2019-2020 Moreau Catholic Annual Report

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Moreau Catholic High School


Ways to invest in the future of Moreau Catholic High School Cash Gifts

Cash donations, whether by check, credit card, or electronic transfer, are the easiest way for most donors to give to Moreau Catholic High School.


A pledge is a form of gift that enables the donor to make a contribution on a set schedule over an agreed upon length of time, usually several months to a few years. This often allows a donor to commit to an amount larger than they might otherwise be able to make within a one year time frame. The Office of Advancement has the ability to accommodate pledge payment schedules suiting most circumstances.

Stocks & Bonds

Stocks and bonds are a tax-wise way to make a contribution. Donors are often able to make a larger donation than with cash and these donations usually provide savings on capital gains taxes. Depending upon your individual tax situation, you may receive an income tax deduction for full fair market value. Be sure to discuss this type of donation with your financial advisor or broker.

Real Estate

Given the dynamic real estate market over the past several years, a donation of real estate may be beneficial to both the donor and to Moreau Catholic. In order to continue our mission, Moreau Catholic will consider on a case-by-case basis accepting the gift of a home, vacation property, condominium, apartment complex, undeveloped land, or other real estate.

Paid Up Life Insurance

Donors who own paid up life insurance policies that are no longer needed for its original purpose may donate the policy to Moreau Catholic by transferring ownership to the school. Generally, the donor will be entitled to an income tax deduction for the cash surrender value. Discuss this option with your insurance agent.

Wills, Trusts, and Planned Giving

Please include Moreau Catholic High School in your estate plans. Inclusion in your will can take several forms: • Designate a specific amount to be directed to the school. • Designate a percentage of your estate to be directed to the school. •

Designate the “remainder” portion of your estate that is left over when all other obligations and provisions have been addressed.

For document preparation, please use the legal title of the school: Moreau Catholic High School. Trained financial advisors can provide you with additional estate planning options that are appropriate for your individual situation. Be sure to contact your attorney or financial advisor to discuss any implications a charitable contribution may have on your taxes and your estate. Contact our Advancement Team: 510.881.4322

PRESIDENT Terry Lee PRINCIPAL Dr. Elizabeth Guneratne MOREAU CATHOLIC LEADERSHIP Colleen Galloway ’77 Kristin Hannon ’02 Monica Heuer Douglas Hupke Nichole McGowan Scott Rea Peter Shelley Ann Khristine Tabora Catherine Wickboldt Eric Wilson BOARD OF TRUSTEES Rick L’Heureux, Chair Quang Trinh ’88, Vice Chair Br. Donald Blauvelt, C.S.C. Sydney Griffin Dr. Elizabeth Guneratne Darlene Hayes Maritza Ilario Terry Lee Dennis Mastrantonio ’71 Mike Medeiros Jan Miller Dr. Dorothy McCrea Lois Quilalang Elvia Quiroga Ed Raney Fr. Ken Sales Barry Slivinsky Larry Vierra ’81

OUR MISSION Moreau Catholic High School is dedicated to the legacy and values of the Congregation of Holy Cross and its founder Blessed Basil Moreau. We are a college-preparatory school committed to outstanding achievement. As a community of faith, we prepare our students through academic, social and spiritual learning experiences that form and transform them as they become responsible citizens of our global community.

27170 Mission Boulevard Hayward, CA 94544 510.881.4300 MOREAUCATHOLIC.ORG

A Message from our President Dear Mariners, From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for donating your time, talents, and treasure to Moreau Catholic over the last year. It makes a huge impact on our students, our programs, and our efforts to continue to attract investors and supporters to Moreau Catholic. On behalf of the students, teachers, administrators, and staff, I truly appreciate all you do for our school! In this year’s Annual Report, we highlight three investors who exemplify the blessings of time, talent, and treasure. The wonderful and devoted Mariner Mom, Mary Kate Lathrop, who dedicates so much of her time to Moreau Catholic in support of her sons and all our students, deserves our deepest gratitude, love, and admiration. The super energetic, creative, and social-justice advocate Kaili Spooner ’21 has started her own small business and freely shares her talents with our school community. And the amazingly generous and fearless Tony Avila ’83 sets a goal and works tirelessly to achieve it—whether it be an Ironman competition or sharing his treasure to support our students through the Janet Pessagno & Lopez Family Scholarship. All three of these Mariners are role-models for us all, and angels to our school community. Thank you Mary Kate, Kaili, and Tony! Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank the Brothers of Holy Cross, Moreau Province, for their continued sponsorship and support of Moreau Catholic. 2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Brothers of St. Joseph in Ruille, France—the group that later became the Holy Cross Brothers we know and love. From the Brothers who have served on staff over the years, to the Brothers who continue to serve as members of the Moreau Catholic High School Corporation, we are deeply thankful and appreciative of all that they do for us. Through the intercession of Saint Brother Andre Bessette and Blessed Father Basil Moreau, we continue to pray for the Brothers and their ministry. With thanks to all,

Terry Lee President

KIND, AMBITIOUS, INTELLIGENT, LIKABLE, INTERESTING: KAILI There are no two ways about it: Kaili Spooner ’21 is exceptional. Just this year she committed to play collegiate volleyball at Sonoma State University, she spoke out against police brutality and in support of Black lives in front of Hayward City hall, was appointed as Chair of the Board for the Hayward Youth Commission, became Moreau Catholic’s Black Student Union (BSU) Vice President, joined Social Justice Leadership and Link Crew, and, to top it off, she started her own business. “My parents are really big on entrepreneurship,” she shares. Both of Kaili’s parents have their own businesses—her father as a motivational speaker for the formerly incarcerated and her mother as 4 | Moreau Catholic

a life coach for women who have had traumatic experiences. Inspired by them, Kaili thought long and hard, praying for an idea for her own first business venture. In late July, Kaili decided she would learn to make and sell resin keychains. She did her due diligence— researching supplies, watching videos about how to make them, pricing out different styles—then she presented her business plan to her parents. Impressed by her plan and believing in their daughter, they became her first investors, giving her money to buy the supplies needed to start her business. Kaili set up an Instagram account (@keychainsbykaili) to begin promoting and

As a Black girl, society sees us as ’ghetto’ and ’uneducated,’ and I want to be perceived differently.”

selling her wares. It’s a side project that she says, “Kept me busy during quarantine.” This highly motivated middle child in a family of five siblings “has been a shining light ever since she stepped onto the campus,” praises Toni West, Associate Dean of Students and moderator of BSU. West goes on to say, “[Kaili] fully commits herself to academics, athletics, and clubs. She has taken full advantage of the offerings at Moreau. Kaili demonstrates the values of being a Mariner, she shows her classmates how to use her purpose and passion to positively affect those around her.” Kaili states, “As a Black girl, society sees us as ‘ghetto’ and ‘uneducated,’ and I want to be perceived differently. So I have high standards and morals for myself. As I’ve grown at the school, I’ve tried to get more involved in many ways. Now I’m at the point that if I want to make change...then I need to be involved.” Despite what the world tells her, Kaili wants to set a good example for her younger siblings and cousins, the way one of her own cousins inspired her. She strives to break stereotypes, and to be seen as the rule rather than the exception. Kaili looks forward to her upcoming club and MCHS volleyball seasons, which she will play simultaneously for the first time, and to returning to campus and ultimately graduating at the Paramount Theatre. She plans to pursue a career as an actor in film and television. Her volleyball coach of three years and Social Justice Coordinator, Jerico Abanico, says simply, “She’s going to change the world.” And we can’t wait to see her do it.

