of boyish.’’ Zayn will be pleased with the news as he is a big fan of comic books and his fiance Perrie Edwards, gave him an Incredible Hulk themed cake in celebration of his 21st birthday in January. The ‘Midnight Memories’ hitmaker also has a cartoon inspired tattoo of the Little Mix star on his arm and the word ‘ZAP!’ written in comic strip-style font on his forearm. Meanwhile, Perrie has said that accepting Zayn’s proposal was a ‘’no brainer’’ after the One Direction star got down on one knee last August. She said ‘’I think you know yourself when the time’s right and when you’re with the right person. I’m not a typical girl that’s partying all the time. I just want to be with someone and let that be it.’’

triggered after the Prophet Mohammad was depicted in a Danish newspaper in 2006. It sparked protests in the Middle East, Africa and Asia in which at least 50 people died. A spokesman for Paramount Pictures said: ‘Censors for Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) officially confirmed this week that the film will not release in their countries. ‘The official statement they offered in confirming this news is because “it contradicts the teachings of Islam”,’ the representative said, adding the studio expected a similar ban in Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait. Noah, whose trailer

depicts Crowe wielding an axe and computer-animated geysers swamping an army of sinners hoping to board his ark, has also stoked religious controversy at home. Last year angry reactions at test screenings reportedly stoked tensions between the studio and director Darren Oronofsky. Perhaps wisely the filming took place nowhere near the Middle East, instead being carried out in New York State and in Southern Iceland. Harry Potter star Emma Watson plays the adopted daughter of the prophet, while screen legend Anthony Hopkins stars as his sagely grandfather. Jennifer Connelly will play Naameh,

Noah’s wife. She won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her appearance alongside Crowe in A Beautiful Mind (2001). The title role was reportedly offered to Michael Fassbender and Christian Bale - both of whom declined. Jerry A. Johnson, president of a conservative National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) group, said last month he wanted to ‘make sure everyone who sees this impactful film knows this is an imaginative interpretation of Scripture, and not literal.’ Paramount responded by agreeing to issue a disclaimer on advertising for the film. ‘While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide,’ it reads. The film is not the first to stoke controversy among Muslims. Mel Gibson’s 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, showing Jesus’s crucifixion, was widely screened in the Arab World despite objections by Muslim clerics. A 2012, an amateur Youtube video deriding the Prophet Mohammad which was produced in California stoked protests throughout the region, and may have contributed to a deadly militant raid in Libya which killed the U.S. ambassador and three other American staff.

To embrace the cause of the displaced Rengma children in crisis-struck Karbi Anglaong, Assam, Alobo Naga and the band will be performing in the fund raising concert ‘Light your world’ on March 15 at Rengma Baptist Church, Khermahal Dimapur at 5:00 pm. 100% of all proceeds will be donated for the welfare of the displaced Children numbering more than 3000. A presentation of Spark Venture Production, the concert will also feature Zowe Madrigal led by Nise Meruno and Joey Woch.


In this image, Nise Meruno is seen with flautist Martyn Smyth (UK) and conductor Carolin Remy (Germany). Celebrated concert artiste Nise Meruno was invited by the Ministry of External Affairs to perform on International Women’s Day in New Delhi. Meruno performed solo and also with some eminent European artistes.

‘Animated films are not just for children’


he animated fantasy film Frozen has captured the hearts of many young mothers here in Korea,” So-yeon, a veteran voice actress, said in a recent interview with The Korea Times. She noted that “Frozen” has become the highest grossing animated film and the second-highest grossing foreign film in Korea, drawing more than 10 million viewers here since its release on Jan. 16. So-yeon plays Elsa, one of the characters of the hit film, in the Korean language dubbed version. She attributed much of its success to its neoteric plotline and musical-like elements. “Many go to the theaters just for their children, but soon find themselves immersed in the film,” she said. “Frozen” tells the story of a princess, Anna, who goes in search of her estranged sister, Elsa, whose spell has trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. The film’s original song “Let It Go” has been the most downloaded tune on music charts including Melon and Mnet for the last two months, and is thought to have played a significant role in the film’s success on the local market. And though Soyeon didn’t sing the radically popular song herself, she acknowledged she has benefited from having played Elsa, who sings “Let It Go.” “Elsa wasn’t the main character, but she attracted view-

