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Tuesday 13 February 2018

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Bid to rein in retirement village plan Stephen Taylor RESIDENTS opposed to a proposed $50 million “retirement village” in Roberts Road, Mornington, say it will look like a “trailer park”. The land is in a recognised horse precinct with easy access to Mornington racecourse. “According to the developers’ plans, the 371 two-and-three bedroom dwellings will be constructed of Colorbond and timber. That’s similar to caravan park units. Their design will devalue properties in the area,” nearby resident and spokesperson Christine Pingiaro said. “There will be loss of native habitat, potentially massive impact on the Balcombe Creek catchment, and encroachment on conservation reserves. There is no plan about what vegetation will be removed.” The residents rallied on the gated road last week to protest Steller Estates’ proposal for a 20 hectare development at the Mornington-Tyabb Road end. Many have lodged Statements of Grounds opposing the proposal with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Marty Lenard, of Tanti Creek Friends, also lodged a

Busy day in and out of the bay THE Mornington-based VMR Air Ambulance crew assisted the winch medics during their re-accreditation. “Sea dramas test rescuers” Page 12 Picture: Supplied








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statement of grounds to the tribunal. Mornington Peninsula Shire’s executive manager planning services David Bergin said the shire “moved quickly to reject the proposal” but did not see the need to advertise it. “The applicant did not use the shire’s pre-application service for a preliminary discussion prior to lodging its application. Reviewing the application, it was clear that the proposal was not sympathetic to the low scale character of the area between Mornington and the green wedge.,” Mr Bergin said “It was inconsistent with local planning policies and could impact the neighbouring conservation reserve and racecourse. The shire moved quickly to reject the proposal to ensure the unique character of the peninsula was looked after.” About 20 residents gathered at the site last week to voice their opposition to the proposal which Steller says presents a “rare opportunity to provide retirement accommodation close to an existing town centre”. The developer’s documentation to council says the project “responds to the evident need for affordable retirement living on the Mornington Peninsula as Victoria’s population ages and housing pressure extends to the peninsula”. Continued Page 7


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13 February 2018


Call for beach boxes to go Keith Platt COASTAL protection works being designed to protect cliffs and the Esplanade at Mt Martha North Beach have revived calls for the permanent removal of beach boxes. Port Phillip Conservation Council says laying rocks and boulders at the base of the crumbling cliffs is “a short term reactionary response”. The PPCC says the latest consultants’ report recommending removal of the bathing boxes at Mt Martha North is a repeats of one made in 2002 by the former Department of Environment and Conservation. “Unfortunately, this sound solution was overturned … following sustained political pressure from the newly-formed Mornington Peninsula Boatshed Owners Association, whose major interest was presumably in retaining the privilege of holding a short term licence to occupy the site and financial interests in what was clearly becoming an untenable and inappropriate location for private properties,” PPCC president Len Warfe has told Energy, Environment and Climate Change Minister Lily D’Ambrosio. Mr Warfe, in a letter to Ms D’Ambrosio, says that since 2002 there have been “increasing threats of cliff instability and potential subsidence of the Esplanade” at Mt Martha. Copies of the letter have been sent to Planning Minister Richard Wynne and Mornington Peninsula Shire CEO Carl Cowie.

At least five beach boxes have already been demolished since being undermined and classified as dangerous after storms last winter. Ms D’Ambrosio says $880,000 will be spent protecting the base of the cliff with boulders while the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) will have a closer look at “engineering solutions” to prevent further erosion of the beach and cliff (“Beach ‘repairs’ could cost $4m” The News 31/10/17). The rock revetment works at the cliff base will start in April, and 430 metres of the beach is likely to remain offi-

cially closed until the project is completed. The Mt Martha North Beach Group sees the rock revetment going only “some way towards solving our problems”. Members of the beach group believe a 25 metre long rock groyne should be built north of the beach to prevent further loss of sand. Consultants have put a $330,000 price tag on the groyne (“Call to make a point” The News 5/12/18). Other remedies suggested in the July 2017 final report by Water Technology cost up to $4 million. Mr Warfe said science showed “groynes invariably relocate the origi-

nal problem to some other part of the coast – so that it becomes someone else’s problem”. The PPCC says the devaluation of the beach boxes presents an “opportune time … to compulsorily remove the remains of these dangerous, ugly structures from our public land”. Mr Warfe said removal costs should be charged to licence holders and permission refused “for rebuilding of any such structures in this highly dynamic section of the coast”. “As climate change and sea level rise impacts have increased, so too it seems has the frequency of [storms and dam-

aged beach boxes]. So now is the time to intervene to avert future potentially catastrophic events,” Mr Warfe said. He said dangers to the public caused by the beach boxes, “interference with natural processes and blocking public access to the coast, are all sound reasons to refuse renewal of a licence to occupy the area”. “The current situation at Mt Martha North presents an excellent opportunity to rid the coast of some extremely ugly and inappropriate structures, which even when intact are an eyesore, and when damaged add further clutter to what would otherwise be magnificent coastal scenery,” Mr Warfe said. “Allowing the rebuilding of these structures on public land and especially in proven vulnerable areas like Mt. Martha North, would be a most unfortunate perpetuation of a failed and outdated policy that is inappropriate for any coastal municipality in the 21st Century.” Mr Warfe said beach boxes were “elitist relics from a bygone era … allowing ever scarcer areas of public foreshore land to be usurped by private occupiers’ interests”. “If relocation of a beach box is sought and approved on the basis of the unsuitability of the site due to changed conditions, it would go well beyond protection of what some claim are heritage structures to inflict a new building on a public coastal site that has never had a structure on it,” he said. “A new replacement building certainly cannot be described as heritage.”

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13 February 2018




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13 February 2018

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Walking to talk on mental health care JOHN Bradford makes a point in Main Street, Mornington. Picture: Yanni

Stephen Taylor THE shortage of safe, long-term accommodation for those affected by mental illness in Frankston and on the Mornington Peninsula has one man fearing for the plight of a family member. John Bradford, of Mt Martha, said “issues with drugs and alcohol” five years ago had forced him to try to find alternative accommodation for a relative with a mental condition. A search for suitable government-run accommodation proved fruitless and the alternatives, such as privately-run boarding and rooming houses, were often unsafe and cramped. The family member, a man whose name has been withheld, prefers to sleep on the streets of Frankston or on the peninsula foreshore. “We had to take out an order against him because of his erratic behaviour,” Mr Bradford said. After short periods at Frankston Hospital’s 2 West Ward, which treats those with adult acute metal health issues, as well as at the Salvation Army’s crisis accommodation centres, the relative was soon found himself back on the streets. “We always assumed he would be safe and supported in public crisis care accommodation but he didn’t seem to fit in very well,” Mr Bradford said. After one short stint in hospital his relative walked out unaccompanied and stood in the middle of Nepean Highway. Police in a divisional van took him to the cells where a small knife was found taped to an ankle. He was fined $1600.

“We told the police he was unwell and on medication and expected him to be taken back to hospital, but he was pushed out onto the street at midnight,” Mr Bradford said. A community treatment order was annulled and the man received no follow up care from the crisis centre authorities who had previously treated him. “People like this are being pushed out into the community to fend for themselves. Our relative was lucky to have us to fall back; some people don’t have back up.” Mr Bradford recently wore an A-frame notice board and walked the streets of Mornington to draw attention to the lack of help for the mentally unwell. He walked Main Street with his A-frame that stated: “Shame, shame, shame to federal and state politicians for their lack of concern for needy, homeless people. Spare a thought for these people – often children – while you are in your cosy beds.” The Peninsula Carer Council’s Aline Burgess said homelessness and people “sleeping rough or in their cars” on the peninsula was an “enormous problem” that was not receiving adequate government support. “The government represents the people and the people need to advocate strongly for action on this.” Ms Burgess said the carers’ council held support meetings and promoted its website and Facebook page so those in need could easily contact its members for help. “We offer referrals, we listen and we advocate for carers so they can

provide better treatment. We create awareness through our Open Dialogue program.” She said Mornington Peninsula Shire was trying to improve services, but that private boarding houses “may be the only accommodation available”. SalvoCare Eastern Rosebud’s Judy Cooper agreed rooming houses were probably the only feasible long-term accommodation for the homeless. “It’s a bleak story,” she said. “Depending on the person’s income – whether Newstart or a disability support pension – we can help them by putting in offers for priority housing, but it is a long wait for a singlebedroom unit. “There are not enough singlebedroom units and these mainly go to the elderly homeless, keeping younger homeless on the streets.” Ms Cooper said many former homeless people were now settled at four rooming houses on the southern peninsula. “But the reality is that no one on New Start can afford a private rental over $190 a week and it is a miracle if you can find a property under that. “There may be other options but they would probably not suit a person who is dreadfully unwell. “It’s frustrating but there’s not much we can do.” While Mr Bradford’s A-frame action might seem a little dramatic to some people, he’s steadfast in his resolve: “If I don’t do anything I will be letting them down.” Anyone with mental health issues can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the call back service on 1300 659 467.

Mornington News

13 February 2018



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Mornington News

13 February 2018


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Shire’s invite to share pool views Stephen Taylor MORNINGTON Peninsula residents are being invited to have their say on plans for the proposed $30 million Rosebud aquatic centre. A business case on the proposed the Rosebud Aquatic Centre handed to Mornington Peninsula Shire councillors late last year outlined three concept plans: a 25-metre indoor pool; 50-metre indoor pool; and a 50-metre outdoor pool with associated health, fitness and wellbeing facilities. Residents provide feedback on the summary and key findings of the business case and indicate their preference for either a 25-metre or a 50-metre pool. The deadline is Wednesday 28 February. The decision for a 50-metre indoor or outdoor pool will be made later if the longer pool option is chosen. Feedback can be given at “pop up” sessions being held across the peninsula, via email, letter or in person and council offices. The mayor Cr Bryan Payne said those contrib-

uting their views would be able speak directly with shire staff and “have all your questions answered”. Cr Simon Brooks recommended residents read the business case as it “gave more detail on the proposed facility and was worth taking the time to review”. Pop up sessions will be held 10am-1pm, Thursday 15 February, at Sorrento Shops; 3-6pm, Thursday 15 February, at Somerville Plaza; 8.3011.30am, Saturday 17 February, at Balnarring Village Shopping Centre and 1-3pm, Saturday 17 February, at Besgrove St Rosebud, the proposed site. To have a say online visit au/haveyoursay and fill out the online survey, or download the form online and send it to: Rosebud Aquatic Centre, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Private Bag 1000, Rosebud, 3939. Email to Hard copies of the proposal are available at any of the shire’s customer service centres or libraries. Details:

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If the village goes ahead the owner of 58 Roberts Road, who refused to sell to the developer, will be surrounded by access ways and buildings. Ten years ago the state coroner ordered that gates be erected at the road’s intersections with Mornington-Tyabb Rd and Bungower Rd, after a racehorse escaped and collided with a vehicle on Nepean Highway, killing a tradesman driving to work. The gates restrict and slow traffic to provide a safer environment for livestock, workers, residents and visitors. They act as a deterrent to traffic. Ms Pingiaro said the influx of an additional potential 700 residents, as well as visitors and tradespeople, will see this safety measure eroded.

est est 1997 1997

50 Hartnett Hartnett Drive, 50 Drive,Seaford Seaford (Opposite Vic (Opposite Vic Roads) Roads)9782 97824142 4142

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Continued from Page 1 “The subject site … is well located, being within one of the largest settlements on the peninsula with main road access into the centre of the township,” Steller said. “[It] responds positively to its context, retaining significant vegetation and achieving the setbacks required by the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme to maintain and enhance the character elements that contribute positively to the amenity of Mornington. “[The] submission demonstrates a well-considered and site-responsive proposal that has strong policy support at all levels of the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme and is therefore worthy of support.”


Residents reining in a village Mornington News

13 February 2018



2018 Twilight Open Days Rosebud 7-10 Campus Wednesday 7 March 2018 from 4-7pm Tyabb 7-10 Campus Wednesday 7 March 2018 from 4-7pm

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Wildlife rescuer finds a new home TWO “sizeable” cash donations have enabled Crystal Ocean Wildlife Shelter’s Brenda Marmion to move house. The animal rescuer and advocate, 74, grappled with uncertainty after being asked to vacate the Golf Parade, Rye, property she and many lost, starving or injured native animals have called home over the past four years. Ms Marmion, a pensioner and in poor health, said her new Rye bush-block home in Highbury Road was “a bit rough but absolutely ideal” for her needs. She will move in on 21 February. She said the lead-up to finding the fibro-home was made possuble by donations which allowed her to pay the first month’s rent and bond. Her good works haven’t gone unnoticed:

Have your say Tootgarook Wetland is the largest groundwater-dependent ecosystem and freshwater marsh in the region.

20,00 TICK 0




The Wetland contains significant environmental and cultural values, and is home to more than 240 indigenous plant species. It also holds a variety of fauna that includes internationally significant birdlife. As part of the stewardship and advocacy role of Council in protecting and enhancing the Peninsula’s biodiversity, Council commissioned BMT WBM in April 2015 to prepare an environmental management plan in partnership with Conservation Australia. The plan seeks to prevent further degradation of the Wetland, promote its values, recognize its role in the

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Mornington News

13 February 2018

Ms Marmion was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2016 and she received the Good Neighbour Award last year. Friend and supporter Roslyn Browning said the peninsula’s next closest shelter was at Tyabb. Ms Marmion will hold a weekend garage sale, Saturday and Sunday 17 and 18 February, at 33 Golf Parade to raise money for the wildlife shelter. She said her two large and four medium-sized aviaries would be the most difficult items to relocate. “We really need the use of a flat-bed truck,” she said. Those wishing to help can visit Crystal Oceans Facebook page. Stephen Taylor

Tootgarook Wetland Management Plan


0 5 4 , $26

On the move: Crystal Ocean Wildlife Shelter’s Brenda Marmion is preparing to move to a new home. Picture: Yanni

For more information

Catchment and broader Port Phillip area, and define the key risks to its values.

Have your say View the draft plan and submit your comments A hardcopy is available at each of the Shire’s offices in Mornington, Rosebud and Hastings. Download the draft Plan on the Shire’s website and submit your comments online no later than 5 pm, Friday 23 March. Attend the drop-in session A community consultation will be held on Wednesday 21 February, 6 – 8pm. Tootgarook Community Hall, 30 Barry Street, Tootgarook

Sales high and dry for undersea farmers Keith Platt THEY may be out of sight and hard to access, but the produce from hundreds of hectares devoted to undersea farming off the Mornington Peninsula have retail outlets in very public places: car parks. Paying Mornington Peninsula Shire $3780 this year, the car park seafood retailers are based at Flinders, Safety Beach and Hastings. The retailers are seen as operating with Seagate permits, compared by the shire’s property operations team leader Greg Collins to the longer running farm gate system. “The purpose of the Seagate trading sites is to provide local aquaculture producers with an opportunity to sell their produce from locations close to the aquaculture sites,” Mr Collins said in a report to the shire’s Tuesday 30 January meeting. “The concept is similar to the sale of farm gate produce which can be purchased directly from the growers and makers.” The first Seagate permit was issued to Peninsula Fresh Seafoods in 2013 to sell mussels harvested from the aquaculture fisheries reserve at Dromana. The outlet is regularly parked in the unsealed car park at Safety Beach opposite Tonkin St. The same company sells fish from a shed on the pier at Hastings. Flinders Conchilia sells mussels harvested from the Flinders aquacul-

ture fisheries reserve in the car park near the pier. The Seagate permit holders have to comply with the shire’s Control and Management of Itinerant Traders Policy, which includes $20 million public liability insurance, Food Act 1984 registration and waste removal. The annual permits run for the same period as the itinerant trading mobile food van permits from November to October. In his report to councillors Mr Collins said seven aquaculture fisheries reserves covering 469 hectares in Port Phillip and Western Port made them one of the largest mussel production areas in Australia The Seagate traders hold Crown land leases and licenses with the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) for the use of the reserves and are required to be licensed with PrimeSafe in order to operate as seafood businesses. The peninsula’s three reserves are off Mt Martha, Dromana and Flinders. The three-year $3780 permits for the Seagate trading sites at Safety Beach, Hastings and Flinders will be increased by five per cent a year. For details about the peninsula’s aquaculture and farming region visit

Sea harvest: Peter Lillie of Bay Sea Farms sells mussels from its boats at Mornington pier. Picture supplied

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13 February 2018


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Memories: Jean Rotherham with the 100-year-old diary written by her grandfather Rupert Norman Debney which will be on display at Mornington library as part of the Writing the War: Personal Stories exhibition. Picture: Supplied

Dromana digger’s diary An independent voice for the community We are the only locally owned and operated community newspaper on the Mornington Peninsula. We are dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential to a strong community. We exist to serve residents, community groups and businesses and ask for their support in return.

RUPERT Norman Debney was a gunner in the 4th Battalion, 2nd brigade, of the Royal Australian Field Artillery, who retired to his parent’s holiday house at Dromana after World War I. A diary of his experiences while fighting in France in 1917 will be displayed at Mornington library as part of the Writing the War: Personal

It’s your backyard! Contribute to the Briars Master Plan We want The Briars to become a part of your backyard – somewhere you visit, love and return to. It’s important for us to hear your ideas, no matter how small or grand, for what you would like the site to become and how you’d like to use it.

Have your say

The Briars offers: • ‘The Briars’ historic homestead • Balcombe Estuary Boardwalk • Visitor Centre • gardens and vineyards • historic farm buildings • wildlife sanctuary and wetlands • bushwalking and birdwatching • Plant nursery • Angus & Rose • Josephine’s Restaurant and more to explore!

Pop in to have your say at the Briars Visitor Centre or at one of the Shire’s customer service centres. Or you can have your say online at

Stories from WWI exhibition, 17 February-31 March 2018. The exhibition will feature diaries, letters, artefacts and photographs taken from the State Library of Victoria’s archive. Seven personal stories from this collection have been selected for the touring exhibition. Mornington Peninsula Shire has

invited the public to the launch at Mornington library. The mayor, Cr Bryan Payne, will open the exhibition along with award-winning poet Jim Brown, who will recite his work: The Anzac on the wall. The opening runs 11am-midday, Monday 19 February, at the library, Vancouver St, Mornington. Book at ourlibrary.mornpen.vic.

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Mornington News

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13 February 2018


NEWS DESK Minister for lunch FEDERAL Health Minister Greg Hunt will outline the federal government’s commitment to creation of a nationally recognised health and education precinct at Frankston when he addresses a business lunch in the bayside city this month. Mr Hunt, also one of two federal MPs representing Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, was appointed health minister a year ago, and one of his first public statements was about Frankston’s potential to become Melbourne’s third medical hub after Parkville and Clayton. The minister will be guest speaker at a Committee for Greater Frankston lunch at midday on Friday 23 February at Functions by the Bay (Frankston Football Club), corner Young St and Plowman Place, Frankston. The event is open to the public. Creation of the precinct, to be operated jointly by Monash University and Frankston Hospital, is a key advocacy objective of the committee, which was formed a year ago to advocate for a better deal for Greater Frankston from all levels of government. Mr Hunt also is expected to speak about how health policy will respond to the changing needs of an ageing population as well as social health issues in the region. Booking details are on the committee’s website:

Fashion at RSL RYE RSL’s women’s auxiliary is holding a fashion parade at the Rye RSL, Nelson St, Rye at 2pm on Wednesday 21 March. The $5 entry includes afternoon tea. Bookings and details: 5985 5244 or 0400 080 056.

