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YAMAHA MT-07 Why it could be the most important bike of the year


Kawasaki’s fun new Blood, sweat, tears maxi-scoot P16 and a hurricane P28


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Touring & commuting just got easier with Honda’s NC750X


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Road tax. While there are many alternative ideas (like scrapping it, but adding to the cost of fuel), it’s always going to be a hot potato for vehicle owners (yes, I know – it’s actually Vehicle Excise Duty, but I still call it road tax). If you’re like me, and prefer to spend your time riding your bike, or tinkering in the garage, it’s possible that you missed the ‘outrage’ online over the Government’s upcoming changes to road tax. Basically, from October this year, we will no longer have paper tax discs. Instead, we’ll be able to pay online, by phone, or by Direct Debit. We won’t have to worry about having our tax discs stolen, as number-plate recognition cameras constantly check that the bikes and cars on our roads are paid-up, and insured. Sounds good so far, but what’s got the webregulars so hot under the collar is that we’ll no longer be able to sell a vehicle with tax. The seller must cancel theirs, getting a refund on any complete months remaining, while the buyer will need to immediately purchase new tax. “The Government’s lining its pockets again. We need to complain to our MPs,” was the general theme of many posts on forums, but do we really? Get a refund on your current paper tax disc, and you’ll still only receive money for the complete months remaining. If your bike’s more than 600cc, then you could potentially lose up to £6.50. Of course, it’s more expensive for a lot of cars, but for most of us – buying and selling once every couple of years – it’s not a great disaster. Yes, the Government will gain revenue through overlapping Vehicle Excise Duty, but to be honest, if it helps pull us out of recession, which allows more people to buy motorbikes and get riding, then that’s a good thing, right?

Contributors Carli Ann Smith tests Kawasaki’s new J300 A commuting scooter that’s comfortable, practical, and fun. That’s what staff writer Carli found, and having been riding since she was nine, and currently the proud owner of an R6, it’s worth checking out what she has to say on page 16. Steve Cooper wants you to buy a ’Busa A lifelong fan of motorcycles, Steve’s passionate about older Japanese machines. He has a disturbing obsession with small two-strokes, while freely admitting to owning MZs and accidentally setting fire to one!

I was at the Motorcycle Trade Expo at the Birmingham NEC in January. Sure, business is still tough in motorcycling, but the general feeling of optimism in the industry is definitely growing for many. The five great bikes reviewed this issue are just a fraction of what’s coming this year. If you want to set yourself some targets this year, then try these: enjoy your bikes; encourage your biking mates to come out for a ride; show the joys and benefits to your friends still stuck on four wheels; help a youngster through their first steps into biking… and just have fun! I guess I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of bloke, but I hate wasting my time moaning about things, so I’m off out to enjoy a quick ride…

John Milbank Editor

Bruce Favill’s restoration project MCM reader Bruce has been taking things apart, and putting them back together since he was a kid. Twenty years of engineering in the RAF certainly helped him through the skinned knuckles of the Nighthawk rebuild on page 28. Richard Fincher’s hoping for a barn-find Richard’s worked for most of the crop of motorcycle magazines and papers (and been fired from one!) since 1992. Still just as keen on bikes, the former editor writes for various titles including The Telegraph.

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Where did all the sportsbikes go? Despite worrying that he may have crashed most of them, renowned bike journo Richard Fincher thinks there could be a shedload of great used bikes out there waiting for some love…

HERE are some facts about you. Please don’t dispute them, because they come from one of the biggest databases in the country. As a biker, did you know you’re more unique than a Greek, but common as muck compared to a Romanian? The data – from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency – says Brits are far less likely per head of population to ride than any of the Mediterranean nations, but that there are still some cold spots in Southeastern Europe with fewer licence holders and bikes per head than our sceptered isle. It also brings up little pointlessnesses such as the last time your bike failed an MoT test it was twice as likely to be a bulb blowing as the brakes binding. Reassuring, I suppose, until a rarity with dodgy brakes runs into the back of unlit you. Eight percent of you have a bike that the DVLA knows very little about. It knows you’ve got one, but can’t say how big it is or, in some cases, even what make it is. Those’ll be the Q-platers, specials and charming old chuffers which defy conventional listing and, indeed, methods of motion. Steam motorcycle, anyone?

Personal quest

The reason this article came about was a personal quest, and it wasn’t to wonder why we and the Swedes have a similar percentage of riders, despite the sketchy climate (their bike gangs use rocket launchers to wipe out the opposition, which is somehow more spicily dangerous than joining the Harley Owners Group)… I was interested in knowing where all the bikes I’d tested back in the 1990s had gone. Not the exact ones: a fair selection of those were collected by dustpan and brush and handed back with mumbled apologies, but the big-selling models.

It was the period when sales went from an alltime low of 40,000 units per year to well over 100,000 bikes of all sizes, and sportsbikes ruled. The FireBlades, GSX-Rs, YZFs and ZXRs, in sizes from 400-1100cc. It was the (re?)start of the retro nakeds like Kawasaki Zephyr 550s and 750s which sold in their mere thousands, and the nascent emergence of semi faired all-rounders verging from the bold but ultimately doomed Yamaha TDM, to the beefed-up and currently world-dominating R1100GS.

Sports stats

Back then, we didn’t know what any bike other than a sportsbike was for, hence over 50% sales of them versus the comparatively negligible sales of the other categories combined. We bought bikes to be Foggy, we bought leathers to dress like speed personified, and we subsequently sent the accident stats spiralling for a few sorry years. The age of bikes on UK roads has steadily increased over the years to place my own 2001 ’Blade as a 12-and-a-bit-year-old average-aged bike. The bike park – as the UK’s motorcycles are collectively referred to – was at its youngest (nineand-a-bit years old) between 2000 and 2004. For the average to get older it means that, sadly, new bike sales have slowed down but, conversely (and happily) clearly not all of those sports bikes ended up in hedges. If not, then where are they? The average engine size of bikes has been steadily increasing over the years from 400 to over 500cc. That would make a slightly over-bored Yreg CB500 the average UK bike, but averages have a habit of masking reality. Right now there are small commuters and scooters being sold as new bikes, plus a smaller

number of large adventure machines. So what’s bulking out the capacity while increasing the age? Be-shedded turn-of-the-millennium bikes! Let’s have a poke around the web: it’s late January when I write this and in parts of Somerset there are urgent commuter trade-ins for jet-skis, so prices there and elsewhere are distinctly depressed. The bigger bikes offer best value, because they’ve often clocked fewer miles. Bought for fun as much as function, they appear to rack up their first 20,000 or so within four years, and then literally slow right down. If they don’t make it to a vigorous second or third owner and enter hibernation instead, the price gently depletes to around £2000. And then stays there.

ZZ-R11 and 1200s, Yamaha Thunderaces and R1s, ’Blades of various vintages, and 750s over 10 years old are out there in proper numbers. Suzuki Bandits of all sizes were immensely popular and utterly robust, but because they’re so usable they tend to get used. Recent 600s are quite wee so tend to attract focused riders, but the earlier models are almost spacious, and migrated rapidly to older, more caring owners, and so made it through those tricky post-adolescent years which seemed to dispose of so many machines. Tens of thousands of these bikes survive, filling up the DVLA’s database and lock-ups throughout the UK, waiting for fuel and interest enough to fire back into life. It’s your calling to resurrect them.


Get into classics with a dirt bike AS MORE bikers discover the joys of classic ownership, prices are on the rise. That doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself a piece of the action though: if you’re looking for something with some heritage that could also open up a new world of biking fun, you’d be wise to take a look at a classic dirt bike. Tim Britton, editor of Classic Dirt Bike magazine, has just bought a 1985 Yamaha TY250 Mono ‘S’ for less than £1000. Here’s why: “The TY was a gamechanger when it was introduced in 1983, leaving the other manufacturers playing catch-up. For trials riding, drum brakes were the ultimate choice, and the little Yamaha had a superb front one, with all the actuating mechanism inside the hub. “I had an ‘R’ model in the 1980s (very similar to the ‘S’, but with a smaller tank, no lighting kit, and a slightly peppier motor), and competed in the Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT). It was bulletproof, even getting totally submerged at one point. Hauled out of the torrent, I stood the bike on end to drain the exhaust, squeezed the foam air filter dry, then whipped out the spark plug and kicked the engine over to clear the cylinder. Plug back in, three kicks, and I was back in the game. “The Mono from that era is probably the last trials bike you could ride to work on (within reason!), and compete with at the weekend.” With an air-cooled mono series now running in trials competitions, there are plenty of events around the country to get involved in. For more details, why not pick up a copy of Classic Dirt Bike magazine, or visit

Peugeot’s new retro-inspired scooter models THE new Django scooter will be hitting Peugeot dealers’ showrooms this year, with four models of the 125cc fourstroke motor to choose from: Heritage, Sport, Evasion and Allure. Inspired by Peugeot’s S55/S57 scooter of the 1950s (shown left), the French twowheeler features rounded rear wings, and long flowing retro-styled bodywork. The new scoots benefit from 200mm disc brakes on the front and rear, as well as SBC – Synchro Braking Control – which works to distribute braking effort simultaneously to both wheels. The front and rear indicators, rear light and running lights are all powered by LED bulbs.

The Sport version comes in silver or blue with grey wheel rims and sport number stickers on the front and rear. The dual seat has a removable passenger seat shell and features a chrome handgrip.

The Evasion is available in two-tone pistachio, red, blue or orange. The wheel rims are white and have whitewall tyres. The painted rearview mirrors have a chrome surround and the flyscreen and chrome front luggage rack come as standard.

The Heritage is available in four colour options – black, white and pastel shades of blue and green. It features chrome mirrors and white wheels.

The top of the range Allure features two-tone bodywork in a choice of blackcurrant, silver, white or grey. It has grey wheel trims, whitewall tyres and a three-tone dual seat. A colour-match top case, passenger backrest and chrome rear luggage rack are standard equipment, as well a flyscreen and painted mirrors with chrome surround.

These scooters will be available in the summer, so keep an eye out on the website


J&S purchases 12 Hein Gericke shops in UK MOTORCYCLE clothing and accessory firm J&S has purchased 12 of the 16 UK Hein Gericke shops that closed after going into administration for a second time. A spokesman for J&S said: “We are pleased to announce that we have acquired 12 Hein Gericke sites. These will be launched as J&S Accessories.” J&S advised it will look to re-employ existing staff ‘wherever possible’ and will also honour Hein Gericke vouchers with a minimum spend of £250 to the value of 50%. The 12 shops relaunching under the J&S banner are: Aberdeen, Braintree, Farnborough, Gants Hill (Ilford), Glasgow, Hanger Lane, Leeds, Leicester, Maidstone, Oxford, Preston and Stockwell. For further information on opening dates:

London bikers: Keep out of ‘bike boxes’, or risk fine and points on licence MOTORCYCLISTS riding into the centre of London should avoid pulling into the Advanced Stop Lines (otherwise known as ‘bike boxes’) at traffic lights. With the current increased police presence following a number of cyclists being killed in traffic accidents, the rules regarding use of these boxes (i.e. for cyclist use only) are being enforced more rigorously. Community Support Officers have been seen approaching bikers and pointing out the offence carries a £100 fine and three points penalty.

Rare Vincent motorbike collection unveiled A COLLECTION of legendary motorbikes – with a reputation as the Rolls-Royce of the motorcycling world – have been unveiled at the Lakeland Motor Museum. The exhibition brings together Vincents owned and restored by motorcycling enthusiast and director at the Lakeland Motor Museum, Bill Bewley. The display tells the intriguing story of the company’s founder, Philip Conrad Vincent, and his determination to change the world of motorcycling with innovative frame designs, suspension and high performance engines.

The fully restored examples of the marque on display at the Lakeland Motor Museum include: 1937 HRD Series A 500cc Comet; 1947 HRD Series B 998cc Rapide; 1949 HRD 998cc Black Lightning Racing Special; 1951 Vincent Series C 998cc Black Shadow; 1953 Vincent Series C 500cc Comet. The collection adds to more than 70 other motorcycles already on display, including a special section dedicated to the Isle of Man TT Races and the racing successes of the ‘Morecambe Missile’ John McGuinness. For more info visit

R&G racing covers British Superbikes

Find work with the app

ACCESSORY manufacturer R&G Racing has been granted ‘official supplier’ status by the BSB Championship. The Hampshire firm is well known for its diverse range of crash protection, from fork to swingarm protectors (and everything in between). Its protective engine case covers – which cost £39.99 each and are available in more than 150 fitments for road bikes – have now been authorized for use in all BSB racing events. Engine covers are mandatory at BSB races, to prevent oil from a crashed bike contaminating the track. Shortly after the announcement, R&G ( also became the co-title sponsor of the Triumph Triple Challenge. This hugely successful single model British race series creates a level playing field with all riders competing on Triumph Daytona 675, each one protected by R&G’s engine case covers, ‘shark’s fin’ toe guards and carbon tank sliders. Further protection will also be available to riders via Triumph UK’s official performance and parts centre, T3 Racing (

BIKEJOBS has launched an app for all smartphones and tablet devices. It displays all the current vacancies listed on the website; the most popular place for the UK motorcycle trade to advertise vacancies and job opportunities. The app will automatically notify the user when a new vacancy has been added to that which matches their individual search criteria. John McAvoy, director and founder of BikeJobs says: “By investing in an app, we’re able to keep our candidates instantly up todate with opportunities in the motorcycle trade, and add even more value for our advertisers by being able to spread the word of their vacancy within moments of them posting it on our site. “BikeJobs has been well received by the trade and job seekers alike since I founded it in 2007. It’s been supported by the manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers from day one, and today we have over 200 trade accounts from the UK – and as far away as Asia – all using us to find staff.”


The good that bikers do

Harley-Davidson hoedown

See you at the Prescott Bike Festival THE annual Prescott Bike Festival, at Gotherington, Cheltenham, will be taking place on Sunday, April 6, 2014, and promises to be an action-packed day for all the family in support of the Nationwide Association of Bloodbikes charity. Besides the famous hill climb event – Run the Hill – the fourth annual event will be larger than ever before, with even more bike manufacturers and clubs confirmed, plus a large display of historic, modern and race bikes, demo areas, passenger rides, stunt show, trade stalls, live music, good food and a host of entertainment both on and off the track to keep the whole family amused. Special guest appearances include: former three-time British Superbike Champion and Bloodbike ambassador John Reynolds; MotoGP commentator Steve Parrish; motorcycle adventurer

Nick Sanders and making his debut appearance – Michael Rutter. From Carlos Checa’s MotoGP Ducati Desmosedici GP5 or David Jeffries’ GSX-R1000 TT bike to Chris Sawyer’s 1928 Cotton Blackburne, there’s plenty of metal to enjoy. Along with the Dave Coates Stunt Show, new features for 2014 include the Angelic Bulldog 400mph streamliner land speed motorbike project, Saturday night party and camping (advance ticket holders only), the chance to try a Kuberg electric motorbike and much more. Advance tickets are £12, with on-theday tickets £15. Under 16s (with a paying adult) get in free. For more details, visit Entries for Run the Hill are now full, but we have one ticket to give away, as well as five general admissions! Head to for your chance to win!

CLYDE Valley Harley Owners Group donated £1600 to Yorkhill Children’s Foundation outside West Coast HarleyDavidson during its hoedown knees-up. It’s supporting them again this year so get involved at

Bike4Life is back

REGISTRATION is open for the rideout and festival planned for Sunday, April 27 at RAF Cosford. Now in its fourth year, the event plans to raise money for the Midlands Air Ambulance and the upkeep of the exhibits at the RAF Museum Cosford. Visit for more info.

Cheque for the Air Ambulance

Fundraising for The Bike Experience OCCUPATIONAL therapist, Vicky Williams will be embarking on a trip around the UK coast to raise money for The Bike Experience (a charity helping disabled bikers ride again). Setting off on Sunday, June 8, Vicky hopes to complete her solo trip in 2-3 weeks on her CB400SF. Donate at: VictoriaTBEX2014

LINCOLN Harley-Davidson, along with its Owners Group chapter, raised £800 for the local Air Ambulance charity.


‘Hello. I used to be Lembit Öpik’ Meet Lembit Öpik.Yes, the former MP and colourful I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! character is now the director of communications and public affairs for the Motorcycle Action Group (UK).Why not give Lembit a chance to get you up to speed on the world according to MAG.

Both of Lembit Öpik’s parents – and his name – are Estonian, though Lembit was actually born and bred in Northern Ireland. Even as a schoolboy, he was passionate about bikes, rebuilding his first machine – a 1982 Yamaha YB100 with a broken crankshaft. Despite being labelled the ‘Y Bother,’ Lembit made it work and became the resident mechanic for his mates. He served as University of Bristol Motorcycle Club president, before being elected to Parliament in Montgomeryshire, becoming Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. In Westminster, Lembit chaired the Parliamentary All Party Motorcycle Group till 2010, bringing bike rights groups in from the cold. He’s now director of comms and public affairs for MAG. Lembit, who rides a Suzuki GS1000E, still does his own maintenance… sometimes. Contact Lembit and MAG (UK) at 01926 844064 Join Mag at en/joinmag/a6318

I PHONED up a motoring journalist to discuss my new role in MAG the other day. His surprising first words were: “Lembit what?” At the end of the conversation, which hadn’t been particularly positive, he finished with an even more memorable comment: “Good to talk with you – for a terrible moment at the start I thought I was talking to Lembit Öpik!”. When I told him he was, he stalled with obvious embarrassment. Yes, so, I used to be Lembit Öpik. The MP. The celebrity. The one that went out with a Cheeky Girl. But, until a few months ago, almost no-one knew I’ve been riding motorbikes since 1982. My first was an ancient Yamaha which needed tons of work; it took me ages to fix it and my parents were going mental because the engine was in bits on the dining table. My mum turned out to be allergic to two-stroke fumes; something we discovered when I started the thing in the house once (yes, really). I had to stay at my mate’s for two days. But I did fix it and I’ve had two wheelers ever since. Now I’m at MAG and my passion is my vocation. It’s my dream job. It’s got politics, like when I was an MP, but without the negativity. In contrast to Parliament, personal ambitions don’t overwhelm the collective interests of

the movement. And they’ve got a vision. My duty is to turn that vision into action. The website’s going to be relaunched in April. We’re talking with the industry in a positive way to forging lasting partnerships. And we’re throwing open the doors of membership to the five million citizens of Britain who have at some point ridden a two wheeler or trike. That’s MAG in 2014 – an inclusive voice for ‘consumers’ as the industry may see them, or ‘people who love riding bikes and scooters’ as I see them. And it doesn’t stop there. I’m a fierce libertarian. Essentially, you should be free to live life as you wish, as long as you’re not causing intolerable harm to others. That means having liberty to make decisions – even risky ones – for yourself, not being mollycoddled by ‘The State.’ I’m determined to help MAG stand proud as a true champion of freedom in our country. April’s going to be a big month for MAG. We release our music anthem by world-class performer Nikki Murray and his band Stranger. I’ll be inviting you to buy a copy for just 79 pence, and to get your friends to as well. When it hits the charts, that’s a great ‘statement of intent’ by the riding community about our voice and values; so people

Lembit’s hoping nobody notices if he sneaks out of ChasBikes in Lambeth with this Triumph Bonneville. who’ve never even been on a bike will relate to our message of liberty. We’re also working with American riders’ groups to pool our transatlantic campaigning skills and make a deep impact in Capitol Hill and Westminster on policy matters. ‘There’s just one more thing,’ as detective Columbo might say. Riding bikes is meant to be fun. It’s a

passionate thing which can make your pulse go faster and remind you you’re alive. That’s the character of MAG I hope you get to know all over again. So, join up if you haven’t – and feel excited if you have. Welcome to the heart and soul of biking. Lembit Öpik is director of communications and public affairs at MAG (UK)

Don ’tS lip it - G rip it B ra k e Sho es & Clu tc h Pla tes

professionallyre-lined with top quality m aterials forveteran,road and com petition use. O versize linings available. Alloy brake shoe casting. Allm akes and m odels catered forat com petitive prices. UK collection and delivery.

1 R a w fo ld s Ind Es t, B ra d fo rd R o a d , Clec k hea to n, W es tYo rk s B D 19 5 LT Tel. 0 12 74 8 6 2 6 6 6 W eb s ite: w w w .s a ftek .c o .u k Em a il: s a les @ s a ftek .c o .u k


10 PRODUCTS Muc-Off Split Second detailer wax


Tested by: John Milbank RRP: £10 More info: Detailing is the obsessive cleaning and finishing of cars and bikes, and detailing sprays are popular with the car gang for a showroom finish after arriving at an event. They vary in price, but at just £10 for one litre, Muc-Off’s detailer wax is great value for money. For a quick once-over without giving the bike a full wash, the spray works very well, restoring a good shine to a previously-waxed bike, but you have to be careful, as any gritty deposits will of course still scratch the paintwork. On a freshly washed bike, it’s an effortless way to get an excellent, lasting finish, and also helps to avoid water marks. Oh, and it smells like coconut, which is nice.

Hagon monoshock for Honda CBR500R

RRP: Standard spec – £299.50, custom built – £375 More info:

These rebuildable shocks have a 38mm gold zinc plated steel damper unit, 18mm piston rod and single circuit progressive damping adjustment with automatic compression and rebound balance. They feature a fully progressive spring preload adjustment and the spring is red powder coated. End mounting bushes/bearings are included, along with tools and instructions for the adjustment of spring and damping and a two-year guarantee.


