Moray SNP Manifesto 2022

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Moray Manifesto 2022




Moray SNP Manifesto 2022

HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Throughout the pandemic response our Health & Social Care teams have worked in some of the most challenging circumstances and we will focus on better recognising the skilled roles of those staff, improving working arrangements and making the roles more attractive to address recruitment challenges. We will work with NHS partners and the Scottish Government to deliver a new National Care Service and a smooth transition of existing services to this new model of working. We know the isolation created by the Covid-19 crisis has impacted people's mental health. We will continue to invest in mental health services, especially for young people. We fully support investment in local health services such as the replacement of the Keith Health Centre. We remain committed to the reintroduction of consultant-led maternity services at Dr Gray's Hospital in a safe and sustainable way.

COVID-19 RECOVERY AND PARTNERSHIPS We will maintain a high level of support for the NHS and we will continue strengthening relationships with Highlands and Islands Enterprise, UHI Moray and other partners in the ongoing work on social and economic Covid-19 recovery.

Moray SNP Manifesto 2022

EQUALITIES We know that hate speech is more prevalent than before both in social media and traditional media. It is also more prevalent in schools and other physical environments. We will ensure that positive action is taken to tackle racial, LGBTQ+, and other forms of discrimination in schools and workplaces through education, training and reporting means. We will explore how we can deliver free Fit Life membership for children with assessed Free School Meals entitlement.This is an essential investment in our young people that will improve their mental and physical health. We will improve disabled access to public areas, including beaches. We will support the expansion of Free School meals to all primary pupils. We will invest in fully inclusive playparks.

EDUCATION AND SPORT We will continue to tackle school estate issues . We want to start construction of at least 2 new Community Campuses that combine education with community facilities within 8 years, the first of these within 4 years. We will build on our recent transformative investment in pupil wellbeing to ensure we Get It Right For Every Child. We will also maintain our investment in closing the attainment gap. We will support the delivery of the Scottish Government's free music tuition.

Moray SNP Manifesto 2022

TRANSPORT The A96 is a vital transport link for the North of Scotland. Our position is clear: we support the dualling of the A96 from Inverness to Aberdeen. We will make sure that the voice of the people of Moray is heard when it comes to drawing plans for its future. We also support improvements to the A95, the A98 and the A9. We will campaign for improved rail services to and from Moray. We will improve bus links within Moray and we will develop connectivity to transports hubs across the region.

COMMUNITIES We will increase the Council's capacity for community support. We want community organisations and groups to have a single point of contact within the Council. We will maintain investment in our libraries and improve access to library resources through the creation of a book delivery service and the scrapping of library fines. We will invest in community safety and will improve CCTV systems. We will introduce more 20mph areas in local communities, particularly around schools. We will support communities to develop Place Plans across Moray and we will expand participatory budgeting.

Moray SNP Manifesto 2022

DEFENCE COMMUNITY We value the contribution of the forces personnel to Moray's economy and to our communities. We will further embed the Armed Forces Covenant in Moray Council's day-to-day work. We will support forces families as they move to Moray. We will press the UK Government to invest in regional infrastructure, such as roads and schools alongside growth in defence infrastructure.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Growth Deal will be a transformative development for the region. We will ensure it is delivered efficiently and benefits every community in Moray. We will put Community Wealth Building at the heart of Moray's economy development. We will support homegrown businesses and talent, and growing social enterprise. We will reinstate Town Partnerships Funding within the lifetime of the next Council. We will investigate opportunities for HGV driver welfare facilities in Moray. We will maintain investment in our commercial and leisure harbours and support inward investment, particularly in relation to offshore renewables. We will continue to seek innovative ways of supporting and enhancing our town centres.

Moray SNP Manifesto 2022


We know how difficult it is to find suitable housing in Moray, particularly along the coast and in rural communities. We will support the Scottish Government's plan of 100,000 new affordable houses across Scotland over the next 10 years. We will maximise investment in new affordable homes, especially in the rural parts of Moray. We want 10% of new builds across the region to be accessible housing. In response to national legislation, we will launch a full consultation on a proportionate licensing system for short-term lets.

NET ZERO Climate change is one the most important issues of our time, and we all must do our bit to save the planet . We are very proud of having implemented a Climate Change Strategy in the Moray Council during our current term in office. We will build upon this strategy and we will support the Council's Climate Change Team to maximise opportunities for Moray to be a leader on Net Zero by 2030. We will continue to move the Council's fleet to electric and hydrogen vehicles. We will make energy efficiency a priority in buildings' maintenance and equipment, and ensure that public buildings - including schools - are Net Zero or better. New Council housing will be built to ultra low energy standards and we will invest in existing housing with more efficient heating systems and insulation. We will continue to grow investment in Active Travel and 20-minute neighbourhoods where services are more accessible enabling residents to make low carbon choices. We will continue to enhance and protect biodiversity. Moray SNP Manifesto 2022


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