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Community Gardens Farmers’ Market Coming Aug. 25 Matthew Gourlie — Moose Jaw Express

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The Yara Community Gardens annual Farmers’ Market will be expanding this year. The 12th annual edition of the event will feature a local trade fair to go along with the pancake breakfast and the farmers’ market that features produce grown in the local community gardens. “All of the produce that we sell is donated from the gardeners themselves in our pesticide-free gardens, with all proceeds going to Hunger In Moose Jaw and their various programs. Hunger In Moose Jaw’s Child Nutrition Program is where the bulk of the funds go,” said Jeremy Zacharias, garden co-ordinator for the Yara Community Gardens. “This year, Riverside Mission has partnered with us again, as well, in hosting a pancake breakfast at the farmers’ market. We’re glad to be able to partner with them in that. We’ve expanded the farm-

ers’ market to a little bit of a trade fair hosted by some of our local gardeners.” The Yara Community Gardens will be holding one farmers’ market on August 25 from 8 a.m. to noon on the 200 block of Home Street West.

“It continues to grow every year ... to expand and look for new opportunities to serve the whole community of Moose Jaw.” - Jeremy Zacharias, garden co-ordinator The Community Gardens will also host a Pumpkin Harvest Festival for the


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eighth straight year on October 13 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Pumpkin Harvest Festival is held on Grey Avenue beside the East End Diamonds. The event is also hosted in partnership with the East Side Community Association. “This year we’re having a bit of a farmers’ market at the Pumpkin Festival as well,” Zacharias said. The Yara Community Gardens began in 2006 and continues to grow in its 12th year of operation. “It continues to grow every year and this year we’ve added a number of raised garden beds as well for seniors and even just for folks who don’t need the stress and strain of bending,” Zacharias said. “We’re up to 36 garden boxes this year and we continue to expand and look for new opportunities to serve the whole community of Moose Jaw.”

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Are you covered in the event someone is injured on your farm or your farming practices or personal acts cause damage to their property?

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Early signs point to strong tourist season Matthew Gourlie — Moose Jaw Express

Official numbers won’t be in for awhile, but all signs are pointing to a strong tourism season in Moose Jaw. “Anecdotally speaking, every business I’ve spoken to, July has been amazing. August seems to have really picked up at our centre for sure,â€? said Jacki L’Heureux-Mason, executive director of Tourism Moose Jaw. The official provincial numbers for 2017 were released two weeks ago and visits from within Canada went up 9.4 per cent from the previous year — well ahead of Canada’s overall growth rate of 2.1 per cent. Visitor spending increased by 10.4 per cent compared to 2016 as visitors spent $1.88 billion in 2017. L’Heureux-Mason said they will receive a more detailed breakdown of the Stats Can numbers from 2017 soon and she is curious how Moose Jaw compares to the rest of the province. “Regina and Saskatoon took a huge growth, so I’m anxious to see how that reflects on us,â€? she said. It was a slow start to the year with unseasonably cold spring weather coupling with a bevy of construction and infrastructure projects turning the city into a maze of closed roadways. “We had a sluggish early spring and I was getting a little‌ not nervous because we know when we get our phone calls from people planning their trips in the spring we know we’re going to have a good summer,â€? L’Heureux-Mason said. Tourism Moose Jaw expanded their tourist information booths downtown. L’Heureux-Mason said that


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their visitor numbers are up by 12 per cent compared to last year and even accounting for the increased locations, that’s a positive sign. “Our numbers have really expanded down there, so that tells me that downtown is really bustling,â€? she said “When we’ve talked to restaurants to check in on numbers, overall everybody seems to be pleased. “We’ve noticed a huge influx from Manitoba. That’s been one of the ones that’s come to us a little more frequently than we noticed in the past. We did do a trade show in Manitoba, so that could have some impact on it.â€? Considering that there haven’t been any major concerts this summer or other one-off events that may draw an influx of visitors into the city, the trends are even more positive. “I think RuBarb helped us get off to a strong start for our August with Mary Poppins,â€? L’Heureux-Mason said. “We have Sidewalk Days in July which has really started to turn into a bit of a draw. Considering there hasn’t really been that one big ticket item, it’s good.â€? In fact, L’Heureux-Mason feels that some of the big events that they hosted a year ago are still drawing people to city after the national spotlight shone on Moose Jaw. “We strongly feel that all of the incredible organic marketing we got last year from One Horse Town, Rogers Hometown Hockey and the Amazing Race was great. There was just so much‌ bang, bang, bang, bang. I think we’ve only started to see that return,â€? she said.

“I think it’s going to be something even greater.� The summer hasn’t been without its challenges for Tourism Moose Jaw. Their trolley hasn’t been running this summer which means that their own numbers will be down for the year. They’ve also used the Wrapture Limosine party bus to still offer their Daytime tour and their Ghost tour daily. “We had a major breakdown so instead of investing more money into that, we decided to complete the rebuild that we were working on in the spring and just didn’t quite get done before the season started,� L’Heureux-Mason said of their old trolley. “We’re not sure when we’re getting back, but at this point we’re using the Wrapture party bus to do tours so we can get out there and stay relevant. They’ve been great to us.� Tourists have felt the city has been great to them as well. While it appears more people are visiting the city, the people that are coming are leaving more positive feedback than usual. “We get feedback and we know that you get about one positive comment for every 10 negative comments. That’s just human nature,� L’Heureux-Mason said. “We’ve found, this year we got several extremely positive message on social media which is nice. We always hear how surprising it is how much there is to do here. That’s great, but what we’ve been hearing this year is just the quality of the service people have been getting and people have been thrilled with their options for dining.�

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MLA for the Moose Jaw North Constituency

The Farm Safety Program provides funding to eligible projects that focus on farm safety education and training that engages producers and farm families in adopting safe farm practices and/or education and training on mental health issues affecting farm safety. Learn more at Saskatchewan.ca/farmsafety 326-B High Street West • 306-692-8884 • moosejawnorthmla@shaw.ca • www.warrenmichelson.ca • Open 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday



Our family cat went missing near Normandy Dr. and east General Cr. If you know his whereabouts, please phone 306-694-2003.

M&M Glass With Class The brand-new Crystalplex boards and glass are in place at Mosaic Place, ready for the new hockey season.

Safer impacts, better sightlines among chief benefits for new rink infrastructure Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

Mosaic Place is now a little more modern – and safe – when it comes to hosting hockey games. The City of Moose Jaw partnered with the Moose Jaw Warriors this fall to install new Crystalplex boards and glass, with the new infrastructure completing installation last week. The entire project took about two weeks from start to finish, with technicians from Athletica Sports Systems seeing to the installation. Mosaic Place workers soon after began laying down the ice surface, with the rink ready for action this week. “It went really well and you can definitely see how much better it is,� said facility operations manager Dave Senger. “Fans will notice the difference, for sure.� The main reason for the replacement – at a cost of $446,313, shared by the city and the Warriors – is player safety. The glass is set into the boards and attached to a spring-loaded system that allows it to move and flex with impact. The Western Hockey League mandated the replacement several years ago, with Moose Jaw one of only three teams not to have it in place prior to the 2018-19 season. “There’s no question it’s a lot safer,� said Senger. “Having the glass able to move like that really makes a difference when it comes to taking hard hits, a lot of the impact is absorbed.� The effect is exactly as seen in National Hockey League games, where big hits will see major backand-forth glass sway as the system does its job. That’s no coincidence, either: the same Crystalplex 6A systems are in use in 29 NHL arenas.

The system comes with a major improvement in fan views. Not only are the individual panes much wider, there are fewer sightlines blocked, meaning fans behind the glass will be able to see the action that much better. The arena staff themselves also benefit when it comes to conversion times and replacing broken panes. Where the old glass would micro shatter and require a painstaking process to replace, Crystalplex glass takes a fraction of the time. “It’s a lot quicker because you aren’t using a suction cup and forklift; it’s just two guys hand lifting with suction cups lifting it out and putting it back in,� Senger said. “And this glass won’t shatter; it’ll just crack, and we have one spare for every piece. So basically, a broken sheet of glass at a Warrior game will be replaced in two minutes. There’s no clearing of glass or anything like that.� That also helps when taking down the glass during mid-hockey season events like concerts and trade shows, since the glass can be removed from the boards far quicker and easier than in the past. The ice was installed as usual, taking about eight hours using the Jet Ice system to paint and put down the first surface covering. Building up a coating about an inch thick took four days, with the brandnew, unmarked sheet ready for the Warriors Kids Camp on Monday morning. “So the little guys will have the first chance to skate on it and put the first puck marks on the boards,� Senger said with a laugh.

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Military Whist Tournament


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City needs to celebrate grand opening of Moose Jaw’s rebuilt High Street Just a few months ago, Moose Jaw’s High Street was judged the worst road in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Motor Club’s online vote selected this wide, usually well-driven street as the worst in all of the provby Ron Walter ince. Such a citation stings. It heaps bad publicity on the City, the city council, previous city councils and on Moose Jaw in general. It was, as our mayor said, not the kind of thing we want to be remembered for. Moose Jaw’s putrid smelling and horrible tasting water was once the butt of jokes and guffaws about this city. The water smell and taste matter has been admirably solved for decades. Still, every once in a while, we meet someone who asks about that awful water. Stories about shoddy service, poor facilities and that kind of issue tend to jog memories better than good news.

That is especially true of people who have a passing interest in the matter: people who live far from here and don’t receive much news about Moose Jaw. I’m reminded of the Moose Jaw resident who taught English in Mexico the year after wild fires damaged much of the B.C. interior. Most of the Mexicans he met thought all of the West had burned out and will think that way until a spectacular news event changes their minds. The point is: memories of High Street’s terrible road will linger province-wide for years after the street becomes one of the best in the province. To change the general impression of High Street, and of Moose Jaw, we need to do something special that focuses attention on the new, improved High Street. A news conference on the street with a photo opportunity for the mayor simply won’t do the street justice. The businesses on High Street have suffered enough for two consecutive years of construction. Since the City chose to ignore their pleas for compensation up to $25,000 per business, the City owes them more than a photo-op for the mayor. In fact, the City and all those previous councils that

allowed the High Street fiasco to happen, have a responsibility to those businesses and the city’s reputation. The City should not stand by and wait for better things to happen like the solar energy snow removal policy. One suggestion to make the province aware that the worst road of the year was fixed within months of selection would be a celebration. The repair of High Street is a big deal for all of us, not just the businesses and drivers who use the street so much. What we need is an event with a parade, food, music and a carnival to celebrate and get Moose Jaw’s new High Street on the map and in the news. You can be certain most High Street businesses will take part to reclaim two years of lost business. There is precedent for this celebration. The South of the Bridge Days on South Hill started as an event to make people aware the Fourth Avenue Bridge was open after a long closure. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net

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Those Guys donate $1,325 to Hunger in Moose Jaw Matthew Gourlie — Moose Jaw Express

After holding their largest Father’s Day car show yet, Those Guys Car Club made their biggest charitable donation, as well. The local car club donated $1,325 to Hunger in Moose Jaw following their annual car show in Wakamow Valley. “From our car show, we gathered $1,325 to help out Hunger in Moose Jaw for kids who don’t get school lunches,” said Kevin Brown. The club began five years ago and has grown to 14 members. Their first car show drew approximately 125 cars, but this year’s was the biggest yet with 230 cars total, including the club cars, on display. The funds were raised through local businesses that supported the car show. “We went to different businesses in town and they bought a little advertising section on our posters. We got about 20 or 25 businesses that donated,” Brown said.

Sharla Sept, executive director of Hunger in Moose Jaw, accepts a cheque for $1,325 from Kevin Brown from Those Guys Car Club. Pictured: Tyler Hadley, left, Corey Hadley, Sept, Brown, Darren Neufeld and Jody Potter from Those Guys Car Club. Matthew Gourlie photograph

The donation is greatly appreciated by Hunger in Moose Jaw. “They donate every year,” said Sharla Sept, executive director of Hunger in

Support your local farmers and your health at the same time by Dr. Steven Heidinger, Moose Jaw Chiropractor I remember well the farmers’ market my mother used to take me to when I was young. It was fairly elaborate (at least I thought it was, but then I was a young kid and probably thought everything was elaborate). The whole market was housed in a permanent warehouse type building, which made it nearly a year-round weekly event. I grew up in the fruit belt in southern Ontario, so from August to October the smell of fresh apples and other fruit just hit you in the forehead the second you walked in the building.

Moose Jaw. “It’s fantastic.” The summer is the slowest time of the year for Hunger in Moose Jaw, but in a matter of weeks a number of their

I have been attending the farmers’ markets here and the predominant produce seems to be the greens. The local growers appear to be flush in green leafy vegetables. We all know they are good for us, especially when locally grown. Here is one very good reason to visit the market and select your greens for the week. Nitrates. Here is a word which I suspect many lay people would have a negative connotation toward. When I hear the word “nitrate”, I immediately imagine salty salamis and other processed meats. In reality it is “nitrites”, specifically sodium nitrite, the preservative in many cured meats that is potentially cancer causing. Dietary nitrates can be converted into “good nitrites” like Nitric Oxide (NO), or in certain circumstances may be converted into the more dangerous cancer-causing nitrites, the ones involved in the curing and coloring of meats. I just want to touch on the good nitrates, the ones you will be getting at your local farmers’ market.

programs will kick into high gear. “We have programs starting up again right at the start of September,” says Sept. “We’re still doing about 300 lunches. We anticipate around that number again this year. Community kitchen programs will start back up, the community gardens are growing well this year. We’ll get our pre-school going again in September.” Their ‘I Bought A Lunch’ fundraiser will launch at the end of October and Hunger in Moose Jaw has a new fundraiser coming up in a month. Their first ‘Fall into fabric’ sale will take place at Zion United Church on Sept. 15. “It’s a fabric sale and we’ve been accepting donations since April,” said Sept. “People can donate fabric, yarn and craft supplies all of the way until Sept. 14. They can drop it off at our office.”

Nitrates, found in most green leafy vegetables, are mostly converted to the beneficial NO after you ingest them. Because the vegetables are also rich in antioxidants, your body is less likely to convert the nitrates to the bad nitrites. NO is good for the body as it promotes blood vessel health, improving blood flow and the transportation of oxygen around the body. This especially helps the brain and the heart. Here are some of the more common vegetables typically found at the farmers’ market this time of year, all of which are packed with healthy nitrates: - Beet greens, - Swiss chard, - Butter leaf lettuce, - Arugula, - Leaf lettuce, - Rhubarb, and - Cilantro Be good to your heart and the local economy, get up early and get to your farmers’ market.


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Do you have what it takes to put your name into the ring for City Councillor?

Due to the recent resignation of Councillor Don Mitchel, a Byelection is needed to fill the vacant seat on Moose Jaw City Council and has been set for Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018. If you are interested in being a candidate and running in the 2018 Byelection, information packages are available for printing through the City’s website: www.moosejaw.ca/election/by-election2018 . Alternatively, the packages can be picked up at the City Clerk’s office, 2nd floor of Moose Jaw City Hall, 228 Main St. North. The nomination period opens Monday, August 27 at 9:00 a.m. and closes Wednesday, September 12 at 4:00 p.m.


Byelection Workers Needed

July 27, 2018

Candidate Information Packages Available for 2018 Municipal By-Election Moose Jaw – The City of Moose Jaw advises that Candidate Information Packages are available for anyone interested in running in the 2018 Municipal By-Election. By-Election day has been set for Wednesday, October 17. The By-Election is needed to fill a vacant seat on Moose Jaw City Council, following the resignation of Councillor Don Mitchell. Candidate Information Packages are available for printing through the City’s website: www.moosejaw.ca/election/by-election2018 Alternatively, the packages can be picked up at the City Clerk’s office, 2nd floor of Moose Jaw City Hall, 228 Main St. North. The nomination period opens Monday, August 27 at 9:00 a.m. and closes Wednesday, September 12 at 4:00 p.m.


Media Contact Craig Hemingway, Communications Manager City of Moose Jaw Phone #: 306-694-4406 C: 306-513-8980 E-mail: chemingway@moosejaw.ca

Workers will be needed on By-election day and at the five advance polls (to be held between October 3-15). The City is currently seeking to fill the following positions: • Poll Supervisors • Deputy Returning Officers (Ballot receiving officers) • Poll Clerks (Ballot issuing officers) Past election experience is an asset, but not required. Training will be provided. Application forms and details on remuneration are available online at https://moosejaw.ca/election/by-election2018 or at the City Clerk’s Office, 2nd Floor, City Hall. Completed applications will be accepted at the City Clerk’s Office or by email: elections@moosejaw.ca on or before August 27, 2018. For additional information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 306-694-4426.

Early Learning Deaf and Hard of Hearing Pilot Program At the end of July, the Government of Saskatchewan announced that a new early learning pilot program for preschool-aged children who are deaf and hard of hearing, or connected to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities, will open in Regina and Saskatoon this fall. The program will be delivered through a partnership with the Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and Regina Public Schools. One half-day program will operate in both Regina and Saskatoon, with up to 16 three and four-year-old children in each program. Parents or guardians of program-eligible children who are deaf and hard of hearing are encouraged to apply by contacting Regina Public Schools or the Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Association directly. Additionally, siblings, cousins or family friends of a similar age, as well as children or family members of deaf and hard of hearing individuals are encouraged to apply in order to build communication and social skills and encourage ongoing learning and interaction.

The Children Communicating, Connecting and in Community pilot programaims to provide quality early learning environments, including professionals who work to reduce communication barriers by facilitating language development and communication skills for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Families are encouraged to be active participants in their child’s learning. “Success in school and in life begins with access to education,� Regina Board of Education Chair Katherine Gagne said. “We are grateful to the Government of Canada, and the Government of Saskatchewan for helping Regina Public Schools, and Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services offer this pilot that will benefit children from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. This pilot project will provide more support for preschool-aged children and will help build a solid foundation for our youngest learners.� “In order to flourish, Deaf and Hard of Hearing students need a language rich learning environment that fosters

a sense of belonging,� Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Executive Director Nairn Gillies said. “All children need an environment that is welcoming and is designed to meet the needs of the students. I am so proud to be able to partner with the community to create accessible preschool programming, with a strong focus on parent engagement.� This pilot program is funded through the Canada-Saskatchewan Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, found at http://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/newsand-media/2018/march/16/early-learning-and-child-care, which runs until 2020. This agreement provides nearly $41 million in funding to Saskatchewan toward accessibility, inclusivity and quality in early learning and child care. To apply in Regina, visit http://www.rbe.sk.ca/early-learning To apply in Saskatoon, visit http://sdhhs.com/preschool/



“ â€?         Rooms including care service starting at

“I'm really excited about all the changes happening at Chateau. I would be happy to meet with families wanting to know about our care programs�

$2,450/month Independent Living Suite starts at

Bonnie Hallet, Director of Care.

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“Creating a warm, friendly and home-like setting for our residents is top priority� Tanya Legare, Facilities Manager

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What legacy will you leave


Lumsden-Morse Constituency



Please include the Moose Jaw Health Foundation in your estate plan.