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FUNDRAISING 2019-2020 Gifts and Grants Alumni


Alumni Parents




Current Parents






Friends of Moreau

$16,446.13 $736,983.22

Special Events Crab Feed Student Fundraiser

$48,000.00 $100,405.00

Funding Hopes and Dreams



Total Fundraising


Annual Giving by Fund Unrestricted Gift Endowments Restricted Gifts

$143,040.74 $90,115.87 $503,826.61

Fundraising Designations Angel Fund Athletics Restricted—Other

$17,515.22 $158,119.68 $67,860.15

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance


Unrestricted Annual Giving


Visual and Performing Arts


Other Giving Gift-in-Kind


Board of Trustees Giving


6 | Moreau Catholic

Thank you to Moreau Catholic High School’s dedicated teachers, administrators, and staff members who contribute one hour of each pay period to various scholarships and other programs vital to the development of our campus community. Jerico Abanico Tom Alcott Dave Baptist ’85 Maggi Bender Claudia Briones Araceli Catalan Henny Chen Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76 Angela Demmel Stacey Ferriera ’86 Colleen Galloway ’77 * Liz Guneratne Kristin Hannon ’02 James Hannon ’02 * Maria Heath Enrique Henriquez Doug Hupke

Bill Katen Colleen Kelly Jana Kleczek Christine Krisman Patrick Landeza AJ Lee Terry Lee* Laura Lopez Dorothy Lubin Julie Maroun Mary McInerney Robert Parker Dave Prisk Caitlin Riley Corinna Sanding ’14 Jessica Simons Connie Stanton

Karen Strawn Ann Khristine Tabora Jenny Toscano Michael Tsan Betty Uribe Denise Varga Samantha Wainwright Catherine Wickboldt Eric Wilson Elizabeth (Morales) Zepeda ’03 * Denotes two hours

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SUSTAINING OUR LEGACY, ENSURING OUR FUTURE For more than 50 years, Moreau Catholic High School has been graduating compassionate, socially conscious students who are prepared to shape the world around them. We are committed to the ideas and philosophy set forth by Blessed Father Basil Moreau and the Congregation of Holy Cross. This commitment includes being steadfast in teaching the four pillars of Bringing Hope, Building Respect, Being Family, and Educating Hearts & Minds. It is through the kindness and generosity of our alumni, parents, and the broader community that we are able to be faithful to our four pillars and deliver on the promise of a high-quality, college preparatory educational experience for our deserving students. At Moreau Catholic High School, we feel blessed by our partnership with you to educate our students, and we thank you for your generosity. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, mistakes do happen. Please let us know if there is an instance where information is inaccurately reported so that we can correct the mistake. Thank You.

Fr. Moreau Guild | $10,000 +

Anonymous Avila Encore Management LLC ESponsor Now, Inc. Robert Stewart Odell and Helen Pfeiffer Odell Fund Silicon Valley Foundation The Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Foundation Trust Funds Incorporated

Holy Cross Circle | $5,000 + Anonymous Quang Trinh ’88 Fremont Bank Joan and Allen Lopez Elvia Quiroga Raimondi’s Paint and Wallpaper Christopher and Noreen Senner Anthony Varni

Cross & Anchors Circle | $1,000 + Anonymous Chris Ahlering

8 | Moreau Catholic

Dr. Thomas E. Ahlering ’71 American Endowment Foundation David Anthony Dean Barnes ’92 S M and Wayne Beasley Benevity Community Impact Fund Anthony Bishop Thomas Bottorff ’71 Bright Funds Foundation Julia Luk and Philip Chan Cameron Clark ’99 Congregation of Holy Cross, Moreau Province Gregory Dannis ’72 Jennifer Sprinkles and Jeanine DeBacker Concepcion Juarez-Diroll and Robert Diroll Kristin (Knox) Esche ’92 Katrina Dyrby and Bijan Farhangui John Friedrichsen ’69 Debra and Joseph Guenley ’69 Dr. Elizabeth Guneratne Teresa and Ray Hall ’71 Theresa (Bell) ’00 and James Hannon ’02 Kristin (Graham) Hannon ’02 David Heffron ’78 Henryorg Foundation Sheila Huang Elena and Douglas Hupke Maritza and Tim Ilario Padma Parthasarathy and Sundaram Jawahar JJ Liquor John Benjamin Company Catherine and Josef Kapper KDS Plumbing, Inc. Aaron Lan ’09 Wenschel Lan ’02 Terry Lee Lauren (Clark) ’97 and John Lek Theresa and Dennis Mastrantonio ’71 Michael McGrath ’81 Mary McInerney Susan and Stuart Metcalfe Janet and Stephen Miller Morgan Stanley Gift Fund Alona and Cameron Oba Gregory Palin ’71 Margaret and Jim Parenti ’72 Kenneth Pereira ’79 PG&E Corporation Foundation Frances and Ruben Quilalang Kathleen Radecke ’85 Ed Raney Abraham and Cindy Rocha Schwab Charitable Fund Richard and Janet Smith

David Turner ’01 Maris (Erwin) ’73 and Douglas Uchikura ’71 Vizion Utility Partners Catherine Wickboldt Wilma’s Collision Repair Barbara (Brunelli) Young ’74

Voyager Club | $500 +

Anonymous A & D Rubber Products Company, Inc. Denise (Couchot) Aghazarian ’78 Kathleen (Maloney) ’77 and Mark Alcott William Arnold ’71 Jay Austin ’86 Gina Avila ’91 C. Richard Bartalini Madeline Bender Betsy and Dennis Borruso Julie and Robert Breuil Brothers of Holy Cross Kathleen Browne Kathleen (Ferenz) Cande ’77 Amy and Stephen Cassidy Annie Lin and Eric Chen Henny Chen Linda and Peter Cheng Chevron U.S.A., Inc. Aracelly Prieto Arangoitia and Daniel Choy Kelli Flannery-Cid and Jeffhry Cid Ira Cook, Jr. ’74 Most Rev. John S. Cummins Ron and Jan Davis Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76 Angela Demmel Erin O’Reilly ’84 Deborah (Deem) Farrell ’73 Stacey (Raimondi) ’86 and Michael Ferreira Colleen Arnold and Gregory Galati Norma and Felix Galaviz Patricia and Andrew Galligan Colleen Galloway ’77 William and Olimpia Godfrey Janet Capurro-Graham Thao Mai and Dzung Ha Judith Halper ’86 Barbara and William Hemenez Katherine (Woelffer) Hill ’78 Jamila Jackson Nancy and William Katen Rochelle and Steven Klein ’78 Jennifer and Patrick Landeza Miriam Rhew and Brian Lee Marta Vera and Miguel Leon Diane L’Heureux

Annual Report 2019-2020 | 9

Voyager Club (cont’d)

Janelle and Johnny Lin Brian and Jodi Lozano Dorothy Lubin Charu Malpani and Pavan Mandhani Marin Commuity Foundation Patricia and Jose Martinez Microsoft Corporation Angela and Jaime Mira Michael Moran ’74 Helene Nepomuceno ’10 Heidi and Glenn Noga ’77 Pace Supply Erlyn and Ramon Palacios Sally and William Philbin Susan (Promes) ’82 and Mark Haynos Jan and Christine Richard Mary and Kevin Rossi ’75 Sack, Harris & Martin Sheila Gough-Sampson and Paul Sampson Raymond Silva MD ’71 Margaret and J. Michael Sinkevich ’71 Patricia (Roark) ’75 and Tom Spillner ’71 Connie and Michael Stanton Ann Tabora Michelle (Raimondi) ’85 and Jim Thompson United Way of Greater Philadelphia & SNJ Samantha Wainwright Wells Fargo Foundation Eric Wilson Linda and Edward Wuelfing ’86

Mariner Club | $250 +

Anonymous (3) Jerico Abanico Caroline and Noel Abarcar Michelle and Cristopher Aldridge Kimberly and Jose Alino Jana and Peter Aloo Dolores and Javier Alvarez Erika and Jose Amezcua Ruelito and Mary Asino Dolores and Ahmad Aslanbaigi Miguela De Leon and Andy Balingit Jessica and Humberto Banuelos Cynthia and Nicholas Basa Mary and Charles Beck Cherrie and Sixto Beltran Annemarie and Justin Bosl Mary (Spillner) Brennan ’78 Rebecca and James Breska Claudia Briones Hanna Bui Julie Burns ’94