Duckswax water repelling leather tonic

Tested by: Carli Ann Smith RRP: £9.95 Info: ‘It’s like water off a duck’s back’… we all know the saying, but imagine having the same properties on your leathers! After trials riding for 10 years, inventor Martin Chivers decided to come up with his own solution, so he didn’t keep getting wet. Claiming to preserve leather and give it waterproof properties, the clear product smells great, and comes in two sizes – 100ml or 500ml – and a little goes a long way. It’s easy to spread on with the included sponge, and my leather boots looked new after they’d had a little Duckswax TLC. Leather feels softer after use, and water beads up quickly to roll away. You can use it on virtually anything made from leather and, if you have one, Barbour jackets! I’ve had mine seven years, and the waterproof wax coating is long gone. With Duckswax rubbed in and buffed, the water droplets rolled off again. Manufactured in Somerset using 100% natural products (and not ducks!), it’s great to support something that’s made in the UK so why not try it out for yourself? Your leathers will thank you for it…

Bagster Friendly tank bag RRP: £139.99 More info:

‘Rubbish’ motorcycle shed

Expanding range of scooter parts from Wemoto

RRP: From £1590 More info:

This shed is made from TPR – an alternative to concrete that’s manufactured using waste diverted from landfill. Designed by British inventor, Nigel Broderick, the shed won the ‘Secured by Design’ certification without the use of ground anchors too.


RRP: Various More info:

Wemoto stocks a wide range of products, ready to be sent out straight away and the list is always growing. Parts available include: clutches; exhausts; electrical items; tyres; cables and levers as well as brake and suspension parts. There’s free UK shipping on orders over £175.

There’s a removable light and adjustable air trap doors as well as a door to allow your pooch to get its head out. Once you’re off the bike there are straps for carrying the bag. It measures 45 x 33cm and has a height of 30cm – so not Rottweiler friendly! Your animal must weigh under 8kg and the bag can’t be used in rainy weather.

BMW StreetGuard all-season suit

RRP: Regular jacket – £600, Long jacket – £625 and trousers – £495 More info: February 2014 onwards –

New touring suit from Rukka

This suit is waterproof and wind resistant; it’s passed the tests for protection and abrasion resistance and is CE approved. It features adjustable and removable protectors and a softshell inner jacket. The suit includes a storm collar and hood which can be worn under your helmet. There are men’s and women’s cuts and a choice of short and long jackets.

RRP: Jacket – £659.99 and trousers – £549.99 More info:

Named after the longest lake in Finland, the Päijänne suit can be changed to suit the conditions. The storm collar can be removed, air circulation adjusted and the waterproof/windproof inner jacket removed. There are plenty of pockets – some of them waterproof – and there are adjusters on the sleeves, hips and waist to get a snug fit.

Pirelli personalised tyre labels

TCX X-Rap Lady waterproof boot

Tested by: Carli Ann Smith RRP: £129.99 Info: On short trips and commutes, it’s tempting to wear normal shoes as you’re often straight off the bike and into work or walking round. These shoes are the solution! Despite looking casual, they offer a reinforced toe and heel area, and being waterproof, kept my feet dry in a downpour on the J300 launch. They’re fastened with laces right to the top for a tight fit, and the ladies version comes with pink and white laces included (there’s a gents version available too). The boots are made using TCX’s ‘Comfort Fit System’; shaped to reproduce the anatomy of a foot. It works too – these are comfy all day, whether riding or walking. Admittedly they feel bulkier than normal shoes, but they’re nowhere near as heavy or cumbersome as some bike footwear.


Tested by: John Milbank AND TESTED RRP: £20.34 More info: Personalised rubber is kind of pointless for many of us, but having my little girl’s name on my tyres makes me smile. Four tyres in the Pirelli range can currently be labelled: the Diablo Rosso II that I have; Diablo Supercorsa SP; Diablo Rosso Corsa and the Angel GT. All you have to do is to go to the link above, place your order, then wait a couple of weeks for the labels to come from Italy. You can choose to have a choice of logos, flags, or your favourite racetrack, each with up to 10 characters in grey, white, yellow, red or green. It’s a shame you can’t upload your own logo, but most people will probably opt for a flag (Ducati is the only manufacturer’s logo at the moment). Six labels are supplied, with them only going on one side of each tyre. Fitting is easy with the supplied glue bonding to the special backing on the label. It’d be nice if the text followed the curve of the tyre, rather than being straight, but as a talking point and novelty, I love them, and so does Georgie!

pRoDucTs 11

R&G kickstand shoe

EDZ one-piece base layer

This shoe simply fits on to your sidestand and increases the footprint by up to 100%, helping spread the load on softer ground. With models available to fit nearly 100 different bikes, the shoe sandwiches the stand foot between an aluminium bottom – to prevent corrosion – and a stainless steel lid.

This one piece base layer is made from 100% superfine Merino wool, a natural climate control material with anti-odour properties. It comes in sizes Small to XXL.

RRP: £34.99 More info:

Oxford chain brush

RRP: £100 More info:



Tested by: John Milbank AND TESTED RRP: £9.99 More info: Motorcycle chains need love – ignore them and they’ll soon look awful, become less efficient, and potentially dangerous. Modern chain lubes do a great job of sticking to the links, but that ability to resist fling can also mean dust and grit sticking as well. The Oxford Chain Brush makes it really easy to clear all the old gunk from your chain – even a severely neglected one I was recently faced with came up a treat with a bit of oil and Oxford’s finest. The cupped section slips over the chain easily, where its tough bristles work deep between the rivets and plates. On the other end is a set of longer bristles, which I found handy for sorting out the sprocket. Even heavy-duty chains, like that on the 1050 Triumph Tiger Sport, fit between the brushy teeth, so you should expect this to fit most drivetrains pretty well. A great addition to the cleaning box.

GIVI Bluetooth I302B intercom

RRP: £83.68 More info:

Listen to music, follow directions from a sat nav or talk to your passenger thanks to the new I302B intercom from Givi. With an operating distance of up to 10m, the unit allows a connection of up to three devices. Its rechargeable battery offers seven hours’ talking time and 80 hours on standby on one charge.

OptiMate 5 Voltmatic battery charger RRP: £77.50 More info:

Contained in a weatherproof enclosure with 2m input and output cables, it comes with a ringlet connection lead – with a waterproof cap – and battery crocodile clips for bench charging. It can charge and maintain medium to large sized 12v batteries (from 8Ah to 120Ah) making it suitable for motorcycles as well as most cars and vans.

Harley-Davidson wheeled duffle bag

Tested by: Carli Ann Smith RRP: £189 Info: Looking for a bag to transport your riding gear safely, or simply to take away on holiday? You can’t go far wrong with this offering from Harley-Davidson. The bag has sturdy wheels, making it easy to roll around, and features two carry straps and a pull-out helmet bag. Two large side compartments easily carry my pyjamas, rain suit and socks with loads of room to spare. It’s smart – subtly branded in grey with HarleyDavidson logos – and should your bag get lost, there’s a name and address card attached. I love luggage that you can throw tons in, zip up and be on your way – this bag does just that. I’m sure that along with my passport it will be a regular travel companion…


What’s on... and where to go The sunshine is on its way! Whether you want to head off for a trip on your bike, or get your two-wheeled fix at a show, there’s plenty going on.We’ve pulled together a few events for March 2014… Sunday, March 2

Steve Parrish: The life and times of Stavros Join Steve at the Muni Theatre, Colne, as he talks about all things two-wheeled and fourwheeled. His daughter, Frankie, will be leading proceedings, and giving her account of what it’s like to have a championship winner as a father. With a British championship, and five European truck racing titles under his belt, it’s going to be an interesting night! More dates are available at various locations. For more information visit: Ace Cafe Trike Day A day in aid of NABD (National Association for Bikers with a Disability) held at the legendary Ace Cafe. For more information visit:

Sunday, March 9

Ady Smith KTM off-road school With various dates available throughout the year, at a number of locations. Ady has

added a new venue to his list in Worcestershire. Bike and kit hire is available too, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have your own gear – just turn up. Prices start from £185, which includes use of a bike, kit and fuel. For more information and for dates for the rest of 2014 visit: Run What Ya Brung For just £10 admission and £25 to ‘sign on’, you can take your car or motorcycle out on to the famous quarter-mile dragstrip at Santa Pod Raceway. All you need is a valid UK driving licence (UK, European or International) for the chance to test the performance limits of your car or bike in a safe and legal environment. For more information call Santa Pod on 01234 782828 or visit Ace Cafe British and Classic Bike Day Held at the world renowned Ace Cafe on the North Circular Road in London. For more information visit:

Friday, March 14

Biker First Aid Courses Motorcycle specific first aid courses are being offered by Rainbow training at various venues. It costs £59 per person which includes the training, a first aid booklet and a certificate valid for three years. If you’re part of a group or a club, block bookings are available. 10% discounts are available too should more than one person from the same organisation or address attend. For more information visit: or call Martin Harris on 07824 449011.

Saturday, March 22 – Sunday, March 23

Manchester Bike Show Currently in its third year, the Manchester Bike Show is back. Manufacturers including Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, Ducati, HarleyDavidson, Aprilia and Royal Enfield are all set to showcase their machines. With a



retail village offering visitors the chance to pick up leathers, helmets, accessories and parts too, there should be something for everyone. For more information visit: www.manchesterbike

Sunday, March 23

MotoGP – Qatar The MotoGP season is go! Will Marc Marquez retain his crown in the 2014 season? The first round kicks off this weekend in Qatar at the 5.4km Losail International Circuit.

Sunday, March 30

South of England Real Classic Show and Bikejumble With five halls full of pre-1980 motorcycles and club stands, it’s a real treat for classic enthusiasts. There’ll be a large indoor and outdoor autojumble as well as free parking. For more information visit

Normous Newark Autojumble Sunday, March 2

Already a ‘normous’ success, the autojumbles at Newark are a regular on the calendar, and are a great way to spend a Sunday. Whether you have a project bike already, or you’re looking to start one – why not head to the show to pick up some bits? Tickets

are available on the gate. Entry for early birds (8am-9am) is £10, for arrivals from 10am onwards entry costs £6, with under 12s going free when accompanied by an adult. For more information visit:

Do you have an event you want to shout about? Simply send in all the relevant details to: guide@motorcycle for the chance to have it listed in our ‘Don’t Miss’ section and on our Facebook page. Last-minute changes are out of our control, so we advise you check details with the organisers before making your trip.



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★ MCM STAR LETTER OF THE MONTH You can teach an old dog new tricks I had a Tiger Cub when I was 16, but fell off it after just six months. Mum couldn’t stand the worry any more, so took it off me. That was in the early 1960s. In 2009 I finally took my CBT, aged 60. I got my licence on a Yamaha YBR125 Custom, then spent 1400 miles with a derestricted Harley 883. That wasn’t for me, so I bought myself a used Honda Deauville, which even took me round the TT course at the Isle of Man. In 2012 I bought a brand new Deauville – my bike for life! I’ve since done almost 11,000 miles on it, touring all over Scotland, and don’t use my car hardly at all. Whenever my 15-year-old grandson Finley visits, I take him out for a ride. This year I’ll be riding around Ireland, making up for those lost 44 years of biking… Tony George Walney Island, Cumbria

A brief history of braking – setting the record straight I read with interest Simon Hargreave’s article ‘A brief history of Braking’ in the December 2013 issue. I would like to bring to your attention a friend of mine: Mr Stan Nightingale of Stockport. Now in his eighties, I think he may well have been the first person to ever have had disc brakes on all wheels of a racing sidecar outfit, and must

have been the first man ever to have had a twin disc front end. Casting his own calipers and manufacturing his own master cylinders and discs as early as 1957. Stan himself has relayed many tales of his racing exploits over the years, including being asked by Ferodo brakes if he had taken out a patent on his idea (the

answer being no) and also the amount of interest and photographs taken by the Japanese manufacturers attending the 1958 sidecar TT where his brakes were unveiled to the masses for the first time. Mark Turner Proprietor Track and Classics Motorcycles Thanks Mark. Above is one of the pieces from The Motor Cycle in 1958

Thank you for wonderful pictures of biking history To everyone who’s sent the wonderful pictures of their biking history: you’ve brightened up the MCM office no end. I was hoping to start using them this month, but

we’ve just run out of space. Please feel free to send more great shots of you and your early biking days, and they’ll appear in the paper as soon as possible! John Milbank, Editor


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Fancy an adventure? Then load up for this one I’m thinking of going to India, picking up an Enfield Bullet, riding round for a few weeks, camping, then hopefully riding back to UK, and importing the bike. The cost of some of the adventure tours can be quite expensive, but you can buy a

bullet in India (and a one-way flight) very cheaply. I would like to ride the bike for a while in India to make sure it is reliable before attempting the long haul back via Russia, and am looking for like-minded bikers to do the trip with.

If interested you can contact me by email – I am used to off-the-wall adventures, and sailed round Britain on a small Laser boat unsupported in 2004 (see my book – Land on my Right). Ron Pattenden



R&G, the official supplier of motorcycle protection to the California Superbike School, is offering one lucky reader the chance to drastically improve their riding skills with a Level 1 and Level 2 place on the school worth over £800. For the second place winner, there’s £150 worth of R&G’s leading damage protection products up for grabs!

To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following question correctly: Question: What material are R&G’s Aero Crash Protectors made from? A. SRAD B. HDPE C. TNT

The two days of training, which will be held at Silverstone on Monday, April 28 and Friday, May 16, will give one lucky reader the chance to overcome the most common rider errors, and drastically increase their riding skills, gaining the freedom to really use the roads they ride. A fully qualified riding coach will work with the winner, and two other students during the five track sessions. It’s an intense learning experience, but conducted in a relaxed and easy to learn atmosphere. In 2014, R&G celebrates 15 years of creating the innovative bolt-on protection used on the California Superbike School bikes, by racers and on street bikes around the world. Its BSB approved engine case covers, and award-winning Aero crash protectors are constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), developed to wear and not shatter, with graded steel bolts that bend, instead of damaging the mounting point. The British company’s collection includes a massive range of 360° bike protection, as well as toe guards (mandatory for racing), paddock stands, knee sliders, helmet holdalls and much more.

For more information on R&G products visit Enter free online at:

The two lucky winners will be drawn from the correct entries received by the closing date specified.


Closing date:

March 21, 2014

14 First ride

Yamaha MT-07 £5199 | 74bhp @ 9000rpm 50lb-ft @ 6500rpm | liquid-cooled parallel-twin Tested by: John Milbank Photography: Henny Stern; Matteo Cavadini and Jonathan Godin THE MT-07 was designed with a very clear concept: big torque in an agile chassis; easy to ride by anyone; and very affordable. A machine that was adored by all of us on the world launch in Lanzarote, it could well be one of the most important bikes released this year. Why? Yamaha aimed to create something that would appeal to new and existing riders, whether they’re commuters, weekend sports fans or tourers. That’s potentially a big market, and if you ask me, they’ve done it, and then some...

Tell me about the engine

The MT-07 (Master Torque, in case you were wondering) carries an allnew motor. The parallel twin layout has a 270° crank, which gives an uneven firing order for strong acceleration, good traction, and an almost V-twin character. Besides the torque advantage of a twin, it’s also a compact layout that saves weight, and with fewer moving parts it reduces friction and increases economy. Compared with Yamaha’s 600cc four-cylinder XJ6, which returns a claimed 53.6mpg, the 68.4mpg of the MT-07 should give you a range of up to 208 miles from its 14 litre tank: the XJ6 would run dry four miles earlier, using three litres more fuel. An automatic decompressor means a

smaller starter motor can spin up the engine, which results in a slimmer battery for even more weight saving. This ‘CP2’ lump also carries what Yamaha says is the smallest clutch ever fitted to a motor of this power. The standard exhaust is one-piece, from downpipes to end-can, and through its need to comply with current and future emission laws is quite subdued in sound. The optional road-legal Akrapovic system has stainless-steel downpipes and chamber (with a drop-in cartridgestyle catalytic converter), and separate titanium end-can.

What’s the chassis like?

Like the XJ6, the frame is a tubular steel backbone design, but this more sophisticated version is 6kg lighter with different grades of high-tensile steel throughout, to allow for tuned flex. The swingarm might look like alloy, but the asymmetric design is made up of varied thicknesses of pressed steel. The wheels are the same beautiful lightweight castings used on the MT-09, carried by 41mm un-adjustable forks. A steering angle of 24° is the same as the current R1, a degree sharper than the MT-09, and two degrees sharper than the XJ6. This steep angle could make the bike ‘flappy’ over bumps, but by bringing the forks as close together as possible, it reduces the inertia as they rotate around the headstock, making the bike more stable. The wheelbase, at 1400mm, is 15mm shorter than the R1, and 40mm shorter than the MT-09 and XJ6. However, a 180 section rear tyre is quite fat for a bike like this, and the combination works perfectly for fast, yet stable handling.

First ride 15

How to make a bike this good so affordable Oliver Grill – motorcycle product planning manager at Yamaha Motors Europe – explained how a bike this good can be so inexpensive: “Versus parallel four and three cylinder engines, the twin has many advantages, being the most compact and lightweight solution. It’s got fewer parts, so it generates less friction, but is also very cost-effective and easy to assemble in various factories, so we are looking forward to a more global scale of production. At the moment, the engine is being produced in the Japanese Iwata factory. “This is not a cheap bike, and there are no cheap components on it. We set very high targets for reducing the number of parts in the entire bike, and finding the simplest layout through design efficiency. Compared with the four-cylinder engine like that in the XJ6, we The rear shock is adjustable for preload, running through a progressive link, and is horizontal to help lower the centre of gravity, which is 25mm below that of the XJ6. The pair of four-piston monobloc front brake calipers are the same as used on the FZ8, with 282mm wavy discs. ABS is an optional extra – the same system as that used on the MT-09, it adds £400 and just 3kg.

Should I buy one?

An A2 licence-friendly 47bhp restricting kit will be available in March, so with its agile chassis and easy-to-ride nature, this would make an incredible first big-bike, with the kit removable when riders pass their A test. Don’t think of this as a beginner’s bike though. 74bhp might not sound like that much these days, but the 50lb-ft of torque put a big smile on everyone’s face at the launch.

reduced parts by 18%, which saved 7kg. In the body, chassis and wheels we used 22% less parts than on the XJ6, and saved 18kg, for instance by linking the rear shock directly to the engine. “Sometimes it’s not the way we build the bikes, but the way we produce the parts. Yamaha has developed a new way of pressing steel, which combined with our own superaccurate high-speed welding technology allows us to produce parts like the swingarm in a very short space of time. The speed of putting the parts together is basically setting the price, so welding at double speed cuts the cost of such a swingarm almost in half.”

Windblast generally keeps speeds below 100mph, and 110mph was the most we saw during the test, but that wasn’t flat-out. The MT-07 would be a lot of fun on a track, but it would of course be outpaced by the sportsbikes. This is not a niche bike, and the list of 50 Yamaha accessories includes Gilles rear-sets and levers for sports riders, soft luggage, a 12v socket and heated grips for tourers, and a topbox and screen for commuters. Neat touches as standard include a small amount of storage under the pillion seat, and a full-featured dash with a gear indicator. It could be argued that the MT-07 will be the bike that is, in 30 years, looked back upon with the fondness of the RD350LC today, and we all wish we had a mint one of those in the garage…

So what’s it like to ride?

This bike is staggeringly good fun: it turns quickly and easily; it’s light; it’s

Full-featured dash is mounted on bars, so falls quite low to your eye-line.

The bike’s available in five colours, each with subtle details.

stable and it’s fast enough for road and twisty track use. Oh, and if you’re feeling cheeky on track, it’s incredibly easy to wheelie, without being the kind of bike that keeps popping up when you least expect it. Despite the engine’s twin cylinder format and uneven firing order, it’s a smooth lump, with a very good throttle response. There’s none of the snatchiness associated with some big twins (particularly on early fuel injection systems), and the cast panels between the seat and footpegs are mounted on rubber dampers, isolating your feet from any vibrations in the frame. Over the 130 mile test route, we took in long fast highways and very twisty mountain roads, yet my bike delivered an average of 46.3mpg. With normal day-to-day commuting, you should easily see 50-60mpg. The MT-07 always feels under

complete control, inspiring huge confidence. In fast bends the bike can feel a little soft, and while shooting the cornering pictures on a very fast roundabout, it didn’t feel quite as accurate as some more sophisticated suspension set-ups. To criticize it at this price-point for having average suspension is unfair though, as it easily outperforms anything most of us road-riders will throw at it. At the world launch, not one bike was crashed, and that included some crazy riding that saw scraped number plates! It might be a bike designed to help reinvigorate the 25- to 35-year-old market, but that shouldn’t put off older or more experienced riders. The MT-07 reinspires the excitement of riding by being bloody good fun. And as a machine that costs a little over five grand and makes you feel 20 years younger, I want one!

‘CP2’ engine is a completely new design, and has exciting potential.

Four-piston monobloc calipers from the FZ8 bite wavy discs.


