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by Stephanie Johnson




March is a month of contradictions for the Rams of the Zodiac. Uranus and Mars, both high voltage planets, are combined in your sign. So, on the one hand you are raring to go, ready to tackle personal projects. Co-operation is vital to your success.

The planets are aligned in an intense section of your Horoscope, indicating that change is afoot. Fortune favours the brave, and you are a courageous Lion. As a Leo, you forge your own path. Now you need to consider those around you, the cycles of the world and the broader perspective.

Your family is the focus now. This could be because social events revolve around private celebrations, or simply due to the fact that you want to spend time with your immediate family members. This month is also an ideal one during which to redecorate or renovate your home.

Taurus Your social calendar is full this month. If you

The good news is that money is likely to be flowing in your direction. Perhaps you have an increase in your personal income, a gift or a payment that you have been waiting for. You can enjoy your good fortune as long as you don’t spend more than you earn.

Capricorn This is your month to connect with, and

belong to a group or club then the demands on your time are likely to increase. Otherwise it may be friends and colleagues with events and projects. Your partner may take a back seat while you are busy fulfilling your communal duties.

Gemini This is your month to move into the spotlight.

Your profession, or any other task that you perform publicly, steps up a notch as the planets gather in this area of your Horoscope. You may be juggling two jobs. Alternatively, you are faced with a choice in your chosen profession.

Cancer It is time to broaden your horizons and reach for the stars. Cancerians often opt for the comfort of familiar people and surroundings. This month you need to seek adventure. The trick is to decide what excites you and then plan a truly uplifting escapade.

Virgo Libra

Your alliances with other people are under the microscope. It is time to get off the fence and make some choices, never a comfortable option for peace-loving Librans. Your work-life balance is also playing on your mind. The time has come to make some changes.

Scorpio March is a creative month during which you can

enjoy pleasant past-times and creative pursuits. Children may feature more prominently this month, inviting you to lighten up and have some fun. Your ruling planet Mars is combining with the erratic Uranus suggesting that spontaneity is the key to success.

learn from, other people. You may take short journeys or join a neighbourhood group to further your self knowledge. On the other hand, you may take part in a class or short course. You need to express yourself carefully and effectively.

Aquarius Money matters are on your mind this month.

You take a moment to consider your worth and your income. Your budget may need a revision. Alternatively, you may look at ways in which to boost your income. An artistic or beautification project may be demanding extra fund.

Pisces Good fortune could come your way this month.

The planets align in your Zodiac Sign indicating that you need to concentrate on your own health and well-being. This is an ideal month during which to create a vision for your life and make inroads towards your dreams.

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