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Artist Love featuring Teah Mazzoni Meet the local artist behind the Anchor Me Bracelet. photography by Melissa Sepulveda

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Tidy Up Get inspired to tidy and organize for the season! by Jennifer Tapper Richard photography by Megan Belanger Smoothie Obsession Healthy recipes the whole family will love! by Lara Harrington photography by Melissa Sepulveda Farm to Table et your family table ready with our fresh produce guide. by Kristen Boucher Weekend Away One stylish Modern Mom, 3 easy weekend looks. photography by Stephanie Piscitelli make-up and hair by Kerri Verrochi styling by Denell Pepin, wardrobe by Contrary Boutique

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Party Pop Simple gift wrap ideas for party season! by Denell Pepin photography by Megan Belanger Let’s Picnic Your everyday picnic gets a style upgrade. by Lisa Palmer photography by Jena Smoyer Garden Garland A beautiful DIY that’s perfect for seasonal celebrations! by Barbara Rucci of Art Bar Art Renewal Ashley offers up tips on how to use color and art in your family home. by Ashley Cooper

HELLO! The spring/summer season always brings a degree of warm, easy fun. And what I find most irresistible about this time of year is the long, lazy days with all of my favorite people. In this issue of Modern Parent Living, we’re looking to inspire those moments –so whether you’re planning a family gathering, or a weekend away - we welcome you to borrow inspiration from one of our talented contributors. There’s garden-inspired DIYs, farm-to-table produce guides, and a fashion feature to get you through that weekend away. I’m proud of this edition, and all the warm weather inspiration it brings. Enjoy! Denell founder Modern Parent Living

Denell Pepin

Ashley Cooper

Lara Harrington Megan Belanger

Kristen Boucher

Lisa Palmer

CONTRIBUTORS Denell Pepin uses her many years of expertise in trend forecasting as inspiration in her role as a mom and founder of Modern Parent Living. When not styling an event or photo shoot, you’ll find her consulting her clients on building successful brands. During off hours, you’ll find her making snow cones with Nate and Charlie. Megan Belanger is a professional photographer and owner of Megan Belanger Photography. Megan is known for her natural light, timeless yet modern portrait work, and was named one of Boston’s top 5 Children’s Photographer’s in 2013. Megan is an active photographer for The Tiny Sparrow Foundation. Kristen Boucher, RN, health & wellness coach, and certified specialist in fitness nutrition, inspires busy women to lose weight, fire up their metabolism, kick cravings, and cook delicious, healthy, and family-friendly meals so they can get back into their skinny jeans, double their energy, and save money without deprivation, countless hours at the gym, or quitting their day job. Ashley Cooper is the owner of Ashley Cooper Design, a studio where fashion and design meet. With a fashion degree, Ashley specializes in textile and surface designs, fashion illustrations, typography prints and web design. She is a mother of two with one on the way. She resides with her family in Mesa, Arizona. beyoubeyoga.com. Lara Harrington, co-owner and lead trainer of Boutique Fitness. Lara’s been “helping others to feel like a million bucks by improving their quality of life through fitness and nutrition” for seven years. She’s helped people of all ages and fitness levels reach goals while staying injury free. Her experience with pre & post natal fitness began with her own pregnancy. Lisa Palmer is a mom and Detroit tastemaker that’s been building brands for 12 years with a fan base of celebrities that include Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Angela Bassett. Co-founder of Lillybee University, a first of its kind collegiate lifestyle brand for the female fan that’s been featured in Southern Living Magazine and Real Simple. Lisa’s now developing a children’s lifestyle company with a focus on quality products for modern family.