ers with compassion,” she said. “She’s the one with the tragic story.” So-yeon, who entered the state-run broadcaster KBS in 1999 as a voice actress, has done voice-overs in radio and television commercials, as well as in dubbed foreign language films and audio dramas. When So-yeon, now a free-

lance artist, was first cast as Elsa, she turned down the offer to sing “Let It Go,” because she wasn’t sure she could pull it off. She had no idea the film would become such a hit, considering local animated films have not profited at all here, including the 2011 animated film “Leafie, a Hen into the Wild,” which received widespread critical acclaim but failed to draw viewers. “And it’s not like we don’t have the

technology to produce films like ‘Frozen’ here in Korea, because we do,” she said. “Now that Frozen has dominated the local market, I’m hoping many have realized that animated films are not just for children.” To make matters worse, Korean audiences prefer subtitled versions, as opposed to dubbed versions, of films, which is uncommon in a non-English speaking country, she said. “It’s unfortunate, but inevitable,” she said. “Mothers want their children to learn English by watching subtitled versions of films. It’s understandable.” She added, “But it would be great if Korean voice artists could become the original dubbing artists and draw such audiences. I really hope one day to feel truly proud to be a voice actress.” So-yeon stressed the importance of naturalness in a voice when voice acting. “That’s why children take on the voices of children in animated films,” she said. In fact, So-yeon’s daughter auditioned to play the younger Elsa, but wasn’t offered the part. “I think she was really nervous,” So-yeon said with a smile. Her role in “Frozen” has definitely brought awareness to the job of voice acting, but So-yeon admits the country has a long way to go. “There have been no animated films since Leafie,” she said. “If we produced more animated films, voice actors would truly benefit.”

Benedict Cumberbatch: I want a dumb role


herlock’ actor Benedict Cumberbatch insists he wants to play a dumb character after playing intellectuals. The ‘Sherlock’ actor, who has just completed ‘The Imitation Game’, a biopic of British cryptographer, Alan Turing, insists he’s ready for a less intellectual role. The 37-year-old star told T magazine: ‘’I always seem to be cast as slightly wan, ethereal, troubled intellectuals or physically ambivalent bad lovers... ‘’I am so ready to play a really dumb character.’’ Benedict, who has also won awards for his role as Victor Frankenstein and his monster in the West End production, became a huge star after taking on the part of the titular detective in BBC1’s ‘Sherlock’ but admits he’s not the nicest character to play. He said: ‘’I always make it clear that people who become obsessed with him or the idea of him - he’d destroy you... ‘’He is an absolute b*****d.’’ The actor is uncomfortable in the spotlight but has quickly realised the best way to stay undetected is not to draw attention to himself. He explained: ‘’There is a way of just shadowing through. The higher the walls, the more dark the windows, the bigger the sunglasses - the more people are going to look. ‘’The greatest disguise is learning how to be invisible in plain sight.’’










Real win to reclaim sole La Liga lead

BARCELONA, MARCh 10 (AP): Cristiano Ronaldo helped Real Madrid reclaim sole possession of the Spanish league on Sunday, scoring one goal and setting up another in a dominant 3-0 victory over 10-man Levante at the Santiago Bernabeu. Ronaldo recorded his league-leading 24th goal of the season to get Madrid rolling in the 11th minute. The Ballon d'Or winner then passed for Marcelo to score in the 49th and ensure Madrid extended its undefeated streak in all competitions to 29 straight matches. With Madrid firmly in control, the game turned testy with several bookings until David Navarro saw a direct red for tackling Ronaldo from behind in the 64th. Ronaldo went close to getting another goal when he hit the crossbar after Levante defender Nikos Karabelas had already turning in an own goal in the 82nd. Madrid's win came a week after Ronaldo scored to salvage a draw at Atletico Madrid, and it lifted Carlo Ancelotti's side three points clear of its crosstown rivals at the top of the table. Barcelona was left four points adrift of the pacesetters following Saturday's stunning 1-0 defeat at Valladolid. "It's an important moment because everything is turning out well and there is a good atmosphere surrounding the team," said Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti. "We have to continue forward. We have a small advantage in the league but we can't think about anything other than the next game. It's risky not to." Madrid's placid outing was tarnished when fullback

Ronaldo becomes wealthiest footballer

Real's Cristiano Ronaldo, top, in action Levante's goalkeeper Keylor Navas, bottom, during a Spanish La Liga soccer match between Real Madrid and Levante at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain, Sunday, March 9. (AP Photo)

