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A new Community Recovery Team (CRT) in Moose Jaw has received government funding, enabling them to facilitate more intensive supports for people living with complex, persistent mental health challenges. The announcement was made in Moose Jaw on Wednesday, February 13, as the Government of Saskatchewan has dedicated $4.2 million in targeted funding to launch a team in Moose Jaw and seven other communities. “Community Recovery Teams support their clients in a way that is tailored to their individual needs, bringing care to them – out in the community,” said Moose Jaw Wakamow MLA Greg Lawrence. “This is an important step forward in our government’s commitment to improving mental health services.” Community Recovery Teams (CRTs) use a holistic, team-based approach to help clients manage symptoms, avoid hospitalization, achieve their individual goals, and thrive in the community. The 10-person Moose Jaw CRT includes an Assessor Coordinator, two Occupational Therapists, five Community Mental Health Nurses and two Mental Health Therapists. There are also multidisciplinary activities with psychiatrists, an adult psychologist, adult services and counsellors who are part of Mental Health and Addictions Services in Moose Jaw. “This new funding has enabled us to expand the team in Moose Jaw, which was already operating in this capacity. It also allowed us to make these specialized services available to more people in our com-

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Volume 12, Issue 08 Wed., Feb. 20, 2019





Community Recovery Team (CRT) established to expand mental health support in Moose Jaw Sasha-Gay Lobban


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Moose Jaw Wakamow MLA Greg Lawrence on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan.

Natasha Gilbert, Team Leader of the Moose Jaw Community Recovery Team. munity, and add services that were not previously available,” said Director of Mental Health and Addictions (South West) for the Saskatchewan Health Authority Michael Seiferling. “Our residents will benefit from this expanded access.” Natasha Gilbert, Team Leader of the Moose Jaw Recovery Team says that the funding will expand their services to help those who require greater assistance in their recovery process. “We are pleased with the announcement that enhances appropriate and accessible support for individuals who experience severe and persistent mental illness and co-existing substance abuse difficulties,” Gilbert said following the announcement. “The increased and sustainable funding allows us to expand our multidisciplinary team, to include relevant disciplines to aid those who are in greatest need in moving forward in their recovery. It also provides community supports that assist clients in managing their recovery in community settings. The Community Recovery Team project will ensure that no matter where in the province, the individuals that are in greatest need will receive similar care,” Gilbert emphasized. CRTs support Saskatchewan’s Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan and are also being launched in Regina, Prince Albert, North Battleford, Swift Current, Weyburn, Yorkton, and Saskatoon. Funding for this comes from the Canada-Saskatchewan Bilateral Funding Agreement announced in January 2017. The federal government is providing Saskatchewan with close to $350 million over 10 years for targeted incremental investments in home and community care, and mental health and addiction services.

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Celebrating Heritage to Enhance Our Future



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MLAs Column

Warren Michelson Moose Jaw North

Warren Michelson, MLA

The Honourable Gene Makowsky, Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport has declared February 18th - 24th, 2019 as Heritage Week in Saskatchewan. The week aims to celebrate and raise awareness about the province’s unique past, and how that impacts our future as individuals and as a province. Our heritage goes far beyond old buildings, history books and dusty articles from the past. Our heritage is so important that we have a Crown agency, the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, to foster conservation of heritage resources for the benefit of present and future generations. The Foundation invests in communities across the province through heritage property grant programs. The Heritage Fair program is one of the initiatives of Heritage Saskatchewan, a non-profit organization funded through SaskCulture Inc. Participating as a judge and presenting an award at the annual Moose Jaw Heritage Fair is always a rewarding experience. The Grade 4 to 8 students put a lot of thought, effort and enthusiasm into their projects. They choose their own topic related to history or culture, often with a personal connection, and put together a visual display, written report and oral presentation. These students have grasped the benefit of celebrating heritage. Heritage Saskatchewan sees heritage as a valued and dynamic legacy that contributes to our sense of identity, creates an understanding of our past, is used to build communities in the present, and informs our choices for

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the future. Heritage goes beyond past history to being “Living Heritage” which builds an inclusive, cohesive, vibrant and sustainable heritage community. Another important initiative is the Saskatchewan Index of Wellbeing (SIW). This is a resource that expands our understanding of how well our communities and citizens are faring beyond the economic measures of the Gross Domestic Product. The SIW measures eight areas such as time use, democratic engagement, education, and community vitality, that allow us to monitor changes in quality of life and wellbeing for our citizens, and provides community-based organizations, all levels of government, businesses and citizens with the evidence required to inform policies, decisions and actions. Heritage Saskatchewan is excited about the “2019 Heritage Forum” happening this Thursday in Regina, with some very notable speakers. The focus will be on factors impacting wellbeing in Saskatchewan. We see dedicated local organizations and individuals improving our quality of life through heritage initiatives. Our local museums, the Western Development Museum, the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery, and Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village, have found very creative ways to enrich our lives through the preservation of historical artifacts. The Moose Jaw Heritage Advisory Committee provides the City with policy advice and recommendations on matters regarding our heritage properties. We are fortunate to have retained many distinct heritage features in our city. Entities that have become part of the fabric of our community like the Festival of Words, long-serving service groups, the ANAVETS and the Royal Canadian Legion, and even our Moose Jaw and District Sports Hall of Fame provide heritage experiences that add colour to our lives, and influence our future for the good. While we celebrate Heritage Week this week, I would encourage you to mark May 9 on your calendar as you’ll see an inspiring example of the benefits of celebrating heritage if you stop by the Heritage Fair at the Western Development Museum.

Bureaucracy causing headaches for Canadian farmers AGRIMART

According to a Canadian EXPRESS Federation of Independent Business report, confusing forms, bad customer service and excessive government regulations are leaving 69 per cent of Canadian farmers questioning whether their children should take over the farm or start their own business. Excessive bureaucracy is creating a more burdensome concern for farmers with all the government’s requirements to fill out more and more forms. Marilyn Braun-Pollon, CFIB’s vice-president for agri-business said, “With 41 per cent of farmers planning to retire in the next 10 years, we are seeing producers asking the big question – will the next generation want to take on the ever-mounting burden of red tape?” “Red tape can show up in many ways. For example, CFIB recommended, for years, that Statistics Canada should not send out surveys to farmers during peak periods. In fact, 92 per cent of farmers agree that there should be a black-out of surveys during their busiest times. Yet, surveys are still required during spring seeding,” added

Braun-Pollon. “While governments are great at celebrating agriculture and have taken some steps to try to curb the growth of red tape at the farm gate, it is time they make meaningful changes so farmers feel they are being heard instead of unnecessarily over-regulated.” Canada Revenue Agency (59 per cent), the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (46 per cent), environmental regulations (45 per cent) and Statistics Canada (40 per cent) were voted as the most burdensome agencies and regulations by farmers. Given the Government of Saskatchewan’s strong leadership and commitment to reducing unnecessary red tape, Saskatchewan is making headway. The ‘Help Cut Red Tape’ web page, will be an easy way for businesses and residents to submit their red tape headaches directly to the government and have them addressed.” The hope is that farmers will see tangible results following a federal government’s announcement to remove trade barriers within Canada, including barriers to interprovincial trade in agri-food products by reducing duplication of forms, both federal and provincial, especially those related to meat inspection.



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Teachers and staff lauded for efforts during Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week Matthew Gourlie

Staff and teachers at local schools go above and beyond the scope of their job descriptions on a regular basis. It was Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week in Saskatchewan last week and it was fitting — albeit unfortunate — that the week started with the school community at King George pitching in Sunday after a flood to make sure that the school was immaculate by the time the students arrived on Monday morning. Several inches of water seeped into the gym, the music room and pre-Kindergarten room. Tony Baldwin, director of education with the Prairie South School Division, said that by time he arrived at lunch on Sunday, there were teachers, maintenance staff, the administrative assistant and many others cleaning up. Baldwin said it was a great example of the commitment that teachers and staff show all year. “Hannah (Tyminski), the pre-Kindergarten teacher, spent all day Saturday working there in the school in her room, just doing what teachers do on the weekends: getting ready for the next week and dealing with whatever was left over from the week before,” Baldwin said. “We had the flood Saturday night and when I was

there at lunch on Sunday, she was back, the principal Jill Tressel was there, the school secretary was there, the caretaker was there. Jill’s husband was there and he doesn’t have anything to do with the school, except he thought we might have to haul some boxes or something. “It’s just normal stuff. Regardless of what the thing is, they just make it happen and kids and families are better for it everywhere. That’s just the kind of family atmosphere that exists in schools in Prairie South and around the province.” While that Sunday’s emergency clean-up was an unusual occurrence, it was just one example of things that teachers and staff do behind the scenes that aren’t always seen. “I know that the majority of people have no idea how much work a teacher does in a day. They have no idea how much our other staff members do in a day,” Baldwin said. “The guy we had driving the Bobcat, chipping ice, Sunday morning, he wasn’t thinking he was going to be spending his weekend away from his kids fighting through minus-30 weather and a foot of ice. “We’re pretty fortunate to have the crew of people that we have, with the world view that they have. ‘Let’s just get busy

Teachers and staff from St. Mary School enjoy some treats sent to the school by the board members of the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division during Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week in Saskatchewan. and get this stuff done.’” Those things that need to get done around a school community go well-beyond the classroom and it is only expanding as the years go on with technology and social media changing some of the traditional roles and concerns of teachers and staff. “Nothing that we do really equates to all of the extras that go on with our staff,” said Sean Chase, director of education

New song puts focus on proposed moose truce Scott Hellings

The fight for the largest moose between Moose Jaw and Norway has gained international attention. Recently, there was speculation that a potential “moose-truce” was in the works. On the heels of this proposal, Stor-Elvdal vice-mayor Linda Otnes Henriksen posted a song about the truce on Twitter. The catchy electronic pop song, appropriately named “Moose Truce” is by Ganic and Vimarida. It is available to stream on Spotify or for purchase on iTunes. The song highlights the rivalry between the two nations and suggests that we should work together with lyrics like “What’s the difference if we win or lose? All we need is somebody to step up and be the bigger moose.” What does the city think about the song? Craig Hemingway, communications manager with the City of Moose Jaw, praised the Norwegians for continuing to keep the story relevant. He says they are always happy to get more exposure for Mac the Moose and the city. “It’s fantastic the response that our friends in Norway have continued to provide and to make this story as big as it has gotten. It continues to stay relevant, and certainly that is in no small part due to their efforts and their participation in this fun back and forth between themselves and Mayor Tolmie and the City of Moose Jaw. This song is another great example of that,” said Hemingway. As for a potential truce, Hemingway says the city needs to consider the wishes of Mac’s supporters. “The mayor has stated a couple of times that (a truce) is fantastic, but lots of people have donated a lot of money to the cause to make Mac the biggest in the world again. We have to stay true to that because that is why this was started. We can’t show bad faith; people want Mac to be bigger and we need to respect the wishes of the people who have been donating.” He also noted that Henriksen may soon be visiting Moose Jaw. Details are still being finalized. Meanwhile, Tolmie and Henriksen were scheduled to discuss the moose issue on BBC television this past Friday morning.

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for Holy Trinity Catholic School Division. “We had a board meeting (Monday night) and we were discussing that with our trustees who are out and about this week delivering some little care packages to the staff at our various schools as a reminder and a thank you, a piece of gratitude on our behalf. It’s never enough to really, truly encapsulate all of the great things that they are doing for our students and families.” Chase said their respective School Community Councils treat their teachers and staff well during this annual week to recognize the contributions of their staff. “Our school community councils are essential to the work that we do,” Chase said. “Those parents who volunteer their time are really close and recognize all of the extra efforts from our staff at the school. Our SCC typically plan some type of event or a variety of events over the course of the week.” Baldwin said a lot of recognition for their staff and teachers are done at the school level as well. “Kids and school community councils are really good at coming up with neat ways of celebrating that with the staff that are closest to them,” Baldwin said.


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SWF Convention Opens 90th Anniversary Celebration With Thanks For Legacy of Conservation

Matthew Gourlie The 90th Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) convention opened with acknowledgement and thanks for the efforts and hard work of the past from the organization’s out-going president. Heath Dreger, whose three-year term as SWF president will end at the end of the convention Saturday, thanked and saluted their members for their dedication and service during his opening remarks and said that “they make the SWF the most coveted conservation organization across Canada.” “Success without integrity means nothing. We have to maintain our integrity to ensure another 90 years of Heath Dreger, Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation success,” Dreger said. president, introduces the board. (Matthew Gourlie The annual convention is expected to draw more than photograph) 200 delegates to the Heritage Inn over the course of its three days. The SWF is a non-profit, non-government, and doesn’t get the respect and admiration that it fully charitable conservation organization of over 33,000 deserves. You’ve earned my respect and admiration for the work that you do.” members in 122 branches across Saskatchewan. “Fishing, trapping, shooting, hunting sports and wild- During his term as president, the provincial governlife-oriented activities have long been among this ment announced a 10-year game management plan province’s most popular pastimes. Wildlife conserva- that was implemented in 2018 and goes to 2028, which tion and habitat preservation form the backbone of our Dreger called “a huge milestone for conservation in province’s culture, history and economy,” said Greg Saskatchewan.” Lawrence, Sask Party MLA for Moose Jaw Wakamow Dreger noted that there were some challenges as presiin addressing the delegates. “All across Saskatchewan, dent during his three year tenure but he is looking forthe SWF contributes to charitable organizations, chil- ward to his role on the board as past president. dren’s initiatives, hunter safety education and respon- “I felt a great sense of pride through the great times and sible, sustainable fishing. Responsible, caring stewards I was humbled and learned lessons through the rough of the land are not born that way, they are developed. times,” Dreger said. “The important part was that the This is possible through the work and experiences of organization all moved forward together as a family -- a family that challenges each other to succeed and the Wildlife Federation advocates.” The mission of the SWF is to “ensure the wild life leg- stands tall in support of one another so that we don’t acy we leave to our children surpasses that which we fall. “May you all take something from this year’s coninherited.” To that end, Dreger thanked and praised the work of vention that sparks that desire or keep that fire burnboard members from the present and the past for their ing within you to keep fighting for our wildlife in this province,” Dreger concluded. efforts over the years. “This commitment is not something that we do, it’s something we are,” Dreger said. “The time and effort required to make sure that the voice of Saskatchewan’s wildlife, fisheries and habitat is both heard and listened to is unfathomable. It’s often a thankless job

Todd Smith, president of the Moose Jaw Wildlife Federation, welcomes delegates to the 90th Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation convention. (Matthew Gourlie photograph)

Lisa McCormick pipes in the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation’s board of directors during the opening ceremonies of the 90th annual SWF convention. (Matthew Gourlie photograph)

Low spring run-off predicted by water agency By Ron Walter | For Moose Jaw Express

While all of Saskatchewan was EXPRESS shivering in minus 40 Celsius temperatures, the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency reported on expected spring run-off. The preliminary assessment in February is not good news for many farmers and livestock operators. Near normal run-off is predicted in the southwest for an area angling southeast from Swift Current to Coronach. Already dry last fall, this area has received between 80 per cent and 115 per cent of normal winter snowfall. Below normal run-off is predicted for much of the Moose Jaw region south to the U.S. border and east from Regina to the Manitoba border. Most of this area was dry last fall, receiving between 40 per cent and 85 per cent of normal winter snowfall. The area north of Maple Creek and Swift Current to Kindersley, east to Outlook and south to Assiniboia will have below normal run-off. Most of that land had between 80 per cent and 85 per cent of normal winter snowfall. An area from Outlook to Marquis, bounded by the Yel-


lowhead Highway on the north and the Trans-Canada Highway on the south to Manitoba should experience well below normal run-off. This territory was partly dry to dry last fall with most if it receiving between 40 per cent and 65 per cent of normal winter snowfall. The outlook for snowfall to compensate before spring is poor. The agency report says it would take well-above average precipitation in February, March and April to produce an above-average spring run-off. Ron Walter can be reached at

MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, February 20, 2019 • PAGE A5

City Hall Council Notes Major infrastructure projects move forward after council decisions Tender, ROP set for water main replacement consulting, roadway paving; Mac the Moose on trial? Randy Palmer | Moose Jaw Express

Moose Jaw city council dealt with a pair of major infrastructure tenders as part of their capital project awards during their most recent meeting on Feb. 11. Council approved a $455,000 request for proposal for consulting services for the Phase IV Water Main replacement as well as a $2,450,000 tender for roadway paving, with that tender set to close on Feb, 14. The two projects were moved forward before final budget approval due to the timeliness of their delivery, accommodating for design and allowing contractors time to plan their season. Delays in the awarding of tenders for projects of that scope have been found to have a large impact on the ability to deliver in the past, hence the decision to move forward as quickly as possible in the new year.

**** The removal of the word ‘direct’ from a trio of residential subdivision proposals received a touch of discussion, with Coun. Brian Swanson seeking to simplify the wording of reports to the provincial government. At question was the line ‘The City of Moose Jaw will not provide direct water or sewer service for this development.’ with the word ‘direct’ potentially adding confusion to the wording. As it stands, the city will provide water and sewer services up to city limits, with the rural municipality water co-op dealing with hook-ups from there. The concern with providing such services is that since the new subdivisions would be outside city boundaries, they would benefit from the services but not pay taxes.

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and how they might affect ridesharing being taken into consideration. He expected things to be ready for council review by mid-March. **** Moose Jaw citizen Clayton Finnell offered a unique proposal to council with regards to the current situation surrounding Mac the Moose – a trial to decide whether Mac should remain the same size, be raised to the same size as the Norway moose or made larger. The trial would feature for and against arguments from both sides and would be decided on by school students voting alongside council members for a final decision. Finnell’s added that out of kindness, Mac should be left the same or at the very most built to the same height. His comments were received and filed.