Price: £5199 (£5599 with ABS) Engine: 689cc liquid-cooled inline twin, four valves Power: 74bhp (55kW) @ 9000rpm Torque: 50lb-ft (68Nm) @ 6500rpm Curb weight: 179kg (182kg with ABS) Seat height: 805mm Tank size: 14 litres


Kawasaki J300 £4049 I 299cc I four-stroke single liquid-cooled I 27.2bhp I 21.2lb-ft Tested by: Carli Ann Smith Photography: Double Red With its angular lines and fierce headlight design, this is clearly a Kawasaki. however, unlike other machines in the range, the J300 is the company’s first-ever scooter for the European market. At the 43rd tokyo Motor Show in 2013, Kawasaki unveiled its innovative and futuristic ‘J concept’: an imaginative look into the future, with a strong

focus on the environment, personal transport and vehicle efficiency. the J300 is the first step into this long-term vision.

Tell me about the engine

Kawasaki buddied up with taiwanese manufacturer, KYMCO, to work on the engine and basis of the J300, applying its own variations throughout. the 299cc liquid-cooled motor

gives smooth acceleration, thanks to the continuously variable transmission (CVt), while the power delivery is strong, with no sign of struggling, even up steep gradients. Peak power from the machine is 27.2bhp, which is great for nipping in and out of inner-city traffic, and there’s enough left when you roll open the throttle to overtake in the countryside. Kawasaki wanted the J300 to be economical, but also fun to ride… Even cruising along the motorway is a joy, with the scooter remaining strong at 70mph, with more to offer if you want it.


It’s not Kawasaki’s first scooter...

Image: and While it might be Kawasaki’s first scooter in Europe, it’s not the company’s first ever… Rewind to 1954 and over in Japan, Kawasaki launched the KB2. The 60cc, two-stroke scooter with large spoked wheels was similar in looks to the DKW Hobby. Just 200 were made before the manufacturer went back to making motorcycles. For 60 years anyway.

What’s the chassis like?

With a kerb weight of 191kg and seat height of just 775mm, the J300 is no lightweight, but it’s nimble and manageable – even when stationary. The 13 litre fuel tank is located in the floor, which keeps the centre of gravity low, and the 14in front wheel and 13in rear give a motorcycle-like feeling of stability. Combined with the telescopic fork on the front and twin preloadadjustable shocks on the rear, the J300 is a sporty and comfortable ride. Integrated into the carefully designed lines of the compact

back-end is a pillion grab-rail, with the motorcycle-styled footpegs providing a secure platform for passenger’s feet. Stopping power is provided by dual petal disc brakes on the front and rear – a 260mm twopiston caliper on the front and a 240mm on the rear. Even in the severe downpour we experienced, they offered strong and controlled braking to bring the scooter to a stop. ABS is available as an option on the SE model I rode (after feedback from me and the other journalists at the press launch in Portugal!), and will add £350 to the price.

Should I buy one?

The J300 has been designed and manufactured with commuters in mind – comfortable and economical – without losing sight of the fun in motorcycling. Instead of looking at what other manufacturers do and simply copying, Kawasaki has thought about the problems riders face, and looked to solve them. For instance, we’ve all done it: crammed something under the seat and then pulled up at home in the dark and had to scrabble round looking for it, all while balancing the seat on your head. You don’t have to worry about that with the J300: the seat features a hydraulic strut and an LED light to help you to see into the huge storage area, which is big enough for a fullface helmet and A4 briefcase. The blue-backlit LCD screen on the dash includes an odometer, dual trip meters, a clock and fuel gauge. Also, unusually for a twist and go, there’s a rev counter – not that vital, but I enjoyed watching the CVT doing its business. Little touches such as the 12v power socket in the glove box – useful for powering heated gear, charging your phone or plugging in your sat nav – make this a well thought-out machine. A number of accessories are available, including two top-box options, a larger windscreen, an accessory mount and an allweather apron. While KYMCO was chosen as a ‘strategic partner’, the scooter has Kawasaki’s engineering

specification, and a number of changes were made to the machine before the Kawasaki logo made its way onto the bodywork, including: headlamps, suspension, screen, heel pads, brake hoses and rider footboards – the list is rather extensive.

So what’s it like to ride?

The casual and relaxed riding position made even 90 miles on the J300 very comfortable. When speaking to riders, Kawasaki found that they liked to grip the tank with their legs for a feeling of security and control. This was an element they found lacking and slightly unnerving when riding scooters, so heel grips have been incorporated into the footboards. There are also cutouts to allow you to put your feet down easily. They take a bit of getting used to, but once you remember they’re there, you’re able to get your feet down faster and closer to the bike – good for everyone, especially shorties. In and around town, especially passing impatient city car drivers, it’s nice to know you have low and midrange power to enable you to nip through gaps… just a blip of the throttle and you’re off. When you’re looking to enjoy the roads and get into the twisties, the J300 urges you to have fun, and gives you what you want. Simply rolling on and off the throttle helps control the bike and tip it into the bends with confidence. This is definitely a scooter that could be used for necessity as well as enjoyment.

Tsuyoshi Shibata KME product planning

“The J300 is just the first step for us, we are not just aiming at the scooter market – we are aiming for the future. The J concept is showing a futuristic idea, it’s nothing physical. At Kawasaki we always want to provide two things: a practical benefit and a fun ride. With the J300 we wanted to have the benefit of a scooter with the fun element too. “We chose KYMCO as a strategic partner, as they have been improving a lot over the last few years in terms of quality, reliability and expertise in scootering. When we carried out customer research, those who bought products such as the KYMCO Downtown were all very satisfied and happy. The dealers are happy too. KYMCO have great expertise with scooters and we don’t, but we do have motorcycle expertise. A lot of spending is needed just to enter the scooter market – to have a partnership limits this expense, and allows us to retain a competitive price point.”

Large ‘boot’ for lid and more.

Rev counter is unusual on CVT.


Kawasaki J300 (2014)

Price: £4049 (£4149 for the green special edition, £4499 for the SE with ABS). Engine: 299cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder Power: 27.2bhp (20.3kW) @ 7750rpm Torque: 21.2lb-ft (28.7Nm) @ 6250rpm Weight: 191kg Seat height: 775mm Tank size: 13 litres

ABS is an option on the SE.

18 First ride

BMW R1200RT £15,390 | 125bhp | 92lb-ft liquid-cooled boxer twin

Tested by: Roland Brown Photography: Arnold Debus; Jörg Künstle; Peter Musch THE initials RT have stood for a touring version of BMW’s boxer ever since the R100RT was launched back in 1978. But it would be a mistake to put the latest R1200RT into the class labelled ‘touring bikes’ and think that the biggest boxer is good only for long-distance travel in comfort but without much excitement. Maybe that was true back then, but this latest version has much more going for it. The traditional RT assets of comfort, efficiency and weather protection are still very much present and correct. In fact the new bike is better than ever in those respects. But with this evolution in particular, the BMW has gained performance, agility and fun factor – to such a degree that it’s not just a tourer but a stunningly good all-rounder, albeit a well equipped and expensive one.

Tell me about the engine

As with the R1200GS on its update last year, it’s perhaps the more powerful liquid-cooled engine with its ‘vertical flow’ intake and exhaust geometry that makes the biggest difference to the RT. This 1170cc, dohc eight-valve unit is subtly changed from the GS lump, having a heavier crankshaft and alternator for smoother low-rev running, plus slightly taller gearing for more relaxed cruising. Its main advantage over the old aircooled unit is the stronger, more immediate throttle response, especially the smoother top-end kick to the 15bhp higher maximum of 125bhp at 7750rpm. The previous RT is far from slow, but this new one has a

welcome extra burst of acceleration that is likely to be even more appreciated when the bike is heavily loaded with pillion and luggage. The updated engine comes with a new level of electronic sophistication, including a choice of riding modes: Rain giving a softer alternative to the standard Road mode, with unchanged maximum output. The higher spec SE and LE versions of the RT gain the extra option of Dynamic mode, which sharpens throttle response further, though not dramatically. BMW’s basic traction control system, ASC (Automatic Stability Control) comes as standard on all three versions, and also changes with riding mode.

What’s the chassis like?

The tubular steel main frame is new, designed to give improved stability. The Telelever front and Paralever rear suspension systems are essentially as before but their mountings are stiffer. And the SE and LE models incorporate BMW’s Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) semi-active system, as used by the HP4 and S1000R. This is connected to the riding modes, so changing between Rain, Road and (with the SE and LE) Dynamic modes automatically sets the damping level to soft, medium or hard. The setting can be over-ridden using the button on the left bar, where preload can also be adjusted. The changes are not dramatic, but that’s partly because the semi-active system does such a superb job of being firm when you want it to be – for example by stiffening fork damping under hard braking, or shock damping under acceleration – and supple when you’re riding more gently or on a bumpy road. The rest of the chassis is also well up to the job. Braking is powerful, thanks to an unchanged system featuring radial four-piston Brembo calipers biting 320mm discs up front, backed up by the ABS system. Ground clearance should be reduced slightly by the lower footrests but the BMW had plenty of lean-angle with which to make use of its Michelin Pilot Road GT tyres’ grip.

Should I buy one?

The RT is far from cheap but if you can afford it and want a bike that’s good for far more than just long distances, then why not? The basic RT costs £13,200 and the SE model, which includes the semi-active suspension, cruise control

and heated seat, is £14,310. Most buyers opt for the top-spec LE, which adds central locking, gear-shift assist and more. The test bikes also had the hill start facility, daytime running light and sound system, bringing the total to over £17,000. That’s a lot of money for a motorbike but boy, do you get a lot of bike for the money. On the evidence of this relatively short test ride, the R1200RT LE has a combination of performance, handling ability, comfort and sophisticated features that makes it not just arguably the world’s best touring bike but a brilliant motorcycle, period.

So what’s it like to ride?

With that broad fairing the BMW is always going to feel like a substantial bike, but it’s also a thrillingly fast, finehandling and well-braked one too. And you don’t need to worry that lowrev performance has been lost. When we set off at a fairly gentle pace on a gently curving road joining sleepy Andalucian villages, I found myself riding mostly between about 40 and 70mph in third or fourth gear, the RT happy to pull effortlessly at any revs from 2500-4000rpm. Even in top, on the faster N-341, there was plenty of shove for instant overtaking from 3000rpm or less. The uprated chassis is hugely impressive.

My highlight of the launch was throwing the bike along a twisty road in the mountains, and being amazed at how taut and almost sports bike-like it felt despite weighing 274kg with fuel. For a touring machine it was remarkably manageable, both in bends and at slow speed, for example when performing effortless U-turns. Shorter riders, in particular, will benefit from the 20mm lower triangle of seat, bars and footrests. While working to improve the RT’s performance and handling ability, BMW didn’t neglect the model’s traditional strengths of comfort and rider-friendly features. The heightadjustable seat is not only lower but longer, for both rider and pillion (and available in higher or lower versions). The screen’s range of vertical adjustment is unchanged but this RT’s is slightly wider, and lowering the seat by 20mm has effectively made the screen taller. Despite being very tall myself I found it superb. Hands are well protected and the mirrors are improved, too: slightly smaller, but redesigned to show less of your hands and more of the road behind, and also foldable when not in use. The new instrument panel incorporates a 5.7in colour display and on-board computer, controllable by the excellent clickwheel on the left bar.


Price: £15,390 Engine: Liquid-cooled dohc boxer with four valves per cylinder Power: 125bhp (93.2kW) @ 7750rpm Torque: 92lb-ft (125Nm) @ 6500rpm Curb weight: 274kg wet Seat height: 805-825mm Tank size: 25 litres

Top-spec sound system costs £1050.

Click-wheel controller for the tunes.

RT Options and Accessories Gear Shift Assistant Pro (included on the LE; a £375 extra on the other models) is essentially a quick-shifter, as fitted to many sports bikes. It’s clever enough to add a blip of throttle on down-changes, and worked well on both up- and down-changes at most engine speeds. But like many quick-shifters it makes the otherwise slick gearbox a bit clonky at very low revs, so won’t save much wrist effort in town. Hill Start Control – part of the £365 Dynamic package option on all models – is essentially a parking brake that releases automatically. If you stop on a slope, you just tap the front brake lever to set the HSC, and the bike won’t roll forward or backwards until you release the clutch to pull away. It’s simple, effective and could save the odd embarrassing moment with a heavily laden bike. The sound system is a £1050 accessory that is operated by the clickwheel on the left bar. It’s uprated both for audio quality and ease of use (though it still got distorted above about 60mph, and couldn’t help me find a Spanish music station worth listening to). The typically lengthy accessories list – much of which is incorporated into the two higher-spec SE and LE models – also includes push-button central locking, which operates the two fairing storage areas (one wired for iPod etc) as well as the panniers, and top-box if fitted.

Storage bins are great for small bits...

...while the panniers eat up luggage.

First ride 19

20 First ride

Honda NC750X

£6899 | 54bhp @ 6250rpm | 50lb-ft @ 4750rpm 745cc Inline twin-cylinder Tested by: John Milbank

AFTER European success with 2012’s adventure-style NC700X, and naked NC700S, Honda has built on its unique 670cc platform with an R&D vision of “More fun, more joy, go a bit further”. This is the automatic bike, but with a standard manual transmission the NC750X costs £6299. The S is also available with the new auto motor at £6399 (or £5499 without), as is the Integra scooter (reviewed over the page), which shares the powertrain, and much of the chassis.

Tell me about the engine

Using a relatively long piston stroke, the NC’s engine redlines at 6500rpm, while the peak power of 54bhp is reached at 6250rpm (a Honda CB500X peaks at 8500rpm, and a VFR1200F at 10,000rpm). Despite the layout, twin balancer shafts, a 270° crank and a well-tuned exhaust (which uses just one downpipe, the two-into-one manifold being cast into the head) help the bike sound and feel quite similar to a 90° V-twin, while the unstressed motor manages a claimed mpg of 81.6mpg, which is outstanding for a touring/commuting bike. This economy is achieved, along with the lower revving characteristics, by reducing friction as much as possible –

less (and smaller) parts are used by having a single throttle body and running the water pump off the camshaft, along with the oil pump from one of the balancer shafts. What’s really impressive though is the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), which offers a fully-automatic or push-button manual gearchange. One clutch is for start-up, first, third and fifth gears, with the other for second, fourth and sixth. While the duplication of parts in the system causes extra weight, it’s an incredibly smooth and reliable system as one gear is held on a clutch as the next cog transfers in on the other. There are two auto modes – Drive and Sport – for optimum economy or sportier riding (the ECU allowing the engine to rev a little higher before shifting) respectively. When switched to manual, large buttons on the left handlebar allow you to quickly change up and down the ’box without having to change throttle position (a traditional foot-operated selector is available as an option for the DCT models). The software has been updated for the new model to take advantage of the 75cc capacity increase (achieved through a 4mm larger bore) and taller gearing, resulting in less need for gear changes and a smoother ride. Even in manual DCT mode, it’s impossible to force the bike into the wrong gear.

The NC750X was the UK’s biggest selling new bike over 125cc in January 2014.

What’s the chassis like?

The steel pipework frame is the same across the X, S and Integra models, and offers a low centre-of-gravity thanks to the position of the engine and fuel tank. While all three have 41mm right-way-up forks, the travel on the X is longer, at 153.5mm, versus 120mm. The steel swingarm of the NC series remains (despite a same-length alloy version now featuring on the Integra), and while the bike’s most advanced tech is in the transmission, it’s a package that works very well, making for a confidenceinspiring, non aggressive ride. The Anti-Lock Braking System features a 320mm single wavy disc grabbed by a two-piston Nissin caliper up front, with a 240mm rear disc and single-piston caliper on the rear. It’s more than enough for the 229kg 750X, and the ABS isn’t intrusive or juddery if you call upon it. The narrow form of the bike defies the 830mm seat height, and at 5ft 10in tall, I found it comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. U-turns are very easy on the NC, and the perfect clutch-slip produced by the DCT really helps as you only need to concentrate on your balance and steering position.

First ride 21

Should I buy one?

With its excellent fuel economy and generous storage space, the NC750X is a great touring machine, and a superb commuter. If speed is your only pleasure, it’s not the bike for you, but the easy-going handling and faultless automatic gearbox make it an ideal bike for enjoying the scenery of the UK and beyond. It’s a shame it’s too powerful for those on an A2 licence, but I’m sure we’ll see the DCT technology finding its way on to some of Honda’s 47bhp bikes. Once thing to note if you’re planning some big adventures on an NC is the fuel tank’s location: the filler is under the pillion seat, which isn’t a problem until you use a tail pack as you’ll have to unstrap it at the pump. Of course, the 14.1 litre (3.1 gallon) tank would give a range of up to 253 miles based on Honda’s claimed figures, so it shouldn’t be a regular inconvenience, and it’s one that’s outweighed by the

benefit of the large storage space where the tank would normally sit. Riding in Sport mode, with a fair few high-speed runs, I saw 72mpg at first, but this soon dropped to 59mpg. I could have travelled 183 miles, but riding how I normally would, I’d expect to easily see a range of more than 200 miles. Claimed to accept a full-face helmet, the storage space on the NC is great, popping open with a single-handed twist of the key (the lock is separate to the ignition barrel, and also operates the rear-seat release), but do check your own lid if it’s important to you to be able to leave it in the bike: A Schuberth S2 slotted in fairly easily, but the small video camera bracket on my Arai Rebel stopped the helmet from going in, and I did manage to scratch my lid in the process of trying. If this were my bike, I’d want to cover the dome-headed bolts inside the bin with some gaffer tape or sticky foam.

What’s the future of petrol? It’s exciting to see progression in petrol engines, so I asked Koki Kobayashi (Large Project Leader, pictured) and Kosaku Takahashi (DCT engineer) where they see the technology going over the coming years... “There is a trend for electric motors,” said Kobayashi-san; “but I believe that, like me, a lot of motorcyclists love the internal combustion engine, so it will continue for years and years, and we’ll be using DCT in the Honda range in the future.” Takahashi-san added: “There are a wide variety of potential future uses of DCT, and I’d personally love to see it on a super-sport bike in the future. To make it a reality, it’s a question of balancing the need for the system to be compact, while allowing the rider to get as much from the bike as they do with a traditional transmission. This is eminently possible, as shifting electronically is a sportsbike-friendly application, and the drivetrain forces involved in DCT equipped sportbikes aren’t an issue, but the need for two pumps, two solenoids and the general number of components make weight management the challenge.”

So what’s it like to ride?

You’re not going to win many traffic-light Grand Prixs on the NC, but it’s more than fast enough for all but hard core sportbike fans. The real pleasure for me was being able to spend a little more time enjoying the Greek coastline of the European launch, and a little less time worrying about which gear I was in. One of the benefits of a dual-clutch system is practically seamless gear changes – as the ’box shifts up or down, the bike never pitches or bucks. Besides making for great two-up riding (no more helmet bumping), this means the bike is far more settled in corners if a new cog is needed. Occasionally, I’d find the bike entering a corner one gear higher than I’d have preferred, but the transition down was always seamless. Of course, you can always ride the DCT-equipped bike in manual mode, but I generally just nudged the frontmounted down-change button to drop a cog and take advantage of better engine braking in a bend. Previously, overriding like this would switch the NC700 to manual mode, but now it simply takes over again when revs are high enough. The new software is so clever that even if it’s in the more economical Drive mode, it’ll subtly alter its behavior if your riding style indicates you’ve moved from, for instance, unhurried city riding to more spirited twists and turns. I’m so impressed with DCT that I’d gladly gain an extra 10kg on my 2000 CBR600 if it meant I could have these smooth, fast changes. The NC750X is a practical, friendly and enjoyable ride for anyone looking for a pleasant mountain tour, or simply in need of an economical way of getting into work. Simple tweaks like a grippier seat, along with the beefier engine and updated transmission make the new 750 a great evolution over last year’s model.

Fully kitted out with the Honda accessories, the NC is a great tourer/commuter.

Clocks now feature fuel consumption info, along with a gear indicator.

Single disc front brake with a Nissin twin-pot caliper, wavy disc and ABS.


The handbrake is required for parking on hills, as the engine stops in neutral.

Price: From £6899 (£6299 without DCT) Engine: 745cc liquid-cooled transverse inline twin-cylinder Power: 54bhp (40.3kW) @ 6250rpm Torque: 50lb-ft (68Nm) @ 4750rpm Kerb weight: 229kg Seat height: 830mm Tank size: 14.1 litres


Honda Integra

£7799 | 54bhp@6250 rpm | 50lb-ft@4750rpm 745cc Inline twin-cylinder Tested by: John Milbank SHARING the engine and much of its chassis with the NC750X and NC750S, the new Integra is an update to Honda’s 670cc 700D, released in 2011. More of a motorcycle/scooter crossover than a maxi-scooter, it’s got the performance and handling to make you want to take the long way home…

Tell me about the engine

The motor is exactly the same as that used in the NC750X, reviewed on the previous page. Unlike the NC though, the Integra is only available with the dual clutch transmission. This makes absolute sense in a scooter, and the use of an automatic gearbox (with a manual setting), as opposed to the continuously variable transmission used in many other twist-and-go’s makes it feel more like a bike in performance.

What’s the chassis like?