Dani Carvajal collapsed with an apparent leg injury and had to been carried off in the 90th, leaving the hosts with 10 men for stoppage time. Athletic Bilbao drew 1-1 at Valencia to increase its hold on fourth place and the last Champions League berth. Sevilla routed Almeria 3-1 on the road to earn its third consecutive victory, while Espanyol also eased to

a 3-1 home win over Elche. Levante was without its two first-choice midfielders in Papakouly Diop and Simao Mate, but it arrived on an eight-round unbeaten run, largely thanks to the outstanding play of goalkeeper Keylor Navas. And Navas did well to get a glove on Ronaldo's volley to turn back the match's first goal-bound shot in the sixth minute. There

was no denying Ronaldo a second time, however. The Portugal forward rose up to meet Angel Di Maria's corner kick and thump the ball beyond Navas, who got a touch on the ball but not enough to keep it out of his net. "Ronaldo's goal was a blow," said Levante coach Joaquin Caparros. "But if he hadn't scored then, Madrid would have scored another way."

LONDON, MARCh 10 (ANI): Cristiano Ronaldo has topped the world's wealthiest player with a fortune of 122 million pounds dethroning retired England legend David Beckham, who was named last year's richest with 165 million pounds. Ronaldo has reportedly got a lucrative Nike deal and signed a new 76 million pounds contract with Real Madrid last summer to add to his fortune. According to the Daily Star, the only Brit footballer to make the annual Goal Rich List this year is Wayne Rooney who was named the world's fourth richest footballer with a 69 million pounds fortune. Rooney, who recently signed a 3,00,000-a-week pounds deal with Manchester United, reportedly adds to his fortune with sponsorship deals worth 1.8 million pounds, including contracts with Nike and Samsung, while his wife Coleen Rooney draws in her own money in hundreds of thousands from her Littlewoods fashion and Argos jewellery ranges. Ronaldo is followed in second place by Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, who is worth 120.5 million pounds thanks to a string of endorsements, and in third place by Chelsea striker Samuel Eto'o with a 70 million pounds fortune, the report added.

Appoint Dravid as chief coach: Gavaskar

NEW DELhI, MARCh 10 (PTI): Former captain Sunil Gavaskar on Monday lashed out at chief coach Duncan Fletcher and called for his immediate ouster while suggesting the name of Rahul Dravid as the next coach of the Indian cricket team. "For me, Duncan Fletcher would get 1.5 in a scale of 10 as far as his success is concerned. I believe a younger guy should be appointed as the coach of the Indian team," Gavaskar said. "Rahul Dravid is one man who is enormously respected and is a successful captain having won series in West Indies and England. When he speaks, the Indian players, some of whom are superstars listen to him as they know how much preparation went into his game," he told NDTV. He was very scathing while talking about Fletcher's role as the

chief coach since his appointment post 2011 World Cup win which has seen the performance of the Indian team go down abysmally. "I know it's only 11 months for the World Cup and people don't want to tinker with support staff. But had it been the staff of 2011 (Gary Kirsten, Paddy Upton and Eric Simons), I would have agreed. But what has Fletcher done. He has done nothing. His achievements as a cricketer wasn't anything incredible. He was an ECB reject. The ECB dispensed with his services," a livid Gavaskar said. "A coach has to be somebody who is in touch with the modern game and take the team forward. If Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Harbhajan Singh all stalwarts of Indian cricket can be dropped on poor form then why not drop sup-

port staff for poor performance. "Fletcher never had credentials of Gary Kirsten or John Wright, who were achievers in international cricket." Gavaskar also said that flip side of appointing someone who had retired in last three to four years is that he might carry some "residue from his playing days" having shared the dressing room with some of the current players. "You don't want that situation where some residue of the past can come in the way. But India does need a younger man in touch with modern game," the batting great said. "The way things work in India is completely different. Kirsten was never the most talented cricketer but he was very successful in both Tests and ODIs. He did it the hard way and when he spoke to the players about value of hard work and

training, they listened to him. You need someone with a positive outlook, with fair bit of receptivity and flexible thinking," the legendary opener said. He said that India as a team has not improved one bit in these three years. "In Fletcher's tenure, there has hardly been any improvement as a team. There has been no improvement of players individually also. Somewhere, this slide needs to be stopped. There is still 11 months left for the World Cup. It's a lot of time and the current lot has done nothing," he fumed. Gavaskar spoke about how Indian teams over the years got major success under former India players. "Only successful cricketer who wasn't successful as a coach was Greg Chappell and that too for a variety of reasons.

