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School SchoolYear YearHours Hours(Jan (Jan17-May 17-May12) 12) Monday-Thursday Monday-Thursday 5:00 5:00AM AM-11:00PM -11:00PM Friday 5:00 Friday 5:00AM AM--9:00PM 9:00PM Saturday 8:00AM AM--9:00PM 9:00PM Saturday 8:00 Sunday 10:00AM AM --9:00PM 9:00PM Sunday 10:00

6:00-8:00pm 6:00-8:00pm

5:00-6:00pm 5:00-6:00pm




See inside for Winter Break Hours





3:30-5:00pm 3:30-5:00pm



*REC *REC and classes


1:00-3:30pm 1:00-3:30pm

*REC pool



11:50am-12:50pm 11:50am-12:50pm (lap swimming) swimming) (lap


*REC *REC *REC *REC Warm Warm water water

Wed Wed

7:30-9:00am 7:30-9:00am *Adult *Adult swim swim

Tuesday Tuesday

Monday Monday

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Morris Area Community Education 153 South Columbia Avenue Morris, Minnesota 56267 320-589-4394 | Facebook: Morris Area Community Education Twitter: @MorrisMNCommEd

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Volume 16 | Issue 2

A newsletter published by Morris Area Community Education & School District #2769

2769 Tiger Tracks


Morris Area Community Education Program Offerings CLASS/PROGRAM Adult Basic Education

Grades K—6

January 10

Grades K—6

January 21

Grades K—6

February 13


May 2


Youth Recreation Adult Offerings Community Offerings Registration Information

District Information

8-9 10 11 11 12-13

Elementary Gymnastics

Entre Nous Teaches You

Fastpitch Softball Pitching


Grades 4—8

Grades K—6 Grades 2—6

Grades 3—6

June 18

April 25

Grocery Store Tour


February 13


February 15

Grades K—6

January 11


January 18

Guitar Lessons

Health Care + Retirement

Labor Delivery and Beyond Late Start Wednesdays


Grades 3+ Adult


February 7

Grades 2—6

Google Just for You


March 27

Flag Football








January 16


March 13


Lovin’ From the Oven

All Ages

February 11

Grades K—4

February 6


Ages 3—5

January 20


Physical Education Favorites


Pre-K + ECFE Family Classes

Birth—Age 5

Pre-Team Gymnastics

Grades 2—6

Pre-K Explore S’more SCUBA

Silver Screens

Social Security Questions Spring Softball Series




Grades 3—6

March 7

January 20

December 8 January 17

January 18

February 6

Summer Sizzle

Grades K—6

Summer 2017

Tae Kwon Do

Ages 6—Adult

January 9

Sunday Sweetheart VB Tiny Tumblers

Volleyball Open Gym


Ages 3—5


January 18

Grades K—6


Wren House Workshop

Grades K—6


January 17

December 4

Adult 21+

Zone After School Program

February 12


Wine… Summer Sippers

Grades 3—6


April 18 April 8

January 16













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10 7

10 7





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10 8

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Grades K—6

Mindful Living



Let’s Lego

Little Shooters Basketball

Women’s Volleyball League

Regional Fitness Center




Bricks 4 Kidz

Cougar Cheerleading



December 15

Cougar Volleyball Camp

Youth Enrichment


January 4

Grades K—6

Camp Alpha



Ande’s Tower Hills Skiing Basketball Open Gym

Pre-K + ECFE Offerings





x x





10 7



Marvelous Mixed Age Class

For Children Ages 0 – 5 and Parents Separating Class (child and caregiver separate for half of the class period)

Children and their parents are invited to spend time playing together while they learn. Each class will include learning stations, circle time, and a child-only class experience. During this time, children stay and play with the Early Childhood Teacher and assistant while parents go to meet with a Parent Educator to discuss topics helpful for raising young children. Classes will include informal parent discussion on topics suggested by parents during the first class.

7 Classes—$14—COURSE NO. 6411 $7 each additional child—COURSE NO. 6411A Mondays, January 30 —March 20 (No class February 20) 9:00—10:30 a.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A 6 Classes—$12—COURSE NO. 6412 $6 each additional child—COURSE NO. 6412A Mondays, March 27—May 8 (No class April 17) 9:00—10:30 a.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Parenting Book Study Dr. David Walsh’s “No” Book

For Parents and Children Birth to 3rd Grade Separating Class (child and caregiver separate for half of the class period)

This class brings parents together to discuss the book “No” - Why Kids—of All Ages—Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It, written by Dr. David Walsh. Although saying “No” to your child is obviously important, many parents still have a hard time following through—even when they know they should—especially when other parents and the culture around them are being permissive. With Dr. Walsh's down-to-earth advice, you can immediately assess and improve your relationship with your kids, set and enforce limits that make sense for different ages and otherwise make “No” a positive influence on kids' behavior and in your overall family life. 4 Classes—$8—COURSE NO. 6413 $4 each additional child—COURSE NO. 6413A Mondays, March 6—27 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A


Monday and Tuesday Night Specials Drive In Movie Show

Obstacle Course

We will have a “wheely” good time watching a short movie in the comfort of your own cars! The evening will begin with families making their own “home-made” box car for the drive in show. Once completed, we’ll drive to the theater and enjoy the featured show!

Over, under, around and through—join us for an obstacle course made for preschoolers. Let your child test their abilities to try a variety of physical activities like walking, climbing, crawling and maintaining balance as they cross all obstacles to reach the end of the course. It’s not about the end result, but the fun of facing and conquering the obstacle course.

For Families with Children Birth to Age 5

1 Class—$5 per family—COURSE NO. 6415 Tuesday, January 31 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Trikes, Bikes, and Wheels For Families with Children Birth to Age 5

Does winter have your children needing to release some pent up energy? Bring in your own wheels to let them cruise the halls of the elementary school. Take a pit stop and enjoy some refreshments. Join the fun and let the good times roll! 1 Class—$5 per family—COURSE NO. 6416 Monday, February 6 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Kids In The Kitchen

This is the perfect class for your child and parents to have fun experiencing a variety of sensory activities. Activities will include those that appeal to all five senses! An early childhood educator will be available to help you guide your children’s activities. A parent educator will be available to discuss any parenting concerns or answer questions during the time when your child and you are playing together from 9:00 to 10:15 each week.

For Families with Children Birth to Age 5 Non-Separating Class (child and caregiver together for entire class)

This is the perfect class to come experience fun learning activities with other parents and children. Parents and children will enjoy a variety of creative learning activities and a circle time of songs and movement. Activities will include creative art, science, movement, reading, sensory play and more! An early childhood educator will be available to help you guide your children’s activities. A parent educator will be available to discuss any parenting concerns or answer questions during the time when you and your child are playing together. Parents and children do not separate for this class. 6 Classes—$12—COURSE NO. 6414 $6 each additional child—COURSE NO. 6414A Fridays, January 20—February 24 9:00—10:15 a.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

For Families with Children Birth to Grade 3

Your child and you will have a lot of fun with this body tracing activity. Working together as a team you will create a life size image of your child/ren that can be as detailed as you desire. Adding collage elements will help bring the portraits alive. 1 Class—$5 per family—COURSE NO. 6422 Tuesday, March 21 6:00—7:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Tuesday, February 14 (Special Valentine Supper) $8 per family—COURSE NO. 6417 5:00—6:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Make family time together a priority! Feel free to drop in to meet new friends while having fun exploring games, art projects, toys, stories, and music with other families. New activities each week including painting, bubbles, riding toys, science experiments, sensory activities, circle time and more! No registration, no fee—come when you can!

Drop in and Play

I’m Some “BODY”

It’s kids cooking night! Come spend an evenings cooking supper together with your children. There will be an opportunity to measure, mix, stir, and bake to make food to share family style. Join us for fun, food, and fellowship! The entire family is welcome to attend!

Sensory Sensations

Every Thursday Evening January 26—April 6 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

1 Class—$5 per family—COURSE NO. 6420 Tuesday, February 28 6:00—7:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

For Families with Children Birth to Age 5

ECFE Family Playtimes!

For Families with Children Birth to Age 5 Non-Separating Class (child and caregiver together for entire class)

For Families with Children Birth to Age 5

For Families with Children Birth to Age 5 Non-separating Class (child and caregiver together for entire class)

3 Sessions—$2 per family per session MAES ECFE Room A113—Pod C

Wednesdays, January 25 and February 1 COURSE NO. 6418A Wednesdays, February 22 and March 1 COURSE NO. 6418B Wednesdays, March 29 and April 5 COURSE NO. 6418C

Friday Morning Fun

For Families with Children Birth to Age 5 Separating Class (child and caregiver separate for half of the class period)

Come join us Friday mornings in spring. First, you can engage with your child in age appropriate activities that encourage their overall development. Expect singing, dancing, art, and more in this exciting way to end your week! Then, parents will have the chance to share information and support in parent discussions on topics of their choosing. 4 Classes—$8—COURSE NO. 6419 $4 each additional child—COURSE NO. 6419A Fridays, March 17—April 7 9:00—10:30 a.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Labor Delivery and Beyond

Expecting a baby? This class will provide information about stages of labor, labor techniques, comfort measures, fetal development, child development, parenting and more. Call Diane Strobel at 320-585-2237 for more information and information about registration.

Classes Offered in 2017:

4 Classes—$35—COURSE NO. 6421A Mondays, January 16—February 6 6:30—8:30 p.m.

4 Classes—$35—COURSE NO. 6421B Mondays, May 1— May 22 6:30—8:30 p.m.

4 Classes—$35—COURSE NO. 6421C Mondays, September 11—October 2nd 6:30—8:30 p.m.


Explore S’more Classes For ages 3, 4, and 5 + Potty Trained

Think , Explore, Express Provocations!