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All three motions passed unanimously for both the removal of ‘direct’ and the overall reports. **** A request by the cultural diversity committee to have bus service extended further into evening hours in order to accommodate Sask Polytech international students turned into a greater, overall review of the entire city transit program and bus routes after discussion and a motion by Coun. Chris Warren. City administration was directed to report back with recommendations. **** Coun. Dawn Luhning asked about the progress of ridesharing in the city, pointing out that Saskatoon has already launched their services. City clerk/solicitor Myron Gulka-Tiechko said the program was under review, with a variety of factors involving taxi bylaws








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To share or not to share heart-wrenching photos

Their photos are pathetic and heart-wrenching. The photographic subjects are either elderly, grime-covered, or just a bit ugly on a scale of one to 10 with one being ugly and 10 being the top scale of ugly. They admit they are not Joyce Walter the most loveable looking, For Moose Jaw Express sometimes suggesting they are not the smartest puck on the ice, that perhaps they have outlived their usefulness. And then the clincher: “I bet I don’t get one share.” As one not entirely sure how Facebook works, or even why I want to be on there except to keep track of our younger family members, it is a mystery to me how and why some items are posted for all the world to see. It is a great place to share recipes, some that work and others that don’t but one has to take a chance that the recipe doesn’t really have eggs as one would think. Facebook’s groups are also interesting, keeping us informed of coming events, reminding us via photos of days gone by, showing who has what for

sale, and engaging interested parties in the news and gossip of the day. Facebook has a mechanism that reminds friends to wish other friends Happy Birthday — it is indeed pleasant to receive that type of greeting. Facebook also has the ability to provide year-end reminders of what each member did during the past 12 months and conjures up photos as reminders. Scary, freaky, maybe, but still an amazing achievement of someone who knows considerably more than the average person. Some of the Facebook friends I follow make a habit of posting giggles of the day, jokes that make us laugh at ourselves and with others of like mind. And they post self-help quotations and thought-provoking messages of hope and inspiration. Unfortunately, Facebook is also a forum for political discussions among people who really aren’t that well-informed — some of whom have a very limited vocabulary and start and end most of their sentences with a four-letter word starting with the sixth letter of the alphabet. Maybe they missed most of their English and grammar lessons in school or were absent for classes on words of more than one syllable. Those are the postings I zip over, figuring what is being discussed with such profane thought is defi-

nitely not a conversation in which my participation would be welcome. And I don’t share any of those conversations. Nor will I share those heart-wrenching photos mentioned earlier — photos not of humans but of dogs, canines that have wandered into camera range of someone who insists on posting those photos in an attempt to shame and guilt Facebook users into sharing such photos. I love dogs just as much as the next person, having had several dogs while growing up and wanting a pup in our marriage home. That pup eluded me for several practical reasons but the yearning for a dog at our address has not and will not entice me to share the photos of every pitiful looking animal posted on Facebook. Did the dogs give their permission to be exploited this way? And if their photos are shared, how will they know and how will they react? Will they suddenly look less mournful, less pitiful, less grimy? Unlikely. Perhaps it is time to read more books rather than trying to keep up with friends, family and strange dogs in this mystifying manner. Joyce Walter can be reached at







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Seeding case

APAS president happy with court challenge hearing on carbon tax Ron Walter | For Moose Jaw Express

Pretty much satisfied is how Todd Lewis, president of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) described the first day in court on the carbon tax case. APAS has intervention status in the lawsuit between the Government of Saskatchewan and the Government of Canada. The federal government has imposed what it calls carbon pricing on any Canadian province deemed to not have a suitable carbon pricing plan. The province claims the federal government doesn’t have the jurisdiction to levy the carbon tax unless it is uniform to all provinces. Lewis said lawyers spent a lot of time talking about a judicial precedent on which Crown Zellerbach challenged federal jurisdiction over environmental regulations. The federal government won. “But that was salt water, not fresh water. The feds have clear rights over marine water.” The five Saskatchewan judges hearing the case asked “questions to get information. There was nothing political in the questions.” Arguments opposing the tax by the Gov-

ernment of Saskatchewan, other intervenors, the governments of Ontario, and New Brunswick “made common sense.” The APAS legal submission was based on the unconstitutionality of the carbon tax, said Lewis. “We made the point that the Government of Saskatchewan is suited best to regulate this. They understand Saskatchewan better than the federal government.” He said APAS is also concerned that even with an exemption for agriculture, farmers will still be paying the tax as suppliers of inputs and machinery will pass on the tax to customers by higher prices. In talking with the APAS lawyers after the hearing Lewis said he was pretty happy with the hearing and looked forward to the next day when the Government of Canada made its case. This hearing is not the end of the lawsuit. “With something this political it’s going to the Supreme Court (of Canada), whichever side wins.” Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@

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Terri Lamb

Moose Jaw health professionals in Guatemala on medical mission

by Scott Hellings On their fourth mission, the team of gallbladder removals. There are a lot of and adds they are happy to help those Moose Jaw and area medical profes- hernia repairs, too,” said organizer and in need. sionals have already been in Patzun, registered nurse Jackie Wilson. “This “There is a huge disparity between the Guatemala for the last two weeks pro- year we have a gynecologist coming rich and the poor in Guatemala. The viding much-needed health care. with us, so we will also be doing lots of community that we go to, the people The group includes a surgical team and women’s health surgeries, so hysterec- there are very uneducated, for the most a medical team that performs potential- tomies and those kinds of things. As far part, and they are quite poor. There is ly life-saving services. The hope is that as our medical team, last year we saw just no access available,” said Wilson. they will perform 40 surgeries during about 600 people in their clinics, and “They are farmers and they work up in the trip. This year, they have also add- that is what you would go to your fam- the mountains and lots of them have ed a work team that is installing water ily physician for — lots of aches and never left their community. There are no filters and safe stoves in the homes of pains, some diabetics, people with high physicians who work there. There is a lot of need; there is kind of an unending local residents. blood pressure, that sort of thing.” “We have a general surgeon who comes Wilson says their team has “fallen in wait list of people who could use some along and we do a lot of laparoscopic love” with the people of Guatemala surgical treatment but there are no options there for them to receive it.” To facilitate this work, the team holds many fundraisers throughout the year. Wilson adds that much of the medications that will be given to patients were donated by local pharmacies. Matthew Gourlie “Our budget this year was about Even with the growth of the farm-to-table $45,000. The stuff we raise money for movement in the culinary world, there is covers purchasing the stoves, the water a disconnect between consumers and how filters, and all the surgical supplies that their food is produced. we need. We also pay hospital fees for A 90-minute documentary, Before the this little hospital that we work out of Plate, was screened at the Moose Jaw and we hire some local nurses to work Public Library Tuesday as part of Canaalongside us while we are there.” da’s Agriculture Day. Wilson says it is an incredibly rewardThe film features John Horne, district

Film screening looks to bridge farming knowledge gap during Ag Day

executive chef of Canoe in Toronto, and attempts to close the gap in perception between the urban consumer and the agriculture industry in Canada. “(Horne) designs a plate to serve at the restaurant, and it has 10 ingredients. He traces each ingredient back to the farm to show where it’s coming from, how it’s produced and then how it ends up on your plate at the restaurant,” said Jaycee Peutert, farm management extension specialist with the Agriculture Knowledge Centre in the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. “(Producer Dylan Sher) grew up in Ontario and he thought he knew about agriculture. He went to the University of Guelph to take Ag Business and realized he really didn’t know anything about agriculture. He was totally out of his element and realized that it was totally different from the city perspective. He met up with a film student (director Sagi Kahane-Rapport) and it evolved from there and they made this really cool documentary.” Before the Plate follows young farmers and industry experts in order to show the general population what a modern Canadian farm operation looks like, and answer the most pressing questions consumers have about their food and food safety. “It’s safe. Farmer feed their food to their families,” Peutert said. “They want to produce good, affordable, safe food for consumers. We find that disconnect from the farm is creating a gap in knowledge. Consumers want to know what’s in their food and where it’s coming from. Which is a totally valid question. And farmers want that to be available. The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity found that most Canadians are disconnected from the farm, with 93 per cent surveyed saying that they know little-to-nothing about farming. While that percentage would surely be a little lower in Saskatchewan, Peutert said the problem is prevalent.

Members of the public and the agriculture industry gathered for coffee, donuts and conversation during the open house at the Agriculture Knowledge Centre in Moose Jaw Tuesday morning. (Matthew Gourlie photograph) “I feel that even in Saskatchewan it is a problem,” Peutert said. “A lot of people in the Ag world aren’t totally aware of how bad it is. It is something that years ago somebody — maybe it was their grandpa or their grandma — had a farm and so they were going out there. There’s fewer farms. There’re still family farms, but there are less of them. So, we are finding that people don’t have that direct link any more, even in Saskatchewan.” That loss of a direct link has also taken the face away from the family farm in some regards. “Just because it’s maybe produced on a bigger scale doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as safe or that the farmer doesn’t care as much, because they do,” Peutert said. “People hear about ‘the factory farm’ and they think modern agriculture has turned into factory farming. It’s 97 per cent of farms that are family-owned. It’s just for tax planning reasons that they incorporate, but the shareholders are mom and dad or dad and son. It’s still that family farm at the root of it, which I think gets lost on people.” In addition to the film screening, the Agriculture Knowledge Centre in Moose Jaw hosted an open house Tuesday morning. “We all get really busy, but it’s just a day to take some time to celebrate Ag Day,” Peutert said. “We all love agriculture. Everybody loves it for a different reason and a lot of them are common values, I find. We are trying to share our joy and appreciation for ag and bridge that gap a little bit to connect the farmers and the consumers.”

Packing supplies and getting ready. (Facebook photo)

ing experience. “As a nursing professional, you want these people to have the best care that they can. They are so incredibly grateful for the care that we give them,” said Wilson. “It is very rewarding when you see patients leaving with hope again that they will feel better and that they have a chance for good health, now that they have had proper treatment. It kind of reminds us all why we got into health care in the first place.” Follow the group on Facebook to get updates on the trip and to stay connected with the group and their fundraising efforts throughout the year.

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By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

“Blue Nose” gold miner shows great prospects for long term The scandal in Ottawa over how much pressure someone in the Prime Minister’s office put on former Justice Minister Judy Wilson-Raybould to allow SNC-Lavalin to avoid prosecution in the courts will continue unfolding for months. Things sure look fishy. In 2015, federal prosecutors charged SNC-Lavalin for breaching federal laws that don’t allow Canadians to pay bribes in return for contracts. SNC and executives who are no longer employed there were accused of massive payoffs to Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s son to secure contracts. The records show SNC lobbyists met with federal government officials about the matter, especially after 2018 when the Liberal Government passed a new deferred prosecution law allowing companies to avoid court trials. SNC had already been nailed for $200,000 illegal donations to the Liberal Party. Now came accusations that pressure was placed on Wilson-Raybould to use this law instead of a court trial, that she refused, which is why she was demoted in cabinet. Things sure do look fishy. This deferred prosecution law, similar to an American law that repeatedly allows law-breaking corporations to pay fines and avoid trials, could have let SNC off the

hook with a huge fine. A court conviction of SNC would bankrupt the company. Under the law, companies convicted of making bribes are not allowed to bid on government contracts for 10 years. Not only would SNC have been shut out of government contracts in Canada, imagine the loss of credibility and contract opportunities in the rest of the world. A global leader in the engineering and consulting business, SNC has revenues of $9.3 billion, up from $500 million 10 years ago with 50,000 employees, 15,000 in North America. Most of that would be lost after a court conviction. Three company divisions — oil and gas, infrastructure, power — account for 71 per cent of revenues. A court conviction and subsequent loss of SNC would cost Canada thousands of jobs, loss of a global giant in business, and worse, leave most of the world with a bad impression of this country. A large fine under the new law, and soon all would be forgotten on the global scene. The SNC case raises another international affairs issue — an elephant in the room, if you will. Laws forbidding payment of corporate bribes in other countries were approved under pressure from voters who desired squeaky clean corporate dealings by Canadians

doing business elsewhere. Reality flies in the face of this no-bribe law. More than half of the world’s population lives in places where bribery, while terribly wrong, is common. Is it hypocritical to ask our businesses to create wealth and jobs but deny them use of the tools to compete with other countries? The Liberal law exempting court trials allows voters to feel good about catching bribery and corruption and penalizing it yet allows business to remain competitive. It was supposed to be a compromise between international practice and Canadian values until the fan was hit. This case raises another issue. Should corporations and their employees be bankrupted by legal convictions when the leaders allowing the wrongdoing are really responsible? People are outraged when bombing injures and kills civilian casualties. What about innocent casualties of the court room? If only the feds leaned harder on someone to build a pipeline, Westerners might be more understanding. Hopefully this column provides readers some food for thought. Ron Walter can be reached at

Beef producers lucky to have multi-country trade pacts By Ron Walter - For Agri-Mart Express


EXPRESS North America is producing a record amount of protein and selling it says Ryder Lee, CEO of the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association. Canada is lucky to have two big trades deals in the last few years — the CETA deal with Europe and the (TPTP) Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, he told

a livestock producers’ workshop. “Trade agreements don’t come along very often, especially multi-country agreements.” The TPTP agreement opens the market to Japan, one of the largest high value markets in the world that had a 38.5 per cent tariff on beef. “And we have a preferred access into Japan versus the United States. A little tariff advantage like Japan is well worth it.” Being one of the first signers of the deal


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gives an advantage when other countries sign the pact and “it keeps us on an even playing field with Australia and New Zealand” beef. Not having to lower prices for tariffs will affect value chains. He encouraged producers to get involved in programs like verified beef for value chains. “That takes a little work on your behalf on the paperwork on your farm but there’s some opportunity there to capture a very high value market. “Verified beef production plus can help your records, probably just recording what you are already doing” and might help market access to Europe and China. Avoiding risk from political events like the current China diplomacy issue is important, and he suggested using pro-

grams in the Canada Agriculture Partnership “to avoid a wreck.” Expansion of irrigation in Saskatchewan would help grow the beef herd but convincing the federal and provincial governments to “invest north of a billon dollars is difficult.” Farmers also need access to skilled farm labour from South Africa “to do the work Canadians won’t do, come to work on time and stick to it.” Lee said the industry is trying to convince grain farmers to grow feed grain so beef feeders just don’t get lower grade leftovers. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@

Managing the weed seed bank account critical By Ron Walter | For Agri-Mart Express


EXPRESS One bank farmers don’t want to draw on is the weed seed bank on their land. Lurking beneath the surface, the weed seed bank can chew into profits if not managed. The weed seeds of perennial and annual varieties, both new and old, can sit for years before sprouting and pushing through the soil. Few of the many seeds in the soil will ever germinate, says Harry Brook, Alberta Agriculture crop specialist. Some die, some decompose with predatory crickets and beetles reducing weeds by up to 15 per cent. “Keeping the soil in permanent cover increases predation on weed seeds,” he says. Some seeds die when buried too deep while others swing between dormancy and growth depending on conditions.

End of winter breaks dormancy of summer annuals while winter annual weeds require summer heat to break dormancy. Changes in cropping systems, says Books, can alter the seed bank contents, with some like kochia and dandelion not more than a year or two. But wild oats and red root pigweed can last for decades buried in the field. Perennial forages in the crop rotation are most effective in depleting the seed bank account especially with kochia, wild oats, foxtail and grassy like weeds. Another tactic to reduce the weed seed count is chaff collection during harvest and preventing 90 per cent of new seeds from hitting the dirt. Cultivation leaves the vast majority of weed seeds in the top four inches of the soil, and subject to wet and dry cycles that develop growth. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@


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Fate of Kootenay Ice team highlights small market fragility The relocation of the Kootenay Ice WHL team to Winnipeg serves notice on hockey fans to never take the Warriors in Moose Jaw for granted. Small hockey markets such as Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert and Brandon remain vulnerable to relocation. The only things keeping small market teams from moving to another large city market are continuing fan support to put bums in arena seats and community fundraising. by Ron Walter The Kootenay market isn’t that different from Moose Jaw. The Ice home, Cranbrook, is smaller with about 30,000 people in town and the immediate district but draws on a 100,000-trading area compared with 56,000 in the Moose Jaw trading area. Both have resource-based economies: grain, livestock and potash for Moose Jaw; coal mining, forestry and lead mining for Cranbrook. Resource-based industries work with up and down cycles. The expansion of coal mining near Cranbrook has come to a halt with job losses. Forestry is no better, The century old Sullivan lead mine in the trading area has downsized jobs for years from new technology and lower reserves. When the Kootenay Ice came to Cranbrook 22 years ago to play for two years in a 1,750-seat arena until a new 4,400 seat arena was built, some observers thought the move from Edmonton, where fan support wasn’t sufficient, a silly attempt. At first Cranbrook proved them wrong with great community support. Attendance in the first three years averaged more than 3,500 a game as the team performed well.

