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Meet Jeremy Nguyen ’07 and find out what inspires him as a cartoonist for The New Yorker

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Branding Campaign Moreau is your compassionate college prep high cchool.

Kathleen Radecke ’85 Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Oakland is profiled. TEDx Event Senior capstone projects will be part of TEDx sponsored event.


International Students Meet two of our international students and a host family.


Annual Report 2016-2017


Alumni Feature Jeremy Nguyen ’07 brings humor to The New Yorker.

A Letter from the President Dear Mariners, The season of Thanksgiving, leading towards Christmas and New Year’s Eve, gives me time to reflect on how quickly another year has passed. Before we know it, it will be 2018, and those seniors who wear that number on their jackets and shirts can finally claim the year of their impending graduation, and all the joys and fears that go along with that! This issue of The Vector is our annual report, where we acknowledge and thank so many wonderful donors and supporters of our Holy Cross educational mission—educating minds and forming hearts. The generosity of our alumni, alumni parents, current parents, students, and community members allow us to provide innovative, personalized Kathleen Radecke ’85, Terry Lee and Lisa learning experiences and outstanding leadership and co-curricular Tortorich at Our Lady of Sorrows Mass, activities for our students. The donation of time in volunteering, in-kind September 15. donations for auctions, and expertise on planning committees are just some of the examples where our community gives back to Moreau Catholic. We are deeply grateful for all that we receive! I hope you enjoy the stories inside this issue about our alumni, our innovative programs, our students and their achievements, our staff members, and our special events. We would love for you to be inspired by these stories and photographs, and in turn consider getting more involved in the life of our school. We welcome your participation and presence at events, and would love to hear your did Moreau make a difference in your life? Finally, from all of us here at Moreau, we wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas season, and a happy and healthy new year. Thank you for all you do for Moreau Catholic High School, and we hope to see you in 2018! Best wishes,

Terry Lee President

“If we remain united by mutual charity, Holy Cross will grow like a mighty tree, constantly shooting forth new limbs and branches.”


Moreau Catholic 2017 4

Parents are Choosing Moreau as a Compassionate College Prep Catholic High School This Fall, Moreau launched a digital marketing campaign and revised its logo with a new tagline “Compassionate College Prep” ‒ all part of our strategic marketing and branding efforts. “We hired Gumas Marketing of San Francisco, a nationally recognized and award-winning agency, that focuses on strategic branding, advertising and digital marketing,” Moreau President Terry Lee said. “They interviewed parents, students, faculty and staff this summer and developed our impactful messaging and marketing strategy. “Through their research and interviews, Gumas learned the essence of Moreau’s brand personality and attributes and developed a messaging strategy and tagline unique to Moreau,” Lee added. Digital Google and Facebook ads are highlighting Moreau as a “Compassionate College Prep” high school with a call to action to “Become a Mariner,” where interested parents searching the internet can learn more about Moreau’s innovative academics and transformational educators. New street banners in front of the school on Mission Boulevard and campus banners focus on how Moreau is inclusive, innovative, personalized and creates game changers. Social media exposure has been expanded as well. Additionally, a new mobile app features athletics and student events, a daily dining menu, e-news, alumni and admissions information, a button to donate to Moreau and more. The mobile app can be downloaded through the App Store for iPhones and through Google Play for Android phones. Search for Moreau Catholic High School. To date, nearly 2,400 people have downloaded the phone app. “We have already seen an increase in web traffic and inquiries about Moreau through our Admissions Office and expect that to continue,” Lee said.

Fall 2017 5

Kathleen Radecke ’85

SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS, DIOCESE OF OAKLAND Kathleen Radecke knew in the second grade that she wanted to be a teacher in a Catholic school. “Suzy Blankenship was my teacher and I wanted to be just like her. My mother (Mrs. Gladys Radecke) was the principal of Saint Clement School at the time, and I remember her walking down the hall with her big ring of keys, greeting students at the gate each morning, and I just knew what I wanted to do as an adult,” she recalls. Throughout her schooling, she continued to have teachers like Ms. Blankenship and mentors who influenced her decision to make Catholic education her life’s work, eventually leading to her current position as Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Oakland, which she started in July of this year. For her Confirmation, she took the name of Bernadette as a tribute to both the Saint and her former Saint Clement School teacher, Bernie Brehm, who was another teacher she wanted to emulate. Now-retired Bishop John Cummins, who performed her Confirmation ceremony, was a friend and mentor of hers for many years. While at Moreau (graduating class of 1985), she has fond memories of teachers Mrs. Kathy Kyle in Biology, Mrs. Yolanda Moran in Spanish, and Mr. Phil Wilder in Social Studies. Outside of class, she played basketball for four years and swam on the newly-formed Moreau swimming team. “Teachers cared about you and challenged you at the same time. They cared deeply. And, they were good at what they did,” Radecke said. “I was shy, and my teachers gave me confidence,” she recalls. “And, now when I come back and see those teachers, they tell me how proud they are of me and what I have done. I tell them how grateful I am for everything they gave me. “Never for a moment did I think of teaching anywhere else but a Catholic school; it is at the core of who I am,” she added. Her connection to Holy Cross is equally an important part of her spirituality and outlook on education. While studying at California State University, Hayward, she was hired by Moreau as the JV swim coach, working with her former head coach Rich Serrao ‘73. “Coaching was my first exposure to teaching. Being able to put my experience and passion into helping the team was exciting and empowering,” she said. Continued on next page

Moreau Catholic 2017 6

Her first Catholic teaching position was as a second grade teacher at Holy Spirit School in Fremont. “I remember my classroom, the bright colors of yellow and orange, and I had all these plans for the kids. All 40 of them! We loved to sing, and do word webs with yarn. I wanted them to feel loved, cherished, and safe,” she recalls. Jim Brennan, former principal of Holy Spirit School in Fremont, saw Radecke as a future administrator and encouraged her to join the Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership Program at the University of San Francisco (USF). Others, like her religion teacher Father Edward McDermott, taught her about the history of the Catholic Church. Sister Mary Peter Traviss, OP empowered and transformed her into a leader. Radecke taught at Saint Philip Neri School in Alameda after receiving her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at USF. A few years later, she was appointed principal at Saint Perpetua School in Lafayette. After five years as a principal, she was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Oakland. Her portfolio included Catholic identity and accreditation as a commissioner with the Western Catholic Education Association. “It was a wonderful experience to support my (former) fellow principals and Catholic school teachers on the diocesan level,” Radecke recalls. “It gave me the confidence to be a superintendent, and the opportunity to lead Catholic education in the Diocese of Monterey was a joy and chance to bring all of my experience together in ministry, education, and leadership,” referring to her move from Oakland to Monterey in 2011. When the tragic 2015 Valley Fire in Napa County took the home of her parents, she decided to leave the Monterey Diocese to spend more time with her them relocate and adjust to their new surroundings and their new routine. Soon afterwards, that path led her back to Oakland and to her appointment as Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Oakland. Her vision for Catholic education in Oakland, she says, includes walking humbly with Christ and taking care of the students, in big bodies and little bodies. She sees our Catholic elementary schools filled to capacity because they are faith-filled and academically rigorous and personalized. She wants to inspire more people to choose to teach and to lead our Catholic schools. And, based on her energy, devotion, and passion, there is no doubt that she will make it all happen.

Moreau Hosts Junior High Leadership Summit Moreau Catholic High School hosted its inaugural Junior High Leadership Summit in June 2017. The summit, for seventh grade students, focused on skills development essential for being effective leaders. Students attended from All Saints School, Assumption Catholic School, Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, Saint Clement Catholic School, St. Bede Catholic School, St. Edward School, St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School, St. Joachim School and St. Joseph School. Designed for the “difference makers” of tomorrow, the Junior High Leadership Summit encouraged students to become innovative in the way they see and interact with the world around them.

Some attendees from this summer’s Leadership Summit.

Students participated in workshops where they received concrete, hands-on experience in critical thinking, problem solving and advocacy. Students were mentored by Moreau’s student leaders and academic administrators, and developed action plans to implement into their communities. “These three engaging, collaborative and inspiring days provided students with the confidence to go out and change the future,” Admissions Director Julia Wang said. Moreau looks forward to expanding the number of schools and students participating next summer, she added. Fall 2017 7

DesignThink+ SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR CATHOLIC THOUGHT LEADERS While summer may mean sunshine, beaches and vacation for students and teachers, in June innovative teachers and administrators were engaged in four-day training on Design Think — what it is, how to implement it, and how to teach students how to use it to problem solve. A group of almost 40 teachers and administrators from Moreau Catholic, local schools and some as far away as Connecticut, learned the Design Think process to help enact positive change at their school. Simply put, Design Think is shorthand for problem solving driven by user empathy, team brainstorming, and prototyping. Different training exercises were used to reinforce the Design Think principles, For example, one exercise focused on how to improve Back to School Night for fictional schools for which the attendees would be in charge. Each day, groups would go through the process of Design Think, which consists of five stages: Empathize, Define (the problem), Ideate, Prototype and Test.

Dr. S. Craig Watkins, Professor of RadioTelevision-Film at the University of Texas, Austin, speaks to educators at Moreau.

With input from parent volunteers from the Moreau community, the groups were able to build empathy with a group of people who had experience with Back to School Nights. Using the information they gained, the conference attendees developed ideas related to Back to School Night, built prototypes out of a variety of materials, and began to test them. After refining their ideas and building off of feedback from their peers, they ultimately produced prototypes that they presented on the final day, before reflecting on the Design Think process as a whole. Training facilitator and Principal Lisa Tortorich helped bring the event to Moreau after attending a Design Think workshop focused on school reform and improvement. “Design Think encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of exploring change and opportunities,” Tortorich explained. “There are intentional and specific steps in the Design Think process and we have experienced the successful implementation of that at our school, so we decided to develop a forum by which we could share these ideas with our colleagues at Moreau and beyond,” she added.

Conference participants pose for a souvenir photo.

One of the highlights of the week was a special guest speaker, Craig Watkins, an author and teacher at the University of Texas, Austin. He talked about why design thinking is so important in helping students realize their potential and in allowing schools to change in positive ways — to become more student centered. Tortorich added that it was important to recognize that the title of the institute was Design Think+ with the “+” representing our goal of integrating the principles of Catholic mission into our Design Think process training. “We are developing a new generation of Catholic thought leaders who are addressing the changing needs of our students and educating the game changers for the future.” she said “Understanding how to leverage innovation and Catholic values was the most transformational aspect of the institute.” Moreau Catholic 2017 8

Moreau Selected as TEDx Event Venue Moreau Catholic was recently granted a TEDx license for seniors to present their capstone projects as part of our social justice program. Capstone is an opportunity for students to showcase their passions and talents guided by Catholic social teaching and Holy Cross values. “Thanks to the diligence and vision of our social justice team, we are now licensed to host an official TEDx event for the first time on campus this spring,” Principal Lisa Tortorich said. “‘TEDxMoreauCatholicHS’ is designed as a youth-led conference highlighting innovative ideas formed from a culmination of the student’s four years in our social justice program.” This year’s theme is Holy Cross Advocates for Justice. The day-long event is scheduled for April 17 and will feature senior capstone projects, alumni speakers and teachers presenting their stories and ideas on becoming advocates for justice in the world. The event will be videotaped and uploaded to the TEDx talks YouTube channel, allowing global outreach for the students’ presentations. This is the first year for Moreau’s senior capstone projects, with about 260 students working in groups researching the social issue of concern to them and then practicing their TEDx-style talks on the TEDx stage located in Moreau’s new Incubator Space.

Teachers Bryan Lorentz and Mary McInerney, in the new Incubator Space.

“There is a great deal of work training students throughout the whole process, from lighting, sound, filming and speaking,” Tortorich said. A select number of students then will be selected to give their capstone presentations, and others will present to the junior class to inspire them for their senior capstone projects next year. “We hope to build a culture of social entrepreneurship informed by Catholic social teaching then present that on stage,” said social justice teacher Bryan Lorentz. Some projects that students are currently working on include bringing virtual reality technology to residents at a senior center as a novel way to encourage physical activity, recreation and relaxation. Another focuses on an app to help smaller non-profits and Catholic charities get more visibility and improve their online traffic. “We want our students to see these senior projects in action, be inspired to take up the great work left by their forerunners, and carry the Holy Cross torch out into the world,” Lorentz said.