Super Sensory Sensations


What is a Provocation? Put simply, Messy is a child’s definition of fun. Add the STEM is an acronym for science, provocations provoke! It is items or opportunity to explore the vast world of technology, engineering, and math. experiences that encourage thoughts, sensory activities and children will be Children love to experiment, combine new discussions, questions, interests, creativity thrilled. Join the class and let your child substances, build, knock down, collect, and ideas. They expand on a thought, learn through sensory exploration with sort, and have fun while learning. Young project, idea and interest. The intention of none of the mess to clean-up yourself! children are avid STEM investigators, provocations is to provide an invitation for In this class, children will be encouraged eager to explore and invent. a child to explore and express themselves. to think outside the box to blend, combine, The possibilities for STEM activities are It is open-ended and provide a means and mix it up in order to create all kinds of endless . Let their inner exploration, for child expression . Provocations is sensory enjoyment. critical thinking skills, and creativity come child lead creativity and fun! alive in STEM. 4 Classes—$30—COURSE NO. 4316 6 Classes—$35—COURSE NO. 4314 4 Classes—$25—COURSE NO. 4318 Mondays, March 6 —March 27 Mondays, January 9—February 27 Mondays, April 3—May 1 12:00—3:00 p.m. No class January 23 & February 20 No class April 17 MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A 12:00—3:00 p.m. 12:00—3:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod

Eating Up Science

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Pathway To Creativity & Imagination

Wonderful Wheels

In this class, students will participate in activities that teach important science skills in exciting, and tasty ways. Edible science activities will emphasize each of the six basic science process skills: observing, classifying, communicating, measuring, inferring, and predicting. Students will make discoveries and can often eat their work after the activity is complete!

Across the ages, parents can confirm that when toys are purchased, children often prefer the boxes they came in to the toy inside. Boxes can be turned into rocket ships, submarines, houses, cars, etc. with the help of a few markers and a child’s creativity and imagination. In this class, the boxes will be the main ingredient for afternoons of planning, exploration, and implementation of projects with boxes, boxes, and more boxes for fun, fun, fun!

Round and round the wheels go allowing children to let the good times roll! In this class, students get an early exposure to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) with ramps, cars, speed, and distance as well as enjoy some “wheely” fun projects and activities. In addition, a special field trip will allow students to explore some big wheel fun.

6 Classes—$35—COURSE NO. 4315 Fridays, January 20—February 24 12:00—3:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

4 Classes—$25—COURSE NO. 4317 Fridays, March 17—April 7 12:00—3:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

More time per class

Reduced cost

4 Classes—$25—COURSE NO. 4319 Fridays, April 21—May 12 12:00—3:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Join the fun today!


Winter 2017 ECFE Classes Monday


Think , Explore, Express Provocations! 6 Classes—$35 COURSE NO. 4314

Drive in Movie Show 1 Class—$5 per family COURSE NO. 6415

Marvelous Mixed Age Class 7 Classes—$14—COURSE NO. 6411 $7 each additional child COURSE NO. 6411A

Kids In The Kitchen 1Class—$8 per family COURSE NO. 6417

Mondays, January 9—February 8 No class January 23 or February 27 12:00—3:00 p.m.

Mondays, January 30 —March 20 No class February 20 9:00—10:30 a.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A Trikes, Bikes, and Wheels 1 Class—$5 COURSE NO. 6416 Mondays, February 6 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Tuesday, January 31 6:00—7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, February 14 5:00—6:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A



Sensory Sensations 2 Classes —$2 per family COURSE NO. 6418A

Wednesdays February 22 & March 1 9:00 — 10:15 a.m.

Drop in and Play 6 Classes—$12 COURSE NO. 6414 $6 each additional child COURSE NO. 6414A

Thursday Night Classes

Wednesdays January 25 & February 1 9:00 — 10:15 a.m.

Sensory Sensations 2 Classes —$2 per family COURSE NO. 6418B


Fridays, January 20—February 24 9:00—10:15 a.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A ECFE Family Playtimes Every Thursday Evening

January 26—April 6 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Eating Up Science 6 Classes—$35 COURSE NO. 4315

Fridays, January 20 —February 24 12:00—3:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Obstacle Course 1 Class—$5 per family COURSE NO. 6420

Friday Night Classes

Tuesday, February 28 6:00—7:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Family Fun Night “Sweetheart Dance”

Tuesday Night Classes

February 10 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES Gym

Spring 2017 ECFE Classes Monday Marvelous Mixed Age Class 6 Classes—$12 COURSE NO. 6412 $6 each additional child COURSE NO. 6412A


Tuesday Night Classes

Mondays, March 27 —May 8 9:00—10:30 a.m. No class April 17 MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A Super Sensory Sensations 4 Classes—$25 COURSE NO. 4316

Mondays, March 6 —March 27 12:00—3:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

STEM 4 Classes—$25 COURSE NO. 4318

Mondays, April 3—May 1 12:00—3:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A Parenting Book Study Dr. David Walsh’s “NO” Book 4 Classes—$8 COURSE NO. 6413 $4 each additional child COURSE NO. 6413A Mondays, March 6—27 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Family Fun Night “Movie Night” March 10 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES Gym



Sensory Sensations 2 Classes —$2 per family COURSE NO. 6418C Wednesdays March 29 & April 5 9:00 — 10:15 a.m.


Thursday Night Classes

ECFE Family Playtimes Every Thursday Evening

January 26—April 6 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

I’m Some “BODY” 1 Class—$5 per family Birth to 3rd Grade COURSE NO. 6422

Friday Morning Fun 4 Classes—$8 $4 each additional child COURSE NO. 6419

Fridays, March 17—April 7 9:00—10:30 a.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A Boxes, Boxes, Boxes: Pathway To Creativity & Imagination 4 Classes—$25 COURSE NO. 4317

Fridays, March 17—April 7 12:00—3:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A Wonderful Wheels 4 Classes—$25 COURSE NO. 4319

Fridays, April 21—May 12 12:00—3:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A

Tuesday, March 21 6:00—7:00 p.m. MAES ECFE Rooms—Pod A


Weekdays with 2 hour notice

$1.25 Weekdays without notice


Evenings & Weekends

$2.50 Group rates starting at $10.00

HOURS Monday—Friday 6:00 a.m.—10:00 p.m. Saturday, 12:00 p.m.—4:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:00 a.m.—12:30 p.m.


Stevens County Early Childhood Initiative

Family Fun Nights For Families with Children Birth to Grade 6

Sweetheart Dance

Bring your favorite sweethearts—the more the merrier—to dance, bop and groove the night away. No cost to attend, refreshments will be served.

Friday, February 10 6:00—7:30 p.m. Morris Area Elementary Gym

Movie Night

Bring your blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, etc. to make yourself comfortable on the gym floor to watch a movie together. No cost to attend, popcorn and water will be served, and puffcorn for the little ones! The movie title will be selected closer to the date—be looking for more information!

Kindergarten Registration Day Friday, March 3

If your child is eligible for Kindergarten in 2017, mark your calendar for Kindergarten Registration Day at Morris Area Elementary School!

You will discover more about the kindergarten curriculum, school programs available for your child, the ins and outs of school life, meet staff, have questions answered, and your child will have the chance to explore a kindergarten classroom.

Information packets will arrive sometime mid February. If you are new to the school district or have recently changed your address, please contact Diane Strobel at 320-585-2237 or e-mail her at with updates to assure you receive the necessary information!

Tuesday, March 7 6:00—7:30 p.m. Morris Area Elementary Gym

Pizza Ranch Community Impact Night

Morris Area Community Education and Morris Area Pre-K invite you to their Pizza Ranch Community Impact Fundraisers! During these hours, Morris Area Community Education, and Morris Area Pre-K programs will receive a percentage of all sales—dine in, take out, or delivery. Pizza Ranch will also donate 100 percent of all tips (except those on deliveries). Tips need to be cash or check only. MACE and Pre-K staff will be there to greet you, clear tables, and visit!

Morris Area Community Education Monday, March 13 5:00—8:00 p.m.

Morris Area Pre-K + ECFE Monday, April 10 5:00—8:00 p.m.

Look What I Can Do!

Free Developmental Screening Ages 0—2 years, 11 months


Tuesday, January 17 3:30—7:00 p.m.


Morris Area Elementary School, ECFE/SR Pod

WHAT WILL MY CHILD BE SCREENED FOR  Personal & Social Skills  Large/Small Muscle Skills  Vision & Hearing  Self-help Skills  Speech/Language Skills  Immunization


Registration is required, and can be done by calling Diane Strobel at 320-585-2237. Deadline for registrations is Friday, January 13. Each appointment will take approximately one hour. SPONSORED BY: Morris ECFE/SR, Morris Area Childcare Center, Horizon Public Health, and Head Start

Our pre-kindergarten program is Parent Aware approved with a four star rating!

Pathway II Recipient Enhanced programs with a Spanish Language and Cultural Specialist  Expanded Explore S’more classes with time added + reduced class fee

Early Childhood Screening Parents of 3 to 4 year old children

Has Your Child Been Screened? Early Childhood Screening is a quick and simple check of how children are developing between the ages of 3 to 4 years. It identifies, at an early stage, possible learning or health concerns so that children can get the help they need before starting school. Early Childhood Screening is not an IQ test or a Kindergarten entrance exam. Morris Area PreKindergarten classes require that screening be done within 90 days of program entry and it is required by state law for children before they can begin in Kindergarten. Early Childhood Screening only needs to be completed once. Screening is a free review of your child’s vision, hearing, height, weight, overall development, and immunization records. For the Morris Area Schools, children are screened at Horizon Public Health by a nurse. Watch for an information packet in the mail shortly after your child turns three-and-a-half years of age. If you do not receive a packet, call the Public Health office at 320-208-6672 to set up the day and time for your child’s screening. For more information contact Diane Strobel at 320-585-2237 or or Horizon Public Health at 320-208-6672.