Barbara Rucci

Jennifer Tapper Richards

Melissa Sepulveda

Stephanie Piscitelli

Jena Smoyer

Kerri Verrochi

Stephanie Piscitelli is an award winning portrait photographer specializing in newborns, infants, and children. As one of Boston’s most sought after photographers her name has become synonymous with creamy, soft, airy imagery. She was one of three photographers asked to contribute to the e-book, “For the Love”, by world renowned photographer Barb Uil of Jinky Art. Barbara Rucci is a graphic designer and serial entrepreneur who owns a custom postcard company, Late Night Cake, and blogs about her life as a mom to three on Art Bar. She is passionate about cultivating creativity within her home and community and encourages friends, family, and strangers to make things by hand whenever and wherever they can! Melissa Sepulveda is a photographer and mom of two. Melissa has been capturing family moments throughout Boston and the SouthCoast for over 13 years. She loves her work, and is living her dream. Jena Smoyer is a small town gal currently pursuing fine art degree dreams in the big city of Detroit. She’s been photographing for four years, and is also a full time mommy to the sweet Emery. Jennifer Tapper Richards, owner of Tapper Richards Interiors creates gorgeous, inviting and functional spaces where families easily maintain daily organization and live efficient, stress-free lives. She strongly believes that organization and decoration go hand in hand. Kerri Verrochi is a make-up artist with 20 years experience on Newbury St, Boston. She was lead make-up artist on Bravo’s hit TV series “The Fashion Show” and her work has graced covers of Baystate Parent and In Places magazine. Voted “Top Stylist” in Boston, she is available for weddings, special projects and photo shoots.



Artist Love Photography by Melissa Sepulveda

Meet Teah of Anchor Me Bracelet Teah Mazzoni swept us away with her Anchor Me Bracelet and we’re thinking that she’s just getting started. Here’s a moment with this heart-felt designer who started this timeless New England jewelry trend.





“I GAVE THEM TO THE PEOPLE WHO ANCHORED ME...” Tell us the inspiration behind the Anchor Me Bracelet? I simply wanted an anchor bracelet and at the time, I didn’t see anything that truly caught my eye. After a few purchases from Etsy and the craft store, I was fiddling around and eventually designed my first piece of jewelry. I realized that I had enough supplies to craft 3 more bracelets, so I got to work. Then I gifted the bracelets to the “anchors” in my life. My biggest anchor is my boyfriend, Tim. But at that time I didn’t think he would wear one (he currently wears two!), so I decided to gift the others to my brother and my two best friends - Nik and Jess. With my girlfriend Jess, I simply tied it to her wrist during a casual car ride, and I really didn’t grasp the significance of what was about to begin. Jess still



wears her original anchor, and though we’ve had to change the leather twice - the charm is the original. She refuses to replace it. From there, it was at a friend’s cookout that both Tim and I realized something was happening. I brought one as a hostess gift, and by the end of the night the bracelet was a bit of a frenzy. On the way home, Tim asked what I wanted to name the company? I said, “I gave them to the people who anchor me, so how about Anchor Me Bracelet?” He secured the domain on his smart phone and Anchor Me Bracelet was born. Who knew almost one year later I would resign from my beloved teaching position to run Anchor Me Bracelet full-time.

Your biggest moment so far? The stories people share with me about their bracelets is what drives me. I never thought this design I made with my own hands would create a minimovement of emotion.

I really could not do this without the support system I have in place. They have all been so very supportive.

The first time I spotted a bracelet “in the wild” myself was a big moment. We were simply eating out with friends when I realized the waitress had one on. Her smile, and her personal story about her bracelet - it was a surreal moment for me.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Ice cream! As a cross-fitter I should say frozen yogurt, but come on – you have to live a little. I really enjoy classic flavors like grape-nut, pistachio, and maple walnut. Yum! 

Another highlight comes from a dear friend who shared a touching story of a women she met while purchasing the “Catch Me” bracelet for her husband. The story is that he was unable to wear visible jewelry on the job, and so the “Catch Me” would be hidden under his sleeve to honor their union. How sweet is that. When my friend mentioned to the woman that she knew me, the designer of the bracelet, the woman was thrilled to make that connection! It’s a funny thing when that happens, and though I do not feel this work warrants celebrity status - it’s a very cool feeling to have people respond in such a big way.