MoreauCatholicHS TED, Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less), delivered by today’s leading thinkers and doers. Many of these talks are given at TED’s annual conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, and made available free on Pope Francis has given a TED talk from Vatican City on “Why the Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone.” A TEDx event is a local, independently organized TED-style event. Its goal is to spark conversation, connection and community. A popular TEDx talk was from Simon Sinek on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”

Fall 2017 9

International Student Program Since 2009, we have welcomed students from different countries to study for four years and graduate from Moreau. This year, 61 international students representing Vietnam and China can be found on campus. Moreau faculty, staff and families welcome the students into their home as host families. Two students, junior Renkang “Ken” Chen and senior Shijia “Alexia” Chen shared their experiences, as well as Laura Zaro, a host parent of a Moreau alumnus, alumni parent and cross country coach.

Renkang “Ken” Chen ’18

backgrounds make finding common topics and interests challenging, especially for someone a little nerdy and into drones and aerodynamics like me.

How did you choose to study here? I always looked up to the education environment outside of China. So, I brought it up to my parents one day that I want to study abroad where the curve of study difficulty and stress is more suited to the growth curve of human brain capabilities, and they gave their support — so here I am.

What have you been involved with at Moreau? I am on the varsity tennis team. I took visual arts and drawing and do aerial videography outside of school. I have Moreau Hangar, my own club about model aviation, and I joined the Photography Club. I just joined the math team that competes in HiMCM (High School Mathematical Contest of Modelling). And, I am part of student government and the ISP program.

What do you like most and least about the U.S.? I like that things are much more open and transparent. For instance, here people don’t get blocked from the very resourceful Google and uncensored social media; people are granted more rights and treated with respect. What I like least is probably those superstitious people that yell at me when I fly drones in a totally empty park just because the park is in front of their house. What do you miss most about your home country? Definitely the cheap transportation. Seriously, in China an 8-mile taxi ride costs 5 USD; riding 20 stations in a metro/subway costs 2 USD; and average fare for a bus is 0.3 USD. And, of course, I miss my relatives and my very best friends. What has been the most academically challenging portion of your immersion experience in the U.S.? APUSH (AP U.S. History) and Honors English 11. Though my English is good enough to disguise me as a native speaker (students didn’t know I was from China unless I mentioned it), I am a little overwhelmed by massive

loads of critical reading, writing and understanding. What do you remember most about your freshman year? Freshman year was really about adapting and learning to build up confidence. Looking back, I barely made any friends. I don’t even know why I didn’t go ahead and take steps toward building up my social circle and participating in events, despite the super warm community and my being completely capable. Had I taken those steps, school life would definitely have been much more fun.

What are your goals after you leave Moreau? Naturally, from my hobbies, interests, and passion, I want to be an aeronautical engineer and designer, as well as a FPV (First Person View) drone pilot. I am considering a career as a teacher, as I found myself good at explaining and instructing. Maybe one day I would return here and start an AP Physics II class or a class that deals with drones and remote control models.

What have been some of the highlights of your experience here? Many greet me by my full name, Ken Chen, every day and it feels wonderful. Also, the casual dances, which have a great atmosphere and felt phenomenal to hang out at, enjoy music, and see people show their moves. Student government because it fills me with awe to meet great people with prominent skills that stimulate growth from me.

Shijia “Alexia” Chen ’18

What other facets of your Moreau experience have been challenging? Probably hanging out with domestic students. The very different cultural

What do you like most and least about the U.S.? What I like most is the diversity. There are people from different backgrounds

Moreau Catholic 2017 10

How did you choose to study here? I came to the U.S. because my aunt came to the U.S. for college. She told me the life here as a student is fun and fruitful. Thus, I’ve been curious about the U.S. since I was a child.

getting along in this melting pot. It is amazing! What I like least is the Chinese food. It is not that the food does not taste good, it is just not authentic. What do you miss most about your home country? Food! My parents sent me pictures of their dinner table. Those pictures make me want to book a flight and just go home for food right away. What has been the most academically challenging portion of your immersion experience in the U.S.? Speaking has been the biggest challenge. When I just came here, I could hardly express what I wanted to say. I stuttered sometimes…and I was scared to talk. But, I kept telling myself nothing was born to be perfect. I kept practicing. Now, I still have an accent, but I’m much more confident to speak. What do you remember most about your freshman year? When I came here as a freshman, everything was so new to me. In China, students stand up when answering questions in class. It took me weeks to get used to remain sitting when answering questions. I want to say it is really an amazing experience to get to know a whole different culture. What have been some of the highlights of your experience here? Health Nuts Club. I started this club with Nia Isom last year, and I’m so happy that we got to know a lot of people also interested in health through club activities. What other facets of your Moreau

experience have been challenging? Organizing club activities requires a lot of planning. But thanks to my wonderful officers and Ms. Armstrong, (Amy Armstrong), we worked together through all the difficulties. What have you been involved with at Moreau? I was in chamber choir and string orchestra in my sophomore year. And, I am president of the Health Nuts Club and president of the ISP Leadership Council this year. What are your goals after you leave Moreau? I am planning on attending college and majoring in food science.

in China, I was able to meet the families of three of my host sons. Also, I feel blessed for the opportunity to help raise some wonderful human beings What has been the most challenging part of your hosting experience? The very first student I hosted had a very low level of English. I had to do a lot of work with him on his English language skills (luckily, I am an ESL teacher). Moreau has raised the entrance standard since then so that is no longer a problem. Perhaps the

Laura Zaro How many years have you been a host family? This is my eighth year as a host family and I have hosted five students from China. I also hosted French students. The first time I was a host family, my son was at Moreau. Even though he wasn’t taking French, it was a fun experience for us all. The second time was when I had my second student from China who was studying French. Why did you decide to host an international student? Originally, I thought it would be a good experience for my son. Also, I was once an international student and wanted to give the same wonderful experience I had to someone from another country. Unfortunately, the program did not actually begin until the year my son graduated, but hosting a student kept me from the despairs of empty nest syndrome! What do you like most about being a host family? I love sharing our culture with the students and learning about theirs. Hosting these students motivated me to learn Chinese, and is indirectly responsible for me teaching English in China for the past four summers. While Fall 2017 11

biggest challenge now is meals. Each student comes with different likes and dislikes, which I discover little by little. Also, I try to avoid eating meat but all my students love meat, so I’ll sometimes prepare two dinners. What do the students miss most about their home country? Certain foods, friends back far none of them have seemed to be homesick. What do the students like the most and the least about the U.S.? Most of them like the fact that they don’t have the pressure of the high school to college test that their friends back home must take. This is the most important test of their lives and will determine their college major and the school they will attend. They like the freedom and opportunities here. I seldom get complaints. They seem to relish their stay here.

Moreau Catholic 2017 12

2017 Annual Report

SUSTAINING OUR LEGACY ENSURING OUR FUTURE For more than 50 years, Moreau Catholic High School has been providing a compassionate college preparatory education to the greater East Bay community. We are committed to the ideas and philosophy set forth by Blessed Father Basil Moreau and the Congregation of Holy Cross. This commitment includes being steadfast in teaching the four pillars of Bringing Hope, Building Respect, Being Family and Educating Hearts and Minds. It is through the kindness and generosity of our alumni, parents, and the broader community that we are able to be faithful to our four pillars and deliver on the promise of a high-quality, college preparatory educational experience for our deserving students. At Moreau Catholic High School, we feel blessed by our partnership with you to educate our students, and we thank you for your generosity. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, mistakes do happen. Please let us know if there is an instance where information is inaccurately reported so that we can correct the mistake. THANK YOU. Fr. Moreau Guild - ($10,000 + ) Darren and Raquel Lewis Charitable Fund Fremont Bank Barbara and William Hemenez Koch Foundation Cynthia Bath and Ignacio Martinez Robert Stewart Odell and Helen Pfeiffer Odell Fund Silicon Valley Foundation Monica (Wuelfing) ’87 and Barry Slivinsky Sheri Task and Caroline Breeding The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation

Holy Cross Circle - ($5,000 + ) American Endowment Foundation Maritza and Tim Ilario The Joseph R. McMicking Foundation

Cross & Anchors Circle - ($1,000 + ) Joanne and William Andersen ’69 Back Office Support Services, Inc. Anne and C. Richard Bartalini Benevity Community Impact Fund Thomas Bottorff ’71 Jeff Busch Lisa and Michael Carroll ’83 Chartwells Congregation of Holy Cross, Moreau Province Dante Benedetti Foundation Electro Imaging Systems, INC. Katrina Dyrby and Bijan Farhangui Grace and Robert Ferrando John Friedrichsen ’69 Colleen Galloway ’77 In Memory of Scott Sanborn ’78 Home Team Marketing, LLC KDS Plumbing, INC.

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John Kelleher ’71 Junghwa and John Kim ’89 Mrs. Koda Terry Lee Marta Vera and Miguel Leon Anonymous Donna and Edward Martins Michael McGrath ’81 Janet and Stephen Miller Heidi and Perry Muhr Marlene Perry ’73 Elvia Quiroga Charlene Raimondi Darlene and Peter Hayes C.R. Riffle and K.L. Scussel Robert J. Tisdale DVM, INC. Shawna Schwarz ’81 Peter Shelley Christine and Kevin Sweeney ’72 Lisa and Mark Tortorich Marlene and Anthony Varni Verizon Wells Fargo - Matching Gift Center Wells Fargo Foundation Wilma’s Collision Repair YourCause, LLC Mei-Ling and Ting Yuen

Voyager Club - ($500 + ) Kathleen (Maloney) ’77 and Mark Alcott Dennis Anderson Jay Austin ’86 Priscilla Banks Madeline Bender Ryan Brusco Craig and Tammy Cameron Kim and Vincent Capurro ’77 Janet Capurro-Graham Sheena and Raymond Cheung John Cmelak Catherine and David Critchfield Francine Cronin Elisabeth and Daniel Danielsen ’72 Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76 Angela Demmel Gema and Guillermo Diaz Erin O’Reilly ’84 Grace and Stephen Domingo East Bay Refrigeration, INC Kristin (Knox) Esche ’92 Stacey (Raimondi)’86 and Michael Ferreira Jennifer Fischer Rosario and Noe Flores Allison Lee and Joseph Fuentes Norma and Felix Galaviz Joanie Gerhardt Kjirsten Marie Grove Raymond J. Hall Theresa (Bell) ’00 and James Hannon ’02 Heather Henderson Thomas Marie Wang and Tony Hsu Deepa Janakiraman ’98 Nancy and William Katen Colleen Kelly P.K. Khatri Kathleen and David King ’82 Janis (Kovacich) Knudson ’85 Christine and Michael Krisman ’72


The motivation for our donation to Moreau is the positive influence that the school has had on our children through their participation in both athletic and academic programs. We want to make sure that students have the same positive opportunities in the future. - Sheri Task and Caroline Breeding

Diane L’Heureux Dorothy Lubin Christine (Orlina) Macasieb ’01 Sharlene and James Mansfield Julie and Joseph Maroun Nichole McGowan Geraldine McGrath Nadine Medeiros Susan and John Mignano Anonymous Robert Parker Sally and William Philbin Marleen and David Prisk Frances and Ruben Quilalang Ajithkumar Gopalakrishnan and Shobie Ramakrishnan Margarita and Ed Raney Ahmad Rangchi Jennifer Rillamas ’11 Ana and Gerald Robinson Mary and Kevin Rossi ’75 Juan Emanuel Santos ’02 Maria Isabelle Santos ’99 Karen and Daniel Smith Richard and Janet Smith Ann Tabora Katharine Teekell Kelvin Thomas Truist David Turner ’01 Maris (Erwin) ’73 and Douglas Uchikura ’71 Maria Cruz Vera and Saul Ulloa Frank Vargas ’71 Philip Wilder Mary and Sam Wong

Mariner Club - ($250 + ) Ariyike and Carlos Abraham Mary Jane and Benztein Acosta Susan and Brian Ahearn Sean Ahearn Camille and Allan Alcayde