(306) 694-0373


Historic Mortlach-Gravelbourg trail subject of walking tour By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

One of Saskatchewan’s historic prairie trails will have a few days of fame this month. Retired Swift Current museum manager Hugh Henry is organizing a walk/ camp along the old Mortlach to Gravelbourg trail. The walk will take place from Mortlach between August 21 and 25. “I’m interested in Saskatchewan history,” said Henry. “It’s a way to bring attention to history, make new friends, see the environment.” This trail was used from the 1880s until the railway came to Gravelbourg in 1913. Until 1913, Mortlach was the drop off point for new settlers going to the south and was the place where homesteaders sold their grain and bought supplies. The trail was also nicknamed the Gin Trail for the trail of liquor bottles disposed of by famers returning home. Henry says most of the walk will retrace the trail along roads. “Most of the trail is on cultivated land. We have

landowner’s permission to go on some pasture.” While the old trail is visible in spots in the pasture, he said it has been used as a cattle-driving trail and no longer remains in original form. The walk will be accompanied by a vehicle. Each night all vehicles will be brought to camp. Henry has organized two historic trail walks before. “In 2015 we did the trail from Swift Current to Battleford in 18 days.” Previous to that, he did a 20-day walk from Wood Mountain to Fort Walsh, a trail once regularly used by the Mountie patrols. “This walk is a shorter length.” Fourteen people had registered by Aug. 8. Anyone interested in the walk can contact Henry at 306-778-2531 or his email at h.henry@sasktel.net Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@ sasktel.net

Unsolved GMO wheat source causes anxiety for crop scientists By Ron Walter For Agri-Mart Express

The source of genetically-modified wheat found in Alberta will apparently remain a mystery like the source of crop circles and EXPRESS UFOs. No one from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to the leading GMO grain developer Monsanto can determine how seven GMO wheat plants came to grow near an access road in Alberta. Had an observant herbicide applicator not noticed that these plants thrived after spraying, they would still be growing, multiplying and the mystery would not exist. Alberta researchers tested the wheat plants and confirmed they were GMO. Then the mystery deepened. Monsanto last tested wheat in Canada for this trait in 2000, choosing to develop a different path for GMO Roundup-resistant wheat. How did the plants end up in an Alberta ditch 17 years later? Monsanto spokespersons say the plants should not have come from cross-pollination or from wind-blown pollen. The 2000 field trials were done hundreds of kilometres from the GMO wheat find. Adding to the mystery, the wheat variety is not among the 450 varieties in the Canadian Grain Commission’s list of varieties. The variety name is still unknown. Nor does it have any relationship to GMO wheat found in Oregon in 2013 or Montana and Washington in 2014. Neither Canada nor the United States has licensed GMO wheat. The scientific community worries that without knowing the source of the contaminated wheat, another case may crop up at any time. The GMO wheat find led to immediate loss of wheat export markets to Japan and Korea. Both countries have since resumed buying wheat in a show of trust in our food safety system.


Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net


48 00 38 99 4

6 99 11 99 11 BLACK TIGER 79 SHRIMP 3000 3 90 42 49 4



90 CS



Area landmark barn lost after 98 years By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

A landmark barn south of Eyebrow on the road to Mortlach is gone. The MacLachlan family destroyed its grand old barn by fire. The structure had deteriorated beyond repair. The foundation and lower concrete walls are all that is left of the barn. Built in 1919, six years after the railway came to nearby Eskbank, the barn was 120 feet long, 44 feet wide and 46 feet high. According to the Eskbank community history book, Gone But Not Forgotten, completion of the barn was a major event. The community was invited for an oyster supper and dance in the new loft. The barn was built by W.J. Jones and Son, an area builder from Moose Jaw specializing in barns, and the forerunner of the W.J. Jones and Son Funeral Home. The loft was large enough for big wagons to drive around in it. Entrances on the north side led to grain bins with chutes to flow the grain down to livestock.

The lower front portion had stanchions for cattle and horses. The farm needed a lot of help, recruiting harvest workers from the family’s former hometown in Mount Forest, Ontario. Agnes MacLachlan, a widow, and her family got off the train in Mortlach with a car load of lumber from the family sawmill. The native grass, called Prairie wool, swayed one foot high when the first settlers came to the district. The MacLachlan family’s post office was Eskbank, located on the Moose Jaw to Central Butte rail line. The Eskbank grain elevator closed in 1984 and was burned in 2009. A road side plaque commemorates the community and elevator. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@ sasktel.net



















8 OZ







5lbs Sirloin Steaks 7lbs Whole Chicken 10lbs Beef Burgers 7lbs Lean Gr. Beef 7lbs Baron of Beef Roast 5lbs Pork Chops 2lbs Side Bacon 2lbs Cold Cuts 5lbs Spareribs Approx. otal Weight

LB 50 lbs


415 Athabasca St. E., Moose Jaw • 306-692-8833 1801 Quebec Street, Regina • 306-522-7508

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REFLECTIVE MOMENTS Podcast conversation features city’s Cory Churko



888 Main St. N. Moose Jaw, SK

Antilock brakes and traction control system rely on properly operating mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components. Our inspection includes testing the brakes as a complete system.    




Inspect front and rear brake linings and hardware, Check operation of the parking or emergency brake Inspect hydraulic lines, hoses, calipers and cylinders Plus, test the brake fluid or copper content and percentage of moisture to ensure good braking no matter where you travel.

MJE AUG 24/18 BI

Brake Inspection

Please present coupon at time of service for discounts to apply Expires Aug Ϯϰ2018

Oil and Filter Service with our exclusive 30 point courtesy inspection of the most commonly overlooked maintenance items to keep you on the road this summer.  Your Choice of Synthetic blend or Full Synthetic Oil  New engine Oil Filter ($49.95 reg. / $59.95 reg.)  Visual inspection  Test AC vent temperature  Top off all Fluids as required up to 1 liter  Special offer for our exclusive maintenance savings card





Summer Prep Package

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Air conditioning system performance test and report Make sure your vacation is enjoyable with comfortable transportation this summer.      



Test the system pressures and state of charge Check electrical operation of controls and sensors Inspect for leaks or damage Written quote for any service or repairs are required Performance test fee will be applied against recharge or repairs 30 Day Guarantee on Evacuate and Recharge Service



Air Conditioning Test

Please present coupon at time of service for discounts to apply Expires Aug Ϯϰ2018

4 Wheel Alignment

Joyce Walter can be reached at ronjoy@ sasktel.net

By Ron Walter For Agri-Mart Express




Please present coupon at time of service for discounts to apply Expires Aug Ϯϰ2018



888 Main St. N. Moose Jaw, SK


Depending on what you are experiencing, a shake, pull to one side, vibration, or another concern – we can help Inspect wheels and tires, set pressure Steering and suspension component inspection Perform an alignment check and make adjustments Test Drive vehicle to confirm concern is corrected 30 point courtesy inspection included at no charge

Cory’s work with Shania Twain and Kelly Clarkson. Twain’s NOW tour, for which Cory was her musical director, concluded earlier this month in Las Vegas. Her only Saskatchewan concert stop was May 12 in Saskatoon. Cory also plays guitar and fiddle and other instruments with Shania’s shows. Cory revealed some of the behind-thescenes work and the many days and months of rehearsals required to take the show on the road. The podcast conversation also included insights into how the industry has changed over the years, going from more spontaneity to severely automated and scripted staging. They agreed there is nothing wrong with this change but suggested musicians and performers want to “let it rip” but are constrained by being locked in to automated tracks. Both said they learned early in their careers from other musicians on a personal basis, rather than relying as beginners do now on YouTube tutorials. When Cory isn’t with Shania Twain, he and three other musicians are in a band called Toque — a group that exclusively performs Canadian classic music from popular Canadian groups including Loverboy, Streetheart, Platinum Blonde and Harlequin. When Darren isn’t on the road with his production company or doing interviews for his podcast, he’s at home at the Walters Family Dinner Theatre in a beautiful, large converted barn near Bright, Ont. The Walters Family Band still performs at the theatre but the performance season also features top names in the entertainment industry. He occasionally returns to Moose Jaw to handle production for his friend, Brian Edwards, who will bring Frank Mills to the city in October. Darren and Cory agreed they still appreciate what they learned from initial performances with their family bands. Cory was in Moose Jaw recently to attend his grandmother’s 100th birthday celebration and was again on stage in a mini concert with some family members. The podcast can be heard at www.darrenwalterspodcast.com.

Harvest just started after long weekend

Do I need an alignment, tire balance or something else all together?

    

A friend from the entertainment industry has started a podcast series that features interviews with individuals who have achieved variJoyce Walter ous successes For Moose Jaw Express in their careers. Darren Walters, a well-known musician, producer, sound engineer, promoter and musical director began the podcasts earlier in the summer and so far has completed three interviews: Jim Witter, musician; Brian Edwards, promoter; and Moose Jaw’s own, Cory Churko, musician, musical director and so much more. The interviews are lengthy and in-depth and are more conversational than interrogative, offering personal insights into how each became involved in music and made careers out of something they do for the love of it. In the Churko podcast, Cory and Darren talk about their starts: both as members of family-based bands. In Darren’s case, it was with his mom and dad, sister and brother as the Walters Family Band. I hired that group, 30-plus years ago, to perform on the free stage at the Hometown Fair. We have kept in touch all those years. Similarly, Cory joined his mom and dad, brother, sister, and sometimes two younger brothers as part of the Churko Family Band. That band was the most popular group I ever hired to perform at our rodeo dances on the Exhibition Grounds and we were disappointed when the group disbanded. Cory said that during his time with the family’s band, he spent 17 years with Moose Jaw as home base, with 12 of those years on the road, playing weddings, parties and bars, many of them in Ontario. He and brother Kevin wanted to spread their wings and start their own band, and their parents were supportive but insisted the brothers finish their high school first. Cory documents the road they took, first to Vancouver and a band, Underground Outlaws, and then to their separate paths in the musical and entertainment business. Darren and Cory talked extensively about

EXPRESS One per cent of the Saskatchewan crop was in the bin by the end of the August long weekend — in line with the five-year average. Harvest in the southwest and southeast was most advanced with three per cent cut and four per cent swathed or ready to cut. Fifty-five per cent of fall rye was harvested, with 15 per cent of winter wheat, eight per cent of peas and seven per cent of lentils. One per cent of canola had been swathed In general, initial crop yields run from well below average to average with good quality from many fields. Topsoil moisture in both southwest and southeast is below the provincial average. Province-wide, 42 per cent of topsoil moisture is adequate, 40 per cent short and 18 per cent very short. In the southwest, only 16 per cent is adequate with 44 per cent short and 40 per cent very short. In the southeast, which includes Moose Jaw, 29 per cent is adequate with 59 per cent short and 12 per cent very short.

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Serving Moose Jaw and Area Including Regina’s Airport




Hire a Red Seal professional landscaper today!


- Refurbished appliances with 30 day warranty

- Parts - In home service for most large appliances


288 9TH AVE. NW 306-990-1234

11 km south of Moose Jaw on #2 highway Just before the Sukanen Pioneer Museum.

Phone: 306-693-TREE (8733)



Special exhibits mark Sask. Day at WDM Matthew Gourlie — Moose Jaw Express

The Western Development Museum felt that there was no better way to celebrate Saskatchewan Day than to honour the past achievements of the province with some special exhibits, during Saskatchewan Day. The museum was busy as visitors enjoyed the new exhibits, as well as the mainstays of the museum. The K+S Potash Canada Short Line 101 was running and drawing a good number of riders throughout the day. “(Visitors) seem to be enjoying them. I think it’s nice to have some extra things to do besides looking at the exhibits that are normally in the museum,� said Brittnee Dunlop from the Western Development Museum. “We’ve definitely been busier than usual,� Dunlop added. “Our train has been really busy today, so that’s been good.� The travelling exhibit Canola: A story of Canadian innovation debuted, as well. The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum brought the exhibit to Moose Jaw, with the display running until Oct. 21. The exhibit explained how 50 years ago Canadian scientists Baldur Stefansson from the University of Manitoba and Saskatoon’s Keith Downey worked together to develop canola. The pair looked at ways of crossbreeding rapeseed, a little-known plant on the prairies, to create a healthy, edible oil. They were able to crossbreed a rapeseed variety that was low in eruric

Tyce, three, watches as a train goes past at in a display at the Western Development Museum on Monday, Aug. 6. Matthew Gourlie photograph.

cookies which were created in Regina in 1927 as a fundraiser by Cpt. Cristina Riepsammen, automated tellers (ATMs) that were a pilot project at the Credit Union Canada Pioneer Co-Op in Swift Current and debit cards that debuted at Sherwood Credit Union in Regina in 1977. Other original Saskatchewan creations were the Roughriders, Telemiracle, the Snowbirds and canola. There was also a Saskatchewan scavenger hunt in the museum with seven clues that needed solving. There was also a license plate bingo where visitors received cards and tried to match the license plate numbers on their cards to vehicles in the museum.

acid, with another plant that was low in glucosinolates to create canola. The name canola comes from the combination of Canada and the acronym O-L-A: oil, low acid. “The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum is proud to have partnered with experts and associations across the country to showcase this crop and highlight Canadian ingenuity. Canola is a perfect example of the scientific research, technological advancements, precision farming, entrepreneurial leadership and social questions behind contemporary agriculture. It is a story that needed to be shared during Canada’s 150th and canola’s 50th anniversa-

Warren Michelson, Sask Party MLA for Moose Jaw North, looks at the new canola exhibit on display at the Western Development Museum on Saskatchewan Day. Matthew Gourlie photograph.

ry,� Kerry-Leigh Burchill, director general of the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, said in a release. The exhibit noted that the canola industry contributes $26.7 billion to the Canadian economy annually and the industry provides 250,000 Canadian jobs. That was far from the only special display for visitors on Saskatchewan Day. The museum showed six National Film Board short films about Saskatchewan that ranged from 1947 to 2017. There was a “Saskatchewan-inspired� trivia game that invited visitors to guess which seven of the 10 items originated in Saskatchewan. Items included Girl Guide

New long-term flood mitigation program A new long-term flood mitigation program has been announced for Saskatchewan communities. The Flood Damage Reduction Program (FDRP) takes a proactive and preventative approach in helping communities deal with long-term flood mitigation projects. “Since the start of WSA’s Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program in 2011, over 3,400 Saskatchewan clients have accessed $74 million to design and construct both temporary and permanent flood works,� Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA) Dustin Duncan said. “Shifting away from an emergency flood mitigation program to a permanent program allows communities to undertake long-term flood mitigation, reducing the risk of flooding in future years� Each spring since 2011, WSA has launched an emergen-

cy flood mitigation program for immediate support to protect Saskatchewan communities from flood damages. Starting in August, the emergency program will now transition to the FDRP removing the emergency focus and looking more towards long-term projects. The new program that began on Aug. 1 helps municipalities in their proactive planning to address emergencies before they arise rather than repeatedly implementing temporary and reactive measures that stretch a community’s capacity in an emergency. The new program will provide $1.5 million this year and will accept proposals from communities in the following four categories: • Structural projects, where the municipality acts as the proponent for construction of permanent flood works; • Mitigation planning, where municipalities undertake


emergency planning or potential flood damage prevention construction design; • Flood plain mapping projects; and • Hydrologic and/or hydraulic investigations to develop risk assessments. The program will cover eligible costs incurred up to Mar. 31, 2019. Once a municipality applies to the program, the proponent must have prior WSA approval and must secure any applicable regulatory requirements to undertake work. Eligible projects will be cost-shared on a 50/50 basis between the WSA and the proponent. Applications will be accepted until Oct. 30, 2018. For more information on the program contact a WSA regional office nearest you or visit www.wsask.ca.

#6-3 Civic Centre Plaza - 1251 Main St. N (Beside RBC)

Expires Aug 28, 2018

Expires Aug 28, 2018

Expires Aug 28, 2018

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ON NOW AT YOUR PRAIRIE GMC DEALERS. GMCOffers.ca 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the purchase of a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Double Cab SLT All-Terrain, Acadia SLE-1 AWD and Terrain SLE FWD equipped as described. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in the Prairie GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only on select vehicles delivered from August 1 to August 31, 2018. ◊ Offer available to qualified retail customers in Canada on select vehicles delivered to an authorized GM dealer in Canada from August 1 to August 31, 2018. 0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by TD Auto Finance Services, Scotiabank® or RBC Royal Bank for 84 months on GMC Acadia SLE-1 AWD, Sierra 1500 Double Cab SLT All Terrain; or 0% purchase financing for 72 GMC: Terrain SLE FWD. Other trims may have effective rates higher than 0%. Participating lenders are subject to change. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $30,000 financed at 0% nominal rate (0% APR) equals $357.14 monthly for 84 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, for a total obligation of $30,000. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. Freight and A/C charge ($100, if applicable) included. License, insurance, registration, PPSA, applicable taxes and dealer fees not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. General Motors of Canada Company (GM Canada) may modify, extend or terminate offers for any reason, in whole or in part, at any time, without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ®Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. TD Auto Finance is a registered trademark of The TorontoDominion Bank. As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada to verify eligibility. These offers may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Conditions and limitations apply. Void where prohibited. See Dealer for full program details. * Total Credits: $8,800/$650/$1,450 is a combined total credit consisting of $6,050/$650/$450 Delivery Allowance Credit (tax exclusive), $2,000/$0/$1,000 Total Finance Credit (tax exclusive) and $750/$0/$0 Option Package Discount for Sierra 1500 Double Cab SLT All-Terrain/Acadia SLE-1 AWD/Terrain SLE FWD, which is available for finance purchase only. 1 Vehicle user interfaces are products of Apple® and Google™ and their terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible smartphone and data plan rates apply. 2 Whichever comes first. Limit of four complimentary Lube-Oil-Filter services in total. Fluid top-offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc., are not covered. Conditions and limitations apply. See your dealer for details. 3 Whichever comes first. Conditions and limitations apply, see your dealer for details. 4 Visit onstar.ca for vehicle availability, coverage maps, details and system limitations. Services and connectivity vary by model and conditions as well as geographical and technical restrictions. 4G LTE service available in select markets. Requires active connected vehicle services and a data plan to access the vehicle’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. Accessory Power must be active to use the Wi-Fi hotspot. Data plans provided by AT&T or its local service provider. Credit card is required for purchase.

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Musical Friends The group Musical Friends performed at the Aug. 8 Concert in the Park with some folks dancing. Two more concerts are left this season, one at 7 p.m. Aug. 22 and a jam session at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 29. Ron Walter photos.