On a day off, we’ll find you where? A perfect day off is a late morning of coffee and catching up with Tim. We like to workout and spend time outside with our dogs, Jackson and Hemingway. From there, it’s off to dinner and wine with Jess and Niki and finally home for cribbage or a movie with Tim. Man, do I sound boring, but I SO love my life!

Describe your brand in three words? Classic, Nautical, Sentimental

Artist crush right now? Every woman entrepreneur. I have great respect for women who have an idea, make a beautiful product and run with it. The bonus is to make a living doing what you love. It’s all truly inspiring. 

Looking ahead, our new bracelet launches on May 31 and I’m over the moon about it. This bracelet really focuses on paying it forward and starting a chain reaction of kindness. That kind of opportunity presented itself to me when I was able to donate 200 bracelets to a local boutique to support and serve as a fundraiser for a young girl battling leukemia. The bracelet became known as “The Pippa” and the entire experience was beyond inspiring. I’m hopeful this new bracelet will inspire others.  Your biggest challenge in the past year? Since my entire career has been in education, I had a bit of a learning curve starting my own business. Thankfully Tim has been by my side in getting the company up and running.  I have loved every single second of the journey, even when it’s been challenging to balance time for my many jobs, making bracelets, and spending moments with family and friends. SPRING / SUMMER 14





SPRING CLEAN YOUR SPACE by Jennifer Tapper Richards photography by Megan Belanger styling by Denell Pepin

It’s officially busy season, which means we’ll try anything to make life a little easier and more organized. Here’s three simple tasks for a fresh start this spring. MAIL Mail and paperwork from school, work and activities flows into the home daily. Setting up a system will help relieve stress and keep things efficient and out of towering piles on the countertop. How: • Pick the spot – preferably near the family entryway. • Find the closest horizontal surface – a desk, corner of the kitchen, cabinet, table, etc. • Assemble the supplies needed to handle and process paperwork – a letter tray or mail sorter, pens, stationary and stamps, a trash and mini-shredder or portable accordion file might also come in handy. I love binder clips to keep things together once sorted. • Beautify the unbeautiful – add a decorative item to the area to make it feel a little special and welcoming. We want something to draw us in. We need our mail station to remind us, lure us in and say, • “Come hither, relax and sort this mail, it will be so lovely when it is sorted and tidy instead of all mixed up in this pile, I promise. Besides if you don’t, the next time someone needs something in here it will be a complete mess. Oh, what’s that you say? Johnny is missing a permission slip? {gulp}.” Next: There is no avoiding paperwork (yet) - it’s a constant in our lives. Some ways to decrease what comes in is to take a few moments to have names and addresses removed from certain mailing lists, catalog lists or mailings for offers of credit. With less coming in, we’ll have less to sort, and it will be better for the environment. To stop receiving offers of credit and insurance, call 888-567-8688 or visit optoutprescreen.com To curb the influx of catalogs: CatalogChoice.org For more tips on how to stop junk mail, go to greendimes.com For Direct Marketing go to DMAchoice.org to tailor your preferences SPRING / SUMMER 14


MAKE-UP Organized Make-up and Accessories will help speed things up on a busy morning and give cosmetics better longevity. So smart and beautiful! How:

• Set up shop near a window - natural, balanced light

• Sort your gear into items you (1) use frequently and

is best for makeup application.

(2) use for special

• Beautify the beauty – select some adorable trays,

occasions or seasonally.

containers, jars or vases for storage

• Toss anything dated, out-of-style, ruined, smelly, clumpy or sticky. • Clean-up what’s left: wipe down compacts with a slightly damp cloth and dry well. • Wash brushes and repeat about once a month to prevent breakouts and skin irritations. • It is best to store make-up in a dry, cool place (think linen closet or bedroom – not bathroom vanity). • Keep items visible and accessible – any area too crammed with stuff will inevitably fall back into disorganization.