Lionel Anderson Roslyn Anderson Ruelito and Mary Asino Vahida and Abbas Attarwala Corinne and Gerald Au Germin Awadalla and Al-Maamoon Harara Caitlin Baczuk ’95 Muthammal and Kalyanaraman Balakrishnan Beth and David Baptist ’85 Denise and Herman Betchart William and Sandra Blanch Evelia and Anthony Boccaleoni Gina Wang and Barry Brescia Claudia Briones Michael Calegari ’75 Catherine Diaz-Centeno and Raymond Centeno Anonymous Victoria Pui-Kei and Vincent Chan Henny Chen Ching-Jih and Yuping Chen Simon and Christine Chiu Janet Chrisman Laura Cisneros ’80 Elaine and Robert Clark Maribel and Alex Co Domingo and Milagros Comandante Ira Cook, Jr. ’74 Trinidad and Norman Cruz Most Rev. John S. Cummins Blesilda and Albert Delacruz Shinta Sari and Viriya Dharma Audrey and Rommel Dingle Susan and Sergio Dionisio Michael Domingo ’90 Cherie Dowell Dante and Dulce Evangelista Neriveh and Ernie Evangelista Deborah (Deem) Farrell ’73 Marianne and Raymond Firmeza Sean Fleischman Frank Friedrich Pablo and Yolanda (Arellano) ’85 Fuenzalida Regina and Raul Galano Claudia and Jose Garcia Robert Gatrell Kerrie Gibson Marissa and Jesse Gonzaga Miguel and Josefina Gonzalez Google Matching Gifts Program Tony and Teresa Goulart Christina and Jose Govea Ben Greenbaum ’00 Luzel Guevarra and Arlen Guevarra Jessica Guidotti ’04 Adrien Hadley Katie Hansen ’08 Loveta Head Maria and Allen Heath Enrique Henriquez Cristina and Josserand Hernandez Katherine (Woelffer) Hill ’78 Sachiko and Scott Hoover Elena and Douglas Hupke Almas and Arshad Hussain Integrated Telecom Soluctions, Inc. Intel Corporation Patrice Adkins and Clinton Ison Richard and Cecilia Jacala

Annual Report 2016-2017 | 15

Mariner Club - ($250 + ) Kim and Michael Jacinto Linda and Rajaganesh Kamalnathan Terri King Jana Kleczek Frank Knight Tasha and Ronald Knighten Jane (Sweeney) Knous ’85 Kjirsten and Vikram Koka Richard Kong ’96 Margie and Leon Ku Dawn and Jonathon Kurtz Jacqueline Laforga Patrick Landeza Susan and Paul Lanferman Kim-Elizabeth and Douglas Lee Lilian and Kevin Librodo Edwin Yeh and Min Hua Liu LMEPAC Charity Program Custodial Account Donald Lonsigner Danielle Lorta ’89 Jennie Truong and Nghi Lu Sanh and Ana-Marie Ly Robert MacDonald Charu Malpani and Pavan Mandhani Victor and Debra (Spillers) ’83 Martin Kathleen and Marlon Martinez Roched Gonzales and Roy Marucut Theresa and Dennis Mastrantonio ’71 Gabriella and Patrick McGann ’81 Mary McInerney Ron Meier ’76 Zainab Menkefor Latoya and Jules Milstead Mirelle and Brian Mullin Brian Murphy Alfred Musgrove ’90 James Myatt Ma Corazon and Francisco Nacu Jenefer and Michael Nepomuceno New Image Landscape Company Jake Ng and Family


I contribute to Funding Hopes and Dreams because that is part of what it means to be a Holy Cross educator, which is the firm hope that better times are ahead through our students at Moreau Catholic. - Peter Shelley

16 | Moreau Catholic

Thu Dang and Man Nguyen Minh Nham and Ha Nhu Maura Young and Will North Maria and Derek Nunes Tina and Rafael Nunez Grace and Ton Ogi-Robbins Christopher and Annalise Olsen Evelyn and Phillippe Paradis Andrea and Ronald Peck Imelda and Arnold Pedrigal Lucia and Gustavo Pena Socorro Pereda Marichelle and Ferdie Pernia PG&E Corporation Foundation Hang Phan Wendy and Ronald Posadas Susan (Promes)’82 and Mark Haynos Carmelita and Elizar Ramas Christine and Ronald Rebello Magdalena Garcia and Charles Reichel Christine and Steve Rhodes Jan and Chris Richard Caitlin Riley Scott Rivenes ’83 Amy and Lloyd Rochon Cecelia Rodriguez Rocio Ross ’92 Catherine and Isak Saad Lorena and Jeremias Sanchez Sansei Gardens Inc. Star Santacruz Thomas Scarpino Audrey Schroeder Agnes and Giuseppe Scoppetta Lilibeth Castro and Frankie Scott Latrina Surratt-Shur and Todd Shur Arthur and Michele Smith Natasha Smith Sheila (Fooshee) Soderberg ’79 Hutoxi and Jamshed Sopariwalla Carmen and David Souza James Souza ’70 Splurge Catering & Special Events Connie and Michael Stanton Yvette and Leonard Stephens Karen Strawn Benny Sulit Melissa Sweeney Yulia and Andiyono Tan Pavitar and Kiranjit Thiara Michelle (Raimondi)’85 and Jim Thompson Jennifer and Mario Toscano Michael Tsan Rachel Meiling and Chuen Tsoi Efe Umukoro Deysi Aleman and Jose Vasquez Carolina Velez Cathyruth and Michael Vergara Cecilia and Raul Villalobos Samantha Wainwright Kathryn (Eberhard) ’85 and Craig Wallace Toni West Debra and James Willis Todd Wirsching Senait and Matheos Worku Michele and Michael Young Elizabeth (Morales) Zepeda ’03 181 Mariner Club

Green & Gold Club - ($1 + ) Caroline and Noel Abarcar Carolyn Abdenour ’03 Agnes Abenojar Evelyn and David Abisia Elizabeth Ann Accarizzi Rezena and Robert Aceret Luis and Tammy Aceves Susan Acre Carole and Michael Adami Madhavi Lata Adavikolanu and Prasad Adavikolanu Judith and Kaiser Adeni Advanced Audio Visual, INC. Kim Agasaveeran Veronica Aguilar Maricon and John Aguirre Lourdes and Philip Aguirre Siddiqua and Waseem Ahmed Leon and LaChelle Ainer Rose and Raphy Alamparambil Connie (Gonsalves) Albanese ’73 Chona and Leon Alejandro Patricia Varga and Harold Alexander Genoveva and Javier Alfaro Jorge Alfaro Mark Alhadate ’80 Fabiana Lacerca-Allen and Clinton Allen Brenda and Julius Allen Talibah Allen Agnes and Protacio Amonoy Marisol and Raulie Ancheta Ronald Anderson Egar and Josefine Andino Angel and Melissa Ang Maria and Allan Angeles Emily Aninao ’07 Anonymous Donor Lorena and Omar Ansari Chijioke and Tolu Anyanwu Maria Aquilizan Monica Aquino Rachel Aquino Carol Arata Ed Arce Martha Arguello Ma. Theresa and Rolando Arizala Anne Arriaga Carolyn (Aflague) Arroyo ’89 Danzen and Vengie Aseoche Mary Ann Julian and Ramoncito Asistin Cora Assali Sheerin and Idris Attarwala Parvin and Daljit Atwal Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C Austin Girish Avantsa Deepta and Girish Avantsa Rosemarie Quinto and Benjamin Avelino Ziomara and Fernando Aviles Armando Ayala Elease Ayala ’05 Koda Ayu Mindie and Francis Azofeifa Aasha Babel Angela Backers-Hoyle ’76 Monique (Smith)’85 and David Baga Ed Bagsik

Lynnette Bailey Charina and Camilo Bailon Myrna and Brian Baker Kamal and Anisha Bakshi Kala Ramaswamy and Mohan Balaji Vijay Balakrisanan Padmavathi Illindra and Balaji Balasa Jessielyn Balidio Miguela De Leon and Andy Balingit Maria Veremma and Madgie Balingit Manjula and Ram Mohan Ballari Aditya Balu Jessica and Humberto Banuelos Maria and Ben Barr Bertha Sanchez Zayas and Eugenio Barrales Marie Kristine and Benjamin Barretto Cynthia and Nicholas Basa Angela Bates Manuel and Aileen Bautista Rashmi Beedubail Elizabeth (Grace) Beeswanger Lisa (Guerra)’83 and Gary Bega Leonard and LaTanya Bellow Sandra Bemiss Jannet Benz and Mark Benz Maryanne Berger Anonymous Jeri Berry Judith (Cara) Berry ’95 Angela and Anthony Bevilacqua Patricia and Vince Bevilacqua ’82 Wajiha Ali and Mohammad Bhaiji Sangeeth and Bhimsen Bhanjois Sunil and Yogeeta Bhas Steve Billing Marissa Biscardi ’90 Diane Blackwell Adriana Blanco-Montano Leticia and Jose Bolanos Mr. David G. Borghi ’85 Eloisa Boriaza Donna Boswell Michael Brand ’87 Simarjeet and Diljit Brar Parmjit (Pam) and Gurmeet Brar Karla and Marco Bravo Jennifer and Diego Brenes Julie and Robert Breuil Luzana and Samuel Brignon Robin Bristol Shannon Britton Ona and Silas Brooks William Brooks Irina and Scott Brouse Geoffry Brown Elvia and Stacey Brown TY Brown Christina Nakata-Bruce and Guillermo Bruce Guillermo Bruce Marlis Bruns Diane Bryan Sheila and Amando Buan Tina and John Bueno Elizabeth and Guediel Bufete Elvia and Patrick Buffey Hanna Bui Paula Burciaga David Burrell

By the Beach Productions, LLC Michele Byrd Jamy Ann Caballero ’17 Janice and Tom Caballero Marie Gene and Eduardo Cabrera Neil Calderon ’92 James Calica Guille and Desiderio Calzada Kathy and John Camp Noah Luke Canio ’18 Blanche and Timoteo Canio James Capurro ’10 Cecilia and Martin Cardenas Federico and Lailani Carls Jeffrey Carlton Katrina Teresa Carpio Amadora and Mariano Carrillo James Carrizo ’84 Patricia Carroll Ravin Carter Larry and Sandra Casareno Patricia and James Casarotti Janyce and Tim Caselli Elizabeth and Christopher Castaing Agnes and Carlos Castaneda Elizabeth Castaneda Veronica Cazares and Rogelio Castaneda Lilibeth and Alvin Castaneto Patricia and Enrique Castillo Regina and Ferdinan Castillo Gretchen (Moitoso)’89 and Vincent Cava Laarnie Cayabyab Bernadette and Roderick Cello Elaine Cera ’95 Jamy Champenoy Ivy and Craig Chan Jagdish Chand Chery Chang Linda Chang Sonali and Jagdish Chaphekar Joelle and Edward Chapman Deanna and Timothy Chasteen Angel Chavez Maria and Angel Chavez Richard Chavez Gavin Chen Christine and George Chen Shoko Ueyama and Tommy Cheong Mamta Narain and Amardeep Chhatwal Christine Nguyen-Chiu and Edmund Chiu AraCellulary Prieto Arangoitia and Daniel Choy Choy Danielle Choy Nina Christian Kely McKeown and Mark Christopulos Fred Chummery Kelli Flannery-Cid and Jeffhry Cid Elaine Clancy ’85 Malou Claros Tammy Cloud Victoria and Maurice Cloutier Tony Cmelak Sandra and Jeffrey Cockrell Scott Colgan Angelita and Jowel Collado Zoe and Larry Collins Latoya Combs Tomorres Comeaux Jocelyn and Jose Concepcion

Annual Report 2016-2017 | 17

Green & Gold Club - ($1 + ) Pinky Librea and Alan Constantino Doug Contacts Janelle Hargrove and Cory Cooke Anonymous Joan and Mark Cordeniz ’72 Nicole Cornejo Graciela Jasso-Corral and Armando Corral Julie Corral ’79 Rosalia MacIas and Rodolfo Correa Lisa and Brian Corrick ’93 Joyce and Godfrey Cosio Andrew Cotter Monique Coughran Steven Coulthard ’85 Nidhi and Edwin Covarrubias Gayle and Thomas Cree Lisa Crowley Arlene Cruz Josephine Cruz Roland and Marivic Cruz Romeo Cruz Corazon and Jesus Cuaresma Lelyn and Glenn Curammeng Carolyn Custodio CyberGrants on behalf of Lawrence Livermore National Laborat Cathy Daos Lucrecia and Allen Davidson Darrell Davidson Dustin Davidson Larry Davidson Alan Davie and Maureen Buggy Frank De Jesus Elenita De Jose Laura and Victor De La Cruz Lea and Milton de la Torre Hazel and Lorenz De Leon Jennifer De Luca Belinda and Rogelio De Vera Sal Decolen Maria DeGuair Alvin Dejos Susan Gutierrez and Douglas Del Prete Bret Delehoy Carol Delehoy Mark Delventhal Silvia and Carl Dempsey Alex Den Bleyker ’11 Catherine (Milam)’82 and Jeffrey Den Bleyker Anonymous Ronak Desai and Purvi Chokshi Cellu Dhawan Nina Diamzon Penny and Matt Dickstein Jessica Dietz ’97 Edward DiGirolamo ’73 Mimi Dimanno Barbara Tran and Hien Dinh Diana Diwa ’14 Melissa and Vu Do Jim Donovan Theresa (Young) Doty ’78 Bill and Ann Marie Drabin Melonie Drotts Anonymous Ana and Miguel Duharte