In more recent years with a slower economy and a less winning team, attendance has skidded to average 2,121 for the last five years. When Winnipeg businessmen bought the Ice in 2018, the handwriting was on the wall. A spate of trades for players with Manitoba-birth connections was more evidence. Community ownership makes no difference, as Moose Jaw learned about 12 years ago when the league demanded a new arena or the Warriors would be moved to a larger city. The WHL has become big business. Team ownership is no longer a write-off of an expensive boy-toy. Today’s team ownership involves a return on investment and funding large enough budgets to compete with large urban team support. Attracting a new younger fan base is a must. Most of the Warriors fans sport grey hair. When younger fans attend, they often spend much of the game on their smart phones. Future distractions from local hockey attendance range from Netflix competition to those black Android boxes that allow owners to view “free” sports from anywhere in North America any time. The rink built at Mosaic Place doesn’t ensure the Warriors will stay. Ensuring that requires ongoing support and work. Game and season ticket revenues require fundraising through advertising support, sponsorship and 50-50 draws. Small market fans can’t support high prices as can be seen from some single game prices. Kootenay charges $28.25 versus $22 in Moose Jaw. Kamloops charges $25 while Vancouver prices range from $23.25 to $38.50 and Seattle ranges between $28 and $45. Ron Walter can be reached at

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Improved wireless services are now available in Riverhurst & Briercrest! Thanks to new small cell site solutions launched by SaskTel and the Government of Saskatchewan, the province’s largest LTE network will be improved in approximately 100 rural communities by the end of 2020.

“Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Wireless Network Quality, Television and Internet Service Providers in the West” for 6 years. For J.D. Power 2018 award information, visit

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PIGS: Canada’s Pink Floyd featuring a complete performance of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and many other classic Pink Floyd songs

7, 2019 Wed Feb 2 E N THEATR O S IL W E MA St N 217 Main 0PM • Show 7:3 M P 7 s r o o D



- Moose Jaw’s Source for News! Local news, weather and sports Your connection to the world

Ice Ice Baby

All winter I have been humbly bragging to my Saskatchewan friends about the weather on Liars Mountain, mostly about the lack of minus double-digit nights. This means it is by Dale “bushy” Bush difficult for a smart good-looking fella like me to build a skating rink in his back yard. I blame global warming for the lack of ice-producing nights and the surplus of ice-melting days which, to some folks, might say sounds like the perfect winter. In our case, it is except for the skating thing. Mild winters was one of the main reasons we chose Liarton as our retirement locality because we wanted four distinct seasons. We are as active in the winter as we are in summer and strangely, we would miss the snow and ice had we moved farther west to the coast or the island. However, those sissies on the coast do enjoy a 3-season year, Springish (3 months), Summer (6 months) and Fall-ish (3 months). There are folks who would argue that folks on the prairies enjoy 3 seasons as well, Spring-ish (3

months), Fall-ish (3 months) and Winter (6 months). This warm year is unusual. As a result, there are fewer outdoor skating rinks in the vicinity. Last year we had our choice of 5 rinks within our area and any thought of the lake freezing over just hasn’t seemed plausible for years. Of course, this was the year I had leveled a 25 foot by 40-foot space, preparing for our back yard skating experience. It is sad to see my “rink” out in the yard, snow covered but unhappy and possibly forlorn. Our favorite rink down at the Community hall is a slushy mess but kudos to the crew for attempting the impossible. Our best bet for an afternoon of skating this year seemed to be across the lake and up in elevation on Sebastion Mountain near the village of Arista. We had never skated there before, but have heard about it for years. To say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. We were totally amazed! Twice the size of Liarton’s rink, this huge ice surface was easily the size of two Olympic sized hockey rinks, but without the boards. To be honest, the boards are not a needed requirement for skating. There were two hockey nets at each end of the rink with plywood backstops donated by the local hardware store. When we arrived at 1pm, the rink had been flooded earlier that morning and was nearly perfect. There was a small heated shack to de-boot and skate-up, which is always nice, and in the shack there

CHURCH & HALVERSON ACCOUNTING LTD. BOB CHURCH is p l ea s ed to an no unce h is p a r t ners hip wi t h VICKI HALVERSON

were 40-50 pairs of skates for exchange or loan, a dozen or so helmets of different sizes. And just outside the door was an assortment of all sizes of hockey sticks for loan. How cool is that? Inside the shack was a land line telephone, for emergencies and ordering pizza(?) and a connection for the stereo PA system that will play music from a I-phone thingy. Outdoors there was a beautiful fire pit with split firewood and picnic tables made of logs, along with an impressive array of floodlights for night skating (just turn the lights off when you leave). Wow! That level of organization is impressive. Photos on one wall of the shack showed who was responsible for this great community effort: The service club, the Volunteer Fire Department, the Hardware Store. The many volunteers who help in so many ways area all a part of this success. I did not recognize any of the people in those pictures but I am sure hundreds of skating shacks across Canada have similar photos. Ain’t Canada great?




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Newcomers benefit from police information session Sasha-Gay Lobban

During an information session presented by the Moose Jaw Police Service, several people who are part of the newcomers’ community got an opportunity to receive invaluable information about policing and laws that govern the province. The Moose Jaw Newcomer Welcome Center hosted the event on Thursday, January 31 where Cst. Kyle Cunningham from the Moose Jaw Police Service provided an interactive presentation that answered any questions newcomers had. Cst. Cunningham spoke about: Who’s the police? What they do; How to respond in an emergency; Laws of Canada and the police’s role in enforcement; Driving in Saskatchewan— impaired driving and penalties; Domestic violence and more. Cst. Cunningham said he was happy to provide this information and answer questions so that newcomers can feel more comfortable and safe in the community. “I think it’s great to have that relationship with our Moose Jaw Multicultural Council and the Newcomers Welcome Centre whereby we’re able to get information to them. To be new here, they may have received information through friends or

family members, but it’s really important to pass on the correct information to help them make decisions, help them feel safe in our community and to feel a part of it. They have a role to play in community safety as well.” Cst. Cunningham said the feedback from attendees was good, as some very important questions were answered in the session that will help newcomers adjust better in their new home. “The feedback from the newcomers was great because they had some important questions. Of course, policing in Moose Jaw and by extension, Canada is very different from a lot of the countries they’re from, so we want to show that policing here is done differently but we want to make them feel comfortable. Providing this information is part of the process to help them adjust and be better abled to make the right decisions, especially when it comes to laws in Canada,” he noted. “It is just really great to have this partnership with the Multicultural Council and the Newcomers Center. This helps to continue building our bonds in the community,” Cunningham reiterated.

Cst. Kyle Cunningham Eric Akoto, who was one of the members at the information session, said he is grateful for the information that was provided. “The information session was indeed great for me because I had a lot of questions answered. I got to learn so much more about laws in regard to the City of Moose Jaw and the province on a whole. There was a lot I wasn’t aware of before and I’m happy I got the opportunity to come here tonight because now I’ll

be able to make better informed decisions. I’m grateful for the knowledge I gained from this session tonight.” Melissa Mitchell, Newcomer Welcome Center Program Manager, said as the community becomes more diverse, there is a need to provide this type of information on a consistent basis. She said the sessions serve the clients well. “We’ve had the Moose Jaw Police come to do presentations on many different topics and we thought it was great to bring this information about policing in the community to educate newcomers on what to expect and how to respond to certain situations. As the population becomes more diverse and changes happen over time in our province and city, we love to keep newcomers as informed as possible, whether it’s about new laws or just important changes to legislation that they need to know. For example, marijuana being legalized; we wanted to make sure that we not only provide this information to our clients but assist them in understanding it. So, the Moose Jaw Police [Service] is a great partnership we have that assists us in this area.”

Winter GAX draws a lot of new attendees Matthew Gourlie

The first weekend of February offered perfect conditions to stay inside and play some games. Unfortunately, it wasn’t great weather to travel to Moose Jaw to take in a gaming expo. Despite the cold and a heavy snowfall in the forecast, 83 people attended the Winter GAX hosted by the Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association. “We didn’t break our record, but we were right up there, so we’re pretty happy,” said Kristian Sjoberg from the Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association. “We probably had about 25 of our regulars who didn’t show up this year. We could have broken the 100 mark this year if this weather hadn’t happened. “There were a lot of new people, which was awesome.” The Winter GAX typically is the bigger of the two and last year’s Winter GAX drew a record of 87 people. The event also acts as a fundraiser; Winter GAX is donating $500 to both the Prairie South School Division and the Holy Trinity School Division. Those donations are matched by the SaskTel Pioneers, meaning that the Pioneers are donating $1,000 to each school division so they will each receive a total of $1,500 from the event to put towards their literacy programs. “Essentially we’ve facilitated $3,000 worth of donations this year,” Sjoberg said. “It was a fantastic weekend.” The MJGA hosts a biannual gamer’s expo that features both internet-connected LAN (local area network) games or board games. Once again, St. Joseph’s Church was a hub of activity. “It was really eventful,” Sjoberg said. “Saturday, we had

Introduces Women Xplorers Club

two tournaments that happened. We had a tournament for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is the new one that just came out on Nintendo Switch. We had guys come down from Regina and Saskatoon for that one. Then we had a Mario Kart 64 tournament that happened as well. So that was kind of fun.” The event continues to branch out and had a cosplay panel for the first time. Cosplay -- a portmanteau of costume play -- features people dressing up in costume and acting in character of their favourite cartoons, comic book characters, super heroes, video game characters, anime, etc. Cosplay is common at fan expos the world over. “They answered questions and showed people their costumes,” Sjoberg said. “There are a couple of people in Moose Jaw who are master cosplayers, so that means that they’ve competed in competitions and got basically certified at the highest level of cosplay.” While they are hoping to have cosplay increasing in presence at their GAX events, they are also hoping to have a standalone event. “We’re hoping to have a large cosplay event at the Mae Wilson in the fall. Normally, most cosplay events will draw a couple of hundred people,” Sjoberg said. They want to draw some of the people from around the

area who travel to cosplay at comic-cons and who are working towards attaining their master level cosplay, but also be open to anyone who wants to wear a costume down to small kids wearing their Spider-Man costumes. The MJGA are also hoping to have a cosplay element at Sidewalk Days, as well. The Summer GAX, which is typically the smaller of the two, will be held from July 12-14 with a new location -- moving it to the Mae Wilson in the conference rooms in the back.

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Sudoku #6 - Challenging 4 6 9 8 3 2 7 1 5 7 2 9 4 1 6 8 8 3 1 5 7 6 9 4 Puzzle 2 9 3 1 8 7 5 6 Solutions1 5 6 4 9 3 2 7 7 8 4 2 6 5 1 3 9 1 8 7 5 4 3 2 6 2 5 3 1 8 4 9 3 4 7 6 2 9 8 5

1 7

Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9.


Sudoku #8 - Super Tough 1 4 3 5 9 8 6 7 2 7 6 2 3 1 4 9 8 5 9 8 5 6 2 7 4 3 1 2 3 6 4 5 1 7 9 8 5 7 4 8 6 1 2 3 8 1 9 3 2 5 6 4 6 2 7 4 5 3 1 9 6 9 2 4 7 3 5 8 7 3 8 5 6 1

9 6

If you use logic you can solve the puzzle without guesswork. 8


Need a little help? The hints page shows a logical order to solve the puzzle. Use it to identify the next square you should solve. Or use the answers page if you really get stuck.

1 9 4 6


7 5


3 5

4 7


9 4 3 5





4 2

5 3



Y __

R __


Can you find the hidden words? They may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.

X __

Q __

1 8


W __

P __

Secret Code __ __ __ __ __

8. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __


O __

I __


__ __ __ __


N __

H __



U __

__ 6. __ __ __ __ __ __ X

__ __ __ __ __ X

M __

G __

1 4

__ __ __ __




T __


L __

F __



__ __ __ __ __

S __



K __

E __




__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

4. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ X ?


__ __ __ __ __ __ __ ?

J __

D __

4 9




C __

3 2 4 8 2 6 7 9 8 3 9 5 6 1

__ __ __

__ __ __ __ __


B __

Sudoku #7 - Tough 3 6 9 5 7 2 8 4 1 2 6 3 8 9 8 5 7 4 9 1 6 1 7 5 2 6 9 3 9 4 8 7 5 3 1 6 2 3 8 1 4 5 5 9 6 1 2 7 4 7 8 1 3 4 6 2 2 3 4 9 8 5 7



__ __ __ __ __ __


2. __ __ __ X

__ __ __

A __


h nig

1. __ __ __ __ __ X

ht Show T

ig er L

Does your area have a Winter Festival full of food and fun? Use the secret code to fill in the blanks to see events being held at Winter Festivals:

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-A. A. Milne

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SCRAPS and MJFFC team up for first Cat Café in Moose Jaw Sasha-Gay Lobban | Photos submitted by SCRAPS

Band City Stray Cat Rescue and Protection Society Inc. (SCRAPS) and the Moose Jaw Families For Change (MJFFC) have teamed up to bring to the community for the first time, a pop-up Cat Café. The pop-up Cat Café will serve as a fundraiser for SCRAPS while offering a place for community members to come and interact with the cats. This is the first time that SCRAPS and MJFFC are partnering to bring this initiative to the community which they say will be beneficial to both organizations and the wider Moose Jaw community. Ann Marciszyn, volunteer at SCRAPS said people in the community have been requesting a Cat Café in Moose Jaw for some time and the opportunity was perfect when they were contacted by MJFFC to implement this initiative. “Moose Jaw Families For Change approached us about partnering with them for this event that they thought we’d really like it. We loved it because we’ve

had a call for a Cat Café from a lot of people in Moose Jaw where they can come and spend time with the cats. So, a lot of our followers were excited when we announced this partnership to do a Cat Café. The response so far has been tremendous because our upcoming session is sold out already. However, people will get an opportunity to register for others as this will be ongoing for some time.” The organizations hosted a soft launch of the Cat Café recently and received remarkable feedback. “Our first Cat Café was very successful so we’re inviting the community to come out and be part of this premier partnership right here in Moose Jaw,” added Marciszyn. SCRAPS will announce the next Cat Café on its Facebook page. Katie Statler, Community Coordinator at Moose Jaw Families for Change said, interaction with animals has been a great experience for MJFFC clients. As a result, Families for Change wanted to make this open for the

community to attend. “We are a local non-profit organization that supports people with varying abilities, and we acknowledge that some of the folks we support gain great experiences when they interact with animals. We’ve had interactions with dogs, goats and other farm animals but we realized that they enjoy time with cats,” she explained. “We decided that we’d do a partnership with SCRAPS for a Cat Café which will facilitate this, not only for the folks at our center but also for people in the community.” Statler says she is happy to bring this initiative to Moose Jaw because Cat Cafes have been a growing trend. “Cat Cafes have been a popular trend currently, but Moose Jaw doesn’t have one. So, we thought that if this would be mutually beneficial for us and SCRAPS, then we would initiate that partnership. All the proceeds from the Cat Café will go towards SCRAPS to assist with their programs. We’re hoping to continue this for a while because there has been a great response so far.” Both SCRAPS and the Moose Jaw Families for Change said the Cat Café has several benefits for people who would like to attend. They said it is also beneficial for the cats in SCRAPS’ adoption program. “It’s important to note that not only is this a fundraiser but it is highly beneficial for those who attend,” said Marciszyn. “SCRAPS does pet therapy and we’re looking at this as a form of pet therapy for individuals. There are lots of studies that show how beneficial pets are to people; they relieve stress, reduce blood pressure and heart rate and they make people feel good. They are also beneficial to our cats because they are looking for homes and we’re hoping that through the contacts they make, there’s a chance they’ll find a home.” The Cat Café is accommodated at the Kinsmen Inclusion Center at 335 4th Ave. SW. You can register to attend an upcoming Cat Café at communication@mjffc. com The cost to attend the Cat Café is $5. This includes a 45-minute session to engage with the cats, coffee or tea and a treat. The Cat Café facilitates two sessions which can see up to 20 persons attending. Watch SCRAPS and MJFFC’s Facebook pages to for details on the next Cat Café.

Featured on

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Rosemarie & Curtis

Text 631-4609 888 Main Street N. “In the heart of Downtown Moose Jaw”

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PRISM Awards Gala March 2: Nominee Profiles

This year’s PRISM Awards theme is STRENGTH and SPARKLE, a theme President of the Business Women of Moose Jaw organization, Sharleen Froats says is fitting to describe this year’s nominees and the goal of the PRISM Awards to highlight local women’s accomplishments. The women are nominated for different categories— Perseverance, Role Model, Influential, Successful and Mentor, as well as Youth Achievement and Lifetime Achievement. The 2019 PRISM Awards Nominees are: PERSEVERANCE - Emmy Barr and Tina Couzens ROLE MODEL - Nicole Radfelder, Kyra Klassen, Muriel (Mickey) Gower, Robyn Cunningham INFLUENTIAL - Jacki L’Heureux, Dawn Froats, Crystal Froese, Glady Pierce SUCCESSFUL - Kyra Klassen, Tracy Valgardsson Enns, Tahnie Macdiarmid, Tereen Mowry MENTOR - Tahnie Macdiarmid, Bonnie Nelson YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT - Kaia Isenor; Jenna Meili, Allison Grajczyk-Jelinski, Ryann Handley LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT - Vicki Watson, Betty Butler, Cheryl Bellamy

Congratulations to all the nominees; you grace our lives with your influence and accomplishments in all the categories highlighted above. Thank you and the best of luck to everyone! The annual PRISM Awards Gala is fast-approaching and there are only a couple more weeks left to get your tickets for the event. They are selling out fast so please purchase your tickets as soon as possible at https:// . The gala will take place on Saturday, March 2 at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Macoun Lounge, starting at 6:30 pm. Nominees for this year’s PRISM Awards will attend free. Individual Tickets are $85/person while a table of eight (8) is $600. The night will include appetizers and entertainment. Tickets are non-refundable but they are transferable. There will be FREE parking in the Sask. Polytechnic parking lots and the PRISM Awards will also offer a free safe ride home program. The PRISM Awards Gala Evening also serves as a fundraiser for the Moose Jaw Transition House.