Register for the School Census

You matter to us! The school census is a list of students from birth to school age. It is used to inform parents about opportunities that their child needs to be ready to enter school when they turn five years of age. Notifications for events and programs such as early childhood screening, prekindergarten opportunities, special events, family nights, kindergarten registration, etc. will be mailed to families based on the census data. If you have just had a new baby, recently moved into the school district, have recently changed your address, or want to make sure your children are on the birth to 5 census, please contact Diane Strobel by calling 320-585-2237 or e-mail her at

11th Annual Early Childhood Professionals Conference

Look for more information & registration material soon! There will be 6 training hours for those attending the full day of training. Parent Aware quality workshops.

Saturday, March 11 Morris Area Elementary School 8:00 a.m.—3:30 p.m.

Child Care Provider/Child Classes Monday, May 22 9:15—10:45 a.m.

Space is limited, so register early. Call Diane Strobel to register, 320-585-2237. Class is free, but you must provide transportation to and from class. A 1 hour Training Certificate will be given to providers attending.

Zone After School Program

Extended Zone

Zone is an after school program that runs Monday through Friday, 3:00—5:00 p.m. during the school year. We offer healthy snacks, wellness activities, and homework time with college tutors every day. The Zone program is operated in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Morris TREC program.

March 8—COURSE NO. 1498A—$6 OR 2 Zone Punches April 12—COURSE NO. 1498B—$6 OR 2 Zone Punches

Michele Hickman, Coordinator Grades K—6

The primary purpose of the Zone program is to provide a safe and fun learning environment for students after school. With guidance from the Zone coordinator, classroom teachers, and parents, the Zone staff provide a structured environment where students are able to work on targeted concepts with the opportunity to complete their homework, but also explore other recreation and enrichment activities and interests. All activities provided will be age/skill level appropriate. There is a charge of $3.00 a day to attend. Limited partial scholarships are available. Zone Punches may be purchased in increments of $3.00, or in the following packages: 5 Punches for $15.00


10 Punches for $30.00


On early dismissal days, come join us at Zone from 12:30—5:00 p.m. Zone and non-Zone students are welcome to attend. Pre-registration with MACE or notification to Michele is required.

Just a Note ...

As of May 8, our UMM tutors are officially on summer break. However, Zone will continue! For the last month of school, Zone will be a little less structured with fewer staff members, but will still include time to have a snack, finish homework, and enjoy the outdoors, fully supervised. Zone accounts and punches will be used as usual.

50 Punches for $150.00

Daily Schedule

Important Zone Dates

3:00 p.m. Healthy Snack (Cafeteria) 3:30 p.m. Wellness Activity 3:45 p.m. Homework Time (Pods) 4:45 p.m. Free Time (Cafeteria) 5:00 p.m. Pick Up

December 9—Last day of Winter Zone January 17—Zone Resumes January 30—No Zone (Teacher Workday) February 20—No Zone (President’s Day) March 8—Extended Zone, 12:30—5:00 p.m. March 9—10—No Zone (No School) March 13—17—No Zone (UMM Spring Break) April 12—Extended Zone, 12:30—5:00 p.m. April 14—No Zone (Good Friday) April 17—No Zone (No School) May 5—Last day of Zone with full Staff May 29—No Zone (Memorial Day) June 1—Last Day of Zone

You must be pre-registered and have money on your Zone account before your child can start attending. Registration forms are available online or at the Morris Area Community Education office. All necessary forms must be turned in before your child’s first day. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michele Hickman at 320-585-2231 or

Study Lounge Program Grades 7—12

Study Lounge is an after school program where students will have time to complete assignments, study, and receive homework help from college tutors each day. Study Lounge meets in the Morris Area Elementary School in the Morris Area Community Education Conference Room (A100B). Please sign up in the high school office or with MACE before noon if you plan on attending. There is a charge of $3 per day for attendance.

Summer Sizzle

Michele Hickman, Coordinator Grades K—6 Completed

Don’t let your children’s education fizzle when summer starts to sizzle! Explore a summer of hands on interactive fun with recreation and enrichment topics that feature active participation and imagination. Summer Sizzle combines approximately three hours of academic enrichment a day, introducing the fascinating worlds of reading and literacy, technology, math, and science in a format that focuses on fun. The rest of the day is spent playing sports or games, swimming, creative enrichment, and exploring the many facets of the Morris community, resulting in a great, well rounded experience. Morris Area Community Education, the Regional Fitness Center, and Sodexo are looking forward to our third, fantastic summer with a great group of students! Be looking for more information this spring to register!

Camp Alpha 2017 Sunday, June 18—21 Kevin Pope, Camp Director Grades 4—8 Completed

Camp Alpha’s goal is to provide meaningful, hands-on experiences in the space sciences and to foster the natural curiosity and interest that children have in space exploration. Be watching for more information this spring!

Scholarship Opportunities In partnership with The Klick Foundation of Glenwood, Minnesota, Camp Alpha is pleased to have two fantastic scholarship opportunities for youth participating in the Camp Alpha program: Camp Alpha Scholarships, and University Scholarships.

Camp Alpha Scholarships This is a need based scholarship to attend Camp Alpha. Fill out the scholarship form on our website and let the Klick Foundation consider helping offset the costs of camp attendance. University Scholarships All Camp Alpha participants are eligible to receive university scholarship funding through the Klick Foundation, in partnership with the University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering. The Klick Foundation scholarship recipients are eligible to receive up to $28,000 over the course of four years, plus laptop assistance and internship opportunities. Graduate study scholarships are also available for eligible applicants. For more information or to apply, please visit

Kevin Pope Kevin has been teaching at Morris Area High School for 8 years now. He started working at MAHS following his graduation from the University of Minnesota, Morris in 2009. He currently teaches 7th Grade Life Science and Physics. Kevin was also Morris Area School’s 2013 Teacher of the Year!

“I attended my first Camp Alpha last summer, and loved it. I look forward to another great year, and a great group of campers!”



Bricks 4 Kidz

Kathy Lahr, Bricks 4 Kidz Grades K—6

Let’s Lego Erik Zinke Grades K—6

Cars, boats, houses, and more! You can build it all while using our extravagant Legos Express collection. Each class is a fun, creative experience, building new projects each session. Sign up for one, or sign up for all! Monday, March 13—$5—COURSE NO. 1466A Tuesday, March 14—$5—COURSE NO. 1466B Wednesday, March 15—$5—COURSE NO. 1466C Thursday, March 16—$5—COURSE NO. 1466D Friday, March 17—$5—COURSE NO. 1466E


Wren House Workshop

Friends of the Wetlands Grades K—6

Do you want to do something that’s good for your neighborhood wrens and fun for you? Early spring is the perfect time to install a birdhouse! You will build your very own wren birdhouse to hang in your backyard or favorite tree! Each student must have an accompanying adult. SOPHIA

Late Start Wednesdays Michele Hickman Grades K—6

On 2 hour late start days, students are invited to hang out before school starts. Activities include going outside, gym time, games, and homework opportunities. Breakfast is available to charge to their lunch account. Pre-register with Michele or at the MACE office.

8:00—10:00 a.m. MAES Elementary Cafeteria January 11—COURSE NO. 1499E—$5 February 8—COURSE NO. 1499F—$5 May 10—COURSE NO. 1499G—$5

Entre Nous Teaches You

UMM French Students + UMM Professor Berberi, Coordinator Grades 2—6

This new program introduces French language and culture over 8 sessions. Through craft projects, games, songs, and fun, students will learn how to talk about colors, numbers, school, family, friends, and the world around them. 8 Sessions—$30 ($25 if registered before January 31) Tuesdays/Thursdays, February 7—March 2 3:45—4:45 p.m. MAES Room A113, Pod C COURSE NO. 2601

Guitar Lessons Zach Lies Grades 3+

Interested in learning to play the guitar, acoustic or electric? Zach has been playing and teaching guitar for over 20 years. Lessons for all levels, beginner to advanced, acoustic or electric. Please register by calling Morris Area Community Education at 320-589-4394. You will be contacted to set up specific lesson dates and times. Lessons can be scheduled Monday through Thursday between 3:30 and 6:00 p.m. 3 Sessions—$63 30 Minute Individual Lessons Band Practice Rooms COURSE NO. 1425

3 Sessions—$40 ($35 if registered before January 3) Tuesdays, January 10—24 3:30—4:30 p.m. MAES Room A113, Pod C

Grades K-3—COURSE NO. 1468 Grades 4-6—COURSE NO. 1469

All Sessions—$21—COURSE NO. 1466F 3:30—4:30 p.m. MAES Cafeteria


Many children dream of being an astronaut and traveling to space, so Bricks 4 Kidz created an entire unit around space! Each week, students will learn about real-life space exploration and build a new model related to the NASA space program. Models include a satellite, a lunar module, a centrifuge which astronauts use to prepare for the physical sensations of launch, a treadmill which astronauts use to stay fit in space, and a “space robot”. During this unit, students will learn some of the science behind launching things into orbit, will hear about the most-distant man-made object in the universe, and discuss what it is like to be an astronaut in space. Are you a budding astronaut? An adventurer who loves space exploration? Then you’ll love our Space theme projects. We’ll be building NASA astronaut training equipment, a space robot and more in this exciting session. Let Bricks 4 Kidz launch your imagination to outerspace and beyond! Class space is limited.

1 Session—$13 ($9 if registered before April 1) Saturday, April 8 , 10:00—11:30 a.m. West Central Research and Outreach Center COURSE NO. 2022

Morris Public Library Movie Matinees

The Morris Public Library will host two Movie Matinees on non-school days. There is no cost to attend and no pre-registration is required. Popcorn and drinks will be provided. You may call the library for specific movie titles. Movie Matinees are sponsored by the Morris Friends of the Library. This event will be cancelled if school is rescheduled for these days. For more information call 320-589-1634 or check out our website at Monday, January 30—2:00 p.m. Thursday, March 9—2:00 p.m.

Story Time at the Morris Public Library

Join friends, family, and community members for story time every Thursday morning at the Morris Public Library at 10:30 a.m.