Sea dramas test rescuers Stephen Taylor THE futile search for a swimmer missing off Portsea back beach on Sunday last week was an emotionally and physically draining exercise for Volunteer Marine Rescue crews from Mornington and Hastings. They were unable to find missing Narre Warren engineering student Khalil Nabizadah, 23, whose body was washed up at Portsea on Wednesday afternoon. Police are preparing a report for the coroner. Two other men were rescued: a 22-year-old Cranbourne West man was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and said to be in a stable condition, while a 23-year-old Cranbourne man did not require medical treatment. The rescue attempt was part of a challenging 72 hours for VMR crews in which they responded to 10 callouts, cruised more than 200 nautical miles (360 kilometres), using 1500 litres of fuel costing around $2000. Former VMR president Tim Warner said of the Sunday 6pm alert: “Swimmers missing off London Bridge is one call we do not like to receive”. Responding to the emergency, the Mornington vessel Darbyshire III battled “pretty bad conditions [going] out through The Rip”, he said. “Our Hastings boat Alwyn Tamo came around from Western Port in heavy seas to join in the search, along with the Westpac helicopter. “[The other] swimmers made it to

On call: VMR crew members making their way back to base. Picture: Supplied

shore but, sadly, the other was not located. After a few hours searching, conditions deteriorated, and both vessels headed for home.” Alwyn Tamo skipper Neil Cooper said: “Coming around West Head [Flinders], we encountered huge waves that made it a very uncomfortable trip. The same for Mornington’s vessel coming back through The Rip with a strong ebbing tide.”

In other jobs, the VMR crews assisted a boat with a blown motor at Seal Rocks, and a boat with air-contamination in the fuel tank. They towed a vessel off the mud at Corinella at 9 o’clock one night and, as soon as it was clear, received a call to assist a steel yacht with a blown motor five nautical miles off Woolamai. They reached Cowes at 4am next day. Other broken-down vessels were towed from: Carrum to Altona, Mt

Martha to Sorrento, and Mud Island to Martha Cove. And still the work continued: On Monday 8 February the Darbyshire III spent nine-and-a-half hours assisting the Air Ambulance re-accredit its winch operators – and all of that in 72 hours. VMR is always looking for new members or support. Those interested can visit to receive the information required.

s tu 0 y ac 80 da nt 0 to Co 0 ur to


5 ra Fo





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Lifestyle Membership Only $670 | No Joining Fee Valid for play 1/3/18 – 31/8/18*

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For further information please contact Nicole Grace 03 5950 0800 207 Boneo Road, Rosebud VIC 3939 PAGE 12

Mornington News

13 February 2018

Hand clearing for freeway’s centre strip Stephen Taylor WILDLIFE groups are breathing a little easier after a meeting with VicRoads officers on Tuesday 9 January thrashed out a “redesign of works” for clearing trees from the median strip on the Mornington Peninsula Freeway. In what was slammed as a “scorched earth” vegetation clearance last October, the authority’s “forestry machine” mulched its way through hundreds of metres of established median-strip trees and shrubs in preparation for the laying of steelrope barriers along the length of the freeway. As the barriers require at least three metres of “flex” space, wide swathes of bushland became collateral damage with stressed animals and birds fleeing in panic, ringtail possums dropping babies from nests, and echidnas and blue tongue lizards were trampled under steel wheels. Angry residents were aghast at the wholesale loss of habitat, “cruel” treatment of wildlife, lack of planning and consultation and loss of amenity to the area. They predicted increased noise and air pollution, sun and traffic glare, stronger cross winds, increased temperatures on the road and even potential flooding. Eight VicRoads staff at last month’s meeting at The Briars sought to smooth the waters with




Australian Wildlife Protection Council’s president Craig Thomson, secretary Eve Kelly, member Roslyn Browning, Balnarring wildlife shelter operator Klarissa Garnaut, Crystal Ocean wildlife shelter’s Brenda Marmion, of at Rye, Warneet wildlife shelter operator Una Merrick, Greens candidate Paul Saunders and endorsed Liberal Party candidate Russel Joseph. When the second stage of the works begins in March workmen – not the dreaded forestry machine – will undertake low-key clearance works by hand. This time around, less vegetation will need to be cleared as the new type of steel-rope barrier will require only half the flex room – 1.5 metres – and a new emphasis will be placed on relocating and caring for wildlife. “VicRoads acknowledged they had made a mistake and that not enough work was done on the ground last time,” Ms Browning said. “They seem to have a greater sympathy for wildlife now.” Ms Kelly said better planning for wildlife corridors would allow wildlife groups to cope with high-impact events such as the vegetation clearing and alleviate much of the animals’ suffering – especially during times of stress. “People come from overseas to see our native animals and yet we are wiping them out,” she said.


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Phone 5976 4334 Mornington News

13 February 2018



Sediment ‘a threat to estuary’ UNMADE roads are being blamed for the increasing sediment in the Balcombe Creek estuary at Mt Martha. The environment group BERG Mt Martha says “analysts” recorded 14 tonnes of sediment flowing into the estuary during three storms between 28 September and 23 October 2016. It believes a similar amount of gravel and dirt was washed into the creek from surrounding roads by heavy rains at the beginning of December last year. BERG Mt Martha says the sediment threatens the survival of the estuary’s native birds, fish and other wildlife. The environmental group is campaigning to raise awareness of the problem to save the estuary for future generations of residents and tourists who visit and enjoy the beauty spot. “We must do all we can to save the estuary,” BERG Mt Martha president Graham Hubbard said. “Unless we stop the sediment, this beautiful stretch of water won’t be available for our grandchildren or the community to enjoy. “Until we received these reports, we didn’t know how fast it was silting up. The reports also help to explain why the number of aquatic birds is reducing quickly. “Black swans, that used to nest here, seem to have gone and other species are following.” Mr Hubbard said Balcombe Creek, with its estuary, is the biggest waterway entering the eastern side of Port Phillip. The 450-member BERG Mt Martha was formed 21 years ago to help restore and preserve the bushland and reserves.

Mr Hubbard said Mornington Peninsula Shire commissioned two reports into the sediment problem – one by Alluvium and the other by the Centre for Aquifer Pollution Identification and Management (CAPIM). Core samples taken by Alluvium revealed that 7000 to 5000 years ago Balcombe Creek was an open estuary with its basin several metres deep. European settlement disturbed the catchment with clearing for agriculture and urbanisation, leading to

sediment entering the estuary. “In the past 80 years, sediment has smothered seagrass beds and built islands now exposed at low water levels,” Mr Hubbard said. He said analysis of 15 drains entering the creek and estuary showed that the Hopetoun Creek drain was “by far the largest source of sediment, followed by the Henley St and Augusta St drains”. “The CAPIM report revealed runoff after storms carried most sediment into the creek, not regular

rainfall,” Mr Hubbard said. He said BERG MM and the shire would work together to reduce the runoff in the three main areas identified. “We need to attract enthusiastic new members [to BERG MM], local people who enjoy the beauty of the estuary and its surrounding bushland,” Mr Hubbard said. “We want to be able to hand over the estuary to our grandchildren in a pristine state.” Barry Morris with Keith Platt

Have your say! Wed 20 December 2017 to Wed 28 February 2018 You are invited to consider the Rosebud Aquatic Centre Business Case and provide feedback on the size of the pool – 25m indoor or 50m indoor pool. Have your say online, or visit one of our offices for a hard copy form.

For more information 1300 850 600 PAGE 14

Mornington News

13 February 2018

1099 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud | P: 5950 0300

Shire takes permanent break from holidays Keith Platt

Shallow pickings: A white-faced heron feeds in balcombe Estuary, Mt Martha, a stretch of water that is steadily filling with sediment. Pictures: Gary Sissons

MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire has now officially “transitioned” out of running school holiday programs. Licences held by the shire with the Department of Education and Training will be transferred to commercial operator Team Holiday. Team Holiday will run programs under the licences from the April’s Easter school holidays at Hastings and Mornington while continuing existing programs at Mt Eliza and Mt Martha. Mornington Peninsula Shire mayor Cr Bryan Payne described Team Holiday as “an established and experienced service provider”. Team Holiday’s website lists three programs in the just-ended school holidays, ranging from $70 a day at Mt Eliza North Primary to $75 a day at Toorak College, Mt Eliza and $75.50 a day at Osborne Primary, Mt Martha. The website also details government rebates for eligible families: “Team Holiday is a fully approved service for all CCB [Child Care Benefit] and CCR [Child Care Rebate]. This means that if you work or study and are an Australian resident, you will only end up paying 50 per cent of your fees.” Cr Payne said the move to Team Holiday “will ensure families are provided with a school holiday program service more aligned with their needs”. “Team Holiday is owned, run and

delivered by teachers, and they are holiday program specialists with excellent industry standards. Team holiday will bring a focus on fun as well as safety and service excellence for all families,” he said. “The selection of Team Holiday supports our commitment to ensure the continuation of appropriate school holiday programs that remain accessible and affordable for our local families.” Team Holiday will run Easter holiday programs at Bentons Square, Mornington and Hastings Community Hub. Holiday programs will no longer be held at Peninsula Community Theatre, Mornington, which Cr Payne said was “a temporary solution”. Team Holiday would continue programs at the more “fit-for-purpose” Toorak College, Mt Eliza North and Osborne primary schools. The shire’ move away from running school holiday programs comes at the same time that it is looking at “all options” for the delivery of its aged and disability services. Cr Payne last month said the “market test” for “potential operating models” now underway is in response to federal government changes to the sector (“Shire bows out of holiday fun” The News 9/1/18). Cr Payne gave assurances that the shire’s inquiries would have “absolutely no effect whatsoever on the current services provided to any of our 5000

clients, our staff, or our volunteers”. The shire’s aged care sector operates with 280 employees and 160 volunteers. Rather than giving a figure on how many individual jobs would be lost by the shire opting out of the school holiday program, Cr Payne was quoted in a news release as saying the move would affect a “predominantly casual workforce, an equivalent of around four FTE [full time employees]”. “For the majority of the staff the school holiday program provides secondary employment,” Cr Payne said. As “valued members of the team” these casuals will be given “support and training opportunities”. The shire’s acting director communities Jenny Van Riel later said that abandoning the school holiday programs would affect 33 casual employees. Ms Riel reiterated that “for the majority of staff, being either teachers or currently training to be teachers, this program is not their main employment”. She said 290 families registered to use the school holiday program had used “for at least one day in 2017”, while “only around 10 per cent of the families utilise each of the four holiday programs across the year”. Details of Team Holidays’ school holiday programs are bat teamholiday. Families can call the shire for more information on 5950 1099.

Clean Up Australia Day 2018 Because when the rubbish is gone, nature can carry on. Each year, thousands of Australians volunteer to clean up our parks, waterways, streets, roads and beaches. More than 32 million hours have been spent and over 344 thousand tonnes of rubbish have been removed since 1991. The Mornington Peninsula Shire supports Clean Up Australia Day by removing all rubbish collected on the day. We’re looking to make 2018 even bigger! Register or join a clean up site to ensure that your efforts are counted. Each registered site will be provided with a Clean Up Australia Day Kit. The kit includes registration papers, posters, bags, one sharp container, a warning sign and a litter report. Please note volunteers will need to provide their own pair of gloves on the day as well as sunscreen, appropriate clothing and footwear. Register early to receive your kits before March 4th. Please allow at least two weeks for delivery.

Business Clean Up Australia Day Tuesday 27 February Schools Clean Up Australia Day Friday 2 March Community Clean Up Australia Day Sunday 4 March

To register or join 1800 282 329

Mornington News

13 February 2018



Shire seeks ‘key actions’ for climate change MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire is choosing five “key actions” after joining the Australia-wide Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership. The shire’s membership was announced at a ceremony in Lismore, NSW making it one of 70 municipalities networking to tackle climate change. While there were no shire representatives at Lismore, the mayor Cr Bryan Payne said “we are excited to be a part of such an important initiative and to be working in collaboration with other local councils to take the next step towards a sustainable, non-polluting energy future”. Councillors agreed to join the climate council last October. “Cities Power Partnership offers the shire a unique opportunity to network with leading national councils and to build on the shire’s existing climate change commitments,” Cr Payne said. “Protecting and maintaining a clean environment has been identified by the community as a top priority. We believe this opportunity to work with other councils will help us tackle this challenge head on. “Council will be selecting its five key actions from the partnership pledge within the next six months.” The shire was one of 35 municipalities to sign up with the climate council which coincided on Tuesday 30 January with the launch of Australia’s largest floating solar farm in Lismore. “We’re excited to see a record number of councils jumping on board with the Cities Power Partnership,” climate

councillor and international climate scientist Professor Will Steffen said. “As the tier of government that’s closest to the community, local councils have the power to genuinely transform the way we generate and use energy. “It’s clear that Australians support climate action from their council. We’re calling on all local governments to join the groundswell of climate action spreading across the country.” In the past few years shire councillors, CEO Carl Cowie and staff have attended United Nations-run climate talks in Paris and Germany and the shire has adopted a carbon neutral policy. Cr Payne in November last year said “through the Your Peninsula 2021 consultation, the community told us the most loved thing about living on the peninsula is the environment and our council was quick to respond with the development of a pro-active carbon neutral policy”. “We recognise that local government has a crucial part to play and are committed to learning and doing more for the peninsula,” Cr Payne said. During their time in Germany Councillor Brooks and the shire’s project delivery manager Derek Rotter attended the Twins Conference in Essen discussing Cities in Climate Change with representatives from across the globe and experts in the fields of environment, climate protection as well as urban and landscape planning. Keith Platt

Vandals hit historic offices VANDALS trashed and robbed the historic old shire offices at Dromana, overnight Wednesday 7 February. Mornington Peninsula Shire officers said “significant damage” had been caused to the well-used community space in Pt Nepean Road. The offices house the Rotary Club of Dromana, Port Phillip 4WD Club, U3A Southern Peninsula, Dromana and District Historical Society, Dromana Potters Group and Country Women’s Association. During the break in, several valuable pieces were stolen from historical society collections. “I am angered by this senseless act on such a well-loved community space,” Cr Simon Brooks said. “We will work to help rectify the situation wherever possible.” Cr Antonella Celi said the break-in was a “real blow to our community

and their sense of safety”. “It’s especially bad for the many volunteers who dedicate their time to preserving and sharing pieces of peninsula history,” she said. The most affected rooms were the museum and hall, while the museum’s workroom was spared much damage. Shire officers on site early Thursday were identifying what was miss-


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ing and repairing breakages while liaising with the community groups and historical societies which use the building. The mayor Cr Bryan Payne said the vandalism “not only inconveniences community groups that utilise the facility, but all residents and visitors who enjoy the space”. “The shire will continue to work closely with the affected community groups and historical societies throughout this process.” Cr Frank Martin said clubs and groups which relied on the building to get together as a community would be “disappointed”. The cost of the clean-up works and repairs are yet to be finalised. Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or online at Stephen Taylor


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Mornington News

13 February 2018

Mornington News

13 February 2018



Bridgestone Select opens in Mornington BRIDGESTONE Select Mornington is now open at 2/1002 Nepean Highway, Mornington. The store is owned and operated by local couple Travis and Angie Jenkins, who have lived in Mornington for the past 14 years and are both involved with the local community and offering support to a number of local sporting clubs in Mornington. Travis has a long history in the automotive industry as a motor mechanic and then later as a service manager in automotive dealerships. Travis and his team bring a wealth of knowledge from their many years in the automotive and tyre industry, making them the perfect people to discuss everything about your car. Whether you’re in need of new tyres, a wheel alignment, log book service or some expert auto service advice on your vehicle, the team at Bridgestone Select Mornington are always more than happy to help. With a wide range of quality car, SUV, 4x4 and performance tyres, they have a tyre to suit all budgets and driving needs. With plenty of parking available, Bridgestone Select Mornington is also the convenient option for all of your needs, offering a comfortable waiting area if you choose to enjoy a coffee or read the newspaper in airconditioned comfort whilst you have your tyres replaced or vehicle serviced. Alternately they also offer the option of a lift within the local area. At Bridgestone Select Mornington the main focus is you the customer, and ensuring that all customers leave completely satisfied.

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We offer Auto Service D TR OS EC NT PE

2/1002 Nepean Highway 5924 1444


Bridgestone Select Mornington

Whatever your make or model, book your next service with one of our qualified technicians.

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Mornington News

13 February 2018





"The 2017 RateMyAgent Agent of the Year - Mornington! The team that leads the way with service & results."

COMPLETED & READY FOR NEW OWNERS Discerning buyers with an eye for style and quality will not want to miss this. These stunning 2 storey townhouses sit directly opposite a large park and offer a privileged coastal lifestyle opportunity with top of the range S/S Miele appliances, and just minutes to fabulous Fossil Beach and the Dava Drive shops.