10 | Moreau Catholic

Christina and Fred Butler Michael Calegari ’75 Jennifer and Barry Callier Thomas and Sheila Cannon Ana Maria and James Canonizado Kristine and Roger Caothien Kim and Vincent Capurro ’77 Veronica Tranlong and Sennen Carlos Lenora and Anthony Carroll Araceli Catalan Gretchen (Moitoso) ’89 and Vincent Cava Joelle and Edward Chapman Maria and Angel Chavez Selina Gutierrez-China and John China Joseph Chow Kely McKeown and Mark Christopulos Laura Cisneros ’80 Carissa Clark ’00 Elaine and Robert Clark Maribel and Alex Co Maria Corpuz Joyce and Godfrey Cosio Lisa and Troy Cote Mary Ann (Laudani) ’73 and David Crudo ’71 Rebecca and Yvonne Day-Rodriguez Maribeth and Paul Delucchi ’87 Michael Domingo ’90 Kevin Dowling ’71 Maria Duenas Bryan and Jackie Duncan Kimberly and Martin Ebert Andrea Lawrence and Kevin Erler Kiersti and Eric Esparza Katrina (Rosario) Ferreira ’93 Fidelity Charitable Marianne and Raymond Firmeza Kiera and Erik Fisher Julie Vasilyeva and Alexei Fomitchev James and Anne Fuentes Edward Geiger ’71 Maria and Richard Geronimo Annanya and Bhaskar Ghosh Savitha and Puneet Goel Berenice and German Gonzalez Christina and Jose Govea Kameelah Green Vineet and Aparna Gulati Kathleen and Michael Hannon ’74 Syed Haque

Darlene and Peter Hayes Maria and Allen Heath Enrique Henriquez Cristina and Josserand Hernandez Ana and Julio Herrera Mandy Wu and Man Ho Kim and Alexander Hoang Satomi and Thomas Hoffmann Jennifer and Gregory Holguin Holland & Harley Construction, Inc. Alicia Ruiz and Randolph Hom Nilda Lee-Hossain and Shah Hossain Norma and Oscar Ibaceta Fidelito Ibalio Patrice Adkins and Clinton Ison Supriya Sharma and Rajiv Jain Kaiping Ran and Ping Jiang Parvinder Kour and Amarjeet Johal Rachel Joseph Ritu Gulati and Rajiv Kalra Ritu and Sanjeev Kamboj Colleen Kelly Ritesh and Tulika Khanna Nana and Rex Kiang Charlene and Richard Kibanoff Rosario and Kenneth Kinzler Jana Kleczek Christine and Michael Krisman ’72 Christine and Cleveland Kwan Jacqueline Laforga Kanika and Sachin Lakhanpal Venkatesani Lakshminarayanan and Vijayalakshmi Bharadwaj Reshmi and Mathew Lebon AJ Lee Kim-Elizabeth and Douglas Lee Nicole Lek Jannette and Hedelito Leuterio LMEPAC Charity Program Custodial Account Laura Lopez Arun Mandalapu and Sarada Gogineni Byron Romero and Maria Inah Mangalindan Sergio Maravilla Danielle A. and Jeffery J. Marinai Julie and Joseph Maroun Debra (Spillers) ’83 and Victor Martin Karen and Felix Martinez Stephen Mathewson Paula Hartman and Timothy McCallion Dr. Dotty McCrea

Felicia McDuffie ’83 Nichole McGowan Nelson and Yvonne Mosi Deanna and Matthew Murchison Magdalena Nevel ’90 Anh-Nguyet and Mike Nghiem Tuyet-Linh Doan and Hao Nguyen Maura Young and Will North Maria and Derek Nunes Gregory Otico ’93 Jona and Emmanuel Pangan Justin Paras ’98 Robert Parker James Patterson Andrea and Ronald Peck Lucia and Gustavo Pena Annie and George Pham Huyen Pham Venus Picart-Ramsey ’93 Giti and Robert Pieper Porsche Redwood City Marleen and David Prisk Bernadine and Gilbert Puccini Lorrie and David Pullman Antonette and Aloysius Quiambao Uma and Ramgopal Ramachandran Andrea (Varni) Ramiza ’84 Errol Ramos ’90 Magdalena Garcia and Charles Reichel Caitlin Riley Scott Rivenes ’83 Jeff Roark ’71 Robert Half International Liliana and Timothy Roberto Maria and Salvador Robles Sandra and Francisco Rodarte Jordan Romero ’11 Rocio Ross ’92 Veronica Salazar Corinna Sanding ’14 Sanchita (Banerjee) Saxena ’90 Krishnan Ennapadam and Mahadevan Seetharamn Joseph Segismundo ’20 Tom Shih ’85 Jason Shirriff and Lisa Schwappach Haris Khan and Saba Siddiqui Jessica Simons Evangeline and Franco Sinay Xiying Song David and Carmen Souza Robin and Mark Spillner ’73

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Mariner Club (cont’d)

Roopa Rangadurai and Mukundan Srinivasan St. James Catholic Church Arnecia Styles Karen and Kennedy Tan Tameka Tate Tonya Thomas Deborah Chow and Albert To Liza and Ferdinand Torres Michael Tsan Rex and Rosemary Ugalde Betty Uribe Yamel Valdez Rosa Heredia and Oscar Vallejo Denise and Edward Varga Deysi Aleman and Jose Vasquez Carolina Velez Maria and Jose Villegas Jocelyn Marquez-Viray and Christopher Viray Mr. and Mrs. Relly Viray Barbara Westerhoff Patty and Mark Wurzel ’72 Analynn and Robert Young Elizabeth (Morales) Zepeda ’03 Zack Zhang

Green & Gold Club | $1 +

Anonymous (9) Danny and Amalia Abenojar Ghazal Shah and Syed Abidi Ariyike and Carlos Abraham Rezena and Robert Aceret Paulo Acoba ’05 Eleanor Adams Carla Adcock Rubie and Daniel Aguilar Riffat Akram Maria and Orlando Albaira Connie (Gonsalves) ’73 and James Albanese ’73 Camille and Allan Alcayde Chona and Leon Alejandro Mark Alhadate ’80 Charis and Claude Allen Gloyds and Rosaura Altamirano Carmen and Kevin Amaro Nuha and Amer Ammari Marisol and Raulie Ancheta Debra (Meilink) ’73 and Terrence Andrade Marlit and Miguel Angeles Rommel Velasco and Neila Anglo

12 | Moreau Catholic

Felipe Aquino Rachel Aquino Dennis Medeiros and Sarah Aquino ’90 Alberto Aranda ’95 Tiffany and Nicholas Ardales Carmen Arechiga Abiel and Gabriela Arias Amy Armstrong Tammy and Edward Arnold Deborah and Dennis Arnst Maria Arroyo Guerrero and Elias Munoz Arroyo Seini and Leaututu Asiasi Parvin and Daljit Atwal Joshy and Jessy Joseph Austin Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Austin Mario Avanto ’08 Deepta and Girish Avantsa Rosemarie Quinto and Benjamin Avelino Armando Ayala Lt. James Ayala ’71 Aasha Babel Angela Backers ’76 Cynthia and John Bader Lynnette Bailey Terry and Sonia Bailey Myrna and Brian Baker Angelica and Charles Baker Dedra Baker Bikramjit Singh and Zarmelan Bakhtari Rajpal and Jatin Bal Vinay Iyer and Rupa Balachandran Andrew Balistreri ’71 Rosei and James Baltz Katherine Banks ’87 and Jason Hogrefe Jessica Bareng Bertha Sanchez Zayas and Eugenio Barrales Yesica and Carlos Barrera Marilou and Ramon Barreto Betty (Barrett) Levin ’77 Marie Basa Matthew Bassett Aaron Manuel Bautista ’20 Manuel and Aileen Bautista Edelyn and Roy Bautista Maria and Albeaus Bayucan Maricela Becerra Lisa (Guerra) ’83 and Gary Bega Rehana Begg