Living with Williams syndrome, perseverance is a quality Emmy Barr exhibits. She has continued to be resilient by adapting to achieve the hopes and dreams of a future vocation.  After pursuing many avenues, satisfaction for Emmy came from developing her own business, the Family Caramel Recipe. After entering the Saskatchewan & Manitoba Community Futures online contest “Just Watch Me,” Emmy took second prize and received business support. Rightly crowned “The Queen of Caramel,” she received prize money for an honorary 1st place finish from the MJ Chamber of Commerce.  Through all the challenges, Emmy remains grateful for the support of family, advocates and agencies who have assisted along her journey.

With a heart for business, Tina Couzens put her office education and 30 years of work experience to the test. When the owners of Evans Florists wanted to retire, Tina displayed tremendous perseverance and bought the business in 2008, changing direction from being an employee to managing a business and being an employer.  She has continued to persevere in her new venture, as it continues to grow.  Tina is committed to enriching the social fabric of Moose Jaw and through the local radio Birthday/Anniversary Announcement program, she donates five bouquets weekly, as well as supporting many donations to local and regional fundraisers and charities. 

Since 2011, Robyn Cunningham has invested her heart and soul into The Yoga Loft, mentoring and inspiring countless women in the community with her passion for yoga, the health benefits and a better lifestyle. Her successful career with her Dream Droppers Wellness Team has allowed her to follow her dreams, while her leadership has empowered and enabled other women to develop their own home-based businesses.  Robyn has served as former President of the Business Women of Moose Jaw, was the recipient of the 2016 MJBEX Award for Best New Business Venture and is the creator of the Yoga Loft’s one of a kind Prenatal Yoga & Childbirth Education Class. 

Fondly referred to as Mickey, Muriel Gower is approaching her 100th birthday in 2019.   Over the course of her lifetime, she has exemplified what the joy of living a healthy, active lifestyle can bring.  She is an inspiration to all who know her to keep fit and healthy.  After experiencing a major health issue years ago, she overcame obstacles by adapting to change, keeping herself able to participate, and through it all still contributing to the growth of others.   Her witty sense of humour and keen-competitiveness have given her a favourable edge, always humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Mickey continues to live independently in her own home, golfing and curling regularly. 

Nicole is a leader who lives her life passionately and wholeheartedly. She works, volunteers, and leads by example to make her community a better place. She influences others to want to emulate her actions. Her focus in life is to help better humankind. She is that person showing up on the doorstep of a stranger in need, ready to lend a hand at any time. Nicole’s example of looking past reasons for division and displacing them with acts of kindness inspires others to do the same. Highlights in Nicole’s life include a Missions Trip with Royal Servants to Nepal, Thailand, and the Philippines, donating her time as a trained birth doula, involvement with an international organization called “Roots of Empathy”, and mentoring young mothers.

Kyra started her business venture 5 years ago as a mom of two, leading 2 small Zumba classes a week. Five years later and 2 more kids, she has grown to over 20 classes a week with 10 certified instructors. Her brand is recognized all over Saskatchewan: Dance Fitness with Kyra Inc. Kyra channels her perseverance and life experience to lead others on their fitness journey. She is a real person who deeply understands the challenges of overcoming obstacles, including diabetes. She inspires her students to become stronger and healthier. She teaches others to dig deep, aim high, set goals and achieve them. She consistently volunteers for at least a dozen charities and community events. She partners with 8 other businesses that offer perks to her clients.

MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, February 20, 2019 • PAGE A15

Dawn grew up playing goal on male hockey teams in Moose Jaw until Grade 10 when she joined an elite female team at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame in Wilcox. Upon convocation in 2003 from the University of Maine following a hockey scholarship, she transitioned to graduate studies and became assistant coach to the female hockey team at the University of North Dakota. In 2017 Dawn returned her attention to Moose Jaw Minor Hockey to give back and influence the growth of women’s hockey, locally. Dawn’s involvement in MJMH includes coaching at the Novice level, driving two Mavericks Hockey Festivals that give young girls a chance to try hockey free of charge, and developing female goalies. Because of Dawn’s leadership, female registration in the MJMH 2018-19 season has doubled.

As Co-Chair and later Chair of Moose Jaw Sidewalk days Jacki helped this festival expand significantly in revenues, volunteers and vendor participation. In 2013 Jacki led the debut of the Vanier Christmas Craft, Bake and Trade Show. With continued growth, she inspired the Junior Achievement program to take it over, with many of her Junior Achievement protégés earning awards for their work. In 2016 Jacki was elected Chair of the Homegrown Farmer’s Market. She encouraged collaboration among old and new vendors, encouraging the market to grow extensively. In her time with Tourism Moose Jaw she increased revenue and lowered expenses. She won awards for Best Festival and Best Volunteer in 2017. In 2018 she co-chaired the team that created one of the best attended Canada Day celebrations in Moose Jaw’s history.

Over the years, Glady Pierce’s influential voice has steered certain organizations to make many wise decisions. Well-known as the proprietor of Hopkins Dining Parlour, her love of heritage buildings led her to establish her business in an old Victorian house 39 years ago, creating a ‘must-stop’ see for visitors, helping to bolster the economy when downtown Moose Jaw was suffering.  Her commitment to education led her to employ students saving for their future education, and in-turn, many successful professionals got their start under her influence.  As a member of the Heritage Board and Tourism Moose Jaw, her footprint in the success of Moose Jaw’s revitalization has been evident. 

Crystal is a woman who gets things done, whether as a City Councillor, entrepreneur, social media connoisseur, or community volunteer. Her family business, Coteau Hills Creamery, has received provincial notoriety. Her influence has been felt in economic development, manufacturing standards in the agricultural value-added sector, and numerous not-for-profit agencies. Just a few achievements include co-founder of Beautif-i-Moose Jaw, revitalization of South of the Bridge Days, service on 8 city committees, participating in a Nation-Wide Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership study, founder of We Love Moose Jaw, founder Moose Jaw Flatlanders Running Club, 2014 Moose Jaw Citizen of the Year Nominee, 2016 Information Services Chair with Scotties Tournament of Hearts, and 2018 Co-Chair SSFA 55+ Moose Jaw Provincial Seniors Games.

Tracey worked originally in the broader financial services industry however in 1998 she found her niche as an independent financial planner. In the highly regulated Financial industry, Tracy understands that Education & Ethics go hand in hand with success, therefore she obtained a Certified Financial Planner Designation in 2001, & continues with advancing her knowledge every year. 10 years ago, she started her own company, Athabasca Financial, receiving the Rotary Club of Moose Jaw “Outstanding Business Leadership” award in 2010. She has provided a very valued level of Financial advice designed to meet her clients needs and is an active volunteer in the community spanning several different areas of contribution.

Tereen Mowrey credits her success as a broker to her passion and belief in what she does, her passion translating into confidence for her clients that she can help to improve their businesses. With 13 years of service with Henderson Insurance, Tereen has excelled in her career, receiving a designation of being one of Insurance Business Canada’s Top 30 Elite Brokers three times, which is a significant feat on its own.  She is a Canadian Certified Insurance Broker, a designation that very few women in Saskatchewan have achieved, and also a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker.  She is a mother to three very active children, involved with their hockey, football, and dance activities. 

Over the last 11 years Tahnie has built a successful business operating Velvet Hair Salon, which offers hair and other beauty care services. She manages 6 stylists & is mentoring the owner of a newly opened barber shop. Tahnie’s reputation is one of professionalism, up to date knowledge, friendly service & willingness to accommodate the needs of her clients. Above all, she is devoted to her husband & children. The atmosphere in her shop is that of a family. In 2009, Tahnie received a Moose Jaw Business Excellence award in marketing & is recommended by many as the go to place for newcomers to Moose Jaw.

A business venture for a young mother that started off leading two small Zumba classes a week has turned into a developed brand that is recognized all over Saskatchewan for Kyra Klassen.  In the past year, Kyra has achieved her goal of opening and operating her own fitness studio, Dance Fitness with Kyra Inc.  With seven other certified trainers, the business has grown to 300 members.  As of March 2018, Kyra has classes running in Regina, Saskatoon and offers an online subscription that has reached as far as Australia.  She has achieved credibility, recognition and validation in her field by receiving the 2018 MJBEX award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Fitness Instructor of the Year.

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Tahnie Macdiarmid has not only accomplished owning and operating a successful business – Velvet Hair Salon, she continues to employ and mentor others in her profession, currently six stylists. Tahnie has excelled because of her leadership, hard work, perseverance, skill, motivation, creativity and her outgoing and pleasant personality. She has been able to achieve all of this while having a family and home, both of which she is very proud of.  She is an excellent stylist herself and is very generous with her time and talents.  Presently, Tahnie is mentoring a young man starting a barbershop.  With her encouragement, he is taking formal lessons.  In 2009, Tahnie received the Moose Jaw Business Excellence Award in Marketing. 

For 25 years, Bonnie has guided, counselled, mentored and touched lives in her nursing career. With Public Health, she mentors in the School-Aged Parent Program at Peacock Collegiate and is Chair of the Teen Wellness Clinic.  She sits on the FASD Prevention Working Group, is past chair of the Drug Strategy Prevention Committee, and is a nursing student preceptor, mentoring nursing students.  She teaches with the Southeast Community College LPN program and the Saskatchewan Collaborative Nursing RN Program.  Working with the Heart and Stroke Foundation and St John Ambulance, Bonnie instructs the babysitting course, CPR and First Aid.  Bonnie has dedicated her life to the health and well-being of others.

Youth Achievement Kaia set her goals of acting, modelling and singing at a very young age. Her perseverance has yielded success in her many accomplishments. Among these accomplishments are winning Miss Teen Moose Jaw 2016 at age 13 and signing with TN Management (Toronto) last year. Kaia has also participated in The Moose Jaw Festival and many musical productions for the last 4 years, volunteers with 4 local charities, participates at school in SGA, drama, choir, vocal jazz, and several sports teams. She also shows leadership as a mentor to new students during the welcome tours at her school. Kaia has grown to be a young lady with a beautiful & kind heart.

Ryann exhibits leadership, discipline and role modeling. Starting figure skating at age 4, her achievements and coaching in that sport encourage aspiring skaters. Through grades 9 and part of 10, Ryann trained intensively. Every day she attended Martin Academy in Regina in the mornings (with a 7:20 am start!) and skated the afternoons with a high performance skating program. In 2017 Ryann overcame a hip injury to win silver in the Women’s Pre-Novice provincial championship. In 2018 she took gold in the Women’s Novice provincial competition. Ryann is an honour roll student every high school year. Her first report card this school year reveals an average of 97.2%. As well, Ryann is part of the soccer, track and cross country programs.

Allision has achieved academic & athletic success. She is a top grade 12 student, and brings a positive attitude & sportsmanship in local, provincial & national sports events. She has maintained a high honor roll average, even while working part time. She is an influential person who volunteers in the community, contributing to at least 4 charities with time & activities. Her mentorship ability shone in her involvement with the Junior Achievement program, using natural diplomacy to motivate her peers to work together towards a common goal. Also, she has coached young children at Carousel Riders. As a role model she is respected by students & teachers alike for her Kind, gentle & hardworking qualities.

Jenna demonstrates perseverance through difficult times to bring about results, never shying away from a challenge She was a role model at her high school, providing leadership to raise money for charities, volunteer in the community, and demonstrates excellence in 5 high school sports, music, while maintaining a high academic standing, and the Best Buddies support group. She was influential in the Junior Achievement Program, has won a bronze & silver medal in the Duke of Edinburgh program, and sits on the Youth Advisory Committee at City Council. Jenna displays her mentorship capability as a lifeguard and Certified Water Safety Instructor. Jenna is an action-orientated self-motivated, responsible young woman, an asset to her chosen community.

Lifetime Achievement With a goal to develop a business model for women, “We Create Beauty & Success,” without taking away from family, Betty Butler started 5th Ave Collections more than 30 years ago.   From grass roots in Moose Jaw, it has grown worldwide with several offices around the globe, as the company continues to uphold the value of “People Helping People.” Betty is a community-oriented individual, investing in the community with their numerous generous donations.  Of special mention:  5th Ave Collections was the purchaser of the original mammogram and hyperbaric chamber in Moose Jaw.     Continuing to act as Chairman of her board, Betty exemplifies many of the characteristics that PRISM stands for.

Dr. Cheryl Bellamy’s career as a veterinarian has been very successful. In 1997, she and her husband opened a mixed animal veterinary practice, Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital. For the next twenty years Cheryl provided health care to companion animals and livestock. Her skill and work ethic, as a woman in her profession, have earned her the respect and admiration of livestock producers. The practice has grown to employee 6 veterinarians, multiple technicians and assistants.  Not only a professional, Cheryl is also a proud parent of four children.  Currently, she is allowing her name to stand for election to the veterinary governing body of the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association. She has served as the SVMA president in 2015.

Vicki opened Wrapture Health and Wellness in 1998 at the age of 23. She combined her professionalism as a registered massage therapist with a finely-tuned business acumen to grow a reputable business. By the age of 34 she purchased the historic 1926 James Richardson & Sons building, the home for her spa. Vicki is the nation’s leading supplier of the award-winning Eminence Organic Skin Care. 2018 marks 20 years of successful business: Wrapture Spa and Boutique not only thrives but has become a successful destination location. Achievements include 10 years of service with the board of Tourism Moose Jaw, founding sponsor for the Business Women of Moose Jaw Prism Awards, supporter of The Concert of Hope for suicide awareness, fundraiser for Festival of Trees and participant with the downtown business group whose goals are to revitalize and promote downtown Moose Jaw.

Vicki Watson Nominee

Lifetime Achievement Award

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MONDAY: TUESDAY: WEDNESDAY: $100 Mani/Pedi Combo THURSDAY: $99 60 Min Facial 20% OFF Relaxation Massage FRIDAY:


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NO SPECIALS Feb. 11th- 22nd, 2019

(306) 692-1012 341 Stadacona St E Moose Jaw, SK

Philanthropic Pilots Patchwork for Charity Student Pilots from the 2 CFFTS at 15 Wing Moose Jaw have expanded their skill to help Quilts of Valour produce two quilts for Canadian ill and injured soldiers. Phase II course 1804 and 1808 found time during their busy schedules to make quilts at the base chapel. Although quilting can be labourious and time consuming, both courses managed to finish their quilts in

only a few hours. Wing Chaplain Capt Eric Davis noted that many of the students were initially nervous but in the end they surprised themselves by how they enjoyed the day’s activity. Cheryl Dvernichuk from Quilts of Valour was impressed how quickly the pilots took to sewing and how well they performed, especially since this was the first time some of them have ever

sewn before. The idea to support Quilts of Valour by making quilts was proposed by the Wing Chaplain after participating in a presentation to a member located at 15 Wing in 2016. In total, 7 quilts have been made at 15 Wing for Quilts of Valour in the last two years which included the volunteer help of the MFRC, the Protestant Church group Thimble Thursday, spouses, pilots courses, and others on the wing who have volunteered their time to help make

squares in order to assemble them into a larger quilt. 15 Wing is committed to keep contributing quilts to QOV who supports our ill/injured members or veterans through their generous gifts of handmade love. As of 2018, over 12,000 quilts have been presented with a goal of presenting 20,000 by 2020. To become more familiar with Quilts of Valour, who qualifies for a quilt, and how to apply please visit www.

From The Kitchen N a m e s o n re c i p e c a rds b r i n g u p f a c e s By Joyce Walter For Moose Jaw Express

The cookbooks in the cupboard are the backup to the real treasures — recipe cards that bear the names of friends and family members who have shared their favourite recipes. Some of the names bring instant recognition and memories of sharing special meals around a full table. But there are also names on recipes, names that don’t immediately bring up a face in the memory bank —someone named Jeremy gave me his jiffy pudding recipe but I’m unable to remember where I met him. Sorry Jeremy. And similar regrets to Gertrude whose recipe for Chili Con Carne is stashed in one of my recipe boxes. One of these days I will try those recipes with the hope the end result might jog my memory. ••• Marlene’s Stew Melby 2 lbs. round steak 4 carrots 2 potatoes 1 onion 2-3 celery stalks salt and pepper to taste

2 tbsps. sugar 1 clove garlic, optional 1 sprig parsley 1 cup green seedless grapes Cut steak into one inch pieces, coat in flour and brown in a skillet. Add a small amount of water and simmer for an hour or more, but do not boil. Cut vegetables into small pieces. Add salt and pepper, sugar and garlic and add to the meat in the skillet. Cover and simmer for another hour. Add the grapes and simmer for 15 minutes. ••• Dianne’s Frozen Angel Dessert 1 cup Graham wafer crumbs 3 tbsps. melted butter 1 can evaporated milk 1 tbsp. grated lemon rind 1 1/2 cups sweetened coconut 6 tbsps. sugar 2 eggs, separated 1/2 cup lemon juice Combine crumbs with 2 tbsps. sugar and melted butter.