18 | Moreau Catholic

Ronika Dukes Bryan and Jackie Duncan Janet Duncan and John Gayden Sangeeta and Michael Duncan Victor Dungca ’86 Juli Rodriguez Dunhams and George Dunhams Nicole Dutra Suet Fan Wong and Peter Paul Dy Luzviminda and Anthony Dysico Josephine and Orlando Ebalo Larry and Meliza Edejer Alton Elmore Domenique and Bryan Embrey Matthew Emerson Rosalyn Washington and Jeoffrey Encinas Maria Engo Andrea Lawrence and Kevin Erler Jennifer and Benito Esguerra Marian and Jorge Espinosa Miste Esquivel Violet and Angelo Eugenio Olivia and Romeo Evangelista Charisse Evans Margaret (Neideffer) Falzone ’74 Anonymous Delia and Wayne Feagley Larry Fernandes ’78 Rui Fernandes Deepa and Paul Fernes Katrina (Rosario) Ferreira ’93 Kiera and Erik Fisher Lynette Fitzgerald Rosita and Moises Flores Juanita Florido Ellen and Rogelio Fojas Cristina and Benjie Foreman David and Reena Fortune Mario Fox Mary (DeFazio) ’80 and Gordon Foxworthy ’76 Rhea Frace Felicia and Efrain Franco Ramon Franco Justin Frantz Lisa-Marie and Todd Frantz Nicola and Brian Freeman Nidia Fuentes Brian Fusco Michelle Paredes and Ephraim Gabriel Janette and Joselito Galang Maria and James Galanida Colleen Arnold and Gregory Galati Hiroko and Patrick Gallagher ’69 Genevie Gallegos ’80 Cheryl Galvez Leslie and Robert Gamez Rama and Rajsekar Ganesan Elisa Marquez and Armando Garcia Bob Garcia Margarita Jacobo and Fernando Garcia Gregory ’83 and Meylene Garcia Maria and Luciano Garcia Rosa and Oscar Garcia Rebecca Garcia Amparo and Roberto Garcia Maria and Tomas Garcia Maria and Rogelio Gaspar Christine Gaston Marvie and Juliet Gelico

Arnold George Marlene George ’84 Mike George Teresa George Keith Geraldizo Bence Gerber Maria and Richard Geronimo Richard Getrum Maya Ghazal Elesa Ambaye and Mulugeta Ghile Pratima and Iqbal Gill Arita and Kenneth Gillett Katie Girardot Kathryn Givens Marinieve Truvillion and Raymone Glaze Monika Momiyama and Reymundo Godoy Paula Gogin Veronica and Jose Gomez Rachel (Cirimele) Gonsalves ’82 Luis Gonzales Felicia and Ormando Gonzales Gladys and Edgar Gonzalez Rosalia Gonzalez Preston Good ’00 Dennis Gordo Maria Concepcion and Dennis Gordo Judy Gough Kerry Gough Carlos Goulart Ellie St. Andre Gould ’77 Ananth Govindan Aswini Rajkumar and Rajkumar Govindaraman Mary-Jane and Steven Graham Lisa (Ivaldi)’85 and Dino Granzella Christina and Gerard Gray Ann Margaret Graybeal Rudolph Griego Sidney and Audrey Griffin Anonymous Michelle and Jesus Grospe Daniel Guerra ’82 David Guerra ’78 Yolanda (Osejo)’83 and Eugene Guerrero ’83 Claudia and Marvin Guevara Vineet and Aparna Gulati Elizabeth Guneratne Zhenting Lu and Hong Guo Angela Gusman Silvina Salazar and Jaime Gutierrez Manuel Gutierrez Thao Mai and Dzung Ha Margaret Lao and David Haitema Dorene and John Halseth Farah Hamidi Sadia and Mohammad Hammad Scott Hancock Audley Hargraves Teri and John Hastings Alexandra and W R Hawley Tiffany Merriweather and Cory Hayes Darlene and Peter Hayes Marina and David Hazelwood ’75 Adelfa Hegarty and William Kubitz Gopal Hegde Stephenie Hendricks Eric Herbert Elba Hernandez Obdulia Hernandez

Ramona Hernandez Alexander Herrera ’97 Virginia and Bernardino Herrera Jonathan and Tricia Herrera Ana and Julio Herrera Hewlett-Packard Matching Funds Program Serena and Albert Ho Thi Hoang ’99 Dick Hogan Caroline Hsieh and Jen Hong Keola Hope Cuong Horn ’90 Algera Hornes Margarite and Edward Horvath Brenda Highfill and Gregg Howard Patricia and John Hritz Sheila Huang Simon and Jean Hui Ng Rajnish Humpal Harpreet and Rajnish Humpal Humpal Janet Hunter Dien Huynh Martha Rendon and Paula Ibarra IBM Corporation Matching Vanessa Ilario ’08 Rhoville and John Isaac Pamela and Patrick Isom Dominique Jacobs Bhawna and Lav Jain Supriya Sharma and Rajiv Jain Shiksha and Sanjay Jain Ann and Alejandro Jauco Sophia and Charles Jeganathan Allison and Rod Jimenez Rufina Jimenez Pia and Derrick Johnson Geraldine (Dungca) Jones ’88 Luevillar Jones Maryangela Jones Janet Jordan Cecily and Maurice Joseph Stephanie Moore and Thomas Joseph Anjali and Ketan Joshi Vaishali and Prashanth Joshi Ravi Joshi Derrin and Dwyla Jourdan Marcial and Adelaide Julian Charlene and Coy Justice Chuyun and Henry Ka Gwen Kagaoan ’93 Kaiser Permanente Ritu Gulati and Rajiv Kalra Jana Kalt Ritu and Sanjeev Kamboj Adrienne and Christopher Kane Sangeeta and Deepak Kapoor Divya and Sachin Kapur Charles Kaupp Sukhjinder Kaur Ayse and Kadir Kaya Tanisha Keene Jennifer Kelly Lucy Kelly Justina Imelda and John Kelsey Natalie Key Yvette Carretero and Roberto Khamseh Amandeep and Harry Kharodh Meera and Anil Khatri

GIFTS BY CLASS YEAR 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993

$2,400.00 $250.00 $4,450.00 $2,849.96 $5,060.00 $1,743.44 $8,560.00 $3,684.00 $4,224.87 $9,043.44 $726.63 $1,866.64 $3,071.74 $1,835.00 $2,935.00 $2,180.39 $6,594.98 $1,786.46 $12,000.00 $150.00 $4,007.44 $2,035.00 $300.00 $1,645.00 $5,322.44

1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2014 2017

$436.74 $790.00 $850.00 $3,187.58 $1,226.39 $1,850.00 $1,274.04 $1,120.00 $1,635.51 $399.07 $421.65 $150.00 $100.00 $481.88 $100.00 $150.00 $984.72 $100.00 $105.00

Total: $104,085.01

Annual Report 2016-2017 | 19

Green & Gold Club - ($1 + ) Charlene and Richard Kibanoff Philip and Valenilua Kilmartin Jane F. Kilzer ’73 Alex Kim Jennifer Kim Russell Kim Millie Kimbro Gemma and Eric King Rosario and Kenneth Kinzler Betty Ko and Roger Tu Terissa and Richard Koch Pragathi and Ramakrishna Konda Peck Damiani-Kovacs and Emery Kovacs Kristie Turner Insurance Dominic Kruljac Ted Krzywicki ’74 Ferishta and Sayed Kulaly Mahesh Kumar Vani and Ravi Kumar Sainesh and Shobna Kumar Vani Kumar Maria Charo Cecilia and Miguel La Chica Tony La and Nikki Nguyen Kimberly and John Lacabanne Jacqueline and Jennifer Laforga Maria Laguna Taaj Avery and Roland Lakes Babu Lal Maria and Dennis Lam Aaron Lan ’09 Monica and Mark Lander Sean Laneuville Maria Elena and Ferdinand Lansang Wilma Lapitan-Dris Aurora and Ricardo Lara Josephine and Rolando Lara Nereida and Keith Lark MaryKate Lathrop Jose Lau Br. Robert Lavelle Jocelyne and Vincent Le Bars Kristy Le Afsheen Lebastchi ’94 Anita Ledesma Anita and Raul Ledesma Jennifer Lee Monica Lee Rose and Ferdinand Legaspi ’89 Jennifer (Rosentreter)’84 and Roger Lema Kin Wong and Yim Hung Leung Ponciano and Menchie Leus Jannette and Hedelito Leuterio Jamila Levine Diane and Douglas Lewis Rosemarie and Diosdado Limun Shu Yuan and Cheng-Chung Lin Janelle and Johnny Lin Tzu-Hsin and Ming-Te Lin James and Maria Livingstone Lucille Lola-Woodward ’79 Monica Lombana Rocio and Alonzo Lopez Yolanda Pulido-Lopez and Arturo Lopez Mayra and Carlos Lopez Fred and Laurie (O’Connell) ’85 Lopez Michelle and Mario Lopez

20 | Moreau Catholic

Pablo Lopez Susanna Lopez Bryan Lorentz Cynthia and Luis Lorica Mary Anne (McFaul)’78 and John Lothrop Judy Louie Nancy Ann and David Lowerre Maria and Jorge Luna Po and Nyi Lwin Christina and Van Ly Maxine and John Lynch Darlene M. Macanan Teena (Griego)’79 and Steve Mackin Jennilea and Melville Madden Cara Madden-Watson ’97 Patricia Palmeri-Maffei and Andrew Maffei Trish Maffei Teresa and Benjamin Magana Daisy and Matt Magana Maria Cynthia Magsalin and Raymund Magsalin Atif Mahadik Teresa (Michaels) Maihen ’85 Regina (Herce) Manansala ’98 Anu and Ram Mandalam Purnima Mangal Serena Maniscalco Sirisha Tatiraju and Muralikrishna Mannava Joan and Godofredo Manuel Richelle Manuel ’96 Ashwini Manur Evan Mao ’19 Kelly Chock-Mao and Francis Mao Glen and Anne Marcus Dennie Marenco Holly and Nicholas Marsh Aileen and Marco Paolo Martin Lilia and Paul Martin ’85 Margie and Scott Martin Shawna Martin Karen and Felix Martinez Maria Pat and Floriberto Martinez Leticia and Victor Martinez Lucille Matabuena Sherry Dominguez-Mata and Everardo Mata-Olivo Reshmi and Lebon Mathew Jacqueline Hernandez and Jose Mayoral Horace McAroy Jeanna and Kenny McCardie Robert and Elsa McCutcheon Felicia McDuffie ’83 Tammara McElrath Geoffrey McLennan ’71 Sonia and Richard McMahon Silvia McManus-Munoz and Thomas McManus Kelly McMurry Veronica and Timothy McNamara ’81 Tre Meadows Carl Medford Maria Medina and Gustavo Farfan Javier and Angelica Mejia Hiwot Fullmore and Mesfin Mekonnen Dolores Miranda and Julian Melendez Elisete and Mark Melendres Carline Melgarejo Lorena and Norbert Mendonca Dina Mendoza Lupe Mendoza and Steve Beck Karen Meneghetti