Denise (Winkenbach) Benger ’79 Rivka and Brian Bent Denise and Herman Betchart Wajiha Ali and Mohammad Bhaiji Abha and Rajeev Bhalla Denise Bianchini-Senft ’90 Hana Baba and Louai Bilal Diane Blackwell William and Sandra Blanch Carolyn Bogues ’03 Leticia and Jose Bolanos Jessica and Darryl Bond Michael Booker ’92 David G. Borghi ’85 Sami Boutros Simarjeet and Diljit Brar Shannon Britton Chase Britton-Dilling ’20 Adjoua Brou Christina Nakata-Bruce and Guillermo Bruce Kenneth and Deborah Bruschini Keith Bryan ’74 Margaret Bryant Jason and Sarah Buckley Rea and John Buendia Bernice and Micah Bueno Irma and Carlos Burgos John and Valerie Burkart ’81 Hollis and Rickelle Burnett Allison Cahill ’90 Neil Calderon ’92 Abigail Abar-Calica and Michael Calica Susan (Vorous) Camello ’75 Octavio and Jill Campbell Jesse and Alison Canchola Shelley and Regan Candelario ’83 Cynthia and Rick Candelario ’71 Lucita Canio Paolo Canuto ’14 Tim Caothien Maria and Bob Capuzelo Estela Munoz De Cardenas and Manuel Cardenas Cecilia and Martin Cardenas Zeze Cardoso Kelly Caro Katrina Teresa Carpio Jose Carlos and Joanne Carranceja Patricia Carroll Steven Carvalho ’78 Fransisco and Zoila Castaneda Lilibeth and Alvin Castaneto

Marjorie and Carl Castro Fr. Bruce Cecil, C.S.C. Bernadette and Roderick Cello Alice Chan Timothy Chaparro Sonali and Jagdish Chaphekar Lindsey and Tonya Chapman Michelle and Jesse Charles Shirley Kumar and Lawrence Chaudhary Gerardo Diaz and Noemi Chavez Angelica Quezada and Saul Chavez Christine and George Chen Minnie Chan and Roy Choi Anna and Donald Chu Isabel and Juan Cienega Maria and Luis Cipres Dawn Cisek ’89 Laura Clark ’03 Evangeline Co Mary and Stephen Coffey ’73 Jonathan Cole Dr. Joseph Connell Kenyetta Cook Joan and Mark Cordeniz ’72 Denisse (Munoz) ’00 and Daniel Corral Julie Corral ’79 Jan Creighton Francine Cronin Corazon and Jesus Cuaresma Mary Cuevas CyberGrants on behalf of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Lea and Milton De La Torre Noelle De Leon and Jocelyn De Leon Everlyn and Leroy De Leon Mildred and Floyd De Sousa Belinda and Rogelio De Vera Paulina Del Rio and Anthony Decoteau Maria DeGuair Grace Del Rosario Nelson Del Rosario Mary Ann and Edgar Delos Angeles Morgan Derby Ronak Desai and Purvi Chokshi Jada Dessaure Cellu Dhawan David and Theresa Dias Kristina Jackson and Marina Diaz Penny and Matt Dickstein Jessica Dietz ’97 Audrey and Rommel Dingle Girish and Aparna Divate Rong and Kenneth Dixon

Annual Report 2019-2020 | 13

Left: Tony competed in the Ironman World Championship in 2018. Above: Avila as he crosses the finish line of Ironman: Boulder


IRONMA Tony posing with his father, Harry Avila and his wife, Alysa

14 | Moreau Catholic


An ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bicycle ride, and finished off with a full 26.2 mile marathon run. It is not an event for the faint of heart. Competing in one takes mental and physical stamina, steady pacing, and an unwavering commitment to the finish line 140 miles ahead. It takes over half a day to finish; an event better suited for the turtle than the hare.

and Managing Principal of Encore Capital Management, a real estate investment and development firm, Avila knows a thing or two about making a good investment, which is why Avila and his family know the importance of investing in Moreau Catholic students.

Since 2014, Tony Avila ’83 has participated in several marathons and triathlons. He ran the Boston marathon in 2016, participated in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in 2015, and did not one, but two, grueling Ironman World Championship triathlons in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 2018 and 2019. He now focuses on half-Ironman distance triathlons, which is still an impressive 70 mile trek. Long before becoming an Ironman athlete, Avila’s mother instilled in him and her other children a strong sense of giving back to the community. During his time at Moreau Catholic, Avila became heavily involved in community service. Thanks to his mother’s influence and the encouragement of Dr. Joe Connell, Moreau’s principal at the time, he established the first Interact Club at Moreau. Interact is a self run, Rotary International sponsored service club for young people. As president of the MCHS Interact club, Avila visited schools around the Bay Area and was able to assist in the establishment of 13 other Interact clubs around the area. After his mother passed in 2003, Tony and his family established the Janet Pessagno Scholarship (now called the Janet Pessagno & Lopez Family Scholarship) in her honor. This $2,000 scholarship is awarded to two rising sophomores who exhibit the highest standards of caring and citizenship through community service and academic excellence. Each year, Avila designates one big race to raise money to grow the corpus of the fund with an aim of adding approximately $50,000 to it yearly. Earlier this year, amidst the upheaval of COVID-19, Avila and his siblings, Tim ’87 and Gina ’91, along with family members Alison Lopez ’94 and Karina Anthony ’23, pledged an investment of $40,000 in direct tuition assistance to families of Mariners most affected by the pandemic. They challenged our community to match the gift with their own investments, and the Mariner family did not disappoint!


Investing in student success is much like competing in an Ironman. It is a long, steady process with a focus on reaching a goal much farther ahead. And as co-founder

Janet Pessagno with granddaughter, Katrina

Avila shares that Moreau Catholic was “a great foundation” for him and his siblings and “a beacon for [the] community.” To this family, investing in Moreau Catholic students is a way to give back to the community. He acknowledges that it is often hard to dedicate time to service, so his family’s focus has been on fundraising as their way of “paying it forward and being there to support future generations.” So what is the return on an investment in Moreau Catholic students? For Avila, it’s the formation of well rounded people who are considerate and understanding. It means developing citizens who know how to learn by overcoming challenges and interacting well with people, especially those with whom they might not see eye to eye. But most importantly, Mariners know how to give back to their community and continue to share the love. Avila would like to congratulate President Terry Lee on an incredible career and wish him the best of luck in his new role as Director of School Sponsorship for the Moreau Province. Of Dr. Liz Guneratne he says, “Never have I been more impressed with a principal. Moreau is truly blessed to have someone of her caliber and capabilities.” He would also like to congratulate Mr. Phil Wilder, who just retired, on “an illustrious career...Wilder is someone with integrity, balance, poise, humor…exactly what one would aspire to have within an educator.” Finally, to the current Moreau Catholic faculty and staff, Avila encourages them to “continue doing the incredible job that you’re doing today.” We thank Avila and his whole family for their steady, unwavering support of Moreau Catholic and its students! Annual Report 2019-2020 | 15

Green & Gold Club (cont’d)

Millie Dharmawan and Don Donchuanchom Kennisha Donnelly Kevin Dowling ’80 Bill and Ann Marie Drabin Victor Dungca ’86 Suet Fan Wong and Peter Paul Dy Luzviminda and Anthony Dysico Scott Earney Janette and Noel Echano Mark and Rita Elizarrey Sakai Metcalf and Edward Ellison Rosalyn Washington and Jeoffrey Encinas Daniele Chase-Escalante and David Escalante Jennifer and Benito Esguerra Ana and Ronald Espejo Olga Trujillo and Edwin Espinoza Zainab Fallay Lisi Munayco and Raymond Fellers Tony and Martha Figueiredo Jennifer Fischer Christina and Gregory Fisher ’89 Rosario and Noe Flores Annabelle Jose and Stanley Fontillas Terri and Patrick Forte ’71 Mary (DeFazio) ’80 and Gordon Foxworthy ’76 Felicia and Efrain Franco Tiffany Franco ’00 Michelle (O’Hara) Freitas ’93 Simon Fresquez ’93 Frontstream Nidia Fuentes Kevin Futagaki ’00 Maria and James Galanida Douglas Galloway Weynshet Mengistu and Seyfu Garadew Gregory ’83 and Meylene Garcia Claudia and Jose Garcia Mitra Garoussian Deidre Garron Jasiyah Garron Andrea Phillips and Marcus Gary Ana Gatchalian Genentech Employee Giving Program Marlene George ’84 Elesa Ambaye and Mulugeta Ghile Pratima and Iqbal Gill Olga and Ravi Giroti Kathryn Givens Monika Momiyama and Reymundo Godoy Tomiko Godoy ’20 Paula Gogin Karina Gomez Manny and Lisa Gomez