Press crumb mixture into the bottom of a lightly buttered refrigerator tray or cake pan. Chill. Beat egg yolks until thick. Combine with milk. Stir in lemon rinds and juice until thick. Stir in 1 cup coconut. Beat egg whites until stiff but not dry. Gradually beat in rest of sugar. Fold gently into lemon mixture. Pour over crumb mixture. Sprinkle top with remaining coconut. Chill in freezer until firm, about 4-6 hours. Slice with a knife heated in hot water and wiped dry. ••• Barb’s Baked Banana Split 4 large bananas 1/2 cup crushed pineapple, drained 16 or more miniature marshmallows Peel and cut bananas in half lengthwise. Arrange side by side in a buttered, shallow baking dish. Spoon pineapple over the bananas. Top with marshmallows. Bake at 350 degrees F for 10-15 minutes until marshmallows are melted. Serve while hot. Joyce Walter can be reached at

ROUND BALE HAY & STRAW AUCTION FOR: Sandridge Acres Inc. (Sheldon Okerstrom) Moose Jaw, Sk. (306) 630-9080


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2019 - Starting at 1:30 pm. CST. Auction Location: 10 miles South of Moose Jaw on #2 Hwy., 1/4 mile West on Range Road 152 (South Side) GPS: N50.15.4 ;W105.32.22

782 ROUND HAY BALES 102 BARLEY STRAW BALES It is the buyers responsibility to inspect the hay to their satisfaction before buying. All hay sells as is, where is. Terms: Cash or Cheque w/Letter of Guarantee. Sold by the bale. Price includes loading bales until March 14, 2019. Feed Test Results & Catch Weights available sale day. Feed tests as of January 23, 2019 are of Dry matter basis. These bales are crimped, solid core, net wrapped. Baled with Hesston Round Baler. For further info call Sheldon at (306) 630-9080



(306) 773-4200 Swift Current, Sk. SK. LIC. 914494

Bruce Switzer

AB. LIC. 313086


Glenn Switzer

Ashley Kasper & Andrew Tran of Belle Plaine February 10, 2019 1:50 pm Male - 7lbs, 9oz

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orts available

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Cyclones win consolation at Harry Ainlay tournament Impressive victory continues stellar season for Central boys basketball team Randy Palmer | Moose Jaw Express

The Central Cyclones have put together one of the best high school boys basketball seasons in recent memory, and their success at the Harry Ainlay Tri-Province Basketball Tournament in Edmonton this past weekend was just the latest example of their winning ways. The Cyclones lost their opening game but won their next two contests to claim the consolation side championship at the prestigious high-level event. The tournament features some of the best teams from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. Central opened with a 98-66 loss to the host Harry Ainlay Titans, who would go on to win the tournament. It was clear sailing from there, though, as they downed Winnipeg Oak Park 90-79 and took an 88-72 win over Edmonton Christian Academy, the topranked 4A team in Alberta.

The Cyclones’ season-long focus on solid team defence paid off in their first consolation-side game, as they racked up 13 steals and 32 defensive rebounds in their win over Winnipeg. Fharis Ebet led the Central with 19 points, Riley Seaborn added 16 and Dylan Boughen 15. Jaxson Brownell pulled down 12 rebounds. Central 88, Edmonton Christian 72 Hardil Khubber continued his impressive senior season with 30 points in the consolation final, with his overall performance through the weekend landing him a spot on the tournament The Central Cyclones won the Consolation side of the prestigious Harry Ainlay all-star team. Brownell scored 16 points for the CyBasketball Tournament clones, Quinton Ross added nine. Harry Ainlay 98, Central 66 whom were battling injuries. Team defence was also once again on Ethan Johnson led the Cyclones with Fharis Ebit and Hardil Khubber each display as they racked up a stunning 18 points as they took the court with- added 12 points and Riley Seaborn 20 steals, 17 deflections and 27 defenout two of their veterans in Kyle had seven assists. sive rebounds. Boughen and Ewan Johnson, both of Central 90, Oak Park 79

Solid showings for Moose Jaw high school at South Sask. Wrestling tournament Four golds, six silver, one bronze for wrestlers from local high schools at event Randy Palmer | Moose Jaw Express

It was another solid tournament for Moose Jaw high school wrestlers – and this time they had a chance to win their medals in front of their own friends and family. More than 200 wrestlers from throughout the province took part in the South Sask. high school championship tournament, with competitors from Peacock, Central and Vanier winning four gold, six silver and one bronze. One of those golds came from Liam Vargo in the Elite Male 56 kilogram division as he swept his three matches, winning all three by technical fall. Not a bad result for a Grade 9 competitor from Peacock in his first year of high school wrestling. “I think the transition to high school wrestling has been phenomenal,” Vargo said. “I’m doing great, my performances have been good and I’m happy with where I’m going. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in the last couple of years and I’m really looking forward to provincials. It’ll be neat to have a chance to be a four-year provincial champ.” Fellow Peacock standout Dylan Yamniuk found himself in a war in his first match against Regina’s

Winston Knoll’s Trenton Wilhelm in the Elite Male 69 kg division, eventually taking a 14-12 decision. It was clear sailing from there as he won by pinfall and technical fall his next two bouts before taking 11 seconds to win the gold medal match. “It was a pretty good tournament, I did well,” Yamniuk said. “The first match was tough but I pulled through and the rest of the tournament fell in place so I was able to get first. It was really good.” Also winning gold were Vanier’s Ryann Handley in the Novice Female 59-60 kg division and Central’s Alexis Bradish in the Novice Female 61-63 kg class. Finishing second were five Peacock competitiors in Justin Wiens (Elite Male 59 kg), Kyle Yamniuk (Elite Male 62 kg), Ethan La Rose (Elite Male 73 kg), Sydnee Christmann (Novice Female 65-68 kg), Jody Bourage (Novice Male 102-103 kg) and Central’s Tanner Stelwagen (Novice Male 68-70 kg). Central’s Samuel Eros (Novice Male 66-69 kg) picked up the lone bronze medal. Next up for Moose Jaw high school wrestlers will be the regional championships during the Mar. 2 weekend in Weyburn.

Moose Jaw’s Liam Vargo took first place at the recent South Saskatchewan high school wrestling tournament.

Full-event packages for 2020 Scotties to be held in Moose Jaw NOW on SALE Scott Hellings

If you attended the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Moose Jaw back in 2015, you were no doubt excited to hear the event is coming back to Moose Jaw in 2020. Full event ticket packages are now on sale for the Canadian Women’s Curling Championship; the regular full event package price is $385 or $409 for the premium package. There is a limited number of premium home-end seats and away-end club seats available. All ticket packages are subject to standard facility and ticket service

fees. Weekend packages will go on sale in the fall. Tickets can be purchased online at Curling Canada’s website, by phoning 306-624-2050, or by visiting the Mosaic Place box office. Be sure to get

your tickets right away, as they will be in high demand. In fact, the 2015 Scotties in Moose Jaw was the 11thbest attended in the Scotties’ history. Don’t forget — in addition to the world-class curling action on the ice, the Scotties will also feature the pop-

ular HeartStop Lounge, located in the adjacent Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre. While there, fans will be able to meet the athletes, enjoy live music, dancing, drinks and food, as well as interactive activities for the entire family. Meanwhile, curling fans will want to take note that the 2019 Scotties started this past weekend in Sydney, Nova Scotia and will be ongoing until February 24th. Get in on some of the action.

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Warriors fall to Edmonton in return from road swing Randy Palmer | Moose Jaw Express

Former Moose Jaw Warriors forward Vince Loschiavo scored a pair of goals – including the game winner with 6:22 remaining in the game – as the Edmonton Oil Kings took a 3-2 victory at Mosaic Place in Western Hockey League action on Thursday. A tight-checking, back-and-forth game broke open in the third period, with the two teams combining for four goals. Josh Brook scored the Warriors’ lone marker of

Edmonton’s Vince Loschiavo scores the game winning goal late in the third period.

the period, while Andrew Fyten scored Edmonton’s other goal. Quinn Benjafield and Trey Fix-Wolansky each had two assists for the Oil Kings. “It wasn’t our best effort in the game tonight; our line gave up kind of a weak one there for the game winner, so we have to be better,” said Warriors forward Tristan Langan. “And we had a lot of penalties tonight, we need to stay out of the box and capitalize on our power play chances.” Carson Denomie scored Moose Jaw’s first goal 7:05 into the second period. The contest continued a recent trend of the Tribe surrendering nearly 40 shots a game, with the Oil Kings finishing the contest with 39 total. That made for another busy night for Warriors goaltender Adam Evanoff, as he made 36 saves, including a penalty shot stop on Loschiavo in the second period. The Warriors had 33 shots on Edmonton netminder Todd Scott. Moose Jaw finished 1-for-5 on the power play, Edmonton was 0-for-3. The contest was only the Warriors second at home since Jan. 15, as 12 of their last 13 games have been on the road. “It’s always exciting to come home after a trip like

Warriors forward Justin Almeida had Edmonton goaltender Todd Scott down-and-out but couldn’t get the puck back to the front of the net for a scoring chance. that,” Langan said. “I think that’s what we’re trying to improve on, we need to play harder here and bring more emotion. We have to get going here for the final stretch.” The Warriors fell to 30-15-6-2 on the season with the loss and are now 10 points back of Saskatoon for second in the East Division as well as seven points up on Red Deer in the Eastern Conference Wild Card standings.

Warriors fly with the Snowbirds

Langan, Salmond, Almeida and Ormsby have trip of a lifetime with 431 Air Demonstration Squadron Randy Palmer | Moose Jaw Express

Four members of the Moose Jaw Warriors had the experience of a lifetime as they took to the air with 431 Air Demonstration Squadron – better known as the Snowbirds – on Tuesday morning. Tristin Langan, Brodan Salmond, Justin Almeida and Luke Ormsby all took part in the special training flight, an annual event that offers members of the team a chance to experience just what it’s like to be part of and fly with one of the best airshow teams in the world. “It was an incredible experience, right from watching them and their professionalism going over everything and their plans for getting in the air,” Langan said. “Then finally suiting up and getting in there; it’s wild the things they do and how close they are together... you always have to work as a team, you have to trust each other up there because you can’t make a mistake. It’s really cool.” As Langan alluded to, Warriors were able to take part in essentially the full Snowbirds experience, right from their ground preparation to full-on formation flying. And as could be expected, there’s a lot to it. “We didn’t go up with them the first day, but we were able to go through the whole process and learn about getting strapped in and the ejection seat and all that stuff,”

Moose Jaw Warriors Tristin Langan, Justin Almeida, Luke Ormsby and Brodan Salmond flew with the Snowbirds recently. Moose Jaw Warriors photo Salmond said. “That was really cool to see and then we got to go up the next day. That was a pretty surreal moment the whole time we were in the air; we were able to just take it all in.” It isn’t often that one has a chance to fly in a modified jet fighter and with the opportunity came all sorts of nerves leading up to the event. “I think we were all really nervous, but once we got up there and did some formation stuff it was easier to relax more,” Langan said. “The pilots were really cool about telling us what they were going to

do, so once we were going, it was a lot of fun.” Salmond felt much the same way, even if the air isn’t his favourite place to be. “I’m not even good with commercial flights or roller coasters or anything like that,” he said with a laugh. “But once you’re up there, it isn’t too bad.” The pilots naturally put the players through their paces with some of their maneuvers, especially some of the high G-force turns and rolls. “We went three Gs at the start and he asked if I was alright and I said ‘yeah’.

Then all of a sudden, he was pulling five Gs and I was stuck in my seat and couldn’t move, it was awesome,” Langan said, adding that the special G-suit designed to keep pilots conscious in hard rolls and turns took its toll. “My legs were so sore when I got off I couldn’t even walk.” “That was really cool…I don’t know how to describe it; it’s a pretty unique feeling,” added Salmond. “Just a lot of pressure on your body and once you’re upside down in a loop it kind of goes away and you’re floating. It was pretty fun.” Having a chance to see the kind of precision flying the Snowbirds do on a day-today basis was especially impressive. “It definitely opened my eyes to all the stuff... I didn’t even know they flew that close, you look out the window and it’s like you can almost touch the other plane,” Salmond said. “And they said they weren’t even as close as they usually are in their shows, so that was crazy to me.” The entire experience was one Langan couldn’t recommend enough. “If I could go up again it would be awesome. I was telling the younger guys that if you get asked to go up, take the opportunity because it’s really incredible, a once in a lifetime thing,” he said.

Hillcrest Golf Club 1st Annual Women Fore Women Classic scheduled for July looking for sponsors On Saturday, July 6th, the Hillcrest Ladies Golf League will be holding their 1st Annual Women for Women Classic in support of an outstanding high school female athlete furthering their education. They are looking forward to bringing women together for an enjoyable and fun day on the golf course. What better way to raise funds for a scholarship to be given to a deserving Moose Jaw Grade 12 female student! The Hillcrest Ladies Golf League is looking for business hole sponsors, requesting a $100 donation per hole. A sign recognizing your support of the tournament will be placed there. as well as your business name appearing on posters and in social media postings promoting

the event. Hole sponsors are welcome to set up a booth on their

hole to promote their business. Sampling, draws and services at your hole are more than welcome. The league is also looking for donations of items that will be used as prizes for the event: Gift certificates, merchandise or funds are all welcome. Your consideration is greatly appreciated and your donations will play a huge roll in making this event a big success. If you have any questions or would like to sponsor the event or donate prize draw items, please call Jasmine Jackman, Hillcrest General Manager at 306.693.1921 or email

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orts available

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Whitehead sets all-time ACAC and CCAA kills record in volleyball Lethbridge College standout sets new national mark with 1,109th kill as Kodiaks continue banner season Randy Palmer | Moose Jaw Express

There’s little question former Central Cyclones standout Dax Whitehead was a heck of a volleyball player back in his high school days – you don’t play for the provincial team unless you have some skills to draw on. But as good as he was then, Whitehead is that much better now. As in record-setting better. Whitehead, in his fifth season with the Lethbridge College Kodiaks of the Alberta Colleges Athletic Association, has steadily set new marks in kills the last two seasons. First, it was the Lethbridge all-time school mark. Then it was 1,000 kills, one of only four players to reach that number in Alberta Colleges Athletic Association history. And finally, on Jan. 27, it was the all-time ACAC and Canadian Colleges Athletic Association kills mark of 1,109.

That’s the kind of career you can definitely hang your hat on. And interestingly enough, it’s all as much an overall surprise for Whitehead as it is an honour. “I thought I was going to be a one- or two-year guy in the program and then I’d start my work and career,” Whitehead said. “I was thinking to myself ‘this is fun, I might as well do it’. Then after the third year there was a legitimate shot at becoming the college’s all time kill leader, and after I got that, I realized I was getting close to 1,000. Then after I hit 1,000 I realized I’m getting close to the all-time and I had to keep going.” Whitehead set the new mark just down the highway from where he grew up – during a 3-0 win over the Briercrest College Clippers. He passed Keyano College player Blazej Pellowski for both the ACAC and CCAA records. It’s all been a learning experience for Whitehead along NOTICE TO CREDITORS Moose Jaw’s Dax Whitehead is joined by his family the way, especially when it came to the transition from after setting the all-time CCAA kills record. In the Estate of the high school game to college. “In high school, I was figuring it out but was still able on the season after starting out their ACAC campaign GLADYS MABEL ZABOLOTNEY to play well, then when I got to college, once I figured 20-0. late of Moose Jaw, out what I needed to do and was able to do it, it was a “Last year we had a college-best record 16-8, second in Saskatchewan, deceased. matter of perfecting it and doing it over 1,000 times, so the South and it was the best we ever finished,” WhiteAll claims against the above Estate, duly verified to speak,” Whitehead said. head explained. “So this year we’re pushing for the first His first experience at the ACAC level of play was most seed and then we start out and we’re 2-0, then 4-0 and by Statutory Declaration, and with particulars certainly eye-opening. Christmas break comes and it’s ‘holy cow, we’re kind of and valuation of security held, if any, must be “Jumping to college, it was kind of unbelievable, be- a good team this year, what’s going on’. sent to the undersigned before the 27th day of cause I was 17-18 years old going into my first year “We never thought we were going to go 24-0 or whatFebruary, 2019. playing against guys who are 24, 25,” Whitehead said ever, we just wanted to get five of the first six, and then with a tone of disbelief. “And it’s just like ‘holy, this we got all six. And all of a sudden, we’re 20-0, we’ve WALPER-BOSSENCE LAW OFFICE is a totally different game’. I remember my first game, clinched the first seed, we have the best record in the Prof. Corp. we lost the first one and then realized that ‘hey, this is a league... we’ve done all these things this year and we 84 Athabasca Street West game we’ve played for a lot of years that we love, so lets still have so much unfinished business. Goal number Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan go out and play’ and we won our next game. one is going to the playoffs and winning a gold medal.” S6H 2B5 “So from then on it was not matter who you’re going Whether or not that happens, Whitehead knows there Solicitor for the Executors against, whether they’re 10 feet tall or 27-years-old, you will be life after volleyball. He holds a degree in geojust have to keep playing.” matic engineering and will start as a land surveyor in the Whitehead’s success had oilfield in April. translated into Lethbridge “It’s nice to have this kind of legacy, but life moves on,” TAX ENFORCEMENT LIST success along the way. The Whitehead said. “It’ll be nice to finally put my degree to TOWN OF PENSE Kodiaks are currently 20-2 work and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.” PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN Notice is hereby given under The Tax Enforcement Act that unless the arrears and costs appearing opposite the land and title number described in the following list are fully paid before the23rd day of April 2019, an interest based on a tax lien will be registered against the land.Note: A sum for Late rally, shootout win over Argos sees Generals costs in an amount required by subsection 4(3) of The Tax Enforcement Act eight points out with four games to go is included in the amount shown against each parcel. Randy Palmer | Moose Jaw Express

Generals stay alive in playoff hunt


Lot Block Plan Title Number 14 5 1328 147041254 11 6 1328 146955998 18 6 101402222 Ext 12 146956023 17 6 1328 145156912 4 7 1328 128057294 17 7 1328 146022151 14 9 1328 130866352 15 9 1328 130866396 16 9 1328 130866431 2 10 1328 147096344 4 10 1328 149397227 6 10 1328 139648304 12 14 E1675 143943846 11 15 E1675 141711410 12 15 E1675 Ext 4 141711454 14 15 E1675 136228844 2 17 K5669 110202400 4 18 K5669 128214031 22 18 101402132 Ext 16 128214086 15 18 K5669 110203007 19 18 K5669 141339146 16 19 K5669 138172248 5 21 75R20188 147023872 11 21 75R20188 110204468 16 21 75R20188 132269856 11 25 101673299 147113388

Total Arrears $ 3,791.35 $ 1,361.50 $ 1,361.50 $ 420.74 $ 110.89 $ 2,543.80 $ 1,102.77 $ 1,102.77 $ 1,102.77 $ 342.26 $ 1,483.38 $ 2,883.40 $ 1,319.60 $ 250.88 $ 250.88 $ 530.82 $ 2,357.90 $ 161.64 $ 161.65 $ 1,447.78 $ 1,667.19 $ 985.79 $ 640.13 $ 621.80 $ 284.63 $ 761.55

Dated this 20th day of February, 2019 Jennifer Lendvay Treasurer

Cost Advertising 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38 18.38

Total Arrears & Costs $ 3,809.73 $ 1,379.88 $ 1,379.88 $ 439.12 $ 129.27 $ 2,562.18 $ 1,121.15 $ 1,121.15 $ 1,121.15 $ 360.64 $ 1,501.76 $ 2,901.78 $ 1,337.98 $ 269.26 $ 269.26 $ 549.2 $ 2,376.28 $ 180.02 $ 180.03 $ 1,466.16 $ 1,685.57 $ 1,004.17 $ 658.51 $ 640.18 $ 303.01 $ 779.93

Cody Davis scored the shootout winner as the Moose Jaw Generals stayed alive in their playoff hunt with a 5-4 win over the Notre Dame Argos in Saskatchewan Midget AAA Hockey League action Wednesday. The victory gives the Generals a 15-22-2-1 record as they remain eight points back of the Saskatoon Contacts, now with four games remaining. Two of those are against the Contacts, including Saturday (1:30 p.m., Mosaic Place) and Monday in Saskatoon. The win over the Argos showed the local squad isn’t going to go down without a fight, either – Ben Wourms-Rowe scored with 1:35 remaining in the game and Steven Kesslering then added the tying goal with 20 seconds left to send things into overtime. Casey McDonald gave the Generals a 1-0 lead out of the first period and WourmsRowe made it 2-0 with a power play marker three minutes into the second. The Argos scored four straight goals from that point on, though, setting up the late-game dramatics. Reece Hodson turned aside 34 shots, including all three Notre Dame attempts in the shootout. In addition to Saturday’s game against the Contacts, the Generals are also in action Sunday when they take on the Battlefords Stars (1:30 p.m., Mosaic Place).