Every small-town museum displays one unique exhibit By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

The drive to a farm auction near Vanguard was less boring with two sightings of deer. The one sighting was unusual. A doe crossed the road ahead of us. As she bounded into a nice stand of durum wheat, her baby crossed the road, forcing the driver to slow down and avoid hitting it. My friend and I commented on the variable crop conditions, with mostly short stands in the southwest, the occasional tall crop, and plenty of sparse parched fields. The auction had little of interest to us other than a slice of homemade blueberry pie, so we headed into Vanguard with the intention of visiting the museum. But the museum and library branch aren’t open on Monday. The Hodgeville Museum was our next stop. We just made it as the volunteer attendant Terry Scheitel was about to close for the morning. The museum is located in a former Mossbank air training base hospital which moved in 1948 to Hodgeville as a hospital. I found it ironic that entry to the building was 11 steps up. What happened if you had trouble walking? Every small-town museum has one exhibit not found anywhere else. In Hodgeville the unique exhibit is a replica of a meteorite found by local farmer Waldemar

Senft in the 1990s. The 16-pound original is stored in Ottawa. He sold the unusual rock to an American collector not knowing what it was. The rock was later retrieved. It was only the 50th meteorite found in Canada. The exhibits Doe and fawn featured a cool threshing scale model scene with horses, a model of nearby Shamrock in 1925 and displays of clothes, household items, tools and other things. Of course, a mounted coyote observed the Coyote Capital of Canada. Scheitel told us of the difficulty keeping the doors open. From a core of four volunteers, there are only two left in the community. A coffee club in the museum dining room helps keep the place running. The museum is open 9 a.m. to noon Monday to Friday. Heading home, we stopped at the Elkhorn Hotel in Morse for a late lunch of home-made sausage and later, for commercially-baked pie at Caronport. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net

Threshing model

Shamrock in 1925


CITY OF MOOSE JAW NOTICE OF DISCRETIONARY USE The City of Moose Jaw, pursuant to Zoning Bylaw No. 5346 is considering a discretionary use application as described below:


Assessment Roll Notice Village of Brownlee Notice is hereby given that the assessment roll of the Village of Brownlee for the year 2018 has been prepared and is open for inspection in the office of the assessor at the village office from 4:00 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 17 August until 13 September. Any person who wishes to appeal their assessment to the Board of Revision must file their complaint with a $200.00 appeal fee, which will be returned if successful, within 30 days of publication of this notice with: The Assessor Village of Brownlee Box 89 Brownlee, SK. S0H 0M0 Dated at Brownlee, Saskatchewan on 2 August, 2018 Denis Miller, Accessor

Property: Civic Address: 514 Lillooet Street West; Legal Description: Lot 12, Block 180, Plan OLD96; map is available on the City website www.moosejaw.ca Application: The applicant is proposing to construct a “Duplex Dwelling” on an empty infill lot. The property is proposed to be subdivided to allow separate ownership of each unit. Duplex dwellings are a discretionary use within the C2 – High Density Commercial District. The application, and any representations, will be considered by the Municipal Planning Commission on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. in the Scoop Lewry Room, City Hall, 228 Main Street North. The application, and any representations, will also be considered by City Council on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 228 Main Street North. Questions may be directed to Planning and Development Services by phoning 306-694-4443. Written submissions to be considered by City Council must be received by the Office of the City Clerk, 228 Main Street North, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 3J8, by 10:00 AM on Monday, September 10th, 2018 in person or by email at cclerk@moosejaw.ca DATED at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan this 8th day of August, 2018. Myron Gulka-Tiechko - City Clerk

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D.& D. Quality Care

306.694.4747 • 324 Main St N



Lift Chairs


Power Chairs & Walkers Tub Lifts & Ramps


ü Aids to Daily Living ü Mastectomy Supplies/Custom Fit ü Wrist/Back Supports ü Compression Stockings ü Sports Braces/Supports ü Rentals

Supplementary Health, DVA, WCB and SGI approved.



11 Hochelaga St W. www.ddqualitycare.ca

ACROSS 1. Low, flat land 5. Smell 10. Shade trees 14. Type of sword 15. Windmill parts 16. Ark builder 17. Belonging to a regiment 19. Misprint 20. Brassiere 21. Metal bar 22. Delete 23. Collect discarded material 25. Deli item 27. East southeast 28. Aimed 31. Abyss 34. Jaunty rhythms 35. Fury 36. Dagger handle 37. Cotton seed structures 38. Tug 39. Alien Life Form 40. Alumni 41. Moat 42. Term for food poisoning 44. Mayday Daily Sudoku Puzzles by KrazyDad, July 24, 2018 45. Hemp cords 46. Wish harm upon (archaic)

1 7 8 3 7 9 6 6 2 9 4 8 9 8 2 2 6 7 3 9 5 4 2 7

5 2 6 1

Sudoku #7 - Tough 7 9 6 1 8 3 5 8 5 3 7 4 2 9 4 2 1 9 5 6 3 2 7 5 8 3 1 4 6 1 9 4 7 5 2 3 8 4 2 6 9 7 5 4 7 3 1 8 6 9 6 8 5 2 7 1 1 3 2 6 9 4 8

© 2018 KrazyDad.com

8 1



2 4 1 6 8 7 6 9 3 8 5 1 9 2 3 4

Sudoku #5 - Challenging 5 2 6 9 1 7 8 4 3 1 4 8 6 2 3 9 7 5 7 3 9 4 8 5 1 6 2 6 5 2 1 3 9 4 8 7 4 8 1 7 5 2 3 9 6 9 7 3 8 6 4 2 5 1 2 6 5 3 9 8 7 1 4 7 5 4 1 6 2 8 4 2 7 6 5 3 9 3


Sudoku #8 - Super Tough 9 1 7 8 4 2 3 5 6 2 6 5 1 7 3 8 4 9 8 3 4 6 5 9 7 2 1 1 4 2 7 9 5 6 3 8 3 7 8 2 1 6 5 9 4 6 5 9 4 3 8 2 1 7 7 2 1 3 8 4 9 6 5 4 9 6 5 2 7 1 8 3 5 8 3 9 6 1 4 7 2 6 3

Sudoku #6 - Challenging 2 6 4 3 5 9 1 7 8 8 5 7 4 1 6 3 9 2 3 1 9 8 7 2 5 6 4 5 4 6 7 8 1 9 2 3 9 8 2 5 6 3 7 4 1 1 7 3 9 2 4 8 5 6 4 2 5 1 3 7 6 8 9 1 6 4 8 2 3 5 8 2 9 5 4 1 7 7


Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9. If you use logic you can solve thePUZZLE puzzle without guesswork. SOLUTIONS

Need a little help? The hints page shows a logical order to solve the puzzle. Use it to identify the next square you should solve. Or use the answers page if you really get stuck.

The Divine wisdom has given us prayer, not as a means whereby to obtain the good things of earth, but as a means whereby we learn to do without them; not as a means whereby we escape evil, but as a means whereby we become strong to meet it. -- Frederick William Robertson

S U#5 D- Challenging O K U Sudoku

• Affordable living for 50+ • Prime Moose Jaw location, heated parking, elevators • In-suite laundry, rent includes cable and heat • 2 bedroom up to 1200 sq ft • Active Culture for the residents with coffee and card nights • Experienced caretakers

50. Close-knit group 52. Anagram of “Sharp” 54. French for “Friend” 55. Pearly-shelled mussel 56. Greeting 58. Male offspring 59. Angry 60. Kitty (poker) 61. Use a beeper 62. Shooting sport 63. Colors DOWN 1. Seasonings 2. A drama set to music 3. Lawful 4. Japanese apricot 5. Retaliate 6. Cooktop 7. Savvy about 8. Sometimes paired with spaghetti 9. American Sign Language 10. Main course 11. Feelings of allegiance 12. Geographic illustrations 13. Sneaker or pump 18. An unwholesome atmosphere 22. Hens make them 24. Sleeveless garment

26. Anagram of “Star” 28. Diacritical mark 29. Makes a mistake 30. Apollo astronaut Slayton 31. Fellow 32. Stop 33. Having the financial means 34. Usurer 37. French cheese 38. Tease 40. Stare 41. Civet-like mammal 43. Sullen 44. 7 member group 46. Thug 47. Drizzly 48. Overact 49. Bordeaux and Dubonnet 50. Astrological transition point 51. Dwarf buffalo 53. Wings 56. Female sibling 57. Little bit

WORDSEARCH Can you find the hidden words? They may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.


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Get More Colour for Less 44 Fairford St. W., Moose Jaw, SK

Copying Services

Full Colour Copies

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Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes (12x24” and 4x12”) the glazed porcelain tiles illustrate a scraped-cement design, providing a rustic-chic look for any space

We can also design, print & distribute.. for whatever your needs might be. We really like the first day...

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Step Up to a New School Year!

Step up to a new school year! Get ready to do your best. You can do it! Most schools supply the basic items and equipment you need to start, but may expect you to bring some supplies to help out. So, get packed and enjoy this fresh start! ! 1 2 Take an apple to school 2 for a healthful snack! Apples are red, green or yellow! Color this apple your 5 favorite color! Learn to Draw


Auto Mechanics World History







Be prepare d to have a great year!



9 7



__ __

1 12 11

21 16

__ __ __ __

__ __ __ __ __ __ __

19 21 3

25 15 21 18

__ __

20 15

__ __ __ __


5 19 19

25 15 21 18

__ __ __ __ 8

1 18 4

__ __ __ __ ! 23 15 18 11

Little Mouse is excited about the new school year. He has a message for you. Use the alphabet code to see it:

The Real Reason Mary’ s Mary forgot ! f Puf her backpack. Pant! I’ll get it there!

ll o






I’m so excited to swim into my new school!

__ __ __ __ __

mb La

11 G




Study the pictures to fill in the puzzle with names of old 8 and new school supplies and equipment : 10 8




When you are a student, school and homework are your “job.” Arrive prepared every day and you will be able to:

w ed

A __ B __ C __ D __ E __ F __ G __ H __I __ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 J __ K __ L M N __ O __ P __ Q __ R __ __ __ 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 S __ T __ U V__ W Z __ __ X__ Y__ __ 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 H er to School


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Where’s The Meat?

If you have watched any television in the past few months you have probably seen the advertisement for a fast food restaurant that features a meatless burger. What? The orange and brown restaurant that definitely has the best root beer in the world, is now by Dale “bushy” Bush selling a burger with a patty of vegetable-based protein and when the slick, carefully worded spiel was delivered, it was all I could do to not jump in the truck and drive for an hour to our nearest orange and brown drive-through in the city. The short bald man that was so convincing in the ad, encouraged innocent “bystanders” to sample the new sandwich (to call it a burger seems wrong) and with a complete camera crew including lighting guys, sound guys, makeup guys, producers and such, the “samplers” response was predictable... after the releases and waivers were signed and notarized. “Wow! It’s fantastic! I never want to eat meat again! Where’s my paycheque?” Again I fought the urge to hop in the truck for a trip to the city for some root beer and a vegetable-based protein-based sandwich. At least the ad was honest enough to share the manufacturer of the vegetable-based protein sand-

wich as being a “Beyond Burger” from Beyond Meat. The orange and brown restaurant is now Beyond Meat’s largest customer. When I pointed and clicked on the Beyond Meat website, I almost became convinced that fake meat would save the world, end worldwide hunger and keep cows from farting and causing climate change. Again, I fought the urge to jump in my truck and drive to town for a fake meat sandwich. I am not and probably never will be a vegetarian, although I do eat my veggies. That is probably why I seem to be healthy. I am a carnivore and if I was a cave man I would enjoy my mammoth burger with some broccoli and cauliflower for a well-balanced meal and a healthy colon. Unfortunately, my body will know when something is lacking; without meat, who knows what carnage will result. I picture myself becoming weak and pale in complexion, after being without real meat. Perhaps becoming a vampire, if I go too long between meaty meals. I would still come outside during the day to do chores and maybe to hunt for meat. I probably won’t hop in the truck for a big city fake meat burger…or would I? Just by chance, we had to do some shopping in the big city and we (I) had a craving for some root beer so off to the orange and brown restaurant we went for some suds. I read the ad for the fake burger and I must admit; the picture was almost identical to

the other burger pictures so I ordered the pricey fake burger. It seemed like it was a big deal when I ordered it. Because it was not precooked, they needed to cook the burger and brought it to our table. I swear the staff was watching my every bite, but I tried not to let that cloud my judgement in my taste-test of the fake meat sandwich. The sandwich was packed with lettuce (lots of it), tomato (a nice thick slice), a generous serving of onion and the usual mustard relish, ketchup and mayo smothered over the vegetable-based protein patty. The fixings tasted like fixings do and in order to give the patty a fair shake, I ate half of it without any bread or the trimmings. I would like to say that the protein-based fake meat was fantastic and delicious…but I’m not that big of a liar. It was a good thing we had shopped for meat…real meat. Yummy!

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Safety On Our Farms MLAs Column

Warren Michelson Moose Jaw North

Warren Michelson, MLA

Harvest has started for agriculture producers in our area. Every farm family will be putting in long hours during the next few weeks to get their crops in the bin. The anticipated yield is ranging from good, to average, to below average, depending on where the spotty rains


fell. It’s never too early to teach children the importance of farm safety, particularly during these busy times. We were reminded of the importance of safety through statistics provided by SaskPower as they received over 180 reports of farm machinery coming in contact with electrical equipment during seeding this spring. On average, 13 people are killed on Saskatchewan farms each year. In this year’s budget, the Ministry of Agriculture invested in some important programs to improve farm safety including $112,000 to the Agriculture Health and Safety Network (AHSN). Formed through a partnership between the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture and SARM, the AHSN works to improve health and safety on farms through education, service, and evaluation research. Funding is provided to the Farm Stress Line, a toll-free

and hard to source finishing items for your home.

service that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1-800-667-4442. The Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural Societies and Exhibitions also continues to offer the Safety Day Program to school children in rural communities across the province. Additionally, there is a new Farm Safety Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership which provides funding for organizations to promote awareness of farm safety issues and encourage the adoption of safe farm practices in Saskatchewan. The Farm Safety Program provides funding to eligible projects that focus on farm safety education and training to engage producers and farm families in adopting safe farm practices and/or education and training on mental health issues affecting farm safety. There is some very useful information available at www.Saskatchewan. ca/farmsafety. I always remember the excitement of harvest when I was growing up on the farm. Then, as now, children on a farm lived in a workplace – one that exposed them to machinery, chemicals, livestock and other hazards. Fortunately, thanks to good safety practices, teaching those safety practices to children, and diligent supervision, our family had no serious incidents. However, every farming community would have been affected by a tragic accident at some time. The Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Labour Relations & Workplace Safety are striving towards a time when all farm accidents will be history. Please keep farm safety top of mind during harvest and always. While agriculture has advanced greatly over the past several decades, I always enjoy re-living some pleasant history of farming at the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village & Museum’s annual Threshing Bee. It is such a great day starting with a pancake breakfast, an antique vehicle parade, tractor pull and all kinds of interesting demonstrations from the antique village. The threshing demonstration is one of my favourite highlights. The Threshing Bee happens Sept. 8 and 9. I hope to see you there!


June 13 - 30, 2019

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Giller Winner Michael Redhill presents his Literary Thriller by Janet Kilgannon for Moose Jaw Express

That Giller Prize-winning author Michael Redhill happily accepted the invitation to appear at this summer’s Saskatchewan Festival of Words is testimony to the status this festival has on the Canadian literary scene. The Giller is the master of all awards and carries a purse of $100,000. His book, Bellevue Square is a testament to the brilliant writer that Redhill continues to exemplify. Redhill is a novelist, playwright, and poet. For a decade, he was the publisher of the Canadian literary magazine Brick. This may explain the way that he commands the

Authors David Chariandy and Michael Redhill prepare to sign books for their followers and fans.

stage when he is front and centre, but that he is also generous and supportive of other authors in all other circumstances. This reporter must declare a bias. When I read his recent novel, there were times that, after two or three pages, I had to stop and catch my breath. Not just that the story is deeply engaging, but the acumen with which Redhill writes, and his exquisite way with language, can take your breath away. The book shares some similarities with his other novels, as he often bases his books around riddles and life mysteries. He makes Toronto’s Bellevue Square a serious literary locale. It sits between the famous Kensington Market and the Art Gallery of Ontario. (Interesting fact, the City of Toronto just recently demolished the square to prepare a new building site.) The lead character, Jean has a doppelganger. She knows that they traditionally foretell imminent death, so she goes on a pursuit of this Ingrid Fox, who others regularly see in the neighbourhood. We fall into Jean’s identity problem, and we see her life on both sides of the mirror. Is she eccentric or mentally ill? The plot is dramatic and exciting. The literary allusions are vibrant - both Poe and Dostoevsky also write about having a ‘double’. Those who have followed Redhill’s career know that he writes crime fiction under the name of Inger Ash Wolfe. He knows first hand about the trials of having a pseud-

Michael Redhill reads from Bellevue Square. onym. He too has seen life from both sides of the glass. Art imitating life imitating art. Redhill’s story-telling dexterity is unparalleled.

Moose Jaw Express Sponsors the Final Event of the Festival of Words by Janet Kilgannon for Moose Jaw Express

Once again, the Moose Jaw Express was the sponsor for the final major event of the Saskatchewan Festival of Words. And since the topic of the first panel discussion was Newspapers and Beyond, it was only natural that Moose Jaw Express publisher Rob Ritchie, and his son Mark Ritchie of Press Reader, would have words of wisdom to share. It was a lively back and forth, hosted by Angie Abdou. Journalist and reviewer Mark Medley got the ball rolling. “The Toronto Star was my mentor while growing up. I learned about the world, sports, music, movies, books. I was schooled for Journalism. In 2007, the global recession crashed advertising revenues for papers. Smart people have put their heads together for a decade now and still don’t know what to do.” “I fortunately work for the Globe and Mail, the last stable newspaper in Canada. Major newspapers are in a death spiral. Small local newspapers are shuddering. They are late to the tech market. They need more diversity and have cut too many staff.” Author Monia Mahzigh responds as a consumer. She grew up in Tunisia where the media was all state controlled. “Here there is so much fake news - what we used to call rumour and propaganda. Fortunately, in Tunisia we had alternate voices creating underground media unions, and writers providing opposing political ideas.” She adds, “Media has stopped truth-seeking. Journalism is part of our democracy. We need to be informed in an ethical ob-

The second panel featured moderator Mark Medley, Sharon Bala, Kai Cheng Thom, Michael Redhill and Cherie Dimaline.

jective way”. Mark Ritchie, director of libraries for Press Reader, encouraged people to “buy a subscription, and you will have access to 7,500 newspapers from 120 countries. The demands of readers have changed. They want digestible formats. Journalists need more outlets and need to be better paid. They now have to be photographers and videographers, as well as writers. Publishers need to develop reputable brands. Newspapers are getting away from what they are good at - creating content that matters.” Rob Ritchie, publisher of the Moose Jaw Express, asked whether newspapers are dying or being killed. “Print media owners have put profit before product.

Opening panel featured Monia Mahzigh, Mark Ritchie, Rob Ritchie and moderator Angie Abdou.

There is a lack of respect for the reader, and they lose the trust of the people. Papers owned by big corporate groups can be mentally bankrupt. They forget who they were and who needs them.” He sees the value in owning local newspapers. “Don’t shut them down, franchise them. Our MJ Express is hyper-local. We do 40 to 60 local stories every week, covering every topic, and people read it. We support the community but do not answer to interest groups. Good journalism will bring people back. Put out a good product and people will read it.” The final panel, Recognition Matters asked what the proliferation of awards means for books. Kai Cheng Thom said “If you write a whole book you deserve an award. Writers in marginalized communities fear the process of send, send, reject, reject. You know that statistically you will die early, so you don’t have time for 50 letters to publishers and 50 rejections. Stories that are urgent need to be heard by as many people as possible.” Cherie Dimaline said “Festivals are important - being in front of large audiences

and meeting other authors. We reach up to be pulled up and reach down to help others up. Yet we are expected to compete in a difficult market. CanLit was a lovely colonial structure. But Indians are the people of story and have been for centuries. Now we inhabit a side structure, but soon we will rebuild something that fits us all.” Giller winner Michael Redhill knows the stress. “My new book has been in process for ten years. There is actually an emotional toll when awards lists are printed and you are not on a list. It is a terrible feeling and your book can sink out of view. However, those who achieve awards should be allowed to enjoy their success. You don’t have to feel bad when something good happens to you after such committed effort.” That brought the 2018 Festival of Words to a close. See you next July: FoW, July 18 - 21, 2019!

A delicious Saskatchewan breakfast began the morning.

