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Largest land sale in Moose Jaw history positive for community, says mayor Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express





The largest land sale in Moose Jaw’s history provides a long-term plan of prosperity for the community and should attract significant investment, says the mayor. Carpere Canada — a private investment and management company that focuses on agricultural opportunities — recently submitted an offer of $7.8 million to purchase 312 hectares (780 acres) of land in Moose Jaw’s South East Industrial Park. The second-biggest land deal in the municipality’s history was last December, when SaskPower purchased 40 hectares (100 acres) of land in the industrial park to build a natural gas power plant. During its regular meeting on May 13, city council approved Carpere’s offer to purchase agreement for the 780 acres, at a price of $10,000 per acre. The next step in the process is for the municipality and the company to negotiate a servicing and purchasing agreement for the land. If this agreement is reached, the municipality could receive more than $38.6 million after all 780 acres are developed. The municipality and Carpere have been building a relationship and have been in discussions about development in the community since last year. “I’m very excited about this potential partnership,” Mayor Fraser Tolmie said before the council meeting. Moose Jaw “is poised to see tremendous economic growth with this development.” This development could see many businesses move to the industrial park once it is serviced and ready for tenants, Tolmie explained. There could be more value-added products produced there, more manufacturing, with the possibility of turning that area into a transportation hub. “It’s a great location,” he said. Other benefits include spillover into the community due to construction there. “It’s a huge

An image of where the proposed industrial park would be located. Photo courtesy City of Moose Jaw

boost for our local economy.” Potentially receiving more than $38.6 million once the deal is authorized and the land is serviced is positive, said the mayor, adding he is thrilled with that amount of money coming back to city coffers since they negotiated a fair price per acre. “We’re creating a partnership with Carpere …,” he added. “We have to think of a long-term plan for the community. That’s what this relationship is all about. We can see growth potential for this. That means there’s a sustainable construction industry in the community of Moose Jaw for years to come.” Once the servicing and purchasing agreement is signed, Carpere Canada would pay $49,600 per acre to develop the land and provide the necessary infrastructure. These fees protect taxpayers from having to develop it, said Tolmie. Once the property is serviced, it will become the municipality’s responsibility. Tolmie had little concern about the deal.

He was excited to see how the concept plan would look. He thought it would suit the community since Moose Jaw is ideally situated for processing, value-added manufacturing, rail transportation, plus the municipality’s desire to advance technologically. “You can’t continually talk about how businesses in the community are bearing the brunt of taxation,” he said, “and not have a vision of expanding your tax base, because that argument will continue.” Furthermore, discussions can’t continue to happen over taxpayers facing taxation levels without having a plan to bring in new opportunities, Tolmie continued. If municipalities don’t do anything, then they are simply satisfied with the status quo. If that’s the case, then they shouldn’t complain about the tax burden residents face. “I am not happy with the status quo,” he added, “and we are making efforts to change that.”

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Saskatchewan flag designer to return for 50th anniversary events By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

The Saskatchewan flag’s 50th anniversary this year will be celebrated at a Roughriders’ football game, among other events. Gail Hapanowicz, a Hodgeville bed and breakfast owner, told the 49x110 tourism conference in Swift Current the game will be held on July 6 with a presentation at half-time. Attending the presentation will be Anthony Drake, the man whose winning entry was chosen as the Saskatchewan flag 50 years ago by a committee of eight judges. Drake, now living in England, was a school teacher at Hodgeville when he entered the contest. Hapanowicz arranged in 2016 for a whirlwind 21 days of events and a tour of Saskatchewan with Drake. “We wanted something bigger than 2016. What can be bigger than a presentation in front of 23,000 people?� Since then she has written to the Queen asking her to “bestow in any way she can on Anthony Drake who designed a flag for her Commonwealth country Canada.�

The Queen responded and requested information for the Saskatchewan lieutenant-governor and the observation. Also planned are Drake’s appearance at the Saskatchewan Airshow in Moose Jaw on July 7 and hopefully a session with rock star Burton Cummings. A time capsule is planned as well. Percy Schmeiser of Bruno is the only one of the eight flag judges still alive. Hapanowicz is arranging for Drake to meet him. “I think it will be a special historical event to have the last person living from the flag committee meet Anthony Drake.� Drake had returned to England by the time the flag was introduced. Aged 75 in 2016, Drake was in Moose Jaw for a flag raising ceremony. Ron Walter can be reached at

Indigenous tourism project aims at international visitors By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

A four-way tourist project of Indigenous culture in Saskatchewan is planned for a 2020 launch. The project involves a partnership by four Indigenous groups — the Whitecap/Dakota First Nation, Wanuskewin Heritage Centre and First Nations from Beardy’s and Okemasis’ Cree bands. “We have never really capitalized on some of the core strengths that are available in Saskatchewan,� tourism consultant Christian Boyle told the 49x110 tourism conference in Swift Current. “We never had a co-ordinated story

with the missing voices coming to the table to tell the story.� Seventy-four First Nations and Metis call this territory home and their stories are “a powerful piece of what this area is all about and who we are. “We can become a destination for northern plains Indigenous culture.� No one else in North America is telling this story, which made planning risks difficult as there is no comparable venture. Boyle was a consultant for a hotel on the Whitecap/Dakota casino golf course

Lucid “Lu� Knight Quite by accident, I am the Village of Fern Valley mayor and council. It’s a small village. Airn’t much to do. Mostly sign papers at the village office, open only two days a week and listening to complaints. Our constant complainer is the now proper ‘Mrs. Margaret Abernethy-Flaxcombe’. I knew her and Ross for years – back when she was called Peggy. They farmed near Ormiston, south-east of here. We wasn’t close – just friendly. I attended Ross’ funeral a couple of years ago. Soon after that Peggy transferred the farm to their youngest and moved into Fern Valley. Peggy changed after Ross died. She’s no longer ‘Peggy’

Where Friends Send Friends!

site when the concept arose. The community discussed and agreed to a cultural tourism plan. Part of the plan was cultural workshops. Wanuskewin which already does these was brought on board as a partner. Boyle learned that Beardy’s and Okemasis Cree bands had plans for cultural tourism explaining traditional culture and the Riel Rebellion. Discussions saw them become partners. The partnership will involve package tours for three or four days with an art display, dinner theatre and storytelling

and insists folks call her Margaret. And she hyphenated her last name. Old Peggy is now Mrs. Margaret Abernethy-Flaxcombe. With that name change come the attitude change. In her now ‘proper’ way Mrs. Margaret Abernethy-Flaxcombe complains about the village and how its run. She don’t like how or when garbage picked up – don’t like the kids hang around the store – there’s only six kids – or the main street potholes and dogs. The woman hates dogs. Margaret acts like the Queen of England, has ‘afternoon teas’ for the ladies and is their spokesman for complaints. She also got herself elected the president of the Rough Patches Quilting Club. She has one good quality. Mrs. Margaret Abernethy-Flaxcombe is the best quilter south of Chamberlain. I kid you knot (a little play on words). She has raised the quality of quilting to a new level. She will not accept sub-standard work. Being bossy comes natural. She insists the Quilt Club make the best quilts in Saskatchewan. The first quality test for the Rough Patches Quilting Club was at the Moose Jaw quilting show. They won several


under the stars as the centre piece. The tour targets German tourists who are fascinated by North American Indigenous culture. “I think we’ve done a good job of introducing Saskatchewan to the world. I don’t think the world has really been introduced to us. We’ve always kind of struggled to tell our story,� Boyle said. The tour packages can be expanded to other parts of the tourism sector. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@

awards and Margaret took first place and won the one litre bottle of Scotch. The ladies was so excited they gathered in Myrtle Glentworth’s hotel room to celebrate. From there the Rough Patch Quilters went out for pizza and wine and encountered a group of Quilters from Lake Valley. The police said disparaging words was exchanged. Arnold was visiting when I got the call from a corporal at the Moose Jaw Police Service. The owner of the Pizza Parlour called the police because of the noise; the singing, and the disparaging words. He added that none of the ‘girls’ was fit to drive. The corporal asked me to come and fetch the ‘girls’, what was left of four the quilts and bring a hundred dollars for the damaged wall. Arnold rode up with me and drove the tipsy Mrs. Margaret Abernethy-Flaxcombe, her Ford 350 dually and some loaded ladies back. The ladies stayed the night at Margaret’s. Who would have thought Quilting was hazardous? Lucid Lu Knight, Fern Valley, via the Mossbank Post Office, Saskatchewan



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MLA for the Moose Jaw

North Constituency

18,000 New Full-Time Jobs

Despite headwinds that our economy faces domestically and abroad, Saskatchewan has now seen nine consecutive months of strong job gains. Learn more and book your campsite at

306-692-8884 •

New strip mall could house pharmacies and other medical services Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express

A building being constructed adjacent to the Hillcrest Health Clinic on Thatcher Drive could be the new home for other medical-related services and businesses. The ownership group is still talking with companies about moving into the building, although no leases have been signed yet. However, some of the services that could be offered include pharmacies, another medical clinic, hearing and vision support, skin care, and even a coffee shop. The names of the companies that could become new tenants is expected to be made known in a couple of months. There are four individuals who each have a stake in this new build, saidMontanini said. What’s positive about

the co-owners is they are long-time Saskatchewan residents. However, this group is completely separate from the owners of the Hillcrest Health Clinic. C&S Builders is installing the roof, concrete floor, asphalt paving and installation of exterior lights. The building will be just under 1,170 square metres (13,000 square feet) in size. Sam Shaw with C&S Builders confirmed that the building is expected to cost $2 million. Once the purchase of the land is factored in, plus interior renovations, the cost of the project will likely exceed $3 million. This will be a first-class building that improves the sightlines in the area.

Construction of a new strip mall adjacent to the Hillcrest Health Clinic began in April and is expected to finish in October. Photo by Jason G. Antonio

Plenty of good news for Palliser Regional Library

Provincial funding increase, higher usage rates highlight annual general meeting Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

For all the dire warnings and bad news that seems to surround public libraries these days, one would think Palliser Regional Library would have few positive things to say at their annual general meeting. Quite to the contrary. Not only are active user stats up substantially over the previous set of numbers from 2016, the percentage of the population using libraries in the Palliser system has increased. The provincial government has noticed, with libraries throughout the province receiving a one per cent increase in funding – a boost of $128,000 to $6,018,000 for the entire region. That’s all very good news, says Palliser Regional Library director Jan Smith, who pointed out that keeping up with the changing times has made the difference. “People are enjoying the new digital features we have to offer, especially the audio books,� Smith said. “Everybody is using audiobooks these days, which we have no objection to at all. Then people are downloading online and they’re able to get it when they want, where they want, including in the middle of seeding fields. They can just download their next book in the middle of whatever work they’re doing.� Having that ability is one of the factors that led to an additional 1,997 active users in 2018 to a total of

Got an event or local story?

Palliser Regional Library chairman Jim Atchymichuk offers his remarks during the annual general meeting, as director Jan Smith looks on.

17,302 patrons. That’s a total of 31.19 per cent of the population Palliser covers, with 67 per cent of that number coming from Moose Jaw itself. The overall collection size has seen a reduction of 1,616, most of which was seen in fewer adult books on




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hand across the 20 branches. That number was nearly balanced out by the increase in audio and talking books, DVDs and BluRays, juvenile books and magazine and serials. “But people also want the books in hand, so you have to be able to balance things,â€? Smith said. “Even with DVDs, things aren’t falling as much because of people in rural areas, where access to Netflix is spotty at best at times. And it’s getting harder and harder to get DVDs‌ someday we might even have our own servers, that’s something we’re thinking about.â€? That’s part of the entire idea of improving and modernizing as much as possible in the future. “I see a balance between books, digital services and the library as a community hub,â€? Smith explained. “A place for people to go, a place for people to use and meet, to sit down and talk, do the book clubs or whatever they’re into. We have one branch where they actually dismantle tractors in the middle of it for programming. So I see a balance of all three in the future of the library. “We’re constantly looking for more ways to evolve and improve as the years go on.â€?


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Matthew Gourlie Dale “bushy” Bush Sasha-Gay Lobban Dr. Steven Heidinger Wanda Smith Randy Palmer

“It’s raining men, hallelujah, it’s raining men, amen!” I’ll admit it; I love the opposite sex! In light of Pride Week taking place this weekend in Moose Jaw, I think it’s about time all heterosexuals get loud and proud about being straight in recognition of our attraction to the opposite sex! It just makes sense…a logical Joan Ritchie EDITOR deduction – the concept of a man and woman just fits together. Procreation, or the unity of sperm and egg from a man and a woman is the only way that babies can be made; there’s no other way to say it or create it, no matter what orientation a person may be. I think we need to have a parade! I’m just wondering what colour of banner we should fly to represent our sexual orientation… ********** And another topic that some don’t wish to engage in is the sanctity of human life. Everyone screams “women’s rights” to do what they want to do with their own body, but when you do something with your body like having sex without protection, there may be repercussions…like making a baby! What about the rights of the unborn that you created? I applaud some of the states in the US who now recognize that human life starts with a heartbeat and have banned abortion. If your mother had had an abortion, where would you be? Without a heartbeat we would no longer be alive…so there goes the argument. ********** This week I am celebrating all things green! The old timers have always adhered to planting by the moon and I have always been green with envy of their gardens since I was a kid. That green-eyed monster now has me headed in the same direction; I take their seasoned recommendations to heart and will do the same. Seeing that there was a full moon last week, I am going to venture out into the garden and get my green thumbs dirty in our green space. The hubby even has taken a liking to gardening and has his own space to grow...grapes, horseradish, rhubarb, strawberries, potatoes and... A couple of years ago he didn’t even know how to plant a potato and look at him now, he is the potato whisperer and nurtures those potato heads like they were his kids. And now, after linking a heterosexual relationship to procreation to gardening, it seems I have the story straight, pro-choice, green and dirty…

Purchase of 780 acres in industrial park a major milestone

Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express Agricultural investment company Carpere Canada’s major purchase of land in the South East Industrial Park represents a significant milestone, but it is only the first of many in partnership with Moose Jaw, says the company’s chief operating officer. Carpere Canada is excited to be the main developer of the industrial park, as it can help attract new investment and grow the population, said COO Rhonda Ekstrom. The company’s mission is to introduce quality, delicious and nutritious food and ingredients as fuel for a healthier future. To do this, it needs to create “a cluster of activities that support the agriculture value chain.” Purchasing the 312 hectares (780 acres) would allow the company to develop a high-tech industrial park, she explained. The proposed development has a long-term vision and would be created in phases over the coming decades. “We are currently defining the cluster of opportunities for the industrial park,” Ekstrom told city council during its May 13 regular meeting. “The clusters are aligned Rhonda Ekstrom, chief operating officer for Carpere with the city’s key industry and economic development Canada, speaks to city council on May 13. Photo by strategies, as well as the recent concept plan.” Jason G. Antonio Council approved a motion 6-1 to accept Carpere’s offer to purchase the 780 acres of land in the industrial park more than $38.6 million for the municipality. for $10,000 per acre. Coun. Brian Swanson was opposed. Swanson’s concern was with the sale agreement’s terms The project’s main focus would accommodate industrial and conditions, specifically, with a section that dealt with growth in agriculture value-added production, manu- the municipality reacquiring the land if the deal didn’t go facturing, research and transportation sectors, Ekstrom through. He thought it would leave the municipality “in said. The development would also include a mix of resi- a very unknown position” since it would have to incur costs to buy back the property. dential and commercial uses. “This represents a significant milestone, but is only the He was also concerned with another clause that he first of many,” she said, adding both parties will finalize thought was too long — at 149 words — and could be replaced by a shorter, 11-word clause. He suggested an the purchase and development agreements by this fall. It’s worth noting that $7.8 million would be generated amendment that, should Carpere change the managefrom this sale for the municipality, said Coun. Heather ment structure or wish to transfer the agreement to anEby. Furthermore, a 10-per-cent down payment would other company, the municipality would have to give its be received upon signing the final purchase agreement, consent first. with the balance due within 90 days of closure of the This was discussed in executive committee weeks ago, so there is no need to amend the contract, said Mayor deal. Besides the cost of the land, Carpere would also pay Fraser Tolmie. $49,600 per acre to develop the property, generating The next regular council meeting is May 27.

Saskatchewan RCMP welcomes new commanding officer during traditional ceremony Moose Jaw Express Staff

Assistant Commissioner Mark Fisher was welcomed into his new role as new commanding officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP on May 9 during a traditional ceremony held at the RCMP Academy in Regina. He is the 34th commanding officer for the organization in the province. The handover of command of the Saskatchewan RCMP was symbolized with a parchment signing and the transfer of the divisional ensign from outgoing commanding officer, Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki. “I am extremely humbled and honoured to be here today, in this historic Drill Hall, to take command of F Division and RCMP policing in the province of Saskatchewan,” said Fisher. “I feel fortunate to be here in Saskatchewan at this time. We enjoy strong support from government, and already, I have seen their interest in supporting innovation and modernization efforts both on the operational and administrative fronts.” Fisher is a 25-year veteran who has served in various RCMP detachment command functions. In 2007, he was seconded to the criminal justice reform secretariat for British Columbia as the RCMP liaison officer to the provincial government. In 2011, he was appointed chief of

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Mark Fisher, assistant RCMP commissioner and new commanding officer of F Division in southern Saskatchewan, takes the salute as officers march past. Photo contributed

Brenda Lucki, national commissioner of the RCMP, and Mark Fisher, the new commanding officer of F Division, gather for a picture after the change in command ceremony. Photo contributed the Oak Bay Police Department. In 2014, Fisher assumed the role of officer in charge of Nanaimo Detachment, and in 2016, he transferred to D Division as the criminal operations officer — core policing where he had oversight of provincial detachment policing, support services, community and Aboriginal policing, major crime unit, traffic services and the provincial reviewers. Fisher took official command as F Division’s commanding officer on Dec. 5, 2018 and is the 34th commanding officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP. The change of command ceremony provides an opportunity for the divisional membership of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as well as the community at large, to bid farewell to their commanding officer. It also allows for the welcoming of a new commanding officer for the Division.

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Organization that supports job opportunities for people with disabilities officially re-opens By Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express Reporter

Erin Boisvert became emotional as she talked about how the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) has supported her in finding employment that suits her abilities. Boisvert — who has physical and mental disabilities — began using CCRW’s services in December. It helped her attain a job with the City of Moose Jaw as a front desk staff member at the Yara Centre. She has worked there since April. “It’s good. Everybody is very friendly,” she said on May 14, during the CCRW’s grand re-opening. “It’s very positive. I like it there a lot.” The organization offers employment services — such as interview and job search skills, short-term training and workshops, and writing cover letters and resumés — for job seekers with disabilities who face barriers. It also works with employers and community-based organizations to help residents with disabilities find meaningful and equitable employment. It was a struggle to find employment for Boisvert, 40, even though she has an office education background, she said during the celebration at 175 First Avenue Northeast. She was thankful for CCRW staff, including Chris Rasmussen, job developer, and Lizanne Knox-Beam, employment co-ordinator, and how awesome her experience has been. “They help support you toward a positive future. And they don’t want you to just get a job and kick you out the door,” said Boisvert. “They want you to have a career … “Anytime I struggle, I have their support,” she added. “I have less doubt about myself. I am more confident.” The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work existed for six years in Moose Jaw, but it shut down last fall after there was a change in funding at the national level, Rasmussen explained. However, the Saskatchewan government and Labour Services Market in Moose Jaw saw the program’s potential and provided some funding. CCRW now helps 50 clients in Moose Jaw. It has helped 10 people find jobs since

Lizanne Knox-Beam, employment co-ordinator, and Chris Rasmussen, job developer, speak during the CCRW’s grand re-opening on May 14. Photo by Jason G. Antonio the office re-opened in February. When the funding was initially eliminated, “it almost broke my heart,” said Maureen Haan, CCRW president and CEO. The organization has had a good effect in many communities across the country. “CCRW is national in scope but regional by design,” she said. Last year, the company helped 1,500 Canadians with disabilities find jobs. According to Statistics Canada, 20 per cent of working-age adults aged 25 to 64

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— or 3.7 million people — are living with a disability. The goal of CCRW is to shift hiring practices away from a charity model, where it’s considered the right thing to do to hire someone with a disability, said Haan. Instead, hiring practices would focus more

on an “inclusive, effective business market.” This makes it easier for businesses to find talent, while it provides a more accessible job platform for people with disabilities. CCRW works with clients to determine when — or if at all — they should reveal their disability to their employer, said Rasmussen. The organization supports the purchase of equipment such as safety gear, while it also helps clients take additional training, such CPR, First Aid or WHMIS. Many people agree that creating a more inclusive and diverse workplaces is important, said Greg Lawrence, MLA for Moose Jaw Wakamow. It’s also important to promote strategies and services that eliminate barriers. That is why the provincial government created a comprehensive disabilities strategy in June 2015. “It’s important to recognize inclusive employment and highlight opportunities in the positive economic hiring of people of all abilities,” he added. “The economic case for inclusive employment is clear.” For more information on CCRW, visit or call 306-693-1761.



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To the valued customers of Ricky’s Rocket we regret to inform you that the owner/operator, Timothy Robinson, has passed away. Effective immediately Ricky’s Rocket will be CLOSED. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.