Gizachew Merid and Maaza Michael Tiffany Merriweather Cristina and Francisco Mesa Susan and Stuart Metcalfe David Meyer Joyce Meyer Yumez Mi Microsoft Corporation Jill Milan Graham Miller Maria and Bill Miller Jennifer Miranda Aminah Mitchell Anasuya and Susanta Mohanty Kendall Molden Monika Momiyama Darlene Moore-Moncrease and Dorrell Moncrease Christina and Mike Monterosso Maria Montes Montessori Children’s House of Hayward Katrina Moore Karen and Richard Moraida Guadalupe and Jose Moreno Julissa Moreno Maria and Luis Moreno Darnel (Tureaud)’85 and Daniel Moresi Phyllis Moroney Noel Morrill Shelley Morris Teresa and Mitchell Moser Jackie and Matthew Moses Ethel (Villegas)’89 and Jay Mulitauopele Alicia Muniz Karina Munoz and Juan Garcia Norma Munoz Irene Munze Kathleen and Alfred Musgrove Francis Musial Manjula and Manickababu Muthugopalakrishnan Jim Myatt Helen and Mansour Naini Olga Najarro Amulya and Arun Nanisetti Christy Napieralski Sethupathi Natarajan and Vijayapriya Veluchamy Clyde ’87 and Ms. Kelli (Attinello ’87) Nazareth Kelli (Attinello) Nazareth ’87 Jane and Robert Neff Gudrun and Juan Negreira Alice Neideffer Dawn and Martin Neideffer ’81 Nancy Neideffer Karla Nema Network for Good Magdalena (Maggie) Nevel ’90 Irmgard Newcamm Hanna Bui and Dat Khoa Ngo Tuyet-Linh Doan and Hao Nguyen Tung Tran and Hiep Nguyen Lynn Nguyen Minh Nguyen Truc and Paul Nguyen Thanh and Kim-Phuong Nguyen Trang Nguyen Diana Tran and Tri Nguyen Mama Nida Edga Nieves and Paloma Rodriguez Ajmer Nijjar and Karmjit Kaur

Hong Ning Janifer Patterson-Noble and Clinton Noble Janice and Stephen Noga ’73 Jim Nondorf ’69 Brenda and Eric Nordin Jon Norfolk Katia Nunez Seraphine Nzomo Emelyn and Isidro Obra Corinne and Michael O’Bryan Maj. Patrick S. O’Hara USAF ’90 Grace and Austine Ohwobete Rowena (Morales)’92 and Rhommel Okialda Teresa and Daniel Oliva Martha and Juan Oliva Jane Omaque Alda and Michael O’Neill ’69 Ching Lin and Jose Ong Joy Ong Andrea and Arturo Ortega Silvia and Charles Ortiz Gwen Ortiz Ma. Perpetua Uy and Benjamin Osorio Luzvimind and Manuel Otico Susanna (Orozco)’83 and Gerald Oto Mosese Otuhiva Nicole Shaw-Owens and Harold Owens Lorrie Owens Gabriela Monroy-Ozuna and Richard Ozuna Christian Yambao and Michael Pacheco Omaira Pacheco Shanthala Padar Carlos Padilla Maria Rachem and Carlos Padilla Florencia and Francisco Padojino Lorelyn Padojino Erlyn and Ramon Palacios Nirupama Vaidyanathan and Prabhu Palani David Pandolfo Mildred and Rafaelito Pangilinan Patrocinia (Erica) and Bong (Bo) Panoringan Justin D. Paras Patricia Clerico-Parham and Gary Parham Justina Lee and Steve Park Kristen Parker Shawn Parker Julie and Parker-Dominguez H. Parrales Marie Pascale Peterson Kelly and Eliren Pasion Deepak and Sima Patel Zaida and Kavindra Patel Tejal and Sanjay Patel Priyanka and Snehal Patel Christina Patterson James Patterson Pat Patterson Erica (Pelley) Ziebarth ’91 Kathleen (Cassady) Pelton ’77 MaryAnn and Oscar Pena ’84 Ana and Daniel Penalva Maricar and Arnold Penaroyo Yong Peng Carrie and Peter Pepares Julita and Luis Perea Doris and Anthony Pereira Carmelita Perez Ishmael Perez and Deanne Heil


As an alumnus, it is an ongoing privilege to give back to the school that taught me so much. Moreau’s commitment to developing compassionate leaders and stewards of society was important in our decisions to give. Seeing the ongoing success of the school, its leadership, and students solidify our family’s decision to be an ongoing donor and active participant of the school. - Quang Trinh ’88 Lynn Perez Margaret (Carroll) Perez ’82 Pat Perez Sally Perez Todd Perras ’83 Laura Pessagno Michael and Leslie Pestana Ericka Petterson Connie and Paul Pezzi Annie and George Pham Tina Chiu and Giang Pham Nancy Dang-Pham and Savier Pham Annie and Trac Dinh Pham Venus Picart-Ramsey ’93 Shirley Pidlaoan Benilda and Jaun-Basilio Piedad Lorrey Pierce Robert Pierce Michelle Pimentel ’96 Yolanda and Fernando Pineda Samantha and Jimmy Pineda Carolina Pollard Kevin Pon Siobhan (Moroney)’85 and James Poole Connie and Tito Portea Marianne Posadas Grace and John Poulet Leslie and Robert Powers Hema and Shankar Prassanan Bindu and Kumar Pratap Bernadine and Gilbert Puccini Karla Punzalan Sangeeta and Anil Puri Linda Quach Howard Quan Antonette and Aloysius Quiambao Christine and Oscar Quiambao Catalina Quick Pedro and Evangelina Quinonoz Marlene and Feliciano Racines Rowena and Alexander Radich Imelda and Valmar Ragasa

Annual Report 2016-2017 | 21

Green & Gold Club - ($1 + ) Sharmin Hossainy and Sharif Rahman Charlene Raimondi Nirmal and Sukhdev Raj Beverly Rama Jayaprakash Ramachandran Raja Raman Maria and Efrain Ramirez Humboldt Ramirez ’96 Sandra Ramirez Susan Ramirez Andrea (Varni) Ramiza ’84 Emma and David Ramnarine Anthony and Kelly Ramos Virbin and Sandeep Randhawa Sowmya and Saiprasad Rangarajan Marquis Ransom Sarah and Gurpreet Ratra Barbara and Richard Ratto Mehdi Raza Christine Ready Krista and Ronald Rebello ’85 Ana and Edgar Recinos Reyna Recinos Sandra Regan Chad and Pauline Regner Brenda Reid William Reid Olivier Rene Barbara and Timothy Retallick Teresita and Arsenio Reyes Ernie Reyes Angela and Ronald Reyes Grace and Rodolfo Reyna Marilyn Rhodes Josephine and Alexander Ricafrente Chris Rickert Lamar Rider John and Lisa Rillamas Lillian and Fernando Rios Carmen and Marcos Rios ’96 Maria Pena and Charles Rivas Maria Rivas Andrea Rivera Cheryl (Pangasnan) Rivera ’97 Gina Rivera Maria Rivera Angelica Rizo Gallardo Liliana and Timothy Roberto Catherina Robinson Lizette and John Rocha Sandra and Francisco Rodarte Maria Rodarte Michelle and Douglas Rodgers Antonio Rodriguez Veronica and Humberto Rodriguez Maria Ruby and Jose Soc Rodriguez Laura Rodriguez Barbara and Danny Romero Jordan Romero ’11 Max and Angelina Romero Ruth and Benjamin Rubalcava Donyale Ruffin Mary Ann Ryle Patricia and Richard Salas Veronica Salazar Salesforce

22 | Moreau Catholic

Manjit Salh and Kulwinder Rana Jackie and Louis Saliba Linda and Carlos Salinas Sheila Gough-Sampson and Paul Sampson Laura and Andrew Sanchez Jeffrey and Annalie Sanchez Juana Zalpa and Juan Sanchez Luis and Yolanda Sanchez Napoleon and Irmina Sanchez Noemi Sanchez ’95 Maria and Rosalio Sanchez Gary Eric and Suzy Sanchez Hazel Sanchez-Jackson ’92 Satinderbir and Kulwantbir Sandhu Jagjeet and Ravinder Sandhu Ranbir and Suhkjit Sandhu Maria and Roger Sanding Haydee and Luis Sandoval Nathalie Sandoval ’19 Kim Santa Cruz Philip Santa Cruz Doris Santana Josephine and Alberto Santillano Mary (Neideffer) Santisteban ’77 Rosalina Hernandez Sanchez and Jose Santos Bello Jacqueline Santos Donna and Nietson Santos Ranjeeta and Walter Sarabia Merlyn and Virgilio Sargento Joanne Sarino Karl Sarino Saso High School Prep Samudra and Conrad Sathianathen Rimple and Sourabh Satish Mariano and Cynthia Sawit Devin Saxon ’08 Giancarlo Scalise ’93 Angela and Peter Schaaphok Brent Schieder Mr. Scott Wolfgang and Ana Sedano Joselito and Mary Segismundo Patty Seiden Anonymous Karim Sellers Nancy Sellers Aileen Nerio and Chris Semko Sharmistha and Ananda Sen Dave and Robin (Perry) ’78 Sequeira Josephine and Irvin Sevilla Stunna Shades Shilpi and Srivatsa Shankam Nidhi and Amit Sharma Devesh Sharma Meena and Sunil Sharma Nedra Shawler Mark Shephard Monika and Sanjeev Shera Joyce Lee and Phillip Shi Tom Shih ’85 Terri Short Steven Showers Prem Shrestha Benjamin and Tia Silva Carlos and Maria Silva Ria and Joseph Simmons Jessica Simons Chandandeep Miglani and Gurminder Singh

Kanwaljeet Singh and Harmeet Kaur Balwinder Kaur and Mohinderpal Singh Adarshdeep Kaur and Ranjeet Singh Sanjesh Singh Sandeep Kaur and Tajinder Singh Virginia (St. Andre) Sire ’74 Lawrencel Siri and Carol Kassouf Stuart Siu Laurie Skelton Ann Smith Catherine Won and Gregory Smith Kelli and Robert Smith Vivian (Chu) Socias ’87 Nicole Somavia Tarninder and Bhupinder Sondhi Daisy and Orlando Soriano Frances Mascarenas-Sornet and Tey Jon Sornet Beverly and Nelson Sousa Christina Souza Michael Souza ’86 Raymond Souza Steven Souza ’75 Belinda and Paul Spallas Holly Spiers Robin and Mark Spillner ’73 Sportshopes Carla Sridharan Anu Natarajan and Bhaskar Srinivasan Seema and Devesh Srivastava Lisa and Robert Stanley Sharon Steele Robert Steiger Cimphonie Stephens Andrea and Edward Sterling Darell Stokes Ana and James Suan Rina and Reyland Suarez Roselynn and Mark Suba Narayan Swami and Gowri Subramanian Nalini Subramaniyam Nancy and Dale Such Deepak and Varsha Sukthankar Rajeswari Sukumar Wajma Sultani Victoria and Harlan Sur Miyoshi and Floyd Suratos Glynn Suratos Jeriko Suratos Kareene Suratos Miyoko Sono Suratos ’17 Jeff Surdilla John Surdilla Harpreet Suri Ronelia and James Paul Surla Latrina Surratt-Shur Yuki and Hidemasa Suzuki Anto Sweeney Melanie and Bryan Sweeney Rukhsana and Kareem Syed Khalid and Sadaf Syed Mandy Sylvia Rochelle and Marcelo Tagle Staci (Johnston) Talan ’84 Maria Rocio and Arturo Talavera Julia Tamayo Tameka Tate Catherine Taylor Dawn Taylor

Lenora and Kevin Taylor Dorothy and Richard Tellez Mariciel and James Telmo The Clorox Company The Hayward Ranch The Oakland Raiders, L.P. Corporate Giving Program Richard Therman Sinath Thi Karen Thomas Pia Thomas Tonya Thomas Cheryl Thompson James Thompson Teresa and Ciby Thuruthiyil Eva-Maria and Robert Tisdale Deborah Chow and Albert To Michael Tobler Christine (DeFrance) Todd ’05 Gurpreet Toor Ramandeep and Jasjit Toor Julie (Tsen ’86) and Andrew Toouli Dahlia and Robert Topete Maria and Jose Toribio Veronica and Alfredo Torres Ana Marie and Charles Torres Liza and Ferdinand Torres Lillian Torres Monique Torres ’87 Randy Torrijos Jayme and Jesus Toscano Thu-Thuy and Vinh Tran Cindy Nguy and Kevin Trinh Jane and Mitchell Tsao Maria and Philip Tsao Trichia and Allen Tsou