16 | Moreau Catholic

John Gong Michelle and Gary Gongwer Jenny and Noel Gonsalves Rachel (Cirimele) Gonsalves ’82 Marissa and Jesse Gonzaga David and Christina Gonzales Luis Gonzales Felicia and Ormando Gonzales Tricia and Brian Gonzalez Gladys and Edgar Gonzalez Jose and Elizabeth Gonzalez Eswin and Melissa Gonzalez Judith Goodfellow Kaushik Gopalakrishnan Maria Concepcion and Dennis Gordo Tia Goudy and Mark Richardson Norma and Robert Goulart Ellie St. Andre Gould ’77 Archana and Sanjay Govan Aswini Rajkumar and Rajkumar Govindaraman Lisa (Ivaldi) ’85 and Dino Granzella Ann Margaret Graybeal Sidney and Audrey Griffin Michelle and Jesus Grospe David Guerra ’78 Laurie and Jason Guerrero Luzel Guevarra and Arlen Guevarra Nisha and Amit Guha Maria Chavez and Sergio Guijarro Jennifer Zhao and Yuqiang Guo Silvina Salazar and Jaime Gutierrez Jesus and Maria Gutierrez Cara (Meier) Hagemeister ’90 Kadeer Halimi Aisha and Kadeer Halimi Dorene and John Halseth John Hughes and Latonya Hamilton Sadia and Mohammad Hammad Kristin (Graham) ’02 and Kendall Hannon ’02 Mary Ellen Harmeyer ’83 Zakiya Harris Ezekiel and Marie Harvey Teri and John Hastings Patricia Hatcher Norman and Shely Hatuina Stefan Hau-Riege Christopher Hayes Marina and David Hazelwood ’75 William Heinlein Mirna and Rodney Herb Jose Fuentes and Monica Hernandez Jonathan and Tricia Herrera

Monica Heuer Wesley and Susan Hisatake Thi Hoang ’99 Patricia (Belmessieri) ’83 and Robert Holloway Caroline Hsieh and Jen Hong Edward E. Horvath Syed Hossainy and Fairooz Samira Ana and Jeffrey Hsue Harpreet and Rajnish Humpal Humpal Maria Ibalio ’16 Martha Rendon and Paula Ibarra Jennifer and Arthur Ignacio Charsina Imara Agnes Intal Arturo and Carmen Interiano Ruben and Maribel Irias Veronica and Mark Ismael Romina and Shad Ismail Leslie Beltran and Lydianne Jackson-Beltran Shu Jen and Chai Ming Jai Bhawna and Lav Jain Arpana Gupta and Sambhav Jain Shiksha and Sanjay Jain Hans Kumar and Shikha Jain Neetu Jaiswal Sophia and Charles Jeganathan Rick Garcia and Ana Jimenez Tara Jones and Antoine Johnson Geraldine (Dungca) Jones ’88 Vaishali and Prashanth Joshi Jennifer (Royval) Kaahaaina ’94 Suresh Nalla and Arunakumari Kadambala Hirut Kahsai Lisa Kaloostian Linda and Rajaganesh Kamalnathan Adrienne and Christopher Kane I-Wen Wei and Joo Kang Himanshu and Pooja Kapoor Divya and Sachin Kapur Vibha and Arjuna Karunaratne Sodhi and Kuljit Kaur Chamkaur and Kulwinder Kaur Lucy Kelly Justina Imelda and John Kelsey Yvette Carretero and Roberto Khamseh Shahana and Masudur Khan Meera and Anil Khatri Sonia Khosla and Naveen Khosla Jane F. Kilzer ’73

Gemma and Eric King Alicia and Jonathan King Ana Klanjac Deena and Roland Kleinman Angela Knapp Frank Knight Jocelyn and Paul Koch Jyothsna Pydiparti and Sreekanth Kollipara Pragathi and Ramakrishna Konda Debbie and Robert Kossick Geetha Ramu and Vijay Kotian Alla and Roman Kotlyar Kelly and Ousseynou Kouyate Margie and Leon Ku Ferishta and Sayed Kulaly Charis (Guina) Kwe ’89 John and Michelle LaCome John Laforga Denise and Benjamin Lai Babu Lal Sangeeta Lal Ellie Lange Marianne and Robert LaVigne Nicolas Ledesma ’20 Anita and Raul Ledesma Judith Legaspi Mary Grace and Wesley Legaspi Rayna Lett Kin Wong and Yim Hung Leung Henry Levy Diane and Douglas Lewis Jamie Lewis ’90 Melissa L’Heureux ’10 Rosemarie and Diosdado Limun En-Yi Lin ’20 Tzu-Hsin and Ming-Te Lin Jiahuan Liu Edwin Yeh and Min Hua Liu Rosey and Jeffrey Loaisiga Rocio and Alonzo Lopez Michelle and Mario Lopez Armando and Nancy Lopez Mary Anne (McFaul) ’78 and John Lothrop Jose and Crisanta Loza Mary and Richard Lucett Sanh and Ana-Marie Ly Liberty Mabalot Teena (Griego) ’79 and Steve Mackin Cara Madden-Watson ’97 Patricia Palmeri-Maffei and Andrew Maffei Mot Le and Phuong Mai

Annual Report 2019-2020 | 17

Green & Gold Club (cont’d) Aurora Maigue Armin Malcampo David and Karla Maldonado Tabassum Alam and Mohammad Malik Anu and Ram Mandalam Purnima Mangal Sirisha Tatiraju and Muralikrishna Mannava Carmen and Aniceto Manosca Joan and Godofredo Manuel Richelle Manuel ’96 Evan Mao ’19 Glen and Anne Marcus Aileen and Marco Paolo Martin Lilia and Paul Martin ’85 Lorraine and Manuel Martinez Roched Gonzales and Roy Marucut Margaret Mascsak ’04 Jacqueline Hernandez and Jose Mayoral Kathy McCann ’74 Michael McDonald ’85 Aundrea McLellan Silvia McManus-Munoz and Thomas McManus JaNey Meeks-Hay Elisete and Mark Melendres Joaquin and Mary Meraz Wilma P and Max Meregillano Steven Meyer ’71 Alan Mieses Maria and Bill Miller Lenilou and Delnis Miranda Mythill Annamraju and Prasad Modali Guillermo Molina Christine and Charles Moll Norma Mondy Karen and Richard Moraida Robert and Alison Morgan Carol and Christopher Morgan Shelley Morris Shonda and Jonathan Mosby Jackie and Matthew Moses Jackie and William Motta ’71 Monica and Daniel Mowry Grace and Gilbert Mulingtapang Kimberly (Hartman) ’83 and Duncan Murray Shannon and James Myatt Fabian Nalagan ’90 Maria Napitan

18 | Moreau Catholic

Karen and Jose Napoles Baqir Hussain and Tabassum Naqvi Nicole Nelson Willams Li Heung and Ping Ching Ng Hanna Bui and Dat Khoa Ngo Michelle and Brian Nguyen Huang Nga Nghiem and Canh Nguyen Lien Bui and Lan Nguyen Tram Le and Lance Nguyen Lynn Nguyen Dung Tran and Quynh Nguyen Diana Tran and Tri Nguyen Hang and Trinh Nguyen Ajmer Nijjar and Karmjit Kaur Jim Nondorf ’69 Lola Noren Nargis and Russell Nouri Victor Hernandez and Luz Nuila Teresa Nunes Katia Nunez Tina and Rafael Nunez Seraphine Nzomo Emelyn and Isidro Obra Linda (Bernhardt) Ogden ’78 Maj. Patrick S. O’Hara USAF ’90 Grace and Austine Ohwobete Jeanette Okeeffe Anne and Clifford Ologbosele Thea Olores James and Lydia Olson Weldon O’Neal Alda and Michael O’Neill ’69 Mita Gopal and Ritesh Onjerthady Robert Ontiveros Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program Erica Ornelas Silvia and Charles Ortiz Emily Ortiz and Robert Wisckol Luzvimind and Manuel Otico Susanna (Orozco) ’83 and Gerald Oto Minerva and Christopher Ott Larry Ozenne ’71 Imelda and Stuart Pace Yvonne Lin and Thomas Pacheco Navpreet and Jagdeep Padda George Palma Brian Palmer Zuquan Ren and Liyi Pan Mildred and Rafaelito Pangilinan Esperanza Ramirez and Carlos Paniagua Analie and Jovan Paredes