A Smoking Conversation

It is a perfect case of what is old is new again but there have been some interesting developments in the “No Smoking” debate. For those of you who have been off the planet for the last few decades, the changes in smoking methods, locations and materials has changed and is continuing by Dale “bushy” to change. I assumed that Bush once municipal bylaws had established the rules as to where smokers could light up, all would settle down with the smokers grumbling about being regulated and the non-smokers breathing a healthy sigh of relief. Wrong! The debate continues and the play is basically the same, but the fresh actors and directors are adding a new dimension with changing federal laws and changing technologies. Our local city councillors are facing the challenge of satisfying both sides of the discussion, and just like decades ago, everyone is expected to take sides. Are ye for or nay it? I am old enough to remember a time when it seemed that most people smoked whenever and wherever they wanted, including the doctor’s office with the

doctor smoking during an examination (for shortness of breath). I recall an old hockey coach of mine whowould have been difficult to recognize if there wasn’t a ciggy hanging from the left side of his mouth, right where he eventually had oral cancer… hmmm. There used to be ashtrays on the city and Greyhound buses and not just for the driver but at every seat. Our old school bus driver, Miss Anne, could not keep two hands on her steering wheel because she was constantly flicking the ash from her Export A with her right hand, always with her right hand. I wonder why I can remember that… maybe I knew the danger of distracted driving even as a good looking and intelligent child. My parents smoked and I grew up thinking it was a grown-up thing to do so I tried smoking when I was a good looking and intelligent (so I thought) eightyear-old. My Dad smoked filter-less Players cigarettes because, “Filters are for sissies and women” so not wanting to be either, I swiped one of his ciggys and hid out between the garage and the fence and lit up. I seem to recall the adult joy of smoking that first inhale and then the terror as I exploded from my lungs with parts of my body, my brain I think, being forcefully expelled from other parts of my body. Brains and lungs (snot) were blown out of both nostrils, both ears, both eyes and of course my big fat smarty mouth. I decided that was enough and tossed

the still lit cigarette into the corner and went to be distracted somewhere else. You guessed it, I caused a good part of our fence and garage to be burnt, before the firemen doused the flames and discovered the obvious source of the fire. My punishment was to smoke a whole cigarette while my dad smoked one, puff for puff, which turned me a shade of green that could be compared to Rider’s green. For that reason, I avoided the urge to smoke until the early ‘70s and by then there was something other than tobacco to smoke, so I succumbed to peer pressure, wink wink. With cannabis being legal now and electronic cigarettes being increasingly popular, especially with teenagers, it re-opens up this “smoking” discussion in municipalities everywhere. If you have an opinion on this forever debateable topic let your city council know by either attending one of the town hall sessions or as in our community an online survey. Yeah or nay we all have a say!

Electronics Recycling Matters In Saskatchewan In Saskatchewan, we’re used to charting our own path and doing what’s right without waiting to be told. We also have an ingrained understanding about what it means to be stewards of the land. Saskatchewan was the first province, and the first jurisdiction in North American, to launch a regulated, industry-led electronics recycling program beginning in 2007.

To find out what and where to recycle, visit:

One year ago, the Electronic Products Recycling Association Saskatchewan (EPRA SK) and its network of Recycle My Electronics drop-off locations began accepting more types of electronics. This resulted in more end-of-life electronics being diverted from landfill, recycled, and put back into the manufacturing supply chain. In the past 12 years, Saskatchewan residents have recycled more than 31,000 metric tonnes of electronics. This year, EPRA SK is opening more Recycle My Electronics drop-off locations throughout the province, providing greater access for residents in rural communities. “Our mandate at EPRA has always been to make recycling end-of-life electronics easy and accessible for residents of Saskatchewan,” said Gayleen Creelman, Program Director, EPRA SK. In Saskatchewan there is a network of over 90 Recycle My Electronics collection locations consisting of municipalities, regional waste authorities, businesses, and SARCAN Recycling Depots. All of these locations are committed to recycling endof-life electronics in a responsible manner.

That means always considering both worker and environmental safety at every stage and in every process. It also means that when residents bring in their end-of-life electronics for recycling, they’re helping to: • Recover and recycle resources that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain. • Keep e-waste of out of Canadian landfills. • Protect workers and handlers heath and safety. • Prevent e-waste from being illegally exported or handled by irresponsible recyclers, decreasing environmental issues for the planet. • Confirm safe secure destruction of personal data stored on hardware EPRA, in Saskatchewan and throughout Canada, only work with recyclers who are verified under the national Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS), which was designed by the electronics industry to ensure that end-of-life electronics are managed in a safe and environmentally sound manner. In addition, ERS-approved processors must meet over 150 protocols to ensure the safety of their employees and the environment. Residents of Saskatchewan are now able to recycle more types of electronics at more drop-off locations throughout the province than ever before. Finding your nearest drop-off location is as easy as visiting and entering your postal code. 19054RE0 19054RE1

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Police service expanding K-9 Unit to provide better protection for city Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express The Moose Jaw Police Service has worked to modernize its organization during the past three years, with one step focusing on using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to support investigations. Several members have been trained to fly these UAVs, or drones, explained Deputy Chief Rick Johns. While the force has purchased a training drone, it is in the process of acquiring an operational drone. This machine would help find missing persons, support tactical situations, conduct searches and investigate traffic collisions. Johns and other senior police officers were part of an open house hosted by the Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS) and Board of Police Commissioners. K-9 Unit expansion The police service’s K-9 Unit has been operational for the past 10 years and is developing new ways to train its animals. The unit is also expanding to four police dogs from two. This will ensure the unit can provide continuous coverage for the police service every day. The names of the new one-year-old dogs are True and Merc; the former is a Belgian Malinois and the latter is a German shepherd. Both animals are expected to be ready for work by mid-July. The value of having a K-9 unit on-call 24 hours a day is a team can be called in quickly to help with a missing persons case or a building search, said Police Chief Rick Bourassa. This ensures a trail does not grow cold. Internet Child Exploitation The MJPS is beginning to explore a

Const. Aaron Woods, with True, and Const. Jim Biniaris, with Merc, gather for a picture on the Valley View Centre grounds on May 8 before the two dogs took part in a training sessions. The police service’s K-9 Unit has now expanded to four dogs with the addition of Merc and True. Photo by Jason G. Antonio.

partnership with the province’s Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit. The service would investigate people who use the internet to exploit children, lure them, or are involved in child pornography. This has been done mainly at the provincial level, but Moose Jaw is looking to supplement those investigations here, Johns said. This will add value to the

municipality. Cannabis Marijuana was legalized last October and many people have wondered how it has affected the community, said Johns. The police service has found there has not been much of a change or effect. “Our priority concern remains to be safety and the concern around impaired driving by drugs,� he added. “So our

police service has taken steps to train members to make sure they have the tools to investigate properly and enforce drinking and driving (laws).� Police and Crisis Team The Police and Crisis Team (PACT) has been operational in Moose Jaw since last October. This unit attends to a scene if someone is suffering from a mental health crisis, such as depression, is suicidal, a panic attack, anxiety, drug-induced psychosis, or addictions. PACT then connects such people with mental health services, such as social services, methadone programs, Alcoholics Anonymous, shelter, or even transportation to the hospital. However, it attempts to divert people away from the hospital and to the proper support services. The team responded to 162 calls for service from March to April of this year. It diverted 73 people away from the ER; diverted eight people from being arrested; and supported the RCMP on five occasions. Child abuse investigation team The South Central Child Abuse Investigation Team was established last October and has handled 37 cases. It is mandated to look into all allegations of physical and sexual abuse in children within the area of the Moose Jaw Central Services office. A social worker has been seconded to this team and is working at the police station. That employee works within Moose Jaw, while he also works with nine area RCMP detachments.

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# Molybdenum Oil Additive


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MLAs Column

Warren Michelson

Moose Jaw North Warren Michelson, MLA

The transition from spring to summer is starting to take shape in our daily lives, and the same is true at the legislative building in Regina. The Spring Sitting came to a close this past week, sending Members of the Legislative Assembly back home to their constituencies to serve constituents and gather feedback for the fall session. I look forward to spending time with Moose Jaw North constituents; welcoming their comments and suggestions on continuing to build a strong Saskatchewan. The Spring Sitting was an opportunity to serve and speak on behalf of constituents inside and outside the Legislative Assembly. It also served as time to engage in debate and wherever possible, work together with Members of the Opposition to pass important legislation that will improve the lives of Saskatchewan people.

One example of this came last week when we were happy to join with the Opposition to bring forward and expedite the passing of Bill 172 – the paid interpersonal violence and sexual violence leave amendment act. This provides survivors of interpersonal and sexual violence with five paid days and five unpaid days of job-protected leave. It is important that we do everything we can to help survivors of interpersonal and sexual violence access the services and supports they need. Interpersonal and sexual violence have no place in Saskatchewan, and we will support those seeking safety. The government passed multiple pieces of legislation during the spring sitting, including: • Changes to The Saskatchewan Employment Act creating a new critically ill adult leave, expanding parental leave and adding an additional week of maternity leave; • Passing Clare’s Law which will allow police to release information about someone’s violent or abusive past to intimate partners whose safety may be at risk; • Increasing the number of occupational diseases firefighters and volunteer firefighters are covered for through changes to The Workers’ Compensation Act; The highlight of these past few months, for me personally, was the announcement of a new joint-use school for Moose Jaw. The proposed new school will combine St. Mary and Sacred Heart schools of the Holy Trinity School Division, with Empire and Westmount schools of

30 Super B units to haul your grain, liquid or granular fertilizer. Pilot truck for machinery hauling. Call Kelly (306) 693-1284 or (306) 631-1202 email Box 1388 Moose Jaw Sask. S6H-4R3

the Prairie South School Division. Our two school divisions continue to work together to bring about a new facility that will replace aging buildings, and enhance learning for students in our Catholic and Public schools. Budget 2019 is a document of strength and growth, striking the right balance between keeping taxes low and providing quality services for children, families, and seniors; for important investments in urban and rural Saskatchewan; and for building our economy and creating jobs. At the close of the spring legislative session we are encouraged to see Saskatchewan’s economy growing stronger. New employment figures from Statistics Canada show 18,000 more full-time jobs in Saskatchewan over the past year. There are 4,100 more people working in agriculture; 2,500 more jobs in education; 2,500 more jobs in health care; 2,500 more jobs in the hospitality industry; 2,400 more manufacturing jobs; and 1,800 more tech jobs. Your Saskatchewan Party Government will keep our economy strong and will keep standing up for Saskatchewan. In the weeks and months ahead I look forward to connecting with as many constituents as possible in an effort to gather feedback and to keep our community growing now and into the future.

Sask Soul Fest brings its yoga and wellness festival to Moose Jaw in June Moose Jaw Express Staff

The Sask Soul Fest is bringing its Soul Tour to Moose Jaw this June, with the one-day event to feature yoga, meditation, motivational speakers, live music, live art and a DJ. The wellness festival makes its debut in the community on Sunday, June 23rd and runs from 2 to 6 p.m. at the rooftop gardens of the Grant Hall Hotel, 401 Main Street North. The Soul Fest yoga instructor will kick things off with a fun, energetic yoga session that will get you moving and groovin’. This will flow into an intimate panel discussion, led by founder Amy Dornbrack. Following, musician Brian Paul will play his beautiful music while you shop, mingle and participate in a collective art project while enjoying kombucha and treats being sold by Soul Foods. The evening will end with a guided gong meditation that will leave you feeling light, peaceful and calm. Sask Soul Fest is Saskatchewan’s only yoga, meditation and wellness festival and promotes community talent, bringing in teachers and participants from every corner of the province for a day of self-care and wellness. If you can’t attend the festival in Moose Jaw, you can always drive to Saskatoon on May 25; Weyburn on June 2; or Kindersley on June 8 to take in the event. To purchase tickets, or for more information, visit

The Sask Soul Fest brings its yoga, meditation and wellness event to Moose Jaw on Sunday, June 23. File photo


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What legacy will you leave


Lumsden-Morse Constituency



Please include the Moose Jaw Health Foundation in your estate plan.

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Snowbirds take part in Vanier Flight Camp Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

Even with as much time as they spend flying and preparing to fly, the 431 Air Demonstration Squadron still enjoys the opportunity to pass on the love of their profession to youngsters wherever they go. And for the kids, how awesome is it when you get a chance to hang out with the Snowbirds, and even learn a thing or two about how flight works in the process. Such was the idea behind the Vanier Flight Camp at Vanier Collegiate held last Thursday, as Grade 6 students from the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division took part in a paper airplane flying contest with instruction from none other

Snowbird 9 Taylor Evans and Snowbird 8 Logan Reid lend a hand with paper airplane construction.

Students unleash their paper airplanes at the end of the Vanier Flight Camp.

than the Snowbirds themselves. “Vice principal (Terry) Marak and I are friends from back in the day, and we had just finished our spring training in Comox, so we just got back and had an opportunity to do this,” said Snowbird 1 and Team Lead Maj. Denis Bandet. “ “It’s something that’s part of what we do, engaging and working with the public and promoting the Snowbirds…

Snowbird 6 Bassam (Panda) Mnaymneh points out the finer points of aerodynamics to a student.

maybe someone who’s a part of something like this develops a love of flight and flying and that leads to big things down the road for them. If that’s something we can be a part of, then we know we did our jobs.” The pilots almost seemed to have as much fun as the students themselves while designing, folding and building the paper airplanes, some of which ended up capable of easily flying the length of the Ned Andreoni gymnasium. The idea for the Flight Camp came out of a joint project between Vanier and the Grade 6 elementary classes, who happened to be wrapping up a unit dedicated to flight and felt such a project would be ideal for their students. “You know what, when you have worldclass entertainment like the Snowbirds provide for us, for them being able to be here with the kids is so amazing,” said

Marak. “It gives kids another outlook, it gets them really interested in other things that are happening and it’s fantastic that they’re here with us today.” Marak felt much the same way as Bandet when it comes to passing on an educational activity that could lead to major things down the road. “You want to get these kids as interested as possible in all the activities they can do in their life, and what a great exposure for them to be here with the actual Snowbirds,” Marak said. “We’re fortunate enough that it’s their home base and they can come out and be a big part of the community here.” The camp comes with an added bonus – many of the students will be bussed out to 15 Wing on Friday to witness the Snowbirds’ home opener show. In other words, the guys and gals in the red jumpsuits they were interacting with on Thursday will be in the cockpits performing death-defying manoeuvres near the speed of sound for them a day later. “The kids are super excited to be out there and watch their first performance of the year,” Marak said. “I think it’s just great. It promotes the Snowbirds, they’ll be excited to tell their parents and it grows exponentially so much more.” Taking first place in the flight distance competition were The Flying Aces from St. Michael with a landing point 23.9 metres from the start line, while the Sacred Heart Astronaughts were second at 20.3 metres and St. Agnes Dogging Jamalls third at 19.8 metres.

EMS providers to benefit from funding for health and addictions programming $250,000 in funding for mental health and addictions programming will benefit Saskatchewan paramedics and other first responders. The Saskatchewan Health Authority will use this money to develop a program that provides ongoing mental health supports for both public and private emergency medical services (EMS) providers throughout the province. It will also provide training for two critical incident support teams and nine peer support teams

• pressure washers • rentals

• grasshoppers

Moose Jaw Express Staff that support all providers across the province. EMS providers and volunteer medical first responders are recognized as frontline workers of medical care, as well as being exposed to a high number of stressful situations. This funding will help to set up supports that best address their mental health needs. As Saskatchewan grows into one provincial EMS entity, the hope is to promote a culture that supports, recognizes, and responds effectively to colleagues in need.

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Central students take prize with original video Larissa Kurz

This is the second year Central Collegiate teacher Scott Wicker has had media students submit a video to the WorkSafe Youth Video Contest, and a duo took second place out of 42 entries from all over the province. Lorez Cossette and Maddison Landrie, two Grade 12 students, put together their video for a communications media class, and are pleased to have done so well in the competition. “It was lots of fun to do and it was interesting, getting to be like the camera people and the directors more than the actors, because normally we do everything for a video,� said Landrie. “We’re really proud of ourselves too, for the work that we put in,� said Cossette. “Getting that reward was pretty awesome for our video making, so I think it was a really good thing for us.� Food safety was something they noticed hadn’t been addressed in past submissions, and also one that they could relate to personally, which is why they chose to focus their video submission on the topic. Working with a local restaurant, the pair shot their video downtown in an actual workspace; WorkSafe representative Brad Compton noted that this was definitely one of the reasons the pair did so well.

Lorez Cossette and Maddison Landrie entered the contest with a media assignment, but enjoy video production as a personal project as well. “Entries were judged on their technical merit, adherence to safety regulations, creativity and overall safety message,� said Compton. “I can’t think of a lot of videos that had that focus on food safety and public health, that kind of background or that kind of focus. So that was definitely a unique video and it was very well done, of course.� The video contest has been running for

Sometimes what heals us are the simple things by Dr. Steven Heidinger, Moose Jaw Chiropractor Keep it simple stupid. Sometimes less is more. Let’s just wait and see. Too many chefs in the kitchen. Don’t use a lot when a little will do. I could go on and on, but I would like to keep this simple too. Initial visits with patients are all about fact-finding. Asking the right questions to get as much information

Let us help you get summer ready! 26 Main St. N. • 306-692-9955

several years, and Compton explained that the purpose is to make sure students are involved and thinking about safety — and of course, to spread their knowledge with their own creative spin. “(The program) gets students involved and engaged in creating their own safety messages,� said Compton. “And they get to use this media or video that they create to help inform other young workers.�

as possible. One question asked is what the patient has been trying to do to help themselves up until now. Medications (note the plural), massage therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and of course, the famous Dr. Ho machine. Sometimes the patient is doing all of these things and all at the same time! Do I need an x-ray? Do I need to see a specialist? What should I do? While every case is different, and yes, some cases do require further investigations, I often feel like too much is being done, or the patient is expecting too much outside help for their current problem. Choosing Wisely Canada (see the website, ) is a national initiative with the aim of reducing unnecessary tests and treatments in health care. One specific promotion is the “More is not always better� campaign. Patients are often the drivers of this overuse and it frequently interferes with their own care. Choosing Wisely promotes the idea that often less is more. According to their website, patients should be asking their care givers:

The top three videos are awarded cash prizes each year; in second place, Cossette and Landrie received $750 for themselves, and $1,000 for their school. While the pair will be putting their cash into savings for future projects, Wicker said Central Collegiate will be investing in more equipment for the communications media program. Cossette and Landrie enjoy filming outside of the classroom as well, and to be recognized for their skill is a great feeling for them. “We hope that for future videos, like open projects on the side, that we can maybe put some of that (prize) money towards that as well,� said Cossette. “Because we do make our own videos, but sometimes it’s hard to pay for all that kind of stuff that goes into it.� “We’ve never been paid for making any of our videos before, so it’s kind of nice to get rewarded for hard work that you’ve put in,� added Landrie. “We just want to thank all the teachers, too, that have helped us do all this sort of stuff and always given us the platform to create videos.� The top scoring videos are available to watch on the WorkSafe Saskatchewan’s website.

Do I really need this test, treatment or procedure? What are the downsides? Are there simpler, safer options? What happens if I do nothing? You may be familiar with the philosophy of “Occam’s Razor�, in that when there are competing theories, the simplest one is usually correct. In health care, this may very well be true in many instances. Instead of competing theories, we may be instilling competing treatments. Pain pills competing with muscle relaxants, competing with acupuncture, competing with anti-inflammatories, competing with exercise, competing with ultrasound. Remember, the body has an innate ability and desire to always heal itself. Too many chefs in the kitchen may stir too many elements into the pot. In our efforts to help, we may be interfering with the healing process when we throw too much at it. Keeping it simple does not mean do not seek care, however. What is does mean is working with your care provider to determine the simplest, least invasive and most appropriate evidence-based care.

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One Moose Javian walks for MS because “every little bit counts” Larissa Kurz The Saskatchewan Blue Cross MS Walk is a fundraiser close to the heart of Megan Strube, who has been giving her voice to the cause since 2015. Having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis five years ago, Strube feels very strongly about the fundraiser. She walks because it’s personal, but also because she wants others affected by MS to know they have support. “Before I got diagnosed, I assumed everyone with MS was old and in a wheelchair,” admitted Strube. “It’s amazing to know that there are other people out there who are living with the same thing, who are kind of going through similar struggles, and you can relate to that on a personal level.” With a goal of $25,000 and 100 walkers, Moose Jaw’s MS Walk is looking to once again bring awareness to the ongoing cause. Moose Jaw’s walk is one of nine happening in the province and will begin at 10am on May 26. Walkers are to meet at Sunningdale Elementary School, where they will embark on a wheelchair-accessible route of 5km. Amy Bosche, community coordinator

at the MS Society, described the walk as not only a fundraiser but as a way to gather the MS community together — so that people know there is a support system available near them. “It’s not a sad or depressing place to be,” said Bosche. “It’s a happy and uplifting place to be, knowing that you’re part of

Scotty the T.rex exhibit open for the season Larissa Kurz

The T.rex Discovery Centre is the home of the world’s largest tyrannosaurus rex, Saskatchewan’s own Scotty the T.rex, and his impressively large skeleton is now on display at the Eastend museum. Scotty’s recent triumph as the largest specimen currently discovered was announced in March of this year, and currently, the Discovery Centre is the only place to see him. The Discovery Centre is planning a number of activities throughout the summer to showcase the area that Scotty called home about 65 million years ago. May 18 was opening (supplied) day and the centre held a number of family activities, including a hot doglunch in the morning. Canada Rocks, a celebration on July 1, is sure to be worthwhile. Dino Days will once again take place on July 26-28, as well as celebrations for two of Scotty’s own milestones: July 27 is the 25th anniversary of his excavation, and Aug. 16 is his 65,000,028th birthday. There are also a number of walking trails around the area, to see what kind of place Scotty walked through before becoming a fossil, and a number of other cool creatures from the Cretaceous period to visit and learn about. The Discovery Centre is open every day, from 10a.m. to 6p.m., until Labour Day, and admission is by donation. More information about the Discovery Centre and its upcoming activities can be found on their website.

a community that’s all coming together for one goal, which is really to have a world free of MS.” Strube finds that is exactly what happened for her; after moving to Moose Jaw, she connected with a number of people in the city through her first MS Walk here.

Each year, Strube and her team of family and friends raise an incredible amount to support the ongoing research about the disease; they have collected around $25,000 in donations over the last four years that Strube has been walking. All of the funds raised by MS Walks across Canada are put towards either support programs for people affected by MS, or research about the disease — which is happening right here in Saskatchewan. Bosche estimated that about 3,500 people in Saskatchewan are living with MS; our province has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in Canada. Strube and Bosche encourage everyone to come out and join the crew, as there’s always room for more walkers. Donations for the walk can be processed online[1] , or by contacting a team member who has signed up for the walk. New walkers can also register online to be part of the event. Those wishing to support Megan Strube can select her team on the donation link online and help the MS Walk reach its goal for 2019.

