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Manage faxes through your PC with SwyxFax Think of the amount of money you

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could

spend on fax machines, paper and toner

send faxes electronically without a fax

cartridges. Then consider the time it

machine and manage faxes through your

takes to install and manage fax systems

Outlook application? You could receive

- especially when they jam or keep failing

faxes just like email messages, wherever

to send. Also take into account the fact

you are and, if you need to, you can still

you physically need to be at the fax

print a fax anytime you want to.

machine to send and retrieve documents. All this time adds up, costing your business real money.

Key benefits of SwyxFax

Save time and money by sending and

create a personal phonebook and

receiving faxes without a physical

send faxes using information from

fax machine

your contacts list.

Ensure you get all your messages in

Reduce your office overheads as

one unified inbox- no matter

there is no requirement for an

what format they are in (fax, email,

analogue line, a fax machine,



Optimise your current infrastructure

Fax-based marketing campaigns can

by integrating fax to your other

be easily set up and sent to contacts

communications (e.g. voice, email)

in the business’s CRM system

Centralise all your communications

and contacts by linking with

Microsoft® Outlook® so you can

Key benefits of SwyxFax SwyxFax, part of the SwyxWare suite of

The software integrates with any

option packs, is a software component

application that has printing options,

installed on a server (usually the same

meaning there is no extra software to

server on which SwyxServer is installed).

purchase. It also works together with

Incoming documents are received by

Microsoft® Outlook® so you can send

SwyxFax and converted into an image

faxes using information from your

file (e.g. JPEG, TIFF) and delivered to the

contacts list.

recipient’s inbox.

For more information contact your local Swyx reseller or visit

Features of SwyxFax Fax handling (incoming)

Automatic distribution of incoming

Easy forwarding of received faxes to

fax messages to the SwyxFax users by

other SwyxFax users or fax machines


Quick preview of received fax

Automatic printing of incoming faxes


to any local or network printer

Sending of received fax documents to

Central fax access for messages

any e-mail address using SMTP

without a specified recipient

Storing of incoming faxes in BMP,

DCX, JPG, PCX, TIFF format

Fax creation (outgoing)

Configurable redialing (time and

Use of Microsoft® Outlook® contacts

number and content)

and global exchange address lists to

choose recipients

Automatic printing of outgoing faxes

Send a fax to more than one recipient

Send faxes out of any application with

printing option

Serial faxes using Microsoft® Word®

Send short messages with cover sheet

Use of Microsoft® Outlook® contacts


and global exchange address lists to

choose recipients

Support of cover sheets, forms and


Automatic printing of outgoing faxes

Time sensitive sending

Serial faxes using Microsoft® Word®

Journals fior receiving, sending, queuing and errors

Journals & Archives

Fax archive

Automatic printing of fax journals

Technical Features

Fax speed: TX 14400/RX 14400 Internal sending of faxes without using ISDN B-channels Support of 2 up to 16 B-channels for sending and receiving

Support of PBX line groups

Support of point-to-point and point- to-multipoint connections Support of Fax over IP (T.38)

System Requirements

Server: SwyxFax Server supports

Client: SwyxFax Client supports

Microsoft® Windows® 2000/2003

Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP


Hard disk: 14 MB (+ diskspace for

address books)

For more information contact your local Swyx distributor or reseller. To find your local distributor or reseller visit or call Swyx on +44 (0) 118 325 0110 or +49 (0) 231 47770.

For more information contact your local Swyx reseller or visit