The basic chassis is the same as the NC750X, and while the forks have the same internals, they have a shorter stroke (120mm; the same as the NC750S) and stiffer settings. The swingarm is aluminium on this scooter, saving 2kg over the previous part, and helping towards the 1kg weight saving of the overall machine compared to last year’s model. Wheels and brakes are identical to the NC, and are complete with ABS, which helps to make this one of the best-handling large scooters available. It’s no VFR in fast corners, and it can feel a little confused at speed if you hit a bump mid-bend, but the Integra still maintains the accessible riding style of the NC. The bodywork has been tweaked slightly, giving the Honda a more sleek profile, and slightly better weather protection, along with larger footboards. Like the NC, there’s no way to leave the scooter in gear when parked

on a slope, so a handbrake is set into the fairing.

Should I buy one?

Despite being so similar in build to the NC750, the Integra is bound to appeal to a different audience. The advantage of the large fairing shouldn’t be underestimated for wet-weather commuting, but that comes at a £900 premium. You also pay for it with storage space, as the Integra actually has a smaller bin than the NC, being unable to fit a full-face lid. A pair of 29 litre hard panniers are available as an optional extra, as is a 45 litre top-box, and at £1000 less than the cavernous Suzuki Burgman, and £1300 less than an ABS Yamaha T-Max, it’d be unfair to criticize it too much for this. The exceptional economy and great handling, combined with a keen price in its category make the Integra a good choice, but as a countryside commuter, I’d probably opt for the cheaper NC750, and make sure I had decent waterproof trousers. Opinion among the journalists on the launch was, however, divided, with others (some of whom live in London), preferring the Integra as a city commuting tool.

So what’s it like to ride?

Differences in handling when compared to the NC750X are purely down to ergonomics. With the feetforward riding position of these machines, control is influenced much more by the handlebars, with less weight being transferred to your feet and the footpegs as on a bike. It’s an odd feeling to jump from one to the other, and at first I found myself running a little wider in fast corners after the NC, but this is still one rapid scoot. The DCT works perfectly, as you’d expect, making for smooth gearchanges and excellent low-speed

Luggage fitted, but sadly not a colour scheme destined for the UK. control. It’s also great that you can run it in automatic mode, still with the option to override briefly, or even take full manual control of a transmission that gives all the rider-feedback of a normal motorbike. As scooters go, this one is a lot of fun to ride, and haring around Athens and the surrounding countryside showed its handling prowess. By the end of the day, the usual journalistic playfulness saw the ride back to the hotel get faster and faster, but there were no mishaps, and no mention of any heart-stopping moments. Considering some of the twisty coastline we rode, the excellent ground clearance was proven by an unusual lack of scuffed lower-fairings. As something more than a simple city tool, this motorcycle in scooter’s clothing is a brilliant piece of engineering, but budget for some extra luggage if you need the storage space of other maxi-scooters.

TECH SPEC Price: From £7799 Engine: 745cc liquid-cooled transverse inline twin-cylinder Power: 54bhp (40.3kW) @ 6250rpm Torque: 50lb-ft (68Nm) @ 4750rpm Kerb weight: 237kg Seat height: 790mm Tank size: 14.1litres


Gear up for summer After months of trying to keep warm on the bike, it’ll soon be summer! MCM’s Carli Ann Smith has selected some of the ‘coolest’ items for this summer, no matter what you ride…

adVenturinG and tourinG Gear

Or how about these: arai tour X4 venture helmet

shoei Hornet sonora helmet

RRP: £379.99 Available from: Features a detachable washable liner, double D-ring fastener and an anti-fog pinlock visor. There’s a chin curtain to reduce air turbulence and you can control the ventilation with multiple air intakes.

Wolf outlast titanium jacket

RRP: £279.99 More info: Originally developed for NASA, Outlast absorbs, stores and releases heat – keeping you warm in cold weather and cool in the heat. There’s a waterproof and breathable membrane, multiple air vents and reflective Scotchlite Wolf logos. The armbands, waistband and collar are all adjustable and the jacket contains CE approved armour.

Wolf outlast titanium jeans RRP: £199.99 Packed with the same tech as the jacket, the two connect using the integrated zip. CE approved armour at the knees, and a waterproof, breathable membrane.

Harley-davidson waterproof nylon gloves

RRP: £76 More info: Featuring Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable liner and anti-slip pads on the palm for extra grip.

tcX X-ride waterproof boots

RRP: £119.99 More info: These waterproof boots fasten with a side buckle and Velcro band. They offer protection at the malleolus (the bony bit on both sides of your ankle) and shin.

RRP: £499.99 More info:

rst Pro series Ventilator iV waterproof jacket

Great Gear for cruiser riders caberg freedom helmet RRP: £74.99

rst Pro series Ventilator iV waterproof trousers

RRP: £129.99 More info:

rukka rytmi glove

RRP: £89.99 More info:

sidi adventure boot

RRP: £314.99 More info:

Harley-davidson ¾ helmet with retractable sunshield

More info:

This open-face lid boasts Italian styling, with a Coolmax lining to wick perspiration away, as well as a quick-release fastener and an optional peak.

segura retro leather jacket

RRP: £399.99 More info:

This retro-styled jacket contains CE approved armour at the shoulders and elbows and features pockets inside and out.

Bull-it Voloce jeans

RRP: £169.99 More info:

Or how about these:

RRP: £209.99 More info:

Fully lined with Covec+7 – a unique protective material based on a liquid crystal polymer – these jeans offer abrasion, cut and impact resistance. They’re available in a range of styles including Indy, Dirty Wash and Carbon style (pictured) and come with a long, regular or short leg.

RRP: £156 More info:

furygan steed leather jacket

RRP: £369.99 More info:

spada Western trousers

RRP: £169.95 More info: www.spada

spada forty4 driver gloves

RRP: £39.95 More info:

Offering pre-curved fingers and perforated leather on the back of the hand, these gloves feature integrated knuckle protection, an elasticated wrist with Velcro adjustment, and are made from soft leather. In sand or black colours.

tcX custom Gore-tex boots

RRP: £179.99 More info:

Made from full grain leather, these boots have a waterproof Gore-Tex lining and feature a reinforced toe and heel.

rst retro glove

RRP: £34.99 More info:

Harley-davidson Badlands Black

RRP: £109.99 More info:


gear ideaS for SportS bikerS

Or how about these:

Scorpion eXo-r2000 bautista replica helmet

RRP: £399.99 More info:

At just 1280g, this is a real lightweight. Fit can be tuned with the air-adjustable cheek pads, and it features a full ventilation system, double-D fastener and is available from XS to XXL.

Street bike gear Shark raW trinity helmet

Shoei NXr helmet

RRP: £389.99 More info:

RRP: £209.99 More info:

Made from injected thermoplastic resin, the lid has quick-release and anti-scratch and antifog-treated goggles. The bottom face mask can be removed, leaving you with an open-faced helmet.

rSt one-piece leather race suit

furygan Snake leather jacket

With sports styling, triple- and double-stitched seams, and CE armour on knees, shoulders and elbows all for under £300, this one-piece race suit is a great buy.

This waterproof jacket features D30 protection at the elbows, shoulders and back, while areas exposed to abrasion in a crash have triple stitching. There’s also a thermal padded removable vest with aluminium inserts on the chest.

RRP: £299.99 More info:

Spada Curve glove

RRP: £74.95 More info:

Carbon knuckles and cuff moulds for maximum impact resistance combine with stretch panels on the fingers and thumb for an improved fit as well as a Velcro wrist strap adjuster. Stingray leather adds impact and abrasion resistance.

Sidi Mag 1 boot

RRP: £299.95 More info:

These boots feature magnetic fasteners, stretch panels on the front and rear for added comfort, a gear shift pad, an adjustable calf area and a shock-absorbing heel cup.

Or how about these:

Caberg V2X Carbon helmet

RRP: £269.99 More info:

RRP: £369.99 More info:

Hornee Storm jeans

RRP: £119.95 More info:

richa attack race suit

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rSt tractech evo glove

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dainese trQ Course out

RRP: £199.99 Available from:

Made with DuPont military-grade Kevlar, these jeans have heavy-duty stitching and are available in a regular and short leg in a number of waist sizes.

rSt Moto leather jacket

RRP: £189.99 More info:

furygan 01 jeans

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rSt stunt 2 glove

RRP: £39.99 More info:

These short gloves feature a wrist closure for a secure fit and precurved fingers for comfort. A range of colours are available including: black, white, blue, green and red.

Sidi Streetburner boot

RRP: £189.99 More info:

Made from Lorica (an artificial leather made in Italy), these boots feature a ventilation system, ankle support brace and a removable arch support.

Spada Vortex Moto glove

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dainese Street biker d-Wp boots

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Welcome to the VJMC Steve Cooper introduces his new regular column, looking at the best classic Japanese bikes. ALLOW me to introduce the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle their youth. As time has moved on, so has the club – rather Club’s new column. Over the coming months, I hope you’ll than be permanently stuck in the 1960s, the VJMC has chosen enjoy our views, thoughts and insights into the pleasures of to champion every Japanese motorcycle of 15 years or older. owning older Japanese machinery. If the Join the VJMC and you’ll receive six copies column amuses, promotes debate, of our award-winning magazine Tansha generates interest in older bikes and their (Japanese for bike) a year, packed with DiD YOU KNOW? history, then it’s achieved its aims. We’re features and stunning pictures of the cream not a bunch of rivet-polishing anoraks, of classic Japanese bikes. Included is a club Hayabusa is the Japanese hell-bent on restoring 50-year-old directory, listing specialist services, details of for peregrine falcon...its diet motorcycles that’ll never get ridden. We local sections, bikes and parts for sale plus includes blackbirds. just happen to like older Japanese bikes. club merchandise. For members needing The VJMC was founded in 1982, with the help with parts, there’s also a wanted section. original intention to ensure that the earliest Japanese Most importantly for many members, any Japanese bike motorcycles didn’t simply get marginalised or scrapped: for more than 15 years old is eligible for discounted policies many riders, these machines represented a direct link back to through our preferred insurers. The VJMC is an affiliated member of the FHBVC (Federation of Historic British Vehicle Clubs); an organisation to voice our concerns when ill-informed decisions are about to be taken that could impact upon our bikes and pastime. Although not directly involved in political lobbying, the club is looking at other ways it can progress its members’ concerns and rights within European transport policies and plans. From humble beginnings the VJMC has now become the largest motorcycle club in the UK for older Japanese bikes. Many of our members run 1960s or 70s machinery alongside more modern bikes, enjoying the best of both worlds and at reduced costs. Sounds like a bargain? Well, we think so. If the idea of owning, running and riding an older Japanese motorcycle appeals, why not contact us and see what the club and its preferred suppliers has to offer? Web: email: Telephone: 01324 410519 During 2014, Suzuki’s awesome GSX1300R Hayabusa will become classic insurance eligible, so let’s take a look at what makes this bike so special… Steve Cooper: Your guide to some great old Japanese metal.

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

Suzuki’s Hayabusa is a hugely significant motorcycle for many reasons. Named after the fastest bird in the world, both machine (the early, unrestricted models at least), and animal are capable of touching 200mph. The bike was designed from first principles to oust Honda’s Blackbird from top slot, embracing both existing and emergent technologies. The highly efficient, long-standing twin swirl combustion chamber (TSCC) piston and head design that goes back to the early 1980s was further enhanced by increased thermal management. Much is made today of torquelimiting clutches but the ‘Busa had one back in 1999. The fuel-injected engine delivered a quoted 175bhp and, 104lb-ft of torque. The teardrop profile of the fairing is no coincidence, the shape ensuring the bike is as slippery as possible, while that hump over the pillion seat

reduces turbulence and drag. In comparison with a Yamaha R1, you might argue that the GSX1300R is carrying too much weight, but the extra kilos help keep it planted on the road. This, allied to a sensible wheelbase, combines to ensure the bike is as stable as possible. Although only a year on from the ill-fated TL1000S, Suzuki was seeking to distance itself from the TL’s infamous rotary damper rear unit, with phrases such as ‘proven link-type rear suspension with remote reservoir shock absorber’. The ability to travel fast, in comfort, over long distance remains a Hayabusa trump card. The motor is pretty much bomb-proof (they’ve been turbo’d without issue), so 15 years on, the ‘Busa is still a top act and prices are low. Good examples of the early models start at just £3000. What’s not to like about a bargain-price rocket ship?

28 know-how

A labour of love MCM reader Bruce Favill tells us the story of a mouldy bike, skinned knuckles and a hurricane.

WHILE working in St Lucia in 2009, I came across a 1982 Honda 750SC Nighthawk, in very poor condition, but it looked a good project. After a bit of bartering, I took the bike, a scrap 79 Honda Custom and another engine with a hole in the crankcase for spares. After washing off a nest of black ants, several centipedes, years of dirt, oil, grease and I dread to think what the slimy green stuff was, it started to look like a motorcycle. The initial inspection revealed it wasn’t quite a Nighthawk. The front forks, rear shocks, side panels, exhaust and handlebars were definitely not ‘factory fitted’. Also, the engine was seized, along with the front brake calipers, it had very tight front and rear wheel bearings, steering yoke bearings and swinging arm bushes. Neither the clutch nor throttle cables worked and the key was stuck inside the ignition switch. The tank had a bad case of ‘brake fluid dribble’ down the right-hand side from the front brakefluid reservoir, and later I discovered more holes underneath than a giant tea strainer. The frame was cracked through, just above the right-hand side upper engine mount, the speedo and rev counter were damaged and the back brake was, err, not there.

The project begins…

So, a project not for the faint-hearted or wobbly-kneed. The work began over the coming months the stripping, sorting, cleaning, bagging and labelling was taking place until October 31 that year, when St Lucia was hit by Hurricane Thomas. After 24 hours of high winds and torrential rain, the house roof had lost several sheets of galvanised steel, but my workshop,

With the bike home, Bruce found even the clocks had to be replaced.

(really a tin shack), had come off worst. The roof was gone, with everything inside under several inches of water, a large tree branch and other debris. It wasn’t until days later that I was able to salvage and dry all the parts I had already worked on, which put me back two months. By November I had to return to the UK. By the time I finally made the decision to ship the bike back, it had been dismantled, but I hadn’t made a start on the engine. I put everything I could back together, (finger tight), to make sure nothing would go missing, and robbed a few things from the spare engine and the Custom to put them together with the Nighthawk. I bought some mahogany planks from the local timber merchant, (it’s as cheap as MDF in the UK), and built my own packing crate (which now form some lovely mahogany cupboards and shelves). I padded everything I could with thick foam rubber and lashed it from all sides to the crate so it couldn’t move. Six weeks later it turned up on its side in the back of a lorry. “That’s how it was on the ship,” the driver told me. Dumped on the pavement outside my house, I had to work quickly before the scrap metal merchants beat me to it. Two hours later, bike and mahogany were safely in my shed. Next I had to build a workshop, so nothing happened to the bike for a few months, but I finally had the frame sand blasted and repaired, (remember the crack above the engine mounting?), then powder coated. Bit by bit it took shape. New rear brake shoes, wheel bearings and a pair of second-hand rear shocks that polished

About a year before completion, the crankcase is ready for the pistons.

This is what the bike looked like after the first wash it’d had in years. This needed a bit more than some spit ‘n’ polish...

The finished project, and it’s far than just a pretty face: Bruce’s hours of work have produced a stunning machine. up a treat, new rear footrests, return springs on the front foot pegs and new steering yoke bearings. The replacement used forks I bought had some small pitting, so I stripped them down and got the rams re-chromed. The engine came apart easily and the seizure was due to a blocked oil journal on the crankshaft main bearings. The damage to the crank was minimal, so with a skim at a local engineering firm, and a new set of oversize bearings, it was ready to be rebuilt. The engine went together easily with new bearings, seals, piston rings, valve shims and gaskets. All the ports polished, (by hand, ouch, skinned knuckles), and valves lapped in. New chain tensioners were essential as the old ones had disintegrated. On the ‘advancer spark’ there should have been two small lugs to locate the ‘timing boss’ in the correct position. The lugs were missing so I used photos I sourced from and as a guide to welding a couple of spots on the shaft, then filed them down to fit the boss. When I was happy they were right, I heated it up to cherry red and quenched it in oil. Job done. All the engine casing was sand blasted. I had a heat-resistant gloss black paint made up for the job, before it was time to reintroduce the finished engine to the bike. With the help of my son-in-law and his mate, the engine was lifted off the bench and on to a trolley jack, then slowly and carefully it was guided into place and the bolts tightened. While I’d been working on the engine, I had the tank brazed, welded and lined, then sprayed – along with the other panels – in the 1996 Honda Nighthawk canary yellow. (The 198283 750SC Nighthawks were black or dark blue and looked miserable). I

The big strip-down begins. With the tank and seat removed, Bruce could really see what he was up against.

polished everything I could, and sourced the decals from the States. Finally, the time had come to test my work…

The first run

On September 27, 2013, the Nighthawk started after just three turns of the crank, but to say it ran smoothly would be an exaggeration. After several hours of head scratching and internet searching, I stripped the carbs and found all the float levels out of spec. These are fixed floats with no adjustment, so after trying different pieces of thin plastic between the needle valve and float, I bonded the plastic into place and refitted the carbs. Wow! What a difference 12 thousandths of an inch can make… it started and sounded good. I had the tank on a workbench with a long fuel pipe so I could adjust the carbs while running the engine: After a bit of trial and error, it all seemed to come together. The running became even smoother and the acceleration was rapid, but I didn’t want to rev it too hard as everything needed to be ‘run in’. With the MoT passed, I sent all the paperwork off to the DVLA, and had it returned three weeks later telling me I needed proof of year of manufacture. So, I wrote to the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (, which was able to supply me with a certificate. It’s taken more than 200 hours, and cost about £3000 (not including shipping to the UK), but it’s been worth it. In fact, I’ve now bought a 1982 Honda Goldwing GL1100 with a seized engine, so I’ll keep you informed of the progress, (and the skinned knuckles)…

Replacing the bearings and seal.

749cc lump ready for the frame...

...which looks great powder coated.

The rocker cover looks great polished.

The end of a long journey, the finished bike is a treat to look at and to ride.


30 RIDERS AND THE LAW Legal matters made simple


The MCM legal column is compiled by managing partner Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast and his bike-riding barristers and solicitors at White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors. The firm deals with personal injury claims and its sister company, Motor Defence Solicitors, deals with all the motoring offences. White Dalton lawyers have a vast knowledge of bike law – and they have full bike licences too. They don’t act for insurance companies or the prosecution. White Dalton is Britain’s premier specialist motorcycle law practice, and if its professionals don’t know the answer to your question there probably isn’t one. Don’t rely on the advice from your insurance-appointed solicitor, get proper independent advice.

For road traffic offences call the Motor Defence solicitors on 0800 280 0912. For non-offence cases call White Dalton motorcycle solicitors on 0800 783 6191

Need advice? If you need advice on a biking-related legal question or query, email The best Q&A will be published in MCM, in confidence, of course.

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I put my old Yamaha Fazer 1000 up on eBay, and had a chap visit for a look before placing a bid. I let him have a spin around the block, but he clipped an old lady on a zebra crossing. The police were involved, and he’s getting done for careless driving. That’s fair enough as he should have seen her, but the problem I have is I’m getting done for letting him ride the bike with no insurance. That can’t be right can it? I was insured if I rode the bike but it’s his problem if he isn’t insured isn’t it? Surely he should get done for no insurance, not me.


Despite your honest belief you have done nothing wrong, I am afraid that even though you personally had insurance, as you let the potential buyer out without checking he was insured to ride, then you are guilty of permitting him to ride without insurance. The law relating to insurance is very strict, and there is no defence in this case. The Court could sentence you by way of 6 to 8 penalty points, or a possible disqualification. This is in addition to a fine and court costs. As such, my advice would be to plead guilty and try and obtain the lowest sentence possible. As for the eBay chap, I hope you got the money off him for the now bent bike. He can also expect to be ‘stuck on’ for riding without insurance as well as careless driving.


I have just bought a DRZ400 with road tyres. It hasn’t got an MoT or Tax, but instead of spending money on this I’m thinking of spending it on some knobblies and going ‘off-road’ for some giggles. There are loads of local woods, parks and farmland, so I figured as long as I stick to bridleways and proper footpaths across fields etc., and don’t ruin any crops, then I won’t be doing anything wrong. What do you think?


I can entirely relate as I have just bought a CCM 404DS to explore muddy tracks and the rolling hills near where I live. If you have

permission to go on private land – i.e. the local farmer’s field – you should have no problems and you can fill your boots (literally with mud!) If you want to go exploring further afield (no pun intended) and sharing space with members of the public, as a general rule you can’t ride on public footpaths and bridleways, as they are meant for people and horses only. If you do then you could have the local police after you for all manner of offences. However, there are a bucket load of unsurfaced roads – often called green lanes – that you can legally ride if you have a fully road-legal bike – i.e. MoT, tax, insurance etc., and the ‘carriageway’ concerned is open to vehicular use. As for where the trails are, a little bit of research can go a long way to keep you out of trouble. I would recommend contacting a group like the Trail Riders Fellowship and speaking to the appropriate highway authority office so you can check maps concerned. There are some knowledgeable and friendly people who are only too willing to help and show you where to ride legally. Enjoy the mud! For more information on riding green lanes, see the January 2014 issue of MCM, available to read for free at

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2008 KTM 990 Superduke R

Name: Alan Lee From: Long Eaton, Derbyshire Occupation: Plasterer Owned bike for: Three years Tell us about it: “I’ve always liked naked bikes, and chopped in my Suzuki SV650 for the ‘Duke, as I reckon this is the ultimate naked.Whenever I go out on it, I come back with the biggest grin on my face: it rides like a dream and I find it feels very planted to ride, and easy to tip in to corner. It can be a bit fierce at times, but I guess it’s that attitude that I love so much. With the Akrapovic exhaust system and R&G crash protection, it gets a lot of attention wherever I park it. What’s next? “Nothing… I’m not looking at changing a bike this good anytime soon.” Power: 120bhp (88kW) @ 9000rpm Torque: 73.8lb-ft (100Nm) @ 7000rpm Engine: 999cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled,V-twin

Wet weight: 196kg Seat height: 855mm Current value: Dealer £6700; private £5400; part-ex £5300








AJS STELLA 350-9B 320 Twin custom cruiser, only 500 miles, screen, rack and top box, illness and old age forces sale, £2000. Tel. 02476 373635. N Warks.

