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ISSUE 119 April - May 2018

Sharrington Church & Celtic Cross, see p.24

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Local Lynx is a non-profit-making community newspaper for the ten villages of the benefice.

VH= Village Hall

APRIL 1st Sun. Binham Easter Communion, BP, 11.00am 9th Mon. Binham Coffee morning, 10.30 – 12 noon, MH 9th Mon. Binham Village Quiz, 7.15 for 7.30pm, The Chequers Inn 11th Wed. Field Dalling Coffee Morning, VH 10.45am 11th Wed. Sharrington Gardeners Talk , VH 7pm 12th Thu. Langham Mobile Library 9.55am St Mary’s & 10.20am The Cornfield 13th Fri. Bale fish and chips, VH 6.45pm 13th Fri. Field Dalling Bereavement Group, Manor Farm Cottage 4pm 14th Sat. Sharrington Church coffee morning All Saints Cottage, Bale Rd 10.30am 17th Tue. Binham Memorial Hall Annual General Meeting, MH, 6pm for 6.30pm 19th Thu. Binham Friends of Binham Priory, Annual General Meeting, 6pm for 6.30pm 19th Thu. Binham Friends of Binham Priory after the AGM, Mrs Temple Talk, MH 7pm for 7.30pm 20th Fri. Field Dalling Bingo, VH 7.30pm 25th Wed. Field Dalling Friends & Neighbours Club,VH 2.30pm 25th Wed. Sharrington Film Through Lotte’s Lens,VH 7pm 26th Thu. Binham Local History Group, Aylsham Roman Project, MH 7.30pm 28th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Institute 10:30am MAY 5th Sat Bale Spring Fling, 7pm 5th Sat.-7th Mon. Langham Exhibition, VH 10am-4.30pm 5th Sat.-7th Mon. Morston Book Sale, Morston Barn10am5pm 6th Sun. Gunthorpe St Mary’s Churchyard Clear-up 9am 9th Wed. Field Dalling Coffee Morning, VH 10.45am 10th Thu. Langham Mobile Library 9.55am St Mary’s & 10.20am The Cornfield 11th Fri Bale fish and chips, VH 6.45pm 11th Fri. Field Dalling Bereavement Group, Manor Farm Cottage 4pm 11th Fri. Sharrington Big Band Concert, Church 7 for 7.30pm 13th Sun. Binham Anglia Ruskin Orchestra and Choir, BP, 7.30pm 18th Fri. Field Dalling Bingo, VH 7.30pm 19th Sat. Langham Leukaemia Sale VH 10-11.30am 19th Sat. Sharrington Royal Wedding Tea Party, VH tbc 22nd Tue. Sharrington Village Hall AGM VH 7.30pm 23rd Wed. Field Dalling Friends & Neighbours Club, VH 2.30pm 26th Saturday Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Institute 10:30am 27th Sunday Stiffkey Warborough Gardens Open 1-5pm 30th Wed. Sharrington Live music night. VH 7.30pm REGULARS Tuesdays Binham Art Group BMH 9.30am to 12.30pm Wednesdays term time Binham Youth Group BMH 6-8pm Thursdays Field Dalling Carpet Bowls Club, VH 7.30pm 1st & 3rd Saturdays in month Langham Coffee Mornings, VH 10am -12noon 3rd Thursday in the month Binham & Hindringham Open Circle Meeting, Hindringham HVH 7.15pm 4th Thursday in the month Binham Local History Group BMH 7.30pm


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BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Parish Priest, Father Keith Tulloch, Stella Maris, The Buttlands, Wells next the Sea 01328 713044 Priest in Residence, Father William Wells (the house behind the church). Service Times: Masses: Saturday Vigil Mass 6.00pm Sunday 11.00am Wednesday 9.30am

BLAKENEY METHODIST CHURCH Minister: The Rev’d Cliff Shanganya, 8, St. Andrew’s Close, Holt. NR25 6EL 01263 712181 Email: Sunday services 6.30pm


Church Services for Bale and Stiffkey Benefice for April and May 2018 HC=Holy Communion. CFS=Church Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer 8th April

15th April

22nd April

29th April

Bale Field Dalling

1st April Easter Sunday 9.30am HC At Saxlingham

9.30am HC At Saxlingham

9.30am HC At Saxlingham

9.30am HC At Saxlingham

At Morston At Morston

Saxlingham Gunthorpe

11.00am HC 11.00am HC

11.00am CFS 11.00am MP

11.00am MP BCP 11.00am HC

At Morston At Morston

Sharrington Binham Morston

9.30am HC 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP

9.30am HC 11.00am HC

11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW 11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP

9.30am HC 9.30am HC


11.00am Easter Celebration At Langham

9.30am MP

At Stiffkey

9.30am HC

At Morston At Morston 10.30am HC Group Service At Morston

At Langham

9.30am HC

At Langham

At Morston


Stiffkey Parish

6th May

13th May

20th May


9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am CFS 11.00am MP 9.30am HC

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC

11.00am HC

11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

9.30am HC

Bale Field Dalling Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington

9.30am MP BCP

Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am MP

9.30am MP At Langham

9.30am HC At Langham

Additional Services Easter Day (1 April): Egg Hunt; Stiffkey, 3.00pm. st

Ascension Day (May 10th): Cockthorpe; Restoration Thanksgiving Service, 11.00am. Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayer Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion

RECTOR’S LETTER Dear Friends and Parishioners, This Season of flowers is also the Season of Easter, a time of celebration of the yearly remembrance of the Passion of Christ, and of his death and his resurrection. We all live in the light streaming from those events. It is rather like taking note of the change we see in the lengthening days: the longed for becomes the unexpected; the promise is made real. Who could endure an endless winter, who does not enjoy Spring? In the light and warmth of the achievements of Christ it is given to everyone, individually and specially, to flourish. It may be invisible but it is possible. The great helps are a Bible (biblia, books…) and a Prayer Book. You can buy or borrow them, and I leave plenty on a table in Langham Church to be given good homes. With such food we can grow up into Christ; and like a well-prepared seed bed we are then capable of producing flowers and fruit. I cannot think of anything more satisfying. May I wish you much delight in this Queen of Seasons. Now the green blade riseth from the buried grain, Wheat that in dark earth many days has lain; Love lives again, that with the dead has been:

Love is come again, Like wheat that springeth green. In the grave they laid him, Love whom men had slain, Thinking that never he would wake again, Laid in the earth like grain that sleeps unseen; Forth he came at Easter, like the risen grain, He that for three days in the grave had lain, Quick from the dead my risen Lord is seen: When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in pain, Thy touch may call us back to life again, Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been. “Love is Come Again” by J.M.C. Crum 1872 – 1958 Yours truly, Ian Whittle, Langham Rectory 01328 830246

DEANERY NEWS Our next meeting will be held at St. Andrew’s Meeting Room Holt on Thurs. 26th April 2018 starting promptly at 7pm. Observe posters for details.


not paid fully for the use of concessionary bus passes and that this would affect bus routes. Bus operators are fully paid - some £11.5m per year. The government provides approximately £7.5m, NCC provides the difference of some £4m. The Government strictly forbids asking for or taking contributions – in any case I would be concerned as to the pressure this would put on many people.


covers 10 villages in North Norfolk published every other month voluntarily produced by village members distributed to 1,200 households, pubs, churches, libraries, tourist information offices and shops  estimated readership 2,000 plus 300+ on-line readers at Until quite recently, all our production costs (mainly printing) were covered by donations we receive from Parish Councils and PCCs, and by advertisements. But, perhaps due to the trend towards online selling, our advertising revenue has decreased over the past few issues. Although our overall financial position is still healthy, we need to make up the shortfall. So we are turning to you, our readers, for a little help. Firstly, if you run a local business or service, please consider advertising. Secondly, we know that you value your Local Lynx and, if you would like to help ensure its long-term future, then please think about making a small donation. Six pounds a year would be £1 per issue; ten pounds a year would be a round sum, but please give whatever you feel is appropriate. Our bank details for making a direct BACS transfer are below or you may donate by cash or cheque. Please email lynxeditor to arrange this. Lynx Internet Banking and Standing Orders Account number: 6500 4288 Sort code: 09-01-54 And… thank you for reading Local Lynx. Ed.

Norfolk County Council Budget Meeting Whilst understanding that savings have to be made, I stated my disappointment at the cuts to Adult Social Services, Children’s Sure Start Centres and the Library Service. The budget for the following year also shows cuts to the mobile library service. Congratulations to the ‘Friends of Wells Library’ who quickly organised and provided me with a petition to prevent library cuts now and in the future. Whilst neither the petition (nor my speech) produced sufficient support to prevent the cuts to the library service, I hope it established an important marker.

Digital Inclusion and Assistive Technology I have written before about the growing importance of digital inclusion, that is as many people as possible being able to access information being sent out electronically, i.e. to be equipped with adequate broadband speeds, equipment and skills. To achieve this aim, the library service must be allowed to continue its role in digital inclusion. Further than that, the library service, including its mobile branch, can assist with the development of assistive technology (designed to help people live independently). With this in mind, I am attending the workshop looking at how the proposed £200k ‘saving’ to the mobile library service is to be managed – my hope being that by ensuring the continued and progressive importance of the service the danger to it will be minimised. All good wishes (and my back pay is going on activities in my division), Marie


Contact details: Dr Marie Strong: County Councillor Wells Division (Glaven, Priory and Walsingham Parishes) marie.strong@norfolk. or 07920 286 597 Villages: Binham & Cockthorpe, Blakeney, Brinton & Sharrington, Barshams & Houghton St Giles, Field Dalling & Saxlingham; Letheringsett & Glandford, Great Snoring, Great & Little Walsingham, Hindringham, Holkham, Hunworth & Stody, Langham, Thornage & Little Thornage, Morston, Sculthorpe, Stiffkey, Warham, Wells-next-the-Sea, Wighton, Wiveton.

Dear Readers in our Wells Division,

Local Buses including the Coast Hopper I know many people have been anxious over the past weeks but county officers have been working with operators long before the news became public. Charles Sanders sums up the situation in his email to me: “Sorry it’s taken a while to release this news, it is always best to know what you can do before you make any statements that might come back to haunt you!!’ The Coast Hopper route continues with Sanders Coaches, Lynx and West Norfolk Community Transport. Visit for details of which provider will be running the routes Stagecoach has surrendered. New timetables should be on the websites of individual operators. NCC officers will continue to work with local operators: - reviewing routes, passenger numbers, ticketing and connecting services and your feedback. If you have a NCC pass for travelling to schools and colleges you will be written to confirming new travel arrangements. Anyone with a Stagecoach pass contact them direct regarding any reimbursement.

Concessionary Bus Passes I gather there was a suggestion that operators were


…from Steffan Aquarone

“It’s a terrible thing to happen to a New Zealand All Black. He tripped over his own bootlace while performing a particularly menacing haka…”

Good news for rural communities in Norfolk, as planned cuts of £500,000 to bus subsidies and £400,000 to road gritting were reversed by Norfolk County Council. Before Christmas, whilst wielding an axe to public services, the County Council voted to increase Members’ allowances. Rather than refusing the increase, where I have no power to direct how it’s spent instead, I will be using the additional money I will be receiving, after tax, to create a seed funding pot for community projects across the division. Anyone who lives or works in Melton Constable division can apply for funding, and I will consider all proposals. The total in the fund is published on my website, and I will update is as it is issued.


