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YOU'RE SO SWEET FOR HOSTING A FEBRUARY FACEBOOK PARTY This packet contains everything you'll need to have a fun and successful Facebook party! Your Facebook Party runs...


For Your Guests

Your guests will have a choice between two specials this month! For every $35 they spend, they can get TWO Mini Storage Bins OR a Deluxe Organizing Utility Tote for just $15!

For the Hostess

Not only will you earn hostess credits and halfprice items, you'll also get access to this seasons hostess exclusives AND a special FREEBIE from me!

Tips for a GREAT Facebook Party Text and/or E-mail First! Private Message Second! Then invite to the Facebook Event!

By texting or e-mailing your 10-15 VIPS and letting them know you're having an online party, you're making them feel special and NOT like they're received a cattle herd Facebook invite! If you don't have phone numbers or e-mails, then you can use private messaging.

Don't invite more than 40 people.

You want to be able to personally invite each person to your party. You also don't want them to feel spammed! Keep the number manageable! Make them feel like they were invited to a REAL event!

Set a goal to collect 5 outside orders.

By circulating catalogs at different places like work, church, clubs, kids events, etc. you can easily boost your party total, and that means MORE rewards for you!

Even MORE Tips on everything I post! BE Comment - Comment EXCITED! Make sure your guests know what you love Thirty-One!

Post -

Post your own pictures of Thirty-One! Share what you use, how you use it, and why you love it! Post your wishlist items too!

Tag -

Tag friends in the party posts. Make sure they're relevant tags! Got a friend whose kids play sports? Tag her in the thermals post!

Ask -

Don't be afraid to ask and post questions. Your friends are probably wondering the same thing!

Thank -

Be sure to personally thank each friend that orders! I'll be posting too, so you'll know who and when!

Remind -

Remind guests to check in towards the beginning. Send personal messages at the end to let them know the party is closing. I'll give you words for this if you need them!

Most of all, have fun, and dream big!

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything or have any questions!

Thanks for Hosting a Party with Me!  

Here's everything you need to host an online party with Thirty-One!

Thanks for Hosting a Party with Me!  

Here's everything you need to host an online party with Thirty-One!