Next: • Re-visit the set-up every so often, perhaps when a new purchase is made to edit and tidy up. • Consider making an appointment with a makeup artist to help supplement or further edit the collection of beauty supplies, bring it up to date, and keep the routine efficient and effective.

CRAFTS Happy, occupied children makes for sane parents. With little ones, crafting is an excellent go-to activity on rainy days, long weekends away, or even on the go. It can be a great activity for both adults and children to share together. How:


1. Be at the ready with pre-made mini crafting kits you

Replenish and re-stock. For creative kids, what is more

can take out when it’s time for new activity at home,

exciting than a new set of paints or full sheet of stickers

or a restaurant outing or maybe double down and

or a fresh box of crayons?

bring extras to a playdate. 2. The key here is the newness of the supplies – they

Keep an eye out for items around the house that can

are like little gifts for kids to explore - so keep it fresh

be used too – paper towel tubes, jars, paper plates and

and simple.

cotton balls also make great supplies.

3. Hit the discount section of retailers or dollar stores for supplies.

Hang or display their artwork to encourage their

4. Assemble all of the supplies needed for a given

creativity and keep interest in surprise craft time.

craft– for example: water colors, brushes, mini water bottle, paper, etc. or pompoms, fuzzy twists, shells, pebbles, glue, cardstock, etc. 5. Use cute little labeled burlap sacks or even a simple zip-lock bag to keep it all together. 6. Stash a stack of paper towels in for {the inevitable} cleanup.

“Three Simple Steps for a fresh start this Spring” SPRING / SUMMER 14


SMOOTHIE OBSESSED by Lara Harrington photography by Melissa Sepulveda styled by Denell Pepin

After a long season of cold weather and lots of layers, it’s time to ditch the heavy meals and mix things up with your newest spring obsession: the smoothie. These super fresh blends are packed with nutrient-rich, cleansing ingredients, which is exactly what we need right now. Serve in your favorite glass jar and add a playful straw because each smoothie serves up enough for you and your kiddo. Pretty, delicious and totally kid approved.


Super sweet blend of fruits and veggies with a subtle hint of ginger.

RECIPE: • 2 carrots • 1 small cucumber • 1 green apple • 1 clementine • 1+ inch fresh ginger • 1/2 lemon squeezed • *optional: 1 TBS flaxmeal for fiber, protein, & Omega’s




A blend that is beyond refreshing with a good dose of berry, citrus and mint.

RECIPE: • 1/2 ruby red grapefruit • 1/2 cup raspberries • 1/2 lemon squeezed • 4 mint leaves • 1 small cucumber • *optional: 1 TBS flaxmeal • For more alkalizing goodness add 1 cup of chopped romaine hearts



"Pretty, delicious and totally kid approved!"




Packed with green goodness and a touch of pineapple... sweet perfection!

RECIPE: • 1 small cucumber • 1 green apple • 1/4 avocado • 1 cup spinach • 1/2 lemon squeezed • 3/4 cup pineapple • *optional: 1 TBS flaxmeal




1. Swiss Chard • Why it’s good for your body: Helps to reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar, and boost bone health, which is so important for women. • What to do with it: Use in place of spinach, sauté in virgin coconut oil and garlic as a yummy side dish. 2. Spinach • Why it’s good for your body: Improves blood cell function, strengthens bones, regulates heart rate and blood pressure, and combats those pesky free radicals that disease and age us. • What to do with it: Add to casseroles to boost nutrition, toss into a smoothie, or make a spinach salad. 3. Kale • Why it’s good for your body: Kale is the darling when it comes to leafy greens. For good reason. Research has also shown that kale contains 45 — count ’em, 45 — different flavonoids with a variety of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It has been shown to lower cholesterol and may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, plus it’s an incredible source of wellabsorbed calcium, one of the many factors that may help. • What to do with it: Kale is so versatile, and any Google search will yield numerous recipe ideas. Some of my favorites include homemade kale chips, sautéed in virgin coconut oil and garlic as a yummy side dish or soup.