Pragna and Pankaj Parekh Diya and Amitava Parial Kristen Parker Dax Parreno ’88 Pamela Passanisi ’75 Jagruti and Dilesh Patel Diptiben and Nikhil Patel Jermaine and Camara Patton Sunita and Suman Paul Cynthia Paule Karla and Richard Paulisich Ana and Daniel Penalva Yolanda Penton Zoveida Peraza Julita and Luis Perea Diane and Tony Pereda Doris and Anthony Pereira Ellis Perez Raul and Rita Perez Michael and Leslie Pestana James and Jacqueline Peters Stacie Pettigrew Lorraine and Linh Phan Photo 360 Alina Phu Lorrey Pierce Sunitha Soman and Ajith Pillai Yolanda and Fernando Pineda Samantha and Jimmy Pineda Brandie and Dwayne Pittman Michael and Ana Placido Darrold and Angelica Ponce Connie and Tito Portea Wendy and Ronald Posadas Leslie and Robert Powers Suresh Prakash Irene and Jesus Preciado Donald Presten ’80 Roderick Price Tenisha Pridgett Allison Pruitt ’92 Joel Puebla Karla Punzalan Reynaldo Punzalan Song and Xiling Qian Julie Kha and Quang Quach Thomas Quigley ’81 Vaidyanathan Sridhar and Sashirekha Raghavendran Sharmin Hossainy and Sharif Rahman Abdullah and Tahmina Rahman Raman Aarthi and Sridharan Rajamani

Rajarajan Rajendran Maria and Efrain Ramirez Juana and Ignacio Ramirez Olga Patricia and Hugo Ramos Rhea Ramos Laforga ’20 Christabelle and Raymond Ramos Nicole and Amritpal Rana Stephanie Randell Sowmya and Saiprasad Rangarajan Sarah and Gurpreet Ratra Krista and Ronald Rebello ’85 Gary Resurreccion Marilyn Resurreccion Barbara and Timothy Retallick Evangeline and Simon Reyes Rocio and Claudio Rezende Christine and Steve Rhodes Kaia Richards ’99 Erika Richardson Carmen and Marcos Rios ’96 Maria Pena and Charles Rivas Emylyn Rivera Andrea and Marcus Rivera Maria Rivera and Teresa Rivera Timothy Rizzo ’78 Tina Montoya and Josie Robles Amy and Lloyd Rochon Adela and Hector Rodarte Idaly and Alexander Rodriguez Patrick and Hazel Rodriguez Juana Rodriguez Guadalupe Rocha and Raymundo Rodriguez Rogers Family Foundation Melissa Rojas Tracie and David Romo ’85 Lucia Romo Rocio Rosas Mary Ann Ryle Catherine and Isak Saad Deanna Salas Flora and Peter Salas Patricia and Richard Salas Jesse and Yvette Salazar Salesforce Linda and Carlos Salinas Erin Sanchez Jeffrey and Annalie Sanchez Haydee and Luis Sandoval Misty and Jamala Sanford Vishnu Durairaj and Suresh Sangiah Teresita and Jorge Saniel Doris Santana Joanne Sarino Saso High School Prep

Annual Report 2019-2020 | 19

Green & Gold Club (cont’d) Patt Slovik Saso ’73 Samudra and Conrad Sathianathen Rimple and Sourabh Satish Angela and Peter Schaaphok Katherine (Laster) Schipper ’79 Cara and Brian Schott ’77 Audrey Schroeder Amy and Jason Schwartz Agnes and Giuseppe Scoppetta Lilibeth Castro and Frankie Scott Joselito and Mary Segismundo Irine Semana Aileen Nerio and Chris Semko Maria Serratos Prieto Maria Riza and Rolen Sese Sapana Majmudar and Ketan Shah Nidhi and Amit Sharma Neetu Jaiswal and Nikunj Sharma Puja and Ravinder Sharma Monika and Sanjeev Shera Shyam Jagannath and Shripriya Shyam Anjana Singh Fameeza Singh Rajwinder and Gudawar Singh Mandeep Dhillon and Lovepreet Singh Balwinder Kaur and Mohinderpal Singh Param and Surinder Singh Rosalyn Docena and Sanjeev Singh Sandeep Kaur and Tajinder Singh Manisha Chandra and Bimalendu Sinha Vidhi Kastuar and Priyadarshi Sinha Karen and Daniel Smith Keisha and Justin Smith Stephanie and Shawn Smith Jenny Fu and Bryan So Patrick Soares ’83 Haitao Hao and Chuan Song Jeannine and Jim Songey ’79 Sarosh Sopariwalla ’18 Frances Mascarenas-Sornet and Tey Jon Sornet Iris Sosa Shareeka and Kamarlo Spooner Anu Natarajan and Bhaskar Srinivasan Seema and Devesh Srivastava Michael and Cheryl Steeb Nicole Steels Andrea and Edward Sterling

20 | Moreau Catholic

Karen Strawn Narayan Swami and Gowri Subramanian Saumya Balasubramanian and Srikrishnan Subramanian Deborah (Dougherty) Sultan ’81 Suzy Tjan Sunarto and Eddi Sunarto Sunitha Kambam and Madhusudan Sunkara Mary and Jeffrey Surdilla Melanie and Bryan Sweeney Rochelle and Marcelo Tagle Marianne and Wilson Talaugon Patrick and Fiona Tang Marites and Nelson Taroy Kiarra Tate Vinny and Genevieve Tateo Lori Taylor Mariciel and James Telmo Antoinette and Francis Terrel The Clorox Company Foundation Cheryl and Austin Thomas David Thomas ’01 Karen Thomas Neche Thomas Cheryl Thompson Michelle Thompson Eva-Maria and Robert Tisdale Donique Tobin Renee Tolero Victoria Tongson Ramandeep and Jasjit Toor Beverley Goede and James Torrence Ana Marie and Charles Torres Josephine Torres Allea and Kenneth Torres Lillian Torres Rosendo and Marta Torres Mayra Torres Hang Pham and Rick Tran Thu-Thuy and Vinh Tran Vincent and Cassandra Trejo Rachel Triplett Julie (Tsen) ’86 and Andrew Toouli Rachel Meiling and Chuen Tsoi Trichia and Allen Tsou Somer and Jack Tucker Anupama Madhavapeddi and Ramana Turlapati Funmilayo and Milton Tyler Ruby and Ron Usac Sudha Rao and Shravan Vaddiraj Elizabeth and Miguel Valadez Bernadette Valdellon ’04

Rodrigo and Karen Valencia Chris ’90 and Alva Valle Kathy Rogers and Donald Van Leeuwen Debra and Mark Van Metre ’72 Kathleen Varga Swaminath Veeramani Ezmeralda Lopes-Velasco and Mario Velasco Sweta and Mohan Verma Diane and Al Vermeil Tanya and Edward Viera Sunitha Gopal and Venkatesan Vijayakumar Jennifer Manalo and Marvin Flores Villanueva Cesar Jimenez and Livia Villanueva-Jimenez Richard Chavez and Ann Villapando-Chavez Kathleen and Roberto Villongco Visweswaran Chittibabu and Vani Visweswaran Suzanne Vo Peter and Josette Walian Brian and Nina Wallkviist Julia Wang Susan Ferrante and Jessie Washington Richard Wearne Josephine Weber Reginalyn and William Wei Wells Fargo Community Support Annette Whitsitt ’78 Kevin Williams ’72 Debra and James Willis Michelle Yap and Htay Win Mary (Orozco) Winters ’74 Todd Wirsching Xue Xie and Chan Wong Yumei Wu Amber and Obaid Yehya Rieko and Regan Young Nancy Yset Davila Nora and Gabriel Zamora Leilani and Edgardo Zapanta Delia and Arturo Zendejas Frances (Erwin) ’81 and Eugenio Zertuche ’83 Miao Xue and Peng Zhang Yin Jun Zhao ’17 Zhifen and Sen Zhong Elaine Zollner ’73