Steffan Aquarone: County Councillor Melton Constable Division ( incl. Bale and Gunthorpe Parishes) or 07879 451608

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S NEWS Cllr. Karen Ward After the arctic blast, it is lovely to have some sunshine and to see the bulbs starting to emerge along the roadside across the Glaven Valley. It has been a busy start to 2018, so I will just provide you with the headlines here. Local Plan The work to create the Local Plan is accelerating and 2018/19 will be the year for decisions which will shape North Norfolk for the next 20 years. Recent announcements by central government on housing will put extra pressure on rural and coastal areas, as the drive to provide more homes nationally increases the housing target for North Norfolk. NNDC as the local planning authority is legally required to have a spatial strategy which identifies where development may take place across the district and a settlement hierarchy which prioritises where this development should take place:  We currently have four tiers in our settlement hierarchy: principal settlements (Cromer, Holt, Fakenham and North Walsham); secondary settlements (Hoveton, Sheringham, Stalham, Wells); service villages (x 10) & coastal service villages (x

6) and the rest of the District is countryside designated, which limits development  In the emerging Local Plan, the following changes to the settlement hierarchy are proposed: large growth towns (North Walsham, Fakenham and Cromer); small growth towns (Wells, Sheringham, Holt, Stalham and Hoveton); service villages (Briston & Melton Constable; Mundesley, Ludham and Blakeney); small growth villages (x 20) and the rest of the District remains Countryside designated, which limits development. These changes will still provide the majority of villages within the AONB with the maximum protection possible from inappropriate development. However, increases in affordable housing for purchase remain top of the agenda, as we know this is a significant unmet need for younger residents in particular.

Site Assessment Process


Back in Spring 2017, the call for sites for the emerging Local Plan was made. All the sites submitted have now been assessed by the NNDC planning policy team. Site assessment visits by the planning policy and built heritage working party will now commence, and decisions will be made about which proposed sites will be included in the Local Plan for public consultation. I will work with your parish council to provide the detail of the sites which are being considered. It is likely that public consultation on the draft Local Plan will now take place towards the end of 2018, but if you are interested in finding out more before then, all the evidence is published on the NNDC website view-the-emerging-local-plan/. Glaven Valley Conservation Area Review For those of you within the Glaven Valley, the profiling work of the current conservation areas is

underway. The first meeting has taken place between Purcell & NNDC to plan the work. As the local member for the Glaven Valley, I have met the Purcell team who are undertaking the work and have provided them with local contact details. If you would like to know more about this work, then please do get in touch. Public consultation events are likely to take place in the summer. If you have any feedback or questions about any aspect of my responsibilities, please do get in touch. 07946 533983

SPECIAL CONSTABLES NEEDED Norfolk Special Constabulary are seeking Special Constables in Wells, Holt & Fakenham Want to find out more about the role? Come along to our information evening. When: Wed 18 April 6:30pm Where: First Focus, 21 Oak Street, Fakenham, NR21 9DY We will give you information about the role of a Special Constable, recruitment process, training and advice on completing a competency based application form. You’ll also meet the team and have the opportunity to ask questions over a cup of tea or coffee. Confirm your place by phone: 01953 425699 ext. 2371 or email

District Councillors’ Contact Details: Vincent Fitzpatrick uk & Simon Hester (Binham, Langham & Stiffkey) Karen Ward (Sharrington, Field Dalling, Saxlingham & Morston) Ann.R.Green (01328 878273) e: (Gunthorpe & Bale)



fEAST Theatre presents SALT

Toe-nail clinics

Wednesdays 4, 11, 18, 25 April & 2, 9, 16, 23 May

Hearing Aid clinics Wednesday 18 April, Friday 18 May

Hairdressing Every Wednesday. Regular, occasional or casual appointments can be made. Ring 01263 740762 to make and check appointments.


Norfolk theatre company fEAST are back on the road with a new adaptation of Norfolk novelist Jeremy Page’s acclaimed book Salt. The tour begins at The Garage in Norwich on the 20 April and travels the county until 5 May visiting theatres and town and village halls throughout the county. Salt is the story of a boy trying to make sense of his family’s odd and troublesome history in North Norfolk from the end of the Second World War through to the 1980s. The show begins in Morston, in 1944. The team behind Salt also have links going back several decades in the county. Novelist Jeremy Page and actor Owen Evans were pupils at the newly formed Paston Sixth Form College in 1984 and were in fEAST founder Rob John’s first class as a teacher.

The Manor Hotel, Blakeney Quay Saturday, April 28th 10.30 - 12noon Books, Bric-a-brac, Cakes, Raffle, Tombola etc. Entrance £2 - To include coffee. ALL PROCEEDS TO GLAVEN CARING Reg. charity 270185 Tel: 01263 740762 Remember us if you are having a ‘spring clean’.We can use all kinds of unwanted items, for our bric-a-brac stalls, tombola, or raffle. Please drop items in to us or ring for collection. Maureen, Glaven Caring, Thistleton Court, Blakeney. 01263 740762 - Reg. Charity No. 270185


St Mary's in South Creake was a favourite of the late John Betjeman and dates back to medieval times. Its fine 15th century hammer beam roof with its painted angels lends a unique atmosphere to these exceptional concerts. Tickets: £18.00 from Wells-next-the-Sea TIC. Children Free T: 01328 710885 or www.wellsmaltings.

Thirty-three years later, company newcomer Sam Thompson was directed at Paston College by Salt director, Dawn Finnerty. Salt has been supported by a grant from Arts Council England National Lottery Funding, North Norfolk County Council and Norfolk County Council. Tour dates ● Fri 20 April – Garage Theatre Norwich 01603 598 646 ● Sat 21 April – Garage Theatre Norwich 01603 598 646 ● Wed 25 April- Griffon Theatre, Paston Sixth Form College 01692 402 334 ● Thu 26 April – Hoveton Village Hall 01603 783 258 ● Fri 27 April – Westacre Theatre 01760 755 800 ● Sat 28 April – Sheringham Little Theatre 01263 882 234 ● Mon 30 April – St George’s Theatre Yarmouth 01493 331 484 ● Tue 1 May – Aylsham Town Hall Tickets available at Barnwells ● Wed 2 May – Aylsham Town Hall Tickets available at Barnwells ● Thu 3 May – A Wells Maltings event at Alderman Peel High School, Wells-Next-The-Sea 01328 710885 ● Fri 4 May – Cley Village Hall 01328 830 666 ● Sat 5 May – Sedgeford Village Hall 01485 570 097 / 07968 596 949

FALCON CONCERT (Facilitating Arts & Literature for Children of Norfolk) St Andrew’s Church, Holt Saturday 12th May at 6.30pm Maki Sekiya – Piano The programme includes works by Ravel, Scriabin and Liszt. Born in Tokyo, Maki Sekiya started piano lessons at the age of 4. Maki’s public career began when she was 10 years old and she appeared on Japanese television. She gave her first public performance in the UK at St John’s Smith Square, London when she was just 16, whilst still a pupil at the Purcell School. She has been a prize-winner in many international competitions and performs solo, concerto and chamber works from a wide repertoire. Tickets are free, donations will be collected to fund future FALCON projects and St Andrew’s Church. Licensed wine bar before the concert and during the interval.

BACH AT EASTER - YORKE TRUST CHORAL CONCERTS Fri. 6 April - Chapel of St Nicholas, King's Lynn Sat. 7 April - St Mary's Church, South Creake


Bach cantatas feature in this year's Yorke Trust Easter Choral Concerts which once again are being conducted by James Hendry, currently a Jette Parker Young Artist at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. James sang with the Trust a number of times in the past and conducted the Easter programme in 2016. As usual, singers and instrumentalists are being drawn from the most promising emerging students and young professionals in conservatoires and universities. Both concerts are given at the conclusion of an intensive training week and make use of two magnificent venues. St Nicholas Chapel, restored and refurbished is considered among the most important churches of its kind and provides King's Lynn with a wonderful and welcoming concert venue.

Saturday 12th May Blickling Estate has hosted a Walk for Parkinson’s for the last 2 years to increase support and funds for Parkinson’s UK in Norfolk. Parkinson’s UK relies heavily on supporters joining events to raise vital funds for the support services and research they fund. For further details please go to             


Draw will be available from Good Friday during the Dome opening hours. We have planned improvements for the 2018 season, and Lynx issue 118 gave some details of the information being added to the timeline displays giving further background on casualties during Langham’s operations - as well as being of great general interest this will aid the many relatives who visit the Museum and ask for as much information as we can provide. We have been given a full size replica Spitfire by the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon which we hope to have mounted on a plinth outside the Dome at some point during the Summer, albeit we still have further work to do on mounting plans etc. So we hope as many Lynx readers as possible will visit us during the 2018 Season - better still we hope that there will be new volunteers amongst you who will join us and help keep this iconic venue open both for current and future visitors. Even if you could only manage half a day a month we would like to hear from you. You may also wish to become a “Friend of Langham Dome” (FoLD) - it costs just £15.00 per annum which can be gift aided and gives free access to the Dome at any time when we are open. Forms to join are available at the Dome, and your initial £5.00 entrance donation can be offset against the annual subscription if you join there. If you would like more information on the Dome and how to be a volunteer please contact our Dome Manager Val Bowers on 07762 205578 or e-mail: . For more details, including opening hours etc, you can also check our website at John Blakeley

LANGHAM DOME NEWS Along with many other organisations in Norfolk the Dome will be joining in the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Royal Air Force on 1st April 1918. We plan to support RAF The RAF Ensign flies Marham’s Force Development proudly over the Dome and the Kings Lynn Air Cadets in their RAF 100 Heritage Trails around WW2 Norfolk airfields, and we will be exhibiting the Dome display at Sheringham’s Little Theatre when they celebrate the Anniversary with showings of both the “Battle of Britain” and “Dam Busters” movies on 1 April. We plan to exhibit at the Veterans’ Day at the RAF Bircham Newton Heritage Centre on 19 May particularly relevant given that Langham started as a satellite airfield for Bircham Newton in 1940, and in addition to being the centenary of the birth of the Royal Air Force, 2018 will also be the 100th anniversary of the birth of our parent station. The first unit to fly from Bircham Newton airfield, No. 3 Fighting School, arrived in May 1918, just one month after the birth of the Royal Air Force. The Fighting School was soon joined by a second unit flying giant Handley Page bombers, designed to bomb Germany from this Norfolk airfield. Flying at Bircham Newton continued beyond the Armistice and throughout the inter-war years, increasing dramatically during the Second World War. The station was finally closed in the early 1960s, during the height of the Cold War, but flying briefly returned in the mid-1960s, when trials of the Kestrel jump jet (the forerunner of the Harrier) were conducted on the airfield. We are also hoping to have an exhibition for the Dome at the RAF Marham Friends and Families Day in July. Following the success of the Dome Day Draw last year we intend to have a special Draw with some very exciting prizes this year as well - winners to be drawn on a Sunday in September. We are also looking at the possibility of holding a Dome celebration of RAF 100 at the same time. Details will follow in the next Lynx article on Langham Dome News, and tickets for the

ROTARY YOUNG MUSICIAN COMPETITION 2018 The District Final of the Rotary Young Musician Competition 2018 was held in the Fishmongers' Recital Hall, at Gresham's School, Holt, by kind permission of the Headmaster, Douglas Robb. The event was hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Holt and Broadland. The winner of the Instrumental Section was Colette Maxwell-Preston, a gifted 10 year old from Hillside Avenue Primary School, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich. The runner-up was 11 year old flautist Gwilym Howarth from Uggeshall. He attends Southwold Primary School. The winner of the Voice section was Rosie Ashdown-


Nichol aged 11 from Thurlton, and the runner-up was Emily Ringwood aged 16 from Sacred Heart School, Swaffham. We wish them all every success as (L to R) DG Robert Lovick, Collette they proceed to the Maxwell-Preston, Gwilym Howarth, Rotary Regional Rosie Ashdown-Nichol, Emily Ringwood, Holt Rotary President Final in April at Nick Bell and organiser Holt Little Chalfont, Rotarian John Rampling Buckinghamshire and possibly to the National Final at Edinburgh in May. The three adjudicators, Stephen Miles, Alison Cox OBE and Jane Roberson, each renowned in their specialist fields, were faced with a complex task in the judging, but made special mention of Calypso de Volkovitch aged 9 from Morston, who played the drums, a promising talent and certainly one to watch out for in the future.

and mud. My Spanish dog Bimba’s first snow was exciting at home in the garden - now the grass is cut up into muddy paw sized pockets, and the frost and wind have taken over, drying the land up a little at last.