7 Kooyonga Grove, Mornington The 'Renoir' Townhouses - Luxurious Seaside Masterpieces


Joel Hood | 0429 886 188 Adrian Calcedo| 0402 703 236

LOOKING FOR L VE THIS VALENTINES DAY? Follow our facebook page on Wednesday 14 February & join our search * Awards received at various times throughout 2016 & 2017

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 2



THE GOOD TIMES NEVER HAVE TO END TAKING contemporary living to the next level, this superb architect-inspired residence is positioned in a prime location with a wide north-east frontage that perfectly showcases the sweeping views of Port Phillip Bay. Set on a 615 square metre corner block and effortlessly sprawling across two sumptuous levels, this executive home is complete with four bedrooms and two separate living areas. To the right as you enter is a guest bedroom with ensuite and built-in robes, and further along the hall are two more bedrooms sharing a dual-entry bathroom with separate powder room. There is a distinct theme of understated elegance exuding throughout this home with a soft colour palette nicely complemented by the natural timber floors and staircase. The upstairs zone is a chic, light-filled affair with a premium kitchen boasting a host of gleaming cupboards with fantastic wide bench tops and premium appliances. A discreet butlers pantry offers even more storage and prep space. A spacious dining zone will comfortably cater to larger gatherings, the magnificent alfresco terrace will also help, and the excellent lounge is orientated around a brilliant log-effect gas heater. The terrace has an outdoor kitchen with barbecue, storage cupboards and sink with tap. The showpiece of the upstairs zone is undoubtedly the magnificent master bedroom where a clever walk-through robe is set behind the feature wall, and a breathtaking ensuite off to the side features a frameless glass shower and full length vanity. Opening from the master bedroom is a second private balcony that overlooks the stunning in-ground pool with wide sunbathing deck. Completed to the highest of standards, this outstanding property even has the remarkable inclusion off an elevator that rises from the double lock up garage to an area tucked behind the butlers pantry. Impressive in every sense, this first-class residence exemplifies luxurious coastal living at its finest. This is a lifestyle to cherish.n



ADDRESS: 51 Revell Street, BLAIRGOWRIE FOR SALE: Contact agent for all details DESCRIPTION: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 car AGENT: Josh Callaghan 0418 595 719 Fletchers Real Estate, 2815 Point Nepean Road, Blairgowrie, 5984 2600

Tuesday, 13 February 2018



26 Marine Avenue


A 3B 2C

SiLKY oaKS • Superbly crafted, ten year old luxury beachside home built to superior standards, boasting two stunning living spaces, just steps to Fisherman’s beach • Two storeys flaunting sumptuous lounge rooms, elegant dining area with stone kitchen, plus integrated microwave, bar fridge and coffee machine • Breathtaking sun dappled alfresco deck set among sub-tropical-style gardens, plus double remote control garage with internal access • Two lavish masters with private ensuites, slide-out TV, library shelving and Bose sound system, plus gas log fireplace, ducted heating, refrigerated air conditioning and vacuum

For Sale Price inspect rob relph Dean Phillips

Contact Agent See online advertising 0422 019 282 0402 833 865

Mount Martha

47 Hull Road

aLLurE • A substantial 1200sqm (approx) parcel offers a glorious site to construct the luxurious coastal home of your dreams • Situated in the prestigious Waterview Ridge Estate with magnificent elevation to capture the water views across Port Phillip Bay • A gentle rise of the allotment works to maximise the bay views, which will be even more spectacular from a second level to soak up the ever-changing outlook and sunsets • Privileged seaside locale within walking distance to Mt Martha Primary School via a handy shortcut, the village shops, cafes and South Beach

auction inspect Marcus gollings rob relph

This Saturday 17th of February at 11am Saturday 10:30 - 11:00am 0422 236 990 0422 019 282

Mornington Mt ELiZa Tuesday, 13 February 2018

03 5975 4555 03 9787 2422


Page 4


25 Gilga Street


A 1B 2C

EXECUtorS AUCtion • Exciting renovation opportunity in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, moments to Mornington Park Primary and local shops • Spacious living area and separate family dining, plus galley-style kitchen with direct access to backyard • Master with adjoining retreat/study/nursery, plus bathroom with tub and handy two-way toilet to laundry • Original timber floors under carpeting, ducted heating and evaporative cooling, plus three lock-up sheds, garden hideaway and tandem carport

Auction inspect Chelsey gibson Effie Merson

Saturday 3rd of March at 11am See online advertising 0409 277 997 0478 789 751


11 Baroona Street


A 2B 2C

SUnSEEKEr • Grand 1950’s home on a large 1406sqm (approx) allotment with stunning panoramic views across the bay, just moments to Mills Beach and Main Street • Formal lounge and dining with fireplace and chandelier, plus spacious second living with glass doors to park-like gardens and hedges • Family meals conservatory beneath stunning glass ceiling, stone kitchen with Asko/Smeg appliances, plus leadlight windows, ceiling roses and timber floors • Master bedroom opening to viewing balcony, open fireplace, ducted heating and ceiling fans, plus double carport, workshop and weatherboard sheds

For Sale Price inspect Dean Phillips Marcus gollings

Contact Agent See online advertising 0402 833 865 0422 236 990

Mornington Mt ELiZA Tuesday, 13 February 2018

03 5975 4555 03 9787 2422 MORNINGTON NEWS Page 5

MOUNT ELIZA | 12 Bilgola Court 4




Architecturally Designed Oasis - Executive living at its finest - 4Bedrooms, Master with WIR & Ensuite - Stunning central kitchen with Quartz bench tops - Covered alfresco entertaining deck - Double lock up garage with internal access - Picturesque 15 metre lap pool - 1568sqm (approx) - Breathtaking views to Red Hill

FOR SALE | $1,750,000 - $1,900,000

Louise Lupton


MOUNT ELIZA | 30 Beluga Street

LAND 776sqm

Rare Beachside Land - Prime opportunity to secure a vacant beachside block - 776sqm (approx.) - Potential views over Ansett Estate & Blue of the Bay - Fully fenced block - Services available - Walking distance to primary school, beach & transport

FOR SALE | $780,000 - $830,000

Rob Ferguson


1300 214 397 | | 5 Davies Avenue, Mount Eliza, 3930

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 6


Amazing performance




Louise Lupton LICENSED ESTATE AGENT 0414 525 298 |

I cannot rate Louise highly enough. She is an exceptionally hardworking professional, but for me, what sets her aside from everyone else, is her empathy; an increasingly rare but so highly valued quality today. She went above and beyond what I expected and delivered an amazing service and outcome on my sale; I couldn’t have asked for a better result - thank you Louise


We believe in service. We believe in our team. We believe you will not find a better agency to represent your property. When you choose Lupton Ferguson Real Estate you choose to have the directors at the helm of your property sale. Our Mission is to make you our greatest advocate. - Rob Ferguson & Louise Lupton

1300 214 397 | | 5 Davies Avenue, Mount Eliza, 3930

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Safety Beach 8 Seaspray Close

A3 B2 C2

Between the Bay & the Harbour With breathtaking Port Phillip Bay views in one direction and the stunning Martha Cove waterway in the other, this home is perfectly positioned to enjoy a truly enviable lifestyle. Offering two levels of spacious living & entertaining spread out over approx 35 squares, the lifestyle you have dreamt about awaits. The upstairs level includes the master bedroom, kitchen and living areas which soak up the magnificent bay vista whilst the huge downstairs rumpus room complete with wet bar is the ideal teenage retreat. Ducted heating & cooling, stone bench tops & stainless steel appliances to the gourmet kitchen, a double sided gas log fire place and undercover outdoor entertaining areas on both levels complete this impressive package.

For Sale $1,675,000

Stuart Cox 0417 124 707

inspect OFI or by appointment

Balnarring 17 Renown Road

A2 B1

Ideal Opportunity

Stroll down Balnarring Beach Road and across the creek and you find yourself at the famous “Tulum� general store, beach and yacht club. This fantastic property in Renown Road is the ideal opportunity for anyone looking to get into the Balnarring market place. The land is a wonderful 891m2 with a wide frontage of 18.28m. The log cabin, which is in great condition for its age, would be an ideal first home or investment for the astute buyer. This property is currently under capitalised affording the buyer peace of mind with any improvements they may wish to make.

For Sale $660,000-$715,000

John Hanna 0408 374 334

inspect By appointment

Mornington 5976 5900


Bentons Square 5976 8899


Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 8

Mornington 15 Cawarra Street

A3 B1 C1

Look No Further!

Located within walking distance to Bentons Square Shopping Centre, this affordable 3 bedroom rendered brick home will appeal to a myriad of buyers. Exuding warmth and character throughout, the renovated kitchen boasts stainless steel appliances, a handy island bench and French doors leading to a delightful undercover and paved al fresco area for summer entertaining. Further features include an updated, modern bathroom, air conditioning (reverse cycle), steel garage/workshop, 2 driveway crossovers allowing ample parking, and further scope to extend or renovate (STCA). With plenty of yard space for the kids and pets to play, yet set on a manageable block of approx 531m2, the homely charm of this property will invite you to inspect.

For Sale $610,000-$640,000

Simon Farrar 0412 734 130

inspect OFI or by appointment

Mornington 2/15 Brent Street

A2 B1 C1

Ripe For A Reno!

Boasting 2 good sized bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and an open plan kitchen and lounge living space, this well located brick veneer unit is crying out for some tender loving care! Affordably priced, bring your creative and practical talents and transform this property and realise the true potential that awaits! Also comprises a bathroom, separate toilet and laundry and featuring a sunny rear courtyard with access to a single lock up garage. Being only one of three on the block, this unit will surely not last long on the market! Currently tenanted on a periodic lease.

For Sale $395,000-$430,000

Simon Farrar 0412 734 130

inspect OFI or by appointment

Mornington 5976 5900


Bentons Square 5976 8899

| Tuesday, 13 February 2018




LOT 3 - 5112 m2

LOT 10 - 2490 m2

LOT 4 - 3382 m2

LOT 11 - 2501 m2

LOT 5 - 3341 m2

LOT 12 - 2536 m2

LOT 6 - 2648 m2

LOT 13 - 2691 m2

LOT 7 - 2526 m2

LOT 14 - 2946 m2

LOT 8 - 2524 m2

LOT 15 - 3720 m2

LOT 9 - 2482 m2

LOT 16 - 2965 m2

BRUCE GODDARD 0408 316 701

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 10

168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888



A4 B2 C2

745 Frankston Flinders Road, Baxter A botanic 20 acres (approx.) that offers country living in suburbia, this slice of paradise is a place of peace, beauty and tranquillity at the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula. Offering incredible value for money and an opportunity to raise your family in nature with four acres of botanical gardens, a series of ponds stocked with rare native ďŹ sh, bridge entry over Watson Creek and acres of natural bush. The original four-bedroom two-bathroom residence offers all the charm and character of a country home; while there is unlimited potential to utilise the land further with scope for pony paddocks or to run livestock conveniently positioned close to Peninsula Link, schools and shops.

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 3rd March 12:00pm As advertised or by appointment Damian Smith 0481 875 243 Sam Galvin 0447 343 513

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888

Dromana Auction this Saturday


27a Macedon Avenue, Dromana Picture this…postcard water views with the mood of the bay unfolding in front of your eyes, Mt Martha hill on show, the city skyline on the horizon and Arthurs Seat and the Eagle Chair lift rising in the background…all yours to enjoy year-round from this striking three-year-old two-storey north-facing residence. With stunning style, this three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom residence with bay views across both levels, fabulous alfresco entertaining zone with pizza oven, viewing balcony, Smeg kitchen, study area, hydronic heating, hardwood floorboards, double glazed windows and double remote garage offers exceptional livability close to the beachfront, shops, schools, parkland and freeway access.

Auction 17th February 11:00am Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103

A 3 B 2.5 C 2

Mornington Auction this Saturday


5/94 Beleura Hill Road, Mornington Immersed in privacy in prestigious Beleura Hill and wrapped in an amazingly spacious garden to the north and west, this rear two-bedroom unit, in a small group of 6, offers a wonderful sense of space and relaxation with outstanding scope for renovation (STCA). With a well-zoned floorplan with separate living and dining zones and leafy views at every turn, this tightly-held home is blissfully quiet and appointed with a single garage, reverse-cycle air conditioning unit and central bathroom. Live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget exclusively situated opposite Beleura Village shops and within minutes of transport, Mills Beach, Mornington Secondary College and Main Street.

Auction 17th February 1:00pm Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103

A2 B1 C1

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 12

168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888 Mount Martha


5 Wattle Avenue, Mount Martha In the crème-de-la-crème of Golden Mile locations metres from the Estuary boardwalks and only a two-minute walk from Mt Martha Village’s boutique shops and cafes and the pristine beachfront with its iconic beach boxes and Yacht Club, this single-level four-bedroom, two-bathroom residence luxuriating on a spectacular 1103sqm (approx.) land parcel offers a gateway into one of the Mornington Peninsula’s most exclusive and tightly-held locations. Changing hands for the first time since the 1960s, this is a rare and rewarding opportunity to renovate the comfortable home or re-build with a luxury seaside masterpiece (SCTA) in this once in a lifetime address.

Auction Saturday 10th March 11:00am Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103

A4 B2 C2

O’Brien Real Estate Mornington Property Management

Jill Gaumann

Fraser Bayne

Director / Licensed Estate Agent

Property Manager

0419 376 644

0419 499 729

Contact either Jill or Fraser for a no-obligation discussion about your investment property and how they can help you through your property management journey in 2018. List your rental property with OBrien Real Estate Mornington and receive 3 MONTHS FREE MANAGEMENT. This offer is applicable to any new managements introduced from 1st February 2018 to 30th April 2018.

5975 1250 3 Main Street, Mornington

Tuesday, 13 February 2018







TRI-LEVEL BEACHSIDE RESIDENCE A privileged lifestyle package Directly adjacent Frankston’s sandy beach in a boutique group of luxury townhouses, this 4 bedroom residence with large home office showcases a privileged lifestyle package for work and play. Spread over 3 levels, the home features 2 generous living areas and a contemporary stone kitchen with Bosch appliances, while a sundeck and spectacular upper level terrace offer a choice of alfresco options for outdoor entertaining back dropped by close water views. An easy walk to restaurants, cinemas and shopping and footsteps to the sand, this spacious seaside sanctuary includes a master with ensuite, guest room with ensuite, 3rd bathroom, ducted heating, gas fireplace, evaporative cooling, storeroom and double remote garage.

Price Guide: Inspect: Contact:

$950,000 Saturday 12:00-12:30pm Ben Crowder 0407 557 758

Shop 7 / 20-22 Ranelagh Drive MOUNT ELIZA

81 Arthurs Seat Road RED HILL Tuesday, 13 February 2018

9708 8667 5908 3900


Page 14






PICTURESQUE SURROUNDS, PANORAMIC BAY VIEWS Magnificently situated on a 3,786sqm approx. garden allotment in Mt Eliza’s Golden Mile and commanding spectacular bay views, this stunning architect designed 4 bedroom residence provides incomparable lifestyle appeal walking distance to Canadian Bay, schools and Mt Eliza Village. Designed to capture views of the breathtaking gardens, sandstone terraces, heated pool and Port Phillip Bay, the lavishly proportioned interior features a sitting room with open fire, fitted study, glorious living/dining room with gas fire, entertainer’s gourmet kitchen and casual dining area. Accommodation wings comprise the beautiful main bedroom with designer ensuite and walk in robe, a 2nd bedroom with en-suite and built in robe, 2 additional bedrooms (robes), 2 bathrooms, a retreat and multi purpose media/recreation room. Only 50 minutes from the CBD, it includes RC/air-conditioning, alarm, ducted vacuum, laundry, triple garaging, outdoor bathroom, wine cellar, storage, auto gates, irrigation and water tanks. In conjunction with Marshall White – James Redfern 0412 360 667 FOR SALE BY EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: EXPRESSIONS CLOSE 7TH MARCH AT 5.30PM Price Guide: Contact agent Inspect: Contact:

STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT Thursday 6.00-6.30pm & Saturday 3.00 – 3.30pm James Crowder 0407 813 377 Deb Ketting-Olivier 0403 554 955

Shop 7 / 20-22 Ranelagh Drive MOUNT ELIZA

81 Arthurs Seat Road RED HILL

9708 8667 5908 3900

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


17 Yacht Court, MORNINGTON AUCTION: Saturday 24th February at 11.30am


Sensational brand new home in a superb location, built to an elite level of lifestyle, privacy and exclusivity. Combining executive class with desired family values, this exquisite 34 square home demonstrates a new benchmark in prestige single-level living. With huge rooms and wide hallways throughout, some of this magnificent features include: Main bedroom with large WIR, ensuite with separate toilet Study n Venato Bianco Porcelain tiles to bathrooms n Timber flooring to main areas n Ducted cooling and heating

INSPECT Thursday 5.00-5.30pm Saturday 11.00 -11.30am

Gas log fire Coffered ceiling to main living room n Stunning kitchen with Asko appliances n Butler’s pantry with double wine fridges n Alfresco with built in BBQ





Rod Morahan 0419 530 670

Plus so much more!

Private Sale

2 Dudson Close Mount Eliza 4



2697m2 approx

Classic Australian homestead in a very desirable part of Mt Eliza with a prized northerly aspect set on 2/3 acre amongst beautifully maintained mature gardens. A quality brick & tile roof construction that has been very well maintained & features 4 bedrooms – master with ensuite, plus office. Open plan kitchen, dining and rumpus room, separate formal dining room, with two more living areas. Extensive timber decking overlooks the in-ground pool and spa. Large double garage has a workshop and there is a garden shed. Also featuring GDH and split-system aircon. A quiet place to live yet offering excellent access to Mt Eliza Village, Nepean Hwy & Peninsula Link.

For Sale


Contact agent

By Appointment

Pranas Kriauza 0413 337 395 Mornington 5973 5444

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 16


At Apartment World we have sourced over 100 Projects, 2000 apartments & have an extensive range of off market properties, making it easier to find your apartments in one place!


Prices starting from $394,632 I MOVE IN NOW! LUXURY GRAND PRIX SEATS overlooking Albert Park Lake Situated on Albert Park Lake, with sweeping Albert Park and CBD views, Lakeside Apartments is Hickory’s second current project for clients Southlink developments. Designed by Fender Katsalidis architects, the 12 level Lakeside project comprises 159 apartments as well as a three level basement. Ground floor communal facilities include a resident’s library, gymnasium,


From $546,000


Must be seen to be believed! You will be amazed! • • • •

1 month away from completion Exquisite fittings and finishes 25 m cantileve Lap Pool looking over city Entertaining and outdoor dining, a luxurious mini theatre, a richly stocked library and even a climate-controlled wine cellar


lounge/ communal dining room and an outdoor forecourt with pool and landscaped gardens. The angulated architecture of the buildings is designed to maximise views of Albert Park Lake from each apartment, with the façade highlighted by strong vertical and diagonal elements. Great location to live in, rent out or Air BNB!! Selling fast be quick!!

From $398,300

From $450,000




Grace Apartments. Nearly sold out!! • Only a couple apartments left! • Close walk to the beach, Bayside shopping centre and transport • High quality finishes with 3 colour schemes to choose from • Great investment opportunity • Prices Ranging between $398,300 - $462,100

Subscribe to alerts and exclusive offers today at



Boutique - 32 Residences • Located in one of the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods in South Melbourne • Collection of exclusive 1 and 2 bedroom residences to choose from • Boutique development of 33 residences • Prices starting from $450,000 Tuesday, 13 February 2018






Oakleigh I Prices starting from $380,000 Discover new heights of luxury and premium amenities! Distinguished by an enviable collection of premium amenities, thoughtfully selected to offer guests an unparalleled experience during their stay, visitors are able to disconnect from the chaos of the city bustle, while the option to reconnect remains at their fingertips. With a bent toward promoting health and wellbeing, onsite recreational facilities include a yoga studio, bocce field,

gymnasium and indoor heated swimming pool, all of which have been designed using state-of-art equipment. The inclusion of numerous communal spaces, including a verdant rooftop garden, modern cinema space, restaurant, cafe, supermarket and lobby, invite opportunities to create social connections, while adding an air of luxurious convenience to the apartments.



From $448,500



West Melbourne

From $429,500

Convenience of the very best Melbourne has to offer with parks, cafes, restaurants and the arts right at your door step

Exclusive rooftop garden and outdoor lounge with spectacular views over the CBD

One and two bedroom apartments available (Limited available)

1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences available starting from $429,500

Spacious open plan living

Construction commenced

Views out to the Dandenong ranges down Smith Street to Melbourne city

Teppanyaki bar and picnic areas for informal year round entertaining

Prices starting from $448,500


Tuesday, 13 February 2018



Page 18

Call us today on 9863 7401



Highett I Prices starting from $910,000 Spectacular Bayside Retreat. The apartments of The Haven are each appointed in sophisticated, luxurious finishes that will instantly create a sense of home while leaving you plenty of room to express your own distinctive style. The location and design afford privacy, but also the freedom to spread out and entertain in accommodating open-plan living and dining areas. Choose a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom configuration with every detail calculated to bring ease and joy to your everyday life.