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kootenay ICE vs moose jaw warriors SUNDAY FEBRUARY GAME TIME



4 PM




! " $

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SportS HigHligHtS d


6:00 p.m. TSN NBA Basketball Spurs at Raptors.

Saturday 7:30 p.m. WXYZ NBA Basketball Rockets at Golden State Warriors.

Wednesday 7:30 p.m. TSN NBA Basketball Pistons at Spurs. 9:30 p.m. TSN NBA Basketball Pelicans at Lakers. k


6:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Sharks at Penguins. 8:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Islanders at Oilers.

Friday 6:30 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Avalanche at Blackhawks.






7:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Oilers at Predators.



Thursday 5:30 p.m. TSN 2019 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Curling Championship Pool, Draw 2.



6:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Flames at Islanders. 9:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Stars at Golden Knights.



4:00 p.m. CBKT IBSF World Cup Bobsleigh and Skeleton Women’s Bobsleigh. 5:30 p.m. TSN 2019 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Curling Page Playoff, Draw 2.

6:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Flames at Senators.



4:00 p.m. TSN 2019 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Curling Final. SPORTS















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Saturday 6:00 p.m. CBKT CTYS NET NHL Hockey Canadiens at Maple Leafs. 7:00 p.m. WDIV NHL Hockey 2019 NHL Stadium Series — Penguins vs Flyers. 9:00 p.m. CBKT NET NHL Hockey Ducks at Oilers.

District 31 Infoman (N) 1res fois (N) Enquête (N) Le téléjournal (N) The Titan Games (N) Schooled Will & Grace S.W.A.T. “Pride” (N) Global News at 10 (N) Big Bang Sheldon (:01) Cardinal “Mama” (N) Law & Order: SVU Big Bang etalk (N) (6:00) Evenings With Kim MacDonald Evenings-Kim MacDonald The Titan Games (N) Brooklyn Will & Grace Law & Order: SVU News J. Fallon Creek Coronation Dragons’ Den (N) Moms Little Dog The National (N) Big Bang Sheldon (:01) Mom Fam (N) S.W.A.T. “Pride” (N) Ent. Tonight Late-Colbert Grey’s Anatomy (N) A Million Little Things (N) Get Away With Murder News J. Kimmel Mom (N) Brooklyn The Orville (N) A Million Little Things (N) Bridging Bridging 2019 Scotties Tournament SportsCentre (N) SportsCentre (N) Gotta See It NHL’s Best NHL Hockey New York Islanders at Edmonton Oilers. (N) Sportsnet Alberta Primetime (N) Big Bang etalk (N) Get Away With Murder Gotham “Ace Chemicals” Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU “Jem Hologram” (6:20) “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” (:20) ›› “Office Space” (1999) ›› “Cowboys & Aliens” 3’s Comp. 3’s Comp. blackish blackish Guest Book Guest Book Frasier Frasier Dr. Pimple Popper Dr. Pimple Popper (N) Untold Stories of the E.R. Untold Stories of the E.R. Trans Am (N) Bitchin’ Rides (N) Street Outlaws: Memphis Street Outlaws (N) Big Bang Big Bang Goldbergs Fresh-Boat Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld ›››› “8 1/2” (1963) Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale. ›››› “La Strada” (1954, Drama) ›› “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004, Action) Dennis Quaid. (:35) ›› “Deep Impact” (1998) NHRA Drag Racing Route 66 NHRA Nationals. Dumbest Dumbest (6:55) “Pyewacket” (2017, Horror) (:25) “A Sister’s Obsession” (2018) “Above Ground” (2017) (:10) ›› “7 Days in Entebbe” (2018) Daniel Brühl. › “Slender Man” (2018) Joey King. Life of Party (6:25) “Journey’s End” (:15) “Boost” (2017, Action) Nabil Rajo, Jahmil French. ›› “Superfly” (2018) Our House “Beware the Slenderman” (2016, Documentary) “Brexit” (2019)


8:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Ducks at Flames.



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6:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Oilers at Maple Leafs. 9:00 p.m. NET NHL Hockey Canucks at Avalanche.












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AUTO PARTS Automotive-17”steel wheels to fit GMC Terrain or Chevrolet Equinox SUV call 306-6923004 after 5 pm For sale: 4 - 17” rims to fit GMC Terrain & Chev Equinox SUV. Call after 4pm 692-7211 MOTORBIKES & SNOWMOBILES For sale: One snowbear 4 by 8 ft new take off sides, wired with lights. Ph 972-9172 TOOLS & EQUIPMENT For sale: 12 lbs of 1-1/2 gyprock screws, plumbing fittings & water lines, all new material. Ph 972-9172 For sale: New steel black lock & gate handle. Ph 972-9172 FOR RENT

A COZY FURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT. Shared facilities. Heated, lights, water, internet, cable, fridge, stove, washer & dryer and car plug in. No parties. 5 blocks from Saskpolytech. $500.00/monthly paid on the 1st of every month. $500.00 damage deposit required. Please phone 306631-9800 to arrange a convenient time for viewing. Space for Rent Need rental space for your community event, club


activity or weekly meeting? The Bridge Community Centre is available at 303 Coteau St. West on South Hill! The building features an Upstairs Chapel with seating for 60 people, built in sound-system and audio-video interface (projector and screen). Downstairs features a performance stage, seating for 80 people, kitchen and washroom facilities. Call 306-692-6792 or tsstabell@ to book your onetime or recurring spot today! For Rent: Three bedroom house (one bedroom is on main floor) for rent, just 2 blocks walk of downtown Moose Jaw.  Rent $850 per month.  Call 306.692.8456 or 306.880.4656. For Rent:  Bachelor Suite on the ground floor with own entrance from outside for rent in Moose Jaw.  Rent $450 per month.  Call 306.692.8456 or 306.880.4656 MUSIC & INSTRUMENTS For sale: 1 big black speaker on stand with tuning buttons. Ph 972-9172

MISCELLANEOUS For sale: 027 scale. 640-7149. Plastic Frozen place table mat - $2 306-681-8749 Dishwasher utensil basket - $2 306-681-8749 55 gallon Rubbermaid brute garbage can - $20 306-6818749 Ice fishing shelter, ice auger, underwater fish camera, fish locator and large commercial fridge. 306-642-1365 Metal rack - $2 306-681-8749 HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Set of 6 rose bowls, selling all together - $5 306-681-8749 Brown Bi-fold closet doors for sale:  One louvered bi-fold closet door: 30” x 75”  and one brown bi-fold door 35” x 80”. $20 each.     Phone 306-6920158 after 4:00 pm. Kenmore deep freezer 42 by 33 deep. 10 cub ft. Kenmore white fridge 65 high by 31 by 30. Kenmore washer & dryer year 2010. Ph 972-9172 For sale: I new all black sway leather foot stool. Ph 972-9172 For sale: Black couch, makes into bed $300. Desk $10. 4 End tables $10 ea. Lamp $15. Newer Singer sewing machine $125. Set of dishes & other kitchen utensils. Phone 6930882. 4 sale: Temperpedic twin bed fully adjustable head and foot sections, very good condition, also has massage

PERSONAL CLASSIFIEDS Add a picture, sell your things with Moose Jaw’s Homegrown Newspaper


mode, comes with remote control, mattress and base pad in excellent condition. Asking $800.00 obo paid over $2800.00 new. For viewing call 306-631-2384

Unique coffee table for sale. 42” in diameter. $45 obo. 306693-1427 WANTED Wanted: kids pedal tractor. 40’s to 50’s GMC, Chev, ford 1/2 ton with old restoration would be nice. VW Beetles or Kharmannchia. 640-7149

WANTED 3500 CHEV OR GMC 4X4 WANTED 1 TON DUALLY 4X4 1995 OR OLDER CHEV OR GMC REGULAR CAB, MAY CONSIDE 2 WHEEL DRIVE. 306 642 3225 H 306 640 7149 Cg I am looking for a John Deere L or LA tractor in any condition, or parts. Call or text 306-6414447 I am looking for a Lever or

Pump action 22 Rifle, as well as a Chipmunk 22 Rifle either magnum or long rifle. Call or text 306-641-4447 I pay cash for tractors up to 50 HP, with 3 point hitch, running or not, and 3 point hitch equipment, Call or text 306641-4447 Free pickup of your unwanted garden tillers, snowblowers, generators, and lawn tractors in Moose Jaw and area. Call or text 1-306-641-4447 I will pay cash for your unwanted guns, in any condition, gun parts, ammo, in Moose Jaw and area, references available. Pick up a location that suits you. Call or text 1-306-6414447 Wanted Hunting, fishing items, freezer and fridge. 306-6421365 SERVICES I have worked with battered woman, foster children, seniors with dementia & Alzheimer’s if you are in need of help. Please call 972-3455 Junk to the dump in and around Moose Jaw - $35 and up 306-681-8749 Efficient service reasonable rates, Light housekeeping/kind companion care. References supplied upon request. Please contact Denise at 306-9833976 Will pick up, move, haul and deliver furniture anywhere in and around Moose Jaw - $35 and up 306-681-8749

Will do general painting & contracting interior & exterior. Free estimate 30 years experience. Phone 306-972-9172 Will fix & sell Lewis cattle oilers. Ph 972-9172 PROFESSIONAL NURSING FOOT CARE- Receipts may be used for income tax or insurance reimbursement. Meagan Newans, Licensed Practical Nurse/Certified Foot Care Nurse providing foot care to MJ & surrounding areas. Diabetic treatments available. Please call Meagan @ 1-306313-0385 HELP WANTED Wanted someone who knows painting & contraction who is not working or is retired and can come when is needed for work. Ph 972-9172

Got something you’d like to sell? Trying to find something special?

Co-op honours four long-standing employees at retirement banquet Matthew Gourlie

In this day and age, not many people spend their whole careers with one company. Tuesday, the Moose Jaw Co-op honoured four employees who spent all or most of their working careers at the Co-op. “It’s becoming a rare thing when you can gather to celebrate 20, 30 or 40 years in a company,” said Greg Karmazenuk, who is retiring after managing the meat department in Moose Jaw for 22 years. “I am both fortunate and proud to have worked for the Co-op for 41 years. It doesn’t happen unless you have the support of your team members and great leadership from the management team as well. I was fortunate enough, in my career, to have both.” Karmazenuk, Rick Cartman, Steve McDougall and Steven Ward were all honoured at a retirement banquet at the Heritage Inn. Recently retired Moose Jaw Co-op general manager Gerry Onyskevitch also spoke at the event. Cartman said he didn’t even really know what the Co-op was when he first started working there as a 15-year-old in 1974 in

Steven Ward, right, Greg Karmazenuk, Steve McDougall and Rick Cartman were honoured by the Moose Jaw Co-op at a retirement banquet Tuesday. Matthew Gourlie photograph his small town. His mom said he should get a job and that the Co-op was hiring. He returned to the company in 1983 in Swift Current and then moved to Tisdale and finally to Moose Jaw, where he has served as the grocery department manager.


He said whether it was a first job or your career, working at the Co-op was a great experience. “I saw a place where sometimes people started out as a student. Sometimes people started mid-career, but there was a good opportunity for a lot of people to

work at the Co-op,” Cartman said. “I’ve been proud of it. Some of my staff have gone on to become teachers, nurses, politicians, pastors, GMs... there’s been a variety or people. “It was a good career for me.” Karmazenuk began working at his local Co-op as a stock clerk in Carman, Man. when he was 17 and worked his way up to running the meat department. Onyskevitch praised Karmazenuk for helping turn around the local meat department when he moved to Moose Jaw 22 years ago and making it profitable by offering the quality that customers expected. McDougall was a stock clerk in the grocery department. He worked at the local Co-op for 39 years and met his wife there. Ward worked as a courtesy clerk in the grocery department. He began working at the Co-op as a work experience placement and became a staple of the store. His co-workers remembered his ever-present smile and said the customers were already missing him.


Call 306.694.1322 or email

High Quality, Barely used pallets. FREE for the taking! Located at the rear of

32 Manitoba St W

Hurry! Limited supply available!


PAGE A24 • MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Happy 100 th Birthday Mac Barber Originally from the Buttress, Crestwynd, and Mitchelton districts but now living in Chilliwack BC. You are a wonderful father, father-in-law, grandfather and great grandfather. This is a great milestone and we wish you many more years of good health and happiness. You are a very special person and we love you dearly! Love from your entire family

90 Birthday

Phyllis Johnstone's 

  60 Athabasca Street East  306-692-0533 Minister: Rev. Jim Tenford  Music Director: Karen Purdy    

 Sunday, May 14th, 2017   Worship Service 10:30am  & Sunday School

St. Andrew’s United Church

Local home buyer’s market continues

On the Front Porch

By Ron Walter | For Moose Jaw Express

Continuing on a slide, average house prices in Moose Jaw slipped last month below $200,000 for the first time in over five years. The average price of a local home sold on MLS in January dipped 9/10ths of one per cent to $199,600, according to the Association of Regina Realtors monthly report. Price was down 8.3 per cent from $217,600 a year ago. Fewer for sale signs went up. New listings of 50 properties declined from 63 last January. “The bright spots right now might be the amount of choice that buyers have,� commented Rob Rayner, manager of operations for the association. “That could be very positive heading into spring.� He acknowledged this is a buyer’s market.

by Wanda Smith

Blues Buster

The first couple months of the year in our Saskatchewan climate prove to be challenging with lack of sun, cold temperatures, long winter and other situations unique to our area. I think we have all felt a little unmotivated, sad or discouraged in the early parts of the New Year. I admit I have. As I grow “more matureâ€? I realize there are some pretty basic ways to combat the seasonal blues. These are some tips I’ve learned that help me out of my slightly sad state and maybe they will help you get a leg up on winter. First of all, throw open the blinds and curtains and let the sun shine in or at least lighten up the room. With the sun on a lower angle in the winter, it will shine in the windows nicely. Take your daily dose of vitamin D while lying in the sun and have a nap on the couch or on the floor (as my dad used to do). Secondly, purpose to get yourself out of the house and meet someone for coffee or even “people watchâ€? in the mall or restaurant. I’m a fairly independent individual and don’t like to ask for help but I took a leap and messaged a friend a couple weeks back to meet for tea. It helped me to get through a slump I was in. After writing “Unfinished Businessâ€? a couple weeks ago, I actually inspired myself to get a list of projects I’d like to finish and started to tackle them. It took my mind off of the desperate cold and long winter and gave me a goal to work towards with a feeling of fulfillment when I could cross each project off my list. There is something to be said about tackling that to-do list! It was satisfying to see the results of completing the Christmas quilt I’d started for my sister, of painting an armoire that has needed some updating for years and tackling my pile of recipes I’ve collected for a couple decades. If I can get out into the fresh air, this also helps to improve my mood. When Hubby cuts wood, I like to help stack it; there’s something positive about working together in the fresh air and being productive. Take a brisk 277 Iroquois St W walk, even if just around the block or down the lane. Moose Jaw, SK On warmer days, open windows and get some fresh air Next Service: February 24, 10:30am blowing through. I’ve done this several times this winRev. Walter Engel ter, which helps to chase away germs and stale air. Something I haven’t tried but would be interested in testing is a sunrise alarm clock. Have you heard of such a thing? It mimics a sunrise, gradually adding brighter  light as it gets closer to your morning wake time. You  can also find ones that have various types of sounds to wake up to such as waves on a beach or sounds in a Personally, I’d like one with the songbirds of the NORTH WEST PALLISER –forest. 150 Homes prairies. Although I am a morning person, I struggle get up when Minimum Pay $19½¢ per tohome or it isn’t light out. I think this would be an optimum way to get up... working with my body’s PER WEEK natural rhythm. Along with the natural ways we can improve the long, *Valid driver’s license & vehicle required. cold days of winter, we can also spend time soaking up the Son... Jesus... If we ask, He will pour out His SW SOUTH HILL – 500 Homes Worship Service, February 24th, 10:30 am love, peace, hope and joy in the midst of the hard times. Minimum Pay 19½¢ per home or“The righteous cry out and the Lord hears Psalm 34:17 Minister: Rev. Tim Ellis them; He delivers them from all their troubles.â€? Stay PER WEEK Music Director: Bruce Learmonth warm and be blessed!  These routes will *Valid driver’s license & vehicle required.     