The great snow sky 1st March It’s been a Siberian week – we are used to these cold easterlies in Norfolk, but usually they don’t bring snow – and are not quite as cold. Though I do remember two weeks of wind frost when working with horses on a farm near Swaffham in my mid twenties, carrying water in buckets for forty horses. Yesterday was beautiful, pristine whiteness and sun between snow showers, huge storm clouds dark grey at the base and silver white at the top – the wind starting to blow snow in scurries of white dust. Today is grim and cruel, a grey wind full of cold damp blowing at forty miles per hour plus, and a few places in the village blocked off by snowdrifts, Clip street and its lane, and Blood Hill. Bimba kind of thought the drifts might be fun, but on the whole much too cold for her poor toes.

After the snow 6th March I’ve had a burst of painting over the last week, I’m now keeping a sketch book full of paint experiments (something I haven’t done for a long time) … things have loosened up and I’m finding the benefit of multilayering - the brush is back and the paint is on thicker, sometimes leaving it as a totally abstract painting. I’ve taken photos to work from – the cloud is wonderful, with more of the drifting snow and “white-out”. As I couldn’t walk more than to the edges of the village without uncomfortable depth of snow/slippery icy roads/deep drifted snow, and driving anywhere until things got better would have been stupid, it was a good time to paint! Now the hellebores and wild daffodils are out in my grassy garden. Jane Wheeler

BALE Contact: Jane Wheeler 01328 878656

BALE DIARY – SNOW Snow, gales, sunshine 13th February Candlemas has been and gone, the snowdrops now at their best, though they started to poke through the leaf litter in early January, and the first snow has been and gone. It thawed almost as soon as it was down, rivulets pouring out of field drains, pools lying on other less well-drained fields, Cakes lane is (still) flooded at its entry. In the wood snow flakes fell softly in grey air, it seemed the trees breathed to the rhythm of the snowfall. The poor old browny-grey landscape at this end of winter was freshened up, and for a few hours or a day or so the reflected light was glorious. Every muddy lane was magically transformed into a pretty picture. A scene I painted without snow suddenly demanded rethinking, but the temporary transformations soon dulled to slush

HUNDRED CLUB DRAW RESULTS January 18 Rose Monk Jewitt £ 25 Maggie Thomas £ 10 Sarah Mitchell £ 5 Margaret Dent £ 5


February 18 Alison Courtney Victoria Kurrein William Sankey Kris Clarke

£25 £10 £ 5 £ 5



Well, the Village Hall has survived the “Beast from the East” with only minimal damage – one frozen pipe – and we are now back to business as usual. Some good news on the redevelopment front: thanks to Alastair’s persistence and hard work form-filling, we have been successful in obtaining another grant, which means the main part of the outstanding work can be finished. This will cover the rest of the insulated cladding on the walls and the replacement double-glazed windows. Apart from making the Hall feel cosier (even in the snow!) it should have a noticeable impact on the cost of heating. By the time you read this, the Cheese and Wine Evening, with a presentation by Mrs Temple of Copy’s Farm will have taken place. The tickets are selling well and we anticipate a very enjoyable event. Our regular Fish & Chips is carrying on as usual on the second Friday of each month (13th April and 11th May) at 6.45pm (please arrive early so we can get the order in) as we no longer have our van service, we are now being well looked-after by Drifters of Fakenham, who deliver our order promptly and piping hot. This is an enjoyable part of Bale life, an opportunity to catch up with friends both from our village and the surrounding area. We look forward to seeing as many as can make it in the next few months. As it is now officially Spring, it’s time for us to indulge in another Spring Fling. This is an evening of fun and games – no quizzing and not much brainpower required – which will take place on Saturday 5th May at 7pm. Tickets, priced £7 are now available from 01328 822012 or This includes light snacks, but please bring your own “liquid refreshment”! So that you don’t have to miss future events which you might enjoy, here is a list of the confirmed social gatherings at Bale Village Hall for the rest of the year: Saturday 23rd June, 6pm Official Rr-opening Party Sunday 15th July, 9am Tractor Run Saturday 23rd August, 7pm Summer Barbecue Saturday 15th September,7pm Local History Slideshow and Talk Saturday 6th October, 7pm Harvest Supper Saturday, November (tbc) Quiz Night Monday 31st December Old Year’s Night Party Paula Moore

Bale Church will be delighted to once again welcome the students of the Purcell School of Music to perform on Sunday, 24th June this year. The time of the concert is yet to be confirmed but it will, as usual, be late afternoon. The church is always full for this very special event and the audience never fails to be impressed but the virtuosity of these young musicians. Tickets are available from 01328 822012, priced at £10 for adults, children free. We advise that the concert is probably not suitable for children under five. Paula Moore

BINHAM Contact: Liz Brady 01328 830830

CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Binham resident, 20 year old Laura Marsh who represented the UK in the European colleges stock judging and came a very creditable 5th out of 46 competitors, at the recent Paris Agricultural Show.

THANK YOU The scene around Binham village and elsewhere despite the cold, ice and treacherous conditions was striking. The residents of Binham would like to express their grateful thanks to those in the village who provided assistance to the less able and especially to Peter Wordingham who ‘dug us out’ along the Hindringham road at least twice.

Digging out the Binham to Hindringham Road


Future Dates


Memorial Hall AGM on 17th April starting at 7pm which everyone is invited to attend. The trustees have a brief meeting at 6.30pm. The AGM is an opportunity for everyone to hear reports presented by leaders of the various village activities, including the Hall. The trustees would like to thank all those who support the hall in so many ways, not least the bimonthly coffee mornings, which are becoming more and more popular. Then next one will be on 9th April and then 4th June, all between 10.30am – 12.00 noon. Another date for your diary is 11 November, when it is proposed to hold a village function following the Remembrance Day service in our Priory Church. More details later. Andrew Cuthbert

The exciting project, instigated by the Parish Council, is nearing completion. The necessary voluntary funding has been obtained which, with funding from the PC means the total has been reached. We would like to express our grateful thanks to both Broadlands Housing Association and H. Smith & Sons (Honingham) Ltd for their very generous donations. The unit has been ordered from The Community HeartBeat Trust charity. With the kind permission of the the Binham Parochial Charities it will be installed, in a very prominent position, on the outside of The Chequers Inn. Around the installation time there will be an awareness session, provided by the Community HeartBeat Trust, open to everyone, to give further information about the unit and its use. We will also be looking for up to 10 volunteers to join the ‘VETS’ service. A third of all 999 calls are from lone callers and this community run service enables up to 10 neighbours to be available to assist at an emergency, pending the arrival of the emergency services. The system uses a simple, memorable telephone number, unique for the village, and can be used for any emergency where additional help may be required from neighbours, whether cardiac arrest or not. For any further information about both the project or the ‘VETS’ service please contact Dr. Clive Brady, 01328 830830;

BINHAM PRIORY CONCERTS 2018 Sunday, 13th May, 7.30 pm Anglia Ruskin Orchestra and Choir Tickets £8 from 01328 830362 or at the door

Summer/Autumn Concert Series 2018

Saturday, 21st July Norwich Baroque Saturday 18th Aug. Xuefei Yang (classical guitar) Saturday 25th Aug. Trevor Pinnock (harpsichord) Saturday 1st Sept. Jonathan Sage and Keats Quartet (clarinet and string quartet) Saturday 22nd Sept. Matt Wadsworth and Cecilia Bernardini (lute and violin) Tickets will be available from the end of May. Please phone Maureen Frost for further details and tickets (01328 830362) Further details of all concerts will be available soon on the web site,

BINHAM MEMORIAL HALL NEWS Kitchen and Furniture Store The trustees would welcome anyone to come and have a look at our new kitchen and all the improvements we have made. This is a good opportunity for us to thank the NNDC Big Society Fund for their grant of £6,756.85 towards the total cost of £15,947.84 for our new kitchen and storecupboard improvements. We would also like to thank The Red Socks Charitable Trust for their grant of £3,000 for the washing up machine. The Trustees are most grateful to Mick Jeffery, one of our trustees, who has put so much time and work into this project, as well as the new road-side sign board. We have also improved access to the furniture store cupboards. Do come and have a look.

BINHAM AND COCKTHORPE PARISH At a special meeting convened early in February the Parish Council discussed the planning application to NNDC for vehicle access to the small field along Langham Road, on the left before leaving the village to go up the hill to Langham. Concern was expressed about the height of the adjoining fences and the likely lack of good sightlines at this very narrow part of the road, close to a sharp bend. These points had also been in a written submission from the County Council’s Highways Department. The Council agreed to object to the current proposal, and the fences, which are higher than the planning guide-lines unless

Spring Food Fair We have decided to cancel the proposed Spring Food Fair but our annual Summer Fete is still going ahead on 19th August. This will be advertised in due course, but do put the date in your diary. The schedule for the village show which this year will take place alongside the fete is ready and available by contacting Andy Marsh on 01328 830178 or Liz Brown on 01328 830519.

Bottle and Paper Bank We now have a new bottle bank next to the paper bank in the car park. Please use both these facilities as every ton of glass and load of paper gives the hall a nice income - a painless way to contribute to hall funds, as well as helping our environment. Another easy way to support your Memorial Hall is to join the 100+ Club or make one of your family a member as a birthday present.