- Interiors by award winning firm Studiomint - Choose from one, two or three bedrooms - Your choice of a light or dark colour scheme - Carparking to every apartment - Reverse-cycle air conditioning to all living areas and bedrooms - Stone benchtops - Quality floorboards and appliances



From $910,000



From $648,000

Townhouses located 3km from Melbourne CBD

866 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud

Excellent access to city via Nepean Highway & Bonbeach train station

Luxury beachfront living

One and two bedroom apartments to offer with secure car parking (Limited available)

Easy access to cafes, shops, wineries, Breweries and the magnificent peninsula golf courses

Prices ranging between $648,000 - $1,265,000

Open this Saturday 2-2.30pm

Rooftop balcony and beach access at your doorstep

3 bedroom/3 bathroom/2 car spaces

Only 5 available, don’t miss out

Subscribe to alerts and exclusive offers today at

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Call us today on 9863 7401

APARTMENT WORLD. COME INTO OUR WORLD Apartment World is one of Victoria’s largest online agencies dedicated to Apartments, Townhouses and Units. At Aparment World we have sourced over 100 Projects, 4500 apartments and many more off market properties, to make it easier to find your apartments in one place. Apartments are being designed to meet the needs of now and the future and we are here to accommodate and source your specific property.


From $669,000

All you need to do is call us on 9863 7401 or register at your ideal requirements. Then our online property alert system will notify you on specific properties. Call or email one of our local property specialists if this is not what you were looking for and we can help you further.

network and unique systems to back you all the way. Call us today or catch up for a chat and a coffee to see how we can help you. Apartment World is a one-stop-shop for sellers, property developers, landlords and buyers. From assisting in marketing your properties, including websites, developer portals, to finding development properties, we should be your first port of call.

Apartment World is in partnership with one of Australia’s largest Real Estate companies; we have an extensive


Visit us at

From $357,000


Great location, access to transport, luxury finishes. • Located opposite Monash University • Located only 12 km from the CBD • Convenient transport routes on your doorstep via Caulfield Station & tram routes along Burke & Waverley Rds. • Options of one, two and three bedrooms available • 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments fitted out with high quality finishes.

• • • • • •



From $410,000

Luxury Apartments in great location

Luxury Beachside townhouses – Construction commenced Rooftop terrace with stunning bay views Timber floors and quality finishes throughout Kitchen with stone benchtops & Miele appliances Premiere location just seconds from the sand Prices ranging 1,050,000 - $1.380,000 - 4 Townhouses

Abundance of natural light Balcony shutters High quality finishes Generous shelving and built-in storage ASKO appliances Bespoke island benches Outdoor communal area & dining facilities Prices ranging from $449,500 - $569,000


From $445,000


Luxury Beachside Townhouse.


• • • • • • • •

Brand new just completed apartments Only 2 apartments left 3km from the CBD So many places to eat, drink, shop and play Transport just a short walk away Prices $357,000 and $614,000


• • • • • •

From $449,500



From $1,050,000


• • • • •

Completed apartments ready to move into Luxurious boutique complex Generous secure storage Stunning views One and two bedroom apartments available with some already tenanted.

• Location – right next to Melbourne high, one of Melbourne’s best high schools • Walking distance to cafes, restaurants and short drive to the Botanical Gardens • Stroll or cycle down to Alexandra Ave down by the Yarra River, jump on a train or tram and be in the CBD in mins • 5 year rental guarantee starting from 5%

RENT YOUR PROPERTY WITH US TODAY AND BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO!! Apartment World are also experts in property management, but we don’t just look after your property. At Apartment World we have an extensive property portfolio, exclusive off market offers direct

from our developers plus our in-house mortgage team, we can work with you to build and look after your portfolio like no other real estate company.

Call Chloe or Rebecca on 9863 7401 3 months FREE property management to all new properties on mention of this ad!! Offer ends Feb 28, 2018. Conditions Apply.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 20

44 Pembroke Drive, SOMERVILLE

Forthcoming Auction





Located in the heart of Somerville, just a short walk to shops and schools, this solid brick home offers endless potential. Comprising 3 bedrooms; main bedroom with ensuite, two living spaces and a bonus outdoor studio. Further attributes include: Land Size 729m² (approx) n Possible Subdivisions Site (STCA) n Central Heating n Outdoor Garden Sheds n Double Lock-up Garage n

Set on a large flat block, this property is filled with potential and is ideal for a first home buyer, renovator/developer or astute investor.

INSPECT Saturday 1:00-1:30pm CONTACT Candice Blanch 0416 123 415

94 Graf Road, SOMERVILLE

$690,000 - $750,000





A bright, breezy welcoming design offers you your own personal calm retreat. You will be inspired from the front door to the back fence. Master with walk in robe & ensuite n Entertainers kitchen with island bench n Room for boat/caravan n Ducted heating and cooling n Open plan living n

All this set on a flat 813m2 (approx.) flat block in a quiet convenient location.

INSPECT Saturday 11:00-11:30am CONTACT Candice Blanch 0416 123 415

9787 7308

2/70 Mountain View Road, MOUNT ELIZA, 3930 Tuesday, 13 February 2018



Wed 4-4.30pm & Sat 12-12.30pm

MORNINGTON 3 Snow Gum Walk Vendors Purchased Elsewhere, Genuine Seller!




AUCTION: Saturday 17th February at 12:30pm


Lush landscaped gardens & a pristine presentation combine perfectly in creating a secure & comfortable family environment ready for all to enjoy! Offering a spacious & light filled layout with 3 bedrooms plus study or potential 4th bedroom, zoned living & private gardens all within easy access to Bentons Square, Civic reserve & transport. • Master with ensuite, WIR & extra built in robe • Large lounge & formal dining area • Spacious light filled living & meals area • Hostess style kitchen with s/steel appliances

Kayn Luff 0416 265 337

• Huge decked entertaining area with cafe blinds • Double remote garage with rear roller door access • 6m x 6m colourbond shed • Ducted heating & split system cooling

A sensational package just waiting for the lucky new owners!

John Young 0412 766 804




Wed 5.30-6.00pm & Sat 11-11.30am

MORNINGTON 30 Barkly Street Golden Opportunity


AUCTION: Saturday 17th March at 11:30am


A Golden Triangle position coupled with a sensational opportunity to secure your very own slice of this tightly held location. Perfectly located opposite lovely landscaped Mornington Memorial Park & only a short stroll to both Main Street & fabulous Fisherman’s beach is this neat & tidy 3 bedroom home set on a spacious 434m2 beachside allotment ideal for one to build their new high end home! • Location, Location, Location! • Build your dream home • Potential Bay views from a 2nd level • Golden Triangle Position

Kayn Luff 0416 265 337

With properties like this being rarer than hens teeth inspect today or regret tomorrow!

John Young 0412 766 804

5975 7733 Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 22

MORNINGTON 2/1 George Street Beachside and Brand New

Open: Wed 12-12.30pm & Sat 2-2.30pm 4





• Ducted heating & cooling • Floor to ceiling tiles in the bathrooms • Remote double garage

Situated only a short stroll from Coral Road Beach, Dava Drive shops and with transport close at hand, your stylish new home awaits, enquire today.



Kayn Luff 0416 265 337

• Stunning designs • 3 bedrooms, masters with ensuites & WIR’s • Master bedrooms downstairs

• 2 living spaces • Double remote garages •Lush landscaped gardens



Kayn Luff 0416 265 337

With nothing but the best products to be used during the construction of these new residences. For a full set of plans & inclusions please feel free to contact the office. John Young 0412 766 804

Sat 2-2.30pm

MOUNT MARTHA 6/6 Benjamin Street Villa D’este


When location is paramount in your search for a new property then you need look no further than these stunning ultra-modern new town homes offering the lucky new owners the ideal easy care lifestyle with the convenience of all amenities at your doors step with boutique shopping & cafes only moments strolls away & the sandy shores of lovely Mornington beaches.

This soon to be completed development of 3 luxury residences offering so much more than just a coveted beachside location • Generous master suite with fitted WIR & FES • Spacious light filled living • Kitchen with stone bench tops & quality Miele appliances • High ceiling & doors

$1,300,000 - $1,400,000

Open: By Appointment

MORNINGTON 7b Marine Avenue



If you are looking for a holiday residence or simply a new home that will make you feel like you are on vacation then this Mediterranean inspired villa is a must see. Set only one street back from the beach & within easy walking distance to the local shops & lovely walking trails making this front villa an ideal choice. • Spacious light filled living • Sensation sun drenched decked entertaining area • 3 bedrooms, master with ensuite • Delightful stone topped kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Kayn Luff 0416 265 337

Simply move in & enjoy this fabulous single story unit for years to come.

Lyn Andrews 0416 142 335

5975 7733 Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Great estate agents

“The difference between a good price and a great price is a great estate agent”





DROMANA 64 Lombardy Avenue





AUCTION Sat 24th Feb @ 2.30pm open to view Wed 5-5.30pm and Sat 2-2.30pm



MORNINGTON 6-8/10 Johns Road




$730,000 - $800,000 open to view as advertised online or by appointment

● Superbly modernised coastal home

● Modernised hideaway in lush garden setting

● Luminous open living with sliding doors to deck

● 200 metre stroll to the beach & foreshore trails

● Cosmopolitan kitchen with concrete counters

● Plush lounge with sliding glass doors to BBQ patio

Mornington Peninsula


Jarrod Carman | 0423 144 102

Mornington Peninsula

Jarrod Carman | 0423 144 102

‘Mornington Peninsula’s most trusted real estate agent’ Eview Group Mornington Peninsula Office

Awarded #1 Office of the Year 2015 and 2016

Jarrod Carman Awarded #1 Principal of the Year 2015 and 2016



MOUNT MARTHA 8/27 Green Island Avenue





$675,000 - $740,000 open to view as advertised online or by appointment ● High-class luxury 3 bedroom townhouse

Jarrod Carman 0423 144 102 Licensed Estate Agent

● In impressive estate of executive-style townhouses ● Large upper and lower level living/dining areas Mornington Peninsula jarrod.carman.eview jarrodcarman

Jarrod Carman | 0423 144 102

Why list with one, when you can list with all Office: Mornington, 311 Main Street| 5971 0300

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 24

Same passion, new look. Proud Dad. Passionate. Enthusiastic. Driven. Professional. Experienced. Neighbour. Triathlete. Licensed Estate Agent. Finding the company vision and values of the Eview Group to be a perfect fit with his personal commitment to outstanding communication, honesty and hard work, local agent Adam Dureau brings more than 15 years of sales, marketing and negotiating experience to the competitive world of Mornington Peninsula real estate.

Adam Dureau Director & Licensed Estate Agent 0419 432 669 311 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 | (03) 5971 0300

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Great estate agents

“The difference between a good price and a great price is a great estate agent”





MORNINGTON 24 Katherine Court






AUCTION open to view as advertised online or by appointment ● Elegant family home in quiet court, close to Eden Park Lake and within easy reach of schools, cafes, beach and shops. ● Wonderful zoned living, family size kitchen, expansive covered alfresco entertaining deck. ● Palatial main bedroom suite, main spa bathroom, formal living or 4th bedroom option.

Mornington Peninsula

Jake Egan | 0491 129 137

Why list with one, when you can list with all Office: Mornington, 311 Main Street| 5971 0300

Southern Peninsula



5985 0000

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


1377 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud


2361 Point Nepean Road, Rye




Page 26



64 High Street, Hastings 03 5979 2489

STYLE WITH SUBSTANCE NESTLED in a quiet street, this spacious and elegant home is in a league of its own, delivering luxurious low-maintenance style and substance in equal measures. Three distinct living spaces allow each member of the family to spread out and enjoy the practicality of the fine floor plan. A large family room to the rear offers potential as a home theatre, and the front formal lounge with open fire place is the place to be come the cooler months. The open-plan kitchen features a grand island bench with two built-in wine racks and stainless steel appliances, there is plenty of storage space and a sleek glass and ceramic cook top. Three bedrooms include the lovely master bedroom with walk-in robe and ensuite, a separate study could be a fourth bedroom if required, and there is a main bathroom. The simplicity of single-level living will certainly be appreciated here with a host of other quality appointments including plantation shutters, beautiful parquetry flooring and an alfresco entertaining area. The 675 square metre block is well-landscaped and the long driveway provides plenty of off-street parking in addition to the double garage.n

CRIB POINT 5/136 Disney Street IMMACULATE TWO-BEDROOM UNIT ON SECURE LEASE - Fastidious tenants have kept this property in immaculate condition. A great floor plan consists of lounge and dining area adjoining a neat kitchen with dishwasher, range hood and pantry. Lovely private courtyard with established gardens. A perfect investment property, securely leased until April 2019. Buy now, move in later or start that portfoliio today. Two bedrooms; main bedroom with walk-in-robe and dual-entry bathroom. Kitchen with stainless steel dishwasher and plenty of storage. n Separate laundry, toilet and bathroom n Dining and lounge room with split system heating and cooling. n Single garage with internal access. n n

For Sale: $360,000 - $380,000


Inspect: By Appointment








ADDRESS: 1 Ellinbank Crescent, MORNINGTON FOR SALE: $790,000 - $865,000 DESCRIPTION: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car AGENT: Malcolm Parkinson 0421 704 246 Harcourts, Suite 2/1a Main Street, Mornington, 5970 8000

nEw homEs unIt DEvElopmEnts

Lisa Roberts 0488 910 368 Wilma Green 0407 833 996

youR DEsIgn oR ouRs

knoCk Down & RE-buIlD spECIalIsts

•FREE Building Advice •FREE Site Inspection •FIXED Price Contract


nEw homEs unIt DEvElopmEnts

youR DEsIgn oR ouRs

knoCk Down & RE-buIlD spECIalIsts

Call Craig on 03 5982 2121 or visit us online at Parkway homes Pty Ltd ABN 19107 061 Registered Building Practitioner DB-U 21534

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Mount Martha 15 Hubert Street

4 2 2 For Sale

High And Mighty With Water Glimpses 4 bedroom double brick family home, 1,587 sqm (approx) close to nature reserve, short drive to the Esplanade. 2 living rooms, wraparound entertaining deck with bay glimpses. Family room, downstairs rumpus, workshop & storage. Spacious kitchen with timber benchtops, 2 breakfast benches, gas cooktop, Smeg dishwasher & brick bar! Good-sized bedrooms, master with walkthrough robe, updated ensuite. Ducted heating, wood heater, split system air-con, BIRs, 5kw solars, water tanks, remote double garage, underhouse storage, chicken coop, generous off-street parking.

LAND 1587sqm

Price $980,000 - $1,075,000 View Saturday 12:30-1:00pm Malcolm Parkinson M 0421 704 246 P 03 5970 8000 Sue Monaghan M 0400 481 862 P 03 5970 8000 Harcourts Mornington Suite 2/1a Main Street

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 28


Mornington 74 York Street Luxury Beachside Home And Guest House Stunning coastal 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom home near Fisherman’s Beach, exceptional Airbnb potential. Designed and built as a luxury guest house. 4 ensuited bedrooms, zoned ducted heating/evaporative air-con, alfresco patio with Vergola, 600m (approx) to the water, walk to Main Street. Deluxe stone kitchen with stainless steel appliances, 2 living rooms, drive-through remote double garage. A Stunning home in an excellent location.





Saturday March 3rd at 10:30am View Wed 2:30pm–3:00pm & Sat 11:30am-12:00pm or by appointment Andrew Gillespie M 0414 680 512 P 03 5970 8000 Harcourts Mornington Suite 2/1a Main Street

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


7-11 Tanderra Street

RYE 30 Weeroona Street

Sweeping vistas and space to roam

Development Potential STCA

Dreaming of living on the Southern Mornington Peninsula? Dreaming of having a private parcel of land? Dreaming of bay and ocean views? Dreaming of having the space to create your own haven?

Located only a short walk to the beach and shops, this is a rare opportunity to secure this large flat 1012sqm allotment with potential to develop STCA or use as a family holiday getaway with 3 separate dwellings. Don’t miss the chance to purchase one of the rare sites in Rye which fall within the DDO1 zoning.


2974sqm (approx.)

3 Bed l 3 Bath

Turn that dream into reality!

Price: Contact Agent Contact: Jay Furniss 0419 728 225

Price: $950,000 - $1,050,000 Contact:Brendan Adams 0419 566 944


RYE 8 Korowa Street

1/169 Bayview Road 3 Bed l 2 Bath l 2 Car

2972sqm (approx.

The Getaway Lifestyle

Sweeping vistas and space to roam

Brand sparkling new! Townhouse with a homely feel. 3 bedroom with large con igured kitchen. The home boasts light and ambience. Low maintenance with courtyard and alfresco. Will suit retirees, small family and investors alike. Call Jules for more information today!

Dreaming of living on the Southern Mornington Peninsula? Dreaming of having a private parcel of land? Dreaming of bay and ocean views? Dreaming of having the space to create your own haven?

Open by appointment.

Turn that dream into reality!

Price: $690,000 - $750,000 Contact: Jules Alexander 0401 255 555

Price: Contact Agent Contact: Jay Furniss 0419 728 225

RYE 3 Roberts Street

RYE 4 Hackworth Rd

3 Bed l 2 Bath l 2 Car

3 Bed l 2 Bath l 2 Car

Walk to Beach and Shops!


Rosebud Is On The Move

Located only a short walk to the main Street and beach, this property is ideal for those buyers wanting the convenience of being close to all Rye has to offer yet far enough away for peace and quiet when required. Currently tenanted until 7/9/18 returning $330pw. 24 hrs notice required for private inspection.

With a backyard to ponder and chillax in this magical home has 3 good sized bedrooms, large family bathroom with spa bath, quaint kitchen with a great working space and open plan lounge room. Freshly painted throughout and new carpet this home just needs some tending loving care to the outside façade.

Price: $695,000 Contact:Brendan Adams 0419 566 944

Price: SOLD! Contact: Jules Alexander 0401 255 555

Meet Katie & Courtney our Award Winning Property Managers With over 18 years experience in property management, Katie & Courtney have the skills and knowledge to ensure your property is in the best hands on the Peninsula.

Contact Katie to find out more about our Summer Special for new landlords!