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Pheasants hatching in schools across the city Larissa Kurz

The Moose Jaw Wildlife Federation has brought the miracle of life to a number of Moose Jaw schools this spring: they’re hatching ring-necked pheasant eggs as part of their annual Pheasants in the Classroom program. Ten schools are taking part this year, ranging from daycares up to high schools, and they were each given 30 eggs to incubate. The fluffy chicks are hatching at a healthy rate, according to MJWF president Todd Smith, and it usually takes about a week to hatch all of them. The eggs come from a partnership with the Wildlife Federation in Swift Current, and Smith estimated the fertility rate to be around 90 per cent for this year’s batch — hopefully, good news for how many eggs will successfully hatch. “(The hatch ratio) really depends on the year and our eggs are only as good as the pheasants that laid them,” said Smith. “Depending on the fertility rate of the eggs and the care that’s given to them in the incubators, we will average about a 70 to 75 per cent hatch rate.”

École Ducharme is one of the schools participating, and is home to lots of baby birds right now. With 300 eggs in play, that’s a lot of newborn pheasants. After hatching, the day-old chicks are collected from across the city to one brood box, where they then travel out to one of two farms outside the city raising them

into full-grown birds. Once they’re big enough, the pheasants are released in the late summer or fall, in the Moose Jaw area: around Hamilton Flats, 4th Avenue SW, and on Sask Wildlife habitat lands.

The pheasant hatching program has been running for around 20 years, said Smith. It is an important learning experience for the students — not only do they learn about the birds, but they also get handson experience with wildlife conservation. “There’s a lot of theory that we teach in schools and we teach how they can get involved, but then to actually let them participate in a project where they give back to the resource is a pretty huge deal for a lot of them,” said Smith. Although the chicks are extremely cute, Smith finds that students are more excited than sad to see them go; they learn about the natural life-cycle of pheasants and want to see them thrive in the wild. Because pheasants aren’t native to Canada, their population struggles to survive the winters, making this program important for their continued success. Smith usually has a lot of interest from schools each year, and starts taking volunteers around Christmas. Classrooms interested for next year can contact the MJWF through their website’s contact form to get on the list.


Alberta premier playing dangerous game with separatist threat card

by Ron Walter

“How much is your sales tax?” the middle-aged man at the fast food counter asked the girl at the till. She didn’t know but a bystander chipped in: “six per cent,” then asked the man where he was from. “Alberta.” “I figured. You don’t have a sales tax there.” “We don’t. If we did it would solve a lot of problems,” he said. “It’s all a matter of pride. Montana doesn’t have a sales tax. Alberta doesn’t have a sales tax. Alberta has no sales tax but it has deficits.” “I totally agree,” said the Albertan. There is no intent by the new Alberta premier Jason Kenney


SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2019 - Starting at 10:00 a.m. C.S.T.

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Location: 9 miles East of Chaplin on #1 Hwy., 4 1/2 miles South on gravel road, 2 miles West, 1/2 mile North (GPS: N50.24.02.34; W106.30.21.13)

2014 NH TV6070 Bi-Dir. Tractor, 3 pt. ht. w/NH 84LB FEL, bucket, manure tines, grapple fork, 1056 hrs. showing *NH 2300 Adapter for Bi-Dir. Tractor converted to a NH 2330 *Roto Screen for TV140 Bi-Dir. *2015 NH T6.180 MFWA diesel Tractor, 3 pt. ht. w/NH 845TL FEL, QD bucket, grapple fork, manure tines, 671 hrs. showing *1981 IH Hydro 186 diesel Tractor w/IH 2350 FEL, bucket, grapple fork, 6381 hrs. showing *1981 Case 2290 diesel Tractor *McCormick Deering W4 Gas Tractor *1985 GMC Brigadier Hay Hauling diesel Truck *1988 Ford L9000 Hwy. diesel Tractor *1974 GMC 6000 3-ton Grain Truck *1964 GMC 960 3-ton Grain Truck *1966 Chev Viking 60 3-ton Cab Over Grain Truck *2007 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT 1-ton Dually 4x4 Truck w/Dew-Eze 285 Bale Deck *2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab 3/4 ton Truck *1999 Dodge Laramie SLT 2500 Quad Cab 3/4 ton Truck *1987 10’ x 48’ Homebuilt Hay Hauling Trailer *7’ x 28’ Norbert 5thW Stocktrailer *6’ x 20’ Univision 5thW Stocktrailer *Dumonceau 8 1/2’ x 24’ 5thW Flatdeck Trailer, beaver tails w/loading ramps *6’ x 16’ Bumper Pull Stocktrailer *1978 Pontiac Catalina 4-dr Car *1979 Ford Thunderbird Car *35’ JD 1600 Cult., 3 plex *39’ CCIL 204 Cult. *24’ Melcam Cult., breaking spikes *50’ Flexicoil System 82 Harrow Drawbar *24’ IH 620 Disc Drill w/Valmar *36’ Morris B3 Rodweeder converted to level Mole hills *Melcam & Rockomatic Rotary Rockpickers *12’ Cult. *30’ Morris B3 Rodweeder *33’ MF 36 Discers *2016 NH Roll-Belt 560 Specialty Crop Rd. Baler, 2719 bales *18’ NH 1475 Hydroswing Haybine *Vermeer BPX9000 Bale Processor *NH 791 Manure Spreader *14 Wheel Sovena V-Rake *Linden Post Pounder *52’ x 8” Super Charged Brandt pto Auger *MF 852 pto Combine *25’ Case IH 725 pto Swather *25’ Pickup Reel *Kawasaki 740 Brute ATV *1997 Kawasaki Prairie 400 ATV *Shop & Yard Items. For further info call Dave at (306) 631-1939. FRED SHOPA (306) 395-2635 - 1992 JD 4455 MFWA diesel Tractor, 4722 hrs. showing *1969 JD 4020 diesel Tractor w/JD148 FEL, 6’ bucket, manure tines, grapple fork *1976 JD 4230 diesel Tractor *NH TR98 Twin Rotor SP diesel Combine, Redekop chaff spreader, 3357 hrs. showing. For further info call Fred (306) 395-2635. Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time. Terms: Cash or Cheque w/Letter of Guarantee. Machinery & Vehicles Sell at: 1:00 p.m. This is a partial listing.

to remedy the lack of a sales tax. His policy is pinned on the hopes of a better oil price and more royalties flowing into the government treasury. The pride in not having a sales tax may determine his policy. Any government that introduces a sales tax in Alberta seeks massive protests and retribution. Instead of tackling budget issues like the sales tax, Kenney has chosen to fight with Ottawa, and more specifically with Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. That fight plays well with angry voters back home, voters blaming Trudeau for everything from lack of a pipeline to low oil prices. Trudeau is still trying to deal with the fallout from former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s law that watered down environmental approval process. Ironically, while the three Western premiers challenge legality of carbon tax in the constitution, they somehow expect the federal government to ignore the court order and speed up the process of consultation with Indigenous people. This kind of attack politics shows disrespect for the law and childish response to national issues. We need pipelines desperately but they need to be built using the right process and respecting law. In his angry attacks, attacks with the intent of toppling Trudeau, Kenney raises the promise of separatism if he doesn’t get his way. The threat of separatism plays well down on the farms in Alberta and stokes the fire of the few who really believe in separation, but does nothing to improve relations in the family of provinces that is Canada. Kenney is still playing federal politics and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is in the ring with him. If their attacks fail to unseat Trudeau they will have to work with him. Work with the feds will involve a range of issues from the carbon tax mess to finances, social matters, education, health issues and Indigenous matters. Would it not be better to phrase opposition in a more civil tone? A tone should allow for disagreements but draws no lines in the sand. These premiers have drawn on the Trump attacks toward institutions to get their way in the short term. In the long-term attacks on institutions invariably undermine the entire process and the trust it is built upon. If the violent-like tone of political debate goes unchecked the Canadian federation will become so dysfunctional that separatism will be seen as the way out of the mess. Ron Walter can be reached at




(306) 773-4200 Swift Current, Sk. SK. LIC. 914494

Bruce Switzer

AB. LIC. 313086


Glenn Switzer

54 Ominica St W (306) 693-0277

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Pipe organ build helps students learn about more than music Heart of the City Piano and Violin program students build and play wooden pipe organ as part of OrgelkidsCAN program Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

Students with the Heart of the City Piano and Violin program had a unique opportunity on Saturday afternoon: literally to build a pipe organ and learn a little bit about how they work in the process. The project came out of the OrgelkidsCAN project, which offers students a chance to construct a miniature wooden pipe organ – one of eight in existence throughout Canada – while learning about the science, technology, engineering and math through the various systems that make the instrument function. “We thought ‘why not tie it in with the STEM curriculum’ because back in history this was one of the most amazing machines of its day,” said Janet Weaver, a Saskatoon-based teacher and organist with the Royal Canadian College of Organists, the sponsor of the Orgelkids program. “It has all the science and physics

and engineering all built into it. And they can see how it all works, like ‘oh, I pull this down and the air comes through’ and things like that.” The heart of the project is the construction of the organ, the process of which can be seen at The build took the local students about half an hour and based on what Weaver saw, fulfilled their mission. “It went really well, it was a small group and they caught on really quickly,” she said. “The conversations are always so delightful, becauseyou hear them say ‘oh, there’s that number; that goes there; here’s the two little pegs; oh, that’s where that goes.’ They figure it out and they problem solve together and it’s all pretty neat to see how it comes together.” Students then played a musical piece with it as part of their spring recital.

Students gather with teachers for a photo with the OrgelkidsCAN pipe organ.

The whole project has the additional aspect of introducing youngsters to an instrument that can be something to behold in its full-size form – by example, as large as the pipe organ in Zion United Church is, it’s dwarfed in scope by even medium-sized cathedral organs. “That’s what’s nice about the educational part of this, where we take it out of the church and bring it to the public,” Weaver said. “Some people might never go into a church, and even if they do, seeing a full pipe organ and trying to figure out how it works can be intimidating. “So this is for more than just music, because this gives a hand-on experience and shows the kids just what it’s like to build something like this and how much work would go into building a real, fullsized one.” For more on the OrgelkidsCAN program, check out the RCCO site at https:// Students from Empire, Prince Arthur and Peacock play a song on the sCAN pipe organ.

Students with the Heart of the City Piano and Violin program built the OrgelkidsCAN pipe organ in about an hour.

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REFLECTIVE MOMENTS Lighter phone book lacking pertinent details When the latest edition of the telephone book arrived in our mailbox, it was easy to determine that phone books are not nearly as popular as they were, say 10 or even five years ago. Whereas previous editions were hefty, requiring some serious wrist-power to lift them, Joyce Walter the weakest of wrists would For Moose Jaw Express not have a problem with the 2019-20 volume. But without thinking much about it after verifying our name, address and phone number were correct and that some friends and relatives were also included, the book went under the telephone and on top of three previous phone directories. Housemate laments that I don’t need to hang onto phone books of years past, but they do come in handy when one attempts to remember a former address for an acquaintance or to check the yellow pages for the name of a business that doesn’t seem to have kept up its advertisement in the new book. It wasn’t until I embarked on a mission to attach Canada

Post addresses to the list of names on an invitation list for a coming event in our lives that I realized how much is missing from the new book. The names on our list are carefully catalogued in my special system. The idea was then to use our personal address book to jot down addresses across from representative names. The address book was a valuable resource, being used at least once a year when the Christmas cards must be addressed. But it wasn’t a complete source of information. So there I was, phone book in hand and the list of names in my workbook. At first it went well, with many names discovered and addresses recorded. Then suddenly my good luck took a downward turn of omissions. Some names are no longer in the book; others are there without addresses but with a phone number. My complaint to Housemate did not elicit the proper amount of sympathy. He merely pointed out that folks with cellphones are unlikely to be included in the phone book, and the number of folks with cellphones has far surpassed the number who still have landlines. Add to that the fact that some people don’t want snoops to know where they live and that some who still have landlines simply don’t want to let just anyone know their

phone numbers — perhaps to outsmart the telemarketers and other annoying strangers who offer deals and scams. At one time I laughed at young people who never ever opened a phone book but relied on Google, 411, and other online sources to track down phone numbers and addresses. Now I find myself doing those kinds of searches — some successfully, and some not even close to being successful. For instance, one friend’s address is listed as Buffalo Pound Lake but there’s no postal code and I doubt if Canada Post would deliver there without more details. Thus, there are many blank spots on my list of names. Either they could be scratched off the list, or I could e-mail them and ask for their post office address, or perhaps I could call a friend who happens to be a friend of a friend who would possibly be able to share an address or two. Oh, for the good old days when a long ring on a party line would quickly get my message relayed to one and all who picked up the receiver. But wait: I have at least five years’ worth of old phone books to check. It is such a relief that I wasn’t convinced to get rid of them. Joyce Walter can be reached at

Spas perform well in Saskatchewan tourism experience comparison By Ron Walter - For Moose Jaw Express Following three years of promoting Saskatchewan tourism to the Prairies provinces, Tourism Saskatchewan is shifting some emphasis to what it calls export tourism. Ninety per cent of tourists come from the three Prairie provinces with an average spend of $98 a day. Offshore tourists spend considerably more but they expect to buy packages like a planned Indigenous culture tour. First though, Tourism Saskatchewan is looking at what aspects of tourism need improvements. A study of online conversations about tourism, seeing what people thought of us and comparing Saskatchewan with Alberta, Manitoba, Yukon New Brunswick and Ontario, was revealing. Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

For the most part Saskatchewan was average when people talked about tourism. “Nobody wants to be average,” Jonathon Potts, Tourism Saskatchewan marketing director, told the 49x110 tourism conference in Swift Current. Thirty-three per cent of conversations were positive; four per cent were negative; with 67 per cent passive. Hunting, snowmobiling/winter sports and natural attractions scored the highest. Good scores came for festivals and events “something Saskatchewan does very well with big and small stuff.” Spectator sports rated well depending on how the Roughriders did. Architecture, culture and history did “not too bad “and

Agence canadienne d’évaluation environnementale

Moose Jaw Combined Cycle Power Station Project Public Comments Invited May 13, 2019 — The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) must decide whether a federal environmental assessment is required for the proposed Moose Jaw Combined Cycle Power Station Project, located in Saskatchewan. To help inform this decision, the Agency is seeking comments from the public and Indigenous groups on the project and its potential effects on the environment, as described in the summary of the project description. All comments received will be considered public. Written comments in either official language must be submitted by June 2, 2019 to: Moose Jaw Combined Cycle Power Station Project Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Canada Place 9700 Jasper Avenue, Suite 1145 Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4C3 Telephone: 780-495-2037 Email: To view a summary of the project description or for more information, visit the Agency's website at (Registry reference number 80170). Printed copies are available upon request. Follow the Agency on Twitter: @CEAA_ACEE #MooseJawPowerStation The Proposed Project Saskatchewan Power Corporation (SaskPower) is proposing the construction and operation of a new fossil fuel-fired electrical generating facility with a production capacity of up to 366 megawatts, located on the southeast edge of the City of Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan. The proposed Moose Jaw Combined Cycle Power Station Project would consist of a combined cycle natural gas electrical generating facility and would also include the construction of underground water infrastructure, road upgrades, an overhead 230-kilovolt transmission line, a 25-kilovolt power distribution line, a fibre-optic line and natural gas infrastructure. For more information on the Agency’s privacy policies, consult the Privacy Notice on its website at

relaxation and rest — spas at Moose Jaw and Watrous — did quite well as did shopping. Not performing well were food and culinary, amenities, museums and public galleries and entertainment, breweries and pubs. Distilleries scored much better than breweries. Lowest score of all was access and transportation with poor flight connections and highways issues. Tourism Saskatchewan and the industry have work to do on these aspects, said Potts. “We can do better. If we’re not in the game of changing purchase decisions we’re not going to develop . . . we have to build influence.” Ron Walter can be reached at

Country legends Sons of the Pioneers return in June for 85th anniversary tour Moose Jaw Express Staff

Country legends Sons of the Pioneers return to the Prairies for 85th anniversary tour. For decades the premier western singing group has musically painted unforgettable images and stories of horses, cattle, cowboys, night herds, tall timber, cool water, canyons and prairies. Its original songs, such as “Tumbling Tumbleweeds,” “Cool Water” and “Ghost Riders in the Sky” are classics, forever entwined into the lore and mystique of the American West. Both “Tumbleweeds” and “Cool Water” have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. The group will be performing in Moose Jaw on Thursday, June 20 at 7:30 p.m. at the Cultural Centre. First started in 1934 by Roy Rogers and the gifted songwriters Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer, the group garnered national and international fans through appearances in almost 100 western films during the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s. Numerous albums were recorded under contracts with Decca, Columbia, RCA and others. The group provided songs for several John Ford westerns, including the soundtrack for The Searchers starring John Wayne. The Sons of the Pioneers was the first cowboy musical group to perform at Carnegie Hall and the first to headline in Las Vegas casinos. In 2018, Roy (Dusty) Rogers Jr. joined the band saying he was pleased to finally be a member of the band that his Dad founded in 1934. Last year the group fundraised for the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital in

Country legends Sons of the Pioneers will be in Moose Jaw on June 20 to perform at the Cultural Centre. The group was started in 1934. Photo contributed

Saskatoon. This year the group is raising funds for The Rose Garden Hospice in Prince Albert and Ronald McDonald Houses in Alberta. “We are honoured to be returning to Saskatchewan and Alberta this summer,” trail boss Tommy Nallie, who joined the group in the 1980s, said. “Every concert is pure cowboy music packed with our timeless hits, solid western swing and a good measure of comedy and banter. Each of the six members share the vocals and instrumentals.” Part of the hallmark sound comes from acoustic fiddles, mandolin, upright bass, and lead and rhythm guitars. More information about Nolan can be found at Information about Rogers can be found at www.

Pride Week announces schedule of events Larissa Kurz

May 14 marks the 50th anniversary of the day homosexuality was decriminalized in Canada, an important moment in LGBTQ+ history that this year’s Pride Week wants to focus on. Moose Jaw Pride will be honouring the date with a flag-raising at Tourism Moose Jaw on that day, at noon. Joe Wickenhauser, execu- Executive Director Joe Wickenhauser during the tive director at Moose Jaw livestream announcement of the star-studded schedPride, wants this year’s ule for Pride Week 2019. Pride to echo the feeling that comes with that recognition of freedom. A number of events will be happening from May 26 to June 1.

Moose Jaw Pride starts work on new mural Larissa Kurz

The collection of murals in Moose Jaw is about to grow by one more: Moose Jaw Pride has begun work on their mural, going up on the back of the building that Rainbow Retro calls home. Following a handful of public workshops to discuss what should be included in the mural, artist Karli Jessup has put together what will be a piece of art that represents the history of the LGBTQ+ community in the city. L-R: Karli Jessup, James Szwagierczak, “It’s a mural that helps to tell the story of and Robin Koch helped prep and prime the pride community in Moose Jaw, the the mural’s stretch of wall. (supplied) LGBTQ+ community. And so it’s really kind of a unique mural in that way, is that it just sort of reflects various milestones,” said Joe Wickenhauser, executive director at Moose Jaw Pride.

Executive Director of Moose Jaw Pride Joe Wickenhauser, pictured here, asked each guest to give the flag a pull, to get it to the top of the pole.

Raising of Pride Flag recognizes 50th anniversary of milestone Larissa Kurz

A number of local dignitaries gathered today to witness the raising of the Pride flag as a recognition of an important milestone in LGBTQ+ history: the day that homosexuality was partially decriminalized in Canada, 50 years ago. Moose Jaw Pride is one of 50 communities across Canada who joined together in raising the rainbow flag, organized as part of the national Standing By Our Colours project. The flag now flies outside of the Tourism Visitor Centre, just in time for Pride Week starting May 26.

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Massive survey illustrates consumer concerns with farming in Canada By Ron Walter For Agri-Mart Express

Knowing what your customers think of you is important when you’re selling a product. EXPRESS One of the most wide-ranging samples of consumer opinion on health concerns in agriculture and food comes from a two-year study of online discussions by consumers, using modern artificial intelligence methods. Prepared for the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity the survey of opinions of over 250,000 Canadians during two years showed Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) topped the list of food concerns followed by pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. The concern about GMOs is highlighted when compared to how many people actively talked about NAFTA and cannabis during the two-year period ended January 2019. NAFTA drew interest in 10.5 million conversations with eight million talking about cannabis. GMOs, by comparison, were the subject of 2.13 million conversations online. A November 2018 documentary on GMOs spiked conversations from 50,000 a month to 560,000, showing the influence of media exposure. During the two years two million consumers talked about organic foods, 1.08 million discussed pesticides with 953,000 on hormones and 737,000 on antibiotics. Between 65 and 85 per cent support freeing all food of GMOs with 70 to 75 per cent support for hormone free food. Between 75 and 80 per cent of conversations wanted pesticide-free foods with 80 to 85 per cent support for antibiotic free food. Supporters of GMO-free foods say it would be better for health and the environment while opponents say labelling is misleading. Supporters of hormone-free food say Canadian standards for milk and beef are better than in the U.S. while hormone supporters say hormone free is a marketing gimmick. Antibiotic free supporters worry over health benefits from hormones while hormone use supporters suggest meat quality is better if animals are healthy from use of the drugs. Pesticide free support focuses on less risk to health, especially cancer and bee population improvements. Pesticide supporters say invasive plants and bugs compromise agriculture. Farmers are associated most with food concerns: GMOs, 41 per cent; hormones, 59 per cent; antibiotics, 55 per cent; and pesticides, 59 per cent. In GMOs, 26 per cent associate them with government and 22 per cent associate corporations with GMOs.


Ron Walter can be reached at 19053DS1 19061DS0

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By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

Alberta-based interiors building firm has 1,130 “dirtbag” employees Employees at one of the fastest growing construction companies call themselves dirtbags. The name stems from the company name DIRTT Environmental Solutions Ltd. DIRTT stands for Do It Right This Time. All joking aside this company has forged ahead since 2006 when the first contract was for a municipal building in Johnson County, Kansas. DIRTT is a prefab manufacturer of building interiors from floor to ceiling and any other needs. Using 3-D software and building on nearly 300 patents awarded or pending, the company does custom interiors with partners across the continent selling the project. DIRTT does the rest. Advantages of the DIRTT prefab prices are numerous. The designs are environmentally sustainable, saving substantially on operating and maintenance costs over conventional building. The company claims a 100-square foot interior development takes 12 weeks to complete with DIRTT, where conventional building takes up to 28 weeks. That represents a strong saving on cost and time. Builders having their own input in the design process is a benefit. Another benefit is the proprietary processes using wood to build more attractive settings.