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Karl Subban Shares

by Janet Kilgannon fo

Karl Subban retired from the Toronto District School Board in 2013, after thirty years as a teacher and administrator. He brought his special brand of motivational speaking to the Mae Wilson Theatre, during the recent Saskatchewan Festival of Words. He began with his formative years, in Jamaica. “In 1970, my family moved to Canada. My father was a diesel mechanic and my mother a seamstress. We were sponsored by my uncle, an electrician. I missed mangoes, but I discovered blueberries. I also discovered the power of hockey to unite. It sits at the heart of Canada and has been the source of many of my lifelong friendships”, Subban says. “I also learned an important lesson - when parents make it, their kids will, too.” “We lived in the Francophone area of Sudbury, so I became a Habs fan. Remember Roch Carrier’s story ‘The Hockey Sweater’? That was us. Mostly, I wanted to be like Ken Dryden, and be a great goalie, but also educated. When I met Ken Dryden for the first time, he signed his book for me. He wrote

‘Karl, thanks for being a fan.’ He was always such a great human being.” Today, Subban has three sons, all of whom have been drafted by the NHL. “When PK was young, I would take him to Nathan Phillips Square outside Toronto City Hall to skate on the rink at night. We went every day in the winter, from the time he was three years old. Once the public skate was over, the professional hockey players came to practice. We would stay until two a.m. in order to watch them and share a small part of the same ice.” Subban has a special brand of fatherhood. “I always looked for ways to get our children to do more and be more. My kids also asked to do more. My wife and I decided early on that we would give our kids lots of time and love, and emotional support. My motto has become Clear the way, pave the way, get out of the way”. Sharing his vision, Subban says that the three main ‘callings’ in his life are teaching, coaching and parenting. “Think of each as a circle of influence.

Subban with interviewer Mark Medley, book editor

Then make a Venn diagram where they all intersect. That point in the centre is potential. The key is to

Poetry Slam Competition Tackles Important Social Issues by Janet Kilgannon for Moose Jaw Express

The Friday evening poetry slam was the high-energy event of the Festival of Words. It is even geared for a different audience. The fact that it starts after 9 p.m. gives you some indication. The audience is much younger than those attending most festival sessions, and they are much more demonstrative (think ‘louder’). This year was no different. Shayna Stock, a fine poet herself, again hosted the evening. She reviewed the ground rules. “Snap your fingers for good lines, and help the judges determine the points with clapping. Remember, the points are not the point, the poetry is the point. Applaud the poet not the points.” Andie began the night with words about suicide, the Me-Too movement, and the NRA. Closer to home, she said “they tell me not to distract the boys Nisha shares her view of the world through in school because their education is more important the eyes of a young educated woman. than mine”. Poet Austin riffs on the Dr. Seuss line every side of the field.” “a person’s a person no matter how small.” and uses Charlie spoke about how one “wears their own skin.” it to punctuate his musings on drugs, domestic vio- She discussed how she and her father have markedly different skin tones. lence, aboriginal justice, kidnapping and murder. Kaz rapped his lines out with audience participation. The central performance of the evening was festiHis chorus call out was “Love is good” and our re- val presenter, poet and children’s book author, Kai sponse was “all the time”. He says of religion, “I Cheng Thom. The show was riveting. Some words will only fear God, I will fear no man; Jesus was not of wisdom - “It is your job to explain your frailties, a Christian, he preceded the religion.” Poet Marina and it is your friends’ job to respect them.” Kai is shared her thoughts on sexual orientation, “I played a self-identified “trans femme warrior girl’, whose day job is being a youth counsellor for trans young people. She goes on to explain, “It is amazing what repackaging can do. I am no longer that effeminate Chinese boy but now a transvestite with great bone structure.” The audience loves this poet. Kai Cheng is a brilliant poet and performer. Her poetry structure is always interesting. One poem told her life lessons, hard fought and won, in the format of Lessons 1, 2 3, 4 and 5. One deep and touching piece used the metaphor of poet as poem. “This little poem was the wrong skin tone and had all the wrong body parts. This little poem went to Marina shares her poems about modern-day high school and fell in love with celebrity poems by love.

Shayna Stock was moderator for the Friday evening event. mostly dead white guys. This little poem then met an ironic poem, and this little poem fell head over heels. The ironic love poem kissed the little poem on the lips then said ‘Sorry, I’m just not into poetry of colour.’” Kai is breathtakingly confident and mature in her commentary. Final poetic musings from Kai - “Remember when you thought your words could make magic and your hands could save a life?”

Kai Cheng Thom was the professional guest poet, reading from A Place called no Homeland.

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es his Plan for Success

for Moose Jaw Express

tor and reviewer.

be a ‘difference maker.’ I taught my sons to always take the high road, because it was close to heaven.”

His philosophy includes an understanding of modern parents. “There is currently a crisis among children, because parenting is weak. Either you are an ‘autopilot parent’ who leaves their kids on their own with little guidance, or a ‘designer parent’ who schedules every minute of kids’ lives. Best is to be a ‘lifeguard parent’, teaching your children to swim, then letting them develop, while you watch from the sidelines to keep them safe from the big dangers.” Subban has opinions about today’s youth hockey world. “Too much emphasis is on winning, and not enough on development and fun. We could educate parents better, too. We all need to remember that chasing dreams does not involve following straight roads, and those roads are not paved with gold. You should always be asking yourself what you are doing to be a better parent?” His final word? “I have really loved being at this literary festival. It is so Canadian. Thank God for Canada.”

A Gender-Bending Author Who Tells Evocative Stories by Janet Kilgannon for Moose Jaw Express

Ivan Coyote is a spoken word poet, filmmaker, writer and LGBTQ advocate, who was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. Accolades have followed Ivan’s literary art, and the CBC has referred to Ivan Coyote as “a gender-bending author who loves telling stories and performing in front of live audiences”. Ivan’s stories center on gender, identity and social justice. Currently residing in Vancouver, Ivan has been writer in residence at Carleton University, University of Winnipeg, and the University of Western Ontario. Ivan’s sessions at the Festival of Words were standing room only.

Story-teller Ivan Coyote addressed overflow sessions throughout the Festival of Words

Reading from Missed Her, recall-

ing two grandmothers, Ivan says, “My family was Irish, Jewish, Roma and immigrant, at a time that no one wanted to be any of those things. My grandmothers loved us unconditionally, only asking that we have jobs and stay out of jail.” Ivan made a beautiful film about his grandmothers’ stories. “I learned to tell narratives at both of their kitchen tables.” “Neither grandmother addressed my sexual identity (Ivan is transgender), but one gave me a St. Jude medal (patron saint of hopeless causes) to wear inside my jacket next to my heart. She told me that some of us

are given harder roads than others, but it always comes with a gift and the gift will be greater than the hard road. God does not make mistakes.” Ivan’s journey is also evocative. “I grew up without a roadmap myself. Nobody taught me how to be a butch. I didn’t even hear the word until I was 20 years old. I first became something I had no name for in solitude, and only later discovered the word for what I was and realized there were others like me. So now I am writing myself down, sketching directions so that I can be found, or followed.”

Author Sharon Bala Shares the Poignancy of the Immigrant by Janet Kilgannon for Moose Jaw Express

Sharon Bala has some great things going for her at the moment. Her first novel, The Boat People, was part of the 2018 Canada Reads. Her short stories are being widely published and awarded. And, she lives in St. John’s, N.L. Lots of good fortune there. Her novel is a stunning debut. The Boat People is a beautiful and deep story about an immigrant father and son who learn that the Canada they had struggled desperately to reach in order to escape the brutal and violent civil war in Sri Lanka may not really want them. The book is full of moral complexity about behaviour, both from the view of various Canadians, to that of recent and long-time immigrants. At this year’s Festival of Words, Bala used her book to be a compassionate lens through which to view our country’s current refugee crisis. She knows of which she writes. Family members lived through the

brutality in Sri Lanka a couple of decades ago, but as she acknowledges, have never spoken openly to her about her own memories and their experiences. “The government agents knew which houses to torch and which ones to leave alone. They burned the people inside. Young girls would protect their families by allowing soldiers to cut off one of their ears rather than hurting their family. You did not trust anyone on your regular commute to work any longer, because you did not know what they might be capable of or aligned with.” “I have always felt pressure to speak up, especially now that human rights is up for debate. I still don’t want to have to get up and fight every day, but the dangers we face are no longer hyperbole.”

Author Sharon Bala reads from her acclaimed first novel The Boat People.

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You and your tires spend a lot of time stopping and rolling so need an alignment or a new set of tires REPAIR

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Alarie signs with Warriors Moose Jaw Express Staff

The Moose Jaw Warriors have officially added what they hope will be a key piece of the puzzle for their future success. The Tribe announced recently that they had signed Eric Alarie, their first-round pick from the 2018 Western Hockey League Bantam Moose Jaw Warriors top prospect Eric Alarie is joined by his Draft, to a standard player agreement. family as he signs his WHL Standard Player Agreement. “We are very pleased that Eric and his family have chosen the Warriors and the Western Hockey League as he pursues his hockey and academic goals,” Warriors general manager Alan Millar said in a press release. “Eric brings a big, strong, hard game to our club with a very good skill set. We are excited about Eric’s future with the Warriors.” The Warriors selected Alarie with their first pick of the 2018 draft, 22nd overall. He joins the team after a stellar campaign with the Winnipeg-based Rink Hockey Academy, where he scored 28 goals and put up 55 points in 30 games while playing in the ultra-competitive Canadian Sports School Hockey League Bantam Prep division. The six-foot-one, 191-pound forward attended the Warriors’ development camp in June and will be part of the Warriors’ training camp at the end of August.

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Warriors defenceman Jett Woo (5) in action with Team Canada at the World U17 Hockey Championship in November, 2016. Matthew Murnaghan/Hockey Canada Images.

Canada wins World Junior Showcase

Defenceman Woo, coach Hunter part of national team victory Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

Moose Jaw Warriors defenceman Jett Woo and head coach Tim Hunter picked up some more international hardware this past week as Canada took first place at the World Junior Showcase. Hunter is serving as head coach for Team Canada for the World Junior Championship, while Woo is one of a host of hopefuls looking to crack Canada’s roster for the main tournament beginning at the end of December. Canada went 3-0 at the event, with Woo – a second round draft pick of the Vancouver Canucks this past summer – picking up one assist while turning heads with his physical play and defensive dedication in his own zone. “The one thing, coming here, that I wanted to make happen is to play my game, as well as learn as much I could, and I believe I accomplished that,” Woo told Steve Ewen of the Vancouver Sun after Canada’s 6-5 win over the United States to close out the development camp. “Hopefully, I get some good feedback in the exit meetings and I’ll take it back to Winnipeg.” The Showcase was just the latest Hockey Canada event for the long-time top prospect. He’s been on the national hockey radar ever since he was 16 when he played

for Manitoba in the Western Canada Challenge Cup and Team Canada at the Youth Olympic Games. He’s since played for Team Canada at every level – the World Hockey Challenge as a 17-year-old to go along with the Ivan Hlinka Cup and U18 World Junior championship last season. Now, with a spot on the ultra-prestigious World Junior team on the line, Woo hopes to take that next step. “I knew that, coming into the WHL at 16, there was going to be quite a bit of pressure at different moments in hockey,” Woo said. “This is another step for me. I won’t change my game a whole lot. I’ll keep learning and trying to do the things (coach Hunter) wants me to do.” Canada opened the event with 3-2 and 7-5 split-squad losses to the United States before defeating Finland 4-3 and Sweden 4-1 before holding on for their one-goal win in their last game. The Warriors kick off the season this week with their annual Kids Camp and Elite Conditioning Camp conducted by assistant coaches Scott King and Mark O’Leary along with current Warriors and alumni. The event runs from Aug. 13-17 at Mosaic Place.

PUBLIC NOTICE Under the provisions of The Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act, 1997, Notice is hereby given that The Real Canadian Liquor Store (Saskatchewan) Ltd. has applied to the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) for a Retail Store Stand-Alone permit to sell alcohol in the premises known as Real Canadian Superstore - Moose Jaw at 30 Thatcher Dr E, Moose Jaw, SK S6J 1L7. Written objections to the granting of the permit may be filed with SLGA not more than two weeks from the date of publication of this notice. Every person filing a written objection with SLGA shall state their name, address and telephone number in printed form, as well as the grounds for the objection(s). Petitions must name a contact person, state grounds and be legible. Each signatory to the petition and the contact person must provide an address and telephone number. Frivolous, vexatious or competition based objections within the beverage alcohol industry may not be considered and may be rejected by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Licensing Commission, who may refuse to hold a hearing. Write to: Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Box 5054, REGINA SK S4P 3M3


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Miller Express eliminated from playoffs

Weyburn takes 9-2 victory in Game 4 of quarter-final to end Moose Jaw’s season Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

In the Western Major Baseball League quarter-final series, the Moose Jaw Miller Express couldn’t hold off their powerhouse opponents. The Beavers scored a pair of runs in the third inning and extended their lead to 6-0 with four more in the fifth on their way to a 9-2 win in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference series at Ross Wells Park on Friday, Aug. 4. The win gave the Beavers a 3-1 victory in the best-of-five series. “It’s a sad night, we’re losing a lot of brothers tonight and a lot of relationships that we gained over the summer,” said Express outfielder Eric Marriott, who went 1-for-5 in the contest. “But we gave those guys a run for their money; we definitely surprised them a bit by taking one from them and we had them on their heels here and it just didn’t go our way.” Mason Garispe got the start for the Express and gave up four runs on 10 hits in five innings of work. Tannar Galey, Logan Hoffman and team MVP Blake Gallagher all saw action on the mound before graduating senior Travis Edgar closed out the top half of the ninth with a pair of strikeouts. Markus Gregson led the offence with a 3-for-4 night, knocking in one of the two runs. Chase Thometz held the Express scoreless and gave up only three hits while striking out seven in five innings work to earn the win for Weyburn. Corey Harrell hit a pair of home runs while going 3-for-5 with three runs scored and three RBI to lead the Beavers at the

The Moose Jaw Miller Express coaching staff present the team’s graduating seniors with gifts prior to their first playoff game. Travis Edgar (left), Tanner Spencer (asst. coach), Mitchell Robinson, Michael Hunt (head coach), Scott Platt, Cory Olafson (asst. Coach), Brooks Benson. plate. The Miller Express knew going into the series they were in for a difficult fight if they were to prevail – Weyburn has put together a 37-11 record and finished in first place in the division, 14 games ahead of Moose Jaw. “There’s no excuses here, that’s a very, very good team over there and they’re built to win,” said Express coach Michael Hunt. “They have a lot of seniors who aren’t leaving and they’re there for the long haul. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re standing at the end of the season as the champions. Medicine Hat is really good too, so if you’re going to go out, go out to

Members of the Moose Jaw Miller Express present their billets with thank-you gifts prior to their first playoff game.

Every flyer, in your free Moose Jaw Express, now linked digitally in one convenient location! www.mjflyers.com

a team like that.” As is often a regular occurrence in the later part of the WMBL season, the Miller Express were hit hard by players having to leave early to prepare for the coming college school year. Throw in a handful of injuries and the ‘what might have been’

questions start to hit home. “If you lose a couple of depth guys it’s not a problem, but we lost some big chunks,” Hunt said. “But the guys picked up the slack, put a lot more on their back and did a lot more than they were expected to or asked to do. They wanted to do it for each other and that’s how it was.” And that’s an aspect of this year’s version of the Miller Express that especially stuck with the long-time bench boss – the unity of this year’s team was off the charts. “This is my 10th season doing this here and this is by far the most character-laden team that I’ve had,” Hunt said. “These guys would bleed for each other... we lost some guys late and we had some injuries, we pieced things together and had pitchers playing the field and they were big pieces of the puzzle going into the playoffs and big contributors.” Marriott echoed that sentiment. “I loved it,” he said when asked for his assessment of the season. “It was a different experience for me, I’d never been out to this part of Canada before and it was amazing. I met so many great people and I definitely want to be back.” 18083AC0

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Esmond preparing to take on the world in Turkey Matthew Gourlie - Moose Jaw Express

Kaiden Esmond has been arm wrestling almost as long as he has been walking. Now the 17-year-old local arm wrestler is ready to walk onto the international stage and attend the world arm wrestling championships. “I was two when I started, actually,” Esmond said. He not only started just before his third birthday in the fall of 2003, he began winning. The only competitor that beat him at his first competition was 11 years old. His resumé has only gotten more impressive since. Esmond has won a national championship and is a five-time provincial champion. This year he finished second in his class at the Canadian Arm Wrestling Federation’s national championship to qualify for worlds. His second place finish came in the junior boys under-18 right arm 80 kg class. He was fourth in the left arm in the same age and weight class. He finished sixth in the men’s right arm 75 kg class at the end of June in Laval, Que. His father, Brad Esmond, had begun to compete when Kaiden was a toddler and he was keen to try the sport out too. “I think it was more just to pull and see who’s stronger when you’re little,” Esmond said. As he grew, he began to get more competitive and being able to compete against — and beat — grown men pushed him to get better. “It’s always been fun,” said Esmond, who recently graduated from Peacock Collegiate. “In the past two years I found that I got stronger and I was able to compete with the adults now. I go to tournaments in Saskatchewan and

Kaiden Esmond poses with his Canadian Arm Wrestling Federation’s national championship trophies after representing Saskatchewan. I finish in the top-two in the adult weight class against six adults.”

He became a national champion in 2016 as he won the old 11-15-year-old category in both the left and right arm at 57+ kg in Saskatoon. He also earned a significant win at the end of last year — he beat his dad for the first time in competition. “He hit me and I just kind of pulled him over and he didn’t know what happened,” said the younger Esmond. “I went up into his weight class and usually I’ll beat him now.” He’ll face even stiffer competition at the World Arm Wrestling Federation championships in Antalya, Turkey from October 12-21. “It’s going to be nice to go and get to wear the maple leaf on my jersey,” Esmond said. “I’ve never been to worlds, but I want to go there and do my best. I hope I can do decent, but there’s supposed to be 40 people in my class.” The local arm wrestling community is raising money to help pay for Kaiden’s trip to ease the financial burden on him and his family. They held a barbecue in the parking lot at Peavy Mart this past Sunday and will hold one every subsequent Sunday in August from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will also be a tent set up to teach visitors the basics of arm wrestling and demonstrate the sport. There will be more fundraisers before worlds with a progressive - 50/50 tickets being sold at each event. There will also be a fundraiser on Monday, Sept. 10, from 5-9 p.m.; 10 per cent of all food sales at Montana’s will be donated to Esmond.

Team Sask goes winless at U15 basketball nationals Moose Jaw’s Boughen takes court with provincial team at Basketball Canada event. Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

Dylan Boughen and his Team Saskatchewan teammates didn’t have a lot of luck at the Basketball Canada Under-15 championships this past week in Kamloops. The provincial team posted an 0-5 record at the event, finishing last in their pool. Dylan, the son of longtime Moose Jaw high school coaches Ryan and Rachel Boughen and younger brother of Central Cyclones standout Kyle Boughen, came off the bench in the early going and saw an increased role throughout the tournament. Quebec 107, Saskatchewan 42 Boughen played 9:40 in the opening game of the tournament and attempted three shots, including a three pointer, but was held off the scoresheet. He also pulled down a pair of rebounds. Saskatoon’s Rylan Jockims was Team Sask’s top scorer with 13 points. Alberta 82, Saskatchewan 30 The low-scoring affair saw Boughen finELECTRIC LOG SPLITTER







ish with two points, both coming on free throws, while playing 11:43. He had eight shots and two attempts from behind the arc while also picking up a rebound and an assist.








Yorkton’s Noah Bymak led the way offensively, scoring 14 points. Nova Scotia 81, Saskatchewan 60 Boughen only played 1:53 in Team Sask’s third game but still put up three points, all








on free throws. He also had a defensive rebound. Jockims and Saskatoon’s Aidan Maier had 12 points each. B.C. 86, Saskatchewan 64 One of Team Saskatchewan’s closest games also saw Boughen at his busiest as he finished the game with seven points on 3-for-7 shooting and 1-for-4 three-point shooting, while taking the court for 15:13. Drayden Hernoi led the way with 16 points. New Brunswick 83, Saskatchewan 70 Boughen saved the best for last in Team Sask’s final game of the tournament. Playing a personal tournament-high 17:36, Boughen picked up 10 points while shooting 4-for-11 from the field and making a pair of three-pointer on four attempts. He also picked up three offensive rebounds. Jockims and Regina’s Seth Herzog had 12 points each.