Katie Eldridge 0411 024 458

Call the team that gets you the best result! When you list your property with an Eview Group agent, you list with the entire multi-brand network, exposing your property to more buyers and achieving better results. 2361 Point Nepean Road, Rye | 1377 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud | 5985 0000 |

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


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Holiday Accommodation Specialists

IT’S A SELL OUT Australia Day Long Weekend


List your home now for LABOUR DAY WEEKEND & EASTER Melodie Stewart 0447 733 608

Karin Mander 0409 597 508

Our Marketing Partners

• airbnb • stayz • tripadvisor • • HomeAway • Ctrip

Tuesday, 13 February 2018












2/21 Simcock Street, Somerville $65,000 _____________________________________________________________ F2 CAFÉ - FOODIES OPPORTUNITY Well located in Somerville Industrial Estate n Potential to expand business n Fully fitted commercial kitchen n Realistic vendor committed to selling n Currently operating 5 days per week and closed 2pm Ouronly friendly team are atalways

Well located business in prominent location with regular clientile n High turnover, strong net profit n No coffee, no seating, all takeaway n Attractive new lease will be offered to successful purchaser n Current ownerall wishing to retireproperty management needs. you with your n Second time offered in 30 years rest assured your property is in good hands! n Get in quick and settle for the busy summer months ahead n


happy to help With several years of experience, you can Russell Murphy


Houghtons Fine Foods $395,000 + SAV _____________________________________________________________ ICONIC HOSPITALITY OPPORTUNITY

Russell Murphy

Licensed Estate Agent Licensed Estate Agent TO TALK ABOUT THE NUMBERS ON PROPERTY, PLEASE CALL ASHLEIGH NOONAN ON 0405 743 071 M: 0407 839 184 INSPECTION BY APPOINTMENT M:YOUR 0407 839 184

1/2real Watson Rd, Mt Martha, VIC, 3934 estate excellence 1/2 Watson Road, Mount Martha, VIC, 3934 | 03 5974 1100 real estate excellence

Lifestyle Opportunity



* * * * * *

Luxurious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in the heart of Main Street Bay views from rooftop and selected apartments Private rooftop terrace Contact: Russell Murphy High end appliances included throughout 0407 839 184 Large private terraces available Anticipated completion November 2018

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 32

/ Commercial


1/4 Carbine Way MORNINGTON WAREHOUSE FOR SALE 265m2 approximately Plus mezzanine of approximately 60m2 n Carpeted office space n Toilet and shower n Available with vacant possession n n


FOR SALE $520,000

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858


10 Bennetts Road MORNINGTON WAREHOUSE SOLD IN 1 WEEK Building Size: 378m2, including 100m2 upstairs Land Size: 510m2 approx n 5 Car Spaces n Warehouse and office space on two levels n Stand alone building with no Body Corporate n 3 + 3 year lease, current term commenced 11th July 2017 n Rent $37,920 per annum n



Michelle Adams

0407 743 858



1 Blamey Place n n n

4/2A Carbine Way

Building Size: 251m2, plus rear decking Brick construction All day council carparking at the rear

FOR LEASE $4150pcm + GST + Ogs

191m2 approximately 2 levels of dining n Views over the Mornington Racecourse



0407 743 858

Hastings n

FOR LEASE $3750pcm + GST + Ogs

0407 743 858

5/29 Progress 5/27 Henry Wilson Street Drive

Approximately 740m2 plus approximately 120m2 of mezzanine office space Adjoins Super Cheap Auto, McDonalds, Red Rooster, Ambulance Vic

Mornington 03 5976 5900

Michelle Adams


136 High Street n

FOR LEASE $3334pcm + GST + Ogs

Michelle Adams

125m2 approx Warehouse & office space n Mezzanine level at the rear of the warehouse n n

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858


Benton’s Square 03 5976 8899

FOR LEASE $1450pcm + GST + Ogs $1395pcm

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Business Sales Specialists Business Sales Specialists Suite 6, London House, 50 Playne Street Frankston 14 Wells Street, Frankston



Tel: (03) 9781 1588

Tel: (03) 9781 Business Migrants Expert 1588 Advisory Service


Prime position in Main Street with good rent rate and long lease. Easy business to operate. Sole agency for ROC school shoes in Mornington, also fashion and sports lines. Currently H/W team ready to retire.

Gorgeous boutique therapy centre, COIN LAUNDRETTE - ST KILDA beautifully fitted and Established 40 years and open fully staffed. Owner daily with automatic timer to open and close front door. 8 dryers,to 10 sell due to keen washers, 2 x 30lb washers, coin machine, drink machine, 3 x HWS. family Long lease in place. obligations. $112,500Price negotiable. $59,500 + sav

Specialists in multi services and repairs inc LRW certificates, auto electrical, air-conditioning etc. Many established loyal clients, work on performance and custom cars. Vehicle inc. Est 26 years, trades 5 days. Extensive equipment inc 3 hoists.



$70,000 + sav COURIER - HOME BASED Award winning business operating 5 days covering the Melbourne Metro area. Daily service for small packages to pallet goods. Vehicles are included. Est 1999 with the majority of customers with them for 5-10 years.


NEW LISTING HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING - HOME BASED Commercial, mainly poultry farms on Peninsula and surrounding areas within one hour travel. Approved contractor for Inghams, Turi & Biada. Limited opposition, fully managed, 3 vehicles included.


Modern equipment, easy parking, long lease, near train station. $235,000 MUST SELL!

$268,000 + sav


Clients include some of the world’s leading companies. Eye-catching promotional banners from teardrop to high quality, durable vinyl portable banners, adhesive wall graphics, wall mounted flags and much more. Established 1996.

Offers Around $45,000

$275,000 including stock

PRICE REDUCED CAFE - KARINGAL Long standing business in prominent position of food court. Huge takings, good equipment, long established. Vendor wishes to retire. Confidentiality applies.


Niche Jobs Board & Advertising E-Platform $100,000 + sav LISTING Unique NEW business CHILDRENS BOUTIQUE - MORNINGTON Popularand retailer of children’s clothmodel, run online ing, accessories and toys in well attractive shop. Currently working withstocked, niche mainly managed by experienced staff, ideal if you love children’s market. Huge following fashion. Vendor will ensure smooth and database, transition, with loyal customers. very strong digital foot$140,000 + sav REDUCED printLICENSED and PRICE social media CAFE - MORNINGTON attractive café in a busy presence.Lovely commercial area. Large commercial kitchen, quality

throughout. Seating $50,000equipment inside & outside with full liquor


NEW LISTING CHARCOAL CHICKEN - FRANKSTON Established by the vendor last year, all the hard work has been done with modern fit-out and excellent new equipment. Freezer room, two coolrooms. Great presentation, in busy shopping strip of residential area.

TRANSPORT SERVICE – MORNINGTON PENINSULA Shuttle service for special events operating as per booking schedules, weddings, winery tours, golf tours etc. All relevant permits for Melbourne and airport, drivers are sub-contracted as required.


CAFE - CAPEL SOUND Opposite beach and foreshore camping ground, extremely busy in summer. Modern premises with large bi-fold doors seats 27 in & 16 outside. Prime equipment. HUGE PROFITS!




TRADING for 11 years, Baha is a trendy and vibrant tapas bar serving a delicious range of cocktails and Mexican dishes, plus undoubtedly is one of the hottest venues for live music on the peninsula. The floor space consists of a large dining area with music stage, there is a private function room, and towards the rear of the property is a beer garden. The commercial kitchen is extremely well-apointed. With a good lease and excellent location, this one has it all.n

Business Migrants Expert Advisory Service NEW LISTING

NEW LISTING LICENSED CAFÉ - HASTINGS New lease offered for this double premises with huge kitchen and seating for up to 50 patrons, inside and out. Opens Wed-Sun. Large bar area, liquor licence to 9pm.

On Premises licence , no other takeaway food in the area and could suit music on Fri/Sat nights. All equipment on premises to increase current menu items. North facing deck seats 60, plus 45 indoors. Currently fully managed.

$425,000 + sav

Restaurant, RYE FOR SALE: $380,000 AGENT: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Kevin Wright Real Estate, 1/26 McLaren Place, Mornington, 5977 2255

licence. Opens Mon-Fri closing at 4pm. Highly profitable business needs active owner.

$185,000 + sav


Best we have seen! Same owner for 18 years. Loyal clients in Frankston and $270,000 + sav surrounding districts, LICENSED RESTAURANT & CAFE mainly residential, This attractive business is well some commercial. positioned at a cinema complex which assures a constant turnover. Figures are showing Large bar area, huge kitchen, well equipped. Currently managed, increase in turnover good potential for owner operator. annually. Great profits.

On Premises licence for 50 people. Main Street frontage with air-conditioned lounge plus small setting for outside seating. Opens Thursday to Sunday 12pm – 11pm. Full security system, long lease with reasonable rent. FB page.

$480,000 + sav


NEW LISTING CATERING Cooking done on premises and delivered to venues then cater for the function as required. 4 delivery trucks. 80% of orders come from website, good forward orders in place. Long standing business can be fully managed


Largest independent workshop in the area with loyal client base. Ideally positioned on main street with easy access and excellent exposure. Multi-dimensional business with huge turnover.

For Sale

Selling delightful Opens 4 hours per day APPLIES CONFIDENTIALITY $685,000 + sav and exceptional high 5 days a week.$990,000 + sav quality good 151 profits Tony Latessa CEAAustralian (REIV), and AREI, ABB, MAICD Mobile:Showing 0412 525 French REIV chocolates inc. mostly from coffee 4 BUSINESS AGENT VICTORIA for weddings. Huge sales.(Vic). Easy to operate, Australian Institute of Business Brokers President Christmas trade. No 5 year lease in place. 34 years selling experience based on honesty and reliability manufacturing, limited No food, paper or opposition. Opens magazines. Tuesday to Priced to sell! Saturday, good lease. $595,000 + sav

Hall Road, Carrum Downs

Permit Approved Residential Development Site!




Opens 5 days from 6am-2.30pm in busy industrial area. Good seating in & out plus plenty of preparation space. Great corner position, cheap rent, long lease offered.

Well located in the heart of Frankston CBD, near railway station, cinemas and Bayside Shopping Centre. Good seating capacity, indoors & out, potential to obtain a liquor licence. URGENT SALE

$125,000 + sav



Amazing playschool inside busy shopping centre. Innovative concept incorporating fun and learning for kids while parents run errands. Amazing fittings.

Amazing premises, recently renovated. Catering for parties, events and competitions. Going to sell quick so don’t waste time!



Brilliant business in spacious warehouse – manufacturing and installing timber/steel fencing. Business is also manufacturing custom-made outdoor furniture for cafes. Experienced team in place.

Vibrant CBD bar and restaurant, trading dinner only. Takings $25K per week (Vendor offering Trial). 100% turn-key condition. 68 Seats. Experienced operators only.



Well known business with over 350 work in progress files. Mainly new land developments plus high end transactions. Consistent turnover. Full assistance given. Full confidentiality applies. PRICED TO SELL

Business Migrants Expert Advisory Service

Long-established café on busy commercial corner. Serving coffee, takeaway food and retailing various items. Includes 3-bedroom residence upstairs. Long lease in place. $15K pw takings

Alexander Izsak 0428 846 322 Tony Latessa 0412 525 151

Prominent corner site

Allotment of 2,505m2 (approx.)

Close to Peninsula and Eastlink on ramps

Additional parking on a common corner allotment Zoned general residential 1

Permits approved for 34 apartments

9775 1535

James Dodge 0488 586 896 Josh Monks 0409 335 179

1 Colemans Road, Carrum Downs

Find out what your home is worth.



CEA (REIV), AREI, ABB, MAICDREIV BUSINESS AGENT VICTORIA Australian Institute of Business Brokers President (Vic).

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


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A FANTASTIC, well-established business in one of the peninsulas most beautiful settings, Loquat Restaurant has recently undergone a complete renovation and refurbishment. Licensed to seat 74 people, a huge value add to this business is the new boutique accommodation available upstairs boasting a hotel style apartment all within an easy walk to the beach. Take advantage of the solid turnover.n

FOR the passionate foodie here is a great opportunity to take an established cafe to the next level. F2 Cafe in the burgeoning Somerville industrial area currently opens 5 days per week, closing at 2pm. The potential to expand this business is enormous with a fantastic fully fitted commercial kitchen lending itself to set up a high level catering business which could add to the already steady take away trade.n

Loquat Restaurant, SORRENTO FOR SALE: $399,000 AGENT: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Kevin Wright Real Estate, 1/26 McLaren Place, Mornington, 5977 2255

2/21 Simcock Street, SOMERVILLE FOR SALE: $65,000 AGENT: Russell Murphy 0407 839 184 Abode Real Estate, 1/2 Watson Road, Mt Martha, 5974 1100

The Peninsula’s Leading Commercial & Industrial Agency For Lease

For Sale

For Lease

10/108-120 Young Street, Frankston

31 Pier Street, Dromana

6 Cannery Court, Tyabb

Retail/ Office Opportunity

Storage/ Man Cave Starting from $166,750 plus GST Sizes ranging from 95m2* – 169m2* Remote electric roller door Full security fencing with remote gate 10 Units remaining


Tom Crowder 0438 670 300

Josh Monks 0409 335 179

For Sale

Affordable Office Space

Building Area: 75m2*

Building area: 106m2*

Ground floor entry and exposure

Open plan layout

Suit retail or office users

Boardroom and kitchenette

Close to Dromana Pier and retail strip

Situated within Frankston Business Centre

$1,845pcm + GST + outgoings


Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

Tenanted Main Street Freehold National Tenant trades as Mortgage Choice

New Retail Shop

Brand New Warehouse Building area: 178m2* High clearance warehouse Toilet & kitchenette

Rear access via R.O.W

Container height roller door

Disabled toilet

Lease of 3 x 3 years Annual rent reviews


Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

David Olding 0408 358 891

3/32 Henry Wilson Drive, Capel Sound

4.6m* frontage to Point Nepean Road

Net rental return of $26,529 PA

Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

For Lease

Brand new refurbished shop of 120m2*

Very reasonably priced


For Lease

1077 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud

1/216 Main Street, Mornington

$1,667pcm + GST + outgoings

$4,333pcm + GST + outgoings Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

5925 6005

4/230 Main St, Mornington 3931

*approx. Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

$1,613pcm + GST + outgoings


Tom Crowder 0438 670 300

9775 1535

Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

9559 3888

1 Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs 3201

358 South Rd, Moorabbin 3189


Friday 9th March at 1pm on-site PRIME RETAIL INVESTMENT

1/176-182 Main Street, Mornington • Leased to: Eview Group • Lease Term: 3 + 3 years • Current Income: $58,483 p.a. net • Reviews: Annual 4%

• Mornington Peninsula’s Most Tightly Held Retail Strip

Rob Curtain 0418 310 870

Andrew Prowse 0418 534 076

Jonathon McCormack 0418 835 885 Tuesday, 13 February 2018



Business Sale- Sorrento

Business Sale - Rye



• Long established Restaurant and Bar • New private accommodation boasting hotel style apartment • Ideally located opposite the pristine waters of busy Sorrento beach • Great takings and lease package

• Pristine location opposite Rye beach • Long lease on offer • Huge floor space of approx. 1196sqm • Consists of dining area with stage, outdoor beer garden, function room and expansive kitchen. • Hallowed ground for national and international live music

FOR SALE: $399,000 Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Alisha Maestrale 0400 700 169

Business Sale - Mornington

Business Sale - Mornington

Business Sale - Hastings

Mornington Bakery

Main Street Marvel

FOR SALE: $380,000 + SAV Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

For Lease - Mornington

Opportunity Awaits

Blamey Place Office Space

• Prime location in the heart of Main Street • Approx 160sqm of retail space • Excellent street frontage • New Lease available

• Popular business with loyal clientile • Ideal opportunity to establish yourself in this location. • Very attractive leasing package • Positioned next door to Aldi

• Located in the heart of High Street Hastings • High foot traffic close to post office, banks & newsagent • Popular café with funky décor, friendly staff & great menu • Great long term lease package

• Large open office space of approx. 216 sqm • Entry and exits off Main Street and Blamey Place • Wheel chair access, staff room, toilets & data cabling • 4 reserved car spaces assigned to the lease.

Sale Price: $60,000 fit-out only Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Alisha Maestrale 0400 700 169

Sale Price: Contact Agent Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price: $59,950 Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Alisha Maestrale 0400 700 169

Lease Price: $5,400pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

For Lease – Mornington

Business Sale - Mornington

For Sale- Mornington

For Sale - Mornington

Hey Hey Hey, It’s Albert Street

Blamey Place Investment

Mornington’s Premier Restaurant

McLaren Place Investment

Lease Price: $5,400pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

FOR SALE Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price: $310,000 Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Alisha Maestrale 0400 700 169

FOR SALE Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

• Great position for any bar or restaurant businesses • Attractive leasing package • Huge space with deck and bay views • Fantastic commercial Kitchen

For Lease - Mornington

5 LEASED - 3 REMANING Call Us Now, As These Spaces Won’t Last Long

Lease Price: From $195 per week Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Alisha Maestrale 0400 700 169

OFFICES FOR LEASE (Mornington unless specified) $4,870pcm+GST+OG

176 Main Street - 60sqm 1/26 McLaren Place

From $185pw+GST inc OG $5,400pcm + OG




2/10 Blamey Place - 216sqm

NE Hospitality Opportunity

When Location Matters

• Superb Main St frontage with large display windows. • Space of Approx 60sqm • Long term lease available NOW • Ideally suited to retail or office

For Sale - Mornington Peninsula


212 Karingal Dr Frankston - 19sqm 6/356 Main Street - 105sqm


11 Railway Grove – Varying sizes

Price On Application

4/15 Carbine Way - From 12sqm

• Prime Position in Mount Eliza Village • Plant and Equipment sale, Walk in Walk out • Fantastic kitchen and bar fit out • Ready for you to add your own touch

Suite 2, Level 3/28 Main Street -14sqm

From $750pcm+GST $1,300pcm+GST+SF

FACTORIES FOR LEASE (Mornington unless specified)

Sale Price: On Application Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Alisha Maestrale 0400 700 169

Lease Price: $4,870pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

For Lease - Rosebud

Properties For Lease

Business Sale - Mount Eliza

SUITES ON McLAREN • Small office spaces overlooking Mornington Centro • Outgoings and WiFi included • Lift Access / Kitchen and bathroom facilities

• To be purchased as a whole or as individual offices. • Ideal Superannuation Investment • A-grade tenants with long leases • Net income of approx. $119,000pa • Lift Access/Balcony


For Lease – Mornington

• Fantastic position central to Main Street • Rare freehold opportunity in Mornington • Approx. $65,000pa return • Building area of 216sqm • Includes 4 x car spaces separately titled.


•Restaurant in busy Mornington available to lease. •Excellent long term lease package available. •Property comes with a grease trap. •Ample public parking opposite. •Corner position.

For Lease - Karingal

16 Peacock Rd Somerville – 200sqm


16 Peacock Rd Somerville – 250sqm


10 Thamer Street Rosebud – 300sqm










SHOPS FOR LEASE (Mornington unless specified) Main Street - 210sqm


68-74 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento - 72sqm


1E Albert Street – 102sqm


118 Main Street - 575sqm

Price on Application

STORAGE (Mornington unless specified)

When Location Matters

Ideal Freehold Investment

Professional Office Space

18/10 Blamey Place – 17.5sqm

• 300sqm factory with high clearance • Street frontage opposite Bunnings for great exposure • Kitchen and Bathroom amenities with shower • Private driveways with car parking

• A1 tenant with long lease • Recent upgrade of all equipment on site • Currently leased as successful carwash • Excellent long term investment

•Two rooms available •Room A: 20sqm / Room B: 13sqm •Access to the NBN •Ducted heating/ cooling, toilets, bathroom and shower •Opposite Karingal Hub with onsite parking

Mornington Golf Club – 200sqm

Lease Price: $1,100pcm +GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Contact: Office on 5977 2255

Lease Price: $2,500pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Alisha Maestrale 0400 700 169

PH: (03) 5977 2255

Sale Price: $699,000 Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Alisha Maestrale 0400 700 169



1/26 McLaren Place, Mornington VIC 3931 Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Page 36


main Stage line up 2018

The Monkey Bunz ~ Anything but Ordinary ~ Chasing the Void ~ Care Factor ~ AVIDITY ~ Avenues End Amillionite ~ Janice Alexander & Co ~ Chris Hoffmann ~ Trevor Bartle ~ Mex Mahem ~ Bluemuse ~ Vacant Image Beach Chicken ~ Grey Horizon ~ LUCK-LOUISE ~ Bag o nails ~ Housequake (Johnny Moscow Boyd) ~ Sister Sister Los Tremoleros ~ The Misguided Souls ~ Rob Papp & Blues Head ~ raw diversity ~ Kev Hannah's Swing Thing

Market Stalls ~ Amusement Rides ~ street parade ~ kids area ~ wine & beer festival ~ fireworks & more...