The company has three manufacturing plants in Alberta, Arizona and Georgia. Co-founder Mogen Smed, who is a sharp craftsman and salesman, built a thriving office furniture company, SMED, in Calgary selling it to a U.S. competitor for $300 million, only to see the competitor shut SMED down a few years later. DIRTT went public in 2013 when revenues were $137 million, boosting them to $356.7 million last year. Operations have been choppy over the years with an accumulated loss of $30 million. The 2013 share offering of 25 million shares took share count to 74 million, and that only increased to 87.3 million as cash from operations funded expansion. DIRTT counts all sorts of commercial and institutional sectors among clients that include 188 Fortune 500 companies. The company has no debt, paying down the $7.7 million owed two years ago. This year is critical. Sights are set on the $500 billion U.S. non-residential market with a three-year plan to expand. Part of that plan requires broader awareness and shareholder base with a U.S. stock exchange listing as well as the Toronto Stock Exchange. First quarter earnings were reduced by $3.5 million from

one-time U.S. listing costs. Provisions for stock options, a sign of expected success by exercising options, also cut into earnings. The company keeps option count at a reasonable five per cent of shares outstanding. Directors own 3.3 per cent of DIRTT leaving it open to a possible takeover by another corporation. At a recent price of $7.83 the stock is down from high of $9.30 set earlier this year. The price is fairly high — about 28 times expected 2019 earnings and 14 times estimated 2020 earnings — showing investor confidence and enthusiasm. With experienced management and directors, strong financial position and more efficient building technology DIRTT looks like a winner. That appearance likely explains why the stock is priced at a premium. Cautious investors might try and wait for a drop in price, if that happens. CAUTION: Remember when investing, consult your adviser and do your homework before buying any security. Bizworld does not recommend investments. Ron Walter can be reached at

Snowbirds open 2019 season at home By Ron Walter - For Moose Jaw Express - Photos by Ron Walter

The Snowbirds’ aerial demonstration team flew the first official show of the season at 15 Wing Moose Jaw before family, friends and guests. “This is the tightest show I’ve ever seen them fly,” said Snowbirds Commander Lt.Col. Mike French, who in his eighth season with 431 Squadron of the RCAF. The show was cut short by a few minutes when the drizzling weather grew worse, creating dangerous conditions. Five classes from Sunningdale School were on hand to view the routines by the team. Hon.-Col. Les Gould bade farewell as his four-year appointment is over. “This was great,” he said. “It made me a better man, a better person, a better husband.” The aerobatic team kicked off May 18 with the first of three shows in the United States, flying 27 more performances this season. Moose Jaw will see the Snowbirds July 6 and 7 at the Saskatchewan Airshow at 15 Wing.

Five fly

Burst out

Ron Walter can be reached at Over easy

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Riverview encouraging health with local fitness groups Larissa Kurz

The focus at Riverview Collegiate Institute was on enjoying healthy habits on May 14, during the school’s second Wellness Conference of the year. Students were given the chance to try out a Zumba class, from local instructor Brittany Huseini, as well as a session from BĹ?jutsu Moose Jaw — apparently a popular pastime for parents and students

Members of the bĹ?jutsu program in Moose Jaw showed Riverview students some basics of the martial art.

at Riverview, as a number volunteered to help out. The hands-on activities were followed by a pair of speakers from the Prairie South School Division on topics related to healthy habits and personal wellness, including developing daily habits and workplace readiness. “(We chose) this afternoon workplace readiness talk because some kids don’t even know and had a lot of questions: “How do I get a job? What do we need to do to go and volunteer? Where can I go work?’� said Riverview teacher Heather Miller. “So if we answer or at least start to answer some of these questions, then we can give them more tools to be ready,� she added. After the success of the first conference just before Christmas, Miller was excited to see a second conference planned for students to experience even more fitness opportunities right here in the city. “(Doing this) gets kids aware of what’s available for them to do in Moose Jaw, because sometimes they aren’t even aware of different activities or groups that they can become part of,� said Miller. “And so

Zumba with Brittany was much more fast-paced than the taekwondo class across the hall. by bringing them into the school, then it kind of creates that partnership.� The first conference featured a taste of what Dance Fitness with Kyra has to offer, as well as Pound Fitness with Brandi — something Miller thought was great exposure for both the students and local instructors. She hopes to see the Wellness Conference

continue, and include even more local fitness gurus from Moose Jaw because it’s a great opportunity for everyone. “(We thought) this would be a great way to reach the whole school, all in one shot. And then we can target different areas (of wellness) and incorporate a little bit of fun in there, and incorporate the community as well,� said Miller.

Farm start from scratch not impossible By Ron Walter - For Agri-Mart Express

For most people, the idea of starting a farm from scratch is ludicrous unless the farmer has millions, inherits a farm, or marries into a farm. An article on suggests getting into farming is difficult but not impossible for newcomers. Suggested tips apply to anyone starting a new business. Start by talking to as many farmers as possible about

how they got into the business and learn how they did it. Learn the complicated science of farming, either by getting a degree or your own study. Work for a farmer and get that learning experience from the mentors. Be patient. Building a farm or any business takes years and years with tremendous personal effort needed.


You must enjoy farming and the process of growing plants or raising livestock. Without passion beginners will struggle. Keep the day job as long as possible to avoid putting pressure on the farm operation Listen and question everything so you can soak up knowledge. Ron Walter can be reached at

LARGE FARM EQUIPMENT AUCTION FOR: EIDEM FARMS LTD. (Doug & Susie Eidem) Swift Current, Sk. (306) 773-9043

SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 2019 - Starting at 11:00 a.m. C.S.T.

Switzer Auction

Location: 16 miles North of Swift Current on #4 Hwy. to the large propane tank, 8 miles West on Township Road 184; OR 3 miles South of Stewart Valley on #4 Hwy. to the large propane tank, 8 miles West on Township Road 184. (GPS: N50.32.32.0; W107.58.37.09)

$45  Gate & Ride

$85  Gate & Ride

Come out to YOUR LOCAL FAIR It’s family friendly... Where the lines are shorter‌ the Food is fantastic ‌

It is a community affair! Presale gate & ride tickets are now available at

South Hill Fine Foods 468 Lillooet St. W

Moose Jaw Exhibition Office SK Burrowing Owl Centre 250 Thatcher Dr. E

The Moose Jaw Exhibition Fair Parade is Thursday, June 20th Parade entry forms available at

2012 JD 9460R 4WD diesel Tractor w/autosteer, 1267 hrs. showing *2015 JD 7230R MFWA diesel Tractor, 3 pt. ht., QA 3 pt. hook-up, Starfire 3000 GPS w/autosteer w/ JDH480 FEL, 408 hrs. showing *JD QD Pallet Fork *1986 GMC 7000 4-ton Tandem Grain Truck, 65,910 kms. showing *12’x26’ Tri-axle Bale Trailer *2015 Peterbilt Model 389 Hwy. Diesel Tractor, 10,994 kms. showing *2015 Wilson Tridem Grain Trailer *2009 46’ NH P2050 Air Drill w/NH P1060 Tow Between Grain Tank *2012 100’ JD 4830 SP diesel High Clearance Sprayer, Starfire 3000 GPS w/autosteer, 370 spraying hrs., 752 eng. hrs. *50’ MM CP-750 Cult., 5 plex, harrows *35’ MM CP-731 Cult., 3 plex *2011 50’ Degelman Strawmaster 7000 Harrow Drawbar *40’ Degelman 7640 Land Roller *45’ Valmar 245 Trailer Type Granular App. *45’ Blanchard Harrow Drawbar w/harrows *Degelman Rockpicker *Ht. for pulling landroller behind Air Drill *2014 JD S680 SP diesel Combine, Star Fire 3000 GPS & auto-steer, 887 eng. hrs. showing, 721 sep. hrs., 9029 acres *2017 35’ JD 635F Hydra Flex Header *2014 Brandt 7500HP Grain Vac, only 19 hrs. *70’ x 13� Brandt 1370-HP pto Grain Auger, power swing away hopper, db. auger, reverser, 1000 pto, hyd. lift *70’ x 10� Brandt 1076 pto Grain Auger, hyd. lift, reverser, 540 pto, swing out hopper, db. auger *51’ x 8� Wheatheart R8-51 Grain Auger, auger mover, 30 hp. Koehler motor, auger mover, hyd. lift *51’ x 8� Wheatheart V8-51 Grain Auger, auger mover, 30 hp. Koehler motor, auger mover, hyd. lift *50’ x 8� Brandt 850 Grain Auger, auger mover, hyd. lift, plumbed for bin sweep, 24 hp. Honda motor *2 - 3 hp. Flaman Inline Aeration Fans Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time. All major equipment has always been shedded. For further info call Doug at (306) 773-9043. Terms: Cash or Cheque w/Letter of Guarantee. Machinery & Vehicles Sell at: 12:00 Noon. This is a partial listing. MORE INFO ON FACEBOOK & OUR WEBSITE:


(306) 773-4200 Swift Current, Sk. SK. LIC. 914494

Bruce Switzer

AB. LIC. 313086


Glenn Switzer

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Saskatchewan Dragoons hold Change of Command ceremony Maj. Mackenzie Driscoll takes over as new commanding officer from Maj. Gillian Dulle Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

The Saskatchewan Dragoons have a new leader. The storied Canadian Armed Forces primary reserve unit held their official Change of Command ceremony at the D.V. Currie VC Armoury, officially enshrining Maj. Mackenzie Driscoll as their new commanding officer as he takes over from Maj. Gillian Dulle. The event featured a full military parade, with Col. Geoff Abthorpe of the 38 Canadian Brigade Group acting as the reviewing officer and more than two dozen military members and their families on hand to witness the event. It was a bittersweet day for both the outgoing and incoming C.O., especially given their time together and close friendship. “I’ve been with the Saskatchewan Dragoons the last 18 years now, over half my life as a trooper in the unit, and it’s really special now where I’ve reached this point that I now get to take command,” Driscoll said. “We have such a great group of people here, I’ve come up through my military career with them, our former C.O. Gill included, so it is special to be able to do this. As Major Dulle said, it’s a little bittersweet since she’s going to move on to her next move, but it’s been wonderful; we had a great turnout and I’m just glad the day went well.” Driscoll hails from Swift Current and joined the Army Reserve with the Dragoons in 2001 while still in high school. He rose to the rank of master corporal and was an armoured reconnaissance crew commander, serving two tours with Operation Athena – Canada’s commitment to NATO in Afghanistan. He received his commission in 2009 and eventually became the deputy commanding officer and second in command of the Dragoons behind Dulle.

Dragoons commanding officer Maj. Gillian Dulle acknowledges reviewing officer Col. Geoff Abthorpe.

The Saskatchewan Dragoons form up at the beginning of the Change of Command ceremony. Seeing as both live in Saskatoon, the duo made the trip south every Wednesday night to work with their unit and in doing so became close compatriots. “It’s been a really special experience, since the last three years I’ve been able to be her deputy commanding officer,” Driscoll said. “We’ve been able to accomplish a lot of things and our unit has faced a lot of challenges, so it’s been an exciting time that way. So now it’s a new page.” Dulle has little doubt Driscoll is up to the task of leading the Dragoons. “He’s a fantastic leader and he’s going to do very well in this position,” she said. “He’s a very confident and capable officer and I’m more than excited to see where he takes the unit the next few years.” There’s little question he’ll have quite the legacy to live up to – Dulle’s time with the Dragoons saw a host of highlights, including the rare honour of overseeing the consecration of a new guidon, guiding her troops through the acquisition and training on their new Tactical Armoured

Maj. Mackenzie Driscoll couldn’t suppress a smile as he signed the change of command orders alongside Col. Abthorpe.

Maj. Dulle is presented with a photo from the Guidon consecration ceremony, signed by members of the Saskatchewan Dragoons.

Patrol Vehicle, as well as leading the Dragoons through numerous field exercises and deployments through her three years in command. “It is a bittersweet day… it’s been an amazing three years,” Dulle said. “Having the privilege to serve in this unit as their commanding officer is an honour unmatched by anything else.” The change won’t mark the end of Dulle’s military career. She’s currently on track to take part in the two-year Joint Command and Staff program out of Toronto before moving on to command an armoured unit out of Winnipeg. For Driscoll, meanwhile, it’ll be picking up right where Dulle left off. “A big priority for us is to continue to strengthen our unit and grow our organization,” he said. “Western Canada is currently in a state of high readiness for

Maj. Gillian Dulle leads the Saskatchewan Dragoons in a march past for the final time as their commanding officer. performance outside of Canada, as well as there’s always the possibility for an emergency inside Canada. So our focus will be to just continue to be ready for that.”

Reviewing officer Col. Geoff Abthorpe walks the ranks of the Saskatchewan Dragoons with commanding officer Maj. Dulle (front) and deputy commanding officer Maj. Driscoll.

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Supplementary Health, DVA, WCB and SGI approved.


“Whoever named it necking was a poor judge of anatomy.”

11 Hochelaga St W.

Cosmo Senior Citizens’ Centre


If you have booked our hall you do not need to go elsewhere. For those looking for a venue for a wedding, event, come and go tea or birthday party come and see our beautiful facility. We’d love to show you around! For more information just call 306-692-6072

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Off to the Library We Go!

I know, I know...there are so many great things to read at the library – so A science fiction book will dooooo! I like pecking through mysteries, too.

Can you help Pop Rooster guide his chicks to the library?

We love the library!

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D.& D. Quality Care

Town Library


- Groucho Marx

ACROSS 1. Hourly pay 5. “The Final Frontier” 10. Adept 14. Weightlifters pump this 15. Gown fabric 16. Prompts 17. Reporter 19. Journey 20. Tin 21. Metal bar 22. Pantywaist 23. Gist 25. Reddish brown 27. Greatest possible 28. Intricate ornamentation 31. Condominium 34. Sheep sound 35. Actress Lupino 36. Creative work 37. Gain knowledge 38. Inheritor 39. Lair 40. Broods 41. Clenched hands 42. Happens every year 44. A large bottle 45. Boredom

W O R D S E A R C H Can you find the hidden words? They may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.

46. Dummy 50. Enticed 52. A stringed instrument 54. Born as 55. Murres 56. Unmoving 58. G G G G 59. Take forcibly 60. Rabid 61. Not difficult 62. Divinity 63. Openings

22. Hissy fit 24. Concludes 26. Distinctive flair 28. Eccentric 29. Modify 30. Hearing organs 31. Musical finale 32. Not closed 33. Convents 34. Combative 37. Humdinger 38. Not low 40. Found on most beaches DOWN 41. Type of mattress 1. Cringe 43. Apprehensive 2. Territories 44. Clunker 3. Fancy dresses 46. Coquetry 4. N N N N 47. Colonic 5. Unpleasant odor 48. Fable writer 6. Oust politically 49. Davenports 7. As well 50. Olympic sled 8. Haberdashers 51. Component of urine 9. Poetic dusk 53. Decorative case 10. Temporary 56. Muck 11. Student grants (British) 57.Puzzles Delay by KrazyDad, May 15, 2019 Daily Sudoku 12. Wreaths 13. Catch a glimpse of 18. Kind of bean

S U#5 D- Challenging O K U Sudoku





9 8 1 2 4 3 5 8 4

8 9 1 2 1 5 9 7 8 3 Sudoku #7 - Tough 9 1 5 7 2 3 6 3 6 4 5 9 8 7 7 2 8 1 4 6 9 5 9 6 3 7 2 1 4 7 2 8 1 9 5 8 3 1 6 5 4 2 6 8 9 2 3 7 4 5 7 4 8 1 3 4 3 9 6 5 8 2

4 8 1 2 3 5 8 4 6 3 7 9 5 1 9 6 2 7

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Sudoku #5 - Challenging 4 9 7 5 6 1 2 3 3 5 8 2 9 4 6 1 6 2 1 3 8 7 5 4 1 6 9 7 2 8 4 5 7 8 2 4 5 3 9 6 8 7 5 4 3 6 1 9 9 3 4 8 7 6 1 2 8 7 5 1 4 2 3 9 2 1 6 9 3 5 7 8


1 2 5 6


Sudoku #8 - Super Tough 1 7 3 5 4 2 8 6 9 9 2 8 1 6 7 5 4 3 4 6 5 9 3 8 1 2 7 2 1 7 4 9 5 3 8 6 8 3 4 7 1 6 9 5 2 6 5 9 8 2 3 7 1 4 7 4 1 2 5 9 6 3 8 9 2 6 8 1 4 7 5 8 6 3 7 4 2 9 1 3

5 4 Puzzle 7 Solutions1 9 2 8 3

Sudoku #6 - Challenging 6 2 7 5 9 4 1 3 9 3 1 8 6 2 4 8 1 7 2 3 9 6 6 2 8 5 9 3 1 4 8 3 6 7 5 9 3 5 2 4 1 7 8 7 6 9 3 8 4 5 1 9 4 7 5 6 2 5 4 6 1 2 8 7


8 7 5 4 2 6 1 3

Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9. If you use logic you can solve the puzzle without guesswork.

Need a little help? The hints page shows a logical order to solve the puzzle. Use it to identify the next square you should solve. Or use the answers page if you really get stuck. 3

8 7 9






-- Galileo Galilei

4 9

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Provincial Court

Impaired driving continues to be a serious problem, says court judge Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express Driving while impaired is a problem in Moose Jaw, as police continue to nab motorists who have blood alcohol levels beyond the legal limit — sometimes by as much as double. Several motorists appeared in Moose Jaw provincial court on May 13, where they pleaded guilty to driving while impaired, lost their licences for a year and received hefty fines. Corie Johnston Craik RCMP received a call on April 1 at 4 p.m. about an erratic driver near that community, said Crown prosecutor Robbie Parker while reading the facts. Officers located the vehicle about a half hour later and detained the driver, Corie Johnston, 39. RCMP took two blood alcohol content (BAC) samples from the Regina resident, one reading coming back at .220 and a second reading at .210; both were more than twice the legal limit. Parker recommended that the minimum fine of $2,000 be imposed, particularly due to the high readings. He also recommended that she lose her licence and be prohibited from driving for a year. Johnston pleaded guilty to operating a motor vehicle

while impaired, while the Crown stayed a charge of having a BAC over the legal limit of .08. The woman does have some addictions issues, but has taken several steps to treat that problem, her defence lawyer said. Johnston has seen a counsellor through her work and through the former Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. She has taken in-patient programming, having already completed one full program. She also attends Alcoholics Anonymous several times a week. “This has been a huge wakeup call for me and how bad my situation has become,” Johnston told Judge Daryl Rayner. Rayner accepted the Crown’s sentencing submission, giving Johnston two months to pay her fine. Kaleb Beattie Moose Jaw police were on patrol at 3 a.m. on April 21 when they noticed a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of the Prairie South School Division office, said Parker. The officer conducted a vehicle stop and found Beattie behind the wheel. Beattie provided two breath samples, one coming back at .110 and the second at .100, which were just above the legal limit of .08. Beattie, 21, from Moose Jaw, pleaded guilty to operat-

ing a motor vehicle with a BAC over .08 and received a fine of $1,000, plus a driving ban of one year. The Crown stayed a charge of impaired operations of a motor vehicle. Rayner gave Beattie until September to pay his fine. Jason Mazzel Mazzel was in Moose Jaw on March 6 for work when he went to the Rock Creek Grill to socialize, said Parker. Police were called at 10:21 p.m. to Thatcher Drive East for a report of an impaired driver. Officers located the vehicle in the parking lot of the Suburban Inn on Diefenbaker Drive. Mazzel provided two breath samples; one came back at .180 and the second at .170, both twice the legal limit. Mazzel, 41, from Saskatoon, pleaded guilty to operating a motor vehicle with a BAC over .08 and received a fine of $2,000, lost his licence and is prohibited from driving for one year. The Crown stayed a charge of impaired operations of a motor vehicle. Rayner accepted the Crown’s submission, giving Mazzel until Oct. 1 to pay his fine.

Next impaired driving Bycharge could land motorist in jail, judge says Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express Reporter After Sheryle Rutley received a major fine for his sixth impaired driving conviction, Judge Daryl Rayner reminded him that he probably wouldn’t be financially penalized the next time he acquires a similar charge. “The fact you drink is not the issue. The issue is when you get behind the wheel

(afterward),” Rayner told Rutley on May 13 in Moose Jaw provincial court. “Your blood alcohol level on this occasion was extremely high. It was more than double what is the legal limit. It is a serious issue you’re facing. Rutley provided two breath samples, both of which came back at .170, or twice the

legal limit. Rutley, 72, pleaded guilty to having a blood alcohol content (BAC) level over .08. The Crown stayed a charge of impaired operations of a motor vehicle. He was fined $2,000, while he received an additional fine of $500 to reflect his past record. He lost his licence and was pro-

hibited from driving for one year. The Moose Jaw resident had five previous charges before he appeared in court on May 13. His last offence for impaired driving was in 2001. Judge Rayner gave Rutley until Feb. 1, 2020, to pay his fine.

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City Hall Council Notes Residents ask appeals board for permission to build infrastructure contrary to bylaw

Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express The City of Moose Jaw’s development appeals board has scheduled a public meeting Hanson has also filed an appeal under the zoning bylaw to permit the construction of to hear from two property owners who want to build infrastructure that is contrary to a detached garage on his property. The proposal provides for the construction of an the zoning bylaw. accessory building with a combined floor area of 191.6 square metres (2,063 square The appeals board was set to meet Tuesday, May 21. feet). This is contrary to the 83.61 square metres (900 square feet) prescribed in the Jason Edwards, of 1205 12th Avenue southwest, and Randy Hanson, of 901 Normandy municipal zoning bylaw. Drive, will appear before the board to ask for approval of their respective projects. Furthermore, the overall accessory building height of 5.48 metres (18 feet) is contrary Edwards has filed an appeal requesting a variance under the zoning bylaw to permit the to the 4.5 metres (14.8 feet) prescribed in the zoning bylaw. construction of a six-foot fence on his property. The proposal provides for the construc- City council approved a motion unanimously during its May 13 regular meeting to tion of a residential fence with a height of 1.8 metres (six feet) in the front yard, which is receive and file the notice. greater than the maximum height of one metre (3.3 feet) as stated in the municipality’s The next regular council meeting is May 27. zoning bylaw.