19 99





16 97






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Hole-in-One at Lynbrook Golf Club, Aug 4th, 2018 One of the best times to get a hole-in-one is on the 5th Hole of the first round of the City Championship to give yourself a boost. Chris Knoop did exactly that with a pitching wedge on the 159 yard , Par-3 . The “miracle shot” was witnessed by his playing partners for the day John Schmidt , Shawn Loney and Mark Albert. The Championships are a two-day event with 18 holes at the Lynbrook and 18 at the Hillcrest, so time will tell if Chris can maintain an early lead. Chris is a member of the Hillcrest and may not have insurance at the Lynbrook; it could be expensive.

Hole-in-One at Deer Ridge Nathan McDougall (age 13) scored a hole-in-one on hole No. 10 on the Deer Ridge Golf Course on July 26. He used a 5-iron on the 108-yard hole. It was witnessed by Craig McDougall, Kelvin Hoff and Brodie Andrie.

Civic Holiday Tournament, August 6th at Lynbrook Golf Club The Lynbrook held their annual Civic Holiday Tournament Monday morning with an 8 a.m. shotgun start. Weather conditions could not haver been better for the event. The men’s Civic Holiday champion was Alf Paul who shot a two-over-par 73. Second in the championship flight was Bill McLean who had a 76, followed by Terry Schick at 83 for third place. The men’s first Flight was won by Scott McGregor with a 78 and second in the gross division was Tim Peakman with an 83. Low net for the first Flight was Ed Bekar at 70 and right behind him was Barry Johnson with a 72. The men’s second flight gross division was won by Steve Wright with an 80 and Bob Turnbull followed closely behind him with an 82. The net side of the second flight was won by Ken Jattansingh with a 67 followed by Mike Zerr with a 69. The Men’s third flight was taken by Chris Aparicio

with an 83 and that happened to be two strokes better than Alex Cameron with 85. The low net side of the third flight was won by Merv Bruvold and that was won via retrogressio0n over Dave Morrell, as they both had 62. The ladies division low score of the day, Ethel Akin with a 89 and that was one better that Cherolyn Bailey with a 90. Low net in the Ladies first flight was won by Sharon Knittel with a 71, and that was just ahead of Debbie Firth with a 74. The Ladies first flight was won by Adele Owatz with a 96, while Elsie Sapach came in second with a 105. The 1st Flight ladies was won by Doreen Heinbigner with a 78 and that was two better than Margot Swenson. Ladies closest to the pin with won by Linda Stirton on hole No. 5, while Alex Cameron won the Men’s closest to the pin on hole No. 7.

Benson claims men’s city golf championship Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express

Trevor Benson won the 2018 Moose Jaw men’s city golf championship. Chiping the ball within three feet of the hole from 20 yards out, off an awkward downhill lie, Trevor Benson did just that on the third playoff hole of the 2018 Moose Jaw Men’s City Golf Championship on Sunday, Aug. 5 at the Hillcrest Sports Centre. One putt later – and a near miss on a short putt from opponent Nick Lepine on the third green at the Hillcrest – and Benson had picked up the second city title of his career... even if he didn’t really expect it. “I haven’t golfed a lot this year, so the expectations weren’t really there,” Benson said shortly after winner’s presentation. “Today was my 10th round of the year so I kept it in the middle and putted really well... my chipping was just atrocious all day, even in the playoff until that last one. So I was making, six- and 10-footers for par all day.” Benson came into the second round of competition in a four-way tie for second place after he, Lepine, Bill McLean and Chris Knopp all shot 69 in the first round

Saturday, Aug. 4 at the Lynbrook Golf and Country Club. Trevor Muench held the day one lead after a scintillating 68, but a second round 72 would see him miss the playoff by one shot after Benson and Lepine both came in at one-under 70. All three players were back-and-forth throughout the final round, with Benson taking control early after an eagle three on the first hole and sitting at three-under through three. Back-to-back bogeys brought him back to his playing partners, though, and the battle was on. Making things all the more interesting – and fun – for the eventual final duo is that they’re close friends. “Nick is probably my best friend so it was like we were just out playing,” Benson said. “We were kind of back and forth all day, and we both kind of didn’t finish where we wanted to. Then, with five holes left, we were like ‘this is our time; we’re finally going head-to-head’ and it’s too bad he missed that putt on the last (playoff) hole.” The playoff itself could have been unnecessary if not for a bit of bad luck on Benson’s part – and his struggles chipping. After hitting his drive into the greenside bunker on the 365-yard 17th hole, Benson caught a flyer and ended up 20 yards over the green. His chip ended just on the green, and he settled for a bogey. Then his drive on 18 ended up far left and again his chip checked up short, settling in the fringe. A bogey there – and a bogey for Lepine on the same hole – forced the playoff. There, the duo each parred the first hole before Lepine dropped his tee shot to within 10 feet of the cup on the second hole while Benson missed the green right. Lepine missed his putt, Benson chipped close and both settled for par. That set up the final hole, and it started disastrously for Benson, as his drive end-

ed up behind the stand of trees on the left side of the fairway 200 yards out. He was forced to chip up 50 yards, and Lepine was suddenly in control. “At that point, I was like ‘I’ll try and make my par and if he makes a birdie, good for him’,” Benson said. “Then on my third shot I think my adrenaline was going; I usually don’t hit my pitching wedge that far, I flew the green a bit.” Lepine missed his second shot right, and his chip only made the fringe, 20 feet from the hole. He putted to within five feet – and missed the par putt, giving Benson his short putt for the win. “That one there and the one I had for birdie on the second hole, it just wasn’t my day, I guess,” said Lepine, a multiple-time club champion at the Lynbrook. “Pretty much the last five holes we were back-and-forth

there and then in the playoff same thing. It could have gone either way, that’s just the way she fell.” Lepine also relished the chance to contend for the title with a good friend. “I never really golfed since I started golfing with Trevor, so to be able to play him in a playoff is pretty cool,” he said. “And this calibre, too, it’s actually tournament golf and it means something, so that was really good.” Shawn Loney ended up coming in with the low round on the second day of competition, with his 69 on Sunday and 75 on Saturday enough to win him the First Flight with a 144 total. Derek Armour (78-75-153) won the Second Flight; Scott McGregor (89-84-173) the Third Flight.

Trevor Benson blasts out of the bunker on the 17th hole during the men’s city championship final round.

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6:30 p.m. FSR NASCAR Racing Camping World Truck Series: UNOH 200. a


6:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Toronto Blue Jays at Kansas City Royals.

Friday 5:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees. 9:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers at Seattle Mariners.






Tuesday 5:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays. e


6:30 p.m. TSN CFL Football Ottawa Redblacks at Winnipeg Blue Bombers. MOVIES



Kamar Jorden and the Calgary Stampeders face the Saskatchewan Roughriders Sunday on TSN.
















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Monday 5:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays.

Sunday 5:00 p.m. TSN CFL Football Calgary Stampeders at Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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5:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox.

7:00 p.m. TSN CFL Football Montreal Alouettes at Edmonton Eskimos.












1001 vies Le jeu vidéo. Les enfants de la télé Outlander-tartan Téléjournal Paparagilles Security Security Rookie Blue Rookie Blue “Uprising” News Emergency W5 ›› “Iron Man 2” (2010) Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow. JFL Evenings on TWN The Weather Network Late Night Overnight on TWN America’s Got Talent Dateline NBC News (:29) Saturday Night Live The Nature of Things CBC Arts Filmmakers ››› “Gabrielle” (2013) Gabrielle Marion-Rivard. 48 Hours 48 Hours Family Feud Family Feud CSI: Miami “Meltdown” 20/20 News Castle “Resurrection” Paid Prog. Crime Stories Crime Stories Bad Blood Versailles CFL Football Montreal Alouettes at Edmonton Eskimos. (N) SportsCentre (N) Baseball Sportsnet MLB Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers at Seattle Mariners. (N) Corner Gas Corner Gas “Garage Sale Mystery: All That Glitters” (2014) W5 (6:30) › “Leap Year” (2010) Amy Adams. “A Dash of Love” (2017) Jen Lilley, Brendan Penny. (6:50) ››› “Still Alice” (2014) (:40) ››› “Gangs of New York” (2002) Leonardo DiCaprio. The Middle The Middle The Middle The Middle The Middle The Middle Last Man Last Man Four Weddings Friends attend each other’s weddings. (:04) Four Weddings Four Kentucky brides compete. Rocky Mountain Railroad Rocky Mountain Railroad Rocky Mountain Railroad Rocky Mountain Railroad King King King Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Run Silent (:45) ››› “Boom Town” (1940) Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy. ››› “Mogambo” (6:00) ›› “The Day After Tomorrow” (:35) ››› “Men in Black” (1997, Action) Will Smith Men Blk 2 Motorcycle Racing Monster Energy Supercross: Minneapolis. Motorcycle Race “Crooked House” (2017, Mystery) Glenn Close. ›› “Murder on the Orient Express” (2017, Mystery) “A Bad Moms Christmas” ›› “Morgan” (2016) Kate Mara. (:35) ››› “It” (2017, Horror) (:10) ››› “Dunkirk” (2017, War) Fionn Whitehead. ››› “Logan Lucky” (2017) Channing Tatum. (6:40) “You Don’t Know Jack” (2010) Al Pacino. ›› “Phil Spector” (2013) Al Pacino. Paterno

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Oh Clark’s

you are always there whenever i call... you meet all my needs!


CLARK’S SUPPLY & SERVICE LTD. www.clarks-supply.com


1650 Stadacona St. W. Moose Jaw 306-693-4334 Hwy #1 North Service Rd. Emerald Park 306-359-1964 521 South Railway St W. Warman 306-934-3880

National / International News INTERNATIONAL

Saudi Arabian crude oil imports to Canada easy to replace, says energy economist By Dan Healing - THE CANADIAN PRESS

CALGARY - Canada can easily replace the oil it imports from Saudi Arabia should relations with the Middle Eastern kingdom deteriorate to the point that trade in crude is halted, says an energy economist. Eastern Canadian refineries import about 75,000 to 80,000 barrels per day of Saudi Arabian crude, said Judith Dwarkin, chief economist with RS Energy Group in Calgary. That’s less than 10 per cent of total imports and amounts to a “drop in the bucket’’ compared with the United States, she said, which accounts for two-thirds of imports and could easily cover Saudi’s share thanks to growing domestic production. It is also dwarfed by the 3.5 million barrels per day of Canadian oil that Canada exports mainly

to the U.S. “The Saudis, if they choose to supply less to Canada, will divert those barrels, possibly to China, and U.S. barrels that would have gone to China, but are uncompetitive under Chinese tariffs, come to Canada,’’ Dwarkin said. Saudi Arabia declared a freeze on new trade with Canada and recalled thousands of students attending Canadian universities following a tweet last week from Global Affairs Canada that expressed concerns about the arrest of activists in the kingdom. The Saudi foreign ministry has also ordered Canada’s ambassador, Dennis Horak, to leave the country. According to the Canadian Trade Commissioner

Service, Canada exported $1.45 billion worth of products to Saudi Arabia in 2017, with about half in the category of vehicles and equipment at $760 million. The federal office says Canada imported $2.6 billion worth of goods from Saudi Arabia, with $2.5 billion of that in mineral production. A handful of Canadian companies operate in Saudi Arabia and could potentially be affected by the ongoing trade battle. Precision Drilling Corp. of Calgary has about 900 employees working between Kuwait, where it has five active rigs, and Saudi Arabia, where three of its four rigs in the country are currently active, the company confirmed. © 2018 The Canadian Press


How to reduce plastic, foil and other kitchen disposables By Katherine Roth - THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Disposables have become a mainstay of many American kitchens - plastic baggies, plastic wrap, paper towels, aluminum foil, plastic straws and more. Reducing or even eliminating them can save you money in addition to cutting down on trash that ends up in landfills. (Remember that in addition to reducing and reusing, recycling is an easy option for many items, including glass, plastic containers, bottles, cans, clean aluminum foil and batteries.) A few kitchen tips from the pros: PAPER TOWELS ``Keeping paper towel use to a minimum is one of the things Martha Stewart is really serious about,’’ Tyrell says. Tea towels are great for drying hands or dishes, or folding up to use as a hot mitt. Bar towels can be used for most messes. Paper towels are re-

served for messes like juice from meat or raw egg. And if you can’t wean yourself off paper towels, there are now several types of reusable ones made of bamboo and other sustainable materials that can be used numerous times before tossing them out, says PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS Carry your own canvas or string tote bags for groceries and other purchases. The key, as with bar towels, is to keep them handy. Americans throw away around 100 billion plastic bags a year. PLASTIC PRODUCE BAGS Avoid plastic produce bags by keeping a few lightweight mesh bags - often sold as ``multi-use straining bags’’ - in your purse when you head to the grocery store. If your grocery store doesn’t use com-

postable produce bags, you can always bring some of your own. To avoid plastic wrapping on meat or fish, try asking the butcher at the grocery store to wrap it instead in paper, which is biodegradable. Or bring a reusable container to put it in. PLASTIC BAGGIES There are a variety of new products that can be used as an alternative to baggies. Stashers are recommended. They’re like zip-top plastic bags but are made of Silicon and can be washed in the dishwasher and reused. They are watertight and can go from freezer to microwave. PLASTIC WRAP Bee’s Wrap is recommended as an alternative to typical plastic cling wrap. It’s made of fabric coated in a mixture of wax, oil and tree resin, and sticks to the top of bowls and jars. Like

plastic wrap, it conforms to all sorts of shapes. Unlike plastic wrap, it can be washed and reused, and remains sticky for months. ALUMINUM FOIL `Luckily, unbleached parchment paper works great for baking and roasting, and also for wrapping sandwiches and snacks, and is biodegradable. Clean aluminum foil can be recycled if it’s free from food residue. And many stores now sell recycled aluminum foil. PLASTIC STRAWS AND UTENSILS The test kitchens at Martha Stewart Living have switched from plastic to stainless steel straws, says Tyrell. © 2018 The Canadian Press

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National / International News HEALTH

Experts question benefits of fluoride free toothpaste By Jeff Donn - THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Dental health experts worry that more people are using toothpaste that doesn’t contain fluoride, putting them at a greater risk of cavities. Most toothpastes already contain fluoride, and health authorities recognize it as a cavity blocker. But the internet is dotted with claims, largely from ``natural’’ toothpaste marketers and alternative medicine advocates, that fluoride-free toothpaste also prevents cavities. A review of dental studies released this week finds otherwise. The University of

Washington study concludes that, without fluoride, neither brushing nor flossing prevents cavities. Dentist Matthew Messina, a spokesman for the American Dental Association, says the study is important because it supports the organization’s recommendation to continue using toothpastes containing fluoride. © 2018 The Canadian Press


Facial recognition system set to be used in Olympic security By Mari Yamaguchi - THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

TOKYO _ A facial recognition system will be used across an Olympics for the first time as Tokyo organizers work to keep security tight and efficient at dozens of venues during the 2020 Games. The NeoFace technology developed by NEC Corp. will be customized to monitor every accredited person _ including athletes, officials, staff and media _ at more than 40 venues, games villages and media centres, Olympic and company officials said Tuesday.

Local organizers said Tokyo will be the first Olympic host to introduce the face recognition technology at all venues. The system is expected to effectively eliminate entry with forged IDs, reduce congestion at accredited waiting lines and reduce athletes’ stress under hot weather. Tsuyoshi Iwashita, Tokyo 2020 executive director of security, said venues that are spread within and outside of the capital would be a big burden in achieving high levels of security.

``By introducing the face recognition system, we hope to achieve high levels of safety, efficiency and smooth operation at security check points before entry,’’ he said, adding that the system would contribute to less stressful environment for athletes. Iwashita said a test last year showed gate checks using the facial recognition was more than twice the pace of the conventional system using X-ray with visual siting by security guards. The facial images of every accredited

person for the Olympics and Paralympics will be collected after the approval process and stored in a database to be used to verify identities at accreditation check points. NEC says its biometric identification technology is used at airports and elsewhere in 70 countries, including Japan. © 2018 The Canadian Press


Maryland mom tested positive for opiates after eating bagel TOWSON, Md. _ A Maryland woman has discovered that eating a poppy seed bagel before giving birth carries serious consequences. Elizabeth Eden told WBAL-TV in Baltimore she was in labour in April when a doctor told her she had tested positive for opiates and she had been reported to the state. The test result meant Eden’s daughter had to stay in the hospital for five days while her mother was assigned a case worker. Eden said she had learned in a school health class that eating poppy seeds could cause a false positive.

After acknowledging the bagel defence, the case worker closed Eden’s file. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment writes that until food manufacturers reduce morphine levels in poppy seeds, it advises against excessive consumption, particularly during pregnancy. © 2018 The Canadian Press


Aimia adds Air Transat, Flair Airlines to its list of new Aeroplan partners MONTREAL _ Aimia Inc. has signed Aeroplan partnership agreements with two more Canadian airlines that will take effect in about two years, after its current agreement with Air Canada ends in 2020. One of Aimia’s new partners is Air Transat, a long-established airline owned by Montreal-based

CITY OF MOOSE JAW PUBLIC NOTICE Executive Committee Meeting

travel and leisure company Transat AT. Aimia’s other new partner is Flair Airlines, which began operating no-frills scheduled services to several cities last year from a hub at Edmonton International Airport. They join Toronto-based Porter Airlines as recent partners in the Aeroplan points system, which Air Canada has said it will replace with its own loyalty points program when the Aimia contract expires.

City Council, at its Executive Committee meeting to be held on Monday, August 27, 2018, will be considering amendments to Bylaw No. 5175, City Administration Bylaw, Schedule B – City of Moose Jaw Purchasing Policy.


Dated at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan the 14th day of August, 2018. Assistant City Clerk

© 2018 The Canadian Press


Interested parties may obtain a copy of the proposed amendments from the City Clerk/ Solicitor’s Department, 228 Main Street North, or obtain information by contacting the City Clerk’s Office at 694-4426.

Tracy Wittke

Air Canada led a consortium of bidders to buy the loyalty program for as much as $325 million plus $2 billion of points liabilities, an offer that Aimia rejected last week. Aimia has said it remains open to negotiating a fair deal with Air Canada and indicated that it would consider an offer of at least $450 million.

1251 Main Street

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Tuesday Evenings 7-9 pm Sept. 11-Nov 20 (9 Sessions) Comfort Inn. Cost $45.00 For Further Information or to register Call Rae at 306.692.6074

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2001 Grand Caravan Sport for sale by owner. Asking $4000 OBO; includes four Winter Tires used two seasons. Mileage @ 160,000 km. Well-maintained and in good condition. Phone (306)692-4054.