4. Radishes • Why it’s good for your body: Radishes are natural detoxifiers, aiding in gallbladder and liver function, are a stellar diuretic, preventing and fighting urinary tract infections, rich in fiber, and aid in relieving respiratory congestion. • What to do with it: Radishes tend to be favored raw as a salad add-in or side dish. 5. Strawberries • Why it’s good for your body: Boast cancer-protecting antioxidants, inflammation-fighting phytochemicals, immunity-boosting and wrinkle-fighting Vitamin C, and heart-healthy potassium and fiber. Be sure to buy your strawberries organic, since conventionally-grown are flooded with pesticides that are impossible to remove from the delicate and porous skin. • What to do with it: They are amazingly delicious eaten fresh, in smoothies, yogurt, a-top homemade granola, among other things, including baked goods.

J U LY 1. Broccoli • Why it’s good for your body: One cup contains the entire RDA of immune-boosting and freeradical fighting Vitamin C, which aids in cancer protection as well as sun damage and supporting skin detox and repair. Broccoli is also high in fiber, aiding in digestion, weight management, blood sugar balance, regularity, and appetite control.

• What to do with it: Roast it, steam it, sauté it, or enjoy it blanched and cold. 2. Beets • Why it’s good for your body: Great source of folate which is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells, including that of growing babes {as well as preventing birth defects}, loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants, aid in cleansing the blood and colon, while strengthening the gallbladder and liver {superdetoxing}, and contain betaines, which naturally boost our happy hormones, giving us a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. • What to do with it: Absolutely delicious roasted and makes a great addition to salads. 3. Cucumbers • Why it’s good for your body: Great natural detoxifier and hydrator, since they are 95% water, cancer-fighting with a nice does of lignans, and a great source of immune-boosting Vitamin C {10% of the RDA}, particularly in the skin. Be sure to buy your cukes organic, since conventionally-grown are doused with pesticides. • What to do with it: Refreshing addition to smoothies, green salads, as well as summer pasta salads. 4. Tomatoes • Why it’s good for your body: Great source of potassium, folate {for those buns in the oven} and Vitamins A, C, and E. Besides being super heart-healthy and

potent cancer-fighters, tomatoes may also help the body burn fat. Bioflavonoids found in the skin of tomatoes have been found to reduce inflammation, helping to regulate hormones like leptin, which is responsible for appetite control, metabolism, and ultimately weight loss. • What to do with it: The better question is what can’t you do with a tomato? How about ditching the canned stuff and stocking your freezer with homemade tomato paste. 5. Blueberries • Why it’s good for your body: Practically the Patron Saint of the berry family, blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit. All fruit. That’s a lot. This helps to boost immunity, neutralize free radicals, reduce heart disease, protect from cancer, aid in digestion, and has also been shown to help reduce belly fat. • What to do with it: Everything. Blueberry pancakes, coffee cake, a yogurt or cereal topper, or old faithful, muffins.

AUGUST 1. Peppers • Why it’s good for your body: From hot peppers to bell peppers to sweet peppers, and everything in between, peppers are loaded in vitamin A, vitamin C, betacarotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, a carotenoid that promotes eye health. Hot peppers, however, get an A+ in the awesomeness category due to their energy and moodboosting capabilities. The capsaicin in hot peppers raises endorphins {our happy hormones} as well as body temperature, which boosts metabolism, helping to reduce body fat accumulation.