Online Firearm Safety Class

Start now! You can complete your online course at any time. Go to the DNR website ( education/safety tab and follow the link to You must have completed the online course and printed your voucher before attending the exam/ class and field day. Both of these will be held in late April—be watching for specific dates. These classes are offered only once per calendar year in Stevens County. You must be 11 years old to attend the class. Receiving this safety certification meets your requirement for obtaining a hunting license. Kids 11 and under can participate in hunting with a parent but may need to have a license. See the DNR website for details.

Personal Watercraft Operator Age Restrictions Personal watercraft (PWC) are sometimes known as Jet Skis, Wave Runners or Sea Doos. Personal watercraft is defined by law as a motorboat that is powered by an inboard motor powering a water jet pump, or by an outboard or propeller-driven motor designed to be operated by a person(s) sitting, standing, or kneeling on the craft, rather than in the conventional manner of sitting or standing inside a motorboat.

Less than 13 Years Old

May not operate, even with an adult on board

13 Years Old

Must either have someone at least 21 on board OR a watercraft operator’s permit and can be in continuous visual observation by someone at least 21.

14—17 Years Old

Must either have a watercraft operator’s permit OR someone at least 21 on board.


Little Shooters

Tae Kwon Do

Tim Bormann, Allen Monroe, Steve Just Age 6 through Adults

Preschool Team

Parent/Child Program Ages 4 and 5 (Kindergarten Eligible Fall 2017)

This program will teach preschoolers basic motor skills necessary to play organized basketball while working one on one and spending quality time with their parents. The program is designed to be informative and fun so children and parents will have a positive sports experience and continue participating in sports beyond this introductory level. 6 Sessions—$30 ($25 if registered before January 11) Wednesdays, January 18—February 22 5:45—6:45 p.m. MAES Gym COURSE NO. 1670

Tae Kwon Do is the ancient art of hand and foot fighting in Korea. Through these classes, students will learn the basic stances, kicks and blocks of Tae Kwon Do. We are offering a 50% discount for the third family member enrolled.

Winter Session

Cougar Volleyball Camp UMM Volleyball Team Grades K—6

This camp is designed for the player who is interested in learning more about the game of volleyball. The camp will focus on fundamentals such as passing, setting, attaching, digging, serving, and game strategies.

Grades K—3 Kindergarten Team

Join other Kindergarteners in learning more about basketball shooting, dribbling, and passing! You will have the opportunity to play games, have fun, and improve your basketball skills. 6 Sessions—$30 ($25 if registered before January 11) Wednesdays, January 18—February 22 5:45—6:45 p.m. MAES Gym COURSE NO. 1671

4 Sessions—$30 ($25 if registered before April 11) April 18—21, 3:30—5:00 p.m. MAES Gym COURSE NO. 1680A

9 Weeks—$59—COURSE NO. 1410 Mondays, January 9—March 13 No class February 20 7:00—8:00 p.m. MAHS Practice Gym

Spring Session

9 Weeks—$59—COURSE NO. 1411 Mondays, March 20—May 22 No class April 17 7:00—8:00 p.m. MAHS Practice Gym

Grades 4—6

4 Sessions—$30 ($25 if registered before March 27) April 3—6, 3:30—5:00 p.m. MAES Gym COURSE NO. 1680B

Flag Football

Head Coach Kevin Pope & Tiger Football Team Grades 2—6

Players will learn the fundamentals of football; concentrating on throwing, catching, offensive and defensive concepts and teamwork. 4 Sessions—Tuesdays and Thursdays April 25, 27, May 2, 4 3:20—4:30 p.m. North Side of MAES

Elementary Gymnastics MACA Coaching Staff Grades K—6

Anyone new signing up, please sign up for Rollers. On the first day of class, the coach will determine a level that is best for your child. Below are the level descriptions and times. 8 Sessions—$34 ($29 if registered before February 6) February 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24 MAHS Practice Gym

Rollers—COURSE NO. 1600A

This level is for the beginner who has little or no experience. Students will learn basic floor and beam skills and will also have the chance to use the springboard. They will be learning cartwheels, backbends and touch on round offs and walkovers.

3:45—4:35 p.m.

Tumblers—COURSE NO. 1600B

This level is designed for those who have had previous experience in gymnastics and who are ready to perfect old skills and learn new ones. Gymnasts have mastered the cartwheel. Students will have a chance to use the vault, as well as the floor and beam apparatus. They will perfect their round offs and work on back walkovers with light spot and begin back handsprings.

4:45—5:35 p.m.

Have a Jersey—$30 ($25 if registered before April 18) COURSE NO. 1645 Need a Jersey—$44 ($39 if registered before April 18) COURSE NO. 1645A

Pre-Team Gymnastics

Cougar Cheerleading

These pre-team classes are aimed at providing the progressing gymnast more challenging skills. Focus lies in the continual improvement of skill achievement such as true vaulting with the table, a kip on bars, and both front and back handsprings on floor. Putting skills into sequences also becomes a new objective for the athlete.

Join the 2016-2017 Cougar Cheerleaders for a fun day filled with a variety of jumps and kicks mixed in with a short dance which will be performed during half time of Cougar basketball game! Once cheer/dance is mastered, you will perform for the game, on the court. You will receive a set of poms, a bow, and free admission to the Cougar game!

MACA Coaching Staff Grades 2—6

Aerials—COURSE NO. 1653A 8 Sessions—$50 ($45 if registered before February 6) February 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24 5:45—7:00 p.m. MAHS Practice Gym

Twisters—COURSE NO. 1653B 8 Sessions—$59 December 8, 15, 22, 27, 29, January 3, 9, 12 5:00—6:30 p.m. MAHS Practice Gym

UMM Cheer Team Grades K—6

1 Session—$34 ($29 if registered before January 13) Saturday, January 21, 12:30—3:30 p.m. UMM PE Center—Multipurpose Room Meet in the RFC Lobby COURSE NO. 1698 Performance: January 30, Cougar Basketball Game. Tip off is at 5:00 p.m. Please meet the Cougar Cheerleaders in the lobby of the RFC at 5:00 p.m. so those enrolled can sit with the cheerleaders and watch the first half together before performing.

Tiger Gymnastics Winter Camp Clinics Grades K—6

Tiny Tumblers

Join the MACA Tiger gymnasts and coaches to work on and advance your gymnastics skills at our Saturday clinics. A snack will be provided each session.

This class is designed to introduce basic gymnastics skills, gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, balance, and creative movement. We will jump, run, roll, and bounce! Come play in a stress free class with a high dosage of fun and energy.

Saturdays, January 7, 21, 28, February 4 9:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m. MAHS Practice Gym

Michele Hickman Ages 3, 4, and 5 A Parent/Child Class

6 Sessions—$35 ($30 if registered before January 10) Tuesdays, January 17—February 21 6:30—7:15 p.m. MAHS Practice Gym COURSE NO. 1693

4 Clinic Dates


Payable at the door to MACA Gymnastics in fundraising efforts for their program. Please register with Mr. Oberg at 320-287-0157 or


Spring Softball Series

Fastpitch Softball Pitching Series

Tiger Hitting

The focus of this series will be on mechanics and fundamentals of windmill pitching. Mackenzie Weatherly is a former MAHS and University of Minnesota, Morris standout pitcher. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend with their child as well as elementary softball coaches before the elementary softball season begins. Rules, technique, and proper form will be covered, along with answering your questions.

The Morris Area Chokio Alberta softball coaching staff has created a fantastic opportunity for girls interested in pitching, catching, and hitting. They will be hosting a 3 series clinic for girls in grades three to six to prepare them for summer elementary softball and beyond. Morris Area Chokio Alberta Softball is proud to announce the return of the Tiger Fastpitch Hitting Clinic. The basics of proper hitting mechanics will be taught to make them a more advanced and well rounded hitter. 1 Session—$9—COURSE NO. 1613 Friday, March 17 3:30—4:30 p.m. MAHS Main Gym

Catchers will learn about receiving, blocking, throwing, fielding, and calling pitches. Pitchers will receive individual attention to help them progress from where they are to the next step. 1 Session—$9—COURSE NO. 1614 Friday, March 17 4:30—5:30 p.m. MAHS Main Gym

Do you want a double dose of softball? Join the coaching staff for both clinics! 2 Sessions—$15—COURSE NO. 1618 Friday, March 17 3:30—5:30 p.m. MAHS Main Gym

Pitching, Pitching & More Pitching

Pitchers will receive individual attention to help them progress from where they are, to the next step in pitching. Perfect your pitching before spring softball rolls around! 1 Session—$14 ($9 if registered before January 31) Monday, February 6

Morris Area Community Education and Andes Tower Hills have created an awesome winter opportunity for students and families – a $45 ski package! Morris Area Community Education will be taking a bus to Andes Tower Hills on the first and third Thursdays during the months of December, January, and February (depending on numbers) to ski. This Thursday night ski pass includes the equipment rental and lift ticket all winter long, and will also work on other Thursdays during the winter season (12 dates). You may ride the bus for all 6 Thursdays, each trip individually, or in any combination you’d like. Helmets are available to rent for $4. The bus will load and depart from the north side of the MAES parking lot at 3:30 p.m. and return at approximately 9:00 p.m. You must register for the bus separately from the pass. Thursday Night Ski Pass—$45—COURSE NO. 1695

Pass is good for December 8, 15, 22, January 5, 12, January 19, 26, February 2, 9, February 16, 23, and March 2.

Bus Fee for December 15—$7—COURSE NO. 1696A Bus Fee for January 5—$7—COURSE NO. 1696B Bus Fee for January 19—$7—COURSE NO. 1696C Bus Fee for February 2—$7—COURSE NO. 1696D Bus Fee for February 16—$7—COURSE NO. 1696E Bus Fee for February 23—$7—COURSE NO. 1696F

Grades 5/6—COURSE NO. 1628 4:15—5:00 p.m. MAHS Main Gym

Zumba Zumba Deb Economou, RFC Instructor

Physical Education Favorites Physical Mackenzie and Education Lanna Stahman Favorites

Deb Economou, RFC Instructor Grades 3—6 Grades 3—6 Join the Party! Zumba Fitness is the Latin-inspired, Join the Party! Zumba Fitnessparty is the™.Latin-inspired, easy to follow, dance-fitness Feel the music easy to follow, dance-fitness party ™. Feel the music and let loose with kid-friendly routines based on and let loose with kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. It’s all about feeling original Zumba choreography. It’s all about feeling fearless on the dance floor while strengthening fearless on the danceheart floorhealth, while strengthening muscles, improving and stimulating muscles, the brain!improving heart health, and stimulating the brain!