Mornington News 13 February 2018

Mount Eliza Secondary College

e h t t e e M

l a p i c n i pr

Educated for excellence, prepared for life As Principal of Mount Eliza Secondary College I could tell you about our excellent VCE results or the recognition we have received internationally for some of our unique programs, but I know that as a parent, you want to know how the school will interact with your child each and every day. I believe that teaching is a privilege that comes with obligation, and that parents deserve to feel comfortable with the school, confident that their values will be upheld and that they can work with the school to help their child to be successful in whatever area is important to them. From my perspective, there are three things that I think best summarise what parents are looking for in a secondary school: They want their child to feel safe, they want them to be happy, and they want them to be smart. We know that the first two must be in place in order to achieve the third, and as a smaller secondary school option, Mount Eliza Secondary College is very well placed to achieve all three and absolutely committed to do so. As a Candidate School for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program [7-9] we offer the only opportunity for this rigorous and exceptional approach outside of Melbourne and are one of only two government schools able to deliver the MYP. This is an exciting development to an already strong program which focuses on academic excellence, as well as the skills required for the future – problem solving, citizenship, creativity, collaboration and initiative. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you regarding the opportunities that exist at Mount Eliza Secondary College, and invite you to visit to experience the positivity, strong work ethic, friendliness and calm for yourself.

Angela Pollard PRINCIPAL

Mount Eliza Secondary College Canadian Bay Road, Mount Eliza VIC 3930 Phone: 03 9787 6288 Email: Web:


Tuesday 27th February, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Open Night is our chance to welcome the community into our college. The evening includes presentations of student work, displays, activities and performances by our school bands and Drum Corps. Tours will be held throughout the evening showcasing all areas of the school. We look forward to welcoming you to Open Night 2018.

SCHOLARSHIPS – YEAR 7, 2019 Scholarships are now open for students enrolling into Year 7, 2019.


For all enrolment enquiries, please contact the college on 5970 0200.


If you would like to experience our college in action, please join one of our weekly tours. Telephone the office to make a booking Mornington Secondary College Proudly the college of the Mornington Community S.T.R.I.V.E DARE TO DREAM, Audacter Astra Capesse

CONGRATULATIONS TO MATT MAYNE Mornington Peninsula Shire Young Citizen of the Year!

The college community extends our warmest congratulations to Matt Mayne, our 2017 College Vice-Captain, on being awarded the Mornington Peninsula Shire 2018 Young Citizen of the year. Matt is widely recognized for his sporting achievements and his volunteer work, and in particular for his fundraising efforts for the EJ Whitten Foundation, which PAGE 56

Mornington News

13 February 2018

Mornington Secondary College Mornington Secondary College is proudly the college of the Mornington community. The courses offered are designed to inspire and challenge students for their future beyond the classroom. There is no doubt last year was an outstanding year for our College highlighted by the wonderful achievement of Year 12 students in their chosen fields and pathways. Congratulations to our school Dux, Eden Rietveld on achieving an ATAR score over 90, exemplifying the high academic standards that the College constantly strives towards. We will continue to build the College into a high profile, learning community in which students can discover their own individual learning style and feel a genuine connection to the College. Our staff are committed to ensuring high expectations and continuing achievement in sport, the arts, music, academia and community relationships. An extensive range of VCE, VCAL and vocational (VET) courses are available, ensuring that all students are well prepared to make important decisions about their future in partnership with their families. Our students have an opportunity to strive for a top ATAR or pick up an apprenticeship or a VET certificate in readiness for the workforce. It does not matter what a student’s aspiration may be: they have an opportunity to do so much at Mornington Secondary College. It’s about providing opportunities both within and outside the classroom that suits each student as an individual and makes them want to achieve at school.

Linda Stanton PRINCIPAL

Mornington Secondary College Photo: Matt, on the right, with Ted Whitten Jnr, of the EW Whitten Foundation and Mitch Watson, our 2017 College Captain.

supports research and awareness into men’s health issues.

1051 Nepean Hwy, Mornington Phone: 03 5970 0200 Web: Email:

Dromana College

Outstanding VCE Results DROMANA COLLEGE is extremely proud of the outstanding VCE results achieved by the 2017 Year 12 student cohort. These results clearly position Dromana as the College of academic excellence within the local community, bearing testament to the engaging, comprehensive and sequential learning program delivered throughout Years 7 to 12. Whilst we have great pride in our exceptional results and continue to set new benchmarks, our community can rest assured that we will continue to strive for continuous improvement in our engaging and rigorous teaching and learning program. Dromana College gives first priority to Literacy and Numeracy as the core and essential building blocks which underpin all learning and which enable students to excel so that they can achieve their personal best. Students thrive in our supportive culture of high expectation, where our excellent teachers are seen as the most important resource towards student success. Our hard working and dedicated staff clearly understand their core business: focusing on effective teaching and learning and improving student outcomes. We also encourage and promote an extensive extra and

co-curricula program to ensure that students have the right balance alongside their academic endeavours. This is further complemented by our outstanding College facilities which provide an environment which is conducive to learning and the promotion of a safe and orderly school. Each graduating student in the Dromana College ‘Class of 2017’ can look forward with great confidence to a successful future as a well-rounded and high achieving young adult, ready and equipped to begin their postschool journey. For the overwhelming majority of our graduates, this includes admission into the university course of their first choice. At Dromana College we provide a steadfast guarantee to our community that we will continue to work tirelessly to continue our impressive trend of outstanding results for all students. Congratulations to our ‘Class of 2017’ who have sustained our trend of annual improvement by achieving the College’s best ever VCE results and further consolidating our position as the school of academic choice on the Mornington Peninsula. Simon Jones Assistant Principal – Senior School.

It is a privilege to be the Principal of Dromana College and I delight in the opportunity to share with the wider community our success as a high performing school of academic excellence. I would like to begin by congratulating the whole college community on a fantastic 2017, with our students having achieved excellence in a diverse range of learning programs and co-curricular activities. Our students are challenged, motivated and engaged by interesting, exciting and relevant curriculum that caters for their needs. As I reflect on the year ahead, I again return to the greatest strengths of our school, the relationships between staff and students and the sense of belonging that our community fosters. The learning relationship of our students with their teachers and vice versa is elementary, built on the college values of respect, integrity, personal best and responsibility and underpinned by clear learning intentions. The College’s well established vision continues to deliver excellent outcomes for all our students. In 2017 Dromana College students out performed all other local secondary providers. For the tenth year in a row, we have improved our VCE median score, our average is now 32, and more that 90% of our Year 12 students achieved above the state mean. An independent review of the college programs, relationships and achievements, determined Dromana College to be a high performing school of academic excellence. The report also commended the expansion of our school’s extra curricula enhancement programs to include Athletics, Dance, Science and Technology adjacent to the school day. The outlook for 2018 is outstanding. Our focus continues to be delivering the best academic outcomes for all our students. At the same time, we have committed some $2 million to the redevelopment of our Performing Arts Theatre and a ‘state of the art’ Year 9 learning area. The college values are at the core of this commitment and underpin the strong sense of wellbeing and community that our school enjoys. For further information on any of our programs please do not hesitate to contact the college on 03 5987 2805 or visit our website.


Dromana College 110 Harrison’s Road, Dromana Phone: 03 5987 2805 Web: email:

As the highest performing secondary school of academic excellence on the Mornington Peninsula, Dromana College will continue to work tirelessly to develop and consolidate the many exemplary educational programs on offer. With outstanding facilities, a committed professional staff and a caring school community, students are challenged to explore their interests and use their talents to achieve their personal best.

Open Night Thursday 19 April 2018 at 6:00pm

‘A high performing provider of education on the Mornington Peninsula’

110 Harrisons Road, Dromana, Victoria 3936 Entry via Old White Hill Road

T: 03 5987 2805 E: W:

A high performing provider of education on the Mornington Peninsula • Outstanding VCE results • Single gender classes in Year 9 • Select entry academic enhancement program (LEAP) • ‘State of the art’ Year 7 and Year 8 areas • Performing Arts Centre, Design Centre • International Sister Schools Program and study tours • Before and after school enhancement classes • Instrumental music tuition • Diverse and engaging extra curricula events • High expectations of all students • A clear and consistent code of conduct for all students

‘Lessons come from the journey… not the destination’ Tours available Tuesday mornings at 9:30am Please phone 03 5987 2805 for bookings.




Letters - 300 words maximum and including full name, address and contact number - can be sent to The News, PO Box 588, Hastings 3915 or emailed to:

Mt Martha faces shut down for triathlon I find it unbelievable that our Mornington Peninsula Shire continues to issue permits to shut down Mt Martha car parks and residential streets for a promoter to run his triathlon business, with no consideration to good governance through consultation with affected residents. Mt Martha is a totally unsuitable site for such an event. It cannot be run without huge disruption to the community and the closure of 11.7 kilometres of our residential road with 46 intersecting streets, between Mornington, through Mt Martha to Bruce Rd, Safety Beach. How did another promoter wanting a Mornington Peninsula location manage to run a similar event at Portsea without closing one residential street and with no disruption to the community? Answer: he found a suitable site. Is there anyone at council actually thinking about this? Events are great but the location has to be suitable and there should be some benefit to the community from allowing promoters to use our region. It’s time community members started asking questions about this. The next closure weekend is 3 and 4 March, as you should have been informed of by now. David Mason, Mt Martha

Pool need not selfish I have seen that a recurring theme by those that oppose the Rosebud pool is that anyone that supports the pool is selfish. I would like to point out that Mornington Peninsula Shire provides a wide range of services that are used by and benefit particular people within the community. Not all services are used by all in the community. While one may not use the library, others may gain much pleasure from it. If the library is not of interest to you does that mean no one should have it. To label wanting a pool as selfish is hypocritical. Just because you may not use it does not mean it won’t benefit a number of others. What ever happened to community spirit? Many will benefit from the Rosebud 50 metre pool. It seems we have lost any sense of caring for thy neighbour. It’s all about what people want for themselves. The suggestion to ferry people to the Hasting pool is simplistic. Speaking from experience, living on the border of southern and northern Mornington Peninsula our only option is the 50m pool in Frankston. I have a condition where it would not be suitable for me to swim in a 25m pool so I travel close to 40 kilometres multiple times a week. At 40 minutes, this drive is costly and time consuming. Ferrying people to Hastings pool does not solve any issues. Rachel Davies, Mt Martha

Take poll on pool On Monday 5 February I was driving down Boneo Rd, Rosebud and noticed a forlorn figure sit-

ting at a table in front of the site for the 25 metre pool with all the trimmings. This person had placards showing support for a 50m pool. She didn’t seem to be getting many takers though. Still, it was probably too much to ask drivers to stop and sign a petition or hand out literature on such a busy road. What I think should happen is for Mornington Peninsula Shire to conduct a fair and transparent survey which includes all residents and ratepayers (not just a select handful) on the southern peninsula as to whether they would like to pay for a 25m pool costing $40 million or a 50m pool costing $50m by the time it’s completed. The pro 50m pool people wouldn’t like that because previous polls conducted during the “pool on the foreshore farce” suggested a random sample of ratepayers were not in favour of paying out for such a pool. I would suggest that position remains the same as nobody wants a rate rise to pay for this pool. Why should all the ratepayers in the shire pay out a huge amount of money to satisfy the wants of a minority group? As has been said before, Rosebud does not have the population catchment to warrant a 50m pool. So, accept what is being offered or it could cast doubts on any pool at all. I earnestly urge Mornington Peninsula Shire to conduct a fair and transparent survey. I would suggest that there are more important issues that would take precedence over whether Rosebud has a 25 or 50 metre pool and I feel sure that the broader southern peninsula ratepayer base would agree. John Cain, McCrae

Health cover costs It is interesting that the Health Minister [Flinders MP Greg Hunt] is involved in the private health cover cost increases. Since 2014 the federal government has decreased the pensioner (over 70) rebate from 40 per cent to 33.8 per cent ... which equates to a 15.5 per cent increase in premium cost. It appears that growth in the consumer price index and growth in the private insurance industry weighted average premium increase creates “rebate adjustment factor” which causes this decrease in the government rebate. Go figure. Decreasing private cover rebates will continue based on this scheme (which makes no sense) ad infinitum which, taken to its conclusion, means that we will be paying the government to have private cover as the rebate eventually will go negative. Are there issues that need to be addressed? Yes,many. The huge out of pocket costs for those who have private cover would be a good start. But maybe the health minister needs to look in his own backyard for solutions. Yea, right, that’ll be the day. Joe Lenzo, Safety Beach

System failure How amusing is [Nepean MP] Martin Dixon’s

pre- election rant about the failure of our privatised electricity infrastructure (“Power plays” Letters 6/2/18)? It was under his [Liberal] party’s reign that our well functioning electricity network was flogged off to private operators. To now use cheap shots at our powerless government is most laughable. Is he actually proposing to re-nationalise our electricity infrastructure (which I think would send a good message to incompetent operators) or, as I suspect, is he just making parting waves before he grabs his over-generous pension entitlements? Even the company responsible for our electricity supply is admitting it was a failure of their system. Rupert Steiner, Balnarring

Waiting in the wind We all saw the big 256 tonne generator being transported by road from the Latrobe Valley to the docks, for repair in Germany (not Australia). It can produce 625 megawatts of electric power continuously, 24/7, non-stop, when connected to its’ steam turbine. Guaranteed. Take note that 260 windmill tower generators of the typical two-megawatt size, flat out in high wind, would be needed to replace that generator. But wait, because of wind variables and still air, all wind generators are rated at only about 33 per cent of of their capacity. That means 780 windmills are needed to replace that generator. But wait, there’s more. In the real world, operators have graphed the output of windmills over a long length of time and found that, commonly, over a year or more of operation, the windmills only average an output of around 16 per cent of their rated output. Wonthaggi 19 per cent, NSW 15-22 per cent and Toronto 14.7 per cent. So, in the real world, one steam powered 625 megawatt generator equals somewhere around 1500 windmills. Just thought I’d mention it to get things into perspective. Climate carbon fanatics, and fraudsters, will choose their own facts. Brian A Mitchelson, Mornington

‘Nation Day’ 1 January The 26th of January should not be Australia Day as it is only the day the first fleet arrived at Botany Bay in 1788, when Australia did not exist. The word Australia was invented by Mathew Flinders later on when he circumnavigated the continent. Australia was just a collection of colonies until federation which happened on New Year’s Day, 1901. That should be the real Australia Day, when it became a nation, as 26 January was just the beginning of the first colony or Invasion Day as Aboriginals like to call it and had nothing to do with Australia. So let’s make 1 January the real Australia Day next year, the day this land became a nation. Patrick Geeves, Somerville

Labor’s letdown I was disappointed but, unfortunately, not surprised to read a letter from Mt Eliza resident, Brenda Rowlands, who, like many in the Frankston community, I believe have been treated so badly by local Labor MP Paul Edbrooke (“Seats taken” Letters 5/2/18).

The bungled Young St, Frankston project left many mum and dad small businesses facing financial ruin and yet their local MP was nowhere to be seen I feel very sorry for Ms Rowlands and the other Frankston residents who have been so disappointed by their local MP; the person they elected to be their voice in Spring St. A three-month project that became 12 months ensured that many local businesses were never able to recover. As is the case with so many of Labor’s bungled and delayed projects around the state, the full cost of the Young St debacle has not been revealed. Unfortunately, this is typical of the Andrews Labor government and their MPs. They come along, make these announcements, stuff things up, retreat back into their offices and lock the doors. They only come out to cut the ribbon and take a selfie. It high time the MP for Frankston and the Premier come clean with the people of this community and apologise for the massive damage this bungled and delayed project has caused. I would be very happy to meet with Ms Rowland and any other member of the Frankston community, to help them through the mess created by this Labor state government and MP. I can be contacted 24/7 on 5977 5600. Neale Burgess, [Liberal] MP for Hastings

Answering the call Every March for 70 years, thousands of volunteers have made a wonderful contribution to our community during Red Cross Calling. They’ve knocked on their neighbour’s doors, said g’day and their combined efforts have raised millions. So many extraordinary volunteers here in Victoria have also gone the extra mile – not just raising money but also reaching out to their neighbours, asking how they’re going and checking on their wellbeing. This year we aim to double the number of volunteers in Victoria. Will you be one of them? Join the fun today: or call 1800 RED CROSS. Wenda Donaldson, director, Victoria, Australian Red Cross

Spare tyres Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has an important message for any business or other landholder who has a pile of waste tyres on their land. An abandoned stockpile of tyres is a breeding ground for vermin, the tyres can decay and contaminate the soil and groundwater, and if they catch fire, tyres generate toxic smoke and can be very difficult to extinguish. EPA introduced tighter controls for waste tyre storage in 2015. EPA urges you to dispose of them responsibly, in landfill or at a recycling facility. With cooperation, we can rid this community of the hazards of abandoned tyres. See www. for advice on what’s legal, and if you suspect someone is illegally stockpiling, dumping or burning old tyres, call EPA’s 24hour hotline on 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842). Marleen Mathias, manager, EPA Southern Metro Region

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Mornington News

13 February 2018


Violent storm sweeps Victoria Compiled by Brodie Cowburn A STORM of great violence, for which no precedent can be found in the history of Melbourne, swept over portion of the suburban area late on Saturday afternoon. In comparison it was comparable with the tempest which caused so much havoc in Queensland a few days previously. Two lives were lost, and twelve people were Injured. At Brighton a boy was decapitated by a descending sheet of iron from the roof of a wrecked building. At Point Ormond a boat, in which three men were fishing, was capsised. and one of the occupants was drowned. The tempest, which was accompanied by torrential rain, reached its maximum force, generally speaking, between 4.40 and 5 p.m. The weather had been threatening all the afternoon, and light rain had fallen in the city hours before the cataclysm visited the foreshore. *** A complaint was made to the Frankston police on Sunday by Mrs. Rose Priest that on the previous afternoon a soldier in the Broadmeadows camp named Joseph Kahn, a youth who had formerly been staying with her, had taken her adopted child Florence May Dallaglio, five years of age, for a drive in a buggy, and had not returned. The father of the child, it appears, was separated from his wife three years ago, and has had custody of the child, which he placed in the care of Mrs Priest.