Jenna & Kyle Adelman & Family Welcome


Born Feb 1, 2019

Celebrating Inclusion For All

60 Athabasca Street East 306-692-0533 Minister: Rev. Jim Tenford

Music Director: Karen Purdy • Choir Director: Jenna Nash

10:30 am Worship Service & Sunday School

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Worship Leader: Joan Rennie-Laing

Annual General Meeting after the Lunch in the Social Hall

E-mail: Facebook: Website:


St. Barnabas

Traditional Anglican Parish Now worshipping at

27 Hochelaga St. W., Moose Jaw

The beautiful home of Central Lutheran Church Holy Communion Book of Common Prayer Sunday 11:30 am (new time) Coffee & fellowship after the service For more information contact: Fr. Glenn Galenkamp, Rector 306-691-2715

All Are Welcome!

Better Water Solutions for your entire home.


2 Moose Jaw Express ADULT



Zion United Church


Average Carrier can do about 100 homes per hour!

High quality water delivered to your home or office Better water brings out the best in your family


270 Caribou St. W.

not last... so

ow! or Got anavevent N e Call D story? Best Carrier Pay in the Industry! local 23


Better water for better living



Moose Jaws one stop for all your flyers.

0 690-9


Carrier for EXPRESS.COM





306-694-1322 or

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Keeping grains clean will keep access to global markets By Ron Walter | For Agri-Mart Express


Mervyn Peter Reader Mervyn Peter Reader passed away on Monday, February 11, 2019 at the Lakeview Pioneer Lodge in Wakaw, SK at the age of 73 years. Mervyn was born December 2, 1945 to Peter and Lily Reider. Mervyn lived in White Fox, SK, until he was 6, when they moved to Prince George, BC. The family moved back to White Fox, SK. 3 years later, where they stayed through his school years. Merv moved to Saskatoon, and while there, began dating Sharon Walker. They married on July 2, 1966. During this time, Merv started working for what would become the Sask Water Dept., spending over 30 years with the company. Merv and his family settled in Moose Jaw, but his work saw him travelling all over the province. Towards the end of his career, he and Sharon moved to the town of Wakaw. After his retirement in 2003, Merv took his love of travelling and turned it into a retirement job, as he began trucking for Yanke. He and Sharon were able to travel all over Canada and the US, visiting family and friends along the way. Merv loved his time spent coaching his sons, and being the “team dad” for countless kids over the years on the ball diamonds, football fields, and basketball courts all over the country. He was even more proud watching his grandchildren perform in games, matches, concerts, and plays. Merv leaves behind many who loved him, including his two sons: Shane (Reanne) and Jamie (Cheri). His grandchildren: Emilie Reider, Sophie Reider, Treyton Reider, and Logan Reider. His siblings: Edwin Reider (Eileen), Walt Reider, and Debbie Starkell, as well as many nieces, nephews, relatives, and friends. He was preceded by his parents Peter and Lily Reider, his wife, Sharon, and his son, Shannon. A special thank you the nurses and staff at the Lakeview Pioneer Lodge nursing home for the loving care they have shown him. A graveside service was held at the Garrick Community Cemetery on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 11:30 a.m. followed by a luncheon at the Garrick hall. Donations in memory of Merv may be directed to a charity of personal choice. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Marc Blondeau of Kushneryk Funeral Service, Wakaw, SK, 306-2334403.

Beverly Ann Waller, aged 73 years of Drinkwater, SK passed away peacefully on Thursday, February 14th, 2019 after a long fight with Alzheimer’s disease. She was born on August 24th, 1945 to Gordon and Anne Williams. Bev will be sorely missed and is survived by her husband, Ken Waller; children: Kim (Kevin) Gulka, Kris (Wendy) Waller, and Stacey (Aaron) Gamble; grandchildren: Krista, Dayna, Naomi, Morgan, Sydney, and Kaleb; brother, Daryl Williams; sisters: Sandra (Gord) Miller, Karen (Emerson) Koch, Kathy (Jack) Gadd, and Terry (Stu) Gadd; as well as many nieces and nephews. Bev was raised on a farm near Bayard, SK and graduated from Briercrest High School. She married Ken in April 1967 and settled into their forever home on a farm just outside of Drinkwater, SK. She was a busy lady with an active hand in farming, raised 3 great kids, played baseball (coached by her mom Anne Williams), and gardening…using her 3 kids as slave labour. In 1984, Bev started working in the kitchen at St Anthony’s Home and later moved over to Providence Place, retiring in 2008, never to see that place again!! Little did she know as Alzheimer’s took her deeper into confusion, she returned to Providence Place, but as a resident this time, after a knee replacement caused the illness to take a much stronger hold. Special thanks to the wonderful staff at Providence Place where friends and acquaintances continued to care for Bev during her remaining years. The Funeral Service will be held on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in Moose Jaw Funeral Home. Chery Thul officiated and interment will take place in Drinkwater Cemetery at a later date. As an expression, donations in Bev’s name may be made to The Moose Jaw Humane Society, Box 1658 Station Main, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7K7. Arrangements are entrusted to Moose Jaw Funeral Home, 268 Mulberry Lane. Michelle Surtees Funeral Director 306-693-4550 www.



Crop producers need to do their part in keeping access to international markets

for their grain. Canada needs to maintain its reputation as a safe reliable supplier. That was the message from a panel led by Karen Churchill of Cereals Canada at Cropsphere this year. Access is crucial; 90 per cent of canola, over 80 per cent of wheat and over 80 per cent of pulse crops must be exported. Her presentation noted risks to market access come from different requirements by buying countries. “Canada’s exports must meet the needs of our customers which are not always the same as Canadian regulations,” she said. Exports have been impacted with the entire 2018 durum crop lost to the Italian market from safety concern pressures over glyphosate residues. China turned back canola shipments over blackleg. The European Union in 2011 rejected lentils over glyphosate residues with rejected cargoes and associated costs of product recall reselling the cargoes and demurrage. That was addressed by handling and segregation of crops, development of rapid MRL tests and communications with growers. Importing country markets regulate crop imports to protect plant, animal and human health with complex rules paying close attention to pesticides, pesticide residues, seed technology and biotechnology as well as diseases like fusarium and blackleg. Different standards of maximum pesticide residues (MRLs) come into play in various markets such as the European Union. The industry is meeting the challenges with a “keep it clean” campaign urging growers to prevent rejection of shipments by best practice uses of pesticides, fungicides and insecticides but absolute farmer co-operation is needed. Farmers can inform themselves about best practices and trends on the website The website offers tips, lists acceptable chemicals and information on meeting requirements to keep export market access. Grain handlers at port can trace grain back to the farm where it was grown. Farmers should use only acceptable pesticides, always read and follow label instructions, store crops properly, use infection reducing practices and grow disease resistant varieties. Ron Walter can be reached at


Got something you’d like to sell? Trying to find something special? Please include the Moose Jaw Health Foundation in your estate plan to help your community for generations to come. Please contact us for more information. Moose Jaw Health Foundation 55 Diefenbaker Drive Moose Jaw, SK S6J 0C2 Phone (306) 694-0373


Obituaries & Memorials 3.3" X 4" in Full Color

Picture included Approx. 200 words – $100 Additional Inch – $25/inch Email:

(306) 694-1322

As the Largest Funeral Service Provider in Moose Jaw, We offer you ON AND OFF location Reception Spaces Tradename for W. J. Jones & Son Ltd & Parkview Funeral Chapel

Jones Funeral Home 106 Athabasca St E 306.693.4644

Parkview Funeral Chapel 474 Hochelaga St W 306.694.5500

On-Site Reception Room, at our Parkview Site

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COMING EVENTS Please note that coming events are placed where space is available and that priority is given to local non-profit groups and organizations.

INTRODUCTION TO DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS PROGRAM will take place on Wednesday February 20 at 6:30 PM in the South Meeting Room, at the Public Library. This program is open to all those 13 and older. No registration is necessary. In this program you will learn about Dungeons and Dragons, what you need to get started, and how to create a character. The basics will be covered, like terminology, game-play and required resources so you can get started with your friends. No preparation is needed, but it’s a good idea to think about what kind of character you want to play! Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. THE GOOD FOOD BOX has started again for the new year. The dates are as follows: Feb. 20 money due, pick up GFB Feb. 26 / March 6 money due, pick up GFB March 12 / April 3 money due, pick up GFB April 9 / April 17 money due, pick up GFB April 30. BEREAVED PARENTS Grief Support Group for Parents who have experienced the death of a Child Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 20; 7:30pm to 9:00pm at Crescent Park Event Centre 262 Athabasca St. E. Everyone is Welcome. TELEMIRACLE TEA put on by the residents at Athabasca Towers, 610 Second Ave. N.W. on Wednesday, Feb. 20 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the apartment complex. Admission will be $5. Receipts will be issued for donations. Information is available by calling 306-694-6016. UPCOMING PERFORMANCES AT THE MAE WILSON THEATRE, MOOSE JAW Snowed in Comedy Tour at the Mae Wilson Theatre on Feb. 21. For tickets, call 306-693-4700 or visit the box office at 217 Main Street N., Moose Jaw PRAIRIE HEARTS QUILT GUILD meets at 7:00 pm on Thursday February 21 in the Masonic Temple. Members will need to put on their thinking caps for trivia night! The mini block challengers will reveal their latest work and the UFO group will show their last work. Visitors are welcome. FEEDING BABY FAMILY FOODS PRESENTATION with Melanie Warken, Dietitian, Saskatchewan Health Authority will take place on Thursday, February 21st at 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the Public Library. Do you have an infant starting solid foods? Join in for tips on how to establish a healthy feeding relationship with your baby, signs that your baby is ready for solid foods and ideas on how and what to offer your baby. Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. TOWN & COUNTRY SINGLES DANCE will be held on Saturday, Feb. 23rd from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am at Church of Our Lady Community Centre, 566 Vaughan Street; Band: Len Gadica; Come on out for an evening of fun! Married couples welcome! Cost $14:00. Midnight lunch included. Information available by calling 691-6634. A CANADIAN FIREARMS SAFETY COURSE will be held in Moose Jaw on Saturday February 23rd. This is a one day, 8-hour training course for those wishing to obtain their Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) for non-restricted firearms. This is the license required for most hunting rifles and shotguns. For those wishing to obtain their Restricted Possession and Acquisition License (for handguns and restricted long guns) a course will be held on Sunday February 24th. You must have passed the nonrestricted course prior to the restricted course. After the required 8 hours of training you will then take a written and a practical test. After passing these tests you will receive the paperwork so you can apply for your PAL. The courses will be held at the South Saskatchewan Wildlife Assoc Range (276 Home St East, Moose Jaw). The cost of each course is $125. For further information contact Nolan at (306) 3137715 or HIGH TEA will be held at Hopkins Dining Restaurant on Sunday, Feb. 24th from 2-4pm. Please call to reserve. For more information go to website WWW.HOPKINSDINING. COM . SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE for those who have experienced the death of a Loved One by Suicide Next Meeting: Wed. February 27; 7:30pm to 9:00pm at Crescent Park Event Centre 262 Athabasca St. E. Everyone is Welcome.


We Direct Bill Insurance Companies!

G 4 GRANDMOTHERS Meeting Feb. 25,( Mon) at 1:30 pm at St. Aidan Church 124 - 1st Ave East. Please use the 1st Ave. side door. Part of the Stephen Lewis Foundation ( a registered charity) to raise funds to help AIDS Orphans & their Caregivers in ; funding schools, food banks, medications, health clinics and more. New members welcome. Meet nice people while helping others. It takes a village to raise a child and we’re part of the global village. Call 306-693-3848 for info. The Moose Jaw Branch of Saskatchewan Genealogy Society will be hosting Sandra Messner, one of our local branch members. Sandra will be presenting an introduction to German/Russian genealogy and will provide some useful websites to explore and share some maps and resources she has at the MJ Public Library, Herb Taylor room, Tues, Feb 26, 2019 at 7 PM. Everyone welcome. BOOK CLUB FEATURING THE BOOK RU BY KIM THUY will take place on Tuesday, February 26th at 7:00pm at the Public Library. Translated from the French, Ru is the somewhat autobiographical story of a Vietnamese child of war escaping to Quebec and the difficulty of straddling multiple cultures and identities. Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. HEALTHY LIVING PROJECT FOR NEWCOMER WOMEN AND GIRLS Workshop for Organizations in Moose Jaw who are interested in being involved with this project will take place February 28th from 2-4pm at the Moose Jaw Newcomer Welcome Centre, 432 Main St. N. Contact Lily @306.692.6892 or settlement. NOON HOUR SLIDES AT MJ PUBLIC LIBRARY THEATRE February 27: Gayle Jones (Trans-Siberia Rail) March 6: Nikki Jacquin (Travel with Cultural Connections Painting Tours) March 13: Karla & Chris Rasmussen (Southern Saskatchewan – Treasures in Our Backyard) March 20: Rod Stutt (Cities of the American Northwest) March 27: Elaine Stutt (Europe) April 3: Stuart Anderson (Duncan, BC – Land of the Totem) SUNDAY SUPPER WITH JASON CHOW will be held on March 3rd @5:00 p.m. at the Masonic Temple, 1755 Main St. N. Pasta and all the fixings; desserts and refreshments. Tickets:Adults $20/Children 6-12 yrs $10/ Under 5 yrs FREE. Deadline for tickets February 24th; available from MBC members: Al Rivers 306.684.1502 or Lynne 306.693.2726. GRIEFSHARE 13 Week Recovery Seminar and Support Group for People Experiencing Grief and Loss will begin on March 5th at 2:00 p.m. at Minto United Church. Each week features a video of nationally recognized experts on grief recovery topics with time for discussion. Cost $25 includes workbook. For information and to register call Minto United Church 306.693.6148. SCREEN TIME AND THE BRAIN WITH LAYNE PETHICK AND KRYSTAL HAWKINS, sponsored by the Early Childhood Coalition and the MJ Public Library will be held on March 6th at 7:00 p.m. at the MJ Public Library Theatre. ANNUAL MOOSE JAW GUN SHOW will be held SAT MARCH 9,2019 from 10 am -5pm and SUN MARCH 10TH from 10am-3pm. The show will be held at the Moose Jaw Exhibition Convention Centre 250 Thatcher Dr East. This show sponsored by the South Saskatchewan Wildlife Association will feature over 160 tables of Firearms new and old, reloading supplies collectibles, Outdoor supplies, Hobby crafts, baking and much more. Admission is $5.00 for adults and children under 12 are free (when accompanied by adults). For further info contact Al 306 631 6601. SUGAR SHACK AND SHOW on Saturday, March 9 from 5:00 at École Ducharme, brought to you by L’Association communautaire fransaskoise de Moose Jaw. Join us for a celebration of French-Canadian culture! A traditional sugar shack meal will be served, including tourtière, ham, pancakes, maple taffy on snow, and much more! The evening will finish off with French Canadian stories and songs performed by le Pére Garneau et les Rats d’Swompe. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. with supper at 5:30 and the show beginning at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for the supper and show are $20 for adults, $15 for kids between 10 and 16, $10 for kids under 10, and children two and younger are free. Tickets for the show only are $10 for adults, $5 for kids 16 and younger. For tickets, call 306-692-8112 or email MARCH MADNESS – A Two-Day Shopping Extravaganza will be held on Saturday March 16th from 11am-3pm and also on Sunday, March 17th from 11am3pm at the Heritage Inn. Free to Attend. Gift bag draws full of items from the vendors available to be won on Saturday at 1pm/3pm/5pm and 7pm. Vendors: Magnolia and Vine/ Scentsy/LipSense/Elevacity/Thirty One Gifts/Epicure/Pruvit/ Young Living Essentail Oils/Tupperware/PureTrim/Terra Firma Rocks and Crystals …and more. ZION’S VILLAGE FLEA MARKET – Fri, Mar. 22 1-6 p.m., Sat, Mar. 23 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Zion is looking for entries for their upcoming flea market. Application will be accepted on Tues, Feb. 26, they will be processed on a first come first basis, apply early to avoid disappointment. $25/ table, maximum three tables. Table rentals are not confirmed until payment is received. For more info please contact the church office at 306-692-3842 or Annette at 306-694-1020. Church office will be closed the week of Feb. 18-22. “AN EVENING OF LOVE, HOPE, FAITH &