Mackenzie and Lanna Stahman Grades K—4 Grades 2—4 During the winter months it’s often hard to find During the months often hard to find an outlet forwinter energy. MAESit’s Physical Education an outlet for energy. MAES Physical Education teacher Lanna Stahman and her daughter, teacher Lanna Stahman her to daughter, Mackenzie, have createdand a class get your child Mackenzie, created class to get your (ren) up off have the couch anda on their feet! Joinchild (ren) up off the couch and on their feet! Join them for three sessions of physical fun exploring them for three sessions of physical fun exploring and participating in some of the most popular and participating some of the most popular physical educationinfavorites! physical education favorites!

5 Sessions—$30 5 Sessions—$30 ($25 if registered before January 9) ($25 if registered before January 9) Mondays/Wednesdays, January 16—February 1 Mondays/Wednesdays, January 16—February 1 No class on January 30 No class on January 30 3:30—4:30 p.m. MAHS Cafeteria 3:30—4:30 p.m. MAHS Cafeteria COURSE NO. 1682 COURSE NO. 1682

3 Sessions—$14 ($9 if registered before January 31) 3 Sessions—$14 ($9 if registered before January 31) February 6, 13, 27 February 6, 13, 27 6:15—7:15 p.m. MAES Gym North Court 6:15—7:15 p.m. MAES Gym North Court COURSE NO. 1650 COURSE NO. 1650


GRADES GRADES 4—6 4—6 Join Join us us to to learn learn how how to to build build and and program program robots robots using using Lego Lego Mindstorm Mindstorm NXT NXT Robotics Robotics kits kits and and complete team challenges include mazes, obstacles, and more. The series includes some Lego complete team challenges include mazes, obstacles, and more. The series includes some Lego building, and using using computer computer programming. programming. building, but but most most of of the the time time will will be be spent spent learning learning about about and 44 Sessions—$10—February Sessions—$10—February 27, 27, 28, 28, March March 1, 1, 2, 2, 33 3:30—5:00 Center, Morris Morris 3:30—5:00 p.m. p.m. West West Central Central Research Research and and Outreach Outreach Center, GRADES 2—4 Build LEGO models, and program them using engineering computer technology! This fun program encourages youth to stretch their minds and explore hands-on problem solving. Snack will be provided. Open to youth in grades 2-4. 4 Sessions—$10—March 7, 8, 14, 15 3:30—5:00 p.m. West Central Research and Outreach Center, Morris Sign up by emailing or calling 320-208-6575 by February 15. Space is limited.


Thursday Nights at Andes Tower Hills

All participants must also complete the Andes Tower Hills waiver form.

Grades 3/4—COURSE NO. 1627 3:30—4:14 p.m. MAHS Gym


Be watching for registration information for Morris Area Little League around April 1. The Little League draft will take place near the end of April, with practices to start early May, weather permitting. If you have questions, please contact Rob Jergenson at Grades K—8 and Adult Chaperones

Tiger Clinic Combo


4 Sessions—$23 ($19 if registered before April 25) Tuesday/Thursday, May 2, 4, 9, 11 5:30—6:30 p.m. HS Softball Fields COURSE NO. 1612

Morris Area Little League

Tiger Pitching and Catching

Specialized Apparel Printing

Mackenzie Weatherly Grades 3—6

Sheldon & Kim Giese

(320) 589-1642 (320) 589-3338

411 Atlantic Atlantic Avenue Avenue 411 Morris, MN MN 56267 56267 Morris,

Cougar Cougar Day Day of of Play Play Girls Girls and and Boys Boys Grades Grades 1—6 1—6

Lee Community Center Open Lee Community Center Open Skate Schedule Skate Schedule Monday, 1/2 Monday, 1/2 Wednesday, 1/4 Wednesday, 1/4 Sunday, 1/8 Sunday, 1/8

1:00—3:00 p.m. 1:00—3:00 p.m. 7:00—8:30 p.m. 7:00—8:30 p.m. 6:30—8:00 p.m. 6:30—8:00 p.m.

Sunday, 1/15 Sunday, 1/15

6:30—8:00 p.m. 6:30—8:00 p.m.

Wednesday, 1/11 Wednesday, 1/11 Wednesday, 1/18 Wednesday, 1/18 Sunday, 1/22 Sunday, 1/22

Wednesday, 1/25 Wednesday, 1/25 Sunday, Sunday, 1/29 1/29

Monday, Monday, 1/30 1/30

Wednesday, Wednesday, 2/1 2/1

Sunday, The Sunday, 2/5 2/5 The Cougar Cougar Day Day of of Play Play is is an an exciting exciting opportunity opportunity for youth in the Morris area to get out and play! for youth in the Morris area to get out and play! Wednesday, Wednesday, 2/8 2/8 This This day day will will engage engage participants participants in in a a variety variety of of sport sport and and physical physical activities, activities, seeking seeking to to raise raise Sunday, Sunday, 2/12 2/12 awareness awareness involving involving issues issues of of inactivity inactivity and and health health risks among youth. Space is limited! Please Wednesday, 2/15 register at Morris Area Community Education. Questions? Please contact: Sunday, 2/19 Saturday, April 15—No Cost 12:30—4:30 p.m. UMM P.E. Center COURSE NO. 1699

Wednesday, 2/22 Sunday, 2/26

7:00—8:30 p.m. 7:00—8:30 p.m. 7:00—8:30 p.m. 7:00—8:30 p.m. 6:30—8:00 p.m. 6:30—8:00 p.m. 7:00—8:30 p.m. 7:00—8:30 p.m. 6:30—8:00 6:30—8:00 p.m. p.m.

1:00—3:00 1:00—3:00 p.m. p.m.

7:00—8:30 7:00—8:30 p.m. p.m. 6:30—8:00 6:30—8:00 p.m. p.m.

7:00—8:30 7:00—8:30 p.m. p.m. 6:30—8:00 6:30—8:00 p.m. p.m. 7:00—8:30 p.m. 6:30—8:00 p.m. 7:00—8:30 p.m. 6:30—8:00 p.m.

Women’s Volleyball League

High school students (grades 10-12) who are not participating on a varsity team are allowed to play in this league. Maximum of 2 students on any given team. Wednesday Evenings, matches at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 p.m. Regular League Play: January 18—March 22 League Tourney Dates: March 29, April 5, 12 No games on March 1 Competitive Division A formal, follow the rules setting. $135—COURSE NO. 2902 MAES/MAHS Gym Recreation Division A relaxed, informal environment. $135—COURSE NO. 2903 MAES/MAHS Gym

Registration deadline: Wednesday, January 11.

Sunday Co-Ed Volleyball Open Gym Jarrid Jergenson, Supervisor

The MAHS Main Gym will be open Sunday evenings for pickup games of co-ed volleyball. Those interested are invited to show up as often as you can. Teams will be selected from those attending. Price covers entire program, or pay $2.00 at the door each session. Sunday Evenings December 4, 11, 18 January 8, 15, 22, 29

$15—COURSE NO. 2704 5:00—7:00 p.m. MAHS Main Gym

Sunday Sweetheart Co-ed Volleyball Tournament

Calling all couples! Grab your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, and friends and join us for an afternoon of volleyball and share the “love” of the game for Valentine’s Day! Bring your team of at least 6 to play. Registration deadline: Monday, February 6. $60—COURSE NO. 2905 Sunday, February 12 Play starts at 2:00 p.m. MAHS Gym

Social Security: Your Questions Answered Kent Swenson, Edward Jones Financial Advisor

Social Security will likely be the foundation of your retirement income. Before you retire, it’s important to understand your options regarding Social Security and the impact your decisions have on your retirement. Kent will discuss how Social Security fits into your retirement income plan, when you should start taking benefits, and tax considerations. MACE will refund $5 of the registration fee with your attendance at class. The registration deadline is January 16. 1 Session—$9—COURSE NO. 2440 Wednesday, January 18, 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES Room A132

Health Care and Your Retirement Kent Swenson, Edward Jones Financial Advisor

The increasing cost of health care is a growing concern for current and future retirees. In fact, 25 years ago, retirees spent almost twice as much on food as on health care; now the amounts are nearly equal. You will have the opportunity to learn about Medicare coverage and traditional medical expenses, long-term medical care expenses, and strategies for addressing uncovered expenses. Morris Area Community Education will refund $5 of the registration fee with your attendance at class. The registration deadline is February 14.

1 Session—$9—COURSE NO. 2441 Wednesday, February 15, 6:00—7:30 p.m. MAES Room A132

Grocery Store Tour

Alyssa Thooft, Registered Dietitian from SCMC

Shop smart, eat healthy, and save money! This grocery store shopping class will focus on healthy grocery shopping for individuals and families. Alyssa will lead a health-conscious tour through our local supermarket. Be ready to learn strategies for getting organized, saving money, and reading nutrition labels. Alyssa will also discuss ways to prepare family-friendly, healthy meals. This class is geared towards adults but interested children are certainly welcome. 1 Session—$14 ($9 if registered before February 6) COURSE NO. 3013 Monday, February 13, 6:00—7:30 p.m. Willie’s SuperValu

1 Session—$14 ($9 if registered before February 9) COURSE NO. 3014 Thursday, February 16, 10:00—11:30 a.m. Willie’s SuperValu

Lovin’ From the Oven

Open Gym Basketball

The MAES Gym will be open two mornings a week and Sunday evenings for pickup games. Those interested in shooting hoops are invited to show up. Teams will be selected from those attending. Price covers entire session or pay $2 at the door. Tuesday & Thursday Mornings (Adults Only) January 3—June 1 6:00—7:00 a.m. MAES Gym

Sunday Evenings (Players and Athletes of all Ages) December 4, 11, 18 January 8, 15, 22, 29 February 12, 19, 26 $15—COURSE NO. 2911 6:00—8:00 p.m. MAES Gym


Michael Knorr, Professional Scuba Institute, Inc.