What to do with it: Roast in the oven or on the grill, add to green salads, make a killer chili, stuff and bake with your favorite fixins’. 2. Eggplant • Why it’s good for your body: Eggplant is super high in fiber, which aids in digestion and weight management, as well as cancer protection, not only from its high antioxidant content, but as it moves through the digestive tract, it has the tendency to absorb toxins and chemicals that can lead to the development of colon cancer. Its high-water content also boosts skin tone – who doesn’t love that? • What to do with it: Besides the ever popular eggplant parm, which you can never go wrong, or roasted on the grill, eggplant makes a great swap for meat in many dishes, due to its fibrous and filling nature. 3. Garlic • Why it’s good for your body: Garlic gets a bad rap due to its stink factor, but its powerful healing properties make garlic breath totally worth it. Not only has it been proven to reduce cholesterol, but it’s also a powerful antioxidant. Most notably, it’s a powerful antibiotic, fighting infection and bacteria, which is particularly beneficial with the fall germ season just around the corner when garlic is making its peak. • What to do with it: Everything. Just about every recipe calls for garlic in some form. Use it liberally and double the amount called for. Your body will thank you.

and served out of a paperboard container}. All varieties are nutritional powerhouses, boasting a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as being a great source of fiber-rich complex carbohydrates, something our bodies need to stay fueled {and filled}. Better yet are the skins, which are where a good portion of the nutrients and fiber live. • What to do with it: Roast ‘em, mash ‘em, bake ‘em, or add to salads. 5. Peaches • Why it’s good for your body: There is nothing like a perfectly ripe, in-season peach. Not only are they delicious, but also boast some powerful stats, including a laundry list of vitamins (A, C, E, and K), as well as being a rich source of calcium, beta-carotene, fiber, potassium, and folate. This translates to weight loss/ management, maintaining that youthful glow, and sharp eye sight. • What to do with it: You can get all fancy with your peaches, making peach cobbler, peach pie, or peach ice cream, but my personal preference is to wash well and slowly savor the fresh, juicy nectar that can only be enjoyed for a few short weeks every August. One of life’s simple pleasures.


4. Potatoes • Why it’s good for your body: When trying to lose weight, potatoes are one of the first things people cut out, but potatoes are hardly the devil’s food ({unless deep-fried in cheap vegetable oil SPRING / SUMMER 14




WEEKEND AWAY Photography by Stephanie Piscitelli Hair and Make Up by Kerri Verochi Wardrobe Styling by Denell Pepin Wardrobe by Country Boutique featuring Modern Mom Jody Williams and her daughter RoseLee




Mix up casual weekend pieces for a perfectly playful but pulled together look. Keep everything in balance by pairing brights with neutrals.




Breezy tunics with delicate metallic details are perfect for beach play dates. Keep the look simple with minimal accessories. RoseLee wardrobe by Stay and Co. SPRING / SUMMER 14



Flouncy florals are perfect for Spring/Summer looks. Anchor this pretty look with contrasting accessories, and an edged-out up-do.








Party Pop by Denell Pepin for Craft Box Girls photography by Megan Belanger It’s officially party season, which means you’ll be spending time in your craft closet or stationary store in an effort to fashion pretty little packages. Tip: pick up things along the way and combine with what you have at home. Go for versatility - I love packages that can work at a backyard birthday or a wedding!



Flowers never get old. Mix up prints and patterns for

Shapes mingle with metallics for a truly refined and

a fresh take on this classic motif. The more layers,

neutral presentation. Add unexpected elements

the prettier.

you find around the house like pom-poms for embellishment.

SPOTTED Polka-dots are standard and simply work for every


party. Little metallic arrows give this theme an

This classic motif is so to love. The subtle color keeps

instant upgrade.

this juvenile print perfect for a little or big occasion. Make it pop with neon ribbon and bow topper.

“Go for versatility - I love packages that can work at a backyard birthday or a wedding!”





LET’S PICNIC Produced and Styled by Lisa Palmer Photography by Jena Smoyer Location Majestic Greenhouse via


“Pack a blanket and some cozy pillows and stay awhile.”