John D. Friedrichsen Joseph M. Guenley James M. Nondorf Michael T. O’Neill


Thomas E. Ahlering William L. Arnold, Jr. James E. Ayala Andrew P. Balistreri Thomas E. Bottorff Rick M. Candelario David Crudo Kevin L. Dowling Patrick J. Forte Edward W. Geiger Ray J. Hall Dennis Mastrantonio Steven J. Meyer William D. Motta Larry F. Ozenne Gregory B. Palin Jeff K. Roark Raymond C. Silva, MD J. Michael Sinkevich Thomas Spillner Douglas Uchikura


Anonymous Mark A. Cordeniz Gregory J. Dannis James A. Parenti Mark Van Metre Kevin D. Williams Mark S. Wurzel


James Albanese Connie (Gonsalves) Albanese Debra (Meilink) Andrade Stephen L. Coffey Mary Ann (Laudani) Crudo Deborah (Deem) Farrell Jane F. Kilzer Patricia (Slovik) Saso Mark Spillner Maris (Erwin) Uchikura Elaine P. Zollner


Keith G. Bryan Ira O. Cook, Jr. Michael Hannon Kathy E. McCann Michael Moran Ginger (St. Andre) Sire

Mary (Orozco) Winters Barbara (Brunelli) Young


Judith (Truax) Bungarz Michael Calegari Susan (Vorous) Camello David Hazelwood Theresa (Galloway) Hirstein Pamela E. Passanisi Kevin Rossi Patricia (Roark) Spillner


Anonymous Angela C. Backers Diana (Straggas) DeFrance Gordon Foxworthy


Anonymous Betty Barrett Levin Kathleen Cande Vincent Capurro Colleen E. Galloway Eleanor (St. Andre) Gould Glenn A. Noga Brian M. Schott

Annual Report 2019-2020 | 21


Denise (Couchot) Aghazarian Mary (Spillner) Brennan Steven B. Carvalho Theresa (Young) Doty David R. Guerra David L. Heffron Katherine (Woelffer) Hill Steven Klein Mary Anne (McFaul) Lothrop Linda (Bernhardt) Ogden Timothy F. Rizzo Annette (Gubanski) Whitsitt


AnnMarie (Reilly) Drabin Rachel (Cirimele) Gonsalves Harry J. Knapp Susan B. Promes-Haynos


Lisa (Guerra) Bega Regan M. Candelario Gregory Garcia Mary Ellen Harmeyer Patricia (Belmessieri) Holloway Debra A. Martin Felicia D. McDuffie Paul McKenna Kimberly (Hartman) Murray Susanna (Orozco) Oto Scott R. Rivenes Patrick J. Soares Eugenio Zertuche


Susanne Altermann Erin E. Doeschot Marlene George Andrea (Varni) Ramiza

1985 1979

Denise (Winkenbach) Benger Julie Corral Teena (Griego) Mackin Kenneth A. Pereira Katherine (Laster) Schipper James H. Songey


Mark G. Alhadate Laura Cisneros Kevin J. Dowling Mary (DeFazio) Foxworthy Don Presten


Anonymous Valerie Burkart Thomas J. Quigley Deborah (Dougherty) Sultan Larry E. Vierra Frances (Erwin) Zertuche

22 | Moreau Catholic

David R. Baptist David G. Borghi Lisa (Ivaldi) Granzella Brian Lozano Paul G. Martin Michael McDonald Kathleen Radecke Ronald Rebello, Jr. David Romo Tom Shih Michelle Thompson


Jay A. Austin Victor E. Dungca Stacey (Raimondi) Ferreira Judith Halper Julie (Tsen) Toouli Edward C. Wuelfing, Jr.


Anonymous Katherine J. Banks

Hon. Paul Delucchi Monica Slivinsky


Geraldine (Dungca) Jones Dax Parreno Quang Trinh


Gretchen (Moitoso) Cava Dawn M. Cisek Sean Duffy Gregory Fisher Charis (Guina) Kwe


Sarah Aquino Denise L. Bianchini-Senft Allison Cahill Michael Domingo Cara (Meier) Hagemeister Jamie Lewis Fabian K. Nalagan Magdalena (Alvarez) Nevel Maj. Patrick S. O’Hara USAF Errol Ramos Sanchita (Banerjee) Saxena Chris Valle


Gina Avila


Anonymous Dean E. Barnes Michael J. Booker Neil Calderon Kristin (Knox) Esche Allison (Blubaugh) Pruitt Rocio D. Ross


Katrina (Rosario) Ferreira Michelle (O’Hara) Freitas Simon N. Fresquez Gregory J. Otico Venus P. Picart-Ramsey


Julie A. Burns Jennifer (Royval) Kaahaaina


Alberto A. Aranda Caitlin R. Baczuk


Anonymous ElenitaJoy (Siapno) Hopkins Richelle L. Manuel Marcos A. Rios


Jessica C. Dietz Lauren (Clark) Lek Cara K. Madden-Watson


Justin D. Paras


Cameron J. Clark Thi N. Hoang Kaia E. Richards


Carissa Clark Denisse (Munoz) Corral Tiffany A. Franco Kevin M. Futagaki Theresa (Bell) Hannon


Jennifer E. Huie David E. Thomas David B. Turner


Kristin A. Hannon James Hannon Kendall W. Hannon Wenschel D. Lan


Carolyn A. Bogues Laura E. Clark Elizabeth (Morales) Zepeda


Paulo Acoba




Aaron D. Lan


Melissa L’Heureux Helene L. Nepomuceno


Jordan D. Romero


Paolo M. Canuto Corinna D.R. Sanding


Maria Ibalio


YinJun Zhao


Sarosh Sopariwalla


Evan Mao


Aidan Arnold-Galati

Aaron Bautista Amari Bouyer Sophie Breuil Chase Britton-Dilling John Francis Carbonell Victoria Cava Cristian Chavez Delilah Corral Jacob Drabin Kristin Dysico Myles Ebert Sofia Famalett Matthew Garcia Tomiko Godoy Josephine Gonsalves Daniela Hupke Audrey Kibanoff Diya Lebon Nicholas Ledesma En-Yi Meimei Liu Maia Martin Keilah McKeown-Pool Scott McManus Isaiah Otico Bhavini Patel Alyssa Posadas Nicholas Powers Rhea Ramos Laforga Caleb Reichel Jeffrey Sampson Joseph Schaaphok Gautam Srinivasan Tara Vaddiraj Julianna Belen Vallejo

Annual Report 2019-2020 | 23

SCHOLARSHIPS & ENDO Moreau Catholic High School offers both merit-based and need-based scholarships to students so that they may attain a Holy Cross college preparatory education. Given the increasing costs of education, mere money alone should not stand in the way of our students in achieving their goals and dreams.