( phone 01328 830940). Send cheque payable to The Friends of Binham Priory and include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and your contact details. Further information can be found at

specific approval has been obtained. Work on the Walsingham Road development has not been made easier by the very wet weather of February and then the snow. The contractor’s site staff have been doing their best, at the temporary site entrance, to keep the Walsingham Road free from mud. It will be better when the base of the new access road is prepared and in use as the regular access for all site traffic. The excavations for the underground services have largely been completed and the services, soakaways and underground tanks are being installed. Connections to the main services on Walsingham Road have been causing a prolonged road closure. The contractor has been asked if the road can be opened intermittently, outside working hours, when it is safe to do so. The Parish Council has expressed appreciation to Broadland and H Smith & Sons, the contractor, who have each offered £500 towards the cost of purchase and installation of a defibrillator, which will hang in its case outside The Chequers. The total cost is a little over £2,000 and the Council is funding the remainder. Thanks should also be recorded to Dr. Clive Brady who, on behalf of the Council, has organised all aspects of obtaining the defibrillator and, when installed, will be arranging training of volunteers. It is hoped many will come forward as the success for the unit will be entirely dependent on at least one trained volunteer quickly bringing it into action on the individual having a heart attack. There will be more about the training programme in the next issue of the Lynx. David Frost

Picnic to Jazz Sat. 7th July 2018 5-8pm In the Priory Ruins Our main annual fundraising event. Your picnic this year can again be enjoyed in the fantastic ruins of Binham Priory to the music of the DixieMix Jazz Band, returning by popular request. Tickets £10 paid in advance and £13 on the gate. Children under 16 free. Box Office at The Chequers Inn, Binham: 01328 830297 Clive Brady

BINHAM ART GROUP We have been meeting throughout the last two months, even when the snow was on the ground, though numbers were somewhat reduced. In March we thoroughly enjoyed a demonstration and workshop given by Robin Townend on acrylic pour. This involved a great deal of paint, chemicals, and water to produce some amazing effects. A group of members were brave enough to join in with the workshop and had a wonderful time producing some “interesting” work. This seems to be the ideal outlet for those who enjoy making a mess. Our next demonstration and workshop will be by Bob Brandt on the 24th April. He will show us how he paints a landscape with acrylics. We will revert to our usual format of the demonstration in the morning between 10.00 and 12.30 and the workshop in the afternoon between 2.00 and 4.30. These are open to everybody but we do need to know numbers for the workshop. The Spring Collection was launched on the 23rd March at the Chequers Gallery with a cheese and wine evening. Members and Guests enjoyed a very pleasant gathering as it gave them the opportunity to have a good mardle. We would like to thank Sarah and Simon at the Chequers for their wonderful hospitality. The collection will be on view over Easter and for the next three months. Please call in and have a look and enjoy good paintings, food and beer. John Hill

THE FRIENDS OF BINHAM PRIORY Annual General Meeting The Friends’ AGM will take place at 6pm for 6.30pm on 19th April in Binham Memorial Hall. This will followed by a talk and cheese and wine evening with Mrs Temple, open to non-members, so do join us at 7pm for 7.30pm. Mrs Temple, who produces delicious handmade cheeses at neighbouring Wighton, will bring us “Tales of Curds and Whey”. A glass of wine/soft drink plus a tasting plate of Mrs Temples’ fabulous cheese is included in the ticket price, £6 for members and £8 for non-members. Tickets via Mrs Pauline Scott, 3 Manor Barn, Field Dalling Road, Binham, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 ODE


mind with views on people, full of accusations, observations and suggestions. It was sewn by a lady called Lorina Bulwer (1838-1912) who lived at Yarmouth Workhouse from about 1893 - 1912 and we were fortunate in February to have Megan Dennis from Gressinghall museum to tell us the fascinating story behind Lorina's work with its sense of a woman from the past speaking directly to us. The story of the Workhouses always conjures in our modern minds one of pity for its occupants. Megan explained that the workhouses were derived under the Union Workhouse scheme formulated as part of the 1834 Poor Law Act. They were to be places of last resort, so that it offered those who fell on hard times a place of refuge but not to make it an attractive alternative for those that could seek paid employment. Children in the workhouse received an education and the rest of the occupants were put to work, women mostly did domestic jobs such as cleaning, or helping in the kitchen or laundry. Some workhouses had workshops for sewing, spinning and weaving or other local trades. Others had their own vegetable gardens where the inmates worked to provide food for the workhouse. Lorina was born in 1838 in Beccles to Ann and William Bulwer a grocer. Lorina was educated with her siblings at school and stayed in Beccles until sometime after 1861 when they all moved to Yarmouth. There they stayed until William died in 1871 and her mother Ann died in 1893. At the time of the census in 1891, Lorina’s mother is found running a boarding house and Lorina is described as a domestic servant, very different to the description of her as a milliner in 1861. It seems the death of her mother may have been a catalyst moment for Lorina to find herself in the lunatic ward of the workhouse. Its possible she was placed there as a payed for resident rather than being confined to a main asylum as she certainly had some money and her will shows she left some £360. In her writings she alludes that it was left in trust to her by her mother. Quite why she was there is sadly not known, she had a brother and a sister, the brother a draper stayed in Yarmouth and is thought possibly the one who may have provided her with materials and thread. Historically in census returns she wasn’t described as a person with mental health issues so the answer isn’t known

BINHAM YOUTH GROUP Binham youth group is held in the Binham Memorial Hall on Wednesdays 6-8 pm, term time only, age 5-16 years, £1 entry fee, tuck shop, staff DBS checked. We have art ‘n’ craft, board games, table tennis, pool table, karaoke, books, 10-pin bowling, indoors during winter and in summer time we use the large playing field and play equipment or just chill out and make new friends. Contact Amanda Able (01328 830828) or Andrew Marsh (01328 830178) for further information.

BINHAM AND HINDRINGHAM OPEN CIRCLE We are a women’s group that meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7.15 pm in Hindringham village hall. It would be lovely to welcome new members to our group. Either come along or ring our secretary Sue Elkins 01328 878487 for more information. Our next meeting will be on Thurs 19th April when we hold our annual dinner at The Barsham Arms 7pm for 7.15pm. On Thurs 17th May Liz Scott gives a talk on the life of a scullery maid in the 1930s at Blickling Hall. Sue Elkins

BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Talk Feb. 2018 - Letters from the Workhouse There are sometimes stories from the past that truly capture the imagination. About 5 years ago I happened to be watching an Antiques Roadshow set in the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich. A piece of amazing embroidery which was being put on display as part of an exhibition was shown for discussion. The embroidery was fascinating. Some three foot long, it wasn’t just a piece of sewing, it was a like a memoir sewn in capital letters with an outpouring of the person's


as most of the original workhouse records have long disappeared. Then you look at the writings of Lorina they are absorbing even though they are strange and studies made of them show that what she is saying are not made up ramblings but are based on fact. The most interesting thing about her work is that when the programme aired it was thought that the two pieces held by Norfolk museums were the only pieces of her work. After the original antiques programme and a subsequent Antiques Roadshow Detectives programme The Thackray Museum (London) contacted Norfolk Museum to say they held a 3 metre Lorina Bulwer piece of work as well. Even more strangely a couple living in County Durham on moving into a new house found one in a bag stored in the loft. Fortunately, their son had seen the Antiques Roadshow and recognised the name of Lorina Bulwer. He contacted the Norfolk museum and it was purchased by them. Megan mentioned it has been estimated that if Lorina’s sewing was at the rate of three lines a day then over a period of 19 years she would have been prolific. Perhaps in your attic you may have a piece of Lorina’s work? Or indeed have or know something of interest about her Bulwer family to help build the picture. To find out more about Lorina’s work please visit

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Don't look back it can't get you anywhere. A step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. And it doesn't really matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.

COCKTHORPE Contact: Maurice Matthews 01328 830350

CHURCH RESTORATION At the end of April 2017 the new churchyard sign was put up at All Saints Cockthorpe. This was the final act in the long-running restoration project to bring the church back from the brink and ensure that once again it could be used as the focal point of the community. Throughout 2016 the church was a hive of activity with a huge range of highly skilled heritage builders and craftsmen, meticulously following the project plan devised by the architects and surveyors. The first phase of the work was stripping and refurbishing the nave roof which had to be completed by the end of April to avoid disturbing the colony of bats during the summer. This achieved, then the really complex work began. As many of you will know, the chancel at All Saints has been screened off and supported by a web of scaffolding for several years. This was necessary because the weight of the roof had forced the side walls outwards making the whole structure unstable. Our structural surveyor designed a large steel frame to be inserted into the chancel roof above the ceiling, which would keep the roof in shape in future. The first stage was to strip the tiles, assess the roof timbers and for the first time discover the actual condition of the upper part of the

Next Talk

Thurs 26th April 2018 7:30pm Aylsham Roman Project Peter Purdy and Sheila Dennis. Members £2. Non Members £4. All welcome . Penny Alford

FOODBANK NEWS During January, Binham supplied 95.786 kg of food towards a total of 2618 kg for our district. Thank you for your support. We write this on the first day of the metereological start of Spring with the snow on the ground and the temperatures sub zero! Hopefully by the time you read it, the weather will be back to “normal”. But the bad weather will have taken severe toll on the hard-pressed local foodbank resources. So please continue your help for all those people in our area going without at this very difficult time. Donations can be left at Howells Superstore, the Priory Church or delivered to us here at 6 Buttlands Close. Norah and Richard - email address: ranglewis@

BINHAM MEMORIAL HALL 100+ Club winners January winners: £25 S. Savory, £10 Tracey Fowle, Sheila Law £5 Brenda Wilde, Tim Walduck, Carolyn Raymond. February winners: £25 Andrew Cuthbert, £10 Mary Hunt, C. Fowle, £5 William Wales, Tim Walduck, Nora Bond If anyone would like to join the 100+ club, please call at 8 Priory Crescent or ring June Read on 01328 830106.


contributing to the excellent result which will stand All Saints in good stead for the foreseeable future. Mrs.Scilla Latham Norfolk Churches Trust, Secretary

chancel walls. The task was daunting, and seeing how previous generations of builders had come up with ‘interesting’ ways of constructing the walls, it was not entirely surprising to see why over the years they had failed under the weight of the roof. The more complex the repair, the greater the satisfaction in seeing it come to fruition, and this was the case at All Saints. There were delays on the chancel repair because the steel frame design had to be altered slightly to achieve a better fit but this time was used to get ahead with constructing the new drainage system to take roof water well away from the base of the walls and prevent damp. Once the frame was delivered, the work moved ahead with great speed and by late autumn 2016 All Saints was well on the way out of ‘critical care’. Interior work moved on from this point. The wooden frieze high up on the north side of the nave had been taken down for conservation work in Shropshire and a matching new frieze commissioned for the south side of the nave, where the frieze had been missing for years. By the time the chancel ceiling was rebuilt using traditional lath and lime plaster, it was winter and temperatures were falling which meant each layer of lime plaster took days to go off. The great day came when the friezes were installed bringing the restoration work to a close and All Saints was once more looking as lovely as it ever has. This huge repair project was made possible by the extremely generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), without which the Norfolk Churches Trust would not have been able to undertake it. As well as the repairs, the HLF grant paid for the new illustrated guide book which greatly increases the information for visitors about the church and some historical figures associated with it. Sales of the guidebook demonstrate the number of visitors who come to All Saints now that it is open daily. The new churchyard sign, also funded by the HLF, announces the church to all passers by, and we hope encourages them to step inside. The wonderful Christmas Tree Festival in 2017 was proof that All Saints has once more been fully embraced by its community. Very few people had the opportunity to see the extraordinarily high standard craftsmanship which went into every aspect of this project at close hand. The restoration was truly a team effort, with each member

PETER MARTIN Sheila and her family wish to thank friends, relatives and others for the numerous cards, beautiful flowers and messages she has received following Peter’s untimely death. She is most appreciative of the many visitors who have been a great comfort and assistance to her. The residents of the small community of Cockthorpe will miss Peter and wish Sheila well for the future.

FIELD DALLING Contact: Julie Wiltshire

ST ANDREW’S CHURCH Church Roof We were delighted to be awarded a grant in 2017 to enable us to replace the much-patched lead roof of the chancel. The work was due to begin in September 2017, after the end of the bat-breeding season. The start was delayed for a number of reasons, but the chancel lead is now off (plastic in its place) and the roof timbers have been inspected. Then the winter weather arrived...! We have been told that the work should be completed by the end of April, and it will be great to see the church free again from scaffolding and screening. We are hoping that the north aisle (currently covered in roofing felt) can be reroofed in May (remember the lead theft in May 2017?). This will be done with 'terne-coated steel' rather than with lead (thieves take note) but being able to do it in May does depend on enough of the grant being left from the main project, together with an appeal to the generosity of the village, and others. Meanwhile, a roof alarm has been installed—we do not want a repeat of the lead theft of last year! Our services are being held in Saxlingham until St Andrew's reopens, and we thank them for the warm welcome they are giving us while we are homeless. Margaret Smith, Churchwarden


A public consultation has been started on this proposed new service and the suitability of the locations; if you wish to input into the consultation you can do this at using the code East Rudham PE31 8QZ -15448 and completing the online survey. The closing date for the public consultation is the 13th April; the service may start before the consultation closes.