RESILIENCE” Fundraiser for Heartland Hospice Moose Jaw Will be held on Thursday, March 28th from 6:30-9pm at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre, Mae Wilson Theatre featuring guests: Greg and Leone Ottenbreit. They have navigated Life’s greatest losses and victories. They will share how their profound love, deep faith, undying hope empowered them to find the resilience to rise up and thrive. Delicious Hors D’oeuvres; beautiful music; inspiring people, along with silent auction opportunities…all for a compassionate community cause makes for a powerful evening to remember. Tickets are $25 and available through the Theatre Box Office; Charge by 306-693-4700 or online at SASKATCHEWAN BASEBALL HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM deadline for nominations to the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame is March 15, 2019. Call 306-446-1983 for further information.” SHOW AND TELL WITH PRIDE at the Western Development Museum on Saturday, March 16th at @ 2:00 p.m. You are invited to share a story or object of LBTQ2+ significance with others. Special guests from the WDM Corporate Office will be on hand speaking about an upcoming LGBTQ2+ History project. Free event. Regular admission applies for Museum galleries. Refreshments to follow. ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION – Branch 59 Moose Jaw, 268 High St W: Contact 306-692-5453 Like us on Facebook @ Royal Canadian Legion Branch 59 Moose Jaw. VETERANS’ MORNING COFFEE - Monday-Saturday @ 10:00 am CRIBBAGE - Tuesdays @ 1:30 pm - Please sign-in by 1:00 pm DARTS - Thursdays in the auditorium @ 7:00 pm - Nonmembers & New Players are welcome SUPPERS - Fridays @ 5:30 pm - Please purchase tickets by the previous Wednesday SHUFFLEBOARD – Fridays @ 7:00 pm - Drop-in League Everyone welcome MEAT DRAW FUNDRAISER - Saturdays @ 3:00 pm Everyone welcome FOOT CARE CLINIC for Legion Members – 28 February please call for an appointment MEALS-ON-WHEELS – Looking for a coordinator & volunteers for Mar 4-9, and Sept 30 - Oct 4. Only ONE HOUR per day of your time. Please contact the office 306-692-5453 LEGION COLOUR PARTY (flag bearers) needs new members. An information meeting will be held Sunday, February 24th at 12:30 pm in the Legion Lounge. Please consider joining. LEGION TRIVIA NITE – Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 11th!! MOOSE JAW & DISTRICT SENIORS’ ASSOCIATION @Timothy Eaton Garden – 101-510 Main St N. For more information or the regular listing of ongoing daily events call 306-694-4223 or mjsenior@ Mini Cribbage Tournament will be held on Wednesday, February 27th from 1-4pm. Cost $5. Please register in advance. ONGOING PROGRAMS: EVERY WEEKDAY 7:00 am Billiards, Walking Track/MONDAY’s: 10:30 Fitness; 1:00 Crib the board game, Painting; 7:00 pm Billiards, Pickleball, Mat Bowling/TUESDAY’s: 10:00 Line Dancing; 1:00 Paper Tole, Painting, Whist, Pickleball, Floor Shuffleboard/WEDNESDAY’s: 10:30 Chen Tai Chi, Fitness; 10:30 Cribbage, Pickleball/THURSDAY’s: 10:00 am Pickleball; 1:00 pm 500 Cards, Paper Quilling; 7:00 pm Billiards, Floor Shuffleboard/FRIDAY’s: 10:00 am Jam Session; 1:00 pm Floor Curling, Kaiser, Nickel Bingo, Floor Shuffleboard, Pickleball COSMO SENIORS’ CENTRE, 235 Third Ave. N.E. For more information call (306) 692-6072. Line Dancing Classes are held on Thursdays from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Cosmo Centre. Fee: $3 per session. Newcomers are welcome. For more information, call Donna Douglas at 306.692.7365. Military Whist Tournament will be held on Friday, February 22nd at 10:00 a.m. Cost $12 includes lunch and snacks. Mini Cribbage Tournament will be held on Tuesday, February 26th at 1:00 p.m. Cost $5 includes prizes and snack. Mini Canasta Tournament March 8 at 1:0 p.m. Cost $5 includes prizes and snack. Mini Bridge Tournament on Friday, March 15th at 1:00 p.m. Cost $5 includes prizes and snack. Social Dance with Band Leon Ochs on Saturday, March 16th at 8:00 p.m. Cost $14. Lunch provided. Pancake Breakfast on Tuesday, March 19th from 8am10pm. Cost $6 pancakes/sausages/coffee-tea. Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 21st at 1:30pm. Mini Cribbage Tournament on Tuesday, March 26th at 1:00 p.m. Cost $5 includes prizes and snack. Cosmo Fundraiser Steak Night at the Crushed Can will be held Thursday, March 28th from 5-9pm. Cost $20. Tickets available now. ARMY NAVY AND AIR FORCE VETERANS, 279 High St. W. Phone 306.693.1656. Anavets Meat Draw held every Saturday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. Everyone Welcome. Pool on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. Contact Rick for more info @ 306-631-9116.

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Market Place REAL ESTATE

140St Main into your life! Kaitlin Hammel 684-4675 Frank Hammel 684-9491 140 Main N St N Kaitlin Hammel Katie Keeler 690-4333 684-4675 Frank Hammel 684-9491 Keeler 631-8069 690-4333 306-694-5766 631-0886 Katie Lori Keeler Sonya Bitz 631-8471 Beth Vance 306-694-5766 631-0886 Lori Keeler 631-8069 Sonya Bitz 631-8471 Beth Vance of Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw

Spacious 4 level split, NW Crescent 3 bedrooms This home is completely finished move right in!! Open upstairs, master with ensuite. 3rd level with family room concept living/dining area, dark maple cabinets in kitchen, with fireplace, 4th level with den, games room and center island. Garden door to deck. 6 Bedrooms. detached garage. 3 bathrooms! Triple garage! So much more, a must to see! nhouse. Large foyer,utility. Single Numerous REDUCED!!updates have been done! Over 1100 sqft Ideally located condo.

arge windows in living deck. Maple cabinets, sland, breakfast bar. s and extras!

Built 2010, 3 bedroom bungalow over 1600 sqft Sunningdale! 5 bedrooms! 3 bathrooms! Large Excellent starter or revenue property!! Centrally Room for everyone and everything!! Over 3500 sqft of located. Large kitchen with an abundance of updates. foyer, vaulted ceilings, large living room, maple cabinets Ample cabinets, counter space, pantry and eating bar, living space. Stunning chef’s kitchen, open dining area, island in kitchen. Formal dining. Garden door to in kitchen, corner pantry and breakfast bar. Dining Lots of counter space in kitchen. Patio doors to deck. main floor laundry, 3 bedrooms. Garden door to Basement developed. Double room with garden 2doors to deck.unit Developed Good size living room with bay window.Investor Main floor entertaining Excellent size deck. starter Lower level developed. ½ blockdeck. off Main Street! Over 1300 sqftattached condo garage with 2 REDUCED! opportunity, 3 suites! bedroom on mainlower level. home! Step saver kitchen, Double attached garage. REDUCED!! Spacious living area,laundry. ample 2 DOUBLE GARAGES!! bedrooms, 2 baths. Large living dining room

floor, 1 bedroom unit upstairs and the basement is a bachelor unit. Excellent location on Alder Avenue.

Main floor laundry with adjacent entry way leading to the cabinets in kitchen, bright dining area. Insuite laundry. back yard, detached garage. 2 bedrooms. Appliances Wheel chair accessible. Detached 2 car garage. included. REDUCED!!



Saturday, Feb. 23






combination. Lots of cabinets in kitchen. Glassed in balcony. Elevator. Underground parking. REDUCED!


We have 11 Agents Ready to help. Stylish and contemporary with a Striking 2 1/2 story design with spacious open concept mainARE timeless original design We your floor! 3 Beds, 3 Baths! A Must elements! 4 Bedrooms with See! large 4th floor loft! Home Town  Team in   Real Estate!


Lovely 3 Bedroom family home in a great quiet neighbourhood!

Beautiful 4 bedroom bungalow, ideally located near walking paths, scenic views!


MOVED! Laurie Lunde

(306) 684-2704 OUR NEW LOCATION:

Seniors Real Estate Specialist

A Beautiful Life Awaits You! Serving Moose Jaw, Regina & Area Fax: (306) 693-2112 • 138 Fairford St. W. Moose Jaw, SK S6H 1V3 •

521 Ominica St W

602-940 Bradley St

514 Saskatchewan St W

1166 Coteau St W

214 6th Ave E (Gravelbourg) Barb Carrobourg

Attention Military Families Juanita Brownlee is proud to be part of our 15 Wing Family. Call her for any of your Buying or Selling needs.

CALL Juanita 306.313.1759 Laural Hunt

RealtorÂŽ Residential, Commercial, Farm and Property Management


306-694-4747 324 Main Street N. Moose Jaw, SK

Derek McRitchie


Amber Tangjerd


E.G. (Bub) Hill


Bill McLean


(306) 631-1161 (306) 681-9424 (306) 631-9966 (306) 630-5409

white cabinets, appliances included. Sunny living room adjoins formal dining area, sliding door to deck. 2 bedrooms upstairs. Cozy family room, bedroom, laundry down.



1166 Coteau St W 1229 Hochelaga St W $209,900 $175,000

E.G. (Bub) Hill

Great Potential in this Two and Half Storey Enjoy small town living,3 bedrooms on the Home Main Floor features Kitchen, Living main floor and two of the dens in the Rm, Dining Rm with Original Hardwood basement are also used as bedrooms. Main under the carpet....with a good sized floor laundry entire basement has been bedroom on the back extension..Base- renovated. Updated windows, shingles, ment is undeveloped, 100 Amp Electrical central air and high energy efficient furnace. Service. 2nd Level has 4 Bedroom and 4pc The gazebo on the deck has a cover that has Bath. 3rd upper Level Loft is partially been removed for the winter. The natural developed, with 2 piece Bath...$216,900 gas barbeque is included in the listing $214,900 1040 sq ft 3 Bedrooms 2 bath . Developed 2 bathrooms, some updated flooring, REALTOR ÂŽ Lower Level with a second kitchen, Family spacious single detached garage (approx. 16 Room and 2 Dens, 3 Piece BathDouble x 26) and is set up for a BASEMENT SUITE! Detached Garage (24 x 26), Maintenance extra off street parking space, great for a REALTOR ÂŽ Free Fencing updates included: New small RV of trailer. Beautifully Maintained Shingles New Exterior Doors, Main Floor Property in the Palliser Area and has the REALTOR ÂŽ option off extra income all for a great price!! Carpets, some Updated Windows

Bill McLean


Excellent condo on a desirable corner lot park area across the street with a play ground basement has been finished with a family room and three piece bathroom. The laundry is conveniently located on the second floor. Easy access with on street parking beside the unit. One of the better condos in that complex.

Great Potential in this Two and Half Storey Home Main Floor features Kitchen, Living Rm, Dining Rm with Original Hardwood under the carpet....with a good sized bedroom on the back extension..Basement is undeveloped, 100 Amp Electrical Service. 2nd Level has 4 Bedroom and 4pc Bath. 3rd upper Level Loft is partially developed, with 2 piece Bath...

Farmers’ assistance to build public trust encouraged Amber Tangjerd (306) 681-9424 (306) 631-9966


306 313-1759

RealtorÂŽ Residential, Commercial

260 Ross St W

521 Ominica Street W. Moose Jaw, SK


324 Main Street N. Moose Jaw, SK

(306) 631-1161

Juanita Brownlee

RealtorÂŽ Residential, Commercial

1-70 Caribou St E


Derek McRitchie

Brad Bokinac



Freshly renovated property, with gleaming original Hardwood flooring on the main, new carpeting on second floor, freshly painted, newer fixtures and more. Main Floor features a spacious kitchen, large dining area and Living Room Area main. Second Level has 3 good sized bedrooms and full 4piece Bath....Lower Level is partially developed!

Professionally Landscaped Yard and a HEATED GARAGE . The main floor features an updated kitchen, formal dining room with French doors leading to the family room. The family room also has doors leading to the spacious deck and patio area. 3 large bedrooms and a full bathroom ,finished basement!


(306) 630-5409 By Ron Walter | For Agri-Mart Express  Re-building pub- ing trust as reciting facts.  AGRIMART lic trust in agricul- Farm Food Care Saskatchewan conducts a number of EXPRESS $124,900 share values from the chef series A Taste of ture is the themeFOevents R SAto L E Saskatchewan – over 100,000 people reached – to food of Farm FoodBeau Care tiful 2 bedro om, 2 bathroo m Co o 2 Mulberry La andnd Bright, clean, and newly renovated! Windows have been updated student tours. Saskatchewan.Comple #4 - 21influencer ne tely updated wit LOOKING FOR AN AGENT THAT ISKitchen PART OFcountertops, A STRONG h all new granite throughout most of the house. appliances, bathtub computer des Tour counter participants range from chefs, travel bloggers, diAnd building trust with consumers is necessary,tops,Clint ktop and buff et. Both bathro surround, and vanity are all new. To top it all off, there is a metal roof so all new granite oms counter tops. All new floor cov columnists no need to worry Monchuk, executive-director of Farm Food CareConSaserinetitians, gs and fresh pai film producers to editors, newspaper about replacing shingles.TEAM? Did I mention there is a main PROFFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE nt throughout. do features jus t under 1400 sq sunroom. Single ft. 4 season floor laundry?! Cozy 2-bedroom home with no hassle. carand students – all with huge social media impact. katchewan told Cropsphere 2019. atta che d garage Fireplace. Water softener and rev , Natural Gas erse osmosis, 7 If bar you need The events have moved the with 60 perhelp cent ofwith Taste selling your home, buying a new home, or Surveys by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity show app liances All this for unde r $300,000. they now have a better a decline in trust since 2016, partly caused by 2017 links of Saskatchewan visitors saying investing in real estate in the new year, give us a call today! OPEN SHOWING S Wednesday understanding of agriculture. in the media of cancer and the chemical Roundup. July 4th, 2-3pm Friday July 6th , 2-3pm  Sunday Jul From culinary tours, very positive attitudes went to From 2006 to 2016 positive attitudes by Canadian cony 8th, 2-3the pm Wednesday July 11th, 2-3pm sumers to agriculture increased from 49 per cent to 61 80 per cent from 57 per cent, while nutritionist attitudes    Agents Welcom wente from 47 per cent to 91 per cent positive. per cent. $164,900 In the two years following up to 20l8, the positive atti- Monchuk said individual farmers can speak up and contributewith to building tudes slid to 55 per cent. “Very pleased ad- trust by posts on social media — Face- Cozy, well-maintained 2 bedroom home that is affordable! Updates Erosion of trust can result in policy changes as evidenced book, Twitter and Instagram. include newer windows, flooring, siding, shingles, kitchen cabinets, and vertising in the Moose by California wanting to crack down on Roundup/gly- Farm Food Care Saskatchewan offers tips and training on newer appliances throughout the house. The basement has been framed and dry-walled for a 3rd bedroom, and a newer partial fence has just Jaw Express. 10 people the website phosate. been built. With all of this plus a single car garage, there's not much TWYLA DORIS TERESA KIMleft DOREEN at 1st showing -“CONmove in. Farm Food Care Saskatchewan is an organization of ag- to do but Telling consumers about farm practices will help build Tondevold Lautamus Thompson Robson Heinbigner riculturalSeverstakeholders – commodity groups, manufactrust, but the means of telling them is critical toDO building SOLDâ€?710 Main St. N. (306) 692-9999 turers, food processors. distillers, RMs and government trust. al showed up for 2nd — with a focus on increasing public trust in agriculture. Just sharing facts and figures won’t do. Talking about showing to be turned Information is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. Subject to omissions, prior sale, changes or withdrawal without notice. Not intended to solicit properties already listed for sale shared values is up to five times more important to buildaway! Print advertising Ron Walter can be reached at


(to book a priv ate showing time please leave you phone number r name and in mailbox. we will call you to set up a time)


works! Glenn Christianson

710 Main St. N. (306) 692-9999 *Ad approved December 28th. Not intended to solicit those already in a Brokerage contract.

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∞Limited time lease offer from Honda Canada Finance Inc. (HCFI), On Approved Credit. Lease example based on a new 2019 CR-V LX-AWD CVT, model RW2H2KES/2019 Accord 4D 1.5T LX-HS CVT, model CV1F1KE/2019 Civic Sedan LX 6MT, model FC2E5KEX for a 24/24/42-month period, for a total of 104/104/182 weekly payments of $127/$122/$68 leased at 1.49%/0.99%/0.99% APR. 40,000/40,000/70,000 kilometre allowance (12 cents/km excess charge applies). Total lease obligation is $13,159.81/$12,661.63/$12,376.23. Lease obligation includes freight and PDI of $1,795/$1,655/$1,655, Federal air conditioning charge, engine block heater, wheel lock, tire levy and other applicable fees except PPSA lien registration fee of $30.00 and lien registering agent’s fee of $6.50, which are both due at time of delivery. No down-payment required. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. Dealer may lease for less. Offer valid from February 1, 2019 through February 28, 2019 at participating Honda dealers. Offers valid only for Saskatchewan residents at Honda Dealers of Saskatchewan locations. Offers subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. Offers only valid on new in-stock 2019 vehicles. While quantities last. Dealer order or trade may be necessary. Visit or your Saskatchewan Honda dealer for details. *None of the features described are intended to replace the driver’s responsibility to exercise due care while driving. Drivers should not use handheld devices or operate certain vehicle features unless it is safe and legal to do so. Some features have technological limitations. For additional feature information, limitations and restrictions, please visit or refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

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Moose Jaw Express February 20th, 2019  

Moose Jaw Express February 20th, 2019

Moose Jaw Express February 20th, 2019  

Moose Jaw Express February 20th, 2019

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