The matter was reported to the criminal investigation branch and placed in charge of Detective Britt, who yesterday afternoon arrested Kahn as an alleged deserter from camp, and handed him over to the military authorities. With his apprehension the child was also traced, Kahn declaring that the child was in the best of care - her mother’s. This statement of the child’s whereabouts was subsequently verified. *** GOOD hauls of snapper are being obtained at Stony Point. Recently Messrs V. E. Fleming and G. A. Wachsmith, of Melbourne, in a day’s fishing caught 150 snapper, besides a number of rock cod, whiting and butter fish. A shark, between 5 and 6 feet long was also caught. *** THE following letter has been received by the President of the Shire, Cr W. J. Oates, from the chairman of the Commissioners of the Victorian Railways, with reference to the proposed improvements to the approach to the Frankston Railway Station:— Dear Sir, in fulfillment of my promise of yesterday I have had the papers in connection with the question of improving the approach to the Frankston Railway Station turned up, but I find that the Shire Engineer in October 1916 estimated the cost of the work to be carried out on the railway property at £140, and as the expenditure entailed would still run into this amount at

least. I regret that the Commissioners cannot see their way, in the present condition of the finances, to authorise the performance of the work. Yours faithfully, C. E. Norman. Chairman *** A PARTY of 190 Australian sailors, all of whom had been afloat on war service with the Grand Fleet, had an outing at Frankston on Wednesday, and on their return to Melbourne were entertained at tea at Government House by the Governor-General and Lady Helen Ferguson. Members of the Red Cross Volunteer Motor Corps arranged and organised the outing and provided among them 55 cars for the trip. Before starting for Frankston the sailors were motored in procession through the city where they were accorded many hearty cheers. There were able seamen from the great battleship Australia; sailors who had served on the Sydney and fought in the battle with the Emden; artificers from the Melbourne; signallers and all manner of other naval ratings. It was a jolly, lighthearted gathering, and the men joked and yarned as only sailors on shore leave can do. *** AT the annual meeting of the Frankston Mechanics’, the secretary stated that the committee had been presented with an enlarged photograph of two Frankston soldiers, Arthur and Geoff Bolger,

the former being one of the first Frankston soldiers to make the supreme sacrifice. On the motion of Dr Plowman and Mr W. W. Young, it was decided to accept the photo with thanks and to hang it in the library. It was also decided to accept any other enlargements of district soldiers, but it is asked that anyone sending in a photo should first consult the secretary, so that frames of a uniform size and design could be obtained. *** A VERY successful concert, in aid of the Methodist Church funds, was held in the Mechanics’ institute on Wednesday night Jan 30th. There was a large attendance and a splendid program was given. Miss D Overton acted as accompanist and was served the special vote of thanks for her services. Rev Tonkin presided. The stage was very tastefully decorated with scarlet flowering gum, by Mrs Fred Thornell. *** SIR Robert Philp, an ex-Premier of Queensland, who is at present in Sydney, holds decided opinions on the desirability of instituting meatless days in Australia. His intimate knowledge of the pastoral industry, in which his interests are considerable entitles his opinions on the subject to consideration. “If we are sincere in our desire to prosecute the war” he said on Monday. “and help the British Government people and soldiers, we can

surely sacrifice meat on two days a week and thus enable millions of fighters to be fed. There is not a pound of beef left in the stores in Queensland. *** KANAKOOK Creek. The President of the Shire (Cr Oates) is, by request, calling a meeting of residents to consider what further steps can be taken to improve this unsightly and evil looking stream. From indications this meeting being called at a time of the year, when property owners in the vicinity are more in evidence, and can attend meetings to back up the more local efforts at a minimum of inconvenience promises to be well attended and bear fruit, for property owners close to the creek have awakened to the fact that if we are to go on waiting for the Government who are responsible for its condition, to “do something” their hopes will be dashed to the ground summarily. *** TO THE EDITOR. Dear Sir— Was a destructive tornado expected to visit Frankston on Friday evening of last week Thoughts of such a happening must have been in the minds of the Frankston business people who failed to attend the public meeting, called by the Shire President Cr W. J. Oates, in response to the directive of the Government of Australia *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 9 February 1918

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Mornington News 13 February 2018



ACROSS 1. Unstable (of chemical) 5. Object of worship 7. Towards interior of 8. Straw-roofed (cottage) 9. Commander 12. Sheep pelts 15. Revised 19. Genetically copied

21. Leaving empty 22. Govern 23. Actor, ... Nolte 24. Accentuates

DOWN 1. Futilely 2. Audibly 3. Place in crypt 4. Tooth covering 5. Earnings 6. Ski chalets 10. Amongst 11. Prepare (newspaper)

12. Short-lived trend 13. Wicked 14. Maize 15. Irregular 16. Go on offensive 17. Covets 18. Vipers 19. Tobacco product 20. Giant monsters

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The Involuntary Quest for Unreasonable Modesty By Stuart McCullough JUST. I heard the word skip out over my lips as I ordered coffee. ‘I’ll just have a flat white’. Why did I do that? It was as though I was trying to convince the barista that my needs are simple and that my order should be granted. Capitalism doesn’t work like that. I could have ordered a macchiato made of magic beans hand picked by the Dalai Lama, sprinkled with a light dusting of unicorn tears if it’d taken my fancy – no one would care less. There’s no need for such unprovoked modesty. I don’t need to downplay my order. I have no idea what I was trying to prove. Perhaps I was trying to tell all within earshot that I am inherently reasonable person. I could have ordered fruit toast dipped in raw egg before demanding that it be served to me on a silver platter. But no, I am not the kind of person that goes in for such shenanigans. I’ll just have flat white. To back that up the inherently fair nature of my demand, I then stood out of the way whilst other people placed their order, careful to look completely relaxed even if, in real life, I more likely to turn into a pillar of salt than I am to be anything remotely resembling relaxed. Or maybe I’m trying to embarrass the person who just preceded me. He or she probably ordered take away coffees for everyone in their office, necessitating cardboard trays and a production line that would put Henry Ford to shame. Ordering a large number of take away coffees to give to pretty much everyone you’ve ever met is really the beverage equivalent


Mornington News

of scalping. And, just like any other form of scalping, it ought to be illegal. Frankly, if you order anything from a café that you can’t carry in your own two hands, you ought to be detained for questioning. Then again, I might be jealous. I’ve never been entrusted with anything as important as someone else’s coffee

13 February 2018

order. In fact, I’ve never experienced first hand the sacred bond that develops between coffee courier and recipient. The joy, the fulfilment, the ability to get high quality coffee without the inconvenience of leaving your desk – these are things I can only dream about. Deep down, this lack of fulfilment could be the

reason that, subconsciously, I tried to pour cold water and, possibly, warm frothy milk all over the dreams of the person standing in front of me. This is a concern. If my subconscious is capable of such petty behaviour, goodness knows what else it gets up to when my back is turned. For all I know, I ordered, ‘just’ a flat white whilst staring at the person who’d ordered before me, my eyebrow arched in condemnation as if to add, ‘unlike some people’. My subconscious is mean, petty and unpredictable. It’s probably off somewhere, breaking into parked cars as we speak. If I had my way, my subconscious would be placed under permanent house arrest, unable to move more than fifty metres from the front door, preferably with one of those surveillance anklets attached to it. But for all the trouble my subconscious might cause, I can’t entirely dismiss the possibility that it’s trying to tell me something important. It’s possible that I’m adding the word ‘just’ to my order because, in the deep recesses of my mind, I don’t think I’m entitled to anything more. Maybe it’s not modesty but a sense of being somehow undeserving that’s making me use the word ‘just’. This is a truly disturbing possibility. But in many ways, these are the small bargains that we make with ourselves. We grant ourselves permission to get coffee but draw a firm and resolute line to ensure that things don’t get out of hand. It’s an odd instinct but one, I feel, that is deeply ingrained in many of us. Put simply, it calls for serious overcorrection.

Next time I roll into the café, it will be with an entirely different attitude. In fact, I won’t be walking, I’ll be strutting. And I won’t be ordering as quickly as possible before standing unobtrusively to the side. No way. I’m going to turn my order into an event. Forget modesty. I’m going dominate the register like a gangsta rapper, ordering coffee, fruit toast in a fur-lined paper bag and Goji-berry smoothies for me and my entire entourage. And rather than step away to melt into some obscure corner, I’m going to go the full ‘mic-drop’. In fact, instead of an imaginary microphone, I might even bring the real thing. Just to be sure. And a t-shirt cannon. I’m not sure what the ethics of discharging a t-shirt cannon in a relatively confined space are, but it’s important to me that I ‘go large’ from here on in and don’t let my own sense of modesty hold me back. It’s time to go all out. Suddenly, I hear the sound of my own name. It seems my take away flat white is ready. Carefully, I edge my way through the crowd before extending my hand and taking my cup from the barista. I hold it aloft like a trophy as I shuffle towards the front door. It occurs to me that I don’t really need anything else. I don’t need fruit toast or Goji berry smoothies. I certainly don’t need to make the person before me feel bad for their order, even if it is somewhat elaborate in nature. All I need is a good cup of coffee. It’s enough to get me through the day. Just.

Mornington News 13 February 2018


PIER STREET SET TO PARTY! By Melissa Walsh The Pier Street Party is officially set to shake up Melbourne’s outer suburbs once again on February 24, 2018. For the second year running, the outdoor festival will be jam-packed with incredible music and summertime fun for all. Headlining the street party will be Sydney hip hop superstars Thundamentals, with support from a heap of Aussie legends - Art vs Science, Gyroscope, The Getaway Plan, Rackett and Jesswar. Held outside The Pelly Bar & Pier Bandroom in Frankston, this epic street party will be the talk of the summer. Bringing the local community and music fans together for such an unmissable lineup, The Pier Street Party is guaranteed to set the example for Aussie summer festivals to come. Frankston City Mayor Colin Hampton is thrilled to play host, saying, “Frankston City is ready to rock as the Pier Street Party prepares for its second year. Council is delighted that our city will be

hosting world class acts at this fantastic event for the community and visitors to enjoy.” And Jeswon from Thundamentals is amped to get in on the fun, enthusing, “VIC, we coming for yiiieeew!!! Looking forward to playing The Pier Street Party in Frankston next February!! Plenty of dope acts bringin the fuego to ya ear holes, come thruuuu!” Thundamentals have had an absolute corker of a year, with the release of their fourth studio album Everyone We Know and the newly announced Decade Of

The Thundakat national tour, plus a massive festival run scheduled for this summer, and Tuka explains they are rapt to be the headline act for this years Pier Street Party. “I originally grew up in the Blue Mountains but have been based in Sydney a long time. We have never played in Frankston before love Victoria and we are thrilled and honored to be asked to do this,” said Tuka, from a band that has recently had two songs feature in the Triple J’s Hottest 100, one of which was in the top 10. “We released a record

called Everyone we Know last year and each song represents a different person in our life and we transfer that onto our set this week. We celebrate our 10th anniversary of touring this year and this got immersed in that so we will definitely be bringing some special guests along, its kind of transferrable a lot of people have felt the feeling of mourning or loss or insecurities and we try to cover the human experience, to find that reference point for everyone and celebrate difference but also talk about the narratives that we share,” he said. “Hip hop is this beautiful mirror that gets thrown on society, I think it is misunderstood sometimes but for us it is about friendship first and foremost and social commentary and what we see in Australian society.” Tuka says it has been an evolving process as the last decade has shown. “You do that for long enough and eventually you work through all your personal

conditioning and you start to look out more and more, and find that our stories are more important than my story,” said the man who grew up in an alternative community in the Blue Mountains. “I guess we have always been a little left of centre and community minded. The intention of our music is to open people up and so it is a big conversation about love, life and social issues. People that practice the art of hip hop will always have a social conscience, sometimes they might not be aware of it but that’s what the practice is. We are not trying to be activists we are just musicians but you cant deny the social issues.” Thundamentals will be playing a whole range of tracks at the Pier Street Festival, sure to inspire likeminded people of all ages. Art vs Science will also be smashing through their latest single Wickoo and some older fan faves. Gyroscope will be right there alongside them ahead of

their 2018 national tour playing their first studio recording since 2010 – their new double A-side Crooked Thought and hits from albums past. In just one year, loud and experimental pop-punkers, Rackett have gone from virtual anonymity to playing major theatres and festivals throughout Aus, making waves with their debut EP Ready or Not. The Getaway Plan had a busy year on the road, supporting Alexisonfire and recently wrapping a national tour of their own. And independent Brisbane-based hip hop artist Jesswar will bring her touring chops to the stage, having been busy sharing stages with 360, Tkay Maidza and Allday. Masterminded to bring the community together to enjoy a day of world class music; The Pier Street Party team have put together a killer lineup at a very accessible price point for punters. The ticket presale kicks off on Wednesday December 6 at 12PM offering early-birds a chance to nab their tickets for just $55 including GST + booking fees.

MORNINGTON PENINSULA FOOD + WINE FESTIVAL Stunning Point Nepean National Park at Portsea will play host to the Mornington Peninsula Food+Wine Festival on 24 February 2018. For one beautiful summers day, the historic grounds of Portsea’s Point Nepean Park will be transformed into a giant outdoor lounge for a sensational day of food, wine and entertainment – the best part is, you’re invited! Having grown up on the Peninsula and lived in the area for most of his life, Tristan Clarke, of Nepean Events, is realising his vision for a festival celebrating all that the Peninsula is famous for. Having attended festivals all over the country, Clarke says, “I believe that with all its scenic beauty, combined with the top quality wines, beer and food produced on the Mornington Peninsula, this is the perfect place for a fantastic summer event that brings it and us all together!” The Mornington Peninsula is known for its bountiful premium produce, including wine, beer, cider, meat, seafood, fruit, cheese, vegetables and more. It’s a place where the lush green vines of some of Australia’s best Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc grow. Mornington Peninsula Food+Wine Festival brings all these delights together for one day, in one place, for your pleasure. With entertainment from musicians Nick Barker, Cousin Leonard, Lachlan Bryan, Kris Schroeder, Robb Papp, Lucky-Louise, The Boys and more, your senses will be tantalised as you sip on your new favourite beverage, savour a range of delectable treats and move to the music. All while taking in the gorgeous coastal scenery and panoramic views of Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay. A hand-selected range of the wineries, breweries, ciderhouses and spirit-makers will serve a delectable crosssection of beverages to cater for everyone’s tastes. Book now and don’t miss out. Tickets and information about vendors and performers are available at morningtonpeninsulafoodwinefestival. com


Mornington News

13 February 2018

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The amendments will ensure that the standards and priorities to be given to the construction, inspection, maintenance and repair of the roads to which the Shire’s RMP applies are safe and efďŹ cient. Account is being taken of the needs, priorities and expectations of the Shire’s communities, relevant policies and available funding.

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The purpose and general purport of this proposed amendment is to incorporate into the RMP the suggested improvements identiďŹ ed in the Shire’s written RMP review report adopted by Council that summarises the ďŹ ndings and conclusions of the review of the Shire’s current RMP (2016).



Notice is hereby given in accordance with section 54(6) of the Road Management Act 2004, and regulation 10(1) of the Road Management (General) Regulations 2016, that the Mornington Peninsula Shire proposes to amend its Road Management Plan (RMP).

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Doggies’ quicks need to step up PROVINCIAL

By IT Gully MORNINGTON’S bowlers will need to bring everything and more to Baxter Park this Saturday when it tries to defend 122 against Baxter in MPCA Provincial Cricket. The Doggies won the toss and elected to bat at Wayne Landry Reserve and things didn’t start well when Doggies skipper Sam Wiese was trapped

leg before by Dale Irving for five. This dismissal caused general rot throughout Mornington’s innings with Charlie Parker the only batsman making a solid contribution with 34. The Brittain brothers were at their best with the ball for Baxter, Chris snaring 3/25 from 16 overs while Ben helped himself to 3/25 off 11 overs. Baxter faced the final ten overs off the day and will resume this week 0/8. Langwarrin has again put itself

in an excellent position after the first day’s play against Pearcedale. Whilst losing its first two wickets for just 18 runs, the Kangas were able to settle and put together a more than competitive score of 219. Matt Prosser was again amongst the runs scoring 89 while Travis Campbell hit 52 and Jake Prosser 34. Pearcedale opening bowler Chris Dew was the standout snaring 5/59 from 29 overs.

Sorrento had plenty of reason to get excited against Mt Eliza at Wooralla Drive after bowling them out for 117. Chathupama Gunasinghe was the destroyer for the Sorras with 6/29 from 20.1 overs. Facing the final nine overs of the day the Sorras needed to hold firm. Unfortunately, both openers including Bobby Wilson were sent packing leaving the visitors needing 102

Ridge hunt victory PENINSULA

By IT Gully MAIN Ridge has made its intentions well and truly clear in its round 12 MPCA Peninsula Cricket clash against Mooroduc. Moorooduc won the toss and elected to bat but lasted just 25 overs as Luke Collins (3/15) and Gareth Wyatt (4/7) tore through the Duck’s batting line up. Nick Williams top scored for the Ducks with 13. Main Ridge came out swinging in their first innings with Wyatt scoring 55 and Shaun Foster hitting 43 before declaring at 7/141. With 19 overs left in the day Main Ridge was able to pick up 3/64 leaving the Ducks with 40 runs to pick up before making the Ridge bat again. Long Island has a heap of work to do with the bat when it tries to chase down Delacombe Park’s 247. The Parkers made an immediate impression after winning the toss, Nick Christides belting six balls over the rope

for his total of 65. While Joel Malcolm belted 77. Stuart Swift was the pick of the Islander’s bowlers with 5/71. Pines is in a world of pain against Somerville despite chasing just 174. The Piners had the Eagles reeling at 4/39 before Leigh Lowry (35) and Jayde Herrick (48) resurrected the Eagles innings. Nick Wilcox, Luke Bartlett and Harley Parker all picked up three wickets each for Pines. Facing the final seven overs for the day Pines lost 3/20, Sean Parker snaring two. Red Hill seems to be in a commanding position against Flinders after the first day of play. The Sharks batted first and were bowled out for 174 in 72.1 overs. Skipper Neil Barfuss top scored with 58 while Blake Hogan-Keogh hit 31, including 6 boundaries. In reply, Red Hill scored 0/20 giving it just 151 runs required for victory.