For sale: 1925 Model A 4 cylinder 3 spd truck style 4x5 box. Asking $4000.00 OBO 306693-0312 AUTO PARTS

5th wheel tailgate custom flow premium in excellent condition. Tailgate fit on a 2004 GMC Sierra. Reason for selling we sold truck and also 5th wheel. Call 306-693-7789. Asking 150.00 wonderful price. MOTORBIKES & SNOWMOBILES For sale: one snowbear 4 by 8 ft new take off sides & wired with lights. Ph 306-972-9172 RV’S & MARINE 1990 boat and 90hp. motor. very good condition. serviced and ready to go. seats 8. can be seen at 1247 hochelaga st.w.3066915359. 6500.00$ offers. For sale Minnkota 48 Lb. Electric boat motor excellent condition - used very little special battery (non-spill) incl. Phone 306-693-3033. Air head round tube for behind boat, comes with tow rope and harness, great shape no leaks - $100 306-681-8749 FARMS, SUPPLIES & LIVESTOCK For Sale: 730 P.T.O- 30 ft swather with pickup reel, also 8230 case 30 ft P.T.O swather. Both in excellent condition. Phone 306-693-4321 or 306690-7227 For Sale 2 swath rollers, 1 poly, 1 steel, also gas pressure washer. Phone 306-693-4321 or 306-690-7227 For sale: 1480 Case Combine $6000.00. Also 1680 combine with AFX rotor. Long sieve. Always shedded in excellent condition. $20,000 or BO. Phone 306-690-7227 or 306693-4321 For sale: Manual cattle head gate. Goop for pasture $175.00. Also men’s and ladies matching bikes with wide tires $180.00 or bo. Phone 306690-7227 or 306-693-4321 For sale: Several westeel grain bins. Some with aeration 3350 Bus and 1650 Bus. Floors have recently been replaced. Excellent condition. Phone 306-6907227 or 306-693-4321 For sale: cattle creep feeder. Also 2 hay stack tarp covers. Heavy duty log splitter. Phone 693-4321 or 690-7227 For Sale:  Dozer Blade fits Bombardier Tractor 500 or John Deere Big Buck 500.  Used 3 times/High Jacker 15 – fifth wheel hitch – like new/Sprayer from Peavey Mart fits on quad.  10’ boons – in mint condition.  Best Offer:  Call Arthur Cairns @306.693.0855 or 306.692.7999 (cabin) TOOLS & EQUIPMENT

Mini Pyramex Safety Glasses $2.00. Steeled Toed Boots $50.00. 306-631-9800

Premium Safety Eyewear $5.00 Great for paintballing as well!!! 306-631-9800 New EMT 1/2” couplings for steel EMT - $2 306-681-8749 For sale: Alis chalmer Model B tractor with Woods 59 L mower Alis chalmer model B 1952 Ford 500 2 ton truck with hoist 8X12 box rebuilt motor and painted. 306 648 3453 For sale: 12 lbs of 1-1/4 in gyprock screws. 75 lbs of self leveling compound. 50 lbs of mortar (grey colour) (all new material) Ph 306-972-9172 New plumbing fitting & water lines. Ph 306-972-9172 New steel fence gate black lock & handle. 306-972-9172 For sale: Gas pressure washer with 30 gal tank also 919 grain moisture tester with charts, scale and carrying case. Phone 306-690-7227 or 306-6934321 Regal white metal stair pickets 2/3 of pkg. asking $30.00 or B/O. 2-20’ contractor grade edging $10.00/each. Metal shelf units good shape 15X36X71” $12.00.1-4X8 ½” fir plywood, 1-4X8-3/4” fir plywood $15/each. 1 qt, Swedish oil-$15.00. 2 sledge hammers 4 ½ lbs & 3 lbs-$3/ea. Several 2X4 plywood B.O. 2 flooding tables $5.00 each. 2 long handle spades $10.00 each fine tang bow rake $10.00 each 1980 ford tandem truck front new L series Louisville 3 bulbs glass10”X8” across amaryllis holder & instructions $10.00 8 bottle wine rack $2.00 Ladies brand long leather gloves size 6 wore once $10 Atlas (Omega)Juicer $40 sold at Hone Tec Regina call 306-692-8801 FOR RENT For rent: 2 bedroom, lower level suite asking $1100/ month plus damage deposit of $500. Washer, dryer, fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave. Utilities provided. Separate entrance. Garage parking. Adults only, no pets, no smoking. For more information please contact jo ann @ 306-692-8737 or email jelybn@live.ca APARTMENT FOR RENT CENTRALLY LOCATED – 1 BEDROOM ADULT APARTMENT $750.00/MONTHLY INCLUDES; HEAT, FRIDGE, STOVE, DISHWASHER, AIR CONDITIONER, WASHER & DRYER. DAMAGE DEPOSIT $750.00 + FIRST MONTHS RENT DUE UPON RENTAL. CAR PLUG IN. NO CHILDREN, PETS AND NO SMOKING ON PREMISES. MONTH TO MONTH RENTAL WITH NO LEASE. RENTAL PRICE WILL NEVER BE INCREASED. PLEASE PHONE 306-631-9800 TO ARRANGE A CONVENIENT TIME FOR VIEWING. Two bedrooms suite for rent. Available now. One the ground floor. $650 includes heat and water. Call 306-692-8456 For Rent Affordable living for 50+ Prime Moose Jaw location, heated parking, elevators In-suite laundry, rent includes cable and heat. 1 and 2 bedroom up to 1200 sq ft, Experienced caretakers 306-6944747 For Rent: Two spacious, bright furnished bedrooms on the main level of our home. $550.00 per month and $650.00 per month. Damage deposit equal to one month’s rent required. Ideal for a single working person, a student or apprentice.  Includes Wi-Fi, shared use of kitchen (supply own food) shared bathroom and laundry.  Use of exercise equipment in family room.  Located near schools and bus

route. No pets allowed; no parties; no smoking indoors. Must be a quiet tidy tenant with references. Available immediately.  For more information please call 306-692-0836 (Moose Jaw). Suites for rent: downtown by Safeway store. $550 and up newly renovated. Twenty-four hour security. Suitable for quiet, retired or responsible student. 684-0506 For rent: Two bedroom basement suite, large windows, fridge, stove, washer, dryer, private entrance, heat & water, garage. $700.00. $300.00 damage deposit. Phone 306693-9427. If no answer, leave message & will return call

2 Bedroom House available September 1st. Located on South Hill. Fridge, stove, washer, dryer included in this home. Rent: $1050.00/ month, yard maintenance included. 1st month rent and $1050.00 damage to move in. Plus utilities. Pets negotiable. No smoking in the house. Detached garage and small storage shed included with the house. Receiving applications and references now. Contact Robbyn at 306-630-4458 For rent: Sm house f/s w/dr and deep freezer. 692-2822 or 630-2417 REAL ESTATE Downtown Moose Jaw salon business for sale. Well established, Fully furnished, turn key ready, stock included. $19,500.00 all reasonable offers considered. To view, Call 306-693-3676 or 306-7994242 after hours. E-mail: tnt@ sasktel.net For Sale Downtown Moose Jaw 4 chair salon business for sale. Well established. Fully furnished, turn key ready, stock included. $19,500.00 all reasonable offers considered. To view, call (306)693-3676 or (306)799-4242 or email to : tnt@sasktel.net. MISCELLANEOUS Janitorial Mop Bucket Excellent condition. $25.00 306631-9800 Oh boys, do I remember these. New Murder Mystery Games. $5.00/each.306-631-9800 Wheel Chair Accessible Signs $2.00/ each New. 306-6319800 Pitney Bowes Scale $25.00. 306-631-9800 Corner Shelving Frame. 306631-9800 Chair to donate for the Museum annual chair fundraiser. Sure someone could make a gem out of this one. It’s yours. 306-631-9800 Antique cabinet for sale for $35. Please call 306693-9304.

Singer sewing machine & cabinet for sale. $30 obo. Phone 306-692-9106. Scooter Parts, seats, basket, armrest,24V charger, black cover good condition B.O. 4 transistor radios working order 1964 1 in leather holder B.O. 3/25 ft. steal cable on drum B.O. Bell Howell Super 8 Camera Dual 8 Automatic projector zoom lens and screen Excellent Condition B.O. 6 Jacques Cartier 1534-1984, 5 Confederation 1869-1982, 6 Manitoba 1870-1970, 26 British Columbia 1871-1971, 191 Nickle Dollar Best Offer 306354-2251 Mossbank 22””x 64”” window insert w/ mini blind . great for cottage or garage / shed . 100.00 or b/o phone 3066901817 For sale: Linden post powder 4 way hsdrier 16HP roleres new pump asking $2500 OBO. 306693-0312 For sale: parmac electric fencer 50 mile range, $100.00, Power

MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, August 15, 2018 • PAGE A25

fist nailer 2-31/4 inch nails $85.00. Both barely used. Like new. Phone 306-691-0122 Two suit cases, new hand operative vacuum, new love seat, small china ccabinet, lamps and shades, large picture of desert, box of tools. 306-6930809 hot tub for sale Beachcomber 720X (1325 litres) 80x87x38 inches. Includes 2 spare rebuilt pumps and motors. $750.00 unit at Marquis, Sk. 306-7882053 1950 Arborite Chrome table B/O. 1 small scrub board $25.00. 2 Medelita pickle jugs $5.00 each. Call 306-6928801 Real Barber chair and treadmill, both good quality. $350 each or best offer. 684-4991. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS For sale: Two coffee tables one round - 32” and one rectangle 56” x 19” both with glass tops and in good condition. Phone 306-694-1030 Desk lamp, works great - $2 306-681-8749 For Sale: 1 brand new 32” wide white 6 panel interior door complete with frame. - $35.00 1 - 32” Samsung flat screen T.V. - ideal for RV. - $100.00 Phone 306-640-5204

Sofa c/w hide-a-bed in Moose Jaw. $ 200.00. Ph. 306-6216740. water softener for sale..$.100.00 3066915359 Chair for sale. $40. Phone 306692-9106

Wall unit / tv stand for sale. Excellent condition. Phone 306692-9106

7-drawer steel desk (5’ long x 2.5’ wide) with arborite top. Good for a business. Good shape. Phone 306-692-9106. Dresser with mirror and chest of drawers for sale. $125 for set. Phone 306-692-9106. Crockpot 5 quart, the original slow c o o k e r. $25 Phone 972-2257 M o o s e Jaw roomba 650 , just like new . only used about 4 times . 100.00 or b/o . phone 3066901817 For sale: 2 plush forest green lazy boy chairs good condition. Phone 306-693-3033 Glass microwave turn plate $2 306-681-8749 OFFICE FUNITURE & EQUIPMENT

File Box $10.00. 306-6319800

Office Chairs A large variety of Office Chairs. $25.00/each. 306-631-9800 Security 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet - High End. $295.00/ Each 306-631-9800 New Fluorescent Light $10.00. 306631-9800 4 Desk Workstation with Filing Cabinet & Dividers Lovely Workstation. New Condition. $1,000.00 306-631-9800 Magnetic Lights Will attach to any metal backing. $5.00/

each. 306631-9800 *magnetic lighting

2 Drawer Filing Cabinet. Excellent Condition $50.00. 306631-9800 Set of 4 Work Station Desk, Good Condition. $600.00. 306-631-9800 Vintage Crendenza $125.00. 306-631-9800 Phones. $100.00 takes the lot! 306-631-9800 Desk can be configured left or right 6’x6’, 6’x7.5 or 7.5’x7.5’ Over 30 must be sold Desk $200.00 Desk & Hutch $275.00 City delivery $65.00 Call Rob at 306-690-5903

Herman Miller Table Just like new. $200.00 City delivery $65.00 Call Rob for additional information 306-690-5903 CHILDREN’S ITEMS

Children Socks Mix and Match, your choice .50 per sock 306631-9800 CLOTHING New Gore-Tex Men Work Pants built for maximised ruggedness and are ideal for extreme & extended use. $100.00. 306631-9800 Workmen Rainwear Rain Jacket $20.00. 306-631-9800 *rain jackets LAWN & GARDEN For sale: Propane barbeque like new. Also heavy duty wheel barrell. 306-693-4321 or 690-7227 For sale:: 2 reel type push lawn mowers. Needs no gas or oil. 693-4321 or 690-7227 Pop-up gazebo steel frame 10x10 treated palystin roof, screens & carry bag included. 692-2815 SPORTS 4 x 8 Pool table, ball rack, cues, plus regulation table tennis top for on top. All $300.00 306693-3377 For sale treadmill (like new) used abt 60 hrs, has many extras like bp - pulse rate - elevation - etc. Phone 306-6933033 One doz. golf balls $3. Three NEW golf club head covers $10. Phone: 306-692-5318 HEALTH & BEAUTY SUPPLIES

Foot Spa $2.00 Pamper yourself! 306-631-9800 Ped Egg $2.00 Works Great! 306-631-9800 Dual Sided Back Scrubber $3.00. 306-631-9800

Soap - New packages of Soap. $1.00/each. 306-631-9800

New in package Sole Cleaner. Awesome foot massager! $3.00/each. 306-631-9800 LOST & FOUND Wedding band found in the mall parking lot. If yours please call 306-729-2599

WANTED Wanted to buy good working wringer washer machine & Heavy Duty 8 H.P. walk behind roto tiller. Please phone 306693-2761. GUNS, I pay cash for your unwanted guns, rusty or in good condition, gun parts, ammo, in Moose Jaw and area, references available. Will Pick up at a location that suits you. Call or text 1-306-641-4447 Free pickup of your unwanted garden tillers, snowblowers and lawn tractors in Moose Jaw. Call or text 306-641-4447 Wanted John Deere Wheel weights to fit a 30” wheel. Call or text 1-306-641-4447 Free pickup of your unwanted garden tillers, snowblowers and lawn tractors in Moose Jaw. Call or text 306-641-4447 GUNS, I pay cash for your unwanted guns, rusty or in good condition, gun parts, ammo, in Moose Jaw and area, references available. Will Pick up a a location that suits you. Call or text 1-306-641-4447 Wanted John Deere Wheel weights to fit a 30” wheel. Call or text 1-306-641-4447 Wanted, a Lever action 22 caliber rifle. Call or text 1-306641-4447 Wanted We recently retired here in the city and are looking for some space in a secure garage to rent. In addition to rent, I would be willing to do minor repairs if needed. I have experience in construction trades that enables me to save the right people a substantial amount of expenses. Call 306 631 6643. If I’m not at home please leave a message and I will return your call. SERVICES PROFESSIONAL NURSING FOOT CARE- Receipts may be used for income tax or insurance reimbursement. Meagan Newans, Licensed Practical Nurse/Certified Foot Care Nurse providing foot care to MJ & surrounding areas. Diabetic treatments also available. Inhome visits limited, book your appointment today! Please call Meagan @ 1-306-313-0385 Do you need your trees trimmed and hauled away, give us a call or text 306-631-4764 Will do general painting & contracting, interior & exterior. Free estimates, 30 years experience. Phone 306-972-9172 Will fix & sell Lewis Cattle oiler. Phone 306-972-9172 Junk to the dump in and around Moose Jaw and surrounding area including Buffalo Pound $35 and up 306-681-8749 Will pick up move haul and deliver any furniture anywhere in around Moose Jaw - $35 and up 306-681-8749 HELP WANTED Seeking committed, evangelizing Christian business partner. To open up and operate a second-hand/flea market store in Moose Jaw, SK. Male, female or family. Computer/internet knowledge helpful. 684-0506 GARAGE SALES Hugh yard sale every Saturday 8-12. 44 Fairford St., W., Moose Jaw, right across from the police station. Something for everyone. Call 631-9800 to book your free spot!!

Looking for that special something? Got something you’d like to sell? classifieds@mjvexpress. com

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Finland dairy breed produces best steak in the world in 2018 By Ron Walter For Agri-Mart express



The fourth annual world steak challenge saw a piece of sirloin from Finland judged the best steak in the

world. Produced from an Ayrshire by J.N. Meats, the steak was judged best of more than 200 entries from 22 countries. Poland won the best fillet with the best ribeye, best sirloin and best grass-fed to Finland. A German company won the best grain-fed steak. Grass-feds won over grain-feds by 32 to 13 gold medals. Finland won 22 gold medals in the competition, most of any country followed by Sweden, five; Poland and Ireland with four each. Canada’s JBS Global won two gold medals. Ontario organic farmer, Beretta Farms, won a bronze medal. Ayrshire breed steaks, a dairy cow breed, won 10 gold, with five Angus and four each for Simmental cross and Wagyu cross. The United States, producer of great quantities of meat, won two silver medals. The steaks are judged by independent judges with extensive criteria. Technical tests are conducted on raw and cooked steaks. Raw criteria include appearance, aroma, colour, marbling, and consistency of fat trim. Steaks are cooked on a barbecue to medium, probed to a

by Wanda Smith

Get Your Hopes Up

core temperature of 50-55 Celsius, allowed to rest for five minutes then sampled by the judges. In the cooked evaluation, criteria include appearance, aroma, tenderness, flavour, and succulence. Scores are added and all steaks attaining more than the contest’s top standard are awarded a gold medal with silver and bronze awarded to the others. The gold medal steaks compete for the top steak and best in six categories. Poland had the top steak in 2017 with Australia winning the first two years in the London, England contest. Winners get to advertise the gold medal logo for their brand. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net

From The Kitchen

Zucchini featured in cookies, relish, chips By Joyce Walter For Moose Jaw Express

How to cook zucchini — let us count the ways. Over the past decade, cookbooks have been devoted solely to that vegetable that produces prolifically every year. Recipes can be obtained for zucchini in casseroles, cookies, cakes, loaves, muffins — you name it, there’s a recipe for that. This week’s recipes offer some ideas for using the zucchini that seems to multiply before one’s eyes. ••• Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 cup butter, softened 2 cups sugar 2 eggs, beaten 4 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp. baking soda 2 tsps. cinnamon 1 tsp. salt 2 cups grated zucchini 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray cookie sheets with cooking spray. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy then add beaten eggs. Gradually mix in flour and spices, then stir in zucchini and fold in chocolate chips. Drop by teaspoonful two inches apart on sheets. Bake 1520 minutes until golden. Do not over bake. Cool 2-3 minutes then transfer onto wire racks to cool. Makes 8 dozen cookies. Recipe may be halved. ••• Zucchini Relish 12 cups shredded zucchini Athabasca Street East 460 cups chopped onion 306-692-0533 5 tbsps. salt Minister: Rev. Jim Tenford 1 tbsp. dry mustard Music Director: Karen Purdy 1 1/2 tsps. celery seed Sunday, May 14th, 2017 3/4 tsp. nutmeg Worship Service 10:30am 1/2 tsp. pepper & Sunday School

St. Andrew’s United Church

On the Front Porch

2 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar 5 cups white sugar 1 red pepper, chopped 14 half pint jars, lids and rings Peel zucchini and shred. Peel onion and chop. Toss zucchini, onion and salt in a large bowl. Refrigerate overnight to drain. In the morning rinse with cold water and drain well. Mix dry mustard, celery seed, nutmeg and pepper in a bowl. Heat vinegar, sugar, spice mix, zucchini and onion mixture and pepper in a large pot. Simmer until vegetables are tender, about 25 minutes. Sterilize jars and lids. Pack relish into hot jars to within 1/4 inch of the top. Remove air bubbles and top with lids and rings. Process in a hot water bath for 25 minutes. Cool and ensure lids are secure. ••• Baked Zucchini Chips 2 medium zucchini 1/2 cup flour 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1/2 cup Panko bread crumbs 1/4 cup dry, grated parmesan cheese 1/4 tsp. each salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder and Italian seasoning Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with foil and spray with cooking spray. Combine crumbs, cheese and seasonings in a flat bowl. Cut ends off zucchini. Then cut zucchini in half and then cut into 1/2 inch wide strips. Dip strips in beaten egg, then in flour and then dredge through the bread crumb mixture. Place on baking sheet. Sprinkle tops with cooking spray. Bake 22-25 minutes or until golden brown and crisp. Turn over halfway through baking time. Serve with a favourite dip or salad dressing. Joyce Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net


St. Barnabas

The last six months or more have been challenging for me. It has been a season of transition, contemplation and preparation. I admit I don’t feel that I’ve passed every test with flying colors and as God always does, He never fails me; He just gives me the test over again. He is always putting me in a position to move forward in what He’s preparing for the next step and season. I have struggled to break off discouragement and maybe depression; I have definitely been lacking in zeal and joy. I know this is not how I should be but it has been a struggle to move out of it and press through into the overcomer I am made to be. This summer, Hubby and I took the sweet peas on a three-day camping trip to Rowan’s Ravine. We are not seasoned campers by any means; in fact, we hardly know how to take a holiday. Showing up in our retro Winnebago was probably the first hint that we weren’t “campers;” our fridge doesn’t work and we found out we need a new water pump if we are going to go “glamping” again. It took a lot of effort to get away; there is a lot of work that goes into packing the home-away-from-home (especially when we had the motorhome all cleaned out and ready to sell). The first morning of camping came... Hubby got the fire going, warmed some water for tea and we were able to spend a few short minutes in the quiet before the sweet peas emerged (this was a far cry from our earlier camping days when the kids would go to sleep with the moon and get up with the sun). After a hearty helping of bacon and farm fresh fried eggs on a cast iron pan over the open fire, the sweet peas took off for the beach. Hubby laid down for a little nap before we headed off to mini-golf while I was left to my own thoughts and ponderings. As I spent time reading God’s Word, I felt Him soothe my soul with His words of hope. I look back on the past few weeks and I see that He has been asking me to get my hopes up. As I read in Psalms, I felt like David felt... “As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for God, for the living God ...My tears have been my food day and night, while they continually say to me... ‘Where is your God?’ But only a few verses later, David encouraged himself: “Why are you downcast, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God.” Hope... true Bible hope. This is the hope that does not disappoint. It is not based on wishful thinking. It is based on who God is, His promises and His faithfulness. “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil.”It is available to those of us who are willing to go into that Secret Place of intimacy with God... It is available to those of us who will believe and take it. It is available to those of us who are willing to look past the pain, the disappointments and the tough situations and trust the One who has the solution to every circumstance that comes our way. Let’s get our hopes up, dear readers! Joy comes in the morning! Scripture references: Psalm 42:1-5, Hebrews 6:19

Better Water Solutions for your entire home.

Traditional Anglican Parish Now worshipping at

Celebrating Inclusion For All

60 Athabasca Street East 306-692-0533 Minister: Rev. Jim Tenford

Music Director: Karen Purdy • Choir Director: Jenna Nash

Sanctuary Worship Service 10:30 am Sunday, August 19th, 2018

E-mail: st.andrews.mj@sasktel.net Facebook: www.facebook.com/StAndrewsUnitedChurchMooseJaw Website: http://standrewsmoosejaw.ca

27 Hochelaga St. W., Moose Jaw

The beautiful home of Central Lutheran Church Holy Communion Book of Common Prayer Sunday 11:30 am (new time) Coffee & fellowship after the service

Better water for better living

For more information contact: Fr. Glenn Galenkamp, Rector 306-691-2715 or Larry & Dianne Hellings 306-693-6701

Better water brings out the best in your family

All Are Welcome!


High quality water delivered to your home or office


270 Caribou St. W. www.culligan.com

MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, August 15, 2018 • PAGE A27


Bill passed away Friday, August 3, 2018 in Moose Jaw, at the age of 86. He was born September 24, 1931 to parents Mike and Perene Maslasz. He worked as a Driving Examiner most of his life, retiring in 1991. Bill was very involved at St. Andrews Church with the AOTS, Sunday School, and several other groups over the years. He was also an avid Moose Jaw Warrior and Saskatchewan Roughrider fan for many years. Thunder was his best buddy, walking companion, and frequent visitor at Extendicare where he resided. Bill is predeceased by his parents, Mike and Perene, his Aunt Chris, his son Douglas Brian, and his brother Bert. He is survived by his wife, Ella; his children, Debra (Brian), Scott, and Heather (Devlin); his grandchildren, Jordan (Tina), Thaddeus (Amanda), Dustin (Suzanne), Kayla (Caleb), Shawn (Mary) and Taryn; his six great-grandchildren; his cousins, Larry (Jan) Clark (Waterloo, Iowa) and Darryl (Roxanne) Clark (White Rock, B.C.); and his 2 nieces. The family would like to thank the excellent staff who took wonderful care of Dad at Extendicare, and a special thanks to Miles and Mary. A Memorial Tea will take place in St. Andrews Court and Lounge (60 Athabasca St. E. Moose Jaw) Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 2:00PM. Reverend Dave Moore will say a few words at 2:15PM. In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to the Diabetes Association of Canada (919B Albert St, Regina, SK S4R 2P6) or a Charity of Choice. In living memory of Bill, a memorial tree planting will be made by JONES Funeral Home. Please sign the memorial register at website: www.wjjonesandson.com (Obituaries). Stephanie Lowe - Funeral Director

Sheila Margaret Farrant (Bremner)

June 10, 1940 – August 4, 2018

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Sheila Margaret Farrant (Bremner) at the Battleford’s Union Hospital on Saturday, August 4th, 2018 at the age of 78. Sheila was 1 of 6 children born to Alexander and Isabella (Robertson) Bremner in Tillygreig, Scotland. She immigrated to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1964 and later moved to North Battleford, Saskatchewan in 2004 where she married Rolan Farrant. Sheila is survived by her step-children: Gwen Rhode (Dan); Sylvia Farrant-Duguid (Alan), Malcom Farrant (Ellen); Rolly Farrant (Susan); Nadine Finch (Ron); as well as her loving grand children; her sister-in law Elizabeth Bremner; her brother-in law Douglas Barclay; and her nieces and nephews in Scotland. A Graveside Service will be officiated by Joyce Sali on Saturday, August 25 at 1:00 p.m. from Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in the Veteran’s section. Following the graveside internment, a reception will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 70 in the Sloan auditorium. Memorial donations in memory of Sheila may be directed to any charity of choice.  Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Trevor Watts of Eternal Memories Funeral Service & Crematorium. Expressions of sympathy may be forwarded to the family by visiting https://www.eternalmemoriesfuneral.ca/notices/Sheila-Farrant We would like to thank Sheila’s many friends as well as the staff and residents of Caleb Village for their kindness to Sheila over the last three years.

Norma Fitzpatrick (Clayton) Please include the Moose Jaw Health Foundation in your estate plan to help your community for generations to come. Please contact us for more information. Moose Jaw Health Foundation 55 Diefenbaker Drive Moose Jaw, SK S6J 0C2 Phone (306) 694-0373



July 27, 2018

With sorrow, the family announces the passing of our dear mom and grandma Norma Fitzpatrick on Friday July 27, 2018 peacefully with family by her side. Keekee will be sadly missed by her family including daughter Gail Caplan of Kelowna, BC, son Michael (Sheila) Fitzpatrick of Napanee, Ontario, daughter Colleen Fitzpatrick (Barry Burke) of Aylmer, Quebec and daughter Karen (Jim) Wilson of Moose Jaw; ten grandchildren Leigh, Matt, Jamie and Joshua; Julie, Jennifer, Sarah and Mikey; Kristen and Michael; nineteen great grandchildren. In keeping with our mom’s wishes there will be no funeral. Family will celebrate her life privately. In living memory of Norma, a memorial planting will be made by W.J. Jones & Son Funeral Home.

Blair was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on November 20, 1957 and died peacefully in his home surrounded by his family on July 30, 2018 He will forever be remembered by his beloved wife Jan Venier; sons Chris (Suzanne), Lyndon (Jessica) and Curtis (Leslie). His beloved granddaughters Hollace, Adele and Claire. Siblings Roberta (Joe), Maxine (Gord), John, Tracy (Ken), and Patrick (Colette). Those wanting to send flowers please do to: 2215 W.15th Vancouver, BC V6K2Y6 or if a donation in memory of Blair is preferred please forward to the BC Cancer Agency 600 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E6 (Bladder Research) For years Blair dedicated his life to Funeral Profession and many families have been touched by his empathy and compassionate care. Blair meant so much to so many and will live on in our hearts and minds from this day forward. A private family Celebration of Life will be held by invite only. To leave a message of condolence or fond memory of Blair please visit his memorial page at www. blissbc.com “Forever Loved, Always Remembered”



Obituaries & Memorials 3.3" X 4" in Full Color

Picture included Approx. 200 words – $100 Additional Inch – $25/inch Email: mjexpress@sasktel.net

(306) 694-1322

“ROLLY” Roland Gaudreau 1937 - 1988

Choose from our extensive design library or customize with one of your own pictures for that personal touch. Brother, Unk, Friend “30 Years” Old Friend

Contact Sunset Cemetery

633 – Caribou St. W. • 306-692-8855


Everyone that knew Rolly... RAISE A GLASS OF CHEER!


for You.

106 Athabasca St. E. 306-693-4644 www.wjjonesandson.com

PAGE A28 • MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, August 15, 2018

COMING EVENTS Please note that coming events are placed where space is available and that priority is given to local non-profit groups and organizations.


from 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. leaving hourly. Book by calling 306.691.2015. Cost $10pp – Children under 6 FREE. Tours start at The Souvenir Shop, 207 Main St. N.

THE 2018 SEASON OF CONCERTS IN THE PARK sponsored by Investors Group. The concerts

are free and take place at the Crescent Park Amphitheatre every Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. A collection for the Health Foundation will follow. Everyone is welcome: Aug. 15: Alice & the Midnighters; Aug. 22: The Twilighters (6:30 – 8:00 pm).


Programs run through July and August. Cost per class: Ages 3-5, $90; Ages 6-8, $95; Ages 9-11, $95; Ages 12 and up, $140. All programs include materials and snacks. For a list of classes, visit www.mjmag.ca. To register, call 306-692-4471, email educator.mjmag@sasktel.net, or drop by the front desk.


held on Tuesday Evenings from 7:00-9:00 P.M. at the Comfort Inn. Cost is $45. Call Rae at 306-692-6074 for more information or to register.


until August 20. Each week read a book from one of thirteen categories. Track your progress using a “Reading Road Map” (available now) then visit the library and enter to win a weekly prize! If you complete at least 6 out of those 8 weeks, then you will qualify as a Top Reader, and will be entered into a final draw for a special prize. Drop by the library for more details. Happy reading! Free of charge. Everyone is welcome.


August. Children ages 5-18 yrs are invited to join the club to take part in workshops, hands-on activities and demonstrations. They’ll also hear special guest speakers, take part in challenges and attend exclusive mini-events planned weekly throughout the summer. For more info and to register visit www.wdm.ca/mj


starting in Moose Jaw that will run once a month on the third Tuesday of the month starting September 18th. The location and time are still to be determined. For individuals 55+ who are blind or partially sighted, this group allows participants to connect with others who are experiencing similar circumstances, to participate in social gatherings, and the opportunity to learn from guest speakers about a variety of relevant topics. Someone to lead this group is needed. The Vision Mate Program matches individuals living with vision loss with specially-trained volunteers who offer companionship and one-on-one assistance with dayto-day tasks and errands. Vision mate volunteers assist individuals with a variety of activities, including reading mail, grocery shopping, errands, labeling and organizing household items, as well as enjoying leisure and recreational activities together – like playing cards and going for walks. For more information or to volunteer call Ashley at 306-565-5413 or email: Ashley. nemeth@cnib.ca.

BEREAVED PARENTS GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP for Parents who have experienced the death of

a Child. Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 15, 2018 7:30pm to

TUESDAY, OCT. 2, 2018 – 7 PM

9:00pm at Crescent Park Event Centre 262 Athabasca St. E. Everyone is Welcome.


17th from 6-7:30 pm at Hopkins Dining Parlour, 65 Athabasca St W.


from 8 A.M - 11 A.M at the Moose Jaw Municipal Airport. Everyone Welcome. Cost $5pp. Tickets can be purchased at the Provincial Airways Hangar (Main Hangar). BLOW OFF SOME STEAM DAY at the Western Development Museum on Saturday, August 18th from 11am4pm. Learn about the importance of steam in our transportation history; from trains and tractors to cars and machinery. Take a behind-the-scenes tour to see the restoration of the 75 Case traction engine and take part in a special steam-themed family scavenger hunt. The K+S Potash Canada Short Line 101 will be running from 11am-4pm weather permitting. Regular admission applies. Free for WDM members.


2018 a Non-Restricted CFSC course will be held. Completion of this course allows you to apply for your Non-Restricted Federal Firearms License (PAL). On Sunday Aug 19,2018 a Restricted CRFSC course will be held. completion of this course allows you to apply for your RPAL, A Federal Firearms License with both Non-Restricted and Restricted Status. For more info re Course hours, location, Registration procedures, Loaner study manuals, costs, etc. contact Course Coordinator Harry 306 684 9441 hawiho27@gmail.com






Celebrating 100 Years 1918-2018 OPEN HOUSE on Sunday, August 19th from 2pm-4pm; refreshments. Club House is located Eastside of Crescent Park. Welcome past, present and future lawn bowlers. COBRA CHEERLEADING OPEN HOUSE on Aug. 21 from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. at 1350 Caribou St. E. Come check out the Cobra family and enjoy a free barbecue. The open house is a chance to see the Cobra athletes in action in their beautiful training space. Come try a sport that is sure to add some fun to your day. Community is the Cobra way! SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE Grief Support Group for those who have experienced the death of a Loved One by Suicide Next Meeting: Wed. August 22, 2018 7:30pm to 9:00pm at Crescent Park Event Centre 262 Athabasca St. E. Everyone is Welcome.


on August 24th. Fun time for all. Shotgun start at 5:00 on the front nine and after dusk we will play on the back with activated LED glow balls. Members: $25.00 and non-members: $60.00. Limited entries so register early and call now. 306-6922838.


for the Employment Services Program. The organization provide support with looking for employment, creating a resume and cover letters. In addition, there is a partnership with the Neil Squire Society and offers 10 weeks of computer training. FREE!! Call today: 306-692-7452

ELKS FUNDRAISER MEAT DRAW RAFFLES are held every Friday evening at 5:30 PM in

the Legion lounge. There are eight chances to win meat, a teddy bear draw and a 50-50 draw. It’s a great way to start the weekend! Funds raised support Elks projects. ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION – Branch 59 Moose Jaw, 268 High St W: Contact 306-692-5453 Like us on Facebook @ Royal Canadian Legion Branch 59 Moose Jaw. Summer Hours in the Lounge – August - Mon-Fri 12noon6pm; Sat 10am to business decline. VETERANS MORNING COFFEE -- Monday-Saturday @ 10:00 am in the Legion Lounge SATURDAY Legion Meat Draw in the lounge @ 3:00 pm -Everyone welcome. FOOT CARE CLINIC for Legion Members – last Thursday of the month – please call for an appointment COSMO SENIORS’ CENTRE, 235 Third Ave. N.E. For more information call (306) 692-6072. Billiards every Monday at 6 p.m. and Thursday at 6 p.m. Mini Bridge Tournament on August 17th. Annual Mini Polka Party on Saturday, August 18th from 3:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. Cost $20. Band: Leon Ochs and Len Gadica. Concession will be available with a lot of great food. Tickets available now! Last BBQ for the Year on Thursday, August 23rd from 5-6 pm. Cost $10. Maxi Bridge Tournament on Saturday, August 25th at 10:00 a.m. Cost $15 includes lunch. Mini Cribbage Tournament on August 28th. Military Whist Tournament on Friday, August 31st at 10:00 a.m. Cost $12 includes lunch.


WEDNESDAY, OCT. 24, 2018 – 7 PM


Tickets at the MJCC Box Office and online at www.moosejawculture.ca For information call 306-693-4700.

Main St N. For more information or the regular listing of ongoing daily events call 306-694-4223 or mjsenior@sasktel. net Military Whist Tournament on Saturday, August 18th from 9:30-3:30 p.m. Cost $12. Must pre-register by Friday, August 17th. Fall Fashion Show on Friday, August 31st from 2-4pm. Cost $5. Social Dance on Saturday, September 1st from 8pm-midnight featuring Leon Ochs. Cost $14. Get your tickets early. ARMY NAVY AND AIR FORCE VETERANS, 279 High St. W. Phone 306.693.1656. Anavets Meat Draw held every Saturday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. Everyone Welcome.

Anavets Tuesday and Thursday Fun Pool League starts at 7 p.m. Everyone Welcome. Arm Navy Airforce Club Supper: BBQ Hamburgers, variety of salads, baked beans and dessert on Thursday, August 30th from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at 279 High St. W. Tickets $13pp – cutoff August 29th. Pickup tickets at 279 High St. W or call to reserve tickets @306.692.4412. FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES, 561 Home St. W, Moose Jaw. Eagles Darts every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Come in and give it a try. Teams are picked every Wednesday. Eagles “Free” Video Dance Party every Thursday at 7 p.m. (Year Round) Music requests, Pool, Cards & Social Thank You for inserting! Gerald 690 - 9051


6th with shotgun start Best Ball at 12:30 PM. For prices/ registration please contact Chamber of Commerce Event Coordinator Barry Watson at 306.630.4041 or email barry@ mjchamber.com .

YOGA LOFT OPEN HOUSE will be held on

Wednesday September 12th at 7:00pm! This is specifically for new people who want to try out yoga/have never tried yoga before! -There will be an information session along side a FREE Yoga class with the Yoga Loft Owner, Robyn Cunningham! -This will be the time to come and ask questions about yoga, about poses, class descriptions, names, benefits and so much more!! Come experience a free class in the studio and get to know your surroundings! There will also be sales on certain passes! You don’t need to bring anything other than something comfortable to wear for yourself! Everything else is provided at the Yoga Loft!


at 301 River Park Drive in Wakamow Valley; 9:45 a.m. Opening Ceremonies, 10:00 a.m. Run Begins. Early Bird Registration Fee $30 until and including August 31st. Registration Fee after August 31st is $45. Ages 5-10 yrs $15. Register online at www. eventbrite.ca and search HFH Moose Jaw 5KM Colour Run. For more information call Heidi @306.631.2840. ZION’S FALL GARAGE SALE – Fri, Sept. 28 & Sat, Sept. 29: Cleaning out? Downsizing? We can help by finding new homes for your items! Please drop items off during office hours. Office will open on Tuesday, Sept. 4. We are accepting good quality items for the sale now until Sept. 25. Please NO large appliances, nor mattresses. OKTOBERFEST DANCE (German Theme – Dress-up is optional) with music by the “Bromantics” on Saturday, September 29th at Church of Our Lady Hall, 566 Vaughn Street. Ticket $30pp by calling Fiorina 306.693.6517 or 306.690.1462/Lloyd @306.694.4121 or 306.631.4129. Doors open 7pm; Dance 8pm. Cash Bar with Late Lunch Served. Sponsored by Friendly City Optimist Club. ZION’S FLEA MARKET/TRADE SHOW – Fri, Oct. 19 & Sat, Oct. 20: If you or someone you know would be interested on entering Zion’s Flea Market/Trade Show, please contact the church office at 306-692-3842 or Annette Stevenson at 306-694-1020. Tables $25 each or two for $40. Kitchen open to purchase lunch & Coffee & Tea. Wheelchair Accessible and no charge at door. Accepting items for Food Bank at the door. MOOSE JAW CONCERT BAND: If you play an instrument, you are welcome to join the Moose Jaw Concert Band. Rehearsals are Thursdays at 7:15 p.m. in the Vanier Collegiate Band room. If you need more info, please e-mail kurt.gillett@gmail.com .


Meeting Rm the last Monday of each month from 7-8:30 p.m. Come and share ideas, experiences and have some fun. For more info call CMHA at 306.692.4240. Tuesdays Bingo at Church of Our Lady Parish Hall; 7 p.m. start. Doors open at 6 p.m.


morning from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in the Church of God Basement, 50 Hochelaga St. E. Practice English; coffee & snacks; build new friendships; clothing swaps; activities & support. Everyone Welcome. Places for children to play. Contact Melissa for more information at 306-693-4677. MOOSE JAW BAND CITY BAND: Band practices held Monday evenings 7:15 to 8:45 p.m. in the Legion (upstairs ballroom), 268 High Street W. Can you play a reed or brass instrument? Amateur or advanced musicians welcome. Bring your favorite swing melodies. To learn more, come to band practice or contact the band leader at 693-6262. SEA CADETS is Open to Teens 12-18: the program is free and is sponsored by the Department of National Defence and the Navy League branch. You have the opportunity to learn to sail, learn rope work and other ship operations as in navigation semaphore and communication, and also have the opportunity to travel with the Sea Cadet deployments to places like India, Japan and other coastal communities, but let’s not forget about summer training. You can go to summer camp for 2,3 or 4-week courses and you are given a training bonus, so that’s like getting paid to go to camp. Cadets meet Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. at the Armouries at the top of Main St. THE FRIENDLY CITY OPTIMIST CLUB invites everyone to meetings at the Heritage Inn on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Social at 6:00 p.m./Supper at 6:30 p.m./meeting at 7:00 p.m. For more information call 306.694.4121 or email lpethick@sasktel.net TAOIST TAI CHI TM CLASSES: Beginners classes on Wednesdays 6-7pm/Saturdays 11:00 a.m. to noon. Continuing classes are Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m./Saturdays 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Information available by calling 306-693-9034.

MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, August 15, 2018 • PAGE A29

15 Wing Fellowship

Highway to Heroes

Thank You! Members of the 15 Wing Fellowship express grateful appreciation to business and service supporters, exhibitors, vendors, attendees and volunteers who made the fifth annual Highway to Heroes Car Show, Concert and Air Demonstrations an outstanding success on Sunday, July 15 at 15 Wing Moose Jaw.

Your support will enhance 15 Wing Fellowship Projects that assist military families & community causes! Platinum Sponsors: $1000 +

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Ron Walter Joan Ritchie Joyce Walter

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Dale “bushy� Bush Gisele Perrault Sasha-Gay Lobban Randy Palmer

A young man in his early 20’s came by the office recently and had a very interesting conversation with Rob. He expounded on how hopeless he and his generation feel, feeling abandoned by the generations before him. The conversation started with “Where have all the men gone? ‌the men who stood up to protect kids and youth, the men who stood Joan Ritchie up against wrong, the men EDITOR who fought against iniquity for justice, the men who love their wives and take care of their families‌â€? And in this conversation, you should understand, I believe this is only a generalization and not referring to all. In consideration, I can sort of see his point of view. Everyone in this world seems to be out only for themselves. For generations, the most important unit in society was the family. You could base your life on the fact that your family would stand up for you, protect you, help you get ahead in life and support you. In fact, generations of family lived together under one roof to make it work. Many societies still hold high regard for this lifestyle and also for their seniors. They see it like, “our parents took care of us as we were growing up and now in their old age it is our responsibility to take care of them.â€? And this brings me to another conversation that I had with my sister-in-law a few years ago. She had asked, “Where have all the grandma’s gone?â€? The thing was, she was now a grandma (I was a late-bloomer at the time, not yet a grandma.) It seemed to her that the iconic family grandma had gone by the wayside, not willing to admit that they were aging and their bodies maturing, trying hard to fit in to a societal mode of preconceived notions of what this generation’s grandma should look like. To me an iconic grandma is one who loves her family and grandbabies, who tends to things in the kitchen and who cares that her family is fed with good food, who lends an ear to her children to encourage them and a helping hand in tending to the babies. Love for her family exudes from her demeanor and she is proud of the generations that follow, investing herself in their lives for the betterment of them all. The iconic grandma was unselfish and possibly even a little portly, but there was happiness there because her happiness wasn’t in herself but in doing what she could for others. This is the grandma I want to be. For the love of family, let’s maybe revaluate our priorities in life. When this life is over, our eulogies should reflect the kind of people we are within rather than “whoever has the most toys wins‌â€? Toys aren’t the problem if your priorities are right. Send your letters to the editor to: letters@mjvexpress.com or 888-241-5291 All columns, letters to the editor and editorials are solely the personal opinions of the writers themselves and not necessarily the opinions of The Moose Jaw Express. The contents of this publication are the property of the Moose Jaw Express. Reproduction of any of the contents of this publication, including, but without limiting the generality of the following: photographs, artwork and graphic designs, is strictly prohibited. There shall be no reproduction without the express written consent of the publisher. All ads in the Moose Jaw Express are published in good faith without verification. The Moose Jaw Express reserves the right to refuse, classify, revise or censor any ads for any reason in its sole discretion. This paper may include inaccuracies or errors. The Moose Jaw Value Express does not under any circumstances accept responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any ads or messages in any of the publications editions. The Moose Jaw Express specifically disclaims all and any liability to advertisers and readers of any kind for loss or damage of any nature what-so-ever and however arising, whether due to inaccuracy, error, omission or any other cause. All users are advised to check ad and message details carefully before entering into any agreement of any kind and before disclosing personal information. If in doubt, please take legal advice.

By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

Reasons why Saskatchewan Government wants to pull plug on GTH ownership It is no surprise that the Saskatchewan Government wants out of the Global Transportation Hub (GTH) near Regina. The GTH industrial park development on former farmland has not lived up to the glowing potential painted in 2009 when the authority was established by the Saskatchewan Party government to develop industry. The GTH was developed in another era — an era when inland industrial ports were seen as the solution to cramped, overcrowded seaport traffic. The idea was that overseas companies could avoid massive seaport bottlenecks and set up assembly/manufacturing plants at inland ports to take advantage of free trade into the United States. China was viewed as a prime candidate for the GTH. The financial crisis of 2008-09 put the brakes on a booming trade that was supposed to continue indefinitely and make the GTH a hub of investment and jobs. More recently, the threat to free trade by the protectionist U.S. President Donald Trump has not helped promote the GTH concept. In fact, the unfair trade that Trump rails against is the kind of development GTH was established to build — free markets with Asian products into the United States. The GTH plan has faced competition from numerous other inland ports in Canada and the United States. Our landlocked location is a disadvantage. With a less than promising future for the GTH, there was no surprise when the Saskatchewan Government announced it wants to unload the development. No longer is the GTH a potential jewel in the Saskatchewan Government crown. Getting rid of the GTH to the City of Regina or a private operator would distance the Saskatchewan Party from


scandal associated with GTH land purchases. An RCMP investigation cleared government members and supporters from criminal wrongdoing, but the morality of flipping property for millions in profit on the same day as purchase created a stigma. Last year the GTH sold no land at all. That is no surprise either. Few investors want to risk money when business is sluggish or when the free trade concept underpinning the GTH is threatened. Now the GTH hopes completion of the Regina bypass system will attract investment. Failure of the billion dollar-plus bypass system to attract investment would be another embarrassment. The development of industrial parks is a stop-and-go operation. Investments in them are sensitive to a range of issues — national, provincial and regional economies, local opportunity, local labour supply to name just a few of them Moose Jaw’s Grayson Park is still not full almost 50 years after being opened. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net


ONE OF A KIND UNIT IN MOOSE JAW Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Condo #4 - 212 Mulberry Lane Completely updated with all new granite counter tops, computer desktop and buffet. Both bathrooms all new granite counter tops. All new floor coverings and fresh paint throughout. Condo features just under 1400 sq ft. 4 season sunroom. Single car attached garage, Natural Gas Fireplace. Water softener and reverse osmosis, 7 appliances

All this for under $300,000.

Condo Fees: $185/month, includes: snow removal, grass cutting and water & sewage


Sunday, August 19th, 2-3pm Wednesday, August 22nd, 7-8pm

High Quality, Barely used pallets. FREE for the taking! Located at the rear of 44 Fairford St W

Hurry! Limited supply available! TWO SUITES NEXT TO NEW & FULLY FURNISHED      


*      *  Â? *Â?    *Â?Â?    * ­ € €* ‚*

€  *ƒ  *Â?  Â?€ *        **„ 

              €**Â…     †  Call today 306-694-0675      or 306-684-2827

NOTICE TO CREDITORS ESTATE OF WILLIAM JOHN STEPHAN, LATE OF DAVIDSON, IN THE PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN, DECEASED Statutory Declaration and with the particulars and valuations of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned on or before the 5th day of September, A.D., 2018.

Joanne Knaus 1019 Hopkins Cr. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, S6H 3E8

(To book a private showing time please leave your name and phone number in mailbox. We will call you to set up a time)

Agents Welcome

OPEN HOUSE TOUR Sat. Aug18th 10am-11am

5 Bedrooms and across from Sunningdale school! This home would be prefect for a growing family!

9 Thorn Crescent

11:30am-12:30am Wonderful Family Home with a Parklike backyard! Close to Sunningdale school! A Must See!

64 Thorn Crescent 1pm-2pm This 5 bedroom stylish, contemporary, custom design home will have you never wanting to leave!

1210 Stadacona St W 2:30pm-3:30pm A fabulous quality custom home! With 4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths and 2 garages!

1509 Athabasca St W

Laurie Lunde 306.684.2704

“Your Full Service Real Estate Agent. Servicing Southern Saskatchewan�

Fax: (306) 693-2112 138 Fairford St. W. Moose Jaw, SK S6H 1V3 www.LaurieLunde.com

MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, August 15, 2018 • PAGE A31

of Moose Jaw

Here it is! Move right in and enjoy your home! Spacious kitchen with ash cabinets, lots of counter space, eat up snack counter, large dining area. 2 bedrooms on main floor. Basement finished. Double detached garage!

Kaitlin Hammel JC Chhokar Sonya Bitz Bryan Gilbert Lori Keeler

140 Main St N 306-694-5766


Custom built bungalow with walk out basement in West Park! Spectacular kitchen with granite, huge island, serving counter in dining area. Spacious living spaces throughout. Lower level completed. REDUCED!!

379 Stadacona St E

A must to see! Stunning kitchen transformation, wall of storage, peninsula, beautiful cabinets. Oversized living area, separate formal dining room. 4 bedrooms and bath upstairs. Double detached garage.

1004 Normandy Dr

1 ½ storey home. Large living room with arched entry to formal dining room. Laundry off kitchen. Main floor with master bedroom. 2 bedrooms up. Separate outside entry to basement for possible suite. Double detached garage.

1166 Coteau St W

1721-11th Ave NW

306-694-4747 324 Main Street N. Moose Jaw, SK

Derek McRitchie


Amber Tangjerd


E.G. (Bub) Hill


Bill McLean


(306) 631-1161 (306) 681-9424 (306) 631-9966 (306) 630-5409

$159,900 This home is ready to move into with its new windows, siding, and paint. There is a single car garage with new siding and a large fenced back yard. Bathroom is completely redone. Den on main floor can be used as a bedroom. Immediate Possession is available.




Excellent 4 bedroom 2 bathroom 4 level split , new windows and doors, new insulation and siding. 3 large bedrooms upstairs and an additional bedroom on the third level. Dining room has garden doors leading to the backyard,mud room leads to the deck complete with hot tub large yard with kids play structure and dog run mature landscaping and ample parking.

1040sq.ft 3 Bedrooms. Lower Level with second kitchen, Family Rm. and 2 Dens, 3 Piece Bath,Utility Rm./Laundry Rm. Double Detached Garage (Maintenance Free Fencing New Shingles Ext. Doors Main Floor Carpets in Living Rm, Bedroom & Hallway Updated Kitchen Window, Living Rm, Dining Rm and Master Bedroom Central Vac, New Tub and Surround.

4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Mainfloor hardwood flooring throughout the livingroom, kitchen and dining area a half bath on this level. Upstairs master bedroom complete with ensuite and 2 additional bedrooms, a full bath and laundry room Downstairs full bath, bedroom, den and family room, double garage heated and insulated, fenced yard, UGS completely landscaped.

Frank Hammel Beth Vance Gladys Gray Katie Keeler Jennifer Nant

684-4675 631-5220 631-8471 631-4790 631-8069

Spacious living room, fireplace, patio doors to balcony. Large living room with separate dining area, kitchen with Eat in kitchen with stainless steel appliances. lots of cabinets and counter space. 3 spacious 2 bedrooms. Insuite laundry and storage. bedrooms upstairs. Basement is developed with family Listed at $129,900 room, den, bath and laundry. 24x28 garage. NW area. REDUCED!!

Market Place REAL ESTATE

into your life! OF MOOSE JAW

www.moosejawrealestate.net 234 Blue Sage Dr

1037 Hastings St




5 bedroom custom built home in Sunningdale. Property features brazilian hardwood flooring, porcelin tile, 4 bathrooms, Mature landscaping, deck and a triple car attached garage with direct access to home.

154 Wood Lily Dr

618 Main St N


Move in ready!! Two bedroom bungalow with heated 18x22 garage on a large 50x120 lot. Updated shingles, vinyl siding, windows, cabinets, paint and flooring. Appliances included. Furnishing negotiable and early possessions is available.

684-9491 631-0886 631-8181 690-4333 631-0435


Over 1400 sq ft in this 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. Kitchen has been completly residgned to add more cabinets and eating space. 21x14 deck with duradeck surface and new aluminum and glass railing. New vinyl windows, updated insulation. Heated attached double garage.

Equipped 120 seat restaurant available with 5 year lease .Call Larry for details 306-631-1493

G-17 – 1455 9th AVE NORTH EAST

Over 1500 sqft 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath Beautiful Kitchen, Walk In Pantry Adjoining Living / Dining Area Kaitlin Hammel Frank Hammel Double Detached Garage ® REALTOR REALTOR® Listed at $199,900 306-684-4675 306-684-9491

Market Place REAL ESTATE

into your life!




Laural Hunt Laural Hunt Realtor® 306Realtor® 630-3910 306 630-3910

1145-5th NW 1145-5th Avenue Avenue NW

August 1PM-2:30PM August 18th 18th •• 1PM-2:30PM

1420 Street West West 1420 Spadina Spadina Street



Laural LauralHunt Hunt Realtor® Realtor®

306 306630-3910 630-3910




Large Country Kitchen 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Finished Basement Family Friendly Outdoor Space! Numerous Updates! Garage

This one-of-a-kind solid 4 bed, 4 bath home is ready for your personal touches. There is over 1600 sq ft of living space above ground, plus a full finished basement. The master has its own separate 4pce ensuite.


710 Main St. N. (306) 692-9999 www.bhgmj.ca

the theadvantages advantages ofofworking workingwith withan an

432 432High HighSt. St. W. W. (306) 692-7700 (306) 692-7700

www.realtyexecutivesmj.com www.realtyexecutivesmj.com

Roxanne Ashe 306-631-8378

RoxanneShauna Ashe Audette 306-631-0906 306-631-8378

Patricia McDowell Patricia McDowell 306-631-4188 306-631-4188

Mike Botterill Shauna Audette 306-631-9663 306-631-0906

Ken McDowell Ken McDowell 306-631-4624 306-631-4624

Sue Brabant Mike Botterill 306-690-9959 306-631-9663

Brenda McLash Brenda McLash 306-630-5700 306-630-5700

Cristin Korchinski Jim Low Sue Brabant Cristin Korchinski 306-529-2558 306-529-2558306-631-7340 306-690-9959

Donna Morrison Donna Morrison 306-681-9309 306-681-9309

Jennifer Patterson Jennifer Patterson 306-684-9267 306-684-9267

OPPORTUNITIES! This well-kept, unique home offers a main dwelling with 3 beds, 2 baths and a bonus attached 1 bedroom/1bath “guest suite” with it’s own furnace, and direct access to the basement den/storage and common laundry facilities. Oversized single garage with opener and a double drive for extra parking. Upgrades include: windows, flooring, shingles, sump-pump, exterior door and water heater.

Doreen Heinbigner, REALTOR® 710 Main St. N. • 306-630-6643 www.bhgmj.ca

Information is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. Subject to omissions, prior sale, changes or withdrawal without notice. Not intended to solicit properties already listed for sale



140 Main St N • 306-694-5766 www.remax-moosejaw.sk.ca

This 3 bed, 2 bath home comes complete with brand new installed kitchen cabinets. Enjoy peaceful views of Wakamow Valley on the newly constructed deck. Updated windows, renovated bedrooms, and a beautiful skylight. Listed by: Teresa Thompson, REALTOR® 630.5952

Katie Keeler 306-690-4333

Listed by: Doreen Heinbigner, REALTOR® 630.6643

1133 3rd AVE NW

41 Taylor Crescent


Extensively renovated 5 bed, 3 bath family home. Features beautiful character with its staircase, wood beams and French doors. The kitchen is gorgeous! Boasts stunning cherry cabinets, stainless steel appliances and beautiful backsplash. Listed by: Doris Lautamus, REALTOR® 631.7744


Quick Quick possession possession Some Some upgrades underway!


Jim Low Dave Low 306-631-9201 306-631-7340

LisaLisa Postma Postma 306-631-1424 306-631-1424

Carmen Davey Dave LowJeff Markewich Jeff Markewich 306-631-9217 306-631-9201306-631-9522 306-631-9522

Annette Sinclair Annette Sinclair 306-681-8332 306-681-8332

Marlene MarleneWilliamson Williamson 306-631-7508 306-631-7508

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87 @ 2.99













76 @1.99







2018 North American Car of the Year

#/£ Limited time lease offer from Honda Canada Finance Inc. (HCFI), On Approved Credit. Weekly lease offers apply to a new 2018 CR-V LX-AWD CVT, model RW2H2JES/2018 Accord 4D 1.5T LX 6MT, model CV1E1JE for a 60/60-month period, for a total of 260/260 payments of $87/$76 leased at 2.99%/1.99% APR. 100,000 kilometre allowance (12 cents/km excess charge applies). Total lease obligation is $22,620/$19,760. Lease obligation includes freight and PDI of $1,795/$1,655, Federal air conditioning charge, tire levy and other applicable fees except PPSA lien registration fee of $52.76 and lien registering agent’s fee of $5.25, which are both due at time of delivery. ∞Lease example based on a new 2018 Civic LX MT Sedan, model FC2E5JE for a 48-month period, for a total of 48 monthly payments of $258 leased at 0.99% APR. 80,000 kilometre allowance (12 cents/km excess charge applies). Total lease obligation is $12,384. Lease obligation includes freight and PDI of $1,655, Federal air conditioning charge, tire levy and other applicable fees except PPSA lien registration fee of $52.76 and lien registering agent’s fee of $5.25, which are both due at time of delivery. #/£/∞No down-payment required. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. Dealer may lease for less. Limited time lease/finance offers from Honda Canada Finance Inc. (HCFI), On Approved Credit. †$750 Civic bonus is available on select new and unregistered 2018 Civics (excluding Civic Type R) and is applied to purchase price after taxes. Offers valid from August 1, 2018 through September 4, 2018 at participating Honda retailers. Offers valid only for Saskatchewan residents at Honda Dealers of Saskatchewan locations. Offers subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. Offers only valid on new in-stock 2018 vehicles. While quantities last. Dealer order or trade may be necessary. Visit HondaSask.com or your Saskatchewan Honda dealer for details. *None of the features described are intended to replace the driver’s responsibility to exercise due care while driving. Drivers should not use handheld devices or operate certain vehicle features unless it is safe and legal to do so. Some features have technological limitations. For additional feature information, limitations and restrictions, please visit www.honda.ca/disclaimers or refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko

John Precepa


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August 15th, 2018

Moose Jaw Express  

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