BMW K100RS 1985, 78k miles, mechanically perfect, age related cosmetics, BMW panniers, new tyres, £1250 ono. Tel. 0757 9001449. Essex.

APRILIA FUTURA 2001, MoT October 2014, tax end March 2014, 21,000 miles, new front, good rear tyres, colour matched OEM panniers, some history & MoTs, £2150.Tel. 07931 605907. Staffs.

BMW K100RT 1985, 46,500 miles, MoT Feb 14, Sorn, met green, BMW cases, top box, recent battery, s/s fasteners, new fork/fairing gaiters, orig manual, MoT, serviced, £1750 ovno Tel. 07799 041618. Notts.

APRILIA PEGASO 650 1996, 30k miles, good condition, new chain, sprockets, brake pads, tyres, good MoT 9 Oct, Sorned, £750. Tel. 01896 830946. Scottish borders.

BMW K1200R 2006 26k miles, 6 months t&t, h/grips, screen, recent battery, lovely bike, £4600. Tel. 07500 362917. Surrey. BENELLI 1130 Cafe racer, 2008, only 4,521 miles, all modes done, 100% reliable, spotless bike, bargain £5100. Tel. 07890 056598. E Riding of Yorks.

BETA REV3 250cc trials bike, 2008, vgc, light use only, V5, can meet ferry, £1900. Tel. 01983 756228 evenings or text anytime 07789 774442. Isle of Wight.

BMW F650 GS 2005, 9k miles, service history, good condition, £1995. Tel. 07831 406310. Devon.

BMW F800 ST 2011 reg, 798cc, twin ABS model, in met black, 5500 mls, full s/h, heated grips, c/stand, computer, panniers, excellent condition, 3 mths tax, £5495 ono. Tel. 01482 855058. E Riding of Yorks. BMW R80RT 798cc, 63,689 miles, red, 1994, good condition, new battery fitted, dry stored, Sorn, BMW panniers, top box, heated grips £2495. ovno Tel. 01723 377063; 07903 151258. N E Yorks.

BMW R100 FRAME 1980, well loved, great condition, good original paint, new battery, starts on the button, ready to ride and enjoy! £2750 ono. Tel. 07751 182930. Gtr London.

BMW R100/7 1978, with Mk1 Watsonian Monza Sport sidecar, owned for over 20 years, time for a change? Full refit, new tyres, drives exactly as it should with no issues.. Tel. 07802 732338. .

BMW R1150RT 2004, grey metallic, full BMW s/h, ABS, electric screen, spot and hazard lights, heated grips, top box, engine guards, MoT & taxed, two owners, £4395. Tel. 01827 720358 or 07831 400586. Warks. BMW K100 1000cc, silver, 1983/84, genuine 9k miles, serviced, new tyres, battery, fork seals, BMW hard panniers, original tool kit, £2650; Triumph T90 Daytona Thruxton cafe racer special rebuild, handcrafted, ali p/tank, ali rims, pegs, t/clocks, s/r seat, £4650. Tel. 07759 607498. Berks.

BMW R1200R Classic, perfect example, 1900 miles, Comfort pack, ESA ASC Wunderlich matched fairing, registered 2012, BMW top box, huge saving, over £12,500 new at this spec, £8250. Tel. 07876 662216. Northants.

BMW R1200R 2008, black, 16,500 miles, ABS, panniers, heated grips, computer, centre stand, small screen, engine bars, fsh, vgc, tax/MoT, £5250. Tel. 01633 264808. Monmouthshire.

BMW R65 great condition, stored in house for 16 years, many new parts, six months tax and test, new Gel battery, £1800. Tel. 07530 831006. Cumbria.

BMW RT 1982, 1000cc, sidecar outfit, t&t, exc cond, Crusader sidecar, only 6 produced, has Gullwing doors and RC fitted, p/x trike, lighter outfit or 3-wheeler, £3700. Tel. 0191 3884084. Durham. BMW GS 1200 2006, t&t Sept, 12k miles, ABS, heated grips, full luggage including top box, new battery, excellent condition, £5500.Tel. 01274 831244. Bradford, Yorks. BMW K1200/1300S MRA Vario, smoke grey screen, £55; Helibar bar risers, £125; BMW luggage rack, £85; Wunderlich throttle lock, £40; pannier inner liners, £20; gel pads (2) with covers, £60. all items as new Tel. 07878 360361. Kent. BMW K1200R 2006, 26k miles, 6 months t&t, heated grips, screen, recent battery, lovely bike, £4600. Tel. 07500 362917. Surrey. BMW R1150 GS Yellow, ABS, heated grips, hard BMW luggage, 80k miles, MoT Sept 14, new tyres, battery, good nick, s/h, mature owner 3 1/2 years, £2650. Tel. 07768 874910. W Sussex.

BSA SUPER ROCKET 650 1962, t&t, vgc, swap or p/x British bike with electric start button, may tape Jap or Continental bike as p/x or sell £5800 ovno.Tel. 07751 428573. E Yorks. BULTACO 350CC TRIALS 1977, road registered, fitted lights, t&t, make nice green laner, £2500.Tel. Pete 01905 21667 anytime. Worcs.

CAGIVA V RAPTOR 650cc, excellent condition, Suzuki SV 650 engine, USD Marchozzi forks, Brembo brakes, has been well serviced, covered 21k miles. Open to offers. £1800. Tel. 07593 149399. Gtr London. CYCLEMASTER 1950s, good runner, original autocycle, ride or restored, no log book or number plate, exchange for BSA A7-A10B33 swinging arm frame with V5 log book £950. firm or exchange Tel. 02085 341761; 07863 262603. London.

DUCATI 996 Bip, standard apart from Ti/Termi, fsh, new tyres.. Tel. 07557 120439. Kent.

DUCATI MULTI-STRADA 1200 ABS, Ducati full s/h, c/stand, h/grips, Ducati luggage, lots of extras, fantastic condition, 2011 reg, 27k miles, bargain, £6900 ono. Tel. 0191 3891000. Durham. DUCATI 906 PASO 904cc, 1989, red/white, standard condition, runs well, MoT 07/06/14, Sorned, new tyres and chain, £1250 ono; Triumph Thunderbird 900, 1997, yellow/black, good condition, 23k miles, Sorned, rack, Nacelle, £3000 ono. Tel. 01945 589349. Cambs.

Authorised D ucati Service and P erform ance Centre 22 years C ertified D ucatitrained Friendly & professional service.Com petitive rates. SPEC IA LIST IN R O A D ,TR A C K A N D R A C E PR EP. C allJeffG reen

01858 535411

BSA C11G 250 t&t, new camshaft followers, rebored chain, runs well £1650 or make a sensible offer Tel. 01524 733604. North Lancs.

GAS GAS 50 BOY trials bike, year 2000, in good general condition but a non runner, £150.Tel. 01291 422834 for more details. Monmouthshire.

EXCHANGE GILERA GP 8OO 2010, t&t, two new tyres, recent dealer service for large motorcycle, cash either way or £3999. Tel. 01244 332435; 07564 960647. Cheshire.

HARLEY DAVIDSON XLH 883 Sportster, 2003, red, vgc, full s/h, lots of chrome and with many extras, MoT and tax, 20k miles, looks/sounds lovely, real eyecatcher, £3300 ono. Tel. 01803 310250. Torbay, Devon. HARLEY 1340 EVO Hardtail, Delkron cases, Exile clutch, 1986, C reg, featured in a custom bike magazine, lots nice engineering, HMRC forces reluctant sale, £4999. firm Tel. 0750 3003222; 01371 822944. Hants. HARLEY DAVIDSON Bobber hardtail, Sportster project, custom chop, ratbike chopper this is an incomplete project but a great start, too many parts to list please phone me for more info. Tel. 07817 333375. Staffs.

HONDA 550 1978, Four USA import on Sorn 27,000 miles, vgc, £2500. Tel. 07812 832153. Derbyshire.

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HONDA CB 500S 2003, blue, MoT September 2014, tax March 2014, large Givi top box, full s/h, 2 keys, books, immac cond, £1500 no offers Tel. 01446 412146. Barry, Vale of Glam, Wales.

HONDA CB 600S Y plate, 2000, 15k, tested, clean, good runner, £1399 ono. Tel. 01325 788509. Durham.

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HONDA CBF 1000F A7, 2007 reg, Mr A screen, Givi panniers, new tyres and batteries, 24k miles, hand extenders, crash bobbins, belly pan, lots more extras, lovely condition, £3200. Tel. 01202 697827; 07743 850361. N W Lancs.

HONDA CBF 500 2005, black, 53k miles, new tyres, pads, etc, 12 mths’ MoT, £1300. Tel. 07725 311516. Worcs.

HONDA CB 750 F11 Sorned this month. MoT June 14, F1 engine, recent top end rebuild, good all round show condition, period Cafe racer, Marshall 4-into-1, Dunstall seat, very fast, good tyres, metallic green, 49k miles, £1500. Tel. 07722 421698. Surrey.

HONDA CBF 600SA-8 excellent unmarked cond, 2010, t&t Sept, 8500 dry mls, full service history, Givi top box, rear hugger, this bike is in perfect condition, bad back forces sale, £3700 ono. Tel. 01642 762615. Teeside, N Yorks.

HONDA CB 900 F2C 1982 (faired version) not fitted, red/white, with legs shields + brackets, 56,000+ miles, vgc for year, MoT 7/14, £1800 ono. Tel. Mike on 07914 768602. W Mids.

HONDA CBR 1000FR Good condition, tax & MoT, brand new battery, R/R, front disc, pads, oil, plugs, Scorpion can, data-tagged, Scottoiler..Tel. 07762 223538. Gtr London.

HONDA CB 900F 1979, 21,500 miles, very good original condition, Motad exhaust, professional respray, serviced, MoT, rides lovely, possible p/x, £2750 ono. Tel. 07970 933626. Lincs.

HONDA CBR 600 FN 1992, K reg, 34k miles, s/s pipes, Micron can, new tyres, battery, chain, braided hoses, 2 keys, owners manual, tax May 14, MoT June 14, data tagged, lovely bike, £1200 ono. Tel. 01925 633341. Cheshire.

HONDA CB500X Aug 2013, white, 4,250 miles, heated grips, hugger, fender extender, returns 83mpg on my daily commute, 18 mths warranty/AA cover remaining, £3600. Tel. 07879 447313. W Mids. HONDA CBF 1000F 1000cc, black, 07, excellent order, never out in rain, health forces reluctant sale after 34 years, rides lovely, standard spec, lovely, £3900. ono; trade, some gear too inc. Tel. 01287 640472. N Yorks.

HONDA CD175 tax exempt, 1971, Doner 1978, CD175, V5C light weight used on camper now no spark 1 CD k reg, 1971, frame, V5C, swop over make cheap fun bike or renovate, £600 call before 6pm Tel. 07552 178256. Surrey. HONDA CB125 TWIN 1978, 90% complete, easy rebuild, all parts present and corect, on V5, ill health forces sale, tel. for further details £250. Tel. 01473 747880. Suffolk.

HONDA CB 1979, 750KZ. £1500 ono. Tel. 07977 485619. Cambs.

HONDA CM 250T 250cc, 1982, 25k miles, MoT/tax Jul 14, new battery, nice bike, £650. Tel. 01767 691209. Beds.

HONDA CM400T US import, 1981, X, 59k miles, new MoT, new battery, original condition, rides very well, ride or restore, classic custom Honda, £775.Tel. 077350 39988. W Sussex.

HONDA CX 500 V-Twin, shaft drive, custom 1982, vgc, blue, t&t, rebuilt, new alternator, battery, tyres, large Rickman Polaris fairing, white, black or white top box, not fitted, £1250 ono. Tel. 01273 812101. E Sussex.

HONDA CX 500 EC Eurosport, 1983,A, black, only 13,500 miles, regularly serviced, totally original, near showroom condition, Honda silencers fitted, an appreciating classic, £4995. Tel. 07859 919598. N Yorks.

HONDA CX ED 650 Eurosport, 1983, excellent condition, new front tyre, shaft drive needs new starter clutch, winter project, hence £750 no offers. Collection only plus spares and manual. Tel. 01902 843145. Wolvs.

HONDA CB 250N Superdream, 1979, full MoT, one year’s tax, less than 500 miles in last 4 years, lovely bike ready to ride, £950. Tel. 01905 21667 anytime. .

HONDA CB 500L K1, 1975, MoT and taxed, superb, 31k miles, carbs just had new complete overhaul, spare tank and two sides, resprayed in black, ride or show, books and history, £4500. Tel. 01443 226706. Mid Glam.

HONDA DEAUVILLE NT 650V 2004, Kliktronic gear change and lowered foot pegs, ideal for rider with left leg disability, new r/tyre, new Motad can, t&t, Honda top box, h/grips, other extras, £2300. Tel. 01325 288652. Durham. HONDA CBF 600SA-8 excellent unmarked condition, 2010, t&t Sept, 8,500 dry miles, full s/h, Givi top box, rear hugger, this bike is in perfect condition, bad back forces sale, £3700 ono. Tel. 01642 762615. Teesside.


Subscribe to Motor Cycle Monthly: or call 01507 529529 HONDA XBR 500 500cc, clearout, various parts including original Honda seat, seat extension, workshop manual, grab rail, too many parts to list, phone for list, sold as one lot, buyer collects.Tel. 01253 825655. LANCS.

HONDA F6C 1500 2001, t&t, 16k miles, Datatool alarm, converted to trike by B B Customs, lovely condition, £12,000. Tel. 079790 80413. Carlisle.

HONDA FMX 650 2006, 8k miles, 12 months’ MoT, Sorned, full s/h, alarm, manual and all keys, £2200 ono. Tel. 07986 890020. Devon.

HONDA FURY 1300cc chopper, 2012, King and Queen seat, cost £700, foot boards, £150; engine bars, £200; Boulevard screen, £280; bike mint, first service done, 2k miles from new, £8000 no offers Tel. 01492 870333. Denbighshire.

HONDA GOLDWING 1800 GL 2004, 17k, black, full chrome pack, spoiler, rack, spots, cruise boards, recent service, tyres, trunk, pannier bags, new battery, on Sorn for the winter, £11,295 ono. Tel. 07976 885789. Lancs.

HONDA GOLDWING GL 1500 SE 1997, with hydraulic stabilisers and a Kliktronic gear change, 40k miles, 4 months’ road tax, MoT till Aug 14, no time wasters. £7999. Tel. Matt on 0777 7687930. Denbighshire. HONDA 250cc, Super Dream wheels, £10 each.Tel. 078900 56598. E Riding of Yorks. HONDA XLR 250RM Baja, 1994, L reg, MoT Jun 14, tax end Jun 14, 18,386 kms, 1000 kms in last year, new Pirelli MT43 tubeless tyres and service Jun 13, lovely condition, £1750. Tel. 07825 215914. Hants.

HONDA GOLDWING GL1200 1986 Project bike, needs alternator to complete, immac-ulate, many new parts, gold colour, many extras and spares, offers offers Tel. 07930 663930. Lancs.

HONDA HORNET 59 plate, ABS, 12,500 miles on the clock, c/w many extras, Power Commander, exhaust, fly screen and more, stunning colour. really fun bike, taxed and MoT, £3700.Tel. 07554 440995. Hants.

HONDA SH125 2008 (58), vgc, new rear tyre, front very good, tax June, MoT July, 12,900 miles, screen and top box, 100% reliable, just serviced, £995. Tel. 07786 530678. Essex.

HONDA SH300I 2011, ABS, automatic, twist and go scooter, ‘60 reg, white, 14k miles, MoT Nov 2014, full Honda s/h, good condition, quick and economical, £2300. Tel. 07757 278965; 01204 388554. Lancs.

HONDA ST1100, ABS, TCS, h/grips, tank, cover, custom seat, wind deflectors, MoT, 18k miles, vgc, £4600. Tel. 01728 685878. Suffolk. HONDA C90 2002, red, 32k miles, spare keys, good condition, tlc needed. Cheap classic investment, all documents. Tel. 07546 963739 for details.. E London. HONDA XBR500 500cc, 24,490 miles, blue, 1985, good condition, new battery fitted, dry stored, Sorn £1250 ovno. Tel. 01723 377063; 07903 151258. N E Yorks.

HONDA VARADERO XL125 V4, 19,000 miles, excellent runner, owned almost one year, £1800 offers taken. Tel. 07414 897982. Hertfordshire.

HONDA VARADERO XL 125 Super reliable, excellent condition, 25k miles, custom seat and exhaust. Tel. 07799 281476. S Yorks.

HONDA VARADERO XL 125 05 plate, silver, for sale due to needing a new family car, 5,300 miles on the clock, t&t till May, new battery, 6 months ago, always been garaged. £1700 ono. Tel. 07912 935692. E Riding of Yorkshire.

HONDA VF500 F2 1985, mint, 21k, taxed tip, on Sorn over winter, only done 1000 miles in 18 months, new tyres, seat pod and original screen inc.Viewing highly recommended. Tel. 01772 635161. Lancs.

HONDA VFR750F 1989, 30,000 miles & recent major service done, excellent condition for a 25 year old bike, SS exhaust, recent Roadsmart tyres, t&t, optional extras available, £1250. Tel. John 07760 448805 or 01422 361846. West Yorkshire. HONDA CB1100A-D white, 2013 reg, as new, 415 miles, bargain price, the best price on the market. £7100. Tel. 078900 56598. N Yorks. HONDA CX 650ED 650cc, rear carrier with fittings and almost new top box, excellent condition, collection only, £60. no offers Tel. 01902 843145. Wolvs.

HONDA VT500 EF 500cc, 1988, taxed, MoT, new Continentals, 38k, screen, rack and panniers, not standard, good running order, recent service, had recent engine strip, carbs rebuilt £450 ono. Tel. 01746 783671. West Mids. HONDA 900 RR Fireblade, 1993, 26k miles, in pristine condition, new pads (Honda) all round, fully serviced, new stainless exhaust, battery (GEC), remote alarm system, much money spent regardless, best blade made, £2999 ono. or swap for car. Tel. 075515 27770. Bradford, Yorks. HONDA C90 CUB 90cc, 2003, electric start, screen carrier, top box, 12,400 miles, metallic red, full MoT, excellent condition except two small marks on mudguard/chain guard, photos available by phone after 6pm. Tel. 07872 143116. Lancs. HONDA CD 200 Benly, 1980, red, no tax or MoT, fair condition for year, on Sorn, runner, some new parts, offers around £350. Tel. 01162 402726. Leics. HONDA FIREBLADE 918 1996, 16k miles, on Sorn, good condition, £1500 ono. Tel. 07790 911994 for more info.. Lincs. HONDA GL 1000 GOLDWING recently restored, metallic blue paint, new battery,1976 phone for more info, £2750 ono. Tel. 0161 7666353. Lancs. HONDA PC50 49cc, stored many years, running order, £195. Tel. 0208 3867210. Herts. HONDA RETRO CB 1100 white, 415 miles, yes 415 miles, 2013 plate, as new, save £2000, bargain £7100. Tel. 078900 56598. E Riding of Yorks. HONDA ST 1100X blue, 1999, 114k miles, MoT, still good reliable bike, top box, back rest, wind deflectors, £1100.Tel. Paul 07535 666074 . Rochester, Kent. HONDA ST 1300 Pan European, silver, 2002,ABS model with electric screen, Honda h/grips, top box and panniers, professionally repainted wheels and fork legs, MoT June, taxed May, 28k miles, recent Pilot 2 tyres fitted, garaged, vgc, £4095. Tel. 07753 281106. Leics. HONDA VFR 800 2000, this machine is in outstanding condition throughout, 13k miles only, all books, service handbook, w/shop manual, 2 keys, seat hump, grab handles, tool kit, I am 74 and it is a little uncomfortable for me to ride long distances, £2650. Tel. 01422 379441. W Yorks. HONDA VFR FIRESTORM 998 Silver, 27k, data tagged, stainless blue flame exhaust, high level, good tyres, used twice in 14 months at Mallory Festival, great bike, must sell, no room, circa 1998, £1350.Tel. 07934 517847. Cheshire.

KAWASAKI EL 250 water-cooled twin cylinder, first reg 1993, with 18,500 miles on the clock, MoTs, exc cond, starts and runs fine, t&t till July 2014, selling due to lack of use, £1050 ono. Tel. 07724 542694. S Lincs.

JAMES COMMODORE J4 98cc, (v rare model), similar to Comet, 1952 girder/rigid, Villiers 1F, 2-so h/change, good easy project, dismantled for restoring, could deliver, £450. Tel. 01268 735135. Essex. JAMES COMET 1960, all complete with original buff log book, new V5C, tells, dual seat, rear suspension, last used 2004, dry stored since ride or restore, could deliver, bargain £500. Tel. 01268 735135. Essex.

