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Lieutenant Governor W. Thomas Molloy and Chief of Moose Jaw & District EMS Kyle Sereda at the award ceremony.

Chief of Moose Jaw and District EMS receives prestigious Governor General award

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Sasha-Gay Lobban Chief of Moose Jaw and District EMS, Kyle Sereda has received this profession and receive an award of this nature cannot be done a distinguished award for 20 years of service in the profession. He alone. With the strong family supports I have been fortunate to received the Governor General EMS Exemplary award, presented experience and incredible peer professionals that I have had the privilege to work alongside have all contributed to where I started by Lieutenant Governor W. Thomas Molloy at the end of June. Sereda began his career in 1997, following in his twin brother as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) to and Advanced Care Kim’s footsteps who was an Emergency Medical Technician. Kim Paramedic (ACP) to where I am today as the Chief of Moose Jaw passed away and Sereda decided to give EMS a try. He has not and District EMS.” looked back since and 21 years later, he is being recognized for his Sereda believes in leadership by example and strives to be “better today than he was yesterday.” He continues to demonstrate this exemplary work in the field. He says it was an honor to receive this prestigious award. “It is both professionally and personally. He has done this by increasan honor and very humbling to have received this nomination and ing his knowledge as well as his responsibilities as a practitioner, award that is largely recognized by my peer professionals. While supervisor, instructor and director of operation as Chief of Moose not simply a long service medal, it is more so an award for exem- Jaw EMS. plary service and contributions in the EMS profession. In my 21st He has also held the role of President of Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Association (SEMSA). Adding to his list of year of paramedic service, it truly is an honor to receive.” Sereda says being a paramedic is a passion and the job has been advancing EMS, Sereda has been or is a current member of other a satisfying experience despite the challenges that comes with the organizations including the Regulatory body for Paramedics in Sasindustry. “Like many others who have received the award before katchewan, the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics (currently as me, it never has felt like work; being a paramedic is a passion and the Vice President) and the Paramedic Association of Canada just commitment to community public service. While it is a difficult to name a few. job at times, with challenging experiences and periods of tragedy, Throughout his diverse roles his core values of commitment, deit is an incredibly satisfying job to know you have helped someone pendability, humility, and service to others, remains as strong today in need. I often share with those individuals who seek out interest as they did in the beginning. in the paramedic profession to remember there is far more good in The Governor General’s EMS Exemplary Service Medal is Canada’s highest honour for paramedics. The Medal and subsequent what we do than the bad we experience.” He credits his family and colleagues, he says, who have shown bars recognize 20, 30, and 40 years of service in responding to him support throughout the years. “The opportunity to succeed in pre-hospital emergencies in Canada.

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Siblings receive First Class Honors with Distinction in piano exams Sasha-Gay Lobban Siblings Emily and Isaiah Kreuger, who attends École Ducharme received First Class Honors with Distinction after scoring very high in their piano theory and playing exams. A notable feat indeed, considering Emily is only 11 years old and Isaiah is nine. They did two grade exams this year—the grade test and theory exams. Emily did grade 5 piano and grade 6 theory, while Isaiah did grade 1 piano and Grade 5 theory. The two were taught by music teacher, Carol McWilliams, who is very proud of her students’ accomplishments. Eleven-year-old Emily has been playing the piano since she was five years old. She scored 98. 5 in her theory exam and 91 in piano playing. Emily has also competed in a couple competitions. This year, she won a group prize after participating in the Moose Jaw Music Festival. She also won a scholarship. This is the second year Emily has received first class with distinction in her piano exams. “I am proud but am sure I could’ve done way better. I really love playing the piano even though sometimes it gets frustrating, for example in competitions,â€? Emily said. Nine-year-old Isaiah has been playing since he was six years old. He scored 94 in his theory exam and 96 in piano playing. “I’m pretty proud of myself. I feel grateful because it was my first year of doing it. I really love playing the piano. Our music teacher makes us work really hard,â€? said an excited Isaiah. Their mother, Claire Kreuger says she is very proud of

Isaiah Kreuger.

country and I am pleased with how well they’ve done. If you don’t master the piano, it will master you and it takes a lot of work and they’ve put in a lot of work to do so well,� said McWilliams. Meanwhile, the Kreuger family will be heading to France this summer where they will spend a year, learning and developing their French speaking skills. Claire, who is also a French immersion teacher at Palliser Heights, says this is a great opportunity for the children to immerse in the language and culture. “I’ve always wanted to immerse myself and my kids in the French language and culture to solidify their French. It’s been a plan we’ve had for a while and we’re excited to go.�

Emily and Isaiah and credited their piano teacher, Carol McWilliams, for pushing them to do their best. “They’ve worked really hard and they have a piano teacher that pushes them really hard. She does an excellent job and she has high expectations, so I wasn’t totally surprised that they did so well given the amount of teaching and practice effort, but those are really high marks, so I am very proud of them. It was exciting to see that level of achievement. Their hard work paid off.� McWilliams who has been teaching piano for many years, says the scores that the students have received are the highest in the nation. “A 96 is the highest score in the

Emily Kreuger.

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MLA for the Moose Jaw North Constituency

• Must have Pleasure Craft Operator Card to operate motorized water craft; • Don’t Mix Alcohol and Boating; • Ensure everyone is wearing a PFD; To obtain your boating license (Pleasure Craft Operator Card) visit: www.boatsmartexam.com/ca/boating-license-saskatchewan/

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Journey to Hope Walk 2018: Hope, Healing and Honoring

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Sasha-Gay Lobban

Journey to Hope, Moose Jaw will be hosting its annual Hope Walk on Saturday, September 22 at Crescent Park Amphitheatre starting at 10:00am. The Hope Walk supports suicide awareness and prevention, providing hope, healing and honoring those who have lost their lives to suicide. Della Ferguson, facilitator and spokesperson for Journey to Hope, says the Walk brings awareness in the community and allow persons to reflect on and honour their loved ones who have passed. The Walk began 10 years ago. “The Journey to Hope Walk began in September of 2008, after some members approached me from the Survivors of Suicide Grief Support Group for those who have had a loved one die by Suicide, a group that I facilitate through Jones Funeral Home. They wanted to raise funds and awareness for Suicide Prevention,” said Ferguson. “Their hope was that no one would ever experience the profound pain of grief that they had. Since that time, we have been hosting fundraising Walks and raising awareness for Suicide Prevention. We work in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association in Moose Jaw, and have Committee members from CMHA, as well as Mental Health and Addictions, the schools, Moose Jaw Pride and individuals from our community impacted by suicide. It is a mission of their heart, focussed on Hope.” Ferguson says the Hope Walk is important for several reasons. She outlined: “It brings together people impacted by suicide, helping them see they are not alone and there are others who understand; it honours the memory of those who died by suicide; it shows those who struggle with mental health challenges that the community desires to ensure there are resources to support them; it raises vital funds to train people and raise awareness and promote resources and it breaks the silence and the stigma by our public gathering and speaking out on suicide and more.” She added that each year people give great feedback on the event and how impactful it has been on their lives. “Each year people have used words such as ‘powerful, inspiring and meaningful’ to describe their experience at the Journey to Hope Walk. They often say how courageous the speakers are and how their stories impacted them. Some people who have attended have then joined our committee to help with the work and some have come with amazing ideas of ways we can further impact our community through community endeavours.” For this year’s Walk, Ethan Brentnell, a talented high school student will be the musical guest. The program will also include Nicholas Hennink, a local Paramedic who knows the reality of PTSD. He will be sharing his song “Home” that he produced with Jared Robinson of Nebulus Entertainment, as well as sharing some of his story. There will be a reflective walk through Crescent Park and much more. The event also serves as a fundraiser. Persons are encouraged to purchase Raffle tickets for: The Ray Bell Memorial Raffle for the prize of an autographed George Reed Rider Jersey and the Gord Aitken Memorial Raffle for a beautiful Butterfly Quilt created by Joyce Aitken. Tickets are available through Journey to Hope Volunteers or contacting Della at Della@wjjonesandson.com. You can also purchase a case of BC Peaches for 40.00 (8.00 goes to Journey to Hope). These are available by contacting Lianne at nektt@sasktel.net. Get Pledge Forms available at journeytohope.synathasite.com. Starting August 1st, you can go to South Hill Fine Foods to purchase a Soles for Hope for a Toonie. Journey to Hope will be hosting their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th at 6 pm at Crescent Park Event Centre at 262 Athabasca St. E. Everyone is invited to attend.

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Justice will nail marijuana impaired drivers using old-fashioned police techniques

by Ron Walter

The legalization of marijuana has some folks in a tizzy over the enforcement of impaired driving laws for those under the influence of marijuana. The portable breathalyzer technology is efficient and quick and makes removing alcohol-impaired drivers from the road quite easy. No such technology exists yet to detect impairment by

marijuana. While numerous corporations are developing technology, complications stem in detecting the degree of impairment. Alcohol leaves the body in 48 hours. Marijuana takes seven to 14 days to flush out of the body. The solution for police will be good old-fashioned police work, like that before the portable alcohol breathalyzer came on the scene. Let me re-construct an impaired driving trial from my memory as a newspaper court reporter in the good old 1960s.

Prosecuting police officer (PPC) asks the officer (PO): “Tell me why did you stop the accused from driving?” PO: “I noticed his car was driven in an erratic manner swerving between the lines.” (Take note: Moose Jaw we will need visible lines on our streets.) PPC: “Then what happened?” PO: “I asked him for his registration. He fumbled taking it out of the glove box. I smelled alcohol on his breath. His eyes were glassy and his speech was a little slurred.” ( A defence lawyer might try for mitigating circumstances by trying to prove the accused had a speech impediment, or a disease causing trembling hands.) PPC: “Did you think the accused was impaired?” PO: “Yes, I asked him if he had been drinking. He said he had one or two, maybe three. I asked him to step out of the car to do some sobriety tests.” PPC: “And how did the accused do? ” PO: “First I asked him to walk the white line. He was unable to keep his feet on the line and swayed. Then I asked him to touch his toes. He fell twice trying that. Then I asked him to extend his arms out and touch his nose with his index finger. He missed two of three times.” ( A defence lawyer would try to prove his client had poor

co-ordination while sober from a disease or back injury or just old age, or legal medication caused the symptoms.) PPC: “And what was your conclusion from these observations?” PO: “I concluded the accused’s ability to drive was impaired by alcohol consumption.” PPC: “Then what did you do?” PO: “I took the accused to the police station where I administered the breathalyzer alcohol test. His reading was .20. The legal limit is .12 ( in 1964).” Defence lawyers had a field day trying to disprove the breathalyzer machine’s accuracy. Often, they had success. On occasion, an accused with alcohol in the vehicle would drink some before the officers arrived at an accident scene so no one could prove when they were impaired. Parliament has removed that defence. Convictions of driving while impaired by marijuana or other drugs will still occur but the rate of dismissals will be higher than from impaired driving with alcohol. And the whole process will be more expensive from training police to recognize clues to the actual tests. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net

Brickspo is coming back to the Western Development Museum Sarah Catterick

The Western Development Museum (WDM) will once again host Brickspo, a LEGO extravaganza showcasing brand new creations by the talented adult builders of the Saskatchewan LEGO Users Group (SLUG) and others from around western Canada. The event will take place on July 28th and 29th from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Karla Rasmussen, Education and Public Programs Coordinator for the WDM is excited to see the new LEGO builds that will be on show in the museum’s Aviation

German Farm House created by Lorelie DeRoose (2017 photo)

Gallery this year. “Brickspo is an amazing show. It draws people of all ages because everyone loves seeing these remarkable creations. Last year the theme was Canada 150 and all the innovative builds big or small reflected collective memories of Canadians across the country.” This year the challenge theme is “What could possibly go wrong?” This theme will be reflected in all the LEGO creations displayed around the museum. In addition to showcasing these extraordinary LEGO builds, there is a competition portion to the event which means visitors to Brickspo get to judge. The Brickspo Cup will be awarded to the builder whose creation gets the majority of votes from members of the public throughout the weekend. Brickspo will run activities and workshops throughout the event for anyone who is inspired by the creations they see. Rasmussen says, “We will have workshops throughout the two days run by AIMBOT, an organization from Edmonton, which focuses on the mentoring of the builders and inventors of tomorrow. We will also be having another LEGO yard sale this year. This will be some of the builders from the event who are selling a portion of their collection and other individual build-

A part of a topographical view of Canada (2017 photo) ing pieces. There will also be other vendors selling LEGO themed jewelry and other memorabilia.” The displays will be set up in the Aviation Gallery of the WDM. Rasmussen says, “It is really quite remarkable to see. The builders will also be there and they really love to talk with the visitors who want

to learn more about the inspiration behind the build and Lego building as a whole. They love to share their passion that way.” There is no extra charge for this exciting exhibit. Regular museum admission applies, and it is free for WDM members. For more information, contact the WDM at 306-693-5989.

BRICKSPO July 28 and 29 9:00 am – 5:00 pm See amazing creations by the talented adult builders of SLUG, the Saskatchewan LEGO® Users Group and others from across western Canada. Daily workshops, LEGO® yard sale, concession (cash only). Regular Museum admission applies, FREE for WDM members.






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Duck Derby fundraiser another success for Lions’ Club More than 1,200 ducks sold, raising thousands for local service club Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express

The Moose Jaw Early Bird Lion’s Club has long been a major charitable organization in the community, annually donating thousands of dollars to local individuals in need. Through their annual Duck Derby, a large portion of those funds are raised every year. The Lions held the 2018 edition of the event on July 8 at the Crescent Park amphitheatre. While the condition of the water in the serpentine prevented the Derby from having the traditional ‘race’ seen in many such events, the random draw still went off without a hitch – the 1,200 ducks were poured out in a large pile in front of the amphitheatre and children attending the event selected the 15 winners in a blind draw. Ducks were sold for $5 each; the winner receives $2,000, second place $1,000, third $500 and fourth and fifth $250. The next 10 ducks win $100 each. “I’m thinking we’ll do pretty well again this year,” said Alan Keuteach, Duck Derby committee chairman. “If we sold all tickets we’d make $15,000. We have some generous sponsors that donate the prizes and the ticket sales are all profit for us, so we use that pool of money for prizes... Anything that’s left over after the prizes is paid out and goes to people who need our help.” The Lion’s Club traditionally focusses on causes involving vision problems and blindness, including guide dog programs and charities involved in things of that nature. That isn’t their only purvey. “Oftentimes, we’ll have people come to us and say ‘my son is going through cancer treatment in Saskatoon and we can’t get into Ronald McDonald House all the time, so we’ll help them out with cash for gas and expenses and thing like that,” Keuteach said. All winners were contacted by phone, with duck number 112 winning the $2,000 first prize, duck 533 $1,000; duck 722 $500, duck 321 $250 and duck 852 $250.

The 1,200-plus Duck Derby ducks are poured out prior to being selected for prizes.



DUCK DERBY WINNERS 1) Leone Townend 2) Kerri Allan 3) Gordon Eade 4) Bart Hazell 5) Rachel Connolly 6) Earl Harding 7) John Eastwood 8) Tom Morhart 9) Collin Stumpf 10) Nancy Claffey 11) Lucien Cossette 12) Nancy Kuetbach 13) Charlyn McGregor 14) Pat Shields 15) Twyla Tondevold

Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK Regina, SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw. SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw, SK

$2000.00 $1000.00 $500.00 $250.00 $250.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $ 100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00

Isabella McGratten selects a winning duck as Lion’s president Wayne McGregor looks on.

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Grasslands National Park to host 6th annual Grasslander Classic Sarah Catterick Celebrate life in the prairies on Saturday, July 28th at the Grasslander Classic event. Grasslands National Park is in its sixth year of hosting the Grasslander Classic which offers visitors to the park all sorts of adventures including kayaking the heart of the Frenchman River, touring the bison handling facility, archery, ball hockey tournaments, wagon rides, stories of the open range. and much more. Carrie Clausen, Product Development Officer for Grasslands National Park is excited about the event saying, “ Last year we had a big Canada 150 celebration so we expect the event to be a little smaller this year, but it is still going to be a fantastic event with lots of things going on.” The activities, starting at 2:00pm in the Frenchman Valley

Canadian Idol finalist Tyler Lewis will perform at the outdoor concert

54 00 38 99 4



90 EA








Park.” The Grasslander Classic does not end when the sun goes down. Clausen encourages everyone to stay over in the peaceful setting of Grasslands National Park. “Come out and camp for the weekend as well. This year we are just doing ticket sales at the gate but if the actual campground is full, we have lots of overflow and all who come are guaranteed a spot.” Tickets for Grasslander Classic will only be available at the gate this year. Adult tickets are $20, Youth (6-17 years) tickets are $5, and children 5 and under are free. For more information about the Grasslander Classic call (877) 345-2257.

6 00 10 99 10

8 OZ





89 LB






Campground, will include something for the whole family. Brand new to the event this year is the outdoor market. Later in the evening, an outdoor concert with Guy & the Fellas will start at 5:00pm which will be followed by the country rock band Buck$hot featuring Canadian Idol finalist Tyler Lewis. Grasslander Classic is a great way to celebrate and learn more about life on the prairies. Clausen says, “You’ll get the opportunity to tour a bison facility and kayak down the river and you’ll learn about life on the open range when you take the wagon ride. We want people to leave with a greater understanding of these things, and we’ve built that into all the activities here at Grasslands National




Participants in last years ball hockey tournament


42 49 4



Kayaking down the Frenchman River is one of the many activities available at Grasslander Classic







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Water drainage on farm lands comes under agency scrutiny By Ron Walter For Agri-Mart Express


EXPRESS Ever since the first settlers broke land in Saskatchewan, they have drained water way, to protect property and increase cultivated acres. For the most part, farmers did what they wanted, unless negotiations with affected land owners or a court case dictated otherwise. The provincial government tried to solve issues from the 1950s to the 1980s by encouraging conservation and development authorities Since 1981, all new works require approval and already installed unapproved sites were grandfathered. All that has changed, says Doug Johnson of the Water Security Agency. Under new legislation, all previously unapproved projects must get approval from the agency. Estimates indicate about 150,000 unapproved sites are spread across the province. The Water Security Agency wants to find ways to approve projects, Johnson told a Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) Division Two meeting in Moose Jaw. “We’re not here to shut down projects.” The agency tries to balance benefits with impacts in a responsible fashion. Poorly designed drainage projects have negative impacts from flooding and infrastructure damage to degraded water, erosion and impacts on wildlife habitat. The new approach considers risks, mitigates impacts and looks at fairness. Wa-

ter must be diverted to an adequate outlet where no negative impacts result to upstream drainage works. RMs can, and are encouraged to, participate in these projects. Qualified trained persons are needed to guide a project and the agency encourages projects involve a group of affected land and owners. Short-term economics suggest draining water makes sense, he said, but removing water will affect the groundwater sources. During the heavy rains in 2013 to 2015, the 73 water-wells monitored by the agency saw water levels rise, some by 16 feet, as ground water was recharged. Johnson said those levels will fall when water sources are removed by drainage. While a record 693 quarter sections (11,000 acres) have had drainage approvals, much isn’t left to be done, said Saskatchewan auditor-general Judy Ferguson in her last report. The audit found the Water Security Agency does not always follow its own revised approval processes.

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Saskpower shows progress towards 2030 emmision reduction targets and supports prairie resilience strategy MLAs Column

Warren Michelson Moose Jaw North

Warren Michelson, MLA

SaskPower released its annual report last week. In 2017-18, SaskPower invested $996 million in upgrading the provincial power grid. The investment went towards updating the power grid to improve the reliability of the network and continue to support economic growth in the province. SaskPower saw a 5.4% increase in power demand this past year which is the equivalent of adding 150,000 homes to the power grid. It is of interest to not that even with the increase in power demands, SaskPower kept on track to exceed federal emission regulations by 2030. The carbon capture and storage process at Boundary Dam Power Station surpassed two million tonnes of captured carbon dioxide since start-up, the equivalent of removing 500,000 vehicles from our roads. The corporation is currently on track to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from 2005 levels by 2030. In order to help meet this target, SaskPower recently concluded the competitive bid process on Saskatchewan’s first 10 MW utility-scale solar project. To further meet SaskPower’s emission reduction targets, a request for proposal was recently completed for a 200 megawatt wind generation project. An announcement regarding the project can be expected this fall. In late 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unilaterally announced that he would impose a carbon tax on all provinces. Saskatchewan responded with a resounding “no”. A carbon tax would have devastating effects on our economy and has not proven to reduce carbon emissions in other jurisdictions. A carbon tax would make us less competitive in the global market. Seventy percent of Saskatchewan people oppose a carbon tax. Focusing on innovation and technology would be a better plan to actually reduce emissions. That is why we released Prairie Resilience: A Made-in-Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy last December. Prairie Resilience focuses on the principles of readiness and resilience, while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapting to the effects of climate change – without a carbon tax. It is broader and bolder than a single policy approach and will achieve better results. It includes setting

sector-specific output-based performance standards on large emitting facilities, such as those in oil and gas, and mining. By 2030 our strategy will result in a 40% reduction in emissions from electrical generation, and a 40-45% reduction from methane. Saskatchewan already has a good story to tell in reducing emissions. Since 2005, emissions intensity is down 8.8% while Gross Domestic Product is up 22%. In agriculture, zero-till practices and pulse crops offset 13.4 million tonnes of emissions. Our grasslands, wetlands and forests act as carbon sinks, reducing carbon from the atmosphere. Our target of doubling our renewable energy by 2030 is the most aggressive renewable energy goal in Canada. According to a new study from the University of

Regina’s Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities, a federal carbon tax could reduce Saskatchewan’s gross domestic product (GDP) by almost $16 billion, with little effect on emission reduction. This research and economic modelling show a carbon tax of $50 per tonne would reduce the provincial GDP by an estimated $1.8 billion, while only reducing emissions by less than one megatonne. The federal government has not released the details of its carbon cost model. Our government is committed to find ways to work with business and industry to reduce emissions by creating a plan that focuses on a broader scope rather than an ineffective tax that will come off the backs of Saskatchewan people.



*Up to 40 Square Yards · Completely Installed · Basic Installation Standard Underlay Included *See in-store for details


Tickets at the Conexus Arts Centre Box Office. Call 306-525-9999 (toll free 1-800-667-8497) or www.conexusartscentre.ca

326 HIGH ST W, MOOSE JAW • (306) 693-4466


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What legacy will you leave


Lumsden-Morse Constituency



Please include the Moose Jaw Health Foundation in your estate plan.


(306) 694-0373


CAA Saskatchewan hosts CarFit clinic for senior drivers Sarah Catterick for Moose Jaw Express

Recently, CarFit, a free clinic for senior drivers took place for the first time in Moose Jaw. CAA Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists organized the free educational program in order to help mature drivers optimize their view, comfort and fit, while in the driver’s seat. At the CarFit clinic, a team of trained CarFit coordinators and technicians guided participants through a series of checkpoints including seat and mirror adjustment, steering wheel position, and line of sight, all of which are important for maintaining safe driving skills. Lona Gervais, Communications Specialist for CAA says, “Essentially, what we do is fit senior drivers to their vehicles. It’s a volunteer thing but CAA is a huge advocate for safety in vehicles, for people of all ages, so this is a really important event.� While safety and comfort in vehicles is important for all drivers, Gervais points out the particular need for senior drivers to review the safety features of their car. “A

Yves Bourdeau with CAA volunteers and occupational therapists at the CarFit clinic lot of older drivers have been driving for many years, usually since they were sixteen. Since that time, a lot of things have changed like mobility levels and even the way you sit in your car. CarFit is designed to give seniors a refresher course in all the safety features that their car comes equipped with. If they feel comfortable in their vehicles, they can see clearly out of the windows and their mirrors are in the

right position, then they drive safer and more confidently overall.� Participants in the CarFit program are guided through a series of twelve checkpoints which usually takes about 20 minutes. A team of professionals check the seatbelt, steering wheel, mirrors, lights, head restraint, and vehicle controls all without the participant leaving their seat. If getting in and out of a vehicle is difficult, CarFit professionals can also recommend resources to make driving a vehicle the most comfortable and safe it can be. Yves Bourdeau was one local senior who took advantage of the CarFit clinic in Moose Jaw. After completing Carfit checks, Bourdeau was thankful that his attention had been drawn to things he would not normally think about. “I had two things I had to readjust - the headrest and the steering wheel. I feel like I understand my car more now because I wouldn’t have known what to adjust or why I needed to adjust them before.� Future CarFit clinics will take place across

the province in 2018. For more information, contact Lona Gervais, CAA Saskatchewan at lona.gervais@caask.ca.

CAA CarFit Clinic provided senior drivers with valuable information to help them continue to drive safely and confidently

REFLECTIVE MOMENTS Householder declines to donate $5 to support project The correspondence began at least six months ago, coming unsolicited through one of the e-mail addresses we use in this household. At first, I thought it was a general e-mail that would blast through the waves, reaching everyone with a computer or similar device. Upon checking Joyce Walter with others, none of those queFor Moose Jaw Express ried had received the letters, or at least no one admitted to being recipients. That fact does not mean we are special in our household, just that someone felt we would be receptive to such correspondence and turned our address over to become part of a wide mailing list — maybe like the e-mails we receive about the latest antics of the president to our neighbouring south. If we have to receive such mail, I much prefer the letters I mentioned earlier. They are at least Canadian in nature and not asking to bail a prince out of jail in a foreign land so we can claim a bogus inheritance.

Naturally, the letters went to the trash but not before I started taking notes on some of the more interesting ones, those coming from strangers such as Sussanne, Melissa and Nova. We had never heard of them but they called me by name and left Housemate out of the equation. How rude of them. In a May letter, I was called “Friend� and invited to chip in a mere $5 to help reach the required $80,000 in the budget of the organization’s summer plan. Sorry, my $5 was already allocated to put towards the Elks’ meat draws where sometimes I was lucky enough to take home pork chops. A few days later came another appeal, again for $5, perhaps setting a low-ball donation so the pocketbook wouldn’t feel so much pain. Sorry again. Trash button hit. The letters took on a more provincial theme in June with a request for $10 to help introduce the organization’s ideas to people in Saskatchewan. Plus, I received an invitation to join the team, implying that my $10 would get me some future benefits. Sorry, if I wouldn’t donate $5, why would I come through with $10? An invitation to make a splash and be a lifesaver took us back to the national scene, with no specified amount

Dining Parlour Locally Family Owned

Entertainment on our Patio Rod Laporte will be here Playing Country, Blues, Rock , 50’s and more. July 27 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

65 Athabasca St. W • 306.692.5995 www.hopkinsdining.com Town ‘N’ Country Mall

Open at 8:30 for Breakfast

Pre-orders welcome 306-693-9655

Breakfast bun with 3 hash brown paddys and a drink $6.29 PLUS TAX

requested this time. But before any splashing and diving took place on my end, the item was deleted. If these folks know me well enough to use my first name they should have remembered my fear and dislike of water. An update then came addressed to “Friend.� As a friend I was advised that I fit the bill as a core supporter of the cause and deserved an update regarding the $80,000 target. “Will you give $5 and help us catch up?� Sorry, not happening. The organizers of the campaign, by this time, must have been experiencing some frustration with my lack of support for the next letter carried no salutation, not even a “ hi, how are you doing?� I was advised that my supporter status was still pending, that I might retrieve our friendship by pledging $5 or more. “We don’t want to cut out important parts of our plans for the summer,� advised the author of this appeal. We too don’t want to cut out important parts of our plans for the summer so there won’t be any kind of financial donation forthcoming from our house. Sorry, but thanks for writing. Joyce Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net


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Check out our NEW Cocktail Menu!

July 25th

Join us for lunch followed by Shopping Spree! featuring: Alia n TanJay • 5th Avenue Collection • French Dressing • Orientique • Renuar UP TO 70% OFF EVERYONE WELCOME PLEASE CALL DANIEL TO RESERVE






Local products showcased at weekly farmers market Sarah Catterick

The Moose Jaw Homegrown Farmers Market brings together a variety of local vendors providing Moose Javians with homegrown and homemade produce every Saturday morning on Langdon Crescent. Now a Moose Jaw tradition, the farmers market is a great way to spend a m summer morning and support local businesses. Keri Fox of Green Sister Garden oversees the weekly market and is excited to see how much it has grown since she started coming. “This is a community building event. It’s a great way for people to get to know each other and creates a space for interesting conversations. It also is a great way to showcase the wonderful local produce and crafts that we have in this area.” Each Saturday, Langdon Crescent is filled with local vendors from around Moose Jaw and area selling everything from farm-fresh produce to knitwear. Fox says, “I love

Vickie Derksen of Prairie Bee Meadery

the feel of the farmers market now. It’s growing, and everyone gets along really well; there’s a real camaraderie between the vendors. Instead of thinking in terms of competition, everyone supports each other.” A recent addition to the farmers market this year is Smooth 42 Craft Distillery. Head distiller Daniel Dombowsky says that coming to the farmers market is a great way to showcase the local produce that makes up their locally brewed alcohol. “We like to showcase a lot of local produce like the red spring wheat that we use in our vodka. It comes from just 10 minutes away from our distillery.” Dombowsky is thrilled with the response. “We’re new to the farmers market here but the feedback we have received so far is unreal and everyone is loving the products, so we are really excited.” Prairie Bee Meadery is another local vendor selling their products at the market each week. While Prairie Bee Meadery has a storefront on Main Street, owner Vickie Derksen loves the atmosphere of the bustling farmers market. “We love coming out to the farmers market, so we can meet everyone and tell them about honey wine if they’ve never experienced it.” Staying true to the Homegrown Farmers Market tradition, Prairie Bee Meadery uses top quality Saskatchewan ingredients. Derksen says, “The reason we make this is because you can’t really grow grapes in Saskatchewan, but we have some of the finest honey in the world. Because we are beekeepers and we grow fruit on our farm, we decided it just made sense.” Kirby Froese of Coteau Hills Creamery also uses Sas-

Daniel Dombowsky of Smooth 42 Craft Distillery katchewan dairies exclusively to create his Balkan Feta style cheese. Froese has over 20 years experience in food production. “My background is in fermentation and it transitioned really well to this because what I’m doing here is fermenting milk. There are many parallels between wine making and cheese making so the learning curve wasn’t too bad.” These local artisans and many more can be found at Langdon Crescent on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm; starting on July 11th and running to the end of August, the farmers market will also be held on Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 8pm. The first Wednesday market will also have live music and tastings and promises to be an exciting evening to kick off the summer market experience.

Festival of Words’ Performance Café Sasha-Gay Lobban

The Saskatchewan Festivals of Words hosted one of its popular events, Performance Café at Mitsu Café on Thursday, June 28, where several persons got an opportunity to showcase their talents in an impromptu/open mic session through songs, poems or spoken words. The event was held in collaboration with ACF Moose Jaw - Association Communautaire Fransaskoise - French Guest performer, Community of Moose Jaw. The main guest fea- Frederique Cyr Michaud ture, Frederique Cyr Michaud kicked off the evening with some of her original songs. She was followed by several others who took to the stage to share original poems, short stories and even singing original songs. The next Performance Café will be held on Thursday, July 26 with special guest, Elise Pallagi. To see the full schedule for this summer’s Festival of Words, visit www. William John Stewart festivalofwords.com.

Teri Bosner

Christina Ritchie

Harold Arthur

Courtney Hall

Haley Klassen

Victor Mclean

now open 6 DAYS A WEEK

#6-3 Civic Centre Plaza - 1251 Main St. N (Beside RBC)

Mon- Sat from 10-5 30 McKenzie Lane 306-693-3362 Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm

Expires July 31, 2018

Expires July 31, 2018

Expires July 31, 2018

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Dr Kateryna Pilon sets up practice in Moose Jaw Sasha-Gay Lobban





888 Main St. N. Moose Jaw, SK

Air Conditioning System Test

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Please present coupon at time of service for discounts to apply Expires July 27thth 2018



888 Main St. N. Moose Jaw, SK


Dr Kateryna Pilon recently finished her residency at the University of Saskatchewan and has set up her practice in Moose Jaw. She is currently taking on new patients. Dr Pilon will be practicing at the Stadacona Clinic, 53 Stadacona W., working closely with Dr Mark Brown. Originally from Ukraine, Dr Pilon has lived in Moose Jaw for two years where she finished her residency. “I’ve been in Moose Jaw for two years. I finished med school in 2013. I did my residence back in Ukraine after which I came to Canada, applied for my residency here and I finished my residency this year— end of June.� She has decided to remain in Moose Jaw to open her practice. “I am opening up my practice right here in Moose Jaw, focusing on women’s and children’s health. However, I do not plan to do deliveries. I’ll be seeing women pretty much all the way up to 36 weeks and then they will see Dr Brown, who I am working closely with. Once they deliver, I will see the mom and the baby for usual appointments.� Dr Pilon says she will only be taking on patients who do NOT have a family doctor. She says they are top-priority because there are thousands of locals who do not currently have doctors. “The important thing that I want people to know is that I will only be taking persons who have no family doctor currently. Unfortunately, people who want to switch their doctors, that’s not

Dr Kateryna Pilon

an option. The reason is that there are thousands of people in town who have no doctor, so persons from that group will be top-priority. It is only fair to prioritize their need.� Dr Pilon has studied medicine over the last 10 years in three different countries across three different continents. She started in Central Asia, moved on to Europe and subsequently North America. She is looking forward to serving the people of Moose Jaw. “It’s been great setting up here in Moose Jaw. I’m looking forward to serving my patients and I am happy to be here. I will be taking new patients in July and September.� To get in touch with Dr Pilon, you can call the Stadacona Clinic office at 306-6944091.


By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

Investor ownership of Saskatchewan farmland concentrated on the best land

Ownership and control of farmland in Saskatchewan has been an issue ever since the first white settlers paid $5 for the option of proving they could build a farm in three years. Farmland ownership became a more important concern in the 1930s when mortgage companies and banks acquired large tracts from defaulted loans during the Great Depression. A new law was approved not allowing easy mortgaging or re-possession of the home quarter. Then, in the 1970s, large tracts of land acquired from bad loans in the 1930s and still owned by the lending companies drew the attention of the Saskatchewan Government. Under a new law, non-farm landowners had to dispose of the land within five years. Saskatchewan’s restrictive farmland ownership laws prohibited investor ownership of more than a small parcel unless permission was given by a government land agency. Even former Saskatchewan residents inheriting farmland had a designated period of time to start farming or to sell the land. The idea behind the restrictions was to save farmland for local farmers and to save the small communities from population loss. And there was the belief that absentee owners would not be good stewards of the land. It was the same kind of thinking that prevented rural municipalities from allowing subdivision of farmyards — keep the non-farmers out. All that changed when the same political party that restricted farmland ownership

liberalized it to allow ownership by Canadian residents and those with a permanent residency permit. The arguments for less restrictive rules noted restrictions failed to stem rural population loss but penalized retiring farmers with lower prices for their retirement assets. Since 2003 when the new law took effect Farm Credit Canada surveys show Saskatchewan farmland prices are up almost 300 per cent. That compares with a 28 per cent increase in the Consumer Price Index for the period. The huge price increase was greatly assisted by three years (2012 to 2014) when land prices almost doubled. Investors were a significant part of new buyers during those years comprising up to 10 per cent of buyers. Investor ownership of farmland is concentrated — up to 10 per cent of RMs — in some of the best land south of Regina. Other pockets, concentrated on poorer quality land, exist in the southwest ranching country. Ownership of 837,000 acres by investors amounts to less than two per cent of farmland with two-thirds of that owned by five investors. Less restrictive ownership rules have allowed some farmers to retire with better finances. Some farmers find it more difficult to expand operations. On balance the decision to liberalize land ownership rules seems not to have created major concerns. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@ sasktel.net

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New pay station installed at City Hall parking lot Pay-by-plate station activated, compatible with smart cards, coins. Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express

A new pay system has made it’s debut in the Moose Jaw City Hall parking lot. The modern “pay by plate” station has officially been activated and will offer a system where users will record their license plate in the station, pay for the time they want to park (up to five hours) and go about their business. “There’s a sign hung by the meter that walks you through the steps very clearly, so it’s a simple process,” said Staci Dobrescu with the City of Moose Jaw public works department. “The one previous you’d put your money in and receive a receipt back and have to walk back and put it on your window. This one you just have to put your plate in, and it accepts smart cards.” The system offers a much more streamlined approach for both mass parking payment and parking enforcement, as commissionaires don’t have to spend as much time

checking every meter. The city can also track usage rates and how often individual cars use the lot. Ideally, similar stations will be installed in coming years in other lots, provided the City Hall lot is as successful as expected. “We’ll be able to put it into all the parking lots and removing the meters, because the meters in most of the larger parking lots are old, turn-dial meter,” Dobrescu said. “So,we’d really like to get rid of all those and install the paystation.” The city is also planning expansion of the smart card meters throughout the city, also using a gradual process following an annual budget. “Eventually they’ll all be smart card readable, but it’ll just take some time,” Dobrescu said.

By-election coming in October Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express

Moose Jaw Brick customer wins national contest Moose Jaw’s Bonnie Neal won the Return of Black Friday Win Your Purchase Contest by The Brick which pays for a customer’s purchase made at midnight. This is the first time someone has won from Moose Jaw. The contest is a Canada-wide one which includes over 100 Brick stores across the country. Bonnie says she is excited to have won the contest, a first for Moose Jaw. She purchased a recliner and winning the contest meant that the Brick would pay for that purchase.

Moose Jaw will be going to the polls in mid October. Moose Jaw city council officially set the date for the by-election to replace Coun. Don Mitchell’s vacated seat for Oct. 17, along with a host of information to ensure the election goes as smoothly as possible. Mitchell stepped down from his position at the end of June for family reasons. The call for nominations will begin on Aug. 27, with the deadline for filing candidate nomination papers set for Sept. 12. The city is currently in the process of developing a Candidate’s Handbook, with July 27 the expected release day for the document. Councillor candidate campaign expenses have been set with an upper limit of $8,235.34. Polls will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the day of the election, with the polling places set for the Kinsmen Sportsplex, Royal Canadian Legion, Town ‘n’ Country Mall and the Church of Our Lady. Advance polls will be established in the main lobby of city hall from 5 p.m.to 8 p.m. on Oct. 3, Oct. 4, Oct. 11 and Oct. 15 as well as from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Oct 13. Special polls with be established for a minimum of one hour on Oct. 13 at the senior assisted living homes, senior high rises and retirement facilities. A special poll will also be established at the Wigmore Hospital from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Voters can register at advance polls or at polls on election day. The City of Moose Jaw will provide free transit throughout the day.

City of Moose Jaw city clerk/solicitor Myron Gulka Tiechko reads the bylaw setting out the by-election to fill former Coun. Don Mitchell’s seat Tracey Wittke, assistant city clerk, has been appointed returning officer for the election. The city is also seeking individuals to work the polls, with poll supervisors receiving $250 per day, receiving and special deputy returning officers $235 and deputy returning officers $230. It’s expected the election itself will cost the city approximately $60,800, including worker wagers, advertising costs, printing of ballots, polling station rentals, mail-in ballot postage, photocopying costs and miscellaneous office supplies.

RuBarb Productions joins forces with Festival of Words for world premier of Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town Sasha-Gay Lobban RuBarb Productions and Festival of Words have teamed up to present the world premier of Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, the musical. Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town is an award-winning novel by Stephen Leacock that will be brought to the stage for the first time in history at the Mae Wilson Theatre on Saturday, June 21 at 7:30pm. Rubarb says the musical will premier during the Festival of Words. The two organizations say this is a partnership that was a natural fit for both groups, who operate out of the Moose Jaw Cultural Center. This partnership means that persons who purchase full passes or student passes for the Festival of Words, will automatically The hardworking teams at RuBarb Productions and Festival of Words launch get a ticket to see Sunshine Sketches of their new partnership. a Little Town at the Mae Wilson Theatre it was never established until now where is the beginning of many partnerships to following Festival of Word that day on we found the perfect opportunity to do come. I think it is very important that regSaturday, July 21. so. We’re partnering with the Festival of istered charities partner together rather Evie Koop-Sawatzky, Director at RuBarb Words for the world premier of Sunshine than compete. Innovative things can start says she hopes this will be the beginning Sketches of a Little Town. This is the happening from this approach.” of more partnerships to come with Fesfirst time this musical is being brought Executive Director at Festival of Words tival of Words. “Because our offices are to the stage and we’re happy to bring it Sarah Simison welcomes the partnerin this building, this relationship came to the public during Festival of Words,” ship saying this is a good move for the natural for us. We had talked about opsaid Koop-Sawatzky. “We hope that this arts community. “The Festival of Words portunities in the past to collaborate, but

has always had a dramatic component to it where we had readings in informal settings with playwrights and actors who essentially read through scripts. Once in awhile in the past, we’ve had a theatrical production and concerts, so this was a great opportunity for us where Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town is an award-winning novel, a very popular, well-known piece. When I brought the idea to our program committee after RuBarb came to us, everyone was interested to forge this partnership,” Simison said. “It is important for people to know that there are really interesting ways for organizations to collaborate. Both of our organizations have been able to do other collaborations in creative ways and a lot of funders are starting to recognize that.” Persons can purchase tickets at RuBarb’s box office at http://www.rubarb.ca/ rubarb.html or call 306-693-1771. To learn more about Festival of Words and its line-up and how you can purchase passes, visit https://www.festivalofwords.com/. You can also see this musical in August at RuBarb’s summer Theatre Fest.

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30 Super B units to haul your grain, liquid or granular fertilizer. Call Kelly (306) 693-1284 or (306) 631-1202 email ckdispatch@sasktel.net Box 1388 Moose Jaw Sask. S6H-4R3


June 13 - 30, 2019

To book, visit your professional travel agent:

80 CARIBOU ST. W. MOOSE JAW • PHONE: 306.693.5117

Notice of Abandonment of Poll Whereas a poll is not required pursuant to the local Government Election Act for the Office of Mayor: Village of Brownlee I hereby give Public Notice that no voting for the said office will take place and that the following person is Elected by Acclamation: Mayor Sacha Elez

Have you heard the news? Cornerstone to perform Newsies

Major Broadway show to feature immense cast and intricate sets and costumes Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express

“Headlines don’t sell newspapers, NEWSIES DO!” That famous line from the Broadway musical Newsies rang through the street in front of the Mae Wilson Theatre during Sidewalk Days, as students from Cornerstone Christian School – in full Newsies costume – staged a flash mob to promote their show coming up this fall. The idea behind the ‘impromptu’ gathering was to raise awareness of the epic production, set to run Nov. 7-10 at Mae Wilson Theatre. “It’s a fantastic show, but unless you’re a theatre person you might not have heard of it before,” explained director Tanya Johnson. “So, we wanted to start the buzz on this show right now, it’s huge on Broadway and it’s a Disney film as well, so we want people to feel they know it already... It’s a New York story, but it kind of fits with the Little Chicago feel as well, so it all kind of works together.” The show was just released to be performed by amateur groups by Music Theatre International, which carries the production rights to the show. Johnson applied the day it was released and was accepted. “We have an amazing group of kids, 75 students auditioned in the spring for the show, and we were looking for a show that had as many parts as possible for all the talented kids we have,” Johnson said. “So, it was one that just seemed to be a nice fit for our kids this year.” Newsies is written for a cast of 21 performers and up, with nine major roles. As can be expected with a film set in a different time period and major city, there will be plenty of work to do even

Dated in Brownlee, this 5th Day of July, 2018

Jackie Leggott Returning Officer


TAX ENFORCEMENT LIST VILLAGE OF EYEBROW PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN VILLAGE EYEBROW Notice is hereby given under OF The Tax Enforcement Act that unless the arrears and costs appearing oppoPROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN site the land and title number described in the following list are fully paid before September 17, 2018, an Notice is hereby given under The Tax Enforcement Act that unless the arrears and costs appearing interest onnumber a tax lien inwill be registered against opposite the based land and title described the following list are fully paid before September 17, the 2018,land. an interest based on a tax lien will be registered against the land. Note: A sum for costs in an amount required by Note: A sum for costs in an amount required by subsection 4(3) of The Tax Enforcement Act subsection 4(3) of The Tax Enforcement Act is includin the amount shown against each parcel. ed in the amount shown against each parcel. DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY

Title No.

Total Arrears*

LOT 13-BLK/PAR 1-PLAN U3352 EXT 0 149525398 1,010.97 LOT 7-BLK/PAR 9-PLAN CX539 EXT 0 148512225 1,460.06 LOT 8-BLK/PAR 9-PLAN CX539 EXT 0 148512247


Total Arrears and Costs 84.00 1,094.97 84.00 1,544.06

* Penalty is calculated to the date of the Notice and will continue to accrue as applicable.

Dated this 10th day of July, 2018 Deanne Hartell, Administrator

Dated this 10th day of July, 2018


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Students from Cornerstone Christian School perform a scene from Newsies as part of a flash mob during Sidewalk Days outside of acting and singing. Costuming has already begun and will be only a small part of the work ahead of the Cornerstone crew. “The biggest challenge will be the set,” Johnson said. “We have to create downtown 1899 New York in the Mae Wilson Theatre. Then with the sheer number of kids in the show, there are a lot of parts... we’ll start first thing in the fall with rehearsals. It’s going to be quite the production, this is a big, big Broadway dance show.” Cornerstone Christian School has been staging theatrical performances since 1997, with last year’s well-received The Little Mermaid their 20th show. “So now this is like the start of a new era for us and we always try and bring new show to Moose Jaw when we can,” Johnson said. “We were the first to do (Les Miserables) in Moose Jaw and now this one. So we’re kind of excited.” Tickets go on sale at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre on Oct. 1.

Summer Wrap-Up Tom Lukiwski Report

MP Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan

We have reached yet another end to our Parliamentary session. Looking back, I am proud Tom Lukiwski to say that Canada’s ConservaMP Moose Jaw-Lake tives have worked hard on beCentre-Lanigan half of families across Canada. Our team was united and strong while we held Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to account for their failures. I am excited for the summer in Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan – to spend time with my family, and have the chance to catch up with my constituents and friends. But we also know that families, workers and communities across the country are asking for help, as Justin Trudeau’s failure continues. Justin Trudeau’s policies have made it harder for Canadian families to make ends meet. He promised Canadians that he would borrow a “modest” sum of $10 billion dollars per year. And yet, Canadians found out this year that he plans to add an additional $450 billion to Canada’s national debt, while running deficits until 2045. Shockingly, the Liberal budget announced that the deficit this year is $18 billion, which is three times higher than what Justin Trudeau promised to Canadians. And while government spending has increased by 20% over the last three years, little of it has actually gone to what he said it would. In fact, only 2% of this additional spending went into genuine infrastructure projects that would help grow the economy or create jobs. Even worse, more than 90% of hardworking Canadians found that their taxes have increased. This doesn’t even take into account all of the other new taxes that Canadians will face like the national carbon tax, which will

cost the average family more than $2,500 a year. Unfortunately, Canadians are still left in the dark about the actual cost of this tax. Despite being asked to reveal details about the cost of the carbon tax over the last two years, the Liberal government has refused to disclose any information. They are hiding the truth. In the same underhanded manner, Justin Trudeau snuck a five-year equalization plan into his omnibus budget, without telling anyone or consulting anyone. This plan will continue to penalize provinces like Saskatchewan and Alberta that are forced to subsidize so-called “have-not” provinces like Ontario and Quebec. And as if living costs weren’t high enough, Justin Trudeau recently announced that he plans to use taxpayer dollars to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline project. This decision will force Canadians to pay $4.5 billion for his failure to champion Canada’s natural resource sector. Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have failed Canadians. They promised families that they would help them but they just keep taking more from them. Canada’s Conservatives know that this is wrong. We don’t want to see the Liberal debt be passed down to our children. This is why we are sharing our positive Conservative vision with Canadians. One that puts people before government, and fights to create opportunities and prosperity for everyone – no matter who they are, where they live or what they do for a living. And while the Liberal government continues to make life more expensive, we will fight for lower taxes and balanced budgets so that hard-working families have the money to save and invest for their children’s futures. We know what it means to make sacrifices to ensure that our families have financial security. That means that Canada’s Conservatives will always put the needs of Canadian families first. That is who we are, and that is who we fight for.

MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, July 18, 2018 • PAGE A13


Celebrating Seniors BBQ at West Park Crossing

Happy 100th Birthday Edna Dobie Friends and family gathered from the Yukon to Nova Scotia and all points in between to celebrate with Edna Dobie on her 100th birthday including her 98 year old ‘kid sister’ from Victoria, BC! Edna, who currently lives at West Park Crossing, is an extremely spry 100 year old. She participates in most of the activities and takes the stairs whenever possible. Her life’s motto has been to ‘work hard and play hard’. Deputy Mayor, Brian Swanson joined the party and brought birthday greetings on behalf of the City of Moose Jaw. Thanks to everyone who came out to honor Edna on this very special occasion and once again, congratulations Edna!

$236.00 was raised for the Alzheimers Society at the Celebrating Seniors BBQ hosted by West Park Crossing. There was lawn bowling, beanbag Baseball, a fabulous BBQ buffet, and wonderful entertainment by Ally & the Katz! Thank you to all who came out in support of the Alzheimers Society and congratulations to Art Cedegren and Elsie Carrick, winners of the Saskatoon Berry pies donated by Prairie Berries.

Besant Car show in park shaded from hot sun By Ron Walter

The annual Run to Besant Car Show attracted more than 140 vehicles of all ages and descriptions for the day in this hidden gem of a park west of Moose Jaw on the Trans-Canada Highway. Car collectors and visitors made the day into a gigantic picnic sitting in the shade of the tall trees. Originally developed by local area residents, Besant became part of the provincial network. In the 1990s, reducing provincial deficits threatened the park with closing until a lease to a private operator 28 years ago. Proceeds from the Run to Besant show were donated to Hunger in Moose Jaw for its programs.

’34 Plymouth

1968 Camaro


’45 coupe

’35 Ford


1929 Model A

’56 Pontiac

1934 Ford

1967 Polara

Every flyer, in your free Moose Jaw Express, now linked digitally in one convenient location! www.mjflyers.com

1951 Ford F-1

1937 Royal

’53 Monarch

’58 Divco

’75 Monte Carlo

Bobby Curtola’s car

PAGE A14 • MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A stroll through this year’s Sidewalk Days Festival The blistering heat through all three days of the 2018 edition of Sidewalk Days did little to stop the crowds from taking in the wide variety of events and displays while doing a bit of shopping and having a bite to eat along the way. Hundreds of people roamed Main Street throughout the event, and here’s a sampling of what they saw and did on Saturday afternoon.

Photos by Randy Palmer

was The inflatable obstacle course race s. age all of ters ngs a hit with you

Annie McLeod performs on the Grant Hall stage.

The Kerr’s Bouncers inflatable ball race saw plenty of competition through the day.

rapper Hip-hop singer and the on s rm rfo A-Praise pe nFa ate tim Ul stage outside zone.

Hi Impact Wrestling had the green light and plenty of onlookers for their professional wrestling shows.

Jason Gauthier of Street Cuts Barber hams it up for the camera while giving a haircut to Ning Yuthalers.

Spiderman poses for a photo with a couple of youngsters.

Patrons check out the wares on offer at the Clothes Encounters stall.

han Beru instructor Nat Control Jiu Jits Beliveau d leg lock on Cha nard works for a ration. during a demonst

Buy 6 Get 1 FREE

Iron Man stops for a ph oto while roaming outside of Joe’s Pla ce. No word if Tony Stark was manning the suit.

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Saskatoon Berry Festival stocked up with extra pies this year By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

The 2018 version of the Saskatoon Berry Festival at Mortlach took place on one of the hottest days of July but the heat didn’t stop hundreds of people from attending. The morning pancake breakfast with saskatoon berry topping and saskatoon syrup was busy and at one point the line of hungry folks waiting was half a block long. Organizers were prepared for the pie sale, buying an extra 100 pies this year. A trio of Regina women were among pie lovers who came early to make sure they got a slice and a whole pie each to take home. Activities ranged from entertainment by Chris and Marianne Weber, performance by Mortlach’s own Megan Nash and visiting the 50 vendor booths selling goods

from woodwork, art work to clothing and jewelry. A 30-minute parade included a float from the Scottish town of Dufftown, a place where scotch whiskey is made, even a brand called Mortlach. The Moose Jaw Legion colour party led the parade. And Saskatchewan Roughrider Eddie Steele greeted fans along the parade route from his convertible. The arena area was busy with horse show contests, a new event this year. “This is better than Sidewalk Days,” commented one visitor.

Legion leads parade


Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net

Wooden viper

Old church


Lotsa power

Low ride

Scots twins

One pony

Berry pies

From The Kitchen

Fo lde r t u r n s u p i nte re st i n g re c i p e s By Joyce Walter For Moose Jaw Express

The file folder is over-flowing with recipes that have been clipped and saved for future reference — some of them never seeing the light of day again. While looking for another recipe, the following two dessert-style recipes came to light — but without any indication from where they came or who donated them to my collection. Enjoy. ••• Sweet Empanadas pastry for a 9 inch pie shell 1/2 cup apricot jam 1 cup shredded coconut 1/4 cup diced maraschino cherries, patted dry 2 tbsps. chopped pecans 2 tbsps. raisins 1 tsp. vanilla 1/2 tsp. cinnamon 1/8 tsp. nutmeg 1/3 cup sugar 1 1/2 tsps. cinnamon Prepare pastry from a favourite recipe. Preheat oil in a deep-fryer to 375 degrees F.











38 99




3 oz. pkg. pineapple or lemon Jello 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened 1/4 cup icing sugar 14 oz. can crushed pineapple, drained 1/2 cup thinly sliced blanched almonds, roasted, optional Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a small bowl stir crumbs, butter and brown sugar together until well blended. Press into a 9 inch square baking dish. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven, cool and set aside. Beat whipping cream and set aside. In a small bowl pour boiling water over Jello and stir until dissolved. Set aside. In a large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese and icing sugar until light and fluffy and all cream cheese lumps are removed. Pour in gelatine mixture and beat until smooth. Stir in drained pineapple, fold in whipped cream and pour over cooled crust. Sprinkle with almonds, if using. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Slice and serve. Makes 12 servings.

In a medium-sized bowl, combine all ingredients, except sugar and last amount of cinnamon. Roll pastry to 1/8 inch thickness and cut with a 3 inch round cookie cutter. Place a tsp. of filling on each pastry round. Fold in half, moisten edges with water or milk then press together with a fork. Combine sugar and cinnamon in a bag and set aside. Drop each empanada into the hot fat and fry until pastry is golden brown. Turn pastries as the first side browns. Drain on paper towelling then coat with sugar and cinnamon mixture. Makes 4-5 dozen. Note: empanadas may be baked in the oven at 400 degrees F. Brush with milk and sprinkle with the sugar and cinnamon mixture before baking. Bake until brown, turning once. ••• Pineapple Delight Dessert 1 1/4 cups graham wafer crumbs 1/4 cup butter, melted 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 cup whipping cream, whipped 1 cup boiling water




24 99




Joyce Walter can be reached at ronjoy@sasktel.net


79 99




59 99








MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, July 18, 2018 • PAGE A17


Eastern Star Years of Service

(l-r): Back: Worthy Matron Lynann Pethick and Worthy Patron Lloyd Pethick; Centre: Marlene Wiebe (60 years); Kay Ogilvie (60 years); Marjorie Pritchard (50 years); Dorothy Mittelholtz (40 years); Front: Vivian Meikle (70 years); Angela Oleskiw (Worthy Grand Matron of Sask.); Albert Hilliler (Worthy Grand Patron of Sask.)

Mizpah #1, Order of the Eastern Star held their Official Visit of the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron of Sask. on Monday, July 2nd, 2018, at the Masonic Temple. Their project this year is “Saskatchewan Library Association”. At the meeting, five Chapter members were presented with pins and certificates for their many years of Service and Dedication.

ACT Local 1027 Donates to STARS

Accordion player

(l-r): Kada Klein (Central); Lynann Pethick (Optimist); Chloe Merifield (Central)

The Friendly City Optimist Club presented their annual Scholarships of $500 each to two (2) Grade 12 students. Very Best Wishes to all of the Graduates in the future!

Scott Heatcoat, formerly of Assiniboia, performs on the accordion at Concert in the Park. He sang and played guitar as well. Ron Walter photo

Eyebrow fair fun arrives on hot day By Ron Walter For Moose Jaw Express

Hot summer days are good for growing crops and for local country fairs. The 24th annual Eyebrow and district fair was on one of the hottest days of July but that didn’t stop folks from having fun and competitions. Horse competition classes had 42 horses and riders compete for ribbons and prizes. Slo-pitch teams battled in the sweltering sun with one third base player taking a line drive in the face. After a silent auction of baking from the household arts entries, a beef supper and dance, fireworks ended the celebration. Ron Walter can be reached at ronjoy@ sasktel.net

Paint job

(l-r): Tammy Hagerty, STARS Flight Nurse; Heather Carle, Secretary, ACT 1027-Moose Jaw; Mark Gilliland, President, ACT 1027-Moose Jaw; Darcy McKay, STARS Paramedic; Ritchie Yee, Treasurer, ACT 1027-Moose Jaw.

ACT Local 1027 recently donated $5000.00 to STARS air ambulance in honour of the first responders who worked the Humboldt Broncos tragedy.

Rainbow Arc

Foul ball


Chuck races

Stick horses

This rainbow occurred west of Moose Jaw. Photo by Ron Walter


PAGE A18 • MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Richard Adams Managing Partner, Moose Jaw 306.684.2198

D.& D. Quality Care






Office Supplies Furniture IT Equipment Services

Supplementary Health, DVA, WCB and SGI approved.


11 Hochelaga St W.

WesternBusinessSolutionsMJ.ca • WESTERNOFFICE.CA


ACROSS 1. Store 5. Flooded 10. Venician magstrate 14. Expect and wish 15. Hindu social division 16. Not odd 17. Expatriation 19. Delay or postpone 20. Large flightless bird 21. Toward the outside 22. Verrucas 23. Goddess of divine retribution 25. Cogwheels 27. New Zealand parrot 28. Racetrack touts 31. Heretofore (2 words) 34. They make wool 35. French for “Water” 36. Weight to be borne 37. Ganders 38. Desire 39. Some people chew this 40. Anxiety 41. Donkeys 42. Rotor coil Daily Sudoku Puzzles by KrazyDad, July 10, 2018 44. Prompt 45. Jagged 46. Demean

3 1 8

Sudoku #7 - Tough 1 2 4 6 7 3 5 8 5 8 9 4 2 1 6 7 6 7 3 9 5 8 4 2 2 5 1 8 3 6 7 9 7 4 2 3 1 9 6 1 9 5 2 6 2 6 4 9 3 5 8 9 1 4 8 5 7

6 2

8 7 5


9 3 1




Sudoku #8 - Super Tough 4 2 6 8 3 9 1 7 5 5 9 8 1 2 7 4 6 3 1 7 3 4 6 5 8 9 2 9 6 4 5 8 3 2 1 7 3 8 1 7 9 2 5 4 6 2 5 7 6 4 1 3 8 9 8 4 5 3 7 6 9 2 1 6 3 9 2 1 8 7 5 4 9 5 4 6 3 8 1


Sudoku #6 - Challenging 1 5 3 6 7 4 8 2 9 4 6 7 2 8 9 1 5 3 8 2 9 5 3 1 4 6 7 3 4 6 9 5 8 7 1 2 5 8 1 7 4 2 9 3 6 7 9 2 1 6 3 5 8 4 9 3 4 8 2 5 6 7 1 2 7 5 4 1 6 3 9 8 6 1 8 3 9 7 2 4 5

Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9. If you use logic you can solve thePUZZLE puzzle without guesswork. SOLUTIONS

DOWN 1. Gloss 2. French for “Man” 3. Codeine source 4. Dowel 5. Sweet wattle 6. Electrical power units 7. Largest continent 8. Excessively conventional 9. Female chicken 10. Leave 11. Supervisors 12. Lady’s escort 13. Concludes 18. Adjust again 22. Stinging insect 24. Barely managed 26. Type of sword 28. Not those

29. Anger 30. Litigates 31. Diatom 32. Not sweet 33. Complainers 34. Discriminate 37. Wildebeests 38. End ___ 40. At the peak of 41. A quantity of no importance (archaic) 43. Excite 44. Stops 46. Stone fruit 47. Proverb 48. Avoid 49. Excrete 50. Toboggan 51. Novice 53. Dash 56. Implore 57. Confederate soldier

Can you find the hidden words? They may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.

© 2018 KrazyDad.com

Sudoku #5 - Challenging 1 9 4 7 2 6 3 8 5 8 2 5 1 3 9 7 4 6 6 7 3 4 8 5 9 1 2 5 1 8 6 9 7 4 2 3 4 3 9 2 5 8 6 7 1 2 6 7 3 1 4 5 9 8 7 5 1 9 6 2 8 3 4 3 4 6 8 7 1 2 5 9 9 8 2 5 4 3 1 6 7


7 1 5 4









8 7 5 6 2



3 4 8 1 7 3 4 9

5 4 2



"A fine quotation is a diamond in the hand of a man of wit and a pebble in the hand of a fool." -- Joseph Roux


2 6 1 3

50. Razor sharpener 52. Hebrew unit of weight 54. Man’s best friend 55. Place 56. Handrail 58. Makes a mistake 59. French for “Storehouse” 60. Hens make them 61. An amount of medicine 62. Segments of DNA 63. Red vegetable


S U#5 D- Challenging O K U Sudoku


WALMART CORRECTION NOTICE Spring & Summer Clearance – Men’s, Ladies’ and Kids’ Apparel & Footwear Clearance discounts are as marked and are not taken off the last ticketed price. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Need a little help? The hints page shows a logical order to solve the puzzle. Use it to identify the next square you should solve. Or use the answers page if you really get stuck.


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There are about 1,500 active ones worldwide.

We are learning about volcanoes.

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Annimills LLC © 2018 V15-28


Do you know that there are about 1,500 active volcanoes worldwide? They remind us that deep beneath the mantle of the Earth is magma, or molten rock. When the magma moves up the vent of a volcano and erupts, we see the steam, gas and ash cloud that it blows into the air. Lava flows out and down the sides of the volcano. The lava is fiery and dangerous. When Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted in 2018, it forced thousands of people to flee their homes. Not all volcanoes are the same. A “shield” volcano is flat. A “composite” volcano is tall and thin. Scientists who study the earth’s physical structure and what it is made of are called geologists. Volcanologists are geologists who specialize in studying volcanoes and work to uncover the mysteries of volcanoes.

Read the clues to fill in the puzzle: Tiny green crystals 1. molten rock, steam, gases exploding from volcano called “olivine” may 2. mountain or hill with a crater or vent that be found in lava rock. can allow the magma, gas and steam to escape (Gem-quality olivine 3. volcanic ash ‘raining’ from the sky; dangerous to is called “peridot”.) people and can even interfere with airplane engines 4. ancient Roman god of fire; “volcanoes” named for him 5. volcano that has had an eruption somewhat recently 6. rocks melted into liquid form, trapped under the surface of the Earth 7. sections of the Earth’s surface that slide, glide and bump into each other 8. circular dip in the Earth’s surface caused by a past volcanic eruption 9. volcano that scientists think will never erupt again It is used 10. area under the Earth between the crust for jewelry. and the core; mostly made of magma 11. scientist who studies volcanoes, how they form and behave

a magm


o 8

volcan 7

Ring of Fir e




4 6







ic tecton





11 10

logist volcano crate r

hot spo


13 Steam, gas and ash cloud Crater



dorm Lava Flow



14 extinc





12. this rock is often in slow-moving magma 13. 25,000 mile area surrounding the Pacific Ocean; home to 90% of world’s earthquakes, 75% of the volcanoes Magma 14. where the space underground is sizzling; Chamber perfect area for a number of volcanoes 15. magma that has reached the surface of the Earth through a volcanic eruption 16. “sleeping” volcano


CORNER No Broccoli Smugglers Please When it comes down to it, I am as political/non-political as the next guy, and when it comes to the current tariff war with the country below the 49th, the next guy is politically outraged. Those foolish Americans, or at least that foolish American, has by Dale “bushy” Bush kicked the mild-mannered Canadian beaver in the shopping cart; items we would buy out of habit are now to be classified as “Made in Canada” or “Made in America” and I couldn’t be happier. I will be the first to admit there are many American products that I include on my grocery list and I believe that this trade tariff tiff is a good opportunity for Canadians to be a little more Canadian in our shopping habits. I do not mean wearing a Team Canada jersey, while shopping for groceries, or do I? Maybe wearing a Team Canada jersey might show some unity and perhaps remind us that, in a sense, it is “us” against “them”. One of the first things on my grocery list that I had difficulty finding from Canada was some fruits and vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and grapes. At one time before Mrs. B was Mrs. B, I had a reluctance to eat broccoli and cauliflower, but after

forty years and a healthy colon, I will need to find a broccoli and cauliflower smuggler. We are growing our own grapes now, so we will have a supply for about a month later this summer. But after that, we will need to find a way to store grapes that will be fun to use after a few months or years. Wait! I think I just invented wine! There is a way to avoid vegetable smuggling and using the Black Web to get broccoli and cauliflower on the sly; that is to find a local grower and dealer. Man, does this scenario bring back memories. Rumour has it, once a week on Saturday mornings during the summer, the empty parking lot across from the community hall is filled with these vegetable growers and dealers who assemble under the banner of “Farmers Market”. What a concept! When the smugglers and middle men are cut out of the pricing, a $5 cauliflower suddenly drops in price by 50%. There is also the bonus that you can usually shake the dirt-soiled hand of the farmer who grew it, usually… but not always. There have been cases of phoney farmers at markets who are actually the smugglers and middle men they claim not to be, even using phoney soil to dirty their hands. Gosh-darn blankety-heck liars…they might be Republicans! The ironic thing about some of the Republican immigration policies is that they are restricting the people who were working on the

farms that produce broccoli and cauliflower from doing that. This is resulting in produce being left in the fields being wasted and making the products that do get harvested more valuable. What a vicious $ circle. A farmers’ market will help in the crusade against using and buying American products. I can see the most important tool in the grocery tariff war will be my reading glasses and a willingness to shop at a Canadian owned store. By reading labels, I can be a patriotic shopper. While I may not be able to enjoy a glass of frozen Canadian orange juice, I will find products that can take the place of American grown oranges like oranges from Chile. I just need to be serious about researching alternative Canadian products and about reading labels; that’s not a bad idea, anyway. I think I will wear my Team Canada jersey shopping to remind me that we are in this thing together.

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Miller Express cap tough week with win Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express

The Moose Jaw Miller Express has has an up and down season this year. Heading into action last week, the Express had won five of six and were looking like a team that could be on the verge of a long string of success. Seven days later, it took an 11-3 win in Lethbridge over the Bulls to snap the Express’ longest losing streak of the season – five games, including a 9-5 loss to the Bulls on July 14, 10-3 loss at home to Weyburn on July 13, 4-1 loss in Weyburn July 12, a 5-4 loss in Swift Current July 11 and an 8-7 loss in Regina to kick off the week. The July 10 game against Weyburn was postponed and will be played July 21. The Express now has an 18-17 record and in fourth place in the Eastern Division, a half game back of Swift Current an 7.5 games back of division-leading Weyburn. Express 11, Lethbridge 3 In their final game of the week, the Express looked like the team that had been winning with regularity earlier in the month, and in much the same fash-

Miller Express shortstop Ty Lightly fields a ground ball during recent action

ion as they broke open a close 4-2 contest with five runs in the seventh and two more in the eighth to seal the win. Geordie McDougall went 2-for-3 at the plate and scored four runs to lead the Express, Eric Marriott was 3-for-6 with two runs scored and Blake Galla-


gher closed out an impressive week at the plate by going 3-for-6 with three RBI. Ty Schindel had a pair of hits, two runs scored and two RBI; John Prudholm was 2-for-5 with three RBI. All that run support took the pressure off starter Mason Garispe, and he made the best of it, giving up two runs on four hits and striking out eight in seven innings work to secure the win. Lethbridge 9, Express 5 A second-straight quality start by Ryder Yakel went for naught as the bullpen came up short when trying to close things out -- a common theme through the week. Yakel gave up two runs on six hits in six innings of work while striking out seven, leaving the game with a 3-2 lead. Travis Edgar came on in relief in the seventh and gave up two runs on three hits before Logan Hofmann surrendered another four runs off two walks, a hit and an error. Alex Hendra-Brown led the offence with a 2-for-4 night and a pair of runs scored. Weyburn 10, Express 3 With the game tied 2-2 heading into the eighth, the Beavers scored three runs and added another five in the ninth for the commanding win. Jesse Marks gave up four runs on six hits in seven innings before Matt Perry was tagged with the loss, giving up a run on two hits in a third of an inning. Tanner Galey came on and surrendered five runs on three hits in 1 1/3 innings work. Ty Schindel continued to produce at the plate since his return to Moose Jaw with a 3-for-5, two RBI showing. Gallagher was 2-for-4 with an RBI; McDougall 2-for-4 with a run scored. Corey Harrell had a huge night for Weyburn, going 4-for-5 with a home run, two runs and four RBI. Weyburn 4, Express 1 The Beavers scored single runs in each of the fourth, fifth and sixth innings

and rode an impressive start from Conner DiNaro – one run on four hits over seven innings – to emerge victorious. Markus Gregson got the start for Moose Jaw and gave up two runs on five hits through five; reliever Michael Mommersteeg closed out the game and also gave a pair of runs on five hits. Gallagher scored the Express’ only run in the game and was 1-for-4. Swift Current 5, Express 4 The Express built a 4-0 lead through the top of the sixth but again couldn’t close things out, as the 57s scored single runs in the bottom of the inning and in the seventh before tying the game with a pair of runs in the ninth. Ethan Hunter singled home Myles Miller from second in the 12th to give Swift Current the win. Mitchell Robinson was his usual quality-start self, giving up two runs on five hits in seven innings and striking out seven. Gallagher pitched the ninth and surrendered two runs on two hits and two walks; Hoffman tossed two scoreless innings before Nick Falco came on in the final inning and took the loss. Gallagher was also 4-for-5 at the plate and scored a pair of runs. Regina 8, Express 7 The Express trailed 3-1 heading into the fifth but were able to score four runs and take the lead. The edge wouldn’t last the inning, though, as Regina scored three runs of their own in the bottom of the frame. Moose Jaw once again tied things in seventh, but the Red Sox responded with two in their half and held the Express to a single run over the next two innings. Garispe got the start and was coming off one of the best pitching performance in Express history; things weren’t quite as good this night, as he gave up six runs on five hits while walking four and leaving the game in the fourth inning. Regina’s Riley Hickerson hit a tworun home run off Express reliever Tannar Galey to bring home the winning runs. Marriott was 2-for-4 with two runs for Moose Jaw, Ty Lightly 1-for-3 with a pair of runs scored. The Express are back in action with seven games this week as the WMBL season enters the home stretch – at home to Swift Current on July 17 and Okotoks for back-to-back games on July 18 and 19. They travel to Yorkton on July 20 before hosting Weyburn in a doubleheader on July 21, with the first game starting at 5:05 p.m. They close out the week hosting Swift Current on July 22.

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LARGE SURPLUS FARM EQUIPMENT AUCTION FOR: 616036 Saskatchewan Ltd. (Darren Thul) (306) 630-4756

WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2018 - Starting at 11:00 a.m. C.S.T.

Switzer Auction

Location: 3 miles Southeast of Chamberlain, Sk. on #11 Hwy. (To be held at Valley Side Sales) (GPS: N50.49.26; W105.30.59)


Share your Team’s news, pictures and results with us! email: editor@mjvexpress.com

June Athletes of the Month Winners of the Emerald Custom Creations high school athletes of the month for June include Brooke Seiferling (Riverview, volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field), Reymond Tallud (Riverview volleyball, basketball), Robyn Read (Cornerstone volleyball and basketball), Zach Beital (volleyball badminton, track and field), Kada Klein (Central basketball and track and field) and Liam Kerr (Central football, volley-

ball, badminton, basketball, track and field). Missing are Mackenzie Miller (volleyball and basketball), Cody Statham (football, track and field), Reece Helland (Peacock golf, volleyball, badminton, track and field), Meagan MacDonald (Peacock cross country, soccer, basketball, badminton and track and field) and Melissa Ellis (Caronport volleyball, basketball, badminton and track and field).

More wins for Canadians, Giants Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express It was another good night for the Moose Jaw Canadians and Moose Jaw Giants in Rambler Park Fastball League action on July 12, as the Canadians took a 9-2 win over the Regina Gold and Park Hotel Giants rolled to a 9-0 mercy rule win over the Pasqua A’s. The wins saw the Canadians improve to 13-0-2 on the season, good enough for first place, while the Giants improved to 7-5-1 and sit in fourth place, a halfgame back of the Standing Buffalo Dakotas. Canadians 9, Gold 0 The top of the order proved lethal for the Canadians as Riley Almasi went 3-for-3 with two home runs, a double, three runs scored and three runs batted in hitting out of the two hole, while Kent Barber with two home runs and a pair of RBI. Lead-off hitter Dane Roy belted a solo round-tripper in the fourth. The Canadians took little time getting things going, scoring four runs in the first and adding two more in the sixth before invoking the mercy rule with their final three runs in the sixth. Blake Dixon was the winning pitcher, giving up one run on five hits in four innings of work before giving way to Xavier Tremblay to close out the game. Jayson Lechner scored the lone run for Regina; Steve Kwasnicki was the losing pitcher. Giants 9, Pasqua 0 Much like the earlier game at Memorial Field, the Giants got off to a fast start and never looked back. The first three Giants hitters reached on walks before Darryl Callaghan cleared the bases with a grand slam and a 4-0 lead after only four batters. Lee Behrns doubled and scored in the second inning and then added a solo home run in the fourth as part of a four-run inning that brought the mercy rule into play. Tim McCaig picked up the win with an impressive outing, scattering three hits and holding the A’s scoreless. Derek Ross closed out the game with a 1-2-3 inning. Matt Strongeagle had two hits for Pasqua, Wacey Strongeagle took the loss.

1996 JD 8970 4WD diesel Tractor *1979 JD 8640 4WD diesel Tractor *1980 JD 8440 4WD diesel Tractor *IH 3288 diesel Tractor *Bobcat 843 diesel Skid steer *1981 Western Star Tandem Feed Truck (This truck has never been registered in Sk.) *Freightliner FL80 5-ton Tandem diesel Garbage Truck *20 Ton Ind. Trailer *45’ Fruehauf Drop Deck Low Boy Trailer *Self Contained IMW Natural Gas Pumping Station *8’ x 21’ Summit Alum. End Dump Trailer w/aeration screen *1999 Kaufmann Car Hauler Triple Axle Trailer *2 - 8’ x 12’ TB Cargo Trailers *Atco Office Trailer *CEI Pacer Alum. Feed Tank *60’ JD 1820 Air Drill w/JD 1900 Tank *48’ Concord Air Drill w/Concord 3400 Tank *60’ SeedHawk Air Drill w/Seed Hawk 777 Tank (frt. tank needs repair) *40’ SalFord I-4100 ProTill, 3 plex, tine harrows (like new) *2 - 84’ Degelman 7000 Strawmaster Harrow Drawbars w/Valmar 3255 Applicators *120’ NH SP365F High Clearance SP Sprayer, 1600 gal tank, GPS & autosteer, 1433 hrs. showing (They are currently using this sprayer so there will be more hours on it come sale day. If you are interested in seeing this sprayer in action give Kevin a call at (306) 681-9545. He will be happy to show you how it operates) *120’ Flexicoil 67 XL Field Sprayer *60’ Empire 3660 UltraPacker Land Roller *26’

Schulte 5026 Bat Wing Rotary Mower *Valmar 1-ton Granular Transfer System *Vogels Wick Chemical Weeder *2012 JD S690 SP diesel Combine, swing out auger, buddy seat, frt. duals, Starfire 3000 GPS & autosteer, single point hook-up, hopper ext., Bullet Rotor, swing away steps, JD chopper w/hyd. spreaders, 1438 eng. hrs., 1065 sep. hrs. w/15’ JD 615P pickup table w/JD pickup *2013 JD S680 SP diesel Combine, swing out auger, buddy seat, frt. duals, Starfire 3000 GPS & autosteer, single point hook-up, hopper ext., Bullet Rotor, swing away steps, JD chopper w/hyd. spreaders, 1677 eng. hrs., 1126 sep. hrs., w/15’ JD 615P pickup table w/JD pickup *3 - 2010 35’ JD 635D HydraFloat Headers, fore & aft, own transport, lights, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, skid plates, JD adapter, single point hook-up *Brent Avalanche 1084 Grain Cart (on-board scale needs repair) *2 - 2011 Westward M150 SP diesel Swathers, dual direction, 10’ hyd. lift swath roller, sg. point hook-up, rad screen whippers, w/2011 36’ MacDon D60-D Draper Header, db. pickup reels w/plastic fingers, fore & aft, rubber canvass, lights, own transport *4 - 105’ x 13” GrainMaxx Telescopic Swing Augers *110’ x 13” Brandt 13110-HP pto Grain Auger *85’ x 20” REM GTS 2085 Belt Conveyor Auger *CF/AB 190 Bu. Gas Grain Dryer *2 Elmers Header Trailers *2 Johnson Transfer Augers, (10’ & 13’) *2 Grain Guard Gas Aeration Heaters *4 Squirrel Aeration Fans *26’ Bayliner Fibreglass Boat w/triple axle trailer *2004 15’ Seadoo Sportster Boat w/sg. axle trailer *15’ Lund Alum. Fishing Boat *Triton LXT Seadoo Trailer *Miller Big 40DC Port. Welder *50KW Diesel Generator (Came from MJ Airbase) *Poly Water Tanks *Plus other items. For further info call Darren at (306) 630-4756 VALLEY SIDE SALES (306) 638-7712 2016 120’ Versatile SX 280 High Clearance SP Sprayer, 202 hrs. showing *2003 NH TJ450 4WD diesel Tractor *50’ SeedMaster Air Drill For further info call Bryce at(306) 638-7712

CJay Trailers (306) 694-0445 - 2 - 43’ CJay Header Trailers For further info call Brad (306) 694-0445

Terms: Cash or Cheque w/Letter of Guarantee. Machinery & Vehicles Sell at: 12:00 noon Auctioneers Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

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(306) 773-4200 Swift Current, Sk. SK. LIC. 914494

Bruce Switzer

AB. LIC. 313086

Website: www.switzerauction.ca

Glenn Switzer

PAGE A22 • MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Royden Taylor Golf Classic sees amazing growth

More than 150 golfers take part in second annual event in support of Prairie Hockey Academy. Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express

With the first Royden Taylor Golf Classic was held last summer, there were plenty of questions up in the air. Just what was the Prairie Hockey Academy? How was it going to work? Could it really succeed? What would it be like in a year’s time? The PHA put together a remarkable first season that saw plenty of wins against some of the top sport schools and academies in the country, all while their players went through a program designed to develop them as leaders and allowed them to excel academically. People noticed. This spring, it was announced that even before their inaugural season had been completed, the Prairie Hockey Academy had reached one of their major goals – being accepted into the Canadian Sports School Hockey League. The season’s success continued this past week, during the second annual edition of the golf tournament at Hillcrest Sports Centre, as more than 150 golfers – players, parents, alumni, sponsors and everything in between – took to the course to raise funds for the program. Prairie Hockey Academy president Justin Simpkins was happy with the turnout. “It’s really great,” he said, as the cash putting challenge took place behind him. “It’s sell-out this year, actually oversold. It’s fun to get out and get the community support. There are a lot more alumni involved this year, too, so we’re pretty happy with how things are going.” The growth and success of the Classic essentially mirrored that of the players – to a man, the youngsters who took the ice this past season had seen immense growth both as players and as individuals. That improvement saw the

Calvert looking forward to next season after impressive campaign

Ken Allen used his rather unique putter to take his shot at the putting challenge during the Royden Taylor Golf Classic. first-ever PHA player chosen in the Western Hockey League draft as the Moose Jaw Warriors selected centre Kirk Mullen in the sixth round, 132nd overall. The next day the Warriors signed defenceman Max Wanner before the Battlefords Stars picked up defenceman Hunter Weber and forward Atley Calvert in the recent SJHL draft. While that recognition of on-ice talent was exciting for the team, Simpkins was just as proud of another sign of success. “Over and above (hockey), 17 of our students made the honour role, nine high honours, so it’s incredible to see them digging into

that process of being student athletes,” he said. “That’s why we feel the Hockey Canada sports school model allows our guys the opportunity to really focus in on academics and still play high performance athletics as well.” The PHA will see further growth this coming season as they’ll field two teams in the CSSHL, with the Elite 15s and Midget Varsity squads preparing to take the ice. Recruiting for the two squads has been exceptional, with only one or two spots remaining. The 2018-19 campaign will kick off with a series of conditioning camps taking place in August.

Like his teammates and everyone else joining the Prairie Hockey Academy last fall, Moose Jaw forward Atley Calvert had little idea of what was in cards for the team’s inaugural season. Things couldn’t have gone much better for the 15-year-old standout, as he led the PHA in scoring by a wide margin and picked up a host of team awards at the end of the campaign. “It was pretty sweet, I couldn’t have done it without my teammates, it ended up being a great year,” Calvert said prior to the Royden Taylor Golf Classic. “I actually didn’t know what to expect but it really exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know what it was going to be about but it ended up being incredible.” Calvert finished the campaign with 30 goals and 53 points in 40 games and won the Kevin Smyth award as most valuable player, the Ryan Smyth award as the team’s top forward and the John Barkman Award for his overall leadership. Having a chance to show off his skills and develop both on and off the ice was something Calvert enjoyed. “I really liked the off-ice sessions and building leaders,” he said. “It really helped me on the ice so I didn’t get as rattled as I might have been before when something didn’t go my way... this program allowed me to just showcase my skill in front of a lot of different scouts and I just expect to keep getting better every day.” Calvert – who was picked in the sixth round of the recent SJHL Draft by the Battlefords Stars – will be back in PHA blue next season and is looking forward to seeing how the team will fare against a slate of known tough competition. “I expect the boys to do really well next year and I think we’ll have a really good team,” he said. “We’ll compete really well in the CSSHL... we’re just going to keep getting better every year.”

Atley Calvert



THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 2018 - Starting at 11:00 am. CST. Auction Location: To be held at Hirsch, Sk. (20 miles East of Estevan, Sk. on #18 Hwy.) GPS: N49.11.00; W102.36.00


1326 Alfalfa/Crested Wheat/Brome It is the buyers responsibility to inspect the hay to their satisfaction before buying. All hay sells as is, where is. Terms: Cash or Cheque w/Letter of Guarantee. Sold by the bale. Price includes loading bales until August 16, 2018. Feed Test Results & Catch Weights available sale day. For more info call Chad at (306) 487-7509 Terms: Cash or Cheque w/Letter of Guarantee

MORE INFO ON FACEBOOK & OUR WEBSITE: www.switzerauction.ca


(306) 773-4200 Swift Current, Sk. SK. LIC. 914494

Bruce Switzer

AB. LIC. 313086

Website: www.switzerauction.ca

Glenn Switzer

Vancouver Whitecaps hold camp with Moose Jaw Soccer The professional soccer team the Vancouver Whitecaps held a camp in July 9 & 10 in Moose Jaw with the Moose Jaw Soccer Association. Pictured above are coaches and players from the U15-17 age group who worked on new skills during the two day event.

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Mieli settling in as Saskatchewan NDP leader Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express

Carbon taxes and pipelines – the NDP has plans Lately, much discussion in the media, at both the federal and provincial level, has revolved around the issue of carbon taxes, with the provincial government firmly and strongly against the implementation of any such financial penalty for producing greenhouse gases. While Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Mieli would prefer to focus on issues like cuts to education, health and social services, that’s not to say his party is ignoring the situation. “The reality is carbon pricing is coming; the government has put in place their plan and the reality is if we aren’t in compliance with a plan designed here, we’re going to have to be in compliance with a plan designed in Ottawa... because all they’ve been able to say is no, we’re going to get something that’s far worse than something that’s made in Saskatchewan,” Mieli said.

Karla Beck, MLA for Regina Lakeview, and Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Mieli were in Moose Jaw Ryan Mieli -- who won the leadership race for the Saskatchewan NDP this March and as a result became the leader of the official opposition in the province – was back home in Moose Jaw recently and shared a recap of how things are going so far. “We are on tour this month; we’ve already been to North Battleford and Ituna and a bunch of other towns east of Regina. It’s just part of getting around, having been elected leader in March and been through our first session, we’re sharing a bit about the issues we’re concerned about and continuing out work as opposition, pointing out what’s wrong with the current direction as well as building our own platform and the message we’ll be putting forward in the next election.” With only a few months since he was named to the position, Mieli has hit the ground running when it comes to dealing with the long-time incumbent Saskatchewan Party government. The opportunity to attempt to hold their feet to the fire has been one of he and his party’s main focuses since taking over. There’s plenty to deal with, too, especially when it comes to the current string of struggles the province has found itself in. As great as things were in the recent past when it came to revenue and finances, the current situation is dire, says Mieli, and there’s plenty of work that needs to be done. “It’s a project of righting the ship after a decade of record revenue, we now have record debt and increasing cuts in programs and increasing struggles in our economy,” he said. “Unfortunately the NDP often finds itself cleaning up the Conservatives mess, and while it would be nice to form government when things are going well, the mess needs to be cleaned up and we’re ready to do it.” Making things all the more exciting for the NDP is that the word on the street is increasingly leaning toward change – Regina Lakeview MLA Karla Beck, who accompanied Mieli on his Moose Jaw visit, has heard plenty of people say it’s been long enough and the current situation isn’t tenable. “There’s a real appetite for change,” Mieli said. “People are tired of the Sask Party; the Sask. Party themselves are tired, they don’t have a lot of new ideas. Now people are really examining closely and are looking for a change, the challenge and opportunity for us is to start presenting what that change looks like and putting forth the ideas that people will see as the right path down the road.” Should they find themselves in power, the NDP aren’t blind to the current financial situation the province finds itself in and will be looking to work on making sure it doesn’t happen again. “We’d like to see the resource sector

doing better and we’re hopeful that will happen, but we also need to be stop being so reliant on a single sector,” Mieli said, adding that the vulnerability the province finds itself isn’t new, with Saskatchewan’s strength fluctuating with the international commodity market. “It’s a cycle that’s repeated itself and perhaps the most frustrating thing about the Sask. Party is that they acted like the boom was here forever instead of investing the revenue that’s coming in and diversifying our economy.” For example, Mieli pointed to the cuts to advanced education funding the province has seen in recent budgets. Funnelling money to institutions of higher learning instead of away could see the province less and less dependent on the resource sector. “That’s where you start to see innovation come in with growth in the tech sector and the service sector, but they’ve actually starved those areas and focussed on sectors that really leave us vulnerable,” Mieli said. “One of the things that’s going to be part of our economic approach is seeking opportunities to invest in areas that are long-term, sustainable and bust-resistant.” The next provincial election is set for November of 2020 and will feature an angle that hasn’t been tested in over a decade – Mieli isn’t the only newcomer on the block, as Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe is also a recent leadership race winner, taking over from the retired former – and wildly popular – premier Brad Wall. “There’s no question Brad Wall was very popular and quite capable of articulating the message they had,” Mieli said. “Scott Moe doesn’t hold the same level of ability or charisma, neither does he have the same depth of understanding of the issues. That was most notable during this session where any time he was off the pre-recorded message it became very uncomfortable. So, it’ll be interesting to see how people respond to him. There have been a lot of changes with the new premier, but what Moe said that I found really striking is that there’s basically just been a re-arranging of the chairs. There’s no change in the vision or the approach. The have the same tired, old plan. “It’s a chance to define ourselves as leaders, but also for the NDP to more clearly define what our vision is and our plan for the future,” Mieli continued. “While we’ll spend the due amount of time pointing out the failures of the Sask Party, the more we’re able to articulate what we see as the possibilities ahead the greater our chance will be to be successful.”

The best solution, he said, is one that decreases emissions, protects the economy and keeps prices low. The answer wouldn’t be easy, but the NDP feels it could be done. “We need a made-in-Saskatchewan solution,” Mieli said. “That’s possible, but only if we actually do the work.” Another major issue has been the ongoing discussion surrounding oil and natural gas pipelines. Interestingly enough, the NDP and Sask. Party find themselves partially on the same page when it comes to the delivery systems – with the major difference being how to deal with them. Mieli would prefer to keep the work local and improve the current infrastructure as opposed to seeking out new development, especially in light of current trade tariffs put in place by the Trump administration and how they’re already starting to hurt the province. “One of the things that concerns us in particular is the folks at Evraz, who build pipelines, in Regina and employ a lot of folks,” Mieli said. “ There’s 70 cars full of steel headed for the U.S. that isn’t going there, it’s stuck in Moose Jaw railyards because of Trump’s tariffs... so there’s challenges to in-country work and challenges in the extremely important U.S. market.” The Sask. Party plan would be to use such resources to repair and improve the 100,000 kilometres of pipeline currently in place in Saskatchewan, much of which is nearing 50 and 60 years of service. “So we’re looking at a best-before system where you look at how old the pipes are and what they’re carrying and start developing a replacement schedules,” Mieli explained. “While we’re doing all that employment work, we’re also protecting the environment by preventing spills like we’ve seen in the province recently. “The biggest difference for us is that we want to do it in an evidence-based way, where we’re looking at every project and make sure it makes sense economically and from a social point of view where the communities have good lasting jobs and it’s done in a way that’s environmentally responsible.

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SportS HigHligHtS a

Friday 5:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays. 9:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels.

Saturday 4:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers. 8:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox at Seattle Mariners.

Sunday 6:00 p.m. TSN MLB Baseball New York Mets at New York Yankees.




Tuesday 5:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Minnesota Twins at Toronto Blue Jays. 9:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball San Francisco Giants at Seattle Mariners.



5:30 p.m. TSN CFL Football Saskatchewan Roughriders at Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Friday 5:30 p.m. TSN CFL Football BC Lions at Ottawa Redblacks.



5:00 p.m. TSN MLB Baseball Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles. 6:30 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Houston Astros at Colorado Rockies.

4:00 p.m. TSN CFL Football Winnipeg Blue Bombers at Toronto Argonauts. 7:00 p.m. TSN CFL Football Montreal Alouettes at Calgary Stampeders.





















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5:00 p.m. NET MLB Baseball Minnesota Twins at Toronto Blue Jays. 6:00 p.m. TSN MLB Baseball Arizona Diamondbacks at Chicago Cubs.

5:00 p.m. TSN Horse Racing 2018 Prince of Wales Stakes.

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MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, July 18, 2018 • PAGE A25

Country artist Drew Gregory releases new album, Good Place to Start

Ok….Here’s What You Do by Dr. Steven Heidinger, Moose Jaw Chiropractor

Sasha-Gay Lobban

Alberta based country artist Drew Gregory is looking to spread his music across Canada and the rest of the world with his latest album release, Good Place to Start. The album was released on June 15 and is already getting a lot of traction as it peaked at #1 on iTunes in the country music genre the same day it was released. Drew says it is great to see that the album is already making an impact on the music streaming outlets and charts. “The feedback on the album so far has been really good. It went P U B L I C I T Y: PA U L A D A N Y L E V I C H , Everybody is loving H Y P E M U S I C , PA U L A @ H Y P E M U S I C O N L I N E .C O M 6 4 7 - 5 5 9 - 0 3 0 2 the record. We got to perform the songs at a few shows live and that’s what we really concentrated on with this album, where we made songs that would go-over well in a live setting. We love performing on stage, so we made songs that would be perfect for live performances for persons to enjoy. The songs really translate well, and people are loving it.” He will be busy all summer long with promo tours across the country. He says he wants the record to be known across Canada. “We’ll be busy all summer across the Prairies and Ontario promoting the album. I was in Regina recently and the feedback there was really great. We will be at a lot of festivals over the summer, so people can get a chance to hear the music live. We’ve also been in Moose Jaw recently and hope to come back soon.” He says his albums reflect heavily on his life experiences about rural life, family and growing up in a small town. His latest album, he says, reflects on where he is at currently in his life. “All my albums have been inspired by my life. I pull heavily from my own life experiences. If you go back and listen to my previous albums, you’ll also hear those personal stories about where I was at in my life; the current album says a lot about where I am in life right now. It is an album I’m really proud of and happy to have out. It has been a two-year process in the making, so it is exciting to have new music out especially at the start of the summer.” Drew’s career as a country recording artist has been building steadily for the past few years. Most recently, he was named the Alberta Country Music Association (ACMA) Male Artist of the Year in 2015 and took home the 2016 ACMA Award for Album of the Year for his previous release. Also, in 2016, he was named Male Artist of the Year at the YYC (Calgary) Music Awards. You can check out the first single from the album here: https://youtu.be/Dhc49Tus4_g. The latest album can be found on all streaming music platforms.

Macy Tremblay & Andrew Desjardins-Lorimer of Bushell Park July 8, 2018, 11:19 pm Female - 7lbs 10oz

Breigh Cameron & David Daniel

Ashley & Riley Dougherty

Tenae Walter & Catlin Weinmeister

Amanda Berger & Aaron Herle

of Moose Jaw June 12, 2018, 2:53 pm Female – 7lbs, 8oz

of Moose Jaw July 8, 2018, 8:24 am Male – 7lbs, 7oz

of Moose Jaw July 10, 2018, 10:21 pm Male – 6lbs, 11oz

On a daily basis, we see a fair amount of neck pain in our office. Patients come in and go through a course of treatment for their problem and in most cases, when the problem is near the point of resolution and the patient feels significantly better, there comes the question, “How can I make sure this does not happen again?” Neck pain is a common problem that chiropractors, medical doctors, physiotherapists and massage therapists deal with in their offices on a regular basis. I would think most would be surprised to know that neck pain ranks 4th in the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study with respect to years lived with a disability. There is a nearly 50 percent lifetime prevalence of neck pain, which is bad enough as it negatively affects quality of life and puts financial strain on employers and the health care system, but there is also a high incidence of recurrence. Neck pain may be difficult to experience once, but to have it again, and again, and again, adds further strain. So back to the question, “How can I make sure this does not happen again?” The reality of it is, is that it cannot fully be prevented. Car accidents will happen, slips and falls will happen, and every once in a while, you’ll fall asleep on the couch with your neck in an odd position. Neck pain, along with other spinal problems, cannot be 100 percent prevented. But it can be limited, in both severity and frequency. Many of my patients with recurrent neck pain, have it because of their posture at work. Sitting at a desk, in front of a computer for 6 to 8 hours per day is a recipe

for potential neck pain. Most office workers understand the word, “ergonomics”. Ergonomics refers to the relationship between the worker and his or her work environment. Ergonomics is a topic dear to hearts of those involved in occupational health and safety, and workers’ compensation. Likely millions of dollars has been spent on workstations in an attempt to reduce strain and stress on the worker. With respect to recurrent neck pain, might it all be for naught? In a systematic review of the literature published in the July 2018 edition of the Journal of Physiotherapy (Australia), improving ergonomics in workers who suffer neck pain, does nothing to reduce the recurrence of the same problem. What the literature does suggest, is that exercise is the better way to reduce the chance of neck pain happening again. To me, this implies that the cause of an individual’s neck pain has less to do with a worker’s environment and more to do with the worker’s general state of health. Instead of changing an employee’s work station, it may be better to encourage exercise. This research may push employers to fund gym memberships rather than sit/ stand stations. I bet the cost of one of these stations would be enough to pay for 2 years of gym membership. The reviewed research looked at 2 types of exercise that appeared to help reduce recurrent rates of neck pain, and those were neck stretches and some type of aerobic activity, Recurrent neck pain is a real diagnosis. Exercise may be the best way to make it not so recurrent.

Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village & Museum presents




1pm to 4pm

Old-time fun & games Car rides Limited Concession Bring a blanket, have a picnic!

of Moose Jaw July 12, 2018, 9:25 am Male – 6lbs, 0oz

Zaid Tadese Fitwi of Moose Jaw July 10, 2018, 9:50 pm Male – 7lbs, 13oz

For more information, call us at 306.693.7315 or visit us at www.sukanenshipmuseum.ca Located 13km South of Moose Jaw on Highway 2

core – some say illicitly, some say The extent of his business in the to avoid the cold. They weren’t city is completely unknown – Cahigh tech constructions but they pone was famous for his secrecy got the jobMOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM done in the early and• ability to cover Wednesday, Julyhis 18,trail, 2018to• the PAGE A26 point that, famously, prosecutors 1900s. And that’s where Mr. Alphonse were only able to take him down Capone comes into the equation. by way of tax evasion charges. It’s long been rumoured that That hasn’t stopped Moose Jaw Capone – the legendary mob- from romanticizing Capone’s ster, crime boss and business- fame and notoriety. Hotels and man known mostly as one of the bars are named after him and the most powerful bootleggers of the famous Tunnels of Moose Jaw Prohibition era – set up stakes in tour gives patrons a rundown of Did legendary mobster and Moose Jaw at the height of his what it might have been like in “LITTLE CHICAGO bootlegger Al Capone have a powers. Whether to let the heat Capone’s heyday in the city. presence in Moose Jaw in the cool off when the feds got too It matters little‌The idea is INFORMATION BUSâ€? V" 0D\EH KH GLGÂŤPD\EH close for comfort, or simply as enough, and there’s no question KHGLGQ¡W"%XWWKHVWRU\LVFRRO another avenue with which to it makes for one heck of a cool Wikimedia Commons photo funnel liquor into the Dry States, story.




Saskatchewan Burrowing Saskatchewan Owl Interpretive Burrowing Owl Center Interpret

John’s Music ltd. AS SEEN IN EXPLORE MOOSE JAW 2018


week, from the May long week-week, May long week- &that also thatfrom alsotheincludes a hotdog end to the September long week-end drink to theand September long week- drink and all activities. end. Admission to the Centre isend.The Admission to the Centre Burrowing Owl’s majorisfun-The Burro by donation. Visitors have the op-by donation. Visitors havethis the year op- ondraiser w draiser will be held tion of taking a self-guided tour,tion Saturday of takingNovember a self-guided 24th.tour, Every-Saturday or they can have a tour led by oneor they have atotour led this by one onecan is invited attend specialone is inv of Burrowing Owl’s staff mem-of Burrowing Owl’s staff memevening with all monies raised toevening w bers. There is a display area, giftbers.beThere is ahelp display gift andbe used to used to witharea, the care store, and the owls are housed instore, and the owls are housed in XSNHHSRI XSNHHSRIWKHFDSWLYHĂ RFNSOXV outdoor enclosures giving guestsoutdoor enclosures givingOwl guests it allows Burrowing to beit allows Burrowing Owls are an endan-Burrowing an inendana chanceOwls to seeare them a naturala chance to continue see them delivering in a naturaltheirable to co able to gered species and a Moose Jawgered species and aDuring Mooseyour Jawtimetypeeducational type of habitat. of habitat. During your time likeeducation programming, organization is ensuring that theyorganization is ensuring thatalso theylearnat the at the Centre, you will Centre, will program. also learn their Owl their Owlsyou on Tour protect them, at the same timeprotect them, the same time about about the at unique characteristics unique characteristics Forthemore information, contactFor more educating individuals and raisingeducating raisingwhatof the of theindividuals burrowingandowls; owls; what themburrowing at 306-692-8710 or 306-them at awareness. Saskatchewan Bur-awareness. Saskatchewan factors are contributing Burto theirfactors are contributing their at692-2762 692-2762 or visit theirtowebsite rowing Owl Interpretive Centerrowing Owl Interpretive Center asendangered endangered status in Canada, status in Canada, as https://ww https://www.skburrowingowl.ca. (SBOIC) is located right here in(SBOIC) is located well as some ofright the here thingsin thatwell as some of the things that Moose Jaw at 250 Thatcher Dr. E.Moose Jaw atorganization 250 Thatcherare Dr. E. various doingvarious organization are doing The Burrowing Owl Center al-The toBurrowing Center alhelp ensureOwl the survival of theto help ensure the survival of the lows visitors to have an “owl-of-lowsowls. visitors to have an “owl-of- owls. DWLPHÂľZLWKDMDPSDFNHGOLVWRIDWLPHÂľZLWKDMDPSDFNHGOLVWRI The Centre will kick-off the 2018The Centre will kick-off the 2018 DFWLYLWLHVWKDWFDQEHDIXQIXOĂ€OO-DFWLYLWLHVWKDWFDQEHDIXQIXOĂ€OOseason on Saturday, May 19 withseason on Saturday, May 19 with ing and an exciting experienceing aand an exciting Family BBQ andexperience Fun Day. Thea Family BBQ and Fun Day. The for visitors between May andfor day visitors between May the and includes visits with owls,day includes visits with the owls, September each each year. plus Magazine.com various fun children’s activi-plus various fun children’s activi23 year. 2018 MooseSeptember Jaw Hours of operation are fromHours operation fromis byties. Admission for this day is by ties.of Admission for are this day 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., 7 days a10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., 7atdays purchasing a ticket the adoorpurchasing a ticket at the door


Experience the journey from the olive branch to the bottle, as the team at the OLIV Tasting Room introduce you to our exceptional world class Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars. Come and experience an infinite combination of our all-natural line of Extra Virgin Oil and True Balsamic Vinegar.

401 Main St. N 306.972.3545 M OLIVEMOOSEJAW


Golf at the Lynbrook! A true prairie course, The Lynbrook Golf & Country Club has almost 6000 yards of open, rolling fairways bordered by prairie grass roughs, small greens and water, too. This full-service course also offers a fully licensed dining restaurant, a fully stocked 318 Main St. N. pro shop, competent staff, driving range and putting greens.

Moose Jaw (306)694-4866

1525 – 4th Ave. NW Moose Jaw, Sask. 306.692.2838 www.lynbrookgolf.org

318 Main St. N.

1235 Main St N


Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw



Town&Country Mall


2017 2017 41MooseJawMagazine.com 2018 Moose Jaw Magazine.com 41MooseJawMagazine.com 2018 27 Moose Jaw Magazine.com


Twin-Lakes Ranch Ministries just minutes out of town

Read moďż˝e on page 68 Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit organization located just minutes from Moose Jaw, SK on the #1 Highway of Heroes. Founded by Ron and Lorna Silvester, their life-long desire has been to “give (people) a future and a hope.â€? This began over 50 years ago as both Ron and Lorna had a desire to minister to youth and have expanded into all age and people groups. Twin Lakes Ranch is an Apostolic Resource Center that exists to train and equip individuals to fully live out their destiny. TLRM offers Christian Rodeo Bible Camps, Clinics and a fully-functioning outdoor arena in which they use as a platform to

present Jesus. There are countless opportunities to be taught the Word of Faith in conferences, meetings and our regular “Word of Faith Night� every Tuesday evening. Home educated children are offered a weekly opportunity called “Discipleship Training School� which incorporates team building, instruction in the Word of God and building friendships. The Ranch is a place where the rural and urban can connect, bringing generations and nationalities together with strong family values. It is a place of healing and restoration. What began as an individual idea of trail rides many years ago is blossoming into a full-fledged program offering many facets of sport instruction, conference-type gatherings, educational opportunities and recreational events. There are many events planned for 2018. “Ladies Day Out� on May 12th is designed for ladies to be immersed in God’s Word, challenge their faith, feast on food for the body and soul and cultivate old and new friendships. On June 16th, will be the Annual 10 & Under Kids Rodeo that features 25

children roping and riding in a non-competitive environment. Kylie Oaks Gatewood, of Bentonville, Arkansas is speaking at the Ranch July 25 & 26th. Rodeo Teen Camp, ages 12-19, takes place July 30-Aug 2nd. The campers bring their horses and learn rodeo skills throughout the week. Buckaroo Camp, for ages 9-12, will follow on August 6 – 8th. Ron and Lorna, along with their family and board of directors, believe that Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries is a place where God meets with His people. It is open to the public and exists to help individuals grow into and walk out their destiny. The events at the Ranch are in a state of constant change so it is best to frequently check www.tlrm.net or “Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries� on Facebook for updates.




Kid’s tees REG. $15






MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, July 18, 2018 • PAGE A27

Get More Colour for Less 44 Fairford St. W., Moose Jaw, SK

Copying Services

Full Colour Copies

8.5” x 11” as low as




Black & White Copies 8.5” x 11” as low as




We can also design, print & distribute... for whatever your needs might be.

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Develop funding plan to help Greyhound, NDP leader Singh urges Trudeau

OTTAWA _ The federal NDP is urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to develop a funding plan that would preserve Greyhound Canada’s bus routes in northern communities. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is asking Trudeau to take ``immediate action’’ and stop the cancellation of crucial bus routes in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, northwestern Ontario and rural

British Columbia. Greyhound Canada announced that its cutting its passenger and delivery services in those regions, prompting outrage among rural and First Nations communities that rely heavily on the service. Singh says a federal funding plan must ensure there’s no interruption or reduction in bus service so no commu-

nity is left ``stranded.’’ He’s asking Trudeau to enlist the help of provinces and affected municipalities to develop the plan. Singh says the cancellations, the most recent in a string of service reductions, would create a massive gap in transit services and cut off Canadians from jobs, health care, education, family and public services.

Transport Canada says Greyhound Canada operates on a commercial basis with no support from the federal government, and that there are no existing federal programs that would subsidize a private intercity bus carrier. © 2018 The Canadian Press


Jess Moskaluke and Brett Kissel lead nominees at Canadian country music awards By David Friend - THE CANADIAN PRESS

TORONTO _ Two of Canada’s country favourites, Jess Moskaluke and Brett Kissel, are neck and neck with six nominations each at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards. And in some categories the two will be vying for the same trophy alongside other popular artists from across the country. It’s a significant achievement for both acts who have become among the most prominent rising stars of the Canadian music industry. Kissel, 28, was last year’s big winner at the CCMAs, picking up four awards that included male artist and video of the year. Moskaluke’s career has been on a steady rise, helped by a number of CCMA accolades and a Juno Award win for country album. The 28-year-old singer, born in Langenburg, Sask., got her break in 2011 after being picked as the ``Next Big Thing’’ at a contest sponsored by a Regina radio station.



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Several months later she was part of a new artist showcase put on by the CCMAs. The attention helped draw more ears to her debut single ``Catch Me If You Can,’’ and garner significant accolades in the years that followed. She’s won the CCMA award for best female artist three times over the past four years _ losing to newcomer Meghan Patrick last year. Her album ``Kiss Me Quiet’’ won the 2017 Juno Award for country album, which boosted her status on Canadian country radio. The awareness helped her single ``Drive Me Away’’ crack the top three of the Billboard Canadian country music airplay chart _ making her the first woman to do so since 2008, when Terri Clark climbed to No. 1 with ``In My Next Life.’’ ``Drive Me Away’’ is now contending for single of the

year at the CCMAs alongside fellow nominees that include Patrick’s ``Country Music Made Me Do It,’’ James Barker Band’s ``Chills,’’ Aaron Goodvin’s ``Lonely Drum’’ and Dallas Smith’s ``Side Effects.’’ Both Moskaluke’s ``Past the Past’’ and Kissel’s ``We Were That Song’’ are in the running for album of the year alongside Patrick’s ``Country Music Made Me Do It,’’ Lindsay Ell’s ``The Project’’ and The Washboard Union’s ``What We’re Made Of.’’ In the best female artist category are Moskaluke, Patrick, Ell, Madeline Merlo and Shania Twain. Best male artist nominees are Kissel, Smith, Gord Bamford, Chad Brownlee and Bobby Wills. The CCMA Awards will take place in Hamilton on Sept. 9 hosted by Twain and be broadcast on the CBC. © 2018 The Canadian Press


Court of Queen’s Bench Asset Seizure SATURDAY, July 28, 2018 11:00 AM (viewing starting at 8:00AM)

Directions: At the Northwest corner of the Junction of #1 Highway & #39 & #301 Highways east of Moose Jaw SK

GPS: 50.399 -105.410

Watch for Signs

Trucks / Trailers / Industrial Equipment:

Lunch Available

Sale Day Phone: 306-693-4715

Truss Presses / Other Manufacturing Equip:

2 MiTek Industries Roller Gantries sold together with 1996 Peterbuilt highway tractor with sleeper, Eaton trans, 24.5" good rear tires, 425/65R X 22.5" front tires, 1,419,000km 100'+ of tables showing, saftied in 2014 and has not been used since. Sells MiTek #68300 Finish Roller with 17 (100’) roller attachments with the HLR-25000-3S crane and winch. Clary #385 roller press with 7.5HP electric motor 1983 Fruehauf 48' extendable to 53' highboy semi trailer Willett #Y2-608VS with roller table JCB Forklift (model unknown) SN SLP94004VE0662048 Shop-built machine to laminate posts with 60' of rollers Mack Econodyne tandem truck, 581,000km showing with 60' of truss rollers on stands Telelect boomer-auger with 2 bits and extensions - has been 50' of truss rollers on stands sitting for a while Yard Equipment / Building Supplies: Blu-Chip Industrial fork lift - has been sitting for a while John Deere #750 yard tractor, diesel engine Snorkel Scissor-Lift - has been sitting for a while JD #506 3PH 5' gyro mower; JD #550 4' rototiller UpRight XRT-27 Scissor-Lift - has been sitting for a while 3' X 6' garden trailer JD Worksite Pro TR-48" chain trencher w/ skid-steer mount 60' Covered lumber stand 2005 5th-wheel 30' tri-axle trailer with rollers for hauling 36" X 12' cribbing trusses, some wheels are missing 2002 Bumper-hitch 18' trailer w/ railings & ramps, 1 axle bent 2 - 8' X 10' sheds on skids, metal cladded with roll-up doors Quantity of heavy boards and other dimensional lumber 20' enclosed tandem axle trailer Quantity of metal roofing and siding 3/4-ton truck box utility trailer Truck chassis flat deck trailer Shop Tools / Other: F350 XL crew-cab truck with 8' X 8' flat deck, no wheels - has Sandborn upright air compressor with 80-gal tank - like new been sitting for a while Speed-Air upright air compressor with 50-gal tank F350 XLT cab, front fenders 10+ shop carts on dolly wheels Terms & Conditions and Special Notes: 3 DeWalt mitre saws; 2 Rigid mitre saws; Drill press These assets have been seized by the Sheriff's Office for DeWalt Industrial 16" radial-arm saw (outside for a while) the Court of Queens Bench, & are being sold 'As Is, Where 2 portable hydraulic presses w/ gas engines on dolly carts Is'. Removal of all purchases must be forthwith or at the Speed-Cut SC2223 industrial radial arm saw direction of the Sheriff’s Office. There will be no loading Quantity of scaffolding assistance. All purchases are at the risk of the 2 Samuel banding units purchaser as soon as sold. All purchases must be paid 2 natural gas commercial furnaces for the day of the sale by cash, cheque (with sufficient ID), 2 sets of lockers - 5 lockers per set or Visa/MC (3.5% admin fee). Operating condition is Tool boxes, air compressor, oxy-acetylene set, bench grinder, unknown for all items, and most have not been used in pallet jack, power tools, quantity of rafter joiner plates, other some time. We have described the items to the best of shop tools, hardware, supplies our knowledge, and descriptions are guides only, not guarantees. Bidding indicates you have satisfied yourself as to all aspects of the item, and no one else is responsible, & you will remove it by August 3.

More pictures & details at www.johnstoneauction.ca

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Transport Canada to make seatbelts mandatory on new highway buses by 2020 OTTAWA _ Transport Canada says they will soon require all newly built highway buses to have seatbelts. The federal department says they will make seatbelts mandatory on medium and large highway buses starting Sept. 1, 2020. They say seatbelts have a strong and proven record of saving lives. The department says it first proposed the change in 2017. Mandatory seatbelts on buses has been discussed since April 6 when a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior

hockey team collided with a semi-truck in rural Saskatchewan. Sixteen people were killed and 13 others were injured in the crash. A lawsuit filed by the parents of one of the players this week asked for a court order requiring all buses carrying sports teams in Saskatchewan to be equipped with seatbelts. Transport Canada says medium-sized buses are defined as having a weight over 4,536 kilograms.

They say small buses, with the exception of school buses, are already required to have lap and shoulder belts. The department says the new rules won’t apply to school buses, because they are already designed to protect children in a crash. Operators can install them voluntarily if they meet Transport Canada’s requirements. Š 2018 The Canadian Press


Parents of Humboldt Broncos player killed in crash call for changes in law MONTMARTRE, Sask. _ The parents of the youngest Humboldt Broncos player killed in a highway crash say they’ve filed a lawsuit because they want changes to provincial and federal laws. Russell and Raelene Herold of Montmartre, Sask., filed a statement of claim last Monday in Regina court on behalf of their 16-year-old son Adam. The Herolds said they’re pleased the court process has started, but said they filed the lawsuit because they have broader concerns they believe need to be addressed.

Those concerns include licensing and truck safety for inexperienced drivers, highway safety throughout Canada and bus safety for passengers. They also said changes are needed in Saskatchewan laws to allow victims and their families to pursue full compensation against those responsible. Their lawsuit alleges that Sidhu had inadequate training and failed to stop at a flashing stop sign at a rural intersection where trees partially obstructed the view of traffic.

It further alleges the roof of the Broncos bus was not designed to withstand the crash and that the bus should have been equipped with seatbelts. None of the allegations has been proven in court and a statement of defence has not yet been filed. The lawsuit asks for unspecified damages as well as court orders, including one which would declare that all buses carrying sports teams in Saskatchewan be equipped with seatbelts and other safety devices.

It is also asking the court to declare the intersection unsafe and for semi drivers to pass strict safety tests before they can haul Super B trailers in Saskatchewan _ the same kind Sidhu was pulling. Both Saskatchewan and Alberta governments have said they are working on ways to improve truck safety that include more driver training. Š 2018 The Canadian Press


Family proud of B.C. man who helped rescue boys from Thailand cave By Laura Kane - THE CANADIAN PRESS

VANCOUVER _ A British Columbia-born diver who braved perilous conditions to help save 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave in Thailand is the kind of man who always helps others, says his older brother. Erik Brown grew up in Langley and owns a diving company in Thailand. His brother says when the 35-year-old saw that the boys were trapped, he didn’t hesitate to join

the rescue team. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thanked the B.C. man for his participation in the rescue in a post on Twitter. Erik began diving about a decade ago and it has taken him all over the world, his brother said. He lived in Egypt for six years before moving to Thailand about two years ago.

The absolute best moment for Erik, his brother said, was seeing the boys reunited with their families in hospital. `There was still an awareness of the Thai navy SEAL diver who died. It was celebration, but it wasn’t without loss.’’ Š 2018 The Canadian Press


Canadian Gabriela Dabrowski advances to Wimbledon women’s doubles semis LONDON _ Canadian Gabriela Dabrowski is heading to the Wimbledon semifinals in women’s doubles. The Ottawa native and partner Yifan Xu of China, the tournament’s sixth seeds, defeated the unseeded pair of Bethaine Mattek-Sands of the U.S., and Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic 5-7, 6-4, 6-2 in a quarterfinal. It marks the best women’s doubles showing at a Grand Slam for the 26-year-old Dabrowski, who advanced to the quarterfinals with Xu at the 2017 U.S. Open and 2018 Australian Open.

Dabrowski and Xu will face No. 12 seeds Nicole Melichar of the U.S. and Kveta Peschke of the Czech Republic in the semifinals. Dabrowski has won two Grand Slam mixed doubles titles _ the 2018 Australian Open with Mate Pavic and 2017 French Open with Rohan Bopanna. Pavic and Dabrowski, the top mixed doubles seeds, lost in the third round at Wimbledon. Š 2018 The Canadian Press

Be a tourist in your own home town! BOTTLED WATER


$2 EA


Mugs, Cups, Bottles


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GOLF BALLS Sleeve of 3 balls



n k o w u ? o ? y d i D

Some conditions may apply. Call or visit our office for details.







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0 $15-2H EAC



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AUTOS 2010 Honda Accord Sedan. Only 30K. Showroom Condition. Consigned at Western Honda in Moose Jaw. bhalushka@sasktel.net AUTO PARTS RAIDER FIBERGLASS TOPPER. FITS FORD RANGER EXT CAB. GOOD CONDITION, NO DAMAGE. 306 693 7935 RV’S & MARINE For sale: 2012 Cardinal 40’ top of the range 5th wheel. Special ext. paintwork every option immaganable. 2 airs, washer, dryer, immaculate condition, non smoking, no pets. $52,495. Phone 403-827-0261 FARMS, SUPPLIES & LIVESTOCK For sale: 2000 Bus weststeel bin on hopper - rocket aeration with or without 5HP fan. 2000 Bus weststeel bin on hopper horizontal air duct with or without 3HP fan. 2000 Bus twister bin on hopper horizontal air duct with or without 3 HP fan. 1400 Bus goebel bin on hopper horizontal air duct with or without 3 HP fan. 750 Bus goebel bin on hopper horizontal air duct with or without 3 HP fan. 2 - 2000 Bus weststeel bins on good wood floors. 1250 Gallon poly tank. Honda 13 HP electric start engine. 300 Gallon fuel tank. 100 Gallon slip tank - gas boy fuel pump. Phone 306759-2604. For sale: 1480 Case Combine $6000.00. Also 1680 combine with AFX rotor. Long sieve. Always shedded in excellent condition. $20,000 or BO. Phone 306-690-7227 or 306693-4321 For sale: Manual cattle head gate. Goop for pasture $175.00. Also mens and ladies matching bikes with wide tires $180.00 or bo. Phone 306-690-7227 or 306-693-4321 For sale: Several westeel grain bins. Some with airation 3350 Bus and 1650 Bus. Floors have recently been replaced. Excellenet condition. Phone 306690-7227 or 306-693-4321 TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Mini Pyramex Safety Glasses $2.00. Come check out our parking lot sale very Saturday, 8 - 2, 44 Fairford St W, right behind the Little Chicago Information Bus. New vendors weekly. For private viewing or information on how you can participate as a vendor for free call 306-631-9800 Steeled Toed Boots $50.00. Come check out our parking lot sale very Saturday, 8 - 2, 44 Fairford St W, right behind the Little Chicago Information Bus. New vendors weekly. For private viewing or information on how you can participate as a vendor for free call 306-6319800 Premium Safety Eyewear $5.00 Great for paintballing as well!!! Come check out our parking lot sale very Saturday, 8 - 2, 44 Fairford St W, right behind the Little Chicago Information Bus. New vendors weekly. For private viewing or information on how you can participate as a vendor for free call 306631-9800 For sale: Gas pressure washer with 30 gal tank also 919 grain moisture tester with charts, scale and carrying case. Phone 306-690-7227 or 306-693-4321 FOR RENT For rent: 2 bedroom, lower level suite asking $1100/ month plus damage deposit of $500. Washer, dryer, fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave. Utilities provided. Separate entrance. Garage parking. Adults only, no pets, no smoking. For more information please contact jo ann @ 306-692-8737 or email jelybn@live.ca APARTMENT FOR RENT CENTRALLY LOCATED – 1 BEDROOM ADULT APARTMENT $750.00/MONTHLY INCLUDES; HEAT, FRIDGE, STOVE, DISHWASHER, AIR CONDITIONER,

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call 306-631-9800 New in package Sole Cleaner. Awesome foot massager! $3.00/each. Come check out our parking lot sale very Saturday, 8 - 2, 44 Fairford St W, right behind the Little Chicago Information Bus. New vendors weekly. For private viewing or information on how you can participate as a vendor for free call 306-631-9800 *sole cleaner WANTED Wanted to buy good working wringer washer machine & Heavy Duty 8 H.P. walk behind roto tiller. Please phone 306693-2761. Wanted to buy: 205 x 75 x 15” tires 40% tread or more. Please phone 306-693-2761 Wanted an older Truck with 4 Cylinder and Automatic transmission . Call or Text 306-6414447 SERVICES PROFESSIONAL NURSING FOOT CARE- Receipts may be used for income tax or insurance reimbursement. Meagan Newans, Licensed Practical Nurse/Certified Foot Care Nurse providing foot care to MJ & surrounding areas. Diabetic treatments also available. Inhome visits limited, book your appointment today! Please call Meagan @ 1-306-313-0385 Hauls to the dump, Yard Care, Decluttering Give us a call or text 306-631-4764 Free pickup of your unwanted garden tillers, snowblowers and lawn tractors in Moose Jaw. Call or text 306-641-4447 Junk to the dump in and around Moose Jaw- $35 and up 306-681-8749 Kats ‘n Pyjamas Care for kitty(ies) in their own home. A retired teacher and a retired security officer, with 20+ years of caring for kitties. Phone: (306) 693-1940; cell: (306) 6309310 Email: jrlumsden07@ hotmail.com WORK WANTED Wanted: Experienced gardener looking for lawns to mow, hedges to trim/cut, gardens to spade, yards to clean out, etc. Your equipment or mine. Price agreed to in advance. Special rates for seniors. Call Doug anytime 306-681-4816 GARAGE SALES Parking Lot Sale - Every Saturday 8-2 Come check it out. Something for everyone. Jan Tina has imported clothes from Italy. Mike Montcalm has loads of Sports Memorabilia, Hockey & Baseball Cards, Vintage items of all sorts. LP Records. Lydia’s Springrolls, Yummy!!! Heinz Koch with H.K. Coins, Buying & Selling Coins, Gold, Scrap Gold & Supplies. Carrie Westgard, Diane Waller, Diane Laycraft, Marv & Judy Cole with loads of various items. Not to mention all the souvenirs the “Little Chicago Information Bus” has! Parking Lot Sale Come check it out. Something for everyone. Jan Tina has imported clothes from Italy. Mike Montcalm has loads of Sports Memorabilia, Hockey & Baseball Cards, Vintage items of all sorts. LP Records. Lydia’s Springrolls, Yummy!!! Heinz Koch with H.K. Coins, Buying & Selling Coins, Gold, Scrap Gold & Supplies. Carrie Westgard, Diane Waller Diane Laycraft, Marave & Judy Cole with loads of various items. Not to mention all the souvenirs the “Little Chicago Information Bus” has! 44 Fairford St W Garage Sale Final moving garage sale 115 2nd Ave NE Fri July 20 4-8 Sat July 21 9AM-4 Everything must go No Reasonable offer refused No children’s stuff Includes walker electric wheelchair canes and household items COMMUNITY, EVENTS, MEETINGS & OCCASSIONS The family of Keith McKenzie invites you to share in the celebration of his 80th Birthday on Sunday July 29 2018 at Timothy Eaton 2pm - 4pm.

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Looking for Information on Soldier Robert Roy McKibben (1898-1917) Hello, my name is Iris and I live in Belgium. I may have a strange request... I am looking for relatives of a Canadian soldier who died here during the Great War. There is this project here where you can ‘adopt’ a grave of a soldier. You don’t really adopt the grave, those remain in the qualified hands of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, but I engaged myself to visit one grave in particular and put flowers on special occasions. Another thing is that we research our soldier: I have found his documents in the Library & Archives of Canada and could make a reconstruction of how he lived and died in the War. I found no family yet. He enlisted in Moose Jaw on December 15th 1915 (with another brother). I found records of deceased siblings in Moose Jaw. So I hope there are more (living) relatives in the area. ‘My soldier’s’ name is Robert Roy McKibben (18981917) and he was the son of Samuel & Ida Belle. Is there anyone out there that may have some information?

Please contact Iris Verraest at iris.verraest@skynet.be The organization who gave me Robert’s name is The American Legion Flanders Field Post BE02 Committee ‘Adopt a U.S. Tommy Program’ (adress: Hoornstraat 29, B-8730 Beernem, Belgium). The official certificate of the adoption will be handed to me during a ceremony in Leper (Ypres) on September 15th. Following is the text they send me about ‘my soldier’: Naam : Robert Roy McKibben Rang: Private Leeftijd : 20 Gesneuveld op : 07-11-1917 Kerkhof: Nine Elms British Cemetery Poperinge Ligging graf : Plot VIII Row C Geboorteplaats : Minnesota Commonwealth : Canadian Army Eenheid : Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment) “C” Company 28th Battalion Robert Roy is in the U.S. Tommy Program because he was born in Minnesota. He migrated to Canada in 1905 with his parents & siblings.

Need help finding a job?

SSILC accepting registrations for Employment Services Program Sasha-Gay Lobban

South Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre Employment Services (SSILC) located at 610 Main St. N is accepting ongoing registrations for its Employment Services Program. The organization provides support for persons seeking employment by helping them in creating resumes and cover letters, workplace time management skills and other tools needed to be a successful employee. Tina Ludwar, Employment Services Manager says SSILC provides support for individuals seeking any type of job positions. “We assist our clients with finding employment. We do not have any connections with businesses in town. We just provide clients with tools and channels they can access in finding a job. We go to the SaskJobs website; we ensure that individuals have a resume that is reflective of their skill set; if they need assistance with cover letters, we do that as well,” she explained. “One of the things that sets us apart from other agencies is that we would never tell an individual what they should or shouldn’t apply to—they lead the way on that. When an individual wants to apply for a position, even if they do not have the skills set yet, we will see what they need to do to acquire those skills set.” Persons who would like to use SSILC’s services can walkin and get the process underway by registering. “People can come in at any time to register on their own. They can also phone in and we’ll book them to do an intake as long as they are 16+ and state that they have a desire to find employment,” said Alicia Beattie, Employment Skills Facilitator. The service is also FREE of charge for persons to access as the organization is funded through the Ministry of Economy. SSILC also provides support for persons to acquire workplace skills that will help persons to function effectively in the workplace. “We do groups related to employability skills like: teamwork, communication skills, time management, maintaining a job and computer skills,” added Beattie. “SSILC is open to everyone, especially those who have a barrier with employment and want to gain some skills. As long as persons express a need to acquire employment, we will take anyone who comes in. We’re a very safe and supportive organization that is individual-focus whereas our clients lead the way in the kind of


St. Barnabas

(l-r) Tina Ludwar and Alicia Beattie. support they need.” In addition, SSILC has partnered with the Neil Squire Society to offer 16 weeks of computer training, also free. The program also coms with a 4-week work placement. The learning is via blackboard which will be installed on each person’s computer and the lessons are taught from distance. Each client will sign in and use headphones to follow along. There will be a program assistant in class to help participants with anything they need. This program starts on Tuesday, August 7. Participants will receive Provincial Training Allowance while taking part in this program. If you register with SSILC, you will receive additional support throughout the program and post assistance with finding employment. Classes will run from Monday to Friday. Some of the support SSILC provides include: services for persons with barriers/disabilities; adapting to change in the workplace; workplace time management; workplace safety; career planning and goal setting; who am I/What are my skills?; trends on the labour market; volunteer training; preparing for work; finding and keeping a job; communication in the workplace and teamwork/conflict resolution. To find out more about SSILC and the services they offer, call 306-692-7452 or visit www.ssilcsk.ca.

Better Water Solutions for your entire home.

Traditional Anglican Parish Now worshipping at

27 Hochelaga St. W., Moose Jaw

The beautiful home of Central Lutheran Church Holy Communion Book of Common Prayer Sunday 11:30 am (new time) Coffee & fellowship after the service

Better water for better living

For more information contact: Fr. Glenn Galenkamp, Rector 306-691-2715 or Larry & Dianne Hellings 306-693-6701

Better water brings out the best in your family

All Are Welcome!


High quality water delivered to your home or office


270 Caribou St. W. www.culligan.com

On the Front Porch

by Wanda Smith

Times and Seasons The world’s atmosphere is swirling with supernatural demonic and angelic activity like never before; there is an increase in the heavenlies because the time is short. You may not see it... but it is there. The earth is groaning. It is groaning because the end of things is near. Chapter 3 of 2nd Timothy refers to the perilous times we are in; there is a shopping list of symptoms the world is experiencing.... “For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good...” This is not even the entire list! The last phrase “despisers of those that are good...” caught my attention. There seems to be a turning of the tables in which “evil is being called good” and “good is being called evil.” There is an attack on traditional values and it has caused many people to become quiet and pull back from fear. This has also been predicted by scriptures. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!” It is tumultuous times we are living in. It is easy to be discouraged and filled with fear when we look all around us to see what is happening in the natural world; however, I was encouraged as I was reading through the book of Acts this morning. “The apostles performed many signs, wonders and miracles among the people. Many times, they were arrested, beaten and put in prison (some were martyred), yet they continued to preach the good news. Acts 5:42 says, “Nothing stopped them! They kept preaching every day in the temple courts and went from house to house, preaching the gospel of Jesus, God’s Anointed One!” Dear friends, things may feel like they are spinning out of control but I took heart as read this true account of the apostles many years ago. They encountered similar challenges to their faith as we are today. We can take comfort and courage from this promise: “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” God wants us to be on the cutting edge of what He is doing. He doesn’t want us to bury our head in the sand and pretend we don’t see what is happening around us. He wants us to be “strong and courageous” for He has placed us here “for such a time as this.” He wants us to be aware of the times and seasons we are living in so we can do what He’s called us to do, be who He’s called us to be and go where He’s called us to go! We can know the scriptures in our head but do we know His divine timing for the season we are in? We can miss what He is doing if we are not sensitive to Holy Spirit and listening to what He is saying in this day and hour. God’s Calendar does not cater to our calendar. He expects us to align our life with what He is doing. There are significant events happening every day that we will miss if we don’t stay in faith. Let’s get in step with the Spirit and discern the times and seasons.

TRINITY UNITED CHURCH 277 Iroquois St W Moose Jaw, SK Next Service: Sunday, July 22, 10:30am Rev. Doug Shepherd

MOOSEJAWEXPRESS.COM • Wednesday, July 18, 2018 • PAGE A31


Binner Mildred (Millie) Binner of Moose Jaw passed away peacefully on July 5, 2018. Millie was born in Stony Beach, SK to Claude and Edith Smith. She grew up with three siblings, Velma (Vel), James (Jim) and Everett (Ev) on the farm. Millie had a love of sports including fastball and curling. Millie pitched for the Moose Jaw Royals Fastball team alongside her sister Vel. They travelled to Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit for exhibition games in the 1940’s. Provincial and Western Championships were won with this team. Curling was also a sport she excelled in. She skipped teams to multiple Provincial championships and represented Saskatchewan in Western Canadian and Canadian Championships in Women’s and Women’s Seniors categories. Millie was inducted into the Saskatchewan Curling Association Honour Roll in 2006. Millie met Robert Binner (Bob) and got married in 1950. They had three children and resided in Moose Jaw. Millie worked at a bank, helped cater for the Grant Hall and raised her family. She was predeceased by her husband Bob, parents Claude and Edith, and brother Jim. Millie is survived by her daughter Darlene (Clint), sons Randy (Elaine) and Brian (Arlene); grandchildren Ryan (Tina), Clayton (Kimberley), Courtney (Tyler), Cody (Lisa), Megan, and Katelyn (Tyson); great-grandchildren Tatem, Tylinn and Cassidy. A Celebration of Millie’s Life will be held on July 19, 2018 at Crescent Park Event Centre 262 Athabasca St East at 2:00 pm, with words of tribute occurring at 2:30. A joint Internment will take place at 10:30 on August 10, 2018 at Sunset Cemetery where Millie will be laid to rest, together with husband Bob. Family and friends so wishing may make memorial donations in Millie’s name to Providence Place 100-2nd Avenue NE Moose Jaw, S6H 1B8. In living memory of Mildred, a memorial tree planting will be made by JONES Funeral Home. Please sign the memorial register at website: www. wjjonesandson.com (Obituaries). Dayna Chamberlain - Funeral Director

Born June 18, 1923 in Langenburg, Saskatchewan Janet Langman passed away in Maple Ridge, BC on June 14th, 2018, four days short of her 95th birthday. She was born in Langenburg, Sask. but the family moved to Moose Jaw shortly thereafter. Janet attended Central Collegiate and married Leslie Langman in 1943. They lived in Griffin, Sask. from 1947 until 1956 when they moved back to Moose Jaw. Janet worked at Valley View Centre until she retired. She moved to Maple Ridge, BC in 2002. Predeceased by her parents, John and Janet Smith; husband, Leslie; sisters, Blanche and Donna; brother, John. She is survived by her daughter, Linda (Dennis); grandchildren, Jordan (Candace), Jamie (Sharon), Jennifer (Tim); great- grandchildren, Zachary, Karson, Riley, Blake, Ava and Addie; sisters, Joyce(Regina), Edna (Victoria), Gladys (Winnipeg); brothers, Gerald and Dorothy (Medicine Hat), Royal and Lynda (Vancouver); and many nieces and nephews. Graveside service will be held at Rosedale Cemetery on August 28th at 1:30 pm, reception to follow at St. Andrews United Church.

Ruby Elizabeth of Moose Jaw passed away on July 5, 2018 at the age of 92. Ruby was born in Shaunavon to John and Olga Selvig. She married her “forever love� Willie who then took her to see the world. She loved to tell folks that she probably lived in more than 80 homes in her life time. We would like to thank the staff of Extendicare for their excellent care and support that they gave my mother while she lived there. We also like to thank Dr. W. Geyer, her family doctor and the doctors and nursing staff in the Emergency Dept of the Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital, the care she received there was above and beyond any I have seen. Ruby was predeceased by her husband, William, her parents, sisters - Betty Selvig, Elsie Holland, and Margaret Henry, brothers - Waiter, Alf and Jack, brothers-inlaws - Don Holland, Roy Henry and Richard Eisler, and sister-in-law - Myrt Selvig. Ruby is survived by daughter Marlene Morrison (John), grandson - John Morrison (Karen), granddaughter - Trina Morrison, and her pride and joy, her great grandchildren - Cole and Noelle Morrison and Haley and Dawson Pearce, and many nieces and nephews on both the Selvig and Schafer sides of the family. A graveside service for the family will be held at a later date. For those so wishing, memorial donations may be directed to the Moose Jaw Extendicare Home or Zion United Church. In living memory of Ruby, a memorial planting will be made by Jones Funeral Home. Please sign the memorial register at website: www. wjjonesandson.com (Obituaries). Dayna Chamberlain - Funeral Director

HUNTER Celebrating a life well lived! Wallace David Hunter PhD Born to William and Ethel on February 28th, 1931 in Mortlach, Saskatchewan. Passed with dignity on January 21st, 2018 in Ft. Myers, Florida Humanitarian, Educator, Mentor, Soldier, Barman. Survived by Doug, Kelvin (Helen), Ron (Carol), sister Laura, and many nieces and nephews. Predeceased by Bruce, Etta, Olga, Alma, Velma and Goldie. A great communicator, as comfortable in a board room as on a factory floor. Wally’s words of wisdom which he has graciously left us to contemplate: The appreciation of good scotch is something to be cultivated and enjoyed in whatever quantity one seems appropriate; Always live prudently and within your means but drive a nice car; Respect is earned and should not be taken for granted; There is nothing in life to which you are entitled; Humility is a characteristic well served by others; Accept responsibility whatever the circumstance; Relish in the success of others! Great Job Uncle Wally! You have touched a multitude of people in such a positive way. Thanks for the adventure. A Celebration of Wallace’s Life will be held on Saturday, July 21st, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. in Moose Jaw Funeral Home with Reverend Doug Shepherd officiating. Arrangements are entrusted to Moose Jaw Funeral Home, 268 Mulberry Lane. James Murdock, Funeral Director 306-693-4550 www.moosejawfuneralhome.com




Please include the Moose Jaw Health Foundation in your estate plan to help your community for generations to come. Please contact us for more information. Moose Jaw Health Foundation 55 Diefenbaker Drive Moose Jaw, SK S6J 0C2 Phone (306) 694-0373


Michele Gamble


June 16, 1965 - April 12, 2018

Memorial gathering will be held on Thursday, August 2 at Moose Jaw Legion from 3pm - 5pm.

Choose from our extensive design library or customize with one of your own pictures for that personal touch.

Contact Sunset Cemetery

633 – Caribou St. W. • 306-692-8855

106 Athabasca St. E.


www.wjjonesandson.com Rev. Dave Moore

Funeral Celebrant Pre-Need Salesperson

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COMING EVENTS Please note that coming events are placed where space is available and that priority is given to local non-profit groups and organizations.


from 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. leaving hourly. Book by calling 306.691.2015. Cost $10pp – Children under 6 FREE. Tours start at The Souvenir Shop, 207 Main St. N.

THE 2018 SEASON OF CONCERTS IN THE PARK sponsored by Investors Group. The concerts

are free and take place at the Crescent Park Amphitheatre every Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. A collection for the Health Foundation will follow. Everyone is welcome: July 18: Jacksonville; July 25: Just n Tyme; Aug. 01: Heritage Fiddlers; Aug. 08: Musical Friends; Aug. 15: Alice & the Midnighters; Aug. 22: The Twilighters (6:30 – 8:00 pm). 2018 SUMMER ART PROGRAMS at the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery. Programs run through July and August. Cost per class: Ages 3-5, $90; Ages 6-8, $95; Ages 9-11, $95; Ages 12 and up, $140. All programs include materials and snacks. For a list of classes, visit www.mjmag.ca. To register, call 306-692-4471, email educator.mjmag@sasktel. net, or drop by the front desk.


until August 20. Each week read a book from one of thirteen categories. Track your progress using a “Reading Road Map” (available now) then visit the library and enter to win a weekly prize! If you complete at least 6 out of those 8 weeks, then you will qualify as a Top Reader, and will be entered into a final draw for a special prize. Drop by the library for more details. Happy reading! Free of charge. Everyone is welcome. YOGA IN THE PARK! There will be 6 classes at the Amphitheatre in beautiful Crescent Park in support of Hunger in Moose Jaw every Monday at 7-8pm for an all levels flow to experience yoga, nature, and the community while supporting a worthy cause!! 100% of your donations stay right here in MJ and go to this amazing organization Join Mei-Ling & Michelle and all of the ambassadors. Bring yourself, your friends, your family and your mat! Yoga in the Park runs until August 6th rain or shine!


and August. Children ages 5-18 yrs are invited to join the club to take part in workshops, hands-on activities and demonstrations. They’ll also hear special guest speakers, take part in challenges and attend exclusive mini-events planned weekly throughout the summer. For more info and to register visit www.wdm.ca/mj


starting in Moose Jaw that will run once a month on the third Tuesday of the month starting September 18th. The location and time are still to be determined. For individuals 55+ who are blind or partially sighted, this group allows participants to connect with others who are experiencing similar circumstances, to participate in social gatherings, and the opportunity to learn from guest speakers about a variety of relevant topics. Someone to lead this group is needed. The Vision Mate Program matches individuals living with vision loss with specially-trained volunteers who offer companionship and one-on-one assistance with dayto-day tasks and errands. Vision mate volunteers assist individuals with a variety of activities, including reading mail, grocery shopping, errands, labeling and organizing household items, as well as enjoying leisure and recreational activities together – like playing cards and going for walks. For more information or to volunteer call Ashley at 306-565-5413 or email: Ashley.nemeth@cnib.ca.


will be held in Moose Jaw from July 19-22. Canadian writers of accomplishment will be present at a variety of venues throughout the downtown, over the course of the four days Mosaic Place, Mae Wilson Theatre, the Library, the Museum and Art Gallery, and St. Andrew’s United Church. You can take in the entire festival or attend select events. You will be able to spend four days listening to authors read from their work, and you can ask them about their books, their writing process, and anything else you have always wanted to know. You can even get your book copies signed by the author, personalized for you. Contact www.festivalofwords.com for further information. ASSINIBOIA POLKA FEST July 20 & 21, 2018. Friday 7pm to 12; Saturday 2pm to 11pm; Bands: Leon Oaks, Len Gadica at Princess of Whales. Contact Grant Sangster 306642-3191.

FAMILY DAY AT THE SUKANEN SHIP MUSEUM will be held on Saturday, July 21 from 1 pm

to 4 pm: old-fashioned fun and games, limited concession. Admission $2, Call 306-693-7315 SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE Grief Support Group for those who have experienced the death of a Loved One by Suicide Next Meeting is Wed. July 2th from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at Crescent Park Event Centre, 262 Athabasca St. E. Everyone is Welcome! BRICKSPO at the Western Development Museum on Saturday, July 28th and Sunday, July 29th from 9:00 a.m.5:00 p.m. See amazing creations by talented adult builders of SLUG, the Saskatchewan’s LEGO User’s Group, and others from across Western Canada. Come & go workshops daily facilitated by AIMBOT. Lego yard sale and other vendors during the show (cash only). Concession on-site 11am-2pm. Regular admission applies. Free for WDM members.


SAFETY COURSE(S) LICENSING WEEKEND will be held in Moose Jaw . On Sat Aug 18,

2018 a Non-Restricted CFSC course will be held. Completion of this course allows you to apply for your Non-Restricted Federal Firearms License (PAL). On Sunday Aug 19,2018 a Restricted CRFSC course will be held. completion of this course allows you to apply for your RPAL, A Federal Firearms License with both Non-Restricted and Restricted Status. For more info re Course hours, location, Registration procedures, Loaner study manuals, costs, etc. contact Course Coordinator Harry 306 684 9441 hawiho27@gmail.com

SOUTH SASKATCHEWAN INDEPENDENT LIVING CENTRE is accepting ongoing registrations for

the Employment Services Program. The organization provide support with looking for employment, creating a resume and cover letters. In addition, there is a partnership with the Neil Squire Society and offers 10 weeks of computer training. FREE!! Call today: 306-692-7452

ELKS FUNDRAISER MEAT DRAW RAFFLES are held every Friday evening at 5:30 PM in the

Legion lounge. There’s eight chances to win meat, a teddy bear draw and a 50-50 draw. It’s a great way to start the weekend! Funds raised support Elks projects. ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION – Branch 59 Moose Jaw, 268 High St W: Contact 306-692-5453 Like us on Facebook @ Royal Canadian Legion Branch 59 Moose Jaw. Summer Hours in the Lounge – Mon-Fri 12noon-6pm; Sat 10am to business decline. VETERANS MORNING COFFEE -- Monday-Saturday @ 10:00 am in the Legion Lounge FRIDAY Suppers in the lounge @ 5:30 pm – this is the last supper for the season. All you can eat Burger/Salad Bar for $15. Please purchase tickets by Wednesday. Suppers will resume in September. SATURDAY Legion Meat Draw in the lounge @ 3:00 pm -Everyone welcome. FOOT CARE CLINIC for Legion Members – last Thursday of the month – please call for an appointment Legion Fun Day – Sunday July 29th – at the Lynbrook Golf Course. A sign-up sheet is posted for Golf, Horseshoes & Lawn Darts. REVERA – THE BENTLEY Moose Jaw, 425 4th Ave NW, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 8B7. Direct 306-692-7161, Cell 306684-0652, Fax 306-692-2461; cheryl.chase@reveraliving.com The Bentley Retirement Residence Summer Concert Series: July 23rd – Dance at 7:30pm with Jacksonville July 30th – Dance at 7:30pm with Kelly Sapergia COSMO SENIORS’ CENTRE, 235 Third Ave. N.E. For more information call (306) 692-6072. Billiards every Monday at 6 p.m. and Thursday at 6 p.m. Cosmo Jam Sessions NO JAM SESSIONS IN JULY BBQ on Thursday, July 26th from 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Cost $10. Join for great food, fun and fellowship. Annual Mini Polka Party on August 18th. Tickets available now! No Card Tournaments in July until August 18th kicking off with the annual Mini Polka Party, August 18th.


Main St N. For more information or the regular listing of ongoing daily events call 306-694-4223 or mjsenior@sasktel. net 500 Cards Tournament on Thursday July 12 from 1-4pm. Cost: $5. BBQ & DANCE on Saturday August 4th: BBQ – 5pm with Dance to follow featuring “Just `N`Tyme”. Cost: Just BBQ $10/Just Dance $14/Both Dance & BBQ $17. Get your tickets early! ARMY NAVY AND AIR FORCE VETERANS, 279 High St. W. Phone 306.693.1656. Anavets Meat Draw held every Saturday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. Everyone Welcome. Anavets Tuesday and Thursday Fun Pool League starts at 7 p.m. Everyone Welcome. ANNUAL GARAGE SALE Coming at the end of July. Looking for donations. Can be dropped off at 279 High St W., Tues to Sat from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. or call (306) 692-4412 to make other arrangements. Thank you In advance! 6th Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday August 11th at Deer Ridge Par 3 Golf Course. Texas Scramble Format. $60 per person, includes 18 holes & steak supper. Power Cart not included. Deadline to enter is August 1st. To book a team, or for more information, please contact Army Navy Vets 306-6924412; Bev Stark 306-630-5505; Deer Ridge Golf Course 306693-4653. FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES, 561 Home St. W, Moose Jaw. Eagles Darts every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Come in and give it a try. Teams are picked every Wednesday. Eagles “Free” Video Dance Party every Thursday at 7 p.m. (Year Round) Music requests, Pool, Cards & Social Thank You for inserting! Gerald 690 - 9051 MOOSE JAW CONCERT BAND: If you play an instrument, you are welcome to join the Moose Jaw Concert Band. Rehearsals are Thursdays at 7:15 p.m. in the Vanier Collegiate Band room. There will be two concerts in May. If you need more info, please e-mail kurt.gillett@gmail.com .


FOR ADULTS meets at Moose Jaw Public Library Meeting Rm the last Monday of each month from 7-8:30 p.m. Come and share ideas, experiences and have some fun. For more info call CMHA at 306.692.4240. TUESDAYS BINGO at Church of Our Lady Parish Hall; 7 p.m. start. Doors open at 6 p.m. MOOSE JAW MULTICULTURAL COUNCIL INC. WOMEN’S GROUP meets every Tuesday

morning from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in the Church of God Basement, 50 Hochelaga St. E. Practice English; coffee & snacks; build new friendships; clothing swaps; activities & support. Everyone Welcome. Places for children to play. Contact Melissa for more information at 306-693-4677. MOOSE JAW BAND CITY BAND: Band practices held Monday evenings 7:15 to 8:45 p.m. in the Legion (upstairs ballroom), 268 High Street W. Can you play a reed or brass instrument? Amateur or advanced musicians welcome. Bring your favorite swing melodies. To learn more, come to band practice or contact the band leader at 693-6262. SEA CADETS is Open to Teens 12-18: the program is free and is sponsored by the Department of National Defence and the Navy League branch. You have the opportunity to learn to sail, learn rope work and other ship operations as in navigation semaphore and communication, and also have the opportunity to travel with the Sea Cadet deployments to places like India, Japan and other coastal communities, but let’s not forget about summer training. You can go to summer camp for 2,3 or 4 week courses and you are given a training bonus, so that’s like getting paid to go to camp. Cadets meet Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. at the Armouries at the top of Main St. THE FRIENDLY CITY OPTIMIST CLUB invites everyone to meetings at the Heritage Inn on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Social at 6:00 p.m./Supper at 6:30 p.m./meeting at 7:00 p.m. For more information call 306.694.4121 or email lpethick@sasktel.net TAOIST TAI CHI TM CLASSES: Beginners classes on Wednesdays 6-7pm/Saturdays 11:00 a.m. to noon. Continuing classes are Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m./Saturdays 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Information available by calling 306-693-9034.


are held on Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m. at Moose Jaw Public Library, the Herb Taylor room on the second floor. You do not have to be Scottish. You do not need a partner. It is similar dance to square dancing. Everyone welcome. For information call Mike at 306-690- 5182.

DR. F.H. WIGMORE REGIONAL HOSPITAL AUXILIARY meets the third Tuesday of every month

except December, July, and August at the regional hospital. For further information regarding the auxiliary, call 306-694-0355. MOOSE JAW ROTARY CLUB meets Mondays at noon at the Heritage Inn. Information available at 306-692-3842.

ROTARY CLUB OF MOOSE JAW WAKAMOW meets the second and fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Heritage Inn.

K-40 CLUB OF MOOSE JAW generally meets the second Tuesday of the month.

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS MOOSE JAW Friday Group meets at Central Lutheran Church, 27

Hochelaga St. W back door downstairs. For more information call 306-631-5548. THE MOOSE JAW SCRABBLE CLUB meets every Friday afternoon at 1 p.m. in the Craft Room at the Cosmo Centre, 235 Third Ave N.E. Come join us for several games of brain challenging fun. For information call 306 692 0731.


meets at the Comfort Inn three times per week: Mondays – 7 p.m. – Rookie-Master Night/Thursdays – 7 p.m. – Stratified Open Pairs/Wednesdays – 1:30 p.m. – Stratified Open Pairs. For Partnerships call Dave Morrell at 693-1427. TOPS CHAPTER SK 2211 weighs in at St. Andrews United Church ( 60 Athabasca St. E.) 5:30 pm. –6 pm. on Tuesdays. Please use parking lot side door. Main floor & handicapped friendly building. Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a Non-Profit. weight loss support group that celebrated it’s 70th Ann this year. Weights are kept confidential. Members are encouraged to lose weight through healthy food choices and exercise. Come and Battle the Bulge with us! Note: during July and Aug. members visit informally after weighing in. Planned meetings with speakers after weigh ins will start up again Sept. 4, 2018. Those interested can call: 306-690-8001 for more info. Men & Women are welcome. Drop in to find out more. Or go online to www.tops.org

Help Wanted Experienced Head Bookkeeper 3-5 years experience

How to Apply: Email: goldkey@sasktel.net Attention: Michael Kotschorek

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ON NOW AT YOUR PR AIRIE GMC DEALERS. GMCOf fers.ca 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Of fers apply to the purchase of a 20 18 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Denali, Canyon Crew Cab Denali, Acadia Denali and Terrain Denali equipped as described. Of fers apply to qualified retail customers in the Prairie GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only on select vehicles delivered from July 4 to July 31, 20 18. *Of fers are valid toward the retail purchase of an eligible new or demonstrator 20 18 MY GMC delivered in Canada between July 4th, 20 18 – July 31st, 20 18. Up to 20% Of MSRP Cash Purchase Credit is a manufacturer to dealer incentive (tax exclusive), valid toward retail cash purchases only on select 20 18 models in dealer inventor y the longest as of July 4th, 20 18. Not compatible with lease and finance purchases. By selecting lease or finance of fers, consumers are foregoing the Up to 20% of MSRP Cash Purchase Credit which will result in higher ef fective cost of credit on their transaction. Credit is calculated on vehicle MSRP (which excludes vehicle freight and A/C charge), excluding any dealer-installed options. Credit value will var y with model purchased: models receiving a 15% of MSRP Credit are: Canyon (excl. 2SA), Acadia, Terrain, models receiving a 20% of MSRP Credit are: Sierra LD. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be necessar y. As par t of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada Company (GM Canada) to verif y eligibilit y. These of fers may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with cer tain other consumer incentives. Conditions and limitations apply. Void where prohibited. See Dealer for full program details. GM Canada reser ves the right to amend or terminate of fers for any reason in whole or in par t at any time without prior notice. 2 Whichever comes first. Limit of four complimentar y Lube-Oil-Filter ser vices in total. Fluid top-of fs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc., are not covered. Conditions and limitations apply. See your dealer for details. 3 Whichever comes first. Conditions and limitations apply, see your dealer for details. 4 Visit onstar.ca for vehicle availabilit y, details and system limitations. Ser vices and connectivit y var y by model and conditions as well as geographical and technical restrictions. Requires active connected vehicle ser vices and data plan. Data plans provided by AT&T or its local ser vice provider. Accessor y Power must be active to use the Wi-Fi hotspot.

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SCRAPS calendar fundraiser nearing deadline Randy Palmer Moose Jaw Express

Phone: 306.694.1322 Fax: 888.241.5291 44 Fairford St. West, Moose Jaw SK S6H 1V1 www.mjvexpress.com

Publisher: Robert Ritchie - rob@mjvexpress.com Editor: Joan Ritchie - editor@mjvexpress.com Sales: Wanda Hallborg - sales@mjvexpress.com Bob Calvert - sales@mjvexpress.com Glenn Haug - mjexpress3@sasktel.net Gladys Baigent-Therens - Sales2@mjvexpress.com Thank you to all the contributing writers, without your time and support, the paper would not look the same. Send your stories, events and pictures to;


Ron Walter Joan Ritchie Joyce Walter

Scott Hellings Wanda Smith Janet Kilgannon

Dale “bushy” Bush Gisele Perrault Sasha-Gay Lobban Randy Palmer

For families that are trying to make the best of the summer holidays with their kids in Moose Jaw, here are a few ideas that might interest you. Personally, I am also on the hunt for ideas to entertain our 2 ½ year-old grandson this week and have been wracking my brain for kid-friendly outings that won’t break the bank but will make us all smile. Joan Ritchie • Feeding the ducks in CresEDITOR cent Park is a great idea but leave the bread at home. Some tasty treats for them could include cut-up seedless grape, cooked rice, bird seed, peas, corn, oats, duck feed, or chopped lettuce. Watch the glee in the kids’ faces when they throw the treats to the birds and see them come quacking. • Next stop: Kids love to romp at the Spray Park in Crescent Park just a few steps away from the serpentine where the ducks like to hang out. • Drop by the Burrowing Owl Interpretive Center on the Exhibition Grounds, located at 250 Thatcher Drive, Moose Jaw. You’ll get a bird’s eye view and have an owl-of-a-good-time with these cute endangered species. • Take a drive down into Wakamow Valley; have a burger at the Burger Barn and let the kids run free and play. There are four playgrounds in the valley for kids to enjoy. Kiwanis River Park is home to a pirate-themed playground, there is an all-inclusive, wheel-chair accessible playground in both Rotary and Kinsmen-Wellesley Park and Connor Park has a more traditional wooden structure. • Take a ride on the K+S Potash Canada Short Line 101 at the Western Development Museum. It chugs around a ¼ mile loop and is sure to bring smiles to the youngsters as the whistle blows. The cost to ride the train is $5pp and there is a $25 cost for families with dependent children. • What kid doesn’t like to go to a petting zoo! The Free to Be Me Animal Sanctuary just a couple short miles west on Caribou Street is the hub for critter lovers. There are several domestic and exotic varieties of fur and fowl: Billy Goat; cats, pigs, dog, alpacas and lamas, cows and sheep, horses and mini-horses, ostriches and emus, a chicken coup, pigeon coup, an angora rabbit, pot-bellied pig pens and many fowl. If you would like to go, please call to book an appointment at 306.684.2231. ………….and no day would be complete without stopping for ice-cream at one of Moose Jaw’s favourite spots before heading home. I’ll let you pick where. Now that we got the first day out of the way, I wonder what we can do for the rest of the time?

The Band City Stray Cat Rescue and Protection Society wants to give you the chance to check out your beloved pet – and the awesome animals owned by other folks in Moose Jaw – for a full month of the year, all while raising money to support their ongoing program. SCRAPS is currently accepting photos for their 2019 Pet Calendar, with the deadline for submission set for July 31. “We have to do all kinds of things to raise money, because that’s our source of funding; we don’t get money from anywhere else,” said SCRAPS volunteer Zita Swanson. “We just have to keep coming up with new ideas and this is one of our big ones,” High resolution photos can be submitted to MJ.SCRAPS. Calendar@outlook.com and should include the name of the pet along with any kind of funny or quirky information. The publication fee is $10, and if a particular month is wanted, SCRAPS will do their best to accommodate you. The plan is to print around 200 calendars and sell them for $20 each, with all the profits going straight back into the SCRAPS program. “Our vet bills through the summer months is pretty high, we’re well into trapping season now and we have about 10 kittens that we’re fostering, and all our work goes into raising the money to do all this,” Swanson said. The SCRAPS process works as such: a stray cat is spotted and SCRAPS is informed, with a volunteer from the organization then checking out the situation. They then check to see if anyone is willing to feed or set up a shelter for the cat, and a trap is set. Once caught, the animals are spayed or neutered and receive a full regimen of vaccinations. When the animals have recovered enough from surgery, they’re released in the area they were found. “We take them back to where we found them, because they know the area and can find shelter,” Swanson explained. From that point on, it’s a matter of feeding and keeping an eye on the cats – something that requires a continuous series of donations in order to keep the situation as positive as possible, “Right now, we’re in heavy demand because of the kittens. We’re looking for kitten food all the time during these months,” Swanson said. “We have fosters and we’re supply food to them, in some areas we have 30 cats we’re supplying food to.” SCRAPS also receives donations from pet stores and are part of a project where they pay $25 a month to a group in Regina that supplies food to their programs. For more information or for information on how to make a donation, contact SCRAPS at 306-692-7513.

Farm Business Management in a modernized Regional Services Branch Jaycee Peutert, BSc., Agbus Farm Business Extension Specialist - Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Moose Jaw

In February of 2018 the Saskatchewan Ministry of AgriEXPRESS culture announced a new extension services model would be introduced to better meet the needs of farmers, ranchers and agri-businesses in the province. This new model maintains the existing 10 Regional Offices across Saskatchewan while bringing new focus to three key priorities: research and technology transfer, program delivery, and public trust. To ensure effective program awareness and delivery, the regional Farm Business Management Specialists were repositioned into a new role as Agriculture Program Specialists. These specialists will offer information and pathfinding services regarding the new Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP) programming as well as be responsible for information and initiatives that will support maintaining social license in our industry. To see what programs are being offered under this new suite of programming, please visit our website at www. saskatchewan.ca/cap or contact your local Agriculture Program Specialist. Our Ministry still recognizes farm business management as a priority area and the need to provide expertise in the area of farm business management for producers across the province. Jaycee Peutert is the Farm Business Extension Specialist located at the Agriculture Knowledge Cen-



Send your letters to the editor to: letters@mjvexpress.com or 888-241-5291 All columns, letters to the editor and editorials are solely the personal opinions of the writers themselves and not necessarily the opinions of The Moose Jaw Express. The contents of this publication are the property of the Moose Jaw Express. Reproduction of any of the contents of this publication, including, but without limiting the generality of the following: photographs, artwork and graphic designs, is strictly prohibited. There shall be no reproduction without the express written consent of the publisher. All ads in the Moose Jaw Express are published in good faith without verification. The Moose Jaw Express reserves the right to refuse, classify, revise or censor any ads for any reason in its sole discretion. This paper may include inaccuracies or errors. The Moose Jaw Value Express does not under any circumstances accept responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any ads or messages in any of the publications editions. The Moose Jaw Express specifically disclaims all and any liability to advertisers and readers of any kind for loss or damage of any nature what-so-ever and however arising, whether due to inaccuracy, error, omission or any other cause. All users are advised to check ad and message details carefully before entering into any agreement of any kind and before disclosing personal information. If in doubt, please take legal advice.

High Quality, Barely used pallets. FREE for the taking! Located at the rear of

44 Fairford St W

Hurry! Limited supply available!

tre in Moose Jaw. In addition to providing expert advice regarding your farm business management questions, Jaycee can help clients navigate our website for printed technical information and links to farm business management programming. Jaycee is available to answer any questions or to help with any of the resources available online and is also interested to hear what people in the industry are looking for or feel they are missing when it comes to farm business management resources and information. Call the Ag Knowledge Centre at 1-866-457-2377 for any of your farm management questions or concerns. Our Ministry’s website offers an abundance of resources, information and tools to help with a broad range of farm management areas. These resources include: custom and rental rates guide, crop planning guide, business plan development guide, succession and transitioning planning, and a grain marketing workbook. Examples and templates of cash and crop share lease agreements and different agriculture calculators are just a few more examples of the tools available. Resources are also available for other farm management areas such as financial management, risk management and human resources. Visit the website at https://www.saskatchewan.ca/business/agriculture-natural-resources-and-industry/agribusiness-farmers-and-ranchers/farm-business-management to see all of the information available.


In the Estate of MERRIDY ANN CAMPBELL late of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, deceased. All claims against the above Estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration, and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 1st day of August, 2018. WALPER-BOSSENCE LAW OFFICE Prof. Corp. 84 Athabasca Street West Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 2B5 Solicitor for the Executor

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Market Place REAL ESTATE

of Moose Jaw

Spacious foyer entry, large living room, formal dining & walk thru eat in kitchen. 2 good sized bedrooms. Basement is finished with family room, bedroom, bath, laundry/storage/utility. Seasonal sun room overlooks park like yard with garden.

Kaitlin Hammel JC Chhokar Sonya Bitz Bryan Gilbert Lori Keeler

140 Main St N 306-694-5766


Looking for space this home has it! Oversized living area, separate formal dining room. The heart of this home I s the kitchen with stunning cabinetry, peninsula, and wall of storage. 4 bedrooms and bath upstairs. Double detached garage!

1 ½ storey home. Large living room with arched entry to formal dining room. Laundry off kitchen. Main floor with master bedroom. 2 bedrooms up. Separate outside entry to basement for possible suite. Double detached garage.

www.picketfencerealty.org Laural Hunt

Brad Bokinac



Realtor Residential, Commercial, Farm and Property Management

1242 2nd Ave NW

1721 11th Ave NW

into your 684-9491 life!

Frank Hammel Beth Vance Gladys Gray Katie Keeler Jennifer Nant

631-0886 631-8181 690-4333 631-0435

Move in ready condo in Palliser School area! Large Stunning, custom built bungalow with walk out basement Sunningdale bi-level. Over sized island in kitchen, ample cabinets and counter space! Garden doors off sunny living room. Updated kitchen with storage, and in West Park. Spectacular kitchen with granite, huge casual dining area. Open floor plan. 4 bedrooms and island, serving counter in dining area. Spacious living dining area to sun room. 2 bedrooms on main floor. bath upstairs. Basement open for development. spaces throughout. Lower level completed. Lower level developed with extra bedroom, family room, 2 parking stalls. Listed at $164,900 REDUCED A must to see! utility room and bath.

We have Buyers looking now for spring Employment transfers.


684-4675 631-5220 631-8471 631-4790 631-8069

Realtor Residential, Commercial ÂŽ

We have 10 Agents Ready to help. We ARE your Home Town Team in Real Estate!

1401 Normandy Dr

Market Place REAL ESTATE

into your life!

569 Duffield St W

306-694-4747 324 Main Street N. Moose Jaw, SK

Derek McRitchie


Amber Tangjerd


E.G. (Bub) Hill


Bill McLean


(306) 631-1161 (306) 681-9424 (306) 631-9966 (306) 630-5409





Mostly updated windows, shingles, furnace and newer deck, original hardwood, spacious family room and big bright windows covered porch large deck close to schools, downtown and right on the bu route! Call today to see this cute bungalow!

4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths,mainfloor hardwood flooring throughout the livingroom, kitchen and dining area. Plus a half bath on this level. Upstairs master bedroom with ensuite and 2 additional bedrooms, a full bath and laundry room. Downstairs full bath, bedroom, den and family room , double garage heated.

Quality Oonincx (Aztex Construction) large family home has plenty to. Main Floor features Vaulted Ceilings, spacious Kitchen / Dining Area, Living Room with 3 Large Picture Windows plus an additional Large Dining Room, Main Floor Laundry / Mud Room with access to the Double Garage this home has too many features to list

Cute bungalow updated, bright and turn key large backyard large deck , large updates include IKEA kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, paint, doors, trim, fixtures, main floor wiring as well as new plugs/switches throughout, updated furnace, most windows and so much more.


Stake your Investment Call Milltek, your Professional Land Surveyors!


Custom Built Original Owner! 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms! Chef’s Dream Kitchen Garden Door To Tiered Deck Family Entertainment Basement Hot Tub, Natural Gas BBQ Hookup Show Home Perfection!

Sunday, July 22 • 1-2:30 PM

140 Main St N • 306-694-5766 REALTOR (306) 690-4333 www.remax-moosejaw.sk.ca

Moose Jaw 72 High St. E. 306-693-5835


Saturday,July 21st 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Condo #4 - 212 Mulberry Lane Completely updated with all new granite counter tops, computer desktop and buffet. Both bathrooms all new granite counter tops. All new floor coverings and fresh paint throughout. Condo features just under 1400 sq ft. 4 season sunroom. Single car attached garage, Natural Gas Fireplace. Water softener and reverse osmosis, 7 appliances

All this for under $300,000.


into your life!

1021 Carleton St. W - $249,900

Condo Fees: $185/month, includes: snow removal, grass cutting and water & sewage

OPEN SHOWINGS Wednesday, July 18th, 7-8pm Sunday, July 22nd, 2-3pm Wednesday, July 25th, 7-8pm (To book a private showing time please leave your name and phone number in mailbox. We will call you to set up a time)

138 Woodlily Dr. - $383,900

Agents Welcome

76 Caribou St. E - $159,900




Market Place

Katie Keeler



Move right in to this 4 bed 2 bath family home that backs onto a park! The main floor has an open plan, with durable laminate flooring and features an island in the kitchen. The second floor features 3 bedrooms, a large master with walk-in closet, and laundry room. The lower featrues a theatre room with a projector wall and ample storage. $250,000 1:30pm - 2:30pm


OPPORTUNITIES! This unique well-maintained home has had many upgrades such as windows, flooring, shingles, sump-pump, exterior door, and water heater. Features 4 beds, 3 baths and a “Guest Suite�. Single detached garage with a double drive for extra parking. REDUCED $234,000

3:00pm - 4:00pm


Wow! This home has it all! 4 bedrooms on the 2nd level, main floor laundry, and a finished basement. The master features a bonus room with endless possibilities. The kitchen boasts modern shaker style white cabinetry, and you will find some newer . windows throughout. $247,000


DOREEN HEINBIGNER (306) 630-6643

1319 Athabasca St. W - $244,900



66 Woodlily Dr. NW - $339,900

Jim Low • Annette Sinclair • Mike Botterill • Jeff Markewich • Dave Low • Lisa Postma • Donna Morrison • Brenda McLash • Jennifer Patterson • Marlene Williamson • Ken McDowell • Patricia McDowell • Cristin Korchinski • Sue Brabant • Shauna Audette • Roxanne Ashe • Carmen Davey

www.realtyexecutivesmj.com REALTY EXECUTIVES MJ MOOSE JAW & SWIFT CURRENT 432 High St. W. (306) 692-7700

the advantages of working with an

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86 @2.99


















76 @1.99









2018 North American Car of the Year

#/£ Weekly lease offers apply to a new 2018 CR-V LX-AWD CVT, model RW2H2JES/2018 Accord 4D 1.5T LX 6MT, model CV1E1JE for a 60/60-month period, for a total of 260/260 payments of $86/$80 leased at 2.99%/2.99% APR. 100,000 kilometre allowance (12 cents/ km excess charge applies). Total lease obligation is $15,080/$22,360/$20,800. Lease obligation includes freight and PDI of $1,795/$1,655, Federal air conditioning charge, tire levy and other applicable fees except PPSA lien registration fee of $52.76 and lien registering agent’s fee of $5.25, which are both due at time of delivery. ∞Lease example based on a new 2018 Civic LX MT Sedan, model FC2E5JE for a 48-month period, for a total of 48 monthly payments of $258 leased at 0.99% APR. 80,000 kilometre allowance (12 cents/km excess charge applies). Total lease obligation is $12,384. Lease obligation includes freight and PDI of $1,655, Federal air conditioning charge, tire levy and other applicable fees except PPSA lien registration fee of $52.76 and lien registering agent’s fee of $5.25, which are both due at time of delivery. #/£/∞No down-payment required. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. Dealer may lease for less. Limited time lease/finance offers from Honda Canada Finance Inc. (HCFI), On Approved Credit. Offers valid from June 1, 2018 through July 3, 2018 at participating Honda retailers. Offers valid only for Saskatchewan residents at Honda Dealers of Saskatchewan locations. Offers subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. Offers only valid on new in-stock 2018 vehicles. While quantities last. Dealer order or trade may be necessary. Visit HondaSask.com or your Saskatchewan Honda dealer for details. *None of the features described are intended to replace the driver’s responsibility to exercise due care while driving. Drivers should not use handheld devices or operate certain vehicle features unless it is safe and legal to do so. Some features have technological limitations. For additional feature information, limitations and restrictions, please visit www.honda.ca/disclaimers or refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko

John Precepa


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