It’s all about the basket. This essential picnic item can be

classic or trendy, or any kind of tote, or container can work - go ahead and get creative! As long as it offers space to pack your picnic items you’re good to go.

picnic basket - crate & barrel

ceramic berry baskets anthropologie




Keep the menu easy. Finger goods are easy to pack and enjoy as a

group. Think sandwiches, fresh fruits, and simple cookie treats.

utensils - pandora SPRING / SUMMER 14


canisters - orla kiely


Set the scene. Decorative containers and a thoughtful picnic setting will cheer up

the spread, and your guests. Opt for reusable containers and beverage bottles, so that you can enjoy them again and again.



pillow - orla kiely

glasses - oliver goldsmith


Pack comfy blankets and pillows! Decorate your picnic area with throw pillows and blankets to create a

comfy seating area while adding to the outdoor ambience. Play games or do a bit of reading or simply enjoy the outdoors.





GARDEN GARLAND by Barbara Rucci

Making flowers from tissue paper is just short of miraculous. They look so real, and they last season after season. There are as many ways to make paper flowers as there are flower species, it seems. For this flower garland, I made sweet and colorful dahlias…one of my favorite summer flowers. Read on to find out about supplies and technique.

SUPPLIES: Tissue paper Circle template (5” diameter) Pipe cleaners Hole punch (small 1/16”) Scissors Yarn






Cut your stencil (we used a cereal bowl) and then

fold it in half then quarters to find the center. Punch two holes in the center for pipe-cleaner placing.


Using 12 sheets of tissue paper at one time, lay

the paper out on a table. Use your circle template and trace a row of circles with a pencil. Loosely cut around the circles.


Carefully cut the circle more precisely along the

line. The tissue paper may shift when cutting, but that’s ok. Mark the center two holes.


Next, cut the zig-zag edge. No need to get it

perfect, just make some little points. Punch two little holes in the center. String a small piece of pipe cleaner through the holes, then twist them once on the other side.


Holding the pipe cleaners as a handle, gently

bring each layer of tissue paper up to the center. As you bring it up, squeeze it together and make folds. Do this with each layer separately.


When all layers have been squeezed and folded,

use your fingers to spread the petals back out. Voila! You have a dahlia.



M AK I NG BR A I DE D ROPE F ROM YAR N: This technique is very easy. Cut a piece of yarn four times longer than your finished rope size. Fold yarn in half and start twisting. When the twists are as tight as they can be, find the center again and fold it over. Your twisted yarn will start to twist back on itself and instantly create rope!

To make the garland, simply twist the pipe cleaner stem around the roping. So simple! I used two flowers together for a fuller look. So pretty! And perfect decoration for a summer soirè. xo Bar



scene, in my living space and work studio. I love the bright hues and shades that reflect the seasonal turn in nature as spring leaps into summer.

A RT RE NEWAL by Ashley Cooper As an owner of a design studio and being a creative spirit at heart, I yearn for change and constant creative stimulation. With spring in full bloom and the hot lazy days of summer fast approaching what better time to refresh the space around you? With the exchange of the seasons my color palette is always tuned in and bursting with excitement at the endless possibilities for a new



There is a simple yet effective way to make our home, work space or child’s room resemble the changes we see in nature, with each new season. It’s through artwork! The classic tale of replacing the old with the new. Artwork can enlighten, rejuvenate and transform any dull or neglected space. You can replace aged artwork for updated pieces that reflect the budding blossoms and the vibrant shades of new spring flowers. It can represent a feeling and evoke memories, from hot summer evenings of the past, that make you long for an ice cold lemonade or an invigorating dip in the lake. Colors can sway your mood and give rise to new emotions. Adding thoughtful new art additions can create a big impact that reinvents your space over and over again. Reinventing a space can happen as often as you like. Do you want it to happen more consistently? Just follow the course of nature and let her lead. Her cues will indicate when it’s time for some sprucing.   I am always inspired by what other creative people are producing and inventing in the “art world”. When replacing any artwork in a space it can sometimes feel at times like a full on renovation process.