Feast of wickets fall DISTRICT

Smashing it: Peninsula Old Boys on top against Crib Point in Provincial match. Picture: Andrew Hurst

Boneo with work to do SUB-DISTRICT

By IT Gully BONEO will need to be its absolute best with bat in hand this Saturday when it sets out its run chase of 271 against Dromana in MPCA Sub District cricket. Dromana lost the toss but took advantage of getting out in the middle lasting 9/270 in 80 overs. Blake Pappas has been a revelation since crossing from District opening the Dromana innings with 83. The middle order also fired, Jack Fowler the best of them with 35, while Ben Bradley-Bridge scored 32. The Pandas certainly have their work cut out for them this week. Likewise, Skye has some work to do against Carrum Downs after the Cougars scored 9/253. Michael O’Driscoll top scored for the Cougars with 51 while Jordy Watters helped himself to 40. Anthony Craddock was the pick of the Skye bowlers with 4/58. Carrum is just 115 runs shy of victory against Ballam Park. The Knights were bowled out for 157 with David Cross top scoring with 28 and Gabriel Lawrence and Jake Williams each scoring 26. Brett Moulten was the best of the Lions’ bowlers with 4/51. In reply, the Lion’s are 0/43 wit Zach Dent unbeaten on 26. Frankston YCW will need 205 for victory against Tootgarook. The Frogs scored 204 in its allotted 80 overs. Rob French top scoring with 48, Tod Harnett scoring 42 and Corey DeBruyn 28. Balnarring needs just 35 runs to beat Tyabb. Although Balnarring at stumps were 5/80 they are only chasing Tyabb’s first innings score of 114.


Mornington News

13 February 2018

runs for victory with eight wickets in hand. In the final match in Provincial Cricket Peninsula Old Boys are in the box seat to beat Crib Point. My prediction is a POB outright victory. The old boys batted first and made 212, Dylan O’Malley top scored with 47, while Tommy La Brooy hit 32 and Wade Pelzer scored 31. In reply, the Magpies will resume at 1/6.

Misery inflicted: Baden Powell bowlers and fielders up and about against Baden Powell. Picture: Andrew Hurst

By IT Gully HASTINGS and Seaford Tigers are in embattled in an enthralling MPCA District clash after an amazing 23 wickets fell on the opening day. The Blues batted first after winning the toss but were run through by a locomotive as they were rolled for 90 in just 37.5 overs. Mitch Floyd was run out on twenty-seven while Nathan Hunt opened with 20. Jack Brooking was the best of the Tigers bowlers with 5/25. No doubt fancying their chances the Tigers attacked hard early before losing 3/6 and eventually being bowled out for 68 off 21.4 overs. Leading by 22, Hastings faced the final 20 overs of the day and will resume this weekend at 3/35, an overall lead of 57. Baden Powell is in the perfect position to inflict more misery on Rosebud in their clash at Overport. Baden Powell sent Rosebud into bat and it paid-off despite a 58-run opening stand between Danny Heylbut and Pete Doughty. After being 0/58 Rosebud finished all out for 109. Baden Powell’s skipper Craig Entwistle was sensational with the ball, picking up a staggering 9/25 from 18.5 overs. The Braves faced the final twentyfive overs of the day losing just one wicket along the way and will resume this weekend at 1/62. The match between Seaford and Mt Martha saw 17 wickets fall on the opening day. Seaford batted first and were bowled out for 126 before ripping through The Red’s batting line-up and seeing them slump to 7/29. In the final game, Rye will need to be at their best with the bat in an effort to match Heatherhill’s 9/222. Brett Maxwell and Jake Theobold were outstanding for the Hills in the lower order, scoring 66 and 46 respectively. Heatherhill declared its innings and had the final three overs of the day at the Demons. Rye will resume this week at 0/7.


Heart pulls out, Langy gets Goulding SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie ROSEBUD Heart dropped a bombshell last week when it told Football Federation Victoria it will not field a senior team in State 4 South this year. The decision to quit FFV after just three seasons of senior competition has stunned the local soccer community but the club was left with no choice due to a lack of players. “The big issue we had with FFV was fielding both seniors and reserves,” Heart president Tracy Riley said. “We had enough players for one team but not for two teams. “We had some players who were playing with Rosebud soccer club (in the Bayside League) on the Sunday and for us in the FFV on a Saturday and now that Rosebud has gone into FFV they can’t play in both teams so we’ve lost players because of that. “You obviously know about Dave Greening moving then there were other players who decided to hang up their boots so we decided that what we do well is juniors and that will be our focus.” But Riley and Heart have not completely abandoned the idea of fielding seniors and reserves down the track. “Our new junior home ground is at Boneo Reserve and that will accommodate juniors and seniors,” Riley added. “We’ve spoken to FFV and they are happy to welcome us back. “The feedback we have received is that we will be able to go back into State Leagues and won’t have to go into the Metro Leagues.” Heart was the brainchild of Ray Vaughan, David Greening and Neil Herd. Vaughan now lives in Ireland while ace striker Greening switched to Somerville Eagles late last year as player-coach and Herd had joined Somerville the previous year. Vaughan was the club’s inaugural coach in 2015 and Heart missed out on promotion in the last match of that season but the club will always be remembered for its history-making 2016 season under head coach Scott Morrison in which it won every league game. Morrison stepped down at the end of last season to concentrate on family life and he left a gaping hole in the senior structure that was never filled. “Our juniors looked up to a lot of people at the senior club and to see them walk away irrespective of their reasons was not a pleasant thing,” Riley said. “But we’ll soldier on and we’ll concentrate on making our juniors the very best we can. “Our aim is to bring our juniors through the ranks and establish a strong and committed senior team. “What has happened is not ideal but all we can do is move forward and work for a future senior team.” Heart’s withdrawal was met with dismay by local rival Baxter. “I was shocked that a team could go through undefeated only a couple of seasons ago and now struggles to field a team,” Baxter boss Francis

Classy Cody: Queenslander Cody Eszes (left) has been promoted to Langwarrin’s senior squad and is pictured here against Mornington ace Sammy Orritt. Picture: Gemma Sliz

Beck said. “I really feel for the club and will miss the great onfield rivalry we had. These were games both clubs always looked forward to.” Heart’s decision forced FFV to restructure a number of leagues and last Friday the federation announced that Monash Uni would fill the State 4 South vacancy. In other news, there has been a flurry of activity at Langwarrin as the club has been busy finalising its senior squad ahead of its NPL2 season opener on Saturday away to Box Hill United. The Lawton Park outfit has beaten four rivals to the signature of defender or midfielder Callum Goulding from Melbourne Victory. Goulding, 20, is a former Langy, Peninsula Strikers and Mornington junior who lives in Mount Martha and has come through FFV’s National Training Centre program. He was on the bench for Victory’s friendly with Italian giant Juventus at the MCG in 2016 and scored in Victory’s 3-0 pre-season victory over Port Melbourne Sharks in July last year. Long-serving Langy gaffer Gus Macleod has also signed Queensland striker Matt Heath and elevated boom teenager Cody Eszes to the senior squad. Heath, 27, was recommended by former Langy coach Terry Kirkham who coached the prolific scorer at Olympic FC in the Queensland NPL in 2016 and 2017. “Matt scored 14 goals in the first half of last season before I stopped him playing due to the start of osteitis pubis,” Kirkham said. “He has had a lot of time off now under medical

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supervision so hopefully he’ll come back strong and continue where he left off last year. “Matt spent 10 years at Olympic and I am ecstatic that Greg Kilner (Langwarrin’s main sponsor) contacted me and he and Gus have taken my advice to give Matt a chance to go to Melbourne and play football at Langy.” Eszes, 17, came to Melbourne last October with his brother Ayden and Josh Mulla, all teammates at Cairns-based Leichhardt Lions FC, and the trio trialled successfully with Langy’s under-20s squad. Ironically Cody Eszes was on Box Hill United’s radar and had also attracted interest from Dandenong Thunder, Altona Magic and Sydney United. He produced a series of fine performances recently during the Australian schoolboys’ overseas tour and some excellent cameo appearances in Langy’s pre-season practice games triggered his promotion. Macleod has finalised his senior squad and will lodge the names of 21 players with FFV this week. There are 10 newcomers and they are listed below with their previous club in brackets: GOALKEEPERS: Robbie Acs, Josh Dorron (Ballarat). DEFENDERS: Luke Burgess (Whittlesea Ranges), Dylan Kilner, Andy McIntyre, Andy McLean (Eltham Redbacks), Viktor Medini (Dandenong Thunder), Callum Goulding (Melbourne Victory). MIDFIELDERS: Lewis Foster, Jonathan Guthrie, Mat Luak, Boris Ovcin, Paul Speed, Sergio Yanez. FORWARDS: Liam Baxter, Sam Klepac (Mooroolbark), John Kuol (Morwell Pegasus), Nabil Mozaffaruddin, Esmael Zaheri (Port Melbourne

Sharks), Cody Eszes (Leichhardt Lions FC), Matt Heath (Olympic FC). In State 1 South-East news Mornington lost 4-1 to NPL giant Bentleigh Greens at Kingston Heath Soccer Complex on Saturday morning but it was an invaluable hitout for Adam Jamieson’s charges. One of the triallists used by Jamieson was leftsided Scottish import Alexander White. The 25-year-old was on Dundee United’s books as a youth player and has played in the US on a scholarship with Carson Newman University in Tennessee. White only arrived from Glasgow the day before the game. Another triallist was a striker who came off the bench and whose second-half display was stunning. His trickery and control enabled him to score Mornington’s only goal while his pace and guile were too much for the home side’s defence and he beat opponents at will. The club won’t release his name at this stage but if it can clinch his signature it can lay claim to having the most potent attack in the State Leagues. In State 2 South-East news Matty Morris-Thomas looks almost certain to head back home and sign for another stint with Frankston Pines. The gifted playmaker made his name at Monterey Reserve before spells at Casey Comets, Mornington, Peninsula Strikers and Seaford United. Another Seaford United star, striker Mitch Landers, came on in the second half and scored in Pines’ 5-3 home loss to Springvale White Eagles’ under-20s last weekend. Pines’ boss Paul Williams saw merit in the display. “Although the first half wasn’t up to the standards we have set ourselves I was very happy with the impact from the bench in the second half which showed why it’s important to have a strong squad,” said Williams. “Young Liam McLure was impressive in midfield and made us tick so I’m excited about his development this season.” McLure is an ex-Peninsula Strikers junior, Box Hill United under-20s best and fairest winner and was part of Langwarrin’s championship-winning reserves squad last year. State 3 South-East outfit Skye United thumped Croydon 6-0 on Saturday. Mitch Blake (2), Caleb Nicholes, Daniel Attard, Mark O’Connor and Langy triallist Gerald Lawler were the scorers. Chris Driver played for Skye and strolled through his sweeper’s role in the first half before playing wide left in the second period. Skye senior coach Billy Armour has been in Scotland attending his father’s 80th birthday party but arrived back in Melbourne late on Saturday night. Assistant coach Billy Rae has been deputising for Armour.

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Juniors hit Australian Open By Ben Triandafillou MORNINGTON Tennis Club junior players were front and centre at this year’s Australian Open as they hit the tennis courts to showcase their hidden talents. Elite Tennis Academy coaches Kate Antosik and Hanna Wilson took a group of 20 juniors from the ANZ Hot Shots League to the Open to have a hit on one of the outside courts on Wednesday 17 January. The juniors showed their skill on the court prior to the round two match-up between Andres Seppi and Yoshihito Nishioka with one lucky player, Oliver Priest, also being chosen to toss the coin for the match. Priest was selected by the coaches to be the person for the job as he had been awarded the player of the season in the Hot Shots League for the final term last year. The following week, some of the Mornington Tennis Club juniors returned to the Australian Open to compete in the ANZ Hot Shots Match Play Challenge where they were encouraged to engage in team spirit with an overall prize for best dressed. A green ball team consisting of Oliver Priest and Daisy Shannon - as well as an orange ball team consisting of Eli Campbell, Jude Shannon

and Lachlan Donnelley - represented the Elite Tennis Academy at the competition on Friday 26 January. The juniors embraced the Australia Day theme and “dressed to impress” with massive green and yellow sombreros and Australian flag sunglasses to win the best-dressed award which was presented to them by Tennis Australia. The juniors, who were chosen by the club for winning the Hot Shots League in the final term at Mornington, played doubles and singles matches at the challenge and were very competitive having won half of their matches on the day. The teams also got a behind the scenes tour of Melbourne Park which included a walk down the champions’ tunnel into Rod Laver Arena as well as visiting the players’ cafe. Mornington Elite Tennis Academy director Kate Antosik said all the players loved the experience and the opportunity to attend the days. “We are very thankful for the opportunities provided to us by Tennis Australia to have ETA involved at the Australian Open,” she said. “It’s a great experience for our players and a reward for all of their hard work and commitment to their lessons and leagues.”

Lucky junior: Mornington Tennis Club junior Oliver Priest was chosen for the coin toss between Andres Seppi and Yoshihito Nishioka. Picture: Supplied

Schonewille chips through three-way playoff By Ben Triandafillou ROSEBUD Country Club member Andrew Schonewille has secured his spot on the PGA Tour Series- China after winning a three-way playoff for the 15th and final card on Sunday 4 February. After sitting down with his coaches and planning out his year ahead, Schonewille decided to target the four-day Qualifiers at Mission Hills in Haikou on the Chinese Island of Hainan. Schonewille finished one over the card (73/70/70/76/289) to tie for 15th on the final day with fellow Australian Corey Hale and Singapore golfer Joshua Shou to head into a three-way playoff for the final spot on the series. All three players parred the first hole of the playoff before Shou made a bogey on the second to drop out. Both of the Aussies scored a par with Schonewille sinking a 20-foot putt. On the third and final playoff hole, Schonewille landed a birdie to secure his place on the tour while Hale missed out scoring a par.

Schonewille said the conditions were different to what he was used to but is stoked that he is able to continue to play golf for a living. “The sun wasn’t there for the play-off so it was definitely different playing under the lights,” he said. “I’m more relieved than anything to win the play-off as I have now pretty much got a job and can play golf and have four round tournaments to play in throughout the year. “My confidence had been quite low as of late as I haven’t done much over the last four or five months and nothing really went my way at the Australian Tour School at the end of last year.” Schonewille said that the highs and lows since joining the professional ranks this time last year have made him a better all-round golfer. “I think I’ve matured a lot since last year,” he said. Delayed celebration: RCC member Andrew Schonewille wins the three-way playoff for the final card to the PGA Tour Series-China. Picture: Supplied

Noonan racing in flying form MORNINGTON-based horse trainer Tony Noonan has struck a purple patch of form to start the year with five winners from his last 10 runners. Noonan saddled up his four-year-old gelding Manolo Blahniq at Caulfield on Saturday 3 February and started what became a three-start winning streak. Manolo Blahniq raced away with a 2.8 length victory in the $100,000 benchmark 84 before Mr Optimistic comfortably won at Sale the following day for the Mornington trainer. The four-year-old gelding Steel of Madrid then made it three in a row for Noonan two days later, with his son, Jake, guiding him to the winning post for another dominant victory. Trainer Tony Noonan said he hasn’t changed much around the stable but


Mornington News

rather that his horses are feeling better within themselves that is making the biggest difference. “Overall the horses are just happy,” Noonan said. “They’re just at a really good spot and have really matured well. You obviously have to have horses with ability to win races but if you have them sound and feeling good you give yourself a better chance.” “He’s [Steel of Madrid] a perfect example of horses taking time to mature. Sometimes horses can have growing pain and sometimes struggle but he has really found his form and his confidence is high. “We have good staff and a good group of people involved with us and the stable is just full of enthusiasm

13 February 2018

and so are the horses.” Tony Noonan said that his son, Jake Noonan, is also making a difference as he has been riding a lot of the work and takes the majority of the race rides. “It’s definitely a positive to have him because he knows how his father trains and he works them and has a good knowledge of the horses,” Tony Noonan said. “He’s in good form at the moment and its clearly paying off for us.” Jake Noonan has ridden four of Tony’s last five winners. Ben Triandafillou

Kicking clear: Jockey Ben Allen rides Manolo Blahniq to victory at Caulfield. Picture: Supplied

“I got off to a really good start last year and I think I was a little immature with how I handled it all but because I have been struggling over the last five months or so I feel like have matured a lot and have been able to hold myself better as a professional.” “Everyone goes through those lows and I haven’t completely come through it yet but I think I have taken a forward step in the right direction and hopefully it’s upwards from here.” Schonewille believes the tour will be more competitive than what he has played recently with a lot of the players competing to make it onto the Tour. “The top five in the order of merit [for the PGA Tour Series-China] will then make it onto the Tour which is the tour under the US PGA. It’s the incentive that the US and Australian guys go to do,” he said. Schonewille will now prepare for his trip back over to China with the PGA TOUR Series-China resuming in March.

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2005 honda odyssey luxury wagon 5 speed sports automatic trans 2.4lt full 2004 fairmont sedan BA mk II finished in black with black int trim and 1999 jeep grand limited 4.7lt automatic 4x4 air bags abs brakes EBD leather int sunroof front head and side air bags abs brakes EBD immobiliser side air bags cruise control abs brakes traction control factory alloy’s full leather trim alloy wheels tow pack side steps drives great alarm climate control power windows cruise control factory alloy’s reg yuf108 drive away $4999 reg zzr219 $2400 sold as is reg xnf059





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1997 saab 900s convertable runs well automatic finished in black being sold as traded no rwc and roof only works manually $1700

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$ 3 5 /day




Mornington News

13 February 2018

3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing with Holden Spark LS Auto

Barina LS Auto









+ 3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing Includes 12 months registration, CTP insurance & stamp duty

+ 3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing Includes 12 months registration, CTP insurance & stamp duty

Astra LS Sedan Auto

Trax LS Auto





+ 3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing Includes 12 months registration, CTP insurance & stamp duty

Captiva Active 7 Seats





+ 3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing Includes 12 months registration, CTP insurance & stamp duty

Equinox LS Auto





+ 3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing Includes 12 months registration, CTP insurance & stamp duty

Colorado LS Crew Cab Pick Up Auto





+ 3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing Includes 12 months registration, CTP insurance & stamp duty

Trailblazer LT 7 Seater





+ 3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing Includes 12 months registration, CTP insurance & stamp duty





+ 3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing Includes 12 months registration, CTP insurance & stamp duty

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Mornington Holden I PH: 5955 2380 976 Nepean Highway, Mornington

Max. sale price on 2017-plated 1. 2017 Plated Spark LS Auto 2. 2017 Plated Barina LS Auto 3. 2017 Plated Astra LS Sedan Auto 4. 2017 Plated Trax LS Auto 5. 2017 Plated Captiva Active 7 Seats 6. 2017 Plated Equinox LS Auto 7. 2017 Plated Colorado LS Crew Cab Pick Up 8. 2017 Plated Trailblazer LT 7 Seater Sold before 31/3/2018 unless extended, changed or while stocks last. Driveaway pricing includes Dealer delivery, stamp duty, 12 months registration and CTP insurance. Excludes prestige paint. Private or ABN buyers only. Not available with other offers. 3 Years Free Scheduled Servicing applies up to three standard scheduled services (as specified in the Service Warranty Booklet) for the first three years or 36,000km for Equinox, whichever comes first. Must service within 3,000kms or 90 days of scheduled service date, whichever occurs first. Excludes V8s. LMCT 11269.

Mornington News 13 February 2018


THE MEAT Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am to 3pm

Closed All Public Holidays













$8.99kg PENINSULA BULK MEATS 16-18 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud (03) 5982 2688 PAGE 72


Mornington News

13 February 2018






THE MEAT CHILLER 1/9 Thomson Terrace Dromana (03) 5981 8740

13 February 2018  
13 February 2018  

Mornington News 13 February 2018