Whether you want to explore the fresh water lakes of Minnesota or travel to exotic dive destinations around the world, this is where the excitement begins! This course is for the beginning diver who would like to get a PADI Open Water Diving Certification. To become certified, students must complete a total of four open water dives (PADI Open Water Diver) within 12 months. An additional cost applies. Contact Professional Scuba Institute, Inc. (701-238-3483) to have materials sent out as soon as you register. The manual must be read and a video watched prior to the weekend of the class. Saturday, February 4, 8:00 a.m.—7:00 p.m. Sunday, February 5, 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. Regional Fitness Center COURSE NO. 2700—$280.50

Includes all class/pool training, use of all necessary equipment, complete student kit (PADI Open Water Manual, PADI Log Book, PADI Electronic Dive Planner), and the priority mail shipping cost of $6.95. $100 of the course fee + shipping is non-refundable and includes all your materials.

Mindful Living: Decreasing Your Stress Amanda Storey, PsyD, LP from SCMC

Have you ever felt stressed out? Have you ever wondered, what is mindfulness? This class will focus on giving you an introductory level understanding of what mindfulness is and how practicing it can help you cope with life stressors. Amanda will demonstrate how you can use mindfulness in your personal life through utilizing experiential exercises in class. This class is offered in three sessions, choose one or take all three! In session 1, you will learn the basics of mindfulness, while sessions 2 and 3 will be dedicated to using and practicing mindfulness.

Tuesdays, March 7, 14, 21 1:00—2:00 p.m. MAES Parent Education Room, Pod A March 7—$10—COURSE NO. 3015 March 14—$10—COURSE NO. 3016 March 21—$10—COURSENO. 3017 All Three Sessions—$25—COURSE NO. 3018

Wine…Summer Sippers Joan Spaeth, Wine Enthusiast

Join Joan Spaeth on a wine sensory journey like no other. Learn what you are smelling, tasting, and find those perfect wines for summer. No clue on what to bring to your next social event? What is a tannin? This is a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions about anything wine related! Joan will help you grow your palate and learn the basics to help take the fear out of buying and drinking summer wines. This class is perfect for both beginners and polished wine enthusiasts. Joan will also have wine and food pairings for you to sample. Sign up and attend with your spouse or friend and have a laughter filled night of wine education. Class size will be limited. You must be 21+ to attend. Tuesday, April 18, 6:30—8:00 p.m. Stevens County Historical Society & Museum

Individual—$40 ($35 if registered before April 11) COURSE NO. 2454 Pair—$60 ($55 if registered before April 11) COURSE NO. 2455

For All Ages

According to the Pillsbury Doughboy, "Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven". In this class, you will learn how to decorate cupcakes like the professionals! Delight your friends with a homemade Valentine's Day gift or enjoy them yourself. All participants will take home approximately one case of tasty treats. Make it a girls night out!

This class will be taught by Love and Cupcakes. Please register through Love and Cupcakes at

1 Session—$25 Wednesday, February 11 5:30—7:00 p.m. MAHS Room 71 (FACS Room near the South Entrance)

Free Morning Movie

Save yourself the price of nearly eight cups of coffee and enjoy a morning out with friends. Morris Area Community Education is offering free Morning Movies featuring classics and current films which senior citizens can appreciate and enjoy. Join us in the Morris Area Concert Hall located in the Morris Area Elementary School. The movies will begin at 10:00 a.m. Coffee and treats will be served after the movie. Every 3rd Tuesday of the Month January 17, February 21 March 21, April 18 10:00 a.m. Morris Area Concert Hall

Google Just For YOU Tallack Dosdall

How does the world of Google work? What is this “Google Docs” my student talks about? Gain the answers to these questions and so many more with a PRIVATE training session with MAHS teacher Tallack Dosdall. Google is more than just a search engine! Sit one on one with Mr. Dosdall and learn how Google tools can be used to enhance any personal or business productivity. Discover Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Forms, and more. Dates, times, and locations are flexible for YOU. Contact MACE at 320-589-4394 to discuss YOUR needs and to set up a date and time.

1 Hour—$19—COURSE NO. 1208 2 Hours—$35—COURSE NO. 1209 Each additional ½ Hour—$7—COURSE NO. 1210

Community Impact Night, March 13

Morris Area Community Education invites you to their Pizza Ranch Community Impact Fundraiser! During these hours, MACE will receive a percentage of all sales—dine in, take out, or delivery. Pizza Ranch will also donate 100% of all tips (except deliveries). Tips need to be cash or check only. MACE staff will be there to greet you, clear tables, and visit!

Angell Dance Arts a place to move

707 Columbia Avenue 320-589-3349 or “Angell Dance Arts” on Facebook

Winter Session Classes start Mid-February with a recital to follow, Mid-May. To register, send a message to Private and semi-private lessons are available for all ages in modern, classical, jazz, and tap dance.



Adult Basic Education

Community Meals

Come connect with others in the community at a free, made-from-scratch community meal!

Salvador Monteagudo, ESL and Sylvia Gulbraith

Wednesdays, 5:30—8:30 p.m. MAES Parent Education Room—Pod A

January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Faith Lutheran Church, 5:30—7:00 p.m. February 27: Faith Lutheran Church, 5:30—7:00 p.m. April 24: Morris Area Chamber of Commerce’s Supporting our Non-Profit Resources, Morris Area Elementary School, 5:30—7:00 p.m.

ABE, GED, and ESL classes are offered for adults that have basic educational needs, preparation for the GED tests, and for those wanting to learn English. Anyone 17 or over and is not currently enrolled in the K-12 system is eligible for classes.

      

Classes are free Receive help to improve reading, writing, math, and everyday skills Learn to complete applications and forms Prepare for vocational school or college Prepare for the written driver’s license test Work at your own pace in a small group setting Free childcare available

Soup and Substance

Soup & Substance is an informal, monthly dialogue and free, light meal. Dialogues focus on social issues affecting our community and are sponsored by the Office of Community Engagement at UMM, with co-sponsorships from community and campus organizations. Specific topics, dates, times, and locations will be announced prior to each event. To co-sponsor or suggest a topic, contact

English as a Second Language

Help for adults whose native language is not English, and who need to learn or improve their English speaking, reading, spelling and writing skills. If you or someone you know would be interested in this service, call 320-585-2226 for more information. No cost. Feel free to come and go as you need during the open hours. Students can choose the day or days that work for them. E-mail for more info about these classes.

Bread and Bowls

Monday, May 1 5:30—7:00 p.m. Morris Area Elementary Cafeteria

Bread and Bowls is the annual fundraiser for the Stevens County Food Shelf, Someplace Safe, and scholarships for the PRCA children’s art camps, Supper will be served from 5:30—7:00 p.m. for $10 a person. This meal includes a free ceramic cup or bowl donated by UMM ceramics students, MAHS Art Club students, and regional artists.

Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30—8:45 p.m. UMM Imholte Hall February 6—April 27 Fridays, 1:00—3:00 p.m. Federated Church February 3—April 28


Clases de Inglés para Adultos

El Programa de ESL TREC es un programa de alfabetizacion para ninos durante los programas para adultos tal como las clases de ingles (los lunes y jueves a 7 pm a Imholte Hall a la universidad y 1:30 p.m. a las 3:00 p.m. los viernes en Federated Church), o el Grupo de Apoyo y Amistad para Mujeres (los miercoles a las 12:30 a Federated Church). Los tutores del programa trabajan para crear un ambiente bilingue en que los ninos practican habilidades del habla, el escrito, y la comprension. Todos los ninos mayores que 6 meses estan invitados. El programa tiene lugar durante el ano escolar de la universidad. (1 de febrero-28 de abril)

Durante las clases, los estudiantes practican el habla, la comprension, la escritura y la gramatica en ingles. Las clases estan alineados al calendario academico por semestres de la Universidad de Minnesota, Morris y tienen lugar en Imholte Hall de la Universidad de Minnesota, Morris. Se puede estacionar en el estacionamiento norte de la universidad, e Imholte es el primer edificio al lado izquierda cuando caminan por el campus. Todas las clases son gratis. Los lunes y jueves de 7:30 a 8:45 p.m.—Imholte Hall 6 de Febrero—27 de Abril Los viernes de 1:00 a 3:00 p.m.—Federated Church 3 de Febrero—28 de Abril

Para mas informacion contacten a Windy Roberts a o 320-589-6294. Ademas, visita la pagina en Facebook :Morris Community ESL.

Morris Area Community Education & Recreation


If you reside outside of the Morris Area School District, please include a 20% out of district tuition with your Community Education class fees. This surcharge helps support Community Education in the Morris Area School District in the same way that resident property taxes do.

A jointly sponsored program of School District 2769 and the City of Morris


Pre-registration is a must for all classes and trips offered by Morris Area Community Education. Register early, as we reserve the right to cancel any courses without minimum enrollments one week prior to the class start date. A full refund will be made if enrollment is not sufficient to run a class. You can register online by going to We consider you registered when your registration form and fee have been received by our office. You will not receive a call confirming your registration. We will only call if a class is cancelled.


A full refund will be made if enrollment is not sufficient to run the class. If a class does not meet your expectations, you may request a refund up to two days after the first class meeting. NO REFUNDS will be made after that time.

It is our policy that no one shall be denied the opportunity to participate in a Community Education class because of inability to pay. Contact the Community Education Director to inquire about scholarships. No more than one waiver or class scholarship shall be granted per person per session. Thank you to the Stevens County Family Services Collaborative and the Morris Area Public Schools Foundation for making these scholarships possible.