I have some smart suggestions on how to renew your space easily, simply with new art: First, remember to be thoughtful with the artwork you choose. Choose pieces that are meaningful to you. Whether it is by your favorite artist that stands out for being unique, or casts the perfect color palette. Each piece can be like a time capsule to beautiful memories. This can make the hunt for new art more rewarding. Second, change with the seasons. Choose colors the you see in nature at that moment that will represent a feeling of the current time. Then, pull the colors from the art across the room with new pillows and small accessories that will make the hues pop. This will tie the whole space together by just making making some easy changes. Third, don’t worry about a budget. Artwork you love should be had and if you can’t buy; create! Here are some practical art pieces that can update any space: 1. Pair a classic fashion illustration with a meaningful lettered print. Display them as an adoring couple always next to one another, side by side. Or create a gallery wall, mixing and matching your family portraits that you already have around your home. Incorporating the fashion drawings and typography prints creates interest and meaning to the space.

2. Display modern canvas art with colors that deliver a mood and invite emotion. The colors or hues you choose should play the leading role in your room, which will draw people in.                  3. Display your children’s artwork for meaningful creations that will make them shine and make you smile. Grab a clipboard and clip the artwork on. Simply replace as each new masterpiece is created. 4. Frame your favorite fabric swatch to add pattern and texture to your space. Scan your local fabric stores or do a little research online to find the perfect fabric. Order sample yardage of your must have find! Frame your swatch just as easily as you would a photographed image. 5. Art doesn’t always have to hang on your walls, it can be display on your desktop computer, tablet or phone as well. Updating your screensaver or wallpaper on your devices can be instant inspiration that can easily be swapped each week or month.  

Renew this ritual every few months for an updated collection of inspiring images. 7. DIY art of your own. Involve your kids. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be the next Monet. Just have fun with it and see what can be created. Paint straight onto a white canvas or stock paper that can be hung on your walls, framed and replaced as new artwork is created. There are many easy solution that can be made to transform your space, especially through meaningful, colorful, thought provoking, awe inspiring, beautiful artwork.

6. Rip those images from the pages of your favorite magazines! The most current issues will reflect color trends for the season and help you identify which trends you love or hate. Save the pages that are filled with the things you love and use them to create a crisp, clean moodboard that can easily be displayed in your workspace.






1. Bow Love, AshleyCooperDesign.com, $20 2. Mellow Yellow, AshleyCooperDesign.com, $20 3. True Beauty Print, LindsayLetters.com, $10




1. Navy Geo Print, BrittBass.com 2. Watercolor Print, BrittBass.com 3. Pink Polka Dots Print, BrittBass.com









7 1. Everett, Fabric by Ashley Cooper Design

5. Trellis in Green, Fabric by Ashley Cooper Design

2. Kim, Fabric by Ashley Cooper Design

6. Tory in Sky Blue, Fabric by Ashley Cooper Design

3. Ruby, Fabric by Ashley Cooper Design

7. Giraffes in Green and Blue, Fabric by Ashley Cooper Design

4. Trellis Wire, Fabric by Ashley Cooper Design

For fabric inquiries email: ashleycooper.design@gmail.com



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Behavioral Behavioral Connections llc. Connect ions llc.

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Friday, June 27th 6pm to 9pm Seaport Inn - Fairhaven, MA Enjoy a night of shopping, cocktails and pampering




Do you remember junior’s first day of kindergarten? You have photos, memories, and ideas for junior’s next birthday party. You need an easy way to store all of it, not another app to install & update. Send an email or text to Butternote, and they’re as good as remembered. Signup for free at butternote.com.



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{ modern parent living } Denell Pepin, founder & director


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MoPa Spring Summer 2014  

MoPa Spring Summer 2014  

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