JINLING TRIKE 2011, only 340 miles, automatic with reverse, £2750. Tel. 07808 688483. E Sussex.

KAWASAKI 750 1983, Drag/ Chopper, v strong, powerful, custom professionally build hard tail frame, no t&t, serviced, new f/tyre, new chain and both sprockets, K&N filters, £2100 ono. Tel. 07826 544607 for more info/pics. Ayrshire. KAWASAKI ER5 500cc, 1999, 22,700 miles, blue, heated grips, engine bars, good condition, clean, tax and MoT, £650. Tel. 01427 679092. Lincs. KAWASAKI GT 550 Average condition, tax and test, £300. Tel. 07909 502913. W Yorks. KAWASAKI KL 250 1980, Classic twin shock trail bike, tax and MoT, ride or restore condition, low mileage, £700. Tel. 01384 872180. W Mids.

KAWASAKI ER5 2004, 500cc, 28,000 miles, tax April 2014, tested Nov 2014, new Battlax tyres, datatagged, good reliable bike, genuine reason for sale, £975. Tel. 0783 5097411. Tyne & Wear.

KAWASAKI ER500 18k miles, tested 11 months, taxed 5 months, 2005, clean and reliable, £750. Tel. 01642 288107. Cleveland.

KAWASAKI ER6-N 650cc, 60 reg, petrol green, 5,800 miles, screen, h/grips, braided brake pipes, Scottoiler, Baglux tank cover, full year’s road tax, immac, £3300 ovno Tel. 0191 2375555; 07831 643825. Tyne & Wear.

KAWASAKI GPX 250 1990, only 17,600 miles, lady owned for last few years, original, excellent condition, affordable classic, never seen another of this model on the road, £850. Tel. 01664 851394 or 07812 693617. Leics. KAWASAKI FJ 1200 black/red, G reg, long MoT, owned for 15 yrs, new tyres, vgc, many spares. Tel. 01208 77661. Cornwall. KAWASAKI GPZ 500S 2001, vgc, MoT, Sorned, 31,660 miles or p/x for Suzuki TS 125X trail bike, any condition considered or anything similar, can deliver. Tel. 07816 828126. Lancs.

KAWASAKI GPZ 500S 1999, 75k miles, bike has been standing for a long time, sell as a non runner for £295 or if i get the time to get it running I will sell at £500 ono. Tel. 07812 693617. Leics.

KAWASAKI KLX 125 2012, learner legal, one owner from new, 5,200 miles only, excellent condition, more photographs/ information available if required, delivery possible at cost, £1800. Tel. 0758 1008210. S Yorks.

KAWASAKI KR1S 250cc 2 stroke twin, 1993, (L472 AKO reg), excellent cosmetic and mech-anical condition, has been totally restored to high standard, has 9,960 miles on the clock,. Tel. 0777 8504212. Somerset.

KAWASAKI KZ650 1978, 38k miles, 6 months’ MoT, on Sorn, new tyres, battery and electrics, good runner, regularly serviced, tool kit/handbook, £1500. Tel. 01803 607265; 01364 653515. Torquay.

KAWASAKI NINJA 2008, 9000 miles, HG, hugger, excellent condition, t&t, blueflame exhaust, never dropped needs no money spending on it, £2300 ono. Tel. 01553 819722. Norfolk.

KAWASAKI NINJA 250R 2011, 1400 dry miles, hugger, kept in garage, like new, £2700. Tel. 07506 298067. Beds.

KAWASAKI W800 SP 800 Special Edition, all black, gold wheels, approx. 4,000 miles, taxed, approx 6 months factory warranty remaining, one owner £4200 ono. Tel. 01883 348771. Croydon.

KAWASAKI Z650 1978, with recent tyres, f/brake recondi-tioned and battery electrics, 6 months’ MoT, in very nice overall condition, with Neta exhaust, £1500 no offers Tel. 01803 607265; 01364 653515. Torquay, Devon.

KAWASAKI Z750 Twin 750, 1976, vgc, recent professional respray, 21,321 miles, calipers rebuilt, new fork oil seals, MoT 07/14, recent full service, Z1 looka-like, £2495.Tel. 07779 830671. Co Antrim.

KAWASAKI ZX14 2007 model, in diablo black, c/w extras, please ask, owned by mature rider since 2009, 2 registered former keepers,V5, 35,500 trouble free miles, full s/h, t&t,. Tel. 07766 357071. Norfolk.

KAWASAKI ZX6R P8F, full s/h, good condition, new Metzeler tyres, low mileage, £3795. Tel. 07920 819283. Somerset.


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KAWASAKI ZX10R D7F 2007, 25,600 miles, s/h, previous owner receipts, full service and fitted new clutch, new f&r brake pads, t&t, well looked after, runs and rides perfectly, £4000 no p/x or silly offers. Tel. 07752 127553. Essex.

KAWASAKI ZX7R 03 plate, 20k miles, green/white, in good condition, 2 Fst 4 me! p/x trail bike or £2k,. Tel. Clive Hudds 01484 861608. W Yorks.

KAWASAKI ZZR1100 1998 reg, full power model, 27k miles, MoT till Sept 2014, tax end of June 2014, c/w all old MoTs, 2 keys, workshop manual and original tool kit and is very well maintained. Tel. 07948 1754820. W Mids. LIFAN MIRAGE LFJ 125 2013, 900km, under warranty, rack, taxed £900. Tel. 01205 723809. Lincs.

MOTO MORINI 500cc, 1985, beautiful original unrestored cond, only 13,000m, recent service, cam belt, possibly exchange for British twin single pre 1960 depending on cond, etc. £3500 ono, poss exchange Tel. 01572 787811. Melton Mowbray.

MORINI 500 MAESTRO 1980, V reg, 5 speed, 21k, largely restored, carbs u/s cleaned, p/coating, chrome, Leighton’s seat, s/s throughout, missing cables, exhaust and few other parts. £1600. Tel. 07788 442155. Bristol.

NORTON VILLIERS 250 Manxman, 08 reg, 4k km, MoT & tax Oct 14, rides & starts well, £700 or possible exchange for tidy original Honda CD250 or similar 1982-90 Tel. Doug 07716 992113. S Yorks. NSU QUICKLY 1966, sought after F23 model, 3-speed, dual seat, swinging arm, alloy brake hubs and wheel rims, new parts, good running order, tidy sound useable machine, V5C, bargain, £750. Tel. 01268 735135. Essex.

MOTOGUZZI 1200 full MG s/h, vgc, engine bars, hand guards, rear hugger, 12 months’ MoT, 12k, £6250. Tel. 07734 507358. Northants. MOTO GUZZI 1200 SPORT Black/white, 11,700 miles, full s/h, taxed/MoT, extras include carbon fibre exhaust/hugger, Tom-Tom optimiser, Griso bars and originals, excellent condition, two owners, Dec 2007, £4550. ovno. Tel. Chris 07831 696168; 01189 425919. Berks.

MV AGUSTA BRUTALE 750s, 2004, in fantastic condition, 13,000 miles, £3250 ovno Tel. Rob 07720 271441. Greater London.

NORTON ATLAS 750cc, 1965, rebuilt to show standard, bills available to see, matching numbers, superb condition, £8500 may take small bike exchange. Tel. Pete 01905 21667 anytime. Worcs.

PEUGEOT SPEEDFIGHT 100 Scooter, recent full service and MoT, two keys, luggage rack, new battery, ready to go. Nippy, reliable, good condition, £595 ono. Tel. 07770 816002. Glos. PEUGEOT 407SE SALOON 2000cc SE Hatchback, long MoT, taxed, 73k miles, black, swap or sell, prefer Retro Jap muscle bike, all bikes considered WHY £1795. Tel. 07950 398750; 01384 823222. W Mids. PEUGEOT VIVACITY 125 62 plate/as new, 2k miles, Peugeot rack, top box, tall screen, heated grips etc, retired mechanic owner, dry miles, kept in heated garage, 85mpg, no disappointments, £1200. no offers Tel. Tony 07812 748994. Stoke. PIAGGIO H20 50 SPORT tax, MoT, 3,000 miles, one lady owner, excellent condition. Tel. 01753 869566. Berks. PUCH V5 50D 50cc, 3-speed, M reg, black/cream, also chrome wheels, dual seat, good condition, original moped, no V5, 90% complete, had it running, has own petrol tank, cream, £265. ovno Tel. 07549 985998; 07529 56432. Leics. R1100S £3000 for right bike Tel. 01932 564416. Surrey.

SUZUKI BANDIT 1200 Streetfighter, some mods, in reasonable condition, some rust, new clutch, tyres, etc, new MoT,. Tel. 07799 580725. Essex.

SUZUKI BANDIT GSF 1200X 1999, V, black, unfaired, Mk 1 model, only 20k, serviced every 3k, owned from new, showroom cond, unmarked, Scorpion s/s oval plus boxed orig silencer, collectable. £2795. Tel. 07859 919598. N Yorks.

SUZUKI BANDIT GSF650 mint condition, garaged, seviced, 9600 miles from new, £2700 ono. Tel. 01691 661208. Shropshire.

SUZUKI B-KING 2009, black, under 10k miles, s/h, good condition, Beowulf underseat carbon cans plus oe, brand new tyres, well looked after bike, may p/x late FJR 1300, £5550. Tel. 0777 5077598. Derbys. SUZUKI GSX-R1000 K7 Ex Crescent Superstock (BSB), ideal race/trackday bike set up by Sean Muir racing producing 183 bhp with chart, thousands spent on bike, new set of wheels with discs and new wets, reluctant, genuine sale viewing recommended, £6000 ono. Tel. 07725 109473. Cambs.

SUZUKI BURGMAN 400 2004, genuine 3,900 miles, never seen rain, Datatool alarm, built and specialist cable locking system, excellent condition throughout, £2000 may consider swap for larger motorbike bandit or CBF type, tell what you have Tel. 01204 573892. Lancs.

SUZUKI GS 125 1983, good condition, black, excellent runner, 26,000 miles, new back tyre, long MoT, £595.Tel. 07828 188593.W Sussex.

SUZUKI GSF 1250S SA, ABS, 07/57, MoT, 6 mtgs tax, 17k miles only, Full s/h, one previous owner, crash bars, tinted d/bubble screen, new tyres, 17k valve, service done, immaculate, £3300. Tel. 07775 680094. Essex.

SUZUKI GSR 750cc, in white, 1300 miles only, reg July 2013, one owner, as new, £4900. Tel. 07717 683075. S Yorks. SUZUKI BANDIT 650 K8 on 09 plate, t&t to August, Candy red, 8k miles only, needs some tlc hence low price of £2250. Tel. 07535 205661. Gtr Man. SUZUKI RGV 250 VJ22 blown up or incomplete ONLY, must have V5 and be cheap!. Tel. Ade in 07970 687321. Telford, Shrops.

SUZUKI GSX 1100 EFE 1984, 38k verified miles, full fairing, blue/white, 95% orig, vgc, 11 months’ MoT, three owners last one 14 years, any trial, future classic, huge amount spares, £3000. Tel. 07977 144147. Dorset.

SUZUKI GSX 1100F 1994, electric screen, good tyres, laser cans, rear carrier, some new parts, 27,800 miles, MoT on agreed sale, good cond, runs and rides well, ideal sports tourer. £1395 ono. Tel. 07739 800478 for more info.. Surrey.

SUZUKI GSX 1400 2002, blue and white, 29k miles, good tyres and C&S, full Akrapovic, t&t, good condition, £2500 ovno.Tel. 07846 104644. Glos.

SUZUKI GSXR 750 K7 The bike is in excellent condition throughout and has been looked after well, s/h and MoT’s available plus all original paperwork kept, plenty of extras inc. Tel. 07891 174846. Derbys. SUZUKI DR 650 1993, MoT until November, tax until May, new chain & sprockets, needs cosmetic tidying but reliable, £700 ono. Tel. 01264 710317. Hants.

SUZUKI GSXR 600cc, 2002, 10,460 miles, MoT Jul 14, excellent condition, £2400.Tel. 078411 13148. Fints.

SUZUKI GT 185 1977 model, recently refurbished, taxed & MoT till May 2014, £1400 ono. Tel. 01229 465311 or 07939 430576. S Cumbria.

SUZUKI INTRUDER M800 2010 reg, tax until June 2014, 12 months MoT, one owner, only 2850 miles, spare key & all documentation included, great looking bike in excellent condition, £4250 ono. Tel. 01527 550890. West Midlands.

SUZUKI T200 Invader, 1968, fully restored thousands spent on nos parts looks and rides like new details & pics by request fast appreciating classic stored in house since rebuild, £3500 ovno. Tel. 07811 118978. Lancs. SUZUKI GSX 1100F Power screen, blue, 1990, t&t 2014, 40k miles, many new parts, battery, fork seal, clutch, plugs, oil filter, rear pads and tyres, slight fairing damage, big rally tourer, £995 ono. Tel. 07858 134475. Durham.

SUZUKI VAN VAN K8 2007, 6k miles, t&t, fun reliable commuter, great mpg, sensible mods, Givi top box, £1595. Tel. 01202 248120. Dorset. SUZUKI ADDRESS 125cc motorcycle, 2010, only done 6,500 miles, full s/h, taxed/MoT, top box, new rear tyre, chain and sprockets, showroom condition, absolute bargain, £995. Tel. 0116 2877574. Leics. SUZUKI BANDIT 1200 Mk I titanium double outlet can with stainless bracket, 3 bolt fitting, made by Carbon Can Co, as new, cost new £220, yours for £170, £220. Tel. Rob 01522 536579. Lincs.

TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T100 865, 2012, Sept, tax, serviced, 4050 miles, centre stand, heated grips, Triumph Q.D. screen, immaculate condition, £5750. Tel. 01394 285878. Suffolk.

TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE SE 2011, 866cc, white, two owners from new, mint, full Triumph s/h, c/stand, rack and heated grips, new rear tyre, 9k miles, 6 mths’ tax, MoT, any inspection welcomed. £4250 ono. Tel. 07956 412410. Lincs. TRIUMPH TIGER 1050 Renntec rear rack, black, unused, £40. plus postage Tel. 01686 688172. Powys. TRIUMPH TIGER CUB spares:side points and condenser, still in box, £5; cluster of gears for mountain cub, £20; steering lock with two keys, £15. Tel. 01524 825474. Lancs.

Honda CG125 (2004-09)

Words: Scott Redmond

If you’re more concerned about mpg than mph, this could be the commuter bike for you.

IF YOU think people only buy a 125cc machine because they’re a learner, you’d be very wrong. The humble CG125 has, for three decades, got on with the job of delivering people to work and parcels to customers. An unlikely contender for the ultimate all-rounder maybe? For more than 30 years the CG survived in the Honda range, but the last incarnation is the one we’re focusing on, with its electric start and disc brake up front. It replaced the previous model in 2004 and survived for five years until the emission police locked it up.

Engine: The four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled motor is one of Honda’s toughest units. Ironically, in trying to avoid woes associated with its OHC engines in the 70s, Honda opted for an OHV (Over Head Valve) to fill the frame on the original CG125 in 1976. It kicks out 11bhp, and will go on forever. The 2004 onwards engine lost its kickstart in favour of electric start only. Handling: The skinny wire wheels inspire surprising levels of confidence, even on rutted and worn out roads. The suspension is firm but can be bouncy for larger riders. No wonder it was the backbone for rider training schools in the last decade – even for a complete novice, the CG125 is a friendly bike to get to grips with. Ride: Unlike the Chinese competition, the Honda’s ride is solid. The bike will hit an indicated 65mph if pushed, but it’s much happier plodding along at 55mph. The saddle is generously padded and won’t upset you on a long run. Even the mirrors offer excellent visibility. Equipment: The fuel tank is very generous for a 125: its 13 litre capacity, and nigh on 100mpg

capability means long intervals between forecourt visits. The clockset is clear and boasts a fuel gauge too. The electric start is a nice touch, while up front is a disc brake more than adequate of pulling the lightweight up. The headlight – despite its dinky proportions – offers excellent night-time illumination.

Finish: Most CG125s end up in the hands of people who just want cheap transport, but thankfully the build quality means even with not much TLC, the little Honda survives remarkably well. Paintwork is thick, and more importantly things like the side panels are sturdy, being capable of surviving years of use. The spoked wheels could be an area of concern, but thankfully the chrome on the rims is well applied. Model history: The 2004-09 model is easy to spot by its front disc brake, electric start and lack of kickstart fitted. Prior to this, there were several variants that can trace their lineage back to 1976. Post 1995 models finally had electronic ignition to replace the points set-up. Going back another decade saw the CG125 benefit from 12v electrics, replacing the old-fashioned 6v set-up. What to check: Look at the vendor: if they’re on the large side, it’s best to start by checking the rear wheel out – being spoked means it quickly loses its rigidity, especially if there’s a top box fitted too. Check the shocks for resistance too, but fortunately they’re a cheap fix (potentially a good bargaining point). The chrome on the fork stanchions isn’t the thickest, so check the fork tubes haven’t been turned around to hide any pitting. Fork gaiters might also be hiding more sinister pitting. Crash damage and 125s go hand in

hand, so check wheel alignment. Engine wise, take a peek at the oil for its quality and quantity. Look out for fakes, as some people buy lookalike Chinese versions like Hongdu thinking they’re real CG125s. Three overall pros: Built to last; 100mpg potential and big-bike feel. Three overall cons: They hold their value; finding one; owners rarely part with them. Value for money: The CG125 was never a cheap bike to start with, and it holds its value incredibly well. Other than a Yamaha YBR125 though, it’s still the best value for your 125 buck. Servicing/maintenance: The air-cooled OHV 125cc engine is bulletproof, so long as you follow the basic servicing requirements: 6000 miles between oil and filter changes is quite acceptable, and many bikes will do double this with no gripes. Air filters are often overlooked by penny pinching owners… daft really when they’re only around £10.

Used prices: Entry-level for a 2004 onwards model is around £700, and for this expect an ex-training school bike with associated road rash (they are usually very well maintained though). Budget at least £1000 for something nearing showroom condition. A late ’08 plate that’s been loved will set you back around £1500.


Engine: Single cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled Power: 11bhp (8kW) @ 9000rpm Bore and stroke: 56.5 x 49.5mm Gearbox: Five-speed Suspension: 31mm telescopic fork (F); dual dampers (R) Brakes: 240mm single disc (F); drum brake (R) Wheelbase: 1297mm (51.1in) Kerb weight: 124kg Seat height: 781mm Fuel capacity: 13.5 litres

Useful contact For parts, service items and consumables: 01273 597072 For info and advice:


TRIUMPH SPEED TRIPLE 955I 2002, Cat D, 11,200 miles, £2000 ono. Tel. 07989 193832. Derbys.

TRIUMPH SPRINT ST 1050 2005/05, 19k, Ex SH, Mot Aug 14, taxed, burgundy, new tyres & chain/sprockets/battery, heated grips, r/hugger, superb, Summer only, one change bike every year, £3999. Tel. 01626 205572. Devon.

TRIUMPH STREET TRIPLE 2008, MoT 1.3.14, Sorn, 12,000 miles, Serv new tyres, extras inc. ext FM Gard heated grips, alarm, Scottoiler R hugged R&G covers, Ventura double rack, £3950. Tel. 02089 505767. Herts.


TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T100 2011, America, met black, pristine, full s/h, 3,708 dry miles, leather tank pad, new touring seat, full leather luggage shownnot inc, currently Sorn, £4600 priced to sell. Tel. Malcolm 07814 127383. Lincs.

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TRIUMPH TIGER SE 2010 reg, graphite/black, 22k, vgc, full hard luggage,Arrow exhaust, new C&S and battery,ABS, fender extender, h/guards, Satnav mount, t&t, std or low seat, £5250. Tel. 07593 818647. N Yorks.

TRIUMPH TRIDENT 1997, genuine 14,716 miles, all MoTs, Scottoiler, Givi screen, well maintained serviced ready for Summer, small dent, MoT July, £1500.Tel. 07762 606977. Northumberland. TRIUMPH SPRINT ST 955cc, 2004, 7,500 miles only, one mature rider, British Racing green, full Triumph luggage set, full s/h, two new tyres, cost £8500 new, sell for £3200. Montessa Trials, 1982, TS, £995. Can deliver. Tel. 01376 343559. N Essex. TRIUMPH SPRINT ST 955 MoT Aug, taxed, heated grips, new Maxxi tyres, full luggage system, ideal tourer, 15,500 miles, 2005, only 320 miles since last MoT hence sale, £2500. Tel. 01822 258321; 07841 528571. Devon/Cornwall. TRIUMPH TIGER T100P 1972, t&t, black,ex Notts fire service, usable classic, no speedo, £3200. Tel. 01952 677239. Shrops. TRIUMPH TRIDENT T160 750cc, 1977, red/white, 8k miles from new, one previous owner, original, unrestored, untouched, no mods, dry stored, orig receipts, MoTs, history, paperwork, best in country, £10,000. Tel. 07835 709412. Devon. TRIUMPH TWENTY-ONE 350cc, and Honda CB 250 G5, two nice bikes, £3000 and £1500. respectively Tel. Matt 01476 401243 for details.. Lincs.