Lakshmi and Surya Turaga Fred Turpen Rex and Rosemary Ugalde United Way California Capital Region United Way of the Bay Area United Way Silicon Valley Ruby and Ron Usac Sudha Rao and Shravan Vaddiraj Elizabeth and Miguel Valadez Ana Martinez and Pedro Valdivieso Benito Valencia Rosa Heredia and Oscar Vallejo Debra and Mark Van Metre ’72 Denise and Edward Varga Brigett and Alipio Vasquez Sabrina and Antonio Vasquez Geraldine Vasquez Maria Vasquez Paul Vassar Valarie Vazquez Janice Velasquez Kamini and Pius Vella Rebecca and Jeffrey Venable Jose Villaflor Sheila and Anthony Villamor Jocelyn Marquez-Viray and Christopher Viray JR Viray Durga and Srinagesh Vitthanala Nga Nguyen and Liet Vu Susan-Marie Wagoner Barrissa Gardner and Khari Walker Carrick Walsh Andy Ward Dana (King) Wark ’76 Jasmine Watkins

Joni Pattillo and Daniel Watson Josephine Weber Monica Weekes ’78 Sandy and James Wei Jackie Welch Barbara Westerhoff Sally Cole-White and Jerry White Anju and Peter White Sandra and Kurt Wiese Tracey and Mark Wiese Sarino Wilfredo Gloria Wilkinson Willard Will III ’94 Stephanie and Mark Willits Dave Wilson Elvia Wilson Shatara and Russell Winston Francine and Edward Wolf Laura and Bob Wong Yi and Edward Wong Arlene and Wilson Wong Elizabeth and Steve Woodall ’83 Catherine Wool Ms. Wuyumei Marivel and Gilbert Yap Kimberly Young Ana Zalatar Cherry Zamora and Eric Millora Charmaine and Rafael Zamora Angelica Zanipatin-Solis ’98 Leilani and Edgardo Zapanta Petar Zegura Zhifen and Sen Zhong

THE HOUR CLUB Thank you to Moreau Catholic High School’s dedicated teachers, administrators and staff members who contribute one hour of each pay period to various scholarships and other programs vital to the development of our campus community. * Denotes two hours of donated pay

Mr. Tom Alcott Mr. Dave Baptist Ms. Maggi Bender Ms. Claudia Briones Mr. Ryan Brusco Ms. Kim Capurro Ms. Henny Chen Ms. Janet Chrisman Ms. Francine Cronin Ms. Diana DeFrance Ms. Angela Demmel Ms. Stacey Ferreira Ms. Jennifer Fischer Ms. Colleen Galloway * Mr. Rob Gatrell Mr. Ben Greenbaum Ms. Jessica Guidotti

Mr. James Hannon * Ms. Katie Hansen Ms. Maria Heath Mr. Enrique Henriquez Mr. Bill Katen Ms. Colleen Kelly Ms. Jana Kleczek Ms. Chris Krisman Mr. Patrick Landeza Mr. Terry Lee * Ms. Dani Lorta Ms. Dorothy Lubin Ms. Julie Maroun Ms. Nichole McGowan Ms. Mary McInerney Ms. Nadine Medeiros Ms. Heidi Muhr *

Mr. Robert Parker Mr. David Prisk Ms. Caitlin Riley Ms. Jennifer Rillamas Ms. Audrey Schroeder Ms. Connie Stanton Ms. Karen Strawn Ms. Ann Tabora Ms. Katie Teekell Ms. Jenny Toscano Mr. Michael Tsan Ms. Efe Umukoro Ms. Samantha Wainwright Ms. Toni West Mr. Phil Wilder Ms. Elizabeth Zepeda

Annual Report 2016-2017 | 23

Wenschel Lan ’02 ALUMNA GIVES BACK TO HER ALMA MATER Each year at this time, The Vector publishes its annual report to highlight the extraordinary contributions made to the school from a variety of fundraisers, scholarships, and events that happen throughout the year. The people who give to Moreau Catholic High School are often parents, business owners, or members of the local community who want to make a difference in the lives of our students. In addition to these wonderful donors, one group to which we are especially thankful are the Moreau Catholic alumni who give back to their alma mater. Alumni donors know from personal experience how much they gained from their time at Moreau. They are especially aware of how hard it can be for everyone to afford the cost of tuition or for programs to receive the funding required to be successful. One such alumna who has made it a point to give back to her school community, both financially and with her time, is Wenschel Lan, a graduate of the Class of 2002. “Overall, my experience at Moreau was awesome,” Lan said. “I feel like I learned a lot, not just academically, but also spiritually, even though I am not Catholic. So, I really appreciate the quality education I received in all aspects at Moreau. I think as alumni, you know firsthand what you got out of the school and you should have a pretty valid reason to want to give back.” As a student, Lan was a member of the band, so has designated her school donation to specifically benefit the kids that participate in that program. “There’s a lot of organizations and nonprofits out there that you could give to, but you don’t always know what it’s going to. For me, personally, I feel like I know what’s being done with the money I’m donating. When I give, I ask Mr. Newton (Music Director Ted Newton) if he needs anything for the year. For example, this year there’s an additional trip to Japan and some of the kids needed additional funds to be able to go, and I’m happy to help make that a reality.” The desire to give back and the willingness to contribute towards the success of the next generation is something Lan learned here at Moreau.

“Giving back isn’t always about money; it’s about time and interest as well. I think that the alumni who participate by volunteering with sports, mock trial, or other clubs are doing amazing things that are invaluable.”

“I really appreciated how the Catholic teachings were balanced with the opportunity to explore my own moral system and spirituality so that I could come to terms with what I’m comfortable with. I really like that Catholicism focuses on the social and global aspects of spirituality versus your own self-fulfillment. It’s much more communitybased, and now that I’m older, I really appreciate that because I think it gives students, especially at that age, a better sense of social responsibility and how your actions play into society in general.” Lan also understands that not everyone is able to donate financially, but there are other ways to help current students. In addition to being an active donor, she has visited the band class on campus to discuss how music has remained with her throughout her life, and about her career as an engineer.

24 | Moreau Catholic

SCHOLARSHIPS AND MEMORIAL GIFTS For over 50 years, Moreau Catholic has prepared students for the rigors of college and the complexities of life. Blessed Basil Moreau and Holy Cross educators are attributed with saying “we take students where they are” both in terms of their abilities and their needs. For this reason, Moreau Catholic High School offers both merit-based and need-based scholarships to students so that they may attain a Holy Cross college preparatory education. Given the increasing costs of education, mere money alone should not stand in the way of our students in achieving their goals and dreams. Academic Teams Excellence Scholarship Sheri Task and Caroline Breeding

Board of Trustees Scholarship Anonymous Barbara and William Hemenez Cynthia Bath and Ignacio Martinez Maritza and Tim Ilario

Faculty and Staff Scholarship Madeline Bender Kim Capurro Henny Chen Janet Chrisman Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76 Justin Frantz Colleen Galloway ’77 Kerrie Gibson Katie Girardot Luis Gonzales Jessica Guidotti ’04 Maria Heath William Katen Christine Krisman Terry Lee Heidi Muhr Caitlin Riley Jordan Romero ’11 Connie Stanton Efe Umukoro Samantha Wainwright Elizabeth (Morales) Zepeda ’03

Jackie and Louis Saliba Ann Smith Mary Ann Ryle Heather Henderson Thomas Diane L’Heureux Jeffrey Carlton Alexandra and W R Hawley Donald Lonsigner Frank Friedrich East Bay Refrigeration, INC Matthew Emerson

In Memory of Thomas Lee Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76

Kevin McCarty Memorial Scholarship Caitlin Baczuk ’95 James Patterson Philip Wilder

In Memory of Mike Menolaseino Angela and Anthony Bevilacqua

Maria Mignano Memorial Scholarship Susan and John Mignano

The Janet Pessagno Memorial Scholarship Laura Pessagno Network for Good

The Bernie Puccini Scholarship

Jana Kalt

Beth and David Baptist ’85 Kim and Vincent Capurro ’77 Janet Chrisman Terry Lee Antonio Rodriguez Wilma’s Collision Repair

In Memory of Richard L’Heureux

In Memory of Rudy

In Memory of Frank Borghi Angela and Anthony Bevilacqua

In Memory of Anne Hritz

Brian Murphy Montessori Children’s House of Hayward Serena and Albert Ho Colleen Kelly Katharine Teekell Thomas Scarpino Jeff Busch Robert MacDonald Advanced Audio Visual, INC. Barbara and Timothy Retallick Nancy Sellers Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76 Kim and Vincent Capurro ’77 Terry Lee

Rudolph Griego

Br. Gary Stone, CSC Memorial Scholarship Connie (Gonsalves) Albanese ’73 Angela Backers-Hoyle ’76 Kim and Vincent Capurro ’77 Janet Chrisman Joan and Mark Cordeniz ’72 Colleen Galloway ’77 Katherine (Woelffer) Hill ’78 Sheila (Fooshee) Soderberg ’79 James Souza ’70 Monica Weekes ’78

Annual Report 2016-2017 | 25

2017 MOREAU CATHOLIC GOLF CLASSIC The 2017 Moreau Catholic Golf Classic was on June 26 at the Crow Canyon Country Club with an 11 a.m. shotgun start. Learn more by contacting Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76 at Eagle Sponsorships $2,500

Tee Signs

Blach Construction Company - Tony Mirenda Fremont Bank - Julie Zhu Hood and Strong LLP - Kathy Grogan

Kathleen (Maloney ) Alcott ’77 Blach Construction Company - Tony Mirenda Dr. Tim Canio The Capurro Family Skip Eitemiller and Diane L’Heureux Electro Imaging Systems, Inc. - Qasim Tarin, CEO and President Fremont Bank, - Julie Zhu Hood and Strong, LLP - Kathy Grogan IMT Precision, Inc. – Tim Ilario Tom Nohr ’74, CFP Pacific Dining Services – Sonia and Rick McMahon Reilly Financial Advisors, LLC - Damian Duflor Quang Trinh ’88 Frank Vargas ’71

Friends of Moreau Sponsorships $1,250 Cross Electrical, Inc. - Doug Cross Electro Imaging Systems, Inc. - Qasim Tarin, CEO and President HR Kleckner Construction, Inc. - Buck Kleckner ’77 IMT Precision, Inc. – Tim Ilario, CEO and President Tom Nohr ’74, CFP and Maxwell Nohr ’09 Pacific Dining Services – Sonia and Rick McMahon Quang Trinh ’88

Par Sponsorships $1,000 Dr. Tim Canio Dave Capurro ’77 Ed Raney, CPA Reilly Financial Advisors, LLC - Damian Duflor

Beverage Hole Sponsorships Kathleen (Maloney ) Alcott ’77 Skip Eitemiller Diane L’Heureux William Mork Frank Vargas ’71

Jim Yamaguchi, Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76, Chrissy (DeFrance) Todd ’05, Kayla Wilder ’13, and Richard Smith

26 | Moreau Catholic

2017 PRAWN FEED Thank you to all those who supported our 2017 Prawn Feed! A special thank you to our Moreau Catholic Booster Club! Without your hard work and dedication, we would not be able to bring this wonderful event to the Moreau Catholic community! The Acme Bread Company, Claudio Rezende Airgas, Inc., Al Shull Alameda County Fair Association Allyson Furlong Photography Aqua Adventure Waterpark AVT Productions Buffalo Bill’s Brewery C&L Produce, Denise and Chet Lievre ’78 Cafe Sarafornia CAL SHAKES Lilibeth Castro Castro Valley Performing Arts Chartwell’s Catering The Cheesecake Factory Chouinard Vineyards Claudia’s Body and Skin Care Center Concannon Vineyard Crystal Springs Golf Link Mia-Mae Cummings The Derby Wine Estates Drake’s Brewery Eileen West Sleepwear Electro Imaging Systems, Inc. Elliston Vineyards Faction Brewing The Fish Market Flores Optometry Inc. Patricia and Andrew Galligan Golden Tee Golfland The Golden Skate Half Moon Bay Golf Links Kathy Hebert Highcom Security Services Hiller Aviation Museum Clara Ho ’98 Paula Ibarra ICE Safety Solutions, Pamela Isom Kleid Design Group