We encourage groups and organizations to utilize school district facilities. Usage of rooms, gyms, auditoriums, etc. in the school buildings is reserved through Community Education. A completed building use permit is required. Nominal rental fees are charged depending on your group. Service fees such as custodial and food services may also be charged depending on your specific permit requests. Contact the Community Education office in the Elementary School, 320-589-4394.

Morris Area Community Education Winter/Spring Registration Form

Please read the registration information, fill out form completely, and return to: Morris Area Community Education, 153 So. Columbia Avenue Morris, MN 56267

Class Participant’s Name

Address or Box #__________________________________________ Home Phone


Parent/Guardian Name(s) Current school _________

__ Dad’s Cell __________

______ Birthdate


E-mail (will be used for important class updates) ____

_ Grade (2016-2017)








Age: 0-4 5-17




□Master □Visa □Discover

Name on Card ________________________________________________ Exp. Date___________ Card #________ - _________ - _________ - _________ CVV#______

State______ Zip



_____________________________ Mom’s Cell________________________________

NOTE: Has any of the contact information changed in the last 30 days? ______ NO ______YES COURSE NO.


(CVV is last 3 digits on back of card)




Please circle new information.

T-Shirt Size YM - YL AS - AM - AL

OFFICE USE Date entered___________

Entered by______________

I hereby waive and release Morris Area Community Education, the City of Morris, and Morris Area School and their employees from any and all liability for any damages or injuries while participating in any activities. I agree to allow Morris Area Community Education to use any photos of me and/or my children for publicity purposes.

Parent/Guardian Signature_________________________________________________


MLK Day of Service Monday, January 16

The Martin Luther King Day of Service is an opportunity for the community to honor Dr. King’s legacy through service opportunities, discussion, a march (weather permitting), and a keynote speaker. The event will take place from noon to 5:30, followed by a free community meal. Transportation. parking, and lunch are also included for free. The day begins at 12:00 at Oyate Hall at UMM and ends at Faith Lutheran Church, 108 W. 8th St. Projects are available for people of all ages and abilities. To register, e-mail for a link to the registration form. A 5:00 program and 5:30 meal at Faith Lutheran Church are free to anyone, whether or not you can participate in the rest of the day.

ESL Tutor Training

Morris Area Community Education will be hosting a FREE comprehensive training for those interested in teaching conversation, reading, and writing skills to adult learners whose first language is not English. This comprehensive, interactive training, if supplemented by three additional hours of on-site training, will qualify participants for official certification as ESL tutors from the Minnesota Literacy Council. Please email for dates, times, and more information.

Horticulture Education Series All events are free and open to the public. Events take place in AgCountry Auditorium (unless noted) at the West Central Research and Outreach Center. For more info, please contact the WCROC at 320-589-1711 or online at

Creating Curb Appeal—January 18, 12:15 p.m. Presented by Beth Berlin, U of MN Extension Educator Growing Good Apples—February 15, 12:15 p.m. Presented by Joel Kangas, Good To Grow

Vegetable Gardening 301—March 15, 6:30—7:30 p.m. Presented by Steve Poppe, Horticulturist at the WCROC

Wren House Workshop—April 8, 10:00—11:30 a.m.

Just for kids, grades K-6. Must have an accompanying adult. Register at Morris Area Community Education for $9. Class is held at the WCROC Farm Shop.

How to Register IN PERSON

Bring registration and payment to the Community Education office, located in the Morris Area Elementary School.


Morris Area Community Education 153 South Columbia Avenue Morris, MN 56267


Morris Area Community Education accepts online registrations. This system allows you to use your credit/debit card to sign up for our classes at any computer at any time of the day. When you log into our website you will see very detailed instructions on how to create a family account that will give you access to registered activities, account history, and to receive updated information about a class via email. If you haven’t already done so, please take time to log into our website and create your family account. Go to —> Community Education —> Online Registration.

Morris Area Community Education accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. Questions? (320) 589-4394


Listen to KKOK/KMRS for cancellation information & class rescheduling. You can also call the MACE office, and from the phone menu, PRESS #1, for weather related class updates.


From the Desk of Rick Lahn A Message from the Superintendent On behalf of the Morris Area Schools, I would like to extend congratulations and welcome our newly elected school board members; Jennifer Goodnough, Kurt Wulf and Anthony Ekren. Our new members will move forward with incumbents Dick Metzger, Robyn Van Eps, Douglas Stahman and Mike Odello as we reduce our school board from nine members to seven. This reduction was planned and is the final phase of our consolidation with the Cyrus School District which began in 2011. As we move forward in January under new leadership, we have many reasons to be proud. The Morris Area Schools continue to be an exemplary place for our students to receive their education. Our academic, athletic and fine arts programs remain among the best in the State of Minnesota. We remain proud of the fact that we are never satisfied with the status quo and continue to look for ways to improve our school system.

As our new school board takes office there will also be challenges. Chief among them will be addressing facility concerns with our aging high school facility. Our High School facility was built in 1968 and like any facility that is nearing fifty years of age, it is in need of maintenance and repair. Examples include replacing of fresh water and sewer lines that have become corroded and clogged through years of use, addressing boilers that are in need of replacement and renovating locker room shower areas that have become unusable. Further inspection reveals worn carpet, plumbing fixtures that are not in working order, outdated science labs and flooring in need of replacement. To ensure our High School will meet the needs of the community for years to come will require an investment into maintaining, repairing and reshaping spaces to meet the needs of 21st century learning. Over the coming months our school board will be working with facility engineers and experts to analyze our High School and make recommendations for maintenance, repair and upgrade . Throughout this process we will make certain the public is informed and the process is thorough. Your input is very important to us. As we move forward we will be hosting various community presentations and listening sessions to gain insight into community wants and needs. In closing I would like to thank our entire community for supporting our schools. It is through our combined efforts that Morris Area Schools remain the “Finest School District in West Central Minnesota.”

Go Tigers! Superintendent, Rick Lahn

The Morris Area Public School Foundation is a group of parents, alumni and community members working together with West Central Initiative to enhance and sustain the quality of education for citizens of all ages participating in programs of the Morris Area Public School District 2769. With your help and support, we will not only maintain but enhance the educational opportunities for Morris Area students. For more information and donations, go to -> District -> Foundation.

Morris Area High School

A Message from the High School Principal At the high school, we continue to work extremely hard to provide the best education possible. Our school year has gotten off to a great start and we are rolling into the second half of the school year. In our second year of working towards every student having a Chromebook computer to use at school and at home, we continue to grow with technology. I have seen some great lessons that teachers have developed with the use of technology, and I believe it has had a positive impact on student achievement and engagement.

As the second half of the school year approaches, we have begun to plan for second semester and as well as planning for the 2017-2018 school year. Second semester registration will begin in December and continue to the start of second semester on January 23rd. In February, students will be selecting courses for next year. Students currently in grades 8 through 11 will bring home a Registration Guide and forms to complete. From the student choices, a master schedule will be developed and a class schedule for each student will be created for the 2017-2018 school year. As students plan ahead, they need to be thinking whether they are interested in taking College In School classes and what they plan to do after high school. Having plans and goals set will help get your child in the right courses for future success.

Also as students look ahead I encourage them to get involved in athletics, activities, or clubs that are offered at Morris Area. Research shows that students involved in activities tend to do better academically.

With the second half of the school year also comes winter and spring testing. In the fall, winter, and spring we give the NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) test in reading and mathematics for grade 7th and 8th. These are local test we use to look for growth in our students and to help guide instruction. State MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) tests are required in reading, mathematics, and science. The testing schedule for this winter and spring is provided below for you to view. As the testing dates approach, please visit with your child on the importance of doing their best so we have an accurate picture of their abilities. Juniors will be able to take the ACT test again this year as we are required to offer it. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call me at 320-585-2200 or email me at Sincerely,

Bill Kehoe, Principal

Ms. Mumm—Language Arts Monday/Wednesday, March 13 and 15 6:30—8:30 p.m. MAHS Room 43 Mr. Pope—Science Monday/Wednesday, March 20 and 29 7:00—9:00 p.m. MAHS Room 52 Mr. Fragodt—Math Mondays, April 3 and 10 6:30—8:30 p.m. MAHS Room 17

The registration fee covers all SIX review sessions. Students may attend all or just some of the sessions; however, the fee of $39 remains the same. 6 Sessions—$39—COURSE NO. 1417


Counselor’s Corner

 Those interested in sharing their college and career choices with the 8th grade PACS class please contact Tammy Roth at 320-585-2207 or  Seniors should have applied to at least one college by winter break.  Study Lounge is available by appointment . Please contact MACE for availability.

ACT Prep

Earning a 21 on your ACT can greatly improve your chances of earning scholarships for college! Most colleges also require a minimum score for admission. This prep class will help you to reduce test anxiety as you gain firsthand experiences with the format and content of the ACT Test. Over six nights, you will learn test-taking strategies, review each of the four content areas, and take a full length test simulation. Each of the following three Morris Area High School teachers will give you the edge you need to succeed on the ACT Test.

MCA Tests

NWEA Tests

January 10—7th & 8th Grade Reading January 13—7th & 8th Grade Math May 8—7th & 8th Grade Reading May 11—7th & 8th Grade Math

April 5—7th Grade Reading April 6—8th Grade Reading April 7—10th Grade Reading April 10—11th Grade Math April 11—7th Grade Math April 13—8th Grade Math April 25—8th Grade Science April 26—10th Grade Science

ACT Test

April 19—11th Grade


Morris Area Elementary A Message from the Elementary Principal Our theme for the elementary school is “OUR Kids Deserve It!” This means we are a dedicated learning community which works with families to help all students achieve and reach their full potential. We are extremely thankful to be working with committed students and families, along with a very supportive community! Thank you! The Morris Lions Club has generously offered to adopt the second graders for the book fair for the second year. They will be purchasing a book or books for each second grader at MAES! I know right….what an awesome show of support to our students! As a result, the second graders will receive books, and the school will earn the benefit of those purchases which has a positive impact on our school. Thank you to the Morris Lions Club. We appreciate you!

