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Artist Love Vana Chupp of Le Papier Studio talks shop and holiday traditions


All Hung Up by Lauren Doyle Crafted wreaths for the modern, festive family


Pom-pom Holiday by Bar of Art Bar An easy, and festive DIY


Bake Joy by Denell Pepin photography by Katie Picard A decedent snow day cake for the crew


Stocking Stuffers! by Denell Pepin and Jody Williams photography by Megan Belanger Our favorite picks from The Village Toy Shop


Simplicity is a Gift by Jennifer Downing A simple approach to making the most of the holiday


Meet Virginia Produced by Denell Pepin Photography by Melissa Sepulveda She’s such a MOPA!

The Holidays. What’s not to love? My mom was yard-saleing this past fall and came across the most beautiful white Christmas tree. Knowing that I had wanted one she purchased it and surprised me the next day. This gorgeous tree will live in our kitchen next to our handmade advent calendars throughout the holiday season. Every time I look at it I’ll think of my mom, gorgeous in her own way. The holidays are that beautiful time of year where you can celebrate the people nearest to you. Looking back over the past year, I’ve been so lucky to work with the greatest people. All of them so talented and generous. The 2013 MoPa Holiday Magazine is a celebration of these wonderful friends, collaborators, and above all - you. Inside you’ll find thoughtful features inspired by some amazing MoPas: simple stocking stuffers, a snow day cake, and a pom-pom craft that I can’t wait to get started on myself – and so much more. Here’s to a truly festive and inspired holiday.


Denell Pepin is founder

Megan Belanger is a

Lauren Doyle is owner

Jennifer Downing is a

and creative director of

professional photographer

and interior designer at

certified Hatha yoga

MoPa, where she happily

and owner of Megan

Lauren Grant Design.

teacher and co-owner of

obsesses over color and

Belanger Photography.

Her passion for interiors

be yoga. She currently

family-inspired design.

Megan is known for her

started at an early age,

teaches from her studio,

Her favorite winter time

natural light, timeless yet

and now she helps clients

The Nook, in Acushnet,

activities are baking,

modern portrait work,

curate interiors that tell

Massachusetts. For more

dancing in the kitchen

and was named one of

a personal story – all

information, visit her at

(while baking), and playing

Boston’s top 5 Children’s

while wearing her favorite

air hockey with her boys,

Photographer’s in 2013.

leopard pumps.

Nate & Charlie.

Megan is an active photographer for The Tiny Sparrow Foundation.


MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

Katie Picard I’m Katie, the

Bar Rucci is a graphic

Melissa Sepulveda is a

Jody Williams is an

girl behind the lens of K

designer and serial

photographer and mom

educator and retail pro.

Laine Imagery and Design.

entrepreneur who owns a

of two. Melissa has been

She knows the best of best

My photography can best

custom postcard company,

capturing family moments

on the local retail scene,

be described as modern

Late Night Cake, and

throughout Boston and

and when she’s not helping

vintage and sophisticated,

blogs about her life as a

the Southcoast for over 13

Periwinkles customers,

with a little whimsy. I

mom to three on Art Bar.

years. She loves her work,

you’ll find her shopping

specialize in life’s most

She is passionate about

and is living her dream.

her other favorite; The

precious celebrations,

cultivating creativity within

Village Toy Shop with

weddings and newborns;

her home and community

daughter RoseLee.

your fairytale in photos.

and encourages friends, family, and strangers to make things by hand whenever and wherever they can (especially pompoms)!

MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013



MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

Artist Love

Vana started Le Papier Studio after the birth of her first born, Nikolas. Documenting her son’s milestones by cleverly capturing his personality, emotion, playfulness and essence, she began using silhouettes to tell her own life story. It’s a love story - continuing to blossom, with her boys Nikolas and John as her muses. Vana’s charming and intimate custom silhouettes will capture your heart and symbolize your treasured memories for years to come.

MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013



MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

“I draw inspiration from what surrounds me. My family and especially my two boys are my main source of inspiration.” Where do you turn for inspiration? I draw inspiration from what surrounds me. My family and especially my two boys are my main source of inspiration. Capturing their growth and love for each other is my favorite thing to do these days. I also find inspiration in architecture, fashion and interiors. Best designer moment so far? Every time an idea starts to occupy my mind, I begin doodling in a notepad. The anticipation that comes from a new idea all the way to the making of the actual product, captures my heart every single time. Your favorite Le Papier Studio piece? I honestly have a hard time picking just one! But if I absolutely had to pick a single piece it would be the “Growing to Know You” Pregnancy Print. This product is so close to my heart. It was born from my own experience on capturing my belly each month of my last pregnancy. There’s so many emotions preserved in just this one print. I love looking at it every chance I get. Who are you excited about right now? I love the hand illustrations of Anna Bond, owner of Riffle Paper Co. Describe your personal style in three words? Classic, simple and mostly comfortable (mix of white, navy, tan and black…with a pop of color in a form of accessory). Hot chocolate or cider? Depends on the day. Holiday Must-have? My mom’s cookies. It can’t be the holidays without my mom’s favorite cookies, and time spent with close friends. What are you most excited about in 2014? I am currently working on a new product which will be making its debut sometime in 2014. This product will employ two of my absolute favorite design elements. I wish I could give more details, but you’ll just have to wait for the big launch - stay tuned!

MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013


All Hung Up BACKYARD CHIC A sparse pine wreath fashioned with trim & accents from my backyard is a personal favorite. Here, I gathered white tipped pine-cones, acorns, branches, and long needled pine accents to create the perfect cluster. Skip the bow for a fresh look.

BY LAUREN DOYLE Wreaths are the perfect way to welcome guests into your home, and whether your decor style is totally traditional, or modern with a twist, Lauren Doyle shares some of her favorite wreath design trends to inspire a chic holiday season.


MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

LIGHT UP Kids love bright colors & playful designs. A simple strand of bulb lights and an oversized pennant banner is a fun update to the classic wreath.

OH DEER Add a seasonal update to your favorite white animal mount. Simply add a wreath, and personalize with building blocks for a special message.











BEACH BOXWOOD I love the fresh feeling that Boxwood lends. To make this quintessential New England, simply add shells, spray painted twigs to mimic red coral, and a nautical striped ribbon.

MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013


Pom-Pom H


AN EASY, AND FESTIVE DIY BY BAR OF ART BAR At our house, we are always making pom-poms. Anyone who stops in to say hello usually comments (with a laugh) about the buckets of yarn and baskets of poms we have spread around our kitchen, and everywhere else. My kids are all proficient pom-pom makers, and even the dog steps lightly over our yarn mess. It would not be unusual to accidentally sit on a halfmade pom-pom, since they are literally everywhere.


MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

Are you as addicted to pom-poms are we are? If you’ve answered yes, then this is a brilliant and easy tutorial for you! Here is what you will need: SUPPLIES: - Yarn - Pom-pom makers (more on this later) - A good pair of fabric shears - Small hair elastics Follow these steps to make pom-pom napkin rings: 1.

Choose your color palette and make your pom-poms. There are many different ways to make pom-poms. Pinterest is full of good tutorials. I personally love using the technique where you wrap the yarn around your fingers. It’s just so simple. But lately I have been using store bought pom-pom makers. I find that I can control my colors better (when making fancy ones). My kids like them, too.

2. Make your pom-poms in two or three different sizes. For this project I used mostly single colored ones, but you can experi ment with multi-colored as well. I used three pom-poms per napkin ring. 3. When trimming your pom-pom, make sure to leave on the long string that you used to tie it together. If you accidentally cut it, just carefully tie another long string around the center of your pom-pom. 4. When you are finished making your pile of pom-poms, choose your combinations of three. Use the long strings to attach them to the hair elastic. Double knot them, making sure they are secured, before trimming. It’s that easy! The pom-poms take time to make so this is not a quick DIY, but it is quite brainless which means you can do most of the work while helping the kids with homework, or catching up on Homeland episodes. I bought these sweet little napkins at Anthropologie. They are more of a lunch size napkin, but they work really well for the little kids who are just learning to put their napkin on their laps. And they’re great for laundry reasons, too. The smaller, the better. I am so excited to use these on our holiday table. They are festive, colorful and oh so happy!

MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013


Bake Joy by Denell Pepin photography by Katie Picard


MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

Holidays are perfect for spending quality time in the kitchen. For us, we’re usually baking off a favorite recipe to share with friends, or because it’s snowing, and when it snows in New England – you bake. I love to nestle Nate or Charlie on the countertop and watch their little hands wrap around a big mixing bowl. It’s a messy, good time. When baking with littles, it’s best to look for a quick and easy recipe. As much as they love the baking part, they enjoy the fruits of their labor even more. This simple chocolate cake recipe works wonders because it does not require a mixer – making it perfect for little hands. Decorations are optional, but I also add a dusting of snow for good measure.

BAKING METHOD: • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour one bundt pan. • In a large bowl, stir together the sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Add the eggs, milk, oil and vanilla, mix for 2 minutes on medium speed of mixer. Stir in the boiling water last. Batter will be thin. Pour evenly into pan. • Bake 30 to 35 minutes in the preheated oven, until the cake tests done with a toothpick. Cool in the pan for 10 minutes, then remove to a wire rack to cool completely. • Move cake onto a cake plate, and dust on confectioner sugar for some sweet snow.

INGREDIENTS: 2 cups white sugar 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 2 eggs 1 cup milk 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 cup boiling water

“When it snows in New England - you bake!” MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013


Stocking Stuffers!

styled by Denell Pepin / photography by Megan Belanger

For RoseLee

/ Stuffers by Jody Williams

The classic princess wand is a must for every little princess 52 Rainy Day Ideas - “everyone needs these!” Mini-colored pencils that are perfect for tiny fingers Take-along zoo animals - they’ll go everywhere


MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

Tangle-free hair ties in poppy, fun colors Non-toxic piggy paint, that is as natural as mud Pink robots for wind-up fun Quality paint brushes for creative mornings

For Nate and Charlie

/ Stuffers by Denell Pepin

Jacks are a favorite! Slinky - out of the stocking and down the stairs Harmonica, a staple of the family jam session Lion Arcade: fun that fits in your hand

Sound Maker - it’s not a holiday without one Spinning Top, the modern inception of a yesteryear classic #RobotsRule Molding clay for creative mornings All stuffers can be found at the The Village Toy Shop in Fairhaven, MA

MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013


Simplicity Is a Holiday Gift !


MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

BY JENNIFER DOWNING The holidays are right around the corner. Instead of curling up in fear envisioning all the credit card debt, extra pounds, and heaps of ‘stuff’ you’re going to inherit – and have to find space for – consider ending the madness once and for all and commit to creating a holiday season that’s good for the planet, your pocket book, and most importantly, your health. Don’t know where to begin? Start simple. Throw ‘No Frills’ Festivities I love entertaining and creating an atmosphere that’s memorable and makes guests feel cozy and comfortable. Over the last few years I’ve learned that it’s not extravagant decorations and fancy recipes that make a party – it’s the company. In past holidays, I’ve entertained beyond my means trying to make my house mirror the pages of Pottery Barn. The reality is that my guests didn’t remember my $200 mantle display. What they remembered were the laughs, conversation, and deliciously simple bites and spirits. A warm fire, candles, good music…simple touches that most people already have on hand, create just as inviting of a gathering than overly priced tableware. Remember, the holidays are for sharing. Instead of throwing a party and carrying all the weight of preparations on your shoulders, host a Pot Luck and have your guests help create the celebration. Invite guests over early and enjoy decorating together. Even more simple than that; skip dinner altogether and just serve apps and cocktails. Think Outside the Gift Box While the holidays are certainly a time to give and show the people you love just how much you appreciate them; gifts shouldn’t overwhelm your time, wallet, or the environment. Homemade gifts, gifts of time or experience, and gifts of charity can demonstrate just as much love and appreciation as a pricey mall purchase, and are often much more memorable and a lot less stressful. Celebrate to Contentment With the holidays come parties, meals, and other activities that put us in the position to splurge. It’s no coincidence that I usually get a spike in new yoga students right after the New Year. In yoga, we often talk about finding santosa or contentment in all life experiences. The holidays present a perfect opportunity to remember the importance of santosa. This holiday season ask yourself – have you eaten to contentment or have you stuffed yourself? Have you shopped to contentment or have you burned a hold in your wallet? This holiday season celebrate to your true contentment.

MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013


Meet Virginia “My intuition tells me 2014 is going to be my year; so bring it on!�

Produced by Denell Pepin / Photography by Melissa Sepulveda

Tell us about your career and the inspiration behind it? It’s been a constant struggle trying to make a living doing what I’m passionate about, but art has always been my core. I began my business, Artful Interior Finishing, straight out of college and became recognized early on as the “go-to girl” for decorative painting and creative design. I recently started a blog and continue to expand my range of services while constantly learning along the way. I am finally beginning to see my business flourish. If you could describe your family in 3 words, what would they be? BIG! Extraordinary. Supportive. Tell us about your work at the Town Wharf General Store? I have known Chris and Vincent for the past 10 years. They are my best repeat customers and always keep me busy. They asked me to come in and utilize my decorative painting skills inside of this quaint, rustic store. I did most of the interior painting and did a process called whitewashing on all of the barn board accent walls and built-ins which were custom made. Your best mom moment so far? Watching my boys excel. Whether it’s through school or sports, when they excel, it makes me proud and lets me know I’m doing something right. Aside from work and being a mom, what are some of the other things you’re passionate about? I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I function so much better when my mind and body are in good alignment. This means eating healthy and staying physically fit. It’s something I inherited from my mom. She raised 11 children but somehow still found the time to focus on nutrition and exercise – probably just to keep her sane, because she didn’t drink.


MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013



MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

How would you describe your personal style? Comfortable-sporty with pops of color. I’m known to live in my yoga pants and sneakers. Although I do like trends, if it’s not flattering on me or if it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it. I’m constantly moving around, so I prefer clothes that are comfortable on my skin and move with me. When I’m not working, the same rules apply. I love boots but choose flats and wedges over heels. I love color. If I’m dressing in neutrals, I always add a pop of color either with a tank top, bright pair of sneakers, watch or ring. Favorite style icon? Eva Longoria. Not only does she represent style for us shorter women but no matter what she’s wearing she always looks great. She’s neat, polished, classy and sexy all at the same time. How you make it work? I am fortunate enough to come from a huge family where we all live within a few miles radius of each other. My parents, 10 siblings and an incredible best girlfriend are there for support and to help out whenever I need it. It’s also a piece of mind that my son’s father is a great dad; it helps alleviate a lot of stress knowing they are well taken care of when they are away from me. I believe that you just do whatever you need to do to make it happen. Everyone’s situation is different but if you want something bad enough, there’s always a way through hard work and a lot of determination. Holiday Beauty Tips: My brother Eli DesRoches, owns Compulsive Salon in Acushnet and introduces me to the best beauty products. The stylists and artists at the salon do amazing work - and so whether it’s a holiday party, or a seasonal touch-up, it’s the only place I go. Favorite Holiday Tradition? Christmas Eve Party at my parent’s home. All our friends and family get together for this annual tradition. It’s so much fun having Santa visit with all our kids and millions of nieces and nephews. Our family seems to grow bigger and bigger every year. Hot Chocolate or Cider? Definitely hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. What do you look forward to most this time of year? It’s a good time to reflect on everything that has happened whether it was good or bad, and take those lessons into the New Year. I love setting new goals for myself and just looking forward to a new beginning. But my intuition tells me 2014 is going to be my year; so bring it on! MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013


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Get Fit this Holiday!


MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013

MoPa / HOLIDAY 2013


{ modern parent living } Denell Pepin, founder & director

MOPA Holiday 2013  
MOPA Holiday 2013