Margaret Smith Margaret is standing down at the Annual Meeting on March 12th, after 25 years as treasurer and 10 years as churchwarden. We would all like to pay tribute to her spiritual and practical leadership over such an amazing period of time, and for her love, care and willingness to support both church and village community. Her very real personal faith has underpinned all that she has done, and has enabled her to contribute much beyond the confines of Field Dalling. We look forward to her comforting presence in the pew whenever she can join us. Ian Newton & the PCC

ACTS OF KINDNESS In Field Dalling last month, during that dreadfully cold and snowy weather, there were many acts of thoughtfulness. Various people were calling on, or phoning neighbours to check they had enough food and heat. Whilst digging out our car, someone kindly offered to stop and lend a hand. It’s exactly that connectedness which makes village life so special. Fiona Newton

VILLAGERS’ HALL Field Dalling & Saxlingham Summer Fete Sat 18th August 2018, 2 - 4.30pm Please note the date of this year’s fete has had to be changed to Saturday 18th August to avoid a clash of events in neighbouring villages. We are very pleased the Norfolk Jazz Quartet will be entertaining us once more and general plans are now well under way. Please put the date in your diary! Bridget Nicholson Chairman of the Fete Committee

GUNTHORPE Contact: John Blakeley 01263 861008

New Website We have a new website! The new website can be found at; here, you will find the latest news, details of up-and-coming events and other useful information. You will also be able to book the village hall through the website. Many thanks to Dominic Applegate for his time and effort building the new site.

MARGARET FAITH BENNELL We were very saddened to hear that Faith Bennell passed away in Bilney Hall Nursing Home on the morning of 7th March just as this issue of the Lynx was being finalised. She was 86 years old. Full details will follow in the next edition of the Lynx, but the village has sadly lost one of its longest serving residents as well as a loyal supporter of the village and its social life.

Social Media We are also on Facebook under Field Dalling & Saxlingham Villagers Hall. Here you will find details of up-and-coming events and other useful information. Please ‘Like’, ‘Follow’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Share’, every time this is done it helps in reaching potential new members to community events. Many thanks go to Wendy Bixby for getting the page up-and-running.


200 Club

50/50 Club Draw Results January February

The winners for February are Colin Humphreys (£50), Monica Jarvis (£25), Julie Wiltshire (£15).

Jessie Lindsey £20.00 Zena Churchill £15.00 Vivienne Wilson £5.00 John Lemberger £5.00 Alex Worrall £5.00

Village Hall Usage The village hall is a great community asset and we’re keen to receive any new ideas on its usage. If you have any suggestions for a new event or group, please send through to Julie Wiltshire for further discussion (julie_wilson75

Important Diary Dates

Bingo Nights: 20th April, 18th May, 15th June, 13th July Village Fete: 18th August Harvest Supper: 13th October Wine Tasting: 7th December

NEW MOBILE POST OFFICE We have received notification of a proposed new mobile post office service covering both Field Dalling and Saxlingham (and many more villages). The van will park in the village hall car park for one hour a week, Wednesdays at 09.45 – 10.45am. The van is fully accessible and selfcontained allowing access for all.


Joe Lemberger David Vaughan Richard Francis Lindy Soame Brian Churchill

£20.00 £15.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00

Pip Bunting Roz Tacon

£5.00 £5.00

Sharon Lloyd Peggy Swindells

Church life carries on despite the weather. Martin Jacklin tells me that St Mary’s is one of the coldest churches in the benefice. We try hard to improve things with three gas heaters and two electric heaters but it doesn’t always make a lot of difference. Well done to our trusty congregation. We can’t guarantee a cosy church, but they will always get a warm welcome, a good service, a hot mug of proper coffee and a chat! Penny Brough Church Warden

£5.00 £5.00

The final draw of this subscription year will take place on 26th May - it will be an enhanced draw with more and larger prizes so that we can ensure that the full 50% of subscriptions can be returned to members. There will also be an enhanced raffle. This of course means that we will be asking for the subscriptions for the next year, ie June 2018 to May 2019 inclusive, in the near future - we hope that all existing members will again want to re-join and, of course, we welcome new members. It costs just £1.00 per month (payable in advance for the year) to join and you can get your subscriptions and more back if you are lucky enough to win a prize. Payments can also include your “Friends” membership of a minimum of £5.00 per annum, and a cheque, cash or BACS payment of just £17.00 per person will cover both. Cheques should please me made out to FOGPC. BACS payments can be made as detailed below, but please inform John Blakeley (e-mail: if you pay by BACS so that records can be kept up to date and you do not miss the chance to participate in a future draw. Some subscriptions are already “rolling in” so thanks if you have already re-joined. The Friends membership and any other donation, but not the 50:50 Club subscriptions, can be Gift Aided and if you have not already completed a form we would, be most grateful if you could consider doing this – provided you are and remain a taxpayer of course. NAT WEST Bank plc Sort code 53-50-73 Account number 25727532 To once again quote the motto of a somewhat larger lottery can we remind you that “you have to be in it to win it!” Last, but certainly not least, a big thank you to Nuala Howard who has kindly offered her help to Myfi Everett on the social side of the 50:50 Club with the monthly coffee mornings. Myfi Everett & John Blakeley

FRIENDS OF GUNTHORPE PC As I write amidst all this wind and snow it is hard to imagine Spring is approaching - and so is the Friends Churchyard Clear-Up on Sunday the 6th of May, 2018. We will start at 9am and stop for buns and sausages, (with a veggie option) and drinks around mid-day. Anyone who is free please do come to help. There are jobs for all gardening and clearing abilities and all are welcome. We will have some tools on hand but feel free to bring your own with you – secateurs and gloves would be useful to bring if you have them. Any help you can give for however long is greatly appreciated. It all helps to jump-start the gardening year in the Churchyard. Marie Denholm, Friends Chairman


We held our AGM on the 2nd March, the second day of meteorological Spring - temperature minus 3°! Snow and icy conditions did not stop us having a good attendance although some couldn’t make the journey due to the conditions. The AGM was followed by a showing of the Gunthorpe village history pictures - as always a popular event and one which causes much comment as we compare life now with village life in some cases well over 100 years ago A thank you to Val King and Jenny Kelly for their time and work devoted to the fete and its success. Our village fete is traditionally held on the last Sunday in July and has been confirmed as Sunday 29th July 2018. We take this opportunity to extend an open invitation to our own and neighbouring villages and beyond and all Lynx readers. It is always a memorable day and as for the past many years the fete will be held again in the beautiful gardens and surroundings of Gunthorpe Hall. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Jeremy and Marie Denholm for their generosity in providing this

ST MARY’S CHURCH NEWS I hope by the time the Lynx goes to print we will be enjoying some lovely spring weather. At the moment it is unbelievably cold and getting about is proving quite a challenge.


lovely location for the day once again. An update on the ongoing problem with the two large front windows of the hall. As previously mentioned one is beyond repair the other in need of extensive work. We have now received the grant which covers the majority of their replacement cost and the new windows have been made and are awaiting glazing and fitting. The new windows will improve the comfort of the hall and make it a more attractive venue, and the discussion included the use of the hall which has had an increased income this past year. We continue to assess the further improvements needed to bring the rear of the hall up to the same standards as the main hall. This will be a big project and will only be achieved with the help of more successful grant applications. Zena Churchill has been a member of the Institute committee for many years and organised the fete for a number of those years has decided to step down although she is continuing to be a member of the Friends. We would all like to record our thanks for her organisational skills and the work and help Zena and Brian gave during the time they lived in Gunthorpe. We now have an additional bench seat in place outside the Institute which is dedicated to the memory of Rob Cutterham. Many Gunthorpians will remember Rob as a generous friend of the village whilst living here, and he continued to be so after moving to France, contributing regular gifts of wine from his vineyard enjoyed by many on numerous village Institute occasions. By the time this edition of the Lynx is published we will have enjoyed Jenny Kelly giving an illustrated talk “Picking olives in Palestine” after her recent visit to that part of the Middle East. Our thanks to Jenny. Tony Dufour and the Committee

creativity run wild! We look forward to welcoming you on the 29th July. Jenny Kelly & Val King

WELCOME David & Jane Paton A warm welcome goes to David and Jane Paton who along with their Border Terrier Maggie moved into Gardener’s Cottage in early January - they previously had a Norfolk home in Binham, but until they fully retire their main home will be in Surrey. David qualified as a veterinarian and worked in several parts of the world before retiring from the Pirbright Institute 4 years ago. Since then he has continued to work as a livestock virologist on a consultancy basis - work which takes him round the world with, for example, two trips each year to Nepal to provide specialist training. Jane is no stranger to Gunthorpe - she trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and was a founder member of the Guildhall String Ensemble (later the Guildhall Strings) which was formed on a course at Gunthorpe Hall in the early 1980s. They later went on to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall. She is presently part of the City of London Sinfonia and has been their Principal Second Violin since 2001. Jane has also recently completed a course as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. David and Jane have two children, Connor who has recently completed apprentice training as a butcher and Sheree who is at the University of Surrey studying Technical Theatre. We wish them all every success and happiness in their Gunthorpe home.

Tom & Claire Dye An equally warm welcome goes to Tom and Claire Dye who along with their children Evie and Sophie and three dogs (two Labradors and one Border Terrier) have moved into Oak House. Evie and Sophie are at Langham Primary School. The family already know the village well, and moved here from Saxlingham. Since 2015 Tom has been the Managing Director of Albanwise Farming Ltd, and overall he has been with them for some eleven years. He hails from Norfolk having been at school in Hindringham, Wells High School and Greshams for the Sixth Form, from where he then went to Reading University, qualifying with a degree in Agricultural Business Management. Claire is also from Norfolk. She went to school in Lyng

A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY The best fete in North Norfolk (in our view!), the Gunthorpe Grand Village Fete will be held at Gunthorpe Hall on Sunday 29th July commencing at 2 pm. The Gunthorpe Fete relies entirely on the kindness of people from within the village and outside who give their time to baking cakes, growing plants, gathering jumble and bric-abrac and manning the stalls on the day. For this reason there has been a long-standing decision not to charge an entry fee. As always we would like to express our gratitude to Marie and Jeremy Denholm who have again agreed to host the fete in the beautiful grounds at Gunthorpe Hall. The Fete is the principal fund-raiser for the village and proceeds are shared between the Village Hall and the Parochial Church Council. This, and our intention to give visitors a really good day out at a traditional village fair, are our main aims. We are looking for willing volunteers to help before, during and after the fete. If you would like to get involved or help in any way, please contact Jenny Kelly on 01263 860095 or mobile 07748 922450 or Val King on 01263 862265 or mobile 07791 623472. Craft Stall - Help Needed! Knitters, crafters and all those talented makers out there, now is the time to think about getting busy with items such as knitted animals (a real ‘hit’ in the past thanks to Nuala Howard) handmade cards, cushions, etc – let your


followed by Reepham High School and on to Fakenham Grammar for the Sixth Form. She then went to Bristol University qualifying with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree. She is now a physiotherapist with her practise at the Holt Holistic Centre. We hope that they will all be very happy in their new home and enjoy life in our eclectic and friendly village.

