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It’s been a great year of giving! We are happy to report that fund-raising at Moravian College is on the rise, and we have 3,896 donors—a six-year high—to thank for that. Check out the other six-year high marks we’ve achieved.

Total raised for the Moravian Scholarship Fund ($1,162,942) l Number of Comenius Society donors (471) l Number of Alumni Comenius Society donors (299) l Number of gifts from alumni (3,058) l Alumni participation (18%) l Highest numbers of donors in 8 of the 11 giving levels noted opposite l Highest total raised in 8 of the 11 giving levels l Highest participation rates among 14 of the past 15 years’ graduating classes l

To what do we attribute these excellent numbers? Three things:

1.Our first-ever Day of Giving raised $152,714 in just 24 hours from 750 donors, including 98 alumni who made first-time gifts.

2.Confident in the direction that the College is taking under the leadership of President Grigsby, which has brought growth in the number of students, new programs, and facilities as well as a renewed sense of pride in the College. The Seminary also had a very successful year, exceeding their goal and raising a total of $511,723. They also passed their Annual Fund goal by $58,723 for a total of $452,723. We extend a special thank-you to the Northern and Southern Provinces for their continued and generous support of the Seminary. 3.Great alumni, parents, and friends.

Priscilla Payne Hurd Society

The Priscilla Payne Hurd Society was established in 2012 as a way to recognize those individuals and private foundations whose extraordinary generosity has helped to shape, transform, and sustain Moravian College. Anonymous Donor Mr. Cyril J. Anderson Mr. Donald C. Anderson* Mr.* & Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. Mr. John H. Clewell* Ms. Mildred S. Clewell* Bertha Finkelstein ’37* & Bernard L.* Cohen Employees of Moravian College Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc. Harlan F. Fulmer, MD ’43* Mrs. Genevieve Riordan Gee ’43 Holly Beach Public Library Association Mrs. Priscilla Payne Hurd* Gladys Edgar ’42* & James T.* Marcus The Reeves Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Reinhard Mrs. Bertha-Mae Starner ’27* *Deceased

Thank you to all of the donors who helped the College and Seminary achieve these excellent results. It is only through giving by alumni, parents, and friends that our students will have the resources necessary not only to afford higher education but also to have the kinds of college experiences that contribute to making a positive and lasting impact on society. Fall 2016 Moravian College Magazine 21

Moravian College Magazine Fall 2016  

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