The “Invest in Our Youth” fundraiser runs until December 4. We will still gladly accept stock purchases after that date but we need to set the budget with what we have on that date. The quick story: we are asking every family to buy (or help sell) shares. Each share is $35 with a goal of one share for every student. In exchange, you have a commitment from MAES to ask for NO other funding for the entire school year—no wrapping paper, beef sticks, etc.—nor will you be asked to send $2 for skating or $4 to attend the UMM play or $21 to go on the 5th grade class trip! And keep in mind this program benefits every student in the elementary. To purchase a share(s) simply send a check/cash or go to the Morris Area School website:       

Go to the Morris Area Schools web site: Click on the “Donate to Morris Area Schools” link on the left side of the page Enter the “Donation Info” Under “Apply donation to:” choose Universal Complete information as needed (address, payment option, etc.) In the “Additional Information/Comments” type: Invest in Our Youth Click on, Submit

Date Changes to the School Calendar

December 22: Kindergarten Holiday Concert, 2:15 p.m. Concert Hall January 20: End of Quarter 2 January 23: No School—Teacher Workday

Cold Weather Dress

Students go outside before school and for noon play when the temperature or wind chill is minus five degrees below or warmer. Please encourage your child to dress warmly (hats, mittens, coats, boots, snowpants) to be sure he/she is comfortable on those cold days!

JMC Message Center

Morris Area Schools utilizes the JMC Message Center (phone, email, text) where we can let parents know quickly and conveniently any important information, i.e. school closings, emergency notifications, etc. It is the responsibility of each family to keep phone numbers, email, and mailing addresses current. Please contact the school office with any changes or updates to your information. We don’t want you to miss any important information.

Important Dates

January 11: Spelling Bee, 1:45 p.m. Concert Hall January 24: Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4:00—8:00 p.m. January 26: 5th and 6th Grade Concerts, 7:00 p.m. Concert Hall February 2: 5th and 6th Grade Band Concert, 7:00 p.m. Concert Hall March 3: Kindergarten Registration Day, 8:30—10:30 a.m. (No Class for Kindergarteners)

Morris Area School District—Weather Related Closing Information

Each year, we begin to gear up for inclement weather much earlier than we might like to; however, it will snow this winter, and we would like to take a moment to share the process used when making decisions to adjust the school schedule due to inclement weather. We realize decisions made impact families throughout the district, and we do not take them lightly. The major concern in making decisions regarding inclement weather is the safety of our students, staff, and others in the community - beyond that, the process becomes more complicated. The fundamental decision is whether students and staff will be safer with school in session or with school closed for the day. The superintendent makes the decision to take one of the following actions: open school on schedule, delay the opening of schools, dismiss school early, or cancel school for the day. If the decision is made to delay, dismiss, or cancel school, the information is immediately publicized to staff, parents, and students. We utilize the automated calling system, Instant Alert, to notify parents and staff of any schedule changes caused be inclement weather.

When determining if the normal school schedule should be changed due to inclement weather, several factors are considered:  Knowing the road conditions throughout our entire district is important, including several rural areas where blowing snow can severely limit visibility for drivers. We have a large district and weather conditions can vary greatly – for example, it might be cloudy but not snowing in the northern part of the district, but the visibility may be near zero in the far southwestern part of the district.  School buses can drive through a certain amount of snow, but they cannot make it to school if intersections are clogged with stuck vehicles. They also do not function well on icy roads. If roads are snow packed, drifted, and/or icy, sending buses out is not desirable.  Wind chill is a very important factor, especially if there is the possibility of buses running late and students having to wait a longer time at their bus pickup point.  The weather forecast for the remainder of the day is reviewed multiple times, as well as the reports as to when key roads may be plowed/cleared. There are times when roads may not be cleared until the wind has stopped blowing.  Finally, the actions of other districts in the area and observations of conditions in their districts are considered.  We monitor road and weather conditions in the county - staff often contacts the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the police, superintendents of nearby school districts, and weather services to obtain additional information.

In the event that school needs to be canceled or started late, all available information is collected as early as possible (traditionally by approximately 5:30 am), so that a decision may be made. In most cases, radio and television stations are notified of the decision as early as possible—typically around 6:00 a.m.

To prepare for a possible early dismissal, parents are encouraged to have and discuss a plan with their child in case of early dismissal due to weather conditions or an emergency. Your plan may be to have your child go home and call you at work or go to a friend's house and call or it may be to have your child go to a neighbor’s house and call you at work. Whatever your plan is, please discuss it with your child. Having a spare key hidden at home and available to your child may be a part of your plan. In periods of very severe weather, some parents may consider roads and sidewalks in their area unsafe for travel by students. In those instances, parents have the option of not sending their child to school. The student will be expected to make up all assignments, they will not be penalized academically, and they will be given an excused absence.

Information may be obtained concerning school closing, delayed opening, or early closing, by calling 589-4840. No announcements will be made when schools are operating on a normal schedule. Please do not call your child’s school, the bus garage, or the central offices during weather emergencies - when school schedules are altered, the school telephone system is needed to attend to operational items and emergency matters. For more information about school closings, contact your school principal or check the district Web Site During periods of inclement weather, please listen to a radio or television station listed in the table for announcements of changes in school schedules.

Use of Morris Area School Facilities We encourage groups and organizations to utilize school district facilities. Usage of rooms, gyms, auditoriums, etc. in the school buildings are reserved through the Community Education office. A completed building use form is required. Nominal rental feels are charged depending on your group. Service fees such as custodial and food services may also be charged depending on your specific permit requests. Contact Tony Reimers at 320-589-4394 or

AM Radio Stations

FM Radio Stations

Television Stations

KMRS - 1230

KKOK – 95.7


KDJS - 1590

THE RIVER – 97.3


KBMO - 1290

KOOL - 94.3

KCCO - 950

KWLM - 1340

K - 95.3

KIK – 100.7

Q102 – 102.5





* See our website or the Front Desk for the Winter Break Group Fitness Schedule.

Les Mills Launch Saturday, January 21st 9:00– 10:00am Body Pump 10:15 - 10:45am CXWORX

Cross– Training Workouts now available in the RFC weight See Leila for Demo RFC Now Offers Daycare on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 10AM—Noon

RFC Group Fitness Coupon Coupon good for three FREE group fitness class.

High Intensity and a High demand style training

Variety of training styles

Geared to individuals looking for a workout change

Led by RFC Personal Trainers

Pre assessments week of January 11th. Must be 18 and pass a fitness test during assessment. Contact Leila to schedule assessment at 589-6483. January 17th – February 23rd Tuesday and Thursdays 5:15 - 6:00PM Cost:

Members $75.00 Non Members $100

ck By ! re Ba We A Demand!! lar Popu




LOG ROLLING IS COMING! Join us Saturday February 11th for a free open house on how to log roll. Time 5:30-7:30PM Come Roll in the Fun!!

Winter Break Hours December 17 - January 16 Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday

5:00am - 9:00pm 8:00am - 7:00pm 10:00am -7:00pm

December 24 & 25 Closed December 31 & January 1 Closed Additional Rec Pool hours December 26-30 1:00pm - 3:30pm


Winter/Spring 2017 Swimming Lessons Semi Private Lessons Cost: Members $55.00

Non-Members $65.00

April 10th - 21st Mondays and Wednesdays Preschool Aqua 5:45pm - 6:15pm Level 2 5:45pm - 6:30pm Level 4 5:45pm - 6:30pm Level 1 6:45pm - 7:30pm Level 3 6:45pm - 7:30pm Level 5/6 6:45pm - 7:30pm

Winter Tiger Sharks 2017 January 9th- February 28th

Beginner and Developmental 5:30pm-6:30pm

Water Babies Cost: Members $25.00

Members- $144 Non-Members- $154

Non-Members $35.00

April 4th—25th

Advanced and High School 5:30pm-7:00pm

Tuesdays 6:00pm - 6:30pm

Members- $216 Non- Members-$226

For Children 6-24 months old. A parent must be in the water with the child. This class is a great way to introduce infants and toddlers to the water, we play, sing songs, and work on kicking and floating skills.

Private swim lessons at the RFC

Attention Families: If you have two children and signing up for Tiger Sharks, you will receive a 10% discount. Three or more children and you will receive a 20% discount.

For information on private swimming lessons or to set up times contact Anita Nelson 320-589-7011

December Membership Promotion!

Let us host your next Birthday Party!! Stress Free We order your cake, pizza, and provide a staff member to assist with the party. Member $120.00 Non-Member $150.00

Stop in for a chance at 5-50% off a new or renewing Membership. Promotion ends December 31st

2017 Memberships & Access Fees Daily Guest Pass/10 punch pass

Basic You have use of the gym, pool, and party room. Member $60.00 Non-Member $75.00

K-12 or UMM Student

Non-UMM Student

Senior Age 62+




Senior Couples





$8/day; $65

Annual Facility Only Membership

$185 or $20/mo

$270 or $26/mo

$270 or $26/mo

$400 or $37/mo

$415 or $38/mo

$620 or $55/mo

$645 or $57mo

Annual Membership with Group Fitness (incl. 2 personal training hrs.)

$421 or $39/mo.

$506 or $46/mo.

$506 or $46/mo.

$636 or $56/mo.

$651 or $58/mo.

$856 or $75/mo.

$881 or $

1 Month 3 Month















$215 or $22/mo

$215 or $22/mo

$225 or $23/mo




Annual Walking Pass Locker Rental Annual


Annual Pass Daycare provider Day Pass Daycare provider PSEO & Non-Degree Students


$150 $3

Must be licensed Per child

Annual $185 or Semester $92.50

RFC NonMember Group Fitness




Daily Group Fitness/10 punch pass Competition Lap Swim Only Daily 10 Punch Pass

RFC Member Group Fitness


Morris tiger tracks winter spring 2017  

Winter/Spring 2017 Tiger Tracks created by Morris Area Community Education for the Morris Area School District 2769

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