Lagunitas Brewing Co. MaryKate Lathrop Le Vigne Winery Rick and Jeannie L’Heureux Madrona Manor Wine Country Inn and Restaurant Sharlene and James Mansfield Dawn Marin Massimo’s MCHS Advancement Department MCHS Athletic Department MCHS Baseball MCHS Booster Club MCHS Boys Soccer MCHS Boys Volleyball MCHS Football MCHS Girls Basketball MCHS Girls Golf MCHS Girls Volleyball MCHS Golf Classic Committee MCHS Office of Instruction MCHS Rally Squad MCHS Site Services MCHS Softball MCHS Swim MCHS Badminton MCHS Campus Life MCHS Cross Country MCHS Girls Soccer MCHS Girls Tennis MCHS Water Polo Cheryl Meares ’75 Metropolitan Golf Links Monarch Bay Golf Club Heidi and Perry Muhr Naked Fish Restaurant Newark Police Department Mark Nomura

Brenda and Eric Nordin Oakland Ice Center Oakland Raiders PIER 39 The Plank PMI, Martha Quiteno The Poole Family Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch Charlene Raimondi Red & White Fleet Rosenblum Cellars Sam’s Sweets, Sammy Capurro ’07 San Francisco Ballet San Francisco Giants San Ramon Marriott Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club Joanna Sarino SHN Orpheum Theatre Shoreline Golf Link Silliman Activity & Family Aquatic Center Sonoma Raceway Spa in the Park St. George Spirits Starbuck’s Steinbeck Vineyards and Winery Summitpointe Golf Club Carolyn and Harlan Sur Victoria Sur Mark Szto Robert Topete Trader Joe’s USS Hornet Museum V. Sattui Winery VJB Vineyards & Cellars Winchester Mystery House

Annual Report 2016-2017 | 27

Monica Heuer ATHLETIC DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Moreau’s Athletic Department was restructured this Fall due to significant growth in our sports program over the past few years. Christine Krisman now handles communications and Monica Heuer is athletic director of operations, supervising all sports and event management as well as Booster Club operations. “I was ready for a new challenge,” Heuer said, about accepting the Moreau position. “The timing was perfect, and it seemed to be a good fit for me personally.” Heuer’s husband, Michael, works at Diablo Valley College and they have a 13-year-old son Alexander. She grew up locally and attended local schools. “I knew Moreau was a great school academically, and I learned that you had expanded your vision, including your athletic programs,” she said. “You have some incredible teachers who are providing innovative curriculum that’s preparing students to be accepted to colleges across the nation. The assortment of activities, clubs and athletic programs are phenomenal.” Heuer grew up in the Oakland and Berkeley area and attended Redwood Christian High School in San Leandro, where she was a sports standout in basketball and softball. She attended California State University, East Bay and played basketball for four years, while receiving a BA degree in physical education. She then received an MS degree in sports and fitness management from the University of San Francisco. “In high school, I learned the fundamental principle of working across differences, having the ability to embrace others regardless of socioeconomic background, race or religion,” Heuer said. “My parents provided me opportunities to develop my leadership skills and interest in sports. At a young age, they encouraged me to give my best and were true examples in showing me how to pursue and advocate for things that mattered to me,” she added. Prior to joining the Moreau staff in September, Heuer was the associate director of intercollegiate athletics at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. She also had been head women’s basketball coach at Evergreen, and has been an assistant coach at the University of San Francisco, San Jose State University, Patten University, California State University, East Bay, and at Holy Names High School and Bishop O’Dowd High School earlier in her career. She looks forward to bringing her extensive experience as a college athletic director, and collegiate and high school athlete and coach to Moreau. “I see this role as a great way to impact the student athlete experience,” Heuer said. “I get to work with passionate and dedicated coaches who prepare and develop our students. I also have an opportunity to build bridges across campus when it comes to athletics and academics. “I also enjoy the energy amongst the students,” she added “and when I see them graduate and walk across that stage, that’s most satisfying.”

Fall 2017 29

Isabella Socias ’18

Empowerment 2020 Initiative Senior Isabella “Bella” Socias wants to major in journalism in college. However, she was the news as a panelist at the recent Empowerment 2020 event in San Francisco, after her video on Amelia Earhart was chosen to be part of the “Super Women of our Past” YouTube channel. In March, Socias’ video along with 2017 graduate Kristen Benz’s video on Juliette Gordon Low were selected from tens of thousands of videos as part of a new YouTube channel. These two videos are part of the first 40 videos on historic American women whose impact has been significant and will be featured on the channel. In August, Socias was selected to serve as the student representative on the Empowerment 2020 panel that included Moreau Catholic history teacher Phil Wilder and was moderated by Vice Principal Katie Teekell. Socias’ video on Amelia Earhart was shown. In attendance were former U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios ’83 (see box below), former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, Margo Georgiadis, CEO of Mattel, and women representatives from NASA, Pixar, Google, local colleges and more. Later, Socias was contacted by a staff person from the Hayward Unified School District who had seen her video at the conference. She told her how she was drawn to her video and equally passionate about women and history. “I wanted to create a stellar portrayal of how passionate Amelia was about aviation, and how she was breaking the norm of only men as pilots,” Socias said about her video. “So many women have gone unnoticed, have done so much and have had a lasting impact,” she added. “To many, Amelia was an inspiration, but the media also used her in their marketing strategy on cigarette boxes, magazine covers and on luggage — she also had her own clothing line. We still see that today in the media, so not much has changed.” “How special to be a high school junior (now a senior) and to have your film be selected in recognition of Super Women from our Past,” Phil Wilder said. While Amelia was an inspiration to women nearly 100 years ago, she is an inspiration to Socias today in her desire to be a journalist. “An aspiring journalist shouldn’t be afraid of what is out there, but is what drives her. We can’t be afraid of what we don’t see or nothing will be done about it.”

What is Empowerment 2020 and Teachers Righting History Initiative? The Empowerment 2020 initiative, launched by Moreau graduate and former U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios ’83, looks at the role of women in education, leadership and government. Annual Empowerment 2020 conferences throughout the U.S. will be convened, leading up to the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote in 2020 and the historic effort by Rios to place a woman on U.S. currency for the first time. One of the core components of Empowerment 2020 is Teachers Righting History, where students incorporate historic American women in projects and teachers in their curriculum. Moreau was the first high school in the country to partner with the Teachers Righting History initiative and Bella Socias (see story above) created her video as part of teacher Katie Teekell’s mass media class.

Moreau Catholic 2017 30

Rahul Bharadwaj ’18 National Honors Choir

Since the seventh grade, Rahul Bharadwaj ’18 has been taking voice lessons, encouraged by his mom who sang when she was younger. When Bharadwaj came to Moreau three years ago, he joined the choir. “What I like about the choir is that so many people come together in one voice,” Bharadwaj said. “You have to be so precise, because if one person makes a mistake then it changes the entire ensemble.” Last year, Bharadwaj was rewarded for all his hard work when he was selected to the Honors Performance Series National Choir. This year, he was selected to the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) AllNational Honor Ensemble, Mixed Choir, Tenor 1. A Tenor 1 is the highest male voice in the choir. “Only state-level chorus students are eligible to audition for the national choir, and very few are selected after that process,” said Scott Barton, Moreau’s choral director. “This is truly the highest honor a student can achieve.” To participate in the National Honors Choir, singers first have to audition for a regional honors choir, then for their all-state chorus. Regionally, the individual singer must prepare and perform an Italian Operatic Aria, by memory, for a panel of two judges. These judges assess the singer’s musicianship skills, music literacy or “reading” ability, aural skills, and basic vocal tone development. The student must also read and perform at first sight a vocal line which is unfamiliar to him or her — in one minute. The student is provided only the starting pitch and must perform the notated music exactly as written to exhibit his or her skill level.

Pranav Turaga ’18

National Merit Awards

Moreau Catholic senior Pranav Turaga is one of approximately 16,000 semifinalists for the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program. Finalists will be notified in February. Additionally, 10 Moreau students were named as Commended Students. They include: Rahul Bharadwaj, Jerry Chen, Mekhla Kapoor, Anisha Nanisetti, Isabelle Osorio, Evan Prisk, Armaan Singh, Sarosh Sopariwalla, Kaylie Suan and Krystal Tsoi. About 34,000 students were recognized nationally for this award. About 1.6 million students in more than 22,000 high schools entered the 2018 competition by taking the 2016 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). The nationwide pool of semifinalists, such as Turaga, includes the high-scoring entrants in each state. The commended students placed among the top 50,000 scores. Semifinalists have the opportunity to continue in the Merit Scholarship competition and advance to finalist standing by meeting a number of additional requirements.

“Only students who can read music at the highest level are accepted into the honors choirs,” Barton added. “Having a lovely voice isn’t what makes a singer; the skills developed in the practice room, private lesson, or school choral program are crucial to become a life-long, self-sufficient musician.” Last year, Bharadwaj performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall. This year, he will be performing with the 350-member mixed chorus in a gala concert at Walt Disney World. National Merit Scholarship Commended Student honorees.

Fall 2017 31

Theater Arts Department Presents Dark Comedy

Arsenic and Old Lace The Theater Arts Department recently performed Arsenic and Old Lace – the second time Moreau has presented this play. Wrritten by Joseph Kesselring, it is a zany, whodunit American comedy that has delighted audiences for decades.

Some of her favorites over the years include Les Miserables for its story of redemption, compassion and social justice and Our Country’s Good with its themes of respect, humanity and the necessity of theatre to a civilized society. Like last year’s Macbeth, Our Country’s Good was performed on a thrust platform on top of the stage, with the audience also sitting on the stage creating a very intimate atmosphere.

“The original play was first produced in 1941, and still works today,” said Arlene Hood, Moreau’s theater arts teacher. “The students like the eccentric and funny characters, the shenanigans that take place and that the play is a farce. I love dark comedies!”

“There is a charm and immediacy of emotion when the actors and audience are sharing an experience in a small space,” Hood said.

Each year, the Theater Arts Department offers two major productions. The fall play is typically a non-musical. Moreau has produced a wide range of shows, from comedies like Arsenic and Old Lace to Shakespeare tragedies like Macbeth. The spring production is a musical. They range from musical romances, like last year’s Oklahoma! to the emotional epic sweep of Les Miserables. All students can audition or apply for a technical position for each show.

Some of her students have continued as professional actors and directors or in the technical side of theater, with many obtaining Master of Fine Arts degrees and performing in local, regional or national theaters. Five years ago, three Moreau graduates who did not know each other, found themselves in the same local production. It was only as they traded stories together did they discover that they all began under Hood’s tutelage.

“For the fall production, we have auditions after the second week of school and then six or seven weeks of rehearsal before our first performance,” Hood said. “In the case of Arsenic and Old Lace, I know the show well and we only had one set to build, making a shorter rehearsal schedule easier for both the students and me.”

“My philosophy with my drama students is that if you are a performer, you will leave here a good theater artist and not just a competent actor,” Hood said. “It’s not just about acting a scene but about being an artist. Ultimately, it’s really about using your artistry to be stewards of humanity.”

This year’s performance featured 13 cast members, two dead bodies and a crew of 19. The upcoming spring musical, Fiddler on the Roof, will have up to 40 cast members and more than 20 crew members. “I want to give as many students as possible the opportunity to be part of the play,” she said. Hood, in her 31st year at Moreau, has seen a significant drop in the number of students coming out for the school play. “Students have so many choices now with the explosion of technology and the internet. I used to have 60 or 70 students try out for the fall play and as many as 90 for a musical.”

Many of her students have followed her lead. Arlene Hood

Moreau Catholic 2017 32

Moreau Partners with Bay Scholars This year, Moreau Catholic High School has partnered with Bay Scholars, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that provides scholarships for promising low-income students across the Bay to attend college preparatory Catholic high schools. Moreau is honored to have 19 Bay Scholars attending our high school this year, each receiving a $10,000 four-year scholarship. Bay Scholars was founded by Clint and Janet Reilly ten years ago to support inner city youth who without economic help would be unable to attend the best high schools in the area. Their mission of promoting a life-altering experience connecting promising youth with transformative educational opportunities perfectly mirrored with Moreau’s Holy Cross pillars of “Bringing Hope” and “Educating Hearts and Minds.” A scholarship student himself and long-time advocate of social justice and civic engagement, Reilly saw education as a game changer for low-income families who face complex challenges to give their children a college prep high school education. He recognized that Bay Area Catholic high schools were successfully creating pathways to colleges and universities that are tailored to underserved and low-income students. The match between Bay Scholars and Moreau was a perfect fit. Students like Emily Loo ’21, are able to attend Moreau Catholic now that this partnership has been established. A Bay Scholars grant “allows me to attend Moreau and receive a college prep education that my family might not have otherwise been able to afford,” Loo said.