YAMAHA DW 50 Auto, suit 3 years upwards, very little use since engine rebuild and all new plastics, fabulous little bike, only needs seeing..Tel. 07801 825664 after 4pm. Yorks.

YAMAHA FZS FAZER 1000 2004 30K miles, full s/h, MoT Apr 2014, alarm, hugger, tall screen, consumables in great condition, Sorn, Givi rack not included, exc cond, £2200 delivery possible Tel. 07800 517512. Bucks.

YAMAHA MT03 White, 2,400 dry miles only, with c/stand, rad cover, gel under f/seat, r/rack, fender extender, MoT & tax till July, one owner from new, service record, exc cond, £3100 ono. Tel. 02380 660886. Hants.

YAMAHA R125 stunning learner sports bike, a real head turner, very reliable, comes with full service history, both keys & owners manual, fitted with crash bungs & lock carrier. Tel. 07835 795270. Greater London.

YAMAHA VIRAGO 1100 1975, fabulous orig cond, 13k, lady owner, gel seat, braided lines, HD battery, Sorn, refurb forks, well maintained, great paint, chrome new tyres, new reg/rect, £2150. Tel. 07525 373753. Surrey.

YAMAHA VIRAGO 750, 1996, superb std cond, runs and rides perfectly, 12,895 miles, fsh, all stamped, 2 owners, lady owner, gel seat, new reg/rect, data tag, ultra seal, soft panniers, £2495. Tel. 07525 373753. Surrey.

S O U TH W A L E S S U P E RBIK E S L IM ITE D Tel:01633


10-11 Estuary Road,Queensw ay M eadow s,New portNP19 4S P

w w w .s w -s upe rb ike s .c

YAMAHA V-MAX 1200 Trike, full power, 30k miles, custom paint, Jaguar axle, all s/s LED lights, alarm immobiliser, 3-seater, show winner, mature owners only, excellent condition, MoT, £5000.Tel. 0777 3128422. Kent.

YAMAHA YBR 125 2008, 3,090 miles, MoT Sept, vgc, only a very small dent on the tank, which is shown on the pics, zero miles since last MoT, vgc, only small dent on tank, see pic. Tel. 07851 604336. W Lothian.

YAMAHA XJR 1300SP 19k miles, full s/h, MoT Sept, exc cond, Carbon exhaust can, chrome radiator grill, Ohlins suspension, new r/tyre, recent chain & sprockets, £2200. Tel. 07800 517512. Bucks.

YAMAHA YZF 750R New service and MoT till Feb 15, 36k, UK bike, loads spent, tax it & ride, good Battlax tyres, chain/sprockets etc, all new brakes and lines all around inc, discs £1200. Tel. 07806 459236 for info or view.. Glos. YAMAHA FZ8 Akropovic silencer, excellent condition, £350; also XJR 1300 fuel silencer, stainless, vgc, £75; Honda CB 1000R silencer, new, £150. Tel. Phil 07833 797488. Coventry. YAMAHA X-MAX 250 Sport, 2011, 1970 miles from new, taxed Jan 14, as new, p/x for TMax, £2750 ono. Tel. 01706 212870. Lancs. YAMAHA YBR 125 Custom, 2009, good condition and low mileage, 12 months' MoT, ideal learner bike, £1250 ono. Tel. John on 07939 718665. Cambs. YAMAHA YZFT1 RACE 1000cc, alarm plus GM plus data, showroom condition, new tyres, red/silver, MoT and tax, possible p/x, £2000 ono. Tel. 07824 424140. Avon.

YAMAHA X-MAX SUPER 400 Black/white, latest model, dealer service done, heated grips, 12v socket, X-Screen, super comfy ride, top quality, mint, always garaged, used 10 weeks only, bargain £4444. Tel. 07500 163078. Yorks.

Parts For sale

TRIUMPH T140E 750 1981, 12,568 miles, vgc, unrestored, OIF, starts/runs great, t&t, dry stored, getting too big for me now, £4800 ovno Tel. 07719 451352. Worcs.

TRIUMPH TIGER 955I 2007, MoT, tax, 55,000 miles but excellent condition, heated grips, hugger, all good tyres chain etc, garaged.. Tel. 07973 350328. Essex. TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE 750 T140V, 1978, MoT, matching numbers, electronic ignition, runs well, clean condition, runs, £3750. Tel. 07826 873933 for details.. Hants. TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE AMERICA 2010/2011 touring seat, slightly damaged but very minute, £50.Tel. Malcolm 07814 127383. Lincs.

YAMAHA R1 998c, 2000, t&t, 18k miles, recently serviced, very clean example, £3000.Tel. 07732 901428. Surrey. YAMAHA XJ900S 900cc, 1995, Sorn, 55,000 miles, MoT, luggage, extras, owned 7 years £600 ono. Tel. 07818 433843. Wiltshire. YAMAHA YG1 80cc, 6,800 miles, for restoration, £600 ono. Tel. 01543 423876. Staffs. YAMAHA DIVERSION Bandit, CB or similar wanted up to £500 cash on collection. Tel. 07749 488367. Email: jayzthename60@yahoo. co. uk Gtr London. YAMAHA DIVERSION 900 1998, green, 36k miles, MoT Oct 14, taxed, superb condition, runs/ rides great, ready to go, selling due to hip problems, £1300 ovno. Tel. 0795 1067803. Warks. YAMAHA FJ 1100 MoT and taxed, used daily, needs a few jobs, £450 ono. Tel. 0151 2934877. Merseyside.

YAMAHA VIRAGO XV 750 Met blue, sought after custom V-Twin with shaft drive, 1984, first reg 1995, only 24,923 miles, chrome front footrests, lamps, leather panniers and front bag, t&t, Open to sensible offers. Tel. 07866 622911. Glam.

Fo ra ll yo u rYa m a ha n eed s, b ikes, pa rts, servic e a n d c lo thin g fro m the b est! W innerso fYa m a ha M a stero f C usto m erC a re A w a rd 2 010

w w w .f litw ickm o to .u k 0 1 5 25 71 21 97

YAMAHA XV VIRAGO 125 2002, t&t, 7 mths, new battery, Sep 2013, 16,184 miles, garaged and very clean, ideal first bike, £1295 ono. Tel. 01453 546366. Glos.

YAMAHA XVS 650 1997, T reg, Drag star, lovely condition through out and mechanically sound, MoT and tax till April, first to see will buy at bargain price of pounds, £1950. Tel. 07980 175728 for further details. YAMAHA FZ6 600cc, 28,600 kms, my commuting bike from new, now retired, full s/h, excellent condition, t&t, 2006 reg, £2300 ono. Tel. 01394 610198. Suffolk. YAMAHA XJR 1300 or p/x BSA 650 or Triumph 650 £3000. Tel. 07906 492847. Ashton-underLyne.

ARIEL HUNTMASTER 650cc, full WI alloy front wheel hub, complete Royal Enfield Constellation gearbox, 1958, complete, Offers Tel. 01384 831042. W Mids. BEOWULF RADIATOR GUARD and genuine Suzuki alloy chain guard to fit Suzuki Bandit 650, 07 on, new & unused, £50. inc p&p Tel. 07504 174923. Kent. BMW R100 CRANKCASE With crank, con rods etc, condition unknown though with some history, £30. Tel. 07798 866071. Gtr London. BMW R100 FRAME log book plus swing arm, sub frame, yokes, diff plus spares, electrics, clocks etcs, £350; plus auto jumble stock, offers; T140 engine belt drive, other Triumph parts, c/cases etc, £1750. Tel. 01402 672482. W Mids. BMW R1100S 1100 genuine BMW exhaust equipment for sale, brand new and never been used, collector box and pipe to two silencers/cat. converters underseat, plus delivery or buyer collects, £295. Tel. 01526 834454. Lincs.

BMW R1200 GS REMUS stainless exhaust can, matt black, all fittings, as new condition £230. Tel. 07771 807042. Lancs. BUELL CYCLONE 97 Recall Showa shock absorber, OE, £80; mounting bracket to suit, £20; (shocker new cost alone approx £350). Tel. 01226 297119. S Yorks. CG 125 PARTS seat, £25; headlight, £10; headlight brackets, £20; air box, £10; side panel, £7; rear light, £10; rear mudguard, £10; front foot pegs and mounting bar, £15; rear foot pegs, £7; clocks, £25; silencer, £25; battery holder, £15; seat catches, £10. Tel. 07752 443794. Denbighshire. CHATTERBOX two-way motorcycle intercom, £20. Tel. 07711 539523. W Sussex. CHERISHED NUMBER for TT fans, T 10M T on retention vert, fees paid, immediate transfer, stand out on the island this year, £1000. will post cert after payment or collect. Tel. 07724 069252. Herts. CLASSIC RIDING BOOTS Classic 1970s riding boots, full length zip, kick starter plates, size 7 to 8, vgc, £50. Tel. 01529 469080. S Lincs. DIVERSION PARTS FOR SALE screen, £10; Haynes manual, £10; coils, £25; starter motor, £25; alternator, £25; edu, £20; CDI, £20; switches, £10 each;complete clutch, £20; chain adjusters, £10; front brake master cylinder, £10; swinging arm £20; engine covers £5 each + other parts. Tel. 07752 443794. Denbighshire. DUCATI SINGLE CYLINDER wide case rotor puller, £20. Tel. 0151 531 9213. Merseyside. DUCATI SPORT CLASSIC 1000, E.C.U., unused, £40 ono. Tel. 0151 531 9213. Merseyside. DUCATI ST4S carbon performance exhausts with removable baffles, hardly used, £225; also MRA touring screen, as new, £45. Tel. 01754 763634. Lincs. DUCATI STANDARD CANS for 748 with chip only 2,500 dry miles, £60.Tel. 07711 539523.W Sussex. EBC FA 174 HH rear motorcycle brake pads, unopened, £15. Tel. 0789 4078815. Notts. FUEL TANK SENDER UNIT for a Yamaha Fazer FZS 600, '99, £10. Tel. 07928 978636 or 01709 290121. S Yorks. GARAGE CLEAR OUT . Tel. Paul on 07770 933811 for more details. W Yorks. tommyslad@ GIVI MAXIA top box, 52 litres, as new, £100.Tel. 07767 768642.W Mids. GIVI MONOKEY PANNIERS pair of E36s, used but good condition, two keys, chromed pannier racks for Kawasaki W650, £200 ono. plus p&p; will consider splitting Tel. 01458 830518. Somerset. GIVI TOP BOX 60 lts, red, with rack, good condition, £60. Tel. 0141 5736460. Lanarks. GL 1000 seat wanted. Tel. . Notts. GREEVES ALLOY BEAM frame/forks/swinging arm, wheels, 1962, £575; Scottish silencer, £30; 3TA/5TA swinging arm, £20; 1968 Bantam frame/swinging arm, £145; Greeves ISDT headlamp, £15; C15 engine, spares, distributor and side points. Tel. 01376 343559. N Essex. GROUND LOADING SINGLE motorcycle trailer for sale, no ramp required, c/w all lighting, spare wheel, tyres as new, excellent condition, no longer needed, £490. Tel. 01526 833064. Lincs.

HALVERSON LADIES JACKET with the outlast inner jacket only, worn twice, as good as new, size 42, £120. Tel. 07855 398204. Derbys. HARLEY SOLO SEAT wanted Harley deep bucket solo seat to fit dyna models, 96-03, p/no 5193301. Tel. 07787 379908. cheshire. HARLEY SPORTSTER 883cc seat, Solo, brand new, £75; number plate bracket, brand new, £15. Tel. 07826 873933. Hants. HINCKLEY BONNEVILLE K&Q seat, inch diameter handlebars (America), wiring and lever, freewheel tow bar and electrics for Bonneville, £100 ono. each Tel. 01526 861534. Lincs. HINCKLEY BONNEVILLE T100 chrome engine cases, good condition, primary cover, £65; timing/alternator cover, £35; g/box sprocket cover, £20; or all for £100; off-road silencers, £50 all + p&p. Tel. 07765 421718. Northants. HJC HELMET England football badge design, medium, hardly worn, excellent condition, still in box, with bag, £35. Tel. 01942 790486. Gtr Man. HONDA CB400/4 rear brake shoes, (h 315 ), as new, £7. plus post Tel. Mike on 07914 768602. W Mids. HONDA CBF 1000 stainless steel fuel, oval cans with link pipes, £150; MRA screen, £50. Tel. 01380 725521; 0777 3892118. Wilts. HONDA CROSSRUNNER 800 800cc, gear position indicator, just plug in, will also fit most Honda models, £50; also cross runner inner luggage bags, x 3, £60. £60. Tel. 01629 583267; 07876 491712. Derbys. HONDA F6C VALKYRIE Jardine exhaust system, nice tone, £180. Tel. 07711 539523. W Sussex. HONDA HORNET 600 L/h/s brake disc, perfect, no wear, £20. Tel. 0151 531 9213. Merseyside. HONDA MAGNA/VFC 750cc standard exhausts, not down pipes, vgc, like new, £80. the lot Tel. 078900 56598. E Riding of Yorks. HONDA NT650V DEAUVILLE breaking, all parts available, 2002 bike, 66k, good prices or complete bike for £495, runs sometimes but only on one cylinder, manual and brand new Honda screens, standard and 'flip-up' £495. Tel. 01784 461961 Simon. Heathrow. HONDA SHADOW 1100cc a.c.e. parts for sale, exhausts, back rack, back rest/pad, mirrors, bar and spot lights, winkers, brake pads, bottom r/h fork leg. Tel. 078900 56598 for price.. E Riding of Yorks. HONDA ST1300 red, Baglux tank cover, perfect condition £40. inc. p&p Tel. 07930 303454; 02085 305044 Tony. London. HONDA TRANSALP XL 650V Touratech engine bars, as new, little used, £70 ono. Tel. 01254 771976. Lancs. HONDA VFR 800 Y reg, standard end can, good condition, £40; silver seat cowl, immaculate, £40; these are around £400 from David Silver; Haynes manual, £10; black & silver 15" wheel trim, still wrapped and boxed, £20. Tel. 07923 930119. Derbys. HONDA VFR V-TECH 800 Staintune exhaust, excellent condition, no Power Commander needed, c/w removable baffles, these are the best sounding/ looking cans you can put on VFR, cost new £1200, buyer collects for £600. Tel. 01795 534693. Kent.

IXS SKAR IXS Skar Leather Gortex motorcycle trousers, unworn Xmas present, size 38-40 (Û58), £100 ono. Tel. 0789 4078815. Notts. JAMES CAPTAIN 197 about 1959, mostly restored, alloy rims, new exhaust, needs finishing, £520 ono; Tomos 50 moped, 2speed auto, nice condition, goes well, no road tax, £220. Tel. 01784 455066. Surrey. JAMES L10/L15 F/B PLOVER rear chainguard £10; tool box lid £15; rear springs £10; dual seat £40; rear wheel £25; front wheel L20/K7 Falcon 5" brake, £20. Tel. 01293 410976. Gatwick. KAWASAKI GT 750 set of four original exhaust pipes, c/w connector box and chrome trims, £65; also available, silencers and left side panel for same. Tel. 01732 846952 for details. Kent. KAWASAKI KLX 250 GPR aluminium oval exhaust, used briefly as new, £100.Tel. 07767 768642. W Mids. KAWASAKI ZX9 RC2 Harris rear sets, £50. Tel. 0208 2549099; 07802 195098. Surrey. KAWASAKI ZZR 1400 19752007, full standard exhaust system, no rust, £80 ono. Tel. 01295 272068. Oxon. MOTO GUZZI collector box for Sport 1100, 1100 injection Daytona etch, excellent, £30 ono. Tel. 0151 5319213. Merseyside. MOTORCYCLE TRAILER “bike carrier new in Europe” for more info: 3xw.motorcyclecarrier.webs. com Tel. 07833 907053. Berks. MOTRAX tyre warmers, £60; Kawasaki ZX9 RC2 Ohlins shock, £100; radiator, £35; Suzuki RGVM 250 clocks, 100 miles, £50; kit cylinder heads, pair, £40. Tel. 0208 2549099; 07802 194098. Surrey. MRA VARIO Honda CBF, used for 2 months only, change of bike causes sale, cost £107, will accept £75. Tel. 01623 559932. Notts. OPEN FACE HELMET brand new and unused, large, leather effect exterior with stylish visor, c/w helmet bag, £65.Tel. 01444 416931. W Sussex. OXFORD OVER GRIPS carbon heated, unused, £50. Tel. 07927 120558. Suffolk. PISTONS HEPOLITE NOS Suzuki TS50 + 1.0mm, 80cc, K10/11 + 0.5mm 125 '72 on + 0.5; Honda C/SS 50 + 0.5mm; Yamaha YDS5 + 0.5mm £12 each; Triumph 5760 650 Trophy 110 - TR6 pair H/C std £50. Tel. 01293 410976. Gatwick. POWERBRONZE POWER ROAD , 2 LED strips with 12 white lights each, brand new, never out of packaging, new £25, now £10. buyer collects or pays postage Tel. 07759 117277. Surrey. PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION rear twin shockers, black and chrome, never used, still in box, £75.Tel. 7890056598. E Riding of Yorks. R & G AERO CRASH PRO-TECTORS c/w all fittings/teardrop shaped bobbins for Suzuki GSF 1250GT (faired version), £95 ono. Tel. 078940 78815. Notts. REAR RACK large type for current style Bonneville, £50; Triumph Tiger gel seat, front and rear, £250 new; will accept £200. for the pair, never used. Tel. Ian on 07981 145827. Herts. RICKMAN POLARIS large fairing, white, with fittings for Honda CX500, c/w h/lamp, winkers, radio, £30 ono; also top boxes, black Krauser, white Rickman with fittings for both, 315 each ono. 01273 812101. E Sussex. SIDECAR WHEEL 1950s, spoke £25; Suzuki T500 cylinder head, 1970, near mint condition, £20; Harley 500/16 wheel, could be off a Harley trike, black rim, very nice condition £95 or exchange BSA A7-A10-B33 spare Tel. 02085 341761; 07863 262603. .

SINGLE BIKE TRAILER lowers to the ground, wheel it on and raise it, no ramp needed, spare wheel, as new tyres, light board includes fog lamp, similar trailer over £900; this one £489. Tel. 01526 833064; 0787 5091418. Lincs. SPRINT ST 955I PARTS screen, left mirror, fairing bracket, exhaust can, 1999. Tel. 07528 704174. Monmouthshire. SUZUKI 400 BANDIT 1990, engine, £200; runner exhaust 4/1, £150; f&r seats, £15 each; clocks, £25; air box, £15; other parts available Honda NTV 600/650 spares, 1986-1996, Suzuki 600 Bandit, Mk I air box, front mudguard, teal blue, frame, covers, rear light and cover. Tel. 07858 134475. Durham. SUZUKI BURGMAN 400 standard screen, excellent condition, just a couple of light marks, fits 2006 on, £20. Tel. 07817 465806. N Yorks. SUZUKI DL 650 V-Strom, 2012, low seat, as new, £80; Givi Trekker, top box, 46ltr, as new, £130.Tel. 01223 863160. Cambs. SUZUKI FAZER 600 engine complete with wiring harness or p/x anything, trail bike up to 125cc. Tel. 07816 828126. Lancs. SUZUKI GSX 500 twin, breaking, all parts available, p/x for anything, trial bike up to 125cc. Tel. 07816 828126. Lancs. SUZUKI GSX 750 ES & SE back light, footpegs, engine, casings, engine parts, starter motor, wheels, wire loom, side stand caliper discs, + more; Yamaha RD 200 DX engine parts: gear linkage, clocks, footpegs, wireloom + more. Tel. 01275 830922. Bristol. SUZUKI GT380 centre silencers, no down pipes, good chrome, £45. pair Tel. 0161 766 6353. Lancs. SUZUKI RGV 250cc, VJ23, full fairing, body kit, brand new, never fitted in Lucky Strike race colours, £240. Tel. 01384 831042. W Mids. SUZUKI T500 front wheel. Offers Tel. 01932 785992. . TRAILER trailer, take large touring bike, prof made, p/coated blue, very strong, hardly used, £385. Tel. 01728 685878. Suffolk. TRELGO Single bike trailer, as new, very little use, bed tilts for easy loading, spare wheel, all electrics in working order, bike not inc in sale. £350. Tel. 07546 972383. . TRIGANO TRAX PM10DUO trailer for 1 or 2 bikes, fully galvanised, built in lights, spare wheel, carrying capacity 391kgs, only used twice, £395. Tel. 01361 884222. Berks. TRIUMPH 3TA/5T 3500/500cc, one complete, one stripped, £300; forks, one box, Le Velocette transmission bits, £100 ono; BSA 250cc bits, wheels, mudguards, gearbox, engine, 1954? sell as one, split, must collect all, must clear. Tel. 01225 782025. Wilts. TRIUMPH 955 SPRINT genuine accessories, comfort seat, luggage rack, tank bag, carbon/stainless silencer, red rear seat cowl, standard screen, £250. may split Tel. 01302 390667. S Yorks. TRIUMPH AMERICA 790cc, 2005, Std exhaust pipes for Triumph America, vgc £200. Tel. 07515 641716. Essex. TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE 2010/ 2011 America, engine dresser bars, good condition, £50. Original dual seats, brand new, never been used, £80.Tel. Malcolm 07814 127383 . Lincs. TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T100 865, sissy bar assembly, genuine Triumph accessory, £45. inc p&p to UK Tel. 02894 467480; 07951 481622. Co Antrim, N Ireland. TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T100 Hinckley, chrome grab rail, as new, £30. Tel. 0151 531 9213. Merseyside.

TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER PARTS front engine bars, fly screen, single seat with rack, side number plates, any sensible offers. Tel. 07850 542850. Staffs. TRIUMPH SPRINT 955 2001, breaking for parts, sold complete, if enough interest, will split, engine good. Tel. 07503 399093. Merseyside. TRIUMPH SPRINT/DAYTONA 2001 brake capliers, £50. Tel. 07503 399093. Merseyside. TRIUMPH THUNDERBIRD chainguard, £15; Givi carrier BT1100, £40; leather saddlebags, excellent condition, £50; CBF tank cover, tan, £35; CBF front mudguard, £35; rear section Triumph silencers, Speedmaster America, boxed, £300. Tel. 07930 663930. Lancs. TRIUMPH TRIDENT T160 1994, racing green 900, breaking whole bike for spares, frame has V5 with it, it has the black engine its all in bits ready to sell and pick-up, low prices on all parts. Tel. 07729 996847. Lincs. TWN CORNET front exhaust pipe, good sound condition, £50; buyer collects.Tel. 01732 847385. Kent. VILLIERS 2 STROKE 3500cc, restored, Mk I XBA, eng no CZA 3402, £400; 250cc XV14 ENGNAXF1385 fly wheel, £200; 250cc Mk XIVA flywheel, turns, £200; 350cc XIV-B ENG YZ 963, £300. Tel. 01225 78205. Wilts. WHEELS black Excel, off Suzuki RMZ 450, 2009, gold Talon hubs with carbon centres, fitted with Wavey brake discs, fitted with sand/mud tyres in fair condition, few scuffs and scratches £500. Tel. 07837 917736. Cheshire. YAMAHA 600 DIVERSION 2001 model, 15 tooth tech corps, front sprocket, £7.Tel. 07812 787751. Glam. YAMAHA FJ 1100 taxed and MoT, spares or use, £450 ono. Tel. 0151 293 4877. Merseyside. YAMAHA FJ 1200 non ABS, 1988, W/R/G breaking full bike, frame/engine/carbs, air box and all electric, £400 the lot; ideal for Chop/Cafe Racer projected other parts available, Yamaha TDR 250 J, 92, breaking full bike. Tel. 07858 134475. Durham. YAMAHA RD 125/200 side panels, no cracks, need painting, £20 each; Suzuki RG 250 panels, various Rickman fairing with frame mount Superdream.Wanted Bantam engine? Yamaha SR125, maroon side panel, original, £20 offside. . Tel. 01983 406586; 07966 148931. Hants. YAMAHA XT 600E replacement Motad, stainless steel road legal can, only 20 miles use, £115. inc post. Tel. 07887 805877. Herefordshire.


A BIKE IN YOUR SHED? older motorcycle wanted for project, prefer air cooled but anything considered, runner or not. Can be road or competition bike of any sort. Tel. Colin on 07754 887584. Cambs. BSA B25 steel petrol tank and dual seat. Tel. Dave 01883 742875. Surrey. CAGIVA 125 87-92, any model considered from parts to full bikes, also any other Italian 125 motorcycles considered; Yamaha FJ 1200 3CV, non ABS, wiring harness, swap Suzuki GSX 1100F, 1990, t&t 2014 for 750/800 Intruder. Tel. 07858 134475. Durham. CRUISER Jap Retro Muscle bike, must be in first class condition, prefer KZ1000, VMax, XS1100 or similar, all bikes considered, private buyer. Tel. 07950 398750. West Mids. GL1000 SEAT WANTED in good condition. Tel. 07828 103437. Notts.

GENUINE HARLEY DAVIDSON pair of saddle-bags with chrome studs, [mega money when new, and these are near that!] c/w fixing frames, truly stunning and a practical accessory for you HOG, made for Sportsters between '98'02, but could fit other models. Come and look without any obligation. Tel. 01823 490320. Somerset. HONDA CB 750/500/550/ 450/350 WANTED for restoration and spares wanted. Tel. 07812 125057. Gtr Man. HONDA CX500 wanted, standard model not custom, condition unimportant but lower mileage preferred and as complete and original as possible. Cash waiting. Tel. John on 07561 560546. Beds. HONDA DEAUVILLE 650cc, 2001, hand wind, deflectors wanted.Tel. 01902 843145. S Staffs. HONDA FIREBLADE 918cc, must be low mileage and in vgc, also VFR 400 in good reasonable condition, goo dome given by senior citizens. Tel. 07931 432921. Suffolk. HONDA VFR 750 luggage rack wanted to suit 1995 model. Tel. 01204 573892 eves. Lancs. HONDA XBR 500 500cc, side stand wanted.Tel. 01257 462185. Lancs. JAP MUSLCE CRUISER retro bike wanted, KZ1000 V-Max Z1300, XS1100, must be top condition, private cash waiting for right bike, all bikes considered, why? Tel. 07950 398750. W Mids. JAPANESE EUROPEAN MOTORCYCLE 50cc, engine, gearbox must be sound, for elderly gent, not so high in the saddle, paintwork I can spray up, sold my trike so looking for bike which I will display at county shows when done up £100. up to £800 Tel. 02392 371938. Hants. MOTO GUZZI V50 500 wanted for spares or full bike, running or not. Tel. 07764 141168. S Yorks. OWNERS HANDBOOK WANTED for 2003 triumph Thunderbird 900. Email: d.bysh072@ E Sussex. SIDECAR WANTED Russian military type, will consider whole outfit, have CG 125 Honda in vgc to p/x, worth about £800. Can sell separately. Tel. 07775 433995. N Yorks. SUNBEAM 1936, high level exhaust, pipe, etc. Tel. 01268 710946; 07833 906288. Essex. SUZUKI BANDIT (03) crash protectors, Suzuki Bandit (03) tank protector/bag, black if possible. Tel. 0114 2816944 or 07971417125. S Yorks. SUZUKI GS400 running or not, MoT or tax ok for me. Tel. 07745 566963. Bournemouth. SUZUKI MARAUDER VZ 800 805 onwards, handbook or Haynes manual, 1997, cash waiting. Tel. 01244 376720. Chester. SUZUKI RMX 250 frame with V5 log book, any condition, any year considered, but would prefer 1990-1993. Tel. 07837 917736. Cheshire. SUZUKI TS 125X Trail bike, anything similar, any condition considered, p/x for Kawasaki GPZ 500, 2001, MoT, Sorned, vgc, can deliver.Tel. 07816 828126. Lancs.

TRAILER WANTED 2 or 3 bike, . Tel. 07867 904777; 01159 303677. Derbys. Email: cliff. TRIUMPH OR HARLEY JACKET size 2XL or 3XL, prefer leather but all materials considered, why? Private collector/biker, must be mint condition, cash waiting. Tel. 07950 398750. W Mids. TRIUMPH ROCKET THREE TOURER chrome embellishment badge which fits to front of mudguard, 08 model, can someone please help Triumph don't stock! . Tel. 07950 398750. W Mids. WANTED 1980S HONDA STREAM NV 50MS 3 wheel moped, prefer in good complete original running condition with low mileage. Tel. Robin Spalding 01737 555 895. Email: rollerrob@ WANTED ARAI HELMET Alan Cathcart design, black with Union Jack flag each side, good condition, small 56cm. Tel. 01282 816306. Yorks. WANTED FOR Triumph Speedmaster, full screen & center stand, good condition.Tel. Robert 07545 846867 please leave a message. W Yorks. WANTED HONDA VFR 750 1995 radiator, in good condition and rear light surround, red if poss.Tel. 01204 573892 eves. Gtr Man. WANTED LEWIS LEATHERS /Aviakit/D Lewis jacket, any size, colour or condition, pre-1980, good price paid plus postage. Tel. 01223 350289. Cambs. YAMAHA FZS FAZER wanted, 600cc, 2003, must be as new condition and very low mileage. Tel. 0208 5614615. Middx. YAMAHA XJ900S Divi front fairing wanted, in green and undamaged. Tel. 01924 897281. W Yorks. Rosko45@btinternet. com

Parts Wanted

BELL STAR OR BELL MOTO HELMET 1970s wanted, also wanted a 70s Lewis leathers bike jacket, size 36, will collect or pay postage.Tel. 01287 623718 eves. N Yorks. BMW R25/2 250cc, 1952, front brake mechanism wanted, also main fuse wanted, anything considered. Tel. 0113 2841262. W Yorks. GL1000 PARTS WANTED seat, mudguards, exhaust etc etc. Tel. 07828 103437. Notts. HONDA CG125 nearside (battery side cover) panel. Tel. 01642 714308. N Yorks. KAWASAKI ZZR 1100 1990, H reg, rear grab bar wanted. Tel. 07816 828126. Lancs. REAR CARRIER WANTED for Suzuki GT 250, 1977, anything considered but chrome preferred, good price paid for the right one. Tel. 01489 602679. Hants. SEATS FOR BMW R1150 RT/1100 RT front and rear both in excellent condition, £150 plus p&p. Tel. 07826 397275. John on for pics SUNBEAM ENGINE WANTED 350/500, OHV (Mo9d 9 - 90 would be nice)! to fit in 1930 frame, any condition. Tel. 01978 842668. Clwyd.

WANTED CHEAP TRIALS BIKE details, price, location price etc, via text only on. Tel. 07790 512582. Shrops. WANTED FOR VN800 2001 lefthand indicator switch. Tel. 07554 148651. Perthshire.


1000 MAGAZINES M/C Sport, 1962/92; Classic Bike 1978/88; International 1985/94; Enthusiast 1981/87, job lots only,'heavy' buyer collects, books 1948 onward. Tel. 01642 484073. Teeside. I XS SKAR leather Gortex motorcycle trousers, unworn xmas present, size 38-40 (Û58), £100 ono. Tel. 0789 4078815. Notts. AKITO leather motorcycle jacket, gents size 50, in 'Benetton' graphics/colours, buyer collects £25. Tel. 07813 149031 John. Shropshire. ASHMAN LEATHER JACKET armoured and in vgc, XL (42/44"), £35. plus postage or collect Tel. 07889 828410. Hornchurch, Essex. BOOK WANTED "My Velocette Days" by Len Moseley.Tel. 01543 425795. Staffs. CADILLAC FLEETWOOD SEDAN 1992, auto, white, new MoT and tax, smooth V8, economical, £3995 or p/x Jap Retro muscle or cruiser, cash either way, lovely car to drive and enjoy, 4900cc EFI engine. Tel. 07950 398750. W Mids. CLASSIC BIKE MAGS July 1978 to January 1990, every copy mint condition, best offer secures this complete collection, possible delivery.Tel. 01262 605819. E Yorks. CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE HARDBACKS hard-backs, 30 no, Goldstar etc, unopened box sets DVD/videos, £55 ono. Tel. 01622 728181. Kent. CLYMER BMW workshop manuals, 1955-69/1955-73 500/750 twins, £7 each; Eddie Kidd Story Crawling From The Wreckage, £12; Ron Haslam Rocket Men autobiography, £12. Tel. 01484 663007. W Yorks. FRANK THOMAS Aqua pore jacket, blue/black, breathable and waterproof with detachable lining 38-40Ó chest size, like new condition, £50. Tel. 01302 783641. S Yorks. FRANK THOMAS 2 piece leathers, worn approx 4 times, jacket 52" chest , trousers 40" waist, £100. Tel. 07708 316407. Fife. HALVARSSONS NEWMAN motorcycle gloves, size 10, great condition. £45 ono. Tel. 0789 4078815. Notts. HAYNES MANUAL for Kawasaki EX500 87.08 and ER500 97-07 in new condition, not used, £15 + p&p. Tel. 01702 611653. Essex. HAYNES WORKSHOP MANUALS: Honda XL/XR 250/500, 1978-84, £10; Clymer Suzuki DR 250/350, 1990-94, £11; Kawasaki KH 250/400, 1972 onwards, £10; Yamaha Virago 535cc-1100cdc, 1987-96, £12; Osprey Norton singles by Roy Bacon, £20. Tel. 01484 663007. W Yorks. HEINE GERICKE JACKET buckskin, fringed, hardly worn, 38" chest, £60; pair of leather gloves including. Tel. 01793 855055. Wilts. HJC C12 HELMET red/white, England St George three lions design, unused, size 56, small, £60; MT helmet, open-face, matt black, small 56, unused with chrome goggles, £40. plus postage Tel. 01282 816306. Lancs. HONDA NT 700 Deauville, 2011, pair of large pannier lids and inner bags, 2012; Suzuki V-Strom,ABS, lower seat, as new, 2009, Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport, lower seat and inner pannier bags, all in vgc, Offers Tel. 01162 402726. Leics.

LADIES BELSTAFF motorbike trousers, padded knees, size 16, £20; mens new laced sided leather trousers, size 38", inside leg 30", £40; Harley Davidson wing mirrors, £40 pair; leather tool rolls, £10 each; Harley Davidson shocks (rear), £50; Harley Davidson pillion footrests, £40; Harley Davidson cruiser pegs, 006, Street Bob, £75. Tel. 07790 934835. Stoke on Trent. LARGE HPC AIR COMPRESSOR twin cylinder belt drive, 250 psi airlines on reel, good condition £295. Tel. 07511 693814. Lancs. MENS MOTORBIKE TROUSERS new, waist 42", inside leg 28 1/2", (biker gearbox), £30 ono; ladies leather motorbike trousers, padded Viners, size 16, Belstaff, £25. Tel. 07790 934835. Derbys. NG TC 1800 T/C 2-str sports car, hand built steel chassis, GRP 5mm body tiub, flame red, tan leather seats, black hood/ tonneau, minimal use, dry stored, discs, £6950; Mercedes Benz V230 petrol and LPG 7-str MPV, silver grey leather, 93k miles, solid, MoT, £2950. Tel. 07759 607498. Berks. NITRO HELMET open-face with visor, white, large, £22; also similar ex-large, AGV full-face, black, large, £22; black leather patrol jacket, ex-police, size 42, £45; all clean, little used condition. Tel. 01732 846952. Kent. NITRO MOTORCYCLE HELMET large, gold with visor, as new, also JTS bike gloves, thermal, large, black leather, £30. Tel. 01543 372978. W Mids. ON TWO WHEELS complete bound set unmarked, £25. Tel. 07767 768642. W Mids. ONE PIECE SUIT Giudici leather with armour and CBR 600 logos, excellent condition, first to see will buy, £50. Tel. 01709 541573. S Yorks. ORIGINAL SALES BROCHURES Yamaha 1986 and 1988 range, Honda 1986 and 2004 range, Yamaha TZR 125, Yamaha TZR 250, Honda 1990 range, £3 each. Tel. 01856 871482. Orkney Islands. OXFORD TANK BAG magnetic, First Time, unused, still in packaging, 18 ltd, black, £35. plus postage Tel. 01686 688172. Powys. PADDOCK STANDS paddock stands, £10 each; Pro-lift hydraulic bike lift, 1500 lbs lifting capacity, £45.Tel. 01723 585864. N Yorks. R&R PERFORMANCE hydraulic workshop benches, choice of three units, good condition, for up to 500kgs, m/cs, lightly used from

closed local motorcycle dealers. Can arrange delivery from West Country. Tel. 01179 671715 for more details. Bristol. RETRO LEATHERS for sale Belstaff jacket & Scott leather jeans and jacket in good cond, reasonable offers.Tel. 01543 376100.W Mids. RUDGE Book Of The Road, leather bound, 1927, as new, £65; white helmets, display team, 19281974 booklet, £7; Honda SL parts manual, £9. Tel. 01484 663007. W Yorks. SEALY COMPRESSOR SA 5020 50 litre, 2hp motor, 7 cfm, 116 psi, listed at £323 brand new, buyer collects £160. Tel. 01642 484073. Teeside. TRAILER new 3 bike sturdy box section, steel construction, mini hubs, wheels, brakes, including spare box trailer with lockable lid, ideal auto jumbles, £80 £250.Tel. 01268 710946; 07833 906288. Essex. TRAILER Trigano Trax Duo PM10 1 or 2 bikes, 2 rails + ramp & tipping facility for quad, 391 kgs carrying capacity, spare wheel, fully galvanised, built in lights, used twice £395. Tel. 01361 884222. Scottish Borders. TRIUMPH BOMBER JACKET lightweight, black Cordura, with white logos, generous medium fit, zip-front, stud cuff, cool and comfortable, perfect condition - no more Street Triple! £20. Tel. 01243 786760. Sussex. TWO LPS Hailwood 12TT wins Fab Sounds 1963, TT superb record, A4 print Hailwood on 250/6 Four IoM TT stamps, depicts riders, £60 plus p&p. Tel. 01270 781235. Cheshire. WANTED: BELSTAFF wax cotton motorcycle jacket; also wanted a 70s full face crash helmet like Bell Star, Kangol, Premier, Phil Read GP etc. Tel. 07896 871451. S Yorks. WAX COTTON COAT long coat, as new, XL, £50; Vintage flying jacket, sheepskin, 1980s, large to ex. large, brown, £95; both made in England, post and package free. Tel. 02085 341761; 07863 262603. London. WOLF LEATHERS mens 38 jacket, 32 jeans, black, 1980s, padded knees, elbows, etc, vgc, £30 ono. Tel. 01508 470961. Norfolk. WULF GP F BOOTS size 12 (46), used only three times for offroading, c/w matching inner boots for comfort, £70; Honda ZXL 250 Baja also for sale, £1750. Tel. 07825 215914. S'oton/Winchester area.







PARTS AND SPARES Guided Motorcycle Tours Take in the most breathtaking scenery Arizona has to offer on a Harley Davidson. SOUTHERN TOUR - Tuscon - Tombstone - etc. NORTHERN TOUR - Grand Canyon - Monument Valley - etc Tel. 01243 786495 Mob. 07774 782139

The Lion

Llanbister, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Mid Wales LD1 6TN. Tel/Fax: 01597 840244 Email:

Small, friendly, family run country pub set in beautiful unspoilt countryside of Mid Wales. Bed and Breakfast available or self catering in log cabins half a mile from The Lion. INDOOR STORAGE AVAILABLE

Sussex & Surrey’s Motorcycle Service & MoT Test Centre

Specialists in Japanese & American Motorcycles Contact us on 01306 712297






Malcs Motorcycles

Motorcycle Servicing, Repairs and MoTs Used clothing (jackets, helmets, etc.) in stock. Call us on 01625 576728 CHESHIRE












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SECURITY Springcourt Auto Centre Tel: 01706 631245 Specialists in motorcycles



Motorcycle keys cut to code Motorcycle keys made to locks

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Te l: 0 190 2 494422

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38 ReadeR panel

Who better to give you an honest biking opinion than another biker? This month our reader panel told us all about the most useful piece of motorcycle luggage they’ve ever owned. Here’s what they had to say…

“I’m on my third bike and have had a top-box on each. It swallows up my helmet and gloves when I park, so I don’t have to carry anything around with me. It has the added benefit of acting as a backrest for my wife too when she rides pillion.” Alan Wood, 64, Bury St Edmunds

“My Bags Connection 30 litre roll top bag. It packs up really small, straps on to the pillion seat when not in use and is waterproof. It’s ideal for when I do my weekly shop. “I use it with my throwover panniers when I go camping and have more than enough room to pack all my things.” Christine Colley, 56, Wolverhampton

“A SW-Motech Quick Lock tank bag is the best piece of motorcycle luggage I’ve bought for my BMW R1200RT. It attaches to the bike with a ring permanently mounted to the filler cap unit and simply clicks on and off when I need to refuel. It has a detachable bum bag, mobile phone pouch and waterproof rain cover.” Martin Vick, 67, Bedfordshire “My wife! I’ve taken her on trips to France, Ireland and many club outings. She’s reliable, friendly and a really warm hearted individual. Even in poor conditions when I am feeling down, cold and wet, she’s always there to give me a little pick-me-up by saying something uplifting via the intercom. She is the light of my life and I mean this all in very good taste. But it’s true, I wouldn’t be anywhere without her.” Graham Nightingale, 56, Doncaster

MCM is YOUR free paper, so as well as bringing you the latest news and inspiring features, we want to hear what YOU have to say. Each month, we’ll be emailing our 500+ strong reader panel with a few questions, covering everything from their opinions of the latest bikes, to riding tips, workshop workarounds and clothing dilemmas. Why not email your details to and we’ll add you to the group.

“My Touratech tank bag. I keep all of my valuables in it and because of the handy shoulder strap it means I can take them with me when I leave the bike. It’s a great platform for holding maps when I go touring too.” Steve Church, 53, Redhill “I do a lot of greenlaning and in the winter it gets pretty wet and muddy. I find that a resealable sandwich bag is the best way to keep my mobile protected from the elements.” Andy Mackinder, 42, Horncastle


Motor Cycle Monthly - March 2014 - Full Edition  

Motor Cycle Monthly, Issue 93, March 2014 - Full Edition - Britain's biggest FREE bike newspaper. More info: http://www.motorcyclemonthly.c...

Motor Cycle Monthly - March 2014 - Full Edition  

Motor Cycle Monthly, Issue 93, March 2014 - Full Edition - Britain's biggest FREE bike newspaper. More info: http://www.motorcyclemonthly.c...