Mayor’s office no longer handling list of names for streets, neighbourhoods Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express

City hall’s planning and development services department will now look after the master list of suggested names for new streets and neighbourhoods in the community, as part of a new policy. The master list was formerly kept in the mayor’s office. City council voted 6-1 to accept the new street and neighbourhood naming policy during its May 13 regular meeting. Coun. Brian Swanson was opposed. There was no concrete policy in place before this one, explained Michelle Sanson, director of planning and development services. Instead, residents presented a letter

to the mayor’s office with suggestions. Those letters were kept on file and city administration — but not city council — chose names from them. “This will legitimize the process,” Sanson added. Swanson thought there was a process in place for naming streets and neighbourhoods, pointing to Sunningdale as evidence. He added that it has been a long time since there was a new street named in the community. Adopt-a-bench program Council voted 6-1 to approve the Main Street Adopt-aBench Program. Swanson was opposed.

Two changes were made to the policy based on council’s feedback from April 8. One change is, individuals and organizations will be limited to sponsoring one bench. A second change would prohibit groups from placing logos on benches. Instead, they would be encouraged to pursue other creative and artistic means of displaying their brand. The program is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks. The next regular council meeting is May 27.

Engineering dept handled 36 water main breaks in first quarter of 2019 Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express

The City of Moose Jaw’s engineering department responded to 36 water main breaks in the first quarter of this year, compared to 27 such breaks during the first quarter of 2018. The reason the department responded to so many water main breaks from January to March is because the prolonged winter cold period led to frost penetrating deep into the ground, explained a

departmental report. The depth of the frost contributed to the increased pipe failures. The engineering department — along with every other department at city hall — provided a report on its activities during the first quarter of 2019 for city council’s May 13 regular meeting. Solid waste The diversion of recyclable materials

from the landfill in the first quarter of this year increased to 21.2 per cent, compared to 20.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2018, the report said. Residential waste tonnage decreased by 8.9 per cent during the same comparison period. Year over year, the total landfill tonnage received increased by 127 tonnes, or 2.1 per cent.

An example of a water main break during the winter. Photo courtesy Global News

First-quarter report provides window into activities of departments at city hall By Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express Reporter

The city clerk’s department scanned and filed more than 3,000 digital records during the first quarter of 2019, as part of a project to organize and file municipal archival material. Of those records scanned and filed, 1,200 of them have already been archived, according to a departmental report. The report also notes that the project is likely to be completed by the fourth quarter of this year.

The activities of every city department during the first quarter of this year was presented during city council’s May 13 regular meeting. Councillors were able to ask each department questions about some of the data presented in the reports. The first quarter report can be found at city-department-quarterly-reports-2019-q1.pdf.

Fire department responded to more calls in first quarter of 2019 than past two years Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express

The Moose Jaw Fire Department responded to 191 calls for services during the first quarter of this year, which is an increased compared to the first quarters of 2018 and CITY OF MOOSE JAW NOTICE OF DISCRETIONARY USE APPLICATION The City of Moose Jaw, pursuant to Zoning Bylaw No. 5346 is considering an application to allow for a proposed “Office” for a landscaping business on Lot 4, Block 11, Plan No. N3925 Ext 73, civically known as 1060 Main Street North, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, which is a discretionary use within the CS – Community Service/Institutional District. The application, and any representations, will be considered by the Municipal Planning Commission on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. in the Scoop Lewry Room, City Hall, 228 Main Street North. The application, and any representations, will also be considered by City Council on Monday, June 10th, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 228 Main Street North. Written submissions must be received by the Office of Planning and Development Services, 228 Main Street North, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 3J8, by 10:00 AM on Monday, June 10th, 2019 in person or by email at Myron Gulka-Tiechko City Clerk/Solicitor

2017. The department’s activities for the first of 2019 were contained in a report presented to city council on May 13. Every department at city hall produced updates on some of the activities in which each participated during that time frame.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Estate of PEARL IRIS BLANCHARD late of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, deceased.

All claims against the above Estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration, and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 5th day of June, 2019. WALPER-BOSSENCE LAW OFFICE Prof. Corp. 84 Athabasca Street West Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 2B5 Solicitor for the Executor

Resident concerned new advertising policy will ruin beauty of parks

Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express One Moose Jaw resident is concerned about the municipality’s new advertising and sponsorship policy, which he believes could change the atmosphere of parks and lead to unwanted promotions. Michel Labonte submitted his concerns in a letter to city council for its May 13 regular meeting. He was also supposed to speak to council but was unable to attend the meeting. A report from city administration pointed out that since there was no request for a reconsideration of the motion by any councillor, council’s decision on May 3 to accept the new policy is considered final.

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City Hall Council Notes

Council provides $20,000 to support the upcoming air show Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express

The City of Moose Jaw will provide financial support to this year’s Saskatchewan Air Show, even though the request for assistance came after the city’s budget had been completed. During city council’s May 13 regular meeting, council voted 6-1 to provide the air show with $20,000 from a municipal contingency fund, along with three buses for transportation and fire trucks for protection as part of in-kind contributions. Coun. Dawn Luhning was opposed. The air show’s organizing committee had requested a contribution of $45,000, while its request for in-kind contributions — such as policing, firefighting, busing, electrical infrastructure, installation of fencing, and traffic barriers — would have cost $12,200. According to a letter from the air base to city council, air show organizers expect to incur expenses of $515,364 and see revenues of $552,600. This would produce net earnings of $37,236. Col. Denis O’Reilly, wing commander of 15 Wing Moose Jaw and chairman of the air show, and Dave Lyons, corporate services co-ordinator, gave a brief presenta-

Col. Denis O’Reilly, wing commander of 15 Wing Moose Jaw and chairman of the air show, and Dave Lyons, corporate services co-ordinator, speak to council about the July Saskatchewan Air Show. Photo by Jason G. Antonio tion to council. “The partnership (between Moose Jaw and the air base) continues to be outstanding. It is one of the best across the RCAF in terms of relationships with bases and communities,” O’Reilly said. The show so far is already a tremendous success, he continued. More than 8,000

tickets have been sold, including to visitors from Ireland, the Virgin Islands and throughout North America. “We are putting Moose Jaw on the map with this,” continued O’Reilly. “We are tremendously proud of what we’ve done. The support has been unanimous across the province … . The air show is going

to go ahead and it’s going to be a great time.” Mayor Fraser Tolmie agreed that both organizations have a strong relationship. He pointed out that O’Reilly is originally from Moose Jaw, so he “returned to his old stomping grounds” a few years ago to become base commander. Council discussed this issue in-camera a few weeks ago, said Coun. Brian Swanson. He indicated then that it would be difficult to provide funding since the request came after budget deliberations. Swanson introduced the motion to provide $20,000 from a municipal contingency fund. He acknowledged it was less than requested, but ensures council stays within budget. He didn’t think having a fire truck on site made sense since the fire department and air base already have a contract. A similar request for support is likely forward to the board of police commissioners, said Tolmie. That would top up the municipality’s contribution and would ensure council also stays within budget. The next regular council meeting is May 27.

Next phase of water main replacement includes Main St.

Larissa Kurz Phase Four of the water main replacement project is scheduled to be completed by fall 2019, and the City of Moose Jaw has released the location undergoing work this summer. This phase will see 1,600m of water main pipes replaced, and an additional 600m repaired. Areas chosen for complete replacement include the intersection of Main St. and Athabasca St E, and a section of 1st Ave NE from Saskatchewan Street all the way down to Caribou St. E. Smaller areas on Fairford St. E, Edmonton St, and Stadacona St W will also be part of the replacement work. All of these sections of water mains have been chosen due to their importance, and because of water main breaks in recent years. Crews will also be doing some water main relining — a type of repair that involves lining the existing pipe with synthetic material — on a stretch of Elizabeth St and the alley east of Main Street, from Manitoba St. E to Fairford St. E. The water main replacement program is now in its fifth year of a twenty-year plan, and is dedicated to replacing the pipes that are aging and causing a number of problems. Residents in affected areas will receive notification about the work in the next few weeks, and the City is hosting two information sessions for affected property owners in the Council Chambers at City Hall on May 23, at 6:30pm, and June 6, at 6:30pm.

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Moose Jaw celebrates Norway as part of growing relationship Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express

Now that peace prevails between Norway and Moose Jaw, the next phase of the Moose Truce détente involves celebrating each’s respective cultures. Tourism Moose Jaw hosted the inaugural Norway Day on May 17, which is also the date when that country honours its founding in 1814. This year Norway is celebrating its 205th birthday. Surrounded by nearly 100 people, A.E. Peacock Collegiate’s jazz choir kicked off the celebration by singing Norway’s national anthem. A video was then shown of Linda Henriksen, deputy mayor of Stor-Elvdal, Norway, who brought greetings from her community. She explained the history behind Norway’s Constitution Day and cheered the fact Moose Jaw is now celebrating it too.

Students with A.E. Peacock’s jazz choir sing the Norwegian anthem to kickoff the Norway Day celebrations. Photo by Jason G. Antonio

In Norway, people participate in parades that feature marching bands, the singing of the anthem, and the wearing of traditional outfits. Everyone then eats hot dogs, cake and ice cream. “For kids, this is the best day of the year. You can have as much ice cream as you want and no one is allowed to say no,” said Henriksen. “I’m so happy and honoured we got this tradition going (in Moose Jaw) … and I’m truly amazed you wanted to take on our tradition.” Jacki L’Heureux-Mason, executive director for Tourism Moose Jaw, was overwhelmed to see so many people. She explained that Mac the Moose is important to the community and visitors, based on

Jacki L’Heureux-Mason, executive director for Tourism Moose Jaw, and Mayor Fraser Tolmie raise the Norwegian flag outside of the tourism centre on May 17 during the inaugural Norway Day. Photo by Jason G. Antonio

Vanier Collegiate’s Viking mascot shows his Norwegian spirit while posing for a picture with Lynne Davis. Photo by Jason G. Antonio

the tallest moose controversy and the 150,000 visitors who see the moose every year. Changes are coming to Mac the Moose this spring, however, L’Heureux-Mason explained. Mac’s antlers will be removed in early June so an artist can enlarge them. An engineering report revealed the statue wouldn’t pass building codes if constructed today, but as a piece of art that has stood for 35 years and is surrounded by a

fence, it still has several more years left. Tolmie was similarly pleased that both communities had built bridges during this situation. He also appreciated how Moose Jaw recognized its Norwegian heritage during this time. “We have a great opportunity here to expand our horizons and think beyond our borders,” he added, “and build a strong relationship with the country of Norway.”

Habitat for Humanity looking for businesses and groups to support current build

Jason G. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express The sound of hammers and saws was a welcoming sound, Habitat for Humanity’s construction manager, Fern Paulas a group of SaskWater employees contributed to the hus is often the only one working on site alongside Leconstruction of Habitat for Humanity’s latest build on gare, Harris said. “That can be discouraging, especially if Ominica St. you need another set of hands,” Harris continued. Five employees from the Crown Corporation’s Moose Groups or businesses looking to volunteer can contact Jaw head office slipped on helmets and protective glasses Habitat for Humanity at 1-306-347-4653. on May 10 to help build the 1,400-square-foot home. The SaskWater’s Randonn Swan stepped forward since she home is expected to be finished by October and will be received an email from corporate communications lookturned over to Tanya Legare and her two daughters. ing for volunteers. Habitat for Humanity appreciates SaskWater volunteer- She said it sounded like fun and was excited. “I work in ing on this project, but it is also looking for more help, an office, so hammering nails is a sweet change of pace.” said Bill Harris, committee chair of Habitat Moose Jaw. Swan admitted she is only somewhat of a handywomNot only does the non-profit organization want other an. She joked that she had hoped to use the air nailer, businesses to come on board for a day or two, it also but Paulhus wasn’t letting anyone use the machine. She wants groups of people to step forward. These groups added that it’s “pretty sweet” to help build a home for could be ball teams, services clubs, or even neighbours someone else. getting together to help out. It’s easier to encourage four or five people to volunteer than individuals, said Harris. Having teams also makes Restaurant the project go smoothly and quickly. This is an opportuPERMIT NUMBER 75769-2019 nity for groups and businesses to experience camaraderie INTERIM in a different way while working together. 1020 75783 SASKATCHEWAN LTD. “They (can) roll up their sleeves for a day and learn about Prairie Oasis 1650 Lakeview Road Moose Jaw SU, S0H 0N0 what Habitat is all about and give back to the communiis hereby authorized to purchase beverage alcohol from the Saskatchewan Liquor ty,” Harris said. He added that Habitat could build two & Gaming Authority (SLGA) and to sell that beverage alcohol in accordance with the provisions of The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Acf, 1997, and The Alcohol Control Regulations, 2016, and all conditions prescribed by SLGA during the maximum time and in the areas described below:

MAXIMUM HOURS OF SERVICE Subject to local bylaws that may reduce these hours: • Daily — Maximum hours of sale, service and consumption 9:30 am to 2:00 am (tolerance to 3:00 am) • Dec 31st - Maximum hours of sale, service and consumption 9:30 am to 2:30 am (tolerance to 3:30 am) PERMIT CONDITIONS • Beer of a type and size specified by SLGA sold for consumption on premises must be recorded on request of the customer. • If wine is sold by the bottle, wine recorking service must be provided. • Mandatory food/liquor ratio of at least one dollar of food sales for each dollar of beverage alcohol sales will be required throughout the premises. • Minors permitted in restaurant area. • Permitted to allow customers to bring their own commercially-produced wine to consume with a meal purchased at the restaurant, and to charge a corkage fee for serving such wine. • Wine brought by customers for consumption at the restaurant must be recorked on request of the customer. ENDORSEMENTS Mini Bar/Room Service Authorized to provide room service and/or mini bar service in guest rooms of a hotel or motel with the written consent of the owner of the hotel/motel. Beverage alcohol Room Service may take place only during the maximum regulated hours of service. Permittee must ensure that minors do not have access to beverage alcohol from mini bars.


EFFECTIVE: May 16, 2019 EXPIRES: August 15, 2019 This permit becomes void should the premises be sold. leased, assigned or otherwise transferred to the control of another person. This permit must be prominently displayed in the premises for which the permit is issued.

Tickets at the MJCC Box Office and online at For information call 306-693-4700

Clare Isman, President & CEO Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

Makes A

thers handyyFa gift! Da


Fern Paulhus, construction manager for Habitat for Humanity, oversees the work that SaskWater volunteers Chris Robart and Chad Braun perform while working on a new home on Ominica Street. Photo courtesy Courtney Mihalicz homes annually if it had more support. One reason SaskWater decided to help is because its head office is in Moose Jaw and most of its employees live here, said Courtney Mihalicz, manager of corporate communications, who also laced up the work boots. The company is also committed to sponsoring community projects; it recently committed to supporting Habitat for Humanity. “This seemed like a really good fit for us,” she said. “We have a variety of people in our head office. I’m more of a sit-at-a-desk person and some of the guys (helping build) actually do work in construction and engineering, so we felt this would appeal to a lot of people.” It’s a good feeling to contribute to this project, Mihalicz continued. SaskWater has committed to assisting on the job site for four days during the year. Of the 60 people who work at the head office, 18 have volunteered for the project being divided into two teams of four and two teams of five. “I’m wielding a pretty mean hammer,” Mihalicz chuckled. “My right arm will probably be sore tomorrow.”

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Elmer Lach – A most outstanding hockey player By Richard Dowson, Moose Jaw

With the National Hockey League playoffs on, it is a good time to remember one of the greatest Saskatchewan hockey players ever to strap on a pair of skates. A player with a Moose Jaw connection. Elmer Lach of the Montreal Canadiens. Elmer was born in Nokomis, SK., Jan. 22, 1918, not long after the NHL was formed. Elmer was a hockey sensation in Nokomis. Against his father’s wishes, but with the help of town doctor, he moved to Regina and played junior hockey with the Regina Abbotts in 1935-36. Again, he was a sensation. After his junior career, Elmer played two seasons of senior hockey with the Moose Jaw Millers: 1938-39 and 1939-40. In the 30 game 1939-40 schedule, Elmer Lach was a sensation. He scored 44 points in 30 games. The team won the Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League title that year and

Norm Larson (left) and Elmer Lach, the Moose Jaw Millers, 1939-40, Saskatchewan Senior League Champions

went on to play for the Allan Cup. They lost in the semifinals to Port Arthur Bearcats at Thunder Bay. Senior Hockey in those days was a step above today’s AHL. There were only six teams in the NHL and making NHL was almost impossible. Elmer loved hockey and he loved Moose Jaw’s own Kathleen Louise Fletcher. In those early hockey days, players were usually employed by local merchants and businesses. Elmer got a job with the National Light & Power Company reading meters. While checking the electrical meter at 911 Chestnut Street in Moose Jaw – he also checked out ‘Kay’, Kathleen Louise Fletcher. They became romantically attached. One could say Elmer was smitten. They dated. In the late summer of 1940, Elmer was invited to Montreal for a try-out with the Canadiens. He didn’t think he would make the team and only took a small overnight bag with a few personal belongings with him on the long train trip to Montreal. The Canadiens liked what they saw. He joined the team for the 1940-41 season, played 43 games and made 21 points. He didn’t see much of Kay over that time but they kept in touch by letters. At the end of the season, in the spring of 1941, Elmer made his way back to Moose Jaw and on Saturday, May 24, 1941 he married Kathleen Louise Fletcher in front of the fireplace in the Fletcher home at 911 Chestnut Street, Moose Jaw. The house, just north of Peacock High School, is still standing. It is now a duplex. Elmer was 23 when he married. The couple spent their honeymoon driving to

Elmer Lach Vancouver from Moose Jaw and touring the west coast. Elmer remained married to Kay (Kathleen Louise Fletcher) until her death in 1985 from cancer. He later married a second wife, Lise Desjardins. They met golfing. Lise died of cancer in 2014. Elmer’s best-man was Moose Jaw native and fellow Millers linemate, right winger Norm (Boxcar) Larson. Norm would go on to play 86 games in the NHL, mostly with the New York Americans. He ended his career with the Kimberly Dynamiters of the old Western League after the 195556 season. Norm died Dec. 22, 2001 at age 81, in Shell Beach, California. In the 1941-42 Elmer played only one game. On the first game of the season he

crashed heavily into the boards dislocating his shoulder, fracturing his wrist and injuring his elbow. The injuries were so severe he was out for the year. Elmer Lach, who shot left, fully recovered and went on to centre the Punch Line of Maurice Richard and Toe Blake. He was on three Montreal Canadiens’ Stanley Cups teams: 1944, 1946 and 1953. He won the Hart Memorial Trophy for being “the player judged most valuable to his team” in 1945. He also won the Art Ross Trophy for leading the league in points at the end of the season in 1948. His career totals were: 664 games played; 215 goals and 408 assists. Almost a point a game. His entire NHL career was spent with the Montreal Canadiens. He was made a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame and his jersey, number 16 was retired by the Montreal Canadiens, As Don Cherry might say, “Another good Saskatchewan boy.” Elmer retired from the team at the end of the 1953-54 season. He coached Junior and then went to work for a trucking company in sales and public relations and remained in Quebec after retiring from hockey. Elmer James Lach died of a stroke in a care home in Kirkland, Quebec on April 4, 2015. Elmer’s mother died in June 1941 at age 55 and is buried in Nokomis. His dad moved to the west coast. Elmer and his dad were estranged most of their adult lives. Citing his religious beliefs, Elmer’s father did not approve of his son playing hockey.

Moose Jaw elementary badminton champions

Sunningdale picks up three of four titles in city championship tournaments Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

The Sunningdale Grizzlies had a solid evening on the badminton courts on May 20th, winning three of the four gold medals up for grabs during the elementary school city championships. Athletes from Lindale also had a solid night, winning gold, silver and bronze. Pictures are winners from each of the divisions. Winners of the Moose Jaw elementary girls doubles badminton championship are Taylor Rosenau and Taiya Carpentier (Lindale, gold), Rylan Morhart and Brooklyn Artavia (Cornerstone, silver), Hayley Charnawka and Amera Schauenberg (Sunningdale, bronze).

Winners of the Moose Jaw elementary boys double badminton championship are Tyson Blatchford and Curtis Smith (King George, bronze), Carter Michaluk and Bryson Aikens (Sunningdale, gold) and Makariy Pryadko and Balongelwa Alfani (Cornerstone, silver).

Winners of the Moose Jaw elementary girls singles badminton championship are Makena Simmons (Sunningdale, gold), Jessica Selensky (Lindale, silver) and Ashley Breitkreuz (Cornerstone, bronze).

Winners of the Moose Jaw elementary boys singles badminton championship are Ashton Glova (Sunningdale, bronze), Nigel Fang (Sunningdale, gold) and Tegan Tollefson (King George, silver).

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Records fall at Invitational high school track and field meet Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express

Although it was less than ideal weather at the Moose Jaw Invitational high school track and field meet on May 11, that didn’t keep a handful of athletes from making their mark in the record books. Leading the way was Cornerstone Christian School’s Aliyah Block, who set a pair of marks in the midget girls division while posting a pair of commanding wins in her event. First up was the shot put, where Block recorded a 10.95 metre effort, a full two metres better than second place finisher Ember Dusomme from Central. Block was just as dominant in the discus, with a throw of 30.21 metres nearly six metres ahead of Weyburn’s Soraya Blunt. Block wasn’t alone as a midget girls record-setter, as Central’s Akoul Riak put down a time of 1:01.71 to set a new Invitational mark in the 400 metres. Swift Current’s Scott Joseph capped an impressive day in the senior boys division with a new record of 13.45 metres in the triple jump. He also posted victories in the 100 metres (11.12), 200 metres (22.51) and long jump (6.24 metres). Fellow Colts standout Kalea Sauder had a similar day in the senior girls division with wins in the 100m (12.74), 80m hurdles (12.00), high jump (1.50m) and long jump (4.89m). Shaunovon’s Solomon Etinrin put together a sweep of the throwing events in the midget boys division, winning the shot put (14.68m), discus (37.70) and javelin (37.70), while in the same division Swift Current’s Ryan McCleary was his team’s third four-event winner, with victories in the 400m (59.43), 800m (2:21.55), high jump (1.69m) and triple jump (11.56m). Not surprisingly given those results, Swift Current ended up winning the team title with 63 medals, including 24 gold and 22 silver, while Peacock was second with 43 medals (15-11-17), Vanier third at 39 medals (12-14-13), Central fourth with 25 (7-11-7), Cornerstone Christian School seventh with six (4-0-2) and Briercrest Christian Academy ninth with seven medals (3-4-0). A total of 436 athletes from 29 schools took part in the event.