Stephanie Jallen of United States, celebrates her 3rd place in the women's alpine skiing, Super-G, standing event during a medal ceremony at the 2014 Winter Paralympic, Monday, March 10 in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. (AP Photo)

Watson to lead Rajasthan Royals in IPL 7

MUMBAI, MARCh 10 (PTI): Rajasthan Royals on Monday appointed star Australian all-rounder Shane Watson captain of the Jaipur franchise for the upcoming Indian Premier League in place of the retired Rahul Dravid who was anointed its mentor. Former India captain Dravid, who retired from all forms of cricket last year, will be involved in all aspects of cricket strategy - mentoring the team and guiding youth and talent development initiatives for the franchise, Royals announced on Monday. "I am honoured to lead the Rajasthan Royals, an extraordinary team which has always given me amazing opportunities,"

said the 32-year-old Australian on his new appointment for the upcoming IPL season scheduled to start next month. "(Compatriot) Shane Warne and Rahul Dravid had a lot of faith in me while they were captains and gave me opportunities that helped improve my cricket. I hope to live up to the confidence shown in me by the franchise and give our fans an exciting season of cricket," he said. "I would like to thank our fans for showing trust in me through their votes on the digital medium. The Royals are one big family and I feel very privileged to be a part of such a special franchise," he added about the franchise's initiative.

"My aim will be to continue playing our best cricket and maintain the winning momentum. We all want to repeat the 2008 IPL success and last season, we were quite close to that. I am confident that we can do it again," he added. Welcoming Watson's elevation, Dravid described the burly Aussie as a player with top notch leadership skills. "I would like to congratulate Shane Watson on his appointment as the Captain of the Royals. He is not only one of the world's best allrounders, but a leader par excellence," the team's new mentor said. "Watson has been with the team since the first season and is familiar with the players and the staff.

NBA: Bulls humble Heat in OT


ChICAGO, MARCh 10 (AP): Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler understand it. The real victory for the Chicago Bulls will come when they're knocking the Miami Heat out of the playoffs, not during the regular season — no matter how charged the atmosphere is. Even so, they'll take this. Noah had 20 points and 12 rebounds, D.J. Augustin scored 22 and the Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat 95-88 in overtime Sunday after Butler blocked LeBron James at the end of regulation. "I want what they have — a championship," Noah said. "One day, we're going to have to get through those guys." The Heat have owned them when it counts in recent seasons. With a healthy Derrick Rose and the No. 1 seed in 2011, Chicago fell to Miami in the Eastern Conference finals. Last year, with Rose out, the Heat knocked off the Bulls in the second round on the way to their second straight championship. "It's still a good win," Butler said. "It gives us confidence we can beat them. But ... in the playoffs,

Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah (13) attempts to block a shot by Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade (3) during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game in Chicago on March 9. (AP Photo)

like Thibs said, we can't go around them; you're going to have to go through them." Dwyane Wade scored 25 for Miami, but with James struggling again, the Heat dropped their third straight to match their longest losing streak of the season. James scored 17 points

on 8-of-23 shooting and couldn't come through after Miami blew a 12-point lead down the stretch. With a chance to win it at the end of regulation, he got stripped by Butler on a layup attempt. In overtime, it was all Bulls. Chicago outscored

Miami 9-2, starting with Augustin's 3 just under a minute in. Butler added a jumper from the wing, Noah scored on a putback and Butler hit two free throws to make it 95-86 with 1:33 left before James made a layup. Noah also had seven assists and five blocks with his

dad — tennis great Yannick Noah — looking on. Butler added 16 points and 11 rebounds while containing James. Wade tried to carry the load for Miami, particularly in the early going. Chris Bosh scored 15, but James had another rough afternoon. The four-time MVP is 23 for 59 in the three games since his career-high and franchise-record 61-point effort against Charlotte last week. James also went without a mask from the start to protect his broken nose, after ditching it during the previous game. He said it was simply uncomfortable, so he decided to play without it even though he was not cleared to do so. The Bulls got back into it after the Heat led by 12 late in the third quarter. Augustin's 3-pointer and Butler's steal and two free throws put Chicago ahead 75-74 midway through the fourth. It was 82-82 with just over two minutes left when Noah blocked a layup by James. Taj Gibson raced the other way for a thunderous dunk while getting fouled by Mario Chalmers, drawing a roar from the crowd.


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