Freshman and Bay Scholar Emily Loo ’21

Loo’s favorite subject is science. She is interested in studying marine biology and has joined Moreau’s Marine Biology Club. In the spring, she plans to participate in track and field in the shot put and as a long-distance runner. Loo says she is happy with her decision to attend Moreau and has been impressed by “how dedicated the faculty are in helping the students.” She sees Moreau as a school that “provides opportunities, is a place to grow as a young person, and builds and places you on the path to success.”

First Jazz Ensemble Scholarship Awarded The First Annual Farhangui Jazz Scholarship was presented to freshman Aidan Greathouse at the Band and Orchestra Playathon Concert on September 19th. Aidan plays the euphonium and trombone. Last year, the Farhangui family approached Instrumental Music Director Ted Newton regarding offering a scholarship to an incoming freshman to encourage increased enrollment in the jazz program at Moreau. Aidan was the first recipient of the $500 scholarship, which is funded by the Farhangui family and PG&E. “We had a number of qualified applicants,” Newton said. “Each student was interviewed and submitted an audition tape and Aidan was selected.” The annual Playathon raised more than $12,000 through pledges and donations for Moreau’s band and orchestra program.

Fall 2017 33

Band Director Ted Newton with Aidan Greathouse ’21

Jeremy Nguyen ’07 A CARTOONIST FOR THE NEW YORKER Jeremy Nguyen ’07 is a professional cartoonist who lives and works in New York. He has recently had work published in The New Yorker, Thrillist, and The Guardian, to name a few. The Vector recently caught up with Nguyen to see what he has been up to since he graduated from Moreau 10 years ago.

cartoons that appeared in the Explorer. I was also on student council, so I made a lot of posters for events, and enjoyed doing that. I kind of did as much drawing for anyone who would let me draw for them. I loved it. All of that informed me before going to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. I got a pretty nice scholarship from them, and I had been interested in going there because they had a comics program, which I eventually majored in. The major was called Sequential Art and it covered comics, children’s books, storyboarding for television, film, and animation as well as illustration.

Have you always wanted to be a cartoonist? Oh yeah, definitely. I used to check out comics at Moreau’s library; they had a good selection of mainstream and independent comics. While I was at Moreau, I would take summer classes at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in animation and comic book illustration. I had a couple of fantastic teachers in the comics’ classes, both of whom are professional artists, Derek Kirk Kim, who did a lot of indies and graphic novels, and Walden Wong, who’s an award-winning comic book inker for DC Comics and Marvel.

Where did your career go after college? I did a comic right out of college called Stranger than Bushwick, which is about trends and cultural customs of what living in my neighborhood in Brooklyn is like. It definitely commented on the hipster community. I was lucky enough to pair my work with a local website that would publish these comics daily. They are pretty well known for covering the neighborhood in terms of new restaurants and bars opening up, as well as crime, news, and community events. The comic became kind of a local touchstone; a hit locally just because it was a burgeoning neighborhood. Young people in their 20s were moving there and they wanted to justify to their parents and their friends why this neighborhood was OK to live in. It became a comic for them to rely on as a source not only of what they are finding is cool but also what they are finding aggravating about living in this part of town. It reached beyond people who live in Bushwick to Brooklyn and Manhattan. There’s a lot of interest in it from art directors, so I’ve met a lot of people who wanted to hire me for commissioned illustration work because they found me through my comics online.

Was your main source of inspiration from comic books and graphic novels, or from comics in the newspaper? Well I liked both. I definitely grew up on Sunday strips and one of my favorite strips is Bizarro! by Dan Piraro. His comics were one-panel gags that didn’t follow a story. I did like other comics like Fox Trot and Wizard of Id; all the classic syndicated comics. I liked a whole range of cartoons and I didn’t know what I was going to get myself into, but I thought I’d be a graphic novelist or coloring my own web comics online. I had a range of interests and a range of comics that I liked, and I never really dismissed any comic that I got my hands on. After graduating from Moreau, were you always intending to be a professional artist? At Moreau, I did a lot of art and art-adjacent stuff, like doing graphic design stuff, yearbook, and I had some really bad

You recently had several comics published in The New Yorker that have a political theme. Is political humor giving you a lot of inspiration right now? I’m a huge fan of comedy and when I was living in the Bay Area, my introduction to political comedy was The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. All their correspondents who were on the show are now huge and famous. I’ve always been interested in how they made politics accessible. I never thought personally that I’d be doing it; I never thought I had a strong political voice. It wasn’t until after college and moving to New York that I got into commenting on political topics. Do you find political humor to be cathartic for you as an artist or for your audience? Moreau Catholic 2017 34

I’m still admittedly not crazy about following politics, but truthfully, what interested me in doing more political cartoons is that The New Yorker has new avenues that they just opened up for more cartoonists to have a voice in. Now, there are about 12 cartoonists who are working on daily comics. Each submits a cartoon idea every morning and The New Yorker chooses the best one. So, I definitely got into reading more about what was going on and relying less on The Daily Show or Stephen Colbert; trying to figure out what my take was; and finding a joke that wasn’t being said on all the other outlets: John Oliver, Samantha Bee, all these great people. What are your goals moving forward? Being published in The New Yorker is one of the biggest goals I’ve had, even though, I never thought that I’d pursue it as intently as I did and as soon as I did. There’s always been this cover artist that I love who is actually Bay Area born and raised, and his name is Adrian Tomine. He’s had more than a dozen covers for The New Yorker and he lived in the Bay Area when I was in high school and then moved to Brooklyn when I went to college. He’s also Asian American and I totally looked up to his work. It’s interesting having Asian-American influences and heroes because his work and how he was published as a graphic novelist and as a cover artist was the trajectory that I thought I would be on. I thought that I would do graphic novels and I’d have a New Yorker cover; I never thought I’d be doing cartoons for The New Yorker just because I never saw that many Asians doing cartoons for them. I think it’s ridiculous now looking back thinking “I’m more likely to become a cover artist for The New Yorker than a cartoonist.” And, it’s completely the opposite now; I think it’s way harder to be a cover artist. The New Yorker allows me to do both writing and drawing and I’ve cultivated a new style that I am still honing. In college, I always thought I had a generic style, or people should always work in different mediums and draw differently all the time based on whatever technology was available or whatever assignment they were working on. So right now, I’m a freelance contractor with The New Yorker and other publications like Thrillist. I get private commissions from people who want to buy the cartoons that I put on Instagram. I also do a few gallery shows and group shows with some friends. We’re putting on a rejected New Yorker cartoon show in my neighborhood, so, I’m showing some of the cartoons that I’ve sent in and have been rejected, and they will be hung with the work of a lot of amazing cartoonists. To see some of Nguyen’s work or to connect with him on social media, go to: Website: Twitter: @jeremywins Instagram: jeremywins Fall 2017 35

Remembering A True Mariner This past spring, the Moreau Catholic community suffered a great loss with the passing of Braxston Banks, a member of the class of 1986. A star running back for Moreau’s football team, Banks went on to play under coach Lou Holtz at the University of Notre Dame where he was a member of the 1988 National Championship team. Moreau Catholic was honored to host Banks’ family at a pre-game ceremony during the first home football game of the year against St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School on Friday, August 25th. During the ceremony, a framed jersey that Banks wore while playing for Moreau was presented to his family members and a letter from Lou Holtz was read aloud. The letter reads as follows: Dear Moreau Catholic High School community: Braxton Banks was in our ’86 recruiting class and for the next several years, he helped build the foundation for Notre Dame’s success. He was an outstanding running back, but an even better teammate. Braxton was a beautiful person and I can’t remember a time when he disappointed me. We like to say, “If you didn’t show up, who would miss you and why?” If Braxton Banks hadn’t chosen Notre Dame, we would have missed him and we do so today. My best wishes to you all as you honor Braxton at your first home game of the season. Sincerely, Lou Holtz While it was Banks’ ability on the football field that earned him national acclaim, perhaps his greatest accomplishments happened while he was not wearing pads and scoring touchdowns. He was a devoted father to his three children, Khabyl, Khorin, and Storm, and touched the lives of countless others as a coach and mentor to the youth here in Hayward. After his football career was over, he worked with the National Football League Player’s Association under the guidance of Hall of Famer Gene Upshaw, helping young players navigate their professional careers. Banks embodied the best of what it means to be a Mariner. He always had a smile on his face, always showed love to others, and brought out the best in everyone around him. He will be forever remembered and missed by the Moreau Catholic community, and by everyone who had the privilege to know him. Moreau Catholic 2017 36

Mariner WAVES 1974


This summer John completed a solo backpack hike of the Colorado Trail. It is nearly 500 miles, average elevation of 10,300 ft. has a gain/loss of 90,000 ft. and a high point of 13,271 ft. In the picture he did a side trip to Mt. Elbert, Colorado’s highest peak of 14,439 ft.

Soccer player and Moreau graduate Preston Good will be inducted into the Bradley University Athletics Hall of Fame in February. A two-time All-Missouri Valley Conference select, Preston remains the fourth leading scorer in Bradley soccer history with 77 career points on 31 goals and 15 assists. Preston returned to Bradley as an assistant coach from 2006-2008. He was inducted into Moreau’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2015.




Scott and his wife, Sandy, have been owners and guides for Old Bridge Rafting in Lewiston, California for the past 13 years, leading adventures down the Trinity River. They provide and rent kayaks and rafts for individual and family fun.



Emilia is married, living in Los Angeles and working as the SVP of Events at the CW Television Network. She absolutely LOVES her job and while it can be stressful and insane, she wouldn’t want to do anything else.

for your service to our country Petty Officer Palanca!




Petty Officer 3rd Class Martin Palanca USN came by Moreau while on a short liberty to visit his family. Stationed at NNPTC Goose Creek, South Carolina, Martin is an electrician’s mate. He graduated from Pepperdine University in 2015 with a BA in English. He is grateful for his Moreau, Holy Cross education, saying “If there was one thing that Moreau Catholic prepared me for, both collegiately and spiritually, it is to always dig deeper and you’ll find what you want.” Thank you Moreau Catholic 2017 37

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Monica DuBois Vasquez ’77 Delores Chrisman Jose Gonzales Isaac Andino ’16 Angie Beatrice Chiaro Sinnot Fr. Tony Herrera ’77 David Stump ’76 Brother Thomas Cousino CSC Patrick Wagener

Beyond the Vector Faculty Profiles Twelve new faculty joined the Moreau staff this Fall, including two Moreau fellows, along with an educational resource specialist and coordinator of our Learning Center.

Jasmine Munoz Moreau junior Jasmine Munoz ’19 was honored with a national award, one of three students so honored, and a $300 scholarship from Pax Christi USA (PCUSA) for her five-minute video on social justice.

Garret Kaleo Lee Moreau senior Garret Kaleo Lee ’18 has been recognized as an Academic All-American water polo player by USA Water Polo.

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The Moreau Catholic High School Athletic Hall of Fame Nominations are now being accepted online at

April 28, 2018 Ivaldi Student Center 7:00 pm

For more information, contact Diana DeFrance at

The Moreau Catholic High School Athletic Hall of Fame was instituted to pay tribute to athletes, coaches, teams, volunteers and administrators who exhibit outstanding achievement, character and leadership while at Moreau Catholic and beyond. Inductees display Holy Cross values, such as respect, exercising justice, compassion and integrity as citizens of the global community, and living ethical and moral lives. Athlete Nominees: Must have graduated from Moreau Catholic at least five years prior to induction. Preference will be considered for athletes who achieved all-league, set individual records, or team records, were league champion (for individual sports) or NCS champions (individual and team). Team Nominees: Varsity teams who won a league championship title(s), attained NCS competition or championship, lengthy win streak, undefeated season, or set a team record. Athletic Department Staff, Volunteers or Administrators: Made a significant contribution toward the development of Moreau Catholic athletes, won coaching awards or championships, and maintained a high level of coaching performance for a number of years while achieving the respect of the team, the school community and their peers.

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The Vector - Fall 2017