LANGHAM Contact: Christina Cooper 01328 830207



Oliver Lees with Danielle Thurston Saturday 17th February 2018

Peter Jackson, whose early life in Bullfer Grove was serialised in Lynx issues 116 and 118 started the Second World War as a locomotive fireman based in Melton Constable before joining the RAF. He has given us this story about another Gunthorpe resident, William Muggins, a resident in The Street, and how he was lost in the snow on Christmas Eve. One Christmas Eve night in the early Forties the Melton Constable locomotive shed crew had settled in the mess room - the last engine was in and all work needed had been disposed of. Very little could be done outside - it had been snowing all day on top of the previous day’s heavy snow the snow plough had been out and the loco lines were passable. “A warm mess room and a brew up - what more could one want” said Edward. Quick off the mark as usual Aubrey replied “Father Christmas with a pint”. As they sat and sipped their tea the door opened and a figure covered in snow was helped in through the door by “Rations” the Station Master. Aubrey spluttering in his tea said, “that ain’t no Father Christmas he hain’t got a red coat”. Amidst the chuckles, “Rations” replied “can you look after this one until the morning - he want to get to Melton”. Edward helped the old man off with his coat found him a drink and they shared what food they had between them, the old man now settled and less dishevelled, said “I want to get to Melton”. Faces in the room looked from one to the other, lips tightened, eyes turned up as though looking with an expression - he must have left his brains at home or was three sheets to the wind. The old man now more at ease, said “I was taking a short cut from Thursford to Gunthorpe but could not get off the line and kept walking all the way to Norwich”! Still doubtful of the old man's sanity, they humoured him saying it will be all right we will put you on the train for Melton in the morning. Happily the old man chatted - he even took out from his waistcoat a very expensive watch to show all its workings and explained the chain drive and other refinements. In the morning they helped him over the boards on to the platform and put him on the train for Thursford so he could get off and walk back in daylight to the Gunthorpe crossing - and that is how Billy Muggins from Gunthorpe spent his Christmas Eve. (NB:Trains ran on Christmas Day until the 1960s). At the time of this story William Muggins lived at Gunthorpe alone, an old man then, still repairing clocks for a living. It was said he always called at meal times to repair your clock! Reps Note: There is no record of William Muggins in the Gunthorpe village history pictures, and if any reader can shed more light on this story please let me know. John Blakeley

FRIENDS OF LANGHAM The 200 Club Draw Winners The last few month’s winners: November 2017 £10 131 Mrs G Hartley 151 Mrs I Rossiter 48 Mr R Pannier 188 Mrs S Adams 117 Mr E Allen 119 Mr A Rogers January 2018 £10 38 Mr F Blundell 51 Mrs K Tombling 52 Mrs B Newman 75 Mr P Wright 94 Mrs M Burlingham 144 Mrs B Allen

December 2017 £20 12 Mr J Hughes 46 M Terry 171 Mrs L Flude New Winner Prize 102 Mr J Bennett February 2018 £10 133 Mrs W Rampley 151 Mrs I Rossiter 33 Mr F Newton 118 Rev T Fawcett 128 Mrs A Sizer 98 Mr & Mrs Fisher FOL Committee

MANY THANKS To our many friends, especially those we were unable to see before we left Langham at the beginning of the year - thank you for your help, kindness and friendship. We have many happy memories of our time in Langham. Best wishes, Ian, Carol, Andrew and Jamie Spinks

LEUKAEMIA RESEARCH SALE Langham Village Hall - Saturday May 19th 10am - 11.30am Sale of lots of goodies including bric a brac, good clothes and plants. All proceeds to Leukaemia Research (Bloodwise). Tea & coffee available. Maureen Dennis


Village Fete. The new committee is being led by Abby Wilson from the Blue Bell. The plan is to have a slightly smaller Fayre than in the past, but still on the same principle with stalls and activities in the street and on the Playing Field, throughout the day. The main street ‘Road Closure’ to all traffic takes effect from 7am on that Saturday morning although, no doubt, there will be much coming and going after that time, but in reality it will be difficult to get vehicles through from any time after about 7.30am. Could all holiday homes/second homes, in the main street please note! New arrivals and cleaners will not be able to access properties in the street by vehicle between 7.30am and 5pm. The street will actually remain closed to through traffic until midnight, to allow activities and partying to continue outside the pub. If anyone is available to help run some village stalls – ‘bowling for the pig’, ‘smack the rat’, the ‘stocks’ or help as Car Park Marshals or ‘clearer uppers’ on Sunday morning, - then please contact Abby or Adam at the Blue Bell on 830630 or LSF Committee

CHRISTINE ADAMS PRESENTS “A Female on the Footplate” Thursday 12th April 7.30pm Langham Village Hall Christine will talk about her life and experiences as a steam train driver. Her famous home is Ware Hall House in Wells-Next-the-Sea. Admission £2 which includes refreshments. Everyone welcome. FOL Committee

KINGS LYNN WALKING TOUR Saturday 12th May For FOL 200 Club Members and family. If you are not already a member why not join today?! We are taking our second outing to Kings Lynn which will include another 90 minute guided walking tour of Historic Lynn, or 90 minutes leisure time for those who wish to shop. Following the walk we will again enjoy a meal at Marriott's Warehouse. The coach will depart from Langham at 1.15pm returning at approximately 8.00pm. The cost will be £5.00 per person plus the cost of the meal. We are limited to 25 for the walk but no problem if you would just like to do some shopping and then eat. To book your places would you please contact John Hughes on 01328 830595 no later than Friday 20th April. FOL Committee

DOG POO! Over the years the subject of dog poo, in and around the village, has been a constant subject debated at the Parish Council meetings. Despite signs asking dog owners to act responsibly and pick up and take away their pet’s mess, the problem has been getting worse. The Parish Council has decided to invest over £300, of ‘your’ money, in two strategically sited dog waste bins. There will then be an ongoing cost of around £14 per month to have these emptied. However, Jo and Mark Cutmore-Scott, the owners of the Harper Hotel complex have very kindly offered to cover that cost for the first two years. There will now be no excuse for owners not to clear up and deposit their pets’ waste in these bins. Hopefully the law abiding members of the village will police the situation and point out, to any errant owners, that we have made this investment for the good of all the community that uses the village. The Parish Council thank you, in anticipation, for your help.

ART EXHIBITION Paintings, Photographs, Ceramics & Other Interesting Things! Saturday 5th May – Monday 7th May 10am – 4.30pm daily in Langham Village Hall Free entry and our usual wonderful refreshments served daily. Why not come for coffee? Put the dates in your diary – all proceeds for Langham Village Hall. Application forms and further details, please contact Pauline on 01328 830696,

BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 28TH MAY Bring and Buy 10am-12noon This will be held in the churchyard or inside the church if the weather is inclement. There will be the usual coffee morning stalls and refreshments. If anyone would like to bake a cake or bring along books, gifts, bric-a-brac or a raffle prize, all will be gratefully received. If you would like to help on a stall, do get in touch. Proceeds are for Langham Church General Fund. We look forward to seeing you. Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

LANGHAM STREET FAYRE Saturday 11th August 2018 Hopefully you will all, by now, be aware that the Street Fayre is back and will have this date firmly in your diaries. Sincere apologies to Field Dalling for the muddle over the date, and resulting clash with their


FISH'N'CHIPS & A QUIZ We will be pausing for the summer to allow for other events, holidays and sunshine! If there is enough interest, and enough volunteers to support these events, we hope to resume these fun evenings once again in early autumn. A BIG thank you to all our volunteers, and a happy and fun summer to all readers!


This will be held on Monday 25th June at £25 a head starting at 6pm on the quay. National Trust wardens will be on the trip to brief visitors on the seals and birds and the year’s happenings on Blakeney Point. After this, Morston Village Hall will be ready for the supper with candles and flowers and delicious food made and served by Morston PCC members. There will be crabs from Willie Weston and there will also be a cash bar. Numbers are sadly restricted owing to village hall fire safety regulations, so please book early – from Mary Athill on 01263-740306.

RVS LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to end May 2018 Fare: 25p per mile. Weekly driving duties beginning on a Monday. March 5th 830847 April 23rd 830624 th March 12 830507 April 30th 830773 th March 19 830773 May 7th 830605 March 26th 830537* May 14th 830537* April 2nd 830348 May 21st 830731 th April 9 830507 May 28th 830606* th April 16 830731 * These drivers do not go to Norwich If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, contact the next person on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please let the driver know! It would be helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. When booking please tell the driver of any walking aids to be transported. Please bring change. If no driver is available – contact the Holt Caring Society (T 01263 711243) giving as much notice as possible. This roster is also placed in the church porch and the village notice boards with dates beyond the above schedule. We welcome new drivers, if anyone would like to join us please give me a call. Alison Murday 07909923058

BLAKENEY HARBOUR ASSOCIATION The 2018 AGM is at 7pm at the Harbour rooms on 5th May. Everybody is very welcome (although only members of course can vote on any formal business), we should be opening the doors (and the bar) at 6pm. There will be a few nibbles, first come first served and it's down to business at 7 o'clock. If you're mystified as to what we do - we are ourselves sometimes! - do come along. There will be people to talk to and information to take away. If you don't want to stay for the formal business that's fine too but we will be updating members on our discussions with the Crown Estate over the last 12 months, which you might find interesting. Businesses are particularly welcome this year as we are trying to get the message out that through our work in the harbour we are supporting the local economy. There has been much talk of siltation in the harbour. BHA is now represented on the Sediment Working Group of the Wash Marine Partnership along with our colleagues from the Blakeney Channel Coastal Community team and many others. There are concerns that there is an unprecedented increase in sand loading in the Harbour and of course the impact that that has on how the Harbour functions and on its habitat. So a lot of work is going into what's causing the problem. We can all get a bit cynical about "talking shops" that don't get anywhere but this initiative does seem to have some real impetus. More news to members as we get it. We are delighted to say that after some very useful cooperation with the National Trust we have gone into print and signed a "memorandum of understanding" that records how we are working and how we hope to work together in

MORSTON Contact: Jock Wingfield 01263 740431


Mon 23 April PCC AGM at Mary Athill’s at 10am. Sat 5th May, Sun 6th May and Mon 7th May, 10am to 5pm each day. FMC 2018 Book Sale. Sat 23rd June FMC AGM. Thu 5th July Visit to Dalham Hall Stud, Newmarket in aid of FMC. Contact 01263 740038 for details. Mon 25th June PCC Boat Trip, & Crab Supper in VH. Weekend of Fri 3rd August Norfolk Oyster & Norfolk Gypsy Regatta. (Contact info& or tel: 01263-741172. Sat 18th August Morston Regatta. Start time: 11am. Prize-giving and party commences at 7pm on Morston Quay at NorfolkEtc. Sat 13th October FMC Shovell Dinner. Simon Harris on “Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell”. At the Anchor.


Reformed Churches on the continent.

the future. The Harbour is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a National Nature Reserve, an SSSI, a RAMSAR site, it comes under the remit of the Marine Management Organisation, is part owned by the Crown Estate and is leased to Natural England. Without the sort of dialogue, understandings and cooperation that the "memorandum of understanding" sets out in trying to align all these interests it could be a bit of a nightmare. Those of us who live around the harbour, use it and enjoy it risk getting overlooked. It's not a binding agreement, just an agreement to agree but the trustees think that it's a very good start in giving members a real voice. If any member would like a copy please email our website. While we are talking about the Marine Management Organisation we should mention what they do, for those who don't know. They "license, regulate and plan marine activities in the seas around England so that they're carried out in a sustainable way"- from their website. And that means they seem to do a lot! They haven't been going for long, the end of the last decade, so their impact is only just starting to be felt. We are in dialogue with the MMO and looking at sensible, minimal, ways to accommodate what will probably be some inevitable new rules. We will give you an update on this at the AGM too. Well - after all this "heavy" stuff it's nice to quote some correspondence - "I think the BHA do a really super job"; "sailed round to Blakeney quay from Wells... Very impressed with the channel markings - great job Blakeney". We will all be splashing soon!!!