Weyburn’s Alex Lund unloads a throw in the junior boys discus as a fellow competitor looks on. Lund won the event with a 34.74-metre effort.

If you want to set a new Moose Jaw Invitational record in the senior boys triple jump, this is how high you have to get – Swift Current’s Scott Joseph set a new mark in the discipline with a 13.45 metre effort.

Tanner Soles from Prince Albert Carlton won the senior boys javelin with a throw of 36.78 metres.

Central’s Akoul Riak might have shown the strain on her face while running the midget girls 400 metres, but it was all worth it as she set a new record of 1:01.71 in the event.

Dylan Yamniuk from Peacock gets off an attempt in the senior boys javelin.

Central’s Crozier Holmes leans into the line after dominating his senior boys 400m heat. He’d go on to win the event in a time of 54.54.

Vanier’s Marc-Andre Doyon (left) and Henok Shiferaw attempt to chase down Milestone’s Jackson Sitter during the senior boys quad 800 metres. The trio would have a photo finish at the line.

Courtney Brisebois from Ecole Gravelbourg won the junior girls shot put with a throw of 9.53 metres on this attempt.

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MELVILLE SWIFT CURRENT YORKTON YORKTON GAME AT 4PM Share your team’s news, pictures and results with us!



Four wins for Moose Jaw Mustangs in South Sask Lacrosse action Teams across four age divisions all pick up victories in league contests

Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

Some scores were absolute blowouts, some were fairly close and there was even a shutout. But the end result was still the same – the Moose Jaw Mustangs picked up four wins across four age divisions in South Sask Lacrosse League action last Wednesday night. The Novice Mustangs White picked up a 7-3 win over the Weyburn Thrashers at the Kinsmen Sportsplex, Pee Wee Mustangs 1 rolled to 14-0 victory in Regina over the Storm, Bantam Mustangs scored late to take a 5-4 win over Standing Buffalo in Regina and Midget Mustangs pounded out a 15-1 win in Regina over Standing Buffalo. Novice Mustangs 7, Weyburn 3 The Mustangs got off to their traditional slow start, but a three-goal second period was enough to give them control of the contest. Aiden McGillvray scored all three goals in the second for a natural hat trick before adding another marker in the third. Kashton Smith scored three times and added an assist. Luke Harder picked up a pair of helpers. The Novice Mustangs White and Mustangs Red both return to action May 26 when they take on the Swift Current Rampage. Pee Wee Mustangs 14, Storm 0 Brodyn Pladson scored eight goals to lead the Mustangs to that ultimate rarity in lacrosse, a shut-out victory.

Brodyn Pladson from the Pee Wee Mustangs, here in action earlier this season, scored eight goals in his team’s 14-0 win over the Regina Storm. Nash Williams scored three times for Moose Jaw, who led 4-0 after the first and 8-0 through two. Ryder Gilroy had a goal and three assists while Benjamin Barth and Austin Smith all had one goal each. Carter Hudyma also had three helpers.

The Pee Wee Mustangs 1 play again May 22 when they host Regina, the Mustangs 2 take on Swift Current on May 25. Bantam Mustangs 5, Standing Buffalo 4 The Mustangs found themselves in a back-and-forth battle from start to finish, and it wasn’t until Rowan Calvert scored with 51 seconds remaining in the game that they were able to secure the victory. Calvert and Carter Michaluk each finished with two goals and an assist as they led 2-1 after the first and 4-2 through two before Standing Buffalo scored twice in the final 7:20 to tie the game. Liam Fitzpatrick had their other goal. Next action for the Bantam Mustangs is May 21 when they host Swift Current. Midget Mustangs 15, Standing Buffalo 1 There were no such dramatics in the Midget game between the two organizations, as Moose Jaw led 4-0 after the first and poured in seven second period goals for an 11-0 lead through two. Atley Calvert scored six goals for the Mustangs while Brydon Bell scored twice and picked up three assists. Brennan Watterson and Caelan Fitzpatrick each added a hat trick, Kael Nichols had a goal and three assists. The Midget Mustangs take on Weyburn in their next game on May 23.

Canucks 18U give up two big innings, fall to Swift Current 57’s score eight runs in fifth on way to 13-10 win over Moose Jaw Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

A scoreless battle through four innings turned into an offensive showdown through the final three as the Swift Current 57s took a 13-10 win over the Moose Jaw Canucks in 18U baseball action last Wednesday at Ross Wells Park. With the game tied 0-0 in the top of the fifth, the 57’s sent 11 batters to the plate and scored eight runs to take a commanding lead. The Canucks managed to get most of that back an inning later as they themselves batted around and send five runners home to close to within three runs. That would be as close as the home team would get, though, as the two teams exchanged five runs each in the seventh, giving the 57’s their three-run win. Riley Skarbon was 2-for-3 with two runs scored and a

pair of walks to lead the Canucks offence, while Evan Callaghan went 1-for-4, crossed the plate twice and knocked in a run. Sam Caplette also had a solid night at the plate, going 2-for-4 with two runs and two RBI; Ryley Gross also crossed the plate twice. As the score would indicate, pitching didn’t have the best of nights, although Jake Kindiak did toss four shutout innings before finishing with four earned runs on five hits and six strikeouts. Jeremy Kohl, Gross and Cole Breitkruez also saw action on the mound in the contest. The Canucks are back in action tonight when they travel to Regina to take on the Pacers. The Canucks return to action May 22 when they travel to Swift Current for a rematch with the 57’s.

Emerald Custom Creations High School Athletes of the Month

Winners of the Emerald Custom Creations High School Athletes of the Month award for April include Desiree Rader (Peacock badminton, left), Gauge Adams (Peacock badminton), John Ferris (Cornerstone badminton), Zach Beitel (Cornerstone badminton), Adam Strong (Riverview track and field), Hayden Ma (Vanier badminton), Dream Perez (Central badminton). Missing is Spencer Newans (Central badminton).

Canucks logo

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Heritage fair projects part of discovering world’s varied life By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

The Regional Heritage Fair is a place of discovery for students learning about their world and past accomplishments or horrors. Projects at this year’s heritage fair ranged from science, sport, culture, war, the economy, residential schools, the Congo to ice cream and Winnie the Pooh. Payson Peterson of Glentworth chose the cowboy culture of saddle bronc riding, borrowing a saddle from a neighbour rider for his display. Peterson pointed out that the cinch around the bronc’s belly doesn’t hurt the animal. The Grade 7 student wants to follow his family in rodeo with team roping then later saddle bronc riding. No bull riding for him. “I don’t like bull riding,” he grinned. A school mate Savannah Peterson chose the Vikings for her project and earned a spot at the provincial fair. Natasha Lynds of King George School studied Anne of Green Gables’ author Lucy Maude Montgomery, finding a different woman than she thought. Reading all five Anne of Green Gables books and Montgomery’s journals, Lynds found the books were light and told about good things but the journals showed a woman struggling with mental illness and wanting more opportunity for women in the work place. Rose Amor of King George studied Tommy Douglas, the father of medicare in Canada. She thinks his introduction of medicare saved lives of people without money to pay for medical treatment. Kai Gauthier of Palliser Heights studied maple syrup and

Pro ball

Twelve projects off to provincials

Bronc riding was surprised to learn how the tasty pancake condiment was discovered in the 1500s. An Indian chief threw a tomahawk into a maple tree. His wife used the “water” from the tree to cook and discovered maple syrup. Kassidy Farago of Palliser Heights did her project on her great aunt Doris Barr, a pitcher in women’s professionial baseball. In the 1930s and 1940s, women playing sports was “considered unladylike.” Her Manitoba-born aunt had a 79-94 win-loss record with 572 strike outs in 218 games during seven years with six teams. Her best earned run average was 1.61. She was inducted into four halls of sports fame. Farago said her great aunt and the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League showed women have sports talent and can be professional. Liam Atkinson of Palliser Heights chose Cree talkers from the Second World War as his project. He said the Cree talkers saved lives by using the Cree language as a code for communication. Max Lynchuk and Tucker McNevin of Palliser chose two world wars and several historical Canadian figures. One included the Ontario superintendent who first blew the whistle on the failure of Indian residential schools. Donovan Harkness of Palliser Heights chose fur trapping, and showed traps from his uncle in the Yukon who uses traps that kill instantly.

Twelve student projects from the Regional Heritage Fair at Moose Jaw were selected to move on to the provincial heritage fair competition. Fifty-six projects from eight schools within the Prairie South School Division entered projects. Those going to the provincials include: Shayda Boychuk and Harlee Tichit (Grade Eight), Davidson, The Great Depression and How It Affected Canada. Mary-Jane Doherty (Grade Eight), Glentworth, Vikings Daniel Mulolani (Grade Seven), King George School, Black Canadians in Government Emma-Leigh Vancoughnett (Grade Eight), King George, Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Nicholas Schenk (Grade Eight), Palliser Heights, Canada’s Military Contributions During World War One Kylee Michaluk (Grade Six), Sunningdale, Child Labour in Canada Avery Surtees (Grade Seven), King George, Chris Hadfield: The First Canadian Commander of the International Space Station Rhodina Tschetter (Grade Six), Belle Plaine Hutterite School, The People of the North Estera Tschetter (Grade Six), Belle Plaine Hutterite School, Blood & Iron: The Canadian Pacific Railroad Kassidy Farago (Grade Eight), Palliser Heights, Doris Barr Chase Seaborn (Grade Six), King George, Saskatchewan Roughriders

Ron Walter can be reached at Trapper

Anne project

Cree talkers


Thank You For Your



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8:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey St. Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks.

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Saturday 6:00 p.m. FSR Formula E Racing Berlin, ETrophy. (Same-day Tape)

Sunday 4:00 p.m. TSN NASCAR Monster Energy Series Coca-Cola 600. a

7:00 p.m. TSN NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers.

Saturday 6:30 p.m. NET NBA Basketball Milwaukee Bucks at Toronto Raptors.

Monday 6:30 p.m. TSN NBA Basketball Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks.


5:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays. d


6:30 p.m. TSN NBA Basketball Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks.




Thursday 5:00 p.m. NET 2019 Memorial Cup Hockey Tie-Breaker Game: Teams TBA. 7:00 p.m. CBKT NHL Hockey St. Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks. MOVIES



Monday 6:00 p.m. WDIV CBKT NET 2019 Stanley Cup Final TBA at Boston Bruins.

Wednesday 6:00 p.m. CBKT NET 2019 Stanley Cup Final TBA at Boston Bruins. E

Tuesday 6:00 p.m. TSN 2019 French Open Tennis Early Round Coverage: Day 3. (Same-day Tape)



















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Sunday 5:00 p.m. NET 2019 Memorial Cup Hockey Final.

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Friday 5:00 p.m. NET 2019 Memorial Cup Hockey Semifinal.












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PAGE A30 • MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday,May 22, 2019


AUTOS 2016 Dodge Laramie 4 door 3500 dually, cumins diesel (trailer equipped) 30,000 original KM (bright silver metalic colour) 6 speed standard trans loaded with every option. 306570-2714 2001 GMC 4X4 for sale. White, 4 door, 6 seater, automatic with new tires and brake job. Has 270,000 km and is 6 Litre. Runs well. Asking $6000. Call Tom at 306- 693-2499 For sale: 1962 Ford 2 ton box and hoist. 1969 fargo 1/2 ton 6 cyl std. 1967 Dodge 1/2 ton six cly. Std. 1977 ford 3/4 ton offers. Phone 693-4321 or 690-7227 RV’S & MARINE 5th wheel travel trailer Thor Signature Series. 38 ft triaxle, three slides, loaded, low mileage, imaculate condition. 306570-2714 For sale: Older 24 foot fifth wheel travel trailer with fifth wheel hitch raised, shedded, new tires. $4800 or BO. Call 306-693-2543 For sale 14ft aluminum boat with trailer asking $850. 306693-5274. 306-690-5275 FARMS, SUPPLIES & LIVESTOCK JD 45 ft air seeder 777 grain tank A1 condition. 306-5702714 Versitile 555 tractor. Plumed for air seeder, low hours, new motor, good rubber. 306-5702714 New Holland model #357 mix mill good condition. 306-5702714 M.H. 850 Combine, 24 ft straight set header & pick up table, mint condition. (low hrs) 306-570-2714 For sale: 1 - 3600 bushel steel binn great condition except floor. 1 - 3300 bushel steel bin on cement. 1 - smaller steel bin 1000 bushel needs floor. All have to be moved. Best offer for overall. 306-313-5145 For sale: 1 - 40x80 straigh wall shed. Needs 1 door. Great shape. Best offer. 306-3135145 For sale: Cattle manual head gate. Also western riding saddle. 306-693-4321 or 306690-7227 Retired Millwright Machinist Heavy-Duty Mechanic   Fixed equipment for General Electric, retired, and now offer to fix yours.   Specializing in P.T.Os.  Call Derek at 306-630-

8910. TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Working gas powered Briggs and Stratton snowblower for sale. Used over 2 winters. Asking $500 firm. Contact 306313-8163. FOR RENT Condo for rent: Available immediately. Located at Fairview Manor - Chester Road Moose Jaw. 1300 sq ft, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, laundry. Spacious open concept on the first floor with east patio deck. Underground heated parking with wash bay, storage locker, guest suite, multi purpose room for group entertaining. $1600.00 per month. No pets no smoking. Call 780-728-6607 Condo for rent: 2 bed, 2 bath 1320 sq ft in quiet seniors bldg. Freshly painted, new appliances, in suite laundry, underground heated parking and storage room. Glassed in balcony. Elevator. This is a no pets, no smoking or vaping property. $1550 per month. Damage deposit required. For viewing, call 306-693-5254

Main floor large deluxe suite with all amenities, laundry, fireplace, gas range, central vac, parking for 2 cars, nice gazebo, 1/2 block to convenience store, optional heated garage, cat or small dog welcome, wheel chair lift, rent incentive or rent to own options. Phone 694-0675 or 684-2827. House for rent: 1009 Stadacona St W. 2 bedroom fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Call 306-693-1966 2 bedroom suite for rent, available now. Heat & water included. Parking space available. Rent 650. For more information call 306-692-8456 or 306-880-4656 House for rent or rent to own. 1-1/2 bedroom F.S.W.D $800.00 plus utilities. Phone693-4321 or 690-7227 REAL ESTATE For Sale : 2 bedroom condo, walk-in bathtub with shower, 20 year old 15 unit building, new appliances, flooring, window coverings, paint and floor-

ing 4 years ago.Underground parking Would switch for conventional bathtub if desired, located in central Moose Jaw. $215,000.00 offers. 306630-9003 COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY BROTHER HL-2240D Laser Printer in Excellent Condition asking $15.00 OBO. Plz.. Call 692-3061 MUSIC & INSTRUMENTS For sale: Several guitars phone for more information. 6934321 or 690-7227 MISCELLANEOUS For sale: Old sask license plates, clocks, jugs, wood planes, canning cealers and much more. Phone 306-6929904 best call time 7 - 9pm For sale: 162 pc model car collection, 1/24th & 1/25th scale. Some Franklin & Danbury models. Must be seen. To view call 306-692-9904 best call time 7 - 9pm For sale: Corner entertainment centre, large glass top coffee table, wooden filing cabinet, 6’x9’ antique rug, singer sewing machine, small writing desk, shelving, etc. Best call time 7 - 9pm Phone 306-6929904 For sale: Antique tea cart $35 obo. 306-693-3757. For sale: Box of yoga journal magazines & yoga videos $5. 306-693-3757 KING SIZE WHITE SATIN SHEET SET- Contains 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet and 2 King Size Pillow Cases, Easy Care and Wrinkle Resistant. Brand New still in PKG. Paid $40.00, will take $30.00 OBO. Plz. Call 692-3061 VHS MOVIES- Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Horror and Childrens Movies. Asking 50 cents apiece..Plz. Call 692-3061 MOTOMASTER Car Interior Warmer. Easy Installation. Slim Compact and Lightweight. High, Low or off heat settings. Built in protection against overheating. 8 Foot Powercord. Mounting hardware and instructions included. Brand New still in PKG. Asking $40.00 OBO.. Plz.. Call 692-3061 For sale: 2004/5 Olson oil furnace. $800 or BO. Call 306693-2543 3 piece cooler 306-691-1094 Plant rack 691-1094 Flower pots all sizes 306-6911094

Garbage cans & pails 306691-1094 Approximately 50’ of 3/8” cable - $5 306-681-8749 SENIORS HEALTH/SAFETY items: two bed safety rails (one $25 and one $55), could be use one or both , bath safety rail $25, Shower/bath chair $35, commode convertible to toilet hand rails $35 (also it folds for storage), talking clock $15, phone with big numbers $7, phone with big numbers and enhanced audio $ 35. All items clean and in new condition. Text or call 403-6134465   All items available in Moose Jaw. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Pair of new purple candles - $2 306-681-8749 For sale: Small round table with glass top $25 obo. 306693-3757 For sale: Jewelery, some fifth avenue. 306-693-3757

$50. 306-693-1364. Ironing board 306-691-1094 For sale: 2 matching wood end tables $30 each. 2 brass base talhe lamps $15 each. 306693-1859 leave message. 7cu ft freezer, clean runs well, $85, 2 end tables and coffee table, light weight $30, cabinet t.v. Free, 20”portable tv with remote and rabbit ears $15, fireplace tools and log holder, black $15,book shelve units (5shelf) $55 or two for $100. Text or call 403-613-4465 All available in Moose Jaw CLOTHING Full tuxedo plus two white shirts, black with silk trim. Pants - 36/38 and jacket 42/44. Ph 306-693-3129 LAWN & GARDEN for sale: tomato plants. ready to plant. healthy and in individual containers.we have a variety to cho9ose from ; beef steak, early girl , patio, cherry, and orange tomatoes (a new variety, like beef steak.) please call 306 6932406. dont wait, they’re going fast. 

Radio stand $15. 306-6931364.

Pedestal table. 3 feet tall. 30” diameter top. $60. 307-6931364.

Plant stand. $15. 306-6931364

Sturdy dresser and night stand

Thirty three unused charcoal edging bricks 12”x4”x4”. $45. 306-693-1364. Outdoor table & 5 chairs 306-691-1094 For sale: Propane barbeque with cover. Like new. Mens and ladies bicycles with wide tires. Ph 693-4321 or 690-7227. SPORTS Elliptical trainer 691-1094 PETS For sale: 4’x4’s steel dog cage $15. 306-693-3757 WANTED Wanted: a small class C motorhome. Also 2 need some good used furniture. 306-354-7350 Guns, I am a licensed gun buyer paying cash for unwanted guns, ammunition, and parts in any condition in Moose Jaw and area. Will meet at a location that suits seller. Call or text 306-641-4447 I am looking for a lever or pump 22, and a smaller 22 bolt action rifle in either 22LR or Magnum. Call or text 1-306641-4447 Free pickup of your unwanted snowblowers, tillers, genera-

tors, ice augers, or any other yard and garden equipment, in Moose Jaw and area. Call or text 1-306-641-4447 Tractors. I pay cash for tractors up to 50 HP running or not, and 3 point hitch equipment. Call or text 1-306-641-4447 I am looking for a John Deere LA tractor in any condition, or parts. Call or text 306-6414447 Wanted: Garage to rent proferably in downtown area. 306684-0506. Wanted: Downtown rental space for a store. Reasonable cost or will also supply security maintenance, cleaning. Can be boiler licensed and have a excellent recommentations for last 50 years. 306-684-0506. SERVICES Dynamic injection service, common rail service, fuel injection repairs, injection pumps, injectors, nozzles and turbo chargers. Call 306868-4849 or 306-205-5624. Avonlea, SK. Email: osirus1@ Website: Will pick up, move, haul and deliver appliances anywhere in and around Moose Jaw - $40 and up 306-681-8749 HELP WANTED Seeking committed, evangelizzing Christian business partner. To open up and operate a second-hand/flea market store in Moose Jaw, SK. Male, female or fmaily. Computer/ internet knowledge helpful. 684-0506

Got something you’d like to sell? Trying to find something special? classifieds@

House prices show small increase in 2019 By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

Moose Jaw real estate sales continued on a slow path in April with dollar volume of $11.71 million, down six per cent from the same month last year. The 48 homes sold was two per cent fewer than in 2018 according to the Association of Regina and District Realtors.

New listings during the month were 114 up by 11.8 per cent. Year-to-date sales volume of $30.1 million is down one per cent from last year’s first four months. New listings for the year of 311 are down 11.1 per cent. The benchmark average house price of $203,000

Better Water Solutions for your entire home.

Happy 1st Anniversary

Emily & Eric Kempe May 19, 2018




MOOSE JAW, SASKATCHEWAN Love & best wishes The Hill, Sagal & Kempe families

shows an increase of 1.7 per cent this year. One-storey homes are up 4.5 per cent to $209,500 while two-storey homes at $187,000 increased two per cent so far this year.