The Bernie Puccini Scholarship

Beth and David Baptist ’85 Kim and Vincent Capurro ’77 Terry Lee

Board of Trustees Scholarship

Anonymous Barbara and William Hemenez Maritza and Tim Ilario Richard and Janet Smith

Br. Gary Stone, C.S.C. Memorial Scholarship

Michael Bungarz ’75 and Judith (Truax) Bungarz ’75 Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Service Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76 Fremont Bank Colleen Galloway ’77 Theresa (Galloway) ’75 and Terry Hirstein Harry Knapp ’82 Kaye McCann Robert Parker

24 | Moreau Catholic

Antonio Rodriguez Virginia (St. Andre) Sire ’74 Monica (Wuelfing) ’87 and Barry Slivinsky Michael Tobler Marisa and Larry Vierra

Faculty and Staff Scholarship

Marinette and Narciso Bernardo Claudia Briones Henny Chen Maria and Allen Heath Jana Kleczek Christine and Michael Krisman ’72 Terry Lee Karen Strawn Ann Tabora Theresa (Young) Doty ’78 Luis Gonzales Ana Patterson Kim and Vincent Capurro ’77 Paul McKenna ’83 Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76 Colleen Galloway ’77 Andy Ward

The Janet Pessagno and Lopez Family Memorial Scholarship The Anjulicia Foundation David Anthony Thomas Bradshaw and Arlene Anthony Felicia and David Borreson Century Communities, Inc.

Jane Cote-Cook and Christopher Cook The Ford Foundation Matching Gift Program Dawn and Alfred Hoffman Hubble Homes Suzanne and Larry Johnson Metro Develpment Group, LLC Philadelphia Financial Management of San Francisco, LLC Dan Ryan Builders Charitable Foundation Christine and Roy Shiba Frances Stone Allan Yarkin

OWMENTS Kevin McCarty Memorial Scholarship Susanne Altermann ’84 Caitlin Baczuk ’95 Kristin (Graham) Hannon ’02 Audrey Schroeder Jennifer and Mario Toscano Philip Wilder

Maria Mignano Memorial Scholarship Susan and John Mignano

Laura and Diane Ratto Scholarship Barbara and Richard Ratto

Quilalang Family Scholarship

Frances and Ruben Quilalang

In Memory of Dennis Cande Kathleen Cande ’77

In Memory of Betty L. Guenley Joseph Guenley

In Honor of Elvia Quiroga

In Memory of Carroll P. Weber

Henry Levy

The L’Heureux Family Scholarship

David Heffron

Josephine Weber

Diane L’Heureux

In Memory of Lewis and Georgia Heffron In Honor of Alice Kleckner Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76

The Charlene and John Raimondi Scholarship

Mark Delventhal Sandra Donahue Stacey (Raimondi) ’86 and Michael Ferreira Michelle Moir Michael Reichling Rotary Club of Piedmont Montclair Joyce Scozzafava Michelle (Raimondi) ’85 and Jim Thompson Paul Vassar

Annual Report 2019-2020 | 25

MARINER HEROES — HONORING VOLUNTEERS Thank you so much for the immeasurably valuable work you have done for Moreau Catholic High School! The students, faculty, staff, administration and the entire Mariner Community is blessed by your commitment to our school. We cannot thank you enough, and want to let you know that your dedication is essential to the work that we do. Your volunteering embodies the Holy Cross Pillar of “Being Family”. We are forever grateful.

ADMISSIONS Tolu Anyanwu Rachel Gonsalves ’82 Vibha Karunaratne Monica and Barry Slivinsky ADVANCEMENT Gina Antonini ’83 Carlos Briones ’12 Christina Bruce Sanjay Govan John Hannon ’73 Rick Hansen Greg Holguin Jennifer Holguin Norma Ibaceta Tim Ilario Michael Jacinto Justina Kelsey Buck Kleckner ’77 Sharlene Mansfield Steve Miller Dan Morrison ’69 Christina Nakata-Bruce Elvia Quiroga Hazel Rodriguez Quang Trinh ’88 Fran (Erwin) Zertuche ’81 ATHLETICS Kennisha Donnelly Ann Marie Drabin ’82 Kimberly Ebert Katrina Ferreira Rachel Gonzales ’82 Kameelah Green Audrey and Sidney Griffin Marie Harvey Lydianne and Leslie Jackson-Beltran Roberto Khamseh Nana and Rex Kiang Mary-Kate Lathrop Anita Ledesma Lehua Lee Michelle Lopez Danielle Marinai

26 | Moreau Catholic

Lorraine Martinez Christina Mathewson Chandra McDuffie Felicia McDuffie Elisete Melendres Yamel Moran Alison Morgan Jackie Moses Monica and Dan Mowry Deanna and Matt Murchison Imee Pace Loretta Perkins Sam Pineda Joanne Sarino Lori and Darryl Taylor Michelle (Raimondi) Thompson ’86 Regina Wei Oneal Weldon BOARD OF TRUSTEES Br. Donald Blauvelt Sidney Griffin Darlene Hayes Maritza Ilario Rick L’Heureux Dennis Mastrantonio ’71 Dorothy McCrea Mike Medeiros Jan Miller Lois Quilalang Elvia Quiroga Ed Raney Fr. Ken Sales Barry Slivinisky Richard Smith Quang Trinh ’88 Larry Vierra ’81 CAMPUS MINISTRY Sonia Matryn COMMITTEE MEMBER Dana Bayer Ray Breves Stephen Cassidy Kevin Dowling ’80

Rachael Gonzalves ’82 Jose Govea Gwen Kagaoan ’93 Patrick Landeza Ryan Lin ’18 Dorothy Lubin John Mignano Ron Peck Andrew Sanchez Peter Shelley Dan Smith Kevin Sweeney ’72 Sheri Task Michelle (Raimondi) Thompson ’86 Tonya Thornburgh MOCK TRIAL Colleen Arnold Greg Galati Abha Kalra Linda Kamalnathan Ritesh Khanna Norma Mondy Derek Nunes Diya Parial Jackie and Jim Peters Rimple Saxena VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS Denise Varga Kathleen Villongco

John A. Raimondi Volunteer Award Winner

“TO THE WORLD YOU ARE A MOTHER, BUT TO YOUR FAMILY YOU ARE THE WORLD” This year’s recipient of the John A. Raimondi Volunteer Award is the embodiment of our pillar of Being Family. As team mom for both her boys’ football teams, a regular volunteer with the band program, and a chaperone for Link Crew camp, Mary Kate Lathrop has gotten to know dozens of Mariners who now consider her a second mom. While her sons were students, her car became the hang out spot in the parking lot for students to gather before school. This was the place where her sons’ friends could go because there “they knew they had a parent they could count on.” Since her eldest son, Connor ’16, started at Moreau Catholic, she has devoted time to organizing banquets, making food, baking cookies, working at band concerts, sending emails for coaches, and chaperoning class field trips, whether her children were in the class or not. Though her youngest son, Gavin ’18, is now a student at Cal State Fullerton, she continues to give her time freely to Moreau Catholic. Volunteering has been a way for Lathrop to give back to the school that she says “was good to my boys.” But it was also a way for her to heal and connect with others during a difficult time. After her divorce and moving back to California, Lathrop began volunteering at the boys’ elementary school, All Saints, where she is still heavily involved. Thanks to her grandfather’s influence, Lathrop learned that,

“If you help people out, good things do come out of that.” And good things have come. She’s made friends with other parents, gotten to see her boys grow into fine young men, witnessed the joy of other students’ successes, and she’s been there to comfort them through their losses. The most well intentioned parents find it difficult (with good reason) to devote time to volunteer at their child’s school. So why would Lathrop, a single parent who works full time, spend so much of her precious little free time at Moreau Catholic events? She simply “didn’t want to miss any of the important stuff.” To encourage other parents to volunteer, Lathrop says, “Be involved with the kids. You’ll get to see what they enjoy and what they’re passionate about. Then you get to enjoy what they enjoy!” Lathrop believes that, “The more time you spend with the kids, the more well rounded they are.” “Moreau is producing great leaders,” she shares. For that she thanks the faculty and staff, especially the coaching staff, the band program, and student activities director, Nichole McGowan. “Thank you for everything that you did for my kids. It’s a great family that we gained.” Congratulations and thank you for all you do, Mary Kate! Annual Report 2019-2020 | 27

Thursday, November 19, 2020 7:00 p.m. Live Virtually from Your Home! Please join Master of Ceremony, Patrick Landeza, award-winning musician and MCHS Associate Campus Minister and student speaker Alana Hansen ’21 at our 12th Annual Funding Hopes and Dreams Fundraiser.


27170 Mission Boulevard Hayward, California 94544 www.moreaucatholic.org | 510.881.4300

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