MORSTON BOOK SALE WILL BE BIGGEST SO FAR The ninth annual Morston Book Sale - the largest charity book sale in Norfolk – will be held in the village as usual over the three days of the first May bank holiday weekend: 10am-5pm Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May.  Books have started to arrive and we already know that there will be more on sale this year than ever before. As well as numerous kind donations from sale supporters, the entire library of some avid collectors near Chesterfield has arrived and is now being unboxed, sorted and priced.  The sale will be in the attractive surroundings of Morston Barn once again, well signposted with ample free parking in the adjacent farmyard and home-made refreshments available throughout the three days. All books are for sale at tempting prices in aid of Friends of Morston Church, the registered charity established to help maintain the fabric of the village's All Saints' church.  So do put the sale in your diary. We hope to see you over the bank holiday weekend. 

NATIONAL TRUST UPDATE Blakeney National Nature Reserve The 2018 breeding bird season is fast approaching and we are busy preparing the reserve for the arrival of our usual Spring migrants some of which we expect to start seeing in March. Historically we see wheatears, chiff chaffs and black redstarts first and the terns normally begin to arrive at the end of March or beginning of April. Returning to Blakeney Point this year are Assistant Rangers Ryan Doggart and Luke Wilkinson who were both with us last year and you may have met. We are also delighted to welcome Leighton Newman as our new Blakeney Point ranger. We will be a carrying out our annual Blakeney Point Beach Clean on Saturday 24th March meeting at Cley Beach Car Park at 10am. This is to remove all of the rubbish deposited on the Point by the winter storms and is really important for the conservation of the Point. We welcome as many helpers as possible so please do join us. Wear suitable outdoor clothing and footwear, and please bring a pair of tough gardening type gloves. Bags and pickers will be provided for you. For more information please call the

FMC QUIZ 2018 The FMC Quiz with 8 teams of 8 was a great success and made £1,238 for the FMC’s church repairs (Door: £830; Donation: £25; Bar: £149; Raffle: £234). The FMC Committee thanks those who attended and those who donated raffle prizes and a donation; and also Jill Tibbetts for organising a delicious supper with great kitchen support from Mally Bullard and Susie Harrison, and Ned & Roberta Hamond and Sally Metcalfe for running the bar and Carole Bean and Susie for running a most successful Raffle. For the third year running the quiz prize was won by the Rev Ian Whittle & his team, the Langham Lagarags. Congratulations to Ian, and Julia Thompson, Hugh & Karen Pilkington, Sara Wingfield, Roberta Hamond, and John & Jan Hope.

OYSTER & GYPSY REGATTA Neil Thompson Boats’ Norfolk Oyster and Norfolk Regatta will be held over the weekend of Fri 3rd August. Anyone with a Norfolk Oyster or Norfolk Gypsy wishing to take part should contact Neil Thompson Boats for more info: . Tel: 01263 741172.


On Sunday 18th February, when the Rector, the Rev Ian Whittle, had to be away, the PCC were delighted to welcome the Rt Reverend Dr. Jonathan Gibbs, the Bishop of Huddersfield, and his wife, Toni, to Morston, and the Bishop officiated at Holy Communion at All Saints. The Bishop is Chairman of the Meissen Committee, which encourages relations between the Church of England and


Norfolk Coast Office on 01263 740241. The dog restrictions will again be in place on Blakeney Point from 1st April and we kindly ask that you follow any signs or advice given by the National Trust and do not cross any fence lines you come across. Alongside our ranger team there will also be a team of volunteers that will be about throughout the breeding season. Please do say hello if you see any of them. The visitor centre and the public toilets at the Lifeboat House are now open for your convenience. To keep up to date with latest news from the reserve then please check out our website or follow us on social media at NorfolkCoastNT. Alex Green, Digital Media, Marketing & Interpretation Officer

thrill of hearing great music played live by a big band! Tickets are available from Caroline Robson on 01328 830298 - £10 to include refreshments served on arrival – all proceeds to church funds. The concert will begin at 7.30pm with wine and canapés from 7pm.

SHARRINGTON Contact: Claire Dubbins 01263 862261



Many congratulations to Calypso de Volkovitch for her special mention at the Rotary Young Musicians Competition in Holt. See p.8. Ed.

On Saturday 20th January a fortunate audience was treated to a mesmerising, sold out concert given by internationally acclaimed guitarist Gordon Giltrap. Tickets could have been sold many times over but sadly, space was limited. Many of you will remember his classic hit ‘Heartsong’ from the 80s which was used as the theme tune for the popular BBC ‘Holiday’ programme. He also wrote several other pieces used as themes for BBC programmes. He has been cited as being inspirational to such luminaries as Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore to name but a few. Sharrington village hall was very lucky indeed to host such a special evening. The evening commenced with a set by accomplished guitarist David Green which was warmly received. Gordon Giltrap’s set followed and he immediately charmed the audience with his warmth, humour and presence. Without exception, everyone was astonished by the passion, virtuosity and dexterity of his performance and the intensity of the music he has created. He was complemented by a brilliant sound system provided by NJ PA Systems of Norwich. All being well he will be appearing in a village hall close by this summer. Chris Abrams

MORSTON QUIZ QUESTIONS by Samphire (Answers on page 27). 1. In which country did the sport taekwondo start? 2. What is Farsi? 3. What sport developed from the game called gossima? 4. What name were the Beatles called immediately before being called the Beatles? 5. Which breed of dog does not have a pink tongue? 6. What do whales and peas have in common? 7. What fish are rollmops made from? 8. What is the main taste of fennel? 9. What are a group of bears called? 10. At golf what is the traditional name for a Number 10 Iron?

SAXLINGHAM Contact: Caroline Robson 01328 830298

NEWS FROM ST MARGARET’S Due to the poor weather and various absences our APCM has been cancelled and will be rescheduled. Please look out for further details on the church noticeboard. St Margaret’s will be holding a service on Easter Sunday at 11am for both Saxlingham and Field Dalling parishioners with the Rev’d Peter Bowles – all are most welcome. The church has been very active with weekly services while St Andrew’s undergoes roof work. Already the building feels more loved and cared for, reminding us that these precious buildings benefit from being used regularly it has been wonderful to see our numbers swell.

SWING INTO SUMMER WITH GRESHAM’S SCHOOL BIG BAND St. Margaret’s Church, Friday 11 May Come and enjoy a range of swing and jazz numbers in the delightful setting of St Margaret’s Church. Always a sell-out performance, nothing compares to the


Then came six reds; unsurprisingly, mostly cabernet sauvignon and merlot with a little petit verdot here and there at price points between just under £8 and £31. All were guzzled pretty enthusiastically with the ‘top de la range’ Château Tronquoy Lalande 2009 from St. Estephe easily seeing off its rivals. On a value for money basis, however, the Château Canada from the 2015 vintage, a mere Bordeaux Superior, at just under eight quid a bottle took some beating. The evening closed with a fine sauternes from 2014 and 15 Rotters headed off home very happy with left-overs tucked under their arms. If you are interested in joining the Rotters for tasting series five, please contact me at r.dubbins@ or on 01263 862261. Chief Rotter

VILLAGE HALL EVENTS 2018 As Chris Abrams reports in his article, events at the village hall in 2018 have already got off to a cracking start this year. Here’s what we have in mind for the rest of the year. Our live music nights, which were a big success last year, kicked off this year on the 28th of March with the Briston ukulele band as the main act. The next live music night will be on the 30th May and there will be further events later in the year. Watch out for further details. Remember, entry to these events is free and there is a licensed bar. For our film night on the 25th April we will be screening the most recent film from local film maker, Tony Britten (he of ChickLit fame). The film, ‘Through Lotte’s Lens’, documents the story of a group (mostly Jewish) who escaped the Hitler regime and came to the UK in the 1930s and features scenes shot in the village hall. Please let us know if you would like to reserve tickets ( or 01263 862261). On the 19th May we plan to host a village tea party to celebrate the Royal Wedding. More details will be published shortly but any offers of help on the day or making cakes etc will be welcome. Please contact me or any other member of the committee. Following the sell-out Gordon Giltrap concert in January, the 30th June will see our second celebrity concert of the year when the multi-million selling band, Magna Carta, led by Chris Simpson take the stage. If interested in tickets for this event, please email Chris Abrams on In the autumn, in addition to our live music nights, a quiz and our Christmas fayre, we hope to host a ceilidh. For more information, including updates throughout the year, visit our village website Roger Dubbins

THE CELTIC CROSS The photograph of Sharrington church on the front cover was taken last year and how very different things were then: yes, a chill in the air but the skies were blue, the grass green and the daffodils were already showing glimpses of colour. This year snow blanketed the churchyard and was blown against the church’s wooden door; there was no temptation to linger outside. This photograph is special for a number of reasons. It was taken with the intention of making labels for our new set of hymn books, the bright spring colours complementing the green book bindings, and very fine they look too. The photograph is also a reminder of the events of one hundred years ago. Look at the bottom left hand corner, and notice the gravestone with the Celtic cross. This marks the resting place of the Reverend George Buck, Sharrington’s rector in the years leading up to the First World War until his retirement in August 1917, when he was 76. Why did he retire then? It may be because of his age, or ill health, or the seeming endlessness of the war, or maybe the number of years he had already served as Sharrington’s rector. Is it too much conjecture that the time of his retirement was connected with the loss of the final soldier named on our war memorial? Elijah Bambridge died in the same month as George’s retirement. It’s not hard to imagine the emotional wear and tear created by so many losses in such a small community. Following Reverend George Buck’s retirement his church work was handed over to a number of church ministers. He died in 1921, aged 81, leaving behind his

VILLAGE HALL AGM Our annual general meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 22nd May this year. An agenda will be published nearer the date on the village website. The management committee is keen to hear what residents have to say about activities and how to secure the future of the hall as a community asset so do please come along. Roger Dubbins, Chair Village Hall Management Committee

NOBLE ROTTERS By the time of publication, the curtain will have come down on tasting series four with what will surely have been an entertaining tasting led by Brian Sullivan of Harper Wells of Norwich. Before that, the February tasting focused on the wines of Bordeaux; a bit of a mistake on the part of the Chief Rotter to try to cover the second largest wine production area in the world in just one tasting but hey ho, it went pretty well. Two dry white wines made from the sauvignon blanc grape opened the evening with Château Doisy-Daëne Sec from the 2015 vintage proving that the dry whites from Bordeaux are not to be ignored.


second wife Alice Edith and his daughter Marianne Doris. On his gravestone are the words from Proverbs: ‘The memory of the just is blessed’ Lesley Forrest

CHURCH KNEELERS Another thank you, also from the PCC, goes to Brenda Young and Teresa Parfitt for their lovely workings on our new kneelers, with still more in the pipeline. APG

CHURCH NOTES Our ever popular Burns Night Supper took place on the nd 2 February and attracted some 46 people with some very welcome new faces. The “labour force” advanced on the village hall in the afternoon to set out tables and chairs, cutlery, glasses and so forth and the heaters were left on a low setting so that by 7pm it was toasty warm. Our guests were welcomed by Ann Garwood in the absence of our usual Master of Ceremonies Martin and when Pippa had said the Selkirk Grace we sat down to drink the delicious cock-a-leekie soup. Our piper, Richard Dawson then piped in the haggis, ably carried by Roger, in a circuit of the hall, to be placed on a table in front of the stage and then addressed rather vehemently by Richard with a particularly evil looking knife or dagger. Supper was then served accompanied by neeps and tatties and onion gravy. Richard again played for us whilst the tables were cleared for tipsy laird pudding and coffee and tea. During this lull we were treated to a Robbie Burns song by Jenny Cunningham, a lovely rendition completely unaccompanied. In between all this we were trying to complete the quiz set by Claire and listening to the toasts; the loyal toast by David Forrest, the toast to the lassies from Alex Stewart and the reply by Averil Cooper, by turns amusing and clever. The last toast was to the piper with a vote of thanks and an invitation for 2019 to do it all again. The quiz results were given out and the raffle drawn and then much clearing to make way for the dancing with Pippa slipping into her role as caller. A splendid evening all round which raised £600 for church funds and as a postscript I would like to extend our thanks to Mary Lee for her wonderful table decorations. It was so good to see her at the supper with Derek, despite all her health problems and treatments. It was a great pleasure to celebrate Burns Night in our recently newly refurbished village hall. Our chairman and his committee are to be congratulated on all their hard work. There is more to come I believe. APG

SHARRINGTON & DISTRICT GARDENING GROUP Our first meeting of the year saw an excellent turnout for the return visit of Geoff Hodge who gave us an entertaining talk on climate change “Gardening within a changing climate, gardening in the global greenhouse”. Always generous with his time, knowledge and prizes for our raffle we are already planning a return visit for 2019. On the 11th April and just in time for the planting season, Trevor Harrison from Creake plant centre will give a talk on “Interesting shrubs for your garden”. Trevor will also be bringing along a selection of plants and shrubs from his nursery to purchase. In May we look forward to a members’ visit to Copys Green farm in Wighton, the home of Mrs Temple’s cheese. Catherine Temple is an award winning producer of handmade cheeses using milk from her cows from the Chalk farm and Copys Green herd. Sharrington & District Gardening Group is an open gardening group with a varied programme of visits, talks, social events and demonstrations. New members are always welcome to join the group. For further details or a copy of our 2018 programme please get in touch with Robin on 01263 861939 or e.mail Happy gardening! RB

STIFFKEY Contact: Geraldine Green 01328 830245


We had an interesting meeting on 30th January at my house sharing our Secret Santa and Christmas books, swapping some for future reading and we welcomed Isabel, a new member. Isabel gave us a useful tip about free audio book downloads on YouTube and she is also interested in poetry if anyone wants to recommend any. We now have an updated list of dates and the book

CHURCH DONATIONS On behalf of the PCC may I say how grateful we were to receive donations and/or standing orders in response to a request for some assistance with our heavy commitments financially to keeping our beautiful medieval church on an even keel. Thank you so much. APG


On Saturday 14th April a church coffee morning will be held at All Saints Cottage, 10.30am – 12 noon. Coffee, cake and biscuits to sample, cakes to purchase, books to peruse and buy, a raffle and a lovely garden to enjoy. In July a strawberry tea with stalls and a raffle will be held in the churchyard, and in August a Bar-B-Q , again in the churchyard. Dates and times for the last two to be advised. APG


choices for the year ahead. We will have at least one more new member – Sue joining us then, giving us twelve core members and of course there is no expectation that everyone attends every meeting or reads every book – sometimes life takes over. For some reason we tend to be an all female group although men are welcome, they seem to prefer to go to the Red Lion. Do join either group if you are interested in making new friends and supporting the village social life. Sally Vanson

Seven exhibitions have been held in the church on subjects from weather to women and from rectors to rascals. We hope that they have been useful not only to those interested in our local history but have aided the raising of money for the Stiffkey Church fabric fund. Another big project was the restoration of the WW1 pillbox in 2014, in conjunction with the National Trust, when a great time was had by all. A beech tree has been planted in the churchyard to commemorate the lives of those Stiffkey and Cockthorpe people affected by WWI. We move forward into the next ten years from a sound basis and with lots of work to do as yet. Whether your support has been from near or afar, and whether financial or practical, it has been much valued and without it our work could not continue. We still find subjects to explore and projects to do and there are some in the pipeline right now. We welcome new members and the casual visitor too. Joining us only costs £5 a year and you can be an active member or a valued supporter. Please help us continue the work that we have started. Contact us on or for more information. SLHG

STIFFKEY FACEBOOK GROUP The Stiffkey Village Facebook group is growing in numbers and is being used to update us on Village Hall and other activities, as well as sharing some great photos of our wonderful surroundings. Please join it if you can as it’s a great and easy way to share news around the village. If the various groups could share dates of meetings, etc., we could avoid overlapping. You can also use it to advertise articles for sale. Sally Vanson


On Sunday 27th May 1-5pm the gardens at Warborough House Stiffkey will be open in support of the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) and St Johns Church, Stiffkey. Homemade teas, plants for sale, children’s quiz trail. The NGS raises over £2 million annually for caring charities in the UK including Macmillan Cancer Care and Marie Curie Nurses. Admission adult £5, children free. There is a Coasthopper bus stop close by and parking is signed at the garden entrance on Wells Road. Please do not park on the main road as this causes congestion. Mr&Mrs JW Morgan

STIFFKEY VILLAGE HALL Since my last article in the Lynx, things have moved at a snail’s pace as seems to happen with committees for various reasons. The good news is that at last we have put in for planning permission for the proposed improvements and at this moment it is with NNDC. By the time we get to the next addition of the Lynx we will know their decision. The results for the February draw are 1st 26, 2nd 6, 3rd 23, 4th 86. We have now come to the end of our first year of the 200 club and this has been well supported throughout the village and a total of £912 was raised with half going to the village hall and half in prizes. Thank you to all who took part and too all those that have not yet joined please feel free to do so your support will be most welcome. Ian Curtis, Chairman Stiffkey Village Hall


This year SLHG celebrate its 10th anniversary. The group was set up in 2008 under the auspices of our first chair person, the late Keith McDougall. Looking back we have made enormous progress. We raised money for equipment by selling a walking guide and wrote a well received book about Stiffkey and Cockthorpe which sold over 700 copies. That project was led by the late Rev Tony Hodgson who was a curate in Stiffkey in the 1960s. There have been outings to places near, like Binham Priory, and far, like Kings Lynn, and Gressenhall Museum. Talks have been given covering subjects local and general.

CHURCH NOTES The New Year began sadly in Stiffkey Church with the funerals of two long standing residents of Stiffkey, Pat Jordan and Orlando 'Ben' Pitt. A funeral was also held later that week for Peter Martin from Cockthorpe whose family are buried in Stiffkey churchyard. The first Sunday service in March was cancelled due to the very cold weather, although the thaw began in earnest that day! No Mothering Sunday service was held in the village on March 11th, the first time in at least 45 years, however, there was a combined service at Langham church. The two Easter services will also be at Langham, Palm Sunday on 25th March, and Easter Day, 1st April, although the first Sunday of the month is usually designated as a service to be held in our church. On the 27th May, The Spring Bank Holiday, Warborough House Gardens are to be opened to the public again under the National Gardens Scheme, from 1 - 5pm. Refreshments will be served throughout the afternoon, and all proceeds raised will go to the maintenance of St. John's Church. HH


NATURE NOTES The winter has been particularly long, cold and damp and as I write this we are in the grip of a cold easterly blast which is real snow weather for us on the Norfolk coast. I hope you have been helping out the birds in this lean time. It may be that some species will benefit from the cold, in particular plants will be flowering later and in their proper season. Hedgehogs will not be tempted to awake too soon. Early activity can be a killer as they use up too much energy keeping warm and their food is still not readily available. On another subject there has been a lot of clearance of rough areas in the village recently for various reasons. These unkempt places are vital to all sorts of wildlife and serious consideration to their preservation or restoration should be given in order that Stiffkey continues to be home, not only to humans, but to our fellow earthly neighbours. A little bit of untidiness can sometimes do a deal of good for wildlife. Hopefully by the time you read this spring will be forging ahead. Enjoy. Rural Ruth

MORSTON QUIZ ANSWERS (Questions on page 23). 1. Korea. 2. The official language of Iran. 3. Table tennis. 4. Silver Beetles. 5. A chow. 6. They both collect in pods. 7. Herrings. 8. Aniseed. 9. A sleuth. 10. A wedge.

LANGHAM VILLAGE SCHOOL NEWS We have just had three days when we were forced to close the school due to the adverse weather conditions. Many parents were snowed in and the roads were deemed unsafe to travel. The children enjoyed the snow but they all seemed very happy to come back to school today after a very long weekend! The month of March brings ‘The World Creative Writing Competition.’ This is a contest on the website that we use to promote writing called ‘The Night Zoo Keeper.’ It is an international competition with schools from all over the world competing to see which class can write the most during the month of March. There are prizes for the quality together with the quantity of writing. This is the third time we have entered this competition and it always inspires fantastic writing across the school. Many children write at home and at school and they love to read and comment on each other’s writing. Last month our digital leaders; those children chosen to lead on ICT in the school, were invited to an interactive lesson at the Apple Store in Norwich. They were shown how to make a short film and edit it on an ipad. Great fun, and the children all came away with their film completed and saved on a USB. A different group of children have made a film in the after school Film Makers Club. The theme they chose was anti bullying and they are looking forward to sharing their work with the rest of the school in assembly this week. We have had some sporting success this term, we won the golf tournament and five students qualified for the county cross county finals, which are to be held at Holkham Hall this week. We have taken part in a netball tournament and Year 4 pupils have successfully completed off road cycle training.


I have included below some examples of writing entered into the Night Zoo Keeper website this week as part of the competition. They are both excerpts from longer pieces based on the short film "Eye of the Storm". The film tells the story of an anonymous airship pilot, whom we see in a very dark, simplified form deciding in his melancholy to steer his airship into a massive (and possible ether-driven) storm. Throughout the video we see him preparing his craft, setting it on "autopilot", and saying goodbye. The Eye of the Storm ‘As the pennant flaps, you can hear the serene breeze coming from the north, you can smell the dusty air from a well-past storm. The strange silence seems to last forever, until...The wind picks up its speed, hurtling by the airship slightly turning it slightly off course. The clouds are sent flying through the sky at a terrific speed by the aggressive wind. But what else is that I can smell, hear, see? Green, virulent, deadly...It was so lethal that darkness started to cloud in my eyes, I was so tired. I wanted to lie down and go to sleep...After that all I heard was my body crumpling to the floor... The air up here is threatening: it has a vile toxic smell which makes you want to cry but the pain is so excruciating that it dries out your eyes, and after that a metallic taste that leaves painful, throbbing blisters to stop you from eating. It is nauseating! The clouds up here are apocalyptic, strange unnerving things that keep you up at night. Barren: a wasteland of mysterious clouds peering down on me menacingly, I am in a sea of lonely clouds. They surround my ship limiting my view of the sky to a few meters, any further than that is just a fuzzy blur of white.’ by Amos Year 6 The Eye of the Storm ‘His coat was flapping incessantly in the bleak winds of winter. Ominous clouds darkened the skies, thunder thrummed like a monotonous drum banging tediously, lightning crackled dangerously, threatening to take down the airship. But he stood there, his eyes fixed on the emerald glow in the distance - which is where he intended to travel through. Tearing his gaze from the rumbling storm - now slightly calmer - he spun round and with a leaden stroll inched his way towards his unkempt cabin. He was heading towards a rather overlarge box with his initials engraved in the dark mahogany wood and golden rim. But something familiar put him to a sudden halt. His palms lingered on the tiny ornate chest. The small object was his life, it was his only memory of home. He broke into a tense sweat as his mind traveled back in time to a distant memory … by Tilly Year 6 Brilliant, atmospheric writing from two of the many talented and creative writers in Jet Class. Well done and good luck everyone with the competition. Langham continues to go from strength to strength and we are excited about all the activities and learning we have planned, our vision is ‘A place for fun, creativity, friendship, ambition and discovery.’ Polly Kossowicz - Head teacher For further information please visit our website or follow us on twitter @langhamvill.


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Local Lynx No.119 - April/May 2018  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages.

Local Lynx No.119 - April/May 2018  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages.


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