Better water for better living High quality water delivered to your home or office Better water brings out the best in your family


270 Caribou St. W.

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From The Kitchen C o u p o n h a s e x p i r e d; r e c i p e s h a v e n o t By Joyce Walter For Moose Jaw Express

The coupon on the pamphlet offered a saving of 18 cents on the purchase of one can of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk. Expiration date on the coupon: March 31, 1990. By not clipping the coupon, 18 cents was squandered, but the good news is that the recipes included with the coupon have no expiration date — as long as one is able to purchase Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk. ••• Frozen Peach Cheesecake 1/3 cup butter, melted 1 1/4 cups graham wafer crumbs 1/4 cup sugar 3 cups frozen peach halves, defrosted Or 1-28 oz. can peach halves, drained 2-250 gram pkgs. cream cheese, softened 1 can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk 2 tbsps. lemon juice 1-2 tsps. almond extract 1-500 ml. frozen whipped topping, thawed

Combine butter, crumbs and sugar. Press into the bottom of a 9 inch spring form pan. In blender blend peaches until smooth. In large bowl beat cream cheese until fluffy. Gradually beat in milk until smooth. Stir in lemon juice, almond extract and peach puree. Fold in whipped topping then pour over crumb mixture. Freeze for several hours or overnight. Remove from freezer to refrigerator 15 minutes before serving. Slice and garnish each piece with a dab of whipped cream. Makes 10-12 servings. Store leftovers in freezer. ••• Super Chocolate Fudge 1-10 oz. pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk 1 1/4 cups icing sugar pinch salt 1 tsp. vanilla 1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts or pecans, optional In a heavy saucepan, over low heat, melt chocolate chips with milk. Stir in remaining ingredients. Spread evenly in

an 8 inch pan that has been lined with waxed paper. Chill 2-3 hours or until firm. Turn fudge out onto a cutting board and peel off paper. Cut into squares. Store loosely covered at room temperature. Makes about 2 lbs. Fudge may be frozen for up to six weeks. ••• Irish Cream Liqueur 1 can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk 1-1 1/2 cups Irish Whiskey 1 cup table cream 3 eggs 1 tbsp. chocolate syrup 1/4 tsp. coconut extract Mix all ingredients together in a blender until smooth. Keep refrigerated and shake before pouring over ice. Makes about 4 cups. May be stored in refrigerator for up to one month. Joyce Walter can be reached at

Surprise party honours Margaret Moran, retiring Wakamow Valley CEO Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

Margaret Moran thought she and husband Rod were taking their granddaughter out for a driving lesson on Friday night. Ending up at a packed Sportsman’s Centre parking lot was the first clue that all wasn’t on the up-and-up, because if an event was happening at the Wakamow Valley facility, she’d most certainly know about it. When you’ve been the CEO of Moose Jaw’s rustic river valley park for the last 13 years, not very much is going to slip by. And… SURPRISE! A few dozen well-wishers, current and former employees and board members had gathered at the Centre for a special party to honour Moran’s upcoming retirement. After so many years of turning Wakamow into the urban wilderness paradise it is today, she’s officially stepping aside. . “It’s been extremely hard [to keep it a surprise],” said Wakamow Valley administrator Trish German. “I’m not a good liar and I have so much respect for Margaret that lying to her for four months about the venue and what I’m spending, has been heartbreaking. But I’m so glad she was surprised; that was my biggest thing, ensuring she was surprised when she arrived.” That such an event was held was testament to Moran’s impact, not only on the park itself but the people around her – ev-

Retiring Wakamow Valley CEO Margaret Moran offers a few words during her retirement surprise party. ery speaker at the event offered their admiration for her efforts to maintain and improve the valley into what it is today. “Margaret has been an incredible leader for Wakamow,” said Wakamow board of directors chairman Dave Richards. “She’s put in a lot of hours, a lot of dedication running events, planning, co-ordinating and so on. She’s led the organization through a lot of difficult times and challenges and accomplished a lot.” Richards pointed out that much of what the park is today is a product of Moran’s continuous and ongoing efforts right from the first day she started 13 years ago. “She led the creation of new wilderness areas, built playgrounds, rebuilt wash-

Wakamow Valley CEO Margaret Moran hugs a well-wisher after arriving for her retirement surprise party. room facilities for the park and so on,” Richards said. “She’s made it so it’s a more pleasant place for people to use… you really can’t put into words or make a list of the things she’s accomplished because her legacy will live on through the people who continue to volunteer and the events she started up.” For her part, Moran was quick to pass on the credit to those around her. “I’m not going to say it’s been easy; it’s been a challenge, but I’ve been so blessed to have the support of the board, the staff and volunteers to help us do what we all did,” she said. “It’s a team effort that helped us get everything done. “The park is the guys. The maintenance

crew, they have such a great leader in Blain (Stokes) and we’re pretty lucky, just the same as the office has a great leader in Trish. And the park is in great hands with (general manager) Todd (Johnson), so it’s looking great going forward.” Johnson, who takes over from Moran in a week’s time, has been shadowing Moran since January and has been more than impressed with what he’s seen. “She’s the continuity of this organization and the smallest things, she knows every part of the park and has been part of most of the bridges and the playground, so learning from her and being able to ask her questions has just been fantastic,” he said. “I definitely want to do everything I can to continue the great work she’s done here.” German worked with Moran on a dayto-day basis and looked up to the outgoing CEO as a mentor and has been more than impressed with what she’s seen and learned. “I’ve been her almost two years now and seeing all she’s done and been a part of, it’s incredible,” she said. “Her wealth of knowledge, she’s such a brilliant person and she wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to the valley and that’s so important. Now I hope we can carry on her tradition and everything she has planned stays in motion.”

Moose Jaw Co-op community clean up For Moose Jaw Express

On Saturday morning, May 11, the Moose Jaw Co-op hosted its first Community Clean Up. About 40 volunteers, including staff members, friends, family, and volunteers from the community braved the cool weather and winds to pick up litter. Everyone met at the Ross Park Gas Bar, and dispersed from there. Trash was collected from the ditches and fields surrounding the gas bar, down Thatcher, around the Tourism Centre, out to the highway, as well as the field down 9th Ave E. In total, three truckloads of garbage were collected over the course of three hours. The idea for the clean up came from Peacock Collegiate Grade 12 student, and Ross Park Gas Bar Co-op employee Connor Pippus. He wanted to do something good for the community, saw the litter, and so the idea started. He proposed the idea to his manager Bobbi Simon, who got on board to support him, and so the Community Cleanup was launched. Simon, as a manager, is very much a support and mentor to all of her staff. She is extremely proud of Pippus, as both an employee, but as an outstanding young man. Pippus himself was very happy with the clean-up; “The

event went amazing. We covered much more ground than we thought possible in three hours. I am very thankful to all who came out to support our clean-up and those who gave their time to help out” he says. “I’m amazed at how determined everyone was to clean up Moose Jaw. I am happy that I can look around while I’m working and hardly see any garbage laying around. I can look forward to doing the clean up again next year.”

The Moose Jaw Co-Op would like to thank all of the volunteers who came to help, as well as the City of Moose Jaw for their support at donating the landfill fees, as well as to A.E. Peacock Collegiate for their donation of gloves and garbage bags. Also to McDonalds and Rock Creek for their generous donations for our volunteers as a thank you. Hopefully this will be an annual event going forward and next year will be even bigger and better.


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On the Front Porch by Wanda Smith


Penney, Dorothy (Dot) Pearl (nee Howse) April 6, 1925 – May 3, 2019

Be a Voice “The Voice,” an American singing competition, attracts unsigned amateur and professional voices to the stage. The show has uncovered a wealth of potential that would otherwise have gone unnoticed and untouched on the national and international stage. Contestants age 13 and older are encouraged to audition for the contest with the eventual winner of each season going home with a $100,000 cold hard cash and a record deal with Universal Music Group. This television reality competition attracts millions of viewers each year, broadcasting in several nations worldwide such as South Africa, New Zealand, Philippines and Austraila.”The Voice” will soon be launching its seventeenth season this fall. One has got to consider why this has become a household name; attracting many followers from start to finish each season. There are countless feel-good stories that come forth as the public gets to know each contestant. The best stories are the ones who’ve emerged from a troubled background or from the wrong side of the tracks. Average, everyday kinds of people come to the auditions and have their chance at a claim to fame. They may have struggled in many ways but they all have one thing in common... a beautiful voice. All week, as I’ve been pondering on what God would have me share with you this week, it is just that. You have a voice. Yes, you. Every one of you, dear readers has a voice. And it is beautiful. A few weeks ago, I shared a challenge for you to “write your story” because it needs to be read. I’m going to build on that this week and say “your voice needs to be heard.” I’m not suggesting you start on a rant or voice your opinion. Goodness knows, we know there’s enough of that. What I’m suggesting is that you start to share your story and start conversations with those around you. Get into each other’s lives and share what’s on your heart... your dreams, your fears, your loves, and your desires. Don’t wait for your story to have a good ending. Your story is what other’s need to hear right now. 2 Corinthians 1:4 says, “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” Start where you are at. Live your life from the inside out. Be real. Be vulnerable. Be empathetic. Be you. You have a passion and a purpose planted deep within you. Every. One. Of. You. It doesn’t matter that you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks or that your parents didn’t see your value. Jesus wasn’t even appreciated in his own home town so He went where he was heard. Don’t waste your voice where it isn’t celebrated. Share your story where it is welcomed. The last part of verse 2 in Psalm 15 says “(You are)...always the champion of my cause.” God has given you a cause. Your cause is whatever you are passionate about. Make it your life mission to become a student of what moves you and then share that knowledge with others who embrace it and recognize it in you. Go where you are 60 Athabasca Street East 306-692-0533 heard. Share your story. Share your life with others. Minister: Jim Allow God toRev. lead you to Tenford those who need to hear what Music Director: Karen you have to say. He has given Purdy you a voice. It’s your time th to use it. We are all a14 work in process. Don’t wait for , 2017 Sunday, May Service theWorship optimum time. Now10:30am is the time. & Sunday School

St. Andrew’s United Church

Mom slipped peacefully away after calling the Lodge at Broadmead home for 17 years. She was born in Avonlea, Sask. to Tom and Mae Howse. She had two sisters Joyce and Grace. Mom is survived by her son Michael (Judy McCallum), her daughter Sherry Ridout (Paul), grandchildren Kelly Kennett (Duane), Natalie deGoey (Geoff), Ben Ridout (Stephanie Mutter), four great grandchildren and many cousins, nieces, nephews and their families. Mom lived an active, full life. While married to dad, Harold Penney, along with working they golfed, curled, fished, camped, gardened, danced, played bridge and traveled. During the 60’s mom was an active member of Voice of Women and then 20 years later she continued advocating for peace and social justice as a member of the Raging Grannies. Mom was employed by the Provincial Government, and several financial institutions as a tax preparer. She eventually opened her own business – Penney’s Income Tax and Accounting Service. After retiring she took her bridge skills to another level. In 1993 she was awarded a Life Master along with her dear friend and bridge partner Barry Sanderson. These retirement years allowed her time to pursue her love of reading, gardening, line dancing, and traveling with friends. Mom experienced life’s highs and lows to the extreme and so journeying with her could at times be challenging but for sure never dull! We wish her deep peace. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to mom’s Broadmead family, and Dr. P. Kelly, who cared for her with compassion and respect. Thank you all! Mom will be remembered, along with other residents who have passed, at a Memorial Gathering at The Lodge at Broadmead on Friday, June 7, 2019 at 1:30 p.m. in the Oak Room 4579 Chatterton Way, Victoria, B.C. Flowers are gratefully declined. If so desired, donations may be made to The Lodge at Broadmead or to the charity of your choice. Condolences may be offered to the family at www.

To Book Your Help Wanted Ad

Call 306.694.1322 or email

TRINITY UNITED CHURCH 277 Iroquois St W Moose Jaw, SK Next Service: May 26, 10:30am Rev. Doug Shepherd


St. Barnabas

Traditional Anglican Parish Now worshipping at

Celebrating Inclusion For All

60 Athabasca Street East 306-692-0533 Minister: Rev. Jim Tenford

Music Director: Karen Purdy • Choir Director: Jenna Nash

Sunday, May 26th, 2019 10:30 am Worship Service & Sunday School Service of Inclusion

E-mail: Facebook: Website:

27 Hochelaga St. W., Moose Jaw

The beautiful home of Central Lutheran Church Holy Communion Book of Common Prayer Sunday 11:30 am (new time) Coffee & fellowship after the service

It is with sorrow that we announce the passing of Olive (Ollie) Moen on May 10, 2019 at West Park Crossing in Moose Jaw, SK. Ollie was born on January 9, 1926 to Olaf and Annie Larson at Central Butte, SK. Ollie attended Teachers College in Moose Jaw and taught for 27 years at schools in southern Saskatchewan, retiring from Briercrest School in 1982. Ollie married Glenn Moen in 1950, and they worked together at the farm near Hearne, with Ollie taking charge of the garden. Ollie and Glenn travelled extensively but they were happiest at the farm, socializing with family and friends. Ollie and Glenn retired in 2001 to live in their condo in Moose Jaw. Although Glenn passed in 2011, Ollie remained in the condo until 2016 when she moved to West Park Crossing. Ollie leaves behind nieces and nephews; Cheryl Harrison (Dave), Terry Scott (Maureen), Judy Jeffery (Gordon), Karen Newton, Don Larson, Garry Tremain (Mary), Janice Green (Dave), Bob Newton (Bonnie), Greg Scott (Joy) and several generations of great nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her parents, sisters Ruby Scott, Blanche Tremain, Violet Newton and brother Clifford Larson; brothers-in-law, Ron Scott, Orval Tremain, Red Newton and sister-in-law Bessie Larson. The Funeral Service will be held at Parkview Funeral Chapel, 474 Hochelaga St. West, Moose Jaw, on Monday, May 27, 2019 at 11:00 am. Della Ferguson will officiate Interment will follow at Sunset Cemetery. Donations in Ollie’s memory may be made to CNIB and Moose Jaw Health Foundation. In living memory of Ollie, a memorial tree planting will be made by Jones-Parkview Funeral Services. Please see our online book of condolences at www. and www.wjjonesandson. com (Obituaries). Blair Scott - Funeral Director

Div. of W.J. Jones & Son Limited & Parkview Funeral Chapel Inc

Mike Metin It is with profound sadness that the family of Mike Metin announces his passing on Wednesday April 3, 2019 at Providence Place in Moose Jaw, SK at the age of 94 years. He was surrounded by love and lived a long and wholesome life. Mike was born November 14, 1924 at Arran, Saskatchewan. He was predeceased by his loving wife, Doris Metin (nee Gardner); his parents, Bill and Dora Metin; his brother, John Metin, and his sister, Mable Nichvalodoff. Mike is survived by his children: Shirley (Rick), Susan, and David (Heather); by his grandchildren, Cody, Kyle, Catharine and Christopher; and by four great-grandchildren. Mike worked in the construction industry in and around the Moose Jaw and Saskatchewan areas during his career. In retirement, he took great delight in landscaping his yard and tending to his gardening. Mike will be sadly missed by all of us. At Mike’s request there will be no formal funeral. A Celebration of Life in Mike’s honour will be held at Crescent Park Event Centre, 262 Athabasca St E, Moose Jaw, SK on Saturday, May 25th, 2019 at 11:00 am Saskatchewan. David Moore will officiate. The interment will take place at Rosedale Cemetery following the Service. The Family would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to the caring staff of Home Care, the McGuire Centre, the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital, Extendicare and Providence Place during his valiant struggles with health challenges in the last years and final days of his life. In lieu of flowers, as an expression of sympathy, those wishing to donate in his memory may do so to the Heart and Stroke Foundation ( www.heartandstroke. ca ). In living memory of Mike, a memorial planting will be made by Jones - Parkview Funeral Services. Please sign the memorial register at website: www. or www.parkviewfuneralchapel. ca (Obituaries). Dayna Chamberlain - Funeral Director

For more information contact: Fr. Glenn Galenkamp, Rector 306-691-2715

All Are Welcome!

Div. of W.J. Jones & Son Limited & Parkview Funeral Chapel Inc

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Malcolm (“Mac”) Harry Barber

November 27th, 1925 - January 8th, 2019

PRITCHARD William Lewis Pritchard, aged 83 years of Moose Jaw, SK passed away on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019. He was predeceased by his parents, Lewis and Valerie Pritchard; and brother, Jack. Bill will be lovingly remembered by his wife, Elaine; sons, Drew (MaryAnn) and Paul (Colette); grandchildren: Jared, Megan (Ryan), Grant, and Adrian; as well as many nieces and nephews. Bill was born in Moose Jaw, SK. He married Elaine Tremblay on April 15th, 1963. Bill worked with the CP Rail for 40 years, beginning in 1952 and retiring as an Engineer in 1993. He loved spending time enjoying the outdoors, most notably was his support for the South Saskatchewan Wildlife Association. The Funeral Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. in Church of Our Lady, 566 Vaughan St, Moose Jaw SK with Father Jake Ibay as the presiding celebrant. As an expression of sympathy, donations in Bill’s name may be made to The Moose Jaw Humane Society, Box 1658 Station Main, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7K7. Arrangements are entrusted to Moose Jaw Funeral Home, 268 Mulberry Lane. Michelle Surtees Funeral Director 306-693-4550

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Gladys Mabel Zabolotney in her 93rd year, after a brief battle with cancer. She was predeceased by her parents, Matt and Dorothy; brothers: Floyd, George, and Howard; and sisters, Catherine Crerar and infant Mabel. Gladys is survived by her sister, Evelyn Krowchenko of Saskatoon, SK; as well as many nieces and nephews. Gladys was born on the family farm in the Viceroy district. Upon graduation from high school, she attended Normal School in Moose Jaw, and taught in Ormiston and Assiniboia. In 1950, Gladys moved to Moose Jaw with her parents. She earned Bachelors of Education and Arts degrees from the University of Saskatchewan while teaching at various public schools. She was the librarian at A.E. Peacock Collegiate for many years. She studied Library Science at the University of Minnesota and finished her career as a Consulting Librarian with the Moose Jaw School Board. After retirement, her dedication to learning continued as she was President of the Moose Jaw Friends of the Library for many years. Gladys demonstrated her strong faith in our Lord and Savior and was an active member of Sunningdale Community Church for over 60 years. A Celebration of Gladys’ Life will be held on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. in Moose Jaw Funeral Home. Dr. Richard Hovey will officiate and interment will take place at Sunset Cemetery. As an expression of sympathy, donations in Gladys’ memory may be made to Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada, 4316-10th St. N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 6K3 or Friends of the Library, Moose Jaw Public Library, 461 Langdon Crescent, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0X6. Arrangements are entrusted to Moose Jaw Funeral Home, 268 Mulberry Lane. James Murdock, Funeral Director 306-693-4550

September 2, 1990 - May 22, 2018

In Memory Donald “Doc” Petrescu July 19, 1951-May 19, 2009 Because God knew your work was over Your children taught and grown He called you to come and dwell Where no more work is done Where the golden sun doth never set And the skys forever blue It’s there, I hope, in God’s good time Dear Son, to be with you

Gone 10 years May 19, 2019 Deeply missed and forever loved ~Mom Esther

In Loving Memory of Your 1st Anniversary in Heaven!

It is with great sadness in our hearts that our family announces the passing of Malcolm (“Mac”) Harry Barber. Mac passed away peacefully on March 4th, 2019 in Chilliwack B.C. at 100 years of age. Mac was born February 22nd, 1919 on the farm at Buttress Sask. He was the 5th of 9 children to Mary and George Barber. Mac attended Bevitt School until Grade 10 and then worked for several years for various farmers. He took an aero-engine mechanics course at the Saskatchewan Technical Institute in Moose Jaw, and then voluntarily enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940. He completed military and further mechanical training at several Air Force bases in Eastern Canada, and then volunteered to go to the “tropics.” Mac was shipped overseas to India where he became a member of the first 435th Squadron (Transport & Rescue), which formed in 1944 and was part of the Burma Campaign. He was discharged in 1946. His service to his country was very important to him. When Mac returned home he said he met “the prettiest girl in the country” and married Greta Elizabeth Macdiarmid in 1947. He worked in Moose Jaw until 1952 when they moved to Crestwynd and opened the Purity 99 service station, which was moved to # 2 Highway near Mitchellton when the road was re-routed. In 1963 he farmed in the Dunkirk district and in 1968 he sold the service station to farm full time until 1984 when he retired. Mac and Greta spent the winter months in Moose Jaw for a few years and sold the farm in 1996 and moved to Saskatoon to be closer to family. Greta passed away in 2006 and Mac later moved to Chilliwack in 2010. Mac was predeceased by his wife Greta (2006), son Ronnie (1953), daughter Shirley (2002), and son-in-law Dave Nichols (2009). Mac is survived by his daughter Sandra (Ray) Flynn of Chilliwack B.C., son Spencer (Terry) Barber of Saskatoon, grandchildren Jason, Amber, Brayden, Chad, Jody, Jenna, and great-grandchildren Cypris, Jordis, Keira, Ryan, Taylor, Brandy, Astrid, Nathaniel, Violet, Aurora, Sienna, Sayde, and Sunday. Mac was a hard worker and loved the farm, but his greatest love was his family. He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather with endless amounts of unconditional love and support. He would do anything and sacrifice everything for his family. He set a high standard to follow on how to parent and live a good life. While his family will miss him we know he deeply missed Greta and other family members, and we are happy he is now with them again. A celebration of Mac’s life will be held at St. Andrews Church at 60 Athabasca St East, Moose Jaw on Tuesday May 28th at 1:30pm in the Social Hall in the basement.



Amado por siempre, perdido y apreciado en Marcela and Adrian xxoo Hermosillo, Mexico Your radiant smile cherished and forever shines In the hearts of those who love and knew you, Both here and abroad.

Help patients on their road to recovery with a memorial gift to support the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital Please contact us for more information. Moose Jaw Health Foundation 55 Diefenbaker Drive Moose Jaw, SK S6J 0C2 Phone (306) 694-0373

Love Mom, Blake, Shane and Family We love and miss you Jason!

Obituaries & Memorials 3.3" X 4" in Full Color

Picture included Approx. 200 words – $100 Additional Inch – $25/inch Email:

(306) 694-1322

Tree of 19 Annual Memory th

Tradename for W. J. Jones & Son Ltd & Parkview Funeral Chapel

Dedication Ceremony Sun. May 26 at Crescent Park Amphitheatre

Jones Funeral Home 106 Athabasca St E 306.693.4644

Parkview Funeral Chapel 474 Hochelaga St W 306.694.5500

Program at 2 pm Honouring all we’ve served May 21, 2018 to May 20, 2019

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COMING EVENTS Please note that coming events are placed where space is available and that priority is given to local non-profit groups and organizations.

SCRAPS has many adoptable cats. They are vaccinated, spayed and neutered and have tattoo identification. If you have a forever home for one of these superstar kitties, please call SCRAPS cat line at 306.684.9048. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN FOR RIVERVIEW COLLEGIATE 60TH REUNION scheduled for August 9-11th. Early Bird Registration is $100/3days by visiting THE GOOD FOOD BOX dates are as follows: money due May 22 - pick up May 28th/money due June 5th - pick up June 11/money due June 19th - pick up June 25th. There is no Good Food Box for the months of July and August. SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE Grief Support Group for those who have experienced the death of a Loved One by Suicide Next Meeting: Wed. May 22, 7:30pm to 9:00pm at Parkview Reception Centre, 474 Hochelaga St. W. Everyone is Welcome. THE MOOSE JAW STAMP CLUB will meet Wednesday, May 22, at 7:00 pm at the Lindale School staffroom, 1322 11th Ave. NW (north entrance). Visitors are always welcome. Call 306-693-5707 for more information. THE MOOSE JAW ART GUILD will meet Wednesday, May 22, at 7:00 pm at the Canadian Legion Hall, 268 High Street West. For more information call 306-692-5773. KITCHEN BASICS: KNIVES AND UTENSILS with Head Chef Fred German, retired instructor STI and SIAST will take place on Thursday May 23, at 2:30pm at the Public Library. Do you want to learn how to purchase, use and sharpen quality knives? Are you interested in handy kitchen gadgets that help you save time and make a more uniform product? Come in and let Chef Fred teach you! Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. THE MOOSE JAW HOMEGROWN FARMER’S MARKET will kickoff for the 2019 season on Saturday May 25th on Langdon Crescent from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Come on out and get all the fresh seasonal veggies, jellies, preserves, baking and other fabulous treats and crafts you need. SASKATCHEWAN SENIOR FITNESS ASSOCIATION 55 PLUS SUMMER GAMES will take place on Saturday, May 25th in Hazlet, Sk. Entry forms available at Senior Centres. Fees: S.S.F.A Membership $ 5/Registration $ 10/Banquet (If attending) $ 17. Deadline for entries May 16, 2019. Submit Entries to Box 865, Gull Lake SK, S0N1A0 PRINCIPLES OF HEALTHY CHILD DEVELOPMENT (PHCD) TRAINING will be held on Saturday, May 25th from 9am-4:30pm (lunchnoon to 1pm) in Yara Centre (Nitrogen Rm upstairs). The program is free by calling Kinsmen @306.694.4483

Introduces Women Xplorers Club

PERU: ARIZONA: Andes to the Amazon Cactus & Cowgirls For more info, visit your professional travel agent:

80 CARIBOU ST. W. MOOSE JAW • PHONE: 306.693.5117

Gamin Abet Association Inc.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Will be held on May 28, 2019 at 6:45pm Rodos Pizza • 855 Grandview Street W. General Public Welcome

Since 1972


We Direct Bill Insurance Companies!

to register). Participants from SW District member communities may be eligible for travel support. Instructor: Scott Osmachenko. TOWN AND COUNTRY SINGLES DANCE on Saturday May 25, from 8pm to 12midnight at Church of Our Lady Community Centre, 566 Vaughan St. W.; Band : Len Gadica. Come on out for an evening of fun! Married Couples welcome! Cost $14.00. Midnight lunch included. Information available by calling 691-6634. ST. VLADIMIR UKRAINIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH LITURGY will be held at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 673 Grandview St. W on Sat., May 25th at 10:00 a.m. with a lunch to follow. There will be a blessing of grave sites at approximately 1:00 p.m. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL 9760 STEAK NIGHT FUNDRAISER in the Church of our Lady Community Centre on 6th and Vaughn, on Sunday, May 26th, 2019 from 5 PM to 8 PM. For $18.00 you will get a steak (made to order), baked potato, salad and dessert. Tickets can be reserved in advance by contacting Keith Byers @ 306-630-3451, Les Good @ (306) 693-0470, Lawrence Wionzek @ 306-684-0815, or Dom Mancuso @ (306) 631-9236, or at the Church Office @ (306) 692-2950. Limited tickets will also be available at the door. Come out and enjoy a steak that you won’t soon forget! JONES-PARKVIEW TREE OF MEMORY DEDICATION CEREMONY will be held on Sunday May 26, 2019 at 2pm In Crescent Park Amphitheatre with Music by Joya Johnston. The event begins at 1:30pm to dedicate a Tree of Memory in honour of all Jones-Parkview have served from May 21, 2018 to May 20, 2019. All are invited. MOOSE JAW PRIDE WEEK May 26 – June 1 with numerous events each day. Visit www.MooseJawPride. ca SSA SECOND TEAM SHUFFLEBOARD TOURNAMENT will be held on May 27-29, with a banquet on Monday May 27. Enter as a single shuffler as names will be drawn at random to form the teams. Cost is $20 for shuffling and $20 for the banquet. Entries to Milly Schultz at, 306-983-0089 or Aime Archer at 306-545-4638. CHESS CLUB next meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 28, at 7pm at the Public Library. If you enjoy playing chess, want to learn or work on your strategy, join for some friendly competition. Come on your own or with friends. Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. MOOSE JAW BRANCH OF SASKATCHEWAN GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY has invited 2, possibly 3, of the Moose Jaw Heritage Fair winners of the 3 awards sponsored, to present their projects at the MJ Public Library Herb Taylor room on Tuesday, May 28th at 7pm. Some heirloom artifacts, family anecdotes that may have been uncovered, and research success stories/brick walls will be shared. FESTIVAL OF WORDS BOOK CLUB will take place on Thursday, May 30, at 2:30 – 3:30 at the Public Library. The Book Club is open to all interested adults and no registration is required. The featured book this month: The Clothesline Swing by Danny Ramaden. The Clothesline Swing is a one of kind debut novel which examines not only the struggle of Syrian refugees but also looks at mental illness, sexual diversity and other sensitive issues. Copies are available on a first-come-first-served basis from the Library for anyone wishing to take part in the discussion. Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. FREE YOUTH LAWN BOWLING OPEN HOUSE will be held on Sat. June 1st, from 1pm until 5pm at the MJ lawn bowling club in Crescent Park. Parents welcome as well so come out and meet coach Kim Alexanderson. Great summer game for all ages. Participants have opportunity to purchase memberships at last year rate for the 2019 summer season. $40 students $80 adult. SPRING FLING SHOW AND SHINE CAR SHOW on Sunday, June 2 at Sukanen Ship Museum,

10 a.m. to 4 p.m., located 13 km south of Moose Jaw on Highway Two. For information call 306-693-7315. BRIERCREST HERITAGE DAY will be held on Saturday, June 8 at 10:00 am at Briercrest Museum. Demonstrations, old time music, cowboy poetry, blacksmith, bouncy castles, pie & ice cream, tours, Artisan’s Shoppe, on site concession. Slo Pitch Tournament & Beer Gardens: entry fee $200.00 per team (includes 10 free dance wristbands), cash prizes. Contact: Chris Gadd (306) 631-7979 or Justin Hill (306) 631-8541. Show & Shine: bring your tractors, classics, antiques, modern day. Parade at 2:00 pm. Contact: Merv Gadd (306) 631-7932. Community Centre: Roast Beef Supper: 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Adults: $20.00, 6-12 yrs: $10.00, 5 yrs & under: free. Prepaid advance tickets only, deadline for supper tickets Monday, May 27th. Supper tickets: Meghan Rosso (306) 630-3269 or Roger Beitel (306) 799-2148. Cocktails: 6:00 pm. Family Dance $10.00 at door (midnight lunch Included). Primitive dry camping available. Event sponsored by Briercrest Museum, Community Centre, Rink, Firefighters, BRIC. MOOSE JAW G 4 GRANDMOTHERS STRIDE TO TURN THE TIDE FUNDRAISER WALK June 8 - Sat at the Town & Country Mall from 1-4 pm. Stroll and shop while helping others! Some may also walk at Crescent Park weather permitting. Registration table will be at the Mall. Forms available at Zion United Church on Main St till June 6. G4 Grandmothers will be at the CO-OP with registration forms May 22 (Wed) May 30 (Thurs) and June 5 ( Wed) from noon-5:30 pm. Registration fee: $5. If you can’t walk on June 8 register online stride@ and walk ahead of the 8th . Stroll with your family! A 45 min walk, and your donation can help so many! If you have an orange t shirt or scarf, please wear it to show support. Funds raised go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers campaign to support African Grandmothers raising Children orphaned by AIDS. For info call: 306-693-3848 or 306-693-4496. DENIM, DIAMONDS AND PEARLS DINNER PARTY featuring the Bromantics and a Filipino Feast will be held on Saturday, June 8 at the Legion Hall from 6pm to 12midnight. Cost $15. For tickets call Joan Murphy at (306) 693-4148.Proceeds to go toward St. Joseph’s Catholic Women’s League projects. MIXED TEXAS SCRAMBLE GOLF TOURNAMENT will be held at Deer Ridge Golf Course (Par 3) on Saturday, June 15th with tee times to be announced. Dinner @5:30pm @ Hillcrest Apostolic Church. Register online at or call 306.692.5500. $90 pp (additional banquet tickets available $20pp). Fun/Food/Prizes and Silent Auction. Registration deadline June 5th. Fun for all skill levels. AN ADULT (18+) FIREARMS LICENSING COURSE WEEKEND WILL BE HELD IN MOOSE JAW SAT JUNE 15/SUN JUNE 16. The courses will be conducted at the SSWA Learning Centre. Sat June 15 will see a CDN Firearms Safety Course (Non-Restricted) conducted. Completion of this course will allow the applicant to apply for their PAL (Possession and Acquisition) license. Sunday June 16 a CFRSC (a Restricted Firearms Safety Course) will be conducted for those who wish to have a PAL with Restricted Status also (RPAL). Note: One must have completed and passed the CFSC course before one can take the Restricted course. To participate in this adult learning opportunity and obtain details such as: course hours/location/costs, Loaner manual pickup and Registration, etc. contact Course coordinator: Harry 306 693 1324 THE 5TH ANNUAL ROCKGLEN SHINE & DINE CAR SHOW AND FOOD FESTIVAL will be held in Rockglen, Sask. on Centre Street from noon until 3 pm on June 15. Classic car, hotrod and truck enthusiasts from the Rockglen area and beyond will compete for cash, trophies, prizes and bragging rights in five categories: Truck – sponsored by Rockglen-Killdeer Credit Union/Car – sponsored by Star Tusk Enterprises/ Contestant’s Favorite — sponsored by Flat Top Automotive/ Tractor – sponsored by Sage Valley Farm. The festival includes activities for kids, a 50/50 raffle, lots of great food and a farmer’s market and craft sale. Show entrants are encouraged to arrive between 10:00 and 10:30 am for setup. Tractor entrants, please contact Jim at (306) 476-7233 for special instructions. SCRAPS 2ND ANNUAL PET CALENDAR 2020 – a purr…fect way to show off your fur…vorite family members! Photo Submission $10 (with a calendar $20) Business Card Ads $25 (with calendar $35) Send submissions to MJ.SCRAPS>CALENDAR@OUTLOOK. COM. Deadline for submissions Jun2 28. ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION – Branch 59 Moose Jaw, 268 High St W: Contact 306-692-5453 Like us on Facebook @ Royal Canadian Legion Branch 59 Moose Jaw. VETERANS’ MORNING COFFEE - Monday-Saturday @ 10:00 am SUPPERS - Fridays @ 5:30 pm - Please purchase tickets by the previous Wednesday MEAT DRAW FUNDRAISER - Saturdays @ 3:00 pm Everyone welcome FOOT CARE CLINIC for Legion Members –please call for an appointment MONTHLY CRIBBAGE TOURNAMENT – Wednesday, May 29th @ 1:00 pm – in the lounge - $5 per person – prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Sign up at the Legion or call 306-693-9688 – EVERYONE WELCOME 2019 DECORATION DAY CEREMONIES – Sunday, June 2nd

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Market Place REAL ESTATE

of Moose of Moose Jaw Jaw

Good size family home! 4 bedrooms upstairs and

Main St N 140 140 Main St N 306-694-5766 306-694-5766

684-4675 Frank Kaitlin Hammel FrankHammel Hammel 684-4675 Kaitlin Hammel Beth Vance Sonya Bitz 631-8471 Sonya Bitz 631-8471 Beth Vance

Affordable townhouse condo. Large foyer, open

West heath location! Beautiful home, bright open concept 1520 sqft modular home, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Open

into your life!

684-9491 Katie 684-9491 KatieKeeler Keeler 690-4333 690-4333 631-0886 Lori Keeler 631-0886 Lori Keeler 631-8069 631-8069

Numerous updates have been done!

Ground level condo in Sunningdale. Well maintained.

Over 1100 sqft 2 bedrooms. Appliances included. Private entrance and patio space. Bright eat in kitchen, concept main floor. Large windows in living room, ½ block bath. Oversized living area, separate formal dining kitchen, living room & dining area. Large windows in 2 concept design with spacious living & dining area,Investor opportunity, off Main Street! Over 1300 suites!deck. 2 bedroom unit on main condominium townhouse. Largetransformation foyer, starter Step saver kitchen, Numerous have been done!floor.Over 1100 sqftdeveloped Main floor laundry with adjacent entrysqft waycondo leadingwith to 2 REDUCED! garden door to3private Maple cabinets, granite room. Stunning kitchen with beautifulupdatesbedrooms on main Lower level with located maple cabinetry in kitchen witharea, islandample and breakfast formal diningExcellent area, living roomhome! with fireplace. Ideally condo. Spacious living bedrooms, 2 baths. living dining room floor, 1 bedroom unit upstairs and the basement is a cept main floor. Large windows in living white cabinets, appliances included. Main floor laundry with adjacent entry way leading to the the back yard, Large detached garage. counter tops, center island, breakfast bar. cabinets, storage and peninsula. family room, 2 bedrooms, bath, laundry & utility. bar. Garden door offarea. dining Insuite to deck.laundry. Single garage. Insuite laundry. Storage room. Sunny living room cabinets in kitchen, bright dining combination. Lots of cabinets in kitchen. Glassed in bachelor unit. Excellent Alder Avenue. en door to private deck.Double Mapledetached cabinets,garage.back yard, detached garage. 2 bedrooms. adjoins formal dining area, sliding door to deck. 2 Appliances Loadedlocation with extraonfeatures. Double garage. Wheel chair accessible. Detached 2 car garage. balcony. Elevator. Underground parking. REDUCED! unter tops, center island, breakfast bar. bedrooms upstairs. Cozy family room, bedroom, included. REDUCED!! oaded with features and extras! laundry down.

736 Duffield St W

306-694-4747 REALTOR ÂŽ

Amber Tangjerd


E.G. (Bub) Hill


Bill McLean


(306) 631-1161 (306) 681-9424 (306) 631-9966 (306) 630-5409

1136 Coteau St W

We have 11 Agents Ready to help. We ARE your $179,900 $360,000 Home Town Updated Kitchen Cabinets, Counter-tops, and Excellent 4 bedroom 2 bathroom new windows and flooring on the main. Interior Doors and Trim, Team indoors, new insulation and Fixtures, Newer PVC Windows, Electrical siding. 3 large bedrooms upstairs and an Real Estate! additional bedroom on the third level. garden Wiring and Service Panel, Pex Plumbing.



Good Sized Family Bungalow 3 bedrooms, full 4 piece bath, Living Room / Dining Room area and Kitchen Space. Lower Level is Undeveloped, open for potential completion Exterior walls are insulated, Newer Shingles, Large Double Detached Garage!


1040 sq ft, ,3 Bedrooms. Lower Level with a second kitchen, Bath, Utility Room / Laundry Rm. Double Detached Garage Maintenance Free Fencing.: New Shingles, Exterior Doors,Main Floor Carpets in Living Room, Lower Level Developed. Double Detached doors leading to the backyard. Mud room Bedroom and Hallway, some new windpws . Garage 225 Amp Panel in garage, 8' x 8' x 8' leads to the deck with hot tub as well as access to the garage! Seller will accommodate a quick possession. storage shed, plenty of additional parking.


521 Ominica St W


1004 Normandy Dr.


324 Main Street N. Moose Jaw, SK

Derek McRitchie

1166 Coteau St W

SATURDAY MAY 25TH 1:00 – 2:30



          SIGNATURE         Barb Carrobourg      Â?  Laural Hunt Brad Bokinac Juanita Brownlee SERVICE Â?   Realtor Residential, Commercial, Realtor Realtor Farm and Property Management Residential, Commercial Residential, Commercial Â?Â?Â? ­ €  MLS #SK759968 306-630-3910 306-630-8148 306 313-1759   ‚  ƒ„  Doreen Heinbigner, REALTORÂŽ   Â… 710 Main St. N. • 306-630-6643 1166 Coteau St W 1229 Hochelaga St W 1-70 Caribou St E 260 Ross St W  ÂŽ  

877 Elgin Avenue



324 Main Street N. Moose Jaw, SK $245,000


Debbie Mohninger

$216,900 Commercial & Residential



   „    †     

    $214,900 $129,900 $279,900   ‡     †

1040 sq ft 3 Bedrooms 2 bath . Developed 2 bathrooms, some updated flooring, Freshly renovated property, with gleaming Derek McRitchie REALTOR Ž ˆ   16  ‰ ƒ     on the main, new garage (approx. Lower Level with a second kitchen, Family spacious single detached original Hardwood flooring COMPLETELY AND TASTEFULLY RENOVATED INSIDE (306) 631-1161 for a BASEMENT SUITE! carpeting on second floor, freshly painted, Room and 2 Dens, 3 Piece BathDouble x 26) and is set up †„‰ƒ„ AND OUT, this home is move in ready! Modern, upscale great for a  Detached Garage (24 x 26), Maintenance extra off street parking newer fixtures and more. Main Floor features Amber Tangjerd REALTOR Ž † space,  

    Beautifully Maintained a spacious kitchen, large dining area and Fencing updates included:doors New small finishes were added such as Free glass insert interior andRV of trailer.  † (306) 681-9424 Area and has the Living Room Area main. Second Level has 3 Shingles New Exterior Doors, Main Floor Property in the Palliser unique Oversized, single garage. ASSIST YOUR E.G. (Bub) Hilllighting.REALTOR Ž option off extra income all for a great price!! good sized bedrooms and full 4piece Carpets, some Updated Windows

 (306) 631-9966 MORTGAGE by renting out the grandfathered, remodelled, 1 Level  Â?Â?Â? Â?Bath....Lower  ÂŽ  is partially developed!

bedroom suite REALTOR in the basement. With so many exceptional Bill McLean ÂŽ (306) 630-5409 details and updates, this home is a must see!



Beautiful 2 bedro om, 2 bathroo m Condo #4 - 212 Mulbe rry Lane Comple

tely updated wit h all new tops, computer desktop and buff granite counter et. Both bathro all new granite oms counter tops. All new floor cov erings and fres h paint through Condo feature out. s just under 140 0 sq ft. 4 season sunroom. Sing le car attached garage Fireplace. Water softener and reve , Natural Gas rse osmosis, 7 appliances



Wednesday July GS 4th, 2-3pm Friday July 6th , 2-3pm Sunday July 8th , 2-3pm

home buyers or investors. With a great view of the city this 2 bed, 1 bath home is a must see.

 Â? Â… † ÂŽ ‡Â?‡

Â? Â?

€‚ ƒ „ 


Around four million acres seeded by mid-May All this for under

Professionally Landscaped Yard and a HEATED GARAGE . The main floor features an updated kitchen, formal dining room with French doors leading to the family room. The family room also has doors leading to the spacious deck and patio area. 3 large bedrooms and a full bathroom ,finished basement!

­€€ Great opportunity for first time

521 Ominica Street W


Main St. (306)home, 692-9999 If you need help with selling your home, 710 buying a N. new or investing in real estate in the new year, give us a call today! Information is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. Subject to omissions, prior sale, changes or withdrawal without notice. Not intended to solicit properties already listed for sale


July 11th, 2-3pm By Ron Walter - For Agri-Mart Express

sday (to book a priva te showing time please leave your phone number in mailbox. we name and will call you to set up a time) Agents Welcom e

Crop emergence has been slow from cool weather condiOF MOOSE JAW pleased withfarmers adtions“Very but Saskatchewan continue to plough ahead vertisingper in cent, the Moose Thirty-eight or about four million acres, had been Jaw Express. 10 approached, people Sunday May 26, TERESA 1:00 – 3:00 pm seeded as mid-May according to the weekly TWYLA DORIS KIM DOREEN at 1st showing -“CONTondevold Lautamus Thompson Robson Heinbigner Saskatchewan Agriculture crop report. That compares with 84 DAHLIA CRESCENT DO SOLDâ€?- Severthe five-year average of 31 per cent. al showed up for 2nd Seeding has progressed most in southern Saskatchewan showing to be turned with 53 per cent done in the southeast and 52 per cent in the southwest. away! Print advertising 710 Main St. N. (306) 692-9999 In the Moose Jaw-Regina-Fort Qu’Appelle crop district seeding was 60 per cent done but seems less right works! around Moose Jaw. Glenn Christianson Enjoy this rare find, over 3500 sqft where attention to thoughtful design is evident throughout. *Addetail approvedand December 28th. Not intended to solicit those already in a Brokerage contract. Only 29 per cent was complete in the Coronach-Assiniboia-Ogema region with 38 per cent done in the Magnificent chef’s kitchen with all the extras, massive island, and spacious dining area. Resort style back yard Gravelboug-Mossbank-Mortlach-Central Butte region. featuring entertaining size deck with built in BBQ, hot Sonya Bitz Rain has been scarce with 13 mm at Mossbank and 18mm at Rockglen. The southern half of the province tub and socializing spaces. Heated double attached REALTOR ÂŽ garage 22x24 plus oversized heated double garage has less than 25 mm of rain this spring with the exception of the Cypress Hills (306) 631-8471 26x28! Seeing Is Believing. In this region cropland moisture is 65 per cent adequate, 33 per cent short and two per cent very short. No 140 Main St N • 306-694-5766 moisture concerns exist on hay and pastureland in this region.




29 Mustang Trail - $699,900 Patricia McDowell

#204 65 Hochelaga St. W - $219,900 Shauna Audette


655 Valley Dr. - $69,900 Dave Low

#204 940 Bradley St. - $264,900

70 Athabasca St. W (306) 692-7700

Lisa Postma

877 Connaught Ave - $89,900 Jennifer